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06:58:02 PMDave-Maydew I sure did, but as its almost midnight and I've got to be up at 6am ready to go see the nurse, I'll be here for a little while, but next week for the full show
06:58:09 PMpyrosrock hey ErikaL
06:58:34 PM_Jot_ nice of you to come for a while and tell us how it went Dave-Maydew
06:58:49 PMmathman47 Anyone else watching Venus transit the sun?
06:58:55 PMDave-Maydew HAHAHA it went good
06:59:03 PMErikaL Hey pyrosrock how is it going
06:59:05 PMDave-Maydew Hey G6CYF de M0DCM
06:59:32 PMpyrosrock anyone know how to change the bg color in empathy?
06:59:38 PMT0B33 ErikaL you tried ubuntu yet? :)
06:59:39 PMG6CYF hi dave wheres roy?
06:59:50 PM_Jot_ get ready RobbieF and ErikaL
06:59:54 PMErikaL yeah i downloaded it
06:59:54 PMagamotto Ah, I got home just in time...
06:59:56 PMDave-Maydew Good question Dave
06:59:56 PMRobbieF have fun everyone!
07:00:02 PMErikaL love it
07:00:04 PMDave-Maydew there's too many Dave's lol
07:00:04 PMT0B33 Lol my glasses make a difference!
07:00:15 PMG6CYF too true!
07:00:35 PMDave-Maydew Which stream gives the best resolution??
07:00:57 PMDave-Maydew Hey RobbieF, nice and life size
07:01:02 PMagamotto Sitting on the couch in the studio, I would imagine...
07:01:12 PMT0B33 Lol my last days of school were the greatest!
07:01:58 PMGoodGuy Our daughter's 1st grade mural is still there.. we see it when going to vote
07:02:07 PM_Jot_ So, 11 years of keeping those schoolwalls clean all gone because ErikaL came along
07:02:18 PMagamotto GoodGuy- coolies
07:02:46 PMOldGuyJim White water rafting is great. The New and Gulley rivers in West Virginia are the best east of the Mississippi.
07:02:58 PMpyrosrock anyone know how to change the bg color in empathy?
07:03:00 PMGoodGuy She needs one of those head cams RobbieF advertises
07:03:02 PMagamotto RobbieF- Went from 34C to 3C in a day or two?
07:03:04 PM_Jot_ we're all great RobbieF
07:03:04 PMinvinciblemutant hi room
07:03:14 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF I'm a fighter
07:03:30 PMMichaeliowa hi FobbieF
07:03:44 PMGoodGuy Giving the medical staff all they can handle?
07:03:49 PMOldGuyJim RobbieF strikes again.
07:03:52 PMDave-Maydew No in the hotel
07:03:57 PMDave-Maydew I'd demand it
07:04:00 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:05:01 PMinvinciblemutant hate the ads on jtv
07:05:40 PM_Jot_ good news, Jot won't win, Jot can't afford to call internationally
07:05:51 PMGoodGuy use Firefox with Adblock Plus invinciblemutant
07:06:08 PMAliceEU_ jotbot always wins tho ;)
07:06:12 PMGoodGuy I am using Ustream, no ads here
07:06:21 PMRobbieF AliceEU_ ohmigosh it's so nice to see you!
07:06:37 PMAliceEU_ pretty late here :P
07:06:47 PMGoodGuy SmartGlass
07:06:47 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, do your wees on the toilet, not on tv
07:06:49 PMAliceEU_ but ya, i stayed up ;)
07:06:49 PMGoodGuy MS
07:06:56 PMpyrosrock RobbieF get a wii!
07:07:55 PMT0B33 Nobody is talking lol
07:08:12 PM_Jot_ it works on regular computers too GoodGuy :)
07:08:13 PMagamotto Did Facebook drop below $10/share yet?
07:08:15 PMmaxwell6307 mines in the mail
07:08:28 PMGoodGuy Guess I dont need it since a desktop has more real estate
07:08:32 PMOldGuyJim All credit to you, AliceEU, for staying up so late.
07:08:33 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, won a billion dollars?
07:08:50 PMT0B33 Good one!
07:09:01 PMDave-Maydew It
07:09:06 PMEightMilesFromTJ I've been meaning to send another postcard
07:09:10 PM_Jot_ getting close, agamotto, 25.8 dollars at the moment
07:09:10 PMSovereignEntity when using an ssd what I put the swap partition on the ssd?
07:09:10 PMDave-Maydew oops, we're called Twits
07:09:12 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:09:13 PMU-Al tweetless twitterer
07:09:15 PMagamotto AliceEU_- Stayed up for the Jubilee stuff, eh?
07:09:25 PMGoodGuy I went to and it displays larger
07:09:34 PMinvinciblemutant Thnaks...
07:09:35 PMAliceEU_ actually to watch the show for once, as i planned it since a while
07:09:48 PMAliceEU_ venus happened too tho, so i watched that a while too
07:10:00 PMGoodGuy No swap.... buy more memory unless you already have enough
07:10:03 PMagamotto AliceEU_- nice
07:10:10 PMGoodGuy Cheaper than SSD's
07:10:20 PMT0B33 Hey i might know of a way of saving moneyon internet for every one using mobile dongle
07:10:21 PMOldGuyJim We had clouds and rain covering the view of Venus in transit.
07:10:29 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, maybe you can tweet while rafting and going down while the people in tbe back get launched
07:10:41 PMAliceEU_ actually planet Arkadia atm :P
07:11:18 PMErikaL awesome i think it will JOT
07:11:22 PM_Jot_ so did you meet pacman and donkey kong yet AliceEU?
07:11:42 PMAliceEU_ nopes
07:12:16 PMmaxwell6307 thats a butt load of key strokes
07:12:23 PMGoodGuy NSA is tracking what you type lol
07:12:34 PMT0B33 Where is Garbee??
07:12:44 PMU-Al does it include gaming use
07:12:49 PMRazor62 is the show on?
07:12:51 PMagamotto Nah, Canadians are tracked by Stephen Harper
07:12:57 PM_Jot_ yes Razor62
07:12:58 PMinvinciblemutant one can create more key strokes without productivity with lots of backspaces
07:13:04 PMinvinciblemutant lol
07:13:06 PM_Jot_ it is live right now
07:13:42 PMRazor62 just showing justintv flashing on and off
07:13:45 PMGoodGuy Is the beta site lighter color than the current site?
07:14:20 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - How much memory is your iPod Touch?
07:15:18 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, if even RobbieF can do it, then you can do it twice as fast and three times as good
07:15:39 PMMichaeliowa that is me
07:15:50 PMErikaL woooo congrats !
07:15:54 PMGoodGuy Congrats Michaeliowa
07:15:55 PMT0B33 Looks like you win :D
07:15:58 PM_Jot_ grats Michaeliowa for winning
07:16:03 PMagamotto Yay!
07:16:03 PMMichaeliowa thanks
07:16:04 PMinvinciblemutant congrats
07:16:19 PMYazid1965 congrats
07:16:35 PMajamison5579 is the audio out of sync for anyone else
07:16:48 PMGoodGuy Or hook it to a Raspberry Pi
07:16:52 PMMichaeliowa thanks
07:16:59 PMGoodGuy fine here ajamison5579
07:16:59 PMpyrosrock no its fine on ustream
07:16:59 PMAliceEU_ audio is fine for me
07:17:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, problem with using less power is that the electric companies will claim more expenses and make everything more expensive, so you won't actually save the enviroment, or save money
07:17:02 PMagamotto I found that getting rid of cable tv service did drop our electric bill a bit.
07:17:13 PMGoodGuy I agree _Jot_
07:17:21 PMGoodGuy That really annoys me
07:17:32 PMGoodGuy Pay more for less
07:17:54 PMmathman47 Very strange - sound but no video on either ustream or justintv.
07:18:01 PMagamotto Sounds like Digital tv in the States
07:18:17 PM_Jot_ that's odd mathman47, it does work for me and others
07:19:28 PMagamotto mathman47- sounds like your Flash is mangled
07:19:39 PMmathman47 It worked for the first 5 minutes, then blank. I have logged off & back on - only sound.
07:21:17 PMT0B33 I do that all the time
07:21:32 PMagamotto Looks like my usual entries for security questions
07:22:32 PMagamotto That is a good price
07:22:47 PMGoodGuy But no pictures of Danica Patrick on that host lol
07:23:07 PMAliceEU_ heh
07:23:17 PMErikaL lol
07:24:33 PMT0B33 People in my village did that to me when i was a kid :(
07:25:21 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, one reason to not use a password on wifi: it can be easily cracked if you use one, and in some countries you are responsible for what happens. If you have no password, you an claim plausible deniability
07:25:22 PMpyrosrock :/ lol no encription on my wifi
07:25:54 PMMichaeliowa RobbieF I jest send you a email my addresses:-D Thanks
07:26:31 PMagamotto I found a neat hack for my gateway that allows me to use a couple of channels that are outside the usual range.
07:26:33 PMinvinciblemutant u can claim...
07:26:47 PMGoodGuy He is saying a hacker can do wrong and blame you
07:27:09 PMGoodGuy If no password, it is easy to deny you alone could have done it
07:27:31 PMpyrosrock RobbieF every time i put a encription on my WiFi i have conection issues!
07:27:40 PMGoodGuy That is illegal agamotto .. depending on nation
07:27:44 PMinvinciblemutant pyrosrock: change the channel
07:28:24 PMT0B33 Some one did that to me. Took my internet connection. Saw some one sat outside on my wall with a laptop .....
07:28:37 PMYazid1965 try different channels
07:28:47 PMinvinciblemutant pyrosrock: change your router to use other channels, probably there is interference with the current one
07:28:49 PMpyrosrock RobbieF but its only with some computers where they just dont accept the password
07:29:34 PMpyrosrock invinciblemutant i have tryed all the channels that are clean with no other wifi on them
07:29:36 PMMichaeliowa lol
07:29:41 PMU-Al should you hide the ssid
07:29:54 PMagamotto U-Al- it helps
07:29:55 PM_Jot_ usually the 5ghz is still pretty clear, but you need a router that can use it
07:30:00 PMinvinciblemutant i use to talk to a professor in the US, he says he does not care abou tthe security because his farm house is far from neighbours
07:30:34 PMinvinciblemutant pyrosrock: it could be other signal, bear in mind that some mice use the same rf too
07:31:02 PMagamotto Mice, keyboards, microwaves, FRS walkie-talkies...
07:31:08 PMMichaeliowa yes
07:31:24 PMpyrosrock invinciblemutant we dont have anny wireless mice other than mums bluetooth mac mouse
07:32:11 PMmathman47 Rebooted, now I can see! It's a miracle!
07:32:15 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I think you discovered what makes ErikaL go laugh, just like clouds with eehmm whatshername
07:32:20 PMinvinciblemutant pyrosrock: as long as your machine conforms to the standard, it should be ok
07:32:45 PMGoodGuy Rachael Xu
07:33:14 PMT0B33 Hahaha that was reeeealy funny when Rachel laughed at the cloud!
07:33:19 PM_Jot_ mathman47, and you opened your eyes! good job!
07:34:03 PMpyrosrock kids dont need Facebook!
07:34:06 PMmathman47 Jot - that helped too.
07:34:06 PMagamotto Is that 13 according to the calendar, or by mental age?
07:34:13 PMT0B33 I can see this been hacked on facebook and been used to hack accounts
07:34:23 PM_Jot_ I wonder if that is 13 in RobbieF years, or normal human years?
07:34:37 PMAliceEU_ facebook is strange anyway
07:34:53 PMpyrosrock no halo is super boring and crap ErikaL
07:34:59 PMAliceEU_ before facebook you didnt call your friends telling them "ya, i just sit on the toilet laying an egg"
07:35:08 PMAliceEU_ not on facebook ppl do that all the time
07:35:11 PMagamotto hahaahahahah
07:35:14 PMAliceEU_ who needs that info ^.-
07:35:25 PMcybersmurf lol
07:35:44 PM_Jot_ if I laid an egg, I would take pictures and post them and send them to my doctor and ask if it was normal
07:35:51 PMagamotto Sounds like trying to control the Enterprise with a PADD...
07:36:08 PMpyrosrock RobbieF it will only work on win tablets
07:36:20 PMmathman47 JOT - RobbieF lays eggs every Tues.
07:36:34 PMGoodGuy 70 Billion can afford a lot of R&D
07:37:14 PMagamotto Which is why Nintendo will be going the way of Sony in the next few years
07:37:47 PMSovereignEntity agamotto what happened to sony
07:37:57 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, it is the same with blueberry, you also have to buy that tablet to use it with their phone
07:38:03 PM_Jot_ blackberry
07:38:06 PM_Jot_ any berry really
07:38:16 PMagamotto SovereignEntity- they are falling apart financially
07:38:44 PMpyrosrock no 802.11ac article RobbieF ?????
07:38:56 PMErikaL not sure what a blue berry is
07:39:13 PMagamotto It is a Blackberry w/o a data plan
07:39:41 PMmaxwell6307 raspberrie pi
07:39:48 PMinvinciblemutant blueberry is a phone produced in malaysia
07:39:48 PMT0B33 hahahahahhahahaahah
07:39:57 PMinvinciblemutant google blueberry malaysia
07:40:18 PMU-Al lol
07:41:22 PMagamotto No, the outrage is mostly over the 'connection' to the smart meters isn
07:41:27 PMagamotto 't encrypted
07:41:47 PMT0B33 Speaking of technology having weird names has any one seen the name for fedora 17? Beefy Miracle!? lol
07:41:50 PMSovereignEntity They just wasted a lot of ip addresses
07:43:02 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i want a smart meter so i can see how my Solar Panels are working!
07:43:46 PMErikaL thes awesome i wish our house had solar panels.
07:43:54 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, you don't, cause with normal meters, your meter will run back and so you pay less, with smart meters, they register how much you spend and how much you create seperatly, so you have to pay additional transport costs for sending and receiving, plus extra taxes
07:44:36 PMYazid1965 RobbieF you are focused on Erika
07:44:44 PMErikaL lol
07:44:47 PM_Jot_ ErikaL is nice to look at, no problems there
07:44:50 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ our smart meters run back and u get payed more for what u give back than what u use
07:45:14 PMYazid1965 Erika give him a nudge
07:45:28 PMErikaL lol im letting it go
07:46:01 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, you could playback him like you were saying it, and not RobbieF
07:46:20 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - ErikaL How do you know if you have a smart meter?
07:46:44 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, if it is electronic, it is smart, if it is mechanical, you can see the mechanics move, and it is not smart
07:47:07 PMErikaL im not sure ive never checked it my self but ill ask robbie
07:47:11 PMGoodGuy They installed water meters that can be read remotely
07:47:17 PMAliceEU_ and if it solves mathematical problems Jot?
07:47:44 PMGoodGuy Dont think the electric meters can be read remotely, but maybe I am incorrect
07:47:50 PM_Jot_ AliceEU_, I don't know, it didn't have enough buttons like a calculator, so I could never count on it
07:48:00 PMAliceEU_ :P
07:48:33 PM_Jot_ the smart meters are capable of sending your electrical usage every second to the electrical companies, usually they are limited to once every 15 minutes or once every half hour or even less
07:48:33 PMMichaeliowa good we are back on Erikal
07:48:44 PMT0B33 Haha!
07:48:46 PMErikaL lol :D
07:49:07 PM_Jot_ wow, there's ErikaL again, and that bald guy
07:49:23 PMGoodGuy Our son took mine and hasnt given it back
07:49:28 PMagamotto GoodGuy- Depends where your
07:49:36 PMagamotto you are, that should have been
07:49:39 PMGoodGuy Newegg had them for $18 now and then
07:49:41 PMT0B33 Skynet is taking over your cams :O
07:50:03 PMGoodGuy Warren Michigan
07:50:07 PMpyrosrock 79 thats good my com uses up to 250w
07:50:30 PMErikaL wow , what type of computer
07:50:54 PMGoodGuy PC can go off on Christmas :-)
07:51:11 PMErikaL same in my house
07:51:20 PMpyrosrock ErikaL a first gen i7 with a power hungary gpu
07:51:33 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, maybe you can tell everybody that when RobbieF says Hydro, for the rest of the world he means 'power' or 'electricity'
07:52:16 PMGoodGuy I saw a gadget called a B3 iirc
07:52:34 PMT0B33 Wow that looks really interesting Robbie!
07:52:39 PMGoodGuy I think that was the name.. saw in a Linux mag from the UK
07:52:42 PMagamotto I thought the whole smart meter thing was a way to set the ground work for home-charging your cars
07:53:20 PM_Jot_ 17... 19....
07:53:36 PM_Jot_ 20
07:53:46 PMGoodGuy
07:53:49 PM_Jot_ 21
07:53:55 PMGoodGuy That is the B3 server
07:54:20 PMGuest_4332 hi robbie its will
07:54:57 PMpyrosrock let me guess around $15/y
07:54:58 PM_Jot_ wow, Robbie said my name, and it wasn't even to say my name
07:55:34 PMGoodGuy How long to pay off buying the new device?
07:55:49 PM_Jot_ That pc3 costs 400-500 dollars, so quite a lot
07:55:49 PMmaxwell6307 what do they cost robbie?
07:55:55 PMMichaeliowa nice
07:55:57 PMpyrosrock RobbieF my desktop running hard runs at 250w
07:56:01 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: i think you have to add up to 20 at least for usb pheripherals
07:56:16 PMGoodGuy pogoplug
07:56:29 PM_Jot_ this model costs $475 excluding shipping, duty and VAT
07:56:36 PMYazid1965 exactly GoodGuy :)
07:56:38 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: and also not the machine is idle, what if it runs busily, the power will shoot up
07:56:47 PMU-Al No fans saves watts
07:57:12 PMU-Al would like to check temps
07:57:23 PMinvinciblemutant a fan may take 1-2 watts i think
07:57:56 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: when it becomes hot, power consumption will go out a bit too
07:58:28 PMYazid1965 it would take 9 yrs to re-coup
07:58:48 PMAndrew_ Robbief the eSata port on it supports port multiplication then ?
07:58:52 PMGoodGuy That changes the equation Yazid1965
07:58:54 PMagamotto Interesting idea
07:59:22 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: have you checked the power consumption of pogoplug?
07:59:23 PMYazid1965 only for this use case
07:59:26 PMAliceEU_ guess it would be more of an option if you have problem of buying a new server or so i guess
07:59:38 PMpyrosrock RobbieF that thing is reli expensive i got a power meter for $15
07:59:41 PMGoodGuy Harbor Freight used to carry them (Kill-a-wat)
07:59:45 PMAliceEU_ and you can compare the cost of this to the rest and add the power saving on the pro side?
08:00:08 PMAliceEU_ for plain substitution it may not be worth it prolly
08:00:19 PMGoodGuy
08:00:24 PMGoodGuy $22 US
08:00:41 PMT0B33 Wow time just flied!
08:00:49 PM_Jot_ if we don't see you, a happy birthday ErikaL
08:00:51 PMT0B33 Happy Birthday ErikaL
08:01:06 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: thanks for the kill-a-watt thingy
08:01:08 PMYazid1965 Happy Birthday Erika
08:01:10 PMinvinciblemutant will get one
08:01:10 PMMichaeliowa Happy Birthday ErikaL!!
08:01:17 PMinvinciblemutant happy bday
08:01:20 PMAliceEU_ happy birthday :)
08:01:21 PMErikaL awh thanks guys :D
08:01:22 PMGoodGuy Kill-A-Watt was $22 at Newegg
08:01:24 PMGoodGuy
08:01:37 PMGoodGuy Free shipping to the USA
08:01:45 PMinvinciblemutant well done RobbieF and erika
08:01:47 PMErikaL ten !
08:01:48 PMmaxwell6307 great show thanks guys
08:01:51 PMT0B33 Good show!!
08:01:52 PMYazid1965 Good Night All
08:02:08 PMAliceEU_ ok, 2 am, i guess i should head to bed :P
08:02:11 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: have you checked how much power pogoplug consumes
08:02:13 PMAliceEU_ good night :D
08:02:17 PMpyrosrock RobbieF my friend has a power meter that logs all the data and u can plug it in via usb and download all the data
08:02:24 PMT0B33 Good night AliceEU :)
08:02:30 PMErikaL good night guys :D
08:02:39 PM_Jot_ good night ErikaL
08:02:43 PMagamotto Well, on that note... I am leaving early to go make dinner. Chat at you lot next week!
08:02:44 PMT0B33 Hey RobbieF i have a quick question for you
08:03:09 PMMichaeliowa Have a good night all!!
08:03:22 PMGoodGuy night Michaeliowa
08:03:28 PMErikaL have a great night and congrats !
08:03:30 PMmaxwell6307 nite all see ya next tues :)
08:04:28 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - Did you catch the post where I said Newegg has Kill-A-Watt for $22?
08:04:44 PMGoodGuy Free shipping as well
08:05:55 PMGoodGuy
08:06:11 PMGoodGuy That is the fancier Kill-A-Watt EZ
08:06:33 PMGoodGuy It calculates power savings
08:06:49 PMinvinciblemutant i am look for one in the UK
08:06:53 PMpyrosrock GoodGuy i have to say that thing that RobbieF showed on air was massive and expensive
08:07:11 PMGoodGuy Still nice pyrosrock
08:07:16 PMinvinciblemutant the cheapest i can find here is
08:07:18 PMinvinciblemutant electricity monitor
08:07:22 PMinvinciblemutant
08:07:25 PMpyrosrock invinciblemutant i know they will be avaliable i got one here in aus for $15
08:07:51 PMinvinciblemutant pyrosrock: That is cheap in AUS
08:07:54 PMGoodGuy
08:08:05 PMGoodGuy That is Kill-a-watt site
08:08:48 PMGoodGuy The EZ model calcs power savings in currency from what I can tell skim reading
08:09:09 PMGoodGuy They have a downloadable pdf manual
08:09:46 PMT0B33 Good night everyone :D Thanks ErikaL and RobbieF for a great show :D
08:10:24 PMGoodGuy Wonder if calcs only work in the US
08:10:46 PM_Jot_ those kill-a-wat use plugs that only the US/canada use, so yes
08:10:57 PMpyrosrock GoodGuy yeah u just insert how much u pay per KW/h if it is annything like what i have
08:11:26 PMinvinciblemutant _Jot_: we are using the 13A 3 pin in the UK
08:11:53 PMinvinciblemutant for 13A 3-pin plug, here you go:
08:11:59 PMGoodGuy I bought the UK power supply with my Raspberry Pi.. hope that was the right one
08:12:00 PM_Jot_ at least we in europe use plugs that don't fall out of the wall by themselfs
08:12:02 PMinvinciblemutant
08:12:14 PMGoodGuy They only listed two models.... UK or Euro
08:12:59 PMinvinciblemutant a tenner is average everywhere in the UK
08:13:12 PM_Jot_ that one isn't very good because it only works when plugged in
08:13:15 PMGoodGuy Guess if I had a brain I would have opened the box and seen what it looks like
08:13:18 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ the plugs in aus dont come out without a good pull
08:13:23 PM_Jot_ I have one that also has batteries to remember the powerusage
08:14:05 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ yeah mine has batteries
08:16:01 PM_Jot_ if you do go buy those energy-meters, make sure to check with consumer-organisations too, many of the meters don't measure well
08:16:21 PMpyrosrock ^^^ yeah good point
08:16:55 PM_Jot_ I mean, I used one to measure RobbieF, and it says 'highly energetic' and we all know all he does is just sit there
08:17:42 PMGoodGuy Did anyone buy that AIOS HD Media Cente?
08:18:46 PMGoodGuy Probably going to have to wait a bit
08:18:47 PM_Jot_ I think it is based on the older realtek chipset, so I wouldn't, I haven't checked though
08:19:08 PM_Jot_ looked like a clone of the playon! hd
08:19:35 PMGoodGuy What is Playon HD?
08:19:42 PMGoodGuy I have Playon software
08:19:52 PM_Jot_ it's a device from AC Ryan, a Dutch company, I think
08:20:15 PM_Jot_ they aren't the only ones who make media-players like that, but it was the exact same shape etc
08:20:21 PMGoodGuy Hmm never heard of it
08:20:31 PMRobbieF I got an AIOS for myself. The price to performance ratio is EXCELLENT.
08:21:02 PMGoodGuy I liked what I saw on your show
08:21:05 PMRobbieF it has quirks that perhaps a $500 unit wouldn't have, but they're entirely bearable, and it is under $100 if you shop around. And the drive tray is nice.
08:21:21 PMGoodGuy The drive tray sold me
08:21:24 PMRobbieF What you saw on the show was live... so gave you a pretty good taste
08:21:32 PMRobbieF yes; I love being able to transfer files to it through SMB
08:22:13 PMGoodGuy WD sells a WD Live TV Hub with a builtin HD, but it is $200
08:22:32 PMGoodGuy and if the drive dies, too bad I am guessing
08:23:00 PMGoodGuy I have an older WD Live TV w/o Netflix
08:23:17 PMGoodGuy Has the network port
08:23:30 PMpyrosrock i dont have a TV so a media center is a little redundant :P
08:23:40 PMGoodGuy true pyrosrock
08:24:08 PMGoodGuy I watch mostly tech shows off Miro etc
08:24:33 PMGoodGuy Put them on a flash drive
08:24:52 PMGoodGuy Plus keep some stuff on a NAS old PC


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