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07:01:03 PMchrisreich Hey! We like pretty Canadians!
07:01:23 PMJVSCC uau
07:01:28 PMJVSCC yay
07:02:03 PMJVSCC uh oh
07:02:14 PMas759 Drumstick try here
07:02:18 PMGadwil-Office When did the show go live?
07:02:28 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, It appears you are missing the live links on Homepage.
07:02:35 PMRobbieF theyre up
07:02:41 PMGadwil-Office Thanks
07:02:47 PMdman810 Hello All!
07:03:18 PMHillary_ Hey hey
07:03:19 PMHillary_ I am here!
07:03:21 PMHillary_ :)
07:03:24 PMGadwil-Office Lets see if Malwarebytes can pick this us...
07:03:27 PMajamison5579 hey guys
07:03:29 PMRaffer hey
07:03:29 PMJVSCC yo
07:03:38 PMdman810 Hello Hillary
07:03:42 PMagamotto Canadian cable-based ISPs just got caught lying to the government about UBB.... turns out their pricing schemes have NOTHING to do with their costs of providing the service.
07:03:43 PMinvinciblemutant hello
07:03:48 PMGadwil-Office EricKidd... Thanks for Joining us this week!
07:03:50 PMagamotto Who could have predicted that?
07:03:54 PMGregInTexas Im late!
07:03:55 PMGadwil-Office Bad Robbie for kicking you off for a few weeks.
07:04:05 PMEricKidd baaad robbie
07:04:06 PMJVSCC LOL
07:04:08 PMGregInTexas Eric is pretty ... lol
07:04:15 PMdman810 Hello EricKidd
07:04:19 PMEricKidd i feel pretty :)
07:04:20 PMinvinciblemutant he is too big to fit into the screen
07:04:27 PMGregInTexas ha yea
07:04:49 PMinvinciblemutant lol
07:05:33 PMGadwil-Office Song 116 of 227 uploading now to Amazons cloud service.
07:05:36 PMGadwil-Office I like this thing!
07:07:02 PMagamotto RobbieF- Does the user have SP1 for win 7?
07:07:08 PMdasauto All I see is ad after ad telling me to disable my popup blocker or adblocker, what dat?
07:07:18 PMJVSCC How many folks here using the Pogoplug beta software?
07:07:24 PMdman810 I am
07:07:39 PMinvinciblemutant hi robbie, did you call Christa for a matching outfit before the show
07:07:47 PMGadwil-Office I have the Pogoplug beta software running... but am hardly using it due to Dropbox.
07:07:48 PMJVSCC Darn good beta I must say!
07:08:06 PMdman810 JVSCC - Yes it is!
07:08:22 PMtordeu UbuntuOne FTW
07:08:33 PMagamotto Clonezilla
07:08:40 PMtordeu dd
07:08:59 PMHillary_ Hey dman! whats up!
07:09:00 PMGregInTexas rm *.*
07:09:09 PMagamotto tordeu- He asked for EASIEST method :)
07:09:13 PMGregInTexas lol
07:09:14 PMtordeu rsync
07:09:33 PMdman810 Hillary_ Just enjoying another Show!
07:09:37 PMagamotto disc duplicator
07:09:53 PMagamotto directory duplicator?
07:09:59 PMtordeu disk destroyer
07:10:00 PMinvinciblemutant unison
07:10:25 PMJVSCC ClonZilla rocks!
07:10:46 PMtordeu but clonezilla is bad for big hard drives when only few things changed
07:11:09 PMagamotto Most commercial/free solutions will ask you if you want to expand the partitions
07:11:12 PMinvinciblemutant simple cat as well work
07:11:31 PMagamotto tordeu- Bad in what fashion?
07:11:33 PMinvinciblemutant cat /dev/sda targetfile
07:11:37 PMinvinciblemutant may be
07:11:47 PMtordeu bad as in takes too long.
07:11:55 PMagamotto Ahhh
07:12:07 PMtordeu otherwise its great
07:12:18 PMGadwil-Office Anyone else not like " STOPzilla "?
07:12:27 PMagamotto I havent tried it with anything larger than 320Gb yet
07:12:43 PMtalibcyg Hey robbie what do you think of ubuntu unity
07:13:06 PMGadwil-Office You could strip SSL...
07:13:31 PMtordeu if you often make up a backup you dont want to use clonezilla for a 1TB drive every week if only a few gb have changed
07:13:48 PMagamotto Gadwil- Get the results back on your entry tests yet?
07:14:29 PMGadwil-Office agamotto, yes. I qualify for every job except their R&D department basically.
07:14:31 PMinvinciblemutant correction to the above cmd: cat /dev/sda > targetfile
07:14:31 PMagamotto tordeu- Ahhh, I see. Incremental vs. cloning
07:14:37 PMGadwil-Office So, all scores were very high.
07:14:39 PMagamotto Gadwil- coolies
07:14:56 PMinvinciblemutant and sda is not the active drive
07:15:33 PMdman810 Gadwil - Good Job!
07:15:46 PMtordeu yeah, pretty much.
07:16:02 PMtordeu rsync will be a lot faster for keeping a backup up to date
07:16:17 PMtordeu rsync = rsync or GUIs which use rsync of course
07:16:26 PMdasauto I dont think wireless keyboards have a very long range - you can probably see the hacker and kick his *** from this distance.
07:16:59 PMagamotto tordeu- I think that user wanted to simply migrate from one drive to the other. Neat ideas, I jotted them down
07:17:46 PMtordeu i know. But i migrate that way too. Saves me from uuid conflicts
07:18:03 PMagamotto dasauto- Depends on the wireless method. Mine has a range of around 20ft.
07:18:04 PMtordeu dasauto, you could throw the keyboard at him as well
07:18:29 PMagamotto Bluetooth can go alot farther I have heard
07:19:02 PMinvinciblemutant how about the uuid?
07:19:08 PMGadwil-Office That is just what I did... Hoping there was an easier way.
07:19:23 PMtordeu depends on the device. can be 100m/330ft
07:19:28 PMdasauto agamotto, my ear piece only go 30 feet.
07:19:44 PMagamotto dasauto- Weird... thick skull? chuckle
07:20:22 PMGadwil-Office Did everyone elses stream crash?
07:20:27 PMdman810 yes
07:20:27 PMajamison5579 jtv feed went down
07:20:27 PMRaffer yes
07:20:27 PMGregInTexas yep
07:20:27 PMinvinciblemutant yes
07:20:29 PMJVSCC yep
07:20:31 PMagamotto Yes, Justin died for a bit
07:20:36 PMagamotto Back now
07:20:36 PMinvinciblemutant crashed
07:20:37 PMtordeu invinciblemutant, if you clone two drives, they have the same uuid and having both plugged in is problematic
07:20:42 PMJVSCC no crash
07:20:44 PMJasper ustream down, justin ok for me
07:20:47 PMas759 Ustream off air as well
07:20:49 PMJVSCC just winblows
07:20:54 PMdasauto yep, maybe another air freshener ad coming up.
07:21:18 PMinvinciblemutant it is up again
07:21:22 PMJVSCC I got ad for Robbie Twitter ad
07:21:39 PMinvinciblemutant i got the ad from twitter too
07:21:48 PMdasauto air wick
07:21:51 PMagamotto Well, he could have used, but then he would be supporting Qaddafi....
07:22:18 PMGadwil-Office It seems to crash when I get the graphs running now.
07:22:35 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, I meant for you pre-reading it.
07:23:17 PMinvinciblemutant cant read the screen well
07:23:20 PMagamotto Speaking of questions: Has anyone else been having problems with Google Maps being bog slow in the last week or so?
07:23:30 PMGadwil-Office It is also under " Administrative Tools " in control panel.
07:23:49 PMinvinciblemutant Robbie: use conky
07:24:14 PMagamotto yep
07:24:53 PMagamotto Yes, tried and true sysmonitor
07:25:08 PMGadwil-Office I use some of the taskbar extras to check my CPU usage, that way it is always on top.
07:25:22 PMGadwil-Office EricKidd, Thanks for putting up with reading that.
07:25:26 PMagamotto gkrellm can be made top and sticky as needed
07:25:43 PMinvinciblemutant conky sticks to the desktop wallpaper
07:26:07 PMGadwil-Office yea, but why have something extra? .. and I cant seem to configure Conky properly each time.
07:26:27 PMagamotto Gadwil- Ok, I would have to give on that
07:26:58 PMinvinciblemutant search on webup8, there is a news on conky
07:27:28 PMinvinciblemutant you will get something like sport car dials
07:27:34 PMinvinciblemutant very cool
07:27:40 PMinvinciblemutant they stick to your wallpaper
07:27:44 PMchrisreich whats a QR code?
07:28:00 PMtordeu that
07:28:05 PMagamotto Quick Reference barcode-thingy
07:28:06 PMchrisreich oh
07:28:10 PMdasauto i missed half show still thinking about that air freshener.
07:28:25 PMim_a_guest the ubuntu mug just forced me to make some coffee
07:28:28 PMagamotto dasauto- anything but tandoori chikka
07:29:02 PMGadwil-Office Wow... MSE Definition updates take forver.
07:29:11 PMtalibcyg what about for android?
07:29:31 PMchrisreich Christa are you getting all this?
07:29:43 PMHillary_ Of course she is.
07:29:45 PMinvinciblemutant lol...
07:30:00 PMtordeu Time for the news
07:30:04 PMagamotto She is just being a polite guest-hostess
07:30:07 PMGregInTexas cool monitor ...
07:30:30 PMChrista haha, soon we will be talking about something a little more up my ally
07:30:33 PMchrisreich Its Hillary-time boys and girls!
07:30:35 PMGregInTexas cool beans news
07:30:41 PMtordeu girls?
07:31:00 PMdasauto i dont think we have anything here with a qr code on it.
07:31:23 PMagamotto I thought it was 13.... all those Bieber fans....
07:31:35 PMGregInTexas their docs say 13
07:31:38 PMGadwil-Office Glad I am 18 now...
07:32:02 PMagamotto ROLFMAO
07:32:05 PMajamison5579 lol
07:32:07 PMGadwil-Office And that Rebecca Black girl now.
07:32:18 PMdman810 half the users of Facebook are under 18
07:32:21 PMGregInTexas bieber jokes ... kewl
07:32:45 PMagamotto Move them over to MySpace? I hear they need help....
07:33:04 PMtordeu the bieber fans hacked mysql!
07:33:31 PMajamison5579 i can see it now Oracle is going to take this as a sign to close down MySQL
07:33:59 PMajamison5579 forcing people to use their over priced Database
07:34:02 PMinvinciblemutant i can see that too
07:34:13 PMagamotto Hmmmm, solar-powered Redbox machines......
07:34:18 PMGregInTexas I hear justin bieber is making most of oracles open source decisions ...
07:34:43 PMagamotto LCARS anyone?
07:34:46 PMinvinciblemutant well make another branch of it...:P
07:34:48 PMtordeu that would explain a lot of things
07:34:50 PMajamison5579 it reminds me of the monitors on Ironman 2 Robbief
07:35:04 PMdasauto i just cant believe those fb users are crazy about those 1980s Nintendo style games.
07:35:17 PMJVSCC speaking of monitors
07:35:26 PMagamotto dasauto- I use Facebook, and I dont use any of their apps
07:35:31 PMJVSCC I due for an upgrade
07:35:51 PMJVSCC lol
07:35:58 PMdasauto agamotto, me either - i just try to draw them to my blog ;)
07:36:06 PMinvinciblemutant any pogoplug shirts to give out????
07:36:06 PMJVSCC snl
07:37:10 PMJVSCC kewl beans!
07:37:35 PMtordeu We need "Cool Beans" shirts
07:38:04 PMGadwil-Office EricKidd, What is your day job?
07:38:31 PMJVSCC cat5 swag
07:38:32 PMajamison5579 impromtu EricKidd shot lol
07:38:45 PMajamison5579 that was a pointless camera switch
07:39:08 PMJVSCC Pogoplug biz in route!
07:39:21 PMajamison5579 Gadwil he plays Hockey
07:39:34 PMEricKidd I missed that shot. I cant see anything, except Robbies shining head-bone.
07:39:39 PMtordeu When I see Eric, I always have to think of Braveheart
07:39:56 PMagamotto EricKidd- What can he say, he wants to be a Minbari
07:40:06 PMinvinciblegeek editplus
07:40:11 PMspideyman awesome no windows lol
07:40:32 PMGregInTexas OS blasphemy!
07:40:41 PMspideyman yeppers
07:41:34 PMJVSCC free unicode editor
07:41:40 PMJVSCC kewl
07:41:40 PMagamotto Photoshop Elements?
07:41:40 PMspideyman if i was going to blaspheme i would call it winblows
07:41:44 PMGadwil-Office I am using BlueGriffin as my editor.
07:41:49 PMGadwil-Office It is from Mozilla
07:41:57 PMGregInTexas I edit with gedit
07:42:02 PMajamison5579 there is a good editor program called Eric for Linux but not sure if that is Python only or not
07:42:07 PMGregInTexas sometimes with bluefish
07:42:13 PMchrisreich the finest coffee grown in Canada!
07:42:14 PMGadwil-Office Robbie, Could we get some Cat5 Coffee in the store?
07:42:24 PMagamotto No, blasphemy would involve MS-DOS and around 15 overlays with QEMM or some-such...
07:42:41 PMGregInTexas MS-DOS 3.2
07:42:46 PMajamison5579 Agamotto Novell Workgroup
07:42:48 PMinvinciblemutant the is a bit choopy here
07:42:50 PMagamotto Gadwil-Office- Civet coffee
07:42:53 PMinvinciblemutant how is everyone
07:43:00 PMinvinciblemutant s
07:43:01 PMajamison5579 would be blasphemy
07:43:51 PMtordeu Oh. No. The Aliens are back.
07:43:52 PMagamotto Someones mic is picking up the neighbors phone again
07:44:10 PMGadwil-Office Or Eric could have put the Mic in the wrong place.
07:44:22 PMas759 RobbieF interference on sound again!
07:44:25 PMGadwil-Office hehe, I had to make that joke Eric.
07:44:28 PMGregInTexas Roswell 1947 all over again
07:44:48 PMchrisreich agamotto - zip up!
07:44:51 PMGadwil-Office Interference will go away in a while.
07:45:02 PMchrisreich agamotto - we can hear you!
07:45:06 PMGregInTexas somebodys phone is updating
07:45:16 PMagamotto chrisreich- The only thing I dangle are participles....
07:45:35 PMchrisreich and a fine job of it you do, too agamotto
07:45:47 PMagamotto Differing monitor aspects?
07:45:57 PMGregInTexas it will load faster if you put the width & height in the html ...
07:46:07 PMdasauto You could just use wordpress and the heck with all that mess
07:46:33 PMGregInTexas the html knows the size of the image prior to rendering ...
07:46:46 PMagamotto I know that i sometimes get odd results, as my monitor is 14:9
07:46:58 PMJVSCC breaker breaker
07:47:01 PMinvinciblemutant agamotto> the browser
07:47:37 PMagamotto invinciblegeek- Really? i get the oddities with both FF and Chrome
07:47:46 PMEricKidd Whoops! I turned the BlackBerry back on to try the QR codes, thing. I bet that interference was my BB. On the up side, I saw a tweet.............the Leafs are up 2-1 on the Sabres!!! Go, Leafs, Go!!!
07:48:33 PMinvinciblemutant does anyone here uses pogoplug
07:48:35 PMGregInTexas Go Stars
07:48:37 PMdman810 EricKidd - Go Leafs
07:48:44 PMJVSCC yes
07:48:50 PMinvinciblemutant and android
07:48:51 PMEricKidd I use a PogoPlug.......Love it!
07:49:01 PMJVSCC both
07:49:09 PMinvinciblemutant erickidds> do you use android as well
07:49:15 PMagamotto Something along the pica borders to keep from bleeding of the edge of paper?
07:49:17 PMJVSCC yes
07:49:30 PMinvinciblemutant whenever i have an mp4 uploaded, it takes ages to optimise for android
07:50:00 PMJVSCC pogo with android
07:50:03 PMEricKidd No android.....budget limitations :( I was seriously looking at the Samsung, but Ive been on Blackberry for sooooo long.
07:50:07 PMinvinciblemutant thinking of a way to upload optimised mp4 so that my friends can watch that instantly
07:50:21 PMagamotto invinciblegeek- handbrake?
07:50:28 PMGregInTexas I went from BB to Droid ... not goin back
07:50:31 PMdasauto all this jumpin back and forth is too confusing, no wonder everybody use netbeans or dreamweaver
07:50:36 PMinvinciblemutant i have pogoplug for android installed
07:50:40 PMinvinciblemutant definitely
07:50:53 PMtordeu @dasauto: you need a bigger monitor
07:51:27 PMagamotto I can hghly recommend 32" tellys as monitors....
07:51:36 PMinvinciblemutant when i open the uploaded video on my android, it says that the video is not optimised
07:51:40 PMinvinciblemutant and asking me to optimise
07:51:46 PMtordeu or 30" screens. Even higher resolution
07:51:50 PMinvinciblemutant it will take hours to optimise
07:51:54 PMtordeu a lot of screen real estate
07:52:11 PMspideyman yes love my 32 inch hdtv as a monitor
07:52:19 PMagamotto tordeu- yes, great for tired eyes, some evenings....
07:52:34 PMinvinciblemutant any idea how to optimise videos for pogoplug so that it plays it instantly
07:52:43 PMagamotto invinciblegeek- optimized for what, exactly?
07:52:46 PMdasauto i have noticed some of the best programmers have very simple websites and they look good.
07:53:05 PMGregInTexas I have something called skyfire on my android that optimizes video ...
07:53:11 PMchrisreich there is beauty and elegance in simplicity.
07:53:16 PMGregInTexas pretty fast
07:53:21 PMinvinciblemutant i dont know, the pogoplug android just say it is not optimised and prompting me to optimise
07:53:44 PMagamotto Hmmmmm, odd and not very useful....
07:54:13 PMinvinciblegeek are you sure to optimise on your android?
07:54:19 PMagamotto Perhaps the pogoplug is whining about it not being set at 720p or something?
07:54:22 PMtordeu agamotto - it works pretty well. I prefer screens instead of tellys, but for games and video I would love a telly
07:54:28 PMinvinciblegeek that will drain you battery transcoding
07:54:28 PMGregInTexas skyfire intercepts the video stream, optimizes and sends it to you
07:54:50 PMJVSCC you should be optimize files on your local pc
07:55:07 PMagamotto tordeu- I rarely run above 1400x900, so almost ideal for me
07:55:09 PMinvinciblegeek that is what i wish
07:55:39 PMGadwil-Office Here is a neat site to learn web code.
07:55:58 PMtordeu i use 2560x1600 and I dont have enough space. I am glad Ubuntu gives me 4 workspaces
07:56:03 PMagamotto tordeu- I leave the telly at 720p most of the time.... works well for me
07:56:11 PMEricKidd w3schools is indeed very helpful. An excellent resource!!!
07:56:23 PMdasauto example: local tech guys site, very simple and gets point across:
07:56:31 PMagamotto tordeu- i have always preferred swaping spaces
07:56:50 PMGregInTexas Id love to have a 32" tv as my monitor ... wow
07:57:01 PMagamotto Khan Academy is also a neat place to learn/refresh things
07:57:16 PMspideyman awesome for gaming
07:57:37 PMGregInTexas tux racer would be pretty cool on a 32" screen
07:57:54 PMtordeu @agamotto yeah. that is great. but for eclipse or gedit+firefox one big screen (or two screens) are nice.
07:57:57 PMspideyman i havent played that in a long time
07:58:36 PMagamotto tordeu- i suppose, I just hate the waste of power usually involved in multi-monitors
07:58:56 PMagamotto GregInTexas- it is very nice on my telly
07:59:04 PMGregInTexas I bet
07:59:10 PMJVSCC Robbie draw pics again?
07:59:18 PMdman810 what does - home -> usr/home mean in terminal when I do a ls -l?
07:59:23 PMinvinciblemutant thansk GregInTexas
07:59:26 PMagamotto Chromiun is almost too much for the speakers, though
07:59:32 PMGregInTexas I hadnt thought of doing that, actually ... I use laptop monitors
07:59:34 PMtordeu true. but led monitors can reduce that problem. There are some really great ones out there.
07:59:41 PMinvinciblemutant I think that solve the problem if it works with pogoplug android
07:59:49 PMdasauto i think i will just use a php inc and echo "my stuff" >>news.dat ;)
07:59:52 PMGregInTexas cool beans!!
08:00:15 PMagamotto Time to run upstairs and wrestle Nat into submission
08:00:20 PMtordeu @drum810: it means that home is a link which points to usr/home
08:00:27 PMinvinciblemutant good nite
08:00:32 PMinvinciblemutant thanks everyone
08:00:44 PMdasauto zoom zoom zoom
08:00:56 PMdman810 Tordeu can I change the owner of it?
08:01:16 PMJVSCC great show!
08:01:22 PMagamotto I suppose I should point out that I meant Chromium the game, not the browser"
08:01:28 PMinvinciblemutant a successful show indeed
08:01:29 PMGregInTexas look at the cpu usage drop when Justin tv goes off ...
08:01:51 PMagamotto Yes, Flash is a hog
08:01:55 PMtordeu @dman810: you can change the owner if you can get admin rights with sudo.
08:01:57 PMChrista Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the wonders of web programming
08:02:07 PMGregInTexas love it Christa
08:02:09 PMJVSCC We did!
08:02:12 PMGadwil-Office Christa, Thanks for joining!
08:02:16 PMGregInTexas youre a great addition to the show!
08:02:22 PMChrista woot! excellent.
08:02:24 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, Great walkthrough
08:02:30 PMinvinciblemutant we did..thanks for having us
08:02:34 PMtordeu @drum810: Do you want to change the owner of the link of the file/folder it is pointing to?
08:02:34 PMagamotto Christa- it is interesting to see what actually goes into creating a lot of that stuff.


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