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06:59:38 PMChrista fun fact #53 ....Christa does not actually brush her hair
06:59:39 PMGregInTexas Is 11.04 different enough without unity to make it worth using instead of 10.04 or 10.10 ?
06:59:40 PMajamison5579 Fedora 15 + XFCE is not horrible
06:59:46 PMChrista feel free to share that with your friends
06:59:49 PMajamison5579 Gnome-shell however sucks
07:00:05 PMGadwil No Dosbomber, *most* of that was 3rd party issues and user ignorance, still a good 38-43% was MS... this is all Canonical.
07:00:16 PMdman810 here we go!!
07:00:19 PM_Jot_ if only there was a place to get the other fun facts
07:00:19 PMagamotto Gadwil- eh?
07:00:21 PMtsger cool beans
07:00:30 PMGadwil ajamison, Gnome-shell is better than Unity. I personally like it way more.
07:00:48 PMGoodGuy Fedora 15 had a terrible review on Linux Action Show
07:00:54 PM_Jot_ turn your microphone on robbie
07:00:56 PMDosbomber YOUR MIC IS OFF, ROBBIE!!
07:00:58 PMtsger mic quiet
07:01:09 PMdman810 RobbieF - Mic
07:01:13 PMtsger microphone
07:01:14 PMagamotto Yes, 33C here with nearly 70
07:01:15 PMGadwil GoodGuy, I like it personally. easier to get Gnome 3 working in it than Arch.
07:01:17 PMGregInTexas echo city
07:01:21 PMtsger eh?
07:01:23 PMfinalblogger looking nice
07:01:23 PMagamotto % humidity..... I am hiding indoors
07:01:33 PMpyrosrock danm hate when i click the streem
07:01:36 PMGoodGuy Gnome 3 seems to get ok reviews
07:01:44 PMtsger yay
07:01:49 PMGadwil Yes Robbie
07:01:52 PMGadwil I heard it all
07:01:53 PMfinalblogger thats nice
07:01:54 PMdman810 Thanks Robbie!
07:02:08 PMagamotto I might move to Gnome 3 once they come out with a version for 10.04
07:02:12 PMmmdmurphy Sorry, Gadwill, I rebooted to ... uh... some other operating system that , in this case, does what I want...
07:02:18 PMdman810 Robbie is learning how to turn on a mic??
07:02:24 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- chuckles
07:02:27 PMGadwil agamotto, It may not be backported.
07:02:48 PMagamotto Gadwil- Hmmm, might be a good reason to try another distro then
07:02:49 PMGWG Why am I being subjected to an ad?
07:02:52 PMGadwil mmdmurphy, That is fine. As long as it works for Cat5. We can debug the issue later.
07:03:01 PMGadwil GWG, To help pay for the new server.
07:03:08 PMGWG Oh
07:03:16 PMGWG Ive missed a lot
07:03:19 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, can you do a show about how tot urn on your microphone? like different ways to do it, different speeds etc, making the audience get confused becuase you forgot to turn it on etc.
07:03:20 PMGadwil Dual xeon?! Nice.
07:03:27 PMagamotto GWG- yes, this advert actually is related to what you are watching!
07:03:34 PMtsger _Jot_, LOL!
07:03:48 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:03:58 PMCoryClaxon He still sounds like hes talking from another microphone
07:04:01 PMCoryClaxon or something
07:04:05 PMdman810 What can be better? and a glass of wine! I live this life!
07:04:19 PMBattleTank is that mic on?
07:04:20 PMdman810 I love this lfe also!
07:04:25 PMDosbomber His mic is on now
07:04:26 PMchrisreich dman810 are you gay?
07:04:27 PMfinalblogger well i have glass of milk
07:04:27 PMmmdmurphy chrisreich - when I see your logon, I keep thinking of the musician....
07:04:30 PMfinalblogger :P
07:04:35 PMdman810 No
07:04:40 PMagamotto Mic could be a goal for Christmas?
07:04:58 PMagamotto Canadian Thanksgiving Day?
07:04:59 PMdavidmallette Ahh sipping expresso
07:05:06 PMdman810 Chrisreich - no the wife just cracked open a bottle, I normaly drink beer!
07:05:07 PMchrisreich would keep the talk about wine on the QT then, dman810
07:05:36 PMagamotto I had a nice rose with lunch today...
07:05:42 PMchrisreich thats better dman810! If the wife poured, you gotta drink! Youre gonna get lucky tonight dude!
07:05:46 PMGoodGuy What is the tax stuff is a bill because you owe?
07:05:56 PMGWG RobbieF: I sent you one two years ago
07:05:58 PMGregInTexas woops ... forgot to send that pic again ... sheesh
07:05:58 PMCoryClaxon Does anyone get that it still sounds like his mics not on? lol
07:06:00 PMGWG I was ahead of my time
07:06:06 PMchrisreich mmdmurphy which musician?
07:06:06 PMdman810 chrisreich - thats the plan!!
07:06:13 PMagamotto GoodGuy- VAT on the goods that he has to purchase for the server, I would imagine
07:06:16 PMDosbomber Sound is fine by me
07:06:18 PMpyrosrock RobbieF missed last week hows dvorak?
07:06:24 PMdman810 Christa
07:06:25 PMGoodGuy It sounds great here GregInTexas
07:06:27 PMdman810 Christa!
07:06:30 PMchrisreich Christa
07:06:36 PMChrista haha, stop it
07:06:40 PMchrisreich Christa
07:06:47 PMGadwil Is this Blue on yalls systems?
07:06:48 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} greets everyone :)
07:06:52 PMfinalblogger christa yeahhh
07:06:55 PMtordeu Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa Christa
07:06:59 PMtordeu Does that work?
07:07:01 PMfinalblogger Robbie tell us abt firesheep
07:07:07 PM_Jot_ Christa is Red, Violets are blue, RobbieF is Popup, and so are you
07:07:12 PMGWG Dear RobbieF: I seem to have a problem with kernel panics on my new server. It only seems to happen when I enable cpu frequency scaling. Which I want. What do you recommend?
07:07:12 PMGregInTexas sounds great here too! But for some reason, when I first start I get two vid windows and the echo is terrible
07:07:17 PMGadwil Everyone, dont spam their handles.
07:07:50 PMtsger Wow techie question
07:08:12 PMdman810 anyone know of a linux distro that works good on only 1 Gig hard drive?
07:08:23 PMChrista haha, you guys are taking advantage of the new findings
07:08:24 PMagamotto dman810- 1Gb?
07:08:35 PMfinalblogger its better to take advantage
07:08:37 PMGoodGuy One of the Puppy Linux versions dman810 ?
07:08:38 PMdman810 1 Gig byte
07:08:39 PMfinalblogger :P
07:08:54 PMtordeu Puppy or Vector(?)
07:08:55 PMdman810 Goodguy - I will look into that!
07:08:58 PMpyrosrock dman810 DSL
07:08:59 PMagamotto the highlighted sections are single words, yes
07:09:05 PMagamotto the first word was Bible
07:09:08 PMtordeu DSL is discontinued, isnt it?
07:09:12 PMchrisreich try antiX dman810. But seriously, I have a 1 G HD that I use just for swap.
07:09:24 PMpyrosrock duno
07:09:35 PMGoodGuy Puppy has several flavors for older PCs.. they used to have small hard drives
07:09:36 PMdman810 I got a Gateway profile all in one computer at a garage sale for 1.00 us Dollar
07:10:02 PMagamotto RobbieF- It might be the character set encoding between Western and ISO-whatever Greek is
07:10:24 PMGoodGuy Puppy can run off a thumb drive and save persistant data to the thumb drive iirc
07:10:30 PMBattleTank
07:10:51 PMagamotto GoodGuy- That might be a good way to bypass that 1Gb HD altogether
07:10:53 PMGadwil battletank, It cant convert with the code invovled as well.
07:11:00 PMGoodGuy wow beat my deal agamotto .. Best I ever did was $5
07:11:07 PMBattleTank yes it can
07:11:33 PMGadwil interesting...
07:11:34 PMDosbomber I personally could crash that server.... yep, Im that bad.
07:11:41 PMfinalblogger coman christa
07:11:49 PMfinalblogger do it
07:11:53 PMchrisreich aphonia Christa?
07:11:53 PMGregInTexas sing Christa sing!
07:11:54 PMmmdmurphy chrisreich, cant find a good link. I thought he did Music in 12 Pieces, but now i find thats Phillip Glass.......
07:12:23 PMagamotto I dont sing well, but I can carry a tune and keep in rythym
07:12:24 PMchrisreich Is there a musician with my name mmdmurphy?
07:12:52 PMchrisreich I did guest vocals in front of a live blues band in 2003. Fun times!
07:13:14 PMmmdmurphy chrisreich - yes.
07:13:15 PMDosbomber Oh yeah, somehow Id send that iPhone into a BSOD. Im that bad.
07:13:20 PMajamison5579 I have been told i sound like a cat in a blender when I sing so i do not do it
07:13:24 PMchrisreich I sang "300 Pounds of Joy"
07:13:37 PMtsger RobbieF, are you still using Unity? If not, whats your plan?
07:13:49 PMajamison5579 Chrisreich did you say your 300 pounds of Joy?
07:13:54 PMGadwil Christa, RobbieF, Big question... Plain or Peanut M&Ms... Which to eat?
07:14:05 PMagamotto I finally tried the 11.04 build of Mythbuntu... not good.
07:14:16 PMtordeu Peanut!
07:14:19 PMpyrosrock gadwil plain
07:14:20 PMagamotto Almond!!!
07:14:22 PMGoodGuy I am using Pinguy OS 11.04.1 .. Ubuntu 11.04 with Gnome 2
07:14:23 PMRaffer peanut
07:14:25 PMfinalblogger robbie can u tell us abt firesheep
07:14:28 PMdman810 RobbieF - I got a Pogoplug
07:14:29 PMfinalblogger ?
07:14:30 PMiamboriskarloff Smarties are better!
07:14:35 PMGadwil I have each. Not sure which to start with.
07:14:36 PMchrisreich That was the song I sang, and I wasnt too short of that weight at the time. Hence the nickname "Bigguy"
07:14:49 PMGadwil agmotto, I prefer Almonds too, but dont have those on me.
07:14:51 PMagamotto Hmmm, that nephew would have to stay away from me...
07:14:52 PMajamison5579 I like the holiday Mint flavored M&Ms
07:14:58 PMdman810 RobbieF - I like it but its slow!
07:15:03 PMchrisreich Coffee Crisp!
07:15:08 PMDosbomber Smarties are a Canadian product... show some national pride..
07:15:12 PM_Jot_ Christa, I have a whole bag of M&Ms, come get it!
07:15:20 PMiamboriskarloff Lets try the weather?
07:15:30 PMdman810 RobbieF - it is always processing data
07:15:37 PMChrista Jot - tempting! I am a candy fiend
07:15:44 PMchrisreich Sunny and 80 F in Rochester, New York
07:15:47 PMagamotto RobbieF- If you have the time, battletank suggested that that text/script you had on-screen might go through Google translate.
07:15:53 PMdavidmallette expecting sweltering weather tomorrow
07:16:04 PMDosbomber Lets hope they cancel support for IE9 as well
07:16:08 PM_Jot_ Christa, you should come candy shopping here, I bet you never saw as many kinds of candies as they make here
07:16:16 PMmmdmurphy
07:16:32 PMpyrosrock dman810 once it finishes its good!
07:16:41 PMDosbomber I live next to the Hershey Chocolate factory.
07:16:43 PMagamotto _Jot_- La Maison du Chocolat?
07:16:50 PMajamison5579 Steve Jobs looked very bad health wise
07:16:52 PMdman810 how often does it process pyrosrock
07:17:19 PMagamotto ajamison5579- You would think that someone that rich could find pants that fit.
07:17:19 PMchrisreich mmdmurphy there is also an author with my name. So when I become famous Ill need a new name. Suggestions anyone?
07:17:24 PM_Jot_ agamotto, thats French (or Belgian), not Dutch :)
07:17:26 PMpyrosrock only with new hd!
07:17:27 PMGregInTexas my sound quit ... just quit ... not muted anywhere, just quit making sound
07:17:28 PMGadwil I wish I had IPv6.
07:17:43 PMfinalblogger firesheep?
07:17:43 PMtsger RobbieF, are you still using Unity?
07:17:44 PMgpop7 dman810 you are going to enjoy your pogoplug.
07:17:45 PM_Jot_ Look Ma, Im on TV!
07:17:47 PMfinalblogger :)
07:17:49 PMajamison5579 agamotto he has a condition that caused him to loose alot of weight and go in the hospital
07:17:50 PMagamotto _Jot_- yes, but given the popularity, I thought you might have a store
07:17:53 PMBattleTank ipv6 day starts in 45mins
07:17:55 PMajamison5579 but he is recovering
07:18:05 PMchrisreich RobbieF you said you would show video editing this week. Change of plans?
07:18:08 PMDosbomber They have an amusement park there, too. :)
07:18:16 PMDosbomber Roller coasters
07:18:16 PMCodarz360 whats the best way to learn oop
07:18:17 PMmmdmurphy ROBBIE - I have ubuntu w/unity.. dual display... I can move the mouse to second display, but cant drag items to it.
07:18:17 PMCodarz360 ?
07:18:20 PMagamotto ajamison5579- i figured his liver must be acting up again... I am just sick of the baggy-pants syndrome with men.
07:18:22 PMCodarz360 whats the best way to learn oop?
07:18:25 PMScorpio55 Robbie howto zenity --progress --auto-close
07:18:28 PMpyrosrock its already wednesday
07:18:29 PMiamboriskarloff Anyone tried an Android tablet?
07:18:31 PMdavidmallette at what point would you say it is time to get a new pc
07:18:32 PMCodarz360 whats the best way to learn oop?
07:18:38 PMagamotto chrisreich- he will get there
07:18:43 PMdman810 gpop7 - yes I like the abilty to have access to all my files
07:18:46 PMnjsf Codarz360: Id go with Python
07:18:50 PMajamison5579 lol agamotto he looked like he did just crawl out of the grave though didnt he
07:18:55 PMchrisreich now I see - tnx agamotto.
07:18:56 PMmmdmurphy No, its just linux.
07:19:04 PMDosbomber davidmallette: When more than 2 major components really need upgrading for whatever it is you do.
07:19:06 PMmmdmurphy Move pidgin onto second display.
07:19:11 PMchrisreich I was feeling guilty not having a question worth asking.
07:19:13 PMCodarz360 I was thinking more javascript maybe?
07:19:24 PMmmdmurphy Nvidia
07:19:26 PMgpop7 that is good. same here
07:19:28 PMGadwil It is in twinview, checked that earlier.
07:19:34 PMnjsf Ubuntu needs to do better QA of dist-upgrades
07:19:37 PMGoodGuy I thought he only had 6 weeks to live from some article I thought I read
07:19:41 PMmmdmurphy The nvidia says the driver is active but not running (or something like that)
07:19:52 PMagamotto iamboriskarloff- i played with a newer Nook... nice to able to go from book-reading to android stuffs
07:20:02 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} @iamboriskarloff I have..
07:20:15 PMnjsf it borked from 10.04 to 10.10 and 10.10 to 11.04 because of the .dmrc file
07:20:16 PMCodarz360 Im struggling to grasp the concept of general OOP Im used to the procedural way.
07:20:29 PMagamotto GoodGuy- if that were true, I doubt he would waste time at an event
07:20:43 PMGoodGuy The Too Smart Guys podcast had a couple shows on the Nook
07:20:43 PMGadwil mmdmurphy, If you " Detect Displays ", does it show a number on each?
07:20:50 PMGregInTexas still no sound ... rythm box has sound, but no sound from video
07:20:53 PMdavidmallette Does the average consumer think that the browser is the operating system.
07:21:17 PMmmdmurphy I rebooted to the other operating system so I could watch the show....
07:21:22 PM_Jot_ davidmallette, do you mean the internet? what is a browser anyway?
07:21:38 PMagamotto davidmallette- i would put that number somewhere around 30%, yes
07:21:40 PMGoodGuy Maybe the company means everything to him
07:21:47 PMGadwil GregInTexas, Did you check the settings for FF in your sound equalizer, and check the sound settings on the video player itself? also try moving the sound in the video player, sometimes it lags.
07:22:16 PMnjsf Codarz, there are the _OO_ concepts and then there are the OOish implementation details of particular languages
07:22:23 PMmmdmurphy Gotcha!
07:22:39 PMCodarz360 Robbie which would you say the best way to understand a new web coding language is?
07:22:44 PMdavidmallette agamotto: I think that number will increase as mobile devices become more mainstream...thots
07:22:57 PM_Jot_ Codarz360, programming is about concepts, and techniques, not about languages
07:23:03 PMGadwil RobbieF, Some newer versions of X require it to be saved as 10.monitor-conf for multi-monitors, since the config file is generated at startup.
07:23:04 PMnjsf You can think of OO as providing ways to more tightly couple the data with the operations you apply to the data
07:23:19 PMnjsf so that data + behavior = object
07:23:27 PMagamotto davidmallette- it all depends on how many are able to get on/off.... with the ip4 crunch coming up, it could make many devices useless
07:23:29 PMScorpio55 RobbieF howto example zenity --progress --auto-close in a bash script
07:23:33 PMmmdmurphy ROBBIE _ will try on next reboot
07:23:34 PMnjsf I am over simplifying
07:23:49 PMCodarz360 I mean like the techniques and stuff
07:23:55 PMGregInTexas not seeing anywhere to adjust sound in FF (3.6)
07:24:01 PMCodarz360 Im trying to learn javascript thats all
07:24:09 PMagamotto Codarz360- try not, do.
07:24:18 PMnjsf Codarz360: A good way to start is to read about the Model - View - Controller paradigm
07:24:26 PMdman810 agamotto - ok Yoda!
07:24:27 PMnjsf Model == your data, like you database schema etc
07:24:35 PMCodarz360 I see
07:24:36 PMdavidmallette agamotto: Ill have to google ip4 crunch
07:24:36 PMnjsf View == you presentation, ie, HTML etc
07:24:51 PMGadwil Gregintexas, Under the Sound settings for the system, Firefox will appear, make sure that is turned up, then in the actual video player you will see something like a speaker, click that to adjust, or the bar next to it if in
07:24:54 PMfinalblogger Robbief I have tried PHP and its not that difficult but I need to know which editor should i use?
07:24:56 PMnjsf Controller == the logic that drives the actions from page to page, update the data etc
07:25:35 PMCodarz360 I see so basically you need a project to work on
07:25:46 PMBattleTank Codarz360, learn to program before you learn to code
07:25:52 PMagamotto davidmallette- each device must have at least a MAC address. ip4 only supports ~4bn devices at any given time.... once we get past 4bn connected devices, there can/will be problems.
07:25:53 PMGregInTexas switched to chromium and I have sound, so it was the browser
07:26:04 PMGregInTexas maybe because I have about 500 tabs open
07:26:08 PMCodarz360 Thanks for that robbie and thanks for the replies guys. :)
07:26:09 PMGadwil Ok, that might be so.
07:26:24 PMfinalblogger yess
07:26:32 PMfinalblogger PHP editor
07:26:43 PMfinalblogger ubuntu
07:26:44 PMCodarz360 Use Coda if your on MAC
07:26:49 PMCoryClaxon Mac*
07:26:49 PMnjsf Emacs, the one true edito LOL... Let the flame wars begin :)
07:26:52 PMtordeu gedit
07:26:54 PMiamboriskarloff RobbieF - Have you looked at Android? Any thoughts?
07:26:56 PMCoryClaxon MAC and Mac are two different things.
07:26:57 PMfinalblogger well i m using Ubuntu
07:27:00 PMagamotto VI
07:27:02 PMGadwil I like Notepad++ for Windows and Gedit for linux editing.
07:27:14 PMagamotto Emacs
07:27:20 PMchrisreich Yet my Mac has its own MAC CoryClaxon
07:27:20 PMGregInTexas I didnt know you could connect to freenode thru pidgin
07:27:27 PM_Jot_ you should use them toggleswitches on front of the computer to edit the hexfiles
07:27:32 PMfinalblogger yess i was there but using that time
07:27:35 PMnjsf No, Emacs can also be X based
07:27:36 PMGregInTexas I use gedit
07:27:40 PMmmdmurphy GregInTexas - thats how I am logged in
07:27:42 PMnjsf it used the Gtk widget set
07:27:46 PMScorpio55 RobbieF example use of zenity --progress -auto-close in bash script
07:27:46 PMCoryClaxon chrisreich, I wish I could have a Mac, doing so would give it its own MAC.
07:27:47 PMchrisreich one can connect to IRC w/ Firefox too, GregInTexas
07:27:59 PMnjsf the PHP mode is decent enough, as are the HTML, nXML
07:28:04 PMagamotto gedit can do the sytax highlighting, etc...?
07:28:07 PMGregInTexas I am just connecting to freenode thru the web
07:28:10 PMDosbomber Firefox>Chatzilla is what I use
07:28:13 PMtordeu yes, gedit can use that
07:28:16 PMtordeu *do*
07:28:18 PMagamotto coolies
07:28:22 PMCodarz360 I use Coda for the apple mac.
07:28:25 PM_Jot_ oh no! Christa left
07:28:29 PMGregInTexas gedit is perfect
07:28:32 PMGadwil I dont like Chatzilla, that means I need FF open, when sometimes I just want IRC.
07:28:36 PMchrisreich Dont be too impressed, my newest Mac is just over 5 years old, CoryClaxon.
07:28:39 PM_Jot_ hi Hillary
07:28:48 PMGregInTexas Ive tried them all too ...
07:28:48 PMtsger gedit for the win
07:28:51 PMDosbomber News co-host hot seat
07:29:00 PMchrisreich Wordgrinder for the win!
07:29:05 PMGregInTexas Hilliary!!!
07:29:05 PMmmdmurphy Anyone recommend a good SQL editor?
07:29:06 PMnjsf sound
07:29:07 PMRaffer mic
07:29:07 PMtsger her mic is off
07:29:08 PMDosbomber Her mic is low
07:29:10 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Microhpone
07:29:10 PMGregInTexas mic Hil
07:29:11 PMiamboriskarloff Needs a Mic!
07:29:13 PMchrisreich MIC Hillary!
07:29:23 PMdman810 RobbieF - Mic
07:29:23 PMtsger RobbieF, MIC
07:29:24 PMDosbomber I bet Christa is still wearing it. :)
07:29:26 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Volume...
07:29:26 PMGadwil Most linux developer editors have fallen to not being developed.
07:29:30 PMchrisreich RobbieF Hillarys mic is not on!
07:29:31 PMGadwil RobbieF, Still no volume.
07:29:43 PMagamotto I was recently gifted a sonic screwdriver...
07:29:47 PMfinalblogger mic issue
07:29:50 PMGadwil Thanks Hillary!
07:29:51 PMchrisreich did not hear Hillary
07:29:51 PMCodarz360 Hi Hillary.
07:29:57 PMchrisreich take two!
07:30:05 PMkgoosie I am using AndroidIRC
07:30:07 PMnjsf Gadwil not Emacs nor VI, still being well developed
07:30:09 PMchrisreich What is it RobbieF?
07:30:20 PMmmdmurphy Dont say Gay, say Takei!
07:30:22 PMdman810 we need a way to make a loud noise in the studio for when we need to get their attention!
07:30:25 PMdavidmallette Long live the $ store
07:30:45 PMdavidmallette and garage sales
07:30:45 PMpyrosrock RobbieF every time u say CSS i think u mean CounterStrike Source
07:30:49 PMGadwil njsf, yea, for Terminal. But those are not "Dedicated" to software development.
07:30:53 PMmmdmurphy
07:31:08 PMCodarz360 Open it.
07:31:08 PMfinalblogger open itttttt
07:31:10 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- nah, i just tune in to Craig Ferguson if I want to hear George.
07:31:11 PMnjsf Gadwil: what do you mean? both vim and emacs can also be X based
07:31:11 PMdman810 its a sin to open it!!
07:31:12 PMGregInTexas itsa classic!!!
07:31:13 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} NRFB...!!!!
07:31:14 PMchrisreich RobbieF Hillary just declared you to be worth a dollar! Arent you proud?
07:31:15 PMtordeu box
07:31:15 PMpyrosrock boxed
07:31:16 PMgpop7 nooooooooo
07:31:19 PMnjsf pretty decent
07:31:24 PMGadwil RobbieF, They typically run the same amount of toys per person, so by a few million each. If it is limited run then they announce it and label it so, that makes it collectors.
07:31:26 PMCodarz360 Open Robbieee.
07:31:29 PMagamotto There is no point in collecting something you dont play with/use.
07:31:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Make Hillary buy all of them, and then keep some closed, and put the rest in the contest
07:31:36 PMgpop7 dont open
07:31:37 PMnjsf I even read email on Gnus in Emacs, including HTML rendering with images etc
07:31:39 PMas759 leave it in the box
07:31:39 PMu-al open
07:31:51 PMmmdmurphy Get another one, and leave one not opened.
07:32:26 PMdavidmallette Auction it raise funds
07:32:28 PMnjsf translation... "buy our routers"
07:32:28 PMagamotto Gadwil- I am officially envious of your childhood.
07:32:39 PMnjsf "... not junipers"
07:32:42 PMu-al If the value doubles, its only worth two dollars.
07:32:53 PMDosbomber u-al: lol
07:32:57 PMdavidmallette Ill gvie you $5 for it
07:33:00 PMGregInTexas thats a lot
07:33:01 PMchrisreich Cisco is just as bad as Microsoft when it comes to proprietary software.
07:33:04 PMagamotto Is this before or after Cisco cancelles the product, then continues to sell it for full retail?
07:33:11 PMGadwil agamotto, He hasnt had the shop except 2 years now.
07:33:27 PMagamotto Gadwil- ahhh
07:33:28 PMdman810 anyone know how can I share a folder from the comand line?
07:33:29 PMmmdmurphy I think its a fluke that she found them, I think worth lots more on ebay...
07:33:32 PMnjsf agamotto: Cisco will never cancel their core backbone routers
07:33:35 PMGadwil IE6 and 7... BEGON!
07:33:40 PMGadwil begone*
07:33:45 PMgpop7 $5 $5 can we get $6
07:33:47 PMnjsf theyll introduce more powerful cards or backplanes
07:33:53 PMmmdmurphy dman810 - in Windows??? Yes, I can...
07:33:55 PMdavidmallette do I hear $6
07:33:58 PMDosbomber The invocation doesnt sound as powerful when you misspell it.
07:34:00 PMnjsf Cisco is just bad at consumer stuff
07:34:00 PMGregInTexas what if you dont want the latest?
07:34:11 PMnjsf and that report was target at big enterprise and providers
07:34:12 PMGadwil dman810, Samba is probably the most widely used.
07:34:15 PMdman810 mmdmurphy - sorry ubuntu 10.10
07:34:16 PMagamotto But I like using my palm T|X for quick-browsing stuffs!!!
07:34:22 PMGregInTexas fixing to buy my daughter one of those
07:34:24 PMdavidmallette $6.50
07:34:27 PM_Jot_ getting the invocation wrong is why they managed to stay around in the first place
07:34:37 PMpyrosrock i want one with USB3
07:34:52 PMnjsf agamotto: I still have the prcs for the IBM JVM so you can use opera mini on it
07:35:04 PMScorpio55 triple e pc
07:35:10 PMdavidmallette signed Robbie Ferguson that thing is worth mucho dollares
07:35:13 PMScorpio55 tripple
07:35:14 PMGregInTexas I use opera on my android
07:35:23 PMagamotto njsf- I have that, but even Opera dropped support for non-webOS palm kit
07:35:32 PMDosbomber I just call mine the E.P.C.
07:35:36 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} anyone tried firefox on the android?
07:35:41 PMchrisreich Get the ladies to sign it instead
07:35:53 PMGadwil Nexus, FF is my main browser on Android.
07:36:01 PMGregInTexas U N I T Y
07:36:06 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} how does it run..? are you happy with it?
07:36:08 PMagamotto Because 11.04 is a pain?
07:36:21 PMnjsf I use microB :) on my mobile kudos to whomever recognizes ;)
07:36:30 PMchrisreich Debian for the win
07:36:36 PMCoryClaxon :D
07:36:45 PMmmdmurphy U Never Intend To Yuse it... best I could do tonight...
07:36:48 PMGadwil Nexus, I hardly use it. I dont "Browse" that much, I mainly use apps. But from my experience, it is good, simply a little annoying when I go too far left or right and the other menus open.
07:36:53 PMkiwi_tux if they installed it with netbook release of 10.10 they would get unity by default
07:36:55 PMGregInTexas like weve always been able to do with android
07:36:57 PMagamotto Hmmm, I wonder if there is an Android hack for the T|X....
07:36:59 PMnjsf CoryClaxon: not in the mood for another 4Gb Xcode download...
07:37:07 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} thanks Gadwil :)
07:37:30 PMCoryClaxon njsf, I dont have a dev account, I had one of my friends add me to there dev list
07:37:38 PMCoryClaxon Im on linux at the moment
07:37:43 PMGadwil Nexus, also, I am unsure of how FF Sync works in it, since I have yet to test that feature.
07:37:56 PMnjsf or the "lets see how bad it breaks day"
07:38:07 PMmmdmurphy Theyre going to replace it with IP@6...
07:38:10 PMBattleTank ipv6 day actuallys starts in 22 mins
07:38:29 PMpyrosrock how do we enable it?
07:38:37 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Ill give it a try since youve not reported any big issues.
07:38:38 PMnjsf pyrosrock: where?
07:38:41 PMGadwil pyrosrock, Users dont. It is ISPs and providers.
07:38:48 PMkiwi_tux it started here almost twelve (12) hours ago!
07:38:57 PMGregInTexas well, tomorrow will be a total loss .,.
07:38:59 PMtsger too funny
07:39:04 PMagamotto kiwi_tux- no boom?
07:39:05 PMDosbomber Theyre going to be watching our packets tomorrow??
07:39:12 PMGadwil Pyrosrock, If you have an IPv6 address, your router most likely translates to IPv4 internal, and the ISP converts to a v4 for an outside global address.
07:39:41 PMnjsf well recent linux distros always assign the link local IPv6 addresses
07:39:56 PMGregInTexas I was a judge at a battle of the bands about 3 weeks ago ... pretty fun!
07:39:56 PMnjsf so at least within your local network you can already do IPv6
07:40:08 PMGregInTexas bye Hil
07:40:12 PMGadwil njsf, Yes. But that is not used for much, if anything except testing.
07:40:12 PM_Jot_ cool beans Hillary
07:40:13 PMpyrosrock but we will have to coz no win coms have it enabled
07:40:33 PMGadwil njsf, Also, few routers/software is made to run v6 locally, let me know if you find one.
07:40:37 PMnjsf Gadwil, agreed, but that means that from a users perspective there is really not much needed to configure
07:40:38 PM_Jot_ Christa welcome back
07:40:39 PMagamotto Does it count if I killed a bunch of Bards in DDO last night?
07:41:04 PMagamotto natural 4000?
07:41:05 PMGadwil njfs, It will mostly be DHCP anyways, so they wont notice, even XP has it installed if you runt he command to enable it.
07:41:07 PMchrisreich Thats pure magic how Hillary and Christa trade places!
07:41:09 PMnjsf Gadwil, any I can put OpenWRT on :)
07:41:12 PMGadwil XP SP3 has it enabled by default too.
07:41:12 PMagamotto I love mine
07:41:25 PMChrista were like nijas
07:41:26 PMGadwil njfs, I run OWRT, Cant get v6.
07:41:28 PMChrista ninjas rather
07:41:36 PMmmdmurphy I have one too, no carpal tunnel syndrom here..
07:41:40 PMGregInTexas I just use my lappy keyboard
07:41:59 PMnjsf Gadwil: memory limitations on the router ?
07:42:07 PMpyrosrock robbief ill stick to my logitech
07:42:08 PMnjsf
07:42:11 PMmmdmurphy ROBBIE - going to try DVORAK? pretty crazy...
07:42:12 PMGadwil njfs, Unsure, it is running the Mini version.
07:42:32 PMnjsf ahh that is why if you need mini you have little EPROM space
07:42:39 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- I use it. it wasnt too difficult to get used to.
07:42:42 PMGadwil Thanks for the link njsf, I may look at this this weekend.
07:43:41 PMmmdmurphy But QWERTY is everywhere... what happens when you walk up to something that isnt???? (ie, iPad)
07:43:46 PMpyrosrock dosbomber i also have been using dvorak for some weeks now
07:44:00 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- change the keyboard map
07:44:29 PMnjsf mmdmurphy: you change the logical keyboard map (ok I am not sure iOS supports that)
07:44:30 PMchrisreich RobbieF Why not get the software from the repositories?
07:44:44 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- I wouldnt be surprised to find that the ipad has some switch that allows you to remap the keyboard
07:45:11 PMnjsf besides on an ipad you are looking at the keys anyway
07:45:11 PMmmdmurphy Or, you are working on some elses hardware...
07:45:15 PMGadwil njsf, This link looks like it is to setup for a outside global address, not inside local address spaces.
07:45:20 PMnjsf whereas dvorak is more for the touchtypist
07:45:23 PMchrisreich Good answer, RobbieF
07:45:41 PMfinalblogger christa whts that batch on your T-shirt
07:45:44 PMfinalblogger ?
07:45:46 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- I have never had a problem with putting the keymap back to the old config.
07:46:14 PMChrista It was against my will
07:46:14 PMChrista haha.....conveniently, Robbie has "Star Trekd me"
07:46:15 PMagamotto It goes so far back, that I was able to use it on my Amiga 3000.
07:46:24 PMCoryClaxon RobbieF, Natty repo has openshot 1.3.0
07:46:26 PMChrista he said that if I didnt wear it I wasnt allowed to enjoy the air conditioning
07:46:28 PMfinalblogger lol
07:46:28 PMnjsf Gadwil dnsmasq supports DHCP6 serving if you want to locally assign the IPv6
07:46:39 PMnjsf and regular routing rules should remain on effect
07:46:39 PMagamotto Christa has been assimilated!!!!!!!
07:46:41 PMfinalblogger ohh gosh
07:46:45 PMmmdmurphy Christas nose pierced, or a glint off the camera lense?
07:46:48 PMfinalblogger branded
07:46:49 PMpyrosrock my dvorak keyboard:
07:46:52 PMfinalblogger lol
07:46:55 PMchrisreich whatever it takes to get AC...
07:46:58 PM_Jot_ Christa, otherwise those big security-guys outside would have to search you, not a pleasent experience
07:47:07 PMGadwil Then you would need to tunnel from the local v6 to the outside v4.
07:47:12 PMGregInTexas cool beans!!! inkscape!
07:47:15 PMnjsf Gadwil that is included
07:47:21 PMGadwil Ok then.
07:47:34 PMnjsf ip tunnel add henet mode sit remote $SERVER_v4 local $CLIENT_v4 ttl 255
07:47:39 PMGregInTexas yea, if you can use it .... !!!
07:47:42 PMnjsf this line establishes the tunnel
07:48:02 PMfinalblogger christa why ur smiling?
07:48:02 PMGadwil Ok, I will definitely look at it then.
07:48:05 PMnjsf basically you assign an "inside" IPv4 and the outside v4
07:48:05 PMfinalblogger :P
07:48:08 PMGregInTexas Blender is awesome
07:48:30 PM_Jot_ The word of today: Obsolete, as in Obsolete repository, obsolete browser, etc
07:48:33 PMChrista theres a paparazzi in studio dont you know....i have to smile incase the picture shows up in the tabloids
07:48:45 PMchrisreich RobbieF mispronounce "Beta" everybody DRINK!
07:48:46 PMkiwi_tux Vint Cerf apologised for IP4V at 2011 as he thought it was just a DARPA experiment.
07:49:01 PMfinalblogger your doing things against ur will
07:49:05 PMfinalblogger lol
07:49:06 PMmmdmurphy Dont you mean Programmes???
07:49:48 PMchrisreich "Executable" mispronounced twice - DRINK and DRINK
07:49:51 PMpyrosrock yeah get on programme
07:50:33 PMagamotto I never did find out how lieutenant became leftenant in British English...
07:51:06 PM_Jot_ because lewd-tenant sounds so strange
07:51:13 PMpyrosrock flv?
07:51:19 PMGadwil agamotto, I never do understand bad jokes.
07:51:25 PMnjsf _Jot_: or too close to the truth :D
07:51:36 PMdman810 GoodGuy - I am installing Puppy Linux to give it try! So far its working
07:52:04 PMmmdmurphy chrisreich, I had to open up a new one for that...
07:52:10 PMGoodGuy Cool dman810
07:52:18 PMnjsf Le titre ?
07:52:19 PMnjsf :D
07:52:24 PMchrisreich Im going to get a beer. brb
07:52:30 PMagamotto _Jot_- If memory serves, it actually derives from French - in lieu of an actual officer.
07:52:33 PMkiwi_tux Isnt spaces in a file name bad karma
07:52:35 PM_Jot_ RobbieF: Clippy: I see you are trying to use Glare. Do you need help making a Star Trek movie?
07:52:36 PMChrista chrisreich, want to grab me one?
07:53:08 PMChrista if you grab me two I can make use of a beer hat
07:53:10 PMagamotto kiwi_tux- on in directories with linux
07:53:19 PMfinalblogger i need to drink something chill
07:53:24 PMagamotto kiwi_tux- only, that should be
07:53:50 PMchrisreich Done, Christa. I got us India Pale Ale. Of course, in India, they just call it Pale Ale...
07:54:08 PMagamotto _Jot_- I SEE THAT YOU ARE USING GLARE. Do you really think anyone will notice?
07:54:23 PMChrista Hahaha, oh the humour
07:54:28 PMchrisreich lol @ agamotto
07:54:52 PMchrisreich Christa you spell funny...
07:55:03 PM_Jot_ its called English
07:55:07 PMChrista I spell with Canadian
07:55:23 PMchrisreich _Jot_ take note, its Canadian.
07:55:29 PMChrista we like to add Us to our words
07:55:36 PMagamotto If you think that is funny, read Francois Canadien sometime.
07:55:48 PMchrisreich Isnt that a brand of beer?
07:55:58 PM_Jot_ Christa, how do you add an U to M&Ms?
07:56:14 PMagamotto Christa- Canada finally dropped spelt?
07:56:20 PMChrista UM&MUs.....the Us are silent
07:56:35 PMchrisreich you tell em, Christa
07:56:38 PMDosbomber There is no "U" in Teamwork.... except for Canada, where they spell it teamwourk.
07:56:40 PM_Jot_ Christa, I thought it was how Mums get to be so sweet
07:56:51 PMmmdmurphy apparently, it happens elsewhere... at work, we allow for brazillian portguese as well as portguese... yea, probably mispelled portuguese, but you know what I mean...
07:56:53 PMChrista haha....awww....clever Jot
07:57:21 PMmmdmurphy Dodbomber - going to borrow that ohne...
07:57:24 PMmmdmurphy one..
07:57:36 PMnjsf mmdmurphy: yes you misspelled it once
07:57:50 PMnjsf actually... twice
07:58:00 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- I can only imagine dealing with all of the pidgin spanish dialects
07:58:08 PMchrisreich For what its worth, when I was writing yesterday on the topic of Weinergate, I discovered that Mac OS X is able to correct spelling of the word "douchebag". Good thing, huh?
07:58:09 PMmmdmurphy so, whats different in brazil?
07:58:26 PMChrista hahaha, that will come in handy
07:58:33 PMDosbomber chrisreich: lol
07:58:39 PMnjsf mmdmurphy: actually since the spelling agreement of 2005, nothing
07:58:40 PMchrisreich Brazilian Portuguese is much different from old world Portuguese.
07:58:41 PMpyrosrock dw Christa us aussies usualy add the us
07:58:52 PMGadwil Did anyone else see Linus going off on some guy in the Linux Kernel Mailing List?
07:58:55 PMnjsf both spellings are accepted on all Portuguese speaking countries
07:59:00 PMchrisreich no Gadwil
07:59:16 PM_Jot_ njsf, so, all children happy, no more spellingmistakes in school?
07:59:20 PMagamotto mmdmurphy- small differences... words for eggs and tortillas being similar, odd grammar due to the french influence.
07:59:22 PMGadwil man, It was great. But, Linus was totally in the right, the other guy was being a *censor*.
07:59:41 PMnjsf _Jot_: no, not really, just not the color vs colour ones, or humor vs humour ones
07:59:52 PMnjsf kolor would still be wrong
07:59:56 PMnjsf you get the drift
08:00:05 PMagamotto pyrosrock- Most of the Commonwealth does, yes
08:00:42 PMChrista Maybe next weeks show will be on grammar of the world
08:00:48 PMchrisreich Old World Portuguese can be described as mostly Spanish but spoken with a French accent. Not entirely accurate, but real close.
08:00:49 PMagamotto That could be fun
08:00:53 PMnjsf chrisreich: just as in regular conversation an aussie speaks much different english from a us guy
08:00:57 PMCoryClaxon OOoh, were going over the time limit! lol
08:00:58 PMagamotto chrisreich- close enough
08:01:00 PMnjsf they can still understand eachother
08:01:07 PMnjsf chrisreich: you are very wrong
08:01:15 PMnjsf I am Portuguese by the way
08:01:15 PMGadwil RobbieF, What file type were you using for that to get the video of the Newsroom?
08:01:30 PMpyrosrock agamoto just those stupid americans dont spell with the u
08:01:41 PMchrisreich Ive been both places several times and speak fluent Spanish. I stand by my observations, njsf.
08:01:47 PMmmdmurphy Just think of all the ink we save...
08:01:58 PMnjsf Well I still stand that you are wrong
08:02:04 PM_Jot_ hey videofile, turn on your microphone, theres no sound!
08:02:26 PMGadwil OOOO!
08:02:32 PMmmdmurphy I would get rid of the word " a ", but then ...
08:02:37 PMagamotto njsf- I thought the reformation of Portugues was supposed to be fixing most of the differences?
08:02:57 PMnjsf agamotto: no, just made them legal for the most part
08:03:05 PMagamotto njsf- ahhh
08:03:06 PMGregInTexas great show yall!!!
08:03:07 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Great show.. Bye all..
08:03:07 PMdman810 See ya All!
08:03:08 PMValpenone Great show as always, nite all
08:03:14 PMchrisreich The voice?
08:03:21 PMiamboriskarloff Good show - was getting tired of web development...
08:03:28 PMiamboriskarloff bye
08:03:30 PMGadwil RobbieF, I wonder why I couldnt do that when I was trying to save the Meat... I will still blame not having the right codec readers installed.
08:03:32 PMfinalblogger that was nice
08:03:32 PMnjsf but the idea is that the media will start to "harmonize" so within 10 years there will be spelling "coherence"
08:03:38 PMDosbomber Cool beans!
08:03:42 PMDosbomber lol
08:03:44 PMGregInTexas c o o k i e s
08:03:48 PMgpop7 same time same station. see you all next week.
08:03:49 PMchrisreich Great show RobbieF and Christa
08:03:50 PMkiwi_tux great show. see u later from Christchurch New Zealand
08:03:52 PMnjsf but day to day vocabulary is so different....
08:03:53 PMagamotto Gadwil- given what a pain codecs can be, I can imagine it, easily
08:03:57 PMRobbieF thanks everyone!
08:04:06 PMgpop7 good show.
08:04:18 PMfinalblogger soo christa whts up
08:04:19 PMChrista GreginTexas....unfortunately this was a cookieless show
08:04:20 PMchrisreich all my best everyone
08:04:33 PMagamotto njsf- Much like the differences between mexican spanish and continental?
08:04:34 PMnjsf bye all
08:04:38 PMgpop7 goodnight christa and robbief
08:04:40 PMsmittysmit GREAT show, Robbie & all. See ya next week...
08:04:43 PMGregInTexas no cookies?
08:04:48 PMnjsf agamotto: I do know which ones they are
08:04:51 PMgpop7 and hillary.
08:04:57 PMChrista night gpop7
08:05:01 PMChrista see you next week


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