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06:58:31 PMpyrosrock_ what the hell i just got a add in the feed
06:58:43 PMblakkheim use adblock plus!
06:58:54 PMGregInTexas is justintv offline?
06:59:04 PMblakkheim yes
06:59:13 PM_Jot_ so Robbie, he's going to rob the bank? Oh wait, that's liam neesson, not liam fergusson
06:59:13 PMagamotto Not sure, i am not getting anything from it
06:59:13 PMpyrosrock_ cant not compatible with firefox 4 yet
06:59:24 PMHillary Shalom in the home\
06:59:29 PMGadwil-Office HI HILLARY!
06:59:30 PMwarcow105 hey hey everyone
06:59:38 PMGadwil-Office hey warcow.
06:59:39 PM_Jot_ cool beans hillary
06:59:41 PMHillary Bonjour mes amis!
07:00:01 PMHillary I come bringing you this year public service announcement: We will be a few minutes.
07:00:02 PMGadwil-Office I don't speak french hillary. English and a few spanish phrases.
07:00:14 PMHillary Slight delay. But don't worry, it's gonna be a rockin' good show!
07:00:33 PMblakkheim 日本語は?
07:00:36 PMGadwil-Office I am thinking I may just go to sleep at some random point during the show. So if I leave, or just stop chatting, sorry.
07:00:38 PMas759 Understandable with the good news
07:01:06 PMlabfan have your uni on tonight E Kidd?
07:01:36 PM_Jot_ hi Eric, welcome as well
07:02:08 PMagamotto Hilary: How are things going at school?
07:02:47 PMalket I can't watch the show it is just showing me "48 followers ... " and nothing more
07:03:15 PMGadwil-Office alket, things are running a bit behind.
07:03:16 PMpyrosrock_ lol i got that but i just clicked on backstage pass and works
07:03:25 PMalket it says OFFLINE
07:03:50 PMalket pyrosrock, send me the link to backstage pass please
07:03:51 PMpyrosrock_ yeah the sowo aint started yet
07:03:52 PM_Jot_ yes, there is a slight delay
07:04:09 PM_Jot_ if you are logged in on the website, the bsp is at
07:04:10 PMlabfan plz,be patient folks
07:04:25 PMalket OFFLINE
07:04:37 PMagamotto Ahh, the joys of a live show... giggle
07:04:38 PMGregInTexas I got a cam at backstage pass ... but no audio
07:04:42 PMpyrosrock_ um not sure how
07:04:58 PM_Jot_ yes, there is no audio on the backstagepass
07:05:01 PMblakkheim think i'll just wait for the podcast
07:05:22 PMchrisreich PEOPLE OF EARTH, GREETINGS.
07:05:32 PMwarcow105 hey chrisreich
07:05:49 PMagamotto The new router has eaten the show!!!!
07:05:50 PMGoodGuy hi chrisreich
07:05:55 PMHillary here we go people!
07:05:56 PMGoodGuy hi Christy
07:05:59 PM_Jot_ he show didn't start yet they are just starting up
07:06:07 PMGoodGuy My IP Address is on Host
07:06:12 PMEricKidd Hey, I'm here.....I'm late......and yet......I'm's all RRRRobbie's fault......he went and augmented the size of his family and is waiting hand and foot on all of the Fergusons.
07:06:22 PMwarcow105 lol
07:06:22 PMchrisreich fistbumps to warcow and GoodGuy and everyone else who doesn't want a smooch.
07:06:24 PMHillary @agamotto--- school is pretty rad, thanks! almost christmas break, woohooo!
07:06:26 PM_Jot_ is now live, if you don't see it yet, refresh
07:06:42 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, your job is to take care of the babyshower as well?
07:06:43 PMpyrosrock_ try now alket
07:07:12 PMEricKidd Are we having fun yet? Am i going to be late for hockey?
07:07:19 PMalket thanks pyrosrock but its backstage
07:07:21 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, yes
07:07:21 PMGregInTexas that's better ... I think
07:07:25 PMalket its showing backstage
07:07:31 PMchrisreich Hi Hillary - it's always good to see you here.
07:07:42 PM_Jot_ alket, you're supposed to have a banner 'the live show is about to begin'
07:07:44 PMGregInTexas still no audio ...
07:07:47 PMpyrosrock_ backstage working fine 4 ne
07:07:50 PMpyrosrock_ me*
07:07:53 PMalket no
07:07:58 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary on Twitter...hmm...
07:08:00 PMRobbieF everyone ready?
07:08:03 PMalket but im watching the backtage and listening to MP3 version
07:08:05 PM_Jot_ there is audio only on the audtiostream, not on the backstagepass or the show yet
07:08:07 PMEricKidd Hey chrisreich...........i told her that first!
07:08:07 PMGregInTexas um yea ...
07:08:13 PMchrisreich ready in the south, RobbieF
07:08:23 PMRobbieF launch!
07:08:30 PMGregInTexas now audio ... lol
07:08:32 PM_Jot_ I'm okay Robbie
07:08:43 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Not listening on my Android
07:08:45 PMalket the theme rocks !!!
07:08:48 PMlanceman Here we go!!
07:08:56 PMchrisreich I wasn't paying attention to you, EricKidd. Hillary is much prettier than you are.
07:09:05 PMHillary bahaha
07:09:11 PMchrisreich we have liftoff!
07:09:11 PMagamotto hahaahah
07:09:17 PMEricKidd I am afronted!
07:09:21 PMlanceman I second that chrisreich
07:09:25 PMGoodGuy Not to EricKidd's wife
07:09:28 PM_Jot_ so Eric, did you eat a dictionary?
07:09:34 PMGoodGuy assuming he is married
07:09:35 PMagamotto EricKidd- At least you aren't in arrears
07:09:49 PMchrisreich thanks lanceman
07:10:17 PMalket EricKidd, tweets only in Wednesdays
07:10:29 PMchrisreich RobbieF don't you think it's time to visit a barber?
07:10:33 PMlanceman I do!!
07:10:34 PMHillary hurraayyy!
07:10:39 PMagamotto yay
07:10:50 PMGoodGuy Yeyyyyyyyyyy congratulations
07:10:50 PMEricKidd Oxford for lunch!
07:10:55 PMGregInTexas awsomeness!! Congrats!
07:11:00 PMtroy74 congrats on the addition robbie
07:11:00 PMagamotto It is winter, he needs to grow it out anyway
07:11:01 PMchrisreich Yep, I follow RobbieF. Congratulations on bringing another baby Ferguson to the universe.
07:11:05 PMas759 Congratulations
07:11:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF: My family on Thanksgiving was most amused by Ferguson birth updates
07:11:29 PMGatorman Congrats for the new edition
07:11:29 PMGoodGuy Husbands don't get much sympathy after what the wife goes thru :-)
07:11:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru "He's tweeting his wife's labor? Who is this Robbie guy again?"
07:11:48 PMtroy74 yeah the poor husband has to....lwell really just wait
07:11:58 PMlabfan have E Kidd run the show
07:12:03 PMGadwil-Office Robbie, You can just leave, Eric and Hillary can run the show with John.
07:12:04 PMchrisreich It's the husbands that have to pay through the nose for the next two decades...
07:12:07 PMlanceman I did thank you.
07:12:22 PMchrisreich Hillary are you in the studio or elsewhere?
07:12:23 PMGadwil-Office I am installing Angry Birds on my dads Mesmerize to see what all the buzz is about.
07:13:03 PMVK7HSE Hillary: at Secret pirate broadcast location!
07:13:15 PMagamotto The only thing that has me antsy is NASA's tease about Thursday
07:13:49 PMagamotto I can't see Hillary as the drunken party girl type...
07:13:51 PMGregInTexas my wife loves angry birds on her droid
07:14:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GregInTexas: Which Droid model is this?
07:14:15 PMGregInTexas umm like the motodroid
07:14:17 PMHillary you're right agamotto, i'm really not.
07:14:20 PMGregInTexas original
07:14:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GregInTexas: I have one of those.
07:14:37 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary: Nothing wrong with that.
07:14:41 PMGregInTexas they are cool ... I want a droidX
07:14:50 PMpyrosrock_ i love angrybirds on my droid/milestone but it runs reli hot and drains the battery in like 1h
07:15:10 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The cycle of Android is so fast.
07:15:15 PMagamotto RobbieF- Ok, so when does the latest acquisition get on the air?
07:15:25 PMGregInTexas you play angry birds for an entire hour ... dude ...
07:15:28 PMlabfan yes we have it
07:15:29 PMHillary I totally agree GWG! And proud of it!
07:15:38 PMpyrosrock_ craft dinner is "easy mac in aus"
07:15:42 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF: Following your family event on Twitter caused my relatives to be scared of you.
07:15:48 PMGatorman What's the baby's name?
07:15:51 PMagamotto mac & cheese, hamburger along with a nice rosee....
07:15:51 PMVK7HSE EricKidd: or the alternate meaning! :-)
07:15:59 PMchrisreich Klaatu
07:16:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hillary: My abstinence is also a matter of pride.
07:16:24 PMEricKidd Baby Ferguson's name is Liam Daniel Ferguson! Cool name, eh?
07:16:40 PMGadgetWisdomGuru EricKidd: Not as cool as B'Elanna Ferguson.
07:16:50 PMGregInTexas that is a cool name ...
07:16:52 PMGatorman Cool beans
07:17:02 PMalket RobbieF, cool idea
07:17:08 PMnaplescritic i want a pogo plug
07:17:09 PM_Jot_ should be Seven B'elanna Ferguson, that works for a guy
07:17:15 PMchrisreich Liam Daniel Ferguson - LDF - Lowest Dispersal Factor
07:17:24 PMGregInTexas what is sad is that I've never gotten the 'dots ...
07:17:24 PMagamotto We had a family register this week at Toys4Tots with a Scandinavian family name that was 24 letters long...
07:18:01 PMGregInTexas they are probably stuck to the side of a postal jeep
07:18:01 PMGadwil-Office Robbie has kept me in anticipation for over a month on this redesign... can't wait to finally use it.
07:18:02 PMchrisreich agamotto how many of the letters were vowels?
07:18:07 PM_Jot_ yay, Jot wins mega viewer points
07:18:21 PMagamotto chrisreich- not many, I think about 8
07:18:40 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, I still didn't get mine
07:18:43 PMchrisreich agamotto that's 3 more than in all of my last name!
07:18:51 PMagamotto EricKidd is just a strange attractor
07:18:55 PMchrisreich
07:19:10 PMGatorman Jot, you still have not received the Nanodots?
07:19:18 PMVK7HSE RobbieF: being a NaNo NuT is better than just being a NuT eh? (EricKidd)
07:19:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru chrisreich: Someone has that
07:19:25 PM_Jot_ that's right Gatorman, but I'm far away so I'm not worried
07:19:28 PMGregInTexas nano nada
07:19:39 PMagamotto Customs probably thinks they are nuke fuel pellets
07:19:43 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Better get my letter in.
07:19:59 PMGatorman Jot, It's been 2 months. They could have been there if sent by camel
07:20:00 PMchrisreich GadgeWisdomGuru it looks lame, too.
07:20:01 PMGregInTexas customs probably swallowed them
07:20:39 PMalket This broadcast is to notify us that this broadcast is short
07:20:40 PMGadwil-Office I can barley hear them.
07:20:46 PMagamotto The few, the proud, the insane
07:21:14 PMchrisreich so what's happening today on the Gimpbuntu show?
07:21:16 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF: Would you happen to know what ports are needed to access Ubuntu Repositories?
07:21:17 PM_Jot_ that's by the way
07:21:22 PMalket RobbieF, do you need new-site-tester or something
07:21:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Dear RobbieF: I blame you for spending money. I just bought a replacement router because you inspired me to go gigabit. I have yet to install it, but I am trying Netgear on your recommendation. It is blame, but it is blame I can live with. Sincerely, Gadget Wisdom Guru.
07:21:59 PMVK7HSE RobbieF: port 80 if over http
07:22:01 PMagamotto chuckle
07:22:02 PMjamalexa RobbieF - I have a question, Can I belong to two networks at one time with samba?
07:22:03 PMGregInTexas I bleed netgear
07:22:04 PMGadwil-Office Ugh! I need to see if my school will make an account for Repo access, but if it uses port 80 then it is a no-go.
07:22:19 PMGadwil-Office I know 11317 or something like that for GPG key retrieval.
07:22:22 PMpyrosrock_ i dot sad i have a netgear unsuported router :(
07:22:29 PMVK7HSE just standard http ...iirc
07:22:30 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Ubuntu Repositories are websites
07:22:41 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Why wouldn't they use standard ports, unless specified?
07:22:43 PMGadwil-Office Ok, thanks Robbie.
07:22:54 PMGadwil-Office 443 = HTTPS
07:23:03 PMpyrosrock_ ftp+23?
07:23:05 PMGatorman Not a question for a man that has slept 2 hours in the last 10 days
07:23:15 PMpyrosrock_ =*
07:23:15 PMVK7HSE RobbieF: EricKidd unless they are wanting to use apt-cacher ?
07:23:17 PMGadwil-Office 21 = FTP out and 20 = FTP in... I think the in and out are assigned properly there.
07:24:04 PMGregInTexas I love wifi
07:24:12 PMpyrosrock_ i have a unsuported netgear router :(
07:24:13 PMGregInTexas I use it exclusively
07:24:20 PMagamotto I have to admit I am intrigued by the idea of fetching torrents via the router, leaving the various boxen off
07:24:20 PMwarcow105 great, missed the first 20min because my laptop somehow lost privileges to control the soundcard, then when i got it working I had to ghost my irc nick...grr
07:24:24 PMGadgetWisdomGuru WNR3500L
07:24:26 PMtroy74 wi cant find the connection
07:24:28 PMGatorman weeefeeeee, weeeefeeeee
07:24:42 PMagamotto warcow105- You have only really missed about 10 min
07:24:47 PMajamison5579 DD-WRT will not work on the 3700 anyway
07:24:49 PMVK7HSE RobbieF: EricKidd: no FCC equivalent in CA ??
07:24:51 PMwarcow105 oh yeah, forgot lol
07:25:04 PMGregInTexas wireless rocks ... I'm out in the country ... no interference, snakes and lizards don't have wireless
07:25:05 PMwarcow105 ajamison5579, dd-wrt does work on the 3700
07:25:06 PMlabfan i`ll wait for wimax
07:25:20 PMajamison5579 not according to their router DB
07:25:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I also need to get some Intel 4965AGN minipcie cards off Ebay to replace my 3945G cards to get the laptops on N
07:25:24 PMGoodGuy Install FreeNAS agamotto.. it can do that on an old pc
07:25:31 PMtroy74 my linksys is unsupported like the only freeakin unsupported model too
07:25:40 PMwarcow105 yes according to their db, i have it lol wndr3700
07:25:44 PMGadwil-Office He said something about 443, I know that is SSL though.
07:25:53 PMagamotto GoodGuy- yah, but the router would use a lot less power
07:25:56 PMGadwil-Office EricKidd, I don't think I am better looking, but I am younger and do have my hair!
07:26:13 PMGoodGuy True... if you already own that model router
07:26:21 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office- As if hair is important
07:26:27 PMchrisreich RobbieF is good looking. After all he's a Canadian male with all his teeth!
07:26:29 PMGoodGuy Many ppl have old pc's
07:26:37 PMalket RobbieF, do you need testers for the new site
07:26:54 PMGregInTexas ok ... here's a question ... how do you troubleshoot your wireless drivers in ubuntu 10.04
07:26:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I also bought a new switch to try and get jumbo frame support set up
07:26:59 PMagamotto GoodGuy- I might purchase something newer than what I have for that purpose, depending on cost...
07:27:07 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, we don't have to do everything you do
07:27:32 PMVK7HSE RobbieF: is just a wee spring chicken!!
07:27:41 PMGadwil-Office This may be the best show so far.
07:27:49 PMtroy74 eric must not go to the corners
07:27:51 PMGadgetWisdomGuru EricKidd: I did with my last few routers, so yes. And it is the K26 version.
07:28:01 PMGoodGuy Thats cool agamotto.... I'd like one, but I dont do that many torrents... I'd use my FreeNAS box and turn it on when I wanted to do that
07:28:11 PMGoodGuy Dont run it all the time
07:28:18 PMnaplescritic ok im registered so what do I win?
07:28:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru naplescritic: The admiration of your friends and family?
07:28:47 PMnaplescritic im guessing so
07:28:53 PMchrisreich Daylight come and me wan' go hoome
07:28:54 PMVK7HSE he he !!! :-D
07:28:56 PMagamotto GoodGuy- I usually don't do torrents, save for some podcasts and movies/vids from Legal Torrents.
07:29:03 PMGadgetWisdomGuru EricKidd: You going to launch into a rendition of the Banana Boat song/
07:29:04 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, if you want to enjoy some of the music from Planet Calypso, you can listen to it at
07:29:06 PMGregInTexas I cannot transmit up reliably
07:29:18 PMGregInTexas not a wireless issue exactly
07:29:19 PMchrisreich I do torrents 24/7. Free software.
07:29:36 PMVK7HSE RobbieF: EricKidd Hillary glad I don't live in a WiFi saturated area! ;-)
07:29:36 PMGregInTexas but it's not working for ftping up ... works fine coming down
07:29:45 PMGregInTexas windows works perfectly on the same router
07:30:09 PMGregInTexas wifi is not only not saturated, but no one else within miles
07:30:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, 100 us dollars, not 500
07:30:28 PMGregInTexas it's ubuntu / dell / drivers
07:30:56 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, 100.000 dollars
07:31:16 PMwarcow105 that is an absurd waste of money
07:31:19 PMGatorman There is no swamp land left here in Florida, it's all concrete now!
07:31:28 PM_Jot_ he paid 100.000 dollars, made 650.000 dollars from it
07:31:47 PMwarcow105 no reason to buy something not real lol
07:32:38 PMlanceman You can do that in Second Life too.
07:33:21 PMwarcow105 lol
07:33:32 PM_Jot_ planet calypso isn't a pyramid scheme, fortunatly :)
07:33:41 PMchrisreich I haven't got time for games anymore.
07:33:46 PMVK7HSE _Jot_: yeah I know! ;)
07:33:49 PMGatorman That's what Obama did to our economy. Guess how that worked out.
07:34:12 PMlabfan Obama did it?
07:34:18 PMlabfan i don`t think so
07:34:19 PMGatorman Yep
07:34:33 PMagamotto No, Sarah Palin did it!!!!
07:34:35 PMajamison5579 no politics please
07:34:41 PMlabfan how quickly we forget
07:34:42 PMlanceman How do you search for people in EU?
07:34:45 PMchrisreich it's Bush's fault
07:34:50 PMajamison5579 i hear that enough from my mother in law
07:34:50 PMEricKidd I think that started before Obama was on the job :)
07:34:57 PMagamotto lanceman- Interpol?
07:35:15 PM_Jot_ lanceman, you can't, but usually people know people, and people tend to hang out at the same place
07:35:27 PM_Jot_ lanceman, so once you see somebody, you can add them to your friendslist and keep in touch that way
07:35:53 PMlanceman Ok, so when I go into EU how do I find RobbieF?
07:36:04 PMalket RobbieF, does it work with new version of wine
07:36:16 PMajamison5579 If only I could sell sweat in real life
07:36:22 PMVK7HSE Hillary: Zzzzz Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz
07:36:29 PM_Jot_ lanceman, he has a society, you can join it in the society terminal, not sure where Robbie hangs out most of the time though
07:36:30 PMagamotto ajamison5579- hear hear
07:36:31 PMchrisreich Milk is actually a specialized sweat.
07:36:31 PMwarcow105 hahaha
07:36:48 PMlanceman Ok Thank you Jot.
07:37:07 PMagamotto Hillary- Don't!!! you will become a twit!
07:37:23 PMGadgetWisdomGuru agamotto: The TWIT people make a good deal of money
07:37:34 PM_Jot_ lanceman, I'm sure if you search for 'cat' without the quotes in the society terminal you will find the category5 society
07:37:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I'm bombarded.
07:37:39 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I need to unfollow people
07:37:41 PMagamotto Not the kind of twit I was thinking of....
07:37:46 PMGadwil-Office Following Hillary.
07:37:52 PMwarcow105 Hillary you need to follow me, thats all...and robbie lol
07:37:53 PMlanceman Thanks again Jot.
07:38:05 PMajamison5579 Tweeting become addictive
07:38:08 PMajamison5579 becomes
07:38:09 PMGatorman I misss Gordo's songs
07:38:10 PM_Jot_ Hillary, you have a pretty egg as a head
07:38:26 PMGadgetWisdomGuru ajamison5579: Hi, I'm @GadgetWisdom and I'm a tweetaholic.
07:38:51 PMajamison5579 lol I am more a computeraholic in general
07:38:59 PMagamotto I know that when we have teens helping us in the warehouse, I want to smack them for not being able to put their mobiles down for more than 5 minutes...
07:39:13 PMpyrosrock_ dont u hate it when u get a phone call just missed like 10mins of the show :(
07:39:18 PMGadgetWisdomGuru ajamison5579: I think you are supposed to say Hi, @GadgetWisdom.
07:39:25 PMchrisreich ajamision5579 I prefer the term 'technophile'.
07:39:44 PMajamison5579 technophile makes it sounds criminal
07:39:54 PMagamotto ajamison5579- heehehe
07:40:22 PMajamison5579 i would be conscerned someone might confuse it with petophile which i am not
07:40:28 PMajamison5579 concerned
07:40:29 PMchrisreich it's cool - my parole officer cleared me to use the term
07:40:49 PMagamotto ajamison5579- I would certainly hope you aren't 'doing' pets....
07:40:50 PMVK7HSE ok EricKidd what is your twitter user ID ?
07:41:20 PMVK7HSE Ha the X-Box Kinect has already been hacked!!
07:41:24 PM_Jot_ VK7HSE,
07:41:39 PMGoodGuy MS claimed they allowed it intentionally
07:41:44 PMagamotto Let the wave of dodgy games wash the M$ heathens away!
07:42:02 PMlanceman Goodguy If they were smart they did.
07:42:10 PMGoodGuy true
07:42:11 PMwarcow105 i wouldnt call it hacked, the interface has been figured out
07:42:23 PMGoodGuy just sell more units
07:42:29 PMchrisreich RobbieF no PlanetCalypso for Mac OS X?
07:42:36 PMlanceman Imagine how much money a company could make by manufacturing a hackable product.
07:42:45 PMagamotto chrisreich- nope, Win only
07:42:53 PMGoodGuy Linksys did.. WRT54GL
07:42:54 PM_Jot_ chrisreich, no, but it runs on macs if you run windows on it, since macs are just pcs
07:43:06 PMchrisreich I guess you won't see me on PlanetCalypso then guys.
07:43:17 PMVK7HSE all 18 thus far EricKidd ;-)
07:43:30 PMGoodGuy They created that while switching to less hackable units for regular models
07:43:43 PMlanceman Why not chrisreich?
07:44:08 PMchrisreich I won't run Windows for any reason, lanceman. Not on my own computers.
07:44:30 PMVK7HSE GoodGuy: what leaving the USB port wide open! that be intentional? nahh they just trying to save face me thinks! ;)
07:44:31 PMpyrosrock_ most of the time when i log in that area is full of players
07:44:47 PMlanceman Ok. I can understand that. I run Windows on one comuter and Ubuntu on another.
07:45:05 PMalket you should buy a motorcycle , thats a long road
07:45:11 PMGregInTexas I do that too, lanceman
07:45:14 PMGoodGuy They made the L model just because the earlier Linux models were so popular
07:45:37 PMwarcow105 VK7HSE, just like people have to decipher the interface for new types of webcams to make open source drivers, the same was done for the kinect, really no reason to try and stop that as it is no big deal
07:45:40 PMchrisreich I've wasted way too much of my life trying to keep Windows running and recovering from crashes. I'm done with it.
07:45:51 PMlanceman I'm thinking of running PCLinux in virtualbox.
07:46:45 PMGuest_2044 any one no if you can play black ops on ubuntu 10.10 yet
07:46:52 PMlanceman I haven't had a crash I couldn't recover from since Windows 98. If my system crashes I just reboot. That doesn't happen very often.
07:47:06 PM_Jot_ if Jot is in game, he often is on the new arrival island as well as in port atlantis :)
07:47:15 PMalket RobbieF, does it mean that for couple of weeks the show will be off format
07:47:15 PMVK7HSE RobbieF: hey hows your hand? (after Bekah squeezing it!)
07:47:17 PMchrisreich more coffee, RobbieF?
07:47:33 PMGregInTexas I have to reboot my win machine like every week ... I've rebooted ubuntu once since July
07:47:38 PMagamotto That was nice of her!
07:48:11 PMGadwil-Office Awww... my dad just took Angry Birds away from me.
07:48:16 PMlanceman I play Planet Calypso on a machine that does not meet the minimum requirements too.
07:48:18 PMGadwil-Office :(
07:48:46 PMajamison5579 ok when this show is over i need to actually do the home work i have been putting off
07:49:02 PMlanceman Homework is important.
07:49:16 PMGregInTexas i wanna pogoplug
07:49:19 PMagamotto ajamison5579- I am so happy to be beyond that stuff
07:49:26 PMVK7HSE GregInTexas: don't we all ;-)
07:49:30 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I need to edit a podcast
07:49:39 PMpyrosrock_ so other than this upgrade how do u earn "viewer points" RobbieF
07:49:40 PMGregInTexas lol
07:49:45 PMchrisreich lanceman you remind me of an idea I once had for a commercial product; homework-flavored dog food.
07:49:58 PMVK7HSE RobbieF: EricKidd Hillary will cat5 site remain using Joomla ??
07:50:16 PMlanceman chrisreich (?)
07:50:30 PMGadgetWisdomGuru VK7HSE: I was hoping he'd switch to Drupal. Seems much easier.
07:50:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Or even wordpress, my preferred CMS
07:50:47 PMalket Log In +Log out * Infinite :D
07:50:53 PMwarcow105 drupal is pretty decent to use, i played a bit with it
07:50:55 PMGregInTexas drupal easier than joomla?
07:51:12 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, I am now unable to test the episodes from the Beta download on my PS3. My PS3 died. :(
07:51:15 PMagamotto Best buy? ewww
07:51:17 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GregInTexas: I only fiddled with it a bit. Seemed to be. I still prefer Wordpress
07:51:19 PMGregInTexas I'm working on a joomla site tonight
07:51:25 PMGadwil-Office * beta RSS that is
07:51:35 PMEricKidd yes, vk7hse.
07:51:36 PMGregInTexas wordpress is too limited for my purposes
07:51:39 PMchrisreich joomla - drupal ... it all sounds so much like a Dr. Seuss book.
07:51:47 PMwarcow105 lol
07:51:56 PMVK7HSE :(
07:52:01 PMalket RobbieF, the current site is very messy
07:52:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GregInTexas: What purposes do you need?
07:52:08 PMGregInTexas ajaxified joomla
07:52:12 PMlanceman When does the new site go live?
07:52:12 PMalket i could find the Forgot password option once
07:52:17 PMGuest_2044 any one get cod4 or black ops to run on ubuntu 10.10 ? and runing pb too
07:52:19 PMVK7HSE Diaspora ?
07:52:26 PMajamison5579 the new Facebook
07:52:27 PMGregInTexas what purposes?
07:52:33 PMGadgetWisdomGuru VK7HSE: Don't let Robbie mispronounce that again
07:52:36 PMagamotto Just as long as there isn't so much eye-candy that it takes forever to get to the text I want.
07:52:39 PMGadwil-Office alket, the new site is much cleaner, try to trust me.
07:52:44 PMGregInTexas I use joomla when I need a CMS that is very versatile
07:53:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GregInTexas: I just find it less intuitive for quick use.
07:53:15 PMGadwil-Office It is also buggy in some areas.
07:53:15 PMagamotto I am looking forward to Diaspora
07:53:21 PMGregInTexas for quick quick use: I use html/css/js
07:53:26 PMGregInTexas and notepad
07:53:26 PMEricKidd vk7hse...diaspora or "beta"?
07:53:32 PMVK7HSE GadgetWisdomGuru: he he I'd like to hear his version!!!
07:53:35 PMas759 I'm just learning what Joomla can do ... love it!
07:53:38 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GregInTexas: add in some PHP and I'm there
07:53:54 PMGadwil-Office EricKidd, Ask RobbieF if those of us that are already "in" the beta, still need to email him... Please.
07:54:00 PMpyrosrock_ RobbieF y not html5?
07:54:01 PMagamotto No theora?
07:54:09 PMwarcow105 VP8
07:54:11 PMwarcow105 lol
07:54:13 PMGregInTexas well ... the php is used when you want something more than you can do with html
07:54:25 PMVK7HSE EricKidd: when RobbieF mentioned a few backend formats Diasproa just poped into my head! ;) (I've yet to setup my own node)
07:54:29 PMGregInTexas I've been using html5 ...
07:54:36 PMagamotto let's hear it for automation!
07:54:44 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GregInTexas: I use it to assemble pages. Why rewrite the header and footer in every single file?
07:54:51 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I haven't looked at HTML5 yet. On my list
07:54:53 PMGregInTexas html5 is cool beans as Hilliary would say
07:54:56 PMGadwil-Office i think we also need to give a cheer to Robbie's dedication!
07:55:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Automation is wonderful
07:55:27 PMGregInTexas well, GWG, you're doing a very simple cms then!
07:55:32 PMchrisreich we need good recipes for cool beans...
07:55:40 PMpyrosrock_ what email RobbieF for beta testers?
07:55:45 PMagamotto I prefer hot beans, myself
07:55:45 PMGadgetWisdomGuru GregInTexas: Exactly. But Wordpress saves me time. Why reinvent the wheel?
07:55:57 PM_Jot_ [email protected]
07:56:16 PMagamotto Nothing like choking on your own spit!
07:56:20 PMGoodGuy What is Wordpress? I thought it was a blogging tool
07:56:24 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And unfortunately, beta testing it for robbie got me autodownloading 40 old episodes
07:56:27 PMGregInTexas ah ... wordpress is cool for sure, but I maintain a set of sites where I don't have php ... so all you got is html / js / and css
07:56:32 PMajamison5579 I only have one chid and I have less hair
07:56:33 PMagamotto moi
07:57:05 PMagamotto Ok, just curious
07:57:19 PMGregInTexas I try never to re-invent the wheel, but since I had to recently, I used html5 exclusively ... very cool
07:57:33 PMagamotto I just figured that a 'linux' fomat would make sense
07:57:40 PMGregInTexas and html5 works in all the modern browsers
07:57:58 PMGregInTexas I love h.264
07:58:11 PMGadgetWisdomGuru WebM?
07:58:12 PMVK7HSE EricKidd: has Hillary fallen asleep?
07:58:36 PMGregInTexas haven't played with the WebM that much, but it looks very cool
07:58:37 PM_Jot_ hillary is just smiling and nodding like she was told I bet
07:58:41 PMchrisreich This just in via Twitter: actor Rainn Wilson of TVs 'The Office' just bought Meg Whitman's campaign manager - on eBay.
07:58:41 PMwarcow105 webM vp8 video ogg audio
07:58:47 PMwarcow105 i think
07:58:51 PMagamotto yech
07:58:57 PMwarcow105 in a modified mkv container
07:59:15 PMEricKidd Hillary went to a party, i think ;-)
07:59:16 PMagamotto chrisreich- Couldn't have cost too much
07:59:46 PMchrisreich he didn't report the price agamotto
07:59:46 PMGregInTexas why go outside the browser?
07:59:47 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, Some parts of it don't require. Such as the Article commands. But new features such as Canvas, audio, and video do require that. So you could integrate some parts of HTML5.
08:00:18 PMTBigMan Oh Yeah!
08:00:27 PMVK7HSE EricKidd: \o/
08:00:29 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, you're doing fine, don't worry
08:00:55 PMGregInTexas ahhhh
08:00:58 PMagamotto Let us face the full cream... none here speak the Queen's English...
08:01:17 PMGadgetWisdomGuru agamotto: You mean none of us are British?
08:01:21 PMGregInTexas TEN pounds??? holy cool beans!!
08:01:22 PMlanceman That's a big baby.
08:01:37 PMGregInTexas mercy!!!
08:01:41 PMagamotto No, strictly a comment on language
08:01:44 PMGadwil-Office I was about 10 pounds when born.
08:01:51 PMchrisreich Ten pounds! That's some woman you married there, RobbieF
08:01:57 PMpyrosrock_ whats a pound?
08:02:08 PMchrisreich 454 grams
08:02:12 PMalket EricKidd, you are too funny
08:02:14 PMGoodGuy Our granddaughter was the largest baby born up to late August in a big hospital... either sex
08:02:16 PMagamotto 2.2 kilo
08:02:23 PMGoodGuy 11.4 lbs iirc
08:02:27 PMEricKidd There are 2.2 pounds in a kilogram
08:02:30 PMlanceman Pyrosrock a pound equals 2.2 kilos.
08:02:38 PMGadwil-Office I like these kinds of shows. So relaxed, not too many questions.
08:02:44 PMchrisreich other way 'round, lanceman
08:02:51 PMagamotto About half a stone
08:02:51 PMGregInTexas well, 10 pounds is a BIG baby
08:02:52 PMchrisreich 1/32 of a stone
08:03:00 PMlanceman Yeah I realized that after I sent it.
08:03:01 PMGoodGuy My wife wouldnt allow me to call the hospital to see if she held the record on Dec 31st lol
08:03:14 PMalket yes you can search the : the answer to life the universe and everything
08:03:15 PMGadgetWisdomGuru How much was that per hour?
08:03:19 PMalket and it will return 42
08:03:24 PMpyrosrock_ RobbieF have u used wolframalpha?
08:03:35 PMGadwil-Office Google " Robbies bald head to a head for Robbie with hair " I wonder if it can do that.
08:03:38 PMGregInTexas must've let that baby cook a little longer ...
08:03:56 PMchrisreich I always thought 32 lbs in a Stone.
08:03:57 PMGadwil-Office Wolframalpha is a computation engine.
08:04:00 PMVK7HSE don't you love the decimal version of an imperial system!
08:04:08 PMGoodGuy What was that number in ABC's Flash Forward.. some number from physics
08:04:19 PMGadwil-Office I am glad you found that funny EricKidd!
08:04:20 PMagamotto chrisreich- I was thinking 20
08:04:21 PM_Jot_ Gadwil, googles answer: Robbie's pooches give him a new look
08:04:37 PMchrisreich The chat room is more fun than RobbieF when he's exhausted.
08:04:44 PMGadwil-Office Jot, describe this " pooches " pleae.
08:04:59 PMagamotto Bags under the eyes
08:05:07 PM_Jot_ Gadwil, it was about Robbie William's dogs I think, I don't know who that is
08:05:07 PMVK7HSE eg 0.25 of an inch! instead of 1/4
08:05:08 PMagamotto Common for those with children under 2
08:05:15 PMGadwil-Office EricKidd, If Liam is a better co-host, then yes, you should be worried.
08:05:36 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil-Office: It would become a family affair
08:05:38 PMalket RobbieF, where is the "Forgot Password" in the site, i can't find it ,again
08:05:42 PMalket lol
08:05:59 PMVK7HSE Oh nioce!!!
08:06:00 PMchrisreich webcam the baby for us, RobbieF
08:06:05 PMGadwil-Office GWG, With Hillary. We can't leave out the new news-woman. Since the original left for a "job".
08:06:28 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil-Office: We can replace her with Tali.
08:06:29 PMagamotto John can regale us with the joys of being married with Chrsty!
08:06:33 PMGuest_2044 i hear that linux may be seeing directx some time soon
08:06:50 PMchrisreich So will Christy be blessing us with a baby too?
08:06:50 PMGadwil-Office alket,,com_comprofiler/Itemid,0/task,lostPassword/
08:07:00 PMalket thanks Gadwil-Office
08:07:03 PMGadwil-Office GWG, No, I like Hillary doing the news, so soothing.
08:07:24 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Good photos...and post them on Twitter.
08:07:29 PMGregInTexas me too
08:07:34 PMagamotto I can see that story in the Canadian Enquirer!
08:08:01 PMGoodGuy Does Christy's station have a live streaming feed?
08:08:06 PMGadwil-Office Guess what just made the Cat5 TV fan site!
08:08:11 PMagamotto I think we can forgive a new daddy for that kind of thing
08:08:27 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I hate Christmas music.
08:08:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru It is everywhere
08:08:35 PMGadwil-Office Robbie, you may want to remind people that while the main site will be down, the fan site will be up.
08:08:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru The same five songs, over and over again
08:08:44 PMcalhydro ye bye Get some sleep
08:08:50 PMchrisreich Just recieved twitter-gram: "I'm doing zip, zilch, and nada. Three cute Swedish fellas I just met"
08:08:57 PMlanceman Good night all.
08:09:09 PMGadwil-Office I seriously think that the fan site is pratically dead. i havn't even checked back in a few months.
08:09:10 PMwarcow105 fun show tonight
08:09:19 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru- yes, but at least around here, the stores waited until after Thanksgiving to play it
08:09:22 PMEricKidd Robbie's got scotch in his coffee cup
08:09:24 PMalket I will make this music as my ringtone
08:09:25 PMajamison5579 it is not dead as in no development
08:09:29 PMchrisreich Good night John-boy.
08:09:32 PMajamison5579 it is dead as in no traffic
08:09:43 PMRobbieF What Eric doesn't know is he has formaldehyde in his.
08:09:46 PMajamison5579 i try to keep improving it though
08:09:48 PMagamotto ehehehe
08:10:02 PMagamotto At least his corpus will outlast most
08:10:16 PMGoodGuy I dont see a Planet Calypso link on the Cat5 site menus
08:10:25 PMGadwil-Office I am off to dive into a Civilization IV game. Hopefully I can finish it in time to see everyone next week.
08:10:26 PM_Jot_
08:10:34 PMGadwil-Office have a good week EricKidd!
08:10:37 PMagamotto Ok, time for Robbie to collapse on the couch!
08:10:38 PMEricKidd He's not pickled...he's marinating
08:10:49 PMGoodGuy I mean via the menu system _Jot_
08:10:59 PMEricKidd You, too, Gadwil!!! Now, I'm off to hockey.
08:11:00 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, yes, there is no such link
08:11:18 PMpyrosrock_ have a good game EricKidd
08:11:19 PM_Jot_ have a great game Eric
08:11:21 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office- I can believe that. Still one of my favorite games
08:11:25 PMwarcow105 i have to head out, got hung up at my parents house and had to pull out my netbook so i wouldnt miss the show, i think they want me gone now lol
08:11:47 PMwarcow105 congrats again RobbieF!!!
08:12:00 PMagamotto warcow105- how did you offend them this week?
08:12:43 PMGoodGuy I get Not Found
08:12:52 PMwarcow105 agamotto, i dont have to do anything these days, it's just after 31 years they dont want to see me constantly lol
08:12:59 PMagamotto ahhh
08:13:00 PM_Jot_ goodguy,
08:13:17 PMwarcow105 gnight folks
08:13:23 PMagamotto warcow105- most parents would love to see their kids more often
08:13:31 PMGoodGuy Thanks _Jot_... I assumed cat5. was shorthand
08:15:00 PMGoodGuy Interesting quote on that website.. it was a copy of Charlestom Heston's while he was NRA president
08:15:27 PMGoodGuy Charleton
08:15:30 PM_Jot_ I see Robbie on the backstagepass, wow, he suddenly got small
08:15:46 PM_Jot_ but no hair, has to be Robbie
08:15:49 PMEricKidd If you're still watching, check out "backstage pass". Liam is on the set!!!
08:16:04 PMGoodGuy Charlton Heston
08:16:37 PMagamotto Well, I will away.... time for dinner
08:17:17 PMEricKidd Liam has places to go, people to meet, bells to ring, etc., he went back upstairs.
08:17:28 PMGoodGuy That Toyota ad is odd... less injuries yet if he doesnt play that sport
08:18:44 PM_Jot_ I hope that baby won't need glasses, how would we be able to tell them apart
08:18:49 PMRobbieF Proud to be Canadian.
08:19:02 PMajamison5579 is that RobbieF select Beer
08:19:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru RobbieF: What prompted that?
08:19:43 PMRobbieF Guru; Eric brought a little sumfin sumfin
08:20:26 PMajamison5579 I am not a beer drinker can not stand the carbonation
08:20:32 PMajamison5579 i am weird that way
08:22:26 PMEricKidd Hey ajamison5579 May I have yours then?
08:22:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru What is it with Eric and his beer?
08:23:10 PM_Jot_ I'm not getting between Eric and Beer
08:23:14 PMRobbieF That's like saying "What's with Robbie and his Coffee"
08:23:29 PMEricKidd GWG, it's a love affair that's been going on for quite a while :)


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