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06:59:41 PMRobbieF HI!
06:59:54 PMSammySez I bought one of those Ultralast Green Sol chargers
06:59:54 PMGadwil RobbieF, You tweet about the "bad socket", sounds like a linux joke when you get to the Root cause. haha
07:00:04 PMSammySez not exactly as advertised
07:00:20 PM_Jot__ hi RobbieF, welcome to episode 224 of tuesday the 3rd of january 2012
07:00:21 PMTrekkie00 hi Robbie
07:00:31 PMagamotto Bad socket sounds more like something I would hear about on a DIY show...
07:00:36 PMDrumstick SammySez: What is? You know?
07:00:38 PMOberon_ So, true to form, Ill get about 10 minutes of the show in, then catch the rest in the car. lol
07:00:45 PMGregInTexas Yeow! I had the sound turned up for listening to music
07:00:56 PMDrumstick ooooo.... video looks great here! Sound is good too...
07:01:03 PMSammySez the set looks great
07:01:05 PMGregInTexas 2012 end of the calendar
07:01:05 PMDrumstick Maybe its my memory upgrade...
07:01:13 PMinvincibleMutant u forgot the backgrund sound
07:01:15 PMJVSCC Wow back stage is now side
07:01:15 PMinvincibleMutant still on?
07:01:16 PMOberon_ Yay! Brick this week!
07:01:19 PMas759 Im great
07:01:29 PMrobgor Happy New Year RobbieF and Christa
07:01:31 PMagamotto RobbieF- Have you managed to replace your rodent with a trackmouse/ball yet?
07:01:39 PMJVSCC Getting Married?
07:01:42 PMGadwil College?
07:01:45 PMrobgor and all the guys girls in the chat room
07:01:47 PMGregInTexas Noooo
07:02:00 PMinvincibleMutant the background sound still on !!!
07:02:07 PMtordeu Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
07:02:09 PMDrumstick TheChrista: Go for it!
07:02:13 PMGadwil TheChrista, Just go to college in my name so I can get a degree.
07:02:14 PMJVSCC Kewl
07:02:14 PMGregInTexas cant you take an online class?
07:02:15 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, you are famous! They should change it for you
07:02:20 PMDennis_Kelley Hillary is getting married is that not what i heard?
07:02:26 PMGuest_8262 you go girl
07:02:28 PMJVSCC HTML 5
07:02:33 PMMichaeliowa hi RobbieF and TheChrista
07:02:41 PMJVSCC html/css/java
07:02:42 PMGregInTexas HTML5/CSS3
07:02:49 PMagamotto Ahh, she is refreshing her skills for her resume... I wonder if she gets to take a deduction for furthering her education?
07:02:53 PMSammySez man oh man, RobbieF the stud goes through more co-hosts than Hef goes through "girlfriends"
07:02:53 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, wrong, the basis of internet is TCP/IP
07:02:54 PMGadwil XMl is still used?
07:03:11 PMJVSCC Smart Cookie
07:03:16 PMGregInTexas hey! TheChrista! You can learn javascript and lose your hair just like RobbieF!
07:03:18 PMJVSCC audio cut out?
07:03:23 PMOberon_ now, now Jot, the basis of transport for the internet is TCP/IP. :)
07:03:31 PMGadwil im getting some skipping.
07:03:40 PMMichaeliowa she is very good
07:03:49 PMOberon_ the basis of presentation is HTML. Wouldnt that be fair to say?
07:03:55 PMGregInTexas My daughter is 11 ... she uses Ubuntu 10.10
07:03:58 PMJVSCC Baby linux
07:03:59 PMGadwil Lure children into a van with Linux... What is wrong with you?
07:04:01 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF is that your new Christmas cardigan?
07:04:01 PMagamotto Michaeliowa- Are the caucasians caucusing tonight?
07:04:11 PMSammySez GregInTexas - that is very cool
07:04:22 PMGregInTexas indeed
07:04:27 PMMichaeliowa no
07:04:31 PMagamotto Share?!?!?! Please explain this foreign concept...
07:04:32 PMGregInTexas shes very good with it too
07:04:49 PMGadwil Lets just move to the Moon.
07:05:07 PMGadwil Universal Translators are amazing.
07:05:11 PMJVSCC Mars
07:05:54 PMSammySez works flawlessly
07:06:07 PMJVSCC Watching live now
07:06:17 PMGregInTexas yes, working very well tonight
07:06:21 PMagamotto Speaking of Mars... Curiosity lands in August....
07:06:28 PMGregInTexas even the commercials look good
07:06:35 PMmaxwell6307_ thats how i watch to , its great
07:06:48 PMDave-Maydew Good Evening Guys
07:06:50 PMSammySez the video is really clear even on my cruddy 768k connection :)
07:06:51 PMmaxwell6307_ full screen
07:07:01 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Dave-Maydew
07:07:02 PMDave-Maydew HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
07:07:02 PMOberon_ well, siren call of the wife pickup run calls. Later all! Have a great show Robbie and Christa!
07:07:03 PMJVSCC watching on my dell laptop wireless a bit chopy do to video
07:07:17 PMmhall119 popey: Im on my phone, cant see the video
07:07:21 PMmaxwell6307_ too cool
07:07:22 PMMichaeliowa shw us
07:07:32 PMGregInTexas not been a hickup here
07:07:37 PMSammySez special herb fudge
07:07:45 PMJVSCC lol
07:07:45 PMGadwil NO butter?
07:07:46 PMagamotto So that is what Rachel was playing with last week...
07:07:47 PMSammySez or so Ive heard they make that sort of thing
07:08:04 PMDennis_Kelley an unboxing!!
07:08:10 PMGregInTexas green pizza?
07:08:11 PMJVSCC pizza cutter
07:08:16 PMSammySez man I love the "cheese" on this show - BAHAHAHAHA!
07:08:19 PMDennis_Kelley The Pizza cutter
07:08:19 PMmhall119 but if anyone has Qimo questions, we have #qimo here on freenode
07:08:27 PMagamotto MMMM, is that spinach?
07:08:33 PMJVSCC crew screaming ther heads off now!
07:08:47 PMDennis_Kelley Pizza on the main deck!
07:08:48 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:08:55 PMGadwil RobbieF, I envy you for having that pizza cutter.
07:08:55 PMGregInTexas well, that was quite the enterprise ...
07:08:58 PMJVSCC awww a giant is slamming the ship sideways back n forth
07:09:07 PMTrekkie00 selfmade pizza?
07:09:07 PMSammySez that is funny
07:09:11 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, it is acting, youre supposed to act like it is very hot and tasty
07:09:12 PMJVSCC veggie pizza?
07:09:16 PMmaxwell6307_ lol
07:09:17 PMchrisreich Only in Canadia, folks!
07:09:22 PMagamotto "Mr. Sulu, what will you have?" "Ill have Sylvia!"
07:09:25 PMtordeu Im hungry.
07:09:27 PMDennis_Kelley A big Chunk!!
07:09:29 PMMichaeliowa pizza every night at Robbie home!!
07:09:48 PMDennis_Kelley Cool!
07:09:59 PMDrumstick Its Tuesday....Cardigan Cardigan.....
07:10:01 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, so that cardigan you got with new years?
07:10:16 PMagamotto Hmmm, a caucazoid wearing a cardigan...
07:10:21 PMSammySez RobbieF needs to sport a porn-stache with that new sweater. And a white belt and shoes.
07:10:32 PMagamotto Friode laptop... ouch
07:10:36 PMchrisreich ...a Canadian causcaziod, at that
07:10:54 PMagamotto SammySez- Saddle-shoes
07:11:07 PMSammySez yes!
07:11:09 PMGadwil - address to email questions.
07:11:11 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - your house must not be rated to air a show every week!
07:11:19 PMGregInTexas I think there has been egg nog consumed ...
07:11:20 PMGadwil or
07:11:25 PMJVSCC drooling
07:11:28 PMSammySez with goofy plaid pants and a beret
07:11:44 PM_Jot__ Gadwil, that address is where RobbieF always forwards my email to
07:12:02 PMGarbee _Jot__, I know, that is why I put it out there.
07:12:04 PMJVSCC ! bang
07:12:13 PMJVSCC #! she bang!
07:12:48 PMchrisreich Christa - serious question - do you have a nose ring on your right side? If not, there is a reflection from the crook of your nose from makeup or something.
07:12:51 PMGregInTexas what desk top is that?
07:12:55 PMagamotto _Jot__- Perhaps if you would quit sending him some of the seedier stuff available on
07:13:02 PMJVSCC yes she does
07:13:12 PMTrekkie00 looks like kde
07:13:15 PM_Jot__ agamotto, I just send him the seedier apple-stuff!
07:13:29 PMbrimurray Question for Robbie, I am having a problem keeping my samba shares in Linux! I can set up OK but when ether the host or client desktop is rebooted, the share is not visible and I have to set up the share again! A real pain!
07:13:34 PMGregInTexas hmmm havent used kde in a long time
07:13:39 PMDennis_Kelley what was the name of the distro that RobbieF is using?
07:13:50 PMSammySez chrisreich - where else would her man attach the leash?
07:13:53 PMagamotto I think Robbie is doing Zorin
07:13:56 PMGarbee ZorinOS is on the demo system.
07:14:18 PMDennis_Kelley Is that what he is showing, besides the terminal?
07:14:20 PMGarbee It is an ubuntu based distro.
07:14:24 PMinvincibleMutant +i think just cd will brng you back to the home
07:14:27 PMTrekkie00 kubuntu
07:14:27 PMGregInTexas Zorin huh ... that a debian derivative?
07:14:30 PMagamotto Desktop looks like LXDE
07:14:40 PMagamotto GregInTexas- yes
07:14:56 PMchrisreich SammySez - as tempting as youve made it, Im refraining from going down that road. Not in this chat room, anyway.
07:14:59 PMJVSCC Alias
07:15:00 PMGarbee invincibleMutant, I think it depends on how the system is setup. I have cd take me into the root folder sometimes.
07:15:24 PMJVSCC sync sync
07:15:30 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, migjht want to notice the $ in the prompt usually means regular user while # means root-user
07:15:34 PMinvincibleMutant Garbee, i mean by default
07:15:35 PMSammySez chrisreich - hah! I prefer basement cages over leashes anyway. Harder for them to pick the lock
07:15:39 PMagamotto cd ~pictures
07:15:41 PMJVSCC SU
07:15:52 PMagamotto cd ~/pictures, even
07:16:14 PMJVSCC Uber Kewl
07:16:58 PMcalhydro Robbie: Installed Debain on my older laptop, it works fine, but I couldnt get CUBE Desktops working, is there a minimum GPU requirement to run it.? When running the compiz --replace command Fatal errors Support for non power of two textures missing, failed to manage screen 0, and no manageable screens found on display 0.0?
07:17:09 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - how is the family doing?
07:17:14 PMagamotto RobbieF- brimurray has a good question regarding keeping his SAMBA shares "permanent."
07:17:19 PMchrisreich SammySez you seem determined to drag me down that road - Im still resisting out of respect for TheChrista. Ill not comment further - in this chat room.
07:17:29 PMJVSCC Is Robbie drinkin egg nog
07:17:43 PMSammySez chrisreich - I have tears of laughter - hee hee
07:17:57 PMGarbee invincibleMutant, Yea, by default simply cd will return to the home folder, according to
07:17:57 PMJVSCC Poor Christa
07:17:57 PMsmittysmit Hello all. Not able to watch tonight. Relocated my home office and all was well...till tonight. cant get video stream on different browsers. Might need to go to another machine. Enjoy ALL if I dont come back from the Abyss
07:17:58 PMTrekkie00 @calhydro proprietary driver installed?
07:18:34 PMagamotto smittysmit- did you do something to your codecs for flash?
07:18:36 PMJVSCC Speed demon
07:18:42 PMGarbee Bleachbit?
07:18:43 PMGregInTexas I think all the egg nogg is gone and theyve started on something else
07:18:47 PMSammySez anyone have any success stories with cheap SSDs by chance?
07:19:12 PMemiel1976 Dont go for the cheap ones
07:19:17 PMJVSCC SSD are not cheap anywheres
07:19:22 PMagamotto recursive looped thumbnails?
07:19:24 PMchrisreich Ubuntu makes thumbnalis? There must be one of the packages associated with the photo app that makes them.
07:19:33 PMGregInTexas beat me to the punch ... cheap SSDs not yet ready for prime time
07:19:48 PMGarbee JVSCC, You can get some 8 and 16GB from Kingston cheap, that is enouhg for most /boot and / mountpoints.
07:19:52 PMJVSCC Specialy since plant for hdd chips is still under water in Korea
07:20:21 PMTheChrista Silly pc wont let me type my comments
07:20:27 PMsmittysmit Using an extended VGA cable that has so much ringing in the video...I need to get a longer DVI cable.
07:20:27 PMcalhydro Trekie00: I dont know how would I see if a driver was loaded?
07:20:29 PMagamotto JVSCC- you are confusing Korea for Thailand and Vietnam
07:20:31 PMJVSCC ya but those are real cheap level 1 hardware meaning low low mtf
07:20:33 PMTheChrista I heard eggnog, youve got my attention
07:20:50 PMGregInTexas lol
07:20:50 PM_Jot__ JVSCC, its to teach the drives to spin, and they are not called fluid dynamic bearings for nothing
07:20:54 PMGarbee RobbieF, If he has no space to install it onto the /bin area of the flash drive, how does one run that?
07:20:54 PMSammySez I have this 12volt Asus laptop I want to upgrade the SSD from 16GB. The idea is to be able to have a completely portable solid state system that can be attached to any car battery
07:21:14 PMGarbee or wherever it installs other than /bin
07:21:27 PMTrekkie00 @calhydro try executing glxgears
07:21:42 PMJVSCC ya you can get cheap ssd all day long
07:22:04 PMJVSCC and Korea ia where the mfg for hdd cheaps are made
07:22:10 PMsmittysmit Agamotto Not sure if its a codec. Always watched CAT5 on another machine. Now moved from basement so wife can watch "Family Fued"
07:22:12 PMSammySez do you know where? larger than 16GB
07:22:15 PMGregInTexas thats a cool idea SammySez ... I installed a 2kw inverter in my pickup for that ...
07:22:49 PMGregInTexas was that eggnog he was drinking ?
07:22:58 PMGarbee Certifications. A+, Network+ are good starts.
07:22:59 PMSammySez GregInTexas - yeah, we are prototyping a backpack for smoke-jumping or other emergencies
07:23:02 PMagamotto smittysmit- both ustream and Justin run Flash, that is why I suggested the codec bit/
07:23:12 PMDave-Maydew Teach ypurself
07:23:13 PMsmittysmit agamotto Too tired tonight to resolve.
07:23:18 PMgsiegel That was a cool tool especially for people who do rolling OS upgrades
07:23:26 PMGregInTexas well, SammySez, as Hilliary would say ... cool beans!
07:23:28 PMDave-Maydew Ive been doing it for 30yrs
07:23:29 PMagamotto smittysmit- understood
07:23:34 PMSammySez the idea is that if any of your devices wear down, you pull a set of cables out of your backpack and hook it up to the nearest car battery
07:23:37 PMDennis_Kelley I am working on it Dave-Maydew
07:24:12 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, dont forget the washers when installing a CPU-cooler, and to read the manual (just a tip for you)
07:24:21 PMGregInTexas I would use a netbook with an 80 gb SSD
07:24:33 PMGarbee Podcasts can help too, listening to certain TWiT shows and other specific podcasts for the latest technology are good.
07:24:35 PMTrekkie00 @calhydro what graphiccard do you use?
07:24:44 PMSammySez so far we have portable HAM / P25, GPS, Gen2 sum lighting, GEN4 thermal imaging, cellular internet, and IRLP - all 12volt
07:24:52 PMGarbee An hour or so to listen to, while doing other work, can keep you semi-updated on tech lately.
07:25:08 PMagamotto SammySez- GEN4 thermal imaging.... ghost hunting?
07:25:22 PMGregInTexas thats pretty neat ... if your house were on solar panels, you wouldnt need an inverter to run all that stuff!
07:25:26 PMJVSCC Greg fill me in on the prototy stuff you are working on ect...
07:25:26 PMSammySez if it wasnt for all the Windows failures, wed be rocking by now
07:25:27 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - Thanks!!
07:25:28 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF Is there a Chat app for Android that I can use to log into this chatroom??#
07:25:40 PMGarbee Wikipedia is a good resource to learn about things as well, such as what hardware does. And computer people make wikipedia, so almost all of it is very accurate.
07:25:52 PMgsiegel Tech school is great for theory of PC systems
07:25:59 PMDave-Maydew _jot_ my father is out of hospital and doing well
07:26:04 PMinvincibleMutant learn self-learning attitude
07:26:12 PMagamotto Nah, you just become an Apple Genius....
07:26:19 PMSammySez dishonest business? Sounds like Microsoft
07:26:28 PM_Jot__ Dennis_Kelley, when something is broken, figure out what is working, because if you dont know what is working, then you wont know what is broken, and you might end up fixing the wrong thing or seeing the wrong symptoms
07:26:31 PMGarbee Dave-Maydew, I have used this:
07:26:35 PMcalhydro Its a laptop chip is on the board glxgears works fine
07:26:41 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - Yes Thank You!
07:26:41 PMMichaeliowa Robbie and networking to
07:26:43 PMJVSCC I carry two diff size solar panel in my rig. 4x4
07:26:45 PMSammySez Windows on SSDs is horrid
07:26:50 PMchrisreich Ive stumped the Apple Geniuses so many times I just do my own research now.
07:27:00 PMDave-Maydew You did say retorical did you not RobbieF ;-)
07:27:07 PMagamotto GRAIL satellites?
07:27:12 PMSammySez with the swap turned off, Windows just loses its mind
07:27:32 PMgsiegel Yeahhh more space junk !
07:27:35 PMGregInTexas Yea, I dont think Id run windowz that way ...
07:27:41 PMTrekkie00 @calhydro use lsmod as root to find out what module is loaded
07:27:47 PMSammySez GregInTexas - you have to with SSDs
07:27:51 PMSammySez otherwise you burn them out
07:27:56 PMbrimurray Question for Robbie, I am having a problem keeping my samba shares in Linux! I can set up OK but when ether the host or client desktop is rebooted, the share is not visible and I have to set up the share again! A real pain!
07:28:02 PMDave-Maydew Woo Hoo Ham Satellites
07:28:06 PMTrekkie00 @calhydro if ati or nvidia look for fglrx or nvidia module
07:28:07 PMGregInTexas I mean ... I wouldnt run windows on SSDs ... lol
07:28:20 PMchrisreich what was that word that gave TheChrista a laughing fit some time ago?
07:28:22 PMGarbee I have re-installed linux on my SSD tons of time, no optimizations, it still works perfect, just a slight decrease in write speed, nothing major.
07:28:22 PMDave-Maydew FunCube and ArriSat
07:28:38 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF
07:28:41 PMagamotto LANparty micro-satellites?
07:28:51 PMSammySez GregInTexas - neither would I if the manufacturers would quit developing APIs and drivers for Windows
07:28:59 PMDave-Maydew lots of news on Amateur Satellites
07:29:05 PMchrisreich damned terrestrial entities!
07:29:07 PMSammySez WINE doesnt cut it for me
07:29:11 PMJVSCC API will be big hit this year
07:29:18 PMmaxwell6307_ lol
07:29:29 PMchrisreich Bourbon is the answer, SammySez
07:29:29 PMGregInTexas no, Im not much of a Wine user either
07:29:36 PMcalhydro Ok, Ill research the graphic chip. Thanks
07:29:41 PMGregInTexas just WinAmp
07:29:47 PMdarktower59 chrisreich - The Cloud and other clouds
07:29:49 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, it was so nice to hear your real voice for a change
07:29:49 PMSammySez Boubon is a Windows emul?
07:30:03 PMGregInTexas uh oh ... trouble in cat5tv paradise
07:30:18 PMchrisreich no, Bourbon is a great American whisky
07:30:20 PMJVSCC Come on yall give Christa a break
07:30:31 PM_Jot__ at least there are no clouds etc involved
07:30:46 PMgsiegel Anyone for a cloud ??
07:30:48 PMGarbee Just call it a Universal Translator.
07:30:49 PMJVSCC Robbie why cant she use her MacBook?
07:30:55 PMagamotto Just as long as the encryption is more advanced than chip & PIN cards
07:31:15 PMSammySez chrisreich - DOH! right over my head and splatted against the wall
07:31:17 PMGregInTexas thats awesome!
07:31:26 PMJVSCC pay back time
07:31:38 PMagamotto Some services are even using Skype for 711 relay chats.
07:31:42 PMGarbee RobbieF, Get the special effects out!
07:31:54 PMGregInTexas now we need translators for ballots ...
07:31:55 PMJVSCC Skype even sux more since MS took it
07:32:10 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, youll just have to come back and read more news sometime
07:32:15 PMTrekkie00 indeed
07:32:24 PMchrisreich In what way does Skype suck, JVSCC?
07:32:25 PMTrekkie00 skype getting really buggy since then
07:32:26 PMemiel1976 Skype still works great out here in Windows and in Linux.
07:32:32 PMTheChrista does anyone notice that the news is so much more complicated whenever I read it
07:32:43 PMTheChrista I tend to believe that there must be some sort of connection there somehow
07:32:45 PMagamotto TheChrista- luck of the draw?
07:32:48 PMTheChrista maybe just coincidence
07:32:48 PMSammySez JVSCC - the day the Skype purchase was announced was the day I removed it from all my systems
07:32:53 PMGregInTexas You did great, TheChrista!
07:32:54 PMJVSCC Evertime you connect it goes off line
07:32:56 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, he does it on purpose, dont worry, youre not paranoid about it
07:33:09 PMchrisreich its Robbies fault for giving you all those hard words to pronounce, TheChrista
07:33:13 PMGarbee TheChrista, I think it is because he likes giving you big words.
07:33:16 PMJVSCC Way to Go Christa!
07:33:20 PMagamotto TheChrista- If it helps, you still do better than our local on-air talent does with teleprompters.
07:33:22 PMgsiegel RobbieF - I downloaded Debian and the site stated that only needed DVD 1 - it does not seem so ...what did you download last week ?
07:33:22 PMSammySez RobbieF - checkout How William Shatner Changed The World
07:33:25 PMGarbee RobbieF, Tablets!
07:33:36 PMJVSCC Robbie smithen by Christa
07:33:39 PMSammySez documentary on Star Treks effect on todays technology
07:33:44 PMagamotto Burn the witch!!!!!!!!!
07:33:45 PMGarbee Shatner just makes my head hurt whenever I see him do an interview.
07:33:49 PMsmittysmit_ agomotto just fine on a different Ubuntu box. The other has been great an played ev erything in the past. N eed time to research but time is a commodity.
07:33:49 PMagamotto Blasphemy!!!!!
07:33:51 PMJVSCC Ipad II
07:33:57 PMchrisreich we are ALL smitten with TheChrista, methinks
07:33:59 PMDennis_Kelley tazers
07:34:06 PMGarbee RobbieF, The TriCorder app on Android.
07:34:08 PMDave-Maydew Ive just got the APAD WMT8650 7"
07:34:12 PMGregInTexas smitten, indeed
07:34:15 PMSammySez RobbieF - checkout How William Shatner Changed The World documentary
07:34:20 PMGuest_2389 Co-Host: Christa Wells How do we make the animated avatars, that I’ve been seeing? (Are they made in Photoshop, Gimp or Maya, Blinder?) Will you show use how we can make them too? Thank you so much. Cheers Franklin
07:34:21 PMchrisreich doors that open when you approach
07:34:26 PMinvincibleMutant bald hair style
07:34:37 PMJVSCC since when does back stage pass just launch off into a commercial all by itself?
07:34:53 PMagamotto micro-Debian
07:35:01 PMGarbee The business card is a NetInstall, so you need an active internet connection during install.
07:35:07 PMGregInTexas ustream does commercials that way too
07:35:09 PMgsiegel Cool...
07:35:10 PMTrekkie00 is it netinstall?
07:35:19 PMinvincibleMutant bald head from star trek too
07:35:24 PMTrekkie00 @garbee thx
07:35:26 PMDennis_Kelley do we have a crash?
07:35:27 PMagamotto Trekkie00- mostly... like Unetbootin, to some degree
07:35:34 PMGarbee Dennis_Kelley, Not for me.
07:35:35 PMDennis_Kelley wierd
07:35:39 PM_Jot__ Dennis_Kelley, no, it is working fine
07:35:40 PMGarbee Just refresh.
07:35:41 PMGregInTexas still working for me
07:35:46 PMDennis_Kelley must been me!
07:35:46 PMGarbee I have had 2 or 3 so far tonight.
07:35:58 PMSammySez here I thought Windows was the most popular OS with the youngsters today. It feels like it was written by a bunch of them afterall.
07:36:01 PMJVSCC Give them it with all the games loaded on it
07:36:03 PMagamotto I am still trying to figure out Pioneer One
07:36:15 PMTrekkie00 @agamoto thought unetbootin can be used to transfer any iso to usb stick, not only netinstall
07:36:31 PMJVSCC or a business computer production pc
07:36:32 PMagamotto SammySez- Young? Nah, that would have to be iOS or Android
07:36:33 PMGarbee $50 for my Keybaord... MS Ergo 4k. So awesome.
07:36:36 PMGregInTexas my daughter is a wizard with supertux
07:36:39 PMTheChrista guest_2389, Im actually not sure, that might be a better question for Robbie. Might be an interesting topic for him to cover on the show sometime. May I suggest you fire him off an email with your question
07:36:58 PMagamotto Trekkie00- yes, but it shares the netinstall possibilities
07:37:01 PM_Jot__ you can email RobbieF on with questions etc
07:37:08 PMSammySez agamotto - but children like toys, and Windows is just that - a toy
07:37:20 PMTrekkie00 ok, sorry not so used to debian based distros
07:37:35 PMTheChrista thanks jot! I suppose a method to reach robbie would have been beneficial
07:37:36 PMGarbee Guest_2389, You need software to make a .gif image.
07:37:41 PMagamotto Trekkie00- no worries. I get lost in Fedora/RedHat
07:38:02 PMSammySez William Shatner is hilarious - his smarmy arrogance is brilliant :)
07:38:04 PMJVSCC Christa why dont you have your MacBook Pro instead of the pc?
07:38:27 PMGuest_8550 Because she realizes the MackBook Pro is inferior
07:38:35 PMausrob lol
07:38:37 PMSammySez I should install this for my parents
07:38:40 PMTrekkie00 openSuSE is my distro for years now. i can do things like unetbootin with gui called imagewriter
07:38:47 PMGregInTexas what is he installing again?
07:38:52 PMGarbee Guest_2389, , is a site you can use to simply upload images, and it will make it for you.
07:38:59 PMJVSCC Kid Linux
07:39:06 PMTheChrista JVSCC....Robbie has banned it from the studio
07:39:07 PMagamotto I figured it was due to the possible electrical faults Robbie mentioned. He needs to call Mike Holmes.... grin
07:39:11 PMGuest_2389 You know what Im talking about right?
07:39:12 PMGregInTexas thanks JVSCC
07:39:15 PMrobgor RobbieF its got a virtualdisk Image so you can test it in that
07:39:23 PMJVSCC Are you serious Christa?
07:39:39 PMGuest_8550 He doesnt want it infecting his own pc with the apple virus
07:40:01 PMTheChrista JVSCC, haha, no....he keeps the pc set up now to keep it easier in here. this way were not unplugging and plugging in and moving computers around
07:40:03 PMGarbee Guest_2389, The small avatars that people use that change images?
07:40:06 PMGregInTexas kimo?
07:40:13 PMagamotto Nah, he has an iPod touch... he is already infected
07:40:18 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, dont call it that! Think about the children! Or rather how they will feel to be called just The Children
07:40:18 PMagamotto qimo
07:40:19 PMGarbee You can use GIMP to make one that is an actual transition as well, but it is more time-consuming.
07:40:25 PMGuest_8550 Thats what he says Christa, a rather convenient excuse
07:40:45 PMSammySez Q: whats worse than biting into an Apple and finding a worm? A: finding half a worm.
07:40:52 PMJVSCC I did not think it was that big a deal to connect up a different pc to the system...
07:41:32 PMTheChrista Its really not JVSCC, but with all the preshow stuff Robbie has going on, its just one more thing hed have to run around and do before the show
07:41:40 PMGuest_2389 Yes thank you. Looking at creatingAgif now thanks.
07:41:42 PMTheChrista I really dont mind, I just like giving him a hard time
07:41:43 PMGregInTexas Im not finding that I have to simplify very much for my 11 year old ... havent taught her the command line yet
07:41:48 PMGuest_8550 doesnt want to cut into his makeup time pre show
07:41:53 PMrobgor hmm wonder if you can use qimo with a tablet
07:42:32 PMGregInTexas your tablet would have to be x86
07:42:35 PMGarbee Dinner has arrived.
07:42:36 PMGregInTexas not ARM
07:42:37 PMJVSCC That bums me out, after all way back when I first started watching the show he would say we are for all O/S no matter what you use etc...
07:42:43 PMTheChrista that must be it guest_8550!
07:43:02 PMGregInTexas pretty cool
07:43:11 PMSammySez that is neat
07:43:14 PMrobgor cool
07:43:50 PMJVSCC Talking about shooting yourself in the foot
07:44:20 PMGregInTexas I like that track
07:44:33 PMSammySez try THAT with Windows - ugh!
07:44:42 PMausrob :)
07:45:10 PMJVSCC To be more versatile in this day and age keeping up with all the Technologies and O/S is the what I strive to do for myself and my customers
07:45:12 PMagamotto Why do I get idea we are going to see her on YouTube with her own show by 12?
07:45:17 PMGregInTexas tuxpaint, huh
07:45:31 PMausrob awsome
07:45:31 PMJVSCC Echo
07:46:02 PM_Jot__ No wonder Bekah isnt online :)
07:46:06 PMrobgor how cute
07:47:00 PMGuest_2389 You guys are good! Thank You.
07:47:02 PMJVSCC Christa like the new dew by the way...
07:47:14 PMGregInTexas I wonder if they have qimo for tweens ?
07:47:43 PMausrob lol good idea GregInTexas
07:47:47 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, for kids eh? So, thats going to be your main operating system for now on for your use too, right?
07:48:04 PMSammySez RobbieF - where do babies come from?
07:48:22 PMJVSCC All I want for Christmas is ma two front tufus
07:48:28 PMgsiegel I know the feeling - my daughter lost her 2nd top one after christmas too
07:48:30 PMSammySez bahahaha!
07:48:34 PMGarbee RobbieF, When are you going to install Gentoo?
07:48:39 PMbrimurray Question for Robbie, I am having a problem keeping my samba shares in Linux! I can set up OK but when ether the host or client desktop is rebooted, the share is not visible and I have to set up the share again! A real pain!
07:49:01 PMGregInTexas we can, Robbie ...
07:49:05 PMJVSCC We can
07:49:18 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, maybe you can demonstrate how to heat it up in the microwave, we havent seen that star of the show in a while
07:49:20 PMGuest_8550 Sammysez that is REALLY getting old, you only ask it every week.
07:49:21 PMJVSCC Chew quiter we cant hear Chriata
07:49:28 PMJVSCC Christa
07:49:35 PMmhall119 GregInTexas: by the time they outgrow Qimo, theyre pretty much ready for Ubuntu proper
07:50:12 PMGregInTexas mine already knows ubuntu mhall119 ... sometimes she teaches me stuff about the desktop
07:50:31 PMmhall119 GregInTexas: mine does that too, scary isnt it?
07:50:41 PMGregInTexas yes
07:50:46 PMSammySez Guest_8550: I do, dont I? :)
07:50:46 PMJVSCC Ya pratice Php new show topic!
07:50:49 PMGregInTexas but I embrace it
07:50:56 PMG_dog1985_ sorry am late
07:50:57 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, Im new, now what did I win this week?
07:51:03 PMJVSCC How about a PHP web class?
07:51:12 PMGregInTexas php !!!
07:51:15 PMGarbee TheChrista, Im going to send in some more PHP questions for the show.
07:51:17 PMJVSCC Do more PHP!
07:51:34 PMemiel1976 HTML5 and CSS3?
07:51:38 PMSammySez that and Wordpress
07:51:40 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, what is the password to the wiki?
07:51:42 PMGarbee I want to see something on Arrays in PHP RobbieF.
07:51:46 PMGregInTexas lets write a javascript compiler in php
07:51:49 PMJVSCC Question: HTML5, CSS , JAVA
07:51:55 PMGarbee Specifically what they are good for and how to build a simple one.
07:51:58 PMrobgor PHP everyweek so christa doesnt have to goto class
07:52:13 PMJVSCC No HTML 5
07:52:23 PMemiel1976 HTML5 and css3 works so much better
07:52:27 PMGregInTexas the new HTML5 stuff!
07:52:29 PMemiel1976 yes
07:52:29 PMJVSCC true say
07:52:39 PM_Jot__ I think we have to start with learning how to dig holes for the intarnet-tubes
07:52:41 PMausrob into the HTML 5
07:52:46 PMJVSCC Is HTML5 a question?
07:52:51 PMagamotto I wish someone would come up with a BASIC for everything web...
07:52:54 PMG_dog1985_ haha
07:53:00 PMGarbee RobbieF, Where is my invite to the pre-alpha-beta of the new site?
07:53:04 PMdarktower59 more php and mysql
07:53:12 PMGregInTexas lets write BASIC in php
07:53:24 PMJVSCC on the vote stuff
07:53:44 PMJVSCC The web dev was great
07:53:53 PMDave-Maydew 10 Print "Hello"
07:53:58 PMDave-Maydew 20 GOTO 10
07:54:02 PM_Jot__ RobbieF cant even build a computer in less than 9 hours, so no way he can get it done
07:54:10 PMGregInTexas 10 goto 10
07:54:10 PMagamotto hahaaahah
07:54:14 PMGarbee Lets do some Visual Basic!
07:54:16 PMGarbee haha
07:54:17 PMJVSCC TR80 model III
07:54:18 PMSammySez what was the reason for the switch from OpenOffice to StarOffice in later Ubuntu revs?
07:54:28 PMemiel1976 I build mine in 4 ours
07:54:29 PMG_dog1985_ lol _Jot_
07:54:31 PMbrimurray Question for Robbie, I am having a problem keeping my samba shares in Linux! I can set up OK but when ether the host or client desktop is rebooted, the share is not visible and I have to set up the share again! A real pain!
07:54:36 PMDave-Maydew Trash 80 was classic
07:54:41 PMagamotto StarOffice is commecial product
07:54:45 PMJVSCC How about a dedicated segment for Web Developments stuff each week.
07:54:45 PMGregInTexas yea, Libre Office
07:54:47 PMmhall119 SammySez: you mean LibreOffice?
07:54:50 PMSammySez err - perhaps
07:54:54 PMSammySez I just DLed it
07:54:56 PMGarbee They dropped support for OpenOffice a few years agao.
07:55:03 PMGregInTexas Starr office was Sun a long time ago
07:55:05 PMGarbee few weeks*, not years lol.
07:55:07 PMDave-Maydew ZX-81 too ;-)
07:55:09 PMJVSCC Must have Java fo open office
07:55:12 PMSammySez so OpenOffice is dead?
07:55:21 PMemiel1976 no
07:55:26 PMagamotto StarOffice is still selling
07:55:33 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, my Z80 processor only runs on 3.5Mhz, how can I make it run on 8Mhz?
07:55:33 PMGregInTexas Open Office is basically dead ... Oracle abandoned it
07:55:37 PMJVSCC still requires Java though
07:55:40 PMTrekkie00 nearly all openoffice developers working for libreoffice now
07:55:43 PMDave-Maydew hahahahaha
07:55:44 PMchrisreich I think OpenOffice in Intensive Care ward
07:56:02 PMSammySez right - I meant Libre - I used it first time two days ago - have "Star" stuck in the head
07:56:04 PMDave-Maydew Shes been staring at Apple screens too much ;-)
07:56:16 PMGregInTexas Im hoping Libre Office will become Open Office again
07:56:28 PMSammySez really? not as much support or development moving forward?
07:56:32 PMbrimurray using the nautilus gui
07:56:36 PMSammySez is Libre multi-platform as well?
07:56:45 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF can you show how to set-up mythtv? I did not get it to work for me.
07:56:45 PMDave-Maydew yup
07:56:50 PMGregInTexas Yes, Libre is multi platform
07:56:53 PMJVSCC Christa do you wear contacts?
07:56:56 PMbrimurray ie share my videos folder to a windows machine
07:56:58 PMSammySez coolie
07:56:58 PMTrekkie00 why ? @gregintexas
07:57:16 PMScorpio55 sudo ufw allow from
07:57:19 PMTheChrista certainly do jvscc
07:57:20 PMTrekkie00 developmen with libreoffice is much faster
07:57:24 PMagamotto RobbieF- He loses the shares whenever he reboots/reconnects.
07:57:26 PMScorpio55 sudo ufw allow SAMBA
07:57:26 PMGarbee I would use the hostname of the system for connecting vs the IP.
07:57:38 PMDave-Maydew Ive got my SAMBA sharing to my Android Tablet and Phone
07:57:40 PMGregInTexas why would I want that? cause open office is a better name than libre office
07:57:42 PMGarbee Ask the Forum as well.
07:57:43 PMDave-Maydew working awesome
07:57:46 PMGregInTexas IMHO
07:57:54 PMbrimurray the share dissapears from the windows machine
07:58:06 PMGarbee DokuWiki FTW!
07:58:11 PMJVSCC aww ic, i used to wear them when I was working for Uncle Sam cant wear them anymore though bugged me too much...
07:58:12 PMSammySez I will have to check it out. Is Libre available for 10.04 in some repo by chance?
07:58:22 PMGarbee Oh, Sometimes I have shares dissapear in Windows, it just needs a re-connect.
07:58:26 PMGregInTexas sure, SammySez
07:58:29 PMGarbee It is as if Windows has a connection time-out for me.
07:58:30 PMGuest_8550 What can slow down a computer? Virus scanner finds nothing, malware softeware finds nothing so what could it be
07:58:38 PMJVSCC Libra works on any ubuntu
07:58:40 PMbrimurray the same process never fails when sharing from a windows machine to linux
07:58:45 PMGarbee If it isnt used after a certain amount of time, it closes the connection.
07:59:20 PMGregInTexas your share should be on a static IP
07:59:21 PMagamotto Guest_8550- clogged registry, needs to be defragged?
07:59:22 PMbrimurray Robbie, I will send you a PM... both same never changing IP
07:59:41 PMbrimurray still exists
07:59:43 PMGuest_8550 defragged recently all cleaned out, temp files deleted
07:59:46 PMJVSCC in Windows click on save share check mark
07:59:51 PMScorpio55 Guest_8550 hdd fragmentation
08:00:07 PMGarbee brimurray, Also try in the Forums on the site, we can help better in there as well.
08:00:22 PMbrimurray many thanks all!!!
08:00:25 PMGregInTexas what a fun show!
08:00:26 PMDrumstick Well miss you TheChrista!!
08:00:27 PM_Jot__ Guest_8550, if you are running the antivirus/antispyware software on the computer itsself, then it can be it is not detecting if something bad is running, thats why you usually should do it from another computer or a bootcd or something
08:00:35 PMDrumstick Thanks RobbieF and TheChrista!!
08:00:43 PMJVSCC Your a Smart Cookie Christa!!
08:00:43 PMGuest_8550 Robbie will lose half his viewers when Christa goes :P
08:00:50 PMGarbee TheChrista, It wasnt your fault, it was the server that was dieing.
08:00:51 PMGregInTexas Dont Go Christa!!! * gnashing of teeth *
08:00:53 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, we look forward to the smarterer TheChrista
08:01:15 PMagamotto Guest_8550- Hmmm, as stupid as this sounds, run your tools in safe mode. Something might pop up
08:01:20 PMGuest_8550 I wish I could speed my computer I dont really want to have to wipe it and reinstall everything
08:01:21 PMrobgor dont forget the cool pizza cutter RobbieF
08:01:22 PMJVSCC Kuehling
08:01:24 PMchrisreich All my best to everyone
08:01:30 PMDrumstick Bye all!
08:01:33 PM_Jot__ RobbieF, she could try to say my real name, which is Dutch, most people get that horribly wrong
08:01:33 PMGarbee TheChrista, I am part German, and I think my name is of German decent, you pronounce that properly.
08:01:36 PMGregInTexas Bye bye!!!
08:01:44 PMas759 good luck with your studies TheChrista
08:01:45 PMbrimurray Bye Chrsista... xxx
08:01:53 PMJVSCC Chow for now
08:02:00 PMGregInTexas learn lots, Christa!!!
08:02:12 PMJVSCC you guys are starving or what
08:02:22 PMagamotto _Jot__- just as long as it isnt van der Sloot.....
08:02:23 PMrobgor hey christa try pronouncing polish surnames can be a mouthfull
08:02:25 PM_Jot__ darn, she didnt really dare eat more
08:02:25 PMJVSCC nom nom nom
08:02:33 PM_Jot__ agamotto, nope, it isnt
08:02:34 PMTheChrista haha, send em along
08:02:47 PMGarbee Just a random topic for the next 30 minutes or so.
08:02:54 PMDennis_Kelley See ya all next week1
08:03:01 PMGarbee See you Dennis_Kelley
08:03:03 PM_Jot__ have a good week Dennis_Kelley
08:03:07 PMagamotto Ahhh, so nice to be home and healthy
08:03:25 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - lets chat soon about some videos!
08:03:27 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, so are you going to leave spinach in the laptop to be remembered by?
08:03:33 PMTheChrista it was great to chat with ya all again
08:03:41 PMTheChrista how was everyones christmas?
08:03:55 PMJVSCC great and you?
08:04:00 PMagamotto Mine was ok, once I got away from some of the extended family :)
08:04:18 PMTheChrista I should! Take that PC!
08:04:33 PMagamotto At least it woud get its vitamins!
08:04:35 PMJVSCC so much for our diet was losing pounds then cam Christmas...
08:05:00 PMGarbee TheChrista, Seriously, the catastrophy theory that you + the show = bad is not true. You just entered shortly after the server had a shock, and began to slowly die. Things are much better now.
08:05:05 PM_Jot__ Is it still good cold, TheChrista?
08:05:10 PMagamotto I am doing well on that front... I have managed to lose 2kg this season so far
08:05:27 PMGarbee That is going to be a page on the Wiki now... Catastrophy Theory.
08:05:34 PMTheChrista pizza is always better cold
08:05:49 PMGarbee TheChrista, Not true! TAKE THAT BACK!
08:05:56 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, so when you all come over, you can eat all my frozen pizzas
08:06:04 PMagamotto The Christa Wells Electrical Fault Equation
08:06:07 PMJVSCC lol
08:06:08 PMTheChrista great job agamotto!
08:06:24 PMGuest_2389 I just got the last five mins of the show.Bummmer : ( .Is Christa going to be coming back?
08:06:24 PMTheChrista haha, I like eating the frozen cheese off of the top of pizzas
08:06:29 PMTheChrista thats my ultimate favorite
08:06:41 PMmaxwell6307_ Great show guys thanks
08:06:46 PM_Jot__ Guest_2389, she will have to, we wont let her go
08:06:54 PMagamotto TheChrista- Especially the mozarella and asiago....
08:06:57 PM_Jot__ shes going to be studying and being smarterer
08:07:02 PMTheChrista Guest_2389, I will be back!
08:07:21 PMJVSCC Hey Robbie I got a great idea for the show funds etc....
08:07:23 PMTheChrista just not for a few weeks or so
08:07:32 PMagamotto She has to go get more edjumacated so she can charge more for her skills
08:07:33 PMGuest_2389 Goody Goody : )
08:07:47 PM_Jot__ I hope by then she will have learned that smarterer is not a word
08:07:50 PMGarbee Im actually thinking about enrolling in the local community college again for some computer classes, one of which being web development.
08:08:03 PMGarbee Even though I hate those people.
08:08:09 PMagamotto If you have the time, it would sure be cheaper
08:08:21 PMJVSCC Skool gued
08:08:34 PMagamotto I have gone back to my local college several times over the years for refesher and adult ed courses.
08:08:35 PMJVSCC but cost $$$$$
08:08:39 PMGarbee The teachers I have had there are idiots though, and that will also force me into taking core classes such as sciences and English, which I dont want to take.
08:08:50 PMTheChrista exactly agamotto! I hope not to live paycheque to paycheque one day
08:08:53 PMGregInTexas me too agamotto
08:08:53 PMJVSCC We still have two in college
08:08:56 PMGarbee It wouldnt cost me since I qualify to have Uncle Sam pay for it
08:09:15 PMdarktower59 and you would have to use windows
08:09:15 PMGuest_2389 Christa have lots of fun in Mexeco,
08:09:24 PMGregInTexas I want to take a class in Android development
08:09:34 PMagamotto I took a class just to help me figure out the ribbon mess in M$ Office
08:09:38 PMTheChrista Well Garbee, if you are fortunate enough not to pay for the education, Id say go for it! All its going to cost you is time, but it will be well worth it in the end
08:09:40 PMGarbee darktower59, Who would need to use Windows?
08:09:49 PMJVSCC Hey Christa at least your MacBook does not have greasy keys tonite....hee hhe
08:09:59 PMdarktower59 In UK that is the IT curriculim
08:10:06 PMGarbee TheChrista, But college for technology is stupid, since by the time I would get the degree, all the material is 3 years out-of-date at least.
08:10:21 PMGarbee Then I would also lose time that I could be working in the field getting actual experience.
08:10:27 PMagamotto Garbee- Which is why I never finished my CS degree...
08:10:28 PMTheChrista good point JVSCC
08:10:31 PMGregInTexas thats actually kind of true Garbee
08:11:02 PMJVSCC I guess it all depends on the course your taking...
08:11:08 PMGregInTexas but there are some things ... data structures and algorithmic theory that are timeless
08:11:10 PMJVSCC and the skool
08:11:14 PMagamotto I get more temp work being unskilled in IT than if I had a degree
08:11:27 PMGarbee I would rather get certifications, which is why I am studying for Security+, Linux+/LPIC-1, and CCNA now, and I have CCENT and A+, they are worth more to me since they show that I truely know my stuff, vs having a degree just for showing up to class and guessing on tests.
08:11:43 PMagamotto Garbee- exactly
08:12:06 PMJVSCC Garbee out of those mentioned A+ would be the easiest
08:12:11 PMGarbee I failed Intro to Internet Services because my teacher was an idiot, yet I got CCENT certified... How does that look?
08:12:19 PMGregInTexas well ... you still need to know the theory Garbee, which you wont get in certs
08:12:48 PMagamotto agreed
08:12:54 PMJVSCC You can be a great test taker but real world exp is the ticket
08:13:21 PMGregInTexas I did my data structures tests in Fortran
08:13:27 PMGarbee JVSCC, It depends on what your expertise is. I was the only person ever to pass the test first shot for CCENT, the second to pass it period. A+ a few past it before, but they only had one exam, whereas I had 2. It all depends on what you know, but generally, A+ is the easiest to obtain, just under it is Strata though, which is the absolute basics.
08:13:31 PMGregInTexas I did database tests in C++
08:13:50 PMagamotto I made $300 last week replacing the CMOS batteries in ~80 desktops. Almost the easiest money I have ever made.
08:14:06 PMGarbee GregInTexas, Theories of what?
08:14:11 PMGregInTexas Ive done that agamotto!!
08:14:15 PMGarbee agamotto, I wish I could do that.
08:14:33 PMGarbee That is $300 for about 30 minutes of work for me, if that.
08:14:35 PMGregInTexas see ... Garbee ... data structures is the most important
08:14:57 PMJVSCC I just started pushing remote support this year and allready made my first $600
08:15:24 PMGregInTexas I used to change clock batteries ... I went to a vets office and pulled the cover from the case ... full of cat and dog hair ... I almost threw up
08:15:50 PMagamotto Garbee- Lucky situation. Local college was having trouble with a bunch of their desktops. Most of the IT staff was away for Christmas hoilday. Former instructor asked me to come by and take a look. 15 min and a battery tester for each machine... I think the dust was more bother than any effort put out :)
08:16:03 PMGregInTexas you do remote desktop support, JVSCC ?
08:16:12 PMGarbee haha, nice agamotto
08:16:14 PMJVSCC yes
08:16:40 PMGregInTexas what remote client/server ?
08:16:43 PMGarbee Im going to talk with my old High School district though. See if they need any help with repair work, or engineering a new system layout/OS.
08:16:58 PMGarbee RobbieF, Nice cardigan.
08:17:21 PMGarbee What is TheChrista playing with over there?
08:17:31 PMRobbieF thanks
08:17:52 PMagamotto Is she trying out the dulcimer?
08:18:01 PMdarktower59 where is the cat5 wiki page?
08:18:11 PMTheChrista its the skill testing question that determines my return to Cat5. If I pass, Ill see you guys soon....if not, i wish you all the best in your future endeavours
08:18:12 PMGregInTexas well, I have to go feed my critters ... great show Robbie, have fun in school Christa ... see yall next week!
08:18:17 PMGarbee darktower59, ... but it is locked down at the moment.
08:18:40 PMdarktower59 thanks Garbee
08:18:42 PMGarbee We are going to get all the good data out of the MediaWiki engine, and replace with DokuWiki (hopefully) in the coming weeks.
08:19:00 PMagamotto What is this I hear about a dark-out across the net over SOPA?
08:19:24 PMGarbee So stay tuned. It will be a while since A) Robbie needs to find the time and B) I need to re-work most of the syntaxes in the source for the pages. Also I am guessing I will be engineering the ACL for the new WIki engine to use.
08:19:53 PMGarbee agamotto, The only thing relating to SOPA that people need to know right now, is get all your domains off Go Daddy.
08:19:58 PMagamotto Wiki has ligaments and tendons?
08:20:11 PMRobbieF Shell never solve this.
08:20:24 PMGarbee ACL = Access Control List, a way of giving permissions to users who need them, and not give them ot users who dont.
08:20:27 PMRobbieF Im such a nerd.
08:20:33 PMGarbee In case you didnt know the acronym.
08:20:42 PMRobbieF This is AMAZING - when I (Robbie) type on my computer, it sends it as her.
08:20:49 PMTheChrista I am not a nerd!
08:20:50 PMRobbieF so weird
08:21:14 PMGarbee RobbieF, Just give my an FTP account only for the Wiki folder, I can get all the good info out, and DokuWiki setup for you, probably much faster than you can.
08:21:41 PMrobgor well TheChrista I think we can fix that for you
08:21:41 PMagamotto Garbee- Actually, I had a nice chat with Dick Durbin (local rep) over SOPA and a few other Internet bills last week. I showed him how half of the videos/podcasts created by members of Congress are in violation of SOPA, DMCA, and other proposed bits.
08:22:21 PMGarbee Nice agamotto, I emailed my Rep about them, if it comes up in Congress again I am going to call and try to get a meeting with him about it.
08:22:26 PMagamotto Garbee- I was teasing. Acronyms can be very amusing when you play with language.
08:22:53 PMTheChrista Is someone watching robbie figure this out?
08:22:59 PMGarbee agamotto, I know, but then again I wasnt sure if you knew what ACL was in computing, I really didnt know of it until Apple decided a few months ago to make it manditory in their OS.
08:23:01 PMTheChrista Can you watch him and then let me know how to do it
08:23:10 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, he always looks difficult like that after the show
08:23:17 PMGarbee TheChrista, We cant, he is turned away.
08:23:36 PMagamotto Garbee- coolies. I just like to have fun with these things....
08:23:42 PMTheChrista he says I tangled it badly
08:23:49 PMGarbee agamotto, I know, I do too sometimes.
08:24:03 PMGarbee Look at the cat!
08:24:03 PMTheChrista I dont believe him, i think I was on the brink of discovering how to do it and he stole it from me to make it more difficult for me to figure out
08:24:06 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, hes just trying to make you feel guilty so youll stay longer
08:24:09 PMagamotto TheChrista- Did you wrap the mic cord around one of the kids?
08:24:13 PMGarbee It just went into the room with the washing things.
08:24:45 PMagamotto Washing machine = kitty telelvision
08:24:51 PMTheChrista Haha, everyone point and laugh, he can no longer figure it out!
08:25:00 PMGuest_2389 Thanks so much. (nerds and unnerds) I got to go back to the studio and blow some glass. Cheers
08:25:24 PMTheChrista Winston just had to go and check on the laundry, see if the dryer was finished
08:25:41 PMagamotto Ahhh, the warm kitty behind solutio
08:25:42 PMTheChrista Shoot, I spoke to soon, I hope none of you were watching when he did his victory gloating
08:25:42 PMagamotto n
08:25:54 PMGarbee I hope he actually blows glass into things like bowls and vases for a living, otherwise I might need to inquire about exactly what they are blowing from glass the next time they are around.
08:26:09 PMagamotto Garbee- Molotovs?
08:26:10 PMGarbee RobbieF, Shouldnt you be working on shownotes?
08:26:35 PM_Jot__ RobbieF always is lazy, he leaves everything all night just sitting around
08:26:40 PMGarbee Hey, we went a week without Jot winning anything!
08:26:55 PMagamotto RobbieF- Have you managed to replace your rodent yet?
08:27:05 PM_Jot__ I was the only one who said I was new, so I must have won something!
08:27:13 PMGarbee He needs to write a PHP script that will auto-generate the shownotes for him, then place them in the Shows Page on the site.
08:27:23 PMTheChrista welp folks, robbies little toy thing has frustrated me, I must go home and take out my anger on Brad
08:27:40 PM_Jot__ poor Brad
08:27:48 PMGarbee TheChrista, Have fun, and dont forget to bring us pictures of your puppies, which you havent done yet!
08:27:55 PMagamotto RobbieF- I also had a thought about your slouching problem. Go get a pair of cheap .5 or 1.0 diopter reading glasses. that might help some.
08:27:56 PMTheChrista I will see you all shortly I hope, you be nice to Eric, Hillary and Rachel while Im away, but of course, make sure to give Robbie a hard time
08:27:57 PM_Jot__ but as good news, he gets to pay for TheChristas education
08:28:00 PMGarbee You claim they are cute, but I just dont believe it.
08:28:10 PMTheChrista Eek! Sorry Garbee, theyre rather big puppies now
08:28:18 PMTheChrista about 60 pound puppies
08:28:22 PMGarbee Tweet some pictures!
08:28:29 PMGarbee If you have a twatter that is.
08:28:33 PMTheChrista I do not know what this "tweet" is that you speak of
08:28:33 PM_Jot__ TheChrista, we want to see them sit in Robbies lap, so bring them
08:28:41 PMTheChrista must belong to a website that I am not a user of
08:28:53 PMTheChrista haha, I will bring in pictures of my puppies, I promis
08:28:54 PMTheChrista e
08:28:54 PMGarbee haha, Puppies during the show... they will chew all the cords up.
08:28:55 PMagamotto 60 lb... lap. Sounds disastrous
08:29:03 PMGarbee agamotto, Mine is.
08:29:05 PMTheChrista Cheers everyone!
08:29:08 PMGarbee and his name is Mischief of all things.
08:29:33 PMagamotto Mine is quite petite... all 8lb of he
08:30:01 PMagamotto r
08:30:03 PMagamotto The cat, on the other hand.... 15lb and stretches out like an accordion.
08:31:27 PMagamotto Well, I am off to make something for dinner. Since the caucus stuff will be on, I think I will cozy up with the dog and spend the rest of the evening reading!
08:31:39 PMGarbee See you agamotto, have a good week.
08:33:35 PMGarbee Last topic change by me for the night, perhaps even the rest of the week. I promise.


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