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06:59:57 PMajamison5579 U know what I hate walking across a big parking lot when you misplaced your gloves in 10 F weather carrying an ice cold gallon of milk
07:00:03 PMajamison5579 i can not feel my fingers
07:00:36 PM_Jot_ didnt they freeze and fall off?
07:00:39 PMchrisreich 25 degrees Fahrenheit and calm in Rochester, New York
07:00:48 PMdman810 has not effect your typing!!
07:01:02 PMajamison5579 i have to type visualy
07:01:11 PMajamison5579 meaning i have to watch the keyboard as i type lol
07:01:19 PMdman810 yep!!
07:01:19 PM_Jot_ yay, the bald and the bearded show
07:01:19 PMGadwil Yay HD is back!
07:01:35 PMchrisreich the Gimpbuntu show!
07:01:59 PMagamotto Hallo al
07:02:00 PMGadwil What? It looks better than last week.
07:02:01 PMdman810 robbie --snuffaliffaguss
07:02:05 PMagamotto all, even
07:02:20 PMGadwil Perhaps it is just my system not letting me go fullscreen so the pixels arent being streched.
07:02:33 PMGuest_2343 chrisreich - you posted about Roc NY, does that mean you are a local? I am. What is your location?
07:02:57 PMagamotto There was some important game this weekend?
07:03:01 PMAnto what camera do you guys use?
07:03:19 PMGoodGuy I just had more laser eye surgery a couple hrs ago.... eyes still blurry from all the eyedrops, so I the analog camera looks worse than usual
07:03:25 PMchrisreich near East Ave and Clover intersection Guest_2343
07:03:36 PMGoodGuy Im a geek and love watching football
07:03:44 PMGuest_2343 Im in Spencerport.
07:03:46 PMGadwil RobbieF, You couldnt have let me know 2 or 3 days AHEAD of SuperTrekSunday?
07:03:50 PMagamotto I usually was the one doing the beating up in high school....
07:03:51 PMdman810 Hello GoodGuy
07:03:55 PMGadwil I would have if I had known before Sunday
07:03:59 PMGoodGuy hi dman810
07:04:14 PMchrisreich I always watch Star Trek when Obama is giving a speech. There is less fantasy in Star Trek.
07:04:22 PMajamison5579 Some of Scott Baculahs best work next to quantum leap
07:04:31 PMajamison5579 was as Archer
07:04:32 PMagamotto chrisreich- agreed
07:04:34 PMGoodGuy Hint.. Star Trek is fantasy... NFL football is real lol
07:04:38 PMSammySez chrisreich: hah!
07:05:07 PM_Jot_ football there is a complete fantasy, they dont even use their feet to kick the ball like eveyrwhere else on the planet
07:05:16 PMchrisreich yes Robbie its annual
07:05:30 PMGoodGuy Never watched a field goal or punt? :-)
07:05:34 PMGadwil We are going to play slap the geek with a trout.
07:05:36 PMGoodGuy Kickoff also
07:05:52 PMchrisreich I attended Super Bowl XXV in Tampa Florida.
07:06:14 PMGoodGuy Who were the teams playing?
07:06:22 PMajamison5579 I used to go to my friends superbowl parties for the food did not care who was playing lol
07:06:27 PMagamotto The crowd?
07:06:29 PMGadwil this chatroom is dead.... Should I part?
07:06:30 PMchrisreich Buffalo Bills and New York Giants
07:06:32 PMSammySez I am way up in the sticks tonight - barely have enuff cell signal to make this connection.
07:06:44 PM_Jot_ dont fall apart Gadwil
07:06:44 PMGoodGuy That was one of the most famous games
07:06:49 PMSammySez attempting to "listen" tonight instead of "watch"
07:07:18 PMchrisreich yep, and I watched Scotty Norwoods kick go wide right to lose the game for the favored Bills.
07:07:26 PMSammySez hmmm... the MP3 IN YOUR OWN PLAYER link does not work in Totem
07:07:32 PMGadwil Robbies shirt is so appropriate.
07:08:10 PMGadwil SammySez, Have you tried VLC or another app?
07:08:14 PMagamotto I managed to forget all about it until a local radio station broke into their music to announce the final score
07:08:24 PMSammySez Gadwil - trying VLC now
07:08:42 PMGoodGuy I remember that play.... The Bills owner is from the Detroit area... closest we ever get a Superbowl lol
07:08:52 PMchrisreich well agamotto, its only football. Its not important like baseball.
07:09:15 PMagamotto I have trouble just watching most sports
07:09:25 PMGoodGuy I prefer to watch the grass grow vs the baseball game played on it
07:09:35 PMSammySez I am being prompted for a REALM PASSWORD when connecting to with VLC
07:09:44 PMchrisreich to each his own, GoodGuy
07:09:45 PMagamotto ??
07:09:58 PMGadwil RobbieF, It seems the MP3 feed is not working, check SammySezs error above. ^^
07:10:15 PMGWG Are they running behind?
07:10:50 PMGoodGuy True... helps to under the finer points of a game..... a friend taught me a bit about hockey and I started enjoying games more
07:11:22 PMGoodGuy He was coaching Mite hockey and invited me to come watch
07:11:23 PMchrisreich and I find baseball to be as intricate as chess
07:11:45 PMGuest_4433 hi
07:11:52 PMGoodGuy hi Guest_4433
07:11:55 PMGoodGuy brbias
07:12:01 PMGuest_4433 just wonder how to play this live streaming in totem
07:12:22 PMGadwil Guest_4433, Using what? MP3 or a video feed?
07:12:42 PMGuest_4433 clicking the WMS in your own player on the website brings up totem with eeror
07:12:50 PMGuest_4433 WMS
07:13:07 PMGadwil Guest_4433, I will alert Robbie when I get the chance, others are having issues with those feeds as well.
07:13:17 PMRobbieF ?
07:13:18 PMGuest_4433 thanks...
07:13:23 PMGWG Im getting none of the feeds working
07:13:32 PMGuest_4433 MP3 is not working too
07:13:39 PMSammySez wow - it is slow, but I have a JustinTV video connection over this cell link to my laptop - that is pretty cool
07:13:40 PMGadwil It appears that WMS and MP3 feeds are not working in peoples personal players RobbieF and EricKidd.
07:14:01 PMSammySez WMS does not work for me either
07:14:08 PMSammySez prompting me for credz
07:14:18 PMagamotto Perhaps because eth0: has become something else on the new machine?
07:14:34 PMagamotto Or wlan0: for that matter
07:14:50 PMGadwil SammySez, I am trying to alert them to the issue now to get some information, if not during the show, there will be answers after, maybe.
07:15:00 PMagamotto eppers
07:15:02 PMagamotto yeppers
07:15:05 PMSammySez VMware Player only supports "bridged" connections for Windows clients, FYI,.
07:15:25 PMGadwil SammySez, That is odd, I can do NAT in it.
07:15:31 PMGadwil at least last I used it.
07:15:32 PMagamotto lag lag lag?
07:15:44 PMagamotto ahhh
07:16:27 PMSammySez VMware Player bug check list I saw last week shows NAT as known failures for Windows clients. Linux is no issue of course ;)
07:16:36 PMGadwil Maybe Robbie had to take the WMS and MP3 feeds down to conserve his bandwidth since they are doing by-the-byte payment now in Canada.
07:16:38 PMchrisreich brb
07:16:51 PMGadwil or he is testing for when that has to happen.
07:17:06 PMSammySez I cannot use NAT in WMware Player Windows clients, only bridged. I have VBOX for Windows clients as a result ;)
07:17:07 PMagamotto Gadwil- Nah, that was soundly rejected by the government, if memory serves
07:17:48 PMGadwil Ah, I didnt get that news Agamotto.
07:18:00 PMLedzep Swapping drives is simple to do also.
07:18:17 PMagamotto Gadwil- Oddly, it wasnt covered heavily. I only found it while searching for CTRC myself
07:18:57 PMchrisreich is back
07:18:58 PMSammySez I tried out the Calypso for a few hours over a couple nights. It helped me to realize I am too old to learn new games that are complex. :)
07:19:06 PMGadwil I will install and play with it later Sammysez, but I clearly remember being able to do NAT at least a version ago, so that shoulndt have changed.
07:19:11 PMGuest_4433 Hi Robbie, do you have any good note taking application for ubuntu that is similar to OneNotes by M$?
07:19:27 PMLedzep Robbie, can you boot from a docking station?
07:19:28 PMagamotto Which reminds me, I need to look later and see if our representatives here in the US took some bite out of PATRIOT or not.... and promptly torture a few of them in email if they didnt
07:20:10 PMcalhydro Hey Onenote has a great hidden feature Drag and Drop OCR
07:20:12 PMagamotto Ledzep: if the BIOS is set to boot to removable, yes
07:20:16 PMSammySez Gadwil: I dont doubt you. I just did a P2V exercise that required Paragon, VirtualBox and VMware Converter. When all was said and done I settled on VMX
07:20:42 PMLedzep agamotto ty
07:20:59 PMSammySez but I could not get a network connection in VMware Player. Bug reports that I read mentioned Windows clients can only use bridged. But I am not an expert so perhaps I missed something.
07:21:11 PMGadwil Guest_4433,
07:21:13 PMagamotto ooooops
07:21:24 PMGadwil There is a chart with almost everything you need to know to find a good one for you.
07:21:56 PMagamotto about 21 minutes ago
07:22:45 PMSammySez my justinTV video connection is really good now
07:23:32 PMagamotto If javascript is turned off, he/she may not be getting the CAPTCHA part....
07:24:00 PMGadwil SammySez, Could something have been mis-compiled for your install?
07:24:58 PMagamotto m i c k e y m o u s e
07:25:13 PMGregInTexas am I working?
07:25:29 PM_Jot_ do you want to?
07:25:32 PMGregInTexas wasnt working a minute ago
07:25:37 PMGadwil RobbieF, IF someone does forget their password, the username should be released after 30 days of inactivity.
07:25:44 PMGadwil ^^ on Freenode
07:26:14 PMGregInTexas funny!
07:26:18 PMagamotto People at school playing a LANed WoW?
07:26:28 PM_Jot_ everybody watching category5
07:26:48 PMGuest_4433 thanks for the chart
07:26:57 PMGuest_4433 I have tried Basket note
07:27:04 PMGuest_4433 still not as impressive as onenote
07:27:40 PMGadwil What doesnt Canada have a day for?
07:27:42 PMagamotto What speciifc features are you looking for in your note-taking softs?
07:28:05 PMagamotto Condoms on all the ports?
07:28:11 PMchrisreich Wow, Internet Safety Day in Canada. I almost missed it. Why dont I get these memos?
07:28:12 PMSammySez Gadwil: It was a P2V migration. I have not tried a virgin install from a Windows CD to an empty virtual disk or anything like that.
07:28:28 PMGuest_4433 in onenote, you can drag things (multimedia) over from almost any application over
07:28:37 PMGadwil SammySez, It may be the migration causing that kind of bug.
07:28:39 PMchrisreich what is P2V?
07:28:43 PMagamotto Ahhh, the integration then...
07:28:54 PMGuest_4433 i think this what is missing in ubuntu
07:29:25 PMagamotto Open DNS is quite nice for those with kids
07:29:37 PMGadwil Guest_4433, Since there really isnt one structured framework for multimedia systems, it is difficult to do something very well in that field.
07:29:38 PMSammySez Gadwil: the bug report I read at vmware mentioned it is a recurring bug in WMware Player. I am not sure about VMware Workstation since I dont have a copy of that.
07:29:52 PMGadwil It could be done, it would just require a bit more specialization to make it work.
07:29:53 PMlord_of_sporks OPen Dns will also speed up your conection a bit
07:30:06 PMmathman47 ROBBIE F: Im on, thanks. I just unchecked the auth box. Thanks again. Win 7 wins again.
07:30:15 PMGadwil I have never had that bug doing clean installs and migrations from older Player versions.
07:30:32 PMagamotto mathman47- congrats
07:30:52 PMEricKidd Welcome to the show Mathman47!
07:31:22 PMagamotto Make each childs account a limited guest... thats a good start
07:31:36 PM_Jot_ protect your children - kill them all so they cant be hurt in the future
07:31:39 PMGoodGuy Physical To Virtual I believe chrisreich
07:31:53 PMchrisreich thanks GoodGuy
07:31:58 PMGoodGuy Clone a real install to a Virtualized version
07:32:01 PMGoodGuy welcome
07:32:08 PMmathman47 Ive been watching; just missed the chat.
07:32:18 PMGadwil I dont want to know about todays news... I want to know about TOMORROWS!
07:32:34 PMGWG Jeopardy Online Contestant Test Starts in 30 minutes
07:32:39 PMGoodGuy 2012 is tomorrow :-)
07:33:34 PMlord_of_sporks ROBBIE F Do you happen to know if theirs a free VNC app to control my computer from my Ipod Ive seen log me in ingnition and it was like 20 us dollers or something like that was there anything free you use
07:33:44 PMagamotto i am still waiting for Wikileaks to release whatever it is they have on the banks...
07:34:44 PMcalhydro Robbie: Have you seen this product: It looks pretty good for some dedicated tasks, Open Source.
07:34:51 PMagamotto I hear there were nearly 10 million phone calls to Ottawa over it as well
07:34:54 PMlabfan evening all
07:34:57 PMGadwil lord_of_sporks, He has posted in the Forum a list of apps, one is a VNC app.
07:35:00 PMGoodGuy I thought Wikileaks hinted alot of ppl were doing tricks using funds in the Cayman Islands
07:35:15 PMGoodGuy something along those lines iirc
07:35:19 PMlord_of_sporks thanks Gadwill
07:35:21 PMkyoshininja evening: labfan
07:35:28 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Yes, but they havent released the data yet
07:35:39 PMGWG im thinking of trying to go to the first annual NELF
07:35:44 PMlabfan watchin the show on my 37" hdtv using a Roku box
07:35:52 PMGadwil lord_of_sporks, I believe it is under the Feedback forum.
07:36:00 PMGoodGuy Bet well recognize some of the names
07:36:07 PMagamotto I wonder if there will be a new version of Knoppmyth/LinHES ready for that show...
07:36:21 PMGadwil Lord_of_sporks, Suggestion Box. < >
07:36:48 PMGoodGuy Sometimes I download the show to a USB flash drive and play it on a WD Live TV box next day
07:37:16 PMmathman47 Can someone suggest a new keyboard? I have a Logitech G15 and am fed up with the keys not always working. Yes , I took off all the caps and washed them but it didnt help. Been looking at the XARMOR-U9BL and the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate.
07:37:20 PMGoodGuy Miro subscription to the feed
07:37:21 PMLedzep I love the WD Live box
07:37:25 PMGadwil RobbieF, Where did you find the music for the Wirecast commercial?
07:37:40 PMagamotto I think Robbie mentioned recently about how he applied to have to show added to a bunch of devices recently
07:38:02 PMagamotto mathman47- M$ Natural 4000
07:38:22 PMGoodGuy I like it also.. Dont have the Live Plus or Hub.... just the Live V2 version
07:38:25 PMagamotto OW ow ow ow ow
07:38:40 PMagamotto Brownout along with a major spike!
07:38:42 PMGoodGuy Transformer blew outside?
07:38:50 PMchrisreich essence of ohmite...
07:38:53 PMagamotto Call the electrician
07:39:03 PMlord_of_sporks just curiouse has anyone here ever used to watch the old tv series Computer Chronicles lol seen a rerun on pbs a few days ago brought me back lol when staying up on technology was still geeky lol
07:39:07 PMlabfan nice full chatroom Robbie
07:39:16 PM_Jot_ mathman, logitech G19? they have a new G15 too, but they call it a G510 now
07:39:33 PMagamotto The utility will be responsible for your damages
07:39:53 PMagamotto lord_of_sporks- I used to watch it weekly, yes.
07:39:55 PMGWG lord_of_sporks: I remember that show
07:40:24 PMagamotto RobbieF- The utility will be responsible for your damages
07:40:28 PMlabfan John C Dvorak was great on that show
07:40:46 PMagamotto MOSFET has been blown
07:40:55 PMGoodGuy I had a power spike over a internal modem... It started a small fire inside the PC.... smelled so bad I had to air the room for almost a week
07:41:06 PMagamotto GoodGuy- ewwww
07:41:18 PMGoodGuy I agree!
07:41:42 PMGWG I love disagreeing with Dvorak. Ive been disagreeing with his point of view for years.
07:42:02 PMagamotto In most areas, you can have a whole-house surge arrestor put on your mains box for US$200 or less.
07:42:09 PMmathman47 JOT: The trouble with both of those is that they have the same switches under the keys. The 2 I mentioned are mechanical.
07:42:26 PMGoodGuy Who does that agamotto?
07:42:36 PMlord_of_sporks yeap Computer Chronicles is what got me into computers in the first place now cat5 does miss it though lol I new it was on from accross the room when i heard that catchy jingle that was there intro tune lol
07:42:37 PMagamotto mathman47- Das keyboard.... if you dont mind the expense
07:43:05 PMSammySez Hey! http://Category5.TV says "Congratulations! You have earned 1 points" and I didnt even have to save my bottle cap.
07:43:06 PMcalhydro I had low voltage issue once, stuff wont boot or turn-on. Some UPS filter function to keep the power clean.
07:43:12 PMlabfan Tech TV was good also
07:43:14 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Exolon(sp?) paid for the one in our house
07:43:16 PMGoodGuy $200 doesnt sound bad at all
07:43:27 PMGadwil Wow, my breakers have gone out quite a few times and no damage to anything.
07:43:28 PM_Jot_ SammySez, it does that once a day
07:43:29 PMagamotto calhydro- yes, brownouts
07:43:44 PMGadwil EricKidd, I have a Cable Modem...
07:43:55 PMGoodGuy Do you call the electric company to install that or an electrician?
07:44:20 PMagamotto Gadwil- Then they did their job well, and your house is most likely wired properly
07:44:21 PMGadwil All-In-Ones dont really include Fax anymore, Just copy, scan, print.
07:44:45 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Check with your utility... it varies
07:44:45 PMSammySez I think I am a long way from the Category5.TV Points required for that free Cancun weekend get-away
07:44:51 PM_Jot_ gadwil, some do though
07:44:51 PMGWG Every time the cable company shows up, they unhook my cable line surge protector
07:44:58 PMlord_of_sporks yeap phone line has power in it allready lol i rember the old days when they ran traces on you by maintaing extra power in the line so you could not hang up and they could take there time to trace you
07:45:01 PMGadwil My cable modem had so much feedback the Coax cable connector was burning my finger as I touched it.
07:45:26 PMGadwil _jot_, yes, But far less than used to be made that are truley " all-in-one ".
07:45:34 PMlabfan that sounds scary Gadwil
07:45:37 PMagamotto GWG- Yes, our provider tried to do that all the time, back when we had cable
07:45:40 PMcalhydro I may case it wasnt just my house it was the whole block
07:45:44 PMmathman47 AGAMOTTO: Thanks, I have the DAS Keyboard site up in the other monitor. Ill look into it some more.
07:46:09 PMGadwil I have one of those plugged into my Plasma TV.
07:46:15 PMGregInTexas I plugged my christmas tree lights into one of those exact ones ... lol
07:46:15 PMagamotto mathman47- If you like the feel of the old IBM keyboards, these are the ones you want
07:46:51 PMGoodGuy I have several of those agamotto.... love that feel
07:47:06 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I do
07:47:11 PMagamotto I have everything important hooked up to UPSs in our house. We have too many problems with dips/brownouts in our area
07:47:16 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I have 2 mainframes at home
07:47:27 PMagamotto 70? that sucks
07:47:30 PMagamotto Try 230
07:48:03 PMGoodGuy I knew a guy who had a mainframe in his house also.... several hard drives etc
07:48:17 PMagamotto Now you are talking
07:48:25 PMGuest_2343 Cray in the basement. Someone, just for fun, just implemented a Cray 1 in a high end FPGA. What took a team of engineers 30 years ago can now be done by one person in their spare time.
07:48:39 PMGoodGuy He worked for a mainframe company
07:48:42 PM_Jot_ I have one generic administation one, and one that cost millions, used in a factory for fabric-cutting etc
07:48:59 PMcalhydro Hmm Does Pluging one surge protector into another provide extra protection?
07:48:59 PMagamotto I once had a SG Onyx to play with for awhile... Soalris was nice on that box
07:49:11 PMagamotto calhydro- No, sadly
07:49:23 PMGWG Anyone ever tried to claim on one of those?
07:49:39 PMGoodGuy He had a Magnuson iirc... Amdahl clone if memory serves me right
07:49:41 PMagamotto GWG- yes, twice with APC.... honored on both occasions
07:51:16 PMagamotto All I had to do was show them what house insurance didnt cover... they paid off on the rest
07:51:49 PMGoodGuy We had a big UPS unit at work as well as our own generator bldg.... stupid UPS never seemed to work the couple times it was called on
07:52:03 PMagamotto These are what inspired the house surge-arrestor add-on and the UPSs on everything important
07:52:17 PMGoodGuy Probably wasnt maintained as it should have been
07:52:22 PMagamotto GoodGuy- ouch
07:53:05 PMGoodGuy We were told to never shutdown our mainframes for some reason
07:53:11 PMagamotto That one is very similar to what is on my main system, and my home entertainment setup.
07:53:28 PMGregInTexas surge protector plugged into ups ...
07:53:29 PMGoodGuy They feared it wouldnt start back up propely
07:53:41 PMlord_of_sporks Wait I thought with Ups your power itself never touches anything plugged in to it I thought basicly power only charges batteries and batterires feed things plugged in so basicly your always running off the batteries so only the batteries could get hurt in case of surge
07:53:54 PMGadwil EricKidd, Could you ask Robbie, If you get a Surge protector rated for 4k joules, and then plug a UPS into that, would that give you full benefits of each device?
07:53:56 PMSammySez Verily I say unto thee, that agamotto spake thusly: "they paid off the on the rest". Did that include your deductibles as well?
07:54:07 PMagamotto That is only on the units that feature line conditioning.
07:54:10 PMGadwil nvm, That just answered my question.
07:54:19 PMGoodGuy Thats the way its supposed to work
07:54:28 PMGWG The fire department recommends you dont daisy chain such devices
07:54:29 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, EricKidd, dont forget with an UPS you also have to replace the batteries once a while which is an added cost, sometimes every 3 months is recommended
07:54:41 PMcalhydro My Freenas UPS comm. function for my APC has never worked correctly, it loads, connects and disconnect constantly
07:55:01 PMGadwil RobbieF, Pump up your Shorty Award before the show. EricKidd, make sure he does it!
07:55:05 PMagamotto SammySez- Yes. $3800 on the first occasion, and $ 9000 something on the second
07:55:09 PMGregInTexas I never understood why the fire department says that ...
07:55:12 PMRobbieF thanks gadwil, I will.
07:55:37 PMGoodGuy I am looking for a gigabit network card with a WOL connector... needs to work in FreeNAS
07:55:39 PMagamotto And have someone do a Holmes inspection on your home wiring
07:55:56 PMSammySez wow - that is great. I would probably forget about the warranty / protection that comes with my $20 power strip :)
07:56:03 PMmathman47 AGOMOTTO: Das doesnt have a back light. Deal breaker.
07:56:05 PMGoodGuy I have an Intel card in there now... works but no WOL connector
07:56:05 PMagamotto I occasionally unplug mine from the wall, just to test
07:56:28 PMGoodGuy It would work in a newer PC I believe
07:56:50 PMGoodGuy My mobo is so old, it needs the wired connector
07:56:56 PMGadwil DO NOT GROUND while working on High voltage equipments such as CRTs and UPSs!
07:57:19 PMGadwil At least that is what is taught in A+ class, I am not sure if it is a good idea or not.
07:57:22 PMmathman47 My Cyber Power UPS works perfectly. Gives me about 45 min to shut down in a power failure.
07:57:23 PMkyoshininja Thanks for the tip Gadwil
07:57:31 PMagamotto I replace my batteries in the units every three to four years, it seems
07:57:50 PMSammySez I wouldnt be braggin about being awarded for a "shorty". heh.
07:57:58 PMGoodGuy lol SammySez
07:58:13 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, EricKidd, I tried that, but it didnt work, it brought up a twitter page for some reason
07:58:21 PMSammySez thats like being awarded for small feet or something.
07:58:22 PMagamotto It could be worse... it could be a Darwin award....
07:58:30 PMSammySez OHHH!! THAT Shorty Award.
07:58:59 PMGoodGuy We tossed out over 100 trophies a couple years ago.... spent a fortune collecting them.... years later they were dust collectors
07:59:05 PMagamotto We cant just nominate you for a Webby?
07:59:22 PMSammySez Get your darlin a shorty on Valentines Day
07:59:24 PMmathman47 Robbie F: Thanks it was great to have a voice - and the help - again.
07:59:27 PMGWG Remind me Im alone, why dont you
07:59:34 PMGadwil lol
07:59:50 PMagamotto My mother was very thankful for the Mythbox I made for her birthday some years ago....
07:59:55 PMGoodGuy Isnt having us enough of a present? lol
08:00:12 PMmathman47 I bought the wife a new car, ruby & diamonds. Thinks thats enough?
08:00:12 PMGadwil Thank you everyone at the studio.
08:00:30 PM_Jot_ mathman, no clothes and such? darn man
08:00:36 PMagamotto GWG- You can come cuddle with me, I wont bite unless you ask....
08:00:47 PMkyoshininja Thanks, part of the week...
08:01:07 PMagamotto mathman47- How are you going to do next year?
08:01:13 PMGoodGuy We just spent $400 on the kitties Vet bill, so Valentines went to her lol
08:01:18 PMSammySez my woman is in Florida for a week. Snowmobiling alone sucks up here. Heh.
08:01:21 PMRobbieF Thanks gang!
08:01:25 PMRobbieF hope you enjoyed tonights show!
08:01:26 PMGWG agamotto: Im going to go take the Jeopardy test now.
08:01:29 PMkyoshininja * g
08:01:30 PMagamotto GoodGuy- nothing too serious, I hope
08:01:33 PM_Jot_ great fun Robbie


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