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06:59:51 PMOldGuyJim Hey...its a day for romance, not politics.
07:00:16 PMagamotto Hallo, all
07:00:18 PM_Jot_ hi Bekah and agamotto
07:00:41 PMajamison5579 lol My daughter ran off with my 20 ounce gatoraide and refuses to give it back
07:00:48 PMagamotto Bekah found someone to watch the kidlets? wow
07:01:04 PMBrokedcomputer My fiance is working
07:01:08 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, its called hair, it grows on humans, maybe when you grow up youll have some too
07:01:12 PMmaxwell6307 single
07:01:13 PMagamotto ajamison5579- Wait until she tastes it....heheheh
07:01:21 PMBekah Hi _Jot_
07:01:24 PMagamotto Brokedcomputer- congrats
07:01:26 PMOldGuyJim Wedding aniversary in a few is more important.
07:01:27 PMBekah No agamotto no I did not
07:01:28 PMBekah hehe
07:01:30 PMBrokedcomputer Thanks
07:01:33 PMajamison5579 agamotto she has that is why she will not give it back
07:01:44 PMBrokedcomputer Weve been engaged since Nov 11, 2011
07:01:53 PMagamotto Ahhh, so Bekah is having to stretch her mommy-vision to participate
07:02:20 PMagamotto SuperTux is fun
07:02:38 PMTrekkie00 best game ever
07:02:45 PMagamotto ajamison5579- I would think a kid would find it not sweet enough
07:02:55 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, Christy got lots of weather
07:03:11 PMajamison5579 it is blueberry flavored agamotto and she loves blueberries
07:03:31 PMRachelXu yeah messed them up
07:03:36 PMRachelXu christy deserves doughnuts too though
07:03:41 PM_Jot_ definatly!
07:03:52 PMagamotto Nice... I tried some coffee-mug cakes this morning... not so good looking. Recipe was not made for 1300w microwaves...
07:04:09 PMagamotto ajamison5579- Has she had the real thing?
07:04:40 PMajamison5579 yep she does not like real sweet drinks agamotto she loves candy but not sweet drinks
07:04:40 PMGarbee Robbie, You have that part functioning?!
07:04:48 PMignacio82 RobbieF. Quick question: I have a Logitech C910 running in ubuntu. The problem is that the maximum resolution that I can select is 640x360. Any idea why I cant set it at 720p?
07:04:52 PMagamotto ajamison5579- interesting... i was the other way around
07:05:42 PMGarbee You can also check the IRCs Topic for the info in writing.
07:05:46 PMagamotto ignacio82- because I bet that VGA is the set resolution of the camera, and everthing else is essentially digital zoom.
07:05:48 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, did you work on the new website too?
07:06:16 PMRachelXu no i just check it out and tell him if its good or not :)
07:06:43 PMGarbee _Jot_, I think she is doing the graphics work, if she does code I do believe it will break everything.
07:06:49 PMignacio82 yep
07:07:05 PMGarbee RachelXu, I must ask... What is up with that hair color?
07:07:06 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Brokedcomputer is watching live for the first time today
07:07:15 PMRachelXu Valentines garbeeeeee
07:07:16 PMajamison5579 RachelXu you ought to convince him to let you redo the geek at the computer logo for the new site
07:07:27 PMRachelXu i think christa did a great job on that though :)
07:07:29 PMBrokedcomputer I think he saw that already, :)
07:07:31 PMGarbee RachelXu, I dont have one. :( ... But I do have chatrooms!
07:07:41 PMGuest_1130 I remembered again this week to tune in live
07:07:46 PMagamotto 5 years, yay
07:07:52 PMBekah ajamison5579 good idea!
07:07:54 PMBrokedcomputer I can help with Linux Servers!!! Hahahah, I have 5
07:08:07 PMGarbee I can help with Linux servers, just not too much.
07:08:29 PMajamison5579 RachelXu Bekah Christa did a great job but new site new image? Just an idea
07:08:31 PMagamotto I can help with replacing Windows with Linux....
07:08:32 PMGarbee RobbieF, Nice new infomercial!
07:08:48 PMGarbee agamotto, And I can help with reversing that.
07:08:51 PMagamotto heheeheh
07:09:06 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, got you!
07:09:10 PMGarbee ajamison5579, Site image? Do you mean logo, background image, what?
07:09:22 PMSovereignEntity Can someone tell me how to get the same version of compiz that Robbie used in his Debian install?
07:09:29 PMajamison5579 Garbee the Image of the geek at the computer in the green and black
07:09:39 PMGarbee SovereignEntity, apt-get install compiz
07:09:44 PMGarbee Or check his blog.
07:09:47 PMBekah I like the new cartoon caricatures of everyone
07:10:03 PMagamotto Bekah- agrred
07:10:13 PMagamotto Agreed, even
07:10:16 PMGarbee RobbieF, That would explain why there isnt as much pixilation!
07:10:25 PM_Jot_ the cartoon is really great
07:10:27 PMRachelXu except he moved the characters so you could see the unfinshed area behind them, what was that about
07:10:29 PMRachelXu tsk tsk
07:10:33 PMRachelXu :)
07:10:48 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, he added music and camera-angles on my video too, he cant help himself I think
07:11:05 PMGarbee .. Steps on his setup. It tells every package for compiz to install, then later how he customized it.
07:11:14 PMRachelXu ah yes i saw your video jot
07:11:20 PMRachelXu nice to see some of the viewers out there
07:11:31 PMajamison5579 RobbieF are you sure you want to get RachelXu surgar high? Then she giggles at the mention of clouds
07:11:35 PM_Jot_ youre welcome RachelXu
07:11:41 PMRachelXu i had a red bull on the way here
07:11:43 PM_Jot_ clouds are fun!
07:11:43 PMRachelXu it didnt give me wings
07:11:44 PMBekah _Jot_ I was not expecting you to have a ponytail! :)
07:12:04 PM_Jot_ Bekah, cant help it, my hair grows, and its the same with my avatar
07:12:09 PMGarbee Bekah, No one was. I didnt think yachts could have them.
07:12:17 PM_Jot_ normally its all relaxed and just hanging around
07:12:34 PMagamotto I would think that 720p would be reasonable, given bandwidth contstraints...
07:12:41 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, dont forget to mention how much faster it goes with photoshop
07:12:49 PMRachelXu reminds me of the guy on youtube that just brushes his hair
07:12:52 PMRachelXu and thats it in the video
07:12:56 PMRachelXu so random
07:13:06 PMagamotto RachelXu- That sounds like a waste of time....
07:13:13 PMBekah RachelXu was it _Jot_? hehe
07:13:18 PMRachelXu it is agamotto
07:14:16 PMpyrosrock woot RobbieF i managed to make it this week!
07:14:25 PMagamotto So, kind of like my 1080p telly that I keep set at 720p for most things, due to the non-optimal signal that most stations put out?
07:14:34 PM_Jot_ hey Pyrosrock
07:14:37 PMGarbee RobbieF, When you switch to zoom it also doesnt get heavily pixilated! YAY!
07:15:06 PMGarbee The main TV in our house is only 1080i
07:15:09 PMGarbee :(
07:15:47 PMagamotto Garbee- That is ok... there arent too many things in 1080p anyway, besides Blu-ray discs
07:16:10 PM_Jot_ monitors mostly have 1080p screens these days
07:16:18 PMGarbee agamotto, Yea I have plenty of those and games that actually support 1080p.
07:16:26 PMGuest_8094 sit close to rachel !!!
07:16:30 PMagamotto Oh, just put some Diane Sawyer paper filters over the camera lenses
07:16:47 PMajamison5579 RachelXu you ought to die your hair pink instead of wearing a wig see how long it takes for RobbieF to tell the difference
07:16:57 PMGarbee New cameras, new site coming, new Wiki online... Tons of changes lately.
07:17:21 PMagamotto Garbee- Nice. Around here, even most of the OTA is 1080i at best.
07:17:44 PMagamotto Spring is in the air...
07:17:53 PMagamotto Professor Kidd???
07:18:01 PM_Jot_ agamotto, in Dutch, you just said Why dont you jump in the air
07:18:19 PMGarbee agamotto, Honestly this 27" monitor is 1080p compared to the 50" 1080i TV. I can tell the difference on this monitor than the TV, but sadly I also notice the compression. :(
07:18:27 PMagamotto Something like rumspringa?
07:18:42 PMmaxwell6307 oolder eric
07:18:44 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Im sure that is EricKidd! He has a sidejob!
07:18:45 PMOldGuyJim There are a finite amount of molds for is easy to see a non-related twin. Someone told me I have one...poor guy.
07:18:45 PMagamotto Garbee- interesting
07:18:47 PMGarbee I would need to hear a voice. Erics is hard to replace.
07:19:08 PMGarbee agamotto, More interesting... I can tell the delay between me moving my mouse and the cursor moving on screen.
07:19:22 PMagamotto Garbee- eeeek
07:19:40 PMGarbee Yea, that is why I support touch over a mouse. So much faster navigation.
07:19:52 PMpyrosrock i get the same delay on a 42in tv in 1080p
07:20:11 PMGarbee Hi pyrosrock, Long time no see.
07:20:23 PMGarbee
07:20:25 PMBrokedcomputer Logitech 1080p Webcam will do 720 fairly well brand new on Ubuntu 11
07:20:34 PMagamotto _Jot_- I am still chuckling over the idea of a expurgated Tin Tin. As if there arent people around to explain to kids that we dont do some of those things anymore...
07:20:35 PMpyrosrock but no delay on com screem
07:21:07 PMmaxwell6307 cheap
07:21:09 PMinvinciblemutant is this a night view cam?
07:21:10 PM_Jot_ agamotto, yeah, I thought it was pretty funny too
07:21:22 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, The Lifecam Studio?
07:21:34 PMinvinciblemutant can i use it as cctv? it is IP based or usb?
07:21:38 PMOldGuyJim I will follow the link...I am a fan of BH Photo.
07:21:43 PMinvinciblemutant yea
07:21:57 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, claymation video! good job!
07:22:00 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, It is USB based only, and no nightview.
07:22:11 PMinvinciblemutant ic...
07:22:20 PMinvinciblemutant i am thinking of using it as a cctv cam
07:22:23 PMinvinciblemutant
07:22:35 PMGarbee You could potentially do some working within Linux to forward the video feed over IP, no idea how to fix nightview though except add some lights. :P
07:22:39 PMagamotto 4fps?
07:23:22 PMignacio82 RobieF, If I plug my webcam to a different USB port i can go up to 1080p
07:23:22 PMagamotto Garbee- Have you read about the guy on /. who seems to have developed partial UV-vision?
07:23:34 PMGuest10891 Why i cannot watch on my iPhone, should I throw it to the ground?
07:23:35 PMOldGuyJim Ray Harryhausen would be proud of you.
07:23:43 PMGarbee agamotto, No I have not heard that.
07:23:46 PMGuest_9502 is that debian?
07:23:49 PMagamotto ignacio82- Possibly. USB 2.0 would probably be required
07:23:58 PMinvinciblemutant i think we need led for nightview
07:24:28 PM_Jot_ Guest10891, you could, but then somebody else migth find it and get hurt by it as well, so I wouldnt really do that
07:24:32 PMGarbee I love how it lights as it is in use. I realized for some reason Star Trek Online is accessing the webcam....
07:24:40 PMagamotto Garbee- He has an implanted lens to correct for his cataract, is now able to see partially into UV.
07:24:52 PMGarbee RachelXu, And you got what 5 minutes of video out of that day?
07:24:57 PMagamotto invinciblemutant- yes, UV or IR leds
07:25:19 PMRachelXu 1 minute garbee
07:25:23 PMGarbee agamotto, Ok , so not "developed" but may have gotten it as a side-effect.
07:25:24 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, I watched that movie and it actually makes a lot of sense, if you know how people lived here in europe around that time
07:25:29 PMRachelXu cause 24 frames a second takes forever
07:25:35 PMagamotto Garbee- yah
07:25:41 PMGarbee RachelXu, I would be... Something I cant say in the room.
07:25:44 PMRachelXu yeah just dont eat in cookies where nails shoot out of it
07:25:55 PMpyrosrock i used to do stopmotion with lego in grade 5 at school with emacs
07:26:00 PMRachelXu hehe
07:26:04 PM_Jot_ Okay, dont eat cookies from Robbie, check
07:26:07 PMagamotto Garbee- still, makes you wonder how the retina could register after the lens being replaced...
07:26:28 PMBrokedcomputer Do you know how to setup an Active Directory LDAP server!?
07:26:36 PMpyrosrock RobbieF u using dovorak yet?
07:26:38 PMBrokedcomputer On Ubuntu
07:26:55 PMinvinciblemutant brokedcomputer, that sounds like a full tutorial
07:27:16 PMGarbee Brokedcomputer, I know the Ubuntu Wiki has documentation. Bing for " Ubuntu Active Directory " and see what pops up.
07:27:17 PMBrokedcomputer hahaha, that consists of about 10 tutorials, that I have since given up on... :p
07:27:21 PMagamotto I bet that could fill up and hour...
07:27:47 PM_Jot_ I bet the answer is Yes, I know how to do that... Next question!
07:28:03 PMRachelXu good one jot :)
07:28:05 PMGarbee Brokedcomputer, Then you should probably read the manuals to the software. :P
07:28:08 PMBrokedcomputer Its for a school,
07:28:09 PMinvinciblemutant NIS
07:28:11 PMinvinciblemutant NIS+
07:28:11 PMagamotto Sharing a printer with Windows can be involved...
07:28:21 PMBrokedcomputer I am simply setting it up and managing it over time, very small.
07:28:24 PMRachelXu or if your like me bring it to Robbie and say A do it!
07:28:24 PMGarbee Turnkey has an LDAP setup?!
07:29:06 PMinvinciblemutant what is the underlying server?
07:29:09 PMBrokedcomputer So does that run on Ubuntu or is that its own distro?
07:29:09 PMagamotto interesting way to do LDAP...
07:29:33 PMGarbee Brokedcomputer, Custom stack.
07:29:46 PMagamotto Brokedcomputer- custom flavor, not sure which
07:29:50 PMBrokedcomputer Ahhh
07:30:02 PMBrokedcomputer So Turnkey would replace my current Ubuntu setup.
07:30:19 PMinvinciblemutant i am interested to know what software if i want to apt-get install?
07:30:21 PMpyrosrock RobbieF Dvorak yet?
07:30:37 PMagamotto invinciblemutant- I dont think it is that easy
07:30:40 PM_Jot_ This month apple will get a lot less profit since they arent allowed to ship ipads from china anymore
07:30:44 PMGarbee Brokedcomputer, actually it is on Ubuntu 10.04.1.... They just add their own repos.
07:31:05 PMagamotto _Jot_- Yes, if that sticks, I will be very pleased.
07:31:28 PMBrokedcomputer Hmmm I may just start over on that server with TurnKey, --- Thanks RobbieF
07:31:30 PM_Jot_ Garbee, you cant, they keep everything for business interests
07:31:53 PMGarbee _Jot_, Yea, it is "deactivated", but I still wont go back to it.
07:31:56 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, let me guess... You watched a star trek movie?
07:32:11 PMinvinciblemutant agamotto, that is what geeks do
07:32:13 PMagamotto I finally watched the GI Joe movie last week. It wasnt as bad as I was expecting.
07:32:27 PMinvinciblemutant because it is not easy
07:32:31 PMGarbee and, actually, in the US if I "delete" it, they are required to remove it from their servers at some point... Which A) There is no real punishment for, but B) is difficult due to the redundancy of their servers.
07:32:45 PMBrokedcomputer Hahahahahahha that would be Epic!
07:33:00 PMGarbee agamotto, The GI Joe movie just sucked.
07:33:09 PMGarbee Really, it had NOTHING to do with GI Joe except the name.
07:33:15 PMagamotto Garbee- If I remember correctly, something like 3 months for things to disappear
07:33:20 PM_Jot_ Garbee, the exception is that if the data is required for business-operations, and so they never have to delete anything
07:33:43 PMGarbee agamotto, No, that is what they are planning on. Right now, still not happening. Data 3 years old is still there even though it should be gone.
07:33:53 PMpyrosrock agamotto did u know before seing GI joe that ice sinks?
07:33:57 PMagamotto Garbee- True, but I was expecting a lot of bad fighting and worse acting.
07:34:01 PMGarbee They are planning a network make-over that would allow 3 months for full deletion.
07:34:19 PMagamotto pyrosrock- that had me in stitches
07:34:32 PMGarbee agamotto, I would debate that last point, the acting was pretty bad. I quit before even half-way through the movie.
07:34:42 PMagamotto Garbee- hmmmm, that does change things abit with FB then
07:34:53 PMBrokedcomputer May be a bit of a stupid question, but where do I download the core?
07:35:20 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can buy tribbles in a star trek store,
07:35:27 PMagamotto I think we will have to do LEO or lunar assembly before we create anything that can take us to Mars.
07:35:34 PMGarbee Yea, agamotto, It all depends on how they re-work their network. But they say if all goes to plan, the network will be able to remove data after 3 months vs the currently unacceptable "years" later.
07:35:47 PMagamotto, if memory serves
07:36:03 PMGarbee MS was not running that store themselves, it was a 3rd party they contracted to run the site.
07:36:15 PMGarbee So, they stupidly outsourced by not requring security through their contractors.
07:36:24 PM_Jot_ Brokedcomputer, if you forget, from tomorrow you can watch the episode again as you know, it has the address and which one to download etc
07:36:28 PMGarbee Not 100% MSs fault, but Id go with 60% theirs.
07:37:03 PMagamotto Garbee- I might have been suffering from a minor case of beer-goggles.
07:37:14 PMinvinciblemutant virtuallize with ponky wig
07:37:18 PMinvinciblemutant pinky wig
07:37:26 PMGarbee agamotto, During what?
07:37:35 PMagamotto Garbee- GI Joe
07:37:54 PMGarbee ah, Yes, probably so. Rewatch it sober and you will see a whole different movie.
07:38:08 PMagamotto I am still laughing over the idea that Nortel was open to spies for nearly a decade
07:38:18 PMGarbee It was absolute GARBAGE to anyone who knows anything about Gi Joe.
07:38:35 PM_Jot_ Garbee, thats why I dont bother with any of the remakes
07:38:39 PMajamison5579 has virtual box gotten good enough to run top end windows games from a VM
07:38:50 PMGarbee ajamison5579, no.
07:39:00 PMajamison5579 then it is useless to me
07:39:06 PMajamison5579 to run windows in a VM
07:39:07 PMGarbee They are still "experimenting" with Aero support.
07:39:20 PMGarbee I find great uses for Windows in VMs.
07:39:26 PMajamison5579 I just want Skyrim, WoW, SWTOR support
07:39:27 PMagamotto I can imagine that Aero would be a hog
07:39:33 PMGarbee But you have a slew of other issues to worry about.
07:39:46 PMBrokedcomputer What was the address for the game?
07:39:52 PMinvinciblemutant Robbief, if you have time at the end of the show, is it possible to discuss a bit about SSD card, technology by Sandforce and other controllers, how to choose if i am now on Centrino Duo, which SSD to go for?
07:39:57 PMagamotto Skyrim is running under WINE... gold status, if memory serves
07:40:01 PMGarbee agamotto, Vista = YES, 7 = not as much but still pretty intensive, 8 Dev Preview = very lightweight actually.
07:40:09 PMGarbee agamotto, Correct.
07:40:12 PM_Jot_ Brokedcomputer - windows only
07:40:15 PMGarbee ^^ on Skyrim in WINE.
07:40:29 PMajamison5579 agamotto is that including the Steam version? That is what i use
07:40:48 PMagamotto I plan on running it under WINE whenever I get around to buying it.
07:41:00 PMBrokedcomputer Thats ok, I have Windows, Linux, and OSX(not installed anywhere at the moment)
07:41:02 PMagamotto ajamison5579- i am not sure of the Steam version
07:41:11 PMinvinciblemutant i always have problem with the vbox usb
07:41:17 PMinvinciblemutant that sucks i think
07:41:20 PMajamison5579 I know SWTOR does not work completely with WINE yet
07:41:28 PMGuest_9502 is that debian?
07:41:40 PMTrekkie00 @invincible usb 2.0 or 3.0?
07:41:47 PMinvinciblemutant usb2
07:41:52 PMagamotto Guest_9502- is what Debian?
07:41:59 PMTrekkie00 extensions installed?
07:42:02 PMinvinciblemutant oracle requires plugin, but still problematic
07:42:05 PMGuest_9502 his os?
07:42:19 PMGarbee Guest_9502, Zorin OS is on the demo system.
07:42:24 PMGarbee
07:42:30 PMagamotto Guest_9502- I think he is still running Zorin on that machine
07:42:31 PMGuest_9502 never mind he answered
07:42:37 PMpyrosrock usb2 and 3 are a pain undor virtualbox
07:42:43 PMinvinciblemutant sudo apt-get install php5
07:42:52 PMTrekkie00 2.0 runs fine here
07:42:59 PMinvinciblemutant not for me here
07:43:01 PMTrekkie00 3.0 i have big problems
07:43:14 PMAbiAbbyAbi RachelXu, you look so cute! :D Happy Valentines Day!
07:43:14 PMinvinciblemutant it never detected usb when plugged in
07:43:24 PMRachelXu you too ableegail
07:43:27 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, You need the extra package from their site.
07:43:27 PM_Jot_ hey AbiAbbyAbi, nice to see you too
07:43:33 PMTrekkie00 you have to mount it in your guest
07:43:36 PMpyrosrock RobbieF it took me 3 hours to find the www folder lol
07:43:36 PMBrokedcomputer But you cannot see her, How do you know how she looks?
07:43:40 PMGarbee Then once you plug it in, you need to tell VBox to send that drive to the VM.
07:43:40 PMinvinciblemutant usb extension right?
07:43:48 PMagamotto Hmmm, I have too many eSATA devices to be too concerned about USB 3.0 ATM
07:43:55 PMTrekkie00 guest extensions it is called
07:44:00 PMinvinciblemutant hate oracle, buys everything make them suck
07:44:05 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, no, the Extension Pack...
07:44:25 PM_Jot_ wow, that password is the same as the code of my luggage!
07:44:32 PMGarbee Oracle made VBox better by doing away with 2 versions, keeping it one version then a proprietary extension for extra support.
07:44:42 PM_Jot_ oh, and my pincode too by the way
07:44:44 PMinvinciblemutant i have guestextension and usb extension installed
07:44:45 PMTrekkie00 extensions must also be installed in guest os
07:45:04 PMGarbee Really, with vbox help, the manual built in is great for support. It is very well written unlike other documentation I have seen.
07:45:11 PMTrekkie00 not only installed in vbox
07:45:17 PMRachelXu Ill set my password as : ADF892HKNFjkdaf89JF89r9rj3j0arjPF
07:45:23 PMBrokedcomputer Heh, I still cannot find where do download an ISO of the Turnkey Linux.
07:45:25 PMGarbee Trekkie00, Not necessarily for USB support.
07:45:41 PMagamotto RachelXu- Actually, to be a strong password, you need some symbols in there
07:45:43 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, thats a great password! Ill write it down for you in case you forget it, you can ask it and well be able to tell you
07:45:48 PMTrekkie00 but would not be a mistake at all @garbee
07:46:26 PMGarbee Trekkie00, No real point in installing the additions if you dont need them, especially with certain Linuxs where it can cause issues.
07:46:27 PMRachelXu your password must be really interesting then agamotto
07:46:39 PMRachelXu i was once hacked
07:46:40 PMRachelXu not nice
07:46:42 PMAbiAbbyAbi Hello to you as well Jot :)
07:46:45 PM_Jot_ for example, pa$$word
07:47:00 PMRachelXu person sent everyone i knew nastay stuff and wrote creepy messages from me
07:47:02 PMagamotto RachelXu- I can actually state that I dont know what most of my passwords are... I let Keypass generate and keep most of them.
07:47:06 PMRachelXu and blocked me out of my email
07:47:14 PMBrokedcomputer -RachelXu- Can you help me? I dont know where do download the ISO of Turnkey Linux.
07:47:16 PMRachelXu since then im crazier about changing my passwords all the time
07:47:36 PM_Jot_ Brokedcomputer,
07:47:50 PMGarbee RachelXu, Haystacking (Invented by Steve Gibson). Make a "key" such as (::) then surround you password with that like, (::)password(::) , It makes it very secure and easy to remember.
07:47:54 PMBrokedcomputer Thats the address to the site, I am browsing that, what I need is the page the ISO download link is one
07:47:56 PMBrokedcomputer on*
07:48:04 PMagamotto Brokedcomputer- Look for the LDAP button
07:48:06 PMGarbee _Jot_, No,
07:48:08 PMRachelXu thanks for the tip garbee
07:48:16 PM_Jot_ Brokedcomputer, what garbee said, I was too fast :)
07:48:37 PMGarbee is a completely different thing.
07:48:46 PM_Jot_ Brokedcomputer, the Domain Controller Appliance-button
07:48:47 PMinvinciblemutant can we allow multiusers?
07:49:04 PMBrokedcomputer So the app is installed, can you add other apps to it?
07:49:14 PMBrokedcomputer Sorry, this one was completely new to me.
07:49:29 PM_Jot_ Brokedcomputer, it is a linux distribution, so you install it on a computer or a VM
07:49:48 PMRachelXu this is when i back away slowly
07:49:48 PMagamotto No, you are nowhere NEAR as annoying as Vinnie.
07:49:52 PMGarbee Brokedcomputer, You can install whatever you want to it, it is Ubuntu with extra repos and some other custom config by default, that is all.
07:49:59 PMBrokedcomputer Yes, I did understand that, but what I mean was, if I install the LDAP app as mentioned above, am I going to be able to install the other apps on it as well?
07:50:00 PMRachelXu SHAMWOW
07:50:11 PMBrokedcomputer Hmmm, interesting
07:50:19 PMagamotto He is one of the reasons I am happy to record most of my telly, then zap out commercials.
07:50:30 PMGarbee RachelXu, thanks, now I need to restrain from making some jokes about that guy...
07:50:37 PMRachelXu that and forever lazy commercials
07:51:02 PMagamotto not familiar
07:51:05 PMGarbee I wait for it to hit Hulu or Netflix.
07:51:16 PMRachelXu one piece pajamas with butt flaps
07:51:18 PM_Jot_ Brokedcomputer, you could use it as a desktop-computer, since its linux, but its mostly meant to run as a stand-alone server
07:51:41 PMagamotto Garbee- About the only thing I watch live is this, and Fringe.
07:51:56 PMagamotto RachelXu- Union suits?
07:52:01 PMRachelXu hehe
07:52:02 PMBrokedcomputer I am used to running completely through command thats cool by me. :0
07:52:04 PMBrokedcomputer :)
07:52:15 PMRachelXu i watch faceoff, movie makeup comp, i like anything art related
07:52:48 PMagamotto I have seen Face-off, but not regularly. Interesting ideas
07:53:26 PMagamotto Would 64-bit be that much more of a resources hit?
07:53:28 PMGarbee Please dont actually open port 80 to the world. Switch it to a port above 1024 to make it a little more secure. and even then, do research before doing that since it really opens you up to security issues.
07:53:47 PMGarbee agamotto, Depends, for what?
07:54:03 PMagamotto For what Robbie is doing with emulation?
07:54:21 PM_Jot_ agamotto, who knows why Robbie does anything really
07:54:24 PMGarbee agamotto, In the VM? as a guest OS?
07:54:29 PMagamotto yah
07:54:34 PMGarbee It can be.
07:54:39 PMGarbee It all depends on use.
07:54:39 PMBrokedcomputer This show needs to be finished so I can rewind... hahahahaha
07:54:48 PMpyrosrock agamotto i dont belive that it will use more resorses just more eficently
07:54:57 PMRachelXu sorry broked it doesnt get posted till tomorrow
07:55:01 PMagamotto interestin
07:55:03 PMGarbee You *can* run 64bit in a VM as guest if you really want to and want to dedicate the resources, but 32bit is fine for most things as guest OS.
07:55:05 PMBrokedcomputer hahaahah No worries, :)
07:55:16 PMU-AL Great demonstration
07:55:38 PMagamotto Or just to test out other OS flavors
07:55:44 PM_Jot_ I keep watching the hair, I had no idea my monitor could make that colour of pink
07:55:56 PMBrokedcomputer hahahahaha Nice Jot
07:56:09 PMGarbee Really, unless I am trying to test a real-world enviornment, I dont run 64bit OSes as Guest unless absolutely necessary.
07:56:24 PMGarbee 32bit uses much fewer resources so I can run more at once.
07:56:37 PMagamotto Garbee- Ok, I just wasnt sure if it would be any advantage under most conditions.
07:56:44 PMpyrosrock Brokedcomputer i belive there is a re-run an hour or so after the show but cant gaurantee it RobbieF?
07:57:00 PMGarbee Yea, not really any advantages unless you want to test real-world scenarios.
07:57:01 PMBrokedcomputer Robbief, if you have time at the end of the show, is it possible to discuss a bit about SSD card, technology by Sandforce and other controllers, how to choose if i am now on Centrino Duo, which SSD to go for?
07:57:23 PMinvinciblemutant i lik to upgrade to ssd
07:57:32 PMagamotto Which chipset is most compatible, speedy?
07:57:34 PMinvinciblemutant from normal hard drive
07:57:57 PMsmittysmit I love my Mushkin
07:58:08 PMinvinciblemutant which controller to go for?
07:58:40 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, I think you are best looking around for that kind of info.
07:58:41 PMagamotto RachelXu- Ask Robbie Which controller set should he go for?
07:58:48 PMU-AL Is it more secure to run in a virtual box?
07:58:56 PM_Jot_ what controller changes about once a month
07:59:01 PMagamotto U-AL- usually
07:59:04 PMsmittysmit I pulled my CD drive from my Latitude for a spin drive for backup
07:59:07 PMGarbee -- Great resource for SSDs. One guy even wrote a complete comparison of Controllers and I cant find the post.
07:59:10 PMinvinciblemutant TRIM command on ubuntu?
07:59:26 PMagamotto wow... another reason to keep my old drives for the moment, eh?
07:59:31 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, It is a fstab thing. discard
07:59:36 PMOldGuyJim Goodnight all.
07:59:44 PMajamison5579 Newegg has really helpful reviews
07:59:46 PMajamison5579 most times
07:59:48 PMinvinciblemutant garbee, that is it? read about that though
07:59:54 PMGarbee I have had my SSD for like a year now, never used Discard, and my SSD still runs great.
07:59:57 PMinvinciblemutant thanks robbie
07:59:58 PMGuest_1130 nighty everybody hereins
08:00:06 PMinvinciblemutant good night
08:00:14 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, use those things at the end of your arms
08:00:15 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, Really TRIM is built in, using discard just "helps" a ton.
08:00:15 PMinvinciblemutant thanks rachel
08:00:26 PMinvinciblemutant thanks garbee
08:00:37 PMYazid1965 good night all
08:00:37 PMsmittysmit Agree...Newegg has reviews
08:00:40 PMinvinciblemutant ur mic still on!!!
08:00:41 PMpyrosrock goodone
08:00:42 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, Your best thing is use the SSD for /boot and /, then move /tmp, /var, and /home off-drive.
08:00:44 PMagamotto I thought that with a journaled FS, you didnt need to bother with things like TRIM
08:00:53 PMinvinciblemutant it is a laptop
08:01:02 PMinvinciblemutant no room for me to have a 2nd drive
08:01:05 PM_Jot_ I bet he does it on purpose in case Rachel goes eat, so he can turn things on quickly again
08:01:05 PMGarbee Then use discard only on the / drive, since using it on /boot (at least for me) causes a fail mount on bootup.
08:01:24 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, Then you will be wearing that thing out if you write data to it a lot.
08:01:33 PMagamotto So much left to learn....
08:01:39 PMGarbee oh, and do noatime so it wont record access times as well, saving yet more writes.
08:01:45 PMRachelXu yes when im covered in chocolate :)
08:01:50 PMinvinciblemutant garbee, move /home off drive
08:02:02 PMinvinciblemutant i thought that /home is written regularly in X
08:02:05 PMpyrosrock RobbieF dvorak yet?
08:02:15 PMRobbieF oh man, I wish.
08:02:19 PMRobbieF thanks everyone!
08:02:20 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, I thought you couldnt have 2 drives in the system, how would you move it off?
08:02:20 PMagamotto Being covered in chocolate sounds like fun to me :)
08:02:22 PM_Jot_ I dont think robbieF can grok dvorak
08:02:55 PMagamotto I imagine he could, if he didnt have something like work to interfere.
08:02:56 PMsmittysmit I missed the beginning of the show. Whats up with the forum? Any mention on the show?
08:02:58 PM_Jot_ agamotto, I was going to say something like that, but since Rachel was going to get a fork I didnt bother yet
08:03:00 PMGarbee ... /home is written regularly too in any form since it is the place for user config files and data storage.
08:03:13 PMRachelXu mmmm good cupcake
08:03:16 PMinvinciblemutant yea, as the current 7200rpc is 320gb, i cant affort a same size ssd, therefore, i have to archive and move off drive my old files
08:03:27 PMagamotto I was about 3 weeks before I was comfortable with Dvorak
08:03:34 PM_Jot_ I still have lasagna, but it isnt as good as cupcake. Do look out for nails though
08:03:37 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, Desktop or Laptop?
08:03:45 PMinvinciblemutant laptop
08:03:52 PMGarbee ah.
08:03:57 PMinvinciblemutant lol
08:03:57 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, so does it taste as good as it looks?
08:03:58 PMGarbee So yea, no second drive slot on most of those.
08:04:10 PMagamotto Ok, how do you lot fill up a 320Gb drive?
08:04:19 PMGarbee Really, just find ways to minimize your writes to the HDD, and brush up on fstab variables.
08:04:29 PM_Jot_ agamotto, dd /dev/random /dev/sda
08:04:34 PMRachelXu none for you!
08:04:35 PMRobbieF Thatll be for you guys, later.
08:04:38 PMRachelXu and yes yes it does jot
08:04:40 PMinvinciblemutant lol...i dont know, it grows naturally, i didnt bother to do housekeeping
08:04:47 PMRobbieF Check the gallery in a few hours.
08:04:56 PMpyrosrock agamotto how dont u i have 5tb in my com at %80 full
08:04:56 PMagamotto _Jot_- No, i was thinking more along... what do you have that fills up so much room?
08:05:17 PMGarbee Like using cloud music services that you upload to, using cloud document programs (Google Docs if you dont want to use the docs anywhere else or Live Skydrive if you want .doc(x) format stuff), and so on.
08:05:24 PM_Jot_ I have 8.76TB with 985GB free
08:05:30 PMinvinciblemutant i need some performance
08:05:54 PMinvinciblemutant my laptop is on sata2, the best way to go for ssd is sata3 now
08:06:06 PMRachelXu robbie abandoned me tsk tsk
08:06:07 PMinvinciblemutant in which i can just move it to my future laptop
08:06:15 PMsmittysmit What about PCI?
08:06:18 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, hes just jealous you have the cupcake and he doesnt
08:06:21 PMagamotto Wow. Even my Mythbox fits into 160Gb, and that is with nearly two weeks of recorded programs
08:06:24 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, You will max out that SATA2 bus, even with a SATA2 drive.
08:06:34 PMRachelXu yes i dont share :D im evil
08:06:39 PMGarbee I push a few hundred gigs, but it is mainly VMs.
08:06:55 PMGarbee RachelXu, My dogs dont share either, are they evil?
08:07:09 PMGarbee (Im not comparing you to a dog, Im just asking)
08:07:10 PMinvinciblemutant i have read about ssd with jumper to switch to lower data rate
08:07:15 PMinvinciblemutant is that true?
08:07:21 PMagamotto Garbee- For a heavy user like you, I can see it.
08:07:22 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, It would be stupid if it were.
08:07:28 PMRachelXu id have to wonder why you wanted your dogs to share their food with you?
08:07:29 PMRachelXu :)
08:07:36 PMinvinciblemutant fair enough garbee
08:07:39 PMagamotto My main box has 250Gb, and with VB, games and other bits, I still have only filled about 90Gb of it
08:07:53 PMinvinciblemutant yea, vb is the reason for my hdd to grow
08:07:54 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, some harddrives and ssds do have a jumper to switch down from sata3 to sata2, or sata2 to sata1, for motherboards that cant handle the larger speed, most will work without changing anything
08:07:59 PMGarbee Yea, the main bottleneck for SSDs at this point is the Bus, but if it cant handle it the SSD auto-adjusts.
08:08:11 PMpyrosrock ok... RachelXu where is the galary?
08:08:32 PMinvinciblemutant _jot_....garbee just said it is stupid, and yet you admit stupidity exists on earth
08:08:36 PMagamotto My pets love to share, unfortunately we dont share ideas on what is tasty...
08:08:36 PMRachelXu theres a link on the left hand side of cat 5
08:08:39 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, Dont use VBox on an SSD, unless you are putting the images on a HDD, so using a desktop.
08:08:54 PMinvinciblemutant why? Garbee
08:08:56 PM_Jot_ the link goes to
08:09:02 PMGarbee RachelXu, Not food. Things like my bed, my dog kicks me off some nights.
08:09:03 PMagamotto SSD on SATA1??? eeeek
08:09:19 PMRachelXu and at the very bottom of the gallery page there is a link to his flickr page which i think has a couple more
08:09:29 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, They add extra stress to the drive. You *can* mark it as being on an SSD, but I am not sure how much that really does.
08:09:56 PMagamotto Garbee- My favorite is the need to be in the exact center of the bed.
08:09:58 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, its mostly for motherboards that dont recognize the drive with the faster speed, because that speed didnt exist when the board was made, so I dont think it is stupid
08:10:03 PMinvinciblemutant garbee, you mean that ssd can take the stress?
08:10:23 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, It is stress of writing to the drive.
08:10:48 PMagamotto _Jot_- I dont know about stupid, but wouldnt you be better off with another drive if you had to do that?
08:10:57 PMpyrosrock so are the new SSD drives more reliable i knew somone that went through 4 in 12 months
08:11:02 PMGarbee By marking it as SSD in Vbox, it manipulates it to the OS as SSD so it will act accordingly, but I am not sure (since I have never tested nor seen numbers) for any real impact that comes from it.
08:11:02 PM_Jot_ SSDs wear out, and writing a lot to them wears them out quicker, so since they are expensive, it is a waste of money
08:11:30 PM_Jot_ that being said, they say that even with that, they last 10 years or more before they break down, so I dont know how careful you should be with writes to an SSD
08:11:38 PMinvinciblemutant Jot and garbee, you been hdd handle write stress better or just price matters
08:11:42 PMGarbee pyrosrock, Yea. Most SSDs are stable, that is why I recommend Intel though since they arent going anywhere and have tons of money to throw at problems.
08:11:55 PMagamotto Hmmmm, another reason to hold off until they become more economical
08:12:14 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, What do you mean?
08:12:23 PMGarbee Screw economics, this is technology.
08:12:32 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, Im glad at least RobbieF brought something to drink for you, or is he just doing that to convince you to share your cupcake?
08:12:47 PMinvinciblemutant you mean hdds handle write stress better than ssds?
08:12:55 PMpyrosrock yep
08:12:57 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, Of course they do
08:12:59 PMRachelXu yeah that was nice
08:13:04 PMRachelXu earlier he was like want something to drink
08:13:04 PMagamotto Garbee- Sadly, some of us insist on living within our means :)
08:13:05 PMRachelXu i said sure
08:13:12 PMRachelXu he said okay go get yourself one before the show
08:13:23 PMpyrosrock RobbieF post the pic to twitter
08:13:29 PMGarbee SSDs have amazing write/read performance, but as far as re-writing over and over again, HDDs all the way.
08:13:43 PMGarbee It is just the fundemental property of the technology thus far.
08:14:03 PMagamotto RachelXu- Oolong?
08:14:11 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, How old is the system you are planning on upgrading?
08:14:20 PMinvinciblemutant 4 year old
08:14:31 PMinvinciblemutant the thing is i love this machine
08:14:35 PM_Jot_ Robbie is pointing out: the cupcake is this big (holds fingers apart), why cant you give this part to me? (holds fingers together so they make a square
08:14:36 PMpyrosrock start fresh!
08:14:37 PMinvinciblemutant i like the feel, the keyboard
08:14:43 PMinvinciblemutant love with it
08:14:47 PMinvinciblemutant 12.1 inch
08:14:50 PMGarbee So at this point you are best off taking the cash you are going to put into an SSD, and moving it over to a new laptop fund. Yea, it wont have an SSD, but it will be newer and much speedier.
08:15:01 PMGarbee That is the "ecnomical" choice here.
08:15:08 PMagamotto Hmmmm, if it is 4 years old, I dont see how an SSD is going to speed things up much. I can see how it might do wonders for battery life...
08:15:08 PMGarbee "economical"*
08:15:26 PMinvinciblemutant i have the battery upgraded from ebay
08:15:30 PMinvinciblemutant it last 5 hours
08:15:37 PMGarbee agamotto, It WILL speed it up, but the processor is still a big bottleneck at that point, along with GPU (which I belive is Intel integrated junk).
08:15:47 PMagamotto ahhh
08:16:00 PMpyrosrock and the old slow RAM
08:16:30 PMinvinciblemutant another thing is that, i am basically withing for a asus transformer type of tablet that Ubuntu Unity runs there any tablet that ubuntu unity runs on?
08:16:41 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you should take pictures now that she isnt aware of anybody and just eating all the nice chocolate


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