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06:59:40 PMRobbieF Here we go! :)
06:59:47 PMRobbieF Tell your friends, tell your enemies.
07:00:07 PMagamotto Sitting is not required, just the watching....
07:00:22 PM_Jot_ with how many eyes should we be watching?
07:00:27 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Greetings everyone :)
07:00:34 PM_Jot_ hi Nexus
07:00:45 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Got the time right this time :D
07:00:48 PMtordeu Oh...Cool Eric shot. Have not seen it before
07:00:55 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, Is your mic on? It sounds low.
07:01:03 PMiamboriskarloff The mic is off
07:01:04 PMGregInTexas no audio ...
07:01:18 PMCodarz360 lol robbie
07:01:20 PMGadwil-Office it sounds fine now.
07:01:22 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, volumes are pretty low
07:01:24 PMmmdmurphy GregInTexas, hit play
07:01:25 PMiamboriskarloff Cant here you...
07:01:27 PMGadwil-Office Perhaps intro music just had to die out.
07:01:41 PMCodarz360 woooo my name on live lol
07:01:45 PMGregInTexas nope mmdmurphy ... I accidently mutied
07:01:49 PM_Jot_ Sound got a bit better
07:01:59 PMu-al audio is good
07:01:59 PMiamboriskarloff very quiet
07:02:02 PMdman810 RobbieF - Sounds greaT!
07:02:19 PM_Jot_
07:02:21 PMgsiegel I was looking forward to seeing the boom from your blog entry --
07:02:29 PMRatchet_ RobbieF: Could you show Pidgin setup quickly for Pidgin?
07:02:38 PMGregInTexas oh ... thats what that is ...
07:02:40 PMGregInTexas lol
07:02:51 PMdman810 I got Synergy Working!!!
07:02:53 PMcooler_bean hi
07:03:09 PMGregInTexas loud & clear!
07:03:12 PM_Jot_ hi Hillary School, we can hear and see you fine
07:03:23 PMpyrosrock RobbieF hope thats not skype :P
07:03:24 PMmmdmurphy SOunds like you are in a dorm room or something
07:03:27 PM_Jot_ dont forget cool beans
07:03:32 PMchrisreich cant get video or audio here
07:03:34 PMinvincible-mutan microsoft acquires skype should be on the news
07:03:46 PMtordeu Hillay via MS Skype
07:03:59 PMagamotto YaY!!! more reasons for people to drop Sony kit....
07:04:03 PMdman810 Bummer John!
07:04:06 PMGadwil-Office &wha&?
07:04:07 PMinvincible-mutan we miss him
07:04:07 PMtordeu Oh no, John.
07:04:17 PM_Jot_ oh no! they escaped
07:04:21 PMagamotto Johannes getting tired of the commutes?
07:04:33 PMinvincible-mutan will miss him
07:04:39 PMcategory5tv Pidgin sorted
07:04:40 PMGregInTexas uh oh ... gotta get a new video guy
07:04:41 PMinvincible-mutan thanks for the hard work all this while
07:04:41 PMGadwil-Office I will miss all the nice video camera movements.
07:04:58 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} wow Robbie you break em in then they up and leave..!
07:05:09 PMmmdmurphy Who is going to operate the tripod now?
07:05:20 PM_Jot_ Dont forget, you can write in Dutch to John if you want, so Robbie wont be able to read it :P
07:05:21 PMdman810 Does anyone know how to get Synergy to startup in WinXp on its own?
07:05:45 PMGregInTexas well, I like this mic!
07:05:50 PM_Jot_ Awesome_Christa, see how awesome you are? You get Robbies only microphone
07:05:54 PMinvincible-mutan dman810> can u put it in the startup folder
07:06:01 PMignacio82 RobbieF can you explain how to run pogoplug in linux? Do you actually have to run it from the terminal and give it your user name and password as plaintext ???
07:06:11 PMCodarz360 Awesome_Christa, youve got exactly the same laptop as me :D
07:06:15 PMdman810 i tried and it still requires me to start it
07:06:24 PMAwesome_Christa dont you mean....and AWESOME laptop?
07:06:45 PM_Jot_ Awesome_Christa, if he did give you one, it would be one that actually was able to start the chatroom much faster
07:06:46 PMCodarz360 lol yep Photoshop 4TW
07:06:47 PMCodarz360 haha
07:06:52 PMagamotto Oh, VAT.... I see
07:07:02 PMGuest_1288 finally made it on time,,yyyyeeeeeaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy
07:07:05 PMinvincible-mutan christa is using ubuntu (cup)
07:07:26 PMcategory5tv we will slowly convert Christa .....cup first
07:07:35 PMGoodGuy How do you start it manually now dman810
07:07:53 PMAwesome_Christa haha, Robbie gave it to me intentionally Im sure
07:07:54 PMGadwil-Office yea, studying mainly.
07:07:59 PM_Jot_ grats Awesome Gadwil
07:08:07 PMpyrosrock u shuld get all the contributers engraved on the side
07:08:07 PMtordeu YAY.... Gadwil
07:08:08 PMinvincible-mutan congrats
07:08:13 PMGregInTexas grats mr Gadwill!
07:08:23 PMGoodGuy One shirt = 200 logons?
07:08:31 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} congrats Gadwill..
07:08:33 PMGregInTexas I never log out, so I dont get extra points ...
07:08:38 PMGadwil-Office GoodGuy one shirt = 100 logons
07:08:39 PMgsiegel I think Gadwil should get some PED for Entropia as a prize
07:08:40 PMinvincible-mutan haha
07:08:46 PMGregInTexas actually, I never log out of anything
07:08:54 PMGuest_1288 congrats =felicidades
07:08:54 PMdman810 GoodGuy - I guess the question is can I run my computer that is the client , without the keyboard and mouse?
07:08:56 PMGadwil-Office gsiegel, I am still trying to simply learn that game.
07:08:58 PMinvincible-mutan now you have ads...calypso
07:09:12 PMagamotto How about Playstation currency? chuckes evily
07:09:26 PMtordeu YAY
07:09:31 PMGregInTexas I have over 101 points ... lol
07:09:37 PMtordeu I am right behind you, Gadwil ;-)
07:09:38 PMGoodGuy the Startup folder starts any program in there
07:09:43 PMchrisreich Adobe Flash keeps crashing on me. I wont be able to watch the show tonight. See you all next week I hope.
07:09:43 PMmmdmurphy ME ME ME
07:09:43 PMCodarz360 I have 102
07:09:50 PMtordeu Ooh... points points points points
07:09:50 PMCodarz360 Only just joined as well.
07:09:58 PMGoodGuy If it needs input, then itll be a problem
07:09:59 PMagamotto Stealth Cardi
07:09:59 PM_Jot_ Awesome_Christa, isnt that an awesome curtain? It has magical properties
07:10:04 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, Lets give all the Channel Operators ( besides myself ), some points for being awesome.
07:10:12 PMsmittysmit I need points...
07:10:15 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i hace a silkscreened shirt that will have a pic submited by next week
07:10:28 PMGoodGuy Maybe try a cmd file to pipe input to the command
07:10:40 PMGadwil-Office I love the Cartigan and Star Trek mix.
07:10:41 PMGregInTexas thats a cardigan?
07:10:49 PMGregInTexas looks like a wind breaker
07:10:53 PMagamotto beige goes with just about anything
07:10:53 PMinvincible-mutan turtle hands
07:11:06 PMGregInTexas looked like a sweater
07:11:14 PMcategory5tv cool ubuntu t-shirt
07:11:17 PMagamotto Hmm, that guy could be my evil twin!!
07:11:22 PMdman810 GoodGuy - do you know how to get Synergy to actually start the connection to my synergy server
07:11:24 PMGregInTexas why would you have a short sleave sweater?
07:11:27 PMcategory5tv just do it ....ubuntu
07:11:28 PMGuest_1288 that his ggrandma
07:11:29 PMtordeu "I do it with Ubuntu", I think
07:11:29 PMinvincible-mutan they look like twin indeed
07:11:31 PMGadwil-Office I guess that shirt is from the pre-unity days.
07:11:39 PMgsiegel he should get a bonus for the ubuntu plug ..
07:11:40 PMagamotto tordeu- is correct
07:11:45 PMmmdmurphy I have a picture - where do I upload it?
07:11:54 PMmmdmurphy (and, yes, its clean)
07:11:56 PM_Jot_ mmdmuprhy, send it to
07:12:01 PMmmdmurphy k
07:12:02 PMagamotto GregInTexas- zip-up cardi.... cashmere
07:12:04 PMGoodGuy No... I was asking how you start it now... then hope to dup the procedure from the Startup folder hopefully
07:12:25 PMGregInTexas cashmere? isnt that in India?
07:12:35 PMGoodGuy Kashmir
07:12:40 PMGregInTexas oh
07:12:41 PMagamotto Yes, but spelt differently
07:12:51 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, not but
07:13:09 PMGoodGuy Anyone actually like Unity so far?
07:13:12 PMcategory5tv Awesome Christa ....did you do the wallpaper for Robbies new website?
07:13:14 PMGregInTexas since they always say cashmere rebels, I thought it would be bullet proof or something
07:13:23 PMdman810 GoodGuy - it starts up on boot up, but synergy does not actually connect without me pressing the start button
07:13:35 PMdman810 GoodGuy - No on the Unity
07:13:43 PMdman810 Dont like it
07:13:51 PMGoodGuy Take a look at a freeware program called Auto Hotkey
07:13:52 PMagamotto GregInTexas- That would be nice.... easy to take of, though!
07:14:17 PMcategory5tv if a mutant says you are adorable???
07:14:22 PMGoodGuy
07:14:26 PMGregInTexas I should look for a western cut cardigan ...
07:14:47 PMagamotto GregInTexas- RSS carries them in the fall
07:14:50 PMCodarz360 16 x 16
07:14:54 PMCodarz360 .ico
07:14:55 PMGoodGuy I believe it can press buttons programatically, but no positive
07:15:03 PMGoodGuy not
07:15:22 PMGregInTexas RSS?
07:15:26 PMAwesome_Christa I didnt do the wallpaper, but would of loved to. Stuff like that is a lot of fun to create
07:16:00 PMagamotto GregInTexas- Not sure what it stands for, but they are in nearly all the malls in Iowa/Illinois.... Country/rural wear clothing
07:16:02 PM_Jot_ Awesome_christa, so we need to go to to have such an awesome wallpaper made?
07:16:13 PMcategory5tv Just wondered where Robbie got that ...looking for something like that for a desktop wallpaper
07:16:20 PMAwesome_Christa haha, you definitely do!
07:16:27 PMGregInTexas nothing even resembling that in Texas ... other than feeds
07:17:00 PMagamotto GregInTexas- Shame... Great clothing....
07:17:16 PMAwesome_Christa haha, cardigans are always in style!
07:17:20 PMGregInTexas no one wears sweaters here
07:17:33 PMGregInTexas youd die of heat stroke
07:17:48 PMGoodGuy dman810 - Are you familiar with Donation Coder -
07:17:49 PMtordeu If I were in Texas, I would not try to sell cardigans there, either.
07:17:52 PM_Jot_ GregInTexas, not even a cardigan with cooling elements build in?
07:17:53 PMtordeu Or wear them
07:18:04 PMagamotto I dont wear them too often, as it is rarely below 20F long enough for me to wear them
07:18:04 PMtordeu A cooligan?
07:18:05 PMCodarz360 Awesome_christa, would you mind if I asked you who coded your website?
07:18:14 PMGoodGuy They write small utilities and you donate whatever you feel like
07:18:17 PMdman810 GoodGuy - No on Donation Center! What is it?
07:18:24 PMGregInTexas well, Im not sure Id run out and try to start a cardigan business ...
07:18:29 PMGoodGuy Coder
07:18:34 PMGregInTexas not in w texas anyway
07:18:35 PMtordeu ChristaCoder
07:18:39 PMAwesome_Christa Cordarz360....youre listening to him
07:18:39 PMCodarz360 lol
07:18:49 PMCodarz360 Ah Robbie
07:18:55 PMAwesome_Christa ;) bingo
07:19:13 PMGoodGuy Programmers try to solve your small problems and if you are pleased, you donate whatever you wish
07:19:13 PMagamotto GregInTexas- You would just have to be careful as to where you market. You would be amazed at how many people above 50 wear them below 70F weather
07:19:16 PM_Jot_ ah darn, I only had 1 number to go before I had bingo
07:19:16 PMCodarz360 Can I just say it looks simple but effective ;)
07:19:28 PMtordeu Awesome_Christa, I dont see your bio in ...
07:19:36 PMGoodGuy I dont think you have to donate at all if you dont wish to
07:19:39 PMtordeu *on*
07:19:44 PMAwesome_Christa I swear Im working on it! I started it today
07:19:47 PMGregInTexas not even folks over 50 ... 60 ... 70 wear cardigans in 100 degree heat
07:19:56 PMtordeu sure
07:20:00 PMtordeu ;-)
07:20:09 PMGoodGuy I had a guy write a small shell extension for me and it was worth alot to me
07:20:10 PMAwesome_Christa thanks Codarz360! I like it
07:20:25 PMCodarz360 Awesome_Christa, I looks good but you could do with a favicon on your site get Robbie to put you one on ;)
07:20:29 PMAwesome_Christa haha, its true!
07:20:32 PM_Jot_ GregInTexas, you could wear them inside in the airconditioning
07:20:48 PMHillary newer tweet says: Is it still on the radar to eventually have that for #Linux? @RobbieFerguson Long term,yes,bt no cnfd dates or deets @pogoplug
07:21:04 PMHillary oh that was the same
07:21:07 PMGregInTexas yea ... Im going to have to go to the western wear store and take a pic of what we might call a cardigan
07:21:08 PMHillary they just fixed spelling mistake
07:21:09 PMHillary ha.
07:21:11 PMGoodGuy go to Coding Snacks in the Forums
07:21:12 PMagamotto _Jot_- My Mum is one of those cold people... I want to know what it is like, just once!
07:21:44 PMSammySez whos the chick?
07:21:45 PM_Jot_ Hillary, they misspelled cool beans?? The horror!
07:21:48 PMLedzep Im back
07:21:59 PMCodarz360 RobbieF, you still code websites with tables :/
07:22:02 PMCodarz360 ?
07:22:02 PMGoodGuy We are getting a new heating and cooling system.... today and tomorrow
07:22:17 PMagamotto GoodGuy- good timing
07:22:31 PMagamotto Mandrake... I remember that1
07:22:43 PMGoodGuy Not be choice.... my heat exchanger had a crack
07:23:01 PMpyrosrock SammySez christa?
07:23:03 PMSammySez Microsoft is doomed and it is a wonderful thing to witness.
07:23:17 PMagamotto GoodGuy- True, but at least you found out before the first 100+ day
07:23:18 PMGadwil-Office I think the skype buyout my MS is a good play personally.
07:23:20 PMGoodGuy RobbieF-EricKidd: Have you tried updating Turnkey File Server? It seems like a hassle
07:23:21 PMGregInTexas oh no ... cuz M$ now has skype
07:23:34 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Here, we are spiking at somewhere around 93 today... sheeesh
07:23:38 PMLedzep Microsoft is on the verge of buying Skype
07:23:45 PMSammySez Yeah, I read that earlier today. Ive uninstalled Skype on 3 out of 5 machines already.
07:23:54 PMGoodGuy The a/c was still working, but well past its life expectation
07:24:01 PMpyrosrock GregInTexas, yeah, how do i delete my skype acc?
07:24:02 PMagamotto GoodGuy- In less than four days, we have moved from a low in the 30s to the 90s...
07:24:28 PMGoodGuy Wow.... we have gone from 30s to 70s
07:24:29 PMagamotto Ledzep- accomplished
07:24:38 PMGregInTexas I dunno pyrosrock ... delete mine while yer at it
07:24:49 PMLedzep agamotto kidding
07:24:57 PMRexDameon hi pplz
07:25:18 PMRexDameon wow i catch the show live been a while
07:25:31 PMagamotto kevoh must be having trouble with something that has been corrupted
07:25:34 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} hi rexdameon..
07:25:53 PMpyrosrock RexDaweon welcome back!
07:26:21 PMpyrosrock RexDameon *
07:26:23 PM_Jot_ hi RexDameon, you only missed half the show this time :)
07:26:34 PMRexDameon heres a question for you guys MSN vs Pidgin vs Digsby who wins?
07:26:35 PMcategory5tv anyone using crunchbang linux ??
07:26:47 PMcategory5tv Pidgin
07:26:48 PMGregInTexas Pidgin
07:26:53 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} The one still standing.. ;)
07:27:04 PMas759 Pidgin
07:27:09 PMGoodGuy This guy has a podcast and he did a show on using older libraries
07:27:10 PMGoodGuy
07:27:15 PMGregInTexas I want pidgin for my droid
07:27:38 PMGoodGuy NOTE: He uses some dirty words, so if that offends you skip his stuff
07:27:41 PMRexDameon Digsby looks like cool but i just dont like giving them my acounts info
07:27:47 PMpyrosrock GregInTexas, what 4
07:27:49 PMdman810 Totally off topic - Go Wings!
07:27:54 PMSammySez so now that Skype has been corrupted through acquisition by M$, what other popular peer-to-peer video wares are out there?
07:27:57 PMagamotto eehehehe
07:28:11 PMCodarz360 Does anyone still use tables to code websites?
07:28:14 PMGregInTexas because, pyrosrock, I move back & forth between ubuntu and droid
07:28:21 PMCodarz360 I use CSS tables are old stuff now
07:28:46 PMpyrosrock GregInTexas, yeah but which chat protocol u want it for?
07:28:49 PMGregInTexas tables are still quite usefull, for what they do
07:28:51 PMGoodGuy I just bought a copy of VB6 Pro at a thrift store for $7
07:28:58 PMGregInTexas I use pidgin for yahoo IM
07:29:00 PMdman810 Nice
07:29:01 PMagamotto VB just doesnt do well with or without WINE in most linux distros
07:29:19 PM_Jot_ great stuff GoodGuy, make sure to keep the MSDN Cds if you have them, because they deleted all that stuff from MSDN
07:29:26 PMGoodGuy Not sure why I got it lol.. seemed like a good deal and I have VB6 books from the old days
07:29:29 PMCodarz360 They are useful but I would rather code fully in CSS the design.
07:29:34 PMSammySez heh - Ive never been able to get anything to run in WINE other than the Notepad sample app that comes bundled with WINE. :)
07:29:37 PMpyrosrock GregInTexas, ah is there not a yahoo chat client for android?
07:29:43 PMtordeu In theory tables have been old for years... in reality its not so simple
07:29:52 PMinvincible-mutan sorry
07:29:57 PMGregInTexas yes there is a yahoo chat client for droid, but its not so great
07:29:59 PMdman810 GoodGuy - You have to love thrift Stores
07:30:00 PMinvincible-mutan my machine just creashed
07:30:02 PMinvincible-mutan :(
07:30:05 PMRexDameon I just wish i could figure out how to make dynamic tables on wikia
07:30:11 PMinvincible-mutan ubuntu crashes
07:30:15 PMinvincible-mutan rare
07:30:18 PMGoodGuy Thats why I wanted it... I bought VB5 Pro years ago and C++ Enterprise Edition at a computer show
07:30:18 PMGregInTexas I use tables within columns I set up in css
07:30:25 PMEightMilesFromTJ I have AutoCad 2004 running in wine
07:30:26 PMSammySez I use tables as a simple way to organize data into cells, yes.
07:30:28 PMGoodGuy No MSDN Help CDs though
07:30:30 PMas759 Use a virtual machine
07:30:32 PMagamotto SammySez- I run Oblivion, Civ4, and some of the older Jedi games with it. At some point in the future, I am even going to migrate my DDO to it.
07:30:41 PMsmittysmit Yes, dman810. Go wings...Im here in the "D". 1 more chance...
07:30:46 PMGregInTexas yea, tables are really good for ... tables lol
07:31:08 PMCodarz360 Basically the main problem I have with coding websites is the different screen sizes and how they display things differently
07:31:10 PMdman810 smittysmit - the wings are going to drive us to drink, for sure!
07:31:34 PMGregInTexas of course codarz360 ... thats why tables are still useful if not overdone
07:31:34 PMsmittysmit Agreed...but is that a bad thing???
07:31:43 PMdman810 No
07:31:46 PMSammySez agamotto - I am not much of a gamer. Ive tried a couple of Win32 apps in WINE and it does not work well for me. I am on a Windows 7 laptop tonight which is rare for me. Otherwise I am out of Windows all together now.
07:31:47 PMinvincible-mutan is hillary using skype
07:31:49 PMCodarz360 I see what you mean man
07:32:03 PMinvincible-mutan skype is going to be owned by M$
07:32:09 PM_Jot_ sounds like standard 419 scams
07:32:11 PMagamotto SammySez- I keep it around only for games, and increasingly, not even for that
07:32:14 PMGregInTexas thats what I use tables for ... to get around multiple screen sizes
07:32:51 PMagamotto Elite!
07:32:54 PMinvincible-mutan ubuntu on usb
07:33:04 PMCodarz360 Surely there must be other ways of getting around that though without using tables.
07:33:07 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you forgot putting Elite and such into that list, shame on you
07:33:26 PMGregInTexas not that is worth the time spent, codarz360
07:33:27 PMsmittysmit We will find out in a few hours... for now its cat-5
07:33:44 PMSammySez yeah, it is sad to see Skype get destroyed through Microsoft perversion now.
07:33:47 PMCodarz360 Hmm I see
07:34:04 PMagamotto HDMI??? wow
07:34:10 PMinvincible-mutan yea
07:34:12 PMGregInTexas I build the css framework then use tables sparing for less exact formatting
07:34:14 PMGoodGuy Skype free days will be just a memory
07:34:22 PMinvincible-mutan i saw the interview woth this guy
07:34:32 PMdman810 smittysmit - they start at 8 right?
07:34:47 PMGuest_6747 that looks like a prototype
07:34:52 PMGoodGuy 7:30 pm I thought
07:34:55 PMinvincible-mutan it is a prototype
07:35:00 PMSammySez Skype-that-actually-works will be just a memory
07:35:05 PMpyrosrock i asume it has wifi?
07:35:09 PMSammySez everything MS touches turns to garbage
07:35:16 PMGoodGuy Maybe the actual game starts at 8.. the pregame chat earlier
07:35:18 PMGregInTexas does it have a cd drive?
07:35:24 PMinvincible-mutan no...
07:35:26 PMinvincible-mutan it does
07:35:28 PMagamotto oooooooo, when can I get this phone-thing?
07:35:29 PMGoodGuy Or money SammySez
07:35:39 PMinvincible-mutan it even does not have a usb port
07:35:39 PMdman810 GoodGuy - i think your right
07:35:44 PMSammySez expensive garbage then - heh heh
07:35:52 PMinvincible-mutan so it is a simple machine on chip
07:36:01 PMsmittysmit Not sure. I took 2 vacation days (first in 10 years) but working on the house.
07:36:01 PMSammySez I dont care what Microsoft charges, it is still garbage.
07:36:08 PMRexDameon i like big phones small phones you just loose
07:36:19 PMGoodGuy I meant they make money
07:36:21 PMagamotto Sonys implosion continues....
07:36:24 PMinvincible-mutan you need a keyboard with usb, or a screen with usb ports to provide it with power
07:36:32 PMGadwil-Office I may not use Sonys services for a while.
07:36:41 PMGadwil-Office I will go change my password, and leave it at that.
07:36:44 PMGoodGuy Garbage to us... Dollars to them
07:36:47 PMSammySez Whenever I am in Windows-anything, I spend 90% of time undoing things Windows does automatically for me that I never wanted to begin with.
07:36:53 PMagamotto Hmmm, with that rolling screen bit, we can finally have a Globo!
07:36:59 PMinvincible-mutan acquires skype should be a big news
07:37:00 PMSammySez I cringe when I know I have to work with Windows for more than 15 consecutive minutes.
07:37:16 PMGregInTexas bu bye sony
07:37:18 PMagamotto RobbieF- Sonys implosion continues....
07:37:22 PMGadwil-Office 2 weeks at least
07:37:27 PMagamotto At least 2 weeks now
07:37:37 PMSammySez Consumer confidence should be dropping with smart phones as well.
07:37:45 PMRexDameon so glad i didnt buy a Play Station. Was going to get one with Shoppers points too
07:37:47 PMSammySez govt tracking is out of control.
07:37:47 PMGoodGuy I wanted to buy a PS3 for the great blu-ray plus media streaming
07:37:52 PMCodarz360 over 90 million credit card details stolen!!!!
07:38:01 PMGregInTexas why should consumer confidence be dropping with smart phones?
07:38:03 PMSammySez GoodGuy - I have a PS2 package for sale ;)
07:38:07 PMGoodGuy Until we had to get a new furnace
07:38:13 PMGadwil-Office I trust MS more than Google, I "did" trust Sony more than MS, that is gone now.
07:38:26 PMGoodGuy I have that already and tons of games I never play lol
07:38:31 PMGregInTexas do you not know that you are and have been tracked for some time now
07:38:53 PMGregInTexas gps is in every phone ... done under the guize of 911
07:38:54 PMagamotto I dont purchase anything that needs to call home to work
07:39:01 PMSammySez GregInTexas - big brother, warrentless seizure, anti-4th amendment tracking of your movements, calls, text, web history, etc all can be copied warrentlessly now
07:39:01 PMCodarz360 PHP TIME ;)
07:39:24 PMGregInTexas but theyve had that for a while, even without the smart phones
07:39:35 PMSammySez GregInTexas - nope
07:39:36 PMSammySez wrong
07:39:42 PMGregInTexas yep
07:39:45 PMSammySez required a warrant to query phone companioes
07:39:47 PMSammySez nope
07:39:48 PMSammySez wrong
07:39:52 PMSammySez I worked for them
07:39:54 PM_Jot_ Awesome_Christa, if you want to play games, feel free to come over and play with my xbox, homecomputers, or pc
07:39:57 PMpyrosrock lol id still buy a ps over an xbox
07:39:57 PMSammySez it used to require a warrant
07:40:02 PMGregInTexas the info wasnt on your phone and its been around since the patriot act
07:40:07 PMagamotto Depended on the jurisdiction
07:40:09 PMSammySez smart phones save the data locally, stupid phones dont
07:40:23 PMGregInTexas it still technically requires a warrant, but they never turn the warrant down
07:40:36 PMHillary oki must depart. always on the move! toodles for now people and i will see you next week!
07:40:38 PMGregInTexas stupid phones have the data on the phone company server
07:40:41 PMSammySez smart phones can be seized and data transferred into "law enforcement" handhelds. not true prior to smart phones
07:40:48 PM_Jot_ have a great week Hillary, get good grades in school
07:40:48 PMGoodGuy Terrorists buy single use disposable cellphones
07:40:50 PMGregInTexas bye bye Hillary!!
07:40:59 PMSammySez nope - smart phone download does not require a warrant
07:41:03 PMcategory5tv cool beans !!!!!!
07:41:14 PMCodarz360 RobbieF, what do you think the best thing is to do about screen sizes with CSS?
07:41:28 PMGregInTexas why sammysez?
07:41:42 PMGregInTexas under what law?
07:41:44 PMSammySez because your government is criminal
07:41:46 PMagamotto it is a way to display text without having to pay anyone for copywritten material, or royalties to some group
07:41:53 PMGoodGuy Autos have PCs built in.. the police can download data in case of accidents.. insurance companies do it also
07:42:11 PMGregInTexas yes, but why can they seize your smart phone data? what gives them that "right"?
07:42:19 PMSammySez it is the same as grabbing your wallet and rifling through it without a warrant
07:42:21 PMSammySez you tell me
07:42:21 PM_Jot_ GregInTexas, anti-terrorist laws
07:42:33 PMSammySez why do they feel they have half the "rights" they think they do?
07:42:34 PMGregInTexas right ... the patriot act
07:42:45 PMGregInTexas they dont actually have that right
07:42:49 PMSammySez cellular tracking was well before Patriot Act fyi
07:42:49 PMagamotto Generally, anything translated into Latin loses the protection of copyright and trademarking
07:42:50 PMCodarz360 RobbieF, you need padding :D
07:42:54 PMGregInTexas if you sued, youd win
07:43:01 PMGregInTexas sure ...
07:43:08 PMSammySez every court in the land has issued they do have that right - warrantless
07:43:11 PMSammySez nope
07:43:14 PMGregInTexas cellular tracking is necessary for billing
07:43:15 PMGoodGuy Funny thing is real Patriots said anyone who trades freedom for security deserves neither
07:43:15 PMCodarz360 PADDING
07:43:21 PMSammySez every case so far is contradictory to that
07:43:33 PMSammySez Thomas J. was a cool cat - yes
07:43:43 PMCodarz360 Anyone worked with Wordpress Themes before?
07:44:27 PMGregInTexas I havent heard of warrantless smart phone seizures here, but I have heard of them up north
07:45:16 PMGoodGuy He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.
07:45:31 PMGregInTexas and wont get it either, GoodGuy
07:45:33 PMSammySez the sick part of it is they dont even have to tell you they DLd the data
07:45:35 PMGoodGuy Ben Franklin
07:45:44 PMagamotto The text is derived from sections 1.10.32-33 of Ciceros De finibus bonorum et malorum (On the Boundaries of Goods and Evils, or alternatively [About] The Purposes of Good and Evil).[4] The original passage began: Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit (Translation: "Neither is there anyone who loves grief itself since it is grief and thus wants to obtain it").
07:45:55 PMSammySez if you lose sight of it for any reason in their hands, it is safe to assume its been DLd
07:46:24 PMGregInTexas might be fun to root the phone and plant a honey pot ...
07:46:55 PMnjsf You should watch the Helvetica documentary
07:47:07 PMnjsf A pretty interesting history of how Helvetica came to be
07:47:18 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, does that mean you have to iron the website to make it look nice an clean? Like the curtains?
07:47:21 PMnjsf and its role in a lot of modern culture
07:47:24 PMagamotto Info comes from Wikipedia
07:47:33 PMAwesome_Christa njsf, Ive been wanting to watch that
07:47:38 PMAwesome_Christa I much prefer helvetica over arial!
07:47:52 PMGregInTexas I like ubuntus font ...
07:47:56 PMGoodGuy Heck fill a phone with porn... when they view it, say they are being paid to watch porn lol
07:48:28 PMSammySez I will be jettisoning my cells all together this summer
07:48:39 PMGregInTexas wonder if you could make the phone know it was being DLd?
07:48:53 PMGoodGuy I dont think so
07:48:54 PMSammySez I dont have any smart phones now, and with the new DHS govt alerting requirements coming out, it is not something I care to pay for anymore
07:48:57 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Or, as it would be full of pr0n.... you could technically charge them with distribution, since it was copied from your device... chuckle
07:49:19 PMGoodGuy they have a hardware device that uses it like forensics
07:49:27 PMGoodGuy lol agamotto
07:49:39 PMGregInTexas yea, I read an article on that device(s) last week
07:49:45 PMSammySez GoodGuy - yep
07:50:13 PMSammySez just like plugging a reader into the data jack on all modern cars - that simple. Ive seen it.
07:50:15 PMGregInTexas it does all kinds of phones ... all cell phones
07:50:17 PMGoodGuy A friend of mine has a daughter who is married to a police officer
07:50:31 PMSammySez GregInTexas - yep
07:50:49 PMGoodGuy His ex GF used the law enforcement computers to lookup data on the daughter
07:51:06 PMGoodGuy Her Mom reported it and the ex gf was fired
07:51:12 PMGregInTexas I guess if they DLd my data, theyd find out I spend way too much time playing Hex Defense ...
07:51:19 PMGoodGuy They give polygraph exams
07:51:20 PMdman810 RobbieF - You a Rapper? not
07:51:23 PMagamotto GoodGuy- I take it she is enjoying the hospitality of the police these days?
07:51:55 PMGoodGuy No they just canned the ex gf.... she worked in the office
07:52:16 PMCodarz360 RobbieF, I know whats wrong
07:52:31 PMGoodGuy It was against the rules to use computers for personal research
07:52:31 PMagamotto kevoh - Robbie answered your question, but you will have to watch the recording to follow the steps
07:52:49 PM_Jot_ Awesome_Christa, you are saying hes doing it on purpose? Is that the awesome, or not awesome?
07:53:03 PMdman810 GoodGuy - I got synergy to work!
07:53:08 PMagamotto GoodGuy- I am surprised she wasnt charged with a felony
07:53:14 PMGoodGuy Neat dman810
07:53:16 PMCodarz360 RobbieF, I know whats wrong
07:53:40 PMGoodGuy I think she didnt really do anything with the info
07:54:03 PMGoodGuy Losing her job was penalty enough I guess
07:54:11 PMagamotto In most states, that doesnt matter anymore, the accessing is enough for a felony
07:54:16 PMAwesome_Christa haha, codarz360, email it to Robbie, keep him from losing any more hair!
07:54:25 PMAwesome_Christa or....type it here quickly before the show ends!
07:54:28 PMGoodGuy Interesting.. this was Florida
07:54:33 PMcategory5tv Christa .....are you staying on the show after this web dev series is finished??
07:54:34 PMAwesome_Christa tick...tick....tick
07:54:42 PMAwesome_Christa ya Ill stick around for a bit
07:54:48 PMCodarz360 I will have to email it him so he can get the code up quickly
07:54:54 PMGregInTexas yay on Christa!!!
07:54:55 PMagamotto Quick!!!! Turn on the Red Bull drip!
07:54:55 PMDosbomber Sounds like I missed an interesting show
07:55:09 PMtordeu yay from me as well
07:55:12 PMCodarz360 then edit it and send it him back let him know for me please Awesome_Christa,
07:55:50 PMGregInTexas cool ... Im not missing that show ...
07:56:05 PMGregInTexas Im not using includes (yet)
07:56:20 PMCodarz360 Robbie make the height of the wrapper smaller.
07:56:34 PMagamotto Sounds like something I would rather let CPanel take care of....
07:56:49 PMGregInTexas includes? cPanel?
07:56:59 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Great show.. See you all next week...
07:57:14 PMGadwil-Office VOTE!
07:57:24 PMRexDameon anybody here a wiki guru?
07:57:29 PMGadwil-Office Even if you country wont let you vote for who leads your country, you can vote for this!
07:57:59 PMDosbomber Sounds like the sound problem is fixed
07:58:09 PMGregInTexas lol ... BIO!!!
07:58:14 PMcategory5tv bio ....yeah
07:58:30 PMSammySez HAH!
07:58:34 PMSammySez M$
07:58:37 PM_Jot_ Awesome_Christa, let me guess: Christas bio ?
07:58:43 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, No, the big black box is covering up the mug.
07:59:00 PMGregInTexas inyoface
07:59:05 PMcategory5tv Christa ...bootcamp !!!! dual boot
07:59:13 PMSammySez I wish I could afford Apple stuff ;)
07:59:20 PMagamotto Thankfully, I am advertising-resistant
07:59:21 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I dont know if you noticed it, but Christa isnt a fanboy, she has certain attributes that makes her not a boy
07:59:32 PMRexDameon lol shes a fan Girl
07:59:36 PMSammySez I tried to get Hackintosh working on a few different machines to no avail :(
08:00:03 PMGregInTexas canonical cardigans
08:00:07 PMdman810 RobbieF - Thanks for a great show!
08:00:14 PMas759 RobbieF - The microphone was great tonight - one for the future
08:00:15 PMagamotto Because you are supposed to swoon at how cool an engraved brand logo makes you a better.... somethnig
08:00:18 PMSammySez It is wonderful seeing Apple gaining market share in business computing environments now
08:00:24 PMGregInTexas yea, mic was great RobbieF
08:00:30 PMCodarz360 RobbieF, I think I know your problem with the footer man
08:00:37 PMRexDameon gaining market? they are loosing from what ive herd
08:00:44 PMRexDameon since Adobe kicked them to the curb
08:00:47 PMGadwil-Office RobbieF, I gtg now, Will talk with you later about the new mic.
08:00:50 PMGadwil-Office Thanks for the show.
08:00:54 PMGadwil-Office See everyone next week.
08:01:05 PMGregInTexas great show ... fun
08:01:08 PMpyrosrock quit rush!
08:01:11 PMRobbieF haha, thanks everyone!
08:01:12 PMDosbomber Cool beans! lol
08:01:17 PMRexDameon ill have to watch the rebroadcast for the first half of the show ;-(
08:01:32 PMAwesome_Christa @Jot - no, I finished my likes and dislikes. Im on a roll
08:01:40 PMDosbomber I have to rewatch the whole show. :( But at least I had one very memorable dinner.
08:01:47 PMCodarz360 RobbieF, you still here man?
08:01:47 PM_Jot_ Awesome_Christa, darn, Im in the dislikes. Oh well :P
08:01:48 PMSammySez nope - Macs are gaining on Windows in offices worldwide, but Windows is exponentially the leader. Gaining isnt dominating, but it is better than losing ground. ;)
08:01:52 PMRobbieF yep
08:01:55 PMCodarz360 I think I know your problem with the footer man
08:02:05 PMRobbieF groooooovy!
08:02:13 PMdman810 GoodGuy - thanks for your help! Going to watch the game!
08:02:14 PMRexDameon odd every media office ive herd is ditching apple
08:02:19 PMRobbieF lets give it a quick try.
08:02:26 PMCodarz360 I reckon its the height of the wrapper mate
08:02:30 PMGoodGuy sure dman810.... Go Wings
08:02:34 PMRexDameon Robbie
08:02:39 PMCodarz360 but try margin-bottom: 10%;
08:02:46 PMAwesome_Christa Thanks for watching the show everyone! Hope you all enjoyed it and thought to yourselves "Hey....that was a fantastically AWESOME show!"
08:02:47 PMRobbieF removed the height - no go
08:02:47 PMGregInTexas I see an awful lot of conversions to apple
08:02:54 PMRexDameon you stil got a Sansa Fuze? does it have like a place to hook a teather too?
08:02:57 PM_Jot_ Awesome_Christa, yeah, it was pretty awesome
08:03:08 PMGoodGuy night all
08:03:25 PMCodarz360 Hmm... have you tried percentages?
08:03:55 PMRexDameon lolz
08:04:04 PMpyrosrock lol that kinda scared me!
08:04:12 PMCodarz360 haha lol
08:04:18 PMRexDameon that is my fav cat5 moment ever lol
08:04:24 PM_Jot_ now we finally heard Robbies evil laugh!
08:04:25 PMpyrosrock yep
08:04:29 PMCodarz360 Robbies evil laugh
08:04:31 PMCodarz360 hahaha
08:04:34 PM_Jot_ thats the proof! Robbie is evil!
08:04:50 PMpyrosrock i hope that is in the on demand
08:04:50 PMAwesome_Christa Thats what Ive been trying to tell you guys all along!
08:04:54 PM_Jot_ and, try spelling live backwards, you get evil too!
08:04:56 PMAwesome_Christa now there is proof
08:05:12 PMCodarz360 Aww Christa, I belive you lol
08:05:42 PMAwesome_Christa yay! thanks Codarz360
08:06:15 PMCodarz360 RobbieF, you still recommend using tables man I thought they are way out of date?
08:06:26 PMDosbomber_ Wow.. first time thats ever happened to me


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