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06:58:24 PMsprintcowboy howdy everyone get to watch live tonite
06:58:34 PMmaj 2 min
06:58:43 PM_Jot_ nobody gets to watch live, it's prerecorded :) but new content
06:58:55 PMoldhack sprintcowboy: welcome
06:59:00 PMWreken huh?
06:59:07 PMmajnoon kk in here twice
06:59:10 PMWreken pre-recorded?
06:59:16 PMlanceman What do you mean pre recorded?
06:59:18 PM_Jot_ Robbie had to go elsewhere tonight, so tonight is prerecorded
06:59:23 PMvk7hse-htc RobbieF will the upstream feed be up ?
06:59:46 PMWreken No Robbie Tonight,, bummer
06:59:55 PMmaj i finally make it on time and get rerun ??
07:00:00 PMvk7hse-htc ustream that is
07:00:03 PM_Jot_ not a rerun
07:00:04 PMGadwil-office Pretty much.
07:00:11 PMGadwil-office Ustream, maybe up, check now.
07:00:19 PMpopey watch this instead then? :D
07:00:25 PMpopey announcement from twitter hq
07:00:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I hear embedded media
07:00:37 PMmaj dead from canuck land
07:00:55 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Why am I getting the Mario theme?
07:00:56 PMWreken donkey kong music
07:01:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It's the Super Mario Bros theme, not Donkey Kong.
07:01:12 PMcghouly mario 25 years
07:01:14 PMWreken oh, sorry
07:01:18 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Yes, I heard a bout that
07:01:23 PMWreken details details
07:01:44 PMchrisreich Hi Honey! I'm home!
07:01:51 PMGadwil-office DId he just say "Tuesday September 13th"?
07:01:57 PM_Jot_ yes, he did
07:02:03 PMGadgetWisdomGuru He recorded last night
07:02:07 PMGadwil-office Just making sure.
07:02:08 PMevermind chris, hes not here tonight
07:02:09 PMvk7hse-htc that's a no for ustream...
07:02:09 PMWreken oh my.. baby
07:02:19 PMmaj midwife may have been interesting :P
07:02:39 PMchrisreich episode 156 of the Ubuntu-Gimp show!
07:02:58 PMchrisreich Gimbuntu!
07:03:03 PMWreken mind my ignorance, but what does a midwife do nowadays?
07:03:09 PMchrisreich AFT
07:03:23 PMchrisreich midwife delivers babies
07:03:27 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Yes.
07:03:31 PMmaj google going to kill the iterwebs
07:03:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hospitals just jack up the price
07:03:39 PM_Jot_ where do they buy those babies?
07:03:51 PMoldhack pre-recorded give-aways?
07:04:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Oldhack, I want to see how he pulls that off
07:04:19 PM_Jot_ it will just be Jot winning like always
07:04:53 PMoldhack GadgetWisdomGuru: look out for tachyons
07:04:59 PMWreken so no pain killers i guess? doing it that way?
07:05:26 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Oldhack, I think Robbie prefers his chroniton particles.
07:05:27 PMmindlord HI gang!
07:05:47 PMoldhack mindlord: hey!!
07:05:56 PM_Jot_ hi people
07:06:26 PMoldhack _Jot_: hey! How goes it?
07:06:43 PM_Jot_ I'm doing okay, how is everyone else?
07:06:58 PMGoodGuy I'll second his suggestions
07:07:14 PMAspidZent screen rules!!!
07:07:18 PMmindlord Things are fair...
07:07:24 PMWreken I want some Weather!
07:07:52 PMvk7hse-htc look out a window
07:08:02 PMYazid 73 degrees in New Jersey
07:08:05 PMWreken haha..... thats a good one!
07:08:12 PM_Jot_ the weather: it's all dark, nobody can see it, so weather has been cancelled
07:08:22 PMmaj
07:08:31 PMM0DCM-Dave Evening everyone
07:08:36 PMM0DCM-Dave long time no speak
07:08:48 PMmaj type in name of town it give you weather
07:08:59 PMoldhack M0DCM-Dave: hey!
07:09:09 PMM0DCM-Dave Hola
07:09:28 PMWreken 74 degrees in Tinley Park Illinois
07:09:28 PMM0DCM-Dave It's been a while
07:09:29 PMM0DCM-Dave :D
07:09:32 PMevermind ahh, vuescan
07:09:36 PMevermind very old and solid soft
07:10:12 PMM0DCM-Dave Still running Karmic here on my Acer AO751h, but it's running better than before!!
07:10:15 PMmaj 92.1 °F in dallas
07:10:31 PMevermind i have to upgrade my moms laptop from karmic to lucid one of these days
07:10:42 PMM0DCM-Dave It's 12c here in my part of the UK
07:11:02 PMWreken oh well,,, I'll catch the rest on the loaded feed..... by all..... go Cowboys Maj..good luck next weekend
07:11:23 PMjamalexa 75 in Philadelphia, PA
07:11:25 PMlanceman Goodnight wreken
07:11:33 PMGoodGuy Meerkat will be out next month... may as well hold off
07:11:43 PMM0DCM-Dave This Netbook is running the dreaded Intel "Poulsbo" chipset
07:11:47 PMWreken good night!
07:11:50 PMevermind GoodGuy, good point
07:11:52 PMlanceman 62 degrees in Rochester, N.Y.
07:12:00 PMmaj <-- also majnoon in here
07:12:00 PMGoodGuy night Wreken
07:12:03 PMM0DCM-Dave so gotta stick with 9.10 for a while
07:12:07 PMoldhack 93 F in Austin, TX
07:12:36 PMchrisreich 62F in Rochester, upstate New York
07:12:47 PMjamalexa Has anybody had any monitor problems when you switched to 10.04?
07:12:49 PMAspidZent windsurfer!!!
07:12:51 PMGoodGuy access point with parabolic antenna?
07:13:05 PMGoodGuy I haven't jamalexa
07:13:11 PMAspidZent cheap and if built nicely it works quite well...
07:13:16 PMM0DCM-Dave I'd use a horn type antenna
07:13:17 PMmaj well robby not here to complain about us turning room into #weather
07:13:24 PMM0DCM-Dave but then I'm a radio ham lol
07:13:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru SMC?
07:13:27 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is SMA
07:13:28 PMGoodGuy They did a special on an old episode of Systm iirc
07:13:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RP-SMA
07:13:35 PMM0DCM-Dave and 400 watts ;-)
07:13:50 PMM0DCM-Dave what you say VK7HSE???
07:13:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Linksys used to use RP-TNC
07:14:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Yes.
07:14:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru SMA
07:14:36 PMM0DCM-Dave don't forget the dreaded RP-TNC's
07:14:48 PMM0DCM-Dave that some of the old Linksys Routers had
07:15:00 PMmaj wire wire
07:15:22 PMjamalexa GoodGuy - when I switched from 9.10 to 10.04 my web pages text scrambles and when I switch backgrounds the backgrounds show up scrambled. Weird.
07:15:29 PMvk7hse-htc GoodGuy only if its to be used in one direction ...
07:15:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru M0DCM-Dave, I mentioned them
07:16:07 PMM0DCM-Dave ahh, sorry didn't see
07:16:13 PMmaj tin cans and string ??
07:16:24 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I still have old routers that have RP-TNC
07:16:50 PMGoodGuy Systm episode
07:16:55 PMM0DCM-Dave anyway, I shall be back on throughout the week, I've gotta go to bed as the wife has to be up at 6am UK time
07:16:56 PMoldhack Pringles can? DIY YAGA
07:17:07 PMGoodGuy Practically Free DIY WiFi Antennas
07:17:08 PMM0DCM-Dave ahh the old Pringles can
07:17:13 PMM0DCM-Dave it works too
07:17:39 PMM0DCM-Dave and it keeps to the Open Source idea lol
07:17:49 PMvk7hse-htc :)
07:17:52 PMmaj tin cans and string ??
07:17:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru M0DCM, had one of those too.
07:18:02 PMThe_Creative_Ace Hi
07:18:06 PMAspidZent yeahhh the cantenna is another option... there was a podcats called BSOD (bastard sons of dialup) that widely covered homemade antenae...
07:18:16 PMGoodGuy Tekzilla may have done an episode also..not sure
07:18:17 PMM0DCM-Dave Right, I shall return tomorrow
07:18:20 PMoldhack maj: tin cans and virtual string
07:18:26 PMM0DCM-Dave I need to be awake at 6am
07:18:33 PMGoodGuy Yes I have them on Miro AspidZent
07:18:48 PMGoodGuy Havent been getting new episodes for ages
07:18:51 PMAspidZent GoodGuy, theyŕe still up???
07:18:54 PMM0DCM-Dave Speak to you all over the next week, but it good to be back
07:19:01 PMchrisreich I Installed the first PPP radio network in Mexico City in support of their launch of instant lottery. 1991.
07:19:08 PMGoodGuy Not sure.. Nothing for ages on Miro's feed
07:19:20 PMGoodGuy Neat chrisreich
07:19:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Chrisreich, fun.
07:19:46 PMchrisreich thanks GoodGuy. actually supervised the project
07:19:53 PMmaj we slow tonight guy :)
07:19:58 PMmaj *guys
07:20:00 PMvk7hse-htc GoodGuy the miro feed has been fine for me ;)
07:20:01 PMchrisreich thanks GadgetWisdomGuru
07:20:01 PMoldhack chrisreich: very cool
07:20:10 PMchrisreich thanks oldhack
07:20:20 PMevermind more or less active, yah
07:20:28 PMGoodGuy Sept 2009 is the last episode listed
07:20:38 PMGoodGuy
07:20:38 PMoldhack chrisreich: 91? You're no spring chicken. :-)
07:20:47 PMevermind goodguy, i get a new ep every week
07:20:53 PMevermind have set my miro to show new ones every 30 minutes
07:20:56 PMvk7hse-htc you got the right rss feed ?
07:20:59 PMGoodGuy Of BSOD?
07:21:05 PMevermind of cat5
07:21:10 PMevermind ahh, youre talking bout nother show
07:21:17 PMGoodGuy Yep :-)
07:21:20 PMchrisreich Scientific Atlanta provided the hardware and did not think we knew what we were doing. Worked first time. Picked their jaws off of floor.
07:21:27 PMGoodGuy Bastrad Sons of Dialup
07:21:40 PMGoodGuy
07:21:45 PMmaj me remember dial up
07:21:48 PMchrisreich going on 53 oldhack - been a hell of life so far.
07:21:58 PMoldhack chrisreich: sweet! love that sort of story.
07:22:10 PMGoodGuy AspidZent mentioned they did shows on wifi antennas
07:22:21 PMchrisreich thanks oldhack
07:22:30 PMevermind last ep of bsod seems to be from 2009
07:22:35 PMevermind at least thats what the ep index tells me
07:22:35 PMmajnoon me switch to reg tv and catch show laters
07:22:36 PMAspidZent yeahhh... wild antenna action...
07:22:39 PMGoodGuy Yes
07:22:53 PMGoodGuy I started watching Too Smart Guys also
07:23:09 PMGoodGuy They have some interesting episodes also
07:23:11 PMAspidZent in one episode the guy mounted a old directtv dish to grab distant wireless...
07:23:22 PMchrisreich now I'm retired; since 2005. Disability due to work-related injury. Otherwise I'd still be going...
07:23:37 PMGoodGuy I think I watched it ages ago AspidZent
07:24:05 PMevermind well, sometimes you still need to know your error messages on linux
07:24:07 PMAspidZent yeah... maybe feisty era???
07:24:11 PMGoodGuy Since I wasnt running wifi, it didnt interest me as much as it could
07:24:12 PMevermind especially when youre using source tarballs
07:24:13 PMevermind =)
07:24:55 PMajamison5579 I heard MS was contemplating using some kind of repository method for programs that are MS Certified
07:24:55 PMGoodGuy I bought this router at a garage sale for $2..... has wifi, but my network is wired
07:25:08 PMevermind ajamison, yes, its called windowsupdate
07:25:12 PMGoodGuy Yeah ajamison5579... finally
07:25:13 PMevermind but i guess you mean their new approach
07:25:33 PMevermind we will have to see what comes out of that
07:25:36 PMajamison5579 no I mean a real Repository but regulated more like a marketplace
07:25:58 PMGoodGuy a Linksys WRT54G V8 (VxWorks stock)
07:29:05 PMchrisreich GoodGuy as I once said on the Soundbytes radio program ( ) "I've worked with radio all my adult life. I know how radio works. And that's why my home computer network is all *wired*"
07:29:50 PMkoda lol @chris seriously eh? :)
07:30:56 PMevermind well, some ppls like to share their stuff with their neighbours and the dude driving by in front of the door
07:31:06 PMkoda wow he's actually LOUDER then the music :)
07:31:06 PMchrisreich @koda yeah, seriously :->
07:31:13 PMGoodGuy lol chrisreich.. my feeling also minus any skill in wireless
07:31:14 PMoldhack Robbie is a one man show! He can do everything.
07:31:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I wrote this story.
07:31:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Will relisten later
07:31:50 PMchrisreich good deal GadgetWisdomGuru
07:32:02 PMoldhack GadgetWisdomGuru: Shameless plug?
07:32:09 PMoldhack lol
07:32:19 PMkoda @chris mine would be too if i wasn't sharing wireless with the upstairs neighbor
07:32:33 PMGoodGuy This is a great announcement
07:32:43 PMAspidZent broadcom!!! yeay!!!
07:32:49 PMchrisreich you have a good reason then, koda.
07:32:50 PMGoodGuy It could really help developers
07:32:51 PMkoda anyone have any experience getting gallium r600g goin on maverick?
07:33:03 PMevermind now, if they add their cablemodem os and gbit card drivers to that, thats a full deal=)
07:33:20 PMevermind nope, but lets have a look koda, what it is
07:33:42 PMGoodGuy If you are a Linux user, I'd buy Broadcom chipset hardware only from now on
07:33:48 PMkoda it's the new open source stack for the ati evergreen chips (hd5xxx)
07:34:02 PMkoda includes open source 3d
07:34:16 PMkoda had a problem compiling mesa
07:34:20 PMevermind hmm, seeing the gallium thingy and its relations, how about using ati's own linux module?
07:34:32 PMchrisreich Now that they no longer make/sell them, I'm going to press Alesis to release their Firewire driver for multi-channel audio mixers as open-source. I'd even take a binary.
07:34:33 PMevermind what was the exact error?
07:34:52 PMkoda if you mean catalyst it's not working with xorg 1.9 yet
07:34:55 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Oldhack, I like shameless plugs.
07:35:03 PMoldhack hehe
07:35:05 PMkoda hang on... lemme try again
07:35:11 PMevermind koda, you tried to compile mesa for a driver you found, what error did you get while compiling?
07:35:16 PMevermind good
07:35:34 PMevermind you might want to use if its a longer error
07:37:09 PMGoodGuy I never played it, but the kids did
07:37:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Also wrote those
07:37:48 PMGadgetWisdomGuru He's teasing me because I asked him if he knew how to pronounce Hauppauge.
07:37:50 PMchrisreich same here GoodGuy. My mother gave the Nintendo 64 to my kids. Grandma won it on a radio contest.
07:37:50 PMchrisreich \
07:37:58 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Be back shortly. Foo ready
07:38:19 PMchrisreich No one knows how to pronounce "Hauppauge"
07:38:29 PMGoodGuy My wife just founds that set in the basement and gave it to our son
07:38:37 PMevermind oupaje
07:38:42 PMGregInTexas my chat is not scrolling
07:38:44 PMevermind would be the orig pronounciation
07:38:53 PMGregInTexas nothing else is working today either
07:39:01 PMchrisreich Foo is important, GadgetWisdomGuru.
07:39:08 PMchrisreich Gimbuntu fail!
07:42:09 PMchrisreich except for Robbie's robbery.
07:42:20 PMGoodGuy Creeps who broke in didnt get caught by the Spirit Catcher :-(
07:43:40 PMGoodGuy Maybe it only works for seaborne assault creeps!
07:44:08 PMchrisreich or maybe they got caught AFTER they hit Robbie's home
07:44:33 PMGoodGuy I don't think they recovered any lost items
07:44:44 PMchrisreich SteveC1990 is here - let the party begin!
07:44:58 PMGoodGuy Waiting on Karma to get it's vengence
07:45:05 PMevermind this hugin application needs a preview option
07:45:46 PMevermind from a usability point of view
07:48:53 PMkoda @evermind: k just cloning mesa from git
07:49:18 PMevermind good
07:49:37 PMevermind btw, maybe the error wont happen now, git is the development repository, which is updated quite often
07:49:51 PMevermind check the revision number that you get and compare it to the one you had a week ago
07:49:57 PMevermind thatll show you if somethings changed
07:50:48 PMkoda yup...
07:52:31 PMGoodGuy 'They need to do this whole series on The Meat
07:52:48 PMchrisreich crap - my medicines are making me terribly sleepy. Or is it Robbie?
07:53:09 PM_Jot_ you need to mind your controlpoints better?
07:53:14 PMGoodGuy Probably meds.. Mine are causing it also
07:53:26 PMevermind wasnt the ground extrapollating at the last faulty pic?
07:53:32 PMGoodGuy Pain levels are overcoming control points lol
07:53:42 PMchrisreich GoodGuy - a fellow drug user?
07:53:52 PMGoodGuy Unfortunately
07:53:54 PMevermind dont bong it just up yet)
07:53:57 PMoldhack chrisreich: It's the interaction between the drugs and the Canadian accent.
07:54:03 PMchrisreich I hear y'a bud.
07:54:14 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It was food
07:54:15 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Typo.
07:54:17 PMchrisreich could be oldhack
07:54:19 PMevermind sure...
07:54:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I missed some things, but I'll catch it on the replay.
07:54:43 PMchrisreich LOL I knew that GadgetWisdomGuru. I was just bored.
07:55:28 PMevermind hell need more controlpoints at the ground
07:55:38 PMevermind especially where the white stripes are
07:56:05 PMevermind ever heard of sweethome3d?
07:56:14 PMevermind good free home architecture soft for all os
07:56:33 PMkoda mesa is compiling
07:56:49 PMevermind =)
07:57:55 PMoldhack neodymium?
07:59:32 PM_Jot_ if you have to be careful with animals, children, etc, who got in their mind to hand it to the big kid RobbieF?
07:59:40 PMevermind yes, but hdds are
07:59:43 PMoldhack lol
08:00:04 PMevermind hmm, con to ustream just broke
08:00:09 PMevermind anyone else experiencing that?
08:00:19 PMkoda only magnets i've seen srtonger were in a hard disk :)
08:00:22 PMoldhack not here evermind
08:00:22 PMchrisreich nope, all is well here.
08:00:45 PMevermind then it must be my way heavily overloaded box atm
08:00:50 PMevermind too much rsyncs at that time of the night
08:00:53 PMchrisreich I'd make Hillary and Christy earrings wth them
08:01:34 PMoldhack later all, nice chattin!
08:01:42 PMGoodGuy bye all
08:01:51 PMYazid goodnight all
08:01:53 PMchrisreich be well everyone.
08:02:06 PMchrisreich good night, JohnBoy.


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