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6:58:05 PMajamison5579 agamotto umm ok sure no problem
6:58:37 PMagamotto ajamison5579- You havent heard of The Devils Dictionary?
6:58:44 PMajamison5579 nope
6:59:09 PMajamison5579 unless another name for it is the Microsoft Buisness Plan
6:59:13 PMajamison5579 then no I havent
6:59:16 PMagamotto When you get the chance, go over to Project Gutenberg and download it... right up your sense of humor
6:59:30 PMDave-Maydew hahahahahaha
6:59:43 PMDave-Maydew I was gonna say Microsofts Dictionary
6:59:58 PMsmittysmit I have a twisted sense of humor...Ill be back
7:00:03 PMHillary Here we go!
7:00:03 PMagamotto Corporation: n. A body composed for the sole purpose of stealing money from individuals.
7:00:38 PMGadwil Wait 11.10? This is a joke right...
7:00:41 PMagamotto ooooo, motion cams....
7:00:55 PMajamison5579 robbief it seems a bit grainy
7:01:19 PMsmittysmit very grainy
7:01:20 PMagamotto bandwidth fun at
7:01:25 PMGadwil Live broadcast today looks slightly less quality than last night.
7:01:32 PMGregInTexas Hillary tonight!!
7:01:38 PMajamison5579 gadwil significanly worse
7:02:01 PMGadwil ajamsion, Not significant to me.
7:02:03 PMdavidmte it was awesome
7:02:03 PMDave-Maydew I missed it all
7:02:05 PMGadwil Just slight.
7:02:09 PMDave-Maydew I was at the inlaws
7:02:15 PMDave-Maydew :-(
7:02:20 PMas759 OOh boxes
7:02:27 PMdtapia63 Good evening everybody!
7:02:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Hillary, it was so great, cant you show the 9 hours right now? please? :)
7:02:47 PMajamison5579 as759 do not dis the box without that the Corrigated industry would fail
7:02:51 PMGregInTexas lol @ Jot
7:02:51 PMdavidmte very meticulous
7:02:54 PMagamotto I would rather watch Junk in the Box..., but I am sure yours was fun for build newsbies ")
7:03:14 PMajamison5579 ok its clearing up
7:03:34 PMsmittysmit yes, video is getting better
7:03:52 PM_Jot_ I cant wait for that video and see if he will forget the washers again in the replay
7:04:03 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
7:04:19 PMDave-Maydew Its Unity on GNOME 3
7:04:23 PMGadwil I disagree...
7:04:24 PMmathman47 Not only is it cool, it is also cheaper than buying new with the same specs.
7:04:27 PMajamison5579 DEATH to UNITY
7:04:32 PMGadwil No dave, it is Unity.
7:04:42 PMGadwil Gnome 3 is nowhere to be seen. They simply share dependencies.
7:04:56 PMagamotto Yes, thus saving most of us the bother of crashes, Unity, and other forms of hellish trouble...
7:05:00 PMGadwil The stack is clearly broken.
7:05:06 PMScorpio55 Unity on Gnome 3 but better than Gnome 3
7:05:18 PMagamotto Hillary: HTC phones have already been compromised, and not by devs.
7:05:25 PMDave-Maydew Is Ubuntu One finally working in 11.04 and 11.10?
7:05:36 PMGregInTexas HTC phones rock ... rooted
7:05:38 PMDave-Maydew especially for the Evolution side of things
7:05:56 PMajamison5579 who cares about the freaking iPhone you buy one and then all the sudden you will have a new one
7:05:57 PMagamotto Was Apple doing something today?
7:06:00 PMDave-Maydew I still run WinMo 6.5 on my HD2
7:06:09 PMdavidmte a melodrama
7:06:11 PMajamison5579 released
7:06:25 PMDave-Maydew I need to Droid my HTC HD2
7:06:30 PMDave-Maydew Iphone 4s
7:06:32 PMDave-Maydew lol
7:06:35 PMagamotto ajamison5579- Welcome to Apple marketing, aka... object desire
7:07:02 PMagamotto I didnt remember until you mentioned it, actually
7:07:14 PMGadwil Robbie just grabs a wig for Halloween.
7:07:14 PMGregInTexas the live blog during the Apple shindig shut down ARS Technicas servers
7:07:22 PMDave-Maydew My mother in law does dress up, and gets on her broomstic
7:07:23 PM_Jot_ Hillary is dressed up right now
7:07:27 PMajamison5579 lol
7:07:29 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew- "Featuring cut & paste, for no extra charge!"
7:07:31 PMgsiegel Hillary likes to rocks on 4 wheelers too
7:07:32 PMGadwil Kirk sucks! Get Picard!
7:07:48 PMDave-Maydew hahahaha Agamotto
7:07:50 PM_Jot_
7:07:51 PMchrisreich RobbieF obviously does the Picard thing...
7:08:12 PMchrisreich I hope Hillary will consider a French maid costume...
7:08:17 PMDave-Maydew My mother in law almost broke her ankle last year around Halloween
7:08:26 PMas759 Ooh a box ... Again!
7:08:31 PMagamotto I will have to dig out one of my Klingon pics... full regalia
7:08:36 PMDave-Maydew she had a flame out on her broomstick
7:08:38 PMDave-Maydew hehehehe
7:08:43 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, will you twirl around in the unboxing video too? Thats the greatest part
7:08:52 PMajamison5579 there you go dising that cardboard again as759
7:08:59 PMajamison5579 lol
7:09:01 PMGadwil Wow, Robbie had fun making this commercial.
7:09:18 PMagamotto coolies
7:09:34 PMGregInTexas cool commercial
7:09:52 PMagamotto Why not? At least this one is selling something useful!
7:10:05 PMGregInTexas useful and cool
7:10:07 PMas759 Im not dissing the box ... Im intrigued by its contents
7:10:12 PMdman810 Hello All!
7:10:22 PM_Jot_ hey dman810
7:11:26 PMagamotto Canadian Valley Girls/Guys?
7:11:42 PMgsiegel for sure...
7:12:07 PMGadwil Unity is a horrid development.
7:12:10 PMchrisreich thats "fer sure" to you
7:12:18 PMagamotto bingo
7:12:25 PMGuest_9224 is it final?
7:12:39 PMScorpio55 Gadwill thats your opinion
7:12:44 PMagamotto ja, release is next Thursday
7:12:45 PMchrisreich Unity is good for tablets but I cant buy a tablet onto which I can install Ubuntu so WTH?
7:13:02 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, we laugh at you all the time, youre used to that
7:13:04 PMagamotto chrisreich- You can if you order direct from Acer
7:13:19 PMGregInTexas hey its unity ... everyone hated it
7:13:27 PMGadwil Scorpio, That is the opinion of the majority of Ubuntu users... or ex-ubuntu users.
7:13:31 PMScorpio55 Even windows 8 is going the same route cant make its mind up if a tablet or pc
7:13:35 PMchrisreich great agamotto, Im glad someone is addressing the market. thanks
7:13:47 PMchrisreich ?
7:14:22 PMScorpio55 Gadwill have conducted a poll of all the Ubuntu users then
7:14:43 PMgsiegel only if it is Techno MP3s
7:14:43 PMagamotto I am still trying to figure out how I can buy a touchscreen all-in-one for $600 - $800, yet cant find a stand-alone touchscreen monitor for under $500.
7:14:50 PMGadwil Go into #ubuntu ask simply ask... That is poll enough.
7:14:56 PMagamotto chrisreich- yes
7:15:41 PM_Jot_ formatting.... and then cat5 went offline since it was the server-harddisk by accident.. oops
7:15:48 PMagamotto Where are all the bits about encryption of folders/volumes, etc...
7:16:05 PMScorpio55 Gadwill it still has all our favourite apps and built on Gnome 3 and vers 3 of the kernal
7:16:15 PMgsiegel play nice now.. :)
7:16:54 PMGadwil Scorpio, all of Linux has your favorite apps.
7:17:06 PMDave-Maydew Sorry, was eating Peanut Butter
7:17:09 PM_Jot_ oh no, now our names are on the unity video
7:17:15 PM_Jot_ well be associated with it forever
7:17:35 PMchrisreich peanut butter is my dietary weakness
7:17:49 PM_Jot_ Remember, nobody should remember Robbies password is test123
7:17:52 PMagamotto chrisreich- 5th food group in my kitchen
7:18:08 PMchrisreich and Ovaltine is my 6th
7:18:37 PM_Jot_ Hillary, and its not even a mirror! isnt that amazing
7:18:51 PMHillary :P
7:19:00 PMgsiegel There will be a mind erasing program run as part of the closing credits like MIB
7:19:02 PMagamotto No, that is what tablets are for!!!!!!
7:19:10 PMsmittysmit Natural peanut butter that nees stirring...chunky, of course
7:19:13 PMchrisreich Hillary you seem much more comfortable in front of the camera than you used to be before broadcasting school. Good job!
7:19:20 PMHillary thank you.
7:19:54 PMagamotto smittysmit- Smuckers Natural.... yummmmm
7:20:09 PMgsiegel Geeks rule the world
7:20:10 PMmathman47 While wearing sunglasses.
7:20:12 PMDave-Maydew were we cool, or just die hards?
7:20:16 PMGadwil I slept 2 hours in.
7:20:18 PMGuest_9224 whar computer is ubuntu installing on?
7:20:23 PMagamotto I would have watched some of it, but I spent the day helping friends prepare for their move.
7:20:34 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, we didnt want to look, but we were just so shocked you forgot the washers, we couldnt believe it, so we sat there for 9 hours frozen
7:20:46 PMagamotto me chuckles
7:21:02 PMGadwil I cant wait for the CPU fan to fall off... No washers.
7:21:02 PMgsiegel LOL Jot
7:21:04 PMagamotto XP???? on a laptop!!?!?!!?
7:21:18 PMGadwil Just boot a repair disc and fix it.
7:21:20 PMDave-Maydew Its like saying Vista on a Netbook
7:21:33 PMagamotto Gadwil- Did he fix the screws in place with nail varnish?
7:21:34 PMDave-Maydew My wife runs Vista Basic on hers
7:21:35 PMDave-Maydew Ewwww
7:21:36 PMajamison5579 XPee
7:21:50 PMGadwil agamotto, ask him, I fell asleep for that part.
7:22:05 PMGadwil Gparted = Gnome Partition Editor
7:22:12 PMagamotto Even I pretty much refuse to work with XP machines these days...
7:22:12 PMGadwil perhaps not Gnome...
7:22:21 PM_Jot_ agamotto, no nail-varnish or anything, he did manage to forget the backplate at first though, and figured it would hold untill it started falling off
7:22:23 PMchrisreich GNU
7:22:28 PMGadwil Yea, Gnome partition editor.
7:22:35 PMsmittysmit but vists has a very cool spinning circle...that runs all the time
7:22:38 PMagamotto Gary Gnu!!!!
7:22:42 PMGadwil Spinrite!
7:22:44 PMGadwil maybe.
7:23:05 PMmathman47 RobbieF: shame on you. Didnt you install Win on the new server?
7:23:16 PMGadwil mathman, Yes Win 7.
7:23:19 PMGregInTexas memtest86.exe
7:23:24 PM_Jot_ mathman47 yes, the broadcasting software requires it
7:23:24 PMagamotto phaugh
7:23:26 PMkiwi_tux First thing to check is the BSOD message
7:23:27 PMGadwil and costs $90.
7:23:34 PMsmittysmit agamotto: I thought NOBODU redmembered Gary Gnu...telling your age
7:23:56 PMmathman47 Guys: I knew the answer; I was here Sat.
7:24:28 PMagamotto DMSR.... work that drive like a ho... ooo ooo ooo
7:24:38 PMGadwil RobbieF, Could they put it into another system, mount there and try to recover that way...
7:24:56 PMagamotto Gadwil- best bet
7:25:04 PMgsiegel Data recovery can be very expensive..Drive Savers been very good to me at work
7:26:25 PMGadwil VERY.
7:26:28 PMGadwil EXPENSIVE.
7:26:51 PMGadwil and Data Recovery is in NO WAY gaurenteed.
7:26:51 PMagamotto c:~\\documents_and_settings\\*.*
7:26:56 PMmathman47 I had to use my backup to restore my system just last week. Worked perfectly.
7:27:11 PMGadwil agamotto, not even that... because that will bring a ton of App_data stuff that you dont need.
7:27:16 PMgsiegel True Gadwil - data does come back corrupt sometimes
7:27:21 PMsmittysmit Put the hard drive in the freezer for an hour first first in the event of a bad HDD
7:27:40 PMmathman47 On the road to 6.
7:27:41 PMagamotto Gadwil- Fair enough... I figure grab what you can get, toss it after you recover
7:27:42 PMgsiegel how about that new studio look....
7:27:56 PMdman810 RobbieF - we are glad to be here for you!!
7:28:02 PMGadwil smittysmit, an hour isnt enough. You want it in for 24 hours and then attempt recovery, and only as a last resort.
7:28:04 PMmathman47 Hillary looks better & better.
7:28:11 PMdman810 he is drinking!
7:28:13 PMGregInTexas hey ... no lag tonight!
7:28:25 PMDave-Maydew Yup, were all here for you guys
7:28:26 PMdman810 nice bald head!!
7:28:29 PMGadwil agamotto, If you waste time backing up junk vs needed items, it could go bad in the process.
7:28:31 PMdman810 sorry!
7:28:35 PMDave-Maydew and Ive noticed youve shaved RobbieF
7:28:37 PMDave-Maydew lol
7:28:37 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it was billiard-ball
7:28:40 PMagamotto 24hrs in the freezer, in a sealed freezer ziplock bag, with dessicant bags/beads in the bag.
7:28:49 PMchrisreich RobbieF and Hillary - a question. Actually a silly question. For someone who is switching to Linux under my tutelage, can I name a folder (in Linux, mind you) " C:\\" ?
7:28:57 PMGadwil RobbieF, You killed time installing Unity.
7:29:09 PMagamotto Gadwil- True, but some of those extra bits can come in handy... not often.
7:29:47 PMGadwil chrisreich, try it.
7:30:01 PMagamotto chrisreich- no logical reason you cant....
7:30:04 PMchrisreich I dont have a running Linux system up right now.
7:30:20 PMagamotto chrisreich- Just dont have WINE installed if you do
7:30:33 PMGadwil agamotto, I dont think they allow / or \\ for file/folder names.
7:30:33 PMchrisreich will Linux accept the colon and backslash in a file/folder name? Ive not tried it.
7:30:43 PMGadwil colon, I think so.
7:30:46 PMDave-Maydew Itll run a DX2 66
7:30:50 PMagamotto chrisreich- if you use the quotes, yes
7:31:14 PMagamotto Sounds like it is running something more like an AMD Geode
7:31:16 PMsmittysmit Agamoto & Gadwill, yes, 24 hours AND a plastic a last resort. Typically, this is too late for a "propper" backup
7:31:45 PMdman810 i tried sudo mkdir c:\\, gave me a second line that had >, then I typed ls. it made c:ls
7:31:51 PMdman810 what did i do?
7:31:53 PMsmittysmit Last resorte :(
7:32:01 PMagamotto dman810- forgot the quotes
7:32:07 PMGadwil dman810, type " eof " and enter.
7:32:13 PMGadwil it will error out.
7:32:14 PMGregInTexas yea, it creates a file that is C:
7:32:17 PMGregInTexas without the \\
7:32:48 PMDave-Maydew Ubuntu One has been full of issues
7:32:52 PMagamotto Windows access to Ubuntu One? Well, I suppose...
7:33:12 PMDave-Maydew still not Syncing on Evolution in 10.04
7:33:13 PMGregInTexas so you can sync between windows / ubuntu /droid
7:33:22 PMagamotto Awwwww, look at the putty-tat!!!!
7:33:34 PMchrisreich the lion is cute, too.
7:33:41 PMGadwil thunderbird is replacing Evolution in 11.10... Evolution is what most users hate.
7:33:58 PMDave-Maydew I love Evolution
7:34:02 PMGadwil That is nowhere near new.
7:34:10 PMagamotto Evolution works well for me
7:34:17 PMGadwil If you simply call Apple they will tell you how to bypass any password.
7:34:26 PMchrisreich Always wait at least six months before upgrading a commercial OS. Six weeks for a FOSS OS.
7:34:29 PMsmittysmit T-Bird isnt that bad
7:34:37 PMagamotto chrisreich- good advice
7:34:43 PMDave-Maydew The Urban OS.... built by MS
7:34:52 PMDave-Maydew and Blue Screens to
7:35:03 PMDave-Maydew lol
7:35:08 PMchrisreich thanks agamotto. It has served me well
7:35:14 PMagamotto The UrbanOS... hosted by Skynet!
7:35:17 PM_Jot_ Urban OS? Remember 1984?
7:35:30 PMDave-Maydew Terminator
7:35:31 PMDave-Maydew lol
7:35:34 PMkiwi_tux UrbanOS == Skynet
7:35:43 PMDave-Maydew its about time iPhone had a decent camera
7:35:47 PMchrisreich Hillary needs more alcohol.
7:36:14 PMmathman47 Apple Robbie, not Microsoft.
7:36:18 PMagamotto a little?
7:36:36 PMdman810 Wheres the Beef?
7:36:49 PMDave-Maydew Wheres the Toilet
7:36:54 PMDave-Maydew lol
7:37:06 PM_Jot_ yay, apple gets something that microsoft had since 1995
7:37:11 PMchrisreich when my daughter was little she once told me "its 20 minutes to ten-thirty"
7:37:13 PMajamison5579 someone had to say blue screen then my computer blue screened
7:37:17 PMajamison5579 curse you MS
7:37:37 PMDave-Maydew Sorry
7:37:41 PMDave-Maydew lol
7:38:00 PMagamotto that was fast
7:38:06 PMGadwil RobbieF, With OpenSUSE you dont need to reboot.
7:38:25 PMGregInTexas what version Gadwil?
7:38:28 PMDave-Maydew Heck ya, hes on Twitter
7:38:30 PMDave-Maydew lol
7:38:33 PM_Jot_ Hillary, high? I dont know how tall you are
7:38:35 PMGadwil GregInTexas, 11.4
7:38:48 PMGadwil perhaps some earlier ones as well.
7:38:56 PMGregInTexas My servers are SLES, Gadwil
7:38:57 PMchrisreich Gadwil, what is the name of the version of SUSE that has rolling updates, again?
7:39:05 PMmathman47 Taking a long time for reboot.
7:39:05 PMdman810 anyone know of a good step-by-step to move my /home to a second Hard Drive? ubuntu 10.10
7:39:14 PMchrisreich and we love you guys too
7:39:14 PMGadwil chrisreich, I dont know.
7:39:27 PMGuest_9224 what computer is ubuntu installing on?
7:39:40 PM_Jot_ Guest_9224, a virtual one, probably
7:39:46 PMmathman47 How about my QSL card?
7:39:47 PMDave-Maydew Royal Mail in the UK is terrible
7:39:47 PMGadwil Hillary, Why? I can just email you at
7:39:47 PMdman810 mathman47 - sure robbie is just not watching it!
7:39:52 PMagamotto dman810- symlink process for that is on Ubuntu forums, somewhere.
7:39:59 PMGadwil Canadian post on strike.
7:40:17 PMGadwil Can someone let Hillary know how bad my handwriting is?
7:40:21 PMchrisreich Hey RobbieF, I would tell you a joke about UDP but you might not get it.
7:40:39 PMagamotto Gadwil- no practice?
7:40:53 PMGadwil agamotto, Plenty of that... I just type too much to care to write properly.
7:40:53 PMmathman47 How much for postage from US to Barrie?
7:40:55 PMdman810 thanks agamotto
7:41:07 PMGadwil mathman... Depends, use the calcs online.
7:41:10 PMagamotto mathman47- ~70c
7:41:18 PMmathman47 Never any fun here!!!
7:41:40 PM_Jot_ Im just here to see if this show really lasts 9 hours like I heard
7:41:45 PMmathman47 agamotto - Thanks.
7:41:46 PMgsiegel What is Christie going to do if iphones are going to tell people what the weather is ??
7:41:54 PMdman810 check out installed FUSE packages
7:42:13 PMDave-Maydew My HTC tells me what the Weather is
7:42:13 PMagamotto gsiegel- Write an app?
7:42:34 PMDave-Maydew and it runs WinMo 6.5 on Sense
7:42:45 PMGadwil RobbieF, Hillary, How does one get shapes in GIMP?
7:42:50 PMGadwil Show went offline.
7:42:55 PMagamotto ooops
7:42:56 PMGadwil Uh-h.
7:42:58 PMGadwil Crash.
7:43:00 PMGregInTexas uh oh
7:43:02 PM_Jot_ Hillary, RobbieF, show went offline
7:43:02 PMchrisreich my window tells me the weather - speaking of low-tech
7:43:04 PMgsiegel Oh no Unity Crashed
7:43:04 PMdtapia63 ooooo[s
7:43:04 PMdman810 Bummer
7:43:08 PMagamotto hahahaha
7:43:08 PMGadwil I guess the RAID failed.
7:43:09 PMsmittysmit WTF>>>
7:43:12 PMmathman47 At least no BSOD, haha.
7:43:14 PMGregInTexas what happened to the video feed ... there it is
7:43:17 PMGadwil haha... nothing happened people.
7:43:19 PMDave-Maydew Good comeback
7:43:22 PMagamotto We are too big for Justin now..... wow!
7:43:25 PMchrisreich just keep talking like nothing happened guys
7:43:26 PMdtapia63 lag ck
7:43:31 PMchrisreich "nothing to see here"
7:43:42 PMchrisreich "keep on moving, folks"
7:43:43 PMinvinciblemutant pogoplugfs --user --passwd mypass --mountpoint /home/invinciblemutant/pogoplug
7:43:48 PMsmittysmit Time for food/sleep...I hope not
7:44:02 PMdman810 now for the add
7:44:08 PMGregInTexas Hillary: same reaction as hudreds of thousands ... hmmm, look at that layout
7:44:12 PMgsiegel someone type the magic password .. maybe that will get it going again
7:44:20 PMchrisreich Ive got to admit, that was an incredibly fast recovery from the loss of stream
7:44:23 PMagamotto I dont use RAID... I am more a Black Flag guy, myself....
7:44:28 PMsmittysmit so we are all in suspense...we need some music
7:44:46 PMDave-Maydew Scorpio55 I may give 11,10 a try
7:44:53 PMDave-Maydew get used to Unity
7:45:18 PMagamotto I am thinking 12.04, perhaps
7:45:29 PMdman810 is this 11.10 he installed?
7:45:31 PMsmittysmit Can I "F5" the site or will I get some ads.
7:45:36 PMagamotto dman810- yes
7:45:37 PMchrisreich Im with you agamotto, stick w/ the LTS releases.
7:45:47 PMgsiegel 9 hours of build and all runs well, 45 minute show.... and ......
7:45:52 PMGregInTexas plus it has an API that you can write application lenses
7:45:58 PMgsiegel Unity strikes again
7:46:01 PMagamotto It needs things.... things that make it go....
7:46:03 PMdman810 priceless!
7:46:10 PMScorpio55 Dave-Maydew Unity is cool when you get used to it
7:46:23 PMmathman47 Ah Win 7 Aero!
7:46:39 PMgsiegel maybe the hamster froze in the FRIO cpu cooler.. ha ha
7:46:42 PMGregInTexas yea, I hate the whole idea of the search thing
7:46:46 PMagamotto I see, Compiz with Windows Search Live!
7:47:06 PMGregInTexas software center is much nicer than in 10.04
7:47:17 PMdman810 having to find where everything is, will be the hard part to get used too
7:47:23 PMagamotto RobbieF- God forbid that there be something you have to READ! chuckle
7:47:30 PMGadwil RobbieF, I think synaptic is taken out of 11.10, or it will be 12.04.
7:47:45 PMGregInTexas I saw that too, Gadwil
7:47:47 PMDave-Maydew VLC
7:48:05 PMgsiegel Old time sake -- it is 63 in NJ
7:48:08 PMchrisreich Shameless Dropbox referral alert: Use this to establish a new account and well both get extra storage.
7:48:15 PMDave-Maydew not available on the Apple iStore
7:48:18 PM_Jot_ RobbieF can you look for screensavers there? Maybe there just arent any installed
7:48:31 PMGregInTexas Hedgewars ...
7:48:34 PMchrisreich DRINK!
7:48:48 PMchrisreich MAH-jong.
7:48:48 PMScorpio55 Dave-Maydew me menu is improved great for developers Google music is controlable from Pulse audio controler
7:48:48 PMagamotto HoldingNuts? that sounds risque for a game...
7:49:22 PMgsiegel gadwill: what was that station robbie was rockin out to last night?
7:49:33 PMsmittysmit Need an extra episode to go over all of this "Stuff".
7:49:41 PMGregInTexas I hated the hide thingy in winXP
7:49:41 PMinvinciblemutant it is for your finger not a mouse
7:49:50 PMGadwil ... vocal trans.
7:49:57 PMgsiegel cool thx
7:49:58 PMinvinciblemutant your normally dont drag your fingers
7:52:35 PMGregInTexas Im thinkin of test driving pretty soon
7:52:53 PMdman810 whta about desktops?
7:53:17 PMGregInTexas conventional wisdom is desktops/laptops ... byebye
7:53:23 PMGregInTexas not sure I agree
7:53:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Hillary, there have been touchscreens for about 30 years, so I doubt it will be so big as some seem to think suddenly
7:53:37 PMagamotto Nah, leapfrog touch, and go to a Kinect-style interface
7:53:46 PMGregInTexas you can put compvis on this ...
7:53:53 PMGadwil Gnome 3 does a better job though.
7:54:05 PMagamotto Earth: Final Conflict as reference
7:54:08 PMsmittysmit They dont need to COMPLETLY rock the boat.
7:54:18 PMGregInTexas I wanna try the gnome3 too
7:54:21 PMagamotto yes
7:54:22 PMGadwil touchscreens from 30 years ago were massive and expensive... much different than today.
7:54:23 PMGregInTexas sound is awesome
7:54:27 PMDave-Maydew Its awesome DUDE
7:54:38 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Hillary, the sound is great is it because you are using the eco batteries in the batterypacks?
7:54:40 PMmathman47 Great sound; vid could be HD though.
7:54:44 PMYazid1965 it rocks
7:54:47 PMdman810 sounds great!
7:54:48 PMchrisreich the sound is like typical close-miced sources. Very good.
7:54:52 PMGadwil The sound is quite adequte RobbieF.
7:54:54 PMagamotto Gadwil- Please tell me where to find a 19" touchscreen monitor for under $500
7:55:14 PMGadwil agamotto, How much was one 30 years ago?
7:55:25 PMsmittysmit I have a mouse (trackball) and a keyboard. I want to use it. I never touch my screen...
7:55:27 PMOldGuyJim Each platform has its own needs. Touchpad - Unity and standard style desktop for non-touchpad devices. It seems that Unity hinders functionality on a computer.
7:55:28 PMDave-Maydew CD quality
7:55:29 PM_Jot_ agamotto, everywhere? touchscreens are normal monitors with a plastic sheet and interface to that touch-interface
7:55:53 PMagamotto Gadwil- believe it not, not much more. I had a NEC touchscreen 15" for my Amiga that was $600 at the time in ~91
7:56:01 PMGadwil
7:56:20 PMGadwil agamotto, That was 20 years ago, not 30.
7:56:27 PMagamotto Fair enough
7:56:35 PMGadwil Big difference.
7:56:42 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Hillary, a friend asked me to ask "Hello, I love your show, you are so bald and skilled at making french fries. Please tell me how to draw triangles. Thank you." Thats for GIMP by the way.
7:56:52 PMchrisreich 1991 - thats back when a dollar was worth something?
7:56:58 PMchrisreich I mean !
7:56:59 PMagamotto chrisreich- yah
7:57:00 PMYazid1965 wow
7:57:08 PMmathman47 Cat5.TV is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
7:57:10 PMdman810 Hillary - wow!
7:57:14 PMinvinciblemutant where is christa?
7:57:14 PMOldGuyJim Hillary is too young to remember Hand jive
7:57:15 PMagamotto chrisreich- Back when $22k a year was doing well for one person
7:57:18 PMgsiegel more 9 hr builds.. just kidding
7:57:25 PMchrisreich yep
7:57:46 PMagamotto Did it pass the Holmes Inspection?
7:57:47 PMinvinciblemutant great show
7:57:47 PMGregInTexas great show
7:57:54 PMGadwil PSA: Those arent real bricks... It is a wallpaper.
7:58:08 PMOldGuyJim Have a great week everyone.
7:58:12 PMas759 Bricks on a roll
8:00:07 PMGadwil overtime.
8:00:16 PMsmittysmit "bricks on a roll" is typically for stand up comedy pun Robbie & Hillary.
8:00:49 PMYazid1965 good night all
8:00:56 PMGadwil RobbieF, Put the attack of the beans back into the exit.
8:00:58 PMchrisreich If I had "bricks on a roll" I would lay them at a 45 degree angle...
8:01:06 PMagamotto smittysmit- badly plastered kitchens as well
8:01:07 PMchrisreich good night all.
8:01:11 PMGregInTexas the cookies thing makes me laugh everytime
8:01:16 PMDave-Maydew Awesome show as usual
8:02:19 PMagamotto I will stick around for awhile
8:02:39 PMsmittysmit NIGHT ALL...SE YA IN 6-DAYS, 23-HOURS...
8:03:05 PMDave-Maydew I better get off to bed, I feel like Ive caught my wifes cold
8:03:09 PMmathman47 And to all a good-night.
8:03:12 PMagamotto Oh, not fun
8:03:15 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone!
8:03:21 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew- How is Dad>
8:03:25 PMGregInTexas Thanks, Robbie!
8:03:29 PM_Jot_ thank you RobbieF and Hillary
8:03:35 PMHillary Thanks people! Hope you enjoyed the show! See you later! :)
8:03:51 PMDave-Maydew Its definitley the BIG C
8:04:00 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew- drat
8:04:01 PM_Jot_ Dont see me later! It makes me nervous when you watch me
8:04:05 PMDave-Maydew Drs confirmed it last Wednesday
8:04:18 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew- did they catch it early?
8:04:20 PMDave-Maydew and theres talk of having his bladder removed
8:04:47 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew- hmmm, ok. that can be replaced with one from a pig, if needs be.
8:05:06 PMDave-Maydew theyre hoping they have, hes had a MRI and X-ray to make sure its not spread anywhere else
8:05:25 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew- small favors, I hope
8:05:30 PMajamison5579 I am so freaking annoyed one of these drives says it is failing yet the S.M.A.R.T data on the drive is actually much less then one of the other drives that is identical in model and that drive is reporting no such issue
8:05:41 PMDave-Maydew but hes keeping up beat and thinking positive
8:05:48 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew- good to hear
8:06:33 PMDave-Maydew and besides, hes a radio ham like me lol


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