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06:59:45 PMholly hi!
06:59:56 PM_Jot_ hi Holly
07:00:01 PMDrumstick Hello Holly
07:00:25 PMDrumstick And they are off and running at Category5!!
07:01:43 PMausrob damn christmas hope i get enough pressies
07:02:10 PM_Jot_ 13? wow, it is 4c here where I am, a bit to the west it is less than 1c
07:02:33 PMmindlord hmmm poor network performance... yay!
07:03:38 PMwarcow105 hey everyone!!
07:03:58 PMalket hey warcow105
07:04:06 PMGuest26614 hi warcow105
07:04:27 PMGadwil GadgetWisdomGuru, I present to you....
07:04:33 PMGadwil I hope that link works.
07:04:41 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I own one
07:04:42 PMwarcow105 oy, thats some beard you got going EricKidd
07:04:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru That's why I want the literature
07:05:07 PMGadwil Eric looks like he is like 23 just with a much more massive beard.
07:05:26 PM_Jot_ free literature -
07:05:52 PMGadgetWisdomGuru _Jot_, that isn't a gift.
07:05:54 PMwarcow105 hey Hillary, how are things?
07:06:16 PM_Jot_ GWG, I'm giving that link, isn't that a gift?
07:06:41 PMHillary hey warcow! everything is just great! school is great! And its great to be connected again in the land of cat 5!
07:06:56 PMCory` Bonjour, monsieur RobbieF
07:06:57 PMwarcow105 lol, nice!
07:07:31 PMtalibcyg Good evening cast of Category5
07:07:54 PMmindlord ... suddenly it works... : /
07:07:55 PMwarcow105 hey there talibcyg
07:08:31 PMcalhydro I love my pogoplug
07:08:41 PMLedzep Who sells them in Canada
07:10:16 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: I saw the new Black PogoPlug at Best Buy in Michigan a couple days ago
07:10:19 PMGadwil To anyone who hasn't heard of this yet.... ... DNS Benchmarking tool, very useful.
07:10:45 PMGadwil Works in WINE in Linux and Mac.
07:10:48 PMblakkheim i saw that on security now
07:11:08 PMGadwil Yea, that is where I heard of it too since it just came out. Just letting those who may not keep up with SN know.
07:11:21 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I limit my TWIT ingestion
07:11:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru There is only so much Leo I can take in a week. You watch too much, he starts to repeat himself.
07:12:09 PMGadwil GWG, He repeats even if you don't listen. Other people do.
07:13:25 PMYazid Hi Hillary! Cool Beans
07:13:36 PMwarcow105 lol, just got back from florida yesterday :-)
07:13:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil: How many hours of TWIT do you watch?
07:13:50 PMHillary Hi Yazid! hahah! :)
07:13:53 PMGadgetWisdomGuru warcow105: how was Florida? Where in Florida?
07:13:56 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hi, Hillary.
07:14:01 PMausrob2 Wish pogoplug was more readily available in Australia then it is at the moment
07:14:31 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Robbie, if you want to go to Florida, I say take the kids to Disney World.
07:14:41 PMGoodGuy I watch some of the TWIT shows on a WD Live TV using the MediaFly app
07:14:45 PMwarcow105 GadgetWisdomGuru, it was very nice of course, went to disney for a few days, then to my parents vacation condo in vero beach for a few days, then back up to disney again lol
07:15:08 PMGadwil Depends on the week GWG. Generally 3-4 hours though. Windows Weekly, Security Now, TWiCH, and other things like TNT, TWiT, FLOSS etc. intermittently.
07:15:13 PMGadgetWisdomGuru warcow105: Which Disney? There are many parks? Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT...
07:15:14 PMblakkheim i just do all of this manually with my freebsd server ┐(´ー`)┌
07:15:16 PMGoodGuy Does NewEgg or Amazon ship to Australia?
07:15:19 PMGadwil First 3 I listen to each episode.
07:15:33 PMblakkheim samba/sftp/rsync through ssh
07:15:36 PMGadwil Amazon GoodGuy, they should at least. Newegg I believe is US/CA only.
07:15:38 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I often listen to TWIG. I like Jeff Jarvis
07:15:47 PMGoodGuy Thanks Gadwil
07:16:20 PMwarcow105 GadgetWisdomGuru, all the parks, jump around them a lot. we got the pass for the special holiday night at the magic kingdom too which was nice
07:16:24 PMGadwil Jeff Jarvis is a good person, my thing is I don't really keep up with Google that well. But I don't think I can take anymore TWiT each week. I will listen if it is on TWiT live though.
07:16:30 PMGoodGuy I like that Dr Kiki.. she has a PhD and pretty cute with her sense of humor
07:16:36 PMausrob2 - GoodGuy - Don't think so well not last time i checked but should look again
07:16:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru warcow105: Did you go on my favorite ride? The Carousel of Progress?
07:17:08 PMwarcow105 of my faves as well
07:17:09 PMGadgetWisdomGuru warcow105: It's a great big beautiful tomorrow.
07:17:11 PMGoodGuy She has a science show (I dont watch) and guest hosts on Tech News Daily
07:18:18 PMLedzep Could I give my son who lives on his own access to my drive or am I the only one.
07:18:22 PMGoodGuy I believe you don't need to install the PogoPlug Drive software.. that's just to make it appear as a drive and not require using the web interface
07:18:59 PMwarcow105
07:19:00 PMGadwil You can ledzep, not sure exactly how though since I don't have a Pogoplug. You can give him access to certain folders.
07:19:07 PMGoodGuy You can share any connected drive Ledzep.. read only or R/W
07:19:41 PMwarcow105 lol
07:19:43 PMGoodGuy Folders as Gadwil said.. a top level folder would share the entire drive
07:19:47 PM_Jot_ you can change it per folder too, not just drive even, or give a link to a folder, and not a drive etc
07:19:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru warcow105: I've given up telling Robbie how to pronounce things
07:20:41 PMHillary its the canadian accent!
07:20:42 PMHillary don't be hatin'
07:20:42 PMHillary ;)
07:20:46 PMwarcow105 lol
07:21:10 PMajamison5579 Canadians are cool we get our Snow here in Michigan from them
07:21:12 PMajamison5579 lol
07:21:15 PM_Jot_ Robbie asked us to make more fun of him cause he was jealous we made fun of others
07:21:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary, mispronouncing the name of the airport in Madrid is not an accent issue.
07:21:50 PMwarcow105 haaaa
07:21:53 PMwarcow105 haha
07:23:00 PMajamison5579 RobbieF how would you add the mounting to fstab so it mounts every time you boot
07:23:29 PMCory` Guys, this is the language of Linux :P
07:23:47 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I always wondered if there was a good automatic way to mount a local resource locally if you were on your home network, but remotely if you were away.
07:23:50 PMHillary bahaha, i know gwg, i was being saucy. s'all,
07:23:59 PMGoodGuy I wrote a small script to chown etc on a FreeNAS (FreeBSD) system
07:24:18 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary: If I ever come on the show, I'll be sure to pronounce everything with a distinct accent for you.
07:24:33 PMGoodGuy Never could have done in before watching Cat5 and learning some Linux
07:24:50 PMblakkheim GoodGuy: isn't freebsd debian-based now?
07:24:51 PMGoodGuy FreeBSD is similiar to Linux
07:24:54 PMblakkheim freenas*
07:25:19 PMGoodGuy No.. The new OpenMediaVault will replace FreeNAS
07:25:25 PMblakkheim and i don't know about caling it "similar to linux"
07:25:29 PMwarcow105 freebsd and linux are similar to unix
07:25:48 PMYazid @Robbie - I've been dying to see this done. Thanks you
07:25:51 PMwarcow105 actually bsd is almost unix
07:25:59 PMajamison5579 Robbief what line would you use to add it to fstab
07:26:00 PMwarcow105 same heritage
07:26:07 PMtomchristy And now the GUI method
07:26:09 PMGoodGuy FreeNAS is staying BSD.. they just released the new version.. It uses NanoBSD and is a complete rewrite
07:26:26 PMblakkheim i love freebsd :3
07:26:41 PMwarcow105 yeah, freebsd is nice
07:26:45 PMwarcow105 i use it on some servers
07:26:46 PMGoodGuy The guy who wrote FreeNAS originally moved to the OpenMediaVault (Debian) NAS
07:26:57 PMGoodGuy It isn't ready yet
07:27:32 PMLedzep Is the Pogoplug sort of like using an FTP setup ??
07:27:45 PMGoodGuy The new FreeNAS is... I just tried it in a VirtualBox session.... missing alot of the features in the old version
07:27:51 PMsprintcowboy How do I make a shared folder in ubuntu so both users can access. like the example folder in home. and how can I make this accessable on a home network
07:27:56 PMGoodGuy It is an early beta
07:28:11 PMblakkheim sprintcowboy: samba or nfs or ftp or sftp or sshfs etc.
07:28:11 PMalket spideyman, right click properties > Sharing
07:28:13 PMGuest_7646 First time here...
07:28:33 PMGuest_7646 Browsing and found this.
07:28:33 PMGoodGuy I believe you use Samba or NFS for Linux only systems
07:28:42 PMwarcow105 welcome Guest_7646 ...make a username and come back often lol
07:28:43 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Guest_7646: Welcome
07:29:02 PMDrumstick Gotta go all....good night!
07:29:06 PMtomchristy no problem
07:29:10 PMwarcow105 gnight Drumstick
07:29:19 PMajamison5579 who is Tom?
07:29:22 PMGoodGuy I used to watch Food Mob on Revision 3 but they cancelled it :-(
07:29:44 PMtomchristy What camera is she using?
07:30:40 PMajamison5579 Does Steve Jobs every change his cloths? He allways seems to wear a black shirt with jeans
07:30:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru He could have a closet full of them
07:31:18 PMGuest_6155 can some one tell me what keeps some one from breaking into your online Pogoplug ?
07:31:23 PMwarcow105 that is the uniform of the antichrist
07:31:25 PMwarcow105 lol
07:33:12 PMGoodGuy Good Passwords Guest_6155
07:33:15 PMajamison5579 look at that old school logo
07:33:16 PMajamison5579 lol
07:33:26 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary misread that Amazon story.
07:33:33 PMGuest_6155 GoodGuy do you have any thoghts on protecting a online pogoplug ?
07:34:10 PMGoodGuy not really.. I own a pogoplug, but I am disabled so I rarely get out of the house
07:34:59 PMGoodGuy I bought it to allow or kids to access a backup drive.. they have usb drives locally and havent tried it yet
07:35:22 PMajamison5579 Kingsquest
07:35:33 PMGuest_6155 if some one can break into a home network. then whats going to keep them out of you pogoplug files.
07:35:35 PMGoodGuy Most security involves using quality passwords
07:35:51 PMLedzep I dl Planet C. It is hard to learn.
07:36:03 PMGoodGuy Read up on creating secure passwords etc
07:36:19 PM_Jot_ Ledzep, alices guide, click on storage on the left then EU guide
07:36:49 PMwarcow105 glad the router suggestion worked out for you RobbieF :-)
07:36:50 PMLedzep th
07:36:50 PMGoodGuy Plus rotate passwords regularly
07:36:57 PMLedzep ty
07:38:20 PMwarcow105 oh god this guy doesnt get the point that one of the most popular scams is the nigerian email scam
07:38:24 PMGoodGuy The Nigerian govt themselves have said if you allow yourself to get scammed, you were partly at fault too.... I tend to agree
07:38:35 PMLedzep _Jot_Thanks for the link.
07:38:45 PM_Jot_ Ledzep, no problem :)
07:39:28 PMGoodGuy I win the English Lotto often lol
07:39:37 PMGadwil When/Where was this interview that they are talking about?
07:39:39 PMGoodGuy In spite of never entering!
07:40:02 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is if you've never been to nigeria
07:40:33 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I've never gotten a charge from Nigeria. Larnaca, yes,
07:40:46 PMGoodGuy They are all waving Get Rich Quick offers
07:41:27 PMGoodGuy More population in China than anywhere else, so it makes sense
07:41:53 PMwarcow105 im surprised china allows cat5 through the firewall :-/
07:41:57 PMGadwil RobbieF, This weekend I learned Nod32 works on Linux!
07:42:16 PMGoodGuy I am amazed so many can speak fluent english.. we certainly cant speak mandarin (most of us)
07:42:16 PM_Jot_ warcow, without cat5 being so popular, there wouldn't be a firewall
07:42:24 PMalket EricKidd, missed my testimonial
07:45:20 PMGadwil Hey G_dog.
07:45:25 PMGadwil When did you become a Mod?
07:45:27 PMG_dog hey
07:45:47 PMG_dog couple yr ago
07:45:51 PMwarcow105 where was i when everyone got mod lol
07:45:59 PMausrob2 exit
07:46:20 PMGoodGuy Being a Mod is more grief than fun.. be careful what you wish for lol
07:46:22 PMGadwil Oh, I will try to remember to add you and anyone else I have missed in the list on the Wiki. Once Robbie lets me edit again.
07:46:41 PMG_dog i was in oklahoma for last 6months
07:46:41 PMGoodGuy although this room is civilized compared to many
07:47:44 PMausrob civilized yes geeky more so lol
07:50:14 PMGoodGuy Does anyone know if a network switch can hand out IP addresses for a Internet TV.. I'm guessing no
07:50:36 PMwarcow105 no, need a dhcp server
07:50:41 PMwarcow105 like a router
07:50:54 PMGoodGuy I bought one for our daughter forgetting my switch is connected to a router in this room
07:50:54 PMwarcow105 or a linux system
07:51:09 PMGoodGuy Thats what I was afraid of warcow105.. thanks
07:51:25 PMwarcow105 well if it is plugged into a router you are fine, the switch that is
07:51:27 PMGadgetWisdomGuru You can connect your switch to a router.
07:51:32 PMGoodGuy I wasnt thinking when I bought it this afternoon
07:52:01 PMajamison5579 I have the Netgear 3700
07:52:14 PMajamison5579 the step up from Robbies new one
07:52:19 PMwarcow105 ajamison5579, same here
07:52:23 PMGoodGuy She doesnt have a router... I have a bunch of routers, but bought them at garage sales so I have to check them out to see how they work
07:52:41 PMwarcow105 i recomended it to him, but he like the 3500 better
07:52:42 PMGoodGuy I read thats a great model router ajamison5579
07:53:04 PMGoodGuy I thought thats the one Maximum PC magazine rated best
07:53:34 PMajamison5579 it is the earlier runs of it has some hardware issues but the modern revisions are fine
07:53:47 PMwarcow105 it had the most ram and processor mhz, and most bandwidth at the time i bought it
07:54:01 PMwarcow105 thats why i chose it
07:54:05 PMGoodGuy I read they going to create a Ver 2 of it, so I thought I'd wait for that
07:54:25 PMGoodGuy No ETA on it, but I'm in no hurry
07:54:59 PMwarcow105 no, they just started naming the latest revs slightly different, even though the device itself has wnd3700 on its serial label still lol
07:55:14 PMGoodGuy I have an old wireless WRT54G, but I'm not using any wireless pieces currently
07:55:18 PMwarcow105 same firmware and everything
07:55:45 PMGoodGuy The Ver 2 is supposed to have a faster CPU, more RAM etc
07:56:48 PMwarcow105 didnt hear about that one. i needed a new one anyways, and i hate getting caught in that "if i wait a little longer" cycle because a new one is always around the corner lol
07:56:54 PMGoodGuy Recent Maximum PC had a router shootout issue
07:58:19 PMGoodGuy I googled for more info, but no one has anything concrete
07:58:35 PMGoodGuy The Max PC article mentioned it
07:59:30 PMGoodGuy Dec 2010 issue
07:59:45 PMGoodGuy I just located the issue in the living room
07:59:47 PMGadwil The shootout was also on their website.
08:00:05 PMGoodGuy Yes it was now that you mentioned it
08:00:22 PMYazid Good Night All1
08:00:23 PMcalhydro BYe Bye Cool Session
08:00:25 PMGoodGuy Not sure if they mentioned the alleged Ver 2
08:00:59 PMwarcow105 good episode tonight
08:01:07 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And now...waffles
08:01:09 PMGregInTexas really good
08:01:14 PMEricKidd Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the show. we'll see you next week!
08:01:22 PMGoodGuy I did EricKidd :-)
08:01:26 PM_Jot_ you too Eric :)
08:01:40 PMGoodGuy Have a great USA Thanksgiving


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