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07:00:14 PMagamotto barbecuy, Ustream or Justin? I am using Chrome with Ustream currently
07:00:17 PMdman810 Here we go!!!
07:00:24 PMGregInTexas On Air
07:00:27 PMDrumstick barbecuy: I had real problems with flash and Chrome
07:00:33 PMjaepea hi alllll long time missed seeing live show and chating
07:01:15 PMbarbecuy both wont work
07:01:24 PMbarbecuy just pen the pop up screen blank
07:01:38 PMagamotto Wow... odd. Are you running Ghostery, or some-such
07:01:41 PMDosbomber Im so glad no one else would know that
07:01:42 PMjaepea wavesssssssssss
07:01:53 PMGregInTexas Shatner is 80? For real?
07:02:10 PMagamotto GregInTexas, Yes! Amazing, no?
07:02:18 PMDosbomber Hard for me to say this, but he actually looks good for 80
07:02:29 PMagamotto Dosbomber, Very
07:02:32 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: Watch for extensions not working on FF4
07:02:34 PMdman810 Shatner does not look a day over 60
07:02:45 PMjaepea ack a mac
07:03:03 PMGregInTexas Shatner doesnt look 80 ...
07:03:08 PMajamison5579
07:03:14 PMDosbomber Hes a singer... whats Star Trek? :D
07:03:15 PMGregInTexas lol
07:03:27 PMdman810 he is a TV host!
07:03:34 PMGoodGuy Shatner does ads for a legal firm in the Detroit area
07:03:34 PMdman810 Raw Deal
07:03:37 PMagamotto No, he is a famous biographer..... grin
07:03:58 PMDave-M0DCM Evening all
07:04:02 PMagamotto Blame Canada!!!!!! He is from Toronto, originally!
07:04:03 PMdman810 Evening
07:05:20 PMDave-M0DCM Ive now got over 35 users now onto either Ubuntu or Linux Mint
07:05:34 PMagamotto Dave-M0DCM, You Penguinista, you!
07:05:35 PMajamison5579 agamotto half of this countries talent comes from Canada
07:05:46 PMDave-M0DCM thats me
07:05:49 PMDave-M0DCM ;)
07:06:10 PMagamotto ajamison5579, Oh, I wasnt complaining, just repeating an often told joke regarding Shatner
07:06:13 PMAspidZent pheeew... barely made it...
07:06:19 PMAspidZent hello everyone...
07:06:19 PMMaverick Picard > Kirk
07:06:20 PMNew2Linux_2011 How do you add a different background to a webcam? Is there a solution in Ubuntu for this?
07:06:22 PM_Jot_ yes! I made it work, so Im finally watching
07:06:38 PMDave-M0DCM My nickname at the radio club is Pingu
07:06:42 PMDave-M0DCM lol
07:07:07 PMajamison5579 agamotto ah ok
07:07:23 PM_Jot_ arent you supposed to be fashionably late?
07:07:25 PMDrumstick _Jot_: Was it Flash?
07:07:37 PM_Jot_ it probably was storage-settings related to flash
07:07:45 PM_Jot_ seems you need to allow them to store stuff
07:07:51 PMagamotto _Jot_, I dont think that applies to American males....
07:07:58 PMDrumstick _Jot_: Good...I can hate with integrity
07:08:52 PMGoodGuy I use an Ubuntu offshoot called Pinguy OS Dave-M0DCM...might be perfect for your radio club nickname
07:08:52 PMSammySez having a heck of a time getting connected here
07:09:26 PMDave-M0DCM yeah, I am PinguGuy
07:09:29 PMDave-M0DCM :D
07:09:40 PMagamotto SammySez, Yes, there are a few with problems this evening, but nothing consistent
07:09:48 PMDosbomber Only 47 users.. is this a holiday or something?
07:10:08 PMgsiegel NJ in the house!
07:10:11 PMagamotto Dosbomber, about average, actually
07:10:14 PMGoodGuy If you run Virtualization, you may wish to take a look..... its like Ubuntu with extra goodies already installed
07:10:36 PMGoodGuy The community seemed nice as well
07:10:41 PMDosbomber I thought there were usually a bit more here
07:10:57 PMagamotto 40-60, depending
07:11:05 PMScorpio55 Dosbomber daylight saving
07:11:09 PMDosbomber Ah
07:11:11 PM_Jot_ theres a lot of ways to watch too, so you need to check all the feeds etc
07:11:25 PMagamotto Daylight saving, spring break, new beer flavors....
07:11:26 PMScorpio55 1 hour early tonight in UK
07:11:27 PMDosbomber Im on the freenode chat channel
07:11:48 PMajamison5579 scorpio55 blame daylight savings time
07:11:55 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: When this series if finished, any chance you can do a "The Meat" style video series
07:12:03 PMajamison5579 we set the clocks back an hour a few weeks ago here in the uS and canada
07:12:05 PMagamotto Scorpio55, Yes, as US & Canada are observing the odd habit of altering the clock an hour forward in spring.
07:12:11 PMDave-M0DCM Is KompoZer the best web design app? I currently run it, but just wondering if theres any others?
07:12:32 PMGoodGuy I do that all the time
07:12:33 PM_Jot_ Were going to have the clock change in the coming weekend, so you can bet Ill be watching the website to see how long is left tuesday, just to remind myself
07:12:38 PMScorpio55 Dave-M0DCM Blue Fish
07:12:46 PMDosbomber I bet a bunch of confused people will show up in about 45 minutes.
07:12:54 PMagamotto Dosbomber, Yeppers
07:12:56 PMdasauto Dave-M0DCM, need something to deal with css
07:13:16 PMDave-M0DCM doesnt KompoZer do that?
07:13:19 PMGoodGuy Does PAE help beat the 4GB limit on a 32-bit Linux?
07:13:30 PMRobbieF yes goodguy
07:13:35 PMagamotto Hillary has been coal-mining?
07:13:50 PMDosbomber Probably playing too much Minecraft.
07:13:51 PM_Jot_ good to hear youre getting better Hillary
07:13:53 PMdasauto I need software to load a live php site like wordpress template and easier way to edit css.
07:13:57 PMGoodGuy Does that lessen the need for runing 32-bit versions?
07:14:05 PMagamotto Wow, virtual lung crud....
07:14:16 PMGoodGuy running
07:14:21 PMagamotto GoodGuy, yes
07:14:27 PM_Jot_ Maybe Hillary can hock up a hairball or something for us, maybe that helps
07:14:30 PMDave-M0DCM dont forget John De Lancy "Q!" birthday was earlier in the week
07:14:37 PMagamotto There will be glitches, but nothing horrific as far as I know
07:14:38 PMGoodGuy Cool.... learned something new
07:14:51 PMajamison5579 that is due to the additions of Graphic hardware accelleration support
07:14:59 PMagamotto Dave-M0DCM, Yes, but can you name his character on Days of Our LIves, without the help of Google?
07:15:09 PMDosbomber Wow Dave, thats really hard core geek
07:15:11 PMdasauto That last update to FF 3.6.? lagged real bad.
07:15:17 PMDosbomber Eugene
07:15:20 PMGoodGuy I thought FF4 has issues with extensions
07:15:24 PMDave-M0DCM erm no lol
07:15:45 PMagamotto Or name both of the doctor roles that Richard Biggs played on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives?
07:15:46 PMagamotto chuckle
07:15:46 PM_Jot_ His name is John DeLancie, so not so geek :)
07:15:48 PMdasauto GoodGuy, no problem with ones i use after today.
07:15:57 PMGoodGuy I updated a few mins ago (Windows) and many extensions werent compatible YET
07:16:11 PMagamotto _Jot_, Oh, trust me, he IS indeed a geek
07:16:46 PMGoodGuy It gave me a list of ones who needed updates and only two were found when I said search for them
07:16:47 PMagamotto GoodGuy, Well, sheeesh, give some folks a week or so ;)
07:17:09 PMkiwi_tux Howdy, all from Christchurch, New Zealand
07:17:11 PMDave-M0DCM So I take it that Firefox 4 isnt RC??
07:17:16 PMagamotto Dosbomber, Correct by the way
07:17:22 PMGoodGuy I know agamotto... just offering a heads up in case its a showstopper for some
07:17:23 PMAspidZent firefox on MAC???
07:17:36 PMAspidZent why not Camino???
07:17:40 PMdman810 hello kiwi_tux
07:17:42 PMagamotto kiwi_tux, How goes?
07:17:48 PMdasauto It fast, very nice FF 4. No create as application shortcut though.
07:18:10 PMagamotto I will wait on FF4 with 11.04
07:18:34 PMdasauto agamotto, good idea on linux. not far away.
07:18:37 PMDosbomber killall -humans?
07:18:45 PMGregInTexas ah ... I wondered how to do that!
07:18:53 PMjaepea @robbief or chat room i getting a new hd [sata] and have a ide..i wanna put win7 on the sata and ubuntu on the ide any software i can use to pick which hd to boot of will i still have go thru bios
07:18:54 PMGoodGuy Home button moved and it took me a bit to see where it moved
07:19:03 PMagamotto Dosbomber, Some distros actually have a neat punchline if you enter that
07:19:13 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it also saves them if you close Firefox on purpose (or by accident), then you can restore the latest session
07:19:18 PMDosbomber lol.. BenderLinux
07:19:22 PMdman810 Kiwi_tux how is it going in ChirstChurch after that earthquake?
07:19:52 PMGoodGuy I use shareware called Terabytes BootIt NG, but I think GRUB would work and thats free
07:19:53 PMagamotto jaepea, Just make sure that GRUB puts the boot sector on the Win drive, as it will ASSUME that it is C:
07:20:14 PMGoodGuy Linux doesnt care which H/D it boots from.... unlike Windows
07:20:24 PMjaepea ok
07:20:24 PMDosbomber Ill wait to see if any of my addons are going to blow up before I upgrade to 4.0
07:20:27 PMdasauto Is this gnome-gmail-notifier safe to use? Anyone use it?
07:20:42 PMGregInTexas thats kewl
07:20:53 PMkiwi_tux dman810, my location was to the northwest of the city, so Im mostly ok minor building damage. Im staying away from CBD and eastern locations.
07:20:54 PMGoodGuy I used to boot several Linuxes within an extended partition on a second hard drive without issues
07:21:03 PMagamotto dasauto, No idea... I havent any experience with it
07:21:29 PMGoodGuy I was using BootIT NG, but dont think it matters
07:21:33 PMagamotto kiwi_tux, I bet Phil Keoghan is getting tired of disasters following him....
07:21:36 PMdasauto Im split between FF 4 and Chromium. I sorta like the idea of applications in their own window, like gmail and google voice.
07:21:45 PMdman810 kiwi_tux Feel bad for anyone having to go thru that!
07:21:53 PMMaverick I too wear glasses
07:22:20 PM_Jot_ even people who normally dont wear glasses often wear sunglasses, so almost everyone wears them :)
07:22:24 PMSammySez whos the skirt?
07:22:28 PMkiwi_tux agamotto, Im tired of TV footage of try-hards fronting up and getting preferencial treatment over locals.
07:22:37 PM_Jot_ SammySez, you still dont know Christa Wells?
07:22:40 PMDosbomber "The Skirt" is a web/graphics designer
07:22:46 PMagamotto kiwi_tux, I can only imagine.....
07:22:49 PMGoodGuy Even 3D HDTV owners now _Jot_ :-)
07:22:55 PMSammySez nope haven
07:22:56 PMSammySez t
07:23:01 PMSammySez been around - sorry :)
07:23:17 PMdasauto With FF you know when site is secure, Chrome/Chromium - not so much.
07:23:36 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, not all of them, thats just a temporary solution, TVs without them are already being made, so youre really foolish if you bought one or going to buy one like that
07:23:41 PMagamotto dasauto, Sadly, NO browser is very secure these days
07:24:12 PMdasauto agamotto, at least FF tries to give you a hint.
07:24:22 PMagamotto True, true
07:24:28 PMDave-M0DCM if anyone wants an easier way to install FF4??
07:24:30 PMGoodGuy Im way too cheap to do that _Jot_.... we just bought a LCD TV last year, so no new 3D TV for awhile
07:24:32 PMSammySez and Chrome "incognito" is not very incognito
07:24:48 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, I cant see 3d anyway, so Id never buy one, unless I am forced to
07:24:50 PMDave-M0DCM and your using Ubuntu/Debian or Linux Mint
07:24:54 PMDave-M0DCM add ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable
07:24:58 PMDave-M0DCM ;)
07:25:03 PMDave-M0DCM and update
07:25:04 PMdasauto SammySez, but that app in own window is neat. Firefox seems to have killed that feature.
07:25:14 PMGoodGuy I saw some poor reviews for the glasses less 3D so far, but its still very new
07:25:27 PMgsiegel FF4 has nice new feature to prevent web following
07:25:51 PMagamotto _Jot_, You have depth perception issues as well?
07:26:00 PMdasauto gsiegel, i did not enable it because i dont know what else it prevents.
07:26:13 PMagamotto trimmage.... much like snippage for emails.....
07:26:23 PM_Jot_ agamotto, yeah, Im cross-eyed pretty much, they fixed it when I was a baby but it went wrong again, and I got a really strong prescription which also prevents it
07:26:52 PMagamotto _Jot_, Astigmatism is SOOOO much fun, isnt it?
07:27:05 PMgsiegel I have been using FF4beta for quite a while.. look forward to finall release. Will do upgrage after webcast.. gotta have priorities:)
07:27:15 PMGoodGuy I believe they do 3D by using diff images in each lenses.. alternate left and right eye image
07:27:42 PM_Jot_ agamotto, yeah, but you get used to it, I guess, you have to :)
07:27:54 PMGoodGuy I still want to thank whoever suggested viewing this show in FF with Adblock Plus
07:28:12 PMdasauto _Jot_, my father was darth vader, just kiddin he was cross eyed and in school they painted half his lens red to correct it. that in the late 40s. kids called him Redeye ;)
07:28:17 PMGoodGuy Made life so much easier w/o the annoying ads
07:28:38 PMagamotto agreed
07:28:44 PM_Jot_ dasauto, Im sure it didnt help much :)
07:29:16 PMGoodGuy I was using IE8 and it was ad city..... annoying to say the least
07:29:44 PMjaepea i really like the new ff4
07:29:51 PMagamotto Yes, interesting how WinXP users will be stuck with 7 & 8.....
07:30:13 PMGoodGuy Is your Home button moved jaepea?
07:30:26 PMGoodGuy Mine took awhile for me to see
07:30:31 PMagamotto Stripped out the redundant bits.... literally
07:30:38 PMdasauto _Jot_, actually it worked - so the story goes...
07:31:22 PMGoodGuy They want to make XP users to feel they are living in the past and time to spend for Win 7 if you want any newer software
07:31:23 PM_Jot_ dasauto, thats always good :)
07:31:37 PMagamotto dasauto, It can. With me, it was the alternating patch over the eye bit, along with staring at beads on string as they were being manipulated along....
07:31:42 PMDosbomber If you save a JPEG as 100% quality, is it still "lossy"?
07:32:16 PM_Jot_ Dosbomber, yes, because it will still lose information
07:32:16 PMdasauto FF4 - I really wanted true vertical tabs like netbeans has. True vertical tabs on left side.
07:32:17 PMagamotto Has anyone closed Charlie Sheens account yet?
07:32:19 PMGoodGuy I still have an unopened Win7 Pro bought before the release date, so it was 50% off
07:33:01 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, dont open it, or all the bugs will crawl out
07:33:05 PMjaepea all i c the back/foreward and home
07:33:10 PMGoodGuy lol _Jot_
07:33:32 PM_Jot_ they always prefer running systems to sitting in a box
07:33:35 PMagamotto Kind of like tradmarking windows.....
07:34:02 PMGregInTexas why I dont own apple products ...
07:34:06 PMGoodGuy I have tons of files Ill probably never look at, but I should save "just in case"
07:34:09 PMDosbomber I have two windows in this room alone... does Micro$oft own my house?
07:34:20 PMDosbomber (/sarcasm)
07:34:24 PMRexDameon wow long time no see cat5 has changed a lot
07:34:24 PMGregInTexas yes, Dosbomber, they believe they do
07:34:37 PMGregInTexas and your EULA says they do
07:34:40 PM_Jot_ I heard they do if your name is Mike Row
07:34:47 PMagamotto Dosbomber, I was always amazed at how window manufacturing companies didnt go after M$ for it
07:34:47 PMGoodGuy Just too lazy to go thru the effort of switching from XP to Win7
07:35:07 PMagamotto RexDameon, Yes, upgraded we have
07:35:09 PMSammySez heh. Just give Obama the Internet Kill Switch. Hell protect us all. heh.
07:35:21 PMajamison5579 Dosbomber do not give them ideas or they will create a program that controls house hold appliances and call it House and TM it making you pay royalties every time you use the word House
07:35:55 PMSammySez ajamison5579 - youve pretty much described the Smart Grid technology being rolled out against our will
07:36:06 PMRexDameon no that docotor show already has got "House"
07:36:07 PMGoodGuy at least Tomahawk Cruise missle stocks will be going up
07:36:37 PMGregInTexas Hi Yall!
07:36:43 PMagamotto We are seriously considering altering the house to be off the electric grid permanently
07:36:48 PMdasauto F15 cost 100 million, up in smoke!
07:36:53 PMajamison5579 Tom Cruise could make a killing TM the words Tom and Cruise and bam the military pays him every time they launch a TOmahawk
07:36:54 PMGoodGuy Clearing out some of the old supply to make room for the newer models
07:37:05 PMGoodGuy lol ajamison5579
07:37:06 PMGregInTexas isnt that pretty expensive, agamotto?
07:37:10 PMkiwi_tux Smart Grid is another oxymoron in the same vein as Military Intelligence.
07:37:26 PM_Jot_ if you can do it without needing oil and gas and such for that, Id say go for it, agamotto
07:37:51 PMGregInTexas my house would cost about $20,000 US
07:37:54 PMagamotto GregInTexas, That is what we are researching. Problem is that in our area, brownouts are so common, we might switch just to have cleaner power to the devices in the house
07:38:02 PMGoodGuy Get a family of hamsters and a few wheels..... almost free energy
07:38:07 PMRexDameon does file size of images really matter anymore with highspeed internet?
07:38:26 PMGregInTexas yes, RexDameon, it does
07:38:36 PMkiwi_tux GoodGuy, You need to feed Hamsters?
07:38:37 PMagamotto RexDameon, In countries with metered access, and on mobiles, you betcha
07:38:38 PMDosbomber Usually theres a happy medium. You generate the power you can use, but if you need more, like using the AC in the summer time heat, you can draw some from the grid. If you can generate more than you need, you can feed the grid (but they probably wont pay you for it).
07:38:41 PMGregInTexas if you want a fast site
07:38:44 PMajamison5579 Rexdameon only in that low sized images result in about 10-20 seconds difference in load time
07:39:00 PMGoodGuy Only if you want power next week :-)
07:39:07 PM_Jot_ RexDameon, with datalimits coming back, yes, definatly
07:39:44 PMDosbomber Causes users to say "bah" and go elsewhere.
07:39:48 PMagamotto We have already super-insulated the house, now we are figuring if mixed solar-wind with batteries can take us off the grid
07:40:06 PMagamotto Perhaps a small generator on the rare occasion when everything goes bupkus
07:40:10 PMGoodGuy I feel theyll do it more to hurt Netflix _Jot_
07:40:15 PMDave-M0DCM Oooooh Im running FF4 now
07:40:16 PMGregInTexas they can, agamotto, but it is more complicated than it seems
07:40:35 PMagamotto GregInTexas, Hence, the research
07:40:47 PMGoodGuy Netflix competes against Comcast On Demand and uses Comcast bandwidth against them
07:40:49 PMGregInTexas yea, I did (am doing) a lot of that too
07:40:53 PMDosbomber I use Alleycat at work for PHP editing... looks a lot like this
07:41:07 PMagamotto GoodGuy, Along with ATT U-Verse and who knows what else...
07:41:13 PMGoodGuy Good reason for data caps to make Netflix sweat
07:41:30 PMDave-M0DCM the PPA I put on here works like a charm
07:41:33 PMDave-M0DCM :D
07:41:49 PMagamotto GoodGuy, Nah it will just lead to host ISP making their streams free and charging for anything else
07:41:53 PMDosbomber Data caps are never good, and Comcast is the Internet Satan
07:42:07 PMGoodGuy They call their movie service On-Demand
07:42:18 PMagamotto Dosbomber, Mo, Mediacom is at least one step lower
07:42:36 PMDosbomber Well, I dont know anything about Mediacom
07:42:42 PMGoodGuy Data caps are how they can do that agamotto
07:42:45 PMDosbomber Im just speaking from personal experience
07:42:49 PMagamotto Comcast without the smart tech
07:42:49 PMgsiegel booo-hisss - comcast
07:43:02 PMSammySez it also allows the FCC to reclassify the web as a Title 2 Utility, hence can regulate "appropriate content" just like we see in Egypt, UAE, China, Libya, etc
07:43:07 PMGoodGuy Many call it Comcrap lol
07:43:26 PMagamotto Mediacom was the only cable and internet provider to score BELOW Comcast to come in dead last at Consumer Reports
07:43:44 PMGoodGuy Dubious honor agamotto
07:43:46 PMgsiegel how about "com-cast all your money this way"
07:44:04 PMagamotto Very... that is why we cut our cable cord to them some time ago
07:44:04 PMGoodGuy They just raised ours another $5 a month
07:44:26 PMGoodGuy I am perfectly willing to dump the TV part
07:44:39 PMagamotto In our area, it is now ~$70/month for analog cable
07:44:42 PMSammySez we jettisonned television 6 years ago
07:44:47 PMSammySez happily
07:44:59 PMagamotto SammySez, very similar here, but not as long
07:44:59 PMGoodGuy My wife wanted to try their phone.... I would rather try Vonage or Ooma
07:45:06 PMgsiegel there is so much you can watch on the web now, I have friends who cancelled their comcast and just hooked up thier laptop to the tv
07:45:24 PMagamotto oooooo, rubies!
07:45:29 PMGoodGuy Take a look at Playon gsiegel
07:45:33 PMDosbomber Not really anything worth watching that the hosting channel doesnt put on the web for viewing on demand anyway.
07:45:53 PMGoodGuy They add more content with a little work
07:46:37 PMSammySez is there anyway to kill these google ads on the Ustream player?
07:46:41 PMGoodGuy Windows software, so wont help Linux users yet
07:46:54 PMagamotto AdBlock Plus
07:46:56 PMGoodGuy Use Firefox with Adblock Plus
07:47:09 PMGoodGuy Havent seen an ad since
07:47:12 PMSammySez thx
07:47:12 PMGregInTexas there must be some way of killing the ads because Im not getting them
07:47:21 PMDosbomber I use Noscript... seems to take care of it as well
07:47:34 PMagamotto Either/both
07:47:46 PMGregInTexas Im using neither (am using FF)
07:48:28 PMagamotto I think my filters are AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, and NoScript... if memory serves
07:48:56 PMSammySez I have no aesthetic sense when it comes to front end design - ugh!
07:49:03 PMGregInTexas Ive always gotten the ads before ... dunno what I did to get rid of them
07:49:03 PMGoodGuy I have those installed also, but I believe I disabled Ghostery and NoScript
07:49:25 PMagamotto Ooooooo, hand-massaged web coding!
07:49:32 PMSammySez google ads pUstream player window
07:49:45 PMGregInTexas I hand code web ...
07:50:11 PM_Jot_ problem with webpages is that they are just requests to a browser to show something in a different way, so if the browser chooses to show it as pink, or as full-screen red box or something, thats perfectly valid too
07:50:11 PMGoodGuy Ghostery disabled itself due to FF4 upgrade
07:50:12 PMagamotto Reminds me of my old HTML-by-hand days
07:50:57 PMdasauto agamotto, i will try noscript again. a while back i installed all that blocking stuff and it required too much interaction.
07:51:00 PMagamotto What little HTML I learned, that should be
07:51:05 PMGregInTexas you should try it again, agamotto, its good for the soul :-)
07:51:22 PMagamotto dasauto, it can be trying at times.... like weekly kernel updates!
07:51:30 PMGoodGuy I never touched mine and no ads here dasauto
07:51:58 PMDosbomber Noscript requires a fair bit of interaction, until you get your trusted sites squared away
07:51:59 PMGoodGuy Adblock Plus updates the lists itself iirc
07:52:05 PMGregInTexas ustream usually has ads ...
07:52:09 PMagamotto GregInTexas, I may be doing so shortly with our LUG site, once we wrest it out of the hands of the current owner.
07:52:43 PMGregInTexas I maintain a bunch of sites that I recoded in html5 ... pretty fun
07:52:46 PMSammySez i cant see the file name he is editing - is that a CSS file or something?
07:52:50 PMdasauto in new FF 4, adblock blocks top of page in I think the top line with #@#$%@#8# need removed fixes it.
07:53:07 PMdasauto something like that
07:54:16 PMSammySez must be
07:54:32 PMagamotto white space so to speak?
07:54:43 PMGregInTexas I use a reset file for doing all that stuff
07:55:24 PMdasauto adblock plus block entire header or top of page after installing FF 4. I disabled top line on blocked items on that page and it now works.
07:55:29 PMSammySez heh. AWN. I removed it. Took up too much real estate on my screen. :)
07:55:34 PMcool-m hi
07:55:45 PMmathman47 Smile, youre on Cat5.TV
07:55:45 PM_Jot_ hello
07:56:06 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you forgot to mention that you dont have to crash Firefox, if you close it, you can restore the latest session to get all your tabs back
07:56:09 PMGregInTexas hey!
07:56:28 PMagamotto RobbieF, Q: What causes that white space to be there in the first place?
07:57:14 PMSammySez anyone here have one of those "touchscreen" desktops by chance? I am interested to know if you still use the touch or just go back to a mouse. My dad is eyeing one, and I think it is a novelty that will wear off.
07:57:22 PMagamotto Ahhh, syntax highlighting....
07:57:41 PM_Jot_ SammySez, touchscreens are nice for some things, but suck for precise control, and forget typing with them
07:57:43 PMGregInTexas I have a pen touch desktop (tablet)
07:57:47 PMDosbomber Darn right.. Syntax highlighting = win
07:57:48 PMjohnny5 Notepad++
07:57:49 PMdomsnet netbeans
07:57:59 PM_Jot_ SammySez, I never understand how people can say it is good for browsing, how are you going to type an address that is 20-50 characters long
07:58:00 PMGregInTexas dont use it often, but sure is handy for drawing something and capturing it
07:58:00 PMGoodGuy I think the Ubuntu ppl are thinking it will get popular
07:58:07 PMdasauto PHP & CSS editor? I miss it???
07:58:14 PMSammySez I have tablet too - used the pen for about a week and never found a use for it
07:58:16 PMmathman47 Use Notepad ++
07:58:18 PMdomsnet netbeans qworks great
07:58:25 PMGregInTexas well, in ubuntu, it would be useful for loading on a phone
07:58:26 PMcool-m any recommendation for light weight linux for low req systems
07:58:27 PMagamotto SammySez, Most go back to the mouse for the sheer problem of the screen not being on the desk so to speak. Some of the newer units by Acer and HP solve this by tilting/folding down toward the desktop, so you can use it more naturally
07:58:34 PMdomsnet notepad++
07:58:39 PMGregInTexas is web developer available yet on FF4 ?
07:58:46 PMdman810 Most of us already have FF4 running thanks to you Robbie!
07:58:51 PMdomsnet wordtab
07:58:53 PMSammySez thx - I think he wont like it very long and will go back to mouse / KB
07:58:53 PMAspidZent I checked out skywriter today... now named ACE... awesome... for code collaboration...
07:58:55 PMMaverick ommwriter
07:58:55 PMdomsnet netbeans
07:58:57 PMdasauto No No, for Linux :)
07:59:00 PMagamotto cool-m, Puppy Linux, or DSL linux
07:59:09 PMdomsnet netbeans
07:59:12 PMAspidZent and maybe using the chrome laptops for work...
07:59:13 PMcool-m thanks
07:59:20 PMSammySez Eric got a lot better looking and lost some weight here
07:59:23 PMGoodGuy Tiny Core Linux also
07:59:26 PMDosbomber Alleycat is a decent PHP editor, free, and has syntax highlighting.
07:59:33 PMcool-m thanks guys
07:59:35 PMmathman47 What happens if Robbie goes over?
07:59:37 PMdomsnet netbeans
07:59:46 PMGregInTexas Ill look at Alleycat ...
07:59:48 PM_Jot_ SammySez, I did get a touchscreen-monitor for one of my computers, to test it out, and it works fine for normal programs etc, like when I read something, I touch the screen to pagedown and such, instead of grabbing the mouse, and for starting stuff etc
07:59:49 PMdasauto i will try netbeans and alleycat, thanks all.
07:59:50 PMDosbomber Alleycat might be windows only though
07:59:53 PMcool-m eclipse
07:59:55 PMdomsnet great for php too
07:59:58 PMagamotto SammySez, Give those newer Acer and HP units a look-over, they might fit the bill
08:00:04 PMDrumstick Thanks RobbieF and Christa!!
08:00:14 PMcool-m cya...god nite
08:00:18 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, have a drink, youve done nothing but talk!
08:00:22 PMGregInTexas eclipse is really hard to configure ...
08:00:22 PMAspidZent excellent show people!!!
08:00:22 PMdomsnet night
08:00:29 PMdasauto later cool dudes... :*)
08:00:32 PMkiwi_tux Bye all
08:00:38 PMGregInTexas great show, yall!


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