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06:58:59 PMGarbee Wait!
06:59:08 PMGarbee Is Christa on the show WITHOUT a Mac?!?!
06:59:13 PMRobbieF indeed.
06:59:17 PMRobbieF Gotta put my foot down.
06:59:18 PMagamotto Hallo, all
06:59:19 PMGarbee YAY! We Finally did it!
06:59:19 PMChristaW I was not allowed to bring my Mac on today
06:59:49 PMagamotto ?! Who cares, as long as it isnt running Windows?
06:59:54 PMChristaW however, so that my life remains full of joy and splendiferousness...I have propped it up on the couch in front of me so it can smile up at me
07:00:04 PMChristaW and pity me for having to use this pc
07:00:18 PMAkustyk Hi guys!
07:00:22 PMGarbee Roll call! Who is actually here?
07:00:25 PMGarbee I
07:00:30 PMagamotto ChristaW- it could be far worse... it could be a TRS-80
07:00:39 PMharryws me too
07:01:18 PMagamotto Awfully naked face for Eric
07:01:24 PMGarbee And less hairy.
07:01:36 PMGarbee oh, you said naked... I read nice.
07:01:42 PMemiel1976 Finaly live again
07:01:54 PMMichaeliowa wow
07:01:56 PMmathman47 WOW!!!
07:02:00 PMMichaeliowa yes
07:02:02 PMagamotto That is rather nice
07:02:02 PMsmittysmit Smittysmit here but stepping away...but listening.
07:02:06 PMemiel1976 Nice
07:02:11 PMas759 Nice
07:02:18 PMgsiegel Laser toys are always cool
07:02:21 PMagamotto Sir, how dare you point your phaser in my direction?!!?!?!
07:02:53 PMGarbee HI Brad_.
07:03:13 PMagamotto Yes, but now the remaining crew may have to hide away from some orbiting garbage
07:03:15 PMBrad_ Good evening Garbee
07:03:18 PMGarbee Who isnt a victim of phishing scams?
07:03:32 PMagamotto Hail Froyo, of the fractured OS!
07:03:41 PMGarbee For everyone who does not know, since some still dont... I am Gadwil, I simply changed my main Nick.
07:04:12 PMBekah I did not know that Garbee
07:04:16 PMMichaeliowa Froyo still coming out in new cell phone.
07:04:45 PMagamotto I just wish I could find a compelling use for a smartphone.
07:04:58 PMGarbee Hi Bekah. Why dont you step downstairs and enjoy the show from there?
07:05:19 PMagamotto RobbieF- Thou dost covet?
07:05:37 PMIamaperson Howdillee doodilee didilee everyone
07:05:39 PMtroy74 linux mint show sweet
07:05:45 PMagamotto She is tasked with wrangling the kidlets
07:05:50 PMBekah Garbee Im a multi-tasker :)
07:06:08 PMAkustyk My 7-year-old loved the Vulcan video!
07:06:15 PMGarbee agamotto, That is what Sugar is fore...
07:06:16 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF I look on my Roku today and Category5 is not on.
07:06:18 PMGarbee for*...
07:06:34 PMtroy74 my wife danced to the vulcan video
07:06:49 PMagamotto Garbee- nah, you are thinking Nyquil... sugar GIVES them energy :)
07:07:05 PMGarbee agamotto... Shhh... Maybe Bekah doesnt know that.
07:07:12 PMagamotto heehheeh
07:07:23 PMagamotto RobbieF- Will there be a Black Friday video?
07:07:36 PMGarbee SUSE, Not really a good starter OS.
07:07:43 PMMichaeliowa I did not like redhat.
07:07:47 PMGarbee Linux Mint, Fedora, Gentoo, all these are good choices.
07:07:58 PMagamotto agreed, SuSE is not for beginners
07:08:12 PMdarktower59 I actually PAID for Suse 5 yrs ago!
07:08:13 PMemiel1976 elementary luna
07:08:28 PMagamotto I will most likely be moving to Linux Mint or Zorin early next year myself...
07:08:30 PMGarbee SuSE = GREAT for sys-admins, big organizations... not really good for one or two systems, especially different ones.
07:08:33 PMJVSCC Suse is owned by Novell?
07:08:37 PMagamotto darktower59- same here
07:08:41 PMagamotto JVSCC- yes
07:08:42 PMIamaperson So computer making a rattly sound, think its the fan going?
07:08:58 PMemiel1976 Using Xubuntu 11.10 and love it but I am waiting for Luna
07:08:59 PMGarbee agamotto, Go Mint. We have no idea where Zorin dev is.
07:09:01 PMagamotto JVSCC- technically, Attachmate these days
07:09:36 PMtroy74 be interesting to see how gnome 3 is on mint 12
07:09:49 PMinvinciblemutant hi robbie and christa
07:10:01 PMgsiegel I think we need a cardigan song tonight.. :)
07:10:05 PMMichaeliowa I like ubuntu 11.10 with Robbie help!! :)
07:10:08 PMGarbee troy74, It is done right for a mainstream distro. Little complaining about Gnome3 from them, but ACTION on fixing the issues. What is supposed to be done.
07:10:31 PMemiel1976 It is the same but with an extra bar on the bottom and an extra mint menu
07:10:33 PMtroy74 i havent checked out the rc yet garbee
07:10:47 PMemiel1976 plus desktop changer on the bottem bar
07:10:48 PMAkustyk unprofessional is actually more believable and more fun
07:11:01 PMGarbee Troy74, You are most likely going to like it. I was impressed by it. A few little things I have issues with, but I can easily fix them.
07:11:12 PMIamaperson anyone? rattling sound in computer is that the fan going?
07:11:12 PMgsiegel Using mint11 - enjoying much
07:11:13 PMGarbee ^^ My issues are also because I am very picky.
07:11:28 PMtroy74 garbee-hopefully,im not interested in switching oss
07:11:32 PMagamotto No, a picky linux user!?!?!?!?
07:11:55 PMGarbee agamotto, I am so picky, I want everyone to run Gentoo.
07:12:23 PMGarbee ChristaW, You cant apply!
07:13:02 PMtroy74 thats an ominous drumroll
07:13:05 PMagamotto Congrats
07:13:20 PMgsiegel clap clap clap
07:13:28 PMas759 Well done
07:13:32 PMagamotto At least it isnt the ST:TOS bump & grind music
07:13:33 PMsmittysmit Woo Hoo...congrats
07:13:45 PMMichaeliowa hi
07:13:51 PMemiel1976 Hi
07:13:54 PMajamison5579 hi
07:14:00 PMharryws hi
07:14:02 PMGarbee That is a great way to top my name off.
07:14:06 PMsmittysmit Hello
07:14:25 PMGarbee RobbieF, Drumrolls are on repeat.
07:14:26 PMYazid1965_ Drumroll again?
07:14:27 PMtroy74 heh
07:14:29 PMJVSCC Drum roll is kinda drowning out yall voice right at the end....
07:14:30 PMagamotto Oberon_- You won the printer
07:14:32 PMRobbieF hahaha thanks!
07:14:32 PMOberon_ whoo hoo!
07:14:33 PMGarbee and we keep getting your audio drowned out.
07:14:35 PMGarbee Thanks.
07:14:48 PMsmittysmit no more drum rolls...please
07:14:53 PMAkustyk timpani roll stuck in a loop? thanks for turning it off :)
07:14:53 PMOberon_ I know, I just saw! I FINALLY make it to a live show and I won! yay!
07:15:05 PMtroy74 congrats oberon
07:15:09 PMagamotto Yes, some nice Ciabatta dinner rolls would do nicely...
07:15:10 PMgsiegel Congrats Oberon!
07:15:21 PMMichaeliowa lol
07:15:26 PMJVSCC nope
07:15:32 PMgsiegel Did someone say cloud ?
07:15:36 PMYazid1965_ Well she is wearing the hat. :)
07:15:37 PMgpop7 congrats to oberon
07:15:40 PMDrumstick Good for you Oberon!
07:15:43 PMOberon_ Thanks all!
07:15:50 PMagamotto Zumba? the dance workout?
07:16:08 PMagamotto M$ Office, yech
07:16:14 PM{BBI}Nexus{BBI} Greets everyone..
07:17:01 PMGarbee ... This is where to get information and download links for Linux Mint 12.
07:17:13 PMagamotto Our office volunteers this year are SOOOOOO behind on the paperwork... I wonder if it has something to do with all of the conflicting versions of M$ Office they are using?
07:17:14 PMOberon_ was on the phone, so I missed what Robbie said after though. lol
07:17:40 PMOberon_ Guess I
07:17:53 PMOberon_ Guess Ill have to watch the recorded version later. :P
07:17:57 PMsmittysmit Any file size restrictions???
07:18:01 PMIamaperson anyone? rattling computer is it the fan do you think or did someone respond and I missed it.
07:18:11 PMGarbee SMittysmit, Restriction on what?
07:18:25 PMsmittysmit PST size
07:18:34 PMagamotto Rattling is usually something laying against the cpu or gpu fan blades
07:18:42 PMGarbee Iamaperson, A) I never saw your Q the first time... B) It could be a fan, most likely.
07:19:09 PMGarbee I had rattling, it was the fan on my PSU.
07:19:21 PMIamaperson thankyou :)
07:19:23 PMGarbee I just had to open it up and re-seat the fan, all good.
07:20:05 PMGarbee PSA: Dont open a PSU unless you WANT to get shocked. It has a very high voltage, and IF you do open one, then DONT wear a static strap.
07:20:19 PMIamaperson Last time the fan had issues my computer set off an alarm. Replaced it, so hopefully an easy fix this time.
07:22:55 PMsmittysmit What is the ID format for Ubuntu One Music? Having some issues but it could be the source.
07:24:09 PMGarbee What ID smittysmit?
07:24:33 PMOberon_ sorry all. as quick as I showed up, I have to run. have fun, and keep up the great work on the show Robbie and crew!
07:24:40 PMmajnoon picard better :P
07:24:57 PMcharm_ General IRC question... can nickserv boot a ghost login?
07:25:13 PMGarbee Yes, MusicBrainz Picard is very good at automatically tagging. - Also you can search their online DB, then import into the software for tagging.
07:25:32 PMGarbee charm_, What are you talking about?
07:25:48 PMsmittysmit Garbee - the correct format way to ID a track so U-One-Music labels it
07:26:23 PMGarbee smittysmit, They use the standard ID tags that the music format uses. Typically ID3 tags, I think they are called/formatted.
07:26:44 PMchaslinux Garbee, nm, fixed the problem...
07:26:58 PMsmittysmit tks...Ill try
07:27:05 PMchaslinux Thought I had logged out of Empathy/IRC session, but still had it open.
07:27:13 PMchaslinux So my nick was taken...
07:28:06 PMchaslinux Anyone tried flexget?
07:28:15 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF can I set up a ubuntu 11.10 as an theater computer that will record and playback the the air tv shows?
07:28:30 PMmajnoon got something like that for doze ??
07:28:39 PMGarbee Michaeliowa, You can, but it would be best to go with something like MythTV.
07:28:40 PMchaslinux Sue Michaeliowa with MythTV
07:28:49 PMchaslinux And a TV tuner card...
07:29:01 PMchaslinux Personally I like MythDora better than MythBuntu
07:29:07 PMGarbee ...Only certain tuner cards are supported though.
07:29:10 PMagamotto Michaeliowa- yes, the Mythbuntu distro will be the easiest way, otherwise, you can try adding Myth to an existing install
07:29:20 PMRachelX Hello, anything new and exciting in the land of computers
07:29:30 PMGarbee scratch that link...
07:29:43 PMGarbee Hello RachelX.
07:29:54 PMagamotto Garbee- Actually, here in the States, many digital cards will work. The support problems usually come under analog support.
07:30:10 PMJVSCC Drobo offer did not work as advertised on Pogo plug?
07:30:13 PMMichaeliowa will it work TV tuner HDhomerun?
07:30:21 PMRachelX Hi Garbee, enjoying the show?
07:30:25 PMGarbee agamotto, Yea, but the FCC made standards for US.
07:30:26 PMagamotto RachelX- AMD just scrapped their whole 22nm product line, to start over again
07:30:39 PMGarbee RachelX, Yes I am.. I am enjoying my chances of winning a Pogoplug in this room.
07:30:41 PMchaslinux As a rule I like Ubuntu better than Fedora, but in the case of MythTV I prefer MythDora
07:31:16 PMJVSCC Rachel repeat in 10, 9, 8,,7,.....
07:31:18 PMgsiegel the new with added banter bonus
07:31:20 PMagamotto ChristaW- Repeat after me "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain."
07:31:34 PMRachelX I dont even know what a pogo plug is
07:31:42 PMchaslinux Yes I think HDHomerun might work... I know its an option in XBMC, but XBMC is not a PVR, should be okay with MythTV if its supported in other software like XBMC
07:31:48 PMagamotto RachelX- then you are in the right place
07:31:50 PMGarbee RachelX, It is a Pogo, that Plugs.
07:31:55 PMJVSCC You heard of a Pogo stick RachelX right?
07:32:09 PMagamotto chaslinux- XBMC should be fairly soon
07:32:17 PMRachelX Ive heard of pogo hotdogs :D
07:32:42 PMchaslinux agamotto HDHomerun is an option in my XBMC, but not running HDHomerun.
07:32:47 PMGarbee WE WANT ROOTING!
07:32:50 PMagamotto Yes, and many of those smartphones are stuck using older Android versions due to the cellular carriers....
07:33:01 PMGarbee Im running Cyanogen Mod because of rooting.
07:33:05 PMchaslinux agamotto, very true!
07:33:05 PMiamboriskarloff But many vendors dont offer Android updates after 12 months...
07:33:10 PMJVSCC Android rocks!
07:33:12 PMsmittysmit What is the general overall Linux opinion on the HD Homerun here in the forums? Read good reviews on Newegg
07:33:13 PMMichaeliowa I got the DHhomerun working on but did not get it more than that.
07:33:16 PMgsiegel rooting (chucke, chuckle)
07:33:31 PMagamotto chaslinux- The next version of XBMC should support most digital tuners and PVR duties
07:34:08 PMagamotto smittysmit- Great stuff if you only do digital telly
07:34:13 PMGarbee AOL webmasters dont do a good job of stopping accounts under their network of sending out spam...
07:34:22 PMmajnoon catphish ??
07:34:39 PMGarbee I cancelled my old AOL account because of that... and it is the exact reason I host my email almost exclusively now.
07:34:39 PMchaslinux agamotto Im actually running XBMC on a netbook connected to our TV running Ubuntu 10.04. Has been working out great, but I dont do 1080p.
07:34:47 PMagamotto I find it easier to just not use those services
07:34:51 PMchaslinux I love XBMC!
07:35:04 PMsmittysmit agamoto - I need to create a DVR for over the air ATSC TV
07:35:05 PMchaslinux Did a presentation on it for Software Freedom Day this year,
07:35:07 PMJVSCC That makes sense RobbieF, I did not get any Phishing Scams uuntil I joined
07:35:34 PMagamotto chaslinux- I wouldnt bother with 1080 unless your viewing on a surface larger than 40".... anything smaller, you can force 720p and save a lot of processing.
07:35:58 PMGarbee RobbieF, But we dare not tell them that, or else they get upset.
07:36:14 PMsmittysmit We have a Barracuda spam unit at work (that I maintain) and its crazy what comes thru.
07:36:27 PMchaslinux Oh Robbie, we had a client who got called by some guy claiming the client had a virus... except the client was using Linux, and he was smart enough to call a friend who realized the phone scam attempt...
07:36:44 PMagamotto smittysmit- that is fairly easy. You can do that with Ubuntu and MPlayer/VNC if you want to go that way but Mythbuntu/Dora put it all together fairly well.
07:37:03 PMmajnoon 1.1
07:37:07 PMGarbee My mom got scared the other day. She thought she had a virus. It was a website with a Windows XP explorer menu, telling her she had viruss... on a Windows 7 machine... Yea....
07:37:26 PMsmittysmit agamoto - Ill try to remember to PM you latrer
07:37:35 PMagamotto Garbee- I can see how someone could fall for that
07:37:54 PMGarbee agamotto, I officially have NO idea where my genes come from.
07:37:57 PMMichaeliowa chaslinux: Thanks I will work on it.
07:38:01 PMJVSCC Id say about 75% of service calls are Virus related.
07:38:10 PMchaslinux Someone really should do something thats a cross between Gnome 2 and Enlightenment...
07:38:34 PMchaslinux Low memory, nice, simple interface
07:38:58 PMmajnoon problem is linux almost as bad as doze ,need buy new computers to update :(
07:39:03 PMtroy74 unity is very divisive,a bit ironic
07:39:04 PMGarbee Mint jumped above Ubuntu on DistroWatch when the RC was released. Now it is #1.
07:39:07 PMchaslinux Michaeliowa there are a few Myth* distros, try a few and see what works for you
07:39:27 PMchaslinux I found watching a Hak5 video on MythTV helped me understand setting up channels, etc.
07:39:49 PMchaslinux But it was a long time ago when KnoppMyth was the only Myth* distro
07:40:00 PMMichaeliowa chaslinux: ok I will try after the show is over.
07:40:14 PMchaslinux majnoon: I almost agree with you...
07:40:14 PMsmittysmit Doesnt Zorin already do that with ways to make it easier for different menu options?
07:40:21 PMJVSCC Hak5 is a great show.
07:40:27 PMchaslinux Damn Robbie... ads in the middle of the show?
07:40:32 PMagamotto I used KnoppMyth for about two years, but when it started becoming LinHES, I had nothing but problems....
07:40:37 PMchaslinux Are we missing stuff?
07:40:47 PMmajnoon they geting bribed by manufacturers ??
07:41:08 PMagamotto I think we just had a glitch... the usual fun of a live show
07:41:46 PMMichaeliowa nice
07:41:52 PMtroy74 looks like goodness
07:41:53 PMchaslinux majnoon: I run a refurbishing project and were looking at switching to Lubuntu because of Unity/Gnome3... at least for maybe a year or so until more decent systems with kick butt cards come in.
07:42:04 PMScott_L I really like the launcher on the side for widescreen monitors
07:42:25 PMmajnoon gnome 3 needs fancy vid cards :(
07:42:50 PMScott_L Unity only needs something accelerated
07:42:54 PMGarbee No official website... I dont recommend it until there is one. (MATE)
07:43:02 PMGarbee majnoon, Not anymore.
07:43:03 PMScott_L I did not know Gnome 3 was more demanding
07:43:06 PMRachelX oooo kick butt cards, got to get one of those :)
07:43:23 PMGarbee They have software rendering now working in Gnome3. So the Fallback Mode can go away now.
07:43:42 PMtroy74 same look as 11
07:43:47 PMagamotto Just as long as the dont turn the interface into something no-one recognizes
07:43:51 PMchaslinux Scott_L unfortunately we see a lot of stuff like Dell GX260s and Compaq Evos, systems that are half-height and dont tend to come with anything decent onboard.
07:44:15 PMagamotto That window looks too much like Win 3.11
07:44:26 PMchaslinux Anyone tried OpenSUSE 12.1 yet?
07:44:38 PMagamotto chaslinux- business terminal lease expires...
07:44:45 PMGarbee chaslinux, Yes.. Nothing special.
07:45:36 PMagamotto Does this program also do drive imaging?
07:45:57 PMGarbee agamotto, No.
07:46:06 PMagamotto Garbee- ahhh, not for me then
07:46:30 PMemiel1976 You can make a backup to UbuntuOne
07:46:39 PMGarbee RobbieF, Did you install the virtualbox drivers?
07:46:41 PMScott_L Empathy
07:46:42 PMtroy74 empahty
07:46:43 PMchaslinux Empathy
07:46:53 PMScott_L lol :)
07:46:54 PMGarbee sudo apt-get remove --purge *empathy*
07:47:06 PMagamotto emiel1976- I dont have that kind of upstream.... I will keep imaging
07:47:09 PMScott_L I am thinking about getting rid of empathy
07:47:12 PMsmittysmit Cant you just backup the home folder to Ubuntu-one?
07:47:12 PMtroy74 empathy for anyone who uses it
07:47:14 PMchaslinux Scott_L I dont want to play IRC trivia against you.... lol
07:47:18 PMScott_L I tried doing IRC chat and it would not work
07:47:42 PMgsiegel I have the mint background image as my pc wallpaper.
07:47:45 PMScott_L lol thanks chaslinux :)
07:47:51 PMMichaeliowa It look very good.
07:48:12 PMgsiegel with hiddent start menu, makes me feel like I am on linux
07:48:22 PMmajnoon icewm or fluxbox
07:48:22 PMu-al Chatzilla in FF works ok for me
07:48:35 PMScott_L I tried mint, but I dont like how their repositories are a little outdated
07:48:42 PMGarbee I have had NO problems with the Mint 12 RC.
07:48:51 PMGarbee ^^No technical problems.
07:48:57 PMScott_L Their Mint Debian looks promising
07:49:04 PMchaslinux agamotto, using flexget with transmissions web interface and ShowRSS so I dont miss shows while at work.
07:49:21 PMagamotto I will wait until all this stuff gets sorted out... nothing wrong with my Ubuntu 10.4.3 so far
07:49:28 PMchaslinux Oh and then set the files to appear in XBMC
07:49:37 PMScott_L I am using Ubuntu 11.10 and like it
07:50:00 PMmajnoon opensuse here
07:50:16 PMas759 Ubuntu 11.10
07:50:22 PMGarbee Just install Gentoo.
07:50:26 PMiamboriskarloff Need a Pogoplug
07:50:30 PMmajnoon good mix newbie/advance
07:50:33 PMchaslinux Ubuntu 11.10 here and Fedora 16 on other partition.
07:50:40 PMGarbee Oh yes, very nice!
07:50:48 PMGarbee MGSE, A good way of going about things.
07:50:55 PMiamboriskarloff pogo
07:50:59 PMiamboriskarloff plug?
07:51:07 PMtordeu It looks nice, but I would prefer pure Debian.
07:51:09 PMGarbee I still havnt figured out how to disable their menu yet. Once that button is gone, it might become my Main OS.
07:51:14 PMjonathon_ 10.04 but looking at Arch, any Arch users?
07:51:21 PMScott_L I really like the launch bar on the right of the newer interfaces
07:51:27 PMchaslinux My wife doesnt like Unity...
07:51:32 PMScott_L It makes better use of the realistate on wide screen monitors
07:51:34 PMGarbee ^^ I know it is in the advanced tweak somewhere, but I think it is integrated into their entire menu bar.
07:51:47 PMagamotto Yes, lets make Linux harder to use for the low-vision/no vision community
07:51:48 PMmajnoon first time in while made it "live"
07:52:06 PMmajnoon not worried never win
07:52:07 PMgsiegel Even server OSs are going light weight .. Microsoft talking about removing GUI from future releases
07:53:24 PMGarbee Wow, those stats are pathetic so far.
07:53:38 PMagamotto ?
07:54:14 PMjonathon_ Great odds
07:54:43 PMmajnoon try login get 500 error :(
07:54:49 PMagamotto Love the honky-tonk music....
07:54:58 PMtroy74 internal server error every time lol
07:55:45 PMmajnoon see no win :(
07:55:50 PMtordeu YAY-....... i think i need a new mouse now ;-)
07:55:55 PMagamotto hehehehehe
07:56:13 PMtroy74 tordeu trade you my mouse for your pogo plug
07:56:27 PMJVSCC now typeing weth my toungue fingers are broken.....
07:56:41 PMgpop7 yeah tordeu
07:56:42 PMemiel1976 wow
07:56:57 PMJVSCC That was a blast...
07:56:58 PMGarbee Still doesnt beat my score on ClickRace.
07:56:59 PMDrumstick We need a click race training site!!!!
07:57:08 PMGarbee Im in the 1200+ club.
07:57:10 PMJVSCC at least I have more fingers...
07:57:19 PMtordeu I had something like that for the C64
07:57:20 PMJVSCC muscle spasems....
07:57:28 PMchaslinux congrats JVSCC and tordeau
07:57:28 PMScott_L It is cheating
07:57:33 PMgsiegel it rocked
07:57:38 PMScott_L GameGenies are worse :)
07:57:59 PMScott_L I remember how much of cheatingit is :)
07:58:04 PMJVSCC is there such a thing as carpel finger, or mouse elbow joint like tennis elbow?
07:58:04 PMGarbee They still make auto-triggers for game consoles... I hate them.
07:58:06 PMmajnoon NOW logged in :P
07:58:09 PMgsiegel Double Dragon was fun with that controller too
07:58:10 PMtroy74 cant get enough wheatgrass?
07:58:25 PMagamotto JVSCC- carpal tunnel syndrome
07:58:27 PMvoodoosandman I cant find the race entery link.
07:58:33 PMDrumstick Thanks!!
07:58:34 PMScott_L I hate those commercials that take up the whole screen
07:58:38 PMRachelX Do they still make joysticks?
07:58:39 PMemiel1976 I didnt win :(
07:58:45 PMmajnoon now watch ncis
07:58:46 PMharryws thanks from Oz
07:58:54 PMJVSCC Seemed like the web tutorial were longer than normal?
07:59:02 PMGarbee RachelX, Yes they do. :)
07:59:04 PMagamotto You mean improper filtering?
07:59:18 PMmajnoon need ANALOG linux driver hvr-1250
07:59:24 PMRachelX I remember when games were so simple you only needed 3 button joysticks
07:59:26 PMgpop7 great show. see you all next week. have a good holiday.
07:59:36 PMGarbee JVSCC, Yea, those were longer than standard features.
07:59:40 PMScott_L Great show, thanks
07:59:46 PMJVSCC I wish I had a camera on me when I was doing the click race...
07:59:49 PMagamotto majnoon- You might as well find another card. Older 150 or 350, if you want to keep analog
07:59:52 PMgsiegel I remember the old tandy joystick wit h1 fire button
07:59:56 PMGarbee Hillary next week...
07:59:57 PMtroy74 i prefer to be mean in real life
08:00:10 PMMichaeliowa like a elf
08:00:12 PMScott_L I prefer to be nice lol
08:00:17 PMGarbee We have a FORUM people! USE IT!
08:00:17 PMRachelX yeah now you have a dozen buttons and they still arente enough
08:00:20 PMJVSCC I almost lost my Popsicle...chocolate dripping all over the
08:00:35 PMDrumstick Bye all!!
08:00:39 PMemiel1976 I am going to practice click race
08:00:41 PMJVSCC Chow 4 now
08:00:42 PMgpop7 until we meet again.
08:00:45 PMScott_L Bye
08:00:57 PMagamotto I cant use those console controllers at all.... why two joysticks, a pad, and 8 buttons?
08:00:57 PMemiel1976 Bye
08:01:07 PMchaslinux Wow that went fast... but I finally made it for an episode...
08:01:10 PMtroy74 great show guys
08:01:13 PMGarbee agamotto, Because, that makes so much fun.
08:01:23 PMgsiegel Happy Turkey Day everone..


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