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06:58:24 PMGatorman See
06:58:26 PMagamotto Nah, he will be stuffing them down his shorts for that 'eau de coq.'
06:58:35 PM_Jot_ no category5 tonight, because of hospitalvisits
06:58:45 PMDrumstick LOL _Jot_
06:58:50 PM_Jot_ having to remove things from ears and noses and stuff
06:58:50 PMagamotto That would be a bad night
06:59:03 PMDrumstick would you still want them _Jot_
06:59:16 PMagamotto Hmmm, stuffed nanodots = good time to have Magneto/Polaris around
06:59:23 PMGatorman As we say around here "That boy ain't right"
06:59:38 PMDrumstick Brick shy of a load
06:59:58 PMDrumstick Left out in the rain too long
06:59:59 PM_Jot_ hmmm I'm not sure if I'd still want them, even if they were handled by an international celebrity
07:00:12 PMGatorman Good point
07:00:31 PMDrumstick Who KNOWS where those dots have been!!
07:00:40 PMagamotto I wonder how long it is going to take George Michael to get in trouble again?
07:00:51 PMDrumstick Two weeks
07:01:02 PM_Jot_ welcome Johannes
07:01:18 PMDrumstick Drumstick going dark for broadcast....thank you all.
07:01:27 PM_Jot_ I hear titlemusic on the audiostream but nothing on justin, except the normal 'join us in the chatroom' thing
07:01:46 PMGatorman Nuttin here either
07:02:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, no show on justin
07:02:14 PMagamotto Someone's cesium clock slipping?
07:02:58 PMGoodGuy The WMS stream is working
07:03:04 PMGoodGuy Justin isn't
07:03:14 PM_Jot_ now Justin shows the nanodots
07:03:15 PMGoodGuy Now it is
07:03:18 PM_Jot_ but no show
07:03:32 PMalket Justin show isnt working it showing the backstage
07:03:35 PMGoodGuy Strange
07:03:40 PMajamison5579 Robbief justin tv needs attention
07:03:58 PMGoodGuy WMS is poor quality
07:04:04 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Greetings all :)
07:04:15 PMDrumstick No sound on either here.
07:04:25 PMGoodGuy Hi {BBI}Nexus{BBI}
07:04:32 PMGoodGuy I am hearing it
07:05:48 PMagamotto WMS seems to be working so far, I couldn't get Justin either
07:05:57 PMRobbieF
07:06:05 PMFuFura hi all
07:06:13 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} No video & no audio??? probs tonight?
07:06:27 PMmmdmurphy That ustream worked for me.
07:06:28 PMGregInTexas_ no feed at all ... just me?
07:06:49 PMagamotto Ustream or WMS... Justin isn't working tonight
07:06:57 PMalket {BBI}Nexus{BBI},
07:07:10 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} thanks aggamoto & alket
07:07:47 PMchrisreich I finally got the show by using the embedded player on the web site.
07:08:18 PMDrumstick Got it on ustream link RobbieF provided. Nothing else but backstage works
07:08:49 PMagamotto Use parted magic to wipe the unwanted 10.10 partition clean, leave it unformatted, installer should let you install there afterwards
07:09:53 PMagamotto RobbieF- Use parted magic to wipe the unwanted 10.10 partition clean, leave it unformatted, installer should let you install there afterwards
07:10:49 PMagamotto People use Evolution?
07:11:56 PMagamotto 'tis a labor of love
07:13:17 PMmmdmurphy My ancestors used Evolution, now we walk on 2 legs.
07:13:30 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- Fan of Baba Brinkman?
07:13:48 PMmmdmurphy Sorry, don't get the reference...
07:14:06 PMagamotto Search for him on your favorite music engine
07:14:08 PMAspidZent there was one...
07:14:31 PMmmdmurphy will do.
07:14:38 PM_Jot_ welcome warcow
07:14:39 PMajamison5579 ok i will try that
07:14:51 PMagamotto RobbieF- nah, assistive for the blind is pretty much the sole province of Knoppix and Ariadne
07:14:52 PMwarcow105 hey hey everyone
07:15:11 PMGatorman Eric, Jot will get you for messing with his stuff
07:15:32 PMajamison5579 yes
07:15:50 PMGoodGuy Yes - Ustream seems ok
07:15:53 PM_Jot_ his stuff? I won nanodots, they're mine! all mine! Mine I tell you! Muhahahahhaa!
07:16:50 PMcoryclaxon Hey RobbieF!
07:16:55 PMGregInTexas_ not when I was in high school ... just slide rules
07:17:05 PMagamotto RobbieF- the developer of Knoppix is working on some things, as his wife is blind. there is a distro for the blind, Ariadne, but I don't think it has dictation-style stuff in it yet
07:17:06 PMGatorman Ustream is fuzzy here
07:17:14 PMajamison5579 thats ok i was searching for the wrong term
07:17:22 PMGoodGuy I had a hexidecimal abacus for reading IBM coredumps
07:17:23 PM_Jot_ when I was in school, we could have calculators, but we were not allowed to actually use them
07:17:52 PMAspidZent there's web dictation software...
07:18:02 PM_Jot_ helo EricKidd, welcome to Category5
07:18:05 PMGoodGuy Hellp EricKidd
07:18:08 PMcoryclaxon How's twitter going EricKidd
07:18:09 PMGatorman Too many crosschecks!
07:18:34 PMjaepea @robbief i keep getting offair
07:18:58 PMEricKidd woohoo, i'm here!
07:19:09 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: What is the status of Perfectbuntu 5 with Maverick Meerkat?
07:19:51 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, did you 'forget' to join the chatroom on purpose so you could play some more with the nanodots?
07:19:54 PMGoodGuy Thank you!
07:19:59 PMniknak_ RobbieF - What's your opinion of Mvaerick so far?
07:20:27 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Maverick doesn't play nice in virtualbox.. display messes up when trying to install guest addition :(
07:20:32 PMcalhydro For Those that Have Knownledge: Hey installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a Thinkpad T61, trying to get the fingerprint reader to work. I final downloaded and installed the fingerpad -tools, and utility packages and got it working, it still askes for the password after the wipe saying login keyring did not unlock. Is this fixable or a limitation of the package?
07:21:00 PMGoodGuy They reviewed it last episode of The Linux Action Show and gave it a pretty good rating
07:21:35 PMGoodGuy Paid App store isn't ready.. one codec for sale
07:22:14 PMmmdmurphy Jupiter Broadcasting complained about this weeks ago.
07:22:45 PMCory` So RobbieF you gonna review 10.10 tonight? :D
07:22:45 PMGoodGuy Yes mmdmurphy.... One of the podcasters was pleading to get his app for sale
07:22:49 PMGuest_6567 What does everybody think of the new windows phone 7
07:22:51 PMagamotto LTS LTS LTS
07:22:59 PMGoodGuy Can't get any info on an official way
07:23:28 PMagamotto Guest_6567- if it lasts longer than six months, might be a contender
07:23:59 PMmmdmurphy Not saying it should be a CRAPP store, but an APP store with one app???
07:24:26 PMchrisreich RobbieF the second disk in a RAID 0 array does not double the risk of failure. It multiplies it by a factor very close to but not quite 1.0, which represents the reliability of the second drive over some period of time.
07:24:41 PMGoodGuy Hope more will be forthcoming
07:25:18 PMGuest_6567 I am not getting any video. Is it me or is Robbie having problems?
07:25:21 PMagamotto Well, find some rich billionaire willing to fund Robbie's efforts, and I am sure that he would be quite willing to work from home.
07:25:23 PMchrisreich a journey of a thousand miles begins w/ one step. A store with a jillion apps begins w/ one app.
07:25:37 PMGoodGuy Have to use Ustream Guest_6567
07:25:47 PMCory` dvd::rip
07:26:04 PMGoodGuy
07:26:09 PMCory` oh RobbieF, is perfectbuntu setup for 10.10? My internet dropped so... yea
07:26:10 PMCory` lol
07:26:11 PMagamotto i would rather have 10 excellent apps than 1m dodgy ones
07:26:17 PMwarcow105 handbrake and k9copy are good too
07:26:33 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} +1 for k9copy
07:26:45 PMGoodGuy I just asked Cory.... He said 5.3 was up on his site now
07:26:56 PMCory` awesine
07:26:58 PMCory` awesome
07:28:08 PMDrumstick Quick _Jot_ grab your dots!! lol
07:28:08 PMmmdmurphy And drink.
07:28:47 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} That's not new...
07:29:02 PM_Jot_ I'm trying! It doesn't work!
07:29:12 PM_Jot_ It's like they are magneticly attached to Eric or something
07:29:13 PMagamotto I would rather have a TerraFugia
07:30:09 PMagamotto yay
07:31:45 PMGoodGuy Now we know why discounted it
07:32:30 PMagamotto Nice, but I wouldn't go into a Best Buy to get one
07:33:38 PMGatorman and now it's got weeefeeeee
07:33:43 PMagamotto heheheheeh
07:33:47 PMCory` O_o
07:33:47 PM_Jot_ darn Jot doesn't win this time!
07:33:56 PMCory` lol _Jot_
07:34:09 PMwarcow105 my turn!!!
07:34:10 PMwarcow105 lol
07:34:20 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, EricKidd, of course you can give Jot all the prizes!
07:34:23 PMCory` woo!
07:34:32 PMCory` I'm ready! *Sings givaway song*
07:34:33 PMGatorman Indian givers
07:34:57 PMagamotto Gatorman- nah, that is whitey-givers
07:35:02 PMCory` nanodots = ftw
07:35:03 PMDrumstick I'm still using the Jawbone I won on Category5.
07:35:03 PMGatorman OK
07:35:29 PMCory` Drumstick, nice
07:35:54 PM_Jot_ I use the pogoplug still too, and if I could get my hands on those nanodots, but it seems I won't :)
07:36:07 PM_Jot_ just kidding, of course everybody gets their own, fortunatly
07:36:08 PMDrumstick Cory`: Thing works very well! Even my dog went nuts when I won....course I did start
07:36:19 PMCory` Ecase the Pogo with nanodots (j/k of course, that would ruin it)
07:36:31 PMCory` Drumstick, rofl!
07:36:31 PMCory` lol
07:36:33 PMCory` wow
07:36:42 PMCory` I was just redundant O-o
07:36:45 PMCory` O_o
07:37:10 PMagamotto It would be easier to teach windows how to do virtual screens, as we have been enjoying since at least 2001...
07:37:29 PMCory` I've never been to fond of virtualbox
07:38:31 PMGoodGuy
07:38:51 PMGoodGuy Dexpot 1.5 turns your monitor into up to 20.
07:38:57 PMGoodGuy For Windows
07:39:10 PMagamotto hmmmm
07:39:39 PMagamotto Eh, fixed at ~10G
07:41:27 PMjaepea cant watch show keep getting offline
07:41:48 PMwarcow105 jaepea, ustream feed
07:41:55 PMCory` Ustream isn't good quality in video as jTV is
07:41:56 PMCory` :(
07:42:42 PM_Jot_
07:42:59 PMjaepea jtv offline
07:43:15 PM_Jot_ yes, because it didn't work well tonight, use ustream
07:43:41 PMmmdmurphy Or drop it on the floor and crack it.
07:43:55 PMwarcow105 mmdmurphy, lol
07:46:31 PMGatorman What's the main advantage of VirtualBox
07:46:45 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} it works :D
07:46:47 PMchrisreich VirtualBox is free
07:46:51 PMagamotto Easy to configure
07:47:10 PMGatorman Why is it better than really installing ths OS as usual
07:47:22 PMchrisreich downside of VB for me is fixed resolution at 600 x 800
07:47:38 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} You can have as many machines as your host can handle on one machine..
07:47:38 PMagamotto Don't have to partition, don't have to worry as much if something cocks up in the install
07:47:58 PMchrisreich You keep your original OS intact.
07:48:28 PMchrisreich Is Gordon Lightfoot still alive?
07:48:49 PMEricKidd Gord is still alive!!!
07:49:24 PMchrisreich the last time I saw him on TV he looked like a skeleton with skin. I didn't recognize him
07:50:24 PMCory` RobbieF, what about a quick review of unity, also?
07:51:26 PMchrisreich single french guy
07:53:18 PMGoodGuy I had trouble trying to input my city name of that screen.. it took awhile
07:53:23 PMchrisreich use your hockey team and #
07:53:24 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: I had trouble trying to input my city name of that screen.. it took awhile
07:54:13 PMCory` I do like Mavericks new installer
07:54:59 PMCory` RobbieF, what about a quick review of unity, also? (sorry for repeat)
07:55:12 PMCory` yay!
07:55:13 PMCory` :D
07:55:20 PMCory` *Drumrole*
07:55:40 PMCory` What about next week RobbieF?
07:55:41 PMajamison5579 cool
07:55:48 PMCory` nanodots are ftw!
07:55:49 PMCory` :D
07:55:54 PMCory` Will do!
07:55:56 PMCory` :)
07:56:01 PMajamison5579 ubuntu has gotten way more intuitive
07:56:05 PMmmdmurphy How do I join the chat room more than once?
07:56:07 PMCory` ajamison5579, agreed
07:56:13 PMchrisreich Cory` I've found that you MUST send RobbieF an email to get a question on the air.
07:56:20 PMDrawBot_3467 I have grabbed a list of all active users in the chat room.
07:56:20 PMDrawBot_3467 Good luck with the contest!
07:56:20 PMDrawBot_3467 Kind regards,
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07:56:24 PMCory` Wow
07:56:28 PM_Jot_ Boohoo!
07:56:29 PMCory` that bot is quick
07:56:39 PM_Jot_ I won! Boohoo! Now I'm crying cause I can't win again! Boohoo! (not really)
07:56:55 PMCory` lol _Jot_
07:57:08 PMCory` weres my name?
07:57:10 PMCory` oh wait
07:57:11 PMCory` there it was
07:57:12 PMCory` :P
07:57:29 PM_Jot_ everybody is on there, it just doesn't show the names on the screen because the broadcast isn't fast enough always
07:57:31 PMcalhydro_ Have you seen the Zen vs Bucky Ball Youtube really strange
07:57:37 PM_Jot_ well, except me of course
07:57:39 PMmmdmurphy And my name NEVER appeared
07:57:41 PMCory` oh ok
07:57:42 PMCory` lol
07:58:04 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} I haven't seen my name appear once... :O
07:58:08 PM_Jot_ grats GregInTexas
07:58:14 PMmmdmurphy Ok, I DID see my name.
07:58:15 PMGatorman Congrats
07:58:16 PMwarcow105 congrats GregInTexas_
07:58:23 PMYazid nice
07:58:26 PMCory` GregInTexas_, come on down!
07:58:28 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} congrats greg...
07:59:22 PMGregInTexas_ oh ... not scrolling
07:59:22 PMGregInTexas_ saw my name
07:59:22 PMGregInTexas_ so cool
07:59:22 PMGregInTexas_ lol!!!
07:59:22 PMGregInTexas_ love me some magss
07:59:23 PMGregInTexas_ pick me!
07:59:23 PMGregInTexas_ not typing ...
07:59:29 PMDrumstick Good for you GregInTexas_
07:59:44 PM_Jot_ seem to be laggy, but don't worry Greg, you won :)
08:00:00 PMGatorman Adios
08:00:05 PMDrumstick Thanks RobbieF & Eric The Kidd!!
08:00:06 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Good show, see you all next week... byeeee
08:00:09 PMYazid goodnight
08:00:12 PMDrumstick Bye all!
08:00:14 PMmmdmurphy Another good show!
08:00:41 PM_Jot_ thank you for the show, Johannes, Eric and Robibe
08:00:44 PM_Jot_ Robbie even
08:01:15 PMGoodGuy Night All
08:01:21 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone!!
08:01:30 PMCory` Another show is in... the can! Leo Laporte style :P
08:01:45 PMEricKidd Hey, thanks for joining us! I'm off to play hockey, now. Not well, but I'm gonna do it anyway!
08:01:58 PMagamotto At least Robbie's are shorter than Leo's
08:02:32 PM_Jot_ have a great game Eric
08:03:03 PMagamotto _Jot_- What is the latest word on that toxic spill in Hungary?
08:03:21 PMchrisreich now what does one put into pondering soup?
08:03:37 PMagamotto chrisreich- I don't know, hence the pondering
08:04:06 PMagamotto I am searching Cooking by Numbers for a recipe
08:04:27 PM_Jot_ don't know much about the spill, what I heard was that it happened, some people died, and it's a big problem, some people say the whole area can not be lived in again, others say it should be possible
08:04:32 PM_Jot_ many people are moving out to not return etc
08:04:40 PM_Jot_ pretty much the usual with such disasters
08:05:03 PM_Jot_ big problems are that the stuff is drying, and that it stays dangerous when you breathe it in, and it is everywhere
08:05:08 PMEricKidd I'm outta here.
08:05:17 PMwarcow105 see ya EricKidd
08:06:08 PMagamotto Ok. I caught an article about it on European Journal, but that was last week
08:06:48 PM_Jot_ they are also trying to clean it up with acids etc, but there have been dead fish found already and that is a huge problem since the river where it happened is going through half of europe
08:07:01 PMagamotto Danube, yes?
08:09:22 PM_Jot_ yep
08:10:02 PMagamotto What else goes on in the world? I haven't had my telly on today
08:12:18 PM_Jot_ apparently, we learned in the news today, hockeyplayers love nanodots
08:12:26 PMRobbieF heh
08:12:28 PMagamotto chuckle
08:12:50 PMagamotto it is amazing how the simpest toys amuse the best, eh?
08:12:51 PMRobbieF I'm with GadgetWisdomGuru
08:13:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I think I overslept
08:13:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I've gotten suck
08:13:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru sick
08:13:27 PMagamotto Sorry to hear that. Nothing too bad, we hope
08:13:34 PM_Jot_ sorry to hear it GWG, hope you feel better soon
08:14:20 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Sore throat.
08:14:26 PMRobbieF :(
08:14:26 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hopefully it'll pass
08:14:33 PMRobbieF I'm quite the opposite of over-slept.
08:14:40 PMRobbieF but similar symptoms, I suppose :)
08:14:47 PMagamotto Riiiiicola!
08:14:50 PMRobbieF haha
08:14:54 PMGadgetWisdomGuru What did I miss?
08:15:01 PMagamotto I love those little pills
08:15:17 PMagamotto honey tea, if you aren't too sore of throat
08:16:12 PMagamotto Canada Dry or other ginger ale to cut the mucus, if it starts
08:18:18 PM_Jot_ you missed Eric almost winning nanodots
08:18:48 PMagamotto RobbieF- check the desk, make sure Eric didn't take them home!
08:20:03 PMRobbieF :) He was offended that his daughter took them over this week :)
08:20:31 PMagamotto hahhah
08:24:45 PMagamotto Hmm, this looks promising... loaded baked potato soup


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