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06:59:37 PMChrista Make sure to give Robbie a hard time tonight....I saw him smile while he was dressed up as Spock on Halloween
06:59:54 PMGadwil He always smiles.
07:00:06 PMGadwil Start!
07:00:13 PMGadwil and Robbie is off by a few seconds.
07:00:17 PMagamotto Did I hear correctly on the radio that In Living Color might be coming back?
07:00:19 PMGuest_1317 Hello folks...I left another message with Canonical regarding the disfunction of Unity on a desktop.
07:00:21 PM_Jot_ hey Everybody
07:00:32 PMajamison5579 I still would love to see an re-enactment of Hamlet using only Vulcan and Elcore (mass effect alien) as cast members talk about an interesting read
07:00:44 PMagamotto Gadwil- Thats ok, next week alot of people will be off by an hour!
07:01:03 PM_Jot_ agamotto, actually, this week, not sure how many countries, but in Europe the tim changed
07:01:05 PM_Jot_ time*
07:01:09 PMGadwil My cron jobs autoset for DST.
07:01:22 PMagamotto _Jot_- I stand corrected
07:01:32 PMGadwil I just noticed... Either Hillarys chair is low or she is short...
07:01:33 PM_Jot_ its why I arrived just in time, fortunatly :)
07:01:58 PMagamotto I doubt Unity will be helping that much....
07:02:03 PMMichaeliowa hi RobbieF and Hillary
07:02:13 PM_Jot_ Hillary, must be the blonde thing why you didnt understand you were suddenly short
07:02:25 PMJVSCC_ hi
07:02:31 PMagamotto No, since 16:9 that isnt true any more
07:02:45 PMgsiegel_ the power of ubunut
07:02:45 PMGadwil Hillary, Cameras dont add 10 lbs anymore... They got that bug worked out.
07:03:10 PM_Jot_ ubunut = somebody who is more than a fan of ubuntu
07:03:17 PM_Jot_ ubu-nut :)
07:03:19 PMagamotto I havent fallen out of love, I just dont like the latest makeup...
07:03:32 PMGadwil I have not fallen out of love... I have grown a very large hatred that has fireballed into a true, red deamon set out on destroying Unity.
07:03:57 PMgsiegel_ I agree - not big on heavy make up either
07:04:09 PMagamotto Which reminds me, I am going to try putting some flavor of linux on my Palm TX this week....
07:04:13 PMGoodGuy If that isnt out of love, I wonder what is
07:04:28 PMGregInTexas_ I quit?
07:05:07 PMagamotto I wonder if Siri responds to Klingon yet/
07:05:25 PMGregInTexas_ oooo transformer
07:05:34 PMGadwil I was a Founder for Halloween.
07:05:45 PMagamotto I hope it is better than the movies...
07:06:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I use an eye-device every day, I call it glasses
07:06:13 PMagamotto For one, I did nothing for Halloween
07:06:30 PMagamotto once, that should have been
07:06:33 PMGadwil agamotto, We did the same thing then.
07:06:43 PMagamotto heheheheeh
07:07:02 PMagamotto Well, unless you count playing DDO....
07:07:22 PMGregInTexas_ post? ... oh, mail
07:07:26 PMGoodGuy How about a split screen shot of Cat5 plus the ThermalTake website
07:07:31 PMGadwil Robbie, I updated my profile picture this afternoon with the screengrab from the stress test...
07:07:35 PM_Jot_ Hillary, can Bill still send something though? I hear he just got very upset
07:07:57 PMGoodGuy All the ThermalTake products at once
07:08:00 PMajamison5579 well I am watching live on the desktop because the live part of the Mobile app does not work on the transformer for some reason
07:08:13 PMGregInTexas_ email is archaic
07:08:15 PMagamotto ajamison5579- awww
07:08:31 PMGregInTexas_ havent sent a letter in years ... dunno if I remember how
07:08:33 PMGadwil I will print them out with proportionally spaced fonts.
07:08:33 PMagamotto GregInTexas_- only for people who dont filter
07:08:43 PMgsiegel_ todays word of the day archaic
07:08:49 PMGoodGuy My wife was just talking to me the other day saying she misses Penpal magazines
07:08:50 PMGadwil Your wife?
07:08:58 PMGadwil ^^ To Robbie.
07:08:59 PMagamotto Oddly, letters are just about the only thing I post these days
07:09:02 PMGregInTexas_ archaic = email
07:09:31 PMGoodGuy She still has a few penpals for over 30 years
07:09:40 PMGregInTexas_ wow ... that cam shot was really really clear!!
07:09:42 PMYazid1965 Dear Hillary, How are the cool beans? lol
07:09:44 PMagamotto Weapons of Mass Annoyance = leaf blowers
07:09:58 PMGregInTexas_ the front cam is a little blurry by comparison
07:10:03 PMGadwil RobbieF, This view will go good with the newsroom.
07:10:29 PMGoodGuy Run Puppy Linux on a thumb drive
07:10:32 PMgsiegel_ extreeme close up
07:10:34 PMajamison5579 oh i see your in 1080P or at least alot better resolution then last week robbief
07:10:35 PMGregInTexas_ my goodness thats clear
07:10:49 PMgsiegel_ HD rocks!
07:10:50 PMGadwil ajamison, It is just this view that is better.
07:10:53 PMagamotto Better bandwidth would be my guess,
07:11:01 PM_Jot_ it doesnt reflect light like the backstagepass camera does though, so its no replacement for lighting, even though it is clear
07:11:21 PMGadwil I dont think this is actaully 1080 video coming too us.
07:11:28 PMagamotto hmmm, yes. Big difference between cameras in contrast, not to mention sharpness.
07:11:46 PMGadwil How is the water up there Hillary?
07:11:55 PMHillary Just dandy, Id reckon!
07:12:10 PM_Jot_ cool beans
07:12:39 PMGadwil Hillary, Could you please ask Robbie when he will grow his hair back please?
07:12:42 PMMark_M Morning everyone :)
07:12:51 PM_Jot_ hi Mark_M
07:12:55 PMGadwil That would be a great answer.
07:13:08 PMgsiegel_ cool beans..
07:14:01 PMGregInTexas_ lol
07:14:05 PMMark_M lol @ Robbie
07:14:12 PMYazid1965 Beans!! Yes :)
07:14:14 PMMichaeliowa cold
07:14:18 PMagamotto Amazing what you can find at Dollar General....
07:14:30 PM_Jot_ you dont even have to take it out of the package to make it work! amazing!
07:14:48 PMagamotto I found a punch-out Bush coloring book at the store once....
07:14:49 PMGregInTexas_ we had mexican jumping beans for sale in 7-11s when I was a kid
07:15:18 PMgsiegel_ DISCLAIMER - Robbie and I did not plan that
07:15:26 PMGadwil I would love to see her do some computer tutorials...
07:15:28 PMagamotto GregInTexas_- I will have to check ours.... our area just added some 7-11 stores last month
07:15:33 PMGoodGuy Paula Dean says that all the time
07:15:39 PMGregInTexas_ In West Texas, we say all yall ...
07:16:05 PMGregInTexas_ I havent seen honest to goodness mexican jumpin beans in many many years
07:16:12 PMagamotto "Buttah is a staple of thuh Suthern Diet, yall."
07:16:17 PMYazid1965 lol
07:16:18 PMGregInTexas_ they are a little worm in a bean
07:16:36 PMMichaeliowa lol
07:16:43 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, did you lose weight? Oh wait, you just lost your hair, that weighed something
07:16:51 PMGadwil chown
07:17:15 PMGoodGuy gksudo nautilus
07:17:27 PMMark_M robbie is just getting older guys, hair just moves places, from head to "elsewhere" lolz
07:17:31 PMGadwil GoodGuy, it is gksu and sudo will work as well.
07:17:41 PMgsiegel_ LOL
07:18:03 PMGoodGuy I thought I read there are some cases where sudo is bad to use in graphical apps
07:18:31 PMGadwil Robbie, There should be a way to chown the entire folder to your user or another specific user.
07:18:35 PMagamotto GoodGuy- gksudo would be preffered, usually as you are in a gfx environment, unless you are CLI-only
07:18:44 PMagamotto preferred, even
07:18:47 PMGoodGuy yes
07:19:17 PMajamison5579 be careful to put the right directory some system files will not load if changed to 777
07:19:30 PMDrumstick Thanks ADORABLE RobbieF! Sounds like Im on the right track.
07:19:33 PMGoodGuy I think I had to use gksudo bleachbit to run bleachbit as root
07:19:56 PMGregInTexas_ bleachbit?
07:20:00 PMGadwil Read the chown manual!
07:20:06 PMajamison5579 awkward
07:20:17 PMDrumstick Fun-ny Hill-
07:20:25 PMDrumstick :)
07:20:35 PMGoodGuy It is one of those cleaner type apps
07:20:42 PMGadwil gksudo shouldnt even be a command, unless they added that as a symlink to gksu because people couldnt remember.
07:20:43 PMGregInTexas_ ah
07:20:45 PMajamison5579 Gadwil have you tried read an manual for a linux command? they often times are very vaque
07:20:57 PMYazid1965 Its like watching 3d
07:20:57 PMagamotto apt-on-cd?
07:21:02 PMGadwil ajamison, I find them all (that I read) very clear.
07:21:15 PMagamotto Or should he just go for a DVD version?
07:21:16 PMajamison5579 gadwil yes but your aclimated to linux
07:21:24 PMajamison5579 imagine someone who is not trying to read it
07:21:26 PMGadwil If you set your user to the same name as the old user, it should ask on install if you want to chown the files.
07:21:45 PMGadwil ajamison, Then they shouldnt be reading the manuals... or using the command most likely.
07:22:00 PMajamison5579 but you just told them to use the manual
07:22:09 PMagamotto RTFM, non-technicshen! giggle
07:22:14 PMajamison5579 see what i mean it is a tricky hole
07:22:16 PMMark_M got ya Gadwill lolz
07:22:19 PMajamison5579 that is hard to get out of
07:22:47 PMGoodGuy t installs a link /usr/bin/ gksudo, which you can call to use this feature. When using sudo, gksudo respects /etc/sudoers definitions.
07:22:52 PMGoodGuy It
07:23:11 PMGadwil Manuals just take a logical mind, and someone who can stand reading some very boring stuff... Hence, why they are written.
07:23:22 PMajamison5579 Searching Google for help would be much more lucrative until you get comfortable with Linx enough to read the manuals that is what i did starting out
07:23:32 PMagamotto agreed
07:24:33 PMagamotto RobbieF- Call me wierd, but woudnt this be a good case for the DVD version of a distro?
07:24:34 PMYazid1965 its the way we watch this show
07:24:36 PMGregInTexas_ not here ... anything wireless cost $
07:24:52 PMajamison5579 yep unless at McDonalds
07:25:03 PMGregInTexas_ starbucks is free
07:25:09 PMGoodGuy Many restaurants offer free wireless to customers
07:25:16 PMagamotto I am just finally getting my parents away from Verizon... monthly bill is going to go from $110 to $45.
07:25:24 PMajamison5579 The Wi-Fi is free at starbucks but the coffee is super expensive
07:25:45 PMGregInTexas_ what carrier agamotto?
07:25:49 PMagamotto ajamison5579- Their teas are reasonable
07:25:55 PMYazid1965 Starbucks coffee is bitter as well
07:25:55 PMagamotto GregInTexas_- Tracphone
07:26:10 PMagamotto llano?
07:26:13 PMGregInTexas_ dont think tracphone would work for data
07:26:22 PMGoodGuy Hells Angels vs Vagos were fighting over Starbucks in San Jose Cal
07:26:28 PMMichaeliowa ajamison5579: I think that is y Wi-Fi is free.
07:26:29 PMagamotto GregInTexas_- probably not for anything regular, no
07:26:30 PMGadwil Maybe in 3 generations of CPUs/APUs they can actually compete with Intel on power.
07:26:46 PMajamison5579 michaeliowa lol very true
07:26:50 PMGoodGuy Dying for a Starbucks came true!
07:27:07 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, the AMD APU is a lot faster than intel processors of the same low-power types, even with an NVIDA chipset added to it
07:27:19 PMGadwil
07:27:28 PMajamison5579 AMD is good for budget systems if you want to go hog wild with power and use a super amount of power then go Intel
07:27:58 PMajamison5579 but be prepaired for a higher electric bill with Intel
07:28:01 PMagamotto Toms Hardware, for one
07:28:07 PMGregInTexas_ stuff Ive been reading say that AMD cant do power consumption as well as Intel
07:28:08 PMgsiegel_ Better get a thermaltake cooler too...:)
07:28:26 PMGadwil ajamison, I see AMD using more actual voltage than Intel.
07:28:40 PMagamotto GregInTexas_- true, on the newest stuff.... phenom II stuff is ok
07:28:47 PMMark_M i have found AMD lasts longer over time, just my opinion tho.. I still do photoshop on a 10 year old amd system
07:28:55 PMGregInTexas_ me too Gadwil ... breaks my heart, but Intel seems to be way out in front of AMD these days
07:29:00 PMagamotto ?
07:29:05 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF you like intel
07:29:06 PMajamison5579 gadwil at times
07:29:12 PMGadwil Yea, with a much lower thermal envelope.
07:29:29 PMGadwil I see way too many AMD systems burning out due to heat.
07:29:42 PMagamotto I wouldnt mind Intel if it werent for the alphabet soup for processor and mobo model #s
07:29:53 PMajamison5579 gadwil funny you say that i heard the oposite
07:29:58 PMgsiegel_ they burn out because people dont get right cooling on them ..
07:30:16 PMGadwil Couldnt you download the packages using a clean system, and simply use a syntax to download only, then copy those debians over to a USB drive, then dpkg -i * once you are into the new system?
07:30:35 PMagamotto :)
07:30:35 PMajamison5579 I like both and I am waiting for a board with two CPU slots one Intel one AMD but that will never happen
07:30:36 PMajamison5579 lol
07:30:40 PMGregInTexas_ go news!
07:30:54 PMagamotto ajamison5579- fantasy!
07:31:08 PMgsiegel_ many peole in NJ don;t have internet right now do to our wonderful halloween snow storm
07:31:25 PM_Jot_ Im already confused now that motherboards have two slots of RAM on both sides of the processors
07:31:48 PMGadwil Jot, they are expanding memory channels to allow for more allocation using a single CPU.
07:32:05 PM_Jot_ yeah, obviously, but where do you stick what stick :)
07:32:33 PMGadwil Same way with dual channel memory... RTFM to figure out which slots are linked together.
07:32:33 PMMark_M hehe read the manaul
07:32:51 PM_Jot_ I do read manuals, Im not Robbie!
07:32:52 PMGadwil Most boards also have it written on the board.
07:33:15 PMagamotto Why would you waste OnStar for something like that?
07:33:26 PMMark_M plus mobos are easy these days, everythjing colour coded,, just stick ya RAM in the same colour slots, u be fine "ish"
07:33:50 PMgsiegel_ good job onstar
07:34:02 PMagamotto Social media passwords should be changed every two weeks or more
07:34:06 PMGadwil Newer ASUS boards use a very odd way of only having one RAM lock for the sticks.
07:34:09 PM_Jot_ unfortunatly that isnt true, the one I have who has different colours, wants you to put it in seperate colours for the same channel
07:34:16 PMGadwil Sometimes hard to tell if it is secure.
07:34:52 PMajamison5579 an Ubuntu tablet ? how odd that sounds
07:35:10 PMGadwil So Canonical is the Apple of Open Source...
07:35:17 PMagamotto I may get a color Nook and root it
07:35:38 PMagamotto I just wish it had a PixelQi screen
07:35:44 PMOldGuyJim RobbieF - FYI - Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit up and running with no problems.
07:35:54 PMCameron_ A KU -buntu Tablet Sounds much better !
07:35:58 PMGoodGuy A new Nook is due out soon, so Id wait a bit
07:36:00 PMagamotto OldGuyJim- congrats
07:36:24 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Oh, I was planning on the new one, depending on price
07:36:39 PMGoodGuy I would like one also
07:36:45 PMOldGuyJim Perfectbuntu worked with no problems as well.
07:37:09 PMMichaeliowa yes i do to
07:37:24 PMagamotto Mouse? I prefer trackballs.... much lower chance for Carpal Tunnel problems
07:37:48 PMCameron_ Trackballs ROCK !!
07:38:06 PMMark_M ive setup a pc like that for a shop, using it for point of sale works great
07:38:29 PMagamotto touchscreens that pivot/fold down like that would be great for some games/programs, but should be able to swing out of the when not used that way
07:40:04 PMagamotto I will keep that in mind for 12.04....
07:40:10 PMGadwil GENTOO!
07:40:21 PMGoodGuy Mint?
07:40:30 PMGregInTexas_ is Gentoo Debian?
07:40:35 PMagamotto Mint is what I might move to for 12.04
07:40:56 PMgsiegel_ mint 11 is nice
07:41:04 PMagamotto Gentoo is something other than rpm or deb...
07:41:12 PMMark_M i got mint as dual boot on my old amd system, and a usb key with mint
07:41:42 PMagamotto Gentoo is pretty much raw tarballs if memory serves... not sure what their bin format is
07:41:56 PMGadwil ebuilds
07:42:18 PMGregInTexas_ I like debian form of package mangagement
07:42:20 PMagamotto thats it... I knew it was something like ewok, but I didnt want to say it
07:43:38 PMYazid1965 Were doing live
07:44:03 PMagamotto Shhh, I am busy writing you a letter with my glass pen and home-made ink....
07:44:07 PMHillary YAY!
07:44:21 PMHillary Im gonna check the mailbox 2 weeks.
07:44:32 PMgsiegel_ you mean your quil ?
07:44:35 PM_Jot_ Hillary, its going to be 99% spam probably
07:44:36 PMYazid1965 Dear Hillary :)
07:44:38 PMagamotto That sounds about right
07:44:48 PMGadwil ... Here is a walkthrough for those that want it... Still working on some of it.
07:44:52 PMHillary Spam is better handwritten, anyway
07:45:13 PMGregInTexas_ cool!
07:45:29 PMagamotto gsiegel_- glass quill? pretty much the right idea. I love my glass dip-pen, and my fountain pens. I find most paste pens unusable
07:45:37 PMGregInTexas_ the 10.04 desktop was perfect for me
07:46:25 PMgsiegel_ Robbie -isnt this the same as changing this at the login prompt at the bottom of the screen?
07:46:50 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you did it wrong, it wanted you to type a capital Y and you typed a small y
07:47:07 PMagamotto snicker
07:47:43 PMGregInTexas_ ooops
07:47:46 PMgsiegel_ Jot - robbie likes to live on he wild side...
07:47:58 PMgsiegel_ like not installing washers..
07:49:02 PMagamotto Except it doest have to be de-linted every two months or so....
07:49:37 PMGregInTexas_ oh ... I dont do that ... I want mine on the left where they belong
07:49:44 PMMark_M man orange is an ugle theme colour lol
07:49:49 PMagamotto sticky pin?
07:50:59 PMGregInTexas_ what about the 3D cube for changing desktops??
07:51:10 PMagamotto Now all you need is gkrellm running in a corner somewhere
07:51:55 PMGadwil Robbie, A wiki just got made for the walkthrough you just did.
07:52:06 PMGoodGuy Back to the Future!
07:52:13 PMGregInTexas_ Thanks Gadwil
07:52:20 PMYazid1965 and Were doing it live. :)
07:52:21 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF like it
07:52:48 PMgsiegel_ Great Scott !
07:53:46 PMYazid1965 lol
07:53:51 PMMichaeliowa lol
07:53:52 PMMark_M haha
07:54:07 PMagamotto Phasers on disrupt!!!!!
07:54:12 PMGregInTexas_ Can you run Compiz with the new (old) Ubuntu?
07:54:37 PMCameron_ I hate it when people dont know Battlestar Gallactica when they see it
07:54:38 PMagamotto yah, but it is sort of built-into gdm these days
07:54:39 PMajamison5579 lol
07:54:42 PMMark_M later guys, gota head off to work :)
07:54:49 PMMark_M oops, i ment :(
07:54:53 PMGadwil GregInTexas, it runs on Compiz by default.
07:55:13 PMGregInTexas_ so you have all your "compiz" effects?
07:55:19 PMagamotto Mene-sakhet ur seveh
07:55:22 PMajamison5579 lol
07:55:24 PMGadwil You should be able to in fallback mode.
07:55:30 PM_Jot_ RobbieF always has boldness... or is that baldness...
07:55:38 PMajamison5579 Robbief you ought to do that for April Fools
07:55:40 PMMichaeliowa I like the older Battlestar Gallactica
07:56:15 PMCameron_ The Best Michaeliowa !
07:56:19 PMOldGuyJim The original was much better.
07:56:39 PMGadwil TMNT snuggie FTW!
07:56:42 PMGoodGuy I like one of the HSN hosts named Lori Leland... she sells electronics mostly
07:56:54 PMagamotto I am still trying to get over thebullets in space, yet somehow having FTL drives...
07:57:17 PMYazid1965 :)
07:57:21 PMMichaeliowa Cameron_: Yes would love it if run longer.
07:57:36 PMOldGuyJim Watch the "Pigs in Space" muppets.
07:57:39 PMCameron_ Yes i would
07:57:41 PMajamison5579 take out a loan
07:57:59 PMgsiegel_ Pigs in Space rocks
07:58:10 PMagamotto I am still waiting for the sequel to Spaceballs.... Jews in Space!
07:58:12 PMgsiegel_ I have the DVD set
07:58:28 PMGadwil It was great.
07:58:29 PMMichaeliowa Cameron_: I have on DVD
07:58:40 PMGadwil My avatar on the site is a screenshot from that encounter...
07:58:44 PMagamotto Oohhh, quick shoot him in the eyes, he is a demon!!!!!!
07:59:12 PMCameron_ Fantastic. I should be looking for it myself
07:59:22 PMMichaeliowa yes
07:59:30 PMGregInTexas_ yes ... now Im ready to upgrade to 11.10 !!!
07:59:34 PMDrumstick Thanks again for the help guys!
07:59:35 PMYazid1965 write letters
07:59:36 PMas759 Great show as always!
07:59:42 PM_Jot_
07:59:49 PMGadwil Jot got it.
07:59:52 PMCameron_ Its official Let the search begin !
07:59:56 PMYazid1965 :)
07:59:58 PMGadwil I had to login and do some other stuff to make the link.
08:00:26 PMgsiegel_ how about some more click race
08:00:46 PMGregInTexas_ click race woulda worked tonight!
08:00:47 PMDrumstick Gnight all
08:00:51 PMYazid1965 good night all
08:00:52 PM_Jot_ Im always logged in so I never have those issues :)
08:00:52 PMas759 bye
08:00:52 PMagamotto Oooo, look a er, gettin all Coronation Street on us.....
08:01:03 PMGregInTexas_ C Ya ... great show Robbie, Hillary!
08:01:16 PMHillary thanks for coming out, yall.!
08:01:23 PMGadwil I need to go walk an annoying dog real quick. See everyone in the after-party soon.
08:01:24 PMgsiegel_ live long and prosper
08:01:31 PMCameron_ U 2 !!
08:01:31 PM_Jot_ thank you for coming to the show too Hillary
08:01:43 PMHillary im here for the good times!
08:01:49 PMgpop7 great show. good night everyone. until we meet again.
08:01:55 PMGregInTexas_ yes ... my faith in ubuntu may indeed be restored
08:02:16 PMYazid1965 Well be writing in to Hillary soon. I meant the show soon. lol
08:02:40 PMMichaeliowa Hillary you will need see last week show!!! it was very funny. :-D
08:03:11 PMYazid1965 Yeah Robbie F made a great video
08:03:43 PMagamotto Soon I will be need to go. Watching neighbor
08:03:58 PMagamotto s teen tonight while they go out to dinner
08:04:13 PMMichaeliowa you will like the video!!
08:04:23 PMagamotto I figure I will get lucky and put DWTS on, so she can lose her mind over the Biebster
08:05:30 PMagamotto If not, I will torture her with some Gin Rummy.... chuckle
08:06:23 PMHillary Ciao everyone!
08:06:25 PM_Jot_ sounds like you got it all worked out
08:06:31 PM_Jot_ have a great week Hillary
08:07:08 PMagamotto She is pretty cool for 16... actually wont use Apple products, since she thinks they use slave labor.
08:07:29 PM_Jot_ thats smart
08:07:51 PMMichaeliowa bye all have a good night!!
08:08:06 PMGregInTexas_ hasta la vista yall!


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