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06:58:18 PMajamison5579 Anti-freeze is blue is it not? I tend to not drink hazardos material
06:58:19 PMkevoh wait... how do i get the front camera view/
06:58:20 PMajamison5579 so not sure
06:58:24 PMT061 Here in Wales. Its raining 24-7 and when we do get a hot and sunny day (like we did today) we make the most of it. You guys are lucky!
06:58:31 PMkevoh not if it expires
06:58:45 PMValpenone Hi All
06:59:05 PM_Jot_ kevoh, the screen that is on the main channel is the same as the backstagepass, so if you're logged in to the site, you can go to the viewer there and select the backstagepass window
06:59:14 PMajamison5579 Robbief is drinking ... Canada Dry
06:59:19 PMRobbieF nope
06:59:35 PMajamison5579 Moon Shine?
06:59:40 PMajamison5579 would make the show more interesting
06:59:44 PMemiel1976 Hi all
06:59:47 PMT061 haha!
07:00:27 PMkevoh it just changed!
07:00:57 PMkevoh and i am sleepy
07:01:10 PM_Jot_ by the way, I have deja vu, didn't I see hillary last week too?
07:01:28 PMGarbee RobbieF, False.
07:01:32 PMGarbee It is in superspeed.
07:01:41 PMnapa_polarbear hello
07:01:57 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, did you forget the washers again? Did I win the prize for guessing the question and answer before the show even started?
07:02:11 PMOldGuyJim did that happen?
07:02:13 PMtic-toc puffys
07:02:14 PMDuane googguy where in MI, myself in Pontiac
07:02:21 PMsmittysmit_ 43c is jacked
07:02:21 PMajamison5579 Liquid Cooling is a bit overrated most reviews i see say it changes the temp maybe 5 degrees tops
07:02:42 PMDuane robbief first time
07:02:54 PMemiel1976 Hey RobbieF
07:02:59 PMGoodGuy I live in Warren Duane.. Welcome to Cat5
07:03:02 PMDuane robbief Pontiac mi
07:03:05 PMnapa_polarbear hello napa ca
07:03:05 PMrazor_62 my secound time here its the bomb
07:03:16 PMpyrosrock hey a bit late tonight
07:03:19 PMGarbee I'm from Mars.
07:03:25 PMGoodGuy I have been to Pontiac several times
07:03:25 PMajamison5579 and I am in Monroe Michigan three Michiganians
07:03:31 PMajamison5579 in the chat room lol
07:03:34 PM_Jot_ they set us up the bomb?
07:03:34 PMmathman47 Lisle, IL (SW suburban Chicago)
07:03:44 PMsmittysmit_ Hello Duane. I'm in Westland
07:03:47 PMrazor_62 lol
07:03:51 PMGoodGuy Been to Monroe numerous times with our son
07:04:02 PMinvinciblemutant no wonder
07:04:09 PMGoodGuy Hi smittysmit... Four Michiganders
07:04:11 PMinvinciblemutant ff13
07:04:26 PMemiel1976 And Flash has problems with Nvidia in Linux
07:04:30 PMnapa_polarbear i thout i was hone i canada
07:04:31 PMGuest99493 my googletalk video keeps crashing
07:04:32 PMajamison5579 its the WOS tablet
07:04:39 PMajamison5579 (Windows OS)
07:04:50 PMT061 I dont use flash anymore i used flash replaces to use vlc in a browser to replace flash better performance XD
07:04:53 PMDuane I've been watching the rss feed for a long time, just the first time I've been at my computer when the show is on
07:04:58 PMT061 replacer**
07:05:07 PMnapa_polarbear got one 1
07:05:33 PMDuane running ubuntu on both my laptop and desktop
07:05:34 PMGoodGuy I think it's only on some PC's emiel1976 ... My wifes PC wont run Flash unless I use an older version.. I have a nVidia card and it works fine
07:05:38 PMajamison5579 Postal Mail is so 1990's
07:05:40 PMrazor_62 oh getting woosy
07:05:42 PMpyrosrock nice Duane
07:05:49 PMnapa_polarbear foe my kids in penticton bc
07:06:08 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - Hillary .... Is the phone number on the web site?
07:06:14 PMMichaeliowa hi all
07:06:16 PMGuest99493 to you count all previous postcards in
07:06:17 PMGuest99493 ?
07:06:27 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:06:30 PMGoodGuy SneakerNet ajamison5579
07:06:38 PMnapa_polarbear pstcard like qsl in ham
07:06:39 PMGoodGuy Hi chrisreich
07:06:44 PM_Jot_ they put postal mail in unlocked garage boxes in this country, and you're lucky if you get any post, and the name, street, or number match yours
07:06:46 PMchrisreich Hi GoodGuy
07:06:48 PMGuest99493 robbief: do you count all previous postcards in
07:06:58 PMsmittysmit_ Been using Zorin with no issues
07:07:00 PMDuane weather report from MI HOT
07:07:16 PMpyrosrock ugh my compiz keeps crashing after a update :(
07:07:18 PMGoodGuy Can you say the cat5 phone number again?
07:07:23 PMLedzep Zorin runs fine
07:07:32 PMmaxwell6307 Zorin here to
07:07:35 PMemiel1976 GoodGuy, I had problems with it and when I started to look what the problem was, I found out that there are some Nvidia vards and the latest Flash driver will give some problems with the collors. It is solved by disable hardware accelaration with flash.
07:07:45 PMpyrosrock its on the website GoodGuy
07:07:46 PMsmittysmit_ Love my Zorin
07:07:47 PMmaxwell6307 its great
07:07:50 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, 254-5-CAT5TV
07:07:58 PMGoodGuy Thanks emiel1976
07:08:02 PMchrisreich I <3 Debian
07:08:04 PMLedzep Zorin premium for me
07:08:05 PM_Jot_ Goodguy, that's (254-522-8588)
07:08:07 PMGoodGuy Thanks also _Jot_
07:08:29 PMtic-toc Im sticking with zorin 5.2 I do not like any gnome 3.
07:08:31 PMGoodGuy Got it written down
07:08:40 PMsmittysmit_ phone lines busy
07:08:48 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you need to make your voice do pushups more to train it and make it strong
07:08:49 PMLedzep MS Surface looks awesome from a hardware perspective
07:08:53 PMajamison5579 I have one of the most confusing numbers it has 5 4's in it including the area code
07:09:17 PMtic-toc oh man
07:09:19 PMemiel1976 GoodGuy, Older Flash driver will also work but I prefer the new flash driver until it dissapears out of Linux and than I will use the Flash suport in CHrome.
07:09:22 PMrazor_62 post the VID
07:09:26 PMGoodGuy I like the all girls band Expose
07:09:27 PMMichaeliowa you have pics?
07:09:27 PMajamison5579 Robbief has pictures?
07:09:32 PMajamison5579 lol
07:09:33 PM_Jot_ Hillary, pics or it didn't happen
07:09:50 PMrazor_62 yes
07:10:11 PMtic-toc fun is what its all about
07:10:33 PMGoodGuy I have to stop Ubuntu from updating Flash or remember to copy an old flash plugin
07:10:36 PMtic-toc hello
07:10:49 PMGoodGuy Keep Mrs GoodGuy happy
07:11:04 PM_Jot_ keeping the Mrs happy is always a good idea
07:11:07 PMGoodGuy CPU Frequency Scallng in Puppy Linux
07:11:08 PMchrisreich GoodGuy just "pin" whatever package runs Flash.
07:11:13 PMrazor_62 good beer in austrailia
07:11:15 PMtic-toc incoming message
07:11:26 PMGoodGuy She is using FF
07:11:46 PMpyrosrock RobbieF but then if forget to manualy turn the fan on!
07:11:49 PMGoodGuy Wouldn't it still update to a newer flash version?
07:12:00 PMGoodGuy Not sure what Pin is
07:12:33 PMinvincib1emutant hi
07:12:39 PMGarbee Pin is making something stick to the start menu or taskbar GoodGuy.
07:12:44 PMchrisreich man pin. Pin is a manager which prevents a given package from accepting automatic updates.
07:13:05 PMtic-toc Im gonna try that on my Alienware laptop. that thing sounds like the space shuttle launch
07:13:08 PMGoodGuy Interesting chrisreich .. learned something new
07:13:16 PMGoodGuy Gotta walk wife to her car
07:13:19 PMGoodGuy brbias
07:13:25 PMGarbee GoodGuy, The only real way to keep it from updating would be to find an aptitude command to stop it ( aptitude --help to start ) or manually install it yourself.
07:13:45 PMpyrosrock RobbieF yes great if u can get it to work but a lot of work to get there
07:13:46 PMGarbee Oh, Pin being used in the non-Windows sense of pin.
07:13:55 PMchrisreich that's what it's all about GoodGuy, learning and having fun. And an occasional drink. Oh, and girls. Don't forget the girls.
07:14:11 PMGarbee FYI: RobbieF is a micro-manager.
07:14:37 PMinvincib1emutant fancontrols says: cant read configuration file
07:14:55 PMinvincib1emutant robbief: i have just install fancontrol
07:15:08 PMmathman47 Yeah Win 7 Pro x64
07:15:08 PMinvincib1emutant it is not straight forward
07:16:06 PMpyrosrock setup lm-sensors and run it
07:16:09 PMtic-toc do you smell something burning???
07:16:14 PMGarbee "Little spinning thing" great technical jargon.
07:16:37 PMchrisreich tic-toc don't worry until the smoke detector blasts your ears.
07:16:54 PMtic-toc no, the batteries are dead
07:17:06 PMchrisreich no worries then!
07:17:07 PMGarbee 97 audio is the most compatible.
07:17:28 PMGarbee You shouldn't have needed to re-install.
07:18:06 PMGarbee Linux wouldn't handle it well either.
07:18:08 PMpyrosrock RobbieF hot-swaping hardware componants is so much fun
07:19:00 PMtic-toc clippy
07:19:33 PMGarbee JQuery fun!
07:20:00 PMrazor_62 ? flies over my head
07:20:10 PMGarbee What the jquery fun comment?
07:20:13 PMGarbee or clippy?
07:20:37 PMtic-toc we want clippy-- we want clippy
07:20:44 PMGarbee --Clippy reference for those wondering.
07:21:01 PMHillary Clippy J's. hahaha
07:21:53 PMHillary 8-)
07:21:56 PMGarbee ... Forum post on Clippy.
07:22:10 PMHillary :-/
07:22:25 PMGarbee I did post an archive with a demo, not sure if it is till live though so follow if you want it and let me know if it doesn't work. I can try to track it down again.
07:22:27 PMrazor_62 just blown away here
07:23:21 PMinvincib1emutant i experienced that
07:23:34 PMinvincib1emutant it was not ok for me though
07:23:40 PMinvincib1emutant on ubuntu
07:23:43 PMpyrosrock i love it how a adobie problem (more than likely) is blamed on firefox!
07:23:44 PMemiel1976 RobbieF Linux is not ok with flas
07:23:51 PMinvincib1emutant googletalk just crashed
07:24:12 PMinvincib1emutant i was forced to switch to google chrome
07:25:03 PMtic-toc was it running linux??
07:25:16 PMinvincib1emutant sure...linux
07:25:17 PMinvincib1emutant ubuntu
07:25:19 PMU-Al weird wild stuff
07:25:37 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i wonder if the cost of calculaters is more than the super computer?
07:25:54 PMmathman47 However, it will be beaten next week by a tablet running Android.
07:26:11 PMtic-toc Vger wants to talk to the creator
07:26:37 PMpyrosrock yeah mathman47 mores law
07:27:22 PMU-Al only 100,000 years for voyager to reach the nearest star
07:27:25 PMchrisreich "Where no one has gone before"
07:28:09 PMtic-toc is it using verizon or sprint to call back to earth
07:28:42 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, there are more powerful computers in the calculators Hillary uses with all those billions of people
07:29:02 PMchrisreich The return of the Zune!?
07:29:09 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i have to say it EWW!
07:29:15 PM_Jot_ it's called Surface, not Zune
07:29:34 PMGoodGuy MS dumped Zune.. How long until this meets the same fate?
07:29:36 PMrazor_62 ms=wanna bees
07:29:38 PM_Jot_ what was Surface, is now called Pixel Sense
07:29:39 PMGarbee Well Surface RT for the ARM version and Surface Pro for the Intel version currently.
07:29:50 PMtic-toc i5 cpu in pro version
07:29:51 PMchrisreich that's my point, GoodGuy
07:30:03 PMGarbee razor_62, They did it though with this announcemnt. They made it like an Intel one and got the buzz due to dit.
07:30:09 PMGarbee due to it*
07:30:15 PMinvincib1emutant solar storms???
07:30:38 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, if nothing happened in the studio, then how do you know there were power surges?
07:31:29 PM_Jot_ not on the BSP, never seen the ceiling from that
07:31:34 PMrazor_62 Bureau of Indain Affairs runs our power...been working fine
07:32:05 PMrazor_62 our neighbors (Town of Parker) has brown outs.
07:32:05 PMinvincib1emutant if hillary can install that, anyone in this world should be able to that too..:P
07:32:07 PMchrisreich drink!
07:32:11 PMHillary thats what i say
07:32:15 PMchrisreich again!
07:32:16 PMtic-toc good lord, let me record
07:32:17 PMsmittysmit_ Similar to the Corsair?
07:32:27 PMpyrosrock oh linux how i love u, compiz crashed befofe now my sound has crashed :P
07:32:36 PM_Jot_ Hillary, remember, it's not a motorvehicle, be gentle
07:32:53 PMrazor_62 did we lose the show
07:33:01 PM_Jot_ razor_62, no, it is still working
07:33:02 PMtic-toc no
07:33:04 PMGarbee SHow running fine for me.
07:33:05 PMajamison5579 Robbief I have been told the fan at the top of your case can be swapped for smaller fans
07:33:08 PMrazor_62 ok back on again
07:33:09 PMGarbee Try refreshing.
07:33:11 PMchrisreich show continues, razor_62
07:33:30 PMGarbee Hillary, Warn people about the rock! It almost blinded me.
07:33:40 PMrazor_62 on hughes net sat, it sucks
07:33:46 PMGarbee I know what was happening.
07:33:46 PMajamison5579 Robbief they do make a new version of the Bigwater one made for the Level 10 GT case
07:33:56 PM_Jot_ Hillary, RobbieF installed a cooler on his processor in the studio-computer, and he never reads any manuals, and so didn't install it properly
07:34:10 PMpyrosrock i think i need a extreem! RobbieF does the radiator have to be mounted in a certan direction?
07:34:14 PMinvincib1emutant what? we need to refill the coolant regularly ?
07:34:26 PMtic-toc I dont do water cooling,
07:34:28 PMinvincib1emutant so we need to maintain it like a car?
07:34:47 PMrazor_62 last week he said it was sealed
07:35:06 PMpyrosrock yes invincib1emutant normaly but not this one
07:35:13 PMchrisreich "That's what SHE said"
07:35:16 PMGarbee Except for the run-through on Saturday.
07:35:23 PMtic-toc I can't watch
07:35:26 PMajamison5579 invincib1emutant he was comparing it to a traditional liquid cooling system
07:35:43 PMtic-toc zap
07:35:47 PMGarbee chrisreich, Watch the jokes please.
07:36:01 PMpyrosrock yeah never work on a computer that aint pluged in!
07:36:25 PMpttrope who's computer is that?
07:36:35 PMajamison5579 is this Hilary's system
07:36:52 PMGarbee I think it is one of Robbie's spare ones.
07:36:53 PMrazor_62 mine has dust bunnies
07:37:20 PM_Jot_ Hillary, don't touch the pasty stuff on the bottom
07:37:23 PMGarbee Or maybe it is the one from Robbie's house that his wife uses.
07:38:12 PMchrisreich Is that the stock AMD heatsink and fan?
07:38:26 PMGarbee No chrisreich, looks like a coolermaster.
07:38:30 PMtic-toc that was a pretty loud crack :(
07:38:40 PMpyrosrock i must admit i have had to replace capacitors that blew but did fix the crashing issues on an old com
07:38:54 PMrazor_62 lol
07:39:38 PMinvincib1emutant can we use alcohol ?
07:39:45 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, did you ask your wife for them, or did you just take them?
07:39:54 PMGoodGuy 99% alcohol
07:39:58 PMrazor_62 i drink alcohol
07:40:00 PMGarbee Micro-fiber cloaths are good with 90%+ isopropyl and a mix of distilled water.
07:40:07 PMtic-toc but don't use toilet paper
07:40:10 PMOldGuyJim A small dab of Artic Silver heat sink compound is all you need.
07:40:18 PMGoodGuy Harder to find, but some drug stores have it
07:40:31 PMAndrew__ if you do touch the CPU you can use denatured alcohol to get rid of it
07:40:31 PMGoodGuy denatured alcohol iirc
07:41:04 PMtic-toc jack daniels
07:41:19 PMAndrew__ ghost ajamison5579
07:41:32 PMAndrew__ stupid IRC booted me
07:41:38 PMGoodGuy Hillbilly Hardware Cleaner lol
07:41:43 PMrazor_62 are your eyes closed hillary
07:42:10 PMrazor_62 cool sound track
07:42:31 PMpyrosrock RobbieF y u need 2 take the mb out?
07:42:46 PMAndrew__ Or using a motherboard that had a acces port on the back for the mother board
07:42:47 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, like he said, to attach the mounting-bracket
07:42:51 PMGoodGuy Probably mounts from the rear
07:43:07 PMGoodGuy a bracket
07:43:26 PMsmittysmit_ 42,585 screws later...
07:43:29 PMpyrosrock _jot_ i can change mine w/o taking the mb out
07:43:50 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, it depends on the case and motherboard of course :)
07:44:01 PMtic-toc easy trigger
07:44:28 PMrazor_62 i can't watch...tell me when it's over
07:44:29 PMtic-toc squeeze it
07:44:46 PM_Jot_ did you try refreshing/reloading the page razor_62?
07:44:51 PMGoodGuy I like some of the cases that allow rear access to the mobo cooler area
07:44:54 PMinvincib1emutant I would choose to remove all cables
07:45:06 PMrazor_62 back on
07:45:06 PMValpenone Hillary is doing greate :D
07:45:17 PMHillary :P
07:45:26 PMpyrosrock RobbieF if u yank it just do a "dont try this at home" disclamer
07:45:34 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, shouldn't you normally detach all the cables before you take out the motherboard?
07:46:20 PMGarbee People please be respectful. Hillary hasn't done this before and yes, you are cautious when initially working in systems to not break things. That means taking time.
07:46:46 PMGoodGuy I think ppl are just kidding her
07:46:52 PMinvincib1emutant I think so, may be robbie's intention is not to do too many other things that confuses the viewers
07:47:14 PM_Jot_ Hillary, normally you would take out all the cables and then turn over the motherboard, RobbieF is doing it the difficult way
07:47:26 PMpyrosrock Garbee yes violence is not the answer just get a bigger hammer!
07:47:34 PMinvincib1emutant it also shows that it is a 2 men job
07:47:36 PMsmittysmit_ I'm sorry. looks like a "Larry, Moe & Curley"
07:47:42 PMrazor_62 I'm confused! where do you put the margarita mix
07:47:51 PMtic-toc she's doing fine
07:48:05 PM_Jot_ razor_62, in a glass, so you can drink it?
07:48:06 PMGarbee Don't shoot my dog again!
07:48:08 PMValpenone mine was a compliment she is doing fine
07:48:08 PMtic-toc lol shoot the dog
07:48:41 PMinvincib1emutant may be the old bottom bracket may work if the screw fits
07:48:45 PMMichaeliowa lol
07:48:47 PMpyrosrock nah if u guna shoot something shoot the cat!
07:48:55 PMU-Al Hillary is better that geek squad.
07:49:24 PMU-Al *than
07:49:33 PMajamison5579 Mwuhahahaha i remember doing that all to well
07:49:37 PMGoodGuy I have a Sears screwdriver that has claws to hold the screw.. works pretty good most times
07:49:39 PMinvincib1emutant i do use magnetic screw drivers, but just be careful when using it
07:49:42 PMajamison5579 Curse you mother board screws
07:49:45 PMsmittysmit_ Play doe work great
07:50:02 PMGoodGuy Who isn't U-Al :-)
07:50:06 PMchrisreich In case of difficulty, I've used a dab of heat sink compound to hold a screw to the screwdriver tip.
07:50:14 PMtic-toc I hope this thing don't short out and take out the central air
07:50:26 PMpyrosrock RobbieF have u seen the screwdrivers with the screw grabber?
07:50:40 PMU-Al that's true GoodGuy
07:50:53 PM_Jot_ I leave all kinds of screws in my computer all the time! I put them in those little holes provided in the cases. I think they are called 'screwholes'
07:50:56 PMGoodGuy Thats what I have pyrosrock .... love those
07:51:07 PMValpenone _Jot_: lol
07:51:20 PMGoodGuy Worth every cent
07:52:12 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you missed a spot
07:52:18 PM_Jot_ I'm pointing it out right now
07:52:34 PMtic-toc 8 minutes tic-toc tic-toc
07:52:50 PMpyrosrock RobbieF remember to take the plastic protecter off the block!
07:52:54 PM_Jot_ Hillary could do it in 8 minutes easy. We could do it too. RobbieF? not a chance
07:53:45 PMT061 That reminds me of Tony Starks mini Arc reactor lol
07:53:48 PMtic-toc a lot of screws in that
07:54:59 PM_Jot_ Hillary, like I said, RobbieF normally never uses manuals, this is the first time he actually reads one
07:55:08 PMtic-toc uh-oh
07:55:36 PMValpenone _Jot_: but it was fun watching 8 houers computer install :D
07:55:39 PMsmittysmit_ What about replacing the compound with AS5?
07:55:45 PMchrisreich It's okay to mess up - as long as there is someone else to blame...
07:55:47 PM_Jot_ Valpenone, yeah, definatly :)
07:56:12 PMtic-toc use duct tape
07:56:14 PMrazor_62 i throw thows away
07:56:47 PMT061 LOL!
07:56:47 PM_Jot_ Hillary, when we install this thing, do we have to make the same mistakes, or can we just do it properly the first time?
07:56:56 PMHillary haha
07:56:57 PMGoodGuy Edison said he didn't fail 9,999 times.. He learned what didn't work
07:57:10 PMGoodGuy No wonder he was so smart
07:57:33 PMtic-toc just don't shoot the dog
07:57:42 PMrazor_62 does the margarita thing again
07:57:45 PMpyrosrock yeah wont work without the threads!
07:58:10 PMGoodGuy Is Hillary paid by the hour? lol
07:58:26 PMsmittysmit_ Now we need a vote...shoot the dog or not?
07:58:30 PM_Jot_ Hillary will get a 300% overtime bonus, so she'll make 300% of 0 loonies
07:58:36 PMHillary shoot it
07:58:43 PMrazor_62 ta daaa!
07:58:50 PMGoodGuy Save the critters
07:58:55 PMsmittysmit_ Not!
07:59:16 PMrazor_62 when do you use the hammer
07:59:25 PMOldGuyJim Reminds me of old-time live television when sets would fall down or an actor was drunk.
07:59:25 PMGoodGuy Hillary can say she is cool for real
07:59:29 PMsmittysmit_ Stil needs a vote
07:59:35 PMchrisreich on the radiator, razor_62
07:59:44 PMajamison5579 I am a bit conflicted all the reviews i read say liquid cooling is not much better then forced air
07:59:45 PMrazor_62 i thought so
07:59:59 PMGoodGuy I thought Charlie Scheen was keeping that tradition alive OldGuyJim
08:00:06 PMGoodGuy Sheen
08:00:15 PM_Jot_ ajamison5579, me too, and then people say 'but it is much quieter' but the radiator still needs fans, so that can't be the difference either
08:00:15 PMsmittysmit_ $80, US or Canadian?
08:00:19 PMtic-toc untill it springs a leak
08:00:25 PMinvincib1emutant I normally dont screw in all screws that i cant it added later, as long as they are not covered up by other hardware, it is ok to be done later
08:00:35 PMOldGuyJim Sorry, but I don't watch too much present day television...Charlie who?
08:00:35 PMchrisreich ajamison5579 it is my understanding that the big advantage of liquid cooling is reduced acoustic noise.
08:00:57 PMGarbee chrisreich, Not anymore. Now air cooling can be just as quiet and effecient as water cooling.
08:01:02 PMinvincib1emutant i mean...that i can added later...
08:01:25 PMGoodGuy I thought that was true also Garbee
08:01:32 PMinvincib1emutant the auto focus of the camera is very good
08:02:01 PMpttrope can you monitor the pump failure?
08:02:02 PMrazor_62 my dog just fell asleep
08:02:05 PMGoodGuy At least very close in thermal performance and a lot less complex
08:02:35 PMsmittysmit_ WOW...we're in's 20:02
08:02:41 PMGoodGuy Smell the burning electronics pttrope :-)
08:02:50 PM_Jot_ Hillary, I told him the last time... Step 1: Read the manual... He didn't learn :P
08:02:54 PMrazor_62 is this history
08:02:55 PMinvincib1emutant yea...
08:02:59 PMtic-toc my dog ran away when hillary started saying shoot the dog
08:03:30 PMGarbee Water blocks are really only superior on average now in environments that are generally hot. Beyond that air + water cooling are just about level since you can't really ever get below (typically even at) the ambiant temperature.
08:03:31 PMchrisreich In my experience, step 2 is "read the manual. Again."
08:03:48 PMGoodGuy Seems like quite a bit of effort for a few degrees less temps
08:04:07 PMGoodGuy Unless the user overclocks
08:04:21 PMrazor_62 I just keep things clean
08:04:58 PMtic-toc I overclock and you do need extra cooling
08:05:10 PM_Jot_ That things looks like a spaceship in a sciencefiction movie when you move it around in a way
08:05:17 PMinvincib1emutant robbie just overclocked (overtimed)
08:05:21 PMpyrosrock RobbieF the one time i thought i could rely on u not going overtime!
08:05:34 PMrazor_62 at work now and everyone just left
08:05:58 PMGarbee is not registered.
08:06:00 PMValpenone no problem tuching the compund just remove it and put some god stuff on it :D
08:06:03 PMtic-toc still here
08:06:22 PMrazor_62 meant in my office
08:06:23 PMT061 That looks really awesome RobbieF and Hillary :)
08:06:32 PMtic-toc we are all holding out fire extinguishers
08:06:47 PMrazor_62 hillary say cool beans
08:07:06 PMGoodGuy Use the White room next time
08:07:23 PMrazor_62 hey thats written in canadian
08:07:28 PMsmittysmit_ Yes, say "Cool Beans"
08:07:31 PMT061 Thanks for going to the effort showing us all this and how it works RobbieF and Hillary. :)
08:07:35 PMpyrosrock RobbieF u cant have it upside down!!!!!
08:08:02 PMGoodGuy Hillary passed the "female" test.. she actually read the instructions.... she probably asks for directions when lost also
08:08:31 PMsmittysmit_ Do it Hillary...go 4 it
08:08:31 PM_Jot_ Asking for instructions when lost? Nobody ever knows the way to anything without GPS anymore these days
08:08:44 PMpyrosrock RobbieF is cringing!
08:09:01 PMGoodGuy locals might know where a place is
08:09:01 PMrazor_62 will hammer work now
08:09:21 PMsmittysmit_ I say go for the Hammer
08:09:23 PMtic-toc I wont say it
08:09:37 PMsmittysmit_ Hammer + good
08:10:05 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, screws on the outside, like displayed in the manual, perhaps? (don't have the manual, but I'm pretty sure it's true)
08:10:31 PMsmittysmit_ Hillary is under pressure
08:10:51 PMtic-toc thats what makes it fun
08:10:56 PMajamison5579 Its a computer Robbief makes them in his sleep
08:10:59 PMajamison5579 he can repair it
08:11:01 PMsmittysmit_ Go Hillary go...
08:11:05 PMGoodGuy parenting practice Hillary
08:11:05 PMrazor_62 hillary is making funny faces
08:11:08 PMYazid1965 just think about cool beans
08:11:10 PM_Jot_ Hillary, you're doing fine, you'd get it done easily without Robbie cause you read the manual in advance
08:11:22 PMValpenone :D
08:11:29 PMtic-toc gonna pump it up
08:11:37 PMgpop7 don't worry robby will fix it if you break it.
08:11:38 PMsmittysmit_ Dont forget Hillary, it's not yours
08:11:50 PMGoodGuy lol smittysmit_ .. good point
08:11:53 PMrazor_62 will that work on my chevy
08:12:06 PMpyrosrock the hardest but is making sure the fans arnt oposing!
08:12:12 PMmathman47 Have to go. I installed one 2 years ago - love it; keeps the CPU cool; quiet.
08:12:15 PMT061 Hey Hillary if it makes you feel better... Few days ago i had to fix a laptop with a bad HD and the screw was stuck and i tried using my screw driver and i circled the screw :( Then i got my big giant screw driver and i got the stubborn thing out! :D
08:12:20 PMsmittysmit_ goodguy ALWAYS, yes
08:12:25 PMGoodGuy If Edison can fail, not bad company to be in
08:12:27 PMgpop7 Hillary you have done a great job.
08:12:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't forget to connect the harddrive cable again
08:12:55 PMrazor_62 atta girl hill
08:12:57 PMsmittysmit_ Hillary you did well.
08:13:10 PMrazor_62 COOL BEANS
08:13:21 PMgpop7 Check to times plug in once
08:13:28 PMValpenone film the rest of the install and put it upp on youtube
08:13:40 PMgpop7 two times
08:14:17 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, did you check the temperatures with the old cooler and the new system to see if it actually will cool better?
08:14:17 PMrazor_62 will put that thing on my p4
08:14:19 PMinvincib1emutant what is the model again
08:14:22 PMpttrope it's easier to remove the motherboard and mount it!
08:14:44 PMYazid1965 good night all
08:14:46 PMchrisreich buh-bye everyone.
08:14:46 PMtic-toc bye
08:14:51 PMkevoh good bye
08:14:51 PMMichaeliowa nice job Hillary :)
08:14:57 PMrazor_62 later dudes
08:15:04 PMT061 Well done Hillary :)
08:15:09 PMsmittysmit_ nigjt all. Thanks for the extended show
08:15:17 PMT061 Thanks for a great show :) Good nighT :D
08:15:17 PMValpenone nite all good show
08:15:23 PMinvincib1emutant RobbieF: could you please repeat the hardware model again here
08:15:37 PMmaxwell6307 Great show guys thanks
08:15:44 PMgpop7 great job good show. have a good evening and a fantastic week.
08:15:53 PMMichaeliowa bye all have a good night:)
08:16:00 PMHillary The Water 2.0 is the model number.
08:16:11 PMGoodGuy Interesting walk thru
08:16:31 PMinvincib1emutant how much is it?
08:16:33 PM_Jot_ the one Robbie and Hillary used is the water 2.0 Performer All-in-One LCS
08:16:43 PMinvincib1emutant any promotion code buying online?
08:16:44 PM_Jot_ costs 79.99 on that site
08:17:01 PMHillary no, not at this time. sorry!
08:17:11 PMHillary It's brand spankin' new and we are the first to review it!
08:17:17 PMajamison5579 Robbief did you see they had a new bigwater version out that will fil in two of the 5.25" bays of the Level 10 GT
08:17:39 PMmaxwell6307 lol
08:18:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, screwholes, like it says in the manual. You keep forgetting step 1: Read the manual!
08:18:37 PMmaxwell6307 jot what did you do? lol
08:18:49 PMinvincib1emutant USD109 on thermaltakeusa site
08:18:50 PMGoodGuy Newegg has a Youtube channel that discusses various hardware,,, usually unboxings
08:19:02 PMGoodGuy a few system builds now and them
08:19:09 PM_Jot_ I'm chewing my nails, all frustrated at Robbie saying why doesn't it work? after forgetting replugging the cables to the drives
08:19:17 PMGoodGuy Not to this level of detail
08:20:05 PMinvincib1emutant ops...performer is indeed usb79.99
08:20:49 PMGoodGuy Not too much more than a high-end air cooler
08:21:09 PMmaxwell6307 Robbie I've Installed The Zorin OS 6 RC and it works great. Is it nesessary to reinstall the actual release which came out yesterday?
08:21:34 PMGoodGuy The final is out now maxwell6307 .. I installed it in virtualboxc
08:21:36 PMGoodGuy phone
08:22:17 PMinvincib1emutant thermaltake should provide pipe extender for us to mount the radiator under aircond (cooler) in my room
08:22:25 PM_Jot_ ajamison5579, that two bay-model is an older one, check the 760is, it talks about old videocards like the 8800gtx
08:22:25 PMinvincib1emutant :P
08:22:30 PMGoodGuy rang once and hung up, so guess they didn't want to talk much
08:23:30 PMHillary we are here, we just doing some stuff and couldn't answer! sorry!
08:23:47 PM_Jot_ Hillary, don't worry, cool beans and all that
08:23:49 PMajamison5579 _jot_ I know but they have a newer one because they sell a Level 10 GT with it
08:24:00 PMGoodGuy Hill of Beans lol
08:24:10 PMHillary Yoooo, I am the coolest of the beans
08:24:24 PMGoodGuy Is Level 10 a case?
08:24:31 PM_Jot_ yep
08:24:41 PMGoodGuy cool
08:24:44 PMajamison5579 the one on that page is older though here is the newer versio the 760 plus not 760 i
08:24:45 PMajamison5579
08:24:53 PMGoodGuy Their cases look nice
08:25:35 PMajamison5579 Robbief can you mount that radiator in a 5.25" bay ? with some brackets of some kind
08:26:12 PMRobbieF Would be best to mount it on the chassis to blow the air OUT
08:26:54 PMajamison5579 Robbief so on the Level 10 GT removing the back exhaust fan and replacing it with the radiator would work?
08:27:21 PMRobbieF yes
08:27:32 PMGoodGuy All the Internet girls are getting engaged.. Hillary first, Veronica Belmont and Shannon from Hak5
08:27:35 PMinvincib1emutant i think it is best not to use the air in the chasis to cool the radiator
08:27:58 PMinvincib1emutant it would be more efficient because air in the chasis is normally higher than outside
08:29:24 PMinvincib1emutant a better design should be having bracket mounting on the top of the chasis
08:29:29 PMinvincib1emutant may be?
08:29:50 PMajamison5579 So I wonder if there is a site that can compare load tempratures using different CPU coolers vs liquid cooling
08:30:19 PMajamison5579 trying to justify getting a liquid cooling setup as at 100 percent load i have a consistant temp or around 50-52c
08:30:42 PMGoodGuy Check Frozen CPU.... maybe they did some comparisions in the past
08:31:09 PMGoodGuy also Toms Hardware, HardIOCP, Anandtech.. usual hardware sites
08:31:27 PMajamison5579 I know that AMD CPU's generally run aroun 50c at full load
08:31:43 PMajamison5579 but i have an aftermarket cooler which seems to not cool it any better then the stock did
08:32:33 PMmaxwell6307 nite all, take care
08:32:46 PMGoodGuy I bought a better cooler for an old AMD T-Bird.. didnt notice much diff other than a lighter wallet
08:32:52 PMGoodGuy Night maxwell6307
08:33:22 PMajamison5579 at $80 though i would want to see lower temps then 50c at full load
08:33:30 PMajamison5579 so debating the purchase
08:33:35 PMHillary good nite everybodyyyy!
08:33:38 PMajamison5579 night
08:33:50 PMGoodGuy That CPU ran hot anyway and ther case is terrible.... no input airflow... slots in front so small you can barely see them
08:34:01 PMGoodGuy night Hillary
08:34:09 PM_Jot_ night Hillary
08:34:57 PMajamison5579 see this case has great airflow
08:35:19 PMajamison5579 its the cooler i think it is loosing perfomance time for it to be replaced
08:35:25 PMajamison5579 but want to replace it right
08:35:32 PMGoodGuy Might look into lapping the heatsink
08:35:59 PMGoodGuy might drop a few degrees if that makes it worth the effort
08:37:16 PM_Jot_ usually you have to compare specific models, there is no generic comparison between air and water, sometimes air is better at cooling, sometimes water
08:38:58 PMajamison5579 I have an old Hyper TX cooler with two fans but it was the older model not the newer ones with twice as many copper pipes
08:39:53 PM_Jot_ mostly you won't notice any difference unless you overclock
08:40:05 PMRobbieF hey gang
08:40:15 PM_Jot_ welcome back RobbieF
08:40:16 PMGoodGuy yes?
08:40:51 PMRobbieF Was that alright to step away from format like that tonight?
08:41:00 PMajamison5579 yeah\
08:41:17 PM_Jot_ it was fine RobbieF, and it was nice that it didn't go perfect cause it made it seem like it wasn't scripted really
08:41:28 PMGoodGuy Fine with me.... Interesting to learn something in any computer related area
08:41:40 PMRobbieF K cool. Yes, Jot, we try really hard to act really well.
08:41:52 PMRobbieF sometimes it's hard because our writers step us out of character
08:42:31 PM_Jot_ yeah, but you both managed fine :)
08:42:44 PMRobbieF :)
08:43:09 PMGoodGuy Everything looks easy until you have to do it
08:43:28 PMGoodGuy In the manuals, it always goes smooth
08:44:14 PM_Jot_ yeah :) they have made it easier throughout the years fortunatly too
08:45:25 PMGoodGuy true, but it helps to have someone with experience like RobbieF walking Hillary thuu a few gotchas that happen in r/l
08:46:10 PMGoodGuy Gives the viewer confidence they can get around the quirks with some effort
08:46:57 PM_Jot_ yeah, not that it would happen to them since people would read the manual :)
08:47:36 PM_Jot_ I mean, messing around with stuff without reading a manual isn't bad, but when you go actually install stuff, reading manuals is a must
08:47:43 PMGoodGuy Still easy to forget a part or leave a cable unconnected because you are focused on the new gadget
08:48:07 PMRobbieF Thank you all for hanging out with us tonight! Had fun!
08:48:11 PMRobbieF hope you did too
08:48:19 PM_Jot_ yeah, we did RobbieF :)
08:48:52 PMGoodGuy Paralysis thru Analysis
08:48:55 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, true, and some thinking helps with that, but it helps to see people mess up and fix things to feel more secure, yes
08:49:40 PMRobbieF time to drill some holes in this chassis to mount the 120mm fans :)
08:50:38 PM_Jot_ staying smart is the challenge since things change so often :)
08:50:52 PMGoodGuy Made you realize none were born knowing this stuff and it took effort to learn it occasionally
08:53:02 PM_Jot_ get the fire-extinguishers ready
08:53:21 PM_Jot_ also we have to make sure to get the canadian police, fire, and ambulance-numbers so we can call them
08:53:31 PMRobbieF anyone want to watch the install?
08:53:38 PM_Jot_ oh, and Robbie needs a new desk after this
08:53:48 PM_Jot_ duhh.. of course we want to watch!
08:54:46 PM_Jot_ yay, we're watching
08:55:03 PMRobbieF got the main feed?
08:55:23 PM_Jot_ yep
08:55:26 PM_Jot_ and the BSP
08:55:51 PM_Jot_ seems now we're going to get the real interesting things. How to handle a stubborn case
08:57:18 PMGoodGuy I love the irony.. I have a MS internet keyboard... It actually works better on Linux than it does on XP
08:57:53 PMGoodGuy The MS driver seems to take awhile to process the volume keys
08:58:21 PMGoodGuy Maybe it is time to reload XP, but I'm too lazy
08:58:30 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, did you read the manual on how to dissect the pen? and the one about putting it back together again?
08:58:59 PMGoodGuy Use a scratch awl if you have one
08:59:00 PM_Jot_ try the pen on paper, usually it takes a while for them to get started
08:59:17 PMjonathon robbief: take a piece of paper and make a template
08:59:33 PMGoodGuy good idea jonathon
08:59:44 PMjonathon don't crack the fan
09:00:22 PM_Jot_ if only I had one of those magicjacks so I could call barrie's ambulance-service as soon as Robbie goes bash his fingers
09:02:23 PM_Jot_ Hillary: Robbie? .... Yes Hillary? .... Why does it say Hi in my computer?
09:04:40 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you need to hold the hammer at the end of it, it'll hit harder
09:05:01 PM_Jot_ Oops, sorry, I missed
09:05:23 PM_Jot_ next time I'll aim for your fingers directly, I'll be sure to miss those and hit the thing instead
09:05:24 PMRobbieF will have to get me a good drill bit to get through this
09:05:46 PMjonathon drill bit would be best, a nail might work
09:06:08 PM_Jot_ I know a lot of people use a dremel, but I don't know what that is or why it would work better
09:06:13 PMRobbieF well, I've got some decent indents now for drilling, so I'll punch those through tomorrow and finish the job
09:06:26 PMRobbieF I'd use a dremel too if I had one; that'd work a treat
09:06:35 PMRobbieF gotta run gang; see you in the morning.
09:06:36 PMGoodGuy a dremel is a handheld small hobbiest drill etc
09:06:42 PMGoodGuy I have a couple
09:06:43 PM_Jot_ have a good night RobbieF
09:06:55 PMRobbieF you too
09:07:02 PMjonathon gn all
09:07:04 PMRobbieF I should get one GoodGuy, for sure
09:07:06 PMRobbieF night gang
09:07:10 PMGoodGuy They also have a ton of other bits for cutting, polishing etc
09:07:34 PMGoodGuy high speed does the work
09:07:56 PMGoodGuy Not meant for heavy duty jobs though
09:08:35 PMGoodGuy Rockwell makes ones for tougher jobs
09:09:23 PMGoodGuy I saw one at a garage sale a couple years ago, but cant recall the name... it is pretty popular
09:09:38 PMGoodGuy think its Rockwell
09:10:21 PM_Jot_ I can see how it would be useful, at the same time, I don't see myself using one :)
09:12:25 PMGoodGuy I got one when my father passed and bought one when I used to race slot cars
09:13:02 PMGoodGuy Dads model had a flex-shaft.. never used it
09:13:31 PMGoodGuy The other I used a couple times working on slot cars many moons ago
09:14:27 PMGoodGuy I read some case modders use them to clean up openings
09:14:40 PM_Jot_ yeah or to make mounting-holes :P
09:15:27 PMGoodGuy I would probably use a more powerful drill going thru hard metals
09:15:44 PMGoodGuy But might be over cautious
09:16:32 PMGoodGuy Is he going to tap the holes for fan screws?
09:17:12 PM_Jot_ not sure how he plans on doing it, I hope he'll show us
09:17:21 PMGoodGuy last thing you would want is a fan mounting to have some play so the vibration drives you nuts
09:17:49 PM_Jot_ yeah, the noise is annoying... but, then you need something Robbie has no idea about... washers :)
09:17:58 PMGoodGuy lol
09:18:23 PMGoodGuy Still be wise to make a hole that fits snuggly
09:19:34 PMGoodGuy There are charts telling you what size drill bit to use for a screw hole
09:19:55 PM_Jot_ let's hope Robbie will read that :)
09:20:29 PMGoodGuy He might be using the self tapping screws.. some case fans use those iirc
09:22:43 PM_Jot_ these days many cases are fortunatly prepared for watercooling and have holes for the radiators etc
09:23:23 PMGoodGuy RobbieF is trying to install a 120mm case fan over a precut area with holes
09:23:43 PMGoodGuy Looks like it didn't have predrilled mounting screw holes
09:23:54 PMGoodGuy Or he is blind lol
09:24:02 PM_Jot_ yeah, case is made to vent from the cpu-cooler
09:24:56 PM_Jot_ I do wonder if it came with the materials for attaching stuff like this, since the bigger 2-bay cooler also wasn't attached like that


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