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06:58:02 PMDennis_Kelley ***agamotto - Hello!
06:58:17 PMemiel1976 RobbieF site starts to look beter by the day.
06:58:21 PMagamotto I am working full-time again!!!
06:58:23 PMGWG I'll get the weather report ready
06:58:27 PMGarbee OldGuyJim, Not those lights.
06:58:27 PMGWG Hi, agamotto
06:58:28 PMDennis_Kelley Two minutes, just two minutes! Places everyone!
06:58:40 PMGarbee GWG, We don't do weather reports anymore.
06:59:14 PMGregInTexas why not Garbee ... it's Spring here in West Texas and we've had some rain!
06:59:14 PMagamotto Moline, Il. 81F, clear skies, with winds out of the SW avg 8mph... Oh, and UV index of 8
06:59:17 PMOldGuyJim Nice mug shot...
06:59:31 PMemiel1976 RobbieF that was scary. lol
06:59:43 PMGarbee GregInTexas, I'm not sure if you were here for Christy... Lets just say, things got crazy if you don't know about the dark times.
06:59:45 PMagamotto Bekah- tied the kids down?
06:59:53 PMemiel1976 lol
06:59:56 PMOldGuyJim Yeh...scary
07:00:01 PMDennis_Kelley Here we go!
07:00:03 PMHillary Get ready people!
07:00:08 PMGregInTexas I was there for Christy! I enjoyed the weather reports from around the world
07:00:10 PMagamotto Dark times? You mean all of those old server glitches?
07:00:11 PMGarbee Once robbie presses the right button.
07:00:24 PMpyrosrock yes... my sound is working!
07:00:25 PMGregInTexas showtime!
07:00:28 PMGarbee Good high five you two.
07:00:49 PMGregInTexas sound is a tad low
07:00:53 PMT0B33 and we are off.... To infinity and beyond!
07:00:59 PMT0B33 haha
07:01:01 PMGarbee We had a thunderstorm. It was awesome.
07:01:18 PMpyrosrock RobbieF fade out the theme song
07:01:19 PMGarbee Downpour for like 30 minutes. Rest of the day completely clear. So beautiful.
07:01:25 PMGWG It is currently 63 degrees in NYC. Partly Sunny.
07:01:30 PMGregInTexas I keep forgetting the postcard ...
07:01:36 PMGWG Wait...that person isn't here anymore
07:01:38 PMjaepea hi all
07:01:43 PMagamotto Garbee- it was raining so hard yesterday morning, I had to pull off the road and wait it out.
07:01:45 PMGarbee RobbieF, Theme music still going.
07:01:50 PMGregInTexas it's in the mid 60's here in West Texas
07:02:14 PMGregInTexas mo $
07:02:21 PMGarbee Sounds like Robbie is making mo $$$.
07:02:39 PMGarbee agamotto, I'm sorry.
07:02:57 PMagamotto Garbee- Don't be... it was way back when Apple was on the ropes
07:03:24 PMagamotto I made my money... and spent it pretty well on enhancing my retirement.
07:03:48 PMGarbee Robbie just invited 50 messages.
07:03:52 PMDennis_Kelley You too RobbieF, good to see you!
07:03:53 PMagamotto 0/ o/
07:03:54 PMGWG agamotto: Enhancing?
07:04:10 PMGarbee Let me go check that new site now that postcards are mentioned...
07:04:18 PMjaepea how can i make chat fonts bigger
07:04:28 PMagamotto GWG- At the time I sold my Yahoo!, I nearly doubled my retirement portfolio.
07:04:48 PMGWG My grandparent made enough to remodel a toilet when they sold their Lycos
07:04:55 PMagamotto ouch
07:05:04 PMajamison5579 ain't ? he talks about incorrect pronounciation and then uses the abreviation ain't
07:05:06 PMajamison5579 lol
07:05:07 PMpyrosrock haha thats actualy the first time iv seen it
07:05:20 PMagamotto I have had losses over the years, but nothing horrible thankfully.
07:05:25 PMGWG agamotto: You missed the show yesterday. We had interview from the NorthEast Linux Fest
07:05:46 PMGarbee Ok, History lesson on a postcard.
07:05:56 PMajamison5579 Garbee of course
07:06:14 PMajamison5579 thats the point a small glimse of a larger community
07:06:14 PMagamotto GWG- drat. I was planning on attending, but by the time I got home from work and ate, I had no energy left over.
07:06:33 PMGWG agamotto: YOu can catch it on the DL and there are more interviews next week
07:06:43 PMGarbee I didn't expect a lesson I got in an entire history class about it that I would get in a lecture.
07:06:45 PMagamotto GWG- coolies
07:06:48 PMagamotto heeheheh
07:06:57 PMagamotto 1976... good year
07:07:04 PMGarbee That probably doesn't sound as good as I am thinking of it.
07:07:30 PMajamison5579 Garbee that was far more interesting than any history lecture i ever had lol but i see your point
07:07:32 PMagamotto Nah, you are still awake... the dissertation would have put you to sleep :)
07:07:40 PMGWG Snail mail is so 1976
07:08:00 PMajamison5579 there is a new website?
07:08:02 PMGarbee ajamison5579, I live in VA, got tons of little lessons of towns and things about VA, WV, and NC in classes.
07:08:05 PMajamison5579 lol
07:08:07 PMagamotto 1976... I was learning Japanese in anticipation of our first posting out of the US...
07:08:16 PMGarbee Hillary, I never see you on the new site!
07:08:35 PMajamison5579 Garbee so did I was born in VA but still the history teachers are drool
07:08:41 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Bekah how are the kids today?
07:08:55 PMDennis_Kelley Hello GoodGuy!
07:08:56 PMT0B33 Yeah i heard RobbieF goo dthing i joined twitter its handy! :)
07:08:58 PMagamotto Hmmmm, she must be wrangling...
07:09:08 PMGoodGuy Hello Dennis_Kelley
07:09:19 PMGarbee ajamison5579, Not mine.
07:09:28 PMajamison5579 Robbief slacking on the formage
07:09:46 PMagamotto Oh wow... glad I am not near Mexico City today... eek
07:10:09 PMagamotto ajamison5579- formage, or fromage?
07:10:21 PMU-Al How to pronounce beta. lol
07:10:28 PMajamison5579 formage = dealing with forms
07:10:35 PMjaepea how can i make chat fonts bigger
07:10:39 PMWill greetings from Barrie :)
07:10:44 PMGWG ajamison5579: fromage, dealing with cheese.
07:10:45 PMagamotto I didn't think you were getting excited about cheese.... chuckle
07:11:04 PMOldGuyJim I've got some technical problems...logging of for a bit.
07:11:07 PMGarbee This commercial is SO sad! :(
07:11:10 PMajamison5579 right which is why i did not say Fromage GWG lol
07:11:23 PMinvinciblemutant good commercial
07:11:25 PMagamotto I picked two new kinds (to me) at our local Indian store this morning... can't wait to try them with dinner.
07:11:28 PMGWG I like cheese
07:11:38 PMinvinciblemutant i am using the batteries
07:11:48 PMinvinciblemutant very good indeed
07:11:56 PMGarbee Hillary, I have never heard so many random things in one sentance before.
07:12:10 PMagamotto heheheeheh
07:12:38 PMinvinciblemutant much better than those from the pound shop
07:12:45 PMGarbee and I live in the northern south, people around here say tons of random stuff at once.
07:12:51 PMajamison5579 Robbief that music on the ad sounds like something you hear on a soap opera when someone dies
07:13:39 PMGarbee
07:13:43 PMinvinciblemutant i mised the show last week due to time shift in the canada
07:13:48 PMagamotto Hmm, which reminds me... after I nail down a couple of paychecks, I need to send some dosh to Robbie...
07:14:07 PMinvinciblemutant UK will be shifting next weekend
07:14:09 PMGWG invinciblemutant: There was a time shift in Canada? What year was it?
07:14:11 PMagamotto I am just glad to hear that kevoh is keeping in touch...
07:14:12 PMajamison5579 Inviciblemutant not just Canada its in most of the US to
07:14:29 PMinvinciblemutant the end of winter time
07:14:38 PMinvinciblemutant eastern time zone
07:14:47 PMinvinciblemutant i guess
07:14:48 PMGoodGuy 82 f here today near Detroit
07:15:13 PMGWG GoodGuy: Sounds nice.
07:15:19 PMDennis_Kelley 81 F farther north from Detroit!
07:15:22 PMGoodGuy it is!
07:15:46 PMT0B33 I SECOND ON THE BACK UP BIT! lol!
07:15:52 PMajamison5579 Backups are overrated till you actually need it
07:15:58 PMajamison5579 then they become an afterthought
07:16:10 PMGWG Dear RobbieF, I have a small atom system that I formerly used for audio production. I am looking for new ideas for projects to do with this system. Do you have any ideas?
07:16:19 PMGarbee Compiling software... ugh.
07:16:34 PMGarbee ALIEN! Awesome for conversion, if it works.
07:16:44 PMT0B33 Not when you get computers and people complain that they lost all they're stuff and i have to sweat to get the stuff off lol
07:17:04 PMinvinciblemutant ligntdm vs gdm, which is better?
07:17:09 PMGregInTexas what's so hard about compiling?
07:17:26 PMajamison5579 Sounds like an extraverted email for an Intravert
07:17:33 PMagamotto T0B33- Announce to them that you charge extra for people who don't do backups... works well for me!
07:17:50 PMGarbee There are some free typing programs around... (crickets as I try to think of some)
07:18:08 PMagamotto Tuxtype
07:18:27 PMGarbee GNu Typist, TuxTyping, Klavaro. 3 I just found through a search.
07:18:35 PMGWG Wondering if for the 5 year anniversary, RobbieF will upgrade to Cat6.
07:18:41 PMWill reading messages in the chat room on my black berry :)
07:18:46 PMagamotto WiMax?
07:18:48 PMagamotto hehehehe
07:19:05 PMGarbee Robbie, They call it something else.
07:19:05 PMGregInTexas I'm gonna try Backtrack ...
07:19:08 PMGarbee ^^ USC.
07:19:15 PMinvinciblemutant what is the mainstream in the US, wimax or LTE?
07:19:25 PMajamison5579 Gwg not likely it will follow the Ubuntu numbering scheme Cat 5.12
07:19:44 PMagamotto LTE, so far
07:19:55 PMGarbee ./configure && make && make install --- If you are lucky, this will work.
07:20:17 PMGWG ajamison5579: Cat5e?
07:20:23 PMpyrosrock Garbee but it never works
07:20:36 PMGarbee Also look for PPA's in Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based distro's, they keep software updated without Canonical, and can use the package manager.
07:20:44 PMGarbee pyrosrock, It has for *some* things for me.
07:20:45 PMajamison5579 gwg lol coulb be
07:20:47 PMGarbee But most things it fails.
07:21:14 PMGregInTexas I haven't had anything fail in ages
07:21:19 PMajamison5579 so Pyrosrock I have to ask are you infact an Pyro or just saying they rock?
07:21:21 PMGregInTexas not on ubuntu anyway
07:21:23 PMpyrosrock Garbee yeah i always end up having to do some massive workaround
07:21:57 PMagamotto Sad... thankfully, the 'make' incantation usually works well for me.
07:22:16 PMGregInTexas use Software center to initially install, then update via ppa
07:22:17 PMGWG agamotto: Incantation? Do you wave your magic compiling wand?
07:22:20 PMpyrosrock ajamison5579 well my full nake is pyrosrockthisworld but it is a bit long 4 here
07:22:24 PMagamotto Sometimes...
07:23:02 PMGarbee I rolled Gentoo and still couldn't compile stuff.
07:23:09 PMGregInTexas sofware center is WAY easier than synaptic
07:23:14 PMpyrosrock ajamison5579 bet yeah it has dual meanings being that if un responsible they can cause massive impact
07:23:23 PMagamotto I keep my installs somewhat vanilla these days, it helps with compiling...
07:23:26 PMGregInTexas or ... sudo apt-get install
07:23:58 PMGregInTexas I still have to do compiles on SuSE though
07:24:01 PMpyrosrock but with some comon sense it can be a load of fun! ajamison5579
07:24:03 PMagamotto ATOM-based HTPC-like system
07:24:17 PMGarbee Hillary, it is ok to sing to kill the silence.
07:24:38 PMGWG It's a small mini-desktop size system
07:24:40 PMGWG Bookshelf
07:25:10 PMGregInTexas the achilles heal of linux ... multi-media
07:25:15 PMGWG And I haven't been around because I have been working till 9
07:25:38 PMGWG RobbieF: I have something hooked into the TV.
07:25:45 PMemiel1976_ Use XBMC on it, I have connected all my systems togetter and i can stream from my telephone and pc's to everything in my house.
07:25:58 PMGWG I have a MythTV box hooked into the TV
07:26:19 PMajamison5579 no
07:26:23 PMajamison5579 there isn't
07:26:28 PMagamotto GWG- you could make it into a dedicated box for SETI, or, or somesuch...
07:26:58 PMGWG agamotto: ATOM isn't known for processing power
07:27:03 PMagamotto Was that a cow, or a dying pig?
07:27:13 PMDennis_Kelley or a Kidd!
07:27:21 PMDennis_Kelley no wait!
07:27:24 PMagamotto GWG- true, but for something like those...
07:27:33 PMajamison5579 Saying his name backwards Kidd Eric sounds like a raper name
07:28:09 PMWill what about a live show from kidd at the party you are planing
07:28:22 PMGWG RobbieF: I asked for an Android themed song the first night Eric appeared. Still waiting
07:28:31 PMcyberSmurf I saw a small Robbie/Eric duet in a recorded episode, Eric can play that guitar!
07:30:13 PMajamison5579 Boycot Angry Birds
07:30:23 PMagamotto por qua?
07:30:24 PMGWG Just buy the paid version
07:31:05 PMGregInTexas Backtrack Linux is better with better tools
07:31:33 PMagamotto In short.... "We don't want to be shut down by the US government by fiat."
07:32:35 PMajamison5579 I hate to see the fine for the speeding ticket you get in that
07:32:43 PMGregInTexas they raised the speed limit to 75mph in Texas ... quite a bit less than 1000mph
07:32:55 PMagamotto 75.. nice
07:33:14 PMGregInTexas 80 in places
07:33:34 PMGregInTexas lol
07:33:35 PMagamotto Shame that we can't have a road system like the autobahn.... floating down the road at a nice, comfortable 110...
07:33:36 PMGarbee My car can go 125 MPH!
07:33:42 PMGarbee With the top down!
07:33:59 PMpyrosrock my car can do 55
07:34:00 PMagamotto Wow... talk about bug juice...
07:34:09 PMGregInTexas in my truck, it's way too expensive to go over 75
07:34:10 PMGoodGuy No speed limit on the Autobahn
07:34:26 PMRaffer yes but not on all of them
07:34:37 PMagamotto Raffer- Yes, sadkly
07:34:39 PMGarbee There is nowhere in the US that I know of where I can go 125MPH legally, but I do it anyways from time-to-time.
07:34:40 PMajamison5579 Goodguy so you could drive 1000mph
07:34:42 PMGregInTexas at 3.75 gallon of gas ... 60mph is fast
07:34:46 PMajamison5579 on the autoban
07:34:58 PMGoodGuy Get in an accident, the scrape you off the highway
07:35:12 PMGarbee I can't go too much over 125 though, because at that speed things start shaking real bad.
07:35:25 PMGarbee around 105-110MPH is a good stable for the car.
07:35:34 PMRaffer depends on the car
07:35:39 PMagamotto I think the fastest I ever had the Prius to was right around 100mph.
07:35:43 PMGregInTexas I used to have a firebird that would do 160
07:35:50 PMGarbee Firebirds are awesome.
07:35:56 PMGoodGuy I have been up to 143 mph as a teen in a friends brother in law 426 Hemi
07:36:07 PMpyrosrock i like driving under 30 much more fun than above that
07:36:11 PMGregInTexas it had a GTO Judge 400 high output engine
07:36:27 PMGoodGuy Wasnt the driver... Just a scared passenger lol
07:36:42 PMRaffer would be too i think
07:36:43 PMGarbee I would pass out going above 130MPH in a car.
07:36:47 PMagamotto I have always been more impressed by 60 - 0 times and distances than the other way around...
07:37:08 PMagamotto $thingIforgotanamefor
07:37:22 PMGoodGuy Go watch NHRA Drag Racing in person... The power of the top fuel cars are hard to believe
07:37:33 PMagamotto Next up, this bit of twine!
07:37:35 PMYazid1965_ $coolbeans
07:37:40 PMajamison5579 $Thingamajiganumberthingy
07:37:40 PMGarbee So Hillary is off?
07:37:46 PMGarbee I still see her on air.
07:37:56 PMGoodGuy I was wearing hearing protection and it still hurt when two went by
07:38:04 PMagamotto Robbie enjoys his cryptic variable names...
07:38:12 PMRaffer i don't see anythin everytime i start the stream the plugin dies
07:38:35 PMGarbee Some loop that goes bad?
07:38:44 PMagamotto Raffer- are you using anything like Flashblocker?
07:38:47 PMRaffer maybe
07:38:56 PMRaffer yes but the are off
07:39:12 PMRaffer last week everything went fine
07:39:14 PMGarbee ah, that is how the computer sees it.
07:39:16 PMGoodGuy it was dying for me earlier, but now it seems ok
07:39:21 PMagamotto did you restart yoru browser after you deactivated?
07:39:33 PMRaffer yes 4 times already
07:39:38 PMagamotto eeek
07:39:40 PMGarbee Hillary1, High-school math is not this difficult to figure out.
07:39:54 PMHillary1 You're right, Garbee
07:40:24 PMDennis_Kelley Hillary seems alot more interested than Christa did last week!
07:40:35 PMagamotto That would depend on how long you have been out of high school... giggle
07:40:39 PMHillary1 I am paying attention, it's a new language fo rme.
07:40:42 PMGoodGuy Don't you use an editor that color codes blocks?
07:40:46 PMemiel1976_ I just found my mistake in my PHP+MYSQL I forgot one ?> ad the end of a PHP part..
07:40:51 PMGarbee Hillary1, You are also a great co-host.
07:41:08 PMHillary1 I dont know why I'm Hillary and Hillary1..
07:41:16 PMGarbee Hillary1, You are just the 1 now.
07:41:28 PMDennis_Kelley Hillary Because you are #1!!
07:41:38 PMGWG 1 is the loneliest number.
07:41:41 PMGarbee Hillary1, You client was disconnected, so you auto-reconnected with the 1 at the end to avoid a name conflict. I re-opped you once I made sure it was still you.
07:41:49 PMHillary1 Thank you!
07:41:58 PMRaffer schei?e i think i have to watch it on miro afterwards then
07:42:02 PMagamotto Looking at this makes me appreciate BASIC that much more...
07:42:03 PMGoodGuy have to kill your ghost or do a release
07:42:10 PMGarbee You can change back to Hillary now, but may need to re-auth with nameserv.
07:42:23 PMGarbee err, chanserv.
07:42:29 PMHillary1 I yam what I yam. It's fine, I was just curious.
07:42:35 PMGoodGuy I had menu items setup to do it on mIRC, but I am using Xchat on Linux
07:43:40 PMGarbee GoodGuy, You can use xchat on Windows too. Xchat from Silverex includes GTK and the source version of Xchat. Not as pretty since it uses GTK, but still very nice and the free way to run it.
07:44:12 PMGoodGuy I am used to using mIRC, but havent chatted for awhile
07:44:34 PMagamotto mIRC... now that takes me back...
07:44:51 PMGWG agamotto: You missed me slapping Garbee around with a fish.
07:44:51 PMGoodGuy Since this is a Linux system, I forced myself to use Xchat
07:45:38 PMGarbee GoodGuy, Xchat is one of the best graphical IRC apps for Linux. Most of the other good ones are terminal based.
07:46:11 PMGoodGuy I played with Virc on Widows and I believe they have it for Linux as well
07:46:34 PMGarbee GoodGuy, virc is .NET framework based, so it is troublesome to run on Linux.
07:46:46 PMpyrosrock RobbieF missed 9
07:46:49 PMagamotto RobbieF- You missed '9'
07:47:06 PMDennis_Kelley must be Canadian counting!
07:47:10 PMGoodGuy I havent tried it on Linux since Xchat did all I need
07:47:15 PMGWG I seem to have a lag
07:47:25 PMagamotto Robbie has nags
07:47:49 PMGoodGuy I had a macro in mIRC to print a dark line to help me recall where I last read
07:47:49 PMagamotto 10 chocolate cookies... ah ah ah
07:48:14 PMGarbee The #FFFFFF on that background is killing me. New rule, Robbie must use #dedede or something similar for background color's during demo's.
07:48:24 PMGarbee Starting next week^^
07:48:24 PMGoodGuy Yellow line on a black background echoed only on my screen
07:48:39 PMGWG I rented a movie tonight.
07:48:44 PMagamotto Garbee- turn your monitor down to something like 48% brightness... does wonders for me
07:48:52 PMGarbee GWG "rented" a movie?!
07:48:55 PMGarbee What about Netflix?
07:49:04 PMGWG Garbee: They don't offer first run
07:49:08 PMajamison5579 Robbief How would you make the word title bold and the numbers not bold
07:49:11 PMGarbee Ah, one of those.
07:49:48 PMagamotto I gave up on Hulu, since they have no interest in updating their Linux clients...
07:49:56 PMGarbee This is some *really* geeky PHP stuff now.. Exploading stuff.
07:50:20 PMGWG I rented the Muppet movie for $1
07:50:23 PMagamotto Still looks like C+ to me...
07:50:30 PMHillary1 Are you a man? or muppet of a man?
07:50:49 PMGarbee Hillary1, I don't get the reference, but I have heard it before.
07:50:49 PMGWG Hillary1: I don't know. But I'm a big fan of the Swedish chef
07:50:54 PMGWG We speak the same language. Ikea
07:50:59 PMHillary1 ha!
07:51:01 PMGarbee lolz
07:51:03 PMagamotto hahaahah
07:51:05 PMGarbee Ikea as a langauge.
07:51:18 PMWill kermit for President
07:51:39 PMagamotto Chikee!!! Dorgen burken potten cooken gettin chikee!!!
07:51:39 PMGarbee
07:51:46 PMajamison5579 Explode sounds messy
07:51:51 PMGWG I say this sitting at my Mikael, next to my Besta, surrounded by Ribbas and Ekby Jarpens
07:52:01 PMT0B33 Time flies when i'm watching live feels like 30 minutes instead of an hour lol Thanks for a great episode RobbieF and Hillary :)
07:52:15 PMGarbee T0B33, It isn't over yet.
07:52:15 PMGoodGuy Parse into arguments
07:52:31 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF, have you received the postcard form me?
07:52:49 PMT0B33 Almost is tho Garbee :(
07:53:15 PMGarbee Mistakes may happen, so... Sorry if the email gets lost.
07:54:05 PMGarbee Hillary1, It is ok to say " I can't read code. ".
07:54:41 PMGarbee Better asking her for a word or object than me apparently....
07:54:46 PMajamison5579 is Erika a pet name for Eric Kidd
07:54:53 PMGarbee THe word is "now".
07:54:58 PMpyrosrock haha Garbee loving the white?
07:55:05 PMGarbee ajamison5579, You will find out next week.
07:55:13 PMajamison5579 ah new co-host
07:55:15 PMGarbee pyrosrock, What do you think?
07:55:22 PMGarbee ajamison5579, Don't say it!
07:55:28 PMagamotto {file} denotes kind of object?
07:55:38 PMajamison5579 Garbee why its on the caledar
07:55:42 PMajamison5579 calendar
07:55:49 PMU-Al onion
07:55:50 PMajamison5579 and he tweeted it
07:55:53 PMGarbee Corn
07:55:54 PMIdleChatter beans
07:55:55 PMagamotto egglpant
07:55:56 PMajamison5579 just forgot
07:55:57 PMGoodGuy parsnip
07:56:07 PMGoodGuy PAESNIP
07:56:09 PMGarbee Apple
07:56:12 PMWill pear
07:56:13 PMGoodGuy PARSNIP
07:56:17 PMGarbee Orange
07:56:20 PMagamotto tomato
07:56:38 PMGoodGuy Rutabaga
07:56:56 PMWill 4 vegtables and 3 fruits not fair
07:57:10 PMpyrosrock Garbee i always make my com blue bg with white text
07:57:20 PMpyrosrock where i can
07:57:37 PMGarbee I do all my testing with a very light grey background (on sites).
07:57:55 PMGarbee My terminals are just the default color's unless it is Ubuntu where I just need to uncomment a line.
07:57:56 PMpyrosrock yeah will i think we need some good fatty foods!
07:58:33 PMWill agreed
07:58:38 PMagamotto I made a parantha pizza for lunch today... very nice, and full of veg
07:58:50 PMT0B33 RobbieF i have a question regarding using Live Cds ... Using USB sticks to run operating systems like Ubuntu to clean out windows of viruses destroys them in time. Will i get this issue from DVD disks?
07:59:02 PMGarbee What?!
07:59:08 PMGarbee How can do you possibly do that?
07:59:13 PMagamotto T0B33- not if they are -R or +R
07:59:37 PMT0B33 agamotto thanks :) all of them are +R :)
07:59:51 PMinvinciblemutant how to win?
07:59:57 PMGarbee T0B33, All Optical discs will degrade over time, but not by usage (typically).
08:00:03 PMemiel1976_ jot will win
08:00:07 PMagamotto Garbee- some nasty bits will rewrite thumbsticks if you leave them as FAT 16 or 32.
08:00:09 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ is not here man!
08:00:20 PMemiel1976_ as he won all the prices ;)
08:00:22 PMmaxwell6307 i smell a click race
08:00:37 PMajamison5579 _jot_ has some invention that allows him to win Pogoplugs like most people get spam email
08:00:45 PMGarbee agamotto, So, rewrite the disc under msdos and reformat, then go.
08:00:53 PMemiel1976_ cua
08:00:53 PMgpop7 same station
08:00:59 PMT0B33 bye bye great show
08:01:07 PMWill bye bye
08:01:12 PMgpop7 goodnight all
08:01:15 PMagamotto Garbee- yes, but most don't know/remember how to do that.
08:01:18 PMGregInTexas hasta la vista
08:01:38 PMRobbieF thanks all!
08:01:43 PMmaxwell6307 later all
08:01:45 PMpyrosrock hey good show RobbieF
08:01:47 PMHillary1 Thanks for tuning in! What a hoot!
08:02:02 PMkyoshininja great to see you all again
08:02:04 PMagamotto Hmmm... Tuesday night. Anything good to watch on the telly in the US tonight?
08:02:06 PMGarbee W00T! is a better term than hoot.
08:02:12 PMGWG I won't be here next week.
08:02:17 PMGarbee agamotto, NCIS should be on around now.
08:02:20 PMpyrosrock so good that RobbieF got through some email questions
08:02:31 PMGarbee Sorry GWG. Thanks for joining us this week though.
08:02:52 PMGWG Garbee: All I have to do is hope one of two people quits, and I can have a better time slot
08:02:52 PMagamotto Garbee- Hmmm, ok... that does sound like something worth watching
08:03:07 PMGarbee GWG, I'm not sure if that is mean or thoughtful.
08:03:12 PMagamotto GWG- I will send good thoughts your way!
08:03:24 PMGarbee agamotto, It is! I can't though since I am behind. Need to wait for it to release on DVD.
08:03:31 PMagamotto If they quit, no karmic backwash
08:03:36 PMcyberSmurf Thanks Cat5 crew, til next time.
08:03:58 PMagamotto Garbee- I don't watch it regularly, so it will be fun to see what has changed.
08:04:20 PMagamotto Well, speaking of... I shall wander off early this evening.
08:04:52 PMGoodGuy Peyton Manning intro in Denver lol
08:11:44 PMGarbee RobbieF, Have fun killing 3 or 4 hours making a new intro video.
08:12:05 PMpyrosrock Garbee what car do u have that does 125mph comfortably i wont do 125kph in mine
08:13:33 PMGarbee pyrosrock, I was getting the "top down" mixed up. The 125 experience is with the Ford Explorer we have. The convertable is a 1999 Crystler Sebring, it goes 110 MPH max that I know of (not going downhill).
08:14:10 PMGarbee but pyrosrock 125Km/H = 77 MPH.
08:14:31 PMGarbee 125MPH is about 200 Km/h, so a big difference in speeds.
08:14:56 PMpyrosrock Garbee i know but that is fast enough 4 me as id rather drive below 30mph
08:15:39 PMGarbee We go 70-80 MPH here like it is nothing.
08:15:47 PMGarbee That is still speeding though.
08:16:07 PMpyrosrock and the only places where there is no speed limit in aus is prety much all dirt road
08:17:30 PMGarbee We have speed limits EVERYWHERE, if it is unmarked it is immediatly 55MPH by law in my state.
08:18:41 PMpyrosrock haha Garbee in my state the unmarked speed limit is 100kph and some highways are 110kph but our limits are stricktly enforced
08:19:08 PMGarbee So that is right around what it is here.
08:19:13 PMpyrosrock 5kph over and its like a $300 fine
08:19:37 PMGarbee Here though we can get away with going ~10MPH over since there is a margin-of-error on the speed radars.
08:20:10 PMGarbee I was pulled over going 17MPH over once, 3 MPH from the legal "Reckless Driving" limit, got away with it.
08:20:30 PMpyrosrock Garbee yeah ours was %10 but they changet it recently to %3
08:20:37 PMDennis_Kelley Good Night/Day to everyone!
08:20:48 PMDennis_Kelley Catch ya next week!
08:21:23 PMGarbee pyrosrock, And that is why I won't live in Austrailia.
08:22:18 PMpyrosrock haha well other than the speed limits enforced and out of dote reject tech id much rather live here
08:22:26 PMpyrosrock date*
08:23:07 PMpyrosrock Garbee we do get better cars than u guys 4 one thing
08:23:24 PMGarbee pyrosrock, Yea, but ours are also very comfortable for driving hours on end.
08:23:55 PMRobbieF how was that?
08:24:03 PMpyrosrock mm so are ours if u ignor the fact that our average car age is like 23 yrs
08:24:06 PMGarbee how was what?
08:24:48 PMGarbee pyrosrock, I have seen some foreign cars, no cup-holders, little electronics, and also smaller typically.
08:24:52 PMGarbee Not my ideal vehicle.


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