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06:58:04 PMDrumstick Hi chrisreich
06:58:05 PMchrisreich hey _Jot_
06:58:11 PMchrisreich hey Drumstick
06:58:16 PMrevdjenk poooh jaepea
06:58:17 PM_Jot_ jaepea, usually that happens if your scrollbar isn't at the bottom
06:58:48 PMrevdjenk it's chrisreich day at
06:58:57 PMchrisreich hooray
06:58:58 PMDrumstick chrisreich: you just walked in... alone.
06:58:58 PMchrisreich !
06:59:03 PMDrumstick :)
06:59:03 PMajamison5579 chrisreich according to most astronomers we could actually be people from Mars who just happened to evolve on Earth after hitching a ride on a chunk of Martian rock millions of years ago
06:59:12 PMchrisreich Alone is my lot in life, alas.
06:59:15 PMrevdjenk chrisreich: gets 15 chat points
06:59:44 PMDrumstick chrisreich: believe me, you get used to it.
06:59:57 PM_Jot_ hello TheChrista nice to see you again
07:00:11 PMchrisreich well, I've heard that hypothesis recently on Coast-to-Coast AM, ajamison5579
07:00:12 PMrevdjenk lightning or birds on TheChrista's wrist?
07:00:43 PMchrisreich who likes short shorts? We like short shorts! Hi Christa!
07:00:45 PMagamotto Hallo, all
07:00:53 PMchrisreich hey agamotto
07:01:05 PM_Jot_ hi agamotto
07:01:14 PMOldGuyJim Christa has the Veronica Lake look tonight.
07:01:15 PMmaxwell6307 hi all
07:01:16 PMTheChrista Hey everyone. I almost missed you all
07:01:21 PMchrisreich anyone else have audio? I don't.
07:01:27 PMTheChrista As in I showed up a little late, please don't let Robbie yell at me
07:01:32 PMrevdjenk almost counts only in horseshoes and handgrenades
07:01:38 PMOldGuyJim No audio...
07:01:41 PMagamotto How are things in the world today?
07:01:45 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, did you get a life? And you're not late, RobbieF didn't even put the wall up yet, talk about how late he is!
07:01:51 PMcyberSmurf no audio out here in California
07:01:57 PMDrumstick TheChrista: Finally, I can thank you for the shout out you gave me WAY back in February for my Thank you!!
07:01:59 PMrevdjenk we are the show today,,, it is chrisreich day at
07:01:59 PMajamison5579 he has not turned it on yet
07:02:08 PM_Jot_ no show yet cyberSmurf, so no audio yet. Don't worry (yet)
07:02:10 PMTheChrista No, someone moved further from my house
07:02:10 PMRednova1 Has the show started yet?
07:02:11 PMjoedemax yo
07:02:15 PMGarbee RobbieF, I'm taking this late time and keeping you over.
07:02:23 PM_Jot_ there was audio!
07:02:27 PMTheChrista Haha, no problem Drumstick.
07:02:27 PMRednova1 Ah!
07:02:28 PMcyberSmurf @jot:: thx
07:02:36 PMOldGuyJim New break-in pains.
07:02:39 PMagamotto It still beats some of the Olympics coverage!!
07:02:49 PMrevdjenk agamotto: some?
07:02:53 PMchrisreich that was classic webcasting last week when RobbieF and EricTheKidder *rolled* up the brick wall. It had this guy fooled.
07:02:59 PMagamotto revdjenk, I gave up early
07:03:00 PMcyberSmurf @agamotto:
07:03:09 PMGarbee chrisreich, Are you serious?
07:03:11 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Everyone!
07:03:13 PMajamison5579 all this talk of exploring mars makes me think of the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy for some reason
07:03:17 PM_Jot_ I'm sure TheChrista show tonight will be great
07:03:18 PMOldGuyJim It was touching to see the rollup
07:03:29 PMchrisreich Garbee - yep. I wasn't there when they put it up.
07:03:35 PM_Jot_ whatever you do, don't panc ajamison5579
07:03:40 PMTheChrista I see Robbie is feverishly trying to get the studio set back up
07:03:40 PMGarbee chrisreich, You didn't know it was fake to begin with?
07:03:52 PMTheChrista You guys are in for a schnazzy studio peeps
07:04:02 PMagamotto Hmm, my cat is eyeballing Robbie pretty intensely.... wonder what she knows?
07:04:07 PMGarbee TheChrista, New directions too making you late.
07:04:09 PMrevdjenk ajamison5579: did you see the news, curiosity's wind gauge may be broken
07:04:25 PMchrisreich Well, it's not like I had never seen fake brick before, but I was usually looking at one beautiful co-hostess or another.
07:04:38 PMOldGuyJim where is the new studio located?
07:04:38 PMjaepea finally i got my chat to work
07:04:48 PMrevdjenk chrisreich: the wall was rolled up? wow good fake bricks!
07:04:52 PMajamison5579 revdjenk NOOOOOOOO now we will never know how fast Martian winds are or what direction they blow in curse you Curiosity lol
07:05:28 PMagamotto "Tonight's program will be held in a Tholian thought-space chat room, due to new technologies."
07:05:32 PMGarbee 5 minutes RobbieF. You owe us 5 extra minutes.
07:05:36 PMOldGuyJim Sorry. I jumped the gun on the sound thing.
07:05:37 PMrevdjenk ajamison5579: the report said it would be more difficult to get accurate results, they must ahve some other ways to measure
07:05:41 PMrevdjenk yay
07:05:54 PMrevdjenk new digs on chrisreich day
07:06:00 PMjoedemax yo
07:06:01 PMGarbee RobbieF, Both of you sound fine.
07:06:02 PMOldGuyJim Yes..the sound is there.
07:06:04 PMrevdjenk we hear you!
07:06:05 PM_Jot_ I can confirm it is episode 257
07:06:07 PMagamotto Did someone remember to put a donkey tail on the rover?
07:06:07 PMchrisreich TheChrista - love the hat (and I'm heterosexual)
07:06:08 PMrevdjenk yay
07:06:11 PMGarbee One of you sounds lovely. I will let you two fight over who it is.
07:06:16 PMDrumstick SAY MY NAME SAY MY NAME!!! lol
07:06:18 PMchrisreich Hey it was news to me!
07:06:22 PMjoedemax good
07:06:23 PM_Jot_ TheChrista is amazing, she has the hat, and the hair
07:06:31 PMagamotto Hmm, resolution seems to be higher...
07:06:58 PMGarbee TheChrista, Strong?
07:07:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, at least you didn't have to unpack them on the count of me winning everything so you could just send them here
07:07:02 PMrevdjenk seems better, brighter
07:07:06 PMajamison5579 Robbief you should have invested in a moveing van
07:07:06 PMchrisreich arms like eggplants!
07:07:10 PMagamotto Moving house and studio at the same time!?!?!!? insane
07:07:12 PMGarbee TheChrista, I can see that way.
07:07:14 PMOldGuyJim Dynamite comes in small packages.
07:07:15 PMGoodGuy Major guns on her :-)
07:07:19 PMrevdjenk is this are always view, now?
07:07:36 PMagamotto RobbieF, Aleve does wonders
07:07:45 PMrevdjenk aleve is great
07:07:53 PMjaepea hi robbie and christa
07:07:55 PMagamotto or is it spelled with two l's?
07:08:07 PMGarbee RobbieF, now owes 10 million in royalties for using that sound effect.
07:08:18 PMGarbee All 7 of us in BSP.
07:08:20 PMGarbee :(
07:08:26 PM_Jot_ it's scary back here, I see cowwebs. Does RobbieF ever clean?
07:08:26 PMagamotto Garbee, nah, CBS has been pretty cool about that kind of stuff
07:08:28 PMGarbee I can hear you.
07:08:29 PMjoedemax yeahh!!!!
07:08:30 PMtic-toc what?
07:08:31 PMjoedemax audio works
07:08:32 PMGoodGuy sound is working now
07:08:33 PMGarbee I don't know about anyone else.
07:08:43 PMGarbee joedemax, Thanks for joining us tonight!
07:08:44 PMcyberSmurf 5 by 5 in California - loud and clear
07:08:49 PMrevdjenk the generic aleve...naproxen sodium
07:08:55 PMjoedemax Garbee not at all, i've been meaning to for a long time
07:08:57 PMGarbee RobbieF, Joedemax is a convert from IAIB!
07:09:08 PMtic-toc you wrote
07:09:14 PMRednova1 I would watch Back stage but my screen is not big enough unfortunately. The quickest broadband? They said that million times and guess what still sucks :)
07:09:45 PM_Jot_ Rednova1, you can always get another screen, another computer, another internet-connection
07:09:48 PMGarbee RobbieF, You do have a cafepress store. You can have it for sale.
07:10:12 PMGoodGuy when it does work, it'll get the "bad" guys quick
07:10:24 PMRednova1 _Jot_ i was kidding haha My internet is awesome! and i would but too lazy :)
07:10:31 PMGarbee At *least* Racheal isn't on this episode.
07:10:38 PMGarbee She would have died reading the news spoiler.
07:10:40 PMrevdjenk not all time... not when you use today's $
07:10:42 PMjoedemax I am a Mac user
07:10:45 PMjoedemax come and shoot me
07:10:46 PMOldGuyJim Read the "Witches of Karres" to learn more about spider robots.
07:10:49 PMRednova1 Where is she anyways Garbee? Its been ages
07:10:53 PMtic-toc apples have worms
07:10:55 PMGarbee joedemax, Them fightin' words in here.
07:10:58 PMajamison5579 Apple = 200% above market price
07:11:02 PMGoodGuy Most of the Tekzilla crew uses macs as well
07:11:08 PMajamison5579 for computers
07:11:09 PMGarbee Rednova1, like I know...
07:11:12 PMagamotto IPv4?
07:11:12 PMDrumstick She told him!! :)
07:11:14 PMrevdjenk joedemax: no apple, ever, here.... mostly Linux in the whole family
07:11:19 PMjoedemax hahah really?
07:11:22 PMDrumstick I was helping YOU.... :)
07:11:29 PM_Jot_ A backup is only a backup if it can be restored and verified against the original data correctly
07:11:31 PMchrisreich Those of us who *need* to get real work done on time, use Macs.
07:11:34 PMRednova1 Tekzilla is awesome! Cloud back up is awesome! I have no hard drives! :D so cloud is handy in my case and web apps
07:11:37 PMtic-toc hydro?
07:11:38 PMajamison5579 i like Apple but to dang poor to to own one
07:11:47 PMajamison5579 you need to take a second on your house to get a mac
07:12:00 PMjoedemax I used Ubuntu lately after using OS X for 4 years
07:12:03 PMagamotto tic-toc, electrics
07:12:03 PMjoedemax my god unity is horrible
07:12:11 PMcyberSmurf hydro = hydro-electric electrical power in Canadian
07:12:18 PMtic-toc Oh ok
07:12:22 PMrevdjenk led lights
07:12:25 PMrevdjenk ?
07:12:38 PMchrisreich RobbieF are there plans for a studio audience?
07:12:39 PMGarbee joedemax, Unity in 12.04 is better than 11.x but still buggy beyond belief.
07:12:42 PMRednova1 joedemax it is on 12.04 but 11.10 is allot better than 12.04! Faster! makes sense since all bugs are fixed in it
07:12:50 PMjoedemax Unity is fowl though
07:12:54 PMjoedemax it makes no sense to navigate
07:12:54 PMjoedemax ugh
07:13:03 PMOldGuyJim feelings too. That is why I switched to Linuxmint 13 Cinnamon. Not perfect, but much, much better.
07:13:08 PMtic-toc Yuk Unity....
07:13:16 PMagamotto Everything was on one circuit?????
07:13:18 PMrevdjenk OldGuyJim: yes, same setup here
07:13:26 PMGoodGuy The Linux Action show hosts gave Unity good props as of 12.04
07:13:32 PMRednova1 Unity is not that bad. Does have a few rough corners but hopefully it will be good after about a year.........
07:13:33 PMrevdjenk yay cordery elec
07:13:44 PMjoedemax OldGuyJim what do you think of the newest LinuxMint?
07:14:00 PMtic-toc goat path lol
07:14:13 PMajamison5579 Robbief it could be worse you could be sitting on boxes
07:14:47 PMDennis_Kelley BRB - have to reboot!
07:15:04 PMrevdjenk joedemax: if OldGuyJim doesn't answer, I have the same setup he has
07:15:10 PMOldGuyJim Unity is good for a touchscreen setup. However, my monitor is not a touch screen and I don't have the resources to make it so. Hence the move away from a unity type setup.
07:15:32 PMjoedemax right!
07:15:35 PMjoedemax it seems very touch screen
07:15:36 PMRednova1 Come on Unity is awesome!
07:16:20 PMrevdjenk jack Wallen's latest article speaks highly of the 12-10 version of ubuntu and its unity changes
07:16:26 PMchrisreich put carpet samples under the stool samples
07:16:33 PMRednova1 That is awkward! Wood floor and a chair with wheels!
07:16:45 PMagamotto chrisreich, ewww
07:16:49 PMOldGuyJim I actually like Linuxmint 13. I prefer the cinnamon desktop. It is a lot more desktop user friendly.
07:17:10 PMrevdjenk TheChrista: debian got its name from Debbie and Ian...
07:17:21 PM_Jot_ windows 8 is good for touchscreens too... and microsoft windows (with windows 8 )and ubuntu (with unity) are about the most popular... I'm scared...
07:17:27 PMRednova1 OldGuyJim I love cinnamon i stayed with that for a while during 11.10. Got it installed now but never use it
07:17:31 PMajamison5579 even the "unstable" version of Debian is incredibly stable
07:17:33 PMTheChrista Oh yes, I think I recall making fun of that many shows back revdjek
07:17:33 PMGoodGuy go to DistroWatch RobbieF
07:17:39 PMTheChrista I had forgotten
07:17:49 PMchrisreich Debbie was Ians girlfriend. Then wife. Then ex-wife. Hey, that sounds like my life...
07:17:50 PMagamotto I am still using 10.04.4 on my main box
07:17:51 PMrevdjenk np TheChrista
07:17:55 PMRednova1 Debian Testing rocks!
07:17:59 PMrevdjenk sorry chrisreich
07:18:04 PMGarbee Wow, I so can't read that.
07:18:05 PMGoodGuy They probably have links to the various branches
07:18:06 PMDrumstick Hey much does it take to move from Ubuntu to Debian Stable version. Can I format /system and use existing /Home? Probably not right?
07:18:08 PMRednova1 If i had a hard drive i would install it again!
07:18:20 PMagamotto Debian: the only distro with an official Vorlon developer
07:18:32 PMGoodGuy what is Vorlon?
07:18:41 PMOldGuyJim I use a computer all day everyday and unity is more keystroke/mouse click intensive. IMHO it has lost functionality for normal everyday business use.
07:18:59 PMchrisreich DRINK!
07:19:01 PMrevdjenk joedemax: cinnamon to me was faster than MATE and fresher looking.
07:19:02 PMagamotto GoodGuy, Babylon 5 reference
07:19:16 PMjoedemax revdjenk what is MATE? i've heard a lot about it in reference to mint
07:19:22 PMGoodGuy Ok... never watched it so it didnt compute
07:19:24 PMOldGuyJim jodemax...that is what I thought.
07:19:25 PMGarbee joedemax, MATE is a GNome 2 fork.
07:19:27 PMrevdjenk it is a fork of gnome2
07:19:42 PMGarbee It is people keeping the legacy desktop alive for no real reason.
07:19:44 PMtic-toc Mate breaks on me
07:19:47 PMDrumstick RobbieF: How much does it take to move from Ubuntu to Debian Stable version. Can I format /system and use existing /Home? Probably not right?
07:19:51 PMagamotto Testing is for the non-paranoid
07:19:57 PMOldGuyJim Vorlon's good guys sort of...shadows really bad guys.
07:20:04 PMortsUsi Isn't Debian moving to Xfce
07:20:09 PMGarbee RobbieF, No, SID! :D
07:20:18 PMcyberSmurf Debian is strict about open-source drivers; a hassle for new users to get MP3/Flash.
07:20:20 PMchrisreich Drumstick - It can be done, but you've got to know what you're doing.
07:20:28 PMrevdjenk joedemax: but if you want to play with the cube and other 3d looks, MATE will work, not cinnamon
07:20:37 PMDrumstick chrisreich: That's what I figured.
07:20:41 PMRednova1 urgh bleeding edge is just too much :( Sid is that right?
07:20:43 PMrevdjenk ortsUsi: believe so
07:20:47 PMjoedemax Garbee can i copy and paste my folder?
07:20:51 PMchrisreich I could help you if needed, Drumstick.
07:21:33 PMGarbee joedemax, Depends on setup.
07:21:42 PMGarbee I'd only copy and paste major folders like docs/pics/videos,etc.
07:21:43 PMRednova1 I would use Debian if i could remaster it properly :/
07:21:46 PMGarbee Not the config folders.
07:22:01 PMDennis_Kelley Hello _Jot_
07:23:00 PMGarbee BACKUP PEOPLE!
07:23:01 PMDrumstick Ok, got it. Thanks!!! I have the backups.
07:23:01 PMchrisreich cyberSmurf - hassle or extra-step, depends on one's level of expertise.
07:23:05 PMrevdjenk Garbee: I once switched from opensuse to pclinuxos and copied config folders over. Had a very interesting desktop and app interaction
07:23:13 PM_Jot_ hi Dennis_Kelley
07:23:20 PMGarbee revdjenk, That is why you don't copy them. ;)
07:23:23 PMajamison5579 Backing up is for people who are tired of going forward
07:23:25 PMrevdjenk hee hee
07:23:25 PMajamison5579 :)
07:23:40 PMrevdjenk Garbee: that's how I learned!
07:23:40 PMRednova1 RobbieF have you ever tried Remastersys on Debian? Did you get it to work? I did but did not work properly lol
07:23:43 PM_Jot_ Maybe RobbieF lives near a river now that he keeps falling into?
07:24:00 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, owns an iTouch, so rather than tossing in the river... send it to me lol
07:24:07 PMchrisreich hasn't remastersys been deprecated in favor of something newer?
07:24:21 PMajamison5579 was that a picture of Linux giving a thumbs up to windows 7?
07:24:30 PMGarbee revdjenk, I really didn't *need* to learn, I just did.
07:24:30 PMajamison5579 *Linux
07:24:35 PMajamison5579 *Linus
07:24:46 PMRednova1 Gtkpod i think works.....
07:24:55 PMrevdjenk Garbee: hee hee
07:25:32 PMrevdjenk vlc would work RobbieF ?
07:25:40 PMchrisreich ajamison5570 that photo of Linus was taken in Taiwan, if I recall correctly, and they were selling bootlegged copies of Windows 7. That's what's funny about that photo.
07:25:55 PMRednova1 RobbieF it does work that one
07:25:56 PMajamison5579 ah ok
07:26:00 PMRednova1 Not for videos tho
07:26:33 PMchrisreich I have a love/hate relationship w/ iTunes.
07:26:40 PMrevdjenk chrisreich: someone bootlegs windows?
07:26:42 PMajamison5579 Apparently even Apple can no longer stand itunes i hear they are phasing it out in favor of a new program
07:26:43 PMGoodGuy He is married, so that idea won't fly
07:27:04 PMagamotto I do my yoga in the back yard
07:27:18 PMrevdjenk donkeys in Israel are wifi hotspots in a park
07:27:23 PMGarbee RobbieF, FANBOY!
07:27:35 PMOldGuyJim I've found copying the .folders for such programs as Firefox and Thunderbird gets all the favorites or archive folders/address books.
07:27:35 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: iFanBoy
07:27:54 PMGarbee He is so used to the old studio he doesn't like the new one.
07:28:01 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: iPacking iFanBoy
07:28:11 PMrevdjenk *iunpacking
07:28:27 PMajamison5579 Robbief just engineer a new set of keyboards and mice
07:28:28 PMrevdjenk send in the clown
07:28:56 PMrevdjenk $60,000 worth of equipment
07:29:04 PMjoedemax i am a fowl Mac fan
07:29:15 PMGoodGuy typical crook... just like apple lol
07:29:17 PMrevdjenk the thief said he didn't know who's house it was
07:29:23 PMGarbee joedemax, Aren't you also a fowl Blackberry fan?
07:29:29 PMDennis_Kelley the stole the stuff to sell. not because the like Macs
07:29:34 PMRednova1 hahahahahahahahah thats epic!
07:29:35 PMDennis_Kelley *they
07:29:40 PMajamison5579 Robbief they found out by the devices IP not his iTune user info
07:29:42 PMjoedemax Garbee i would sooner poke my eyes out than use a Blackberry
07:30:02 PMGoodGuy Maybe he was the same joker who stole from Cat5
07:30:08 PMGarbee joedemax, Ok, so who is it in GFQ who gets mad and leaves every time you talk bad about BB/RIM?
07:30:17 PMGarbee I accidentally set him off one day.
07:30:18 PMcyberSmurf if someone steals my daughter's iPod, will Apple help the police track them down?
07:30:23 PMjoedemax Garbee hahhaha that's certainly not me
07:30:26 PMGarbee Andrew and I had a nice chat about it.
07:30:27 PMchrisreich TheChrista do you know if RobbieF received a post card from Rochester this past week? I sent one.
07:30:34 PMGarbee Ok, good to know then joe.
07:30:42 PMajamison5579 cybersmurf sure if you pay for the find my idevice program
07:30:43 PMrevdjenk chrisreich: which Rochester?
07:30:45 PMjoedemax i hate RIM
07:30:47 PMajamison5579 otherwise no
07:30:54 PMagamotto cyberSmurf, No, but they can remote-wipe it for you
07:30:54 PMchrisreich New York revdjenk
07:30:55 PMU-Al wait for the music to stop Christa. lol
07:31:07 PMGarbee joedemax, Good, you are on the same page with 99% of this chatroom then.
07:31:12 PMrevdjenk ah, went to school in Rochester Mich
07:31:17 PM_Jot_ cyberSmurf, not likely, they will probably tell you that your tracking isn't precise enough, so they can't see if it is actually there, or their neighbours house, and refuse to ring the doorbell and ask if the item is on the premises
07:31:24 PMagamotto I would settle for 6mbps around here
07:31:27 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - do you have a longer commute to work?
07:31:42 PMGoodGuy I used to work for Rochester school system in my first job many years ago
07:31:43 PMcyberSmurf appearently, most anyone can arrange to wipe anyone else's iPod/Mac :-(
07:31:51 PMchrisreich I've got reliable 10Mbps here.
07:32:05 PMrevdjenk cyberSmurf: hee hee
07:33:03 PMchrisreich RobbieF you'd get back before you left!
07:33:16 PMGoodGuy They want it to hit any spot on earth within an hour or so iirc
07:33:31 PMagamotto I could have faster service, but it would mean dealing with Mediacom again... ick
07:33:32 PMajamison5579 Rachel could have drawn it Robbief
07:33:59 PMcyberSmurf jot: thx, I was just being facetious.
07:34:12 PMrevdjenk is that spider made out of leg o's
07:34:19 PM_Jot_ cybersmurf, I know, but I wasn't, that actually happened here
07:34:21 PMagamotto It needs two more legs to be a spider
07:34:23 PM_Jot_ not to me though, of course
07:34:26 PMajamison5579 revdjenk absolutely it is
07:34:41 PMagamotto that is just an insect
07:34:43 PMGoodGuy Maybe someone pinched two off
07:34:48 PMGuest_3647 it looks like the gadget from the wildwild west movie
07:34:54 PMchrisreich and Recarro seats
07:35:00 PMrevdjenk steampunk spider
07:35:15 PMagamotto Riparian entertainments?
07:35:22 PMajamison5579 that is because they charge 10k for a desktop
07:35:24 PMRednova1 I think having all that space in the new studio has gone to RobbieF head lol
07:35:24 PMajamison5579 lol
07:35:26 PMDrumstick Uh oh, sorry.....IBM is most valuable ever....saw the story today.
07:35:29 PMRobbieF :)
07:35:54 PMagamotto Rednova1, perhaps is the fresh paint fumes
07:36:10 PMrevdjenk Drumstick: was that at techcrunch... I think they had to update their figures
07:36:21 PMRednova1 That too agamotto.......
07:36:23 PMajamison5579 love the description "Tv like Stuff"
07:36:25 PMcyberSmurf jot: I don't think Apple nor the police would take any interest here, unless of course, the theft victim was a celebrity.
07:36:32 PMajamison5579 me
07:36:38 PMU-Al At least until people realize that they don't need new iphones and ipads every year.
07:36:39 PMajamison5579 i spend all day at the PC
07:36:50 PMDrumstick Not sure now. Might have been CNET....
07:36:52 PMjaepea sorry but apple boooooooooooooooo
07:37:06 PMchrisreich I used to be a my workstation 8+ hrs/day, now I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Permanently.
07:37:10 PMrevdjenk jaepea: don't be sorry
07:37:21 PMagamotto I find that I am doing quite well with watching LESS television these days
07:37:23 PMchrisreich That was a SUN workstation, by the way.
07:37:53 PM_Jot_ ah, so do you get a TAN from that?
07:38:08 PMtic-toc 7"
07:38:14 PMajamison5579 its an iSociety
07:38:17 PMagamotto Given the old CRT monitors, I am sure it would be possible
07:38:25 PMtic-toc All big ipods
07:38:46 PMrevdjenk Steve was wrong about 7" screens
07:39:06 PMajamison5579 you got iPains
07:39:10 PMagamotto Levenger has some lovely silk pillows for your various pads/tablets
07:39:32 PMtic-toc isore
07:39:47 PMrevdjenk iPad neck! new malady
07:39:51 PMajamison5579 Apple will buy the spider and call it the iSpider and charge 300k for each ride
07:39:51 PMcyberSmurf chrisreich: that carpal tunnel can be serious. I go back to the Apollo workstation days, saw many victims over the decades. I'm a believer in the natural (ergo) boards now.
07:40:08 PMagamotto I use them to hold up both my Kindle and hard-bound books
07:40:32 PMagamotto keemo?
07:40:32 PM_Jot_ I thought green glow was phosphor from the crt display?
07:40:38 PMrevdjenk qimo
07:41:12 PMagamotto Most 'native' Alaskans still use Eskimo...
07:41:24 PMchrisreich tell me about it cyberSmurf. My surgery was delayed by government bureaucracy for so long that I developed permanent neuropathy and chronic pain. (that's why I loathe Pelosi/Hillary/ObamaCare)
07:42:26 PMagamotto chrisreich, i would imagine that you have difficulties with touchpads?
07:42:50 PMcyberSmurf chrisreich: sorry to hear that, seriously.
07:42:58 PMGoodGuy Preexisting condition deal is ok
07:43:15 PMNew2Linux What kind of keyboard RobbieF is using?
07:43:25 PMGoodGuy If you have problems, no one will insure you
07:43:28 PMjaepea i wish ubuntu would drop unity
07:43:29 PMchrisreich I don't have a touchpad agamotto. But I now prefer keyboard commands over mouse clicking. Actually, I always did, but now with good cause.
07:43:40 PMagamotto chrisreich, agreed
07:43:47 PMchrisreich thanks cyberSmurf. Most here have heard/read my sob story before.
07:44:00 PMagamotto My rodent is upside-down, and i use it as little as possible
07:44:10 PMcyberSmurf keybindings rule!
07:44:19 PM_Jot_ rodents upside down usually means they are dead
07:44:24 PMajamison5579 Robbief is just killing all kinds of stuff isn't he so violent
07:44:29 PMDrumstick Smoke em if you got em......start elevator music.
07:44:47 PMchrisreich I used a pen with a touch tablet for a few years, but I haven't unpacked it since moving after my most recent divorce.
07:44:49 PM_Jot_ I heard RobbieF was also telling people how to break into stuff and run things if they don't have the icons
07:45:00 PMagamotto _Jot_, I have been using trackballs for so long, mice are awkward for me
07:45:17 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you said something about killing everything
07:45:29 PMortsUsi tool-2
07:45:31 PMrevdjenk are you trying to get panel back RobbieF ?
07:45:50 PMGoodGuy That implies there were several divorces.... Can anyone beat Liz Taylor
07:45:54 PMsmittysmit I only use the Kensington trackball with the big ball
07:45:56 PMagamotto Robbie is losing his Ubuntu-fu
07:46:03 PMGoodGuy She had 8 or 9 didnt she
07:46:28 PMagamotto GoodGuy, 9 if memory serves
07:46:32 PMchrisreich that may have been cool. I'll have to re-watch that part of the show....
07:46:41 PMGoodGuy Thats what I thought
07:46:54 PMGoodGuy Two to Richard Burton
07:47:00 PMagamotto I am not sure how many times Richard Burton gets counted :)
07:47:12 PMjaepea anyone hear any new news for steam on linux?
07:47:31 PMagamotto jaepea, not in the last few weeks
07:48:05 PMGoodGuy I think Linux Action show had a recent episode on some site that follows Steam on Linux
07:48:20 PMGoodGuy 2-3 shows ago I am guessing
07:48:27 PMDennis_Kelley Hello!
07:48:31 PMtic-toc Mars
07:48:32 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy: usually Phoronix is noted for following steam on linux
07:48:34 PM_Jot_ I'm new to this show! I've never been to a show 257 before
07:48:46 PMchrisreich Hey boys and girls, what DAY is ti again??
07:48:48 PMsmittysmit I'm not new. Very old
07:48:50 PMGoodGuy That was the site they interviewed
07:48:58 PMjaepea i really hope they do it
07:49:00 PMDennis_Kelley New to this Studio!
07:49:04 PMGoodGuy I am new .. to this studio
07:49:12 PM_Jot_ chrisreich, it is TheChrista day
07:49:28 PMagamotto ouch
07:49:35 PMchrisreich That's on Friday, _Jot_
07:49:35 PMagamotto Those will kill things quickly
07:49:39 PMrevdjenk boo _Jot_ it is CHRISREICH day!!
07:49:52 PM_Jot_ well, it was something with Chris, I remembered that!
07:50:01 PMDrumstick He said Hydro......
07:50:06 PMDrumstick again
07:50:13 PMGoodGuy lol
07:50:17 PMrevdjenk installing new 240volt line, fun!
07:50:33 PMagamotto India...
07:51:01 PMagamotto Time for UPS on your devices
07:51:07 PM_Jot_ Maybe RobbieF touched the hydro too much when he wanted to take a shower, cause he thought hydro involved water
07:51:22 PMrevdjenk wow
07:51:27 PMDennis_Kelley Has anyone made a serial cable to communicate to the Pogoplug?
07:51:38 PMGoodGuy It does _Jot_ .. hopefully not from his shower though
07:52:02 PM_Jot_ well, the whole world knows that, but they don't know it in some parts of canada, apparently
07:52:04 PMagamotto Sounds like it is time to move
07:52:21 PMrevdjenk they could make potato batteries in Ireland...
07:52:35 PMGoodGuy Send Cordery Electric on a mercy mission!
07:52:37 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, some do have talked with it through jtag on some models, I think
07:52:50 PMGuest_3034 Can you watch Netflix on Linux
07:52:57 PMGoodGuy no
07:52:58 PMrevdjenk guest_no
07:52:59 PMcyberSmurf Does Cordery Electric have a Predator Drone service?
07:53:07 PMagamotto heheheheh
07:53:14 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, some people have installed other linux versions on it as well, so then serial should be possible at least
07:53:16 PMGoodGuy Call the USAF
07:53:51 PMagamotto Tig welder will pull nearly 40A when starting up
07:54:09 PMGoodGuy Tig or Mig?
07:54:22 PMagamotto Tig... I have no experience with Mig
07:54:37 PMrevdjenk MiG are for old jets
07:54:51 PMGoodGuy I haven't heard of Tig,,,, saw a Mig welder for sale sign last year
07:55:03 PMrevdjenk time for a generator?
07:55:10 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it's officially 230volts with 10% variance, so anywhere from 220-240, which means it's officially the same everywhere in europe, but in reality, it is still like before
07:55:17 PMagamotto There are so many different ones these days
07:55:41 PMrevdjenk you owe us overtime tongight!
07:55:44 PMrevdjenk yay
07:55:54 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ - I am trying to get one working that does show up on my network. So i was hoping that I can Putty into it!
07:56:10 PMcyberSmurf yea, we paid for a full show! oh wait a second :-)
07:56:17 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, you were actually early, if you had been EricKidd (although lately he does better)
07:56:18 PMrevdjenk cyberSmurf: hee hee
07:56:32 PMrevdjenk blush
07:56:34 PMsmittysmit RobbieF what about security on the cloud
07:56:34 PMagamotto take three
07:56:37 PMGoodGuy Pogoplus USED to have a good forum, but they closed it down
07:56:43 PMgpop7 christa robby has lost it
07:56:47 PMTheChrista haha, I try to strive to be here earlier than Eric
07:56:53 PMDrumstick I had one of those shot!
07:56:57 PMGoodGuy Numerous posters weren't happy
07:57:08 PMDrumstick I cannot recommend getting shot.....just sayin.
07:57:33 PM_Jot_ I find that the 'impact' part of 'getting shot' is particularly bad
07:57:34 PMcyberSmurf Drumstick: hehehe
07:57:58 PMchrisreich speaking from experience, Drumstick? :-)
07:58:04 PMGoodGuy Mine are doctor appts, so I thank them lol
07:58:05 PMDrumstick Yep, the waiting for it ain't fun but that impact part REALLY sucks!
07:58:06 PMcyberSmurf the bleed-out doesn't look much better :-(
07:58:12 PMagamotto American ICE could come by, raid you for supposedly selling cats illegally on the internet, and you lose all your stuff until someone figures out Cat5 has nothing to do with felines...
07:58:29 PMDrumstick LOL
07:58:36 PMrevdjenk Mat Honan, even with his problems is depending more on the cloud since his trouble (apple messed up joedemax )
07:58:41 PMagamotto I have been shot AT, but not shot, thankfully
07:58:53 PM_Jot_ agamotto, by mentioning them, now their search agains heard of the show, and you might have actually made it happen just now
07:59:10 PM_Jot_ agains? what word is that? type engines, Jot, you're an idiot!
07:59:21 PMchrisreich I've dodged bullets, but I was not the intended target. I didn't get paid enough on that job...
07:59:22 PMjoedemax revdjenk the Mat Honan thang was a traversty
07:59:25 PMagamotto oooo.... temporal paradox claudication.... calling the Doctor, calling the Doctor!!!!
07:59:32 PMsmittysmit I have 16gig on DropBox but only zip with password personall stuff
07:59:57 PMGoodGuy Why not use TrueCrypt?
08:00:16 PMrevdjenk backupify is the a Steven Colbert made up name?
08:00:19 PMagamotto To each their own
08:00:25 PMagamotto revdjenk, heheh
08:00:26 PMrevdjenk *this
08:01:04 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, they are an american content, they are required by law to send the decrypted content of your files to the american government
08:01:11 PM_Jot_ company*
08:02:01 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: by law? name it please... or source
08:02:05 PM_Jot_ patriot act
08:02:07 PMagamotto Why do you need twitter to use this?
08:02:20 PMagamotto Patriot Act, among others
08:02:33 PMGoodGuy Doesn't it require a court order first?
08:02:42 PMagamotto GoodGuy, not since 2003
08:02:52 PMGoodGuy I didn't realize that
08:02:58 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: upon request...don't think everything at anytime... although Patriot Act is scary enough
08:03:28 PM_Jot_ revdjenk, but a request can be a random 'send everything from all your customers', if they want to
08:03:36 PMagamotto All they have to do is *accuse* you of a National Security violation... in the meantime, you try to defend yourself with no evidentiary rights
08:03:42 PMchrisreich It does GoodGuy, until the unConstitutional colored law was put into place. Yes, they have to request it, your content is not sent routinely.
08:04:12 PMagamotto Well, it IS sent routinely, but by request....
08:04:28 PMGoodGuy The govt will probably have the largest porn collection on the net if they grab too many accts lol
08:04:34 PM_Jot_ as far as I know, they also don't have to tell you about it, and the companies are not allowed to tell you that your data was requested, because of national security
08:04:37 PMcyberSmurf As an American, I'm saddened to say, it appears that various agencies in our country no longer appear to be constrained by our Constitution nor laws :-(
08:04:40 PMchrisreich ...and while the gummint can get your data, there are ways of protecting yourself from having it used against you.
08:04:41 PMrevdjenk agamotto: yes, innocent unless proven left long ago
08:04:56 PMDrumstick Thanks RobbieF and TheChrista....enjoy your week.
08:04:58 PMagamotto I am still laughing about DEA having to drop a case because they don't have the storage to hold the 'evidence.'
08:05:12 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, next week, will the brick wall be back? Can you build that fast?
08:05:13 PMrevdjenk thanks RobbieF great new digs, and yes you need at least one brick on the wall
08:05:20 PMDrumstick Chat room same to you.
08:05:27 PMDrumstick Bye all.
08:05:29 PMgpop7 Good show. Get some rest robbie and christa.
08:05:33 PMDennis_Kelley Are you kidding! He carried it all from the old house! No box needed!
08:05:35 PMOldGuyJim Good night all.
08:05:40 PMrevdjenk bye TheChrista , bye RobbieF
08:05:48 PMStevo bye all
08:05:49 PMchrisreich What day is it RobbieF !?
08:06:02 PMagamotto "I don't care if it rains for freezes, as long as I have my plastic Spock"
08:06:04 PMrevdjenk chrisreich day
08:06:05 PM_Jot_ Maybe he just carried that one box with his star trek toys, and didn't let go, so everybody else had to move allt he other stuff
08:06:15 PMcyberSmurf RobbieF: Amazing show considering the move and all. You always rise to the challenge.
08:06:26 PMeyemeansit Robbie, congrats on getting the studio up and running! Been watching progress from your Twitter feed...
08:06:38 PMagamotto Nah, he was busy carrying the box with all of the postcards ;)
08:06:42 PMDennis_Kelley yes because the box was so special
08:06:44 PMgpop7 good night all. have a great week.
08:06:53 PMrevdjenk hee hee
08:06:53 PMGoodGuy night gpop7
08:06:55 PMGuest_3647 hello chat
08:06:56 PMchrisreich g'night all.
08:07:02 PMrevdjenk g'night
08:07:04 PM_Jot_ hi chat!
08:07:20 PMGuest_3647 I was wondering if you guys can give me some advise?
08:07:26 PMagamotto Well, at least I had a productive day off
08:07:37 PMrevdjenk Guest_3647: about?
08:07:48 PMGoodGuy sure... cant promise it will be worth anythig though :-)
08:07:49 PM_Jot_ don't run with scissors. That seems good advice.
08:07:50 PMGuest_3647 hello rev
08:07:56 PMagamotto heheheeheheheh
08:08:10 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: hee hee
08:08:13 PMGuest_3647 I have a hd that use to be in an external enclousure
08:08:24 PMGuest_3647 that was used for back up
08:08:32 PMagamotto Ahh, such witty reparte... next, dueling trouts at 10 paces!
08:08:44 PM_Jot_ african or european trouts?
08:08:50 PMGuest_3647 it has some sort of raid but the board fried so I only have the HD
08:08:56 PMagamotto Norwegan, you git
08:09:16 PMGuest_3647 when I plug it into my computer it's doesn't read but I am able to see it
08:09:18 PMGoodGuy Believe it is toast w/o the same RAID controller
08:09:25 PMGuest_3647 with the disk utility program
08:09:45 PMGoodGuy Cant even buy another RAID controller and expect it to read
08:09:54 PM_Jot_ It's usually a 'standard' PC drive, so I would use the testing-program from the manufacturer first to confirm it is still working correctly
08:09:55 PMGuest_3647 I can see the partitions but I was wondering if it is possible to access it?
08:10:30 PMGuest_3647 testing program?
08:10:34 PMGoodGuy RAID tends to splatter the data across several drives dewpending on what RAID type
08:10:40 PMTheChrista SO....thanks for sticking with us during the first show in the new studio!
08:10:40 PM_Jot_ Then, I would probably try to access it with a Linux CD because that seems to understand most file-systems
08:10:50 PM_Jot_ Thanks for being there TheChrista
08:10:52 PMGoodGuy What type of RAID
08:10:52 PMrevdjenk Guest_3647: that would be an excellent question for RobbieF , maybe you can send that in an email for next week's show... unless you need an answer right now
08:11:05 PMTheChrista I know Robbie's been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but luckily, he's got everything up and running in time for tonight
08:11:10 PMrevdjenk thanks TheChrista
08:11:19 PMGoodGuy One RAID mirrors drives. another stripes it across drives
08:11:27 PMGuest_3647 I don't know what kind of raid it has
08:11:30 PM_Jot_ Guest_3647, you can download a windows-program or cd you can start the computer from, from the website of the manufacturer, that tests the harddrive
08:11:41 PMrevdjenk Guest_3647: you are running linux?
08:11:47 PM_Jot_ If there was only one drive in the device, then it isn't really raid
08:11:48 PMGuest_3647 I am
08:12:11 PMGuest_3647 ok, _jot_
08:12:17 PMGoodGuy Don't use RAID myself, but I have read hardware raid often requires the same model controller to successfully access it
08:12:20 PMGuest_3647 but it says raid in the filesystem pictre
08:12:39 PMGuest_3647 I see Goodguy
08:12:40 PMrevdjenk Guest_3647: was it dependent on a certain backup program ?
08:12:44 PM_Jot_ Do you know the brand and model of the enclosure it came out of?
08:13:03 PMGuest_3647 it was part of an external enclusure and it dies with lighting
08:13:09 PMGuest_3647 died
08:13:32 PMGoodGuy Was the RAID supposed to survive a single drive failure?
08:13:32 PMcyberSmurf Are you attemtping to recover the data? or just reformat and re-use the drive?
08:13:50 PMGuest_3647 I am trying to save the data
08:14:06 PMGuest_3647 it was a frined of mine and he has his pictures there
08:14:17 PMagamotto eek
08:14:37 PMGoodGuy when you setup the raid, what was it supposed to accomplish.. higher speec, mirror data etc?
08:14:47 PMGoodGuy speed
08:14:54 PM_Jot_ If you really want to safe the data because it is important, it is probably best to get the services from a data-recovery-company
08:15:19 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - Thanks! Great Show!
08:15:26 PMrevdjenk Guest_3647: I would suggest copying what you can to another drive and working off that drive. This one may have suffered damage from the lightning as well, and may become unstable
08:15:28 PMRobbieF :)
08:15:32 PMGoodGuy Have you contacted the enclosure manufacturer?
08:15:33 PMGuest_3647 not able to fund that endevour
08:15:47 PMcyberSmurf If it was being used as part of a Raid, what Raid level was it being used in?
08:15:54 PMGuest_3647 no, my friendo doesn't remember the manufacturer
08:16:04 PMGuest_3647 he took it apart and save the HD only
08:16:15 PMrevdjenk Guest_3647: so he doesn't have the enclosure, now
08:16:21 PMGuest_3647 nope
08:16:23 PMrevdjenk oh
08:16:27 PMGoodGuy Then I am guessing he is in a world of hurt :-(
08:16:41 PMGuest_3647 I know, it does sound that way
08:16:51 PMrevdjenk it may have been encrypted or compressed or ?
08:17:07 PMagamotto hrm
08:17:16 PMrevdjenk too many ? and not enough answers.
08:17:20 PMGoodGuy RAID internally reorganizes the sectors according to their own algorithms if I understand correctly
08:17:29 PMGuest_3647 I really don't know, the only thing I know is that there was one folder that was encrypted but the rest was a public folder for the kids etc
08:18:02 PM_Jot_ Raid does reorganize stuff, but only because there are more drives, if there is only one drive, it isn't really raid, but some obfuscation
08:18:06 PMGuest_3647 am sorry rev, I don't understand your question.
08:18:11 PMGoodGuy Any chance he can find a receipt etc for the old enclosure?
08:18:26 PMGuest_3647 I doub it
08:18:27 PMGoodGuy some other way of locating the manufacture
08:18:38 PMGuest_3647 but I will ask
08:18:47 PMrevdjenk Guest_3647: after seeing Mat Honan's blog on his recovery of data from his wiped drive, it cost him $1600 to get it done at a recovery service. For Honan, it was worth it to get his data and pictures of his baby. What would your friend be willing to spend?
08:18:50 PMGoodGuy It was just an idea
08:19:00 PMcyberSmurf There are various Raid mode levels - mirrored disk, stripe-ed, etc. A lot of variables that need to be answered.
08:19:05 PMGuest_3647 II have taking notes and I will email him some questions to see what I can gather
08:19:20 PMagamotto Wel, folks. I am off to go amuse my animals this evening... I think we will go trot around the back yard
08:19:38 PMrevdjenk agamotto: need pics!
08:19:43 PMGuest_3647 I will email the show to see if Robbie can help next week
08:19:46 PMTheChrista have a splendid time agamotto! We'll be chatting at you soon
08:19:56 PMagamotto Hmm, if I can get them to hold still, I will
08:20:00 PMGuest_3647 thank you for all your suggestions
08:20:01 PM_Jot_ Guest_3467, data-recovery-companies are specialized in this sort of thing, the problem is also, that anything you do can actually make it worse too
08:20:02 PMrevdjenk hee hee
08:20:09 PMrevdjenk no problem Guest_3647
08:20:25 PMGuest_3647 good night everybody
08:20:32 PM_Jot_ good luck Guest_3647!
08:20:39 PMGuest_3647 thank you all!!!!
08:20:40 PMrevdjenk Guest_3647: yes, don't add, delete, rename anything...
08:21:01 PMGuest_3647 ok rev
08:21:04 PMGuest_3647 thanks
08:21:13 PMcyberSmurf Guest_3647: good plan. Be sure to mention how many individual drives were in the original Raid enclosure. That will help narrow down the possibities for the Raid level it was being used in.
08:21:38 PMGuest_3647 thanks cyber but there was only one drive
08:21:54 PMcyberSmurf Then it wasn't being used as a Raid device.
08:22:07 PM_Jot_ and if there only was one drive in it, then you really need to know the manufacturer and model of the enclosure, so you can find out how the data is encoded or obfuscated
08:22:22 PMGuest_3647 Ok Jot
08:22:31 PMGuest_3647 I will try to find out from my friend
08:22:54 PMGuest_3647 hopefully he can remember, the lighting happened over a year ago
08:22:59 PM_Jot_ Normally, if you are not sure about a drive, you would first run the program from the manufacturer, which it says on the label, but that is a risk too
08:23:58 PMGuest_3647 from what I gather it was a selft containing unit
08:23:59 PMcyberSmurf There is no manufacturer's label on the drive itself? Normally there is a label with Manufacturer, Model, Serial#.
08:24:23 PMGuest_3647 the drive is a western digital but my friend disposed of the enclousure
08:24:45 PMGarbee Sorry RobbieF missed the last half of the show.
08:24:52 PMGarbee Well, 3/4s probably more like it.
08:24:55 PMGuest_3647 it was probably one of those western digital books
08:25:03 PMGoodGuy Normal recovery software likely wont help much with raid formatted drives
08:25:11 PM_Jot_ oh RobbieF, that is such a shame, after you did all that on the show for Garbee
08:25:16 PMcyberSmurf When you say enclosure, do you mean the drive shell itself? Can you see the disk drive platter?
08:25:28 PMRobbieF I know ... so disappointed _Jot_.
08:25:39 PMGoodGuy Most of the WD enclosures arent raid, are they?
08:25:43 PMcyberSmurf jot: should we invoice RobbieF for this?
08:26:11 PMGoodGuy Usually single drives like the green low rpm drives
08:26:12 PMGarbee I had to take someones laptop(s) back after working on them.
08:26:40 PMGarbee I actually got one in trade for the work since I told them it is basically unusable for any use in their house and I'd rather see it recycled than attempted to be used.
08:26:50 PM_Jot_ unfortunatly, those drives are hardware-encrypted, so you would need to take the enclosure with the drive to western digital, for getting the data off
08:26:51 PMGuest_3647 when I said enclousure I mean the ones you buy in Best Buy that people use as a back up in a home network but I think this one was only a USB one
08:27:01 PMGarbee (I wasn't going to charge him in the first place since I barely had to touch the systems)
08:27:02 PMGoodGuy Tossing the enclosure was a bad idea, but too late at this point
08:27:21 PMGuest_3647 I know, he feels the same
08:27:24 PM_Jot_ maybe if you have the serial from the enclosure, you could ask western digital for help
08:27:42 PMGoodGuy He doesnt have the enclosure
08:27:51 PMGuest_3647 no Goodguy
08:27:51 PM_Jot_ they could perhaps break the encryption, but there is no way for other people to do that
08:27:55 PMGarbee I'll watch the rerun and read up the chatlogs later this week after it is posted.
08:28:05 PMGarbee TheChrista, It was good to see you again this week.
08:28:09 PMGarbee Thanks for doing it.
08:28:27 PMGoodGuy Having the drive s/n may not help unless WD keeps track of every drive used in enclosures
08:28:38 PMGuest_3647 well, thank you for all your help and I have to go, night night everybody....
08:28:46 PMGoodGuy and it was their enclosure and not a 3rd party
08:28:53 PMGoodGuy Night Guest_3647
08:29:01 PMGuest_3647 ciao, ciao.
08:29:02 PM_Jot_ Apparently, a company called datamechanix have experience with this decryption, and it costs between $500, $1000 as long as that is the only problem with the drive And that was talking about a drive with enclosure
08:29:13 PM_Jot_
08:29:43 PMGoodGuy Better be some very important pictures to part with that much cash
08:30:01 PMGoodGuy wedding, baby etc
08:30:03 PMGarbee RobbieF and TheChrista Have a good night. I'm off to sleep because I'm an old man and can't stay up past 9.
08:30:07 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, that was with the enclosure, so the encryption key in the chip, without an enclosure, there is no way
08:30:09 PMGarbee ;)
08:30:17 PMTheChrista Thanks for joining us Garbee!
08:30:26 PMTheChrista We'll chat at you soon, cheers!
08:30:49 PMGoodGuy I assumed it was pretty tough especially with so little info to go on
08:31:59 PMDennis_Kelley are you guys sure it was not just an external hard drive enclosure that the drive was in? Do those really have all that encryption and any RAID?
08:32:15 PM_Jot_ some models of the wd external drives don't have encryption, but if it was one of those, you would be able to just plug it in and see it, cause then it is just fat or ntfs
08:32:31 PMGoodGuy I thought he said it was raid.. Personally I am not sure of anything
08:32:35 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, yes... check out that link I posted, and also
08:32:51 PM_Jot_ it was probably a My Book Essential, or My Book Elite
08:33:32 PMcyberSmurf He said Raid a few times but it did not sound like one to me in the end.
08:33:51 PM_Jot_ normally, if you didn't set a password, you would be able to put it in a new enclosure and it should work (probably), but he mentioned some encrypted folders
08:34:13 PMGoodGuy Maybe it is the JBOD to make it like one large drive
08:34:14 PM_Jot_ and the fact that it didn't show up as a normal partition but as 'RAID' shows it was a WD Encrypted Partition
08:34:22 PMDennis_Kelley I am sorry but i was not sure he knew it was a RAID.
08:34:24 PM_Jot_ JBOD doesn't show up as raid
08:34:44 PMGoodGuy I didnt know that.. just heard the trm
08:34:49 PMGoodGuy term
08:34:54 PMDennis_Kelley your right _Jot_ he did say it showed up
08:35:24 PM_Jot_ if you have JBOD over multiple drives, then the first drive will show up as a normal drive, the other drives will be completely unreadable as in apparently not contain any file system, at least, I think it was like that with mine, it could be both show up as regular drives if you put them in a computer
08:35:50 PM_Jot_ haven't used it in a while and took the drives out etc :)
08:36:02 PM_Jot_ I mean, I didn't test that so the drives are in
08:36:07 PMGoodGuy Most manufacturers wouldnt want you to be able recover encrypted data.. It proves the encryption is basically almost worthless
08:37:09 PMcyberSmurf Remote support is the pits. I don't know how RobbieF does it so well. He has a sixth sense and the patience of a saint.
08:37:23 PM_Jot_ If you have something like the xbox or xbox-360 drives, they are not encrypted, but do have a password in the firmware, that is crackable
08:37:45 PMGoodGuy I have a book on that somewhere
08:37:55 PMGoodGuy Hacking the Xbox
08:38:41 PMGoodGuy by Andrew Huang
08:38:52 PM_Jot_ I also bought some WD external drives, but I opened them and took the harddrives out, because it was cheaper than buying the drives by themselves
08:38:56 PMGoodGuy older book
08:39:12 PM_Jot_ those were fat or ntfs formatted, so immedaitly readbale
08:39:13 PMGoodGuy I was thinking of doing that also
08:39:16 PM_Jot_ readable*
08:39:33 PMGoodGuy Arent most the lower spped WD green drives
08:39:39 PMGoodGuy speed
08:40:01 PM_Jot_ yeah, which is fine for unraid :)
08:40:20 PMGoodGuy my regular internal drive is a WD black
08:40:54 PMGoodGuy I have a couple 750gb's in USB enclosures
08:41:37 PMGoodGuy save video podcasts I'll probably never watch again as well as backup a few key folders
08:41:57 PMGoodGuy and one spare WD 750gb black I meant to add in this pc
08:42:16 PMcyberSmurf Out of time. Thx for all the good info guys, especially Jot! Catch you all next time.
08:42:23 PMGoodGuy But just too lazy to disconnect cables, open it up and install it
08:42:29 PM_Jot_ see you next time cyberSmurf
08:42:30 PMGoodGuy Bye cyberSmurf
08:43:36 PMGoodGuy Our kitty had to be taken to the emergency vet this weekend, so he got the money for my future iPad
08:43:56 PMDennis_Kelley Bummer GoodGuy
08:44:01 PMGoodGuy Just glad we still have her
08:44:11 PM_Jot_ sounds like a win, even though it's a shame that happened GoodGuy
08:44:21 PMGoodGuy I thought she would have to put to sleep
08:44:39 PMGoodGuy They think it was a kitty seizure
08:44:52 PMGoodGuy she seems ok now
08:45:13 PM_Jot_ let's hope she stays good
08:45:44 PMGoodGuy She isnt real fond of Vets lol
08:46:10 PMGoodGuy They had to sedate her just to get an Xray, blood tests etc
08:46:38 PM_Jot_ One of the reasons I don't have a cat is because I'm afraid it will get sick and I have to go to the vet, that's how scared I am of doctors :P
08:46:53 PMDennis_Kelley I had to put my one dog Down last year! he was 17 though. But still heartbreaking
08:47:26 PMGoodGuy We are used to doctors.. weekend was kitty day.. yesterday was take wife to the doctor day
08:47:39 PMDennis_Kelley Double Bummer
08:47:49 PM_Jot_ 'dear, what are we doing at the vet', 'oh, I thought it was your doctor too'
08:47:59 PMGoodGuy I know Dennis_Kelley .. the longer you have them, the more you grow attached
08:48:37 PMGoodGuy We have a dry erase board just for doc appts
08:48:51 PMDennis_Kelley I have a Black Lab/ Shepard mix right now. She is 3 but when that day comes! I will need alot of time!
08:49:21 PMDennis_Kelley Ok enough of that sad talk!
08:49:44 PMDennis_Kelley How about those Tigers!
08:49:46 PMGoodGuy I wanted to load Linux on my Pogplus and use it as a cheapo low energy NAS
08:49:58 PMGoodGuy Just to share a few files
08:50:05 PMDennis_Kelley That is what I am trying to do also!
08:50:27 PMGoodGuy The old pogoplugged forum had some posts on it
08:50:35 PMGoodGuy But they closed it
08:50:48 PMDennis_Kelley I am not sure if I am liking how Pogoplug is doing business these days!
08:51:05 PMGoodGuy and newer pogoplug updates made a lot of the posts obsolete
08:51:14 PMGoodGuy I am not either
08:51:39 PMDennis_Kelley that is why I am trying to use the serial port on the Pogoplug to get access better
08:51:53 PMGoodGuy Last I read they are using Arch Linux for ARM on them
08:52:17 PMGoodGuy I am fairlly sure you can SSH in
08:52:25 PMDennis_Kelley I have one that I lost SSH access to
08:52:38 PMGoodGuy They have a checkbox in the options somewhere
08:53:03 PMDennis_Kelley I know but i can not even access it through the web interface
08:53:03 PMGoodGuy I didnt realize they even had a serial connector
08:53:20 PMDennis_Kelley yep
08:53:28 PMGoodGuy Have to crack open the case?
08:53:33 PMDennis_Kelley esata also
08:53:46 PMDennis_Kelley no it is fairly easy to open.
08:53:48 PMGoodGuy Which model,, V2 or V4?
08:53:56 PMDennis_Kelley found a video on Youtube
08:54:01 PMGoodGuy neat
08:54:12 PMGoodGuy I have the older ugly pink one
08:54:21 PMDennis_Kelley it says POGO-P21 in the case, black
08:54:38 PMDennis_Kelley I have a pink on also
08:54:46 PMGoodGuy sounds like the newer v2 with the black case
08:55:10 PMGoodGuy I dont know why I bought a pogoplug in hindsight
08:55:13 PMDennis_Kelley I wish that i can do more with backups to it. it seems slow most of the time
08:55:34 PMGoodGuy I was going to let our son save some files at our house
08:55:59 PMGoodGuy But my wife bought him an external drive, so he didnt need it
08:56:23 PMDennis_Kelley that is a good idea. get it off site and I can see more use if it. I also need to get more Hard Drives to it
08:56:43 PMDennis_Kelley Gets his stuff off site from hos place
08:56:48 PMDennis_Kelley *his
08:56:53 PMGoodGuy It has several USB connectors
08:56:57 PMTheChrista WELP! I should meander out of here. I'm afraid if I stick around too long that Robbie is going to make me start unpacking things
08:57:02 PMTheChrista And we musn't have that
08:57:11 PMGoodGuy Plus I believe it allows USB hubs for still more
08:57:17 PMDennis_Kelley Nope! see ya Christa
08:57:25 PMGoodGuy bye TheChrista
08:57:28 PMTheChrista I will chat at all you fine folks soon though, so have a fantastic week and an awesome weekend.
08:57:29 PMTheChrista Cheers!
08:57:37 PM_Jot_ un-packing? But I won everyhting!
08:57:37 PMDennis_Kelley I have two Hard drive enclosures on it now
08:57:56 PM_Jot_ don't unpack! Send it to me! Do you hear me over there RobbieF?
08:58:09 PMGoodGuy I disconnected mine after it updated the firmware
08:58:12 PM_Jot_ geez, I always win after all
08:58:29 PMGoodGuy Put it back in the box since I wasnt usiung it
08:58:47 PMGoodGuy gotta run
08:58:51 PMGoodGuy night
08:58:55 PMDennis_Kelley See ya!
09:05:54 PM_Jot_ Don't worry RobbieF, you're not alone just yet!
09:06:04 PMRobbieF :) thanks _Jot_
09:06:05 PMRobbieF :)
09:06:22 PMRobbieF just wrapping up the files and then have to do more unpacking. I'm so sore and tired... want to rest :)
09:06:59 PM_Jot_ well, things sure look good so you sure deserve it :) but who knows what more star tek things are in those boxes, you might even find the books while unpacking
09:17:24 PMRobbieF :)
09:17:41 PMRobbieF I've got the box of books, but had decided not to fill the shelf with books just yet... wanted to display the goodies
09:17:49 PMRobbieF it's a small collection, but it's something.
09:18:24 PMRobbieF how's the new BSP?
09:18:27 PM_Jot_ it was interesting to see :)
09:18:41 PM_Jot_ it's a bit far away! And I hope your chair isn't killing the floor
09:18:54 PM_Jot_ plastic wheels can do that, apparently
09:23:54 PMRobbieF hmm...
09:23:59 PMRobbieF thanks for the thought.
09:24:14 PMRobbieF we might do as Christa suggested, as silly as it sounds... get a square of carpet and lay it under us
09:24:16 PM_Jot_ has something to do with the hardness of the wheels, you'd need special soft wheels, or some carpet or something under it
09:24:24 PMRobbieF k
09:24:28 PMRobbieF first time having wood floors
09:24:30 PM_Jot_ see, Christa is smart!
09:24:32 PMRobbieF i'm clueless :)
09:24:37 PMRobbieF yes, she's smart... but looks like a boy.
09:24:59 PM_Jot_ Better not let her hear you said that.. she might beat you up


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