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06:59:24 PMWreken yea..... she will be the 2nd female on the show
06:59:42 PMHillary who will be the second female on the show!? ps, this is THE Hillary. ;) Live from school..
06:59:59 PMevermind hi Hillary, hows the school?
07:00:02 PMWreken Awesome......... Cool Beans
07:00:08 PMHillary much time do you have!
07:00:11 PMGregInTexas How is trucking school?
07:00:13 PMevermind quite some
07:00:14 PMHillary No, it;s good!
07:00:16 PMevermind finished todays stuff
07:00:18 PMevermind =)
07:00:21 PMevermind good to hear
07:00:22 PMDrumstick Hillary: WE MISS YOU ALREADY!!
07:00:42 PMHillary I miss you all!
07:00:52 PMchrisreich Hi Honey! I'm home!
07:00:56 PMevermind someone tuned the quality
07:00:57 PMDrumstick ....not that RobbieF isn't smart or anything but we REALLY miss Hillary!
07:00:58 PMevermind nice job
07:01:19 PMchrisreich Is anyone else having trouble getting the player to come up?
07:01:22 PMEricKidd i miss Hillary, too
07:01:25 PMevermind not here, chrisreich
07:01:25 PMnewzgerl Hey all you weatherbuffs!
07:01:30 PMGoodGuy no chrisreich
07:01:31 PMWreken We made up a story -- Your now an Ice Trucker..
07:01:34 PMDrumstick Player is fine here.
07:01:36 PMHillary Christy!
07:01:48 PMchrisreich I'll keep trying
07:01:49 PM_Jot_ hi Hillary
07:01:52 PMnewzgerl Hey hey Hillary!!!!
07:01:58 PMHillary Holla!\
07:01:59 PM_Jot_ hey Christy
07:01:59 PMraptor222 hey!!
07:02:00 PMajamison5579 hi
07:02:06 PMnewzgerl Hey cool co-host!!!!
07:02:10 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I forgot to write news.
07:02:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Darn
07:02:18 PMnewzgerl hey there Robbie!
07:02:20 PMevermind ouch gwg
07:02:31 PMgpop7 hello robbie
07:02:32 PMevermind well, where there anything going on?
07:02:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I guess I was still suffering from mispronunciation depression
07:02:37 PMmmdmurphy Damn, where is my thermometer so I can give the weather???
07:02:45 PMKC9HI Hey Christy, Hillary
07:02:51 PMWreken Weather!
07:02:52 PMRobbieF Hey all!
07:03:06 PM_Jot_ it was a warm summer, now it is autumn here, so pretty cold, even thinking of turning on the heat already
07:03:07 PMGregInTexas cool
07:03:08 PMDrumstick Yo! RobbieF
07:03:11 PMchrisreich crap - two beautiful Canadians on and I can't get video!
07:03:13 PMHillary Oh friends, I am just here momentarily, as I must continue the learning! BUT I'll watch the show once it's posted later!
07:03:18 PMblakkheim i like the new co-host so far
07:03:26 PMraptor222 robbief change his name to eric the kidd
07:03:26 PMnewzgerl Ha ha John has a new Toshiba laptop!
07:03:29 PMgpop7 hello hillary
07:03:34 PMmmdmurphy I don't have anything on "main"
07:03:36 PM_Jot_ Hillary, you're learning from this show!
07:03:39 PMgpop7 hello christy
07:03:42 PMGoodGuy I have 10.10 installed in VirtualBox
07:03:43 PMDrumstick Nose to the stone Hillary! It's worth it! :)
07:03:46 PMHillary I know, I know... and I always DO learn things...
07:03:57 PMkyoshininja happy learning Hillary!
07:04:00 PMnewzgerl KC9HI hello!!!
07:04:07 PMHillary Bye bye happy words to you all!
07:04:08 PMHillary AND...
07:04:11 PMHillary COOL BEANS!!!!!
07:04:18 PMWreken Yea!
07:04:19 PM_Jot_ cool beans in learning to you Hillary
07:04:20 PMnewzgerl gpop7, how are you doing?!
07:04:20 PMevermind ahh, yah, right, new beta of 10.10 came out this week
07:04:24 PMevermind had that in the mails somewhere
07:04:24 PMDrumstick ...she said cool beans. :)
07:04:25 PMWreken Cool Beans back at ya
07:04:28 PMmmdmurphy ok, got it now.
07:04:38 PMHillary WAIT A SECOND...
07:04:43 PMraptor222 no no no
07:04:47 PMgpop7 good thanks
07:04:48 PMHillary Oh my lanta.
07:04:53 PMmmdmurphy BOSCH = bash
07:04:54 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It isn't diaspora.
07:04:56 PMHillary Canadian accents.
07:04:58 PM_Jot_ announciation issues?
07:05:01 PMevermind i remember when i was corrected the first time in pronounciation
07:05:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Thank you
07:05:07 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I tried
07:05:08 PMevermind had a friend of mine sending me a wav file...
07:05:09 PMnewzgerl Jot, how are you! Forget me already?
07:05:15 PMDrumstick backstage pass looks better....congrats!
07:05:16 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I wrote a pronunciation guide into the story
07:05:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It was a bad one...
07:05:24 PM_Jot_ Christy, I didn forget you, Iĺl try to email you again from another email-address
07:05:35 PMnewzgerl Jot, cool beans ;)
07:05:38 PMHillary Well well well, I will have to check it out, I s'pose.
07:05:48 PM_Jot_ now I got my cohosts all messed up, uncool beans
07:05:55 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Has the feed stopped working for anyone else?
07:06:07 PMGregInTexas working fine here
07:06:07 PMGoodGuy Capcha
07:06:07 PMkyoshininja Feed is still working for me.
07:06:11 PMraptor222 robbief its called captcha
07:06:13 PM_Jot_ try refreshing the feed if it doesn work, is working
07:06:14 PMevermind things happened, when we had the first verbal communications overseas
07:06:18 PMGoodGuy Captcha
07:06:20 PMevermind before teamchat
07:06:23 PMnewzgerl hey Chrisreich
07:06:23 PMmmdmurphy BBI Nexus bb811 something or other, switch to the link
07:06:48 PMmmdmurphy
07:06:56 PMchrisreich Hey there, cutie! I'm having problems getting the show up on my screen. brb
07:07:04 PMHillary thanks ya'll! keep on rockin' the free world! this girl is outtie!
07:07:10 PMHillary toodles!
07:07:12 PMchrisreich oh, that last one was for newzgerl
07:07:12 PMnewzgerl Hillary see ya soon
07:07:13 PMevermind cu Hillary
07:07:14 PMevermind good luck
07:07:17 PM_Jot_ good luck Hillary, have a geat time
07:07:17 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Thanks mmdmurphy, my net connection went down briefly...
07:07:19 PMWreken bye
07:07:19 PMraptor222 actually you pronounced it correctly
07:07:21 PMGregInTexas have fun
07:07:30 PMHillary bye bye! Christy, I will talk to you soon I hope! Wanna hear about how you're doing! :)
07:07:33 PM_Jot_ so, any news Christy?
07:07:36 PMmmdmurphy CLICK ON IT!!
07:07:39 PMevermind hey, thats a sweet service
07:07:43 PMGoodGuy I'd go to Israel for that word
07:07:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It's a Greek word.
07:07:57 PMevermind i wonder if they have an api
07:08:00 PMnewzgerl Gadget Wisdom hey
07:08:01 PMevermind to bind to blog;)
07:08:23 PMgpop7 hillary have a good evening
07:08:27 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Why do I feel him doing that would be picking on me?
07:08:29 PMnewzgerl @Robbie John has a new Toshiba laptop
07:08:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hi, newsgerl.
07:08:38 PMevermind no chatroom, what bout icq
07:08:45 PMDrumstick Eric is SO busted!
07:08:49 PMgpop7 have a good one christy
07:08:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru What's that command to slap someone with a trout?
07:08:59 PMEricKidd Eric is indeed busted!
07:09:04 PMnewzgerl Gpop7 u2!
07:09:05 PMmmdmurphy telephone?
07:09:10 PMevermind well, email is another chat protocol;)
07:09:17 PMEricKidd wha?
07:09:30 PMajamison5579 sound keeps cutting in and out
07:09:40 PMGregInTexas my sound is cutting in and out also
07:09:44 PMnewzgerl You guys keep hickupping
07:09:44 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, feed on justin stars to pause sometimes and cut in and out
07:09:47 PMGregInTexas just started that
07:09:48 PMevermind poor trout
07:09:55 PMmmdmurphy Same here, I thought it was my wireless
07:10:00 PMkyoshininja hiccups on my screen also.
07:10:00 PMWreken feed is Sputtering!
07:10:20 PMnewzgerl \yup
07:10:21 PMmmdmurphy YES
07:10:21 PMblakkheim the is stuttering
07:10:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I'm getting that problem
07:10:24 PMevermind so, do we have a theme tonight?
07:10:25 PMGregInTexas yes
07:10:25 PMraptor222 yes freezes
07:10:25 PMWreken sound and Video
07:10:28 PMas759 Sound and video
07:10:29 PMajamison5579 better
07:10:30 PMCurbuntu Yes, sound is sputtering.
07:10:31 PMevermind or goo ol qna
07:10:33 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} The whole feed is stuttering...
07:10:34 PMGregInTexas yea, better
07:10:36 PMraptor222 sound and video
07:10:37 PMraptor222 yes
07:10:43 PMWreken Both
07:10:43 PMevermind yea, feed is stuttering a bit
07:10:43 PMgpop7 better now
07:10:47 PMevermind i guess though its the con
07:10:47 PMkyoshininja video and sound is sputtering
07:10:48 PMblakkheim looks alright
07:10:54 PMevermind better now
07:10:55 PMnewzgerl @Eric howdy
07:11:03 PMGoodGuy It seems ok here
07:11:05 PMraptor222 crash!!
07:11:11 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, feed now seems good again
07:11:12 PMnewzgerl @Eric tell us about yourself
07:11:14 PMmmdmurphy "Stump the Chump"
07:11:25 PMnewzgerl \stump the chump stump the chump
07:11:32 PMevermind its ok now, GoodGuy
07:11:33 PMkyoshininja slightly better on the sputtering
07:11:48 PMraptor222 refresh = perfect stream
07:11:53 PMGadgetWisdomGuru My new microphone arrived today. Will have to test it later.
07:12:06 PMblakkheim eric is a good co-host, i hope he stays around
07:12:10 PMnewzgerl GWG what kind
07:12:16 PMchrisreich this is maddening - I have the pop-up player but in all black. No 'play' button or anything else.
07:12:25 PMmmdmurphy My wife says that all the time - invalid arguement
07:12:33 PMnewzgerl chrisreich, ;(
07:12:50 PMmmdmurphy chrisreich - which link you using?
07:12:58 PMevermind which exact dependency errors do you get?
07:13:09 PMmmdmurphy I couldn't get it on, switched to
07:13:20 PMevermind if its an older scanner, might work out of the box, depending on the kernel version
07:13:30 PMblakkheim the one is working well for me
07:13:38 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Newsgerl, inexpensive(because I'm cheap) studio condenser. My dynamic microphone wasn't working the way I wanted it to.
07:13:43 PMchrisreich the url at the top of the pop-up player reads ""
07:13:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ironically went to a more sensitive microphone
07:14:42 PMnewzgerl GWG = got an awesome headset w/mic at a closeout store soooo cheap
07:14:54 PMmmdmurphy chrisreich, try
07:15:11 PM_Jot_ chrisreich, that goes to, but try the direct link, see if you can reach justin at all, if you can, it is probably a flash issue
07:15:14 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Newsgerl, I have a little mini-studio now, because I'm doing a podcast.
07:15:23 PMWreken Robbie----- what does your shirt Say???
07:15:31 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Cheap is relative. A microphone could run $300+. I paid <$100 USD
07:16:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Newsgerl, I have a co-host and everything.
07:16:27 PMmmdmurphy GadgetWisdomGuru - link and name of podcast?
07:16:27 PMnewzgerl GWG - $16 ha ha can't use it on radio. Skype has a wireless headset for around $69 promising chrystal clear communications
07:16:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Mmdmurphy, Android Buffet
07:16:45 PMnewzgerl Wreken, yah, I wanted to know too
07:16:49 PMmmdmurphy newzgerl - can I use it with my wife?
07:16:58 PMCurbuntu ROBBIE: That will take you to the avasys link with the .rpm.
07:17:02 PMnewzgerl mmdmurphy - be worth a try :)
07:17:26 PMWreken I think it might be appropriate at this point in the show for Robbie to Ready his shirt!
07:17:39 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Newzgerl, I have a mixer, microphones, computers...and lots of shiny buttons and dials.
07:17:44 PMnewzgerl Wreken, ya I think you're right.
07:17:46 PMCurbuntu Yes.
07:18:36 PMCurbuntu Quality is excellent.
07:18:54 PMCurbuntu Replacement isn't a possibility at this time.
07:19:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Curbuntu, is there a Freecycle or such in your neighborhood?
07:19:17 PMAshley___ Hey all
07:19:28 PMajamison5579 I had a nice HP scanner once cost me 250 USD and my stupid Sister-in-law stole it
07:19:55 PMkyoshininja ajamison5579: ouch, I feel your pain.
07:19:57 PMGoodGuy I got a Canon scanner for $3 at a garage sale a couple years ago
07:20:03 PMnewzgerl @Robbie lol
07:20:10 PMajamison5579 yeah
07:20:12 PMWreken too funny
07:20:33 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} @ajamison: and you did nothing to stop her :D
07:20:33 PMWreken awkward moment there for a bit
07:20:34 PMCurbuntu Yes, I could check FreeCycle. It just seems a shame to give up a great scanner because of lack of drivers.
07:20:36 PMnewzgerl @Robbie, John just got a new Toshiba laptop (in your news).
07:20:41 PMGoodGuy The seller said she couldnt get XP drivers at the time, so bought a newer model... I found them quickly
07:20:42 PMajamison5579 newzgerl use RobbieF to make him away not @Robbie
07:20:58 PMnewzgerl ajamison thx
07:21:00 PMajamison5579 BBI i found out after the fact she denys it of course
07:21:02 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Curbuntu, that is what happened with my Canon LIDE80
07:21:15 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} *Sisters*... lol
07:21:21 PMWreken hi
07:21:28 PMnewzgerl RobbieF John just got a new Toshiba laptop
07:21:30 PMGatorman I like Eric. Robbie, don't run him off.
07:21:36 PM_Jot_ good job Christy :)
07:21:48 PMnewzgerl <bows to Jot>
07:21:53 PMAshley___ robbie can i ask you a quetion ?
07:21:55 PMEricKidd thanks, Gatorman!
07:22:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gatorman, he didn't run off the other co-hosts. They moved on to bigger and better things
07:22:11 PMGadgetWisdomGuru We can only hope that Eric has nothing to take him away.
07:22:33 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hopefully he has a fulfilling day job and no social obligations on Tuesdays...ever
07:22:33 PMGatorman That's the company line.
07:22:36 PMGoodGuy I don't know Ashley, can you? :-) My mom used to say that
07:22:47 PMnewzgerl EricKidd you'll be doing A-Channel news soon
07:23:03 PMchrisreich I still have no success getting the show. I think it's a flash issue as I changed some of my flash settings last week. This is the only problem since changing them.
07:23:18 PMGadgetWisdomGuru What is his day job, I suppose we should ask?
07:23:42 PMmmdmurphy it sort of makes up for using a cheap camera, too
07:23:43 PMnewzgerl The Spirit Catcher is evil
07:23:58 PMAshley___ good timing ;)
07:23:58 PMnewzgerl The knives keep falling near people
07:24:07 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I need to crowdsource this.
07:24:08 PM_Jot_ that spiritcatcher stole my dreams! now I don have any since it catches them all the time
07:24:17 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Fish or meat for dinner?
07:24:18 PMnewzgerl chrisreich, that's too bad
07:24:23 PMGregInTexas bummer
07:24:26 PMGatorman The Seminoles call it a Dream Catcher.
07:24:34 PMmmdmurphy fish isn't meat????
07:24:35 PMajamison5579 newzgerl would you be Christy as in the long lost co-host
07:24:53 PMnewzgerl ajamison5579 guilty
07:24:55 PMAshley___ Can I ask about my asus laptop here?
07:25:04 PMGregInTexas goodbye ATI
07:25:14 PM_Jot_ sure Ashley, all kinds of subjects related to computers are welcome
07:25:15 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Where's my phone. I want to scan the code.
07:25:27 PMraptor222 gregintexas hello amd graphics!!;-)
07:25:28 PMajamison5579 RobbieF you go through so many host your going to have to do a "Where are they now: Category5 edition"
07:25:31 PMkyoshininja let's hear your question Ashley.
07:25:53 PMWreken too many converstions... im so confused
07:25:58 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It did work
07:26:04 PM_Jot_ GWG, can always download the show and capture the picture to get the code out
07:26:11 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I got the code
07:26:30 PMGregInTexas I missed it ... didn't grab my phone quick enough
07:26:31 PMmmdmurphy ha
07:26:39 PMAshley___ I have a asus eee 901 pc and when i start it up it sticks at the asus logo screen for around 2 minuites then a purple bar comes up alone the bottom :/ any ideas?
07:26:46 PMevermind writing up a manual in wiki
07:26:51 PMevermind for that python app
07:26:57 PMajamison5579 Yeah Toshiba
07:27:21 PMajamison5579 Make sure you have a fire extenguisher on hand
07:27:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The thing is, since there is now a Firefox and a Chrome plugin that will send a URL to the browser on the phone...they are less useful
07:27:24 PMevermind hp here
07:27:29 PMevermind no prob so far with that hp
07:27:41 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I keep one in my wallet though
07:27:53 PMGregInTexas what's new in 10.10?
07:28:08 PMevermind currently the "new" part is still growing
07:28:10 PMGoodGuy touch screen support
07:28:12 PMevermind nature of a beta
07:28:20 PMScorpio55 New Global Menu in the unr version
07:28:21 PMGregInTexas TOUCH!!!!
07:28:37 PMGoodGuy They showed it on The Linux Action Show
07:28:40 PMScorpio55 multi touch out of the box
07:28:43 PMnewzgerl Tell JOHN (cameraman) his computer is okay
07:28:53 PMGoodGuy said it was pretty good
07:28:55 PMGregInTexas could load it on an android phone ...
07:28:57 PMCurbuntu ROBBIE: Is it possible to increase the size of a VirtualBox virtual hard drive (.VDI file)?
07:29:02 PMAshley___ anyone got any ideas?
07:29:15 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Wish I'd written something this week
07:29:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I've been preparing for the New Year
07:29:35 PMGregInTexas hugan?
07:29:37 PMmmdmurphy Ashley - hold down F2, then turn it on. Does it boot to BIOS?
07:30:04 PMAshley___ nope it gets stuck at the bios menu bit
07:30:11 PMkyoshininja Ashley: have you tried to boot up another operating system from a USB key?
07:30:51 PMmmdmurphy Ashley - he's (she's) right, put in USB key and hold down escape key while booting...
07:30:58 PM_Jot_ Curbuntu, it is possible if you make a bigger one, and then copy the contents from the old to the new bigger one, the same as with a real computer
07:31:16 PMCurbuntu Using cloning software of some sort?
07:31:20 PM_Jot_ Curbuntu,
07:31:29 PM_Jot_ so yes, using cloning software
07:31:37 PMCurbuntu I'll check that URL...
07:32:06 PMkyoshininja mmdmurphy: ("he" is correct usage)
07:33:51 PMmmdmurphy kysohingja is kinda hard to tell...
07:33:52 PMkyoshininja I know...
07:33:52 PMAshley___ when i boot i press tab it shows the bios menu and its stuck on 1016mb ok installed memory size:1034mb and doeesn't move from thee
07:33:52 PMAshley___ there*
07:33:52 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: Any chance the photo series reaches "The Meat"?
07:33:52 PMGregInTexas you may have a memory stick failing, Ashley
07:33:52 PMGregInTexas have you tried booting memtest86 and running tests?
07:33:52 PMGoodGuy You can turn off the memory test sometimes
07:33:59 PMAshley___ i replaced the memory still no luck.
07:34:05 PMmmdmurphy And now the weather.....
07:35:10 PMGregInTexas hmmmm ... I have seen the memory slots go bad ...
07:35:10 PMAshley___ oh :/
07:35:10 PMajamison5579 Remember the days of Dependency Hell
07:35:10 PMGregInTexas it happens, but it's very rare
07:35:10 PMajamison5579 before package managers
07:35:10 PMAshley___ so it isn't a fixable problem by hand?
07:35:10 PMnewzgerl mmdmurphy I have pink clouds and it's about 22 degrees
07:35:13 PMmmdmurphy Ashley - take the memory out, rub an eraser across it - the golden contact parts, put it back in...
07:35:18 PMnewzgerl (sun is going down)
07:35:19 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} ajamison: Don't even go there... :(
07:35:21 PMGregInTexas you still should run tests on memory, just in case
07:35:52 PMAshley___ how do i run tests? and errm rub a eraser meaning a rubber right?
07:36:10 PM_Jot_ newzgerl, they are pink, just for you I bet
07:36:21 PM_Jot_ Ashley, yes, at the end of a pencil
07:36:23 PMmmdmurphy Ashley - yes, rubber (unless you live in USA, in which case, do NOT use a rubber)
07:36:30 PMkyoshininja Ashley: can you tell use when the system last worked for you, and under what circumstances the transition from working to getting stuck were?
07:36:30 PMajamison5579 Guru do you use GNOME or KDE
07:36:38 PMGregInTexas google memtest86 and download ... you need to make a CD, floppy, or USB stick so it can boot
07:36:49 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: You may want to consider adding a MD5SUM list for Perfectbuntu so we know if it's changed
07:36:50 PM_Jot_
07:37:09 PMGregInTexas thanks, Jot
07:39:05 PMchrisreich okay I've got audio at least, still working on video
07:39:05 PMGregInTexas great program, let it run a couple of complete cycles before you call your memory good
07:39:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I've decided I'm having fish for dinner.
07:39:05 PMWreken good decision
07:39:05 PMmmdmurphy instead of meat?
07:39:05 PM_Jot_ trout?
07:39:05 PMWreken dont use it as a weapon
07:39:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru No. Tillapia
07:39:05 PMAshley___ Kyoshinja - I used it about a week ago today and then woke up one morning and switch it on and it didn't boot and i got a purple line alone the bottom of the asus startup screen, i pressed tab to get it to the boot menu and it says american megatrends and that stuff and it stops loading on 1016MB OK ) Installed memory size:1024MB)
07:39:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru But I may wait till after the show winds down
07:39:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru So I can pay attention
07:39:05 PMnewzgerl @_Jot_ sweet
07:39:05 PMGoodGuy If it doesnt get past the BIOS screen, Memtest wont run
07:39:10 PMGregInTexas right
07:39:22 PMGregInTexas it tells you a lot if you can boot memtest
07:39:32 PMAshley___ goodguy - thats what i thoguht :P
07:39:33 PMnewzgerl chrisreich, yay
07:39:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I keep trying to get Robbie to do a song and dance
07:39:38 PMGadgetWisdomGuru He hasn't so far
07:39:45 PMGregInTexas if not, it's usually a hardware prob
07:39:46 PMmmdmurphy I am thinking it "sold the farm"... "Gave up the ghost"....other phrases relating to this??
07:39:53 PMWreken What is the Temp. there?
07:40:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Mmdmurphy, it is bought the farm, not sold it
07:40:04 PMGoodGuy Its halting during the BIOS memory test.. I'd try disabling that and them try Memtest
07:40:05 PMajamison5579 Guru he did show the clip from him acting as a lad
07:40:06 PMmmdmurphy Right, sorry.
07:40:15 PMraptor222 robbirf you can do a panorama of a hockey game you just need an array of half a dozen cameras shooing at the same time, matrix effect style!!
07:40:16 PMkyoshininja Ashley: a single thin, horizontal line across the screen?
07:40:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ajamison5579, yes. Him playing Fredric
07:40:33 PMraptor222 robbief you can do a panorama of a hockey game you just need an array of half a dozen cameras shooing at the same time, matrix effect style!!
07:40:39 PMAshley___ yes kyoshininja
07:40:43 PMGoodGuy Might get lucky and the bad memory bytes arent in the part used for the initial boot process
07:40:47 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, time for a nap?
07:40:54 PMWreken No dance, just do the weather
07:41:02 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Maybe he can help me write that country song I've been working on
07:41:04 PMchrisreich depends which country...
07:41:04 PMnewzgerl Hey, Robbie
07:41:06 PMmmdmurphy Microsoft has a pretty good (free, but you have to use windows) photo stitcher program.
07:41:07 PMajamison5579 You know what happens when you play country music backwards right
07:41:11 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Entitled, "My Droid got run over by my pickup"
07:41:13 PMGatorman Newzgerl, I don't know how you managed to follow the chat room, Robbie and Hillary without going nuts. Hats off to you.
07:41:36 PMnewzgerl Gatorman, hello! Miss you
07:41:52 PMGatorman It's way too busy for me to keep up with it all. Hello, Miss you too!
07:41:52 PMajamison5579 you get back your house you get back your truck you get back your significant other
07:41:57 PMkyoshininja Does anyone know if the memory in Ashley's machine is shared with video, or if there is a dedicated video memory? (I don't have one myself)
07:42:02 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The height alignment isn't quite perfect though.
07:42:18 PMnewzgerl Booo, see the evil spirit catcher? those knife things actually have fallen off near people. Very dangerous.
07:42:21 PMmmdmurphy I did a panorama - with my wife in it 4 times...
07:42:47 PM_Jot_ newzgerl, you should go and remove them yourself, and make a story about a crazy woman damaging it at the same time!
07:42:50 PMGregInTexas Ashley, does the laptop beep when it stops?
07:42:56 PMAshley___ nope :/
07:43:03 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Can someone help me write that one?
07:43:07 PMGregInTexas nuthin at all, eh?
07:43:09 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Because I'd love to get it out.
07:43:09 PMWreken No Robbie humor today!
07:43:26 PMmmdmurphy Ashley - something on there you need, or you want it to work?
07:43:51 PMmmdmurphy (I am thinking it could be time to pull the drive out and recover the data)
07:44:01 PMblakkheim maybe go back to emails ll
07:44:02 PMajamison5579 Hugin = CPU intenseive
07:44:03 PMblakkheim lol*
07:44:04 PMAshley___ by thst do u mean? do i need any data? yes i do
07:44:04 PMnewzgerl Told you it was evil
07:44:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ajamison, think I could get the new guy to perform it for me?
07:44:05 PMajamison5579 i guess
07:44:13 PMajamison5579 ehh
07:44:22 PMajamison5579 not a country fan
07:44:27 PMGregInTexas you should be able to recover the drive with no prob
07:44:27 PMchrisreich did the system crash?
07:44:29 PMWreken Buzz Kill
07:44:36 PMraptor222 photometrix are very very hard (first time i did it i calculated parralax manually)
07:45:04 PMkyoshininja Ashley: currently checking on ASUS website forums...
07:45:05 PMnewzgerl Eric say "Cool Beans" and smile really big ;)
07:45:22 PMAshley___ kyosh... thanks :)
07:45:40 PMAshley___ i tryed rubber (erasser) trick, still no luck :P
07:45:46 PMWreken and my "lanta"
07:47:18 PMajamison5579 I thought it was 20
07:47:20 PMmmdmurphy I wonder if we could get robbies shirt as one of those blinky ones at the mall....
07:47:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru You won't find an SSD smaller than that anyway
07:47:50 PMajamison5579 I have 12gb
07:47:52 PMajamison5579 of ram
07:48:04 PMevermind windows 7 is good with about 20 gigs
07:48:10 PMGoodGuy Lots of ram ajamison5579
07:48:11 PMevermind on hdd that is
07:48:15 PMmmdmurphy ajamison5579 - I am impressed. I only have 9 gig.
07:48:25 PMGoodGuy mere 4gb here
07:48:27 PMajamison5579 looking to max at 16
07:48:44 PMmmdmurphy my box supports 24 gig ram, but I can't afford it.
07:48:53 PMchrisreich I give up. I've tried everything I can think of. Brain. Hurts.
07:49:11 PMevermind harrrrrr
07:49:14 PMGoodGuy I still have an unopened copy of Windows 7 Pro.... preordered it during the sale time
07:49:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Dear Eric, I am looking for someone to contribute under a creative commons attribution license a country song about an Android phone to my Android-themed podcast. Your talent is not important, as anyone is an improvement over me singing. Would you be interested?
07:49:33 PMGoodGuy Never switched from WinXP Pro
07:49:39 PMchrisreich Christy I wish I could see your adorable face
07:49:41 PMmmdmurphy We have boxes at work with 96 gig of ram, but I don't know details . They run SAP...
07:49:45 PMevermind xp pro is nearing end of support though
07:50:04 PMchrisreich I mean newzgerl I wish I could see your adorable face
07:50:13 PMmmdmurphy GWG - did you cut and paste to the wrong screen?
07:50:21 PMGoodGuy I'll stop using it when the pry it from my Cold, Dead Fingers
07:50:21 PMajamison5579 thanks Robbie
07:50:21 PMevermind this 45 is running a few vps via i believe xen
07:50:34 PMnewzgerl chrisreich, aww tanx!
07:50:40 PMGoodGuy In memory of Charles Heston :-)
07:50:42 PMevermind im just running one without limitations on it, thanks to the owner of that company running those boxes
07:50:42 PM_Jot_ chrisreich,
07:50:43 PMevermind =)
07:50:55 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Mmdmurphy, no. It's a running joke on that podcast I mentioned.
07:51:07 PMevermind GoodGuy, its charlton heston
07:51:08 PMevermind ;)
07:51:18 PMchrisreich Did Charlton Heston pass away?
07:51:33 PMevermind dont know a charles, and if i remember correctly, yea
07:51:36 PMGoodGuy Yes
07:51:44 PMevermind been a while though
07:51:50 PMGoodGuy True evermind
07:51:58 PMAshley___ why is the end of my name ___?
07:51:59 PMblakkheim i sent a testimonial
07:52:03 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Mmdmurphy, the running joke I have is to ask people to send Android themed music to the podcast so I don't have to make up bad Android-themed songs.
07:52:03 PMevermind c.h. my fav actor of all times
07:52:04 PMnewzgerl @EricKidd tell us about you
07:52:29 PMnewzgerl Yay, thankyou Eric!
07:52:29 PMmmdmurphy Gotcha. Robbie is a musician
07:52:37 PMchrisreich RobbieF why can't I get video?
07:52:39 PMnewzgerl Eric bio Eric bio
07:52:47 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, I actually did say that.
07:52:49 PMnewzgerl wATCH OUT HE USES A POLE
07:52:51 PMevermind youre not female, strike back
07:52:52 PMevermind ;)
07:52:54 PMkyoshininja Ashley: I saw that someone who had problems with booting was able to reset their machine. You can read about their experience here:
07:53:02 PMkyoshininja
07:53:13 PMAshley___ Thanks ill give that a shot :)
07:53:20 PMGoodGuy Let's ask Taylor Swift :-)
07:53:21 PMevermind have you seen some of the youtube singers?
07:53:24 PMevermind cant be that bad;)
07:53:26 PMnewzgerl sing sing sing
07:53:37 PMWreken How about Robbie Camping tips
07:53:39 PMnewzgerl ERIC BIO
07:53:49 PMGoodGuy Journey got their new lead singer from YouTube
07:53:57 PMnewzgerl ERIC BIO
07:54:05 PMnewzgerl ERIC BIO
07:54:14 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, so tell us about this Eric Kidd, who is he, what does he do?
07:54:16 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Next time on Category 5...the grudge match of the century...Robbie vs. Eric. The desk will be replaced with a boxing ring
07:54:17 PMblakkheim viewer testimonial~
07:54:31 PMnewzgerl RobbieF Eric bio
07:54:33 PMGatorman Let's Google Eric
07:54:40 PMnewzgerl Yes, google Eric
07:54:48 PMCurbuntu ROBBIE: In a RAID-1 setup, should I be concerned about the lack of TLER (Time-Limited Error Recovery) on consumer-grade Western Digital hard drives?
07:54:49 PMAshley___ haha :P
07:54:51 PMnewzgerl @RobbieF Eric bio
07:55:10 PMGoodGuy We need UFC's Bruce Buffer for the fighter intros
07:55:12 PMScorpio55 Robbie did you check this out
07:55:30 PMevermind really? which channel, series, movie?
07:55:33 PMmmdmurphy I have worked ON TV's
07:55:40 PMGadgetWisdomGuru He just got a guy off the street, loaned him a shirt, cleaned him up, and put him in the chair?
07:56:01 PMGregInTexas bass player?
07:56:01 PMevermind the nearest i got to tv's was when i was fixing them;)
07:56:15 PMmmdmurphy evermind - EXACTLY
07:56:27 PMCurbuntu ROBBIE: Just mainly a backup server.
07:56:47 PMEricKidd gadgetwisdomguru.........i never have a problem being silly
07:56:47 PM_Jot_ maybe Eric followed him home from the dreamcatcher
07:56:54 PMnewzgerl GWG lol
07:57:10 PMnewzgerl Christy was a backup server
07:57:15 PMCurbuntu There is a utility for WD drives that allows TLER to be toggled on.
07:57:30 PMkyoshininja Ashley: found another thread of discussion regarding bios corruption, and a last resort remedy is linked for addressing BIOS corruption:
07:57:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Newzgerl, my sense of humor takes some getting used to though, I suppose.
07:57:53 PMnewzgerl mmdmurphy what tv work did u do?
07:58:07 PMnewzgerl GadgetWisdomGuru I love it truly
07:58:10 PMWreken mine tooo , join the club
07:58:36 PMmmdmurphy My dad had a TV repair shop from about 1950 to about 1997. I have had my head inside the back of LOTS of TV's.
07:58:39 PMGadgetWisdomGuru When I was in high school, I convinced my math teacher, who numbered homeworks, to have a hundredth homework party. Any excuse to get out of math, I suppose. I even contributed some classic Math-themed music.
07:58:54 PMnewzgerl mmdmurphy I was involved with Street Legal
07:59:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Including my favorite, about the death of the slide rule, American Pi.
07:59:19 PMnewzgerl Is Katy's brother here?
07:59:24 PMnewzgerl From Montreal?
07:59:31 PMkyoshininja Good luck to you Ashley, let us know how it works out...
07:59:35 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Goodbye everyone...
07:59:44 PMnewzgerl Nexus see ya
07:59:50 PMAshley___ kyoshinija thanks, no luck so far lol
07:59:52 PMnewzgerl GWG ha ha
07:59:55 PMraptor222 have a good night everyone
07:59:59 PMmmdmurphy LATER!!
08:00:03 PMnewzgerl raptor see ya
08:00:04 PMKC9HI 73
08:00:05 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Come back Christy... C Ya
08:00:07 PMRobbieF haha; thanks everyone!
08:00:10 PMGregInTexas off
08:00:11 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Newsgerl, if you enjoy it, you should listen to my new podcast. Where I sing, Droid Love Song #1, composed by me. Of course, Gadwil gave me a C- for it
08:00:11 PM_Jot_ stream died hehe
08:00:13 PMGatorman Bye Bye
08:00:14 PMEricKidd Thanks for having me!
08:00:19 PM_Jot_ thanks for the show Robbie and Eric, good job
08:00:20 PMevermind that was a rather relaxing show
08:00:24 PMWreken All in love..... bye
08:00:30 PMGregInTexas good luck Ashley ...
08:00:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru EricKidd, we'll have plenty of time together if you hang around as a co-host.
08:00:48 PMnewzgerl EricKidd, good job
08:00:58 PMevermind importing some svn project into aptana
08:01:00 PMkyoshininja Ashley: is your eee 901 still under warranty?
08:01:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Newzgerl, nice seeing more of you. Figuratively speaking
08:01:21 PMnewzgerl GadgetWisdomGuru ha ha now I see what u mean :)
08:01:57 PMnewzgerl Ok, gotta run (snuck time off) everybody have a great week
08:02:13 PM_Jot_ have a great time newzgerl
08:02:16 PMkyoshininja Have a great week newzgerl
08:02:21 PMGadgetWisdomGuru This was fun. I'll have to try to do it again next week
08:02:23 PMnewzgerl Jot take care
08:02:29 PM_Jot_ you too Christy!
08:02:30 PMnewzgerl kyoshininja u2!
08:02:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I'm going to go destroy some flavoids in a box of soup.
08:03:06 PMAshley___ no luck with my asus laptop
08:03:11 PMAshley___ now one more quetion if i may?
08:03:19 PMkyoshininja Still here...
08:03:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru We'll try
08:03:46 PMAshley___ on my dell inspiron 6400 laptop when i try install windows xp i get this error:
08:04:18 PMAshley___ hardware malfuction call your hardware vendor for support NMI: Parity check/ memory parity error *the systen has halted*
08:04:37 PMAshley___ It runs fine if i install ubuntu on it (wat im useing now)
08:04:56 PM_Jot_ that means theres a hardware error, your memory is broken, you dont go around touching the sticks with your hands and get them broken, do you?
08:05:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I'd try memtest though
08:05:14 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Just to be sure
08:05:29 PMAshley___ nope, but i have removed the memory and replaced it with new ones still no luck :/
08:05:38 PMGregInTexas ubuntu may be more forgiving in its install ...
08:05:45 PMkyoshininja Yeah, I agree with GWG try the MEMtest
08:05:52 PMAshley___ how do i do this?
08:06:05 PM_Jot_ download and boot that
08:06:19 PMkyoshininja Also, you might want to try installing within a virtual machine hosted by Ubuntu to see if it is working ok.
08:06:22 PMAshley___ is it avalible for uuntu yes?
08:06:22 PMGregInTexas memtest replaces the OS, so it has to boot
08:06:39 PMAshley___ yeah kyosh i have windows running in vurtual box fine
08:06:45 PMGregInTexas memtest doesn't need an operating system
08:06:48 PMkyoshininja Interesting....
08:07:14 PMGregInTexas it wouldn't be a good memory test if there were an OS running ...
08:07:30 PMAshley___ oh yes i see it's iso , i know this sounds dumb but how do i burn iso in ubuntu, as i only running ubuntu so i can use the laptop.
08:07:33 PMGregInTexas including a virtual one, in my opinion
08:07:34 PMkyoshininja Ashley, did you install the VM from the same Windows media you
08:07:49 PMkyoshininja are having problems with?'
08:08:33 PMAshley___ well i had no choice but to install ubuntu on the same drive i had problems with and i running vmware on that drive
08:08:37 PMAshley___ if that makes sence
08:08:56 PMGoodGuy Brasero iirc
08:09:11 PMkyoshininja Ashley: no, I meant the source media, not the target drive.
08:09:30 PM_Jot_ Ashley, you can also download the version for an usb-key and use that
08:10:00 PMkyoshininja But I don't have Ubuntu up and running now, but I usually right click the ISO file to burn, or I insert a blank disk and then select the file to burn from the Ubuntu pop-up.
08:10:28 PMkyoshininja That's how I typically burn the images.
08:10:47 PMAshley___ kyoshinija yes i did used the same media and okay illgive that a try now
08:11:28 PMGregInTexas Ashley may have a MB problem ... if I had it in my hands, I'd put a POST probe on it
08:11:30 PMkyoshininja ok, good to know, Ashley
08:14:10 PMAshley___ burning now :)
08:14:13 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I used to have a POST card.
08:14:38 PMkyoshininja Ashley: you might have a memory parity mismatch with your bios settings. Do you know if you have any ability to change the settings to assure compatible timings (wait states)?
08:15:06 PMAshley___ im not quite sure what you mean, im abit of a noob (A)
08:15:13 PMGregInTexas POST cards are kewl ...
08:15:35 PMGregInTexas when you switched out the memory, did you make certain that it was compatible?
08:16:03 PMAshley___ yes
08:16:04 PMGregInTexas not all ram works with all mother boards
08:16:08 PMGregInTexas ok
08:16:18 PMAshley___ its the same ram
08:16:23 PMGregInTexas good
08:16:40 PMkyoshininja ok, Ashley: what could be a possibility (since Ubuntu has no problems, but Windows does) is that you may be running into some "soft" memory errors. I'll post some links for you to check.
08:17:04 PMAshley___ i will try this memory test now , witch means ill have to leave chat, expect me back in about 5 minuites :)
08:17:16 PMkyoshininja ok.
08:17:23 PMGregInTexas memtest takes quite a while to run
08:17:30 PMkyoshininja
08:18:01 PMkyoshininja
08:18:40 PMGregInTexas I gotta go ... c y'all later
08:18:57 PMkyoshininja C ya GregInTexas...have a great day
08:22:00 PMkyoshininja Have to step away for a minute...brb
08:29:14 PMkyoshininja back, but have to get going...
08:29:32 PM_Jot_ that's life sometimes :)
08:29:54 PMkyoshininja I know, thanks, Jot
08:34:54 PMkyoshininja have to step away again...will have to check back later...
08:35:50 PM_Jot_ Thanks for sticking around EricKidd :)
08:36:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Are you sure he did? Or is the computer just still on?
08:36:39 PM_Jot_ they are both still there
08:36:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Oh
08:36:52 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Watching BSP?
08:36:54 PM_Jot_ they talked about the show in the couch-area and now are at the computers again
08:37:02 PM_Jot_ yeah, as only one, as usual :)
08:37:34 PM_Jot_ I don even know why I do it, I guess since it movs, I watch
08:39:29 PM_Jot_ maybe it is the royalty of being '1 viewers', or maybe that is the ustream multiple personality something
08:42:19 PMkyoshininja checking back..will be back later..
08:42:42 PM_Jot_ dont forget to check the front too, you never know what is going on in that part of the house
08:44:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I don't watch it much
08:44:51 PMGadwil-office Failbot must have found me.
08:45:35 PMGadwil-office *sigh* Guess I will be downloading the show again this week and watching tomorrow. I don't know how I completely forget this 2 weeks in a row.
08:45:54 PM_Jot_ don worry about it, Failbot found Robbie too this show
08:47:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And Christy was in the chatroom
08:47:24 PM_Jot_ he even had to hire a lookalike to do the show, and then ended up being able to do it, so it was two guys doing the show this time
08:47:41 PM_Jot_ Hillary was here too for a while as well
08:48:14 PMGadwil-office Am I seeing things or is there a new Admin in the chatroom?
08:48:23 PMGadwil-office Or is that the new Co-Host?
08:49:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru New co-host
08:49:21 PMGadwil-office Ok.
08:49:35 PM_Jot_ name is EricKidd here
08:49:47 PMGadwil-office Welcome EricKidd, glad to have you around.
08:50:05 PMGadwil-office Now to watch the show for this week, and look into some stuff to make me not feel sick.


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