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7:00:00 PMGregInTexas still no rain here, but at least we have had clouds in the last couple of weeks ... and weve had almost 2 weeks of not being over a hundred!
7:00:06 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
7:00:12 PM_Jot_ hey chrisreich
7:00:16 PMChristy dman yup!
7:00:19 PMdman810 Here we go!
7:00:20 PM_Jot_ hey everybody, enjoy the show
7:00:32 PMchrisreich Hi Christy! Ive missed you so! Congrats on the new hubby. Ill just take a number...
7:00:34 PM_Jot_ hi agamotto, just in time
7:00:55 PMchrisreich hello _Jot_
7:01:07 PMdman810 Its Robbie and Christy Show!
7:01:14 PMagamotto Yep, had to watch a story about Andy Rooney retiring this Sunday.... sniff
7:01:27 PMagamotto Hallo all
7:01:36 PMchrisreich greetings agamotto
7:01:44 PMdman810 Hello agamotto
7:01:49 PM_Jot_ Christy, it shows he love you to take that hit at least
7:01:50 PMchrisreich Welcome to the Gimp-buntu show...
7:02:12 PMtordeu 10°C/50°F in Germany
7:02:30 PMdman810 63 in Grand Blanc, MI.
7:02:31 PMagamotto Christy- 23C in Moline, Il. With new, improved sunlight!
7:02:45 PMdman810 Look I am waving!
7:02:56 PMswissandi swiss weather at 1:00 am: clear starry night, 284 degrees kelvin
7:02:57 PMGoodGuy Hi dman810
7:02:58 PMdman810 Hello GoodGuy
7:02:58 PM_Jot_ Christy, it is incredible, but it doesnt show the news!
7:03:03 PM_Jot_ Christy, or the weahter!
7:03:12 PMchrisreich 71 F and mostly cloudy in Rochester, New York
7:03:16 PMiamboriskarloff 13 C in Blaxland, Australia
7:03:25 PMajamison5579 Robbief you do not need a Christy stick anymore you can just reach over and tap her
7:03:26 PMGregInTexas hehe
7:03:39 PMagamotto TAILS?
7:04:28 PMagamotto Chinese have been busy again?
7:04:40 PMGoodGuy Ailurus
7:04:41 PMdman810 Is Joh behind a camera or just watching the show?
7:04:49 PMdman810 John*
7:04:49 PM_Jot_ dman810, yes
7:05:06 PMdman810 Thanks _Jot_ Very helpful!
7:05:22 PMGoodGuy Hi dman810
7:05:37 PMdman810 GoodGuy hows it going!
7:05:42 PMGoodGuy I missed your answering..sorry
7:05:44 PMagamotto hahahaahahaah
7:05:47 PMGregInTexas lol
7:05:56 PMGoodGuy Pretty good here... how are you?
7:06:04 PMdman810 GoodGuy - No problem!
7:06:05 PMajamison5579 it looks like it could be your father actually
7:06:07 PM_Jot_ dman810, if the camera pans or tilts, its John :)
7:06:07 PMdman810 Great!
7:06:09 PMtordeu Future Robbie.
7:06:26 PMagamotto Hmmm, my cat is nibbling on my toes again....
7:06:30 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I have a question, whats the weather like where you are?
7:06:36 PMGregInTexas we can hope!
7:06:36 PMYazid1965 was 73f now 76f :)
7:06:54 PMGadwil We should write a bash script on photosynthesis.
7:07:00 PMGoodGuy This is strange.. My Microsoft media keyboard works better on Linux than on WinXP Pro
7:07:03 PMDrumstick RobbieF: There is NO weather here.... lol
7:07:07 PMchrisreich In case anyone still doesnt have Dropbox, use this link and we both get extra cloud storage space:
7:07:20 PMdman810 Stop Motion Video to make Christy stop talking about weather!
7:07:24 PMGoodGuy The Windows driver takes forever to start reacting
7:07:27 PMagamotto RobbieF- Can you do a future show bit regarding the whole TAILS concept of a secure usb-stick environment?
7:07:28 PMu-al force field
7:07:47 PMGadwil RobbieF, Go get another stick.
7:08:00 PMGoodGuy There is also one from Mandriva and the USA DOD
7:08:22 PMagamotto GoodGuy- No, that doesnt surprise me that much... my M$ Natural keyboards have always worked well...
7:08:26 PMu-al Is duckduckgo open source?
7:08:42 PMGadwil : something here perhaps?
7:08:53 PMagamotto I not sure, but I have come across a search engine called Blekko that has been working well so far.
7:08:53 PMchrisreich wth would an open source search engine be/do?
7:08:58 PM_Jot_ Christy, visit for information
7:08:59 PMGadwil One would have to host themself, but...
7:09:07 PMGoodGuy My volume buttons take ages to react on WinXP.. immediate change on Linux
7:09:10 PMswissandi good question, chrisreich :)
7:10:01 PMagamotto GoodGuy- must be those horrible .dlls not being able to keep up.
7:10:07 PMGadwil Why doesnt Category5 have its own Search engine?
7:10:24 PMagamotto Gadwil- hosting costs?
7:10:27 PM_Jot_ probably since it costs a lot of bandwidth and resources to index it all
7:10:30 PMGoodGuy probably.... I need to do a fresh install, but Im too lazy
7:10:33 PMGadwil agamotto, You have no idea.
7:10:47 PMdman810 There you go Gadwil!
7:11:01 PMGadwil Aww, I thought that was still private and in testing.
7:11:09 PMGregInTexas downloaded sphider
7:11:22 PMdman810 It is out there now!!
7:11:36 PMGadwil Christy, I am working on getting Wiki results at the top though.
7:11:38 PMagamotto GoodGuy- If you are interested, you can pick up various flavors of Vista through quite cheap these days.
7:11:49 PMswissandi HAPPY ANIV ;)
7:12:01 PMdman810 Happy 4th Aniversary!
7:12:05 PMGregInTexas lol ... vista?
7:12:07 PMGoodGuy You can search any site by adding "" to your arguments
7:12:20 PM_Jot_ Christy, no matter what Robbie says, youre always welcome to tel us the news about weather
7:12:21 PMGoodGuy Google search
7:12:23 PMagamotto Christy & Johannes.. the wonder-commuters!
7:12:32 PMchrisreich Friday is the fifth anniversary of one of my marriages. It gets hard to remember which one.
7:12:35 PMRobbieF thanks all.
7:12:47 PMagamotto GregInTexas- I did preface with if you are interested
7:12:57 PMGregInTexas chuckling
7:13:14 PMdman810 Chrisreich - one of your marriages?
7:13:18 PMagamotto chrisreich- Polygamist?
7:13:23 PMchrisreich serial
7:13:24 PMGoodGuy I have an unopened copy of Windows 7 Pro.... I bought it during the prerelease sale and never used it
7:13:26 PMagamotto ahhh
7:13:43 PMagamotto GoodGuy- might be a good time to migrate to it then...
7:13:59 PMchrisreich Ive been a serial attempted-husband. Neither woman could handle me. Next!
7:14:17 PMGoodGuy I know, but I have a ton of software and files to transfer over
7:14:32 PMGadwil For standard compliant browsers I needed: " opacity:0.6; after background-color: " for IE which wanted " filter:alpha: ".
7:14:36 PMagamotto chrisreich- thus explaining your career in pr0n?
7:14:42 PMGadwil I figured that out a day after I sent the email in.
7:14:42 PMChristy agamotto, hello!!! Thx for the wx ha ha
7:14:55 PMChristy Gadwil lol
7:15:02 PMGadwil Yea, IE is what killed me.
7:15:04 PMChristy Still will help others
7:15:12 PMGadwil needless to say, I run a LAMP stack now for web dev at home.
7:15:16 PMagamotto Oh well, IE kills a lot of things
7:15:17 PMchrisreich agamotto - now we talked about this. Keep that to yourself. :-)
7:16:03 PMdman810 chrisreich - that could also explain why you drink!
7:16:23 PMGadwil The image idea might actually work better.
7:16:23 PMGregInTexas dont we love IE ...
7:16:33 PMchrisreich dman810 & agamotto are exposing my secrets!
7:16:49 PMGadwil Yea, Running firefox on that too for testing.
7:16:59 PMagamotto Quick, send all the data to Wikileaks!
7:17:14 PMGregInTexas dont forget opera!
7:17:14 PM_Jot_ chrisreich, dont worry, Im not paying attention so your secrets are safe with/from me
7:17:15 PMdman810 chrisreich - I have a cool pub for you to checkout sometime!
7:17:29 PMchrisreich where dman810?
7:17:29 PMagamotto Opera is a nice way to test site ides
7:17:34 PMagamotto ideas, even
7:17:55 PMchrisreich we are the best, arent we, guys?
7:17:57 PMdman810 Mt. Clemens area!
7:18:10 PMchrisreich where is Mt. Clemens?
7:18:21 PMagamotto Active? He is nuts!
7:18:27 PMGadwil No comment on that one.
7:18:40 PMdman810 chrisreich - your in Michigan right
7:18:42 PMGoodGuy 10-15 miles North of Detroit chrisreich
7:18:55 PMGadwil Openshot crash... :(
7:19:03 PMchrisreich dman810 Im in upstate New York. On the southern shore of Lake Ontario
7:19:36 PMGadwil Live long and prosper.
7:19:45 PMagamotto Vulcans in da hood, yo!
7:19:47 PMdman810 Chrisreich, sorry I thought you lived in MI
7:19:54 PMswissandi lol
7:20:18 PMGoodGuy There is freeware to read Linux partitions
7:20:24 PMdman810 chrisreich - anytime your in MI, i can suggest some great places
7:20:42 PMdman810 ok back to the show!
7:20:44 PMagamotto Klingon opera, Vulcan rap.... equally disturbing concepts...
7:20:46 PMchrisreich Well its a common mistake dman810, we on the northern border are often confused for our Canadian influenced accents.
7:21:02 PMdman810 Thats why we drinK!
7:21:33 PMajamison5579 Agamot what about a Vulcan singing Opera in Kilingon
7:21:34 PMchrisreich Well talk next time Im planning a trip to Michigan, dman810. If you come to New York Ill point you to some good places too.
7:21:44 PMdman810 Deal!
7:21:44 PMGadwil
7:22:07 PMchrisreich One reason I drink is to piss off the terrorists.
7:22:38 PMagamotto that only works if you do it in front of them on Fridays....
7:22:43 PMdman810 Thanks Gadwil!
7:22:58 PMswissandi cool stuff, gadwil
7:23:04 PM_Jot_ it also helps to remove materials available for molotov cocktails
7:23:14 PMGoodGuy The 9/11 terrorists were drinking prior to their act
7:23:29 PMGadwil Please post in the forum if you dont agree, or edit it. That way it can get better. I tried to make it easy to understand.
7:23:33 PMchrisreich on 9/11 they took methamphetamines
7:23:54 PMGoodGuy KSM frequented strip clubs iirc
7:24:13 PMagamotto chrisreich- of course, their laws only apply to the infidels, not the umma..... giggle
7:24:34 PMGoodGuy They did a show on finding him on the Discovery Channel or History one
7:25:02 PMdman810 wow that is a setup
7:26:01 PM_Jot_ Christy, dont forget the weather!
7:26:05 PMswissandi [thanks :) ]
7:27:31 PMagamotto Hmmm, like DoD systems after 9/11
7:28:00 PMGadwil I cant wait for dinner after this.
7:28:17 PMagamotto Whatcha makin?
7:28:18 PMGadwil Who all wants an i7 for Dinner?
7:28:29 PMGadwil agamotto, I am going to get Chick-Fil-A.
7:28:46 PMagamotto Ahh, I have better at home... enjoy
7:28:48 PMchrisreich M$ attacks on Linux may drive me to advocate FreeBSD even more heavily.
7:29:14 PMGadwil chrisreich, Why? Linux cant succomb to it.
7:29:16 PMGregInTexas M$: The empire strikes back
7:29:18 PMagamotto chrisreich- no kidding
7:29:54 PMchrisreich Gadwil - to deny M$ moneys they are not lawfully due.
7:29:55 PMagamotto I am still laughing over the whole Samsung/Apple prize match..
7:29:59 PMdman810 When does the new release of Ubuntu come out?
7:30:12 PMagamotto October, I presume
7:30:17 PMGregInTexas next month, dman810
7:30:20 PMswissandi end of october
7:30:27 PMdman810 no set time yet?
7:30:38 PMGadwil chrisreich, MS cant make anything off the kernel itself.
7:30:40 PMdavid2926 Release Date: October 13, 2011
7:30:40 PMagamotto not until it is finished
7:31:04 PMchrisreich I would call it FMS-BSD.
7:31:17 PMGeniusBucket gross mean time hee hee
7:31:24 PMagamotto Is anyone else having visions of "The Gods Must Be Crazy?"
7:31:29 PMGadwil I am glad someone else caught that geniusbucket.
7:31:39 PMScorpio55 beta 2 available now
7:31:58 PMGadwil Is that napolean?
7:32:15 PMagamotto French officer, at least
7:32:27 PMGregInTexas windows can now display a BSOD in record time!
7:32:27 PMswissandi the look of w
7:32:34 PM_Jot_ it was completely normal at that time to paint over other pictures so thats not really news
7:32:36 PMGadwil Which they WONT be dumb enough to do.
7:32:50 PMchrisreich Gadwil - M$ has never allowed it to be publicly known what their magic 235 patents cover. We dont know if their claims are valid.
7:33:09 PMjonathon I tried Window 8 in VirtualBox and all I got to see was the new bsod
7:33:20 PMGadwil chrisreich, In that case, it isnt an issue.
7:34:13 PMswissandi does windows 8 even come pre-infected and pre-bugged?
7:34:15 PMGadwil And for once MS had their head on right with that statement.
7:34:19 PMchrisreich Gadwil if it isnt an issue, how are they able to strong-arm these large companies into "protection agreements".
7:34:23 PMGregInTexas wow ... great news read
7:34:38 PMajamison5579 in other words you have to disable Secure boot to use Linux
7:34:41 PM_Jot_ Of course, Christy really knows how to do the news
7:34:42 PMajamison5579 that is what they were saying
7:34:47 PM_Jot_ and of course the weather too
7:35:11 PMagamotto chrisreich- 20-30 milliion customers?
7:35:16 PMGadwil chrisreich, this is not the place for this type of debate. Simply put, if it isnt public, they cant be enforced. Anything they may persuade companies to do, it is mainly up to the company.
7:36:38 PMchrisreich agamotto - irrelevant
7:36:39 PMagamotto ajamison5579- not necessarily. What would most likely happen is that you would have to buy the kit sans OS, then put linux/whatever on it.
7:37:08 PMGregInTexas installing
7:37:10 PMajamison5579 agamotto i have an UEFI enabled board and the secure boot option is disableable
7:37:13 PMagamotto ajamison5579- Anything shipped to stores would have it turned on with the mass-installs, I am sure.
7:37:25 PMagamotto ajamison5579- ah, there we go then
7:37:31 PMdman810 Christy changed!
7:37:32 PMjonathon The default disk management utility in Ubuntu 10.04 is really useful too.
7:37:35 PMScorpio55 hardinfo is another app
7:37:38 PMGadwil Thanks for the audio!
7:37:41 PMswissandi lol@dman
7:37:50 PMagamotto chrisreich- I agree, but companies dont view customers as assets anymore, just profit margins
7:38:01 PMajamison5579 agamotto it would likely be you have to go into the bios disable it then install linux
7:39:05 PMagamotto RobbieF- If one had the funds, is it possible to invest in eco batteries?
7:39:16 PMGadwil Wow, That sounds like a foreign language to me.
7:39:43 PMchrisreich You know this guy is serious because of his blue shirt :-)
7:39:49 PMDrumstick Gotta run...bye all.
7:40:11 PMdman810 Just like the guy on the OxyClean Commercial!
7:40:28 PMchrisreich you understand, dman810!
7:41:04 PMagamotto I know most of my friend find my battery box laughable...
7:41:24 PMdman810 agamotto - battery box?
7:41:34 PMagamotto what he just said
7:41:40 PM_Jot_ in my country you can get rid of batteries at every supermarket and many other stores, where they are collected and removed responsibly
7:42:00 PMagamotto box I put my expired batteries in, then deposit at appropriate store/site
7:42:10 PMswissandi same here, people are recyclomaniacs
7:42:12 PMGadwil I love that line... "break down in OUR time"
7:42:20 PMagamotto _Jot_- many places here in the US as well
7:44:01 PMGregInTexas 19 dollars? holy cow, thats cheap for LED light bulbs!
7:44:03 PMGadwil RobbieF, But that one LED lightbulb will last TONS longer than standard bulbs.
7:44:07 PMagamotto $19? Early adopter....
7:44:18 PMswissandi so, to get those eco batteries, theyll have to ship it around the planet?
7:44:31 PMGadwil GregInTexas, on the East coast that is the general rate for LED bulbs.
7:44:37 PMajamison5579 Gadwil and 4 times longer then a CFM
7:44:37 PM_Jot_ swissandi, yes, if youre in most of the world :)
7:44:38 PMagamotto Gadwil- Oddly, that depends greatly upon who makes it. Check out th
7:44:53 PMagamotto sept/oct issue of Consumer Reports
7:44:57 PMGeniusBucket the cost of led bulbs are a joke for the manufacturing costs involved. A kin to Solar panels
7:45:23 PMGregInTexas $19 for a bulb that is equavalent to 100 watt incandescent? ...
7:45:31 PMGadwil agamotto, In general they will last longer, but some, yes, poorly produced ones are less time.
7:45:44 PMGregInTexas last I checked, they were 30-45 bucks
7:46:00 PMswissandi st. patricks day already?
7:46:04 PMdman810 funny!
7:46:19 PMagamotto Gadwil- yah, but the two brands mentioned are big names in this report not some cheap Chinese-made unknown.
7:46:22 PMGadwil At least we get some entertainment tonight.
7:46:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, its HIS hat, so his name, and his contest, so its logical, he can win his own batteries we can win ours
7:46:36 PMGadwil interesting, thanks for the heads up agamotto.
7:46:38 PMagamotto heheehh
7:47:02 PMGadwil @Garbee
7:47:08 PMajamison5579 i have yet to see mine and I know I entered lol
7:47:33 PMchrisreich same here ajamison5579
7:47:35 PMdman810 ajamison5579 - there are alot of names!
7:47:48 PMchrisreich there I was...
7:48:02 PMGregInTexas what if it takes, like 10 days to show all the names?
7:48:05 PMdman810 eco_i?
7:48:12 PMdman810 is that rigged?
7:48:24 PMtordeu yeah, I was up there 3 times already....doesnt look good
7:48:31 PMGadwil It is the loaner server. Taking forever to chugg through all the names.
7:48:44 PMmathman47 I dont like contests that require FB or Twit.
7:48:47 PMdman810 getting faster
7:48:54 PM_Jot_ yay, Jot Wins again!
7:48:58 PMdman810 I am getting an Ad!
7:49:03 PMagamotto mathman47- agreed
7:49:05 PMdman810 _Jot_ for sure
7:49:10 PM_Jot_ Im not on tweeter or spambook, but I had to say it, cause drawbot is involved
7:49:44 PMGregInTexas mutants win ...
7:50:03 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I think the winner wants full working batteries, so send those, dont send the empty ones you and Lionel already used
7:50:18 PMagamotto hahahahah
7:50:57 PMswissandi \\o_
7:50:59 PM_Jot_ Hey Lionel!
7:51:08 PM_Jot_ Lionel, dont watch us, were nervous!
7:51:10 PMGregInTexas love the blue shirt ...
7:51:13 PMdman810 RobbieF - Thanks lionel
7:51:26 PM_Jot_ welcome back Christy
7:51:33 PMGregInTexas going to have to look fast ...
7:52:20 PMdave_maydew Hey Guys
7:52:25 PM_Jot_ hey Dave
7:52:37 PMdave_maydew Sorry Ive not been in tonight
7:52:53 PM_Jot_ swissandi, Robbie has that haircut! but his grows on the inside, not the outside of his head
7:52:58 PMswissandi hehehe
7:53:14 PMdman810 Robbie has alittle stubble
7:53:31 PMdave_maydew been busy here, and got more to do in the morning
7:53:40 PMGregInTexas uses canvas element no doubt ...
7:53:56 PMdman810 welcome dave_maydew
7:54:20 PM_Jot_ Christy, if you were in every episode, you wouldnt miss a thing, imagine everything you could learn, and all the weather you could talk about
7:54:23 PMdave_maydew Dad has to go for his Cancer treatment in the morning and Im off to bed in a min
7:54:33 PMagamotto dave_maydew- cleaning up your crime scene?
7:54:42 PM_Jot_ good luck Dave, and good thing you always can watch cat5
7:54:55 PMchrisreich good night dave_maydew
7:55:01 PMagamotto dave_maydew- ahhh, busy indeed!
7:55:05 PMdave_maydew Ill be watching on my 20" PC next week
7:55:20 PMdman810 dave_maydew we will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers
7:55:38 PMdave_maydew cheers dman
7:55:57 PMdman810 anytime!
7:56:22 PMdave_maydew Im on Twitter as RobbieF and a few other know and Ill tweet throughout the day
7:57:01 PMdave_maydew Dad is giving me my Sony VGC-V2M back tomorrow.... the old faithful
7:57:16 PMdman810 RobbieF - are there ECO alkalines for watches
7:57:40 PMdave_maydew its only a P4 3.2GHz, 2Gb RAM and 500Gb HDD but it works with Linux
7:57:43 PMdave_maydew :)
7:58:03 PMagamotto what counts is that it works!
7:58:03 PMdman810 jokes are free!
7:58:07 PMchrisreich Christy are you back now as a regular correspondent?
7:58:11 PMGadwil Christy, Odd... Same weather here today...
7:58:33 PMdave_maydew It works better than this Netbook and I wont be straining my eyes
7:58:36 PMdman810 Very good Today! No LAG!
7:58:53 PMGregInTexas no lag here in the middle of noplace
7:58:57 PMagamotto RobbieF- You havent thrown a picnic on a frozen lake?
7:58:57 PMdave_maydew so if anyone wants to follow me on twitter.... dave_maydew
7:59:05 PMGadwil dman810, No lag you could notice. It was about 8-12 seconds off for me from BSP.
7:59:11 PMmathman47 55F in Lisle Illinois. Hi Christy; Hate to say good-bye, but I have to go. Chimay beer & pizza = the best.
7:59:13 PMagamotto Fibre Optic.... I am jealous
7:59:26 PMdave_maydew Ill be watching on Saturday
7:59:28 PMdman810 gadwil you told me that was normal!
7:59:46 PMGadwil agamotto, He told me that a few days ago in the chatroom... I felt so sad because I cant get it.
7:59:52 PMdave_maydew Im jealous
8:00:09 PMdave_maydew i7 CPU with 16Gb RAM
8:00:16 PMGadwil dman810, 4-6 seconds lag is normal. 8-12 is iffy. anymore than 20 seconds is bad.
8:00:18 PMagamotto Gadwil- same here.... time to leave the country
8:00:40 PMdave_maydew Is Scorpio in the room before I go??
8:00:44 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, things like live weather maps?
8:00:48 PMdman810 I will be at my last weekend at the Michigan Renaissance Festival
8:01:12 PMdman810 this Saturday!
8:01:16 PMchrisreich RobbieF Please dont ever get rid of the "Plan 9 From Outer Space" spaceship background :-)
8:01:20 PMGregInTexas c yall next week!!
8:01:28 PMdman810 c ya Greg!
8:01:32 PMScorpio55 dave_maydew .... . .-.. .-.. ---
8:01:36 PMchrisreich All my best to everyone.
8:01:42 PMdave_maydew Hey Mr VBX
8:02:09 PMdave_maydew How the devil are ya??
8:02:14 PMdman810 RobbieF - Beer Time!
8:02:17 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, how many drives did you have in your unraid box? 8 or something? So Im in the process of putting in 9 :) by the way, great show
8:02:30 PMdave_maydew Ive been watching some videos on 11.10
8:02:33 PMScorpio55 dave_maydew fine m8
8:02:41 PMagamotto Hmmm, one of my neighbors has discovered a moggy in her house.....
8:02:50 PMagamotto I wonder when it got in....
8:03:00 PM_Jot_ whats a moggy?
8:03:04 PMagamotto kitty
8:03:14 PMswissandi moggy !=moogy
8:03:15 PMagamotto Sorry, I have been speaking with Brits all day
8:03:25 PMdave_maydew were any photos shown on 2nites show??
8:03:31 PMagamotto yours
8:03:35 PM_Jot_ yes, one
8:03:45 PMScorpio55 dave_maydew neen on Ireland conference via 144.825 mhz
8:03:48 PMdave_maydew oh poo I missed it
8:03:50 PM_Jot_ Robbie didnt show mine, but then, a black screen isnt interesting
8:03:52 PMScorpio55 been
8:04:11 PMagamotto Ireland conference?
8:04:18 PMdave_maydew Ill watch the re-run 2morrow
8:04:29 PMdave_maydew and VBX Ill be on Echolink 2morrow too
8:04:36 PMagamotto swissandi- Nah, Moogy is a character from DS9....
8:04:37 PMdave_maydew on Bertha
8:04:38 PMdave_maydew lol
8:04:41 PMScorpio55 ok Dave
8:04:45 PMChristy mathman so good to see your name, have a great Chiimay etc
8:04:53 PMagamotto Ahhh, shortwave/HAM stuff
8:05:00 PMdave_maydew thats me
8:05:06 PMdave_maydew Im a SAD geek
8:05:09 PMagamotto Chimay?
8:05:11 PM_Jot_ Christy, how are the animals?
8:05:19 PMChristy chrisreich, no
8:06:13 PMdave_maydew Im sending another piccy in soon to Cat5TV, this time of me and Pepper the Bichon Frise watching CAT5!!
8:06:28 PMswissandi agamotto- ah, didnt know that ;) my moogys are just moog synthesizers, hehe
8:06:45 PMdave_maydew Pepper is my Linux Mascot
8:06:46 PMdman810 Night all! Catch Ya Next Week!
8:06:53 PMScorpio55 agamottao its an internet linked voip system linking radio hams all round the world via radio
8:06:54 PM_Jot_ have a good week dman810
8:06:54 PMdave_maydew night Dman
8:06:58 PMagamotto Moggy = brit slang for domestic cat.
8:07:03 PMdave_maydew see you soon
8:07:23 PMagamotto Scorpio55- Sufficient bandwidth? neat
8:07:40 PMScorpio55 73 Dave da dit da
8:08:01 PMdave_maydew Ah well, Ill speak to you all in the coming week, especially when Im testing out the PC off Dad
8:08:05 PMScorpio55 agamotto
8:08:26 PMdave_maydew is agamotto a Ham??
8:08:39 PMdave_maydew and RobbieF, I shall chat to you on Twitter
8:08:44 PMagamotto Not since we left Okinawa, no... somewhat sadly
8:08:48 PMdave_maydew night all
8:09:02 PMdave_maydew Will let you all know how my Dad gets on
8:09:55 PMagamotto Scorpio55- interesting... I hadnt realized things had come so far
8:10:08 PMScorpio55 agamotto I can chat to New Zealand using a 500mw hand held radio or any where else for thst matter all for free
8:10:13 PMagamotto swissandi- i can get 3mb or better locally, but the charges!
8:10:32 PMswissandi true, all a matter of budget
8:10:53 PMdave_maydew Scorpio
8:11:01 PMdave_maydew I chat to ZL on HF
8:11:08 PMdave_maydew Echolink is cheating
8:11:24 PMdave_maydew Ive been working VK on 14MHz
8:11:37 PMScorpio55 agamotto you can even use ipod iphone or google phone and use them as a radio on the echolink network, in Canada they use IRLP
8:11:38 PMdave_maydew anyway
8:11:43 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone!
8:11:44 PMdave_maydew night everyone
8:11:47 PMRobbieF hope you had fun!
8:11:49 PMagamotto Local cable co. charges nearly $70/month for 10mb
8:11:52 PM_Jot_ night dave
8:12:03 PMdave_maydew Speak soon, and will keep you all updated
8:12:03 PM_Jot_ we had a great show RobbieF, hope you had one too
8:12:11 PMswissandi thanks for the show, robbie / christy /
8:12:13 PMdave_maydew and Ill be on the new PC tomorrow night
8:12:16 PMdave_maydew lol
8:12:39 PMagamotto RobbieF- yah. i cant wait to see what fun things you will be trying once you get the new system stable.
8:13:17 PMagamotto dave_maydew- Well, take care of Dad, everything else will fit in.
8:15:45 PMjonathon Goodnight
8:15:46 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, nice of you to pay attention to the curtain, star of the show
8:15:53 PM_Jot_ good night jonathon
8:16:14 PMagamotto I think I will retreat to the kitchen for a naan-pizza... that sounds light and easy for dinner.
8:16:31 PM_Jot_ pizza is nice
8:16:50 PMswissandi bon appetit :)
8:17:33 PMagamotto yah... I get naan bread from a local store, plain or seasoned, then toss on whatever spices/extras I have around. No grease, FAR fewer calories... better taste most times
8:17:59 PM_Jot_ depending on what you have around, yes :)
8:18:15 PMswissandi \\o/
8:20:33 PMInvinciblemutant sorry missed the show
8:20:49 PMInvinciblemutant what was it about
8:20:54 PM_Jot_ thats okay invinciblemutant, a replay will be available later
8:21:08 PMInvinciblemutant i know
8:21:22 PM_Jot_ lets see, weather, of course, and news, and about a picture-editing-website that runs everywhere, eco-batteries, and viewer-problems
8:22:13 PMInvinciblemutant any from me
8:22:45 PM_Jot_ Im not entirely sure, there were a view
8:22:48 PM_Jot_ a few
8:22:54 PMInvinciblemutant k
8:23:11 PM_Jot_ I do remember a mutant won the batteries, but it wasnt invinciblemutant, but a different one
8:23:34 PMInvinciblemutant cool
8:23:51 PMInvinciblemutant mutanttasking?
8:23:56 PM_Jot_ gadwils question was answered, but he figured that one out already himself, but an alternate solution for his website was shown too
8:24:25 PM_Jot_ I dont want to say yes or no, better watch when its available
8:24:46 PM_Jot_ the battery-representative had his own method though, he brought a hat with names, that was interesting
8:24:50 PMInvinciblemutant where is robbie now
8:25:01 PM_Jot_ Robbie still chose to use drawbot though
8:25:05 PM_Jot_
8:25:10 PM_Jot_ Sitting at his desk with Christy
8:25:36 PM_Jot_ John is also there, not sure if Lionel is still there
8:26:33 PMInvinciblemutant robbief who won batteries? another mutant?
8:27:05 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant - whats your twitter id?
8:27:18 PMInvinciblemutant mutanttasking
8:27:34 PMInvinciblemutant was it me?
8:27:54 PMInvinciblemutant i didnt watch it live
8:28:28 PMInvinciblemutant i was just on my way home from university
8:28:47 PMRobbieF Invinciblemutant... WOOT!
8:29:00 PMInvinciblemutant curious, me?
8:29:01 PMRobbieF I wont say since you need to watch... but watch! :)
8:29:41 PM_Jot_ I bet Robbie is ignoring me cause I talked about the weather today
8:29:41 PMInvinciblemutant i will, when will it be available
8:30:19 PM_Jot_ usually tomorrow, but sometimes he has a special version earlier, not sure if the system still does that or not
8:30:27 PMInvinciblemutant i mean the catchup
8:30:59 PMInvinciblemutant robbie just drove me nuts
8:31:33 PMInvinciblemutant come on...i wanna watch it now
8:32:27 PMInvinciblemutant anyone here please tell me...
8:33:07 PMInvinciblemutant no one Congrat me? then it is not me?
8:33:39 PMInvinciblemutant what a cliffhanger
8:33:48 PM_Jot_ Im sorry I didnt pay attention enough to the name to say congratulations or not
8:34:08 PM_Jot_ I really am, its not something to make you upset or something
8:34:52 PMInvinciblemutant but the curiosity suspended me
8:35:04 PMInvinciblemutant :(
8:35:29 PM_Jot_ yeah, I know what its like, Ive waited months on those stupid magnets for example, none came
8:37:45 PMInvinciblemutant :(
8:38:44 PM_Jot_ Fortunatly with those batteries it is better arranged, although the guy really wanted them for himself :)
8:39:28 PMInvinciblemutant let me check my twitter. i am on my Android now.
8:40:07 PMInvinciblemutant what do u mean by Better arranged
8:40:51 PM_Jot_ its a year supply, so they send some every week, and the winner gets to choose which one, and they are willing to talk about how youd get them etc as well
8:41:36 PM_Jot_ so its not like they send say 100 batteries and that would have to last you a year, but they actually look at the needs of the winner
8:43:29 PMInvinciblemutant ic...
8:43:52 PMInvinciblemutant they will tweet the winner?
8:44:32 PM_Jot_ dont tell anyone, but I watched Robbies twitty-thing and it didnt have anything, so I dont think so
8:45:48 PMInvinciblemutant mmm...i it tomorrow...gonna hit the sack now
8:46:00 PM_Jot_ sleep well
8:46:16 PMInvinciblemutant Robbie is so secretive
8:46:45 PM_Jot_ yeah, Id tell you if I remember, but I dont want to say yes and then later oops, I made a mistake
8:46:46 PMInvinciblemutant will dream about the baterries
8:47:29 PM_Jot_ at least I know for sure the word mutant was in it, so its at least in the same species
8:47:37 PMInvinciblemutant ok...totally understood
8:47:53 PMInvinciblemutant thanks...bye
8:48:03 PM_Jot_ good luck!


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