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06:59:25 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I should watch video more often
06:59:30 PMGadgetWisdomGuru there's Robbie sipping something
06:59:52 PMlabfan showtime!!
07:00:05 PMraptor222 t-rex888 LOL! ROFL! and running for my life
07:00:19 PMpyrosrock and were off
07:01:19 PMLock-Ness_Monsto RobbieF, Get Eric logged into chatroom!
07:01:28 PMraptor222 no green screen
07:01:49 PMLedzep Greetings all.
07:02:01 PMG_Dog1985_ lol
07:02:02 PMardian Hi alket
07:02:18 PMalket hi ardian , im having low internet connection
07:02:43 PMGadgetWisdomGuru EricKidd just came dangerously close to singing some Pookie Hudson
07:02:49 PMLock-Ness_Monsto I hope Robbie got the subject of that sentence, I didn't..
07:02:59 PMardian what's up
07:03:13 PMSammySez is Christy in chat?
07:03:13 PMalket wheres the green screen
07:03:39 PMGadwil alket, behind the brown one.
07:03:52 PMGadwil I think Eric is scarred of the chatroom.
07:04:04 PMraptor222 erickidd going grunge
07:04:07 PMGadwil RobbieF, Nvidia GTS 450.
07:04:18 PMGadwil That was my geek gift.
07:04:21 PMpyrosrock RobbieF Minecraft Magnets
07:04:38 PMSammySez I was up until 3:15am installing RockBox on my Sansa Fuze. RockBox fookin' rocks!
07:05:09 PMGadwil SammySez, I am not sure what to say to that. Super close though.
07:05:09 PMLedzep Robbie does it play x.264
07:05:24 PMagamotto Hallo, all
07:05:26 PMGadwil Hello Agamotto!
07:05:42 PM_Jot_ Thanks Robbie :)
07:05:51 PM_Jot_ hey Christy
07:05:53 PM_Jot_ hi Johannes
07:05:55 PM_Jot_ hi Eric
07:05:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hi agamotto
07:06:39 PMagamotto Did everyone enjoy their solstice?
07:07:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru agamotto: I didn't notice. I haven't left the house since Saturday night.
07:07:15 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Unless you count the driveway
07:07:37 PMpyrosrock u can get dvi ones just reli expensive!!!!!
07:07:44 PMagamotto In our neighborhood, we dug out paths to each other's house
07:07:45 PMSammySez borrowed the GF's US Cellular cell card from her Windows laptop, plugged into my Ubuntu netbook, fired right up - no software - no drivers - no hassles
07:07:47 PMpyrosrock coz iv been looking
07:08:00 PMlabfan anyone else get a Roku box for christmas?
07:08:05 PMGadgetWisdomGuru agamotto: The city didn't plow my street till this evening. The snow ended early monday morning
07:08:11 PMGadgetWisdomGuru labfan: No, but I own one
07:08:18 PMagamotto SammySez- really? wow....
07:08:40 PMlabfan i got the xds model,very nice
07:09:10 PMGadgetWisdomGuru labfan: I have the original HD model, but I'm switching to the XD and giving my HD to my parents as a gift. They need the older connectors.
07:09:19 PMagamotto Moline plowed.. right onto and over some, cars.
07:09:21 PMcalhydro Robbie: I got a Bamboo Tablet, now I'm editing photos like a pro does GIMP support tablets yet!
07:09:35 PMSammySez when you plug the card in, Ubuntu pops up a window, asking what cell provider you use with a drop down list of about 20 providers if I recall. Pick one and viola! you're on the web
07:09:39 PMlabfan they seem to work like a charm Gadget
07:09:45 PMGadwil calhydro, What OS is on the tablet?
07:09:49 PMGadgetWisdomGuru agamotto: My parents generously loaned me their car. Mine can't handle this weather.
07:10:04 PMGadgetWisdomGuru labfan: It's a great piece of hardware, especially for the price.
07:10:11 PMagamotto SammySez- Wow, another neat thing most people don't know about
07:10:12 PMlabfan agreed
07:10:45 PMcalhydro You and can get a gender changers to allow use of KVM
07:10:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I always found the name Gender changer to be odd.
07:11:20 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru- mine does well, save for the need to warm up the tranny if I want to go faster than 45 at first
07:11:21 PMSammySez with my Verizon smart-phone running Windoze 6.5 Mobile no less, even that requires special software installed on XP in order to tether. I plug the same phone into any ubuntu machine, and I don't touch a thing - bam! on the web
07:11:36 PMagamotto I prefer gender-bender
07:11:37 PMcalhydro I use Belkin Soho Swithces
07:11:37 PMpyrosrock RobbieF EricKidd is there a way to run 2 hd's in RAID 0 and have them accesable in win 7 and ubuntu?
07:11:38 PMGadgetWisdomGuru agamotto: My heat is busted.
07:11:58 PMGadwil Pyrosrock, Why would you want RAID 0?
07:12:10 PMpyrosrock coz i want speed
07:12:11 PMGadwil calhydro, GIMP on Tablet, what Tablet are you referring too?
07:12:20 PMpyrosrock dont care about my data
07:12:29 PMagamotto My tranny just doesn't like to go anywhere fast when it has to start up around 0 or colder
07:12:32 PMGadwil pyrosrock, exactly, data is the important part.
07:12:55 PMGadgetWisdomGuru "Funny, Eric never takes a second cup of coffee at home..."
07:12:58 PMpyrosrock Gadwill no i have no inportant data
07:13:01 PMGadwil So long as you are using a hardware RAID option, I don't see why it would work out-of-the-box.
07:13:02 PMGoodGuy I have an Iogear KVM switch from a garage sale.. works great
07:13:08 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Sorry, bad old reference.
07:13:18 PMGoodGuy Mine is VGA-PS2
07:13:22 PMPingutech hello from Israel!
07:13:30 PMGadwil hello Pingutech.
07:13:34 PMagamotto Shalom
07:13:36 PMGoodGuy Shalom Pingutech
07:13:39 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Pingutech: I've been meaning to stop by.
07:13:45 PMpyrosrock Gadwill i have a raid controller in my motherboard but not linux compatible
07:13:59 PMPingutech thanks all
07:14:02 PMPingutech Shalom!
07:14:12 PMGadwil pyrosrock, if it doesn't support Linux, then it may not work at all since it would be raid.
07:14:16 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Pingutech: Where in israel, out of curiousity?
07:14:17 PMPingutech I finally made it to the show - awake!
07:14:18 PMcalhydro Not a Tablet Computer Input Tablet & Pen for Editing and Drawing i.e.
07:14:22 PMGadwil I would buy ad addon card for RAID.
07:14:30 PMPingutech it's 2.15 am
07:14:41 PMPingutech Haifa
07:14:47 PMraptor222 pingutech, sating up until 2 am isnt that hard!!!
07:14:48 PMGadwil calhydro, that depends on your OS then, since that tablet is just input.
07:14:48 PMpyrosrock no coz when the drives are not in raid they all work
07:14:49 PMPingutech Are you here too?
07:15:05 PMGadwil GIMP will take all input, that makes it so the pen is like the mouse.
07:15:21 PMraptor222 yep
07:15:22 PMagamotto Pingutech- just coming in from the disco?
07:15:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Pingutech: No. But I have relatives there. Well, not in Haifa.
07:15:34 PMcalhydro I use GIMP on both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10
07:15:42 PMGadwil Pyrosrock, Yea, when NOT in RAID, but if you then put them into RAID, and it isn't Linux compatable, then Linux won't see it as RAID.
07:15:44 PMPingutech raptor222: It is if you have to 4 year old kids that wake you up by 5.30 am
07:16:01 PMraptor222 tu che pingutech
07:16:11 PMpyrosrock Gadwill no linux just dosent see the drives at all
07:16:26 PMpyrosrock but win7 thinks it is one drive
07:16:46 PMSammySez DDWRT rulz
07:16:59 PMKnysliux001 pyrosrock: you can try software raid
07:17:05 PMGadwil pyrosrock, exactly, due to RAID, the card is saying " These drives are RAID " not EIDE or AHCI which is what Linux would look for then.
07:17:18 PMpyrosrock SammySez both of my routers are DDWRT incompatible
07:17:19 PMPingutech can anyone help me with configuring a UPS connected via USB to my Ubuntu Lucid
07:17:19 PMDosbomber Voluntarily stopping the bit flow from the Internet? You may as well stop the flow of blood in your veins... :P
07:17:28 PMGadwil I would search your RAID card and then look for a linux driver/work-around from there.
07:17:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Pingutech: What brand?
07:17:58 PMpyrosrock Knysliux001 but are there any that work in win7 and ubuntu?
07:18:00 PMSammySez try tomato?
07:18:06 PMSammySez err... he just mentioned it
07:18:12 PMGadwil Windows can see RAID cards like that since most built-in RAID's are built just for windows, whereas actual addon cards are built for both.
07:18:20 PMagamotto Dosbomber- i use QoS to set my parent's boxen to 1.5Mbps, so I can have the other 1.5 free for my use
07:18:22 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Pingutech: Either way, look into nut
07:18:25 PMraptor222 pingutech if its the usual stuff sold in israel probably no one knows how (try asking the manufacturer)
07:18:29 PMPingutech The box says Laserline Hornet 1000VA
07:18:35 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Never heard of it
07:18:38 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Laserline?
07:18:41 PMPingutech lsusb says Agilar Inc
07:18:47 PMSammySez personally love IPcop myself
07:19:12 PMraptor222 hey everybody the UPS that are sold in israel are locally manufactured
07:19:13 PMGadwil RobbieF, Can you please ask EricKidd if he knows what the " /usr " folder is for?
07:19:33 PMGadwil I prefer a smoothwall biuld... Currently saving roughly $200 to purchase parts for a DIY router.
07:19:38 PMpyrosrock Gadwill i will have to look but most iv seen in oz are reli expensive like all tec stuf in oz
07:19:53 PMGadwil pyrosrock, exactly, but they will work in each OS.
07:20:02 PMPingutech could't make it work wit nut...
07:20:05 PMGadwil or French.
07:20:10 PMpyrosrock yeah have to look in to it Gadwill
07:20:13 PMPingutech any specific guide I can follow?
07:20:35 PMPingutech I cannot find out which driver to use
07:20:37 PMagamotto Lewees
07:20:45 PMGadwil See episode 158 before you say " no data "
07:21:07 PMagamotto One is my name, the other is not.
07:21:24 PMcalhydro ISP caps are like going to a All You Can Eat Buffet, but the plates are the size of a teacup saucer
07:21:48 PMPingutech Happy holiday for you guys!
07:21:52 PMPingutech BTW
07:21:52 PMGadwil calhydro, I have no cap... so far used about 160GB just this month.
07:22:00 PMagamotto calhydro- It is usually the case of 3% ruining it for everyone else
07:22:13 PMpyrosrock Gadwill the other thing is i dont know if there are any raid cards that run SATA3 like my drives
07:22:27 PMcodeblue ROBBIE - where is the green screen tonight?
07:22:31 PMGadwil pyrosrock, Are these HDD or SSDs?
07:22:39 PMGoodGuy It's more likely Netflix agamotto,... ISP's have On-Demand and Netflix competes
07:22:57 PMagamotto Our house chews through an average of 72Gb per month, now that both parents are fetching shows/vodcasts
07:22:58 PMpyrosrock they are caviar black hdd
07:23:05 PMGoodGuy They want to limit usage to cut them out
07:23:17 PMcalhydro Hey do caps count your upload as well as download data?
07:23:29 PMGadwil pyrosrock, then don't worry about SATA3, as you wont' even begin to reach SATA2 speeds.
07:23:44 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Ah, I thought you were speaking of caps for other reasons
07:23:47 PMcalhydro Robbie: After sucessfully running Ubunto 10.10 RC I did a clean install of 10.10 final release and now I can't get Network Manager to auto load the ethernet connection. Had to manually add the connection. I have seen threads saying this a problem when upgrading from 10.4, but I did a clean install, any ideas.
07:24:00 PMagamotto calhydro- usually not
07:24:01 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Pingutech: What holiday?
07:24:07 PMpyrosrock Gadwill i dont know about that iv found sata 3 faster even with those drives
07:24:33 PMpyrosrock Gadwill Espescialy with small files
07:24:34 PMGoodGuy I think others were, but I believe the ISP's like Comcast dont want to supply Netflix bandwidth to take their sales
07:24:59 PMraptor222 pingutech, just did a google search for laserline hornet and agikar inc and didnt found anything, it's completley possible that it's impossible to make this UPS to work in ubuntu
07:25:04 PMGadwil HDD's are limited by their ability to retrieve data. Since they have an upgraded board for transfer, that may help a bit, but nothing super fast like an SSD from SATA2 to 3.
07:25:17 PMagamotto They want to supply it, they just want Netfilx to pay extra for it, hence the fun with net neutrality
07:25:26 PMGoodGuy Yes
07:25:38 PMcalhydro Comcast give you a 250gb cap, but the streaming of video can reach that pretty fast.
07:25:42 PMPingutech here is my lsusb
07:25:46 PMPingutech Bus 005 Device 002: ID 05b8:0000 Agiler, Inc.
07:25:53 PMGadwil calhydro, Perhaps a re-install. I have this issue and that always fixes it for me.
07:25:54 PMSammySez Net Neutrality is the warm and fuzzy wrapping to government regulation of free speech. wait and see.
07:25:57 PMValpenone my comp died :(
07:26:25 PMpyrosrock Gadwill i know but with files under the 64m chache it is reli quick because all coppied to chache
07:26:29 PMGoodGuy So far I havent gotten a letter from Comcast and I d/l a fair amt of shows on Miro plus several Linux distros
07:26:37 PMpyrosrock then writen
07:27:03 PMPingutech I just want is to have the battery tab in the Power Manager on my desktop, like I have on my Netbook
07:27:07 PMagamotto GoodGuy- yah, but that is downloading, which perversely, uses LESS data that streaming does
07:27:17 PMpyrosrock Gadwill have u been to the Beta forum recently?
07:27:30 PMGadwil pyroscrock, Just before the show yea.
07:27:33 PMLedzep Any body know what kind of a dock Robbie is using
07:27:40 PMGoodGuy Running Lucid Puppy under VirtualBox is annoying... It messes up the screen sizes for mouse usage etc
07:27:41 PMagamotto AWN
07:28:05 PMcalhydro During the installation process check list the internet connection category is x out so codecs a, updates and third party apps can't be downloaded
07:28:11 PMGoodGuy I was going to guess AWN also since its in Perfectbuntu
07:28:33 PMraptor222 pingutech here is the manufacturers site
07:28:42 PMGadwil ledzep, I believe it is Avant-Window-Navigator or AWN for Robbie's dock.
07:28:55 PMLedzep ty very much
07:30:03 PMGadwil calhydro, Did you check the MD5 has of your ISO vs the Sum provided to make sure your disk is good? and what type of connection is it?
07:31:38 PMcalhydro Burned and Verified two ISO(s) its a wired connection that worked prefect with the 10.10 rc
07:32:00 PMagamotto Weird
07:32:10 PMGadwil Calhydro, Are you behind a router or directly to your modem?
07:33:20 PMcalhydro I'm behind a router, DHCP is on and worked fine with the 10.10 rc
07:33:37 PMpyrosrock where is the news?
07:33:44 PMGadwil Ok, so that should be all fine... I would have no idea why it won't auto connect then.
07:33:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru New York City has been hit with the 6th worst blizzard in its history.
07:33:56 PMGadwil Every time I have that issue with any OS i just re-install.
07:33:59 PMPingutech raptor222: it doesn't show on the list
07:34:03 PMagamotto yay!!!! Christy!
07:34:03 PMYazid Hi Christie
07:34:13 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Stargate Universe has been canceled.
07:34:32 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru- yes, apparently no one cares if they make it back
07:34:33 PMGadwil GWG, And you are in the midldle of it somewhere.
07:34:34 PMlabfan bye Kidder
07:34:39 PMdman810 Hello GoodGuy
07:34:46 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil: Yes. Been stuck at home for days
07:34:48 PMSammySez sacked
07:34:51 PMraptor222 pingutech can you tell under what brand it was sold
07:34:51 PMGoodGuy Hi dmn
07:34:54 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Going to try to get off the block tomorrow
07:34:55 PMGoodGuy dman810
07:35:01 PMYazid Welcome Back
07:35:05 PMagamotto Which, I assume means at least two more wrestling shows
07:35:38 PM_Jot_ hey Christy, it's so cold here, that's news, we had a white christmas
07:35:48 PMcalhydro Hey we have a Stargate in Detroit: See it here,-83.044883&spn=0,359.999013&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=42.328267,-83.045118&panoid=Hjtz4teF55kAJ5eNOHOjRQ&cbp=12,153.91,,0,-6.82
07:35:48 PMGadwil ROBBIEF STOP HER!
07:35:54 PMpyrosrock no snow here :(
07:36:06 PMagamotto Yes, we wouldn't want CBC stalking her, waiting to see her cuss or something!
07:36:11 PMGadwil I want to move now.
07:36:15 PMcodeblue Yes - NJ has enjoyed 30+ inches in some places
07:36:17 PMGoodGuy First White Christmas in Atlanta GA in 100 yrs.. said on MNF
07:36:20 PMLedzep We hardly have any snow in my area of Quebec. East of Mtl.
07:36:27 PMGatorman It was even snowing here in Florida
07:36:28 PMSammySez and global warmists STILL claim it is due to global warming. heh - go figure.
07:36:29 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Note to self...don't move to Vancouver
07:36:33 PMPingutech I have 66 F in Haifa, israel
07:36:33 PMGadwil calhydro, for links that long, please use a shortener.
07:36:34 PMlabfan Victoria BC?
07:36:40 PMagamotto 18F and clear here in Moline!
07:36:59 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I'm thinking of moving to Florida
07:37:03 PMGadwil This isn't news... these kinds of holes are all over MS products.
07:37:06 PMSammySez Vancouver is a beautiful city. Lived there a few years ago.
07:37:27 PMGoodGuy It was 28 this morning according to a friend in FL
07:37:27 PMlabfan 27 F Niagara Falls USA
07:37:31 PMGadgetWisdomGuru SammySez: I want to live somewhere where it is 50-60 all year round.
07:37:32 PMG_Dog1985_ lol
07:37:36 PMGoodGuy 58 later in the afternoon
07:37:38 PMG_Dog1985_ i have none
07:37:38 PMGadgetWisdomGuru That's Fahrenheit
07:37:42 PMcalhydro Shorten Link:
07:37:56 PMraptor222 around 20C here in sderot
07:37:57 PMGadwil Thank you calhydro.
07:37:57 PMYazid 30 in Clifton NJ
07:38:02 PMG_Dog1985_ oh that snow EricKidd
07:38:32 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Bey-zos
07:38:32 PMagamotto neat
07:38:46 PMSammySez GWG: vancouver is relatively mild year around in comparison to more inland areas though
07:38:47 PMcodeblue NJ in the house !
07:38:48 PMGadgetWisdomGuru And the history is the 3 years since the Kindle was released.
07:38:55 PMGadwil VK7HSE, Do you happen to be around?
07:39:34 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Disclaimer: Author of this news story owns a Kindle
07:39:50 PMagamotto I think I will still wait for the color E-ink screens
07:39:52 PMGadwil GWG, No one cares, we all know it is a good product.
07:39:53 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Fro-yo. Not Froy-yo
07:40:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil: Thank you
07:40:07 PMGadgetWisdomGuru But I don't want the FTC after me
07:41:07 PMmandov hi everyone
07:41:08 PMLedzep Be interesting to see what the price on the Samsung will be.
07:41:09 PMagamotto So, in short, it will be a great Skype phone
07:41:25 PMSammySez I wonder what that will go for on eBay now. There are a lotta diehard KodaChrome fans out there
07:41:40 PMPingutech raptor222: so you are in Sderot?
07:41:50 PMGadwil GWG, All that I just messaged you is simply put a little spew from my rage of opposition to the Net Neutrality bill.
07:41:55 PMraptor222 yes pingutech
07:42:00 PMGadgetWisdomGuru That's the FCC, not the FTC
07:42:02 PMLedzep Kodachrome 64 bit
07:42:18 PMGadwil ROBBIEF, A screenshot is on the show of the beta site!
07:42:26 PMPingutech weird finding another Israeli here...
07:42:27 PMGadwil Kill the leaker!
07:42:30 PMpyrosrock yep its a good site :P
07:42:39 PMcalhydro If Free Its Me
07:42:47 PMagamotto Pingutech- the internet is a very wide, but close, community
07:42:52 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil: The Federal Trade Commission has nothing to do with net neutrality.
07:42:54 PM_Jot_ so what's the address of that new site?
07:42:55 PMGadwil Should jot be excluded from more free stuff?
07:43:05 PM_Jot_ yay, Jot wins!
07:43:23 PMPingutech Weather: 66 F in Haifa, israel
07:43:24 PMGadwil GWG, I know it is the FCC, but I still think FTC had some hand in it somehow.
07:43:30 PMSammySez what did Jot win?
07:43:51 PM_Jot_ not sure what I won, but I'm sure I won something since I win all the time
07:43:51 PMraptor222 well pingutech its hard to find a streaming web show, so i am here (somtimes)
07:43:52 PMGadwil I am still waiting to be able to download that bill so i can actually read the entire thing.
07:43:53 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I have to fly to Israel again. Haven't been since 99
07:43:59 PMPingutech wasn't here a Category5 Desktop App?
07:44:01 PMLedzep Thanks Christie for the news.
07:44:05 PMagamotto Christy: dpn'
07:44:25 PMSammySez poor snowman outside only has one left now
07:44:28 PMGadwil Christy is the lady from alpha centarui.
07:44:33 PMagamotto don't feel so bad, I still occasionally answer my home phone as if i were still working at Home Depot
07:44:34 PMGadwil centauri*
07:44:35 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, would you say the weather was interfering?
07:44:49 PMG_Dog1985_ haha i have none of that snow :P
07:45:24 PMPingutech GadgetWisdomGuru: Come over, it is nothing like it was back in 99
07:45:25 PMraptor222 yes robbief what is your head's albedo?
07:45:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Pingutech: I was barely awake for it in 99. So I'll agree. But I never got to Haifa.
07:45:59 PMSammySez growing up in WI, we are taught at a very early age to not eat the yellow snow.
07:46:11 PMagamotto hahahaahahahah
07:46:22 PMPingutech Come over, I'll give you a toor
07:46:27 PMPingutech tour
07:46:38 PMGadwil Hey, do people in WI not like yellow snow SammySez?
07:46:44 PMajamison5579 RobbieF point of order it was around before Sun it used to be its own beast
07:46:48 PMPingutech I am getting tired.... :-)
07:47:06 PMSammySez we used to make snowmen then use window cleaner bottles filled with water with food colors added to make blue heads, red shoes etc. pretty cool.
07:47:09 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Pingutech: I'm trying. I just won a ticket on El Al, space available.
07:47:15 PMagamotto EricKidd- Next show, will you wear red plaid in honor of Al from Home Improvement?
07:47:20 PMraptor222 pingutech drink קפה תורכי עלית
07:47:46 PMSammySez <-- was thinking the same thing as agamotto
07:47:50 PMGadgetWisdomGuru agamotto: You need him to say..."I don't think so, Robbie."
07:47:57 PMajamison5579 lol
07:48:07 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Hi, ajamison5579
07:48:08 PMagamotto fizzy bubuleh?
07:48:11 PMGadwil RobbieF, They are also working out the Virtual Media Manager! Yay.
07:48:13 PMPingutech raptor222: bad kind of coffee...
07:48:15 PMGadgetWisdomGuru agamotto: That movie stunk.
07:48:20 PMPingutech I drink Landver
07:48:42 PMGoodGuy I didnt care how they made adding an iso harder to VMM
07:48:44 PMagamotto GadgetWisdomGuru- agreed, which is why I am happy that I caught it on telly
07:48:57 PMGadgetWisdomGuru I drink authentic Gadget Wisdom Diet Cola and Diet Ginger Ale. Made lovingly in the Gadget Wisdom laboratories.
07:49:04 PMajamison5579 Hi GWG
07:49:05 PMraptor222 well pingutech it's an acquired taste
07:49:11 PMGoodGuy I had to attach it to a virtual machine to add the iso and them remove it
07:49:18 PMGadwil Please show us how to throttle Robbie, I still havn't found that out yet.
07:49:28 PMPingutech raptor222: LOL
07:49:33 PMajamison5579 RobbieF will it wash and fold my laundry as well?
07:49:48 PMGadgetWisdomGuru Gadwil: you want someone to throttle Robbie? Why? I thought you liked him.
07:50:01 PMagamotto Only in Planet Calypso
07:50:03 PMSammySez VirtualBox blows on Windoze since Oracle took over - ugh! Can't keep it running.
07:50:17 PMGadwil GWG, I meant how to throttle the VM, but yea, we can Throttle robbie's amount of brain space on earth too.
07:50:37 PMSammySez Don't click the UPDATES (at least in Windows)
07:51:10 PMGadwil SammySez, Odd, Virtualbox always runs just fine in Windows for me.
07:51:39 PMSammySez totally hosed all my VMs a couple months ago after an upgrade.
07:51:43 PMPingutech lbb_release
07:51:47 PMpyrosrock stumped
07:51:48 PMGadwil RobbieF, Just got to " about Ubuntu " in the system menu.
07:51:49 PMhowefield lsb_release
07:51:56 PMajamison5579 Too much Beta coding
07:52:03 PMlabfan Eric seems quiet tonight
07:52:08 PMSammySez tried to rebuild from scratch and the same ISOs I used to create VMs the first time fail in the new VB release for me
07:52:25 PMagamotto He is drowning in the technobable
07:52:35 PMGadwil SammySez, very odd.
07:52:46 PMGadwil ajamison, Beta coding for what?
07:53:01 PMajamison5579 Robbief said he was not sure why he blanked
07:53:12 PMGadwil Oh
07:53:13 PMajamison5579 I said because he had too much beta coding
07:53:33 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-Hillary: I think I read it should be gksudo gedit .....
07:53:52 PMGadwil GoodGuy, Doesn't matter in this enviornment.
07:54:14 PMajamison5579 goodguy sudo prompts for the password on the command line gksudo prompts via a gui field
07:54:16 PMGoodGuy I thought the article said it can cause issues in rare cases
07:54:19 PMGadwil If you were running it across a network via SSH with X11, then you would want gksu over sudo.
07:54:27 PMagamotto if memory serves, gksudo would just release the terminal window in this case
07:54:55 PMSammySez hah!
07:55:02 PMajamison5579 RobbieF point of order Sun did not create virtualbox
07:55:22 PMajamison5579 it was an independant project first
07:55:49 PMSammySez <-- recently discovered the "-X" option in his ssh client and is a big fan of X11 forwarding as a result ;)
07:56:11 PMagamotto Not all Canadians are puck-chasers!
07:56:35 PMPingutech RobbieF: can you help me with my USB UPS?
07:56:47 PMGadwil EricKidd, Do you know what the " /usr " folder is for in Linux?
07:57:02 PMagamotto Just as most Americans aren't into footie.
07:57:33 PMGadwil Pingutech, Try emailing him, he may get to it next week.
07:58:13 PMPingutech Gadwil: I did - to live@cat5
07:58:55 PMGoodGuy I had problems getting usb to work on my PC under VB... I unchecked the USB 2.0 controller box and it started working
07:58:57 PMGadwil pingutech, I hope was the full address you used, and he may have to get around to it next week due to time.
07:59:05 PMEricKidd Gadwil, i think /usr is typically for user apps and related files
07:59:09 PMGoodGuy Odd since I have USB 2.0 in this pc
07:59:09 PMagamotto GoodGuy- interesting
07:59:12 PMSammySez RockBox on the Sansa Fuze is incredible. Love my Fuze again.
07:59:19 PMajamison5579 just double click the extention file
07:59:23 PMajamison5579 at least in windows
07:59:47 PMlabfan Happy New Year everyone!!
07:59:58 PMGadgetWisdomGuru BRB. Have to reboot my system. Something is acting odd.
07:59:59 PMPingutech Gadwil: I did
08:00:02 PMagamotto EricKidd- Good guess, but too logical. Universal System Resources for some reason
08:00:02 PMcalhydro Cool See Yea Week
08:00:06 PMValpenone labfan: you too
08:00:08 PMpyrosrock so jan 2nd 4 me
08:00:22 PMGoodGuy Happy New Year everyone
08:00:30 PMYazid Happy New Year! Good Night All
08:00:37 PMSammySez laterz
08:00:40 PMagamotto Fleece nachos todd!
08:00:42 PMGadwil RobbieF, Loved the video during credits.
08:00:54 PMlabfan nite all


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