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06:58:04 PMGarbee Greetings and Salutations agamotto
06:58:20 PM_Jot_ ajamison5579, the nice thing about that is that you can do that while watching category5
06:58:27 PMajamison5579 lol
06:58:35 PMagamotto What a nice day it has been today
06:58:58 PMpyrosrock wow the chat room is moving atm
06:59:14 PM_Jot_ one minute, quick, get your drinks
06:59:25 PMajamison5579 I like the monitor setup by the way Robbief looks alot cleaner then it used to
06:59:32 PMRobbieF cheers andrew
06:59:33 PMajamison5579 and way cleaner then my desk :(
06:59:50 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
06:59:52 PMagamotto heeheheheheh
07:00:04 PM_Jot_ hi everybody I didn't say hello to yet
07:00:05 PMsmittysmit Wassup all?
07:00:11 PMpyrosrock the show
07:00:59 PMGarbee ErikaL, Great night so you are stuck inside.
07:01:00 PMajamison5579 was going to say the video looked bad but by the time i typed it, it cleared
07:01:03 PMagamotto Hmmm, new co-host
07:01:11 PMG_Dog1985_ hmmm
07:01:21 PMGregInTexas Welcome Erika!
07:01:23 PMYazid1965 Welcome abroad
07:01:27 PMchrisreich another pretty Canadian, agamotto!
07:01:32 PMcraigs YAY!
07:01:34 PMJVSCC Yay
07:01:37 PMagamotto Is it me, or do the bricks look like they have been washed?
07:01:44 PMJVSCC Yay
07:01:46 PMpyrosrock RobbieF can u turn ErikaL upa a touch?
07:01:46 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, are we going to see the microwave and coffee-machine again? Those are very important parts
07:01:56 PMGarbee Wow, been a while since I have seen around 50 people in here.
07:02:15 PMajamison5579 _jot_ the coffee machine more then anything in this house without coffee i struggle
07:02:20 PMchrisreich she said PROH-jects.
07:02:39 PMDrumstick Garbee: It's ErikaL she brought all 50
07:02:43 PMGregInTexas well, drink then!
07:02:47 PMMichaeliowa Hi RabbieF:)
07:03:33 PMGregInTexas lol
07:03:36 PMG_Dog1985_ lol
07:03:46 PMagamotto Yay, a grrl geek!
07:03:47 PMGarbee RobbieF, Keep it to yourself...
07:03:49 PMajamison5579 RabbieF? is that the Rabie equivilant of RobbieF
07:03:50 PMMichaeliowa yes
07:03:53 PMGregInTexas woohoo
07:03:53 PMGarbee I don't want to hear about this all week.
07:04:00 PMWill No
07:04:01 PMMichaeliowa shhhh
07:04:05 PM_Jot_ I think RabbieF happens when RobbieF gets rabies
07:04:13 PMGregInTexas since she was four ... oh my
07:04:26 PMmaxwell6307 agreeed
07:04:43 PMajamison5579 La la, la la la sing a happy song
07:04:46 PMajamison5579 lol
07:05:07 PMGarbee RobbieF, This is not a normal first show for a co-host. (In a good way.)
07:05:10 PMGregInTexas I was in my 30's when Windows 3.1 first came out ...
07:05:11 PMpyrosrock oh on an xbox noob
07:05:20 PMtalibcyg good evening Robbie F, Erika, and Chatroom
07:05:21 PMGuest_1541 what does that mean Garbee
07:05:23 PM_Jot_ Just one week RobbieF
07:05:32 PMchrisreich same here, GregInTexas
07:05:34 PMGarbee Someone said RabbieF and I thought " Rabbi ".
07:05:36 PMagamotto _Jot_ Skyrim?
07:05:49 PMGarbee Guest_1541, She doesn't seem as shy as most co-hosts on their first night.
07:05:49 PMG_Dog1985_ haha
07:05:53 PMGregInTexas When Windows came out, I was already a Unix user
07:06:04 PMpyrosrock ErikaL get on a computer 4 propper gaming
07:06:04 PMGuest_4209 hi
07:06:09 PM_Jot_ agamotto, Mass Effect 3, game itsself sucks (because of the story) but the multiplayer is okay, and I'm nr.1 on the leaderboards for my country
07:06:10 PMMichaeliowa Robbie I got my boxee box live on Catgory%
07:06:14 PMagamotto 'Pre-recorded, after the fact??!!?'
07:06:17 PMU-Al Welcome Erika. Ask about free food for cohosts
07:06:29 PMagamotto _Jot_- ahhh
07:06:32 PMinvinciblemutant hi...welcome to club erika
07:06:50 PMGregInTexas a record player?
07:06:51 PMajamison5579 _jot_ the game ME3 is awesome except the last 2%
07:06:54 PM_Jot_ agamotto, doesn't mean I'm the best though, just that I played so much I got that much points together
07:07:05 PMMichaeliowa HI Erika nice to have you on today!!
07:07:05 PMinvinciblemutant are you nerveous? Erika
07:07:05 PMagamotto Vinyl is starting to show up in stores again
07:07:06 PMmaxwell6307 i have 600 or so lp's
07:07:10 PMjafarm Hi all
07:07:12 PM_Jot_ ajamison5579, yep :) doesn't make sense, that last few %
07:07:13 PMGregInTexas sheesh ... I gave away my record collection in 1985
07:07:42 PMajamison5579 _jot_ but you can not trash the whole game based on the ending kind of close minded if you do
07:07:48 PMYazid1965 I still have my lps and dj equipment in the attic
07:08:03 PMinvinciblemutant first time usually nerveous
07:08:08 PMGarbee ErikaL, Learn of something called... FLAC.
07:08:13 PMG_Dog1985_ true
07:08:15 PMOldGuyJim RobbieF, there are USB players, but they're Windows only devices.
07:08:18 PMajamison5579 Robbief I hear they are making record players now for the Nestatia aspect
07:08:22 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can get record-players easily that hook up to computers, not sure if they can be used to play, but for recording the LPs to the sound
07:08:24 PMchrisreich and "Draculas' Greatest Hits" has never been re-issued on CD!
07:08:34 PMdj_mike DJing with mp3's all the WAY!!! lol
07:08:34 PM_Jot_ I mean MP3 etc
07:08:38 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF I have PL's and no player
07:08:54 PMagamotto wow
07:08:56 PMGarbee How did that get through customs?
07:09:00 PMGarbee Oh!
07:09:01 PMGregInTexas I actually have a few 8 track tapes ...
07:09:02 PMGarbee That would be how.
07:09:56 PMcyberSmurf US Dept of Defense - censors mail
07:10:01 PMGarbee RobbieF, Hoo-ra! -- If Marines.
07:10:03 PMagamotto Hmmm, who knew lower-third rule applied to postcards?
07:10:03 PMGregInTexas lol ... awesome!
07:10:06 PMchrisreich RobbieF it's the decryption key under the stamp
07:10:18 PMMichaeliowa GregInTexas: 8 track tapes that is very old. but very cool at the time.
07:10:31 PMGarbee Robbie, I do believe that is classified.
07:10:37 PMjafarm The Sony PS-LX300USB also has RCA jacks so it can probably play thru a stereo.. Look on for it
07:10:42 PMGregInTexas I an 8 track bolted into my 1958 Cadillac
07:10:50 PMajamison5579 ha Category5 is the official Tech show of the US Military that would be a cool plug
07:11:07 PMG_Dog1985_ wow GregInTexas i have 8tracks and players
07:11:14 PMagamotto I think we went from reel-reel to mini-cassette, I don't remember any 8-tracks in our house...
07:11:18 PMsmittysmit I had a '69 T-bird with a factord 8-track
07:11:22 PMinvinciblemutant r u showing your house as well robbief?
07:11:29 PMcyberSmurf Cat5 brings live video feeds from drones :-)
07:11:33 PMinvinciblemutant i thought your studio is at home
07:11:33 PMGregInTexas Actually, I still have the player/recorder ... a pioneer very cool at the time
07:11:39 PMGarbee This commercial reminds me of those sad puppy commercials on TV where the people are asking for donations to save the dogs rescued from breeding grounds.
07:11:41 PMGoodGuy a Canadian channel official one of the US Military? They have US tech podcasts lol
07:12:36 PMGoodGuy You are supposed to say Proud member of the Tech Podcast network.. If its tech, its on Cat5
07:13:09 PMagamotto Apple...meh.
07:13:42 PMGoodGuy Besides an official channel would have to have an unlimited budget
07:13:59 PMRavenLords Yo im here hello everyone
07:14:09 PMGoodGuy a quantam computer or something
07:14:18 PMGoodGuy hi RavenLords
07:14:28 PMRavenLords hey
07:14:45 PMRavenLords just got home frum school
07:14:52 PMGoodGuy I had an 8 track in my car
07:15:08 PMGoodGuy Owned a home 8 track from a garage sale, but never used it
07:15:17 PMGregInTexas lol
07:15:22 PMajamison5579 Does the iPad have an 8 Track accessory
07:15:40 PMGoodGuy No
07:15:48 PMagamotto That would be... interesting
07:15:58 PMf8tality Old
07:16:00 PMGoodGuy No user replaceable memory in I devices
07:16:13 PMcyberSmurf ... excellent. Thanks Robbie!
07:16:16 PMGoodGuy Even new iPads dont have that
07:16:21 PMGarbee Needs better lighting.
07:16:37 PMagamotto At least you weren't talking on it while in the loo...
07:16:56 PMFilk Is there an Android app for watching this show live?
07:17:05 PMGarbee agamotto, What are you talking about?
07:17:07 PMemiel1976 RobbieF I got an error when i wanted tot send a question
07:17:33 PMagamotto Garbee- filming with your phone/ipod... at least he wasn't doing it while using the bathroom.
07:17:37 PMGarbee It was smaller than that I think Robbie.
07:17:39 PMGoodGuy It was a wire cast into the backyard :-)
07:18:11 PMGarbee Don't put 11 in there, it does not exist.
07:18:17 PMGarbee RobbieF, Look at that retro intro!
07:18:25 PMG_Dog1985_ 2005 RobbieF ?
07:18:27 PMGregInTexas lol
07:18:28 PM_Jot_ wow, that's when RObbieF still had hair
07:18:33 PMagamotto Well, given that was ~6 years ago...
07:18:37 PMcyberSmurf ... will do. :-)
07:18:45 PMGarbee Episode 36 I believe Robbie. For Beryl project.
07:18:45 PMGoodGuy Isnt Compiz dying now?
07:19:00 PMYazid1965 wow I've watching for a long time
07:19:00 PMGarbee GoodGuy, It has been dieing. Only Canonical is keeping it alive.
07:19:08 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you should have written notes to make sure you wouldn't forget anything
07:19:16 PMpyrosrock Beryl was awesome!
07:19:22 PMGoodGuy I thought I read that
07:19:27 PMinvinciblemutant how to win
07:19:27 PM_Jot_ yay, Jot wins again
07:19:29 PMinvinciblemutant ?
07:19:35 PMagamotto GoodGuy- What is supposed to be replacing it?
07:19:52 PMemiel1976 Yea congraets Jot
07:20:01 PMpyrosrock wow trippy bsp is so difrent
07:20:12 PMGoodGuy I am not sure.. KDE has its own.. assume other window managers do also
07:20:40 PM_Jot_ Does ErikaL know about the backstagepass camera?
07:20:43 PMGoodGuy My kitty is sitting on a chair next to me
07:20:45 PMRobbieF she does now!
07:20:46 PMGarbee Star Trek!
07:21:01 PMErikaL it takes time to get used to it
07:21:02 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, it's on the mantle to Robbie's right if you haven't noticed
07:21:21 PMpyrosrock haha RobbieF i saw my postcard
07:21:22 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, or now to the right of the soundmixer
07:21:27 PMRobbieF nice one pyrosrock!
07:21:44 PMagamotto Good thing that IRC doesn't use a lot of data!
07:21:54 PMGuest_1305 Windows 7?
07:22:00 PMRobbieF Yes, Windows 7 Ultimate
07:22:13 PMRobbieF I have all the visuals turned off
07:22:19 PMRobbieF set for performance, rather than visual
07:22:22 PMRobbieF
07:22:30 PMpyrosrock RobbieF what is in the demo box?
07:22:39 PMGregInTexas mixer ... we use Peavey
07:22:57 PMRobbieF pyrosrock the demo system is a Q6600 with 8GB RAM, a few drives in a RAID0
07:23:06 PMledzep Can I connect this to my Ipad
07:23:12 PMGregInTexas cool
07:23:18 PMRobbieF ledzep
07:23:57 PMGarbee ledzep, Connect what?
07:24:00 PMagamotto Who knew audio needed so much processing?
07:24:10 PM_Jot_ it does if it's RobbieF's audio
07:24:15 PMGregInTexas audio is complicated
07:24:26 PMpyrosrock no it aint
07:24:31 PMGoodGuy What brand of USB 3 cards are you using?
07:24:41 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, there are no washers in that computer on the CPU cooler! That can't be good
07:24:41 PMRobbieF GregInTexas - the brand of the mixer doesn't matter really; just that it's quiet and works well. What I particularly like about is that it can be powered by 9V batteries; great for live broadcasting on the road
07:24:56 PMagamotto 9V? neat
07:25:04 PMRobbieF agamotto remind me and we'll show you the difference with the BBE Sonic Maximizer turned off.
07:25:16 PMGregInTexas that's pretty cool ... how many 9v batteries does it take to run a mixer?
07:25:17 PMRobbieF GoodGuy, the cards are generic NEC chipset
07:25:23 PMagamotto RobbieF- I can only imagine...
07:25:28 PMRobbieF har har _Jot_ :)
07:25:33 PM_Jot_ that's a pretty cheap mixer too
07:25:36 PMGarbee RobbieF, I am going through the Archive and e011 will play an episode... Does this mean all of them are 1 off above this?
07:25:39 PMGoodGuy Thank you... I am looking to buy one
07:25:48 PMRobbieF agamotto; yes, it can take 4 9V batteries. Preferably from
07:25:58 PMRobbieF
07:26:08 PMRobbieF GregInTexas 4x 9V
07:26:16 PMRobbieF Yes, the mixer is a fantastic price
07:26:19 PMGregInTexas I don't think I would ever have thought of running a mixer on 9v
07:26:24 PMGregInTexas batteries I mean
07:26:27 PMRobbieF Garbee 11 gets cut off
07:26:39 PMGarbee Robbie, Thanks for doing this show for SO long. It has been some time now.
07:26:48 PMledzep The drool factor of this setup is high.
07:26:48 PM_Jot_ mixer on batteries is great if you don't have your electricity set up properly
07:26:53 PMRobbieF Thank you Garbee.
07:27:01 PMJVSCC RobbieF are the mic you use wireless?
07:27:06 PMGregInTexas I bet so, Jot ... no humm
07:27:20 PMagamotto JVSCC- not anymore
07:27:24 PMGarbee hahaa! Ep 11. I knew that would come up.
07:27:30 PMRobbieF _Jot_ is right, yes; no hum off the bad ground :)
07:27:52 PMJVSCC What Mic do you use now?
07:27:55 PMGregInTexas that hum will drive you nuts
07:28:29 PMGarbee ... current hardware in a list form.
07:28:33 PMRobbieF Getting that info for you JVSCC
07:29:09 PMGarbee hm.. I thought the mics were in there too.
07:29:17 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i love the auido compressor but what happens if u peek the mic its self? dosent help then does it?
07:29:21 PMajamison5579 RobbieF the free wirecast software did the contest happen and your just announcing the winner or is the contest after this
07:29:23 PMGregInTexas wish wirecast ran on linux
07:29:24 PMRobbieF JVSCC our microphones are APEX575
07:29:41 PMRobbieF ironically the adapters to plug them in are almost as much $$ as the mics themselves.
07:29:52 PMRobbieF pyrosrock we can't clip the mics
07:29:53 PMagamotto GregInTexas- We have to take over the world first, Pinky...
07:30:17 PMRobbieF ajamison5579 the contest details go forth after the feature.
07:30:42 PMRobbieF GregInTexas I agree, but also realize sometimes we have to bite the bullet...
07:30:46 PMpyrosrock RobbieF what is the specs on the mics then?
07:30:46 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, too bad you recorded the whole studio-walkthrough in 320x240, and only now switch to 1080p :P
07:30:47 PMagamotto I would think that 720p would be all you would need. hmmm
07:30:57 PMRobbieF For the featureset, it's not a bad toss-up. Besides, it's a dedicated system which does nothing but Wirecast
07:30:58 PMinvinciblemutant Robbie, do you need to set the camera every show?
07:31:03 PMRobbieF pyrosrock they're APEX575
07:31:05 PMJVSCC The video of the studio is great!
07:31:19 PMRobbieF agamotto; you are correct. we will touch on that.
07:31:23 PMGregInTexas so the mics ... are they XLR and you have an adaptor to take it to USB? (maybe I missed that)
07:31:32 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant - yes, we have to set every camera (3 tonight)
07:31:42 PMRobbieF thanks JVSCC hope you get a bunch out of it
07:31:58 PMGregInTexas yes, this video is very cool
07:32:01 PMajamison5579 I want 2020P
07:32:02 PMinvinciblemutant every time, you cant save your settings and reuse them
07:32:04 PMagamotto ah ha
07:32:10 PMRobbieF The mics are multi-interface. You can switch the cable. I'm using the Audio Technica interface.
07:32:41 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant, Wirecast remembers the settings fine, but lighting, clothing, co-host height, changes from week to week.
07:32:57 PMRobbieF If I wear a white shirt, my white balance will be MUCH different from the week prior when I wore a black shirt.
07:33:13 PMinvinciblemutant ic...
07:33:23 PMGregInTexas you're turning into a TV guy, RobbieF
07:33:31 PMRobbieF ... or when Eric wears a vibrant RED shirt (remember?)
07:33:33 PMinvinciblemutant it would be nice it does adjust by itself, auto mode
07:33:47 PMRobbieF GregInTexas, I do what I do. But I try to do what I do well, for the viewers' sake.
07:33:52 PMGarbee Robbie, and this is where I left last night to get sleep.
07:33:59 PMGarbee I saw you working with this box.
07:34:05 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant, it has auto, but I do not recommend using auto settings if you want a professional looking setup
07:34:11 PMRobbieF neat Garbee
07:34:19 PMRobbieF and you were very confused
07:34:20 PMRobbieF ;)
07:34:26 PMGarbee Which is why I left.
07:34:29 PMRobbieF lol
07:34:30 PMGarbee I had no idea what was going on.
07:34:46 PM_Jot_ that's okay Garbee, neither has RobbieF
07:34:48 PMinvinciblemutant but it runs on windows only?
07:35:01 PMagamotto Still, that keeps the video nice and smooth when you are zooming for bits
07:35:49 PMRobbieF _Jot_ I do pretty well at pretending I know what I'm doing.
07:36:00 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant Telestream Wirecast is for Mac or Windows.
07:36:16 PMagamotto nice...
07:36:28 PMemiel1976_ That is verry nice
07:36:31 PMJVSCC Wirecast is kewl!
07:36:32 PMGuest_6833 Is the giveaway version for mac or PC
07:36:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't sell yourself short though, sometimes you actually know about stuff
07:36:33 PMGuest_6833 ?
07:36:47 PMagamotto Great for those times when you don't have a camera person
07:36:55 PMinvinciblemutant that panning is really cool
07:36:57 PM_Jot_ Guest_6833, whatever you can use you'll win most likely
07:37:03 PMRobbieF Guest_6833 if you win, just let me know what you're using and we'll make sure you get what you need.
07:37:21 PMinvinciblemutant how to win that piece of software
07:37:25 PMRobbieF _Jot_ I know what you were talking about farming dung, so that's impressive (most have no idea what you were talking about)
07:37:45 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant, stick around, we'll let you know.
07:37:52 PMagamotto Farming dung? I assume Entropia?
07:37:52 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, true, but then, that's about Planet Calypso in the Entropia Universe, so that's something easy
07:38:00 PMGarbee RobbieF, I spy the star trek pin!
07:38:13 PMGuest_6833 I have basically the same set up as you but my broadband sucks
07:38:17 PMGuest_6833 any suggestions ?
07:38:23 PMagamotto Of course, it IS a communicator, after all
07:38:25 PMpyrosrock Garbee i think it is actualy not
07:38:25 PM_Jot_ I finally found some common dung again, just 22 so standard amount, it didn't have any flies but I recognized it cause it was in the middle of the desert
07:38:32 PMGarbee and what is in that box on the mantle? A Geordi La Forge "action figure"?
07:38:53 PMemiel1976_ So the camera suports USB3
07:38:59 PMGarbee Guest_6833, Get Fibre.
07:39:03 PMRobbieF Guest_6833 send your specific issues to and we'll try to help
07:39:07 PMGoodGuy Where do you find cards for that price?
07:39:22 PMGarbee GoodGuy, What cards?
07:39:25 PMRobbieF Box on mantle is the Blue Yeti Pro -
07:39:27 PMGoodGuy USB3
07:39:34 PMGoodGuy $12
07:39:35 PMGarbee ah. Looks like a doll box.
07:39:45 PMRobbieF sorry;
07:39:45 PMGarbee GoodGuy, The originals were only $25 to start.
07:40:01 PMpyrosrock yeah goodguy i wish my stuf was as cheap as they get it
07:40:02 PMagamotto 720p should be fine for almost anything... 1080p on the net is just asking for bandwidth trouble, I would think.
07:40:08 PMRobbieF GoodGuy, just at the local computer shop. Canada Computers I think it was called
07:40:10 PMGoodGuy They are $25 to $50 here
07:40:11 PMGarbee But most systems don't have the bandwidth to use them fully unless they are on the newer Intel chipset or AMD's.
07:40:16 PM_Jot_ emiel1976, the cameras are USB2 but if you're going to add USB cards to a system, might as well add USB3 because it is more efficient
07:40:24 PMJVSCC RobbieF does "Wirecast" have a specific hardware specs that you must use?
07:40:37 PMemiel1976_ Thanks jot
07:40:49 PMGuest_6833 How long is this tour ?
07:40:53 PMGarbee GoodGuy, $19+$3 shipping.
07:40:57 PMRobbieF The thing about x1 cards is that you have 5 Gbit/s for the x1... so do you see the problem? 2 ports? But USB3 is 5 Gbit. So that means, if you plug in two devices, you'll get 2.5 Gbit/s per port - yikes! So that's why we're one card per device.
07:41:04 PMinvinciblemutant the crowd will create hatre in the crowd, everyone will go against me if i win again
07:41:15 PM_Jot_ Guest_6833, the show is still about 20 minutes, so about 20 minutes :)
07:41:21 PMagamotto And you just pop from one to the next... cool
07:41:24 PMemiel1976_ Jot can you leave so I can win? ;)
07:41:30 PMRobbieF unless you buy an x4 card, which gives a full 5 Gbit/s to each port... but they're over $100. Why bother, unless you don't have enough PCIe ports.
07:41:31 PMU-Al Robbie knows more than some Wirecast reps I've seen
07:41:35 PMGoodGuy Thanks Garbee
07:41:45 PM_Jot_ emiel1976_ I'll just widdle some more wooden shoes or something
07:41:53 PMGarbee
07:42:03 PMGarbee ^^ Technical Specs for Wirecast.
07:42:16 PMRobbieF _Jot_ yes, but also because they're so cheap... why bother with USB2 anymore?
07:42:32 PMRobbieF JVSCC it's a bit of trial and error, but there are minimums, yes.
07:42:45 PMGregInTexas anyone know how WebcamStudio compares to wirecast?
07:42:46 PMRobbieF Guest_6833 it is 28 minutes in total.
07:43:14 PMRobbieF Cheers U-Al
07:43:15 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, cause the USB3 card will have a 20 (19 pin really) connector for internal use, that the USB2 connectors for the computer won't connect to :P
07:43:28 PMpyrosrock RobbieF is a little behind the chat room
07:43:30 PMemiel1976_ _Jot_ Are you dutch?
07:43:36 PMagamotto I now understand why you like this software!
07:43:38 PM_Jot_ emiel1976_, yes
07:43:39 PMRobbieF GregInTexas that's probably a good question for the Telestream forums.
07:43:55 PMGoodGuy Garbee, that USB3 card wasnt using the NEC chipset, is it?
07:43:56 PMemiel1976_ _Jot_ dat is mooi ik ook.
07:43:58 PMGarbee _Jot_, For the Internal cards yes, but the PCI-E speced ones work fine.
07:43:59 PMRobbieF I'm finally caught up :)
07:44:07 PMGregInTexas I typed in alternatives to wirecast in Linux
07:44:08 PMagamotto _Jot_- I was sad to see that RNL decided to cancel 'In From Holland/'
07:44:15 PMRobbieF yes GoodGuy; NEC
07:44:18 PMRobbieF oh
07:44:20 PMRobbieF mine are NEC
07:44:22 PMGarbee GoodGuy, What does it matter?
07:44:24 PMRobbieF sorry; misread
07:44:26 PM_Jot_ agamotto, no idea what that is, sorry :)
07:44:37 PMGarbee " Based on Asmedia ASM1042 USB 3.0 Host Controller IC "
07:44:42 PMGoodGuy I saw RobbieF said he used a NEC chipset
07:44:48 PMGarbee Right under Specifications on the Newegg page.
07:44:56 PMGregInTexas I'm going to have to watch this video again ...
07:44:59 PMRobbieF I don't know if it matters GoodGuy; it's just the cards they had in stock
07:45:02 PMGarbee NEC was the first chipset to market, more have come around since hten.
07:45:06 PMagamotto _Jot_- telly show that features stories about what is going on in Holland in English.
07:45:08 PM_Jot_ emiel1976, I knew one of those dots on the category5 viewer-page was you
07:45:20 PMGoodGuy I havent kept up on what the popular chipset was.... one was supposedly better than the others
07:45:52 PMGarbee RobbieF, Currently the only think that really matters with USB3 is if you motherboards chipset has enough bandwidth to support the speed. The controllers all work well from what I have read.
07:46:01 PMpyrosrock yeah RobbieF i only get 1100kbs down :(
07:46:11 PMGarbee pyrosrock, I weep for you.
07:46:11 PMemiel1976_ _Jot_ it is not on the right spot. I live in Helmond
07:46:18 PMbull422__ It's really weird. I try to watch on my Kindle Fire and only Backstage Pass works
07:46:20 PMGoodGuy Since you use it, I( can be certain it works with Linux
07:46:46 PMGarbee bull422__, Because the main stream is on try
07:47:02 PM_Jot_ emiel1976, internet isn't always precise, it usually shows your ISP-location instead of yours, in my case it does show a dot where I am
07:47:05 PMpyrosrock bull422__ strange try the ustreem popout player
07:47:14 PMagamotto Moving it to Justin does wonders for Robbie's servers
07:47:16 PMRobbieF bull422__ you should be using on that device?
07:47:38 PMU-Al Did you mention Desktop Presenter
07:47:45 PMemiel1976_ Yea but it shows that I am from the Netherlands so that is ok.
07:48:04 PMajamison5579 I wish i could stream games those guys make over 900 a month just streaming their games
07:48:08 PMSumone WOW! : o Thanks RobbieF. : ) Rock On!
07:48:08 PMajamison5579 pretty sweet
07:48:15 PMGregInTexas that was an awesome video, RobbieF
07:48:20 PM_Jot_ good thing about category5 is that it welcomes people from all over the world, so you don't have to be from The Netherlands to watch :)
07:48:23 PMYazid1965 That was great
07:48:24 PMJVSCC That was a great video RobbieF
07:48:28 PMbull422__ @RobbieF I get a black screen and no sound
07:48:35 PMU-Al That was a great demonstration
07:48:40 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF yes I did
07:48:45 PMagamotto RobbieF- So, what DOES it sound like w/o the sound processor?
07:48:46 PMinvinciblemutant cool
07:48:50 PMT0B33 Wow that was incredible!!!!! :O Thanks RobbieF!!! :D
07:48:52 PMinvinciblemutant well done robbie
07:48:53 PMajamison5579 Robbief is there an Audio equalizer on Wirecast
07:48:55 PMGarbee bull422__, No kindle fire support for the main live stream yet.
07:49:07 PMcyberSmurf thanks Robbie, amazing set-up and production you put on.
07:49:14 PMGregInTexas sounds like you're in a bucket
07:49:17 PMGarbee RobbieF, It does sound better.
07:49:17 PM_Jot_ bull422__ the mobile site is mostly made at this time for i-devices at the moment, so it might not work for all of them
07:49:18 PMthiebaude RobbieF, this was very good, Thanks :)
07:49:18 PMagamotto Hmm, sounds like a bad .mp3
07:49:21 PMJVSCC more robust!
07:49:31 PMGarbee It maximizes sonic stuff.
07:49:40 PMOldGuyJim This has been super-cool.
07:49:45 PMGregInTexas lol
07:49:47 PMagamotto All w/o Autotune... thankfully
07:49:54 PMthiebaude what a tour RobbieF
07:50:16 PMDave-Maydew Ooops I'm late
07:50:25 PMinvinciblemutant can do it next time?
07:50:39 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew- Yep, that whole daylight-saving thing
07:50:40 PMGarbee Does she use Black Magic?
07:50:49 PMGregInTexas you can watch most of the show offline, Dave-Maydew
07:50:52 PMbull422__ Ok. Chrome OS is flaky also. It works great on Ubuntu 11.04
07:50:54 PMdj_mike @ErikaL Good job! Keep Robbie on his feet lol
07:51:29 PMDave-Maydew Agamotto yeah that and messing with my new Ham Radio gear :-)
07:51:32 PMemiel1976_ RobbieF I want Cat5 on my tv and than I mean the live stream is there an option to do that?
07:51:36 PMJVSCC Wow even Ericka has a studio Tools!
07:51:36 PMagamotto For most vodcasts, why would you need anything above 720p?
07:51:39 PMGarbee I got Robbies IP now!
07:51:55 PM_Jot_ I'm so hacking that IP!
07:52:17 PM_Jot_ oh wow, there's no password on that IP even, I got right in
07:52:19 PMGarbee emiel1976_, What devices do you have plugged into your TV with an internet connection?
07:52:25 PMagamotto emiel1976_- does your telly have a built-in web browser?
07:52:28 PMemiel1976_ I will say _Jot_ did it.
07:52:30 PMthiebaude Hi RobbieF thanks
07:52:45 PMpyrosrock emiel1976_ is it a smart tv? otherwise go through a com
07:52:49 PMGarbee No, you are in a basement with mold ErikaL.
07:52:54 PMMichaeliowa lol
07:52:54 PMU-Al Frre food?
07:53:00 PMU-Al Free Food
07:53:04 PMagamotto Hoda and Kathy-Lee mixing drinks...
07:53:04 PMemiel1976_ No I stream now to my tv with uPnP
07:53:08 PMOldGuyJim The best part is the furry foot warmer!
07:53:09 PMGuest_7788 I was late too :-(
07:53:09 PMinvinciblemutant Robbie, i thought you will show us the room, you will be coming in from outside the building
07:53:34 PMDave-Maydew 1080i & 1080p picks up blemishes
07:53:48 PMemiel1976_ But I don't get live stream to it. so i was hoping that there was software for because I can do it with Youtube.
07:54:05 PMthiebaude goodnight everyone and RobbieF time to makedinner :)
07:54:35 PMagamotto I suppose, but given that most people watch them on screens smaller than 40"... I just don't see the point, but that is me.
07:54:41 PMJVSCC LOL
07:54:42 PMDave-Maydew hahahaha
07:54:49 PMemiel1976_ The pc that I have now connected to my tv is to slow so I don't use it but I am looking for something like that
07:54:53 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I think ErikaL should win it, cause she sounds like she can really use it, so can I play for her?
07:55:16 PMGarbee RobbieF, Do an Ubuntu giveaway...
07:55:48 PMemiel1976_ Garbee that is a good one.
07:55:56 PMGregInTexas roughly how much does it cost to build a studio like yours, RobbieF?
07:55:57 PMGuest_6102 Howdy, is it live now?
07:55:59 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you said contest@category5 first and then contact@category5
07:56:05 PMpyrosrock Garbee a full working ubuntu install sounds like a good prize
07:56:08 PMDave-Maydew Garbee, what can he give away for Ubuntu??
07:56:33 PMagamotto GregInTexas- i would guess somewhere around $8000
07:56:57 PMDave-Maydew Yeah - live now
07:56:59 PMledzep Where do you buy your cabling supplies?
07:57:06 PMGregInTexas one long upgrade process
07:57:06 PMGarbee Now go watch from Episode 1 to now...
07:57:23 PMOldGuyJim g'nite.
07:57:24 PMcyberSmurf Robbie 'boot-strapped' his production empire.
07:58:00 PMcyberSmurf Great success story.
07:58:14 PMDrumstick Thanks!!!
07:58:17 PMGarbee ... Contribute to this please guys, need more stuffs.
07:58:37 PMDrumstick Its been fun to watch RobbieF.
07:58:40 PMemiel1976_ Party
07:58:41 PMGoodGuy Have you ever watched the Dr Bill Netcast?
07:58:42 PMGuest_6833 UK
07:58:44 PMemiel1976_ Netherlands
07:58:44 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, The Netherlands, of course
07:58:45 PMpyrosrock australia
07:58:46 PMGregInTexas I will have been watching for 2 years in Sept ...
07:58:48 PMGarbee I'm joining you from the Cat5 Wiki Robbie!
07:58:48 PMDave-Maydew Dudley UK
07:58:48 PMajamison5579 Michigan US
07:58:48 PMMrLuluapples Florida
07:58:50 PMagamotto Moline, Il. USA
07:58:51 PMinvinciblemutant well done
07:58:51 PMGuest_7788 Barrie
07:58:51 PMYazid1965 Clifton ,NJ
07:58:51 PMmaxwell6307 CFobourg Ontario
07:58:51 PMT0B33 Wales :D
07:58:53 PMU-Al Pittsburgh Pa.
07:58:54 PMDrumstick Georgia US
07:58:54 PMdj_mike Fort Myers, FL USA
07:58:55 PMJVSCC All I need is a camera, a computer and an internet connection to create the stream of my own beautiful productions
07:58:55 PMgpop7 gpop7 chicago,il
07:58:56 PMSumone boulder Colo
07:58:57 PMbull422__ Macon, GA USA
07:58:57 PMMichaeliowa Iowa
07:58:57 PMinvinciblemutant i m in uk
07:59:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, or do you mean Planet Calypso?
07:59:02 PMGregInTexas TEXAS!!
07:59:03 PMcraigs The People's Republic of Brooklyn, NY USA
07:59:06 PMcyberSmurf Silicon Valley
07:59:07 PMinvinciblemutant it is almost 1am here
07:59:09 PMGoodGuy He has good video quality and it didnt sound like he spent a great deal
07:59:11 PMFilk Innisfil, ON
07:59:19 PMrdstreets South Carolina
07:59:26 PMlonestar1 Hi - Robbie and Crew,,,Just upgraded to VB 4.1.10 ...Now I can't get mint 11 full screen?? guest additions ARE installed..WHY?
07:59:27 PMbull422__ Is that Uncle Al
07:59:30 PMMrLuluapples :)
07:59:33 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, you can't ski in the heat like that though
07:59:33 PMJVSCC And Wirecast from Telestream.
07:59:36 PMGarbee My mom is in Texas for a conference... I'm in VA. This is sad.
07:59:37 PMchrisreich Rochester, New York
07:59:43 PMdj_mike Warm? it;s HOT!!!! LOL
07:59:48 PMJVSCC Alvarado TEXAS
07:59:56 PMGoodGuy Hey we beat FL a few days ago.. I have a friend in Naples FL and Detroit was actually warmer
07:59:58 PMemiel1976_ Here it is 2 am
08:00:04 PMGarbee 7:59PM here.
08:00:08 PMGarbee well just hit 8PM.
08:00:13 PMGoodGuy Nice while it lasted which wasnt long
08:00:33 PMGoodGuy Low 30's last night, so back to earth we came
08:00:33 PMdj_mike If anyone is a DJ online let me know and you can email me at Please no spam!
08:00:38 PMGregInTexas know what Robbie ... this has been a really great show!
08:00:39 PMpyrosrock nite ErikaL RobbieF
08:00:40 PMJVSCC Nice meeting/seeing you Ericka!
08:00:55 PMJVSCC Wow a real Teckno Chic!
08:00:59 PMT0B33 Thank you RobbieF and ErikaL :D Great show as allways
08:00:59 PMGoodGuy Do you mend broken limbs ErikaL ?
08:01:00 PMYazid1965 Good Night All :)
08:01:01 PMDrumstick Night all.
08:01:02 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, by the way, how many trees did you hit while making the commercial?
08:01:03 PMgpop7 Good show.
08:01:09 PMGarbee ErikaL, Great job tonight!
08:01:13 PMSumone Thank You RobbieF & Erika
08:01:18 PMemiel1976_ Good night
08:01:18 PMMrLuluapples I feel bad that I missed the show.
08:01:24 PMagamotto Wow, that was a lot of info...
08:01:25 PMGarbee See everyone in the after-party.
08:01:26 PMchrisreich All my best to everyone. Even pyrosock.
08:01:28 PMErikaL yes i deliver people to the first aid hut
08:01:29 PMRobbieF Thank you everyone!
08:01:43 PM_Jot_ MrLuluapples, no worries, you can always watch it back from tomorrow, as many times as you like
08:01:45 PMGoodGuy Help.. I have fallen and cant get up because I broke a few arthritic limbs in the process :-)
08:01:46 PMgpop7 Have a good evening Erika
08:02:02 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF very good show tiday!!
08:02:02 PMcyberSmurf Thanks Robbie and Erica !
08:02:02 PMledzep U-AL Welcome to Canada.
08:02:06 PMDave-Maydew 12mins early
08:02:11 PMgpop7 Good night everyone
08:02:13 PMRobbieF thanks Michaeliowa
08:02:14 PMErikaL good night to everyone i really enjoyed the show
08:02:14 PMJVSCC Another great show guys!
08:02:16 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone
08:02:18 PMpyrosrock ErikaL haha iv had to do that before... i also teach ppl to ski
08:02:19 PMMrLuluapples I know, but I have been trying to catch a live broadcast. Oh well, next tuesday I guess :)
08:02:25 PMmaxwell6307 Later all
08:02:28 PMMichaeliowa that is today
08:02:31 PMDave-Maydew Scorpio fancy a chat on Echolink??
08:02:35 PMGregInTexas see y'all later !!
08:02:35 PMinvinciblemutant what a great show...thanks for sharing robbie
08:02:38 PMGoodGuy I watched James Bond on skis
08:02:49 PMGoodGuy If that counts.. Oh its fake
08:02:49 PMErikaL well any skiing tips let me know ! im sure i can teach you a thing or to
08:02:58 PMJVSCC Chow 4 Now....
08:03:08 PM_Jot_ MrLuluapples what I usually do is watch the page before, it has a timer, and then an hour or two before I put on the backstagepass and main-view, with the sound on, so even if I am doing something else I'll hear it start
08:03:15 PMinvinciblemutant erika breathing was too wrong honestly
08:03:16 PMledzep Keep your head looking at the fall line.
08:03:21 PMinvinciblemutant strong
08:03:24 PMpyrosrock ErikaL learn to ski on XC skis
08:03:31 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, good skiing-tip: Don't ski into anything and learn how to stop
08:03:43 PMErikaL PIZZAAA ! stop
08:03:44 PMinvinciblemutant otherwise, prefect
08:03:51 PMagamotto XC... now that is a work out
08:03:55 PMMrLuluapples What was the URL for episode 1?
08:03:55 PMErikaL thats what i yell skiiing down the hill
08:04:00 PMledzep We still have snow in the Laurentians.
08:04:20 PMpyrosrock agamotto yes it can be
08:04:36 PMcyberSmurf Erika - what's the best downhill skiing in the Barrie vicinity?
08:04:46 PMErikaL well i can say that i taught some lessons and left the hill and had to change into shorts right after
08:04:49 PMGoodGuy When I was 16, my girlfriend coaxed me into trying water skiing... since I cant swim, I didnt do too well getting up on plane
08:05:04 PMinvinciblemutant it is too late now guys
08:05:10 PMRobbieF thanks for sticking around invinciblemutant
08:05:13 PMRobbieF nice to see you
08:05:15 PMinvinciblemutant gonna go off
08:05:16 PMGoodGuy Who wants their gf to see they are such a sissy lol
08:05:17 PMErikaL no water skiing was tragic for me i rather be on snow
08:05:19 PMagamotto I am out of here folks... need to do some laundry.
08:05:21 PMledzep La Riviere St Francois is a great hill.
08:05:26 PMinvinciblemutant good show...
08:05:27 PMRobbieF night agamotto
08:05:29 PMRobbieF thanks
08:05:34 PMinvinciblemutant good night
08:05:40 PMErikaL night agamotto
08:06:16 PMMichaeliowa good bye RobbieF and ErikaL you gave a good week!!
08:06:21 PMpyrosrock well im guna go get some morning tea be back in 10
08:06:23 PMGoodGuy Years later I met her in a mall with my wife.... she said she went sky diving like she said she wanted to do.... I would have chickened out on that
08:06:33 PMRobbieF night Michaeliowa
08:06:35 PMRobbieF thank you
08:06:43 PMErikaL goodguy i'm sure your gf would have taken care of you
08:06:53 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, you'll learn very quickly once they push you out the plane :P
08:07:34 PMGoodGuy Yeah a shovel and a nice headstone... Here lies an idiot who died trying to impress a girl lol
08:08:06 PMGoodGuy Only if I got on the plane to begin with
08:08:39 PMpyrosrock ah no sky diving is more fun than scary
08:09:19 PMGoodGuy I dont care for heights in a building.. far less outside in a free fall
08:09:43 PM_Jot_ it's not heights that should be the problem, it's the sudden stop at the bottom if you fall
08:09:50 PMGoodGuy True lol
08:10:35 PMMrLuluapples Yikes!
08:11:40 PMpyrosrock no it is only scary when u are sitting on the plane and u think u will hit the ground in 2 seconds
08:12:00 PM_Jot_ if that happens, and you're not the pilot, then there's nothing you can do anyway, so why worry about it
08:12:08 PMpyrosrock once u relise it will take a while to get to the ground it is fun
08:12:11 PMGuest_3826 hi
08:12:17 PM_Jot_ hi guest_3826
08:12:25 PMGoodGuy It takes awhile to descend, doesnt it?
08:12:47 PMGoodGuy I mean inside an airplane
08:13:14 PM_Jot_ yep, sometimes you can't even tell untill you're on the ground
08:13:31 PMGuest_3826 Do you guys plan do a show on SQL?
08:14:02 PMMrLuluapples Oooh, I need that.
08:14:06 PM_Jot_ if there's enough interest in it, I'm sure RobbieF would do a show about it
08:14:15 PM_Jot_ of course he needs to learn about things too
08:15:24 PMMrLuluapples Sorry gus, I gotta figure out what is cooking my CPU right now. I could fry a burger on this laptop. See ya later.
08:16:02 PMpyrosrock i want RobbieF to do a show on setting up a squid proxy on a ubuntu home server
08:16:44 PM_Jot_ just email to with questions and such
08:16:50 PMpyrosrock haha
08:17:32 PMGuest_3826 Is there app for the show on Android phones?
08:18:05 PM_Jot_ there is
08:18:21 PMpyrosrock not reli just ^
08:18:54 PMpyrosrock good work _Jot_
08:20:08 PM_Jot_ have a great week ErikaL (since you're getting ready to leave and such)
08:21:49 PMMrLuluapples Ok
08:29:06 PMErikaL yes you to JOt it was nice to be on the show
08:29:51 PMinvinciblemutant hi guy
08:29:53 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, you did great, and it was nice of you to be there
08:29:55 PMinvinciblemutant cant sleep still
08:30:04 PMinvinciblemutant i am using ubuntu 12.04
08:30:13 PMinvinciblemutant the performance is a bit lagging
08:30:16 PMpyrosrock i cant
08:30:18 PM_Jot_ is that why you can't sleep, invinciblemutant?
08:30:31 PMinvinciblemutant no...installed that days ago
08:30:50 PMinvinciblemutant just feel guilty not sharing this info
08:31:04 PMinvinciblemutant so just pop up to tell you guys..:P
08:31:16 PMpyrosrock haha nice
08:31:28 PMErikaL thanks have a good night guys
08:31:43 PM_Jot_ thanks ErikaL
08:31:51 PMinvinciblemutant bye erika
08:31:51 PMErikaL im off to watch my band play tonight !
08:32:01 PMinvinciblemutant see you again next time
08:32:08 PMErikaL Yes for sure
08:32:26 PM_Jot_ now we have to remember to ask how the band was :)
08:32:34 PMpyrosrock ErikaL what ur a band manager now?
08:32:54 PMErikaL yeah im not kidding i do evrything
08:33:00 PMGuest_3826 good bye
08:33:07 PMT0B33 Garbee where is episode one of category5 i cant find them on the site or youtube :(
08:33:08 PMErikaL i have no time for anything \
08:33:46 PMpyrosrock um it was disscussed during the show
08:33:51 PMpyrosrock hang on
08:33:57 PM_Jot_ I didn't write down the URL, sorry
08:34:33 PMpyrosrock
08:34:42 PMpyrosrock i belive
08:35:34 PM_Jot_ yes, and then change the last 3 numbers to what episode you want
08:35:55 PMT0B33 Thanks Pyrosrock and everyone :D
08:36:58 PMpyrosrock np T0B33
08:39:14 PMRobbieF Alright; all settled. Erika will be returning to us on Tuesday May 1st.
08:39:47 PM_Jot_ time to update my calender... Oh wait, cat5 has it's own one, phew, I don't have to do anything
08:40:37 PMRobbieF We win again.
08:40:52 PM_Jot_ always :)
08:41:02 PMpyrosrock yes RobbieF im glad to report since i added a email reminder to my calander via ur calander i havent missed a vive show
08:41:10 PMpyrosrock Live*
08:41:12 PM_Jot_ that is, untill 'Jot, we have decided that from now on it's your job to update the calendar'
08:41:37 PMRobbieF pyrosrock that's very cool
08:42:01 PMRobbieF send in a screencast if you'd like to show others how to do it. We'll put it up on our site.
08:42:43 PMpyrosrock hmm RobbieF that requires knowing how i did it :P
08:42:48 PMpyrosrock ill look into it
08:42:49 PMGarbee It hasn't been a week. I am officially ticekd off at my sister moving back in.
08:42:52 PMRobbieF ha pyrosrock
08:43:27 PMajamison5579 OK I am baffled once again by Project Management
08:43:29 PMajamison5579 go figure
08:43:58 PMT0B33 beryl that rings a bell.......
08:44:18 PMajamison5579 its a bit like trying to stear a run away car toward the less damage causing barrier
08:44:30 PMajamison5579 its gonna crash ethier way thats me with Project Management
08:44:42 PM_Jot_ while the car has no wheel because it was removed by managment, right?
08:45:00 PMajamison5579 lol yeah it was not included in the scope
08:45:33 PMajamison5579 I just hope to at least pull off a passing grade here this class sucks
08:45:38 PMajamison5579 big time
08:47:35 PMajamison5579 which i still think is a huge waste of my time but oh well /complaint
08:48:35 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i will have to install a fully working ubuntu instance 4 the screencast
08:48:55 PMajamison5579 How long is the free trial of WIrecast Robbief
08:49:08 PMpyrosrock RobbieF or is there a easy way to screencast from a vb
08:49:10 PMajamison5579 2 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes what
08:49:11 PMpyrosrock ?
08:49:13 PMGarbee ajamison5579, It doens't have a "time" it adds a watermark.
08:49:31 PMGarbee let me go check just to make sure though.
08:51:13 PMajamison5579 what is a audio watermark?
08:52:47 PMGarbee "Recorded with wirecast" in the background?
08:53:00 PMRobbieF constant screaming babies
08:53:15 PMDJMike RobbieF, Two questions. Where did the name of the show come from and where are you broadcasting in? Looks like a living room maybe.
08:53:19 PMajamison5579 lol I do not care much for the video watermark when testing
08:53:20 PMRobbieF It means that as you use it you'll ocasionally hear "This is create with the trial version of Wirecast"
08:53:29 PMajamison5579 ah
08:53:44 PMRobbieF DJMike show name is from a cable, and we broadcast in a basement studio.
08:54:00 PMRobbieF (the original board voted on names, this is what they chose)
08:54:02 PMGarbee Mike must have not seen the original logo.
08:54:20 PMajamison5579 Robbief from a cable really ? I thought you were named after the strongest classification of tornado
08:54:22 PMDJMike DUH! Cat 5 cable lol
08:54:28 PMajamison5579 lol
08:54:50 PMpyrosrock or cat6
08:54:51 PMRobbieF Didn't have the same ring.
08:55:07 PMajamison5579 In yo face with Linux TV
08:55:19 PMDJMike Garbee no I havent :)
08:55:24 PMajamison5579 Sheetz excellent
08:55:28 PMajamison5579 love that place
08:55:35 PMGarbee Well, the *original* purpose was all kinds of tech support... It just turned Linux heavy.
08:55:53 PMajamison5579 i know
08:57:33 PMpyrosrock sarcasim just dosent work in a chat roob does it ajamison5579 ?
08:58:04 PMajamison5579 how errie
08:58:29 PMajamison5579 the audio water mark is this creepy ladies voice saying "This is a demonstration of wirecast" every 30 seconds
08:58:52 PMpyrosrock mm thats kinda anoying
08:59:06 PMRobbieF annoying enough to BUY it? :)
08:59:20 PMGarbee I could just hack it.
08:59:20 PMRobbieF it's good enough to let you see how it works (although my demo should help you with that), and then buy :)
08:59:22 PMpyrosrock but i love it how the free verson has extra features to the payed verson
08:59:46 PMpyrosrock no watter marks in the payed verson
08:59:51 PMajamison5579 yeah just a bit annoying the lady is very monotone and sounds creepy
09:00:00 PMGarbee Oh Robbie, Did you happen to get my comment just before the show, the one saying "Should I start kicking people who call you "Rob"?" ?
09:00:05 PMajamison5579 probably computer generated
09:00:24 PMGarbee I think that is a real person actually.
09:01:09 PMajamison5579 they just told her to be as creepy as possible to scare customers into buying lol
09:01:32 PMGarbee They also wanted it to "blend in", that is the simplest way to do it.
09:01:47 PMpyrosrock no i think a less monotone voive wood be more creepy
09:02:03 PMGarbee Would?
09:02:28 PMGarbee scratch that.
09:02:29 PMRobbieF heh Garbee, didn't get that comment no... but thanks for defending my honour!
09:02:31 PMGarbee All chatrooms*
09:02:35 PMpyrosrock u know what i mean therefore my point rests
09:02:48 PMGarbee Robbie, I will start doing it, just let me know.
09:02:55 PMRobbieF hahaha
09:03:01 PMRobbieF No.
09:03:02 PMRobbieF lol
09:03:03 PMGarbee Yes, I did it for fun a few times. I do admit this.
09:03:12 PMajamison5579 oh it will not let you see your desktop in the demo it shows it as a source but its black screened
09:03:31 PMRobbieF in order to show the desktop you have to run / install Desktop Presenter
09:03:38 PMGarbee Presenter worked for me in my demo.
09:03:39 PM_Jot_ wow, Robbie has honour now? I wonder where he bought it
09:03:47 PM_Jot_ ... just kidding
09:03:49 PMGarbee I think he got that when he lost his hair.
09:03:56 PMRobbieF A fair trade
09:04:02 PMpyrosrock no _Jot_ he stole it
09:04:04 PMGarbee Nature's way of making it up to him.
09:04:34 PMGarbee I do believe that is around when Bekah came into Robbie's life... If I am getting my Robbie Ferguson Life Timeline correct.
09:05:32 PMGarbee I wonder if anyone would compete for this in a giveaway ( ). They added this thing called "Unity" and it seems no one wants it.
09:06:20 PMpyrosrock Garbee if it came with 12months support then yes
09:06:21 PMMrLuluapples I've been using debian for way too long. I can't do ubuntu. I've tried and I just can't.


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