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06:58:08 PMajamison5579 RobbieF what do you think of this gfx card
06:59:17 PMagamotto Hallo all
06:59:19 PMM0DCM_Dave It's almost show time
06:59:23 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, all of it, don't forget to say the punctuation out loud as well exclamation mark
06:59:40 PMRobbieF www.Category5.TV - tonight we're ushering in Season 4 of Category5 Technology TV and learning all about data security: keeping your private stuff safe when you sell or scrap your computer. Join us now for the live show!
06:59:42 PMEricKidd @#$$!
06:59:44 PMagamotto Ahh, Victor Borge night!
07:00:14 PMmmdmurphy We will be assimulated?
07:00:20 PMmmdmurphy (no, I can't spell)
07:00:52 PMM0DCM_Dave OOoooooh Star Trek costumes
07:01:07 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is TNG anniversary day
07:01:41 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I ran my Droid battery down to shutoff. Took over a day
07:01:43 PM_Jot_ Those curtains really need ironing
07:01:48 PMEricKidd i can smell the "geekiness"!
07:01:48 PMEch0 popcorn hour
07:02:01 PM_Jot_ is the video playing for anybody?
07:02:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Nope
07:02:06 PMM0DCM_Dave live long and prosper
07:02:17 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It says The Live Show is About to Begin
07:02:34 PMagamotto Ahhh, good memories
07:02:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The Star Trek novel shelf looks so clear
07:02:44 PMEricKidd Here we go! Season IV
07:02:52 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Not clear enough to see the titles though
07:03:07 PMagamotto I am doing fine on the WMS feed
07:03:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I'm not seeing anything
07:03:30 PMEch0 lets rock!
07:03:32 PM_Jot_ Justin still showing 'live show is about to begin'
07:03:40 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Greetings to all in the chat :)
07:03:42 PMEch0 Hope my audio is working
07:03:42 PMmmdmurphy Me neither, I jumpped to the website.
07:04:07 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, I am gettign Internal Server Errors on part of the site again.
07:04:11 PMGadwil-Office getting*
07:04:14 PMchrisreich Hi Honey! I'm home!
07:04:17 PMmmdmurphy Are we running late, or ???
07:04:39 PMDrumstick I got nothing!
07:04:51 PMchrisreich same here, nothing
07:04:52 PMagamotto Peace and Long Life
07:05:12 PMM0DCM_Dave not just Viewers.... Trekkies lol
07:05:17 PMGadwil-Office I doesn't look as if anything has started yet.. I wonder what is going on.
07:05:21 PMDrumstick BRB
07:05:27 PMagamotto If you are having trouble, try the WMS feed
07:05:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, JustinTFV is only showing 'The live show is about to begin'
07:05:34 PMGadwil-Office Perhaps Robbie is having some Technical Issues he needs to work through before going live.
07:05:40 PMkyoshininja I'm watching some beverage sipping...
07:06:08 PMchrisreich I'm sure RobbieF will let us know all about the reason for the delay.
07:06:14 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office, That or I bet something threw up at
07:06:16 PMGadgetWisdomGuru He doesn't seem to be sharing.
07:06:27 PM_Jot_ there is no delay, Robbie is broadcasting already, at least on the audiostream it is working
07:06:28 PMM0DCM_Dave I'm viewing in VLC
07:06:30 PMGadwil-Office Good pont agamotto.
07:06:35 PMraptor222 hi, everyone
07:06:42 PMGadwil-Office Looks like we are going somewhere.
07:06:50 PMagamotto I am watching the WMS feed at a Panera's.... so far, so good here
07:06:53 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Now I have audio
07:06:54 PMGadwil-Office YAY!
07:07:03 PMchrisreich now I've got streaming
07:07:04 PMtalibcyg Good to see you
07:07:17 PMGadwil-Office Stream is buggy.
07:07:27 PMGadwil-Office very frequent stubbles.
07:07:34 PMGuest_7594 laggy
07:07:38 PMchrisreich got start/stop via
07:07:45 PMGoodGuy same here
07:07:57 PMchrisreich HOW?
07:08:17 PMraptor222 i getting freezes on the feed
07:08:26 PMagamotto On the DL... hmmm, makes the show sound like a virus or malware.....
07:08:26 PMGadwil-Office WMS is working MUCH better.
07:08:35 PMtalibcyg same here
07:08:35 PMchrisreich HOW do we change to WMS?
07:08:35 PMGadwil-Office Justin.TV is the issue Robbie.
07:08:38 PMM0DCM_Dave WMS is working super
07:08:40 PMAspidZent I'm switching to the good-old wms feed...
07:08:41 PMAspidZent houston, we have a problem...
07:08:45 PMmmdmurphy agamotto - or that episode of Law and Order...
07:08:49 PM_Jot_ what is wms and where is it?
07:08:50 PMGadwil-Office chrisreich, on homepage, click WMS link.
07:09:04 PMchrisreich okay I'll go find it. thanks
07:09:14 PMagamotto mms://
07:09:33 PMM0DCM_Dave mms://
07:09:33 PMAspidZent houston, nevermind... I had the problem...
07:09:55 PMM0DCM_Dave I'm slow tonight
07:10:06 PMagamotto It is a bit funny that I have fewer distractions here at Panera's than I do at home :)
07:10:07 PMtalibcyg I am not getting any feed or sound
07:10:11 PMajamison5579 I get a 500 Iwow the WMS feed has horrible video quality
07:10:26 PMptguest wms is a little blurry
07:10:33 PMajamison5579 opps
07:10:34 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It's a low quality feed.
07:10:37 PMraptor222 no sound on wms
07:10:40 PMmindlord now that some people have jumped it's stable
07:10:56 PMM0DCM_Dave wms isn't the same quality as Justin
07:11:03 PMDrumstick Back.
07:11:15 PMmmdmurphy was working great for a minute... now jumpy
07:11:29 PMAspidZent the wms feed is intended for low bandwidth situations...
07:11:33 PMDGTLDNA that works
07:11:35 PMDGTLDNA hah
07:11:45 PMGoodGuy VLC works well for the WM Feed
07:11:49 PMM0DCM_Dave Hey Jeff
07:11:54 PMGadwil-Office 2nd YAY! for the night. Pizza is on its way.
07:12:04 PMke9v Hello
07:12:11 PMM0DCM_Dave another fellow ham
07:12:17 PMagamotto VLC works for just about anything
07:12:23 PMke9v QSL!
07:12:26 PMagamotto Wee fee wee fee
07:12:45 PMevermind wow, what did you do with the line
07:12:56 PMGoodGuy True.... it opened by default in RealPlayer (Hiss boo)
07:12:59 PMDGTLDNA I should probably hardwire in. Video is breaking up.
07:13:06 PMGoodGuy on my WinXP system
07:13:06 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, Do you know if the Cat5 Party Store will ship to USA?
07:13:16 PMagamotto My default is VLC.... phbhbhbhbhbhhtpt
07:13:24 PMevermind i get stuttering
07:13:28 PMevermind unwatcheable tonight
07:13:43 PMDGTLDNA good to know it's not just me evermind
07:13:51 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, since you turned down my suggestion, you think EricKidd will take the suggestion to dress up as Beldar Conehead for the Halloween episode?
07:13:55 PMGadwil-Office evermind, It is, try WMS feed.
07:14:00 PMjaepea hi all
07:14:11 PMagamotto meps meps meps
07:14:13 PMGadwil-Office I will try to get a Uniform then.
07:14:25 PMajamison5579 Is there no Ustream anymore
07:14:30 PMke9v how is the working for all?
07:14:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ajamison, he gave up on Ustream
07:14:37 PMDrumstick Backstage works for me but not main feed there. JustinTV does work though.
07:14:43 PMmmdmurphy is pretty good for me now...
07:14:54 PMke9v a little choppy here, but better than the wms
07:14:55 PMGadwil-Office ajamison5579, I don't think so since it uses more bandwith, and Robbie is limited.
07:15:00 PMagamotto I have already consumed mass quantities this evening.... perhaps I can interest you in a biologically non-offensive beverage?
07:15:13 PMevermind Gadwil-Office, got a link?
07:15:13 PMajamison5579 ah
07:15:15 PMEricKidd me the suit; I'll wear it!
07:15:24 PMGoodGuy Mine should be.... Not sure what possessed me to install RealPlayer... temp insanity perhaps
07:15:28 PMGadwil-Office mms://
07:15:32 PMagamotto ajamison5579, Ustream went the way of the Dodo... too many problems
07:15:34 PMGadwil-Office evermind ^^
07:15:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru EricKidd, you can make a Beldar outfit. Very easily.
07:15:56 PMevermind thx, gonna load it up
07:16:10 PMGadwil-Office I wonder who CustomProfile1 is?
07:16:16 PMGadwil-Office ...
07:16:25 PMAspidZent wow... conehead zombie!!! great costume!!!
07:16:33 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, extra points for that
07:16:35 PMGoodGuy WD Live TV
07:16:36 PMevermind wms stream is working, but what a qual, this is thumnail, right
07:16:36 PMGadwil-Office Or Starfleet and Darth Vader!
07:16:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I hope you know I'm kidding.
07:16:49 PMajamison5579 oddly enough running the WMS and fixes the justin feed
07:16:50 PMGadwil-Office Hello Warcow105.
07:16:52 PMevermind remembers me on the good old days, like viv
07:16:53 PMajamison5579 just mute the other
07:17:04 PMmmdmurphy I just got a 500 error on
07:17:19 PMwarcow105 hey everyone
07:17:23 PMGadwil-Office mmdmurphy, Yea, Servers are having issues.
07:17:36 PMagamotto Nah, many of us are metric/zed -friendly
07:17:36 PMGoodGuy I'm getting quick pauses on Justin
07:17:44 PMGadwil-Office It is intermitent though.
07:18:20 PMmindlord woo. streaming straight to my OpenPandora.
07:18:21 PMlinuxwebfly Hi I'm only getting backstage???
07:18:28 PMDGTLDNA everytime one of these adds pops up it get all choppy.
07:18:48 PMGadwil-Office linuxwebfly, Using BSP? Will it not bring up player?
07:19:03 PMGatorman will the delayed show be effected?
07:19:04 PMGoodGuy Use the WM feed linuxwebfly
07:19:14 PMwarcow105 i get pauses even without ads
07:19:18 PMagamotto EricKidd, Pas tous les Am?ricains sont mono-lingue, Eric:)
07:19:31 PMGadwil-Office warcow105, is spotty. Try WMS feed.
07:19:37 PMGoodGuy WM feed seems fine.. Justin pausing
07:19:48 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Here's a question:
07:19:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Dear Robbie: In recent conversations, someone referred me to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. Do you believe this is something to be ignored, adopted, etc? Most distributions seem to ignore it. What are your thoughts?
07:19:50 PMke9v just bailed on - too much chop
07:19:56 PMwarcow105 thanks Gadwil-Office
07:20:13 PMagamotto EricKidd, Not all Americans are mono-lingual...
07:20:26 PMDrumstick Justin is choppy but it's all I got....
07:20:33 PMGadwil-Office I havn't gotten Justin.TV to work in BSP for the past 3-5 weeks. I just open the pop-up player.
07:20:50 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, Interesting... not heard of that
07:21:00 PMGadwil-Office agamotto, I am a mono-lingual one though! I do do a bit of HTML5 though.
07:21:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Agamotto, exactly.
07:21:24 PMGadgetWisdomGuru That's the point. Why don't people use it? It seems to make sense
07:21:25 PMagamotto Yes, which is why I added the chuckle
07:21:26 PMchrisreich RobbieF can you explain the difference between NVIDIA GeForce "consumer" video cards and NVIDIA Quadro "workstation" video cards?
07:21:41 PMGadwil-Office EricKidd, That is because we have our own system of English.
07:21:44 PMGoodGuy Price chrisreich :-)
07:21:45 PMmmdmurphy We tracked it down to firewall, but never fixed it.
07:21:55 PMraptor222 robbief, there are CAR geeks
07:22:05 PMchrisreich This American is bi-lingual, plus Morse (Continental code)
07:22:08 PMmmdmurphy will try the apt-cache option
07:22:13 PMGadwil-Office raptor222, We call them Mechanics.
07:22:23 PMptguest What do you think of a Geforce 9400 GT?
07:22:24 PMraptor222 LOL
07:22:25 PMagamotto chrisreich, Essentially, it is down to the precision of the rendering
07:22:40 PMGadwil-Office I took Spanish I in high school, then quit so I could take a super long computer class.
07:22:49 PMGoodGuy Take a look at the VirtualBox command line
07:23:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I passed Spanish
07:23:09 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Thus I am not fluent
07:23:14 PMagamotto Candian customs agent: "Are you bi-lingual?" Me: "Si."
07:23:24 PMagamotto Canadian, that should be
07:23:28 PMGadwil-Office I passed with a B, I had straight A's all year, but skipped my exam, which was 20% of my grade.
07:23:29 PMajamison5579 my little spanish
07:23:33 PMajamison5579 is dangerous
07:23:34 PMchrisreich I've taught electronics courses in Spanish
07:23:35 PMajamison5579 to say
07:23:36 PMajamison5579 lol
07:23:40 PMchrisreich many, many times
07:23:48 PMGoodGuy There are operations you can perform on a command line that dont have graphical versions yet
07:23:51 PMwarcow105 ptguest, the 9400 is a little old, you can get a 9800 for a little more and it is much better
07:23:56 PMagamotto ptguest, You might be better off with a 2xx series. Might even be cheaper
07:24:12 PMwarcow105 even better agamotto
07:24:24 PM_Jot_ you shouldn't burn EricKidd, that just doesn't work well
07:24:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I recommend something with VDPAU
07:24:41 PMGoodGuy VBoxManage import
07:24:49 PMwarcow105 GadgetWisdomGuru, that is most everything 9XXX up
07:24:50 PMGoodGuy Maybe that can help
07:24:59 PMagamotto ptguest, I think the 2xx series are even better at power efficiency. I may move my systems to something in that range next year
07:25:14 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: VBoxManage clonehd
07:25:14 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Warcow105, exactly
07:25:21 PMGadwil-Office That is correct RobbieF.
07:25:23 PMtalibcyg this maybe very newbie but how do I get my cd rom drive to automount in 10.4
07:25:24 PMptguest thanks for the info!
07:25:40 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I will repeat my query about Filesystem Hierarchy
07:25:41 PMGadwil-Office Workstation is geard towards CAD and other engineering stations
07:25:41 PMagamotto He is about to whack someone with a stick?
07:25:48 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Dear Robbie: In recent conversations, someone referred me to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. Do you believe this is something to be ignored, adopted, etc? Most distributions seem to ignore it. What are your thoughts?
07:25:56 PMGadwil-Office substitute Stations with Applications
07:26:09 PMGoodGuy That sounds like exactly what they wanted.. see the VirtualBox pdf manual Chapter 8 Boxmanage commands
07:26:43 PMagamotto Think Lightwave or Blender
07:26:49 PMGoodGuy This command duplicates a registered virtual hard disk image to a new image file
07:26:50 PMGoodGuy with a new unique identifier (UUID). The new image can be transferred to another
07:26:50 PMGoodGuy host system or imported into VirtualBox again using the Virtual Media Manager;
07:27:54 PMGoodGuy 5.6 Cloning disk images
07:28:01 PMGoodGuy Read that also
07:28:04 PMGadwil-Office 8 Eyes, 2 People, One Camera
07:28:10 PMGadwil-Office hehe
07:28:16 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: I did
07:28:27 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: 5.6 Cloning disk images
07:28:31 PMagamotto EricKidd, Look for the GoodGuy posts
07:28:39 PMEricKidd I can still smell the geeeeekeeeenessss
07:28:51 PMGoodGuy It's in the VirtualBox pdf manual
07:29:01 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I just love the sound of typing
07:29:02 PMGoodGuy Also Chapter 5.6
07:29:17 PMraptor222 erickidd is the shows t'ealc, ;-)
07:29:54 PM_Jot_ I'm suprised EricKidd doesn't break into sports commentary-style randomly
07:30:06 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Raptor222, does he have a baby G'ouald(is that right) in his belly?
07:30:13 PMajamison5579 wow the justin tv feed is like 5 minutes behind
07:30:16 PMajamison5579 the wms
07:30:27 PMagamotto More importantly, how long will it be before 'junior' pops out?
07:30:48 PMGadwil-Office Nice Lower third Robbie.
07:31:05 PMraptor222 well gadgetwisdomguru he has an large enough belly so who knows
07:31:15 PMagamotto I wish RIM all the luck, but since it isn't avail... vaporware
07:31:28 PMDGTLDNA how do I get the wms feed? I didn't see an option to select anything other then "watch the Show".
07:31:39 PMGadwil-Office WHAT?!
07:31:46 PMagamotto mms://
07:32:00 PMGadwil-Office Shoot, I use Xmarks!
07:32:07 PMraptor222 dgtldna the link is on the homepage, just search for wms
07:32:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Me too
07:32:10 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I wrote the story
07:32:10 PMGadwil-Office Guess I will use Mozilla Sync now.
07:32:40 PMraptor222 i already looking an replacement for xmarks
07:32:41 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I like Cross-Platform
07:32:47 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Raptor222, Firefox Sync
07:32:53 PMGadwil-Office raptor222, Manual syncronizing.
07:33:00 PMDGTLDNA thanks agamotto
07:33:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Addon now, built-in in Firefox 4
07:33:01 PMGadwil-Office If you want cross-browser.
07:33:14 PMraptor222 gadwil-office no likley!!
07:33:16 PMagamotto 'So long, so long. and thanks for all the fish, sorry about that disrespectful bit...'
07:33:50 PMGadwil-Office Pizza just got home! :d
07:33:53 PMagamotto NO, porn spam being used to upset social sites????????
07:34:11 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Agamotto, what disrespectful bit?
07:34:38 PMDGTLDNA dang! no audio
07:34:40 PMagamotto I am shocked, nay, disgusted that such things could occur in this day and age.... what next, purveyors of Penguin Lust???????
07:34:41 PMDGTLDNA errr
07:35:00 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru, Read the book, and find out... worth the fun
07:35:02 PMraptor222 dgtldna use vlc
07:35:02 PMlinuxwebfly Man this is so bad.
07:35:18 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I read the book
07:35:22 PMmmdmurphy Closing out
07:35:26 PMDGTLDNA okay.. opened in totem
07:35:33 PMCory` wow
07:35:36 PMDGTLDNA I'll have to find vlc for ubuntu
07:35:37 PMCory` jTV is way behind
07:36:33 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Robbie must like me. It just occurred to me that I get billing before his wife.
07:36:46 PM_Jot_ GWG, is that good, or bad?
07:36:51 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I don't know
07:36:53 PMraptor222 dgtldna find it from the software center it takes only couple of minutes
07:37:02 PMGadgetWisdomGuru _Jot_ sometimes being noticed is bad
07:37:16 PMDGTLDNA thanks raptor222 downloading now.
07:37:20 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It might be in order of number of articles, or in order received
07:37:26 PMlinuxwebfly later
07:37:48 PMmmdmurphy Sorry, folks, giving up. Later.
07:38:27 PMagamotto Please, it can't even replace a Kindle
07:38:47 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Agamotto, I just bought a Kindle
07:39:20 PMGadgetWisdomGuru right province
07:39:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Wrong town
07:39:35 PMagamotto EricKidd, It all depends on how much those tickets run, eh?
07:39:39 PMraptor222 of i LOVE!!! these meat loafs
07:40:06 PMtalibcyg The 1 thing the RIM Playbook should have that the ipad doesn't is Blackberry's encryption and business apps.
07:40:11 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF was stationed on Mars?
07:40:19 PMGadgetWisdomGuru That explains a lot
07:40:36 PMCory` My tweet made it on air :)
07:40:43 PMDGTLDNA @raptor do I have to reboot after installing vlc? I still only receive totem as option.
07:40:59 PMGoodGuy Actually you can use IE on Linux.. There is a project.. IE4Linux iirc
07:41:07 PMagamotto ewwwww
07:41:10 PMraptor222 dgtldna no just run it and open a network stream
07:41:11 PMagamotto IE on linux....ewwwwwww
07:41:21 PMDGTLDNA okay
07:41:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GoodGuy, why would you want to?
07:41:30 PMagamotto talibcyg, I am sure it will, IF it sees the light of day
07:42:35 PMraptor222 robbief, did you heard that openoffice has forked into libreoffice
07:42:41 PMtalibcyg Only the andriod pad is close
07:42:47 PMagamotto raptor222, que?
07:43:01 PMDGTLDNA @raptor222.. Thanks that worked and video is much better.
07:43:19 PMraptor222 dgtldna you are most welcome
07:43:20 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Raptor222, I heard that
07:43:57 PMagamotto Robbie has fixed the universe, hence no testimonials
07:43:58 PM_Jot_ has been renamed etc because they want to break off from oracle and have asked oracle for the rights for the name, but untill they get it (if ever) they call it libreoffice
07:44:12 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Libre sounds better
07:44:23 PMraptor222 yes, i dont know if libreoffice replaces opeoffice or just another "distro"
07:44:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru it's a fork
07:45:05 PMraptor222 woooo!! more choice
07:45:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Kidd-man? More like Kidd-er?
07:45:45 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, you can't have the same catch-phrase as Hillary
07:45:48 PMfrederickrabbit First time here from California. Sorry I am late.
07:46:09 PMEricKidd That was just a shout-out to Hillary.
07:46:32 PMDrumstick ROBBIEF: Frederickrabbit is a newbie....
07:46:38 PM_Jot_ welcome frederickrabbit
07:46:42 PMDrumstick Welcome frederickrabbit!
07:47:01 PMfrederickrabbit Thannks alll.
07:47:13 PMraptor222 welcome to cat5tv fredrickrebbit
07:47:15 PMagamotto Next time, come about an hour earlier... chuckle
07:47:31 PMGadwil-Office Category5 Hippie TV
07:47:44 PMfrederickrabbit I am a commuter.
07:47:45 PMagamotto Thankfully, our county offers e-waste recycling services
07:48:26 PMchrisreich guys/gals I'm nauseus from my pain medicines; I'm going to lay down and listen to the balance of the show. All my best to all of you.
07:48:31 PMagamotto Nope, once your trash is on the street, it is considered abandoned.... ask the police, FBI, CIA, NSA..... at least in the US
07:49:03 PMGoodGuy Take it easy chrisreich
07:49:08 PMagamotto Darin's Boot & Nuke
07:49:11 PMevermind pick a hammer, open up the hd case
07:49:14 PMagamotto chrisreich, pleasant thoughts
07:49:17 PMDrumstick Best to you chrisreich
07:49:34 PMevermind hd dust noone can read from
07:49:36 PMagamotto evermind: Nah, blowtorch
07:49:53 PMevermind blowtorch you might not have around at your workplace if youre an it office
07:49:56 PMevermind but everyone has a hammer
07:49:57 PMDrumstick .357 works too.
07:49:58 PMagamotto Or, if you are really geeky.... liquid nitrogen
07:50:01 PMGadwil-Office DBAN
07:50:04 PMDGTLDNA someone hand robbie a class of water
07:50:05 PMGoodGuy Terabyte's CopyWipe is freeware also
07:50:18 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I used a hammer
07:50:20 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hammers are fun
07:50:35 PMGoodGuy Lol it's Hammer Time!
07:50:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru You think I'm kidding?
07:50:49 PMGoodGuy Nope
07:50:51 PMGadgetWisdomGuru That's how I disposed of my last drive.
07:50:55 PMevermind nope, thats the best method around
07:50:55 PMagamotto Much of my electronics and music in the 80's came from dumpster diving
07:51:01 PMGoodGuy Makes alot of sense
07:51:16 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I wiped it, bashed it with a hammer, dunked it in water...
07:51:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru But it is fun
07:51:35 PMGadwil-Office Thermite
07:51:45 PMagamotto Percussive maintenance.... sounds like something you would experience with an old 1541 drive....
07:51:46 PMevermind thermite, buy it at your grocery store, sure
07:52:01 PMagamotto Buy? Mix it in the bathtub
07:52:20 PMevermind and if anything miscalc, youre boom up
07:52:21 PMwarcow105 bathtub, mix it in a bowl
07:52:22 PMraptor222 I actually recommend an vulcand or a gau-8 if you can get it (google those two)
07:52:22 PMGoodGuy Thermite works great... I used to make that in science class... melted a clay flowerpot in seconds
07:52:42 PMevermind nahh, ill stay with protection glasses and the hammer
07:52:45 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I don't really understand that dban program, can you demonstrate it right now please?
07:52:52 PMevermind sorry robby, dban might be good, but this is so much more fun;)
07:52:58 PMDGTLDNA I have a 486 to donate
07:53:27 PMagamotto That is fun to watch! Local facility let me watch as they ground up a bunch of drives
07:53:30 PMGoodGuy Even melted the science class fresnel lens using it to ignite the primer material..... wasnt appreciated al all
07:54:05 PMagamotto Nah, label it "Porn collection," and have evil fun with the snoopy people in your life
07:54:06 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: Terabyte's CopyWipes does that as well as copy drives if you want
07:54:15 PMDrumstick ....nah .357....the preferred method in Georgia US... LOL
07:54:17 PMGoodGuy Love it agamotto :-)
07:54:56 PMGoodGuy
07:55:02 PMevermind thats why youll need to open the drive up anyways
07:55:11 PM_Jot_ if you make everything zeros, people can still read the data by examining the edges of the magnetic stuff with electron microscopes and such, so it isn't really gone
07:55:23 PMagamotto I did that to two co-workers... they never touch a thing on my desk again
07:55:25 PMevermind if you put the electromagnet on the plates, theres a good chance, but still said... there are cheaper ways
07:55:43 PMGoodGuy The DOD or NSA method beats that
07:55:53 PMwarcow105 _Jot_, there has never been a proven example of that being done, sure it is possible, but not plausible
07:56:11 PMevermind the prob with most erase soft is that youll have to know how to restore stuff, to find out if theyre really working good
07:56:16 PMGoodGuy Guttmann method does 35 diff wipe patterns... takes ages'
07:56:20 PMagamotto Like transparent aluminum... possible, but not plausible
07:56:46 PMevermind see, goodguy
07:56:47 PMagamotto RobbieF, Nice that you have that locally available to you
07:56:54 PMevermind yah, guttman is good man
07:57:03 PMevermind but it just takes to long
07:57:05 PMGoodGuy The NSA might be able to beat a lame wipe... most normal users couldnt
07:57:09 PMevermind if it hammers on your door, you dont have minutes
07:57:31 PMGadwil-Office It is easy if the drive is NTFS, which most are.
07:57:42 PMGadwil-Office Just using undelete from most repositories.
07:57:42 PMGoodGuy I know..... drive will probably wear out before the wipe finishes lol
07:57:48 PMGadwil-Office ntfsundelete that is.
07:58:14 PMDGTLDNA I think it has a 10gb drive in it.
07:58:26 PMGadwil-Office 29 EricKidd?
07:58:42 PMDrumstick not as old as me...
07:58:51 PMevermind btw, you do realize that all these options dont work with sdd disks
07:59:09 PMevermind so your netbook data erase needs nather path
07:59:12 PMGoodGuy I heard that.. any flash type drive
07:59:12 PMevermind nother even
07:59:27 PMwarcow105 evermind, with ssd you just fill the drive over and over with random
07:59:34 PMDrumstick its not age its mileage!!
07:59:35 PMGoodGuy Takes special utilities
07:59:41 PMevermind thats a way thats supposed to work warcow
07:59:50 PMagamotto Is that why I still have good skin?
07:59:51 PMevermind to tell the truth, ill have to have an sdd drive to test it out
08:00:08 PMagamotto Or, if you really want to test it, an SSD drive...
08:00:15 PMGadwil-Office Awesome show, thanks!
08:00:27 PMevermind the random bit's could also have the counter effect
08:00:30 PMRobbieF Woo! I made it through and only coughed 300 times! Hehe
08:00:35 PMevermind drive parts might look more suspicious than others
08:00:35 PMraptor222 have a good night everyone
08:00:36 PMEricKidd See you fine folks next week. Thanks for having me!
08:00:39 PMRobbieF Thanks all! Hope you enjoyed yourselves!
08:00:45 PM_Jot_ woohoo! next time go for 500 RobbieF
08:00:52 PMagamotto RobbieF, I would have had to stop at least three times for hairballs
08:00:53 PMDGTLDNA night all
08:00:56 PMDrumstick Thanks Robbie & Eric!!
08:00:59 PMfrederickrabbit Bye Glad to participate....somewhat hehe
08:01:00 PMEricKidd Robbie smells like cough-candies!
08:01:16 PMCory` EricKidd, rofl!
08:01:18 PMagamotto At least he doesn't smell like mugwort
08:01:20 PMRobbieF Bless the cough candies!
08:01:26 PMRobbieF they allowed me to be here tonight :)
08:01:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru What's a cough candle?
08:01:38 PMEricKidd I've never smelled a mugwort!
08:01:41 PMCory` RobbieF, lol
08:01:44 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, just wait untill the baby pops out and he smells like baby-produce
08:02:08 PMmindlord Good show. even with the difficulties.
08:02:19 PMEricKidd That, I have smelled!
08:02:21 PMRobbieF Thanks :)
08:02:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF, excited about Netflix in Canada?
08:02:34 PMGadwil-Office Anyone else get their access to the NewTwitter yet?
08:02:37 PMfrederickrabbit maybe next time robbie
08:02:38 PMCory` Good Show, as always :)
08:02:45 PMCory` Gadwil-Office, no :(
08:02:46 PMCory` I wish
08:02:51 PMagamotto "Holy Father, blessed be thy name, we thank thee this day our candied cough drops, for they allow us to sing thy praise, amen." Thus endeth the lesson....
08:02:59 PMRobbieF lol
08:03:00 PMGadwil-Office I got mine today, it is really nice.
08:03:10 PMCory` Lucky
08:03:17 PMagamotto Not being a twit, can't say as I have:)
08:03:58 PMagamotto I am something of a roll tonight...
08:04:01 PMGadwil-Office I don't even know how I got it so early compared to other people, I barely Tweet, I mainly use it to get news.
08:04:15 PMagamotto Randomized, I bet
08:06:02 PMevermind seems my domain cache is having probs
08:06:19 PMGadwil-Office So flush the DNS.
08:06:26 PMagamotto evermind: check out your stuff with Google Namebench
08:06:43 PMevermind gadwil, already did that
08:06:52 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I need to flash my router sometime soon
08:06:52 PMevermind now checking the dns queries on my router


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