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06:58:02 PMGarbee GregInTexas: It is SO worth it for running an Ecommerce Store/website.
06:58:25 PMGarbee and that is Canadian dollars, so convert to your standard. Which is about $300 USD now.
06:58:27 PMGregInTexas well, I've used joomla/virtue mart ... gotta be better than that
06:58:43 PMGarbee I was looking at so many free solutions, hint... THEY ALL SUCK!
06:59:06 PMGarbee The main issue I am going to have with Lemonstand is making the Search function built in search the attributes of products as well.
06:59:23 PMGarbee It only wants to search descriptions, meta, and a few other details.
06:59:24 PMGregInTexas well, joomla is not really free ... by the time you get all the extensions you need, it costs real money
06:59:47 PMDennis_Kelley Hello _Jot_
06:59:54 PMGarbee GregInTexas: either way, it sucks compared to Lemonstand which is built for Ecommerce, and it is also replacing Drupal as our main site CMS since we are paying for it.
07:00:35 PMDennis_Kelley Its starting!! Awesome!
07:00:49 PMMichaeliowa hi RobbibF and Hillary :)
07:00:50 PMajamison5579 wow so laggy
07:00:52 PMGarbee Anyone else getting blotchy video?
07:00:57 PM_Jot_ yep
07:00:59 PMDennis_Kelley yes
07:00:59 PMU-AL choppy here
07:01:00 PMpyrosrock is it honging 4 any one else
07:01:03 PM_Jot_ very very laggy
07:01:06 PMajamison5579 it looks like a still frames
07:01:07 PMGregInTexas yes
07:01:09 PMpyrosrock hanging
07:01:09 PMajamison5579 lol
07:01:14 PMGregInTexas restart
07:01:14 PMRaffer same here
07:01:15 PMDennis_Kelley must be the new power!
07:01:15 PMGregInTexas reboot
07:01:17 PMonewanman yes me to
07:01:18 PMGarbee Looks like that i7 having trouble.
07:01:20 PMDave_Maydew I thought it was my PC
07:01:23 PM_Jot_ Hillary, RobbieF, restarting just means even more love, so cool beans!
07:01:25 PMGregInTexas gonna give it a look over, Garbee!
07:01:27 PMDennis_Kelley Just kidding RobbieF
07:01:30 PMRobbieF Gonna fix this; sorry folks
07:01:41 PMGarbee The wonders of a live broadcast.
07:01:52 PMRobbieF almos tback
07:01:52 PMmaxwell6307 np robbief
07:01:54 PMDrumstick No worries RobbieF
07:01:57 PMHillary stay tuned!
07:02:01 PMHillary its a coming...
07:02:02 PMagamotto Hallo all
07:02:03 PMajamison5579 RobbieF your server was just wanting to do a Stop motion episode
07:02:06 PMHillary the suspence is killer!
07:02:06 PMevermind i was thinking it was me doing something wrong
07:02:08 PMevermind oki
07:02:13 PMevermind tell us whenever youre ready robbie
07:02:17 PMGarbee Hillary: I hope it doesn't kill.
07:02:22 PMagamotto Garbee- Nice to see that you aren't one of the many in the dark....
07:02:23 PMpyrosrock is it up yet?
07:02:25 PMGregInTexas do we have to re-hit the link?
07:02:32 PMGregInTexas nevermind
07:02:33 PMG_Dog1985_ bbl :(
07:02:36 PM_Jot_ it's working again
07:02:37 PMGregInTexas there they are
07:02:39 PMajamison5579 yeay
07:02:43 PMGarbee Ok, the video was NEVER choppy.
07:02:44 PM_Jot_ press play, RobbieF
07:02:47 PMDennis_Kelley about time!
07:02:51 PMGarbee There was NO reboot of the broadcast.
07:03:14 PMpyrosrock ugh stupid adds
07:03:20 PMMichaeliowa that is better!!
07:03:22 PMevermind nothin workin yet for me
07:03:31 PM_Jot_ still laggy, but a lot better
07:03:32 PMpyrosrock much better
07:03:39 PMDrumstick All good here...
07:03:46 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:03:48 PMagamotto So far, so good on my end... what are others experiencing?
07:03:51 PMevermind lets test some stream links
07:03:53 PMas759 all good here
07:03:54 PMajamison5579 Robbief might sound simple but is Windows trying to auto update?
07:03:56 PMGregInTexas moouth synced to audio ... thats good
07:04:07 PMGregInTexas or was ..
07:04:16 PMDennis_Kelley its so much better when a Canadian says 'Out'
07:04:20 PM_Jot_ hi people I didn't say hello to yet
07:04:30 PMGregInTexas goodness
07:04:39 PMagamotto Ok, hand waving was a bit choppy here
07:04:39 PMevermind ok, maybe it works in chrome
07:04:45 PMJVSCC Oh well can watch Burn Notice while I wait...
07:05:15 PMGarbee Hillary: You look so drab.
07:05:26 PM_Jot_ Maybe RobbieF and Hillary can do the show from the BSP-camera, that isn't choppy
07:05:32 PMMichaeliowa Robbie are you running windows 98? LOL
07:05:35 PMDennis_Kelley I am Sorry RobbieF must be me watching the show tonight!
07:05:35 PMjonathon Can't load live page.
07:05:37 PMGarbee A real professional, Drab behind the seens, Happy go lucky on the film.
07:05:37 PMagamotto ewwww
07:05:40 PMHillary I think you mean FAB!
07:05:49 PMevermind none of the live streams are working
07:05:52 PMevermind i guess ill watch tomorrow
07:05:53 PMGarbee Hillary: That goes without saying.
07:06:01 PMajamison5579 better
07:06:03 PM_Jot_ it's great RobbieF, keep it that way
07:06:10 PMagamotto evermind- yes, they are testing things... something must be up
07:06:12 PMGregInTexas gone again
07:06:13 PMHillary I'm in the zone, trying to focus on the sitch, with great concern.
07:06:22 PMagamotto Hrm... that was fine
07:06:30 PMGregInTexas sitch?
07:06:30 PMDennis_Kelley Nice view of his hand!
07:06:38 PMGarbee There ya go RobbieF !
07:06:39 PMagamotto Looks good here
07:06:41 PM_Jot_ we don't want to talk to the hand, not to the face RobbieF
07:06:52 PMajamison5579 lol
07:06:56 PMjonathon contains content from, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.
07:06:57 PMagamotto Split the difference and settle for 24fps
07:07:01 PMGregInTexas um ... it's the sitch again?
07:07:01 PMDrumstick Just give us what you got RobbieF It's cool
07:07:07 PMGarbee jonathon: Where are you getting that from?
07:07:25 PMjonathon Site hacked?? Google Chrome warning.
07:07:26 PMmaxwell6307 not if your a linux user
07:07:30 PMevermind robbie got xss'd?
07:07:30 PMJVSCC That's known as a Technical Wave , ya'll
07:07:34 PMGarbee jonathon: There was an issue over the weekend.
07:07:45 PMGarbee Thanks for letting me know, I will get with Robbie about it.
07:07:59 PMjonathon Might still be on Google's list.
07:08:08 PMonewanman no live stream
07:08:09 PMjonathon It can take a while.
07:08:10 PMagamotto The only issue I had this weekend was my dog eating and rolling around in something dead and fermented Saturday afternoon.
07:08:17 PMGregInTexas I'm using chromium ... no warning
07:08:25 PMHillary go time
07:08:33 PM_Jot_ live streams are working
07:08:47 PMYazid1965 cool beans
07:08:48 PMGarbee jonathon: Better let him know so it can get checked out. There was a serious hack over the weekend.
07:08:55 PMDennis_Kelley Much Better! Thanks RobbieF!
07:08:56 PMagamotto Ok, some chop, but nothing bad
07:09:03 PMagamotto Keep going, we are a tolerant bunch
07:09:04 PMas759 it's fine here
07:09:10 PMDave_Maydew The joys of Live TV :-)
07:09:12 PMGregInTexas mine's not back at all
07:09:20 PMGarbee Robbie, Because it is so cold down here in the US.
07:09:21 PMDrumstick Ok here...
07:09:21 PMagamotto RobbieF- Drop it to ~20fps?
07:09:23 PMchrisreich all is well here in Rochester New York
07:09:24 PMGarbee The cables are sick.
07:09:27 PMGuest_8914 looks good in Kentucky! No lags.
07:09:31 PMonewanman it isgood forme
07:09:36 PM_Jot_ it went down again
07:09:38 PMJVSCC Hey Hill can just use sign language...?
07:09:40 PMGarbee It is bearable for me.
07:09:44 PMGregInTexas what are y'all on ... justin tv is dead
07:09:48 PM_Jot_ fortunatly it's just partially
07:09:54 PMGarbee GregInTexas: Having issues.
07:09:59 PMGarbee use
07:10:00 PMagamotto GregInTexas- Really, justin has been doing fine for me
07:10:00 PMHillary haha i could, but it still could be choppy.
07:10:09 PMDave_Maydew Justin is working
07:10:18 PMDrumstick works for me.
07:10:26 PMGregInTexas maybe I need to reload
07:10:35 PMGarbee and be cautious of any malware warnings that may show up, there was a hack over the weekend so things may still be lingering within systems everywhere.
07:10:40 PMevermind gives me a nice yellowish white nothin
07:10:45 PMagamotto GregInTexas- My parents are wandering around Texas on vacation... i think they were taking in NASA around the Galveston area today
07:10:50 PMDrumstick's even offering me free cable tv...oh wait, that's an ad LOL\
07:11:04 PMinvinciblemutant dropped again
07:11:07 PMGarbee I'm going to heat up some pizza, brb.
07:11:08 PMGregInTexas that's awesome ... 7 hours from me though
07:11:23 PMGregInTexas gotta pack a lunch to get to most places in Texas
07:11:26 PMonewanman down for me 2
07:11:32 PMJVSCC This was similar issue last time, when I clicked on link from main page to watch show, it came up blank, I had to select from the drop down link?
07:11:32 PMagamotto They plan on wandering their way to the Lubbock area sometime this week
07:11:52 PMGregInTexas ah ... that's cool, they'll probably come through here
07:11:57 PMGregInTexas or close to here
07:12:14 PMDrumstick (waving too)
07:12:16 PMGregInTexas Lubbock is the high plains
07:12:16 PMRaffer there
07:12:20 PMagamotto GregInTexas- Visiting a cousin in Slayton(?) on the way to Arizona
07:12:27 PMDennis_Kelley is that a techno wave?
07:12:33 PMJVSCC Makes for some gued Kung Fu action
07:12:34 PMmaxwell6307 lol
07:12:36 PMGregInTexas cool ... everyone's down here!
07:13:05 PMRobbieF The joys of LIVE! :) hehe
07:13:08 PMagamotto RobbieF- Sure it isn't that MP that wants to see everything you Canadians are doing on the internet?
07:13:09 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I have a question, what kind of sticking material should I use for sticking it out? Tape, glue, or what have you, and what kind?
07:13:30 PMGregInTexas woops ... I got the malware warning that time
07:13:30 PMJVSCC is working here....
07:13:36 PMGarbee Jot, Glue.
07:13:38 PMagamotto _Jot_- Rubber cement, applied liberally to your bottom and the nearest chair
07:13:48 PMGregInTexas trying to click on justintv I got the malware thingy
07:13:54 PMagamotto GregInTexas- odd
07:14:02 PMDrumstick Still up here...
07:14:10 PMGregInTexas yea ... I exited and went with backstage pass
07:14:17 PMeclipse2 whoa de ja vu
07:14:18 PMpyrosrock im getting the intro
07:14:21 PMDrumstick RobbieF: the perfectionist.....such a guy!!
07:14:22 PMagamotto GregInTexas- i didn't get any warnings with Firefox
07:14:22 PMjonathon Had it for a moment...
07:14:26 PMYazid1965 beans that are cool :)
07:14:35 PMjonathon is working
07:14:35 PMevermind ok, in windows vm it works
07:14:36 PMevermind odd
07:14:42 PMDennis_Kelley its funning when you are running linux you do not get the Malware thingy
07:14:45 PMJVSCC a bit of a lag here
07:14:49 PMGregInTexas I'm using chromium ... I have about 120 tabs open in FF ... don't need any more
07:14:51 PMU-AL audio and video ok
07:15:04 PMajamison5579 Best show on Earth! I want the Best show on Mars! dang it
07:15:06 PMGregInTexas no audio with BSP ?
07:15:20 PMDrumstick Working well here...
07:15:29 PMjonathon Running Ubuntu with Chrome and got the malware warning.
07:15:34 PM_Jot_ agamotto, you're supposed to watch them with the 3d glasses that RobbieF send to everybody last week
07:15:35 PMU-AL oh was that a recording
07:15:38 PMJVSCC The Best Show in the Uverse is NoAgenda
07:15:47 PMGarbee Gee... I wonder what caused this topic..
07:15:57 PMDave_Maydew I'm about to build a server
07:16:00 PMjonathon Now watching using FF.
07:16:00 PMU-AL no audio and video
07:16:02 PMGarbee This is making me laugh.
07:16:24 PMpyrosrock that would be so cool if it was broardcasted in 3d
07:16:27 PMagamotto weather...
07:16:37 PMGregInTexas I had to click the very first link ... no others working right
07:16:43 PMGarbee Hillary: That is what happens when Robbie has a show around dinner time.
07:16:44 PMDennis_Kelley for sure weather
07:16:53 PMYazid1965 i'm hungry now
07:16:54 PMpyrosrock but id rather higher quality
07:16:58 PMJVSCC Just ate, Chicken, smashed potatoes n gravey
07:17:04 PM_Jot_ I had soup, just to make sure I wouldn't be hungry
07:17:09 PMDave_Maydew I'm eating a bag of crisps
07:17:10 PMagamotto I won't tease you with what the cat, dog, and I are having for dinner tonight...
07:17:17 PMinvinciblemutant there is something written on robbie's back
07:17:31 PM_Jot_ Robbie's shirt says Del Mar 1982
07:17:40 PMrobgor food, hmm lunch time for me in 40 minutes
07:17:43 PMagamotto ooo, vintage
07:17:45 PMagamotto hehehe
07:17:58 PMpyrosrock woo add break
07:18:01 PMGregInTexas doesn't everybody have a shirt that says Del Mar 1982 ?
07:18:10 PMJVSCC And now for the money break
07:18:16 PMmaxwell6307 umm donuts lol
07:18:23 PMDrumstick You can see that tree so weeelll..... lol
07:18:24 PMT0B33 Yay it works :D Sorry for been silent guys my netbook was giving me issues -.- all i heard was T0B33 lol
07:18:30 PMagamotto Yes, but at least there aren't 20 minutes worth in this program
07:18:34 PMGregInTexas yea .. I tend to crash skiing backwards ...
07:18:36 PM_Jot_ whenever I watch that add, I wonder if they will crash into the tree this time
07:19:04 PM_Jot_ T0B33, you'll be able to watch it again and again tomorrow and in the future :)
07:19:04 PMJVSCC Again?
07:19:17 PMjonathon Leaving Dreamhost?
07:19:29 PMGarbee RobbieF: Could I ship you a package to that box you have for Cat5 snail-mail?
07:19:42 PM_Jot_ Garbee, I think you can
07:19:57 PM_Jot_ Garbee, I think they will put a card in it, saying 'Please pick up a package at the counter'
07:20:00 PMT0B33 I'll probably re watch this again on youtube later my netbook is damaged i thought it was sorted lol but works now :)
07:20:05 PMGarbee Jot, it will just contain air from Virginia.
07:20:13 PMGregInTexas I can't cut and paste off the video ...
07:20:22 PM_Jot_ Garbee, you could put the air in a can and then send it that way
07:20:23 PMGarbee Sending the pollution up north, making a better atmosphere down in the US!
07:20:43 PMGregInTexas L4N 747 ? sounds like a flight ...
07:20:44 PMagamotto I have a zen garden with sand from 14 different countries...
07:20:49 PMDave_Maydew the better website??
07:20:54 PMDave_Maydew or BETA website??
07:20:59 PMpyrosrock RobbieF just from where we live or from hollidays as well?
07:21:00 PMGarbee Dave_Maydew: Both.
07:21:08 PMDave_Maydew ;-)
07:21:10 PMagamotto betta butter for betas!
07:21:10 PMchrisreich DRINK! Robbie mispronounced "Beta" again - twice
07:21:10 PMJVSCC Beata
07:21:16 PMchrisreich three times
07:21:19 PMGregInTexas I'll do it ... why not?
07:21:21 PMagamotto Pear pimples for hairy fishnuts?
07:21:22 PMinvinciblemutant have you sent me the info robbie?
07:21:23 PMDave_Maydew we say Beeeta
07:21:35 PM_Jot_ Beta is greek so Robbie says it properly
07:21:40 PMinvinciblemutant i think i have sent v3 beta to the email
07:21:57 PMGarbee Air for sure!
07:21:59 PMDennis_Kelley Beer!
07:21:59 PMagamotto Just make sure to fill out the customs forms
07:22:03 PMinvinciblemutant i did it last week
07:22:05 PMGregInTexas beer!
07:22:05 PMsmittysmit A frozen fish
07:22:07 PMDennis_Kelley Beer!
07:22:18 PMDennis_Kelley Beer!
07:22:19 PMMichaeliowa hi
07:22:20 PMagamotto I tried to send ice cream, takes to long to get there from Toronto... sniff
07:22:30 PMGarbee No beer. I can't buy that, nor would send it across nation lines.
07:22:34 PMinvinciblemutant cat5 gang
07:22:46 PMGregInTexas awww ... no beer
07:23:01 PMGarbee Shouldn't that be at the bottom of the pile?
07:23:09 PMGarbee I am confused as to how this show works now.
07:23:13 PM_Jot_ but you're very important Garbee
07:23:14 PMpyrosrock Gorbee why cant u buy it?
07:23:28 PMagamotto He hasn't hit 21 yet
07:23:39 PMchrisreich I once transported a frozen turkey to Africa. It arrived frozen. We knew what we were doing.
07:23:40 PMinvinciblemutant sounds like boeing 777
07:23:41 PMGarbee pyrosrock: I am only 19. Need to be 21 in america to buy alchohol.
07:23:41 PMGregInTexas chmod 666
07:23:44 PMpyrosrock oh its 18 here
07:23:58 PMinvinciblemutant aeroplane
07:23:59 PMpyrosrock lololol
07:24:01 PMGarbee I don't drink alchohol anyways.
07:24:14 PMagamotto I got into trouble once trying to bring Ginger Ale in from Vancouver...
07:24:45 PMagamotto For some reason, the border guards (US) were sure it was alcoholic.
07:24:50 PMinvinciblemutant how do you remember this? robbie...
07:25:02 PMGarbee ... For more information about numbers and permissions for those interested.
07:25:06 PMJVSCC Just look it up from the "Book of Knowledge"
07:25:15 PMagamotto or the 'man' page
07:25:23 PMeclipse2 learn to count to 7 in binary and it will make sense
07:25:24 PMevermind i cant believe this, you got robbie to explain filesys perms
07:25:27 PMevermind hehehe, good work
07:25:27 PMJVSCC Su root
07:25:40 PMGarbee Kick my month away...
07:25:43 PMpyrosrock RobbieF what is it mean when its like 66x?
07:25:47 PMchrisreich RobbieF, can you have a permission of "1" so that you could execute while NOT having permission to read?
07:25:48 PMagamotto And of course, 666 gives them access to the anti-christ developer build ;)
07:25:56 PMevermind 66 is read owner and read group
07:26:15 PMevermind yah, read and write
07:26:23 PMGarbee aw, found my error.
07:26:24 PMDennis_Kelley Hillary are you lost?
07:26:25 PMinvinciblemutant for me, memorise so: read from (four), write to (two), execute once (one)
07:26:34 PMDave_Maydew RobbieF and to all, I'm building a media centre PC, and I was wondering which distro is the best to use? I also want to browse the web, email and play my WarZone 2100 also
07:26:39 PMHillary indeed.
07:26:40 PMGarbee I was giving others no permissions.
07:26:45 PMevermind robbie, just to complete that one, whats +s?
07:27:17 PMGarbee Maybe by upping that to 4 it will fix the functions the next time I make the system.
07:27:17 PMGregInTexas don't make apache www-data ... change it to something else
07:27:23 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- Will you be recording live telly via Freesat, OTA, or terrestrial cable?
07:27:34 PMevermind shouldnt be root;)
07:27:43 PMinvinciblemutant apache should be the best user
07:27:46 PMevermind aight,, ill let him explain
07:27:49 PMevermind apache neither
07:27:52 PMevermind in your apache.conf
07:27:56 PMGarbee I am a vhost, so everything under my area is mine unless my web host makes it.
07:27:58 PMevermind you find the user that your scripts should have
07:28:07 PMGarbee So I automatically own everything I install.
07:28:10 PMevermind on most debian-based distris its www-data
07:28:15 PMGregInTexas normal shared hosting, Garbee?
07:28:17 PMevermind some do nobody:nogroup
07:28:20 PMinvinciblemutant yea...www-data
07:28:39 PMGarbee I think Robbie enjoys talking about Web stuff all thet ime.
07:28:40 PMinvinciblemutant how come it is root on robbie machine, that isnt the default i reckon
07:28:40 PMJVSCC grep-skie
07:28:42 PMGarbee all the time*
07:29:06 PMevermind you can also make the owner youruser
07:29:06 PMevermind and the group www-data
07:29:06 PMevermind that way ftp uploads will work
07:29:06 PMevermind ;)
07:29:07 PMagamotto invinciblemutant- On a server, I would think it would be 'root' most of the time
07:29:24 PMevermind saying that, wanna add to your ftpd chown group to www-data
07:29:36 PMGarbee evermind: That may have just solved an issue I am having using Drupal on my local boxes!
07:29:45 PMGregInTexas except in your apache2.conf, change the www-data to something non-standard
07:29:57 PMGregInTexas but if your are on shared hosting, you may not have a choice
07:30:14 PMagamotto 747?
07:30:18 PMevermind if youre on shared hosting, chowning might be out of your scope
07:30:25 PMevermind thats usually the point where you call their admin
07:30:27 PMpyrosrock what does the x mean in permissions?
07:30:28 PMGarbee Robbie, You fixed it just explaining the numbering at the start, but the extra stuff helps as well with some other stuff.
07:30:29 PMGregInTexas right evermind
07:30:30 PMinvinciblemutant robbie, can you explain sometimes we can specify 0777
07:30:33 PMGarbee Thanks.
07:30:34 PMinvinciblemutant 4 digits
07:30:36 PMagamotto xecute
07:30:48 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, because it is octal, and the 0 indicates octal numbering
07:30:48 PMGarbee Now to setup another dev enviornment for the 8th time!
07:31:02 PMGarbee That will wait for a while though.
07:31:10 PMevermind pyros, x is execute
07:31:12 PMDave_Maydew No PVR
07:31:12 PMevermind like r is read
07:31:13 PMagamotto I am so glad I don't have to play with that stuff often
07:31:16 PMevermind and w write
07:31:20 PMevermind nother way to write it
07:31:26 PMHillary yes agamotto? lol
07:31:28 PMDave_Maydew I have Sky+ HD :-)
07:31:31 PMevermind and in your listing its like this:
07:31:39 PMrobgor xbmc
07:31:47 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- Do you plan on recording much from your Sky box?
07:31:52 PMScorpio55 A new MythTV spinoff is on the cards
07:31:55 PMinvinciblemutant that is in UK i reckon
07:31:56 PMevermind userxuserwuserr-groupxgroupwgroupr-anyonexanyonewanyoner
07:32:16 PMagamotto XBMC does not record telly ATM
07:32:16 PMrobgor or get a boxee box
07:32:19 PMDave_Maydew No recording from the Sky box as it's a media Satellite box
07:32:21 PMGarbee Boxee was good, until they stopped Developing the desktop versions in order to focus on their Boxee-Box.
07:32:23 PMGregInTexas ubuntu tv ?
07:32:24 PMDave_Maydew runs BusyBox
07:32:25 PMagamotto neither does Boxee
07:32:37 PMevermind GregInTexas, im waiting for ubuntu tv
07:32:38 PMGarbee GregInTexas: Still beta software I believe.
07:32:43 PMevermind definitely something im gonna try
07:32:47 PMinvinciblemutant i will look at it later
07:32:50 PMGarbee I havn't tested Ubuntu TV yet though.
07:32:57 PMevermind btw, most media center soft is beta
07:32:57 PMDave_Maydew P4 641 3.2GHz HT
07:33:01 PMRavenLords hello every one
07:33:07 PMGregInTexas I think they're gonna make ubuntu available on the android desktop thingy also
07:33:10 PMDave_Maydew I shall let you know :-)
07:33:25 PMDave_Maydew Cheers RobbieF
07:33:37 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- you might be able to... you could use an IR blaster to change the channel on the Sky box... connect it to the HTPC via 3-color out, if the Sky box offers that output. If you are really lucky, HDMI.
07:33:39 PMRavenLords hello Robbief
07:33:57 PMevermind btw, another interresting take on file perms, check out "chattr"
07:34:09 PMevermind chattr +i filename is a nice way to "freeze changes"
07:34:27 PMevermind i.e. helps with a customized resolv.conf
07:35:08 PMGarbee What CMS does everyone like?
07:35:25 PMevermind Garbee, a cms that works
07:35:26 PMevermind joke aside
07:35:28 PMGregInTexas I've looked at several Garbee
07:35:28 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- Otherwise, if recording telly isn't a priority, then XBMC can be very nice
07:35:29 PMevermind i do like typo3
07:35:54 PMGarbee Typo3 is on my list to look at closer, just seems like so much work to get going.
07:35:55 PMGregInTexas modx is interesting
07:35:57 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- Mythbuntu would be a bit overpowered if you aren't planning on recording telly.
07:36:27 PMevermind interresting q
07:36:52 PMDave_Maydew not bothered about recording TV as the Satellite receiver has 1TB drive
07:37:06 PMGarbee 12GB RAM is very small when I run VM's the way I want.
07:37:15 PMGarbee I need 24GB to run them the way I want.
07:37:32 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- In that case, try XBMC... You wouldn't be using about 40% of what is in Mythbuntu
07:37:38 PMGregInTexas on my web server I've used 32gig for a long time
07:37:41 PMevermind works kinda ok though, for my two vms on it
07:37:43 PMevermind test setup
07:37:52 PMevermind a deb webserver doesnt need much
07:38:06 PMGarbee VMWare has a tool, but I have found it buggy.
07:38:14 PMGregInTexas lol ... apache sucks up 10mb with every new connection
07:38:18 PMevermind +1 for vmware converter
07:38:22 PMajamison5579 If it is windows there is a tool to convert it to a VM
07:38:35 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- Just make sure that you have a nVidia 2xx level gfx card output to make 1080p smooth and silky.
07:38:38 PMevermind if you want virtualbox, you can always convert to vdi afterwards
07:38:55 PMagamotto One of my favorite backup tools
07:38:58 PMDave_Maydew The PC is a 3yr old Packard Bell iStart 2380 series with a P4 3.2GHz 64Bit CPU, 160Gb SATA HDD at present, but adding a 500Gb SATA soon, 2Gb RAM and a ATI Radeon T1100
07:38:59 PMGarbee ... If you want to give VMWare a try, it is free too.
07:39:09 PMgpop7 clonzilla for virtual machine
07:39:09 PMagamotto It has replaced Acronis True Image for me
07:39:16 PMGarbee Only for Windows machines I think though.
07:39:22 PMGarbee oh, and Linux it says.
07:39:24 PMevermind garbee
07:39:34 PMevermind yah, on the other hand, doing an image of linux is simple
07:39:37 PMDave_Maydew I was given the machine as my wifes friend said it wasn't booting... it was running VISTA
07:39:41 PMevermind dd --help
07:39:43 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- I am not sure abou the video card, but the rest sounds reasonable
07:39:51 PMGarbee evermind: If they are asking how to convert, they should not use DD.
07:40:03 PMGarbee dd is for those who know what they are typing in, else things get messed beyond repair.
07:40:05 PMDave_Maydew I have a nVidia card coming in the post
07:40:17 PMevermind oki, you got a point there, garbee
07:40:18 PMagamotto Garbee- agreed
07:40:18 PMGarbee and take drivers out.
07:40:24 PMevermind eventhough, luv ma dd, simple syntax
07:40:25 PMevermind =)
07:40:29 PMgpop7 i should have let him finish before i asked the question
07:40:30 PMGarbee dd = l337s
07:40:37 PMgpop7 sorry
07:40:48 PMevermind only two commandline options lets you clone everything
07:41:17 PMDave_Maydew I also have another machine coming to me, which is ATOM based, that I will use as a webserver and personal email server
07:41:23 PMGarbee Clonezill may use dd, but better people who are asking use a GUI to do it vs typing it in themselves.
07:41:44 PMevermind yah yah, understood=)
07:42:02 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- the atom-based box could be good, as long as it has a gfx card/set that supports 1080p output
07:42:12 PMGarbee Oh, btw... Parted Magic ( is now my favorite Linux liveCD tool for diagnostics and repair stuff. So much built into it.
07:42:13 PMDave_Maydew I just want to host my own personal site, that will help noobs and point them to Cat5tv also :-)
07:42:25 PMRyan00 Robbie is their anyway to listen to your shows on my android phone ?
07:42:34 PMpyrosrock most cards support 1080p these days
07:42:36 PMagamotto Garbee- Great little silver disc, isn't it?
07:42:42 PMGarbee Ryan00: Live, not yet. On demand, yes. You can download and copy over.
07:42:46 PMevermind never used the livecd but know parted, garbee, thx for the link
07:42:52 PMDave_Maydew The Atom based machine will be headerless for webserving and email serving
07:43:01 PMRyan00 Thank You
07:43:05 PMGarbee evermind: It is very much worth a shot.
07:43:06 PMDave_Maydew the Packard bell will be the Media Centre
07:43:34 PMRavenLords hello Robbief
07:43:34 PMDave_Maydew and I want to VNC into both and SSH too :-)
07:43:39 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, what question would you like us to ask you that you like best?
07:43:47 PMGarbee My main thing right now is no way (That I know of) to keep definitions for ClamAV on a USB key for refernce, it requires internet.
07:44:47 PMagamotto Yep, poor thing is running out of coolant
07:44:48 PMYazid1965 Just Do It! LOL
07:45:08 PMGarbee When can I go to space?!
07:45:09 PMRavenLords lol
07:45:32 PMevermind i wanna shoot some ppls to the moon
07:45:33 PMGregInTexas take it some helium!
07:45:36 PMDave_Maydew Ask Richard Branson :-)
07:45:39 PMDave_Maydew cvb
07:46:04 PMDave_Maydew caught my k/b then
07:46:14 PMGregInTexas meanwhile, all us folks that root our phones get rid of the stupid slide lock ...
07:46:22 PMGarbee Next we will have people like Kyle from KyleXY running around.
07:46:49 PMagamotto it could be worse, it could be Observers
07:46:53 PMevermind guy looks like tom seleck=)
07:47:02 PMDave_Maydew Is he a radio ham??
07:47:32 PMeclipse2 soy ooze
07:47:41 PMagamotto I was thinking Jacque Le Coq myself....
07:48:04 PMGuest_7473 When they launched, did he say " Take off Hoser"
07:48:11 PMScorpio55 Dave_Maydew check out his name on QRZ
07:48:11 PMGregInTexas Mittens!
07:48:16 PMajamison5579 they could not think of a better name then the Canadian Arm
07:48:23 PMGarbee See that childish smile on RobbieF's face?
07:48:31 PMevermind guys making our all dreams
07:48:37 PMevermind cudoes to all astronauts
07:48:42 PMevermind and cosmonauts
07:48:43 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, so when are you going to visit the ISS?
07:48:45 PMDave_Maydew You can listen to the ISS on VHF radio
07:48:48 PMGarbee evermind: Kudos?
07:48:52 PMevermind yea, that
07:48:53 PMevermind hehehe
07:48:57 PMGarbee heh
07:48:58 PMDennis_Kelley By Port Huron in Michigan!
07:49:01 PMajamison5579 RobbieF when is the first Remote from space?
07:49:08 PMGarbee I was like.. What is Cudoes?
07:49:09 PMevermind ty for correcting
07:49:11 PMagamotto Ahhh, but are they Holmes-approved?
07:49:12 PMagamotto heheheeheh
07:49:39 PMevermind it shows im not native
07:49:52 PMDave_Maydew Power Company running Windows
07:49:53 PMpyrosrock Dave_Maydew bummer i only have a UHF and a HF
07:49:54 PMDave_Maydew lol
07:49:54 PMScorpio55 Dave_Maydew ISS 145.800mhz ???
07:50:11 PM_Jot_ I wash my powercables with water and soap twice a day, so I always have clean power
07:50:16 PMGregInTexas fer sure
07:50:21 PMDave_Maydew I beleive they use UHF also Pyrosrock
07:50:21 PMYazid1965 lol
07:50:55 PMevermind one can spend alot of money on server monitoring
07:50:58 PMGregInTexas is he gonna talk about TOP ?
07:51:09 PMDave_Maydew and somewhere in the 143MHz Scorpio
07:51:11 PMpyrosrock Dave_Maydew do u know frequency?
07:51:39 PMScorpio55 ISS CROSS BAND uhf/vhf UPLINK/DOWNLINK
07:51:44 PMevermind theres something like facebook for server monitoring, i cant recall the name atm
07:51:47 PMGarbee Hillary: Wouldn't you say that is "cool beans"?
07:51:49 PMevermind they had it on ces last year
07:51:49 PMRavenLords yes
07:52:08 PMDennis_Kelley Yes
07:52:11 PMDave_Maydew Pyrosrock, PM me your email address
07:52:12 PMagamotto Isn't that all in the Webmin package?
07:52:16 PMYazid1965 easy breezy--cool beans and now Just Do It! lol
07:52:17 PMjonathon evermind, munin?
07:52:19 PMevermind servermonitoring+knowledgebase community, found the idea cool
07:52:25 PMDave_Maydew I'll send you all the frequencies
07:52:28 PMHillary bahaha. quote book!
07:52:33 PMevermind munin is another good project, jonathon
07:53:06 PMjonathon Ah I was thinking dashboards/wall
07:53:06 PMScorpio55
07:53:16 PMDave_Maydew what is your callsign Pyrosrock?
07:53:48 PMevermind someone remember these uptimed, aka linux uptime stats
07:53:55 PMevermind that was fun a few years ago
07:54:04 PMScorpio55 ISS uplink 437.800mhz downlink 145.800mhz
07:54:05 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, if you have a router, it wouldn't respond to pings because of security, so pinging your home network should normally never be possible
07:54:38 PMGarbee _Jot_: There are ways around that.
07:55:11 PMagamotto Hillary- It happens more often than you would think.
07:55:19 PMevermind talking about passwords, chrome get a password generator
07:55:22 PMHillary oh i know it!
07:55:25 PMevermind wonder if anyone would use that
07:55:26 PM_Jot_ Garbee, sure, but normally you wouldn't want such things, like in my case, if you tried to detect me on my IP, you wouldn't detect anything from my network at all, like I don't exist on the internet
07:56:13 PMagamotto evermind- yes, I can't wait to see if it passes muster
07:56:54 PMGarbee Robbie, This service is awesome.
07:57:16 PMevermind that service is indeed alot better than the one im using atm
07:57:28 PMevermind will have to test it as soon as my own website server is back up
07:57:35 PMScorpio55 Dave_Maydew must install Gpredict to find the ISS next pass
07:57:37 PMGarbee I currently have no way to monitor these things on my web host.
07:58:32 PMGarbee Well, I did not have a way to monitor these things, now I do!
07:58:54 PMDave_Maydew I use Gpredict and on Android I run Heavens Above
07:59:06 PMevermind good way to see if terminal server is reachable from outside
07:59:09 PMGregInTexas we use whatsup gold for this, but pretty neat (free) way to do it!
07:59:58 PMJVSCC Groovy baby
08:00:04 PMDennis_Kelley What is the Weather like in Barrie?
08:00:09 PMRavenLords ty i need that
08:00:31 PMagamotto I can see how it would be very useful for admin on a school network, or somesuch
08:00:39 PMJVSCC a demo
08:00:49 PMagamotto junksite.....
08:01:02 PMGarbee Hillary: You mean " Un-reliable"
08:01:17 PMScorpio55 Dave_Maydew We'll have to try for a QSO with that Canadian astronaut when he's on the ISS and sendthe recording to RobbieF
08:01:32 PMGarbee
08:01:34 PMevermind imagine you got servers behind a fw, and wanna test the firewall rules
08:01:44 PMevermind if you messed something up, the flag turns red
08:01:49 PMGarbee Yea, that is SO hard to take down...
08:03:04 PMagamotto WPS is still borked, yes?
08:03:18 PMGarbee WPS?
08:03:30 PMGuest_5413 yes
08:03:35 PMevermind waht is wps
08:03:40 PMDennis_Kelley wow that is coo!
08:03:54 PMevermind sms service messages too?
08:03:56 PMGuest_5413 wireless protected setup I think
08:04:06 PMagamotto Ok, will pass that along to my nieghbor
08:04:11 PMGarbee WPS will never be safe.
08:04:36 PMevermind what is wireless protected setup?, some replacement for wpa2?
08:04:37 PMGarbee Guest_5413: Yea, you hit it.
08:04:51 PMagamotto Hillary- Does it involve your dog eating and rolling around in something dead and fermented?
08:04:54 PMGarbee No. WPS is an *easy* and INSECURE way to setup WPA on many systems.
08:05:09 PMagamotto evermind- nah, easy 'noob' setup
08:05:09 PM_Jot_ WPS means you press a button, and then you can set up something else automaticly without entering passwords and so on for a limited amount of time
08:05:15 PMevermind and yes, you can check if your friends are online, if you get em to start a dyndns daemon
08:05:25 PMevermind friends, or think family pc offline
08:05:26 PM_Jot_ so, press button on router and within 2-5 minutes, set up your device
08:05:30 PMGuest_8106 shouldnt have been using windows!!!!
08:05:30 PMJVSCC From looken at porn sites?
08:05:31 PMGarbee Hillary, Task manager, kill all unknown processes, then run a deep virus scan.
08:05:40 PMGarbee JVSCC, Not appropriate.
08:05:45 PMDave_Maydew Food Poisoning Virus
08:05:50 PMevermind nice description
08:05:51 PMagamotto JVSCC- doesn't have to be pr0n anymore
08:05:52 PMT0B33 haha the google redirect virus? my friends got that but linux live cd came in and saved the day XD
08:05:55 PMrobgor windows lol
08:05:55 PMJVSCC From looken at korn sites?
08:06:19 PMDave_Maydew RobbieF I got asked the same question
08:06:30 PMGuest_5413 Linux is grand
08:06:30 PMGuest_6817 hope you image the drive!
08:06:35 PMevermind thats what they all say;)
08:06:41 PMDave_Maydew and I believe Scorpio55 has been asked the same too lol
08:06:48 PMagamotto I left Windows mostly due to the time wasted keeping it running as opposed to actually using it.
08:06:54 PMpyrosrock games!
08:06:58 PMT0B33 Yea my friends are taking linux in to account because of things like that :(
08:07:05 PMJVSCC FAcebook
08:07:19 PMScorpio55 FaceAche
08:07:27 PMGarbee RobbieF: I expect Viruses though.
08:07:34 PMagamotto MSE should be a part of the Service Packs
08:07:38 PMevermind best way to switch em, if they get a new piece of hw, preinstall linux and let em onto it
08:07:45 PMGarbee agamotto: MSE is rolled directly into Win 8 now.
08:07:46 PMevermind most of them figure it out quite fast if they dunno what theyre at
08:07:50 PMGarbee It is Windows Defender.
08:08:19 PMDave_Maydew I'm still using Evolution for my emails
08:08:20 PMagamotto Garbee- good move on their part
08:08:28 PMDave_Maydew not a big Thunderbird fan
08:08:29 PMJVSCC Hill that can be removed easily...
08:08:32 PMGarbee agamotto: It has been a while coming.
08:08:36 PMevermind linux not be the case, are you sure
08:08:40 PMU-AL_ The files are hidden but still there
08:08:41 PM_Jot_ Hillary, lost files? that is why you have this magical thing called 'Backup', it is really cool beans, and with it, you can restore everything!
08:08:44 PMpyrosrock i swiched i 86 yr old to thunderbird from outlook all good
08:08:50 PMGarbee U-AL_: Not always.
08:08:55 PMevermind install linux, deleting partitions to create linux ones...
08:08:58 PMagamotto Had they done that with XP or Vista, they might have kept a lot of people
08:09:06 PMU-AL_ unhide.exe and tdsskiller are good tools
08:09:07 PMevermind forgot to backup something, think profiles
08:09:37 PMJVSCC Get Mac and install Mountain Goat on it.
08:09:43 PMDave_Maydew Buy a Mac, they must have a bottomless bank account
08:09:44 PMU-AL_ Garbee it usually just hides them
08:10:01 PMGarbee Windows has been crap built on Crap until 7. 7 was some good stuff built on crap.
08:10:12 PMGarbee U-AL_: I have seen more delete than hide.
08:10:12 PMevermind if you wanna change other ppls os, also consider that youll not always be there to assist them
08:10:14 PMemiel1976 Robbyf the mac is not save
08:10:18 PMDrumstick Nice plug RobbieF
08:10:18 PMevermind they need to be able to do their stuff when youre not around
08:10:19 PMrobgor RobbieF get hillary to try a live CD
08:10:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, didn't you teach Hillary how to make backups?
08:10:32 PMDave_Maydew Garbeee, Windows in general is CRAP
08:10:40 PMagamotto What is a good way to explain the difference between a 'gateway' and a 'router' for a novice-level user?
08:10:53 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you still need backups with Linux too, so no reason not to teach it
08:10:56 PMJVSCC That is old Malware, it can be fixed easily..
08:11:02 PMU-AL_ Or run a bootable rescue disk like kasperskys recue disk
08:11:18 PMGarbee Dave_Maydew: Win 8 is far better than anything else they have put out, but due to legacy support they need to keep making it 2/3rds junk.
08:11:18 PMagamotto robgor- All of my online banking is done from a live-cd
08:11:23 PMDave_Maydew Virus exist for people who run WINDOWS
08:11:32 PMGuest_4092 I have all of my file that I cannot lose on a separate partition on my computer
08:11:39 PMGarbee Dave_Maydew: Virus's exist for people who run a computer, period.
08:11:41 PMRavenLords nop virs
08:11:50 PMagamotto Garbee- agreed
08:12:02 PMGarbee Guest_4092: Even a seperate partition can't save you.
08:12:04 PMevermind btw, that get verified link works on linux too
08:12:09 PMGarbee You need a true backup.
08:12:11 PMemiel1976 Dave_Maydew, and OS X
08:12:13 PMagamotto Paypal should qualify as malware, at least ;)
08:12:32 PMJVSCC Just read the address....
08:12:38 PMGuest_4092 I have backups on backups on backups
08:12:40 PMJVSCC from
08:12:49 PMevermind you dont do much, as long as you read your paypal agreement and understand that theyll never send you stuff like that
08:12:55 PMDave_Maydew I get those emails and ones from banks about my bank account
08:13:03 PMagamotto th... thailand?
08:13:13 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can also verify links at sites such as http://
08:13:18 PM_Jot_ whoops,
08:13:23 PMDave_Maydew best thing is, I haven't got a bank account
08:13:23 PMGuest_4092 I got burned badly some years back in that I lost files and the backups failed as well
08:13:33 PMevermind wget blocked
08:13:37 PMevermind surprise surprise
08:13:55 PMT0B33 Gnome 3 is terrible for multi monitor support :( Sticking debian back on tonight :) wow nice tip Robbie my family do stuff like this so that will come in handy :)
08:14:03 PMGarbee I tried a wget command on a server the other day, trying to just grab images... ended up grabbing their entire site by accident!
08:14:06 PMajamison5579 You can forward emails like this to and they will investigate it
08:14:06 PMGarbee Yikes.
08:14:08 PMagamotto A digital senior!!! coolies
08:14:31 PMT0B33 My dad uses ubuntu XD
08:14:40 PMT0B33 my dad does not know his too XD
08:14:42 PMDave_Maydew My outlaws use a PC, but it runs Win XP
08:14:47 PMGarbee RobbieF: Passwords on file = not good.
08:14:49 PMevermind i like the positive approach more
08:14:51 PMevermind "youve won"
08:14:54 PMDave_Maydew My Dad runs Linux too
08:14:57 PMDave_Maydew hehehehe
08:14:58 PMU-AL_ combo fix is a good virus repair tool
08:15:01 PMDennis_Kelley I have got that email from Paypal!
08:15:06 PMmaxwell6307 i switched my mother to linux
08:15:15 PMGarbee I won't move my dad off Windows.. Too much pain involved.
08:15:23 PMrobgor paypal will never email you
08:15:30 PMDave_Maydew trying to switch the wife and the outlaws is a no go area
08:15:33 PMajamison5579 Robbief forward this stuff to
08:15:35 PMScorpio55 My oldest Linux customer is a 92 yr old Australian
08:15:37 PMGarbee So many programs we need for the store and gaming that only run in Windows, and he will have large issues with VM's due to resources.
08:15:39 PMpyrosrock RobbieF my local historical scociety runs ubuntu on there archive coms
08:15:44 PMajamison5579 they investigate it
08:15:58 PMevermind sending it out 10.000 times, if only 1% clicks on these...
08:16:00 PMevermind oh man
08:16:01 PMDrumstick Nicely done!!!!
08:16:02 PMevermind fun fun
08:16:02 PMmaxwell6307 went by to fast
08:16:02 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- i find it easier to convert said people by no longer offering free M$ support
08:16:03 PMDrumstick Thank you!
08:16:04 PMJVSCC Chow 4 now.....
08:16:06 PMGregInTexas great show y'all!!!
08:16:06 PMDrumstick Bye all.
08:16:06 PMDave_Maydew Well, I must get to bed
08:16:07 PMYazid1965 send letters
08:16:07 PMRavenLords chees
08:16:21 PMDave_Maydew hoping to go and see my Dad tomorrow
08:16:25 PMT0B33 Great show guys!! See you all next week :D
08:16:30 PMagamotto Dave_Maydew- Amazing how 20 quid/hour convinces some to try something 'new.'
08:16:33 PMYazid1965 good night all
08:16:36 PMDave_Maydew Awesome show RobbieF
08:16:38 PMgpop7 great show. goodnight everyone.
08:16:40 PMRavenLords yes
08:16:42 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone
08:16:42 PMGuest_4092 now to review the past shows
08:16:45 PMRobbieF thanks Dave_Maydew
08:16:45 PMDave_Maydew shall catch you on Twitter
08:16:46 PMmaxwell6307 take care all
08:17:02 PMHillary Thanks everyone for watching and being fabulous and patient! Have a super week! :)
08:17:05 PMevermind alot of page closed
08:17:12 PMGarbee Hillary: Thanks for joining us!
08:17:15 PMagamotto Answered questions, solved a few problems... very productive
08:17:15 PMevermind same to you, hillary
08:17:33 PMevermind indeed, ground work can be fun, agamotto
08:17:33 PMGarbee RobbieF: I am installing Chrome and Firefox now to see what they say about that issue I messaged you earlier.
08:17:34 PMDave_Maydew Good night everyone
08:17:37 PMgpop7 see you next week. same time same station.
08:18:10 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - Thanks for an Awesome show!
08:19:04 PMpyrosrock RobbieF getting fustrated with the adds on the BSP
08:19:17 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, a hosts file will help with that
08:19:29 PMpyrosrock ???
08:19:38 PMagamotto I have some family members now who 'unfriended' me on Facebook because I won't fix their computers for free. The silence has been good...
08:19:54 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, your computer checks this file whenever you want an address, before asking the DNS servers
08:20:04 PMGarbee Robbie, Thanks so much for the awesome tool.
08:20:09 PMGarbee ^^ Tonights feature.
08:20:10 PMpyrosrock agamotto easier dont use facebook
08:20:33 PMGarbee Hillary, How are things going for you?... Besides systems crashing for no reason.
08:20:34 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, so in your hosts file, you can put something like '' or '' and then whenever your computer needs, it will get the address that doesn't exist
08:20:57 PMagamotto pyrosrock- too many international friends who can't be bothered with email anymore, otherwise I would
08:21:11 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, so, if you block all the ads-servers in your hosts-file, it will still try to retrieve them, but get them from your local computer ( or a non-existing one (
08:21:22 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ how do u set it up and or can u in win?
08:21:23 PM_Jot_ result: no more ads, or almost none
08:21:26 PMGarbee Robbie is so proud of Youtube able to start at specific times.
08:21:32 PM_Jot_ yep, it will be in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
08:21:42 PMGarbee Look at that little man building his community and webiste... so cute!
08:21:42 PMrobgor agamotto its a pain sometimes when u have family/friends that call you for computer problems, 99.9% its because of windows
08:22:15 PMGarbee I find about 18% of the issues I solve Windows related, the rest are poorly written software or hardware issues.
08:22:19 PMagamotto robgor- I wouldn't mind as much if they would so much as cook for me while doing it...
08:22:48 PMGarbee One of my friends moms will make me frozen pizzas whenever I want though, so that is a nice bonus for fixing her system.
08:22:52 PMagamotto Garbee- I can agree with that... save for Windows wireless setups.... grrr
08:23:03 PMGarbee Delicous homemade pizza too.
08:23:15 PMrobgor yeah they just expect it without doing anything for you
08:23:16 PMGarbee Oh god... Wireless in general is a pain in my CENSOR.
08:23:20 PMpyrosrock my personal issues are mainly hardware with some software like my ubuntu died on upgrade and havent used it since 6 manths
08:23:27 PMpyrosrock months*
08:23:31 PMagamotto I am slow-cooking some steak tips tonight... both the dog and the cat are losing it!
08:23:55 PMagamotto pyrosrock- 11.x?
08:24:22 PMpyrosrock 11.04 to 11.10
08:24:26 PMagamotto ouch
08:24:29 PMpyrosrock i think
08:24:30 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, you can google 'windows hosts file block ads' for lots of examples
08:24:44 PMGarbee Best block ads at the router level.
08:24:51 PMagamotto Yah, 9.x taught me to stick with LTS... far fewer headaches so far
08:25:04 PMGarbee Or Router and Hosts file for laptops, that way when you leave they are still blocked on other networks.
08:25:10 PMagamotto How do you block them at router level?
08:25:15 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ im suprised adblock plus dosent do it or if so how ho i add to the filter?
08:25:24 PMGarbee Just blocking the IP's of the domains, or the domains themselves.
08:25:27 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - Does uptimerobot need to be running for awhile to show any uptime data?
08:25:27 PMGarbee Just like a host file.
08:25:30 PMGarbee at least for DD-WRT.
08:25:34 PMagamotto Ahhh, I see
08:25:41 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, it won't because it's not part of the http system that adblockplus monitors
08:25:52 PMpyrosrock ah ok
08:26:44 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, if you do load up a big file, mine is about a 1MB hosts file, then your computer may boot up slowly, or not respond well when you start internet, so in that case you may want to turn off the DNS service in your services
08:27:28 PMagamotto Well, I am off to enjoy dinner.
08:27:30 PMpyrosrock did u make the file ur self or get it online?
08:27:35 PMGarbee see ya agamotto
08:27:37 PMagamotto Chat at you folks later
08:27:42 PM_Jot_ it's called DNS client in the windows-services list, it caches the DNS
08:28:00 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, I got one from the internet a few years ago, and I've been added to it, mine is at if you want to take a look
08:28:45 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ better not have a virus i dont like zip files
08:28:48 PM_Jot_ I've zipped it cause it is 1.6MB or so
08:28:53 PMGarbee Jot, may I take a look?
08:28:56 PM_Jot_ it's just one file, the hosts file, which is a text file
08:28:58 PM_Jot_ sure, everybody can
08:29:12 PMGarbee I want to see how it is configured.
08:30:08 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ u dont find things get blocked u want?
08:30:27 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, no, and if that happens, I can always search the one that got blocked, and remove it
08:30:46 PMpyrosrock yeah i see some commented out lines
08:31:01 PM_Jot_ since I disabled the DNS client from windows, then refreshing the page, or restarting the browser will load it
08:31:04 PMrobgor great show Robbie and Hillary, outa heya goto do some work, bye all
08:34:39 PMGarbee 54824 lines in that host file.
08:34:50 PMGarbee That is a lot of typing.
08:34:54 PM_Jot_ it's probably got doubles in it too
08:35:06 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ so if i reploce my hosts file it will just work or do i have to tell it to use it?
08:35:09 PM_Jot_ and I didn't do much of the typing, i used a different one I got many years ago as you can see from the date
08:35:21 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, yes, but before you do that, you'll probably want to turn off the DNS client-service
08:35:36 PM_Jot_ like I said, it can take 5-10 minutes to half an hour to load
08:35:49 PM_Jot_ cause the DNS client is just a DNS-caching-service, and it will load that file
08:36:10 PM_Jot_ so if you disable the DNS-client, it won't load that file, and won't cache DNS, but ask the DNS server directly, which it would do normally anyway
08:36:27 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ ok well i will see as i have to wait like 10 min f my com after boot anyway
08:36:54 PMGarbee I need to go get dog food. Be back soon, may chat some more.
08:37:15 PM_Jot_ you'll want to make a copy of your hosts file (which won't have much in it, just microsoft lines) just in case of course
08:37:23 PM_Jot_ it'll have only the localhost, most of the time
08:37:40 PMpyrosrock yeah renamed to *_bak
08:38:05 PM_Jot_ with that file, and adblockplus, you'll still get the 'ad coming up in 10 minutes' on the BSP, but no ads
08:38:30 PMpyrosrock yeah
08:39:16 PM_Jot_ I know people don't like it when you block ads for their income, but I figure it's my computer, I pay for the connection, so I determine what goes over the connection into my computer
08:39:31 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ hmm i could use this to block virus sites as well on other ppls cams so i dont have to rebuild every 6 months
08:39:37 PM_Jot_ yep
08:40:14 PM_Jot_ also you could use a DNS server like the ones, which block sites automaticly too
08:40:23 PM_Jot_ they also run that phishtank-service I mentioned
08:41:04 PMpyrosrock hmm i wonder if they have a published list they block so i could setup on my home server as a proxy
08:41:37 PM_Jot_ I am not sure, but with phishing and virusses, it changes about once a minute at least so it wouldn't always help :)
08:41:56 PMRavenLords lol Robbief need a beer to
08:42:16 PMpyrosrock yeah wood need a auto updating system
08:42:42 PMRobbieF You know it
08:42:49 PMRavenLords lol
08:43:05 PMpyrosrock RobbieF what kindo beer an orgonic one?
08:43:27 PMRavenLords yes same here be for i git to work on my servers
08:43:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, looks like something that RachelXu would give you
08:44:30 PMpyrosrock RobbieF how do we add a feature to the new site wish list?
08:45:07 PMRobbieF pyrosrock you do so at the wiki
08:45:34 PMpyrosrock RobbieF will look into it
08:45:44 PMRobbieF
08:47:22 PMpyrosrock RobbieF is the wiki a difrent login to the site?
08:47:31 PMRobbieF yes
08:47:41 PMpyrosrock ah...
08:48:14 PMRavenLords RobbieF whut do you thek i shode use to Remote Desktop with ssh putty or suthing als
08:48:47 PMRobbieF Remote Desktop is good ... I'd just use linux rdesktop command on my linux machines and the built in remote desktop client on windows
08:49:13 PMRavenLords ok
08:49:16 PMRavenLords ty
08:51:14 PMDennis_Kelley Has anyone ever heard of Steampunk? Something new I am getting into!
08:51:33 PMajamison5579 Robbief added a few more suggestions to the wiki speaking of the new site
08:51:35 PMRobbieF np ravenlords gl
08:51:41 PMRobbieF cheers ajamison5579
08:51:45 PMajamison5579 not sure they are viable but just thoughts
08:51:46 PMRobbieF did you check for replies?
08:51:51 PMajamison5579 yep
08:52:33 PMpyrosrock Dennis_Kelley steampunk is a theme
08:53:04 PMDennis_Kelley pryosrock - i am not sure really what to call it
08:53:33 PMpyrosrock Dennis_Kelley to call what?
08:54:06 PMDennis_Kelley what Steampunk is! its based off a role playing game is it not?
08:55:11 PMpyrosrock Dennis_Kelley i belive so but it is basicly a theme of old ond futureistic rolled into one
08:56:10 PMDennis_Kelley yes I have seen pictures of new things that are made to look antique
08:56:54 PMDennis_Kelley has anyone ever played with a Palm Pilot on linux, or put linux on a Palm Pilot
09:05:53 PMajamison5579 Palm + Linux is a tricky beast
09:06:13 PMajamison5579 I have tried using Jpilot but it is still shotty
09:06:44 PMajamison5579 now with Palm OS not existing anymore it is not likely to get any better
09:07:41 PMRobbieF
09:08:47 PMpyrosrock Ox RobbieF added my 2 cents to the new page wiki
09:09:11 PMRobbieF thanks
09:11:36 PMajamison5579 Robbief that wiki is dangerous i keep thinking of ideas my list is growing large
09:11:37 PMajamison5579 lol
09:12:35 PMajamison5579 but hey it at least gives you a good creative list of suggestions to pick from
09:12:41 PMajamison5579 which is obviously why you did it
09:12:58 PMRobbieF that's what we need ajamison5579
09:13:45 PMajamison5579 Still not sure i have any practicle suggestions but i list them never the less can not hurt to put them out there
09:16:33 PMpyrosrock RobbieF have u been to or anyone else an interesting interface if nothing else
09:17:41 PMajamison5579 Doh Robbief realized some of my suggestions are interaction based but subtle interaction oh well you can mull them over when you get a chance i am done suggesting for tonight lol
09:18:53 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ do i have to restart my computer as i am still getting the adds or am i not got them in the list as i am getting local adds
09:20:14 PMpyrosrock is RobbieF taking pics of his screen?
09:20:31 PMRobbieF sorry; skype call pyrosrock
09:20:39 PMGarbee_ Nice photo's Robbie.
09:20:46 PMRobbieF _Jot_ this beer is empty.
09:21:03 PMpyrosrock oh cause was thinking RobbieF must surley know about screen grabs
09:21:17 PMGarbee pyrosrock: What were your thoughts on the Wiki?
09:21:37 PMGarbee hahah!
09:21:44 PMpyrosrock RobbieF how so?
09:23:15 PMRobbieF Garbee, you have to keep watching the photo gallery week to week... we add new ones all the time... usually goofy.
09:23:15 PMRobbieF ;)
09:23:23 PMRobbieF not sure what you're referring to pyrosrock
09:23:26 PMRobbieF [sorry]
09:24:39 PMGarbee Eric eating pie... It is like watching a bear invade a campsite.
09:24:58 PMGarbee Except with enough manners to use a utensil.


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