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07:00:27 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Wonder whatever happened to the Category 5 TV phone number
07:00:47 PMmmdmurphy Smoke 'em if you have 'em
07:00:56 PMGadwil-Office GWG, I think it leads to a Mental Institution
07:01:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Robbie and his funny hats.
07:01:19 PM_Jot_ phone is still there, just usually not connected (I think) at least not during the show
07:01:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru He should bring back the call in. maybe by Skype
07:01:37 PMroganet woooow, Robbies gone mad with the transitions !
07:01:39 PMDrumstick Hi ya!
07:01:57 PMGadwil-Office Did anyone elses video freeze?
07:01:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Did it just hiccup?
07:02:05 PMGadwil-Office then un-freeze?
07:02:09 PM_Jot_ yeah, it did for me
07:02:11 PMKC9HI hi Christy. Central Indiana set a record temperature today, 94F. The old record of 93F was set back in 1955.
07:02:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru me too
07:02:16 PMAspidZent felt-it GadgetWisdomGuru ...
07:02:21 PMGadwil-Office Time to re-start the whole intro.
07:02:21 PMGadgetWisdomGuru KC9Hi, fascinating.
07:02:31 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Robbie is really playing with those transitions tonight.
07:02:40 PMRobbieF Good evening everyone!
07:02:43 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I wonder if there is a transition he hasn't done
07:02:46 PMthiebaude hi RobbieF
07:02:47 PMRobbieF WOOO! Welcome to our anniversary party!
07:02:50 PMagamotto ??
07:02:57 PMalket Happy anniversary RobbieF
07:03:05 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF When he had some hair!
07:03:07 PMRobbieF Thank you!
07:03:11 PM_Jot_ I didn't know Robbie could change clothes so fast, or that there are so many Robbies
07:03:13 PMGadwil-Office back to no hair...
07:03:14 PMagamotto WTF is going on with the video? Something not syncing with audio?
07:03:18 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ah, the changing dome of Robbie Ferguson
07:03:24 PMroganet congrats on keeping the show going for all this time - great achievment !
07:03:37 PMRobbieF Thank you roganet
07:03:50 PMagamotto 3yrs! I wonder if the equipment will behave better now that it is out of the terrible twos!
07:04:02 PMRobbieF ha
07:04:05 PMthiebaude when is it starting?
07:04:09 PMthiebaude the show
07:04:12 PMGadwil-Office This intro is MASSIVE.
07:04:13 PMRobbieF it has started :)
07:04:14 PM_Jot_ it's already started :) just long titles
07:04:16 PMthiebaude really
07:04:35 PMagamotto Ok, I get it now...
07:04:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru You should have put in a countdown
07:04:37 PM_Jot_ 2 hour show - 1.5 hour intro, then 30 minute show :)
07:04:37 PMthiebaude ok
07:04:43 PMroganet ahh, we miss carrie...
07:04:44 PMRobbieF this is our entire 3 years: a chronology to show you how far we've come.
07:04:50 PMRobbieF you got it Jot ;) haha
07:04:53 PMthiebaude RobbieF: cool
07:04:55 PMmmdmurphy _Jot_ - now, behave...
07:04:55 PMagamotto _Jot_, No - this isn't Dancing with the Stars.....
07:04:56 PMM0DCM_Dave Hey Guys
07:04:58 PMpopey lo
07:04:59 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} 3yrs of intro's... :D
07:05:02 PMRobbieF you're seeing the clips in order.
07:05:04 PMGadwil-Office Brb, need to go borrow a shock collar for my dog.
07:05:09 PMagamotto Or American Idol, come to think of it
07:05:13 PMalket evolution
07:05:21 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, ???
07:05:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Oh no...Robbie has run out of transitions...
07:05:34 PMGadgetWisdomGuru They are repeating.
07:05:58 PMagamotto If I had known, I could have hooked him up with a Video Toaster set up earlier this year
07:06:10 PMGatorman Looks like a reverse Rogaine commercial
07:06:16 PMmmdmurphy Total hair on his head over the years: 1.5 inches...
07:06:36 PMpopey lol at the video effects
07:06:38 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't forget to tell Christy it is only 5c where I am, but at least it is dry
07:06:39 PMpopey making the most of that new video card
07:06:46 PMalket I wonder in anniversary 50 it would take hours :p to watch intro :p
07:06:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Next year...Robbie goes 3-D
07:06:51 PMwarcow105 hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
07:06:55 PMRobbieF Christy thanks you, Jot.
07:06:57 PMmmdmurphy hey warcow
07:07:00 PMRobbieF hey all! hey warcow105
07:07:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Preferably with red and blue glasses.
07:07:05 PM_Jot_ hi Hillary!
07:07:05 PMRobbieF hey hillary!
07:07:11 PMHillary Hey hey! I am here!
07:07:16 PMM0DCM_Dave Hi Hilary
07:07:17 PMmmdmurphy hey Hillary
07:07:20 PMagamotto Nah, next year it will be fed directly into our skulls via cyberdecks
07:07:27 PMwarcow105 i was dead on the couch sick last week
07:07:28 PMsupercarrot Where is Christie?
07:07:32 PMchrisreich does it sound like two audio tracks to everyone else?
07:07:36 PMwarcow105 missed the show
07:07:37 PMRobbieF Eric says hi (he's keyboardless tonight) :)
07:07:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Who stole his keyboard/
07:07:47 PMchrisreich Hi Hillary! cool beans that you're here!
07:07:53 PMmmdmurphy chrisreich, pretty much. you need more detail?
07:07:55 PMHillary bahahah, it IS cool eans!
07:07:56 PM_Jot_ You'll see Christy, don't worry
07:07:57 PMHillary beans.
07:07:58 PMHillary that is.
07:08:00 PMajamison5579 RobbieF that hillbilly impersination scarry
07:08:02 PM_Jot_ Oh my lanta
07:08:13 PM_Jot_ hey Eric, nice to have you here as well
07:08:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ajamison, this year, he's going to do the entire show in a Geordi LaForge visor.
07:08:28 PMgpop7_ hello hillary
07:08:34 PMajamison5579 lol
07:08:40 PMHillary hey gpop!
07:08:44 PMchrisreich the 'music' track should be 10 db lower in the mix. Driving me nuts.
07:08:51 PMsupercarrot I've missed Christy
07:08:56 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I fully expect him to do the entire show in TNG character.
07:08:58 PMRobbieF Eric says thanks, Jot. :) I have a feeling I'm going to be his proxy tonight.
07:09:02 PMchrisreich me too. She's purty.
07:09:04 PMroganet hey robbie, when ya gonna get those guitars out man !
07:09:08 PMgpop7_ hope everything is going well for you
07:09:13 PMajamison5579 RobbieF your Eric's Proxy tonight
07:09:17 PMajamison5579 ?
07:09:28 PMGuest_4357 @ Hillary let's see that chat room smile.
07:09:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it's like you're running the whole show!
07:09:37 PMM0DCM_Dave I'm humming the tune, with my headphones on and I'm getting strange looks off the wife
07:09:43 PMM0DCM_Dave is that normal?
07:09:43 PMjaepea hi hillary
07:09:45 PMGadwil-Office Still playing the video?!
07:09:45 PMmmdmurphy Hillary's dentist must be proud
07:09:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, extra points if you spend the entire episode not only in Starfleet uniform, but acting like a crewmember. Work in the phrase stone knives and bearskins
07:09:48 PMagamotto Funny!!!!! The advert window just below the video is for 'Download Malware Remover'
07:09:53 PM_Jot_ M0DCM_Dave, yep, it's normal
07:10:00 PMM0DCM_Dave phew
07:10:01 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:10:02 PMchrisreich you mean more so than usual, M0DCM_Dave?
07:10:18 PMGadwil-Office Good to know I didn't miss anything.
07:10:21 PMRobbieF agamoto - that's ads, not ours :(
07:10:27 PMM0DCM_Dave well, I wasn't going to say a word
07:10:28 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:10:31 PM_Jot_ phew, there's pogoplug, it's so pretty
07:10:39 PMmmdmurphy Yea, I see an "American Idle" ad
07:10:42 PMagamotto I know, but still funny to see it pop up on an Ubuntu box....
07:10:51 PMchrisreich You could set standard white levels from Hillary's smile.
07:10:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Darn
07:10:57 PMHillary what is happening with the the music up way loud and its a recap? feel like mycmpur is being craze-o.
07:11:01 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I forgot to write news this week
07:11:05 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, I am glad there is one guy there besides yourself who isn't afraid to get IN FRONT of the camera.. * cough to camera-man *
07:11:09 PM_Jot_ Hillary, it's 3 years of category5-titles
07:11:11 PMRobbieF chrisreich - LOL
07:11:15 PMagamotto Temp went from 86F to 68F in less than 20 minutes here this afternoon....
07:11:25 PM_Jot_ Hillary, do not adjust your set, the reception is normal
07:11:30 PMRobbieF :)
07:11:36 PMM0DCM_Dave which show number are we up to in the vid?
07:11:43 PMM0DCM_Dave I've lost count
07:11:48 PMGadwil-Office Hi Hillary, I never saw you come in.
07:11:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I just heard Gadget Wisdom somewhere
07:11:55 PMalket M0DCM_Dave, 3/1
07:11:57 PMRobbieF ooh, 143 :)
07:12:03 PMRobbieF my vacation! :)
07:12:09 PMgpop7_ hello robbie and everyone
07:12:13 PMHillary ok. ha. thankss! Lately, I am having mega tech challenges....especially since I have to use a MAC at school! Yuk.
07:12:17 PMRobbieF hey gpop7_
07:12:21 PMagamotto Yay, the woodsy episode!
07:12:30 PM_Jot_ Hillary, remember, it's just like Linux, just a bit different
07:12:33 PMagamotto Canap?s, anyone?
07:12:37 PMchrisreich Hillary you'll learn to love that Mac.
07:12:38 PMmmdmurphy Hillary - they call it the 'walled garden' for a reason.
07:12:39 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary, we feel for you. No one wants to have Steve Jobs lurking about their room.
07:12:47 PMgpop7_ mac uggg
07:13:07 PMYazid using a MAC is okay, it's UNIX under the hood
07:13:18 PMagamotto Macs are ok, as long as you remove your ability to think for yourself
07:13:19 PMmmdmurphy Let's start over!!
07:13:22 PMGadwil-Office Hillary, Mac and Linux are both Unix based... mac just charges a TON for it.
07:13:24 PMchrisreich OMG is this going to go on for the whole hour?
07:13:32 PMHillary I feel so challenged though...
07:13:37 PMGadwil-Office FINALLY! INTRO IS OVER!
07:13:45 PMpopey yay
07:13:46 PMM0DCM_Dave and there's no right click with the Mac lol
07:13:46 PMpopey no sound
07:13:47 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And now that the intro is over...we can start the intro
07:13:50 PMnAffie no sound
07:13:53 PMagamotto Hillary: After Linux, Macs tend to feel like you are wearing handcuffs
07:13:53 PMalket no sound
07:13:54 PMGadwil-Office You know how to come into the chatroom Hillary, we can try to help.
07:13:55 PM_Jot_ Hillary, we're always happy to help, so you're not completely taking the challenge alone
07:13:55 PMmmdmurphy HEY - NO SOUND
07:13:55 PMroganet no sound
07:13:57 PMpopey haha
07:13:58 PMHillary YEAH!
07:13:59 PMAspidZent macs aren't the worst...
07:14:00 PMroganet yey !
07:14:02 PMM0DCM_Dave I got no sound
07:14:07 PMHillary HI TALI!!
07:14:17 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, be cautious, Eric is in his terrible 2s
07:14:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is the age of Eric.
07:14:21 PMmmdmurphy Who is the HAIRY guy on the LEFT?
07:14:24 PMagamotto Christy!!!!!
07:14:25 PMYazid Hi ALL!
07:14:29 PMAspidZent woot indeed!!!
07:14:30 PMM0DCM_Dave 3yrs of TOTAL MADNESS
07:14:33 PMagamotto hahahaah
07:14:34 PMchrisreich Hi Christy! muah!
07:14:34 PMGadwil-Office I just saw Eric and I thought of Elvis Presley.
07:14:39 PMGadwil-Office Ah, that is his son.
07:14:44 PMgpop7_ hello christy
07:14:54 PMagamotto Oooooo, adverts en Espa?ol!!!!
07:15:02 PMpopey
07:15:07 PMgpop7_ good to see her
07:15:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is cloudy with a chance of meatballs
07:15:11 PM_Jot_ hi Eric, hi Robbie :)
07:15:13 PMpopey In the UK its.... dark!
07:15:15 PMmmdmurphy 82 and sunny in Akron, Ohio
07:15:20 PMM0DCM_Dave 14c West Mids UK
07:15:23 PMYazid 70 in Clifton New jersey
07:15:29 PMM0DCM_Dave and dark lol
07:15:32 PMroganet hi brummie !
07:15:40 PMagamotto 23C currently with barmy weather here in Moline
07:15:41 PMnAffie 11C in The Hague, The Netherlands
07:15:42 PM_Jot_ Eric, that light-button is your keyboard, with only one key so even you can manage it
07:15:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Someone powder up RobbieF
07:15:43 PMchrisreich 75F in Rochester, New York
07:15:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Makeup!!
07:15:47 PMGadwil-Office Extra light is good Robbie.
07:15:49 PMgpop7_ robbie has a lot of help
07:15:57 PMjaepea 88 in xenia ohio lol
07:16:13 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF is Under the weather.
07:16:14 PMchrisreich Yea! Christy on camera!
07:16:15 PMagamotto How is our News anchor?
07:16:20 PMGadwil-Office Is that enough weather for ya?
07:16:20 PMas759 15C in Manchester England
07:16:28 PMchrisreich bod cam
07:16:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And the hip cam's connected to the face cam.
07:16:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The face cam's connected to the...web cam.
07:16:43 PMpopey blimey, so many brits here
07:16:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Silliness
07:16:48 PMgpop7_ temp here is 81 and cloudy
07:16:49 PMGatorman 93 F in Keystone Heights, Florida
07:16:50 PMagamotto Zeeneea
07:16:53 PMchrisreich Xenia was my great-grandmother's name
07:17:02 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I know how to pronounce Xenia.
07:17:05 PM_Jot_ we hear her
07:17:07 PMmmdmurphy Being a typical guy, I like the hip-cam
07:17:10 PMAspidZent wasn't christy working in radio??? can we has a streaming url to listen to her???
07:17:16 PMalket 21 C , Pristina, Kosovo
07:17:19 PMagamotto I put that in for the co-host
07:17:21 PMmmdmurphy 83 in Akron, Ohio
07:17:24 PMHillary Good times!
07:17:26 PMYazid 70 in Clifton New Jersey
07:17:33 PMpopey nice accent :D
07:17:45 PMGatorman Hello
07:17:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is 78 degrees F in my bedroom
07:17:52 PMgpop7_ heyeee christy
07:17:55 PMM0DCM_Dave you wish they sounded that posh in Manchester
07:17:59 PMM0DCM_Dave ;-)
07:17:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru But it is only 64 degrees outside
07:17:59 PM_Jot_ How warm is it there Christy?
07:18:03 PMYazid WOW!
07:18:09 PMM0DCM_Dave 14c Dudley, West Midlands
07:18:10 PMagamotto I thought you had to go east for posh.....
07:18:12 PMjaepea 88 in xenia ohio lol
07:18:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is always hot. I keep the servers in the bedroom
07:18:34 PMroganet yay duglay got a mention !
07:18:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The fans lull me to sleep
07:18:41 PMagamotto Oooo, innit abowt 22 ere in the shades, lovey?
07:18:51 PMGadgetWisdomGuru We're recovering from last week's NYC tornado.
07:18:57 PMchrisreich 48 geeks in chatroom
07:18:57 PMScorpio55 M0DCM_Dave hey you made it tonight Dave
07:18:58 PMnAffie 11C in The Hague, The Netherlands
07:18:58 PMYazid servers in the bedroom?!
07:19:00 PMM0DCM_Dave hahahahahaha
07:19:01 PMGoodGuy I wanted to say it's really hot in my bedroom, but you aren't allowed to grade your own report card
07:19:04 PMAspidZent servers in the bedroom???
07:19:07 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, Did they confirm two?
07:19:08 PMM0DCM_Dave sorru
07:19:10 PMGoodGuy My IP Address is on Host
07:19:13 PMGadwil-Office 82 F in my house.
07:19:14 PM_Jot_ 11c in the hague, but only 5c in my part of the netherlands
07:19:27 PMagamotto Wot, you kant andle a bit o cokney?
07:19:41 PMAspidZent heat, noise, electric hassles...
07:19:53 PMnAffie _Jot_, we had a pretty warm day in The Hague...
07:19:53 PMGadwil-Office 48 Geeks and 7 are Ops in the chatroom.
07:19:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Yazid, the fans lull me to sleep
07:20:06 PMGadwil-Office Forgot to mention Ops!
07:20:10 PMGadwil-Office We are special.
07:20:10 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Agamotto, I believe so. Lots of downed trees
07:20:15 PMScorpio55 13c Staffordshire UK
07:20:17 PMGoodGuy 83 in Warren, MI
07:20:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru My cable only came up this morning
07:20:21 PMGoodGuy f
07:20:26 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, I can't imagine the scattered trash involved
07:20:28 PMGoodGuy 83F
07:21:08 PMAspidZent I keep my home servers in the guest room... whenever someone stays over I hear all kind of things...
07:21:12 PMagamotto I bought my farting shirt last week
07:21:15 PM_Jot_ hi Johannes
07:21:27 PM_Jot_ we miss Christy too
07:21:39 PMGadwil-Office AspidZent, No spare Closets to throw the home servers into?
07:21:49 PMagamotto It has the infamous quote from The Holy Grail.... printed on the back, just above your bum
07:21:52 PMAspidZent no closets at all...
07:21:58 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I keep clothes in my closet.
07:22:08 PMGadwil-Office I keep my clothes in the floor... haha
07:22:17 PMM0DCM_Dave hahahaha
07:22:17 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil, clean or dirty?
07:22:20 PMagamotto RobbieF, What, we have to supply HIM with a laptop too? sheesh :)
07:22:20 PMjaepea we miss u christy
07:22:33 PMsupercarrot Yeah we really miss Christy
07:22:35 PMagamotto In the floor? Neat trick....
07:22:36 PMGadwil-Office Dirty, clean get hung up or put in draws. and the floor is the one in my closet.
07:22:46 PM_Jot_ welcome back Hillary
07:22:46 PMHillary ahh I died...but am now back!
07:22:47 PMchrisreich my clothes are in the hamper, the dryer, or the clothes basket.
07:22:50 PMGadwil-Office Should we make Hillary an Op for the night?
07:22:55 PMAspidZent frigid legums... brillant!!!
07:22:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru legumes
07:22:59 PMHillary hi sorry! back!
07:23:01 PM_Jot_ of course Hillary should be an op
07:23:02 PMGoodGuy Hi Hillary
07:23:06 PM_Jot_ cool beans Hillary
07:23:07 PMpoester hey christy, tksfor remember the GBM group, hugs to you guys!!
07:23:10 PMHillary feeling more lively now!
07:23:11 PMYazid Hi Hillary
07:23:11 PMalket hi Hillary
07:23:19 PMHillary im trying to get my skype up and going...
07:23:20 PMGadwil-Office I try to keep my dirty clothes in the hamper, but I don't wash but every other week, so I get like 2 hampers in that time. need to wash once a week, but am too lazy.
07:23:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary has been miraculously resurrected!!
07:23:29 PMchrisreich kids are great...
07:23:31 PMagamotto Hillary: Mine is actually working fine this evening
07:23:40 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Aww....all the cuteness
07:23:48 PMYazid she'll live forever
07:23:51 PM_Jot_ fortunatly I had a resurrect-scroll
07:24:03 PMagamotto There's Bekah!
07:24:10 PMmmdmurphy I see wine bottles....
07:24:17 PMYazid Hi Bekah!
07:24:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hold up the recorder.
07:24:56 PMYazid the kids are doing great on camera
07:25:05 PMagamotto Wow, this is just like tech support for my family.....
07:25:22 PM_Jot_ we appreciate it Christy
07:25:31 PMchrisreich How far is Peterborough from Barrie, RobbieF?
07:25:32 PMagamotto "Is the computer on?" no "Are any of the lights on?" no
07:25:39 PMAspidZent streaming url of the radio???
07:25:48 PMagamotto chrisreich, about a 2hr drive
07:25:51 PMwarcow105 mic noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:25:53 PMHillary aliens!
07:25:57 PMcalhydro no trains
07:25:57 PMalket aliens
07:25:58 PM_Jot_ it's happening again RobbieF, disturbance with the phone/mike etc
07:26:00 PMYazid someone's mic battery is going dead!
07:26:08 PMchrisreich wow, that's dedication.
07:26:16 PM_Jot_ thanks RobbieF
07:26:18 PMmmdmurphy Oh, I thought my PC was going to blue screen... makes that noise...
07:26:23 PMagamotto She has to drive around a bunch of lakes to get between Peterborough and Barrie
07:26:25 PMnAffie aliens farting!
07:26:26 PMGadwil-Office Kick the neighbors out of the neighborhood during the show!
07:26:27 PMroganet isnt that the noise the transporter make before robbie beams down in his new outfit ?
07:26:34 PMalket nAffie, lol
07:27:30 PMwarcow105 still noise!!!
07:27:31 PMHillary still there..
07:27:33 PM_Jot_ still the same noise RobbieF
07:27:36 PMGadwil-Office Noise back.
07:27:40 PMpoester john should fix that!! :P
07:27:45 PMYazid still chirping
07:27:48 PMmmdmurphy Noise back as soon as she came back on...
07:27:51 PMalket they are coming...
07:27:59 PMGadwil-Office I blame the neighbors makeing phone calls.
07:28:03 PMGatorman Video is flickering too
07:28:14 PMroganet need to charge the dilithium christals
07:28:17 PMjaepea aliens
07:28:22 PMmmdmurphy You are asking a woman to yell loud??
07:29:06 PMnAffie time 4 that next beer...
07:29:12 PMmmdmurphy All the sticks in my yard are portable...
07:29:32 PMpoester hmmmmm beer...
07:29:46 PMGuest_5231 that did not look like an ECO Alkaline so you can't throw it out!
07:29:47 PMGoodGuy Time for a new gadget
07:29:59 PMagamotto chrisreich, About 100 Miles, at 60mph
07:30:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Here in NY, we have a Canadian guy on TV who reads the newspaper to us so we don't have to do it ourselves. That reminds me of Christy and the weather
07:30:32 PMagamotto Save the Folgers for the kids!
07:30:40 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Me poor bairns
07:31:01 PMM0DCM_Dave Oooooh Sound Blaster
07:31:08 PMM0DCM_Dave Is that the Audigy?
07:31:17 PM_Jot_ looks like it
07:31:18 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, We have something similar here on radio, for those with low/no vision
07:31:22 PMcalhydro She might just have a headphone jack
07:31:24 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It says audigy
07:31:31 PMwarcow105 RobbieF, 1/8"
07:31:33 PMmmdmurphy AND sound blaster
07:31:37 PMGoodGuy
07:31:41 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It isn't quarter-inch
07:31:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is eighth-inch
07:31:45 PMGoodGuy Might take a look at that
07:31:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Quarter-inch is the bigger one
07:31:56 PMnAffie 3.5mm :P
07:31:59 PMagamotto 1/8.... 1/4 is for home stereo
07:32:08 PMM0DCM_Dave it's 3.5mm in the UK
07:32:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru That was not was not warcow
07:32:10 PMM0DCM_Dave :-D
07:32:25 PMnAffie or minijack
07:32:29 PMGoodGuy
07:32:46 PMGoodGuy Last one is not freeware
07:32:47 PM_Jot_ Christy, we know you use windows to look out to see the weather, no reason to be ashamed
07:32:54 PMroganet 3.5mm, thats the one that goes against the apple 'standard'. ;-)
07:33:03 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Apple uses it.
07:33:24 PMagamotto Apple... standard.... oh, ok, I get it!!!
07:33:32 PMroganet ;-)
07:33:36 PMagamotto Robbie has facial fur
07:33:37 PMHillary I'd like some chips please.
07:34:00 PMGoodGuy Free Sound Recorder is a perfect audio recorder to record your own voice, music or any other sound by working directly with your sound card. It supports the record input/source from a microphone,
07:34:01 PMnAffie havin'chips & beer here.....
07:34:09 PMchrisreich How about a drink, Hillary?
07:34:09 PMroganet excellent - 'turn it off and on again' !
07:34:15 PMGuest_5231 Eco Alkalines last longer and are good for the world
07:34:30 PMM0DCM_Dave Captains log 2010.22.9 lol
07:34:40 PMnAffie get a tricorder...
07:34:56 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Is he touching the back with his fingers?
07:34:56 PMagamotto "Blessed be the pessimist, for he hath backups!"
07:35:04 PMmmdmurphy should be a joke about Captains Log and American Standard...
07:35:06 PMagamotto Yah, no fixing that
07:35:17 PMHillary Why thank you agamotto!
07:35:17 PMagamotto mmdmurphy, grin
07:35:31 PMagamotto Hillary: You lot have ALDI up there?
07:35:44 PMroganet agamotto, lol !
07:35:49 PMHillary Not sure what that is I'm gonna go with, no
07:36:05 PMmmdmurphy ALDI - CHEAP food.
07:36:10 PMagamotto Ok, it is like Tesco or ADSA, but here in America
07:36:16 PMgpop7_ i had a disk explode in my dvd drive
07:36:18 PMroganet ALDI - CHEAP everything
07:36:20 PMagamotto German firm, oddly enough
07:36:21 PMM0DCM_Dave ALDI - Cheap computers
07:36:27 PMmindlord We have ALDI here in Charleston, WV, USA.
07:36:33 PMHillary then nay nay.
07:36:37 PMGoodGuy Clonezilla is Open Source, just download another ISO file
07:36:41 PMHillary We rarely have 7/11s....
07:36:42 PMagamotto Cheap, yet delicious food
07:36:45 PMmmdmurphy Really? Didn't know they sold anything but food. Yes, I am a snob and never been in one....
07:36:47 PMLedzep Anybody see the new Dell duo tablet
07:36:57 PMGoodGuy In fact now you can get an Ubuntu version
07:37:01 PM_Jot_ hi Talia
07:37:18 PMagamotto mmdmurphy, I get my gouda, brie, havarti, and asiago cheeses there, along with many other bits
07:37:25 PMM0DCM_Dave As long as they weren't chocolate covered pretzels your safe
07:37:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Eric can use the clonezilla disc as a coaster
07:37:36 PMYazid Can I have some? lol
07:37:38 PMmmdmurphy SEE food
07:37:45 PMsupercarrot Ah bless
07:37:47 PM_Jot_ please send some popcorn
07:37:48 PMnAffie agamotto, i bought my medion akoya netbook there 2 years ago...
07:38:12 PM_Jot_ hi Zach
07:38:20 PMmmdmurphy I saw some processed ham that said ALDI on it - looked worse than SPAM
07:38:36 PMagamotto mmdmurphy, I can't say much about the meat... I don't indulge often
07:38:42 PMroganet mmdmurphys last message was filtered.
07:38:46 PMM0DCM_Dave SPAM is nice in batter
07:38:53 PMnAffie lol roganet
07:38:55 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Kids are leaving...lampshade time
07:39:00 PMmmdmurphy I used to love spam - before I thought about it...
07:39:10 PMGatorman Is anyone else having trouble with the video freezing then starting and stopping?
07:39:18 PMmmdmurphy Gatorman - NO.
07:39:20 PMGadwil-Office " Don't be Evil".. if more companies could follow that rule.
07:39:20 PMmindlord Gatorman, fine here.
07:39:22 PMLedzep not here
07:39:24 PMchrisreich video is smooth here
07:39:25 PMGoodGuy It's OK here Gatorman
07:39:37 PMM0DCM_Dave ACID!!!
07:39:39 PMroganet vids fine on the other side of the pond, so florida should be a breeze
07:39:41 PM_Jot_ I had some issues with the BSP but it's okay now for me, normal channel is okay as well
07:39:42 PMYazid the backstage pass is frozen
07:39:54 PMmindlord And this computer is notorious for being bad with streaming video.
07:40:07 PMGatorman Seems OK now
07:40:08 PMGadwil-Office I wonder if he knows he won't have any hair by the time he is 30....
07:40:11 PMmmdmurphy He has more hair than dad...
07:40:15 PM_Jot_ I bet Zach is just nervous
07:40:18 PMagamotto I wonder what his reaction would be if he could see all of us in a room!
07:40:23 PMcalhydro Robbie: What was the first computer? Mine was a Sinclair ZX8
07:40:32 PMagamotto Oo boo N too
07:40:35 PM_Jot_ great Eric, have some de-salted snacks
07:40:36 PMgpop7_ the joke is he is not saying goodnight
07:40:54 PMGoodGuy I worked on an Altair 8800B at work
07:40:58 PMM0DCM_Dave ZX-81 was my first computer too
07:41:02 PMGoodGuy First home pc made
07:41:07 PMagamotto PDP-11, and I don't miss it
07:41:07 PMroganet Acorn Electron
07:41:10 PMnAffie mine was a C64
07:41:11 PMmindlord calhydro, the first computer I ever touched was a Sinclair too. :) The first one I owned was a TI99/4a.
07:41:14 PMgpop7_ he will be back
07:41:16 PMM0DCM_Dave then the Spectrum
07:41:21 PMmmdmurphy Try bailing your kids out of jail. that's a wake up..
07:41:24 PMagamotto Oh, home unit... my first was a C+ SuperPET
07:41:26 PMM0DCM_Dave Ahhh when I were a lad
07:41:30 PMGoodGuy no TRS-80 users?
07:41:37 PMcalhydro Yea I sold mine wish I had kept it
07:41:39 PMGadwil-Office Tomorrow is my 18th b-day... my parents still think I am hassel to deal with... Admitantly I am difficult.
07:41:40 PM_Jot_ Christy, what will you turn into?
07:41:41 PMchrisreich first used here: PDP-8. First owned: Atari 800.
07:41:42 PMmindlord I had a CoCo I, II, and III :)
07:41:43 PMroganet oh yeah trs80 !
07:41:48 PMM0DCM_Dave Trash 80's were cool
07:41:51 PMYazid Used a PET in school
07:41:54 PMLedzep Quiet before the storm
07:42:03 PMcalhydro I still have my TR80
07:42:10 PMnAffie Congrats!!!
07:42:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru My nephew found my original gameboy
07:42:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I let him have it
07:42:23 PMM0DCM_Dave I have the Acorn BBC B still
07:42:24 PMcalhydro When Radio Shack was Tnady
07:42:25 PMmmdmurphy Gadwil-Office - I just turned .. well, nevermind. How many run - ins with the law?
07:42:34 PMwarcow105 yeah i have a few CoCo II and trs-80's laying around
07:42:35 PMroganet still got the old wooden atari in the loft
07:42:36 PMcalhydro When Radio Shack was Tandy
07:42:39 PMchrisreich So RobbieF, who's the chick sitting next to you in the yellow shirt?
07:42:46 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, "Mum, am I on drugs? Have I crashed the car? Have I made anyone pregnant?" If the answers are no, you qualify as in the top 10%
07:42:47 PMGadwil-Office mmdmurphy, How many that got something on my record, or I got a " free pass" on?
07:42:57 PMmmdmurphy Both
07:43:02 PMKC9HI my first computer was a Bally Arcade video game console. It had a tiny BASIC game cartridge.
07:43:07 PMcalhydro First Real PC was a 386 Grid
07:43:12 PMGadwil-Office Drugs, no, Car crash, no, Pregnant, Not that I know of, but they don't tell me everything. lol!
07:43:15 PMmindlord warcow105, There is still a rabid group of people doing crazy stuff with the CoCo, like networking them to PC's with the bitbanger.
07:43:15 PMGoodGuy A guy at work wanted me to go into business with him using TRS-80's... after thinking, I decided I didnt want to do more programming after doing it all day
07:43:30 PMHillary hi
07:43:34 PMagamotto My cat likes to lick the salt off of things
07:43:34 PMLedzep I had a C64. The HD would hammer away like crazy.
07:43:38 PMwarcow105 i loved it back in the day
07:43:38 PMHillary hahaha
07:43:39 PM_Jot_ hey Hillary
07:43:43 PMnAffie C64 with a HD?
07:43:47 PMGadwil-Office mmdmurphy, Only once, when I was a kid in NC. Some called the cops on me and my brother for walking down the street, they thought we were on their lawn.
07:43:49 PMLedzep I mean the floop.
07:43:51 PMnAffie you mean floppy
07:43:55 PMwarcow105 even though i was only like 4 or 5
07:43:55 PMLedzep yeah
07:43:56 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Mine didn't have a hard drive
07:43:59 PMnAffie 1541 :P
07:44:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I had a 1541
07:44:12 PMHillary sweeet
07:44:15 PMLedzep A 1541 right
07:44:29 PMroganet is that the year it was built - 1541 ?
07:44:30 PMjaepea i had a vic20
07:44:31 PMHillary amen brother
07:44:33 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, Gladys Kravitz?
07:44:35 PMnAffie Loved the Final Cartridge ;)
07:44:36 PM_Jot_ later could be a 1571 or 1581 too
07:44:44 PMLedzep My first game was Mission Impossible
07:44:46 PMGadwil-Office agamotto, No idea what that means.
07:44:47 PMM0DCM_Dave how about the Oric Atmos?
07:44:57 PMmmdmurphy I had a 157`
07:45:02 PMpoester i have a question, does anybody knows how to use skype at canadian smartphones?
07:45:04 PMmmdmurphy sorry. 1571
07:45:05 PMroganet only the geeky kids had an oric
07:45:21 PMmindlord I also had a Vic20 and an Aquarius.
07:45:23 PMLedzep Then I went to Windows 3.1.
07:45:27 PMnAffie My first game was Puck Man (pacman clone on the C64.... on tape...took about 10 minutes to load)
07:45:41 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, Sorry, you are too young for the reference. Ever seen the show Bewitched?
07:45:47 PMcalhydro In my TR80 I installed Super ROM from Lucid where you had to issue a call 63012 to get to the programs spreadsheet, database and write
07:45:48 PMYazid I still have a Apple IIe in the attic
07:45:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I prefer Jumpman
07:45:51 PMGoodGuy I think I still have a copy of Windows 3.1 in the basement
07:45:52 PMroganet kids today wouldnt believe you loaded games on a tape recorder !
07:45:55 PMmindlord I skipped win3.1 completely and even when I installed win95 I hacked it to start the command prompt instead of explorer.
07:45:57 PMM0DCM_Dave ahh, the days you could start loading the game and go and make a coffee
07:45:57 PMsupercarrot I see him on backstage pass
07:45:58 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:46:01 PMGadwil-Office No agamotto, I have seen part of an episode though, but never a full one.
07:46:11 PMpoester i see him everyday, donĀ“t need!
07:46:12 PMpoester hehehehe
07:46:13 PMLedzep Is't 3.1 on diskettes
07:46:15 PMGoodGuy Still have MS-DOS 6.22 also
07:46:16 PMmmdmurphy We had a mini computer at work that you would load from a VCR tape.
07:46:19 PMroganet or worse still - entered the lines of code from a magazine !
07:46:19 PMGoodGuy yes
07:46:33 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, She was Samantha's crazy neighbor across the way.
07:46:34 PMroganet ... along with the typo's.
07:46:35 PMnAffie who remembers their matrix printer and the pc app Banner Mania?
07:46:40 PMLedzep Didn
07:46:42 PMmmdmurphy RogaNet - remember the "TAB" books??
07:46:42 PMGadwil-Office " Season 4 of Category5 Tech TV, this season... MORE TECH! "
07:46:48 PMScorpio55 Where's Carrie
07:46:57 PMGadwil-Office Ah, well out neighbors were evil there.
07:46:58 PMGoodGuy Still have some 5 1/4 floppies in the basement
07:47:04 PMLedzep Didn't get on the net until W95
07:47:08 PMGadwil-Office But I had some good friends just down the street though.
07:47:10 PMmmdmurphy Spent hours typing in code and they never really worked..
07:47:13 PMGatorman Special guest.... Steve Jobs?
07:47:14 PMsupercarrot Good point, will Carrie be coming?
07:47:19 PMGoodGuy Two of the antique drives.. not installed
07:47:24 PMchrisreich Season 4: more Gimbuntu!
07:47:25 PMagamotto Ask Bill Gates about how much easier piracy was in the tape days....
07:47:26 PMmindlord nAffie, they used bannermania to waste hundereds of trees in my grade school. :)
07:47:33 PMGadwil-Office I boot now, ArchLinux is up in about 40 seconds.
07:47:35 PMGadwil-Office on a HDD.
07:47:42 PMHillary okie doke!
07:47:49 PMmindlord I used the net before http. :)
07:47:50 PMLedzep Arch sounds complicated.
07:48:05 PMmindlord I remember archie and veronica and gopher.
07:48:05 PMmmdmurphy I booted Windows 3.11 back in 1998, took mere seconds...
07:48:05 PMagamotto I am an old fart from the days of FIDOnet
07:48:08 PMnAffie mindlord, yeah i wasted some trees too.... ;)
07:48:09 PMGadwil-Office Ledzep, not really, the Wiki is REALLY well done.
07:48:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru You're in Canada? I hadn't noticed
07:48:32 PM_Jot_ Eric, does that mean they call you puckman?
07:48:34 PMM0DCM_Dave Oh my, I remember Prestel too
07:48:36 PMLedzep ok I'll check it out
07:48:40 PMchrisreich Ledzep Arch is excellent but for intermediate users. Not a good place to start unless you have ready access to a mentor.
07:48:48 PMroganet i remember my mate showing me the net, before the www - i said 'pah, it will never take off'
07:48:56 PMagamotto I remember when AOL was a service for Commodore computers!
07:49:08 PMLedzep I don't have the patience to do that...
07:49:08 PMmmdmurphy BOSCH
07:49:09 PMmindlord I was was a sysop of a local dial-up BBS. :)
07:49:15 PMGadwil-Office chrisreich, I don't even have a mentor, just the internets. I mean really, the Wiki to this OS is the best I have ever seen.
07:49:33 PMnAffie i used to dial in BBS's with my C64 and a 1200baud modem...
07:49:44 PMYazid WOW!
07:49:47 PMM0DCM_Dave Tomatoe v Tomayta
07:49:48 PMmmdmurphy nAffie - me too
07:49:55 PMroganet you had a 1200baud - you were lucky !
07:49:57 PMchrisreich Gadwil-Office what do you mean by "this OS"?
07:50:05 PMjaepea lol
07:50:07 PMmindlord I also co-sys'd several other local BBS's
07:50:07 PMLedzep Is BBS the same thing as newsgroups.
07:50:09 PMagamotto Try living in the Midwest.... instead of Mil?n, M?lan. Don't even get me started on the various ways Illinois is pronounced.
07:50:11 PMGadwil-Office I mean ArchLinux crisreich.
07:50:15 PMroganet i had two tin cans and a piece of string
07:50:15 PMmmdmurphy we used to have to wake up 1/2 hour before we went to bed...
07:50:21 PMM0DCM_Dave I run 1200baud on VHF 144MHz
07:50:22 PMnAffie lol roganet
07:50:29 PMroganet and lived in a cardboard box in middle of 't road
07:50:33 PMcalhydro Remember Compuserve Dial Up
07:50:38 PMHillary yeah...that was a hard one....diaspora...oi!
07:50:39 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is?
07:50:43 PMchrisreich oh so you're actually using Arch Gadwil-Office?
07:50:45 PMLedzep Is BBS similar to Usenet.
07:50:55 PMnAffie i also did some PacketRadio/Hamradio stuff with my 386 back in the days...
07:50:57 PMagamotto Hmmm, Greek pastry as clothing... neat
07:51:05 PMmmdmurphy RogaNet - thanks. I was afraid no one would get it.
07:51:05 PMScorpio55 time you upgraded to 9k6
07:51:06 PMwarcow105
07:51:11 PMnAffie before internet went mainstream...
07:51:13 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, it is hard suffering through The Diaspora as well.
07:51:15 PMGadwil-Office Chrisreich, Yes. it is my main system. On Win 7 now in the office, my comp is broken. Installing Ubuntu on a 2nd disk tomorrow for me to use.
07:51:20 PMchrisreich I did the packet/ham thing with my Atari 800
07:51:21 PMM0DCM_Dave Now Now Scorpio
07:51:22 PMsupercarrot I like that, equal syllabolic stress...
07:51:23 PMmindlord Ledzep, no. BBSs is like AOL before it had a built in web browser. communitiesm, forums, downloads, etc... FIDOnet is like newsgroups, many BBS's also had fidonet.
07:51:25 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:51:28 PM_Jot_ Christy, do you have a blooper-reel yet for us to inspect?
07:51:30 PMsupercarrot I learn something everyday
07:51:39 PMroganet mmdmurphy - thats at least 2 of us as old as the hills
07:51:45 PMagamotto More like syllabic distress these days
07:51:52 PMGadwil-Office I won't set up Arch on this computer since I hate trying to install ATI drivers in Arch and then configure them...
07:52:01 PMchrisreich cool Gadwil-Office, most folks with less fortitude start w/ Ubuntu.
07:52:01 PMnAffie Ok, any old Amiga users here?
07:52:07 PMScorpio55 M0DCM_Dave how's the APRS Digipeater doing
07:52:20 PMjaepea weefee
07:52:23 PMLedzep never heard of fidonet
07:52:30 PMM0DCM_Dave Going well
07:52:30 PMGadwil-Office Chrisreich, I started on ubuntu, then came to hate the way Canonical does things, So now I use Arch. But recommend Ubuntu to new users.
07:52:37 PMLedzep Hey japea
07:52:38 PMM0DCM_Dave All in Ubuntu
07:52:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Oh, no. The inmates are running the asylum
07:52:51 PMGadwil-Office hehe GWG.
07:52:55 PMLedzep hey jaepea
07:53:05 PMGadwil-Office Was that supposed to be a Batman Arkham Asylum joke?
07:53:07 PMGatorman Here's your chance for fame and fortune
07:53:09 PMroganet ok its nearly 1am in the uk, and a schoolday tomorrow... ciao cat-5-ers...
07:53:09 PMsupercarrot O great no can I just ask you whats better btrs or zfs?
07:53:11 PMmindlord Ledzep, fidonet = usenet before the internet really took off.
07:53:12 PMchrisreich I just realized; never having thought of it before, that I jumped from 8-bit to 32-bit computer ownership.
07:53:17 PMjaepea hi ledzep
07:53:30 PMnAffie bye roganet
07:53:33 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, Depends on what size the files are and what the system is used for.
07:53:39 PMM0DCM_Dave How about a real sport??? CRICKET!!!!
07:53:49 PMsupercarrot That question was aimed at the co host
07:53:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I think it might be a Category 5E cable.
07:53:59 PMsupercarrot lol
07:53:59 PMnAffie Category6 ?
07:54:10 PMGadwil-Office No, it is a standard Cat 5 cable, drop the E.
07:54:12 PMLedzep brb..I have to nuke my tea
07:54:20 PMnAffie Eric Puckman Kidd!
07:54:34 PMGadwil-Office ah, ok supercarrot.
07:54:42 PMchrisreich Gadwil-Office - do you really mean you "came to *hate* the way Canonical does things" or just had different preferences?
07:54:47 PMGadwil-Office hello Eri, thanks for joining Cat5.
07:54:52 PMGadwil-Office Eric*
07:54:55 PMHillary bacck
07:54:56 PM_Jot_ welcome back again Hillary
07:54:57 PMHillary grr!
07:55:16 PMnAffie wb Hillary
07:55:21 PM_Jot_ don't worry Hillary, Robbie wasn't even ready yet :)
07:55:30 PMsupercarrot @Gadwil-Office, but why we're at it, which one is the best? Aren't they both sort of much like each other?
07:55:31 PMHillary technical difficulties and i'm in stereo..
07:55:33 PMGadwil-Office chrisreich, Different Prefrences mainly. mostly with the way they run their Repo's.
07:55:34 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Still waiting for that Droid Country Song
07:55:52 PMM0DCM_Dave Oh god, he's using Windows
07:55:56 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, Let me look it up again, I saw a comparison in the ArchWiki.
07:56:00 PMM0DCM_Dave throw it in the BIN
07:56:05 PMagamotto nAffie: Me! I had three
07:56:25 PMM0DCM_Dave Put Skype on Linux
07:56:26 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:56:27 PMchrisreich Gadwil-Office thanks for clarifying. I'm genuinely interested in people's feelings about the various distros.
07:56:46 PMM0DCM_Dave 00:55 here
07:56:51 PM_Jot_ Christy, no problem, I usually am around at 3am anyway :)
07:56:52 PMagamotto Just give Jot a 5hr energy drink
07:57:01 PM_Jot_ Christy, I couldn't leave you alone anyway, now could I?
07:57:07 PMsupercarrot @Gadwil-Office Cheers I didn't really mean the question, but now I've said it, I'm actually really curious, if you find the link, just let me know what it is.
07:57:13 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, still got that sound clip?
07:57:16 PMGadwil-Office chrisreich, It could be hate, since there is more too it than just Repo's. But when thinking about it, I just have different preferences on what I want my OS to do, and how I want repo 's run.
07:57:19 PMGadwil-Office ran*
07:57:24 PM_Jot_ Christy, I get up whenever I want :)
07:57:32 PMwarcow105 yeah me too, bed at 3 get up 7:30...only minimal sleep is needed lol
07:57:35 PM_Jot_ usually anywhere from 8am-noon
07:57:41 PMmindlord Alas... I must part.
07:57:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Just remember, Eric, don't ever refer to it as the Nether Regions
07:57:57 PM_Jot_ yay Hillary
07:57:58 PMagamotto Wow... I am usually out around 0000, up around 0700-0800
07:58:01 PMYazid you go girl!
07:58:14 PMsupercarrot I'm at work at the moment, and its 00:57 here in the UK.
07:58:18 PMM0DCM_Dave Windoze crashed
07:58:20 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:58:41 PMagamotto I can call in if you like!
07:58:42 PMYazid let's give it a go
07:58:51 PMHillary well if it doesn't work...i have a solution....i will send you a video....maybe.
07:59:06 PM_Jot_ Hillary, did you see Robbie crash? So it isn't you
07:59:11 PMagamotto RobbieF, Are you sure that Hugin isn't just missing Mugin?
07:59:12 PMalket why dont you install skype in Ubuntu
07:59:14 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, Check the wikipedia articles for each FS. They give lots of info about what each system can do.
07:59:26 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Because Robbie produces this show on windows
07:59:27 PMHillary Oh yes, i have very interesting tales to tell..
07:59:30 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Despite its Ubuntu bent
07:59:34 PMagamotto If you are TRULY bored
07:59:36 PM_Jot_ Cool beans, Hillary
08:00:11 PMGadwil-Office Eric, Do you use Windows or Linux?
08:00:15 PMcalhydro If you have android phone this app is cool
08:00:17 PMmmdmurphy So, you want to have an arguement?
08:00:17 PMsupercarrot @Gadwil-Office, yeah I know I could. Just would have been cool if there was a comparison somewhere.
08:00:21 PMM0DCM_Dave Fedora
08:00:23 PMM0DCM_Dave Arch
08:00:29 PMM0DCM_Dave Mandriva
08:00:30 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
08:00:31 PMmmdmurphy iPAD!!
08:00:31 PMGatorman DE bait is what you use to catch de fish
08:00:40 PMagamotto calhydro, I have something like that for my Palm t|x
08:00:41 PMchrisreich This is bad entertainment even by Canuckistan standards. The emperor has no clothes.
08:00:52 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, Just think of what you need to do, and then see which fits the job more.
08:00:56 PMmmdmurphy I use Windows / Linux / Mac
08:00:57 PMcalhydro Yea they a have version for palm
08:01:01 PMLedzep I need Win for Flight Simulator X
08:01:04 PMchrisreich CRAP! did I really press "RETURN" after typing that?
08:01:06 PMM0DCM_Dave Photoshop works well in Crossover under Linux
08:01:10 PMGadwil-Office Cool Eric.
08:01:15 PM_Jot_ Eric, are cds easier to break in half in windows, or linux? As an expert, you should know
08:01:22 PMagamotto haahahahahahahah
08:01:23 PMsupercarrot @Gadwil-Office not trying to do anything, just random curiousity.
08:01:26 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - isn't there a newer version out??
08:01:36 PMchrisreich oh oh, I'm in trouble...
08:01:47 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, From what I know so far, BTRFS would be best, but is still EARLY in development.
08:01:50 PMcalhydro Windows 10 Robbie 0
08:02:01 PMLedzep It is supposed to come out as Microsoft Flight
08:02:28 PMagamotto Of course it's crap!!! 'tisn't Scottish!!!!!!!
08:02:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Where's the rimshot?
08:02:41 PMLedzep Announced a month ago in Germany
08:02:46 PMagamotto da dum bump
08:02:49 PMGadwil-Office I am glad he has been found!
08:02:53 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - I have 9 gig and a i7-920 processor - hope to finally have a good experience with it...
08:02:58 PMGadwil-Office This is great entertainment.
08:02:58 PMHillary yesh?
08:02:59 PMnAffie If you have any troubles with your system you can ask us Robbie...
08:03:01 PMHillary i am hereeee
08:03:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Well, you have to understand that few people are willing to work for what Robbie pays.
08:03:09 PMM0DCM_Dave Windows has CRASHED again
08:03:11 PMnAffie maybe we can return the favour... :P
08:03:11 PMGoodGuy Scottish justice system isn't so good at judging terrorist health :-)
08:03:13 PMHillary ok i have a solution.....
08:03:15 PMLedzep mmdmurphy Nice.
08:03:16 PM_Jot_ Hillary, you are there, Robbie is not (on Skype)
08:03:20 PMM0DCM_Dave I see why I moved to Linux
08:03:23 PMajamison5579 use the Broadcast system
08:03:27 PMLedzep Real nice
08:03:27 PMchrisreich I'm fond of FreeBSD because of ZFS and jails.
08:03:39 PMagamotto Hillary: You can call me instead.... randolphmurdock :)
08:03:42 PMcalhydro Take an old pc install vitural box and run Skype under it
08:03:47 PMLedzep mmdmurphy I am on a core 2 duo
08:03:48 PMSammySez Hillary has a Skype account she is willing to share?
08:03:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Did someone say Guru?
08:03:58 PMsupercarrot @RobbieF if you both have gmail, you could use that instead
08:04:08 PMYazid she would WAY too many friends
08:04:11 PMagamotto Bekah: Go over there, and smack the tower....
08:04:14 PMSammySez gmail phone rulz!
08:04:20 PMsupercarrot @RobbieF You can use Gmail phone
08:04:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Yes, I prefer Google Video Chat
08:04:23 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - I hear you. I had like 1 day to buy it, so I did... otherwise, no way...
08:04:27 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, Just install Skype real fast on the demo system, and then show us the screen from that.
08:04:27 PMM0DCM_Dave Android is cool
08:04:31 PMGoodGuy When was their last Stanley Cup win again?
08:04:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru M0DCM_Dave, amen. That's why I started podcasting about it
08:04:56 PMM0DCM_Dave erm, Windows and Live in the same sentence?
08:05:04 PMGoodGuy 50 years is quite awhile
08:05:05 PMajamison5579 new slogan " no longer just Technology TV"
08:05:10 PMmmdmurphy Stanley Cup - something you put your 'stanley' in????
08:05:21 PMYazid lol
08:05:24 PMnAffie lol
08:05:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Isn't it time for the news?
08:05:31 PMsupercarrot lol
08:05:31 PM_Jot_ sports? yawn :)
08:05:31 PMLedzep mmdmurphy I am waiting to see what specs the new Flight will require.
08:05:35 PMcalhydro Hey where is Don Cherry
08:05:43 PMagamotto mmdmurphy, Nah, something to put what is left of Stanley in after the game!
08:05:50 PMGoodGuy My favorite hockey games were Maple Leafs vs Philly Flyers years ago
08:05:52 PMchrisreich category5 has become Gimbuntu
08:06:03 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Well, RobbieF did want a network. I guess this is the talk show
08:06:05 PMGatorman There are 3 people in Florida who watch hockey
08:06:08 PMnAffie Geek Man & Puck Man
08:06:08 PMGadwil-Office Eric, Anyone in the Cat5 studio like Futball/soccer?
08:06:14 PMLedzep mmdmurphy Be nice to see them use Google maps with 3d.......dreaming.
08:06:16 PMGoodGuy Borje Salming (spelling)
08:06:38 PMGadwil-Office This is my 1 year aniversary of watching the show.
08:06:57 PMGoodGuy I thought a Detroit guy owned the FL Stanley Cup winner
08:06:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I don't remember how long I've been in this crowd
08:07:02 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - my local airport and scenery was nothing like real life - so, I agreee. I want realistic....
08:07:08 PMGoodGuy I didnt use it for real
08:07:15 PM_Jot_ Eric, we know the secret power of copy and paste
08:07:33 PMajamison5579 I started back at episode 42 i think or 43 one of the two
08:07:33 PMHillary incoming email....
08:07:36 PMGadwil-Office Robbie, it is just Gadwil the -office is mainly irrelivant.
08:07:45 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, incoming email from Hillary
08:07:50 PM_Jot_ (don't forget to use his name)
08:07:52 PMGadwil This should make it easier.
08:07:58 PMchrisreich Christy - you do understand that when I say "Canuckistan" I don't mean it pejoritivly, right? It's a term of endearment
08:08:00 PMGoodGuy Loved that game with Flyers playing the Russian Red Army Team
08:08:03 PMagamotto mrewr
08:08:08 PMLedzep mmdmurphy To be truthful I am a newbie on FS but hooked. Big learning curve.
08:08:14 PMGadwil Audio version will be lacking.
08:08:18 PMYazid bye
08:08:21 PMGoodGuy They played Montreal also... another good game
08:08:22 PMagamotto Bye, Eric!
08:08:24 PM_Jot_ have a great game Eric, nice to see you again
08:08:25 PMalket bye Eric
08:08:26 PMajamison5579 bye ric
08:08:26 PMGadwil Bye Eric!
08:08:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Walk softly and carry a big stick
08:08:30 PMajamison5579 eric
08:08:35 PMchrisreich hey, no cake!?
08:08:35 PMcalhydro Hey he is crossing the blue line
08:08:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Eric has left the building.
08:08:43 PMagamotto Audio will need a Descriptive track....
08:08:49 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - ever take lessons in a real plane??? I can't afford it, but I have about 8 hours of flight in....
08:09:03 PMGadwil Hello Bekah.
08:09:17 PMnAffie what kinda chair is that? do i see speakers?
08:09:21 PM_Jot_ how is everything going with child nr. 3?
08:09:28 PMHillary did you get my email...
08:09:37 PMagamotto RobbieF, Have you been watching General Hospital? You seem to be copying Lucky's look...
08:09:39 PM_Jot_ there was a review about that chair-thing, I don't know what show though
08:09:45 PMsupercarrot Now welcome back Christy
08:09:49 PMGoodGuy Bye Eric
08:09:54 PMGadgetWisdomGuru _Jot_, RobbieF is deciding which Star Trek character to name the kid after.
08:09:55 PMLedzep mmdmurphy No. My friend who is a pilot is my tutor. Without him I would have probably quit.
08:09:58 PMajamison5579 wind noise
08:10:05 PMYazid Hillary no I didn't please send it again ;)
08:10:06 PMajamison5579 is his mic still on
08:10:11 PMGadwil GWG, there is no decision, It has to be Jean Luc Picard.
08:10:12 PMagamotto Boost Christy's mic please
08:10:13 PMGatorman Now we're back to normal
08:10:20 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, did you get Hillary's email?
08:10:33 PMwarcow105 RobbieF, christy's mic placement isnt great, low with noise
08:10:36 PMGadwil Christy, Is there a website we can go to in order to read your stuff?
08:10:37 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - so, you have time in? Taking off is REAL cool.
08:10:43 PMM0DCM_Dave what a PLUG
08:10:44 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
08:10:47 PMGadgetWisdomGuru How can you see it? It is audio only?
08:11:14 PMnAffie get the mic fixed... my subwoofer is going crazy...
08:11:16 PMagamotto Hmmm, can we set up a 100mi wireless connection between the station and Robbie's studio?
08:11:18 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - I also paid for 2 hours in a glider. That's pretty awsome too...
08:11:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Apparently, Microsoft was being used to persecute people in Russia
08:11:22 PMchrisreich Christy do you commute from Barrie?
08:11:41 PMM0DCM_Dave When will Billy "Bob" Gates become Open Source?
08:11:50 PMM0DCM_Dave hehehehe
08:12:04 PM_Jot_ Christy, do you remember that far back?
08:12:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And set back Italian stereotypes...
08:12:19 PMYazid WOW!
08:12:20 PMHillary blahhhhH!
08:12:24 PMagamotto Bloglines? Anything like EastLink?
08:12:26 PMLedzep mmdmurphy I am still on a Cessna basically.
08:12:44 PM_Jot_ Hillary, don't worry, it's great you are here already
08:12:48 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Agamotto, RSS aggregator
08:12:54 PMagamotto October, I think she said
08:12:58 PMsupercarrot @Hillary OK madam, what's wrong?
08:13:01 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, thanks
08:13:02 PMajamison5579 Windows noise RobbieF check mics
08:13:07 PMchrisreich Please get word to us when the steam is available
08:13:08 PMajamison5579 Window rather
08:13:13 PMajamison5579 wind
08:13:16 PMajamison5579 dang spelling
08:13:21 PMGadwil BSP is only at eric leaving?!
08:13:34 PMmmdmurphy www. windy noise from
08:14:02 PMmmdmurphy URL to that link??
08:14:22 PMnAffie euhm... URL to a link? :P
08:14:34 PMHillary it's all good!! just an option!
08:14:35 PMHillary :)
08:14:39 PMGadwil Christy, Get a Cat5 T-Shirt to wear when interviewing people.
08:14:45 PM_Jot_
08:15:14 PMnAffie I think Eric left his mic on the chair somewhere....
08:15:15 PMmmdmurphy Thanks _Jot_
08:15:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, go for it
08:15:40 PMagamotto En Francais seulement?
08:15:49 PMsupercarrot Nice one _Jot_, and can I say that was really fast.
08:15:56 PMmmdmurphy Longest EVER Cat 5 show?
08:16:00 PMLedzep Are we allowed to put in links here. I have one to run Windows 3.1 in your browser.
08:16:31 PM_Jot_ you're welcome :)
08:16:33 PMLedzep agamotto Tu parles fracais
08:16:44 PMYazid I think it's Christy's mic.. it sounds rubbing
08:16:48 PMmmdmurphy KELP? Why would you want lots of kelp?
08:16:50 PMnAffie yep...
08:17:05 PMagamotto Oh, wrong site...
08:17:17 PMnAffie everytime Christy moves, the lownoise rumble starts....
08:17:33 PMnAffie get the mic fixed... ;)
08:17:33 PMGadwil RobbieF, New GPU seem sto be doing a wonderful job tonight.
08:17:37 PM_Jot_ cool beans Hillary :)
08:17:41 PMmmdmurphy nAffie - so there is a Christy Rumble?
08:18:04 PMLedzep Will not put in a link without permission.
08:18:13 PMYazid she's glowing
08:18:27 PMmmdmurphy Like Robbie's head....
08:18:35 PMYazid WOW!
08:18:42 PM_Jot_ hillary has no hair on her chin, so that's why it is glowing I bet
08:18:52 PMchrisreich Wow - Hillary is GREAT at ad-libbing!
08:18:57 PMYazid cool beans the rape version
08:18:57 PMagamotto Oui, je parle un peu francais....
08:18:58 PMnAffie hahaha Cool Beans... ;)
08:19:01 PM_Jot_ thank you Hillary, that was very nice
08:19:08 PMYazid rap
08:19:27 PMajamison5579 RobbieF did you get speakers for the demo system
08:19:29 PMGadwil She could be at work....
08:19:35 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, what? you broke her arm?
08:20:15 PMGadwil Christy, that was only for you.
08:20:15 PMagamotto I bet she was trying to ninja a caf? robber
08:20:39 PM_Jot_ Christy, what is the weather like in Peterborough?
08:20:53 PMGadwil you can stop asking for it Christy.
08:20:59 PMGadwil anytime you want.
08:21:13 PMHillary anywhooo, i must be off now! miss you all! thanks for playing the video! :)
08:21:23 PMGadwil Bye Hillary, have fun.
08:21:24 PM_Jot_ Christy, I'm not goodguy, goodguy is goodguy
08:21:27 PMalket bye Hillary
08:21:31 PMYazid bye Hillary
08:21:34 PM_Jot_ good luck Hillary, have a great time at school and such
08:21:34 PMagamotto Il pleut maintenant, ca craint
08:21:38 PMHillary bye everyone!!! talk to you soooooonnn!
08:21:47 PMGoodGuy bye Hillary
08:21:51 PMnAffie bye Hillary
08:21:55 PMajamison5579 Ah was currious how you guys heard the audio from the video
08:22:10 PMHillary thanks so much!! :)
08:22:14 PMHillary talk to you guys later!
08:22:15 PMHillary bye bye!
08:22:34 PMGadwil An episode wth Hillary and Eric, that would be epic.
08:22:34 PMGatorman Is Peterborough where Willy Wonka lives?
08:22:41 PMajamison5579 ah
08:22:46 PMagamotto Hmm, can't get my 'special' c to come up on the keyboard... what gives?
08:22:49 PMYazid nice moves
08:22:59 PMsupercarrot Yeah, Hillary and Eric, good idea
08:23:10 PM_Jot_ we also need Christy for filler with weather and such
08:23:17 PMGadwil I would want you in it too Christy, but the weather would just drive me insane.
08:23:21 PM_Jot_ and Carrie for 1st aid tips etc
08:23:34 PMsupercarrot Carrie to do the beatboxing
08:23:42 PMagamotto Remove shirt, clear airway, and.... tazer!!
08:24:05 PM_Jot_ do you need a special eric kidd shirt, or does any shirt work?
08:24:08 PMagamotto Closing a business is bittersweet
08:24:10 PMsupercarrot I would love to see Carrie beat boxing again.
08:24:28 PMnAffie I think Christy is starting an unplanned in-depth interview now with Robbie....
08:24:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru My favorite tech support question asked of me... "Is it better to unplug the USB cable from the computer or from the peripheral?"
08:24:40 PMagamotto hhahahaahaha
08:24:50 PMYazid nice
08:25:01 PM_Jot_ Gadgetwisdom, it is a good question, it depends on what end you use more
08:25:19 PMGadwil I think episode 67.
08:25:21 PMGadgetWisdomGuru _Jot_, he was afraid the wrong side would break something
08:25:27 PMsupercarrot @_Jot_ lol, oh stop...
08:25:38 PMYazid Who are you again/
08:25:46 PMalket Jaunty Jackalope showcase
08:25:48 PMchrisreich It's better to unplug from the computer because you don't want electricity leaking out the end of the cable...
08:25:57 PMGoodGuy Miro search for Linux iirc
08:25:59 PMnAffie Cristy: I wrote a testimonial today....
08:26:01 PMchrisreich that would be bad.
08:26:02 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Found out about it? Haven't I always been here?
08:26:02 PMCustomProfile1 Miro
08:26:07 PMGoodGuy Before episode 50
08:26:12 PMalket since episode 100
08:26:12 PMsupercarrot I discovered the show on Miro a couple of years ago, probably in your first year sometime
08:26:20 PMGadwil RobbieF, Episode 62 introduced the New Chatroom.
08:26:26 PMas759 I saw your video on the Ubuntu CD and went searching!
08:26:28 PMGoodGuy I'd guess near 45
08:26:30 PMYazid first year through Miro
08:26:42 PMsupercarrot But only joined the chat room last couple of months
08:26:42 PMajamison5579 42 was my first
08:26:45 PM_Jot_ I started watching since Entropia, that wasn't the 1st year I think
08:26:48 PMjaepea 2trs
08:26:48 PMchrisreich same here; sometime in the first year but not every show.
08:27:00 PMmmdmurphy OTG
08:27:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, dont'forget pogoplug
08:27:30 PMGadwil POGOPLUG!
08:27:31 PMsupercarrot I would like to know more info about Christy. Does she have grown up kids? Her profile says that she was a single mother.
08:27:48 PM_Jot_ she has 3 kids, but it doesn't say their age
08:28:01 PMmmdmurphy You have won our hearts...
08:28:05 PMsupercarrot Thanks _Jot_
08:28:33 PMsupercarrot @Christy what age group are your kids? Boys? Girls?
08:28:53 PMmmdmurphy supercarrot - other??
08:28:56 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It isn't Hag
08:29:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is Haygue.
08:29:12 PM_Jot_ You can read about christy on as well as on
08:29:47 PMGadwil aaghh, 500 Internal Server Error on Cat5 site.
08:30:13 PMmmdmurphy thiebaude - you are running late?
08:30:21 PMGadwil RobbieF, You Webhost has had a lot of little downpatches lately.... up now again.
08:30:24 PMthiebaude haha sorry yes iam
08:30:31 PMthiebaude i had something come up earlier
08:30:39 PMGadwil Ah, so the Forum is down now.
08:30:46 PMthiebaude Hi everyone
08:30:51 PM_Jot_ hi thiebaude
08:30:57 PMthiebaude congrats RobbieF on your 3 yrs
08:30:58 PMGadwil up, but loading slowly.
08:31:05 PMthiebaude Hey there jot
08:32:10 PMthiebaude :)
08:32:13 PMjaepea hi thiebaude
08:32:18 PMGadwil hello.
08:32:27 PM_Jot_ Bekah, you look great
08:32:28 PMthiebaude Hi jaepea
08:32:55 PMagamotto flatter is real? I thought that email was rather bad SPAM
08:33:03 PMagamotto Go figure
08:33:21 PM_Jot_ Christy, it's great to get more sticks.... so not so good always?
08:33:28 PMthiebaude i just stick to my gmail,lol
08:34:24 PMthiebaude RobbieF: nvidia?
08:34:34 PMGadwil thiebaude, Yes, Fermi based too.
08:34:45 PMjaepea we love u robbie
08:34:46 PMthiebaude sweet
08:34:59 PMthiebaude i still have the 8400 gs
08:35:14 PMGadwil I am still on 7300 SE Geforce.
08:35:40 PMagamotto I would upgrade, if nVidia or someone could come up with a 2xx or 4xx series card that doesn't require a 700+ watt power supply
08:35:43 PMnAffie Cristy: I wrote a testimonial today....
08:35:49 PMnAffie and he did a burn-in test with Planet Calypso with the new card... :P
08:36:02 PMnAffie oops, pressed the up button b4 hitting enter... :S
08:36:05 PMGadwil agamotto, on the High-end 2xx or low-end?
08:36:21 PMnAffie darn netbook keyboards... :P
08:36:25 PMGadwil nAffie, yes, everything plays on the highest settings, it is beautiful.
08:36:58 PMM0DCM_Dave Twitter has been in the news again
08:36:59 PMagamotto Gadwil, I don't really care as I play games like Oblivion, Civ4, DDO, so it isn't as if I am doing 1920x1280 at 60fps
08:37:20 PMagamotto Gadwil, The biggest concern is it working with my 400 watt power supply
08:37:21 PM_Jot_ You better be good to Bekah, Robbie!
08:37:39 PMagamotto Gadwil, HDMI out w/audio would be nice
08:37:52 PMGadwil agamotto, wow, I would never work with a PSU that doesn't do at least 550W and 80Plus Silver Certified.
08:38:10 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I've upgraded my living room to HDMI. Bedroom, where I am enjoying Category 5 now, is still on DVI
08:38:14 PMagamotto I have 450 watts 80+... works fine
08:38:33 PMagamotto Both of my Mythboxen are 250 watts 80+.... those were hard to find
08:38:42 PM_Jot_ Christy, does it still work as well as after that?
08:38:44 PMSuperCarrot I would to know roughly how old Christy's children are
08:38:46 PMGatorman How about Meerkat 10.10. Are you planning to review it?
08:38:48 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Mine are 80+, but 380, I think.
08:38:51 PMthiebaude is hdmi the standard coneection on monitors?
08:39:09 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I have done that
08:39:11 PMthiebaude conection
08:39:17 PMGadgetWisdomGuru My stomach was bothering me, so I left my living room.
08:39:34 PMagamotto thiebaude, No, but it is standard on most digital tellys over here
08:39:43 PMnAffie I;m watching it on my 42" in the livingroom... about to open my last beer....
08:39:50 PMGadwil agamotto, I am looking at this card now for myself, should do what you want just fine.
08:39:51 PMthiebaude ok then im using hdmi
08:39:53 PMYazid CARRIE!
08:39:53 PMnAffie netbook on my lap... :P
08:39:57 PMagamotto thiebaude, DVI/VGA is still the main connector here in the States
08:40:03 PMM0DCM_Dave and I thought it was going to be Mark Shuttleworth
08:40:06 PMthiebaude ok thanks agamotto
08:40:17 PMalket hi John
08:40:18 PMSuperCarrot M0DCM_Dave lol
08:40:20 PM_Jot_ hi Johannes, alles goed?
08:40:26 PMthiebaude John, hi
08:40:30 PMGadwil Hello.
08:40:38 PMjaepea hi john
08:40:39 PMYazid Hi John
08:40:42 PMagamotto yay
08:40:48 PMGadwil Thanks for finally getting in front.
08:40:56 PMSuperCarrot Hello sir
08:41:01 PMajamison5579 Good to see the man behind the camera
08:41:05 PMwarcow105 RobbieF, WHO directed u to those lights again? lol
08:41:22 PMGadwil zzz...zzzzz...zap
08:41:34 PMagamotto M0DCM_Dave, Now that would be neat
08:42:18 PM_Jot_ John, you can also watch such short segments in 'the meat'
08:42:19 PMGadwil Does John use Linux or Windows?
08:42:36 PMagamotto Gadwil, Thanks... that might just do the trick
08:42:42 PMthiebaude anyone using ie9 now?
08:42:48 PMthiebaude beta
08:42:54 PMGadwil thiebaude, I am.
08:43:05 PMthiebaude uses alot of memory,imho
08:43:14 PMGadwil Hello Carrie.
08:43:17 PM_Jot_ hello nurse Carrie
08:43:27 PMthiebaude Hi carrie, wb
08:43:32 PMGadwil This is my first time saying Hi to Carrie.
08:43:34 PMwarcow105 omg its carrie!!!!
08:43:36 PMGadwil haha.
08:43:43 PMjaepea hi carrie
08:43:52 PMthiebaude looks like the scrubs i use to wear years ago,lol
08:44:47 PM_Jot_ you're welcome any time Carrie
08:45:05 PMSuperCarrot I would like to see Carrie beat box again, give us a blast Carrie.
08:45:13 PM_Jot_ Carrie, tell us, did Robbie have anything to do with it? you can be honest with us
08:45:15 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Agamotto, is that prescription happy or over the counter happy?
08:45:23 PMagamotto OTC
08:45:25 PMagamotto heheheeh
08:45:26 PMGoodGuy Is Carrie a Klutz? :-)
08:46:07 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Is Carrie going to do the medical report?
08:46:11 PMGoodGuy Been there, done that unfortunately
08:46:19 PMagamotto Footie is fine... I can't follow hockey... too many fights
08:46:32 PMGoodGuy Post Cervical Fusion a couple times
08:46:33 PM_Jot_ there's a lot worse you can see waking up than Carrie
08:47:05 PMM0DCM_Dave Hydrocephalus op twice
08:47:09 PMagamotto "You!!!! You did this to me!!!!!!!"
08:47:19 PMGoodGuy What is that M0DCM_Dave?
08:47:30 PMM0DCM_Dave Water On The Brain
08:47:35 PMGoodGuy Serious
08:47:38 PMM0DCM_Dave Yup
08:47:53 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ah, tales from the land of socialized medicine
08:47:56 PMagamotto Someone get the bedpan!!!
08:47:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I bought a flu shot this week
08:48:10 PMalket hi Carrie
08:48:12 PM_Jot_ hi Carrie, great to have you here
08:48:13 PMM0DCM_Dave it's caused a few probs, but I've been told I'm like the Duracell Bunny
08:48:17 PMnAffie HI Carrie....
08:48:19 PM_Jot_ and Christy and John too of course
08:48:19 PMjaepea hi carrie
08:48:23 PM_Jot_ and that other guy
08:48:33 PMagamotto John: way to go
08:48:57 PMGadwil hahaha, " We got a line and you just crossed it." Just made my favorite quote!
08:49:03 PMYazid It's really nice to see everyone on one show
08:49:13 PMagamotto Right up there with Zombie and Beer
08:49:19 PMGoodGuy I used to chat with a nurse from Broken Arrow OK.. still email her a couple times a year
08:49:49 PMGadwil Sorry I wasn't around when you were on Carrie.
08:49:59 PMM0DCM_Dave same here
08:50:04 PMagamotto RobbieF, Do we need to get Eric a laptop?
08:51:15 PMagamotto As JMS says.... Faith Manages.
08:51:30 PMM0DCM_Dave I think we need to buy Robbie a new PC that doesn't crash under Skype
08:51:39 PM_Jot_ Carrie, you're also a part of the show still of course :)
08:51:50 PMSuperCarrot M0DCM_Dave lol
08:51:52 PMYazid agreed
08:51:54 PMM0DCM_Dave hehehehehe
08:51:55 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Next....switch the whole operation to Linux
08:52:22 PMagamotto Now there is an image
08:52:46 PMagamotto Just keep Justin Bieber out of the picture!
08:52:52 PMM0DCM_Dave my surgeon who did my operations uses Linux
08:52:53 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
08:52:57 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you should invite them sometime to play there :)
08:52:59 PMGadwil agamotto, I second that motion.
08:53:03 PMSuperCarrot @RobbieF is there anyone over there that isn't in a band?
08:53:09 PMM0DCM_Dave Justin who?
08:53:24 PMM0DCM_Dave is he that 13yr old kid?
08:53:34 PMagamotto Something like... I think 17 now
08:53:36 PMGadwil m0DCM_Dave, be joyus that you don't know instantly.
08:54:03 PMGadwil yea, 16 or 17, annoying twirp, can't sing.. won't say anymore since I am an Op and don't want to ban myself.
08:54:07 PMM0DCM_Dave I think I am
08:54:08 PMM0DCM_Dave :D
08:54:16 PM_Jot_
08:54:19 PM_Jot_
08:55:00 PMM0DCM_Dave Mind you, I wonder how many know Jean Michel Jarre
08:55:01 PMGoodGuy Thats in Iowa
08:55:06 PMSuperCarrot
08:55:20 PMagamotto I was listening to Jean Michel before most Americans... along with Kitaro
08:55:29 PM_Jot_ yep, that one is correct, thanks suppercarrot
08:55:51 PMagamotto M0DCM_Dave, I am trying to dcc you a quick file... it will help explain Justin Bieber
08:56:05 PMM0DCM_Dave Nice one Agamotto!! I'm going to one of his Concerts in October here in the UK
08:56:08 PM_Jot_
08:56:22 PMSuperCarrot already there
08:56:37 PM_Jot_ for the video
08:56:41 PMGadwil Good video, website looks good too.
08:57:15 PMSuperCarrot Carry looks tired
08:57:44 PMagamotto Carrie works at a hospital... tired is a given
08:57:48 PMGatorman Nice reunion . The love is obvious.
08:58:07 PMGadwil agamotto, resend.
08:58:10 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Big font?
08:58:12 PMjaepea happy 3ed robbie and crew
08:58:18 PMGadwil Windows didn't pop up the dialog box, so it timed out.
08:58:30 PMGadwil Thanks.
08:58:36 PMagamotto Welcome
08:58:39 PMYazid Happy 3rd
08:58:49 PMGadwil It shows status as " Connect" but not downloading.
08:58:55 PMGatorman Happy Anniversary!
08:58:57 PMM0DCM_Dave does it mean you'll be using the Linux edition of Skype Robbie
08:58:57 PMagamotto Hrm
08:59:00 PMM0DCM_Dave hehehehehe
08:59:03 PM_Jot_ happy 3rd birthday everybody
08:59:09 PMSuperCarrot Much blessings for the next year
08:59:19 PMas759 Happy 3rd Everyone
08:59:22 PMM0DCM_Dave Cheers for a great show Robbie and the gang
08:59:23 PMalket bye RobbieF John _Jot_ GadgetWisdomGuru and everybody
08:59:26 PMYazid good night all
08:59:27 PM_Jot_ thanks for being there everybody
08:59:40 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Bye, Alket
08:59:50 PMYazid great to see everyone on one show..... nice
09:00:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Why does Brother Canada remind me of Uncle Sam?
09:00:07 PMgpop7_ good seeing everyone. have a great evening and week.
09:00:10 PMGadwil Agamotto, what port does this come through?
09:00:11 PMnAffie good night everybody.... gonna finish my beer and get some sleep.... ;)
09:00:17 PMagamotto Not sure
09:00:28 PMGadwil Thanks everyone at the Cat5 studio for a great show!
09:00:29 PMagamotto Whatever Xchat is using
09:00:35 PMRobbieF thank you everyone! I hope you had fun!
09:00:46 PMGadwil Thanks for coming so far, and thanks Robbe and everyone for continuing to do this more.
09:01:06 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: Is there any way to let sponsors know we bought their product due to hearing about it on Category5? Tekzilla and other Revision3 shows have special web addresses for discounts etc
09:01:06 PMagamotto I don't have anything specified in Xchat
09:01:10 PMGadwil Not sure why it won't work then, I need to go for tonight.
09:01:16 PM_Jot_ thanks Robbie, Bekah, Eric, Carrie, Christy, Hillary, John, and so on
09:01:21 PMGadwil We can play around some later this week.
09:01:22 PMagamotto Ok
09:01:32 PMGadwil See everyone later, have a great week!
09:01:36 PMgpop7_ robbie congrad. and keep up the good work.
09:01:39 PMGoodGuy Bye Gadwil
09:01:44 PMM0DCM_Dave Anyway everyone, I'm off to bed too
09:01:50 PMM0DCM_Dave night Gadwil
09:02:06 PMM0DCM_Dave I shall be on thougout the week again!!!
09:02:07 PMmmdmurphy bye
09:02:14 PMagamotto I think I will stick around for awhile... I am quite sure there isn't anything to watch on the tv.
09:02:31 PMGoodGuy It is my birthday today also, so my Mom must have foreseen Category5 when I was conceived lol
09:02:38 PM_Jot_ backstagepass is working, so there's something to watch
09:02:43 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Goodguy, happy birthday
09:02:45 PMGoodGuy Or hatched as the case may be :-)
09:02:48 PMGoodGuy Thank you
09:02:49 PM_Jot_ happy birthda goodguy
09:02:58 PMGoodGuy Thanks
09:03:08 PMagamotto chuckle


Does Not Include Lurkers