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07:00:21 PMSammySez we are exhausted here
07:00:23 PMGarbee I can sleep now..
07:00:32 PMajamison5579 Robbief you chose to use the windows XP theme in your image on the error page did you
07:00:39 PM_Jot_ its really tiring to walk around on wooden shoes all day, if they dont fit properly
07:00:50 PMGarbee EricKidd, You made it JUST in time.
07:01:00 PMjafarm Break the snooze button on Garbees alarm clock!!
07:01:13 PMGarbee jafarm, I dont have an alarm clock.
07:01:22 PMSammySez Bekah: they arent "conspiracies" when they openly admit that is what they are doing ;)
07:01:28 PMGarbee I keep the topic updated... I dont tweet it.
07:01:28 PMjafarm Ooops
07:01:33 PMchrisreich EricKidd - heard any good jokes lately? :-) (Seriously, you delivered that very well)
07:01:43 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, RobbieF, did you know you can eat blackberries?
07:02:08 PMagamotto _Jot_- That isnt news, I eat them somewhat regularly
07:02:09 PMGarbee The first 10 minutes, spent tweeting.
07:02:21 PMEightMilesFromTJ My Palm
07:03:07 PMchrisreich "thats SO eleven seconds ago"
07:03:15 PMGarbee Tweeting, so difficult.
07:03:15 PMagamotto Well, being dead would certainly be different
07:03:29 PMSammySez it took him 10 minutes to type it in. When he started typing, the show hadnt started yet. :)
07:03:39 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, you can turn the sound off of that thing, you know?
07:03:55 PMmathman47 A little too much bass tonight.
07:04:00 PMGuest_4619 Hi to all
07:04:04 PMGarbee mathman47, Bass in what?
07:04:08 PM_Jot_ hi Guest
07:04:23 PM_Jot_ to all the guests, if you like to change your name, you can type /nick newnickname where newnickname is your new nickname
07:04:25 PMmathman47 The voices
07:04:28 PMGarbee RobbieF, Great response.. Instagram. That is WHY they are going Chp. 11.
07:04:34 PMjafarm Eric has the announcer voice working tonite
07:04:42 PMGarbee mathman47, There isnt any bass. It is all mono sound.
07:04:51 PMagamotto I was still using a 110 camera until I couldnt find film for it anymore...
07:04:58 PMGarbee Poor DATA!
07:05:13 PMSammySez Eric might have a head cold. He was sniffling a lot
07:05:18 PMagamotto humaniform artificial life... no, we do not currently have androids
07:05:25 PMchrisreich I would still use 620 film if I could find it reasonably priced.
07:05:42 PMagamotto Cyborg?
07:05:51 PMValpenone lol
07:05:56 PMRaffer terminator
07:05:59 PMGarbee EricKidd, You sounded so scared.
07:06:01 PM_Jot_ Bekah, I am sorry you had to see that
07:06:07 PMGregInTexas RobbieF is an Android and he must work for Google
07:06:07 PMmathman47 I have 3 rolls of 110 if anyone wants it.
07:06:26 PM_Jot_ Bekah, he cut up his arm again, so all his internal hardware was showing, now youre going to have to sew it all up again
07:06:30 PMGuest_4619 is anybody going to buy the new Apple iPad 3 ?
07:06:32 PMGarbee It is a very valid point.
07:06:38 PMagamotto SammySez- Canadian, with a cold, in January? Never!
07:06:40 PMGarbee ^^ Erics point.
07:06:51 PMSammySez I think I saw an old car battery floating around in there
07:06:52 PMGoodGuy It isnt out yet, is it?
07:06:55 PMMichaeliowa hi RobbieF and EricKidd :)
07:06:58 PMjafarm No Ipad 3 for me Ill stick with my Android tablets
07:06:58 PMinvinciblemutant Thanks RObbieF
07:07:02 PMchrisreich I want to know if RobbieF has any beer-making secrets sometime
07:07:05 PMGuest_4619 Not yet
07:07:10 PMinvinciblemutant It is my festival !!!
07:07:27 PMagamotto shen-shi shen-shi
07:07:28 PMGuest_4619 But soon maybe March
07:07:30 PMBekah _Jot_ Im just glad I dont have to keep his true identity a secret anymore. LOL
07:07:31 PMchrisreich I was in China at new year once. VERY. EFFIN. LOUD.
07:08:17 PMGarbee Wait... This counts as "top-quality" in podcasts? How much crap is out there?
07:08:20 PMinvinciblemutant agomotto, what are you trygint o say
07:08:22 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, dont forget you can tell him to send a postcard
07:08:23 PMGuest_4619 Macworld is this week
07:08:25 PMagamotto SA? Please, even compared to America, their internet access is expensive!
07:08:29 PMajamison5579 Its Hot with a chance of Lion Attack
07:08:53 PMGarbee EricKidd, The best co-hosts have beards.
07:08:59 PMagamotto Garbee- Plenty... check out Backyard Wrestling
07:09:20 PMGarbee agamotto, Im so not going there.
07:09:21 PMGoodGuy Lori Leland is one of my fav HSN hosts
07:09:35 PMchrisreich Garbee, I favor the pretty co-hosts, but Eric is a nice guy too
07:09:36 PM_Jot_ Garbee, now all the girls will show up with beards!
07:09:53 PMtroy74 stupid tims
07:09:54 PMmathman47 Large is now medium, isnt it?
07:09:54 PMagamotto I favor on-air talent that can speak and read coherently
07:09:59 PMGarbee _Jot_, Im trying to see that.
07:10:09 PMtroy74 the coffee to doughnut ratio is all wrong now
07:10:09 PMagamotto mathman47- in many areas, yes
07:10:15 PMchrisreich good point, agamotto
07:10:19 PMGarbee RobbieF, CHUG CHUG CHUG!
07:10:38 PM_Jot_ I wonder if Robbie takes a drink every time he mispronounces something
07:10:49 PMinvinciblemutant mobile is a bit to long to type
07:10:56 PMGarbee No, just every time he is about to due to his cough.
07:10:56 PMinvinciblemutant m should be common RobbieF
07:10:57 PMchrisreich Thats our game, _Jot_
07:11:00 PMmathman47 agamotto - I read the London Free Press this am. Good article about Tims.
07:11:14 PMinvinciblemutant why not have the ready?
07:11:28 PMjafarm Is it regular tea with Peppermint Scnaaps??
07:11:29 PMagamotto I am enjoying a nice pinot grigio this evening
07:11:42 PMjafarm Beer here!!
07:11:43 PMGarbee mobile is not long to type, it is much shorter than, 43jfaJ980u5jfIJdz{}32rjijfsijFSDLO , and easier to remember.
07:11:45 PMmathman47 Cherry Coke here in Chicago.
07:11:56 PMagamotto mathman47- cool. good sight, good people.
07:12:05 PM_Jot_ Garbee! Stop revealing my password everywhere!
07:12:13 PMinvinciblemutant i think m is a usual sub domain for mobile sites
07:12:16 PMchrisreich I was enjoying my good ol American bourbon earlier today. To help control my carpal tunnel pain. Its bad today.
07:12:18 PMGuest_4122 Liking the Dwight hairdo on Eric
07:12:24 PMagamotto k, if you are in Japan
07:12:28 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, It depends on the site and how short they want to get.
07:12:35 PMpyrosrock miss much?
07:12:40 PMGarbee I prefer mobile for things I am building myself.
07:12:49 PMGarbee I may use m later on for something that isnt public.
07:12:54 PM_Jot_ Garbee, not a lot, and you can watch it back later, today will be human powered devices
07:12:56 PMsmittysmit Hello all...
07:12:59 PMSammySez papercuts on a "web" between your fingers is painful
07:13:01 PM_Jot_ sorry, that was pyrosrock
07:13:01 PMinvinciblemutant my point is that why not having both for us RobbieF?
07:13:08 PMagamotto I use mobile versions of sites to cut down on the eye-clutter.
07:13:08 PMinvinciblemutant
07:13:15 PMGarbee He could have m point to mobile.
07:13:22 PMGarbee He does like his forwards.
07:13:57 PMinvinciblemutant yea...
07:14:06 PMGarbee All my cat5 email does is forward.
07:14:13 PMGarbee It wont save anything.
07:14:23 PMinvinciblemutant that cures fat thumb syndrome
07:14:28 PMGarbee all my stuff gets moved into some hidden "old" folder.
07:14:31 PM_Jot_ category 5 never goes backward
07:14:56 PMGarbee EricKidd, 100 points is nothing to me.
07:14:56 PMGregInTexas I need to send a postcard ... snail mail, do I even remember how to do that?
07:15:00 PMspideyman the mobile stream works awesome on my iphone 3gs
07:15:02 PMGuest_4122 Viewer points that do..... what now?
07:15:15 PM_Jot_ Guest_4122, you can win medals, and other things with them
07:15:19 PMSammySez perhaps you can add some official Cat5 mittens to your swag store for point redemption
07:15:36 PMGuest_4122 only 10 BIILLION points required
07:15:43 PMGoodGuy No USB Rubber Duckies for sale?
07:15:44 PMGuest_4122 and you can get a cat 5 sticker
07:15:50 PM_Jot_ nah, 10 billion was last year, its 20 billion this year
07:15:54 PMagamotto Tickets to odd Canadian yodelling festivals... First Nations Opera recitals....
07:16:02 PMGarbee Guest_4122, More stuff will come along later using points, such as entries into drawings and such.
07:16:44 PMagamotto Actors?
07:16:45 PMSammySez a Cat5 hockey puck "from Ontario" I think is entirely appropriate as well
07:17:00 PMagamotto Wouldnt Presenters be more appropriate?
07:17:10 PMGarbee Keyword "legitimate".
07:17:28 PM_Jot_ actors, presenters, amateurs, autocue-readers, etc
07:17:49 PMinvinciblemutant MSN has its own sync right?
07:17:54 PMGoodGuy I have now, but havent tried the peer-2-peer
07:17:59 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, Sync for what?
07:18:02 PMagamotto Would this goodsync thing allow you to migrate stuff from an XP system to Win7?
07:18:17 PMGarbee MS has Live Sync (from Live Mesh Beta)
07:18:17 PMGoodGuy I would have to give my son a copy
07:18:20 PMinvinciblemutant files sync between computers
07:18:29 PMGarbee Only works within Windows OS though, but works great.
07:18:31 PMGuest_4122 eric looks sad
07:18:34 PMagamotto Ahh, I see.
07:18:36 PMGuest_4122 Robbie needs to give him a hug
07:18:45 PMagamotto "Oh, Mary!!!"
07:18:45 PMjafarm Drop Box or Sugar Sync will sync between 2 pcs
07:18:46 PMGarbee RobbieF, Make a Star Trek reference I can get!
07:18:51 PMinvinciblemutant so that once you have a file created on pc in the office, it will be made available when you are home
07:18:59 PMGoodGuy I bought the desktop and portable version, but I use only the desktop currently
07:19:03 PMagamotto RobbieF- "Oh, Mary!!!"
07:19:09 PMGuest_4619 Eric Kidd How do you link computers togeather to work as one. ? Distriputive computing. May not be spelled right.
07:19:14 PMmathman47 Should be very good Northern Lights tonight due to large CME that hist this AM.
07:19:24 PMmathman47 *hit
07:19:27 PMMichaeliowa GoodGuy: will i work on webos to?
07:19:30 PMGoodGuy Distributive
07:19:33 PMagamotto Guest_4619- Distributive?
07:19:48 PMinvinciblemutant i am using dropbox too, just that the free service has limited space..:(
07:19:50 PM_Jot_ I thought it was called networking
07:19:55 PMGoodGuy I believe it is only Windows
07:19:55 PMcalhydro Robbie: I have tried a number of Bluetooth Devices with Using Ubuntu 11.10, but Im unable to get the Bluetooth File Sharing to work with my android phone. They show devices paired but not connected and when I try to a transfer file I get an error 13 message permission denied.
07:20:22 PMGoodGuy Dropbox uses a middleman and has access to user data I would guess
07:20:26 PMagamotto hmmm, I have never had a permission denied problem with Bluetooth
07:20:26 PMGuest_4122 Hes bringing up cheese?
07:20:36 PM_Jot_ calhydro, it may be that your android device doesnt support bluetooth device sharing
07:20:40 PM_Jot_ file*
07:20:55 PMGoodGuy GoodSync should be direct peer-2-peer according to their docs
07:20:55 PMGuest_4122 your camera is detecting cheese?
07:20:57 PMpyrosrock calhydro i found that syncing is unnessary just say send file
07:21:04 PMGuest_4122 what the.......
07:21:20 PM_Jot_ Guest_4122, he also uses mice with his computer
07:21:22 PMagamotto pyrosrock- yes, it should auto-negotiate.
07:21:30 PMGuest_4122 EGAD YOU DONT SAY
07:21:33 PMcalhydro Im dual boot ubuntu and win 7 it works under win7
07:22:02 PMjafarm Robbie, I need help in creating files in the /etc/skel directory to allow me to create a regular user on Backtrack 5 R1 GNOME version. Since youve used the OS you understand why there is only root access as delivered. The instructions Ive seen are for one of the BT 4 versions and dont apply.
07:22:04 PMGregInTexas I forget what I had to do to get my androids working with bluetooth ... and now I almost exclusively use ADB
07:22:06 PM_Jot_ guest_4122, thats why the computer has problems, cause the camera eats the cheese, and theres none left for the mice
07:22:09 PMGoodGuy I saw today that Tonido plug has a software version.. free and a pro one that costs
07:22:15 PMagamotto hmmm, interesting... as a joke, have you tried running the process as SU?
07:22:19 PMGarbee calhydro, Check here for updates. Bug in the system.
07:22:37 PMpyrosrock calhydro i found coz its so much quicker i just use USB
07:22:37 PMGuest_4122 it all makes sense now Jot
07:22:49 PMagamotto V4L can be very nice
07:23:01 PMagamotto Linux Mint 12
07:23:05 PMGarbee You compile Gnome 2.
07:23:08 PMcalhydro Thanks I give a try
07:23:09 PMGoodGuy Over my head Linux wise
07:23:36 PMagamotto GoodGuy- That would make a great walk-through for Robbie to present
07:23:54 PMpyrosrock GoodGuy i dont know that u can unless they have changed it recently
07:23:57 PMGoodGuy Ill second that
07:23:58 PMGuest_3936 Linux Mint 12 Cinamon
07:23:59 PMGarbee calhydro, When you plug in via a cable, it is JUST like a flash drive, since that is basically all it is.
07:24:02 PMagamotto frippery- heheheeh
07:24:16 PMGregInTexas anyone know how to tell if selinux is running?
07:24:25 PMGarbee GregInTexas, What OS?
07:24:30 PM_Jot_ if the computer is off, then it isnt running GregInTexas
07:24:38 PMGoodGuy They used to use something called OpenPogo.. later Plugapps.. now seems to be ArchLinux ARM
07:24:43 PMGregInTexas ubuntu 11.10 server edition
07:24:55 PMpyrosrock calhydro just check on ur phone its set to memery card access
07:24:57 PMGarbee GregInTexas, No. Ubuntu does not use SeLinux by default. SO unless you installed it.
07:25:04 PMSammySez watched about half of Gnomeo and Juliet. WAY too much Elton John in it!
07:25:05 PMGarbee Or someone else installed it without you knowing.
07:25:09 PMpyrosrock calhydro when u plug it in
07:25:11 PMGregInTexas hmmm I didnt ...
07:25:22 PMGoodGuy also other posts mention still another Linux addon
07:25:37 PMGarbee GregInTexas, Or try sestatus
07:25:41 PMScorpio55
07:25:41 PMGarbee ^^ command
07:25:48 PMGregInTexas Im port forwarding port 80 and I get nothing outside the local network
07:26:06 PMGoodGuy Optware
07:26:08 PMGarbee GregInTexas, Check firewall and/or iptables.
07:26:21 PM_Jot_ oh my god, RobbieF is going to break the sound
07:26:22 PMSammySez Garbee: you mentioned "mc" earlier today. I installed it and used for first time - pretty cool
07:26:25 PMinvinciblemutant you need honey lemon drink robbieF
07:26:42 PMagamotto SammySez- Midnight Commander?
07:26:43 PMGoodGuy Mention Cloud to Rachael
07:26:46 PMGregInTexas well, isnt selinux the firewall?
07:26:46 PMGarbee agamotto, Yes.
07:26:52 PMagamotto Garbee- love it
07:26:57 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, dont touch that mixer! The sound is just right right now
07:27:00 PMGregInTexas I mean ... the firewall on the router looks correct
07:27:04 PMjafarm http:///a.b.c:port that 80 is forwarded to
07:27:06 PMGarbee GregInTexas, No. Selinux is a kernel wrapper for improved security of the kernel. It may have a firewall, but I doubt it.
07:27:13 PMGuest_7853 I tried on mobile device to get to and usually works ok but not working for me tonight.
07:27:26 PMSammySez agamotto - I think so. It is pretty interesting.
07:27:42 PMGregInTexas so what is the firewall called?
07:27:46 PMagamotto SElinux is an architecture that hardens your install to be a bit more paranoid about interfacing with other devices/systems.
07:27:58 PMGarbee GregInTexas, ufw
07:28:15 PMjafarm I use Firestarter as my firewall though there is an included firewall called UFW which I dont know much about
07:28:22 PMSammySez ufw is awesome, quick and dirty
07:28:23 PMGarbee SeLinux is also good to get annoying messages about how your system is "bad" even though it functions fine.
07:28:34 PMagamotto Why is Eric playing Patsy Clines guitar?
07:28:37 PMpyrosrock RobbieF no sound?
07:28:39 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, dont forget to put a link to that guitair stuff in the shownotes
07:28:49 PMajamison5579 EricKidd just say it was your way of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
07:28:53 PMpyrosrock RobbieF from the com
07:28:56 PMGuest_4122 jot is is jot or yot
07:29:22 PMagamotto Yet another ribbon campaign I am tired of seeing everywhere.
07:29:25 PMRobbieF whats that pyrosrock?
07:29:35 PMGarbee Sound is fine for me.
07:29:55 PMpyrosrock RobbieF dont u get sound from ur computer
07:30:01 PMpyrosrock ?
07:30:02 PMagamotto Garbee- I think they were referring to the mini-vid of Eric playing
07:30:05 PMSammySez agamotto: a lot of people "talk", even more "ignore", but seldom actually "do" anything
07:30:20 PMGarbee Oh... there wasnt supposed to be audio.
07:30:21 PMjafarm Depends on if hes from a country with a Germanic language for Jot r yot. Johan in Sweden is pronounced Yohan
07:30:44 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, whatever you want, Jot and Jot is fine too
07:30:54 PMGarbee EricKidd, It is "ba`t".
07:30:55 PM_Jot_ for backstagepass people
07:30:59 PMjafarm Netherlands = Yot
07:31:03 PMGarbee I voted.
07:31:12 PMchrisreich Its "HOT"
07:31:21 PMchrisreich like in espanol
07:31:31 PMpyrosrock omg add
07:31:57 PMmaxwell6307 jot what is it ?
07:31:58 PMGoodGuy I used to chat with a lady who said she was a National Pistol champ at one time
07:32:03 PM_Jot_ jot is short for joshua, written down (so jot down) and avarius comes from avatar
07:32:11 PMjafarm Guess Robbie never watches swedish or norwegian movies in the native language LOL
07:32:26 PMGoodGuy Hi Christy
07:32:30 PM_Jot_ hi Christy
07:32:37 PMagamotto OUR Christy?
07:32:39 PMGarbee Christy, .... NO weather!
07:32:41 PMChristy Hey, Hiiiiiii
07:32:52 PMagamotto wee fee wee fee
07:32:55 PM_Jot_ its cold here Christy, but now that youre here, the weather is a lot warmer
07:33:00 PMChristy Its very cold outside
07:33:00 PMSammySez suuuuuuure. I am sure theyll jump right on that too
07:33:09 PMChristy my agamotto!
07:33:17 PM_Jot_ its actually freezing here, -3c
07:33:22 PMChristy GoodGuy, Hi!
07:33:24 PMagamotto It wasnt too bad around here, sunny and around 3C
07:33:27 PMGuest_4122 oh hey christy
07:33:33 PMagamotto hahahahahaahahahahah
07:33:39 PMmathman47 Hi Christy, from your #1 Fan
07:33:42 PMjafarm Its about 25C here in South Florida
07:33:43 PMChristy Hi Guest_4122 ha ha
07:33:47 PMchrisreich Hi Christy, (you heartbreaker)
07:33:51 PMGWG Did I hear Christy?
07:33:53 PMChristy Mathman!! miss you
07:33:58 PMGWG Im not watching
07:33:58 PMagamotto I did things as a teen that the statute of limitation just expired on a few years ago...
07:33:59 PMGWG At work
07:34:01 PMGWG Just lurking
07:34:02 PMGarbee RobbieF, That was before things could actually be stored permanently. Everything was stored in RAM and deleted daily.
07:34:08 PMValpenone -7 in south sweden
07:34:09 PMinvinciblemutant robbief could be wrong, u might regret you havent said i love you to one you love!!!
07:34:17 PMChristy YAY jafarm, wow, 25 in South FLorida yay
07:34:24 PMGWG It is 47 degree F in NYC
07:34:25 PMGarbee EricKidd, Where does he live?
07:34:25 PMChristy Chris Reich, Hello!!!
07:34:28 PMSammySez but people continue to charge forward with social media, then wonder why
07:34:42 PMBekah Hi Christy!
07:34:51 PMGuest_4122 see how popular you are
07:34:52 PMjafarm Whatever converts to 80 or so in F
07:34:56 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i like the idea!
07:34:58 PMGuest_4122 everyones forgotten the show
07:35:06 PMGoodGuy Sexting is a big problem
07:35:07 PMmathman47 30F in Chicago
07:35:10 PMScorpio55 Christy sun bathing weather here in UK 9c @ 00:35
07:35:12 PMagamotto I only use social media for things I am willing to share. If I want it private, I dont share it with anyone outside my skull.
07:35:14 PMBekah inviciblemutant good point! :)
07:35:16 PMagamotto hahaahahahahah
07:35:21 PMGarbee RobbieF, We dont look at photos before posting. The whole camera SD card just goes straight up, then people get tagged.
07:35:22 PM_Jot_ thats an amazing likeness of RobbieF, EricKidd
07:35:27 PMjafarm Id steal that pic Eric
07:35:27 PMSammySez ummmmm.... ok.
07:35:56 PMChristy Wow, Jot - we were talking about coming to Holland, youd better warm it up!
07:35:57 PMagamotto Why dont they just jam mobile traffic during the event?
07:36:15 PMjafarm Just to tag a few of my FB friends who can take a joke
07:36:30 PM_Jot_ Christy, Ill work on it, may take a few months though, and if youre watching the show (and watched last week) then maybe you can help me with my problem :)
07:36:36 PMChristy Scorpio, wow, balmy!!!
07:36:48 PMChristy Jot, whats your problem?
07:36:55 PMGarbee Ustream ads in BSP are just getting annoying.
07:37:05 PMChristy Mathman, thats not very warm.
07:37:09 PM_Jot_ Christy, I bought a new screen, and now my table isnt big enough, if I move the mouse, I cant get to the right of the screen
07:37:14 PMagamotto freeze-frame
07:37:24 PMjafarm J Geils Band
07:37:26 PM_Jot_ Christy, and Eric/Robbie told me I should get some friends to move the desk if that happened, so I have more space
07:37:28 PMChristy @GWG youre warmer than I am
07:37:34 PMChristy Bekah, HIII!
07:37:40 PMGoodGuy Use Firefox with the Adblock extension Garbee .. no ads here
07:37:43 PMpyrosrock wow just me feed gone haywire?
07:37:53 PMChristy Guest_4122 Im lovin the love
07:37:58 PMGoodGuy Someone taught me that awhile back in this room
07:37:59 PMGarbee GoodGuy, I want the service to be paid for... and that isnt very good of you.
07:38:02 PMagamotto justin died on me
07:38:03 PMChristy jafarm wow
07:38:07 PMSammySez Ghostery is a great addin as well
07:38:09 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I want to see you cranking!
07:38:20 PMpyrosrock mabie just that camera
07:38:27 PMmathman47 Christy - where are you?
07:38:30 PM_Jot_ agamotto, its still working here, sorry
07:38:37 PMChristy Jot - book on your lap works
07:38:42 PMGoodGuy If you arent going to buy items from the ad, what point does it serve
07:38:48 PMagamotto Aaaannddd, it just came back
07:38:49 PMChristy Jot thats why Im coming to Holland
07:39:01 PMGoodGuy Annoy the consumer doesnt make me want to buy
07:39:03 PM_Jot_ Christy, youre smarterer than me!
07:39:05 PMmaxwell6307 i still have one that shoots the picture out the bottom
07:39:08 PMChristy agamotto funeral for justin
07:39:09 PMGuest_3469 working fine including the chat below the video!
07:39:28 PMChristy Mathman Im just south of Barrie
07:39:31 PMSammySez GoodGuy: agreed. That is Microsofts mantra I believe
07:39:38 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, is more subtle with supporters like Pogoplug and now I own one
07:39:43 PMagamotto Christy- Nah, just needed a good Raise Dead spell
07:39:44 PMChristy Jot I like books
07:39:45 PMmathman47 I have over 100 film cameras - collect them.
07:39:59 PMGoodGuy Wow mathman47
07:40:05 PMChristy agamotto - it worked!
07:40:08 PMagamotto Lowes sure doesnt seem to mind alienating their customers
07:40:09 PM_Jot_ Christy, I have some, but the last few years I usually use screens to read them from
07:40:10 PMChristy Hi Robbie <3
07:40:34 PMChristy Jot - youre more technically advanced than me
07:40:41 PMGoodGuy How so agamotto .. I have been there a few times and dont recall being annoyed
07:40:48 PMagamotto Still look like reptilian embryos to me...
07:41:05 PMGoodGuy I subscribe to a Lowes feed on Youtube
07:41:06 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Go there and look muslim.
07:41:24 PMmathman47 SUN
07:41:32 PMGuest_4122 Wow if thats earth were in trouble
07:41:34 PMGregInTexas trying to get ubuntu 11.10 to respond on port 80 across the internet ...
07:41:40 PMGoodGuy That was a political issue.. warring parties trying to make their point
07:41:42 PMSammySez agamotto: that should be their right
07:41:50 PM_Jot_ Christy, dont sell yourself short
07:41:51 PMChristy Im melting, Im melting
07:41:52 PMjafarm Looks like a volcano or Sarmon
07:41:56 PMGregInTexas apache is set up, can hit the vhost from inside the network but not outside the LAN
07:42:07 PMmathman47 Go to for full story on CME.
07:42:23 PMGregInTexas bust be some kind of firewall running ... ufw is inactive
07:42:25 PMGuest_4122 Christy was my fav cohost of all time :)
07:42:25 PMChristy thanks mathman
07:42:26 PMagamotto SammySez- Ok, but then I dont want to hear it if white people get thrown out of a place for being white.
07:42:28 PMGarbee Its the end!
07:42:30 PM_Jot_ Christy, if you havent watched it, watch episode 222 for (late) message from me
07:42:49 PMmathman47 I have it up on the other monitor
07:43:00 PMSammySez I reserve the right to refuse service / conduct business with whomever I want. I dont exist to serve others against my will
07:43:07 PMChristy Guest_4122 you extremely awesome
07:43:10 PMcalhydro Eric get out tin foil
07:43:19 PMSammySez agamotto: you wont because they arent the problem
07:43:25 PMjafarm Sammy you exist to service the Borg
07:43:33 PMGarbee GregInTexas, How are you forwarding the port?
07:43:40 PMGoodGuy In fairness, how much do Muslim nations bend in order to make non-Muslims welcome
07:43:40 PMChristy Jot okay
07:43:43 PMGoodGuy They dont
07:43:44 PMChristy Hi Eric Kidd
07:43:46 PMMichaeliowa lol
07:43:49 PMSammySez jafarm: it is beginning to look that way in the past couple of years
07:43:50 PMGregInTexas Garbee, with the linksys router
07:44:00 PMemiel1976_ RobbieF are you now using the Microsoft webcam to record this?
07:44:07 PMGarbee GregInTexas, And how are you accessing the system? DynDNS or a direct IP?
07:44:10 PMGregInTexas I downed the firewall on the router and the box still didnt answer on port 80
07:44:15 PMGarbee Outside of network?
07:44:18 PMGWG Christy: I miss your weather.
07:44:18 PMChristy calhydro, hiiii!
07:44:22 PMagamotto SammySez- Actually, where I live, I would rather deal with minorities. I get the words thank you and please from them.
07:44:28 PMChristy @GWG I miss yours, ha ha
07:44:35 PMGregInTexas sub domain name Garbee pointed to the IP
07:44:46 PM_Jot_ Christy, it was around 52:00 or 53:00 or so, but of course the rest of the shows are great too
07:44:54 PMSammySez agamotto: thats great. and that should be your choice, as I should have mine
07:44:58 PMGregInTexas the box answers on all the other ports
07:45:01 PMjafarm Muslims are very friendly to Americans as long as they arent Media or Govt
07:45:01 PMGoodGuy Good and bad people of every group
07:45:01 PMGarbee GregInTexas, Are you sure the web services are running on the machine?
07:45:12 PMagamotto GoodGuy- I have never been asked to leave a Muslim country based on being non-Muslim or white.
07:45:22 PMGoodGuy Bad ones just get most of the press because that is news
07:45:26 PMGarbee Then something is configured to close port 80. Check your iptables.
07:45:26 PMGregInTexas Garbee ... yes the are running ... you can hit the website from the LAN but not outside it
07:45:37 PMSammySez agamotto: thanks for being racist
07:45:40 PM_Jot_ RobbieF! I watched the light! Im blind! Im blind! Help!
07:45:43 PMGregInTexas I am testing a product called "Kaltura"
07:45:44 PMagamotto SammySez- Fair enough, as long as you reserve the right for others as well.
07:45:46 PMSammySez
07:45:47 PMGoodGuy Try visiting Mecca or Medina? Dare to carry a Bible?
07:45:59 PMagamotto GoodGuy- agreed
07:46:04 PMGoodGuy It can be a death sentence in some places
07:46:12 PMChristy Valpenone, wow, south sweden is cool
07:46:16 PMinvinciblemutant can we have this on our mobile phone !!!
07:46:16 PMGarbee Calm down agamotto and SammySez
07:46:20 PMinvinciblemutant our smartphone?
07:46:23 PMSammySez agamotto: I do. It is the liberals who dont believe that. They believe in enforcing their rights on everyone.
07:46:25 PMGarbee Save fun play for later.
07:46:28 PMjafarm Carrying a Bible openly in Saudi Arabia is a Criminal Offense I believe
07:46:40 PMGoodGuy It is in Pakistan also iirc
07:46:45 PMSammySez yep
07:46:52 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, those different colours, those were your mood-rings
07:46:53 PMagamotto I am fine. Discussion is fun... I rarely meet people I feel a need to yell at.
07:47:01 PMinvinciblemutant i think i would be fun if have a case for mobile
07:47:17 PMchrisreich In Saudi Arabia, chess is illegal because the goal is "to kill the king"
07:47:22 PMSammySez thats is entirely true, but we cant talk about that.
07:47:31 PMjafarm I want to kill that flashlight... That sound is annoying like fingers down a chalkboard
07:47:32 PMScorpio55 OLPC developed tablet with solar and wind up power
07:47:34 PMagamotto GoodGuy- True about the death sentence, but those places exist in every country, unfortunately.
07:47:39 PMmathman47 Is RobbieF growing his hair longer for winter?
07:47:46 PMagamotto Well, perhaps not Canada...
07:47:47 PMGuest_4122 yes can you imagine spinning that for ages trying to see where you are going
07:47:52 PMGoodGuy Chess was invented in Iran I believe
07:48:03 PMgpop7 good for an emergency kit
07:48:06 PM_Jot_ mathman47, last week he looked like Eric with a beard, so today he tries to look like Eric with his hair
07:48:19 PMmathman47 Jot - great
07:48:23 PMagamotto Scorpio55- Solar? finally? hmmmm
07:48:35 PMmaxwell6307 there gonna lose anyway eric
07:48:37 PMchrisreich India/Iran - that part of the world, yes. In Kuwait I saw ancient chess pieces in the museum.
07:48:45 PMinvinciblemutant that is cool
07:48:48 PMMichaeliowa nice
07:48:50 PMGoodGuy You can openly carry a Quran in the USA without the Govt sentencing you to death.. some nutcase may, but it isnt law
07:48:56 PMinvinciblemutant how much does it sell ?
07:49:03 PMpyrosrock where can u get one?
07:49:07 PMchrisreich they spelled rook as ruhk I remember.
07:49:12 PMScorpio55 agamotto yep One Laptop Per Child tablet pc
07:49:22 PMSammySez and they can burn bibles and draw images of Christ, but try to reverse that and see what happens
07:49:26 PMagamotto I have a few lights like the one Robbie is holding... very handy for camping!
07:49:30 PM_Jot_ RobbieF! Stop pointing those lights at me! they are blinding
07:49:35 PMGuest_4424 Hi RobbieF, Hi EricKidd, hey have you seen "Ubuntu TV" yet? Looks cool. : D
07:50:00 PMGoodGuy Interesting because Christ is a prophet in their faith
07:50:04 PMinvinciblemutant that does not burn fuel, but it burns burgers
07:50:05 PMinvinciblemutant lol
07:50:10 PMmathman47 Wiki - Chess originated in India.
07:50:15 PMagamotto Guest_4424- The interesting part will be in getting someone to put it in/on their hardware...
07:50:18 PMjafarm In the Quran Christ is considered a prophet so if they are drawing pictures of him and defacing the picture they are violating Islam
07:50:20 PMGregInTexas it does burn something, thats true
07:50:27 PMGoodGuy They recognizr him in that catagory I believe
07:50:45 PMagamotto jafarm- Welcome to the hypocrisy...
07:50:49 PMGoodGuy Not positive about that, but think I read that in the past
07:50:50 PMSammySez I have one of those lights, and there is a matching radio you can get too - very cool
07:50:55 PMcalhydro I installed iGO Green on all my AC/DC vampire adapters, works pretty good. Not Human Powered but it saves power.
07:51:03 PMGregInTexas I have a flashlight that you shake back and forth ... works great
07:51:27 PMrick505 Hey regulars...Ive missed a bunch of shows. Do they still cover real Linux stuff around here or just mostly product stuff??
07:51:40 PMinvinciblemutant it sounds like a pornsite ...:p
07:51:44 PMjafarm Got that right Agamotto
07:51:51 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Correct. Realize however, that most Wahbbists arent considered to be normal Muslims any more than FDLS is considered Christian.
07:51:59 PM_Jot_ rick505, of course, there just were some questions answered, and its just products if something is really good
07:52:03 PMGoodGuy Most of the time rick505 ... a little variety is usually welcome
07:52:14 PMGoodGuy Not just a Linux channel
07:52:19 PMrick505 Agreed....I need to try and get back more
07:52:23 PMagamotto calhydro- Worth the initial cost?
07:52:28 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I have a question, what do you do when you got blind because somebody pointed lights on your screen?
07:52:32 PMMichaeliowa hi
07:52:38 PMChristy Hiiiiiiiiiiiii RObbie and ERic
07:52:38 PMemiel1976_ hi
07:52:47 PMEightMilesFromTJ Hello everyone
07:52:48 PMChristy emiel1976
07:52:52 PMGarbee rick505, Linux stuff comes and goes.
07:52:52 PMagamotto rick505- It varies from week to week. It is usually a good mix.
07:52:53 PMGregInTexas Yea RobbieF ... do you know if there is a firewall enabled by default on Ubuntu Server 11.10?
07:53:02 PMChristy Yay hi Eric
07:53:06 PMRachelX he wont
07:53:09 PMRachelX hes too cool for you
07:53:14 PMRachelX :D
07:53:15 PMemiel1976_ Hi Christy
07:53:22 PMChristy Yay Hi Robbie
07:53:25 PMScorpio55 RobbieF there are a whole bunch of extensions for G3 here
07:53:26 PMagamotto _Jot_- You keep talking, and fake it.
07:53:29 PMRachelX the fabulous christy
07:53:30 PMChristy YYYYYUUUUPPP
07:53:30 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it is THE christy
07:53:30 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - EricKidd Any chance you could do a future episode of using Linux or other enhancements to the Pogoplug?
07:53:30 PMinvinciblemutant what is the best webcam for ubuntu?
07:53:36 PMGarbee Aww... EricKidd wont read what I put down for pronunciation in my email.
07:53:36 PMChristy Its very cold
07:53:39 PMemiel1976_ RobbieF are you now recording this with the Microsoft cam?
07:53:47 PMjafarm Robbie Eric has PBCAK issues
07:53:53 PMGarbee ufw shouldnt be.
07:53:57 PMGarbee It is up to the user I think.
07:53:58 PMcalhydro Good they are in the missile silo
07:53:59 PMagamotto invinciblemutant- hard to say
07:54:00 PMGarbee Just like desktop.
07:54:04 PMGregInTexas seems to be something blocking port 80 on this server
07:54:09 PMinvinciblemutant how can get the earlier versions of ubuntu website?
07:54:14 PMGregInTexas dont want it on ... want it off!
07:54:15 PMSammySez ufw enable?
07:54:17 PMGarbee GregInTexas, Did you check your iptables?
07:54:25 PMagamotto jafarm- shhh, dont clue him in!
07:54:26 PMScorpio55 EricdKidd
07:54:27 PMChristy DO THE WEATHER
07:54:28 PMinvinciblemutant how to get earlier versions of ubuntu from the ubuntu website?
07:54:28 PMGregInTexas where Garbee?
07:54:31 PMrick505 Sudo first Sammy
07:54:32 PMGarbee EricKidd, No, I put a funny pronunciation for you.
07:54:41 PMjafarm actually starting UFW in startup programs is easier. No need to remember after putting it in there
07:54:45 PMSammySez rick505 - sure
07:55:01 PMmathman47 Weather, weather, weather, weather, weather, & more weather.
07:55:06 PMagamotto invinciblemutant- how far back?
07:55:09 PM_Jot_ weather is very important!
07:55:10 PMSammySez ufw enable actually does that jafarm
07:55:16 PMChristy Mathman youre my hero
07:55:20 PMSammySez it is persistent between boots
07:55:20 PMGarbee Yea, just testing.
07:55:29 PMGarbee Firewall? Do what?
07:55:31 PMRachelX The weather is bleh, that sums it up.
07:55:31 PMmathman47 Christy - Yes, I know!
07:55:36 PMChristy Jot yes!
07:55:47 PMChristy Rachelx hail on you
07:55:54 PM_Jot_ we need to have more weather on Category5, RobbieF
07:55:59 PMGarbee EricKidd, Ask to read the pronunciation I put down. Have fun man!
07:56:04 PMChristy Jot <3
07:56:18 PMmaxwell6307 how do you uninstall a program using the terminal?
07:56:19 PM_Jot_ its on TV, so he cant deny it now
07:56:30 PMjafarm I just automatically throw it in there along with removing the "Accessability programs" when I first startx then I reboot and update
07:56:35 PMagamotto apt-get remove x?
07:56:41 PM_Jot_ maxwell6307, sudo apt-get remove
07:57:01 PMGoodGuy sudo apt-get remove xxxxx (-purge)
07:57:06 PMmaxwell6307 thanks Joy/yot
07:57:13 PMGoodGuy lokkup -purge
07:57:17 PMGoodGuy lookup
07:57:19 PMmaxwell6307 jot i mean
07:57:29 PMagamotto Yes, the -purge pat can be useful with some programs
07:57:29 PMGoodGuy Removes config files and such
07:57:32 PM_Jot_ Im glad I can provide joy!
07:57:55 PMmaxwell6307 lol
07:58:01 PMjafarm Ive started using apt-get -y install it automatically answers yes for you
07:58:04 PMGarbee Yea, GnarlyMailman does that already.
07:58:40 PMSammySez What speeds do people have here? I am running circa 1995 768k/256k (UMTS connection) as my only option.
07:58:43 PMinvinciblemutant restart the firefox perhaps will work
07:58:44 PMGarbee ah, so I just needed to install postfix with the Internet setting.
07:58:50 PMSammySez jafarm - cool tip
07:58:55 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, can you buy those products worldwide?
07:59:03 PMmaxwell6307 went way to fast
07:59:04 PMRachelX no candies, no doughnuts
07:59:04 PMagamotto SammySez- i float between 1.5Mbps and 3.0Mbps, thanks to AT&T
07:59:07 PMjafarm I dont use SUDO since the version of Linux Im on requires root to do most of its true functionality (Pentesting)
07:59:11 PMGarbee I installed the email client via tasksel but wasnt sure what option to select... I see I chose correctly.
07:59:17 PMGregInTexas Garbee ... what am I looking for on the IP Tables?
07:59:20 PMGarbee Thanks RobbieF.
07:59:30 PMSammySez agamotto - does it vary depend on demand or do you subscribe to those speeds?
07:59:35 PMRobbieF thanks all
07:59:36 PMrick505 so long all
07:59:36 PMmathman47 Bye Christy. Nice to chat with you again. Ive missed you. Good show Robbie F & Eric.
07:59:38 PMagamotto _Jot_- should be able to. the crank led lights should be found at just about any outdoor sport shop you have,
07:59:39 PMGarbee GregInTexas, Anything to block port 80, or tell it not to respond to calls on that port.
08:00:00 PMValpenone great show as usual nite all
08:00:01 PMGarbee EricKidd, You will regret not seeing the pronunciation I put down.
08:00:03 PMGregInTexas Garbee ...
08:00:19 PMGregInTexas only thing I see blocked is ICMP
08:00:20 PMChristy See you everybody, miss you sincerely
08:00:37 PMGregInTexas miss you too Christy
08:00:40 PMSammySez any more aftershow outtakes tonight?
08:00:49 PMmaxwell6307 great show guys thanks
08:00:53 PMpyrosrock RobbieF u need to send out email reminders so i dont forget the show
08:00:58 PMChristy GregInTexas is it hot where you are?
08:01:03 PMGarbee Yea, that shouldnt cause the problem. Unless you are pinging it only.
08:01:03 PMagamotto SammySez- I subscribe to 3.0, but we are pushing the interconnect or whatever it is that serves our neighborhood. They might upgrade it someday. We are the only people in our area who have expressed a desire for anything faster than 1.5mbps in our neighborhood, according to AT&T.
08:01:08 PMGarbee or tracerouting.
08:01:17 PMGregInTexas No, Christy, not hot ... but not bad ... low 60s
08:01:27 PMGarbee GregInTexas, Try a traceroute and see if that can get to your local network.
08:01:31 PMinvinciblemutant yea, i dont get show reminder for 2 weeks already
08:01:31 PMChristy Thats pretty good
08:01:39 PMpyrosrock RobbieF or u could call me to check im awake to watch
08:01:49 PMRachelX You need to come back on the show christy
08:01:51 PM_Jot__ I hate it when my internet breaks
08:01:53 PMChristy agamotto
08:01:53 PMSammySez agamotto: got it. So AT&T expects you to believe that only you want more bandwidth? Thats nice of them to insult your intelligence. :)
08:01:54 PMinvinciblemutant havent got any reminder for 2 weeks
08:01:58 PMMichaeliowa I would like it to be in the 60s
08:02:03 PMGregInTexas I can get the box to answer on 443 etc for other stuff
08:02:04 PMRachelX at least a cameo
08:02:24 PM_Jot__ at least with Christy on the show, we can see what the weather is like, since he cant have big sticks anymore
08:02:27 PMGregInTexas you mean down the firewall and tracert to it?
08:02:36 PMjafarm Im not sure if Im lucky or not but Im getting IPv4 and v6 addresses. Time to upgrade router
08:02:38 PMagamotto SammySez- Yes. Our only other alternative is Mediacom cable internet... and I not going to pay what they want.
08:02:45 PMChristy Jot ha ha hell get me with a firewall ha ha
08:03:12 PMagamotto SammySez- Given how I couldnt get decent reception paying $68/month for analog cable.
08:03:13 PM_Jot__ he does have a big wall now, sometimes he paints it green, then he removes that and rebuilds the entire wall
08:03:25 PMGarbee GregInTexas, Are you sure your ISP doesnt block port 80?
08:03:27 PMSammySez I see. Is AT&T pretty reliable? There are rumors the electric utils plan to start testing broadband over power lines here soon too.
08:03:46 PMGregInTexas hmmm ... hadnt thought of that
08:03:50 PMagamotto jafarm- You will see more of that as servers convert over to ipv6 this year
08:04:05 PMGregInTexas not my ISP ... a friend in another city that I set up his server
08:04:20 PMGregInTexas to host videos like google to demo to his university
08:04:39 PMGregInTexas got everything installed and cant see the darn site outside of the network
08:04:42 PMGarbee GregInTexas, This could help to specify answering on port 80, if it happens to be an apache issue.
08:04:44 PMagamotto SammySez- in our area, they are. On average, I am getting 2.8Mbps. It can go all the way down to 1.5, but not often.
08:04:59 PMjafarm Yep, now I have to spend 80 at amazon to get an IP 6 compatible router :(
08:05:24 PMGarbee GregInTexas, You also might need to check httpd.conf
08:05:27 PMagamotto jafarm- You cant just zap a firmware update?
08:05:36 PMGarbee jafarm, What router do you have now?
08:05:50 PMGoodGuy Can you run DD-WRT on the router?
08:05:52 PMjafarm An OLD Dlink DIR-655
08:06:05 PMGregInTexas yea, I know about all of that ... thing is the product, Kaltura, wants port 80 ...
08:06:09 PMMichaeliowa RobbisF and ErixKidd is PB you have?
08:06:13 PMGregInTexas doesnt like another
08:06:13 PMGoodGuy Maybe that has IPv6 updates
08:06:16 PMChristy Rachel you are the best
08:06:21 PMjafarm Site said it cant be upgraded to IP6 compatible
08:06:22 PMagamotto GregInTexas- Arent some schools blocking port 80 due to DMCA and other fun stuff?
08:06:28 PMSammySez agamotto: gotcha. ours is really hit-n-miss even at the low speeds, especially in weather (and now the flares). We are 15 miles or more from the nearest broadband copper / fiber, so UMTS is the only option.
08:06:32 PMGarbee DD-WRT not possible on that router.
08:06:46 PMGoodGuy ok.. I didnt know
08:06:48 PMjafarm Nope, no DD-WRT or Tomato
08:06:50 PM_Jot_ Christy, I think you and Rachel are both the best, and of course the rest of the Category 5 team and community too
08:06:54 PMGregInTexas well, agamotto, hes outside his university on his own network
08:06:55 PMagamotto jafarm- well, that sucks
08:07:02 PMagamotto GregInTexas- Ah, I get it now.
08:07:18 PMGregInTexas but cox cable * could * be blocking port 80
08:07:33 PMGregInTexas I was doing all the sysadmin stuff for him
08:07:51 PMSammySez GregInTexas: Reading back, its been my experience that most ISPs block 80 / 21 / 25 / 110 on residential accounts, requiring businesses to pay more for a business account with no restrictions.
08:07:54 PMGregInTexas so we could get it up and running then take the server inside his university network
08:07:55 PMjafarm No ISP would block port 80 if they want to keep customers
08:08:03 PMagamotto SammySez- If I lived across the river in Davenport, I could get 12Mbps from Quest DSL for something like $50/month, if memory serves
08:08:13 PMGarbee jafarm, Why wouldnt they?
08:08:24 PMGregInTexas yuck SammySez ... that sounds like the only thing left
08:08:38 PMBekah haha _Jot_ "You are ALL my favorite." hehe
08:08:40 PMagamotto I am paying $25/month for the 3Mbps.
08:08:53 PMjafarm Unless they do it for incoming to your home network because it violates ToS
08:08:56 PM_Jot_ Bekah, that includes you of course, youre not left out
08:08:57 PMGarbee They only block on incoming connections, to stop from hosting servers within the network on consumer level lines. Nothing wrong with that. It would be an issue blocking outgoing port 80.
08:09:06 PMagamotto GregInTexas- The ISP blocking it would not be surprising
08:09:25 PMGregInTexas he asked about hosting a web site and they said it would be ok ... but that doesnt mean it is
08:09:27 PMjafarm Yeah I think outgoing automatically
08:09:46 PMGarbee GregInTexas, .. Cox does have a history apparently.
08:09:48 PMSammySez as an example, if I pay ~$50 for 10Mb residential, I would get the same speed for ~$150-300 just to have them open up those ports as a "business" account. Of course they justify this with their "enhanced business support" service ;)
08:10:08 PMSammySez that was true with our cable and DSL providers last year anyway
08:10:08 PMjafarm Never believe front line support about stuff like that. Always get a manager
08:10:30 PMGarbee Just like some ISPs block port 25 outgoing to help stop spambots. That is why 587 is another de`facto default port for it.
08:10:30 PM_Jot_ enhanced business support= enhanced business prices for no support
08:10:38 PMagamotto Garbee- yes
08:10:54 PMGarbee My Cable provider blocks nothing.
08:11:00 PMagamotto _Jot_- Especially with someone like Mediacom
08:11:08 PMGarbee I can do whatever I want for my $60 a month for 12Mbps down / 640 Kbps up connection.
08:11:11 PMSammySez agamotto: that sounds like a great deal compared to what I have. Mine is just shy of $60 for a 1/2 T1 rate. :(
08:11:30 PMjafarm Have you tried port 443 and make it https:???
08:11:37 PMjafarm see if that works
08:11:50 PMGarbee jafarm, Yea, all other ports work for him, except 80.
08:11:52 PMGregInTexas Kaltura doesnt want 443 ... 443 works
08:12:01 PMGarbee But, the software he wants to run only will work on 80.
08:12:05 PMGarbee So, catch 22 issue.
08:12:06 PMGregInTexas port 10000 works for webmin
08:12:08 PMagamotto Back when I was at Lowes, our store ISP was Mediacom. It was somewhat common to call in orders over the phone, as we could talk through it faster than the design programs could send/receive orders.
08:12:17 PMGregInTexas port 8080 works for java
08:12:53 PM_Jot_ agamotto, sounds like the service RobbieF was getting
08:13:04 PMagamotto SammySez- It is. The deal I get is reasonable for what I get, by American standards, but the Quest offering is good.
08:13:13 PMjafarm Can you create a VPN for customers to come in on??
08:13:49 PMGarbee GregInTexas, You could try PAT, have it come in on another port, say 9078, then have the router forward that port to port 80 for internal use, then back to 9078 for external traffic. But that would require accessers manually addressing the new port.
08:13:57 PMSammySez GregInTexas: this is a great little "port tester" I use all the time to test things like what you are going through -
08:14:15 PMagamotto agamotto- I may move over to Iowa depending on what happens with the workfront, and with retirement becoming an issue in ~15 years.
08:14:25 PMBekah well, goodnight folks, Im off :)
08:14:31 PMagamotto Bekah- have fun
08:14:31 PMGarbee Night Bekah
08:14:35 PMSammySez GregInTexas: it is all browser based, no downloads, no install
08:14:39 PMGregInTexas kewl Garbee, thank you
08:14:40 PM_Jot_ have a good night Bekah
08:14:51 PMagamotto how did I just send a message to myself? heheheheeh
08:15:00 PMjafarm Shields Up is really good on the GRC site
08:15:02 PMGregInTexas I mean SammySez ... sheesh ... I have too many chats open
08:15:03 PMBekah Night Garbee and _Jot_ :)
08:15:07 PMGarbee GregInTexas, That is the simplest solution I can think of if the ISP is blocking it (which it seems it is).
08:15:10 PMagamotto SammySez- I may move over to Iowa depending on what happens with the workfront, and with retirement becoming an issue in ~15 years.
08:15:20 PMSammySez that or use DynDNS to handle the port forward so your public doesnt have to
08:15:29 PMGarbee I have had iffy results with Shields up sometimes.
08:15:34 PMGregInTexas actually, thanks to both of you ... hehe


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