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06:59:36 PMRobbieF Ladies and gentlemen, this will be a boring show.
06:59:37 PMRobbieF lol
06:59:38 PMRobbieF not
06:59:47 PMfinalblogger hahah
06:59:47 PMagamotto The President scrambled enough of my day....
06:59:50 PMfinalblogger coman RobbieF
07:00:07 PM_Jot_ if it has to be boring, can it at least be very long?
07:00:10 PMGadwil What did him/her do agamotto?
07:00:27 PMajamison5579 RobbieF that reminds me of when Connan claims his show will not air it is so bad and the irony is your watching as it airs when he says that
07:00:44 PMagamotto Obama was in town, disrupting traffic in places he wasnt even 1mi near.... made me 25min late to a job interview.
07:01:08 PM_Jot_ agamotto, that sucks, was it even announced in advance?
07:01:10 PMGadwil agamotto, That is what the Secret Service does in their spare time.
07:01:11 PMagamotto ajamison5579- hence, humor... chuckle
07:01:54 PMGadwil Jot, Presidential trips typically arent announced in advance, even if they are, routes and traffic changes ARENT ever posted.
07:02:03 PMagamotto Oh, the routes and visitiation sites were announced, but they didnt announce the other places that were blocked off/detoured for security reasons that were over 1mi away from his route.
07:02:11 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Greets everyone :)
07:02:19 PMfinalblogger great
07:02:36 PMajamison5579 RobbieF what is the reason that Canada chose a Maple leaf to represent your country
07:02:40 PMGadwil I thought they didnt announce presidential trips since the ( Reagan?) shooting outside that building.
07:02:51 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - Did you see the PCLinuxOS 2011.04 Monty DVD?
07:03:03 PMGadwil I cant remember the president it was, but he lived.
07:03:14 PMagamotto Gadwil- they dont announce exact things, but they cant hide the fact that he is visiting
07:03:26 PMagamotto Gadwil- Regan..
07:03:28 PMDavid_Maydew Robbie, I shall take that photo of myself and the Dog watching an Episode!!
07:03:44 PMGoodGuy He is always on a trip somewhere while the country falls apart
07:03:44 PM_Jot_ good idea Dave
07:04:17 PMGoodGuy Gerald Ford?
07:04:25 PMGoodGuy Hi chrisreich
07:04:30 PMfinalblogger great
07:04:33 PMDavid_Maydew SUPA
07:04:34 PMagamotto The bridge I was using to get to the interview was over 7mi away from the places he was visiting, yet the SS still shut it down for over 30 min.
07:04:35 PMas759 Fine
07:04:36 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings
07:04:37 PMfinalblogger nice topic RobbieF
07:04:38 PMdman810 Great!!
07:04:42 PM_Jot_ Ro bbieF, Christa, I found that if I say your name to the tv, you wont respond at all, is there something wrong with my tv?
07:04:48 PMEightMilesFromTJ great
07:04:48 PMagamotto So, than that, my day has been fine :)
07:04:49 PMDavid_Maydew Got away from the inlaws intact
07:04:50 PMchrisreich Hi GoodGuy, RobbieF
07:04:53 PMDavid_Maydew :D
07:04:55 PMchrisreich Hi Christa
07:05:08 PMfinalblogger thanks
07:05:12 PMsmittysmit Hello all. Has it been an entire week???
07:05:35 PMchrisreich Today is also the birthday of blues legend Honeyboy Edwards, 96 today.
07:05:58 PMfinalblogger i am not that old
07:05:59 PMagamotto I wish... no that is why I need image stabilization on all my cameras.
07:06:01 PMfinalblogger :)
07:06:05 PMagamotto ehehehhe
07:06:14 PMDavid_Maydew Its life Jim
07:06:17 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:06:32 PMGadwil Robbie, Bring back your Klingon photo for the site !
07:06:35 PMchrisreich Im struggling here tonight - adverse reaction to medicines.
07:06:49 PMagamotto chrisreich- to be cured by yet other pills?
07:07:10 PMDavid_Maydew Apple is being sued arent they?
07:07:16 PMScorpio55 RobbieF you got a good plug on the openshot website
07:07:16 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I think that is spelled wrong, it should be iTests
07:07:19 PMDavid_Maydew for using iCloud
07:07:21 PMajamison5579 I want to see a Microsoft store next to an iStore
07:07:32 PMGadwil David, yes. 98% of large companies are always being sued and busy suing.
07:07:35 PMchrisreich rest and some food perhaps, agamotto. But first I need to work up the energy to get food.
07:07:44 PMagamotto chrisreich- ahhh
07:08:02 PMchrisreich I am currently suing the U.S. Federal govt.
07:08:05 PMagamotto Nah, iTest would get them a letter from Apple at least
07:08:14 PMGoodGuy I would hate to send an actual pic of myself for fear the ladies would fall madly in love instantly.. (yeah right lol)
07:08:15 PMGadwil and you use an iPod!
07:08:22 PMDavid_Maydew iCloud
07:08:25 PMDavid_Maydew :D
07:08:26 PMagamotto Not to mention steal apps from their own store, and fold them into their own OS.
07:08:28 PMDavid_Maydew so they should
07:08:32 PMDavid_Maydew ;)
07:08:36 PM_Jot_ the iTest is, that if they go to the apple store, they failed it
07:08:42 PMchrisreich cute hat, Christa
07:08:49 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - Did you see the PCLinuxOS 2011.04 Monty DVD?
07:09:03 PMchrisreich I like your pendant too, Christa
07:09:10 PMagamotto _Jot_- no, that would be iQ test......
07:09:34 PMGoodGuy If anyone is good with KDE4, they should find it impressive
07:09:37 PMDavid_Maydew When will Apple go Open Source?
07:09:43 PMRobbieF no goodguy; didnt see that one
07:09:52 PMagamotto Apple.... Open Source..... ahahahahahahaahaaahahaa
07:09:57 PMGoodGuy When Hades freezes over David_Maydew
07:09:58 PM_Jot_ apple already uses an open source operating system, with a closed source gui on top of it
07:10:12 PMChrista thanks chris
07:10:23 PMDavid_Maydew hehehehehe, I thought it would get some remarks
07:10:26 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:10:35 PMDavid_Maydew DONT USE UNITY
07:10:46 PMchrisreich use 10.04 LTS
07:10:53 PMGoodGuy It is fully loaded RobbieF ... six predefined desktops with various classes of apps on each
07:10:58 PMDavid_Maydew I use 10.04
07:11:05 PMsmittysmit lease tell me EXACTLY what the "keyring" does. Everytime i wants me to login. I dont see the difference.
07:11:08 PMagamotto GoodGuy- sounds like fun
07:11:16 PMScorpio55 RobbieF openshot gave you a mention on their website
07:11:17 PMchrisreich smart people do, Right David_Maydew?
07:11:34 PMRobbieF thanks scorpio55
07:11:36 PMagamotto smittysmit- it keeps your system and other passwords private, and in some versions, encrypted.
07:11:38 PMGadwil I wonder how well Perfectbuntu works on Zorin...
07:11:55 PMagamotto Scorpio55- Really? cool
07:12:15 PMGoodGuy,73118.0.html
07:12:20 PMchrisreich isnt Zorin based on Slackware?
07:12:24 PMGoodGuy That is the link RobbieF
07:12:25 PMDavid_Maydew no
07:12:29 PMDavid_Maydew Ubuntu
07:12:37 PMGoodGuy no Ubuntu based
07:12:44 PMScorpio55 agamotto yep got the tutorial video on there
07:12:56 PMagamotto 4U = 16 drives?
07:13:03 PM_Jot_ it holds 20 :)
07:13:07 PM_Jot_ I got about 14 currently
07:14:00 PMchrisreich use raid 6
07:15:44 PMScorpio55 RobbieF this is a useful app for installing/selection plymouth boot splash screens
07:15:47 PMGoodGuy I dropped our sons 16lb bowling ball on my foot... not fun at all
07:15:48 PMsmittysmit I am on Zorin Premium now and will update when I have time
07:16:04 PMagamotto GoodGuy- ow ow ow ow
07:16:09 PM_Jot_ problem with normal raid is that they have to be the same size, and I dont have many drives that are the same size, at least not enough to make it worth it (like 2 or 3 or so of each size)
07:16:15 PMdman810 I stopped using my UnRAID once I got my Pogoplug. But then my Pogoplug died
07:16:20 PMsmittysmit Im getting over the gout
07:16:27 PMGoodGuy The doctor said I shouldnt lose the nail.. he was wrong
07:16:49 PMScorpio55 smittysmit Zorin nice Ubuntu 11.04 on steroids
07:17:11 PMDavid_Maydew without Unity rubbish
07:17:27 PMGoodGuy Several builds of Zorin as well.. Both free and a couple pay flavors
07:18:21 PMScorpio55 Goodgiuy Zorin everything works out of the box
07:18:25 PMGoodGuy Several distros are staying with Gnome 2 as long as possible.... Mint 11, PinguyOS 11.04 and I believe Zorin
07:18:49 PMchrisreich RobbieF what is that website again?
07:18:50 PMonewanmanDJL smittysmit are you recommending Zorin software
07:18:51 PMGoodGuy I know... I installed it in VM a few months ago... it was pretty good
07:19:00 PMGadwil GoodGuy, Yes Zorin is in that list. 2.32.2 I believe is current.
07:19:15 PMagamotto So, a Drobo without the lights and streamlining....
07:19:20 PMGoodGuy Ultimate Linux is loaded even more than Zorin
07:19:23 PMsmittysmit The big thing with Zorin is they change the interfac e to convert win to Ubuntu. they want to make an easy transition
07:19:29 PM_Jot_ chrisreich, ?
07:19:35 PMRobbieF yes
07:19:57 PMGoodGuy It looks so different, it was hard to recognize as Ubuntu.. fancy cursors, etc
07:20:00 PMDavid_Maydew USB keyboard and mouse
07:20:02 PMagamotto A splitter... I have several
07:20:12 PM_Jot_ chrisreich, with an adapter, but not all computers are fit for it
07:20:18 PMGadwil Who wants a DIN connector?
07:20:22 PM_Jot_ basically, an extension cable with 2 to 1 for ps/2
07:20:24 PMagamotto ewww
07:20:34 PMGoodGuy I still have several Gadwil
07:21:17 PMGoodGuy Love the old heavy beige IBM click keyboards
07:21:36 PM_Jot_ Christa, you looked confused, are you okay?
07:21:37 PMGoodGuy I probably have 3 or 4 in this room now
07:21:39 PMfinalblogger how many caps do you got christa?
07:21:41 PMfinalblogger :)
07:21:43 PMDavid_Maydew $2.70 whats that in UK £
07:21:47 PMDavid_Maydew ;)
07:22:00 PMagamotto 5.20 in UK
07:22:06 PMDavid_Maydew Maplins
07:22:17 PMGoodGuy They also make a cable with that type connector instead of just the adapter
07:22:20 PMchrisreich Thanks RobbieF and Christa
07:22:30 PMChrista just sleepy Jot....apparently my sleepy face looks confused? Haha
07:22:42 PMagamotto yay
07:22:48 PMGoodGuy is your friend :-)
07:22:54 PMDosbomber in gbp
07:23:01 PM_Jot_ Christa, Ive always wanted to know what you looked like in the morning, without morning-breath
07:23:03 PMMark_M yay, i dont have to work today, can watch the show live for once :)
07:23:04 PMonewanmanDJL can Zorin OS 5 Core dual boot with windows 7 already loaded
07:23:04 PMDavid_Maydew wow Cheap
07:23:17 PMDosbomber Also does temps
07:23:19 PMagamotto Yes, but by the time you get done with VAT, etc... 5.20
07:23:20 PM_Jot_ congratulations Mark
07:23:30 PMDosbomber lol agamotto
07:23:31 PMGadwil Can Google convert me down 20 lbs?
07:23:42 PMMark_M hhha
07:24:12 PMajamison5579 I use Seesmic on Windows 7 64bit with no issues
07:24:17 PMGadwil RobbieF, My Windows 7 Ultimate build is stable.
07:24:20 PMsmittysmit Monoprice...all the way.
07:24:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Windows are very stable! Yours havent fallen out of your house yet, have they? Well, except for that break-in a while ago
07:24:33 PMGadwil Install Silverlight.
07:25:06 PMagamotto Ahhh, twitter stuff... for twits!
07:25:12 PMGadwil Seesmic works in Win7 x64 just fine for me. You might have a conflict causing the issue as well.
07:25:15 PMGoodGuy or run it within a virtual machine
07:25:22 PMDavid_Maydew I use Prism
07:25:32 PMDavid_Maydew but I also run Gwibber for Twitter
07:25:34 PMChrista ha, I look the same....with squintier eyes and less mobility
07:25:42 PMajamison5579 Just makesure you have the latest Silverlight runtime installed
07:25:44 PMDavid_Maydew and HTC Pepp
07:25:48 PMDavid_Maydew :Peep even
07:25:51 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:25:55 PMDavid_Maydew Peep
07:25:57 PMGadwil RobbieF, Seesmic is Silverlight, so "installing" to the HDD really is simply a prism.
07:26:00 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, has a great memory... I read about Prism before, but totally forgot it
07:26:06 PMchrisreich Im confused. Whats Prism?
07:26:27 PMDavid_Maydew Prism allows you to run websites as Apps
07:26:29 PMGoodGuy It makes an icon out of a web app chrisreich
07:26:33 PMDavid_Maydew from what I understand
07:26:43 PMchrisreich so whos running the web apps?
07:26:46 PMGoodGuy Just like chicking on a standard icon
07:26:56 PMagamotto JIT?
07:26:57 PMajamison5579 it runs them in a constrained browser
07:27:04 PMcarlobrown174 you have to give the made prism app permission to execute as a program after you make it
07:27:06 PMGoodGuy same as starting a web browser and going to that site etc
07:27:19 PMDavid_Maydew I run both, Prism for Twitter as it gives me the whole site
07:27:33 PMDavid_Maydew and Gwibber as a message app
07:27:34 PMScorpio55 RobbieF check this, app out works with Ubuntu
07:27:35 PMchrisreich Prism is for Windows?
07:27:46 PMagamotto Someone put a Chromebook on the goodwill auction website....
07:27:52 PMDavid_Maydew You can download Prism for Windows
07:27:52 PMGoodGuy Yes and other platforms as well iirc
07:27:54 PMMark_M why wouldnt you just bookmark the page?
07:28:04 PMDavid_Maydew I put it on the inlaws PC
07:28:35 PMagamotto Ajax... you mean like the stuff I scrub the sink with?
07:28:42 PMDavid_Maydew Twitter/Facebook/Blogger
07:28:43 PMchrisreich "cloud desktop" environment. I dont get it. Im going to continue to eschew web apps.
07:28:51 PMagamotto chrisreich- hear hear
07:28:58 PMajamison5579 I use Prison to put dangerous criminals away....oh you ment Prism
07:29:02 PMajamison5579 lol
07:29:03 PMMark_M without the browser open then?
07:29:03 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I use prims for the cool lighting effect they give when the sunlight falls on them. Oh wait, you mean some program instead of a real prism
07:29:14 PMGadwil You can download eyeos
07:29:16 PMagamotto Mark_M- apparently
07:29:45 PMGoodGuy Hak5 just did a show on Synergy recently
07:29:48 PMMark_M cheers
07:29:49 PMTmoney68 no sound
07:29:51 PMchrisreich MIC!
07:30:06 PMDavid_Maydew I thought my hearing aid battery had died
07:30:09 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:30:10 PM_Jot_ omg, he chased Christa away
07:30:27 PMGadwil Hak5s latest episode was a small overview on setup and what it is. It was a segment by Shannon.
07:30:31 PMDosbomber Cool beans!
07:30:38 PMdman810 I am using Synergy right now with two computers, three Monitors
07:30:50 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Ooh Snubsy :D
07:30:53 PMGoodGuy Must have been a Hak Tip in that case
07:31:23 PMagamotto So, a software KVM....
07:31:30 PMGoodGuy yes agamotto
07:31:33 PMGadwil GoodGuy, It was in an actual episode. Arent Hack Tips their own series now?
07:31:45 PMGoodGuy yes
07:31:46 PMajamison5579 agamoto no video so it is a KM
07:31:57 PMdman810 agamotto - just a KM no V
07:32:13 PMagamotto what would the advantage be over a $30 KVM?
07:32:14 PM_Jot_ or a KVM with the V not connected to it
07:32:21 PMchrisreich so youre only sharing the keyboard and the mouse I guess.
07:32:21 PMGadwil Hi Hillary!
07:32:29 PMGoodGuy $30 for a starter :-)
07:32:29 PM_Jot_ hey fabulous Hillary
07:32:29 PMfinalblogger hai hellery
07:32:40 PMdman810 like robbie said a KVM you can only see one at a time
07:32:58 PMGadwil Captain obvious!
07:33:18 PMajamison5579 agamotto a KVM redirects video weather the monitor is hooked up or not so if you tried to use just the KM when you switch to the other machine you loose video all together
07:33:30 PMagamotto AHHHH
07:33:46 PMajamison5579 Synergy is when you need to keep a eye on both computers but want to use one mouse and one keyboard
07:34:00 PMagamotto Why would Facebook care about where the images are coming from?
07:34:23 PM_Jot_ cause they show less ads, that means less money for them, if people use a different program
07:34:36 PMGadwil Or they could just do as they always have done and do point releases. I like that better.
07:34:43 PMdman810 so they can continue towards world domination
07:34:46 PMagamotto Still confused, but ok... whatever
07:34:56 PMGadwil Now I have plugins " not available on FF5 " when 5 is mainly 4 with updates.
07:35:00 PMGadwil or patches.
07:35:03 PMDosbomber Im still using and enjoying FF3
07:35:27 PMagamotto Gadwil- Just wait 3 months, as I do after the new version comes out
07:35:36 PMDosbomber ...and my plugins and extensions all work
07:35:41 PMGadwil Lets go back to FF1 or 2.
07:36:04 PMajamison5579 Gadwil only if they are re-optimize FF1 and 2 are so slow
07:36:10 PMGadwil agamotto, But I like having my software patched, so I would rather kick some plugins to have that.
07:36:29 PMMark_M lol hillary
07:36:32 PMchrisreich take 2
07:36:46 PMGadwil ajamison, all that should need to get done is putting that GUI on top of the new Gecko engine, and ta-da.
07:36:47 PMagamotto That modem looks as if it has come out of 1954.....
07:36:58 PMDavid_Maydew and no Unity
07:37:05 PMMark_M we have them in australia called a Fritz box lol
07:37:29 PMGoodGuy I have it installed in my other linux partition set
07:37:33 PMMark_M they look old, but are compatable with the new NBN network comming soon
07:37:49 PMagamotto Mark_M- is that your fibre solution to the home?
07:37:55 PMMark_M yup
07:38:02 PM_Jot_ dont worry Hillary, you were wonderful! (Please read this twce, its a compliment, really!)
07:38:07 PMdman810 Hillary - Keep it up and you will not get paid!
07:38:08 PMMark_M national braodband network coming soon to australia
07:38:09 PMDosbomber Total giggle meltdown
07:38:11 PMchrisreich Hillary youre looking healthier than before...
07:38:34 PMagamotto Hillary - turn off your social media software, and you wont be so distracted! heeheheheh
07:38:39 PMGadwil Ops are outnumbered, 10 to 1...uh-oh
07:40:02 PM_Jot_ fun fun fabulous? is it fun, or is it fabulous? confused!
07:40:05 PMDavid_Maydew Sky Sports use them or something like them
07:40:10 PMchrisreich Youre not fooling us Hillary, those are X-ray goggles, arent they?
07:40:14 PMDavid_Maydew on Speedway
07:40:19 PMGoodGuy Sounds very attractive.... Not !
07:40:28 PMagamotto LEI make good kit.
07:40:54 PMchrisreich RobbieF how many points for the first one of us to get a date while wearing those goggles?
07:41:03 PMMark_M lolz
07:41:14 PMDosbomber Geeks get dates?
07:41:17 PM_Jot_ Hillary, you can just use some ducttape and tape a camera to your head. Dont forget to shave your head like Robbie in advance, to prevent ripping your hair out when you take off the tape
07:41:21 PMdman810 That would make you look real Smart Robbie!
07:41:22 PMDavid_Maydew keep it clean
07:41:25 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:41:29 PMagamotto Only in upper Manitoba....
07:41:47 PMajamison5579 RobbieF it comes complete with eye shileds to save yourself from the flying ketchup and mustard off your burger when wearing that cam
07:41:54 PM_Jot_ welcome back Christa
07:42:19 PMGadwil LINSPIRE!
07:42:29 PMchrisreich MANDRAKE!
07:42:38 PMagamotto Mandrake for me as well
07:42:39 PMajamison5579 Gadwil Failspire is more like it
07:42:44 PMScorpio55 PCLinuxOS Big Daddy
07:42:59 PMGadwil ajamison, I just thought of something I saw on a Linux chart.
07:43:04 PMagamotto Coolies... next few weeks = distro shootout!!!!
07:43:07 PMGadwil Can I email in Ubuntu?
07:43:17 PMajamison5579 lol
07:43:23 PMMark_M good answer Christa lolz
07:43:27 PMchrisreich "Ubuntu" is an ancient African word that means "Im not smart enough to configure Debian"
07:43:43 PMajamison5579 Christa Resistance is Futile you will be assimalated
07:43:47 PMGadwil Yea, Linux 3.0~
07:43:55 PMTmoney68 It runs on Mac HW too!
07:43:56 PMagamotto chrisreich- Not everyone wishes to hand-massage all of their settings.
07:44:06 PM_Jot_ see Robbie. See Robbie talk Christa into using Linux. Go Robbie, go!
07:44:09 PMGadwil I dont think Christa will understand the Borg jokes.
07:44:21 PMGadwil props though.
07:44:23 PMDavid_Maydew Just walked back in the Lounge and heard Robbie mention Windows
07:44:24 PM_Jot_ theres Borg in star wars are there not? Shell understand
07:44:27 PMagamotto She is an Apple user, should be close enough....
07:44:30 PMGoodGuy Here is that link RobbieF -,73118.0.html
07:44:32 PMDavid_Maydew did I hear him right?
07:44:36 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:45:20 PMChrista ajamison5579......I dont have to try to not be swayed by Robbies influence. I will never switch! NEVER
07:45:23 PMChrista muhahahahaha
07:45:39 PMMark_M hahaha
07:45:45 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Nice to see you will be reviewing other distros again.. \\o/
07:45:47 PMajamison5579 Robbief KDE4 u Really?
07:45:53 PM_Jot_ Christa, you dont have to switch, you can just try it along with what you have
07:46:15 PMDavid_Maydew PCLinux OS isnt that based on what Fedora uses?
07:46:17 PMGoodGuy It comes with Libre Manager on the desktop
07:46:21 PMDavid_Maydew and FF5 is out
07:46:36 PMMark_M i must admit, Robbie has to answer Qs about linux all the time.... How many times does Christa need to help out mac users? hehhe
07:46:40 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} No it was forked from Mandriva..
07:46:49 PMTmoney68 PinGuy OS based off of Ubuntu and Mint ...
07:46:51 PM_Jot_ Christa, Apple has virusses, so thats good to hear, right?
07:46:51 PMGoodGuy No PCLinuxOS came from Mandriva originally iirc
07:47:03 PMDavid_Maydew but it uses RPMs?
07:47:08 PMGoodGuy yes
07:47:09 PMMark_M MAC virus = the user.... lolz!
07:47:11 PMchrisreich _Jot_ there are no viruses for OS X
07:47:12 PMChrista haha, thats not why I use a Mac Jot....but I was disappointed to hear that!
07:47:13 PMDavid_Maydew ewwww
07:47:16 PMDavid_Maydew RPMS
07:47:23 PMGoodGuy but uses Synaptic
07:47:32 PMDavid_Maydew interesting
07:47:49 PMajamison5579 synaptic for RPM is an odd concept to me
07:47:53 PM_Jot_ Christa, that looks like windows
07:48:05 PMGadwil RobbieF, Gnome3, just go with it.
07:48:14 PMDavid_Maydew wash your mouth out Robbie
07:48:18 PMDavid_Maydew Windows??
07:48:22 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:48:25 PMagamotto Worse comes to worse, there will always be XFCE
07:48:30 PM_Jot_ wow, Robbie is in love with windows, becuase it looks so pretty
07:48:36 PMGoodGuy They are also adding Yum and Yumex in the near future
07:48:46 PMDavid_Maydew Robbie has been running LXFCE
07:49:05 PMScorpio55 PCLinuxOS has been running on one of my machines for years and never failed modern kde4 works just fine now
07:49:29 PMDavid_Maydew Albert swears by it Scorpio
07:49:32 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:50:02 PMagamotto Hmmm, very Windows-ish
07:50:04 PMajamison5579 PCLOS looks 300% better then when i tried it last
07:50:18 PMdman810 yes looks really good
07:50:30 PMScorpio55 Yes David a rolling release as well install once and you are good for years
07:50:34 PMGoodGuy The Monty DVD version look awesome
07:50:46 PMagamotto As in Full Monty?
07:50:53 PMGoodGuy Each desktop has a diff use and color etc
07:50:56 PMDavid_Maydew Monty Python
07:51:00 PMDavid_Maydew ;)
07:51:01 PMagamotto ahhh
07:51:01 PMGoodGuy Here is that link RobbieF -,73118.0.html
07:51:18 PMTmoney68 RobbieF you should try PINGUYOS if you like usability and asthetics
07:51:27 PMGoodGuy It is a fully loaded DVD version.... loaded full of tons of stuff
07:51:49 PMGoodGuy I am using PinguyOS now Tmoney68
07:52:24 PMTmoney68 I love it and install it on all my friends machines when they want to switch to linux
07:52:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, if you like the look of that, you should demonstrate Windows, 95, 98, ME, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, any of them really, youll love it
07:52:42 PMDavid_Maydew and Windows sloooooooooows down
07:52:50 PMGoodGuy lol Jot
07:52:59 PMagamotto CCleaner does wonders for that
07:53:11 PMDavid_Maydew I used to run that
07:53:14 PMDavid_Maydew lol
07:53:15 PMagamotto uninstalling old games does even more
07:53:16 PMTmoney68 I especially like that it comes with ALL the codecs installed out of the box
07:53:17 PMDosbomber Decrapify
07:53:26 PMDavid_Maydew then I saw the light
07:53:32 PMDavid_Maydew and came over to Linux
07:53:50 PMGadwil ufw , configure using gufw
07:53:58 PMagamotto and thus, embraced his inner Penguin... thus endeth the lesson.
07:54:02 PMajamison5579 How many times has RobbieF said "Out of the Box" in the last 15 minutes?
07:54:04 PMDavid_Maydew Firestarter works well too
07:54:04 PMajamison5579 lol
07:54:25 PM_Jot_ I am glad I didnt drink each time he said it, cause just thinking about it makes me want to run to the bathroom
07:54:37 PMScorpio55 RobbieF btrfs out of the box ?
07:54:48 PMchrisreich ootb
07:54:57 PMDavid_Maydew My Bichon Frise dog is watching with me
07:55:00 PMagamotto NKOTB?
07:55:08 PMGoodGuy They have a kernel in the repository with btfs Scorpio55
07:55:12 PMDavid_Maydew Hes my Linux Mascot
07:55:46 PMGadwil RobbieF, Christa, Does it use GRUB ( if so which version ) or Lilo?
07:55:53 PMGoodGuy Grub 1
07:55:55 PMGadwil it being PCLinux
07:56:04 PMagamotto I have a question: tighty-whiteys, or boxer-briefs?
07:56:04 PMdman810 is Robbie moving from Ubuntu to PCLinuxOS?
07:56:05 PMfinalblogger its nice but close to windows
07:56:11 PMScorpio55 Goodguy thought it efaulted to btrfs not ext4
07:56:20 PMajamison5579 agamotto NKOTB stands for New Kids on the Block my wife sadly was one of their fans in the early years
07:56:29 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, the lagging is to make you get used to windows, which looks like that a lot
07:56:40 PMagamotto ajamison5579- we all have made musical mistakes
07:56:45 PMGadwil dman810, Robbie appears to be " in the market " as it were.
07:56:52 PMGoodGuy I saw a forum post telling someone how to install other kernels PAE, btfs etc
07:56:57 PMDavid_Maydew Poulsbo chipset on certain Netbooks too
07:57:04 PMdman810 Yes Unity helped with that!
07:57:25 PMsmittysmit Robbie, please do additional distros in the future.
07:57:28 PMagamotto Unity may send a lot of people packing
07:57:33 PMGadwil Wow, PCLinux has an Elightenment version!
07:57:36 PMdman810 PCLinuxOS for the Win!
07:57:39 PMagamotto smittysmit- that is the plan
07:57:40 PMGoodGuy ROBBIEF - How can I add Firefox to the bottom panel?
07:57:45 PMDavid_Maydew Unity or Canonical?
07:57:49 PMGadwil Which kid was that?
07:58:02 PMagamotto David_Maydew- both, perhaps
07:58:21 PMDavid_Maydew I prefer GNOME 3 over Unity
07:58:35 PMGoodGuy PCLOS has Synaptic on that bottom panel.. I want FF5 there
07:58:49 PMScorpio55 Goodguy right click on app and add to panel
07:58:59 PMDavid_Maydew FF5 runs well
07:59:02 PMGoodGuy In KDE4?
07:59:17 PMMark_M can christa show us some Mac stuff?
07:59:19 PMDavid_Maydew Apple users Good quality?
07:59:22 PMDavid_Maydew )
07:59:25 PMchrisreich Im a Mac user, but not a fanboi
07:59:30 PMMark_M then i wouldnt think they suck maybe
07:59:32 PMagamotto nah, most mac users cant handle command-line stuff
07:59:33 PMdman810 Nice to be here!
07:59:39 PMfinalblogger christa show ur desktop
07:59:43 PMfinalblogger atleast wallpaper
07:59:45 PMfinalblogger lol
07:59:51 PMDavid_Maydew Glad I actually remembered to watch this week
07:59:53 PM_Jot_ I have some macs, which is good, because now nobody can use them
07:59:54 PMGoodGuy RobbieF -,73118.0.html
07:59:56 PMajamison5579 Robbief they have a Gnome versions of PCLinux OS
08:00:00 PMGadwil Robbie, you gave Christa her own email address on the server?
08:00:02 PMfinalblogger thanks
08:00:08 PMchrisreich thats what she said
08:00:11 PMsmittysmit agamoto...very cool. I have converting people at work & home...they love it
08:00:11 PMfinalblogger ohh thats her MAC
08:00:13 PMDavid_Maydew Robbie I need that app for the inlaw problem lol
08:00:15 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} lol
08:00:17 PMGoodGuy ROBBIEF Take a look at that version when you get a chance
08:00:30 PMajamison5579 your paying for the Aluminum casing
08:00:32 PMGoodGuy So it your WALLET Christa :-)
08:00:36 PMGoodGuy is
08:00:39 PMfinalblogger it was nice
08:00:43 PM_Jot_ Christa must have a rich boyfriend
08:00:45 PMfinalblogger thanks RobbieF
08:00:46 PMiamboriskarloff bye
08:00:47 PMfinalblogger and Christa
08:00:48 PMMark_M thx for the show Robbie n Christa
08:00:55 PMchrisreich gnite all
08:00:59 PMfinalblogger lol
08:01:03 PMMark_M later evry1
08:01:03 PMChrista haha, no....were not rich at all
08:01:08 PMdman810 Thanks Robbie and Christa
08:01:14 PM_Jot_ Christa, no suprise after spending all your money on macs
08:01:15 PMMark_M good show
08:01:20 PMGoodGuy Not any longer... she bought a Mac lol
08:01:27 PMDavid_Maydew Thanks Robbie
08:01:29 PMajamison5579 Robbief was there a reason you chose to demo the KDE version of PCLOS over the GNOME one
08:01:32 PMDavid_Maydew nice one again
08:01:32 PMChrista but I can afford to buy a mac because they last so darn long!
08:01:33 PMagamotto mean mean mean
08:01:34 PMfinalblogger Christa ur rich and Robbie likes Marxisim
08:01:35 PMGadwil RobbieF, What happened to "cool beans" at the end.?
08:01:36 PMfinalblogger lol
08:01:36 PMgpop7 very informative show. enjoyed it as with all the rest
08:01:38 PMChrista less costs on repairs etc
08:01:40 PMRobbieF gnome version isnt out yet
08:01:41 PMGoodGuy Now Steve Jobs is richer
08:01:49 PMfinalblogger soo its Capitalist vs Communist
08:01:50 PMfinalblogger lol
08:01:55 PMsmittysmit night all. Catch ya in the forums and back in 6 days, 23 hours.
08:02:01 PMDosbomber I think it was replaced by the "giggle meltdown" from last weeks episode
08:02:11 PMChrista thanks for joining us tonight everyone!
08:02:16 PMCameron__ Christa, did you get my email?
08:02:17 PMagamotto Why cant we all just be...... snif
08:02:21 PMgpop7 goodnight everyone have a great evening and week.
08:02:39 PMGoodGuy Did you happen to watch the Tekzilla episode on servicing the iPad2? It was a nightmare from what I saw
08:02:42 PM_Jot_ computers have worked long before there were macs, because Im organising stuff I took a look at some, and my ZX spectrum from 1983 or so still works fine, and the MSX I use most from 1987 works perfectly well too
08:02:46 PMDavid_Maydew Right I must go to bed, my wife has to be up at 6am, and I make her a coffee
08:02:54 PMChrista Im sure its in the category5 email box....robbie usually has to fwd them to me
08:02:58 PMDavid_Maydew but Robbie I shall speak with you on Twitter
08:03:02 PMGoodGuy They had a guest who runs a repair website
08:03:12 PMCameron__ Just wondering
08:03:17 PMgpop7 goodnight robbief,hillary,and christa


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