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07:00:27 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Wonder whatever happened to the Category 5 TV phone number
07:00:47 PMmmdmurphy Smoke 'em if you have 'em
07:00:56 PMGadwil-Office GWG, I think it leads to a Mental Institution
07:01:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Robbie and his funny hats.
07:01:19 PM_Jot_ phone is still there, just usually not connected (I think) at least not during the show
07:01:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru He should bring back the call in. maybe by Skype
07:01:37 PMroganet woooow, Robbies gone mad with the transitions !
07:01:39 PMDrumstick Hi ya!
07:01:57 PMGadwil-Office Did anyone elses video freeze?
07:01:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Did it just hiccup?
07:02:05 PMGadwil-Office then un-freeze?
07:02:09 PM_Jot_ yeah, it did for me
07:02:11 PMKC9HI hi Christy. Central Indiana set a record temperature today, 94F. The old record of 93F was set back in 1955.
07:02:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru me too
07:02:16 PMAspidZent felt-it GadgetWisdomGuru ...
07:02:21 PMGadwil-Office Time to re-start the whole intro.
07:02:21 PMGadgetWisdomGuru KC9Hi, fascinating.
07:02:31 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Robbie is really playing with those transitions tonight.
07:02:40 PMRobbieF Good evening everyone!
07:02:43 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I wonder if there is a transition he hasn't done
07:02:46 PMthiebaude hi RobbieF
07:02:47 PMRobbieF WOOO! Welcome to our anniversary party!
07:02:50 PMagamotto ??
07:02:57 PMalket Happy anniversary RobbieF
07:03:05 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF When he had some hair!
07:03:07 PMRobbieF Thank you!
07:03:11 PM_Jot_ I didn't know Robbie could change clothes so fast, or that there are so many Robbies
07:03:13 PMGadwil-Office back to no hair...
07:03:14 PMagamotto WTF is going on with the video? Something not syncing with audio?
07:03:18 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ah, the changing dome of Robbie Ferguson
07:03:24 PMroganet congrats on keeping the show going for all this time - great achievment !
07:03:37 PMRobbieF Thank you roganet
07:03:50 PMagamotto 3yrs! I wonder if the equipment will behave better now that it is out of the terrible twos!
07:04:02 PMRobbieF ha
07:04:05 PMthiebaude when is it starting?
07:04:09 PMthiebaude the show
07:04:12 PMGadwil-Office This intro is MASSIVE.
07:04:13 PMRobbieF it has started :)
07:04:14 PM_Jot_ it's already started :) just long titles
07:04:16 PMthiebaude really
07:04:35 PMagamotto Ok, I get it now...
07:04:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru You should have put in a countdown
07:04:37 PM_Jot_ 2 hour show - 1.5 hour intro, then 30 minute show :)
07:04:37 PMthiebaude ok
07:04:43 PMroganet ahh, we miss carrie...
07:04:44 PMRobbieF this is our entire 3 years: a chronology to show you how far we've come.
07:04:50 PMRobbieF you got it Jot ;) haha
07:04:53 PMthiebaude RobbieF: cool
07:04:55 PMmmdmurphy _Jot_ - now, behave...
07:04:55 PMagamotto _Jot_, No - this isn't Dancing with the Stars.....
07:04:56 PMM0DCM_Dave Hey Guys
07:04:58 PMpopey lo
07:04:59 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} 3yrs of intro's... :D
07:05:02 PMRobbieF you're seeing the clips in order.
07:05:04 PMGadwil-Office Brb, need to go borrow a shock collar for my dog.
07:05:09 PMagamotto Or American Idol, come to think of it
07:05:13 PMalket evolution
07:05:21 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, ???
07:05:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Oh no...Robbie has run out of transitions...
07:05:34 PMGadgetWisdomGuru They are repeating.
07:05:58 PMagamotto If I had known, I could have hooked him up with a Video Toaster set up earlier this year
07:06:10 PMGatorman Looks like a reverse Rogaine commercial
07:06:16 PMmmdmurphy Total hair on his head over the years: 1.5 inches...
07:06:36 PMpopey lol at the video effects
07:06:38 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't forget to tell Christy it is only 5c where I am, but at least it is dry
07:06:39 PMpopey making the most of that new video card
07:06:46 PMalket I wonder in anniversary 50 it would take hours :p to watch intro :p
07:06:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Next year...Robbie goes 3-D
07:06:51 PMwarcow105 hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
07:06:55 PMRobbieF Christy thanks you, Jot.
07:06:57 PMmmdmurphy hey warcow
07:07:00 PMRobbieF hey all! hey warcow105
07:07:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Preferably with red and blue glasses.
07:07:05 PM_Jot_ hi Hillary!
07:07:05 PMRobbieF hey hillary!
07:07:11 PMHillary Hey hey! I am here!
07:07:16 PMM0DCM_Dave Hi Hilary
07:07:17 PMmmdmurphy hey Hillary
07:07:20 PMagamotto Nah, next year it will be fed directly into our skulls via cyberdecks
07:07:27 PMwarcow105 i was dead on the couch sick last week
07:07:28 PMsupercarrot Where is Christie?
07:07:32 PMchrisreich does it sound like two audio tracks to everyone else?
07:07:36 PMwarcow105 missed the show
07:07:37 PMRobbieF Eric says hi (he's keyboardless tonight) :)
07:07:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Who stole his keyboard/
07:07:47 PMchrisreich Hi Hillary! cool beans that you're here!
07:07:53 PMmmdmurphy chrisreich, pretty much. you need more detail?
07:07:55 PMHillary bahahah, it IS cool eans!
07:07:56 PM_Jot_ You'll see Christy, don't worry
07:07:57 PMHillary beans.
07:07:58 PMHillary that is.
07:08:00 PMajamison5579 RobbieF that hillbilly impersination scarry
07:08:02 PM_Jot_ Oh my lanta
07:08:13 PM_Jot_ hey Eric, nice to have you here as well
07:08:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ajamison, this year, he's going to do the entire show in a Geordi LaForge visor.
07:08:28 PMgpop7_ hello hillary
07:08:34 PMajamison5579 lol
07:08:40 PMHillary hey gpop!
07:08:44 PMchrisreich the 'music' track should be 10 db lower in the mix. Driving me nuts.
07:08:51 PMsupercarrot I've missed Christy
07:08:56 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I fully expect him to do the entire show in TNG character.
07:08:58 PMRobbieF Eric says thanks, Jot. :) I have a feeling I'm going to be his proxy tonight.
07:09:02 PMchrisreich me too. She's purty.
07:09:04 PMroganet hey robbie, when ya gonna get those guitars out man !
07:09:08 PMgpop7_ hope everything is going well for you
07:09:13 PMajamison5579 RobbieF your Eric's Proxy tonight
07:09:17 PMajamison5579 ?
07:09:28 PMGuest_4357 @ Hillary let's see that chat room smile.
07:09:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it's like you're running the whole show!
07:09:37 PMM0DCM_Dave I'm humming the tune, with my headphones on and I'm getting strange looks off the wife
07:09:43 PMM0DCM_Dave is that normal?
07:09:43 PMjaepea hi hillary
07:09:45 PMGadwil-Office Still playing the video?!
07:09:45 PMmmdmurphy Hillary's dentist must be proud
07:09:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, extra points if you spend the entire episode not only in Starfleet uniform, but acting like a crewmember. Work in the phrase stone knives and bearskins
07:09:48 PMagamotto Funny!!!!! The advert window just below the video is for 'Download Malware Remover'
07:09:53 PM_Jot_ M0DCM_Dave, yep, it's normal
07:10:00 PMM0DCM_Dave phew
07:10:01 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:10:02 PMchrisreich you mean more so than usual, M0DCM_Dave?
07:10:18 PMGadwil-Office Good to know I didn't miss anything.
07:10:21 PMRobbieF agamoto - that's ads, not ours :(
07:10:27 PMM0DCM_Dave well, I wasn't going to say a word
07:10:28 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:10:31 PM_Jot_ phew, there's pogoplug, it's so pretty
07:10:39 PMmmdmurphy Yea, I see an "American Idle" ad
07:10:42 PMagamotto I know, but still funny to see it pop up on an Ubuntu box....
07:10:51 PMchrisreich You could set standard white levels from Hillary's smile.
07:10:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Darn
07:10:57 PMHillary what is happening with the the music up way loud and its a recap? feel like mycmpur is being craze-o.
07:11:01 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I forgot to write news this week
07:11:05 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, I am glad there is one guy there besides yourself who isn't afraid to get IN FRONT of the camera.. * cough to camera-man *
07:11:09 PM_Jot_ Hillary, it's 3 years of category5-titles
07:11:11 PMRobbieF chrisreich - LOL
07:11:15 PMagamotto Temp went from 86F to 68F in less than 20 minutes here this afternoon....
07:11:25 PM_Jot_ Hillary, do not adjust your set, the reception is normal
07:11:30 PMRobbieF :)
07:11:36 PMM0DCM_Dave which show number are we up to in the vid?
07:11:43 PMM0DCM_Dave I've lost count
07:11:48 PMGadwil-Office Hi Hillary, I never saw you come in.
07:11:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I just heard Gadget Wisdom somewhere
07:11:55 PMalket M0DCM_Dave, 3/1
07:11:57 PMRobbieF ooh, 143 :)
07:12:03 PMRobbieF my vacation! :)
07:12:09 PMgpop7_ hello robbie and everyone
07:12:13 PMHillary ok. ha. thankss! Lately, I am having mega tech challenges....especially since I have to use a MAC at school! Yuk.
07:12:17 PMRobbieF hey gpop7_
07:12:21 PMagamotto Yay, the woodsy episode!
07:12:30 PM_Jot_ Hillary, remember, it's just like Linux, just a bit different
07:12:33 PMagamotto Canap?s, anyone?
07:12:37 PMchrisreich Hillary you'll learn to love that Mac.
07:12:38 PMmmdmurphy Hillary - they call it the 'walled garden' for a reason.
07:12:39 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary, we feel for you. No one wants to have Steve Jobs lurking about their room.
07:12:47 PMgpop7_ mac uggg
07:13:07 PMYazid using a MAC is okay, it's UNIX under the hood
07:13:18 PMagamotto Macs are ok, as long as you remove your ability to think for yourself
07:13:19 PMmmdmurphy Let's start over!!
07:13:22 PMGadwil-Office Hillary, Mac and Linux are both Unix based... mac just charges a TON for it.
07:13:24 PMchrisreich OMG is this going to go on for the whole hour?
07:13:32 PMHillary I feel so challenged though...
07:13:37 PMGadwil-Office FINALLY! INTRO IS OVER!
07:13:45 PMpopey yay
07:13:46 PMM0DCM_Dave and there's no right click with the Mac lol
07:13:46 PMpopey no sound
07:13:47 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And now that the intro is over...we can start the intro
07:13:50 PMnAffie no sound
07:13:53 PMagamotto Hillary: After Linux, Macs tend to feel like you are wearing handcuffs
07:13:53 PMalket no sound
07:13:54 PMGadwil-Office You know how to come into the chatroom Hillary, we can try to help.
07:13:55 PM_Jot_ Hillary, we're always happy to help, so you're not completely taking the challenge alone
07:13:55 PMmmdmurphy HEY - NO SOUND
07:13:55 PMroganet no sound
07:13:57 PMpopey haha
07:13:58 PMHillary YEAH!
07:13:59 PMAspidZent macs aren't the worst...
07:14:00 PMroganet yey !
07:14:02 PMM0DCM_Dave I got no sound
07:14:07 PMHillary HI TALI!!
07:14:17 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, be cautious, Eric is in his terrible 2s
07:14:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is the age of Eric.
07:14:21 PMmmdmurphy Who is the HAIRY guy on the LEFT?
07:14:24 PMagamotto Christy!!!!!
07:14:25 PMYazid Hi ALL!
07:14:29 PMAspidZent woot indeed!!!
07:14:30 PMM0DCM_Dave 3yrs of TOTAL MADNESS
07:14:33 PMagamotto hahahaah
07:14:34 PMchrisreich Hi Christy! muah!
07:14:34 PMGadwil-Office I just saw Eric and I thought of Elvis Presley.
07:14:39 PMGadwil-Office Ah, that is his son.
07:14:44 PMgpop7_ hello christy
07:14:54 PMagamotto Oooooo, adverts en Espa?ol!!!!
07:15:02 PMpopey
07:15:07 PMgpop7_ good to see her
07:15:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is cloudy with a chance of meatballs
07:15:11 PM_Jot_ hi Eric, hi Robbie :)
07:15:13 PMpopey In the UK its.... dark!
07:15:15 PMmmdmurphy 82 and sunny in Akron, Ohio
07:15:20 PMM0DCM_Dave 14c West Mids UK
07:15:23 PMYazid 70 in Clifton New jersey
07:15:29 PMM0DCM_Dave and dark lol
07:15:32 PMroganet hi brummie !
07:15:40 PMagamotto 23C currently with barmy weather here in Moline
07:15:41 PMnAffie 11C in The Hague, The Netherlands
07:15:42 PM_Jot_ Eric, that light-button is your keyboard, with only one key so even you can manage it
07:15:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Someone powder up RobbieF
07:15:43 PMchrisreich 75F in Rochester, New York
07:15:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Makeup!!
07:15:47 PMGadwil-Office Extra light is good Robbie.
07:15:49 PMgpop7_ robbie has a lot of help
07:15:57 PMjaepea 88 in xenia ohio lol
07:16:13 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF is Under the weather.
07:16:14 PMchrisreich Yea! Christy on camera!
07:16:15 PMagamotto How is our News anchor?
07:16:20 PMGadwil-Office Is that enough weather for ya?
07:16:20 PMas759 15C in Manchester England
07:16:28 PMchrisreich bod cam
07:16:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And the hip cam's connected to the face cam.
07:16:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The face cam's connected to the...web cam.
07:16:43 PMpopey blimey, so many brits here
07:16:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Silliness
07:16:48 PMgpop7_ temp here is 81 and cloudy
07:16:49 PMGatorman 93 F in Keystone Heights, Florida
07:16:50 PMagamotto Zeeneea
07:16:53 PMchrisreich Xenia was my great-grandmother's name
07:17:02 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I know how to pronounce Xenia.
07:17:05 PM_Jot_ we hear her
07:17:07 PMmmdmurphy Being a typical guy, I like the hip-cam
07:17:10 PMAspidZent wasn't christy working in radio??? can we has a streaming url to listen to her???
07:17:16 PMalket 21 C , Pristina, Kosovo
07:17:19 PMagamotto I put that in for the co-host
07:17:21 PMmmdmurphy 83 in Akron, Ohio
07:17:24 PMHillary Good times!
07:17:26 PMYazid 70 in Clifton New Jersey
07:17:33 PMpopey nice accent :D
07:17:45 PMGatorman Hello
07:17:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is 78 degrees F in my bedroom
07:17:52 PMgpop7_ heyeee christy
07:17:55 PMM0DCM_Dave you wish they sounded that posh in Manchester
07:17:59 PMM0DCM_Dave ;-)
07:17:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru But it is only 64 degrees outside
07:17:59 PM_Jot_ How warm is it there Christy?
07:18:03 PMYazid WOW!
07:18:09 PMM0DCM_Dave 14c Dudley, West Midlands
07:18:10 PMagamotto I thought you had to go east for posh.....
07:18:12 PMjaepea 88 in xenia ohio lol
07:18:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is always hot. I keep the servers in the bedroom
07:18:34 PMroganet yay duglay got a mention !
07:18:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The fans lull me to sleep
07:18:41 PMagamotto Oooo, innit abowt 22 ere in the shades, lovey?
07:18:51 PMGadgetWisdomGuru We're recovering from last week's NYC tornado.
07:18:57 PMchrisreich 48 geeks in chatroom
07:18:57 PMScorpio55 M0DCM_Dave hey you made it tonight Dave
07:18:58 PMnAffie 11C in The Hague, The Netherlands
07:18:58 PMYazid servers in the bedroom?!
07:19:00 PMM0DCM_Dave hahahahahaha
07:19:01 PMGoodGuy I wanted to say it's really hot in my bedroom, but you aren't allowed to grade your own report card
07:19:04 PMAspidZent servers in the bedroom???
07:19:07 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, Did they confirm two?
07:19:08 PMM0DCM_Dave sorru
07:19:10 PMGoodGuy My IP Address is on Host
07:19:13 PMGadwil-Office 82 F in my house.
07:19:14 PM_Jot_ 11c in the hague, but only 5c in my part of the netherlands
07:19:27 PMagamotto Wot, you kant andle a bit o cokney?
07:19:41 PMAspidZent heat, noise, electric hassles...
07:19:53 PMnAffie _Jot_, we had a pretty warm day in The Hague...
07:19:53 PMGadwil-Office 48 Geeks and 7 are Ops in the chatroom.
07:19:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Yazid, the fans lull me to sleep
07:20:06 PMGadwil-Office Forgot to mention Ops!
07:20:10 PMGadwil-Office We are special.
07:20:10 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Agamotto, I believe so. Lots of downed trees
07:20:15 PMScorpio55 13c Staffordshire UK
07:20:17 PMGoodGuy 83 in Warren, MI
07:20:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru My cable only came up this morning
07:20:21 PMGoodGuy f
07:20:26 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, I can't imagine the scattered trash involved
07:20:28 PMGoodGuy 83F
07:21:08 PMAspidZent I keep my home servers in the guest room... whenever someone stays over I hear all kind of things...
07:21:12 PMagamotto I bought my farting shirt last week
07:21:15 PM_Jot_ hi Johannes
07:21:27 PM_Jot_ we miss Christy too
07:21:39 PMGadwil-Office AspidZent, No spare Closets to throw the home servers into?
07:21:49 PMagamotto It has the infamous quote from The Holy Grail.... printed on the back, just above your bum
07:21:52 PMAspidZent no closets at all...
07:21:58 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I keep clothes in my closet.
07:22:08 PMGadwil-Office I keep my clothes in the floor... haha
07:22:17 PMM0DCM_Dave hahahaha
07:22:17 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil, clean or dirty?
07:22:20 PMagamotto RobbieF, What, we have to supply HIM with a laptop too? sheesh :)
07:22:20 PMjaepea we miss u christy
07:22:33 PMsupercarrot Yeah we really miss Christy
07:22:35 PMagamotto In the floor? Neat trick....
07:22:36 PMGadwil-Office Dirty, clean get hung up or put in draws. and the floor is the one in my closet.
07:22:46 PM_Jot_ welcome back Hillary
07:22:46 PMHillary ahh I died...but am now back!
07:22:47 PMchrisreich my clothes are in the hamper, the dryer, or the clothes basket.
07:22:50 PMGadwil-Office Should we make Hillary an Op for the night?
07:22:55 PMAspidZent frigid legums... brillant!!!
07:22:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru legumes
07:22:59 PMHillary hi sorry! back!
07:23:01 PM_Jot_ of course Hillary should be an op
07:23:02 PMGoodGuy Hi Hillary
07:23:06 PM_Jot_ cool beans Hillary
07:23:07 PMpoester hey christy, tksfor remember the GBM group, hugs to you guys!!
07:23:10 PMHillary feeling more lively now!
07:23:11 PMYazid Hi Hillary
07:23:11 PMalket hi Hillary
07:23:19 PMHillary im trying to get my skype up and going...
07:23:20 PMGadwil-Office I try to keep my dirty clothes in the hamper, but I don't wash but every other week, so I get like 2 hampers in that time. need to wash once a week, but am too lazy.
07:23:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary has been miraculously resurrected!!
07:23:29 PMchrisreich kids are great...
07:23:31 PMagamotto Hillary: Mine is actually working fine this evening
07:23:40 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Aww....all the cuteness
07:23:48 PMYazid she'll live forever
07:23:51 PM_Jot_ fortunatly I had a resurrect-scroll
07:24:03 PMagamotto There's Bekah!
07:24:10 PMmmdmurphy I see wine bottles....
07:24:17 PMYazid Hi Bekah!
07:24:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hold up the recorder.
07:24:56 PMYazid the kids are doing great on camera
07:25:05 PMagamotto Wow, this is just like tech support for my family.....
07:25:22 PM_Jot_ we appreciate it Christy
07:25:31 PMchrisreich How far is Peterborough from Barrie, RobbieF?
07:25:32 PMagamotto "Is the computer on?" no "Are any of the lights on?" no
07:25:39 PMAspidZent streaming url of the radio???
07:25:48 PMagamotto chrisreich, about a 2hr drive
07:25:51 PMwarcow105 mic noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:25:53 PMHillary aliens!
07:25:57 PMcalhydro no trains
07:25:57 PMalket aliens
07:25:58 PM_Jot_ it's happening again RobbieF, disturbance with the phone/mike etc
07:26:00 PMYazid someone's mic battery is going dead!
07:26:08 PMchrisreich wow, that's dedication.
07:26:16 PM_Jot_ thanks RobbieF
07:26:18 PMmmdmurphy Oh, I thought my PC was going to blue screen... makes that noise...
07:26:23 PMagamotto She has to drive around a bunch of lakes to get between Peterborough and Barrie
07:26:25 PMnAffie aliens farting!
07:26:26 PMGadwil-Office Kick the neighbors out of the neighborhood during the show!
07:26:27 PMroganet isnt that the noise the transporter make before robbie beams down in his new outfit ?
07:26:34 PMalket nAffie, lol
07:27:30 PMwarcow105 still noise!!!
07:27:31 PMHillary still there..
07:27:33 PM_Jot_ still the same noise RobbieF
07:27:36 PMGadwil-Office Noise back.
07:27:40 PMpoester john should fix that!! :P
07:27:45 PMYazid still chirping
07:27:48 PMmmdmurphy Noise back as soon as she came back on...
07:27:51 PMalket they are coming...
07:27:59 PMGadwil-Office I blame the neighbors makeing phone calls.
07:28:03 PMGatorman Video is flickering too
07:28:14 PMroganet need to charge the dilithium christals
07:28:17 PMjaepea aliens
07:28:22 PMmmdmurphy You are asking a woman to yell loud??
07:29:06 PMnAffie time 4 that next beer...
07:29:12 PMmmdmurphy All the sticks in my yard are portable...
07:29:32 PMpoester hmmmmm beer...
07:29:46 PMGuest_5231 that did not look like an ECO Alkaline so you can't throw it out!
07:29:47 PMGoodGuy Time for a new gadget
07:29:59 PMagamotto chrisreich, About 100 Miles, at 60mph
07:30:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Here in NY, we have a Canadian guy on TV who reads the newspaper to us so we don't have to do it ourselves. That reminds me of Christy and the weather
07:30:32 PMagamotto Save the Folgers for the kids!
07:30:40 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Me poor bairns
07:31:01 PMM0DCM_Dave Oooooh Sound Blaster
07:31:08 PMM0DCM_Dave Is that the Audigy?
07:31:17 PM_Jot_ looks like it
07:31:18 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, We have something similar here on radio, for those with low/no vision
07:31:22 PMcalhydro She might just have a headphone jack
07:31:24 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It says audigy
07:31:31 PMwarcow105 RobbieF, 1/8"
07:31:33 PMmmdmurphy AND sound blaster
07:31:37 PMGoodGuy
07:31:41 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It isn't quarter-inch
07:31:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is eighth-inch
07:31:45 PMGoodGuy Might take a look at that
07:31:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Quarter-inch is the bigger one
07:31:56 PMnAffie 3.5mm :P
07:31:59 PMagamotto 1/8.... 1/4 is for home stereo
07:32:08 PMM0DCM_Dave it's 3.5mm in the UK
07:32:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru That was not was not warcow
07:32:10 PMM0DCM_Dave :-D
07:32:25 PMnAffie or minijack
07:32:29 PMGoodGuy
07:32:46 PMGoodGuy Last one is not freeware
07:32:47 PM_Jot_ Christy, we know you use windows to look out to see the weather, no reason to be ashamed
07:32:54 PMroganet 3.5mm, thats the one that goes against the apple 'standard'. ;-)
07:33:03 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Apple uses it.
07:33:24 PMagamotto Apple... standard.... oh, ok, I get it!!!
07:33:32 PMroganet ;-)
07:33:36 PMagamotto Robbie has facial fur
07:33:37 PMHillary I'd like some chips please.
07:34:00 PMGoodGuy Free Sound Recorder is a perfect audio recorder to record your own voice, music or any other sound by working directly with your sound card. It supports the record input/source from a microphone,
07:34:01 PMnAffie havin'chips & beer here.....
07:34:09 PMchrisreich How about a drink, Hillary?
07:34:09 PMroganet excellent - 'turn it off and on again' !
07:34:15 PMGuest_5231 Eco Alkalines last longer and are good for the world
07:34:30 PMM0DCM_Dave Captains log 2010.22.9 lol
07:34:40 PMnAffie get a tricorder...
07:34:56 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Is he touching the back with his fingers?
07:34:56 PMagamotto "Blessed be the pessimist, for he hath backups!"
07:35:04 PMmmdmurphy should be a joke about Captains Log and American Standard...
07:35:06 PMagamotto Yah, no fixing that
07:35:17 PMHillary Why thank you agamotto!
07:35:17 PMagamotto mmdmurphy, grin
07:35:31 PMagamotto Hillary: You lot have ALDI up there?
07:35:44 PMroganet agamotto, lol !
07:35:49 PMHillary Not sure what that is I'm gonna go with, no
07:36:05 PMmmdmurphy ALDI - CHEAP food.
07:36:10 PMagamotto Ok, it is like Tesco or ADSA, but here in America
07:36:16 PMgpop7_ i had a disk explode in my dvd drive
07:36:18 PMroganet ALDI - CHEAP everything
07:36:20 PMagamotto German firm, oddly enough
07:36:21 PMM0DCM_Dave ALDI - Cheap computers
07:36:27 PMmindlord We have ALDI here in Charleston, WV, USA.
07:36:33 PMHillary then nay nay.
07:36:37 PMGoodGuy Clonezilla is Open Source, just download another ISO file
07:36:41 PMHillary We rarely have 7/11s....
07:36:42 PMagamotto Cheap, yet delicious food
07:36:45 PMmmdmurphy Really? Didn't know they sold anything but food. Yes, I am a snob and never been in one....
07:36:47 PMLedzep Anybody see the new Dell duo tablet
07:36:57 PMGoodGuy In fact now you can get an Ubuntu version
07:37:01 PM_Jot_ hi Talia
07:37:18 PMagamotto mmdmurphy, I get my gouda, brie, havarti, and asiago cheeses there, along with many other bits
07:37:25 PMM0DCM_Dave As long as they weren't chocolate covered pretzels your safe
07:37:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Eric can use the clonezilla disc as a coaster
07:37:36 PMYazid Can I have some? lol
07:37:38 PMmmdmurphy SEE food
07:37:45 PMsupercarrot Ah bless
07:37:47 PM_Jot_ please send some popcorn
07:37:48 PMnAffie agamotto, i bought my medion akoya netbook there 2 years ago...
07:38:12 PM_Jot_ hi Zach
07:38:20 PMmmdmurphy I saw some processed ham that said ALDI on it - looked worse than SPAM
07:38:36 PMagamotto mmdmurphy, I can't say much about the meat... I don't indulge often
07:38:42 PMroganet mmdmurphys last message was filtered.
07:38:46 PMM0DCM_Dave SPAM is nice in batter
07:38:53 PMnAffie lol roganet
07:38:55 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Kids are leaving...lampshade time
07:39:00 PMmmdmurphy I used to love spam - before I thought about it...
07:39:10 PMGatorman Is anyone else having trouble with the video freezing then starting and stopping?
07:39:18 PMmmdmurphy Gatorman - NO.
07:39:20 PMGadwil-Office " Don't be Evil".. if more companies could follow that rule.
07:39:20 PMmindlord Gatorman, fine here.
07:39:22 PMLedzep not here
07:39:24 PMchrisreich video is smooth here
07:39:25 PMGoodGuy It's OK here Gatorman
07:39:37 PMM0DCM_Dave ACID!!!
07:39:39 PMroganet vids fine on the other side of the pond, so florida should be a breeze
07:39:41 PM_Jot_ I had some issues with the BSP but it's okay now for me, normal channel is okay as well
07:39:42 PMYazid the backstage pass is frozen
07:39:54 PMmindlord And this computer is notorious for being bad with streaming video.
07:40:07 PMGatorman Seems OK now
07:40:08 PMGadwil-Office I wonder if he knows he won't have any hair by the time he is 30....
07:40:11 PMmmdmurphy He has more hair than dad...
07:40:15 PM_Jot_ I bet Zach is just nervous
07:40:18 PMagamotto I wonder what his reaction would be if he could see all of us in a room!
07:40:23 PMcalhydro Robbie: What was the first computer? Mine was a Sinclair ZX8
07:40:32 PMagamotto Oo boo N too
07:40:35 PM_Jot_ great Eric, have some de-salted snacks
07:40:36 PMgpop7_ the joke is he is not saying goodnight
07:40:54 PMGoodGuy I worked on an Altair 8800B at work
07:40:58 PMM0DCM_Dave ZX-81 was my first computer too
07:41:02 PMGoodGuy First home pc made
07:41:07 PMagamotto PDP-11, and I don't miss it
07:41:07 PMroganet Acorn Electron
07:41:10 PMnAffie mine was a C64
07:41:11 PMmindlord calhydro, the first computer I ever touched was a Sinclair too. :) The first one I owned was a TI99/4a.
07:41:14 PMgpop7_ he will be back
07:41:16 PMM0DCM_Dave then the Spectrum
07:41:21 PMmmdmurphy Try bailing your kids out of jail. that's a wake up..
07:41:24 PMagamotto Oh, home unit... my first was a C+ SuperPET
07:41:26 PMM0DCM_Dave Ahhh when I were a lad
07:41:30 PMGoodGuy no TRS-80 users?
07:41:37 PMcalhydro Yea I sold mine wish I had kept it
07:41:39 PMGadwil-Office Tomorrow is my 18th b-day... my parents still think I am hassel to deal with... Admitantly I am difficult.
07:41:40 PM_Jot_ Christy, what will you turn into?
07:41:41 PMchrisreich first used here: PDP-8. First owned: Atari 800.
07:41:42 PMmindlord I had a CoCo I, II, and III :)
07:41:43 PMroganet oh yeah trs80 !
07:41:48 PMM0DCM_Dave Trash 80's were cool
07:41:51 PMYazid Used a PET in school
07:41:54 PMLedzep Quiet before the storm
07:42:03 PMcalhydro I still have my TR80
07:42:10 PMnAffie Congrats!!!
07:42:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru My nephew found my original gameboy
07:42:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I let him have it
07:42:23 PMM0DCM_Dave I have the Acorn BBC B still
07:42:24 PMcalhydro When Radio Shack was Tnady
07:42:25 PMmmdmurphy Gadwil-Office - I just turned .. well, nevermind. How many run - ins with the law?
07:42:34 PMwarcow105 yeah i have a few CoCo II and trs-80's laying around
07:42:35 PMroganet still got the old wooden atari in the loft
07:42:36 PMcalhydro When Radio Shack was Tandy
07:42:39 PMchrisreich So RobbieF, who's the chick sitting next to you in the yellow shirt?
07:42:46 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, "Mum, am I on drugs? Have I crashed the car? Have I made anyone pregnant?" If the answers are no, you qualify as in the top 10%
07:42:47 PMGadwil-Office mmdmurphy, How many that got something on my record, or I got a " free pass" on?
07:42:57 PMmmdmurphy Both
07:43:02 PMKC9HI my first computer was a Bally Arcade video game console. It had a tiny BASIC game cartridge.
07:43:07 PMcalhydro First Real PC was a 386 Grid
07:43:12 PMGadwil-Office Drugs, no, Car crash, no, Pregnant, Not that I know of, but they don't tell me everything. lol!
07:43:15 PMmindlord warcow105, There is still a rabid group of people doing crazy stuff with the CoCo, like networking them to PC's with the bitbanger.
07:43:15 PMGoodGuy A guy at work wanted me to go into business with him using TRS-80's... after thinking, I decided I didnt want to do more programming after doing it all day
07:43:30 PMHillary hi
07:43:34 PMagamotto My cat likes to lick the salt off of things
07:43:34 PMLedzep I had a C64. The HD would hammer away like crazy.
07:43:38 PMwarcow105 i loved it back in the day
07:43:38 PMHillary hahaha
07:43:39 PM_Jot_ hey Hillary
07:43:43 PMnAffie C64 with a HD?
07:43:47 PMGadwil-Office mmdmurphy, Only once, when I was a kid in NC. Some called the cops on me and my brother for walking down the street, they thought we were on their lawn.
07:43:49 PMLedzep I mean the floop.
07:43:51 PMnAffie you mean floppy
07:43:55 PMwarcow105 even though i was only like 4 or 5
07:43:55 PMLedzep yeah
07:43:56 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Mine didn't have a hard drive
07:43:59 PMnAffie 1541 :P
07:44:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I had a 1541
07:44:12 PMHillary sweeet
07:44:15 PMLedzep A 1541 right
07:44:29 PMroganet is that the year it was built - 1541 ?
07:44:30 PMjaepea i had a vic20
07:44:31 PMHillary amen brother
07:44:33 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, Gladys Kravitz?
07:44:35 PMnAffie Loved the Final Cartridge ;)
07:44:36 PM_Jot_ later could be a 1571 or 1581 too
07:44:44 PMLedzep My first game was Mission Impossible
07:44:46 PMGadwil-Office agamotto, No idea what that means.
07:44:47 PMM0DCM_Dave how about the Oric Atmos?
07:44:57 PMmmdmurphy I had a 157`
07:45:02 PMpoester i have a question, does anybody knows how to use skype at canadian smartphones?
07:45:04 PMmmdmurphy sorry. 1571
07:45:05 PMroganet only the geeky kids had an oric
07:45:21 PMmindlord I also had a Vic20 and an Aquarius.
07:45:23 PMLedzep Then I went to Windows 3.1.
07:45:27 PMnAffie My first game was Puck Man (pacman clone on the C64.... on tape...took about 10 minutes to load)
07:45:41 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, Sorry, you are too young for the reference. Ever seen the show Bewitched?
07:45:47 PMcalhydro In my TR80 I installed Super ROM from Lucid where you had to issue a call 63012 to get to the programs spreadsheet, database and write
07:45:48 PMYazid I still have a Apple IIe in the attic
07:45:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I prefer Jumpman
07:45:51 PMGoodGuy I think I still have a copy of Windows 3.1 in the basement
07:45:52 PMroganet kids today wouldnt believe you loaded games on a tape recorder !
07:45:55 PMmindlord I skipped win3.1 completely and even when I installed win95 I hacked it to start the command prompt instead of explorer.
07:45:57 PMM0DCM_Dave ahh, the days you could start loading the game and go and make a coffee
07:45:57 PMsupercarrot I see him on backstage pass
07:45:58 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:46:01 PMGadwil-Office No agamotto, I have seen part of an episode though, but never a full one.
07:46:11 PMpoester i see him everyday, donĀ“t need!
07:46:12 PMpoester hehehehe
07:46:13 PMLedzep Is't 3.1 on diskettes
07:46:15 PMGoodGuy Still have MS-DOS 6.22 also
07:46:16 PMmmdmurphy We had a mini computer at work that you would load from a VCR tape.
07:46:19 PMroganet or worse still - entered the lines of code from a magazine !
07:46:19 PMGoodGuy yes
07:46:33 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, She was Samantha's crazy neighbor across the way.
07:46:34 PMroganet ... along with the typo's.
07:46:35 PMnAffie who remembers their matrix printer and the pc app Banner Mania?
07:46:40 PMLedzep Didn
07:46:42 PMmmdmurphy RogaNet - remember the "TAB" books??
07:46:42 PMGadwil-Office " Season 4 of Category5 Tech TV, this season... MORE TECH! "
07:46:48 PMScorpio55 Where's Carrie
07:46:57 PMGadwil-Office Ah, well out neighbors were evil there.
07:46:58 PMGoodGuy Still have some 5 1/4 floppies in the basement
07:47:04 PMLedzep Didn't get on the net until W95
07:47:08 PMGadwil-Office But I had some good friends just down the street though.
07:47:10 PMmmdmurphy Spent hours typing in code and they never really worked..
07:47:13 PMGatorman Special guest.... Steve Jobs?
07:47:14 PMsupercarrot Good point, will Carrie be coming?
07:47:19 PMGoodGuy Two of the antique drives.. not installed
07:47:24 PMchrisreich Season 4: more Gimbuntu!
07:47:25 PMagamotto Ask Bill Gates about how much easier piracy was in the tape days....
07:47:26 PMmindlord nAffie, they used bannermania to waste hundereds of trees in my grade school. :)
07:47:33 PMGadwil-Office I boot now, ArchLinux is up in about 40 seconds.
07:47:35 PMGadwil-Office on a HDD.
07:47:42 PMHillary okie doke!
07:47:49 PMmindlord I used the net before http. :)
07:47:50 PMLedzep Arch sounds complicated.
07:48:05 PMmindlord I remember archie and veronica and gopher.
07:48:05 PMmmdmurphy I booted Windows 3.11 back in 1998, took mere seconds...
07:48:05 PMagamotto I am an old fart from the days of FIDOnet
07:48:08 PMnAffie mindlord, yeah i wasted some trees too.... ;)
07:48:09 PMGadwil-Office Ledzep, not really, the Wiki is REALLY well done.
07:48:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru You're in Canada? I hadn't noticed
07:48:32 PM_Jot_ Eric, does that mean they call you puckman?
07:48:34 PMM0DCM_Dave Oh my, I remember Prestel too
07:48:36 PMLedzep ok I'll check it out
07:48:40 PMchrisreich Ledzep Arch is excellent but for intermediate users. Not a good place to start unless you have ready access to a mentor.
07:48:48 PMroganet i remember my mate showing me the net, before the www - i said 'pah, it will never take off'
07:48:56 PMagamotto I remember when AOL was a service for Commodore computers!
07:49:08 PMLedzep I don't have the patience to do that...
07:49:08 PMmmdmurphy BOSCH
07:49:09 PMmindlord I was was a sysop of a local dial-up BBS. :)
07:49:15 PMGadwil-Office chrisreich, I don't even have a mentor, just the internets. I mean really, the Wiki to this OS is the best I have ever seen.
07:49:33 PMnAffie i used to dial in BBS's with my C64 and a 1200baud modem...
07:49:44 PMYazid WOW!
07:49:47 PMM0DCM_Dave Tomatoe v Tomayta
07:49:48 PMmmdmurphy nAffie - me too
07:49:55 PMroganet you had a 1200baud - you were lucky !
07:49:57 PMchrisreich Gadwil-Office what do you mean by "this OS"?
07:50:05 PMjaepea lol
07:50:07 PMmindlord I also co-sys'd several other local BBS's
07:50:07 PMLedzep Is BBS the same thing as newsgroups.
07:50:09 PMagamotto Try living in the Midwest.... instead of Mil?n, M?lan. Don't even get me started on the various ways Illinois is pronounced.
07:50:11 PMGadwil-Office I mean ArchLinux crisreich.
07:50:15 PMroganet i had two tin cans and a piece of string
07:50:15 PMmmdmurphy we used to have to wake up 1/2 hour before we went to bed...
07:50:21 PMM0DCM_Dave I run 1200baud on VHF 144MHz
07:50:22 PMnAffie lol roganet
07:50:29 PMroganet and lived in a cardboard box in middle of 't road
07:50:33 PMcalhydro Remember Compuserve Dial Up
07:50:38 PMHillary yeah...that was a hard one....diaspora...oi!
07:50:39 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is?
07:50:43 PMchrisreich oh so you're actually using Arch Gadwil-Office?
07:50:45 PMLedzep Is BBS similar to Usenet.
07:50:55 PMnAffie i also did some PacketRadio/Hamradio stuff with my 386 back in the days...
07:50:57 PMagamotto Hmmm, Greek pastry as clothing... neat
07:51:05 PMmmdmurphy RogaNet - thanks. I was afraid no one would get it.
07:51:05 PMScorpio55 time you upgraded to 9k6
07:51:06 PMwarcow105
07:51:11 PMnAffie before internet went mainstream...
07:51:13 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, it is hard suffering through The Diaspora as well.
07:51:15 PMGadwil-Office Chrisreich, Yes. it is my main system. On Win 7 now in the office, my comp is broken. Installing Ubuntu on a 2nd disk tomorrow for me to use.
07:51:20 PMchrisreich I did the packet/ham thing with my Atari 800
07:51:21 PMM0DCM_Dave Now Now Scorpio
07:51:22 PMsupercarrot I like that, equal syllabolic stress...
07:51:23 PMmindlord Ledzep, no. BBSs is like AOL before it had a built in web browser. communitiesm, forums, downloads, etc... FIDOnet is like newsgroups, many BBS's also had fidonet.
07:51:25 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:51:28 PM_Jot_ Christy, do you have a blooper-reel yet for us to inspect?
07:51:30 PMsupercarrot I learn something everyday
07:51:39 PMroganet mmdmurphy - thats at least 2 of us as old as the hills
07:51:45 PMagamotto More like syllabic distress these days
07:51:52 PMGadwil-Office I won't set up Arch on this computer since I hate trying to install ATI drivers in Arch and then configure them...
07:52:01 PMchrisreich cool Gadwil-Office, most folks with less fortitude start w/ Ubuntu.
07:52:01 PMnAffie Ok, any old Amiga users here?
07:52:07 PMScorpio55 M0DCM_Dave how's the APRS Digipeater doing
07:52:20 PMjaepea weefee
07:52:23 PMLedzep never heard of fidonet
07:52:30 PMM0DCM_Dave Going well
07:52:30 PMGadwil-Office Chrisreich, I started on ubuntu, then came to hate the way Canonical does things, So now I use Arch. But recommend Ubuntu to new users.
07:52:37 PMLedzep Hey japea
07:52:38 PMM0DCM_Dave All in Ubuntu
07:52:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Oh, no. The inmates are running the asylum
07:52:51 PMGadwil-Office hehe GWG.
07:52:55 PMLedzep hey jaepea
07:53:05 PMGadwil-Office Was that supposed to be a Batman Arkham Asylum joke?
07:53:07 PMGatorman Here's your chance for fame and fortune
07:53:09 PMroganet ok its nearly 1am in the uk, and a schoolday tomorrow... ciao cat-5-ers...
07:53:09 PMsupercarrot O great no can I just ask you whats better btrs or zfs?
07:53:11 PMmindlord Ledzep, fidonet = usenet before the internet really took off.
07:53:12 PMchrisreich I just realized; never having thought of it before, that I jumped from 8-bit to 32-bit computer ownership.
07:53:17 PMjaepea hi ledzep
07:53:30 PMnAffie bye roganet
07:53:33 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, Depends on what size the files are and what the system is used for.
07:53:39 PMM0DCM_Dave How about a real sport??? CRICKET!!!!
07:53:49 PMsupercarrot That question was aimed at the co host
07:53:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I think it might be a Category 5E cable.
07:53:59 PMsupercarrot lol
07:53:59 PMnAffie Category6 ?
07:54:10 PMGadwil-Office No, it is a standard Cat 5 cable, drop the E.
07:54:12 PMLedzep brb..I have to nuke my tea
07:54:20 PMnAffie Eric Puckman Kidd!
07:54:34 PMGadwil-Office ah, ok supercarrot.
07:54:42 PMchrisreich Gadwil-Office - do you really mean you "came to *hate* the way Canonical does things" or just had different preferences?
07:54:47 PMGadwil-Office hello Eri, thanks for joining Cat5.
07:54:52 PMGadwil-Office Eric*
07:54:55 PMHillary bacck
07:54:56 PM_Jot_ welcome back again Hillary
07:54:57 PMHillary grr!
07:55:16 PMnAffie wb Hillary
07:55:21 PM_Jot_ don't worry Hillary, Robbie wasn't even ready yet :)
07:55:30 PMsupercarrot @Gadwil-Office, but why we're at it, which one is the best? Aren't they both sort of much like each other?
07:55:31 PMHillary technical difficulties and i'm in stereo..
07:55:33 PMGadwil-Office chrisreich, Different Prefrences mainly. mostly with the way they run their Repo's.
07:55:34 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Still waiting for that Droid Country Song
07:55:52 PMM0DCM_Dave Oh god, he's using Windows
07:55:56 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, Let me look it up again, I saw a comparison in the ArchWiki.
07:56:00 PMM0DCM_Dave throw it in the BIN
07:56:05 PMagamotto nAffie: Me! I had three
07:56:25 PMM0DCM_Dave Put Skype on Linux
07:56:26 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:56:27 PMchrisreich Gadwil-Office thanks for clarifying. I'm genuinely interested in people's feelings about the various distros.
07:56:46 PMM0DCM_Dave 00:55 here
07:56:51 PM_Jot_ Christy, no problem, I usually am around at 3am anyway :)
07:56:52 PMagamotto Just give Jot a 5hr energy drink
07:57:01 PM_Jot_ Christy, I couldn't leave you alone anyway, now could I?
07:57:07 PMsupercarrot @Gadwil-Office Cheers I didn't really mean the question, but now I've said it, I'm actually really curious, if you find the link, just let me know what it is.
07:57:13 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, still got that sound clip?
07:57:16 PMGadwil-Office chrisreich, It could be hate, since there is more too it than just Repo's. But when thinking about it, I just have different preferences on what I want my OS to do, and how I want repo 's run.
07:57:19 PMGadwil-Office ran*
07:57:24 PM_Jot_ Christy, I get up whenever I want :)
07:57:32 PMwarcow105 yeah me too, bed at 3 get up 7:30...only minimal sleep is needed lol
07:57:35 PM_Jot_ usually anywhere from 8am-noon
07:57:41 PMmindlord Alas... I must part.
07:57:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Just remember, Eric, don't ever refer to it as the Nether Regions
07:57:57 PM_Jot_ yay Hillary
07:57:58 PMagamotto Wow... I am usually out around 0000, up around 0700-0800
07:58:01 PMYazid you go girl!
07:58:14 PMsupercarrot I'm at work at the moment, and its 00:57 here in the UK.
07:58:18 PMM0DCM_Dave Windoze crashed
07:58:20 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
07:58:41 PMagamotto I can call in if you like!
07:58:42 PMYazid let's give it a go
07:58:51 PMHillary well if it doesn't work...i have a solution....i will send you a video....maybe.
07:59:06 PM_Jot_ Hillary, did you see Robbie crash? So it isn't you
07:59:11 PMagamotto RobbieF, Are you sure that Hugin isn't just missing Mugin?
07:59:12 PMalket why dont you install skype in Ubuntu
07:59:14 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, Check the wikipedia articles for each FS. They give lots of info about what each system can do.
07:59:26 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Because Robbie produces this show on windows
07:59:27 PMHillary Oh yes, i have very interesting tales to tell..
07:59:30 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Despite its Ubuntu bent
07:59:34 PMagamotto If you are TRULY bored
07:59:36 PM_Jot_ Cool beans, Hillary
08:00:11 PMGadwil-Office Eric, Do you use Windows or Linux?
08:00:15 PMcalhydro If you have android phone this app is cool
08:00:17 PMmmdmurphy So, you want to have an arguement?
08:00:17 PMsupercarrot @Gadwil-Office, yeah I know I could. Just would have been cool if there was a comparison somewhere.
08:00:21 PMM0DCM_Dave Fedora
08:00:23 PMM0DCM_Dave Arch
08:00:29 PMM0DCM_Dave Mandriva
08:00:30 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
08:00:31 PMmmdmurphy iPAD!!
08:00:31 PMGatorman DE bait is what you use to catch de fish
08:00:40 PMagamotto calhydro, I have something like that for my Palm t|x
08:00:41 PMchrisreich This is bad entertainment even by Canuckistan standards. The emperor has no clothes.
08:00:52 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, Just think of what you need to do, and then see which fits the job more.
08:00:56 PMmmdmurphy I use Windows / Linux / Mac
08:00:57 PMcalhydro Yea they a have version for palm
08:01:01 PMLedzep I need Win for Flight Simulator X
08:01:04 PMchrisreich CRAP! did I really press "RETURN" after typing that?
08:01:06 PMM0DCM_Dave Photoshop works well in Crossover under Linux
08:01:10 PMGadwil-Office Cool Eric.
08:01:15 PM_Jot_ Eric, are cds easier to break in half in windows, or linux? As an expert, you should know
08:01:22 PMagamotto haahahahahahahah
08:01:23 PMsupercarrot @Gadwil-Office not trying to do anything, just random curiousity.
08:01:26 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - isn't there a newer version out??
08:01:36 PMchrisreich oh oh, I'm in trouble...
08:01:47 PMGadwil-Office supercarrot, From what I know so far, BTRFS would be best, but is still EARLY in development.
08:01:50 PMcalhydro Windows 10 Robbie 0
08:02:01 PMLedzep It is supposed to come out as Microsoft Flight
08:02:28 PMagamotto Of course it's crap!!! 'tisn't Scottish!!!!!!!
08:02:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Where's the rimshot?
08:02:41 PMLedzep Announced a month ago in Germany
08:02:46 PMagamotto da dum bump
08:02:49 PMGadwil-Office I am glad he has been found!
08:02:53 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - I have 9 gig and a i7-920 processor - hope to finally have a good experience with it...
08:02:58 PMGadwil-Office This is great entertainment.
08:02:58 PMHillary yesh?
08:02:59 PMnAffie If you have any troubles with your system you can ask us Robbie...
08:03:01 PMHillary i am hereeee
08:03:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Well, you have to understand that few people are willing to work for what Robbie pays.
08:03:09 PMM0DCM_Dave Windows has CRASHED again
08:03:11 PMnAffie maybe we can return the favour... :P
08:03:11 PMGoodGuy Scottish justice system isn't so good at judging terrorist health :-)
08:03:13 PMHillary ok i have a solution.....
08:03:15 PMLedzep mmdmurphy Nice.
08:03:16 PM_Jot_ Hillary, you are there, Robbie is not (on Skype)
08:03:20 PMM0DCM_Dave I see why I moved to Linux
08:03:23 PMajamison5579 use the Broadcast system
08:03:27 PMLedzep Real nice
08:03:27 PMchrisreich I'm fond of FreeBSD because of ZFS and jails.
08:03:39 PMagamotto Hillary: You can call me instead.... randolphmurdock :)
08:03:42 PMcalhydro Take an old pc install vitural box and run Skype under it
08:03:47 PMLedzep mmdmurphy I am on a core 2 duo
08:03:48 PMSammySez Hillary has a Skype account she is willing to share?
08:03:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Did someone say Guru?
08:03:58 PMsupercarrot @RobbieF if you both have gmail, you could use that instead
08:04:08 PMYazid she would WAY too many friends
08:04:11 PMagamotto Bekah: Go over there, and smack the tower....
08:04:14 PMSammySez gmail phone rulz!
08:04:20 PMsupercarrot @RobbieF You can use Gmail phone
08:04:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Yes, I prefer Google Video Chat
08:04:23 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - I hear you. I had like 1 day to buy it, so I did... otherwise, no way...
08:04:27 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, Just install Skype real fast on the demo system, and then show us the screen from that.
08:04:27 PMM0DCM_Dave Android is cool
08:04:31 PMGoodGuy When was their last Stanley Cup win again?
08:04:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru M0DCM_Dave, amen. That's why I started podcasting about it
08:04:56 PMM0DCM_Dave erm, Windows and Live in the same sentence?
08:05:04 PMGoodGuy 50 years is quite awhile
08:05:05 PMajamison5579 new slogan " no longer just Technology TV"
08:05:10 PMmmdmurphy Stanley Cup - something you put your 'stanley' in????
08:05:21 PMYazid lol
08:05:24 PMnAffie lol
08:05:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Isn't it time for the news?
08:05:31 PMsupercarrot lol
08:05:31 PM_Jot_ sports? yawn :)
08:05:31 PMLedzep mmdmurphy I am waiting to see what specs the new Flight will require.
08:05:35 PMcalhydro Hey where is Don Cherry
08:05:43 PMagamotto mmdmurphy, Nah, something to put what is left of Stanley in after the game!
08:05:50 PMGoodGuy My favorite hockey games were Maple Leafs vs Philly Flyers years ago
08:05:52 PMchrisreich category5 has become Gimbuntu
08:06:03 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Well, RobbieF did want a network. I guess this is the talk show
08:06:05 PMGatorman There are 3 people in Florida who watch hockey
08:06:08 PMnAffie Geek Man & Puck Man
08:06:08 PMGadwil-Office Eric, Anyone in the Cat5 studio like Futball/soccer?
08:06:14 PMLedzep mmdmurphy Be nice to see them use Google maps with 3d.......dreaming.
08:06:16 PMGoodGuy Borje Salming (spelling)
08:06:38 PMGadwil-Office This is my 1 year aniversary of watching the show.
08:06:57 PMGoodGuy I thought a Detroit guy owned the FL Stanley Cup winner
08:06:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I don't remember how long I've been in this crowd
08:07:02 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - my local airport and scenery was nothing like real life - so, I agreee. I want realistic....
08:07:08 PMGoodGuy I didnt use it for real
08:07:15 PM_Jot_ Eric, we know the secret power of copy and paste
08:07:33 PMajamison5579 I started back at episode 42 i think or 43 one of the two
08:07:33 PMHillary incoming email....
08:07:36 PMGadwil-Office Robbie, it is just Gadwil the -office is mainly irrelivant.
08:07:45 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, incoming email from Hillary
08:07:50 PM_Jot_ (don't forget to use his name)
08:07:52 PMGadwil This should make it easier.
08:07:58 PMchrisreich Christy - you do understand that when I say "Canuckistan" I don't mean it pejoritivly, right? It's a term of endearment
08:08:00 PMGoodGuy Loved that game with Flyers playing the Russian Red Army Team
08:08:03 PMagamotto mrewr
08:08:08 PMLedzep mmdmurphy To be truthful I am a newbie on FS but hooked. Big learning curve.
08:08:14 PMGadwil Audio version will be lacking.
08:08:18 PMYazid bye
08:08:21 PMGoodGuy They played Montreal also... another good game
08:08:22 PMagamotto Bye, Eric!
08:08:24 PM_Jot_ have a great game Eric, nice to see you again
08:08:25 PMalket bye Eric
08:08:26 PMajamison5579 bye ric
08:08:26 PMGadwil Bye Eric!
08:08:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Walk softly and carry a big stick
08:08:30 PMajamison5579 eric
08:08:35 PMchrisreich hey, no cake!?
08:08:35 PMcalhydro Hey he is crossing the blue line
08:08:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Eric has left the building.
08:08:43 PMagamotto Audio will need a Descriptive track....
08:08:49 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - ever take lessons in a real plane??? I can't afford it, but I have about 8 hours of flight in....
08:09:03 PMGadwil Hello Bekah.
08:09:17 PMnAffie what kinda chair is that? do i see speakers?
08:09:21 PM_Jot_ how is everything going with child nr. 3?
08:09:28 PMHillary did you get my email...
08:09:37 PMagamotto RobbieF, Have you been watching General Hospital? You seem to be copying Lucky's look...
08:09:39 PM_Jot_ there was a review about that chair-thing, I don't know what show though
08:09:45 PMsupercarrot Now welcome back Christy
08:09:49 PMGoodGuy Bye Eric
08:09:54 PMGadgetWisdomGuru _Jot_, RobbieF is deciding which Star Trek character to name the kid after.
08:09:55 PMLedzep mmdmurphy No. My friend who is a pilot is my tutor. Without him I would have probably quit.
08:09:58 PMajamison5579 wind noise
08:10:05 PMYazid Hillary no I didn't please send it again ;)
08:10:06 PMajamison5579 is his mic still on
08:10:11 PMGadwil GWG, there is no decision, It has to be Jean Luc Picard.
08:10:12 PMagamotto Boost Christy's mic please
08:10:13 PMGatorman Now we're back to normal
08:10:20 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, did you get Hillary's email?
08:10:33 PMwarcow105 RobbieF, christy's mic placement isnt great, low with noise
08:10:36 PMGadwil Christy, Is there a website we can go to in order to read your stuff?
08:10:37 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - so, you have time in? Taking off is REAL cool.
08:10:43 PMM0DCM_Dave what a PLUG
08:10:44 PMM0DCM_Dave lol
08:10:47 PMGadgetWisdomGuru How can you see it? It is audio only?
08:11:14 PMnAffie get the mic fixed... my subwoofer is going crazy...
08:11:16 PMagamotto Hmmm, can we set up a 100mi wireless connection between the station and Robbie's studio?
08:11:18 PMmmdmurphy Ledzep - I also paid for 2 hours in a glider. That's pretty awsome too...
08:11:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Apparently, Microsoft was being used to persecute people in Russia
08:11:22 PMchrisreich Christy do you commute from Barrie?
08:11:41 PMM0DCM_Dave When will Billy "Bob" Gates become Open Source?
08:11:50 PMM0DCM_Dave hehehehe
08:12:04 PM_Jot_ Christy, do you remember that far back?
08:12:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And set back Italian stereotypes...
08:12:19 PMYazid WOW!
08:12:20 PMHillary blahhhhH!
08:12:24 PMagamotto Bloglines? Anything like EastLink?
08:12:26 PMLedzep mmdmurphy I am still on a Cessna basically.
08:12:44 PM_Jot_ Hillary, don't worry, it's great you are here already
08:12:48 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Agamotto, RSS aggregator
08:12:54 PMagamotto October, I think she said
08:12:58 PMsupercarrot @Hillary OK madam, what's wrong?
08:13:01 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, thanks
08:13:02 PMajamison5579 Windows noise RobbieF check mics
08:13:07 PMchrisreich Please get word to us when the steam is available
08:13:08 PMajamison5579 Window rather
08:13:13 PMajamison5579 wind
08:13:16 PMajamison5579 dang spelling
08:13:21 PMGadwil BSP is only at eric leaving?!
08:13:34 PMmmdmurphy www. windy noise from
08:14:02 PMmmdmurphy URL to that link??
08:14:22 PMnAffie euhm... URL to a link? :P
08:14:34 PMHillary it's all good!! just an option!
08:14:35 PMHillary :)
08:14:39 PMGadwil Christy, Get a Cat5 T-Shirt to wear when interviewing people.
08:14:45 PM_Jot_
08:15:14 PMnAffie I think Eric left his mic on the chair somewhere....
08:15:15 PMmmdmurphy Thanks _Jot_
08:15:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, go for it
08:15:40 PMagamotto En Francais seulement?
08:15:49 PMsupercarrot Nice one _Jot_, and can I say that was really fast.
08:15:56 PMmmdmurphy Longest EVER Cat 5 show?
08:16:00 PMLedzep Are we allowed to put in links here. I have one to run Windows 3.1 in your browser.
08:16:31 PM_Jot_ you're welcome :)
08:16:33 PMLedzep agamotto Tu parles fracais
08:16:44 PMYazid I think it's Christy's mic.. it sounds rubbing
08:16:48 PMmmdmurphy KELP? Why would you want lots of kelp?
08:16:50 PMnAffie yep...
08:17:05 PMagamotto Oh, wrong site...
08:17:17 PMnAffie everytime Christy moves, the lownoise rumble starts....
08:17:33 PMnAffie get the mic fixed... ;)
08:17:33 PMGadwil RobbieF, New GPU seem sto be doing a wonderful job tonight.
08:17:37 PM_Jot_ cool beans Hillary :)
08:17:41 PMmmdmurphy nAffie - so there is a Christy Rumble?
08:18:04 PMLedzep Will not put in a link without permission.
08:18:13 PMYazid she's glowing
08:18:27 PMmmdmurphy Like Robbie's head....
08:18:35 PMYazid WOW!
08:18:42 PM_Jot_ hillary has no hair on her chin, so that's why it is glowing I bet
08:18:52 PMchrisreich Wow - Hillary is GREAT at ad-libbing!
08:18:57 PMYazid cool beans the rape version
08:18:57 PMagamotto Oui, je parle un peu francais....
08:18:58 PMnAffie hahaha Cool Beans... ;)
08:19:01 PM_Jot_ thank you Hillary, that was very nice
08:19:08 PMYazid rap
08:19:27 PMajamison5579 RobbieF did you get speakers for the demo system
08:19:29 PMGadwil She could be at work....
08:19:35 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, what? you broke her arm?
08:20:15 PMGadwil Christy, that was only for you.
08:20:15 PMagamotto I bet she was trying to ninja a caf? robber
08:20:39 PM_Jot_ Christy, what is the weather like in Peterborough?
08:20:53 PMGadwil you can stop asking for it Christy.
08:20:59 PMGadwil anytime you want.
08:21:13 PMHillary anywhooo, i must be off now! miss you all! thanks for playing the video! :)
08:21:23 PMGadwil Bye Hillary, have fun.
08:21:24 PM_Jot_ Christy, I'm not goodguy, goodguy is goodguy
08:21:27 PMalket bye Hillary
08:21:31 PMYazid bye Hillary
08:21:34 PM_Jot_ good luck Hillary, have a great time at school and such
08:21:34 PMagamotto Il pleut maintenant, ca craint
08:21:38 PMHillary bye everyone!!! talk to you soooooonnn!
08:21:47 PMGoodGuy bye Hillary
08:21:51 PMnAffie bye Hillary
08:21:55 PMajamison5579 Ah was currious how you guys heard the audio from the video
08:22:10 PMHillary thanks so much!! :)
08:22:14 PMHillary talk to you guys later!
08:22:15 PMHillary bye bye!
08:22:34 PMGadwil An episode wth Hillary and Eric, that would be epic.
08:22:34 PMGatorman Is Peterborough where Willy Wonka lives?
08:22:41 PMajamison5579 ah
08:22:46 PMagamotto Hmm, can't get my 'special' c to come up on the keyboard... what gives?
08:22:49 PMYazid nice moves
08:22:59 PMsupercarrot Yeah, Hillary and Eric, good idea
08:23:10 PM_Jot_ we also need Christy for filler with weather and such
08:23:17 PMGadwil I would want you in it too Christy, but the weather would just drive me insane.
08:23:21 PM_Jot_ and Carrie for 1st aid tips etc
08:23:34 PMsupercarrot Carrie to do the beatboxing
08:23:42 PMagamotto Remove shirt, clear airway, and.... tazer!!
08:24:05 PM_Jot_ do you need a special eric kidd shirt, or does any shirt work?
08:24:08 PMagamotto Closing a business is bittersweet
08:24:10 PMsupercarrot I would love to see Carrie beat boxing again.
08:24:28 PMnAffie I think Christy is starting an unplanned in-depth interview now with Robbie....
08:24:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru My favorite tech support question asked of me... "Is it better to unplug the USB cable from the computer or from the peripheral?"
08:24:40 PMagamotto hhahahaahaha
08:24:50 PMYazid nice


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