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06:58:05 PMausrob bit cooler down there most of the year isn't it robgor
06:58:15 PMRachelXu dont get that in my head drumstick
06:58:28 PMGregInTexas that's right, he's in a Cardigan ... we're already wearing shorts down here
06:58:32 PMrobgor floods nothing much her otherside of melb
06:58:32 PMDrumstick RachelXu: Yes ma'am.
06:58:40 PMRobbieF I wish I could find my old man slippers.
06:58:50 PMRachelXu to match your old man shirt?
06:58:59 PM_Jot_ and the old man wearing them?
06:59:05 PMGregInTexas I have Dallas Cowboy slippers ...
06:59:21 PMpyrosrock yes has been a bit chilli in melbourne of late
06:59:27 PMajamison5579 hmm someone kicked me
06:59:38 PMRobbieF ajamison5579 left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
06:59:44 PM_Jot_ it says read error, connection reset by peer, ajamison5579
06:59:46 PMRachelXu i almost went to melbourne once until i saw the ticket prices
06:59:47 PMRachelXu eep
06:59:54 PMrobgor hey gregintexas I can beat that I got homer simpson slippers : lol
06:59:59 PMajamison5579 No peer of mine reset it
07:00:01 PMajamison5579 lol
07:00:02 PMGregInTexas lol
07:00:16 PMGregInTexas live!
07:00:19 PMDrumstick Let's ROCK!!
07:00:27 PMajamison5579 stupid Xchat
07:00:34 PMGregInTexas and ... it's a woot off!
07:00:39 PMrobgor yah
07:00:58 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, mine is appearing in black and white, not 3d at all
07:01:27 PMagamotto hallo all
07:01:28 PMchaslinux Ivy Bridge is news....
07:01:31 PM_Jot_ hi agamotto
07:01:37 PMrobgor hey agamotto
07:01:38 PM_Jot_ hi everybody I didn't say hello to :)
07:01:50 PMGoodGuy I think RachelXu needs to run OwnCloud Linux
07:01:54 PMpyrosrock yeah im waiting for the shops to got some ivy bridge
07:01:55 PMGarbee Can someone catch up to me in WhatPulse?
07:02:03 PMGoodGuy Her very own Cloud
07:02:25 PMpyrosrock im getting there Garbee
07:02:31 PMausrob I agree good guy but I just wish owncloud would work really good with videos as well
07:02:34 PMpyrosrock but slowly
07:02:40 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, there is a show that has even more than 200 episodes, a little show called
07:02:53 PMajamison5579 CS
07:02:54 PMGoodGuy I just said it to make RachelXu laugh :-)
07:02:55 PMpyrosrock ut is the best!
07:03:14 PMGregInTexas space invaders
07:03:17 PMGarbee pyrosrock, You get 10 Keys, I get 60... Good luck.
07:03:23 PMchaslinux Paradroid!
07:03:31 PMagamotto I would rank Tetris along with MahJhong
07:03:35 PMpyrosrock 10 keys?
07:03:41 PM_Jot_ tetris is lots better
07:03:49 PMVE3NSO Good evening all at
07:03:53 PMGarbee RobbieF, RachelXu is involved... How witty can it get?
07:04:05 PMajamison5579 Chewbaka
07:04:26 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, did you do a quick drawing to show us? why not?
07:05:29 PMRachelXu hey now garbee
07:05:30 PMRachelXu tsk tsk
07:05:33 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:05:34 PMGoodGuy UltraSurf
07:05:51 PMmathman47 I've got mold in the basement!
07:05:53 PMGarbee ;) RachelXu
07:06:04 PMGregInTexas lol
07:06:11 PMGoodGuy Bad news mathman47
07:06:40 PMagamotto mathman47- stock up on the white vinegar
07:06:47 PM_Jot_ so RobbieF, Robbie Ferguson is just an alias?
07:06:56 PMRachelXu or throw out that 5 month old sandwich
07:07:09 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - RachelXu UltraSurf is a popular proxy
07:07:10 PMchaslinux Nice, thanks Robbie.
07:07:14 PMRachelXu his real name is Francis Dinkleheimer
07:07:41 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, he does look like a Francis Dinkleheimer to me, so I believe you
07:07:43 PMGarbee Proxies add latency, not worth using.
07:07:46 PMpyrosrock there is 100s of proxys!
07:07:47 PMGoodGuy They used it to bypass the Chinese firewall
07:07:49 PMajamison5579 Proxys are for paranoid people who intend to do bad things online
07:07:56 PMagamotto Not John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt?
07:08:09 PMGarbee ajamison5579, They don't intend to, they are just paranoid.
07:08:09 PMchaslinux Tor is popular too
07:08:16 PMchrisreich personal news for anyone who cares: Now I'm succesfully running GNUstep desktop environment, xmonad wm w/ pdmenu, and awesome wm. On Debian, of course.
07:08:17 PMGoodGuy UltraSurf also has a Firefox addon
07:08:33 PMagamotto Hiding from Stephen Harper?
07:08:36 PMpyrosrock or for getting round school security ajamison5579
07:08:42 PMajamison5579 lol
07:08:56 PMchrisreich cocoon is a wrapper that plugs-in firefox.
07:09:07 PMagamotto Downloading your music legally in Canada?
07:09:16 PMchrisreich Canada is part of the UK...
07:09:21 PMajamison5579 and now you will have said that on a video uploaded to youtube Robbief
07:09:42 PMGoodGuy Sounds like you watch Linux Action Show chrisreich
07:09:55 PMchrisreich yes I do, GoodGuy
07:10:08 PMchaslinux hulu videos in canada...
07:10:16 PMGoodGuy I do also.. another great show
07:10:17 PMajamison5579 Not anymore they recently got their Independance recognized and the UK denounced control over them Chrisreich
07:10:17 PMchrisreich but as you know, they are not exactly tutorial oriented!
07:10:20 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, he's just hiding them in the box to his right, he has postcards, lots of them
07:10:26 PMajamison5579 took like 200 years to get it
07:10:28 PMajamison5579 but they did
07:10:40 PMRachelXu you sent one yet jot?
07:10:52 PMchrisreich Hey ajamison5579, the queen is on their money - they're part of the UK :-)
07:11:03 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, haven't found one yet, I assume you don't want a 'get well soon' card, or 'happy marriage' or something
07:11:07 PMagamotto Instagram = yet another picture-sharing site?
07:11:11 PMajamison5579 So is Lenard Nemoy does that make them Vulcans also
07:11:13 PMpyrosrock no there part of the comenwelth
07:11:27 PMchrisreich happy marriage - an oxymoron.
07:11:49 PMkiwitux Hi, from Christchurch, New Zealand
07:11:52 PMGarbee Canada is not a part of the UK.
07:11:54 PMGregInTexas that's about 3 months supply for my fam
07:12:15 PMchrisreich Garbee - :-)
07:12:16 PMRachelXu hello Kiwi
07:12:17 PMGoodGuy How are rechargable batteries vs them?
07:12:28 PMajamison5579 Garbee they were till recently but your correct as of like 2001 or some such they are officialy no longer affiliated with the UK
07:12:29 PMrobgor hey kiwitux
07:12:48 PMGarbee ajamison5579, Point being: I am correct.
07:13:10 PMGoodGuy RachelXu, - I can find Detroit postcards, but so far not a Warren MI one so far
07:13:12 PMajamison5579 Garbee correct you are correct and have correctly pointed out that you are correct
07:13:34 PMagamotto As opposed to heavy jazz, such as Jethro Tull
07:13:52 PMchrisreich If Canada is not part of UK then they should put a Canadian on their money instead of the Queen. I suggest William Shatner. :-)
07:13:52 PMRachelXu really most convenient stores have lots of tacky ones to chooose from :)
07:14:04 PMRachelXu lol
07:14:20 PMagamotto chrisreich- wendigos
07:14:26 PMajamison5579 Actually if you sell rechargable batteries to an E-Waste place you can get a decent amount they have Nickel and other precious metals in them
07:14:37 PMGoodGuy I want one that shows something to do with the city
07:14:38 PMchrisreich wendigos???
07:14:44 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i have a big block on facebook after deleting my acc
07:15:12 PMmaxwell6307 i bought some
07:15:16 PMmaxwell6307 there good
07:15:33 PMpyrosrock ugh the suspence
07:15:36 PM_Jot_ good news everyone, Jot doesn't do anti-social media, so Jot doesn't win this time
07:15:49 PMValpenone :D
07:15:56 PMajamison5579 Robbief are Eco Alks made from recycled batteries ?
07:16:06 PMchrisreich RobbieF is giving away a capitalist product on international communism day - May 1st!
07:16:12 PMGoodGuy Did you read about that lady who won two million dollar lotto tickets in the same drawing
07:16:14 PMagamotto I am just having fun getting used to putting 42 down as my age.
07:16:19 PMRobbieF Gosh chrisreich - hardly ;)
07:16:20 PMDrumstick Don't buy it yall..._Jot_ is just faking us out...
07:16:28 PMGoodGuy Hard to match that level of luck
07:16:42 PMagamotto GoodGuy- She isn't from Dixon, Il, is she?
07:16:49 PMnapa_polarbear kids in B C me in calif
07:16:53 PMGoodGuy I dont recall
07:17:02 PMajamison5579 GoodGuy no but i heard about the Detroit woman who won 1 million and continued to get food stamps refusing to cancel them
07:17:10 PMGoodGuy It was on Yahoo yesterday
07:17:12 PMchrisreich kiwitux welcome to you
07:17:13 PMagamotto Lady there was just caught stealing $30mil from the city...
07:17:24 PMGoodGuy I saw that article ajamison5579 .. unreal
07:17:31 PMagamotto ajamison5579- yes, with any luck, she will be in jail soon
07:17:47 PM_Jot_ I got a free ticket in a lottery this month, so i already won something :)
07:18:00 PMajamison5579 If I wone the lottery as soon as I got the check I would cancel all government assistance
07:18:07 PMajamison5579 others would need it more then me
07:18:10 PMGoodGuy I thought she claimed she was still unemployed, so felt it was ok
07:18:15 PMdasauto Category5tv twitter profile img looks like Clark Kent.
07:18:25 PMGregInTexas I can't bring up the facebook thingy
07:18:26 PMagamotto GoodGuy- that was her theory, yes
07:18:36 PMGregInTexas guess I didn't get the right link
07:18:40 PMagamotto 720x480?
07:18:45 PMkiwitux jail != punishment. Steal something, get caught, nil repayment, sent to jail. And society still pays. :-(
07:19:25 PMpyrosrock man i hungry!
07:19:30 PMGoodGuy They charge minor criminals in our county iirc
07:19:33 PMagamotto Ok, so she has to poop-scoop in a publc park for at least a month...
07:19:43 PMGoodGuy Pay for room and board
07:19:45 PM_Jot_ here if you steal something, you're out of jail before the shop-owner has filled out all the required forms and stuff
07:19:50 PMchrisreich pyrosrock they've found a cure for that recently...
07:20:00 PMajamison5579 agamotto I am unemployeed but with 1 million i could start my own damn company that tool
07:20:08 PMajamison5579 she needs to be beat with a wet noodle
07:20:11 PMagamotto ajamison5579- no kidding.
07:20:21 PM_Jot_ poor wet poodle
07:20:31 PMchrisreich RachelXu you look hot in that wig. That is a complement.
07:20:39 PMGarbee Lets kill the conversation on criminals and jail please. It can get off-topic too quick.
07:20:49 PMGoodGuy Her offense was nothing compared to the corrupt prior mayor and his cronies
07:21:05 PMagamotto I am think of chalking my hair for fun...
07:21:12 PMajamison5579 Garbee just used Kill and Jail in a statement to stop taking about crime anyone else see the irony
07:21:24 PMchrisreich If I win the lottery RobbieF will get all the equipment he longs for.
07:21:40 PMajamison5579 Chrisreich that could get expensive lol
07:21:42 PMGarbee ajamison5579, I'm not sure if joking or serious...
07:21:50 PMagamotto ajamison5579- America... america... how violent are we?
07:22:07 PMGarbee chrisreich, You sure about that? Bandwidth can get expensive.
07:22:10 PMRachelXu hey if you win the lottery i better get some :)
07:22:13 PM_Jot_ if I win the lottery, I'll go to Barrie to be co-presenter or something for a show :)
07:22:23 PMajamison5579 agamotto about as violent as you can get the Canadians are like our northern brothers and sisters only more melow and less violent
07:22:38 PMagamotto _Jot_- It could make for a fun vacation, eh?
07:22:38 PM_Jot_ I'll just live off of the catfood I'll steal
07:22:57 PMchrisreich less violent? LESS VIOLENT? Have you SEEN hockey!?
07:22:58 PMRachelXu yay
07:23:03 PMGarbee _Jot_, Catfood, really?
07:23:13 PMajamison5579 Hockey is a sport
07:23:14 PMGarbee Hockey is not violent.
07:23:22 PMGarbee Have you seen Football?
07:23:23 PMGoodGuy Of course I dont play, so RachelXu better not count on a new wardrobe or whatever lol
07:23:31 PMajamison5579 How many people do you see walking down the streets of toronto with a hockey stick
07:23:32 PMGarbee Or how about Boxing?
07:23:36 PMchrisreich maybe the way you play, Garbee :-)
07:23:39 PM_Jot_ Garbee, yeah, cause I know they have a cat, and I figure, if Robbie is really Francis Dinkleheimer then his cooking may be fake too
07:23:50 PMagamotto RobbieF- Just sharpen it up, like they do on CSI! heehehehe
07:23:59 PMGoodGuy I heard gunshots calling a friend who lives in the Toronto area
07:24:02 PMGarbee agamotto, If only, if only...
07:24:19 PMajamison5579 GoodGuy they were killing a moose probably
07:24:21 PMRachelXu exactly agamotto the most pixellated pic can become crystal clear
07:24:22 PMGarbee GoodGuy, I do believe that is called "hunting."
07:24:40 PMGoodGuy Scared me listening to some of her stuff
07:24:43 PMkiwitux yes the 'CSI effect' is a real problem with security video
07:24:51 PMchrisreich Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting, he goes killing.
07:25:03 PMGoodGuy It was a high crime area.. drug gangs etc
07:25:06 PMagamotto I suppose it all depends on which species you are firing at... grin
07:25:08 PMGarbee RachelXu, I always see the most pixilated image getting clearer than if you were actually watching with your eyes..
07:25:09 PMajamison5579 I am sure there is some crime in Canada but compare busy cities crime is lowere up there
07:25:44 PMchrisreich that's 'cuz they're part of the UK, ajamison5579...
07:25:45 PMGoodGuy Don't ride the bus ajamison5579 :-)
07:25:50 PMajamison5579 Have you ever heard of a Canadian Mofia for example? I sure haven't
07:26:01 PMagamotto It will usually scale down nicely
07:26:02 PMGoodGuy Free beheading with some tickets lol
07:26:04 PMGarbee Canada has roughly the same population as California. That goes quite a way to help explain why they are less violent.
07:26:09 PMGoodGuy Mafia
07:26:19 PMajamison5579 Mafia lol
07:26:26 PMajamison5579 by horrid spelling
07:26:29 PMajamison5579 my
07:26:39 PM_Jot_ what's this zpelling people keep talking about?
07:26:47 PMagamotto Canadian Mafia = Qubecois?
07:27:01 PMGoodGuy Have you ever watched the Untouchables movie? They were meeting criminals to buy alcohol
07:27:17 PMRachelXu the polar bears keep us in check from becoming too violent
07:27:22 PMGarbee RachelXu, Ask Robbie when he will take the #1 spot in WhatPulse.
07:27:24 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, pay attention, he said cloud! you're supposed to laugh and such
07:27:40 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - RachelXu - I would love to see a show on installing Linux on a PogoPlug so I can make it a cheap NAS
07:27:47 PMajamison5579 RachelXu I thought Moose would be more a problem
07:27:55 PMGarbee Rachel, You wait to ask for a proper time.
07:28:00 PMagamotto Beavers
07:28:09 PMGoodGuy They have some posts. but many seen out of date
07:28:09 PMchrisreich what is WhatPulse? I don't know, I'm not cool.
07:28:13 PMagamotto Blocking all the hydro...
07:28:24 PMGarbee
07:28:24 PMRachelXu for all i know a whatpulse is related lol
07:28:41 PMValpenone :D
07:28:43 PMGarbee It is a program that tracks what keys are pressed and sends them back to the server. Adding them all up.
07:28:45 PMDrumstick What about the feds shutting down their proxys? Seen this?
07:28:51 PMpyrosrock chrisreich it is a keystroke/mouse click counter
07:28:52 PMagamotto WhatPulse sounds like a medical condition
07:28:53 PMGarbee Very nice actually.
07:29:01 PMGarbee agamotto, Only if you don't have one.
07:29:08 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, it is a site which registers how many keystrokes you do on your computer (using a program you download) and such, and it's a competition with other users in the same group
07:29:12 PMkiwitux NoPulse is the medical condition
07:29:19 PMchrisreich thanks pyrosrock, now I'm at least as cool as you are.
07:29:41 PMGarbee kiwitux, But they are saying WhatPulse when they are trying to figure out if you have one or not.
07:30:07 PMajamison5579 that must be that Canadian Math there RobbieF
07:30:18 PMGarbee Robbie, She wants her main spotlight to be over with.
07:30:23 PMagamotto It is time for the weather!
07:30:34 PMchrisreich lol @ agamotto
07:30:36 PMkiwitux It's sunny here in Christchurch
07:30:46 PM_Jot_ nice clouds on the picture
07:31:06 PMnapa_polarbear Canadian Math is A+A
07:31:16 PMchrisreich wouldn't it be easier to wait for the asteroids to come to earth?
07:31:42 PMajamison5579 Oh great they are going to rename the moon "The Moon by James Cameron. A Google property"
07:31:45 PMGoodGuy They didnt get to be billionaires by being stupid
07:31:45 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, million is so last century, it is at least a billion now
07:31:52 PMchrisreich but it will be SPACE gold RobbieF!
07:31:57 PMagamotto Well, if they find a small cache of diamond in one, it could put DeBeers out of business
07:32:02 PMjonathon_ I got a push of the google app on my phone today
07:32:10 PMGoodGuy He said MANkind, you are WOMANkind :-)
07:32:11 PMGarbee DId anyone elses video just black out?
07:32:15 PMGarbee Then recover slowly?
07:32:23 PMagamotto GoodGuy- No, some got there just by inbreeding.
07:32:40 PMchrisreich video okay here in Rochester, where is overcast and cool.
07:32:47 PMdasauto There are some who believe in a theory that there is oil on the moon or other planets.
07:32:50 PMGoodGuy If they arent losing it, they have some smarts
07:32:56 PMGoodGuy Ask Mike Tyson etc
07:33:01 PMagamotto Yes, but Robbie would sensibly build it in orbit, and not on the ground!
07:33:03 PMchrisreich Drink! Row!
07:33:19 PMchrisreich It's RAH-oh
07:33:23 PMGarbee Xbox 360 is retarded. It shows your wifi password in plain-text as you type it in.
07:33:43 PMinvinciblemutant where is the access point to google cluod?
07:33:44 PM_Jot_ doesn't do that for me Garbee
07:33:51 PMrobgor what is microsoft claiming they invented wifi, what rubbish
07:33:58 PMGarbee _Jot_, The latest incarnation?
07:34:13 PMchrisreich When did Germany start respecting music copyrights? I didn't get the memo.
07:34:17 PMGarbee robgor, No, Austrailia is.
07:34:20 PM_Jot_ not sure, haven't used it in a while
07:34:25 PMagamotto robgor- I thought some company in AUS was trying that tactic
07:34:26 PMrobgor yeah I know
07:34:27 PMpyrosrock im fairly sure that that court case will f**k up the internet!
07:34:40 PMGarbee pyrosrock, Language.
07:34:43 PMGoodGuy I was going to kid RachelXu and ask her to read it, but I think she has traveled and may know it
07:34:48 PM_Jot_ Garbee, but it's supposed to be family-friendly and such, and a wifi-password isn't secret anyway
07:34:49 PMinvinciblemutant anyone here knows where can we get the google cloud?
07:34:58 PMGarbee _Jot_, My wifi password is.
07:35:10 PMajamison5579 or We Fee
07:35:17 PMajamison5579 as Christa liked to call it
07:35:20 PMGarbee
07:35:21 PM_Jot_ Garbee, then you shouldn't broadcast it so everybody in the area can hear it (when you make connection)
07:35:22 PMGarbee for signup.
07:35:25 PMrobgor no the company wants to get paid for it which is fair enough - its the CSIRO that invented wifi
07:35:35 PMagamotto ahh
07:35:37 PMchrisreich my password is "smith" but you'll never guess how I misspelled it!
07:35:51 PM_Jot_ chrisreich, you mean 'smiht'?
07:36:06 PMchrisreich nope
07:36:07 PMagamotto symthe/
07:36:12 PMGarbee My password is !^^!HateDaleks!^^!
07:36:17 PMchrisreich not even close
07:36:30 PMagamotto GoodGuy- stupidphones are cool
07:36:34 PMdasauto the xbox has a _backdoor_ vulnerability, and so does everything else you own!
07:36:39 PMajamison5579 GoodGuy educate your hardware a cellphone is a terrible thing to waste
07:36:42 PMGarbee agamotto, Wrong! Bowties are cool.
07:36:42 PMchrisreich smart people use dumb phones
07:37:06 PMagamotto Garbee- I thought it was the fez this year... darn
07:37:06 PMGoodGuy It works to call my wife, so I suppose it serves it's purpose
07:37:13 PMGarbee agamotto, Those are cool too.
07:37:25 PM_Jot_ omg RachelXu, he's making you look like a bunny
07:37:36 PMRachelXu wouldnt surprise me
07:37:55 PMGarbee Easter was a few weeks ago... At least it would make sense.
07:38:14 PMpyrosrock just when i was about to install it on my android... facebook bought it
07:38:30 PMGoodGuy Information Mining
07:38:40 PMGarbee Robbie, You have no choice. They collect data across the web even if you don't use Facebook.
07:38:48 PMagamotto To think of all the issues I avoid by not using most of these things...
07:38:55 PMGoodGuy Google sure does
07:39:02 PMkiwitux Just had video death and to reboot television
07:39:06 PMGregInTexas Google even more than FB
07:39:08 PMGarbee Facebook is just as bad as Google.
07:39:57 PM_Jot_ facebook are spammers, google hasn't spammed me (yet)
07:39:59 PMajamison5579 they have a .me what about .you
07:40:00 PMGoodGuy If you record what people search for, you have a pretty good idea how they think
07:40:01 PMGarbee is another solution for backing up data on Social Networking Services. But costs some cash.
07:40:12 PMpyrosrock Garbee yeah but google has proven them self and are open that they colect ur activity if u dont opt out
07:40:21 PMchrisreich or IF they think, eh GoodGuy?
07:40:29 PMGoodGuy lol true
07:40:43 PMajamison5579 I have nothing to hide from Google Facebook is a bit to obtrusive with what they do with the data
07:41:02 PMajamison5579 but sadly it lets me connect with friends and family i can not contact otherwise
07:41:14 PMRachelXu the random pointless things i search on google doesnt matter if they have it, theyll just think im some kind of wierdo
07:41:21 PMGregInTexas right, ajamison
07:41:33 PMRachelXu just dont post anything really personal or scandalous
07:41:44 PMchrisreich It's easy to use facebook and not give them information about you. Use firefox add-ons to block stuff and don't 'like' stuff on facebook.
07:41:59 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, like pictures of yourself with dragons on your head?
07:42:00 PMagamotto RachelXu- no worse than most
07:42:00 PMGoodGuy My life is so boring, they'll fall asleep reading it
07:42:16 PMGregInTexas I was going to like eco batteries on facebook, but couldn't find it ... oh well
07:42:18 PMGarbee pyrosrock, If I am not signed in, they still track (not as much), and I can't opt-out unless I am signed in.
07:42:20 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Prince Valium?
07:42:34 PMajamison5579 Robbief you should make Klingon subtitles
07:42:43 PMGoodGuy Just boring
07:42:47 PMchrisreich We like you, RachelXu!
07:42:51 PMagamotto Hmmm, that would make YouTube interesting
07:42:52 PMpyrosrock facebook do the same they track ur browser habits when ur not logged in
07:43:00 PMGoodGuy I'll second that chrisreich
07:43:06 PMagamotto G-rated? Klingon?
07:43:11 PMchrisreich Drink! explitives!
07:43:29 PMRachelXu thanks chris :D
07:44:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, there is an amazing new invention that works even when internet is down to remind yourself, it is called 'agenda' and if you don't have one, you can use another called 'pen and paper'
07:44:53 PMajamison5579 Robbief your going to get that in the future and forget what you were talking about
07:45:28 PMGarbee RachelXu, It is fun!
07:45:41 PMGarbee People leave messages for themselves about random stuff, very neat to read and use.
07:45:46 PMchrisreich There will be a seminar on time-travel, yesterday at 2PM.
07:45:50 PMajamison5579 lol
07:45:50 PMkiwitux You could stalk yourself?
07:46:08 PMajamison5579 no he is Klignon
07:46:10 PMGarbee chrisreich, I will hop in my TARDIS and get there.
07:46:12 PMpyrosrock RobbieF what happens when we all stop using email for some other form of comunication?
07:46:20 PMGregInTexas will the world still be using email in 2030?
07:46:26 PMGarbee pyrosrock, Are you joking? Stop using email?!
07:46:26 PMinvinciblemutant i thought are you human? the answer should be YES
07:46:45 PMGarbee What happens when we change calendar formats?
07:47:07 PMajamison5579 Gregintexas we will communicate through thoughts
07:47:09 PMGoodGuy They will run a file conversion
07:47:12 PMchrisreich don't send any messages to yourself after Dec. 22, 2012
07:47:13 PMpyrosrock Garbee yeah when we use i duno telikiniss
07:47:23 PM_Jot_ only problem.. RobbieF won't be able to remember he send that message to him self... RobbieF, better send another message to remind yourself you send that message yourself
07:47:38 PMValpenone lol
07:47:39 PMGregInTexas that would be cool ajamison ... most of the time
07:47:48 PMmaxwell6307 great for birthdays
07:48:18 PMmaxwell6307 or not
07:48:19 PMGregInTexas oooo .... send your wife a happy anniversary email ... in bulk, one for each year!
07:48:21 PMGoodGuy Yahoo Calendar can send future msgs. I useit to remind me of a friend's birthday
07:48:22 PMchrisreich So I sent to myself, "self, if you haven't found a good woman by (insert date here), have someone shoot you."
07:48:26 PMinvinciblemutant good for women to remind themselves for their periods
07:48:42 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, Keep the chat PG.
07:48:51 PMchrisreich inappropriate, invinciblemutant
07:49:24 PMinvinciblemutant why, i think it is good to remind them to get ready
07:49:36 PMajamison5579 Chuck Norris does not need he never forgets anything things forget him
07:49:52 PM_Jot_ nobody forgets Chuck Norris, they don't dare
07:49:55 PMGarbee invinciblemutant, That topic does not need to be talked about in this room, end it.
07:50:22 PMpyrosrock RobbieF tilt
07:50:44 PMGarbee tilt?
07:50:50 PMagamotto Ok, this is a new way to do things
07:50:52 PMGoodGuy The Ubuntu graphics look useful
07:51:01 PMpyrosrock Garbee tipe it in google
07:51:09 PMpyrosrock type*
07:51:09 PMGarbee Oh, that trick.
07:51:16 PMrobgor ubuntu new version is coming out soon isnt it
07:51:19 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, what pictures come up if you put in a picture of RobbieF?
07:51:23 PMGoodGuy this week
07:51:24 PMGarbee 2 days robgor
07:51:26 PMchrisreich RobbieF we'd like a screensaver of all the category5 ladies!
07:51:27 PMGarbee 26th
07:51:53 PMpyrosrock robgor yeah it is quite good havent found anny massive flaws
07:52:10 PMGarbee lolz
07:52:10 PMajamison5579 lol
07:52:47 PM_Jot_ I knew RobbieF was the queen of hearts!
07:52:54 PMajamison5579 Robbief is now know as the Queen of Hearts
07:53:05 PMnapa_polarbear 29th
07:53:08 PMinvinciblemutant lol...
07:53:09 PM_Jot_ yay! Jot wins again
07:53:12 PMagamotto I think I will wait at least a month before attempting 12.04
07:53:13 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - RachelXu - Have you ever tried SliTaz Linux RobbieF ?
07:53:17 PMGarbee Robbie is the Princess of PHP.
07:53:18 PMinvinciblemutant oops...garbee
07:53:28 PMajamison5579 Garbee lol that is good
07:53:46 PMpyrosrock agamotto i always wait 2 weeks on a production com
07:54:00 PMGarbee I'm running 12.04 now, no problems.
07:54:07 PMpyrosrock same
07:54:10 PMGarbee No aptd crashes for a few weeks now.
07:54:17 PMagamotto That is heartening
07:54:18 PMGarbee Those buggers got annoying.
07:54:24 PMGoodGuy Beta 2 is the latest one, isnt it Garbee ?
07:54:27 PMGoodGuy No RC
07:54:29 PMinvinciblemutant i had my machine hung twice due to memory leak, i dont know which caused that
07:54:31 PMGarbee GoodGuy, Yes, and last.
07:54:32 PMGarbee Beta 2
07:54:39 PMinvinciblemutant with 12.04
07:54:41 PMrobgor garbee has 12.04 got the option of using gnome instead of unity
07:54:46 PMGoodGuy Wonder why no RC's like usual
07:54:47 PMGarbee robgor, Not by default.
07:55:01 PMGarbee GoodGuy, Because they get more feedback in Beta's than RC.
07:55:15 PMrobgor so u need to use a fallback mode like previous versions
07:55:28 PMchrisreich real men run as root. I <3 Debian.
07:55:33 PMGoodGuy I love Zsync
07:55:34 PMinvinciblemutant my pptpd is down since today
07:55:35 PMagamotto robgor- or just migrate to Linux Mint or Debian
07:55:37 PMGarbee robgor, You need to install the packages yourself then run them, yes.
07:55:42 PMinvinciblemutant without any clear reason
07:55:49 PMGarbee chrisreich, You can run as root in Ubuntu.
07:55:51 PMpyrosrock cant u use sshd?
07:56:03 PMGoodGuy when the new version is released, you can get it in minutes even with the servers overloaded
07:56:04 PMchrisreich when did they change that?
07:56:14 PMinvinciblemutant anyone here getting the same problem in the room
07:56:26 PMGarbee GoodGuy, They didn't, you just need to know how to configure the system to let it happen.
07:56:52 PMrobgor anyone seen the avengers movie yet?
07:56:54 PMpyrosrock invinciblemutant pptpd?
07:56:54 PMkiwitux Hey, can I get a shout out to my daughter 'Brianna'. She doesn't believe what is on the television is live from another country
07:57:01 PMdasauto I'm stuck on Debian Squeeze - hope someone forks it and Gnome 2.
07:57:07 PMagamotto Go kiss a Tribble
07:57:23 PMGarbee RobbieF and RachelXu see kiwitux's message.
07:57:24 PMGoodGuy Read kiwitux message
07:57:26 PMmaxwell6307 the queen of hearts
07:57:30 PMagamotto most days
07:57:32 PMchrisreich RobbieF see msg from kiwitux above
07:57:35 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, end of show, beam you up, scotty
07:57:43 PMnapa_polarbear nite u 2
07:57:46 PMajamison5579 Robbief make a Klingon language file for the new 2012 V3 site
07:57:54 PMinvinciblemutant pptpd is the vpn
07:57:58 PMchrisreich Brianna is in New Zealand, RobbieF
07:58:06 PMGarbee ajamison5579, /me sighs at that thought.
07:58:07 PMinvinciblemutant all my pptpd are down
07:58:11 PMinvinciblemutant suddenly
07:58:13 PMagamotto 'Sometimes it snows in April...'
07:58:15 PMGregInTexas 89 degrees here ...
07:58:21 PMnapa_polarbear lived there from 70-92
07:58:34 PMajamison5579 Garbee what you do not want Klingon to be a selectable language from the list of languages (assuming he has a list)
07:58:44 PMinvinciblemutant is good
07:58:49 PMajamison5579 Tim Hortons
07:58:52 PMinvinciblemutant short url
07:58:56 PMajamison5579 owned by Wendy's
07:58:59 PMinvinciblemutant love that url
07:58:59 PMchrisreich I wonder if any distro supports Klingon language?
07:59:03 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, you know that RobbieF is supposed to give the co-presenters food as a gift to thank them?
07:59:09 PMnapa_polarbear i mis them tim h
07:59:10 PMGoodGuy We have Tim Hortons in Michigan... two within a mile
07:59:11 PMGarbee ajamison5579, There will be no list, but further that would just complicate things when people can't find their way out.
07:59:33 PMnapa_polarbear Tim Hortons in b c
07:59:35 PMajamison5579 Garbee maybe a good April fools joke with an english button to get out of it ?
07:59:53 PMValpenone nite all
07:59:53 PMajamison5579 Tim Hortons is owned by Wendy's now
07:59:57 PMchrisreich all my best to everyone, even napa_ploarbear
07:59:57 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, he really means an Erica, it's not Eric in a dress because of that's his nickname
08:00:05 PMchrisreich Ka-PLACHHH!
08:00:28 PMnapa_polarbear bye
08:00:35 PMkiwitux bye
08:00:53 PMagamotto I want to bottle some of the air outside and take it to work with me tomorrow
08:00:54 PMnapa_polarbear quit
08:01:44 PMpopey heh Garbee
08:01:45 PMagamotto It is so nice to smell cherry blossoms again
08:02:10 PMGoodGuy I am trying to install SliTaz, but not having much luck.... It will install the boot loader to the MBR, but I need it in the partition boot sector
08:02:14 PMRachelXu haha robbie just squirt timbit jelly on himself and the floor
08:02:37 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, that's not news :)
08:02:40 PMGoodGuy I think they use Grub4DOS, so I am not familiar with using that
08:03:05 PMagamotto Well, I think i am going to wander off. I need to get some things ready tonight, as I go in to work early tomorrow.
08:03:13 PMGoodGuy nite agamotto
08:03:26 PMRachelXu oo caught on camera as it dripped haha
08:03:30 PMajamison5579 those Timbits are packed under pressure RachelXu
08:03:44 PMrobgor Hey RobbieF do you think the secure boot option on motherboards is going to be an issue with linux or just hype
08:03:44 PMT0B33 great show RobbieF and Rachel :D
08:03:49 PM_Jot_ haha that makes an excellent picture for the frontpage of the website, RachelXu
08:04:07 PMRachelXu Thanks TOB33 havent seen you here before
08:04:20 PM_Jot_ he's been here before though :)
08:04:26 PMRobbieF they're like tiny delicious pieces of heaven
08:05:05 PMinvinciblemutant good show
08:05:06 PMGoodGuy Sounds like MS will being getting sued if they eliminate competition
08:05:08 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, is that why you're putting some on the floor, and your hands, and the keyboard, and the camera, and...?
08:05:11 PMT0B33 RachelXu i sent you guys that massive viewer testimony haha
08:05:21 PMRobbieF You could NOT have planned this picture
08:05:42 PM_Jot_ pics or it didn't happen! (URL please :) )
08:06:06 PMRachelXu The one i read or one on the website :)
08:06:11 PMRachelXu oh hes getting it ready jot
08:06:22 PM_Jot_ woohoo!
08:07:02 PMT0B33 Yeah i cant remember when tho lol I said something about Debian
08:07:23 PMRachelXu you been here much before? i havent been on in 6 weeks
08:07:45 PMGoodGuy I was wondering where you were RachelXu
08:07:59 PMGoodGuy Missing seeing your smiling face
08:08:08 PMGarbee robgor, Secure boot is just people not understanding how it will work. It is a NON-ISSUE for Linux.
08:08:14 PMRachelXu aww thats nice, but im not going to send you timbits for it hehe
08:08:17 PMpyrosrock RobbieF good show i didnt know about the google image search ty
08:08:33 PMGarbee Tablets will be the issue since they are forced lockdown on Win 8, but that is user choice in Tablet selection. So it is fine.
08:08:38 PMGoodGuy I shouldn't be eating timbits anyway
08:09:05 PMRachelXu eep not on one of those horrendous carrot diets are you
08:09:15 PMGoodGuy Not that I don't cheat on occasions.. I am diabetic
08:09:28 PMGoodGuy Human Pincushion lol
08:10:07 PMGoodGuy My doctor is female, so it was harder to wimp out on taking shots
08:10:14 PMRachelXu ah thats too bad, no fun having to get needles all the time
08:10:29 PMrobgor Yeah Garbee my laptop has secure boot, but thats an early model as you can switch it off in bios
08:10:33 PMRachelXu yup gotta act tough for the ladies
08:10:35 PMGoodGuy It really doesnt hurt most of the time
08:10:38 PMT0B33 RachelXu it was the last episode you were on :) Thats when the massive viewer testimony came up .
08:11:02 PMGoodGuy Rarely it'll hit something wrong and then it stings
08:11:03 PMGarbee robgor, That is what MS is requiring for x86_64 arch's. But ARM chips it is required to be stuck in secure boot and locked to Windows RT>
08:11:04 PMT0B33 RobbieF thanks for the future and google tip :) come in handy XD
08:11:13 PMRobbieF My pleasure
08:11:14 PMRachelXu i see well thanks for taking the time to send it in nice hearing from everyoen
08:11:17 PMGoodGuy But most times you can barely feel it
08:11:23 PMrobgor My new system has it also and got linux running on it, though took alot of stuffing around
08:11:36 PMRachelXu thats cause you arent supposed to put it in your eye goodguy
08:11:57 PMGoodGuy I just hated the idea of giving myself an injection, so it was a mental block
08:12:19 PMRachelXu did they make you practise on the orange
08:12:21 PMGoodGuy She is so nice and soft spoken it was hard to argue with her
08:12:26 PMGarbee robgor, Linux + U/EFI right now sucks in the first place.
08:12:31 PMRachelXu i always find that silly as if an orange is anything like giving yourself a needle
08:12:34 PMGoodGuy No, she practiced on ME lol
08:12:50 PMGarbee I'm not getting to into it since it gets quite technical, but lets just say U/EFI is not coming along to well in manufacturing.
08:12:52 PM_Jot_ phew, now I don't have to worry about the oranges anymore
08:13:05 PMGoodGuy I asked her to make sure I did it in front of her or a nurse
08:13:23 PMRachelXu yeah makes you wonder who on earth goes and pays to get accupuncture, im not gonna pay someone to poke needles in me
08:13:43 PMGoodGuy Once I did it that way, I figured I could do it again
08:14:19 PMGoodGuy Those needles are very fine.. the diabetic ones are also
08:14:36 PMrobgor I think I might see if I can find a new old car, need a project to keep me busy on the weekends
08:15:05 PMpyrosrock robgor what type of car u looking 4?
08:15:22 PMGoodGuy Last visit she told me to move injection sites... I tried the leg and you can hardly tell it went in
08:15:47 PMGoodGuy 'Sounded scary, but now I am used to it
08:15:55 PMRachelXu well thats good and as long as its keeping you well
08:16:05 PMrobgor well I would like a 1970 fastback mustang but they are too much here in Australia, starting at around $20,000 for a wreck
08:16:19 PMinvinciblemutant may be one day, robbie can make a show on how he processed videos after shows
08:17:12 PMGoodGuy Then you would think do it w/o the shots to avoid the disomfort
08:17:26 PMGoodGuy discomfort
08:17:26 PMpyrosrock rabgor yeah im baised in melbourne... i have a pair of 1955 austin champs im working on getting one going
08:17:38 PMpyrosrock robgor*
08:18:20 PMRachelXu well you could eat that nasty fake sugar
08:18:24 PMrobgor yeah cool, was thinking on something cheaper, had a ford cortina, thinking of getting that, but they are hard to come by
08:18:26 PMRachelXu maybe one day theyll invent one that tastes real
08:19:02 PMGoodGuy I dont add sugar to anything... just eat too much of foods I should avoid
08:19:16 PM_Jot_ I hear they did make sugar that tastes real
08:19:24 PMrobgor makes me regret getting rid of my old corty, though I still have part of it, made it into a CarBBQ
08:19:33 PMGoodGuy I drink way too much Diet Pepsi.... it tastes normal now
08:19:47 PMpyrosrock robgor yeah id love to do a fair few cars but funds became an issue
08:20:05 PMRachelXu well i think everyone eats food they should avoid. I think it would have been easier in the days before junkfood and chocolate was invented. Veggies for breakfast lunch and dinner
08:20:09 PMGoodGuy If I taste real Pepsi, it tastes far too sweet
08:20:11 PM_Jot_ that stuff has more sugar in it and makes you more fat in than regular stuff, generally with stuff with diet in the name
08:20:33 PMpyrosrock have enough trobble maintaining the ones i have without the costs or restoration
08:21:03 PMGoodGuy The waters were full of seafood
08:21:14 PMrobgor yeah I seen on on ebay the other day wanted to go look at it over the weekend, the seller gave me a wrong number and didnt get back to my messages, really peved me
08:21:33 PMpyrosrock GoodGuy just shows how much dammage has been done by humans
08:21:44 PMGoodGuy You arent kidding
08:22:40 PMGoodGuy My wife said her Mom went on a honeymoon to the Mackinaw area.... in a boat ride she saw a school of perch a mile wide
08:23:02 PMGoodGuy The water color changed when looking down
08:23:22 PMRachelXu that would be cool
08:23:30 PMRachelXu i went swimming in hainan and there was NOTHING there
08:23:38 PMRachelXu cause every morning the fishing boats drag everything out of the water
08:23:46 PMRachelXu not even a lil minnow fish
08:23:50 PMGoodGuy Where is hainan?
08:23:51 PMRachelXu kinda sad
08:24:29 PMRachelXu island off southern china
08:24:58 PMGoodGuy I can see why... so many people need the fish to survive
08:25:01 PMpyrosrock RachelXu yes we have killed 90% of the fish
08:25:12 PMpyrosrock and yet it continues
08:25:15 PMRachelXu yeah 99% of the food there was fish on the island
08:25:18 PMGoodGuy It soulds like you have an interesting life
08:25:28 PMGoodGuy sounds
08:25:39 PMRachelXu they had a wonderful monkey reserve though that you could only get to by cable car
08:25:44 PMRachelXu and theyd set up a resort for the monkeys
08:25:54 PMRachelXu the monkeys liked to rob you though so you had to watch out
08:26:03 PM_Jot_ RachelXu, so how did you escape from the resort?
08:26:25 PMRachelXu made a mad dash for the cable car missing some items from my purse
08:26:26 PMRachelXu hehe
08:26:27 PMGoodGuy Michael Jackson liked them though
08:26:31 PMGoodGuy lol
08:26:41 PMpyrosrock the doc deemed her "sane"
08:26:50 PMRachelXu one monkey gave me a kiss though
08:26:53 PMGoodGuy Crime by Simians
08:26:56 PMRachelXu i was afraid it was then going to bite me
08:27:00 PM_Jot_ that explained all the pictures of monkeys with lipstick
08:27:14 PMGoodGuy He/she was just pretasting you lol
08:27:32 PMGoodGuy See if you were their idea of fine dining
08:27:45 PM_Jot_ just seeing if the meat went off already or not
08:28:09 PMRachelXu yup luckily i wasnt food worthy
08:28:24 PMRachelXu yes that would be sad goodguy
08:28:30 PMGoodGuy Like that movie "Never Been Kissed"
08:29:14 PMGoodGuy My ego would hit rock bottom if RachelXu said even a monkey kisses better than you
08:29:32 PMGoodGuy Back to kissing school if such a thing existed
08:29:58 PM_Jot_ maybe you could take lessons from the monkey
08:30:26 PMGoodGuy Of course gotta factor in the monkey emptied part of your purse.. at least I'd pay for dinner
08:31:07 PMGoodGuy I could watch a Planet of the Apes marathon and hope for the best
08:31:58 PMRachelXu eck planet of the apes, goodluck getting through those
08:32:21 PMRachelXu jot, robbie says his doughnut drip is up on cat5 now for your viewing pleasure
08:32:51 PM_Jot_ lol, that's really amazing
08:34:06 PMGoodGuy I also took her to a drum and bugle corps show.... lucky I ever got more dates
08:34:46 PMRachelXu yes that is surprsing hehe
08:35:09 PMGoodGuy I thought it was kind of neat.. The first time she ever went to a singles club club, she met me
08:35:23 PMRachelXu ah like out of a movie :)
08:35:31 PMT0B33 RobbieF will you be installing 12.04 in 2 days? XD
08:35:37 PMGoodGuy Never dated anyone before that and ended up married almost 40 years now
08:35:54 PMRobbieF not on my system t0b33 but on others, yes
08:36:07 PMRobbieF Congrats goodguy
08:36:08 PMRachelXu well thats great, not many people stay together anymore it seems
08:36:13 PMGoodGuy Most people have had their heart broken at lease once
08:36:24 PMGoodGuy Thank you RobbieF
08:36:31 PMGoodGuy least
08:36:43 PMT0B33 RobbieF do you mean your studio PC or your works one?
08:36:51 PMRobbieF work is debian
08:36:55 PMRobbieF studio is zorin os
08:37:03 PMGoodGuy rbias
08:37:07 PMGoodGuy brbias
08:37:25 PMRobbieF I have to buy the co-hosts a new computer at some point (they've been using my laptop since the computer blew up) and will install probably Lubuntu or something on it then.
08:37:29 PMRobbieF maybe Ubuntu, but unsure.
08:39:06 PMT0B33 RobbieF there seems to be a thing for PC's blowing up this days .. They dont make hardware like they did 10 years ago :( Lubuntu is a wicked distro :) Currently running KDE on 11.10 really buggy lol
08:39:23 PMRobbieF I skipped 11.10...
08:39:24 PMRobbieF lol
08:39:26 PMRobbieF terrible
08:40:10 PMT0B33 Yeah i went to debian but my brother smashed his laptop which meant i had to give up mine to save his.. I'm such a nice dude :)
08:41:52 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, does the Eric deposit page still work?
08:42:05 PM_Jot_ by the way, you should make one for Rachel too where she can sell her art as well :)
08:42:25 PMRobbieF yes
08:42:28 PMRobbieF
08:42:52 PMGoodGuy Smashed by accident or smashed in anger?
08:43:09 PMT0B33 Anger GoodGuy :)
08:43:15 PMT0B33 Against a wall :)
08:43:42 PMmaxwell6307 later all
08:43:48 PMGoodGuy It was a mistake giving him another... consequences teach you not to act in anger next time
08:44:01 PMGoodGuy night maxwell6307
08:44:03 PMRobbieF Night gang!!
08:44:05 PMRachelXu Well I'm heading out so tata everyone
08:44:08 PMRobbieF Thanks for being here!
08:44:15 PM_Jot_ have a good evening RachelXu and RobbieF
08:44:16 PMGoodGuy Thank you RobbieF
08:44:17 PMRobbieF hope you had great amounts of fun!
08:44:18 PMRobbieF cheers
08:44:21 PMGoodGuy I did
08:44:29 PMRobbieF I love V3, I'm done about 2 hours earlier, by default :)
08:44:41 PMRobbieF (almost transitioned to the new system)
08:44:42 PMGoodGuy Can you do a show on Pogoplug and Linux?
08:44:49 PMRobbieF me?
08:44:51 PMRobbieF sure
08:45:06 PMRobbieF Jeff left pogoplug though so we're still trying to re-establish our relationship with his replacement
08:45:07 PMGoodGuy Most of the posts on the Pogoplug site seem outdated
08:45:13 PMRobbieF I'll do what I can
08:45:19 PMpyrosrock yes RobbieF 11.10 broke my com
08:45:34 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can just use the one that I won to demonstrate stuff :P
08:45:34 PMT0B33 Fixed it but it looks like a very expensive keyboard now lol He said i could have it and when i get it working he wants it back but he moved back in which means it stayed here lol Might post a pic sometime if you like it looks like to be honest
08:45:36 PMGoodGuy I would like to access the thumb drives locally as a cheap NAS
08:45:50 PMRobbieF jot did you not get one?
08:46:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I got the one I won first, but never got the second
08:46:16 PMRobbieF jot email me the episode number and address, I'll followup
08:46:22 PMT0B33 Be right back
08:46:34 PMRobbieF night gang
08:46:34 PMGoodGuy I have a Pink Pogoplug, but don't use it because the remote uses werent needed in my case
08:46:47 PMGoodGuy Night RobbieF
08:46:47 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, sure, I'll look it up, won't be tonight cause I win every episode, so much to watch back :)


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