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06:58:03 PM_Jot_ hi agamotto
06:58:04 PMrobgor albertt quadro is for cad, my friend got a new pc with a quadro 4000
06:58:18 PMmaxwell6307 lol isaw that to
06:58:29 PM_Jot_ agamotto, the camera-view is out of kilter actually, just on the main-screen it is zoomed in so you can't see that
06:58:36 PMrobgor agamotto I have found firefox to be fine
06:58:36 PMagamotto ahhh
06:58:47 PMagamotto robgor, hmmmm
06:58:49 PMDennis_Kelley someone probably bummed it on the way by!
06:58:53 PMTheChrista Hey all!
06:58:59 PMmaxwell6307 Robbie level your picture lol
06:59:08 PMTheChrista How is everyone on this fine fall evening?
06:59:13 PMmaxwell6307 hi
06:59:17 PMalbertr it is some optimus something
06:59:20 PM_Jot_ we're happy to see you again TheChrista, who's that guy next to you?
06:59:40 PMrobgor with chrome the problem Iam having is when doing a search you dont see the text sometimes
06:59:42 PMagamotto TheChrista, I have a cold, but other than that, fine. It allows me to be here instead of work!
06:59:55 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ - who is the co-host next to Christa
06:59:59 PMTheChrista Who....the guy with the mic?
07:00:04 PM_Jot_ I have no idea Dennis_Kelley
07:00:07 PMTheChrista Oh, just some dude on the show
07:00:15 PMRobbieF Oh hi TheChrista - when did YOU get here?
07:00:25 PMrobgor agamotto also you see tearing in the images at times
07:00:43 PMagamotto robgor, Hmmm, nivida drivers maybe?
07:00:48 PMmaxwell6307 ok every one shhhhh lol
07:00:56 PMmaxwell6307 the shows on
07:01:06 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:01:14 PMpyrosrock ah im missing it!
07:01:35 PM_Jot_ hi TheChrista and the other guy
07:01:37 PMDennis_Kelley chrisreich - Welcome!
07:01:53 PMalbertr Hi TheChrista
07:01:58 PMchrisreich top o' the evening, Dennis_Kelley
07:02:03 PMmaxwell6307 awesome
07:02:11 PMrobgor agamotto I think its a compatibility issue with some other program actually as I did a fressh install last night and its fine atm
07:02:12 PMT0B33 Those rock!
07:02:14 PMDennis_Kelley Business Cards!!
07:02:24 PMDave-Maydew I want one
07:02:26 PMagamotto Coolies... no QR codes on them?
07:02:37 PMpyrosrock wooo TheChrista
07:02:40 PMDennis_Kelley TheChrista - You make the show Cool!
07:02:43 PM_Jot_ no QR code? That's a miss
07:02:50 PMagamotto What is this 'normal' of which you speak?
07:03:11 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, How is the brain-bucket doing?
07:03:26 PMagamotto Zues or Suess?
07:03:32 PM_Jot_ Asus
07:03:42 PMDennis_Kelley GoodGuy - Welcome!
07:03:49 PMGoodGuy hi Dennis_Kelley
07:03:59 PMagamotto Ok, now I know I have a cold, my hearing is being affected.
07:04:02 PMDave-Maydew Hey GoodGuy
07:04:05 PMmaxwell6307 cool
07:04:12 PM_Dennis_Kelley I had to _Jot_
07:04:27 PMOldGuyJim If you get a chance watch the freefall dive on and youtube. It is awesome.
07:04:29 PMGoodGuy How to file for divorce?
07:04:54 PMchrisreich are you serious, GoodGuy?
07:04:56 PMalbertr :)
07:04:56 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, first, get married
07:05:04 PMGoodGuy I am :-)
07:05:21 PMGoodGuy He said how to eliminate distractions
07:05:38 PMchrisreich so sorry GoodGuy - divorce sucks
07:05:38 PMGoodGuy What distracts one more than mates
07:05:46 PMmaxwell6307 wear parkas all year round lol
07:05:51 PMagamotto Kilets
07:06:01 PMGoodGuy No divorce here.. married 39 years
07:06:06 PM_Dennis_Kelley I love Kits
07:06:13 PMagamotto Kidlets, that should have been
07:06:17 PMGarbee RobbieF, Windows Phone is actually pretty good.
07:06:17 PMOldGuyJim Good for you. Same time for me as well.
07:06:18 PMpyrosrock RobbieF the pogoplug site aint working for me how bout u?
07:06:19 PM_Dennis_Kelley sorry!
07:06:23 PMalbertr iOS?
07:06:27 PMGoodGuy I was kidding RobbieF was going to teach how to avoid distractions
07:07:03 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, stop looking at me funny like that!
07:07:04 PMDave-Maydew have they fixed the map issues in IOS??
07:07:05 PMYazid1965 You can see us ? :o
07:07:06 PM_Dennis_Kelley RobbieF - Christa's mic seems louder that yours! or is that just her?
07:07:22 PM_Dennis_Kelley *than
07:07:33 PMRobbieF thanks _dennis_kelley
07:07:38 PMRobbieF I muted her now
07:07:39 PMRobbieF perfect
07:07:42 PMTheChrista Dennis_Kelley, that's just my obnoxious'ness coming through the mic
07:07:42 PMagamotto hhehehe
07:07:46 PM_Dennis_Kelley Perfect
07:08:14 PMDave-Maydew There's all of us in here
07:08:27 PMsmittysmit I want (need) a prize
07:08:29 PM_Dennis_Kelley _Jot_ - did you notice I put myself higher on the list than you?
07:08:51 PM_Dennis_Kelley is that like Street Cred?
07:08:59 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, that's okay :) I wanted just Jot but that was taken, and I couldn'decide between _Jot and Jot_ so I figured lets do it both
07:09:03 PMagamotto TheChrista, No... this isn't your HotWheels collectable....chuckle
07:09:05 PMmaxwell6307 very cool
07:09:11 PMmaxwell6307 huge
07:09:29 PMsmittysmit I use a trackball...don't need a mouse pad
07:09:40 PM_Jot_ TheChrista's mousepad at home is her entire livingroom-floor, she really gets upset if anybody walks there while she is working
07:09:40 PMagamotto smittysmit, same here
07:10:11 PMsmittysmit Kensington turbo mouse (with the pool ball)
07:10:13 PMmaxwell6307 not i
07:10:22 PMpyrosrock 865674
07:10:25 PMGuest_4702 why didn't someone mail me a raffel ticket
07:10:46 PMagamotto Logitech Marble Mouse for me... mine is as old as USB
07:10:48 PM_Jot_ Guest_4702, it got clogged in the intarnet-tubes
07:10:52 PMGuest_Harry how can I add RSS feeds from your show to [email protected]
07:11:18 PMPaul_R hey guys :)
07:11:47 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Paul_R
07:12:16 PMDennis_Kelley you have to compile it!
07:12:23 PMagamotto tarballs... what an appropriate name... smelly, sticky, and tend to cause messes.
07:12:52 PMTheChrista Jot, you are correct! Haha, I just run around the living room. The mousepad is weight activated, so no mouse!
07:13:10 PMGoodGuy
07:13:15 PMTheChrista PLUS, imagine the cardio involved....phew
07:13:18 PM_Jot_ tar is not a word, but short for Tape-ARchive, it just happens to be the same as a word
07:13:44 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, plus all the mistakes when you just wear socks and slide too far
07:13:47 PMGoodGuy It appeared to have an install BASH script
07:14:24 PMTheChrista and when the dogs run into the room, then I just have to erase the whole thing and start over
07:14:33 PMmaxwell6307 is there a ppa
07:14:39 PMChosen Wow if the floor was one big touchscreen I would get so much more exercise, would be good
07:15:02 PM_Jot_ it should be possible to build something like that with infrared and kinect and such
07:15:40 PMagamotto Sounds like Chinese calligraphic ballet
07:16:22 PMmaxwell6307
07:16:37 PMDave-Maydew Hey Agamotto, forgot to ask how you were
07:16:40 PMDave-Maydew :-)
07:17:26 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, Other than this cold that started up today, fine. Warm day today, and I spent a good chunk of it sitting on the porch reading.
07:18:22 PMDave-Maydew it's been a cool day here, but sunny, been playing ham radio and linux :-)
07:18:38 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, A full, fun day indeed
07:19:17 PMDave-Maydew then 3 hours at the radio club this evening running a contest :-)
07:19:30 PMDennis_Kelley i will take three!
07:19:31 PM_Jot_ contest? what did I win?
07:19:47 PMagamotto Are those the SAS ones?
07:19:56 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ you don't win every contest!
07:20:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can copy+paste the text of the email
07:20:06 PMOldGuyJim RobbieF, your audio is fading...
07:20:31 PMagamotto Octal? Who does that anymore?
07:20:43 PMPaul_R is there setting in linux when using SSD
07:21:00 PMmaxwell6307 boat
07:21:01 PMchrisreich unix permissions are effectively octal
07:21:20 PMGoodGuy No Bentley
07:21:25 PMagamotto chrisreich, Yah, but the drive it self is called an 'Octal' something....
07:21:36 PMpyrosrock yeah most of a landcruiser RobbieF
07:21:47 PMGuest_4702 tesla
07:21:57 PMGarbee Paul_R, no. Just don't use journaling (use EXT2) and add noatime to the fstab.
07:22:12 PMagamotto Nah, for $US105k.... a Tesla S, a house and some change
07:22:31 PMPaul_R thnks
07:22:42 PMGarbee Paul_R, More information:
07:23:09 PMPaul_R cool thnks
07:23:24 PMpyrosrock agamotto i duno where u find these cheap houses?
07:23:42 PMagamotto pyrosrock, Saturated housing markets, like ours
07:23:47 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don'forget to include the washers in the list! Oh wait, that was actually included, you just didn't install them!
07:24:09 PMagamotto pyrosrock, nothing fantastic, but good places with good bones.
07:24:27 PMpyrosrock agamotto the cheapest house iv seen out in the middle of nowhere is like $250K round here
07:24:48 PMDennis_Kelley mine comes up
07:25:01 PMagamotto pyrosrock, We have a decent trade in the $US60k-90k around here.
07:25:02 PM_Jot_ working fine for me, and I can log in too
07:25:10 PMYazid1965 I'm good on Pogoplug
07:25:19 PMpyrosrock it was just after loging in
07:25:22 PMsmittysmit Cool in Michigan
07:25:27 PMmaxwell6307 works for me to
07:25:39 PM_Jot_ can always try a traceroute and see where it breaks
07:25:44 PMDennis_Kelley Mine works after logining
07:26:05 PMGuest_4702 I want to give my brother a pogoplug But I have read they have connection problems and spam
07:26:34 PMagamotto Because Tuesday is North American hobby night?
07:27:17 PMDennis_Kelley TheChrista does not get paid?
07:27:37 PMPaul_R hahaha
07:27:37 PMagamotto Only in cookies, pizza, and wine.
07:27:51 PMDennis_Kelley For Sure!!
07:27:53 PMmaxwell6307 its ok robbie im boring to
07:28:20 PMagamotto Ahem... the Amiga
07:28:25 PMTheChrista Dennis_Kelley, I get paid with smiles and awesome after show drinks. Which I am very happy with
07:28:37 PMDennis_Kelley Sweet
07:28:53 PMalbertr it.s coming step by step
07:28:55 PMrobgor Amiga Rocked, sad its no more :(
07:29:18 PMalbertr 92% super computers run linux :)
07:29:21 PMGuest_Harry hsare he word like they didi in Brazil
07:29:30 PMDennis_Kelley There is nothing wrong with figuring stuff out. also known as Hacking!
07:29:36 PMrobgor TheChrista when are you going to switch to linux ?
07:29:41 PMalbertr stock exchange
07:29:42 PMagamotto Yes, I think win 8 will be the greatest thing to happen for *nix...
07:29:48 PM_Jot_ they should buy RobbieF a $100.000 SSD for mentioning Windows so often
07:29:49 PMGuest_Harry how can I add RSS feeds from your show to [email protected]
07:29:50 PMsmittysmit It's FOSS...need to advertise (with a HEAVY donation) on the Super Bowl.
07:30:01 PMmaxwell6307 linux is awesome
07:30:05 PMGarbee Even Linus has pretty much given up on Linux for the desktop.
07:30:11 PMagamotto Especially if games developers wind up hating it
07:30:23 PMGarbee Just like he is starting to think that Git is too mainstream.
07:30:37 PMGarbee Linux can do great on a desktop, but you need to *want* to try it.
07:31:15 PMDennis_Kelley at least on!
07:31:16 PMJaePea hi folks
07:31:26 PMDennis_Kelley Hello JaePea
07:31:28 PM_Jot_ hi JaePea
07:31:38 PMDave-Maydew Windows what??
07:31:49 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, send me that card so I can test getting a papercut or not
07:32:26 PMJaePea if linux was better for gaming
07:32:49 PMagamotto Actually, in many restaurants, the tips are split with the kitchen staff
07:33:48 PMmaxwell6307 don't get her laughing lol
07:33:56 PMDennis_Kelley for sure
07:33:58 PMGuest_3438 You mean Linux on the desktop. Anyone who uses Google Twitter Facebook or most other internet services use Linux.
07:34:02 PM_Jot_ wait, we can't mention Clouds for TheChrista?
07:34:08 PMagamotto In other words, no battery life :)
07:34:14 PMDennis_Kelley Not Clouds!
07:34:16 PMGoodGuy Apple is named after deadly animals.... Like Apple devours your money!
07:34:18 PMYazid1965 phablet
07:34:29 PMrobgor RobbieF you must dock christas pay for those comments
07:34:39 PMsmittysmit When is the Ubuntu tablet to be released? Heared that they are for phones in the future.
07:34:42 PMalbertr thing it got over 5000mAh battery
07:35:03 PMagamotto neat video
07:35:10 PMGarbee And he has challenged Justin Bieber to do it w/o the parachute.
07:35:15 PMGarbee He rocks.
07:35:15 PMagamotto heheeheheh
07:35:34 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, didn't you watch it? about 8 million people did
07:35:49 PMDennis_Kelley was he High or something?
07:35:57 PMagamotto The astounding fact was his landing on his feet
07:36:04 PMGarbee Dennis_Kelley, He sure was. Now he knows how small he truely is.
07:36:19 PMGuest_4702 what if he had missed the earth
07:36:19 PMYazid1965 he was near area 51
07:36:30 PMJaePea i wish steam would release the ubuntu bata clinet
07:36:38 PMpyrosrock ^^^
07:36:57 PMGarbee It wouldn't have worked.
07:37:05 PMDennis_Kelley that would have sucked if the para suit did not open
07:37:06 PMagamotto The heaters in the helmet failed at the last minute
07:37:09 PMGarbee The wipers would have broken.
07:37:26 PM_Jot_ he also didn't wear those camera-goggles so no pictures
07:37:47 PMagamotto Trust me, they are making money on the content
07:37:50 PMPaul_R makes money on kindle books
07:37:57 PMGoodGuy That happened during WWII... a German soldier's chute didn't open and he lived.. not from that height of cource
07:38:14 PMGoodGuy course
07:38:35 PMagamotto t
07:38:38 PMPaul_R apple who?
07:39:04 PMDave-Maydew ;-)
07:39:11 PMagamotto The worst thing on the Nook is the 'shopping experience.' Finding stuff on the Kindle is so much easier
07:39:15 PMDave-Maydew I'm having a new Tablet PC for xmas
07:39:47 PMsmittysmit Beam me up Robbie
07:39:49 PMGuest_3438 It's not new. Printer ink makes the money and razor blades makes the money not the devices.
07:39:51 PMDave-Maydew I've gone for the Arnova 7 G3
07:40:41 PMagamotto I suppose this is one way to get everyone to learn sign language
07:40:46 PMsmittysmit Wearing goggles...great for driving
07:41:44 PMalbertr iSleep ?
07:42:10 PM_Jot_ Christa dot Wells?
07:42:54 PMGuest_Harry Gosh Felix didnt knew abot the nice Gogles that supports our show? ...mannn
07:43:16 PMagamotto Pockets for Red Bull?
07:43:23 PMBrad__ That looks pretty wicked!!
07:43:29 PM_Jot_ you can't know about eveyrthing, not even Felix
07:43:34 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF I could fit my Netbook and Ham Radio gear into it
07:43:38 PMDave-Maydew :-)
07:43:44 PM_Jot_ Sorry Brad__, TheChrista can't win
07:43:55 PM_Jot_ I could fit in that bag!
07:43:59 PMpyrosrock is that a laptop bag or a desktop bag RobbieF
07:44:01 PMmaxwell6307 not i
07:44:13 PMpyrosrock 865701
07:44:53 PMDave-Maydew I wished I was well enough when you were running the live show
07:45:01 PMTheChrista Don't worry Brad, I'll sneak it out of here. Robbie will be none-the wiser
07:45:07 PM_Jot_ okay RobbieF, I can take the hint, I'm going
07:45:43 PMYazid1965 @TheChrista you stay there or no cookies for you :)
07:45:48 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, that thing is huge, it's almost as big as the mousepad
07:45:55 PM_Jot_ so I wonder how you'd manage
07:46:11 PMagamotto Libre/Open/Star
07:46:13 PMDave-Maydew Scribus ro
07:46:17 PMDave-Maydew rocks
07:46:28 PMDave-Maydew trigger happy tonight sorry
07:46:37 PMOldGuyJim Evidently a new group is working with Open Office...A new release 3.4 is out.
07:47:26 PMagamotto "Do you suffer from Over-Active Pinkie Finger Now, there is a medication for that...
07:47:30 PMDave-Maydew what's new in OO compared to LO??
07:47:48 PMagamotto Fonts?
07:48:14 PMpyrosrock RobbieF edit the hosts file:
07:48:21 PMKing_arthur What is Facebook?
07:48:23 PM_Jot_ at least with Bekah we know RobbieF is to blame!
07:48:25 PMagamotto The first rule of writing... turn off all forms of communication.
07:49:10 PMmaxwell6307 angry birds is a huge fun time waster
07:49:11 PMYazid1965 Debian rules lol
07:49:22 PMGarbee RobbieF, I do fine on Win 8.
07:49:24 PMalbertr YES
07:49:52 PMBrad__ I definately need to look at specs on that bag as I feel it is the ultimate bag of bags. Some may even say the king of all bags.
07:50:07 PMagamotto Garbee, Let's face it, you are far from average
07:50:14 PMpyrosrock maxwell6307 i hate angry birds its so boring!
07:50:34 PMagamotto Brad__, I will wait for the Bag of Holding
07:51:13 PM_Jot_ Brad__ Maybe RobbieF will get one for TheChrista, after all, he has to do something to show appreciation
07:51:51 PMU-Al Is it MSWord compatable?
07:51:53 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF is there a diary app under linux so I can keep a daily update??
07:53:22 PMU-Al ty
07:53:24 PM_Jot_ Office supports ODT
07:53:29 PMDave-Maydew Free as in Free?? or Free as in Open Source??
07:53:31 PMmaxwell6307 lol
07:54:15 PMU-Al No distractions
07:54:46 PM_Jot_ this Christa, is it Creative Christa?
07:54:54 PM_Jot_ you know, the super-hero?
07:55:47 PMYazid1965 Renotebook is a nice diary program
07:55:57 PMTheChrista I would imagine so Jot. Hero cape and all!
07:56:08 PMTheChrista I was wrong, this book is an instant best seller
07:56:57 PMU-Al does it auto save?
07:57:03 PMDave-Maydew Thanks Yazid1965
07:57:22 PMYazid1965 you're welcome Sir
07:58:05 PMYazid1965 I spelled it wrong Rednotebook it's in the repos
07:58:19 PMU-Al cool
07:58:40 PMDave-Maydew cheers :-)
07:59:23 PMYazid1965 TheChrista gets a cookie :)
07:59:34 PMDave-Maydew whos started the music??
07:59:41 PMU-Al ok ty
07:59:55 PMalbertr Nice RobbieF and TheChrista :)
07:59:58 PMchrisreich good night everyone
08:00:08 PMDave-Maydew Thanks for a good show RobbieF
08:00:10 PMDennis_Kelley night chrisreich
08:00:16 PMgpop7 goodnight all. have a great week.
08:00:16 PMmaxwell6307 great show guys thanks
08:00:25 PMalbertr good night
08:00:29 PMpyrosrock TheChristy u shuld try linux mabie wont crash as much!
08:00:40 PMOldGuyJim Good Night all.
08:00:57 PMDennis_Kelley We should all be cool an but The before our names!
08:01:02 PMDennis_Kelley *and
08:01:08 PMYazid1965 Great show .. Good Night All
08:01:08 PMDennis_Kelley *Put
08:01:13 PMgpop7 the christa -keep smiling
08:01:22 PMRobbieF Don't forget: Ubuntu 12.10 this Thursday!
08:01:41 PMTheChrista haha, thanks pyrosrock. The only time my programs crash are when I have like 10 photoshop files open, my illustrator open along with inDesign and sublime...then things go...tooo....many....programs!
08:01:53 PMgpop7 Goodnight Robbief.
08:02:00 PMOldGuyJim Ubuntu 12.10 and the Amazon seller.
08:02:08 PMrobgor so that means that a new version of zorinos will follow soon
08:02:35 PMYazid1965 I'll wait for the next LTS
08:02:51 PMagamotto TheChrista, it is more common than you think
08:03:54 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF cheers for a great show
08:04:09 PMagamotto Hmmm, should I watch some recorded programs this evening, watch the debate, or just go read?
08:04:21 PMDave-Maydew will see you on Twitter through the week and I'll be back here next Tuesday
08:04:38 PM_Jot_ agamotto, don't forget dinner
08:04:55 PMagamotto _Jot_, I actually ate dinner early today
08:05:06 PMDave-Maydew _jot_ & Agamotto I'll see you both next week
08:05:13 PMrobgor luch time for me soon
08:05:15 PM_Jot_ have a nice week Dave-Maydew
08:05:19 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, ta
08:05:29 PMDave-Maydew I shall do :-) byeeeeeeee
08:05:57 PMrobgor bye dave
08:06:11 PMDave-Maydew see ya :-)]
08:06:11 PMDennis_Kelley See ya Mr. Maydew
08:06:13 PMagamotto I reheated some left-over roast turkey, with baby potatoes... smothered in a rosemary/garlic sauce
08:06:21 PMDave-Maydew see ya Dennis
08:06:29 PMDave-Maydew I'm glad to be back :-)
08:06:37 PMrobgor stop it agamotto u r making me hungry
08:06:59 PMpyrosrock_ mm food... what do i want for breakfast?
08:07:02 PMagamotto robgor, it isn't my fault you aren't near your kitchen
08:07:32 PMpyrosrock_ bacon and eggs sounds good atm
08:07:36 PMDennis_Kelley does anyone know how to save zoneminder videos to Dropbox?
08:07:54 PMrobgor agamotto I may have to have lunch early
08:08:37 PMagamotto pyrosrock, Hmmm... two scrambled eggs, with gouda, provolone, and mozzarella cheese, all tossed onto a split english muffin?
08:09:01 PMrobgor hey anyone here use or setup autocad?
08:09:29 PMagamotto Not I
08:09:42 PMpyrosrock dont have a muffin provolone or gouda but do have eggs and mozzarella cheese
08:09:53 PMagamotto Well, I think I will wonder off and do some reading
08:09:55 PMBrad__ Yes I use AutoCad on a daily basis. Anything I can possibly assist you with?
08:10:03 PM_Jot_ have a nice read agamotto
08:10:55 PMrobgor yeah Brad__ need to know what to set the video settings at for optimum performance, pc has a quadro 4000 graphics card
08:11:31 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - Does ZorinOS use xorg.conf to configure multiple monitors
08:11:43 PMrobgor core i7, 32gig ram, ssd etc
08:13:17 PMpyrosrock RobbieF what is that monstrosity on set that TheChrista is using?
08:13:42 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, it's called a 'Robbie Ferguson'
08:13:46 PMBrad__ Sory robgor, I didn't need to modify any settings to optimize the performance on my computer. Sorry can't really assist with this one.
08:14:35 PMrobgor hmm just that it seems to be laggy, which it shouldnt be on that system
08:16:23 PM_Jot_ I remember a couple of shows back where TheChrista or RobbieF mentioned it was the same pen and pad she used at home, but I can't remember which one it was
08:19:52 PMTheChrista pyrosrock....monstrosity is a harsh word....I prefer to think of it as a god send
08:20:05 PMTheChrista The tablet?
08:20:40 PMTheChrista The one we have in studio here, and the one I use at home is the Wacom Intuous 4
08:21:13 PMpyrosrock no i was actualy talking about that silver laptop thing TheChrista
08:21:28 PMTheChrista I absolutely love it! However, Wacom has the new Intuos 5 out now, which has minor updates to it, the same pressure sensitivity, it just has a touch feature on it now
08:21:46 PMrobgor oh well seya all
08:21:50 PMTheChrista Haha, I was commenting on Jot's question above. The silver thing is my fantastic, awesome, MAC
08:22:31 PMpyrosrock what the over priced, limiting, MAC?
08:22:42 PMpyrosrock lol


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