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7:00:29 PMEricKidd1 woot!
7:00:30 PMMrLuluApples And it is time! but I gota go :*(
7:01:03 PMGarbee RobbieF, What is up with the co-host system? I have to keep re-oping them since they get dropped.
7:01:34 PMGarbee uh-oh
7:01:38 PMGarbee Robbie is now out of the room.
7:01:50 PMMrLuluApples Ok, gotta go, try to be back before the end of the show
7:02:27 PMDennis_Kelley is there a lag for anyone else?
7:02:45 PMmaxwell6307 a little here to
7:02:57 PMDennis_Kelley looks like they are in slow motion
7:02:58 PMGarbee No lag here.
7:03:09 PMDennis_Kelley ok i will reload
7:03:21 PMcyberSmurf streaming A-OK here
7:03:21 PMGarbee EricKidd1, Can you let Robbie know to rejoin ASAP? In case he doesn't already know.
7:03:28 PMmaxwell6307 but im using chromium instead of firefox
7:04:08 PMGarbee The forum is pre-launch. Theme is standard.
7:04:11 PMchrisreich Drink!
7:04:35 PMDennis_Kelley I think that i figured it out! I had a VM open!
7:04:48 PMinvinciblemutant what is the web for v3
7:04:53 PMGarbee Dennis_Kelley, VM + Flash = not good.
7:04:54 PMinvinciblemutant url for v3 please
7:04:59 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, It is private.
7:05:37 PMGarbee V3 is a private build at the moment, it will be a while before things are even close to stable.
7:05:39 PMinvinciblemutant private? but announce in the show
7:05:54 PMGarbee People should know a revolution is coming, they shouldn't see it.
7:06:10 PMmaxwell6307 robbie i like the shirt lol
7:06:22 PMGarbee Does Robbie even know he isn't in the room?
7:07:04 PMDennis_Kelley No Chat room for RobbieF - EricKidd1
7:07:09 PMGarbee She is in LA.
7:07:36 PMcyberSmurf Tijauna Mexico
7:08:06 PMDennis_Kelley Tom and Jerry?
7:08:07 PMcyberSmurf TJ = TiaJuana
7:08:40 PMGarbee That is a nice spin.
7:08:53 PMGarbee Eric is so not paying attention to us.
7:09:14 PMDennis_Kelley he is doing the news!
7:09:22 PMGarbee No, he is covering an email.
7:09:23 PMDennis_Kelley questions sorry
7:09:33 PMGarbee Yea, I was about to say you got some SERIOUS lag.
7:09:53 PMGarbee lolz
7:10:12 PMGarbee I see a rasberry on the screen now.
7:10:12 PMDennis_Kelley who is EricKidd1 to fix our errors?
7:10:29 PMEricKidd1 ;)
7:10:29 PMGarbee EricKidd1, is the one reading the emails in this case...
7:10:45 PMGarbee Ok, EricKidd1 You are here, now get Robbie in the room.
7:11:12 PMValpenone hi all
7:11:13 PMDennis_Kelley EricKidd1 we would chat with RobbieF if he was in the Chat room!
7:11:49 PMGarbee Wait, Eric 2 weeks in a row? Wow, we are lucky.
7:12:06 PMDennis_Kelley EricKidd1 is the last Hockey Game the best one or worst one?
7:12:36 PMGarbee I think I need to send Eric a case of Gin and hope it is not held at customs.
7:12:56 PMEricKidd1 Garbee...yes please! :)
7:13:10 PMGarbee EricKidd1, Sure! In 3 years when I am old enough to buy it.
7:13:41 PMDennis_Kelley Garbee you are teasing EricKidd with your comment!
7:13:47 PMGarbee I am guessing we will see Robbie in a few minutes.
7:14:38 PMDennis_Kelley When he comes back in he will be flooded with messages
7:14:47 PMGarbee I sure hope not.
7:15:12 PMGarbee Why would he be flooded though?
7:15:27 PMGarbee Robbie's shirt is amazing though.
7:15:32 PMDennis_Kelley just joking, conversation!
7:15:37 PMcyberSmurf was it something we said ?
7:16:06 PMcyberSmurf :-)
7:17:00 PMGarbee EricKidd1, I shaved my hair the other day... Messed up and shaved it all off vs leaving half an inch.
7:17:28 PMinvinciblemutant centos? cent-os !!!
7:17:43 PMinvinciblemutant cent-OS
7:17:45 PMGarbee Why would you image a live system? That can cause too many possible issues.
7:17:52 PMGarbee Welcome to your chatroom RobbieF.
7:18:31 PMDennis_Kelley Now we can say hello to RobbieF
7:18:53 PMchaslinux Robbie my suggestion to him is to find a refurbisher nearby... he might be able to get a raid card cheap...
7:18:56 PMScorpio55 VE3NSO GE Martin U made it da dit da
7:19:52 PMMichaeliowa EricKidd1 is the Eco Alkalines™ Batteries available in the USA?
7:20:27 PMG6CYF hi roy
7:20:57 PMScorpio55 G6CYF Hi Dave de G7VBX
7:21:18 PMchrisreich Drink! "bosh"
7:21:33 PMG6CYF jans first time watching cat 5!
7:22:02 PMScorpio55 G6CYF FB OM
7:22:20 PMGarbee RobbieF, Make sure that sda is smaller than your home drive.
7:22:29 PMcyberSmurf wouldn't that be a recursive archive?
7:22:34 PMGarbee Haha.
7:22:45 PMchrisreich Drink! Coze-ality
7:22:58 PMchaslinux Don't use SAMBA for this... use NFS if you have to..
7:23:07 PMScorpio55 VE3NSO r u usingfirefox opera or chrome
7:23:08 PMGarbee RobbieF, You could DD to a network drive.
7:23:10 PMchaslinux NFS is much faster
7:23:41 PMGarbee cyberSmurf, There are a few names for it.
7:24:01 PMGuest_6847 Wow that was close
7:24:01 PMDennis_Kelley so that would make an image of your HD
7:24:20 PMGarbee
7:24:25 PMchrisreich disk duplicator
7:24:27 PMGarbee Data Description
7:25:18 PMinvinciblemutant in malaysia?
7:25:24 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - I will have my work cut out for that extra clip!
7:25:26 PMinvinciblemutant havent seen it in the uk
7:25:37 PMsmittysmit Antartica?
7:25:38 PMMichaeliowa thanks
7:25:55 PMbootechtv hi U-Al
7:26:00 PMMichaeliowa lol
7:26:10 PMU-Al Hi bootechtv
7:26:42 PMbootechtv ;)
7:27:06 PMchaslinux Oh... better yet Robbie, an XBMC app... ;-)
7:27:13 PMU-Al glad you made it Boo
7:27:21 PMDennis_Kelley I would just settle for a Galaxy Tab!
7:27:37 PMinvinciblemutant eric, how do you pronounce samsung? sam sung a song !!!
7:28:06 PMbootechtv yeah U-Al found a way around as i usually do :)
7:28:19 PMsmittysmit The QR code works for me
7:28:20 PMGarbee ... Current Eco Alkaline distributors.
7:29:41 PMchaslinux Sadly the watch live doesn't seem to work on my BlackBerry...
7:30:04 PMMrLuluApples harumph!
7:30:06 PMGarbee chaslinux, No live on Blackberry currently.
7:30:25 PMsmittysmit Same her when i select "watch Live"
7:30:38 PMchaslinux Is it Flash @Garbee?
7:30:44 PMGarbee chaslinux, Yes.
7:31:04 PMGarbee smittysmit, What device/OS are you using?
7:31:05 PMchaslinux Ah... ty.
7:31:10 PMU-Al how many wiper motors does it have? one on each side?
7:31:26 PMjonathon No watch live for me either on nexus s
7:31:26 PMGarbee HTML5 streaming can't really take off until IPv6 rolls out.
7:31:50 PMGarbee jonathon, Afraid not. No live on Android yet either. Although you could use the ustream app and find it there.
7:33:41 PMjonathon Thanks @Garbee didn't realize there was a ustream app
7:33:44 PMGarbee Android, making Linux into Windows.
7:33:52 PMGuest_6847 LOL
7:33:56 PMU-Al Might as well sell them since Aol isn't using them
7:34:08 PMchaslinux What AOL is still alive?
7:34:21 PMchrisreich I wonder if sales tax applies to that patent sale.
7:34:52 PMU-Al they have a patent on 1000 free hours. lol
7:35:07 PMbootechtv lol
7:35:22 PMMichaeliowa wow
7:35:24 PMGarbee If anyone asks for an organ in this room, please report it to an Op so they can be kicked.
7:35:32 PMGarbee then banned.
7:37:03 PMsmittysmit Garbee I'm using an iphone for the next few days till i go to a company phone that's on verizon
7:37:16 PMGarbee smittysmit, I am sorry.
7:37:19 PMGarbee On both ends.
7:37:59 PMsmittysmit Garbee Agreed, I took it over after my son died
7:38:51 PMValpenone anyone know of an spectrum analyser to adjust the freqency curve in my car hoppfully an linux version but windows will do
7:38:52 PMGarbee smittysmit, So sorry to hear.
7:38:58 PMDJMike NO CSS
7:39:11 PMGuest_6847 Yes
7:39:11 PMcyberSmurf smittysmit: condolences on you son.
7:39:18 PMDennis_Kelley EricKidd1 you should make a sign that says "Geek Speak!' or something!
7:40:37 PMGarbee If it says, dont' touch this, then shouldn't you not touch it?
7:41:10 PMcyberSmurf lol
7:41:44 PMGuest_6847 You have to touch it first to not touch it
7:42:36 PMsmittysmit Garbee Thanks. It was almost 1.5 years ago. Thanks again.
7:43:05 PMDJMike Donttouchthis was just a dumb folder we made for testing.
7:43:06 PMGarbee smittysmit, Either way, no one should lose a son.
7:43:41 PMsmittysmit Garbee Agreed...but it does happen.
7:43:58 PMGarbee VE3NSO, Watch using all caps carefully. It is like yelling.
7:44:49 PMDJMike We have no idea what the e file is
7:45:04 PMVE3NSO Garbee.....Sorry about that.....
7:45:12 PMDJMike never was in the files in the first place
7:45:43 PMGarbee VE3NSO, No problem, just try not to use it too much. ( Unless you *really* want to yell.)
7:46:28 PMVE3NSO OK. Many Thanks
7:46:30 PMDJMike It looked like the first guy who had this used is as a newsletter script.
7:47:28 PMScorpio55 VE3NSO No problem Martin it's Wednesday here now will be going horizontal after the show
7:47:38 PMGarbee Robbie, Would you say look into foreach loops?
7:47:47 PMGuest_6847 Back up
7:48:28 PMDJMike We had it working but it only sent to the email only sent to what ever email you put in the email blank
7:48:58 PMDJMike Yep
7:49:15 PMGarbee add a cc or bcc to the email sending...
7:49:41 PMGarbee Somehow I see this as insecure though...
7:49:44 PMGarbee Oh!
7:50:21 PMGarbee Wasn't registered globals completely removed in PHP 5.something?
7:52:40 PMGarbee Registered Globals we can all admit safely... One massive mistake.
7:53:47 PMDJMike Its going to [email protected]
7:53:51 PMGarbee I believe if this script were British, instead of exploading it would melt into a cup for disposal.
7:55:11 PMDJMike It was suppose to go to both. Tell the person what he or she wanted to hear then the live DJ
7:57:10 PMDJMike Thanks so much!
7:57:11 PMGarbee Wow, that was a nice look into scripting.
7:57:15 PMRobbieF :)
7:57:18 PMDennis_Kelley Great Job! RobbieF!
7:57:22 PMRobbieF cheers
7:57:22 PMGuest_6847 Front door open
7:57:42 PMGarbee Did that infro come from an afro?
8:00:10 PMMichaeliowa thanks RobbieF
8:00:15 PMGarbee Geeze EricKidd Stay in the room!
8:00:21 PMDJMike Got ot back :)
8:00:53 PMDennis_Kelley I guess that is the end of the show!
8:01:24 PMValpenone nite all
8:01:48 PMinvinciblemutant amazing show
8:01:53 PMinvinciblemutant good night
8:01:55 PMinvinciblemutant 1am here
8:01:57 PMinvinciblemutant bye
8:02:11 PMcyberSmurf maybe the fire alarm is off ?
8:02:14 PMsmittysmit Night all. I need to run. Se you in 6-days & 23 hours.
8:02:30 PMcyberSmurf nite smittysmit
8:02:34 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i may have to re watch via on demand as i slept till 45 mins in
8:03:25 PMVE3NSO Hi Roy.....Will talk at u tomorrow 73 have a gd one....VE3NSO


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