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06:58:03 PMeyemeansit Currently 73
06:58:12 PM_Jot_ hi eyemeansit, sounds nice and warm, here it's not so warm, we're having snow in many places of the country
06:58:20 PMDrumstick Sucks! I like cold weather
06:58:46 PMeyemeansit I miss the snow... Michigan native. Cold makes me happy.
06:58:48 PMT0B33 Drumstick , same :) hate summer , The wasps come after you -.-
06:58:55 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, austrian viewers almost every week I'm sure
06:59:15 PMEricKidd Hey,'s good to be back. I hope everyone's having a happy new year!
06:59:44 PMDrumstick Good to see you EricKidd
07:00:01 PMeyemeansit Welcome back, Eric!
07:00:03 PMalbertr hey all
07:00:05 PMDrumstick Better hustle people!!!
07:00:17 PMGarbee RobbieF, Can we join in the chat during the show?
07:00:24 PMGarbee I'll be at my desk in a bit.
07:00:27 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, I hope so too! Here we had a hydro-failure for 11 hours in much of the city, due to a fire, and it'll be months before it'll be fixed completely
07:00:40 PMajamison5579 I am still waiting for Robbief to introduce the cooking segment he has said he wanted to do if he had time
07:01:48 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, you can watch the episodes you missed back on (so have fun watching)
07:02:07 PMGarbee RobbieF, Youtube is very blurry.
07:02:36 PMajamison5579 Now I want to load it up in youtube just for the closed captions
07:02:37 PMajamison5579 lol
07:02:45 PMeyemeansit Eric! The facial hair?
07:03:26 PMrobgor as good as australia post
07:03:27 PMinvinciblemutant hi everyone
07:03:34 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, canada post - so good, you'll want to ship things twice for the experience
07:03:35 PMRobbieF heya!
07:03:42 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:03:55 PMinvinciblemutant eric...clean face..
07:04:00 PMinvinciblemutant :)
07:04:17 PMT0B33 Ah Windows Live Messenger... So many many memories :'(
07:04:26 PMtic-toc gimme
07:04:31 PMinvinciblemutant bye bye live messenger
07:04:53 PMeyemeansit Firefox phones, Ubuntu phones. interesting.
07:05:23 PMT0B33 EricKidd you normally get the names wrong haha
07:05:26 PMpopey \o/ Ubuntu phones ☺
07:06:05 PMtic-toc Ubuntu phones with unity... :(
07:06:06 PMGarbee popey, I'm just waiting for the Chrome team to announce their phone.
07:06:35 PMGarbee tic-toc, Unity is perfect for that display. Considering they can get the 1000+ bugs under control.
07:06:57 PMtic-toc Unity is never perfect for
07:07:35 PMpyrosrock hey guys can anyone see this?
07:07:43 PM_Jot_ Jot loves getting viewer points, so give me more RobbieF :P
07:07:47 PM_Jot_ yes pyrosrock, we can see that
07:07:59 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, stop picking your nose!
07:08:59 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - Use Mailnull
07:09:01 PMpyrosrock ok cool good to know im finaly working
07:09:16 PMGoodGuy a store and forward service (free)
07:09:19 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, we can see it, but nobody will accuse you of working
07:09:57 PMtic-toc Luke, I'm your web master
07:10:54 PMinvinciblemutant how many people here keeps 2 email address for companies that uses our email for marketing?
07:11:09 PMpopey tic-toc: unity on the phone is _very_ nice :)
07:11:17 PM_Jot_ I bet it would be quicker to ask who doesn't
07:11:24 PMGoodGuy I have several invinciblemutant
07:11:40 PMGoodGuy Everyone says they dont do that, but many do
07:11:56 PMinvinciblemutant I concern me a lot when a mailinglist does not allow to opt out
07:12:04 PMGarbee What was Robbie's question to us?
07:12:20 PM_Jot_ no idea Garbee
07:12:22 PMtic-toc Like I said, Unity is never good for me. But on the phone it does make a better fit
07:12:23 PMGoodGuy or act as if they do, but ignore unsubscribe requests
07:12:51 PMtic-toc I just hate unity and always will
07:13:33 PMpyrosrock anyone know how to get the hangouts working in linux?
07:14:07 PMtic-toc Im using 12.04 in classic mode. Im more than pleased with it.
07:14:20 PMKing_Arthur Just login to Google Plus
07:14:39 PMscott_L I switched to Linux Mint at the moment because I found Ubuntu not very stable over all
07:14:44 PMpyrosrock yeah but the plugin dont seem to work
07:15:00 PMKing_Arthur pyrosrocks r u using Chromium?
07:15:05 PMpyrosrock no
07:15:13 PMpyrosrock is that better?
07:15:15 PMKing_Arthur download chromium
07:15:32 PMKing_Arthur it comes with gtalk etc
07:15:32 PMpyrosrock ok i have chromium just dont use it
07:16:23 PMKing_Arthur then click here
07:16:35 PMinvinciblemutant sorry, where does gerold come from...
07:16:37 PMKing_Arthur that is Robbies communite
07:16:41 PMinvinciblemutant ?
07:16:42 PMGoodGuy Austria
07:16:45 PMEricKidd Austria
07:17:14 PMinvinciblemutant interesting accent...
07:17:19 PMGoodGuy Trouble is forums promise not to sell your email address and do anyway
07:17:28 PMtic-toc robbie's mic is weak
07:17:44 PMtic-toc or something
07:17:44 PMEricKidd Robbie is weak :)
07:17:52 PMtic-toc ouch
07:18:07 PMinvinciblemutant yea...the guest's voice is louder
07:18:24 PMscott_L Noone is ever weak when living in Barrie. lol :)
07:18:32 PMpyrosrock hmm yeah chomium dont work either
07:18:39 PMpyrosrock probs need to reboot
07:18:40 PMEricKidd We're tough here in Barrie
07:18:52 PM_Jot_ even Barry?
07:18:57 PMinvinciblemutant is there any possibility that the domain is blocked?
07:19:06 PMinvinciblemutant the api is then blocked?
07:19:23 PMinvinciblemutant it runs on webservice?
07:21:23 PMpyrosrock got it working on a difrent com though
07:21:32 PMslipp3d sounds like a great option
07:22:09 PMinvinciblemutant what if someone uses a secondary email which is legit?
07:22:18 PMGoodGuy I have a couple questions for Gerold
07:22:32 PMGarbee
07:22:35 PMinvinciblemutant instead of a disaposable email, dumpyard email?
07:22:40 PMtic-toc bad male or bad mail ?
07:22:48 PMtic-toc lol
07:23:08 PMGoodGuy If a user of your service sells email addresses, do you have a capability of billing them for breach of contract?
07:23:09 PM_Jot_ who is the bad male? RobbieF or EricKidd?
07:23:42 PMGoodGuy I use Yahoo email so I am not locked into an ISP
07:24:00 PMalbertr @RobbiF - does Gerold's API use SPF and/or DKIM?
07:24:02 PMslipp3d RobbieF, is my vote :p
07:24:15 PMGoodGuy It will be a huge task to change to another email address from an ISP
07:24:45 PMtic-toc Isn't Yahoo the most hacked email service?
07:24:54 PMEricKidd
07:24:54 PMGoodGuy Don't know
07:25:03 PMEricKidd Robbie is the "bad male"!
07:25:10 PMGoodGuy If I use a Comcast email and hand it out, they own me
07:25:19 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, at least he provides the beer
07:25:26 PMEricKidd Shhh!
07:25:32 PMGoodGuy It is too much work changing email addresses to another ISP
07:25:40 PMalbertr @RobbieF - does Gerold's API use SPF and/or DKIM?
07:27:12 PMEricKidd neither spf nor dkim
07:28:24 PMGoodGuy I asked a couple
07:28:24 PMinvinciblemutant i am signing in...
07:28:39 PMGarbee I wonder if Robbie will be using arrays tonight...
07:29:06 PMinvinciblemutant what will happen with usage exceeds quota
07:29:56 PMinvinciblemutant ok...found the answer myself...response: fail_key_low_credits
07:30:33 PMscott_L I like the pricing, wish more services used this model.
07:30:54 PMinvinciblemutant stuff
07:31:50 PMtic-toc ouch, cut in half
07:31:54 PMgpop7 Sorry i am late but i am here. Hello everyone
07:32:09 PM_Jot_ hi gpop7
07:32:43 PMgpop7 hello Jot
07:32:53 PMtic-toc close enough
07:33:20 PMGarbee Time to some tacos... See yall later.
07:33:27 PMgpop7 hello tic toc
07:33:33 PMtic-toc hello
07:33:43 PMpyrosrock awesome!
07:33:50 PMgpop7 enjoy garbee
07:33:52 PMGuest_2360 nothing about Aaron Swartz
07:34:06 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it is just the program that will stop working, the service will keep working, because the protocol is the same as in skype
07:34:17 PMtic-toc yeah, he's dead
07:34:27 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, so pigeon etc should keep working
07:34:28 PMinvinciblemutant how about msn on yahoo, as yahoo and msn do cross talk
07:35:40 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, don't put Spock in the box to disguise the weight and take the phonesystem home, that's not nice
07:36:10 PMscott_L You meant $30/year?
07:36:29 PMslipp3d very cool
07:36:44 PMtic-toc can you get your number back when you leave them?
07:36:46 PM_Jot_ welcome to 2000, canada
07:36:47 PMalbertr _Jot_ I think the name is Pidgin
07:37:08 PM_Jot_ albertr that should keep working too :P
07:37:24 PMtic-toc wow
07:37:28 PMalbertr hope so :)
07:37:31 PMSmittysmit I live outside Detroit an hve a North Dakote Net Talk Duo (wired)#.
07:37:45 PMscott_L Wonder if service is better quality than Magic Jack plus
07:39:18 PMtic-toc hey, something good to
07:39:28 PMGoodGuy Every Revision show host was there or close to it
07:39:48 PMpyrosrock RobbieF still got mics on!
07:39:53 PMslipp3d RobbieF, mics are on
07:40:03 PMpyrosrock EricKidd mics on!
07:40:40 PMEricKidd Fine! I'll shut up!
07:40:59 PM_Jot_ mics are only on on youtube :)
07:41:09 PMEricKidd metube?
07:41:12 PMpyrosrock lol ok
07:42:00 PM_Jot_ it's a whole website about you, EricKidd
07:42:21 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, yes, the audio is working on the video
07:43:27 PMEricKidd _Jot_, from where are you watching? Via youtube?
07:43:44 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, BSP, justin, and youtube
07:44:13 PMSmittysmit We're trying to sell the LG EZ-Sign TV at work.
07:44:21 PMtic-toc I like the girl in the red dress the best so far.
07:44:46 PMEricKidd Tic-toc made me chuckle! :)
07:44:46 PMSmittysmit Had one die after 4 months but a very cool product.
07:44:47 PM_Jot_ yeah, you can see tech stuff everywhere on the web, but girls, not so much
07:45:56 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: are you sure that the works?
07:45:57 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, where is the booth?
07:46:40 PMinvinciblemutant i have these in the bulk tester
07:46:54 PMinvinciblemutant 1) OK (response from mirror3_amazon) 2) OK (response from mirror2_chicago) 3) OK (response from mirror3_amazon) 4) OK (response from mirror2_chicago) 5) OK (response from mirror3_amazon) 6) OK (response from mirror2_chicago)
07:47:07 PMinvinciblemutant what does it mean?
07:47:17 PMinvinciblemutant guys, help?
07:47:57 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, it is possible nobody used those before, and then they are OK-ed the first time but then later checked manually and might be rejected from then on
07:48:42 PMBDEA_Gerold does not seem to work.
07:49:08 PMinvinciblemutant try this robbie:
07:49:10 PMinvinciblemutant
07:49:19 PMGarbee That email is fine. (The one w/o a TLD)
07:49:36 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it considers good, that's not good?
07:49:36 PMpyrosrock BDEA_Gerold its
07:49:47 PMBDEA_Gerold OK, thanks.
07:49:54 PMpyrosrock np
07:50:00 PMGarbee _Jot_, It is actually a fine (and routable) email.
07:50:21 PM_Jot_ Garbee, yes, it is supposed to be used in examples, but it is not valid for user-purposes
07:50:47 PMtic-toc :)
07:51:17 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, your password '1234' has too few characters, use 123456 instead
07:51:35 PMinvinciblemutant lol...does not make any difference
07:51:54 PMinvinciblemutant shorter easy-to-guess password to the longer
07:52:06 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: try bulk-tester
07:52:46 PMajamison5579 BDEA_Gerold what happens if you use shared hosting your server IP may change can you still use your service
07:53:02 PMtic-toc I never like giving my email to another party...
07:53:23 PMpyrosrock quick everyone bomb robbies ip
07:53:29 PMGuest_Harry good evening guys,, I'm so mad ause a customer just got here at the last minute and lost all the show,,,but business is business
07:53:34 PMscott_L Good question ajamison
07:53:37 PMtic-toc crash party
07:53:47 PM_Jot_ hi Guest_Harry, at least a customer brings in some business
07:54:13 PM_Jot_ yay, now we can hack RobbieFs IP! It was so hack away :P
07:54:21 PMscott_L lol
07:54:24 PMGarbee _Jot_, I see no mention of being reserved.
07:54:27 PMGuest_Harry hahahaha
07:54:45 PMGarbee The example domains are set aside for free usage, but that doesn't mean there is any routing restrictions.
07:54:54 PMGuest_Harry and pretty sure pw is admin
07:54:58 PMGuest_Harry or 123
07:55:12 PMGarbee If you read the spec, *is* routable. It may even be set aside, but it is *still* a valid address.
07:55:14 PMinvinciblemutant explode? split is used in most programming languages
07:55:33 PMajamison5579 inviciblemutant php is more violent that way
07:55:37 PMajamison5579 :)
07:56:04 PMinvinciblemutant therefore php is 18+ PG
07:56:08 PM_Jot_ Garbee, they are valid email-addresses, but they are disposable as in BDEA_Gerold service is concerned
07:56:34 PMGuest_Harry what have I lost???
07:56:51 PMpyrosrock Guest_Harry everything
07:56:53 PM_Jot_ Guest_Harry, your innocence?
07:57:09 PMGuest_Harry hahahabesides that, what was the first part about?
07:57:29 PMpyrosrock Guest_Harry there was a thing about how to win a thing
07:57:41 PMGuest_Harry what eva!
07:57:43 PM_Jot_ there was an interview about the service you are watching now, and a video about CES from LEI electronics
07:57:57 PMGuest_Harry ok thanks
07:58:20 PMajamison5579 inviciblemutant i think php has an implode command as well which does the reverse of explode
07:58:45 PMGuest_Harry gotta run Bye!!
07:58:53 PM_Jot_ there was also something about Guest_Harry winning his weight in gold, if only he was there but he wasn't so he was disqualified, or maybe not, who knows
07:58:58 PM_Jot_ darn!
07:59:01 PMpyrosrock quick RobbieF EricKidd time is running out
07:59:54 PMtic-toc Do we get overtime pay for this?
07:59:56 PMrobgor erickidd dont argue you will get paid overtime
08:00:01 PMinvinciblemutant try a bad mail !!!
08:00:06 PM_Jot_ we better get paid in extra beer!
08:00:39 PMEricKidd $0.00/hr at time-and-a-half?
08:00:52 PM_Jot_ that's your pay EricKidd, not ours!
08:01:27 PM_Jot_ because of your pay, we were able to negotiate some extra for us
08:02:00 PMscott_L lol
08:02:18 PM_Jot_ it's working because we're getting extra show today :)
08:02:20 PMEricKidd I'm glad I could help you out
08:02:35 PM_Jot_ we're glad you're there EricKidd, it would be a whole different show without you
08:03:11 PMtic-toc impressive
08:04:34 PMtic-toc good show.
08:04:34 PMalbertr thanks for show ;^)
08:04:47 PMscott_L Thank you guys. :)
08:04:49 PMinvinciblemutant good the hacking show today...
08:04:59 PMDrumstick Bye all!
08:05:01 PMinvinciblemutant thumb up to the hosts
08:05:13 PM_Jot_ see you Drumstick
08:05:13 PMgpop7 Goodnight everyone.
08:05:18 PM_Jot_ goodnight gpop7
08:05:32 PMtic-toc c ya
08:05:32 PMEricKidd g'night! That was fun! :)
08:05:48 PMgpop7 great show Robbief and EricKidd
08:06:11 PMgpop7 UNtil we meet again
08:06:24 PMgpop7 Until we meet again
08:06:59 PMGarbee RobbieF, Youtube live quality with hangout was poor as far as the main video for it was concerned.
08:07:16 PM_Jot_ it's a lot better now after the show
08:07:17 PMinvinciblemutant i just found out the reason why it didnt work
08:07:26 PMinvinciblemutant see this in http request...
08:07:39 PM_Jot_ it was really lousy and blurry RobbieF
08:07:42 PMGarbee It got better as the show went on.
08:07:50 PMGarbee But, was pretty poor for at least 30 minutes.
08:07:59 PMinvinciblemutant {"request_status":"fail_key_low_credits","domain_status":"ok","version":"0.1","servertime":"2013-01-16 2:07:51","server_id":"setzling"}
08:08:18 PMinvinciblemutant fail_key_low_credits ....urgggg...
08:08:36 PMinvinciblemutant lol
08:08:50 PMinvinciblemutant and then domain status:OK
08:08:55 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, psst, just go to
08:09:12 PMeyemeansit this entire show, as well as last week's went RIGHT over my head. Not a web hacker. Oh well. Y'all are fun to listen to anyway
08:09:24 PMeyemeansit or web master
08:09:31 PMinvinciblemutant yea...the best show ever....
08:10:15 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I'll win anyway, just give those unclaimed prizes to me, you know you want to anyway
08:11:26 PMrobgor great show RobbieF & EricKidd
08:12:19 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can do something as the owner to prevent people from coming in, not sure what though
08:13:52 PM_Jot_ EricKidd, of course it does depend on which side you are on as well, if you're on the same side as the dog, it wants to get out, and if you're on the other side, it just wants to be with you
08:14:28 PM_Jot_ Garbee, because of privacy?
08:18:42 PM_Jot_ no RobbieF, google is not in 3D
08:21:10 PMGarbee Robbie, I already knew nothing happens after the show.
08:21:11 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, with the way some mis-pronounce the questions, you do need the extra time as well
08:22:31 PMGarbee RobbieF, Did you see my Sublime Text demonstration?
08:23:00 PM_Jot_ Garbee, it did show on the bottom but I wasn't really watching
08:23:26 PMGarbee I know it went there. I was just wondering if he happened to catch it.
08:23:32 PMinvinciblemutant ok..guys...gonna go
08:23:41 PM_Jot_ have a great week invinciblemutant
08:23:43 PMGarbee I was showing off some of the cool things, like snippets and go to anything within projects.
08:23:43 PMinvinciblemutant cya ...
08:24:04 PMGarbee My dogs kept going nuts, so I was muted almost the whole time.
08:24:31 PM_Jot_ it was interesting to hear you Garbee
08:24:48 PMGarbee For what the two seconds I said something?
08:25:06 PMGarbee Pop into one of the Webplatform Telcons, I can talk quite a bit there sometimes.
08:25:11 PMGarbee Like I will be next week. :/
08:25:45 PM_Jot_ I think it's always interesting to see and hear the viewers, because of the community-thing, not sure what RobbieF and EricKidd think of course
08:26:00 PMRobbieF Thank you all!
08:26:12 PMRobbieF sorry; was hard to keep up with G+, YouTube, Chat Room, etc.
08:26:14 PMRobbieF :)
08:26:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, are you saying you are getting odl?
08:26:29 PM_Jot_ old even?
08:28:28 PMGarbee I'm off for the night.
08:28:33 PMGarbee Hanging out so much was exausting.
08:28:42 PM_Jot_ have a good night Garbee, good luck with the dogs
08:28:51 PMGarbee heh, the dogs are fine.
08:28:59 PMGarbee spoiled mutts.
08:29:08 PM_Jot_ exactly :)
08:29:11 PMEricKidd woof!
08:35:51 PM_Jot_ sounds like you're trying some of the hair of the dog that bit you in that bottle, EricKidd
08:49:13 PM_Jot_ Don't forget to drink your beer RobbieF
08:51:37 PMRobbieF I'll remember.
08:51:56 PMRobbieF I mean, I'll remember TO drink my beer. I might not remember HAVING drunk my beer.
08:52:00 PM_Jot_ it was getting warm and you were sitting like that for a good 5 minutes, so I figured you needed a remember
08:53:09 PM_Jot_ the good thing is, if you forget having drunk your beer, there's always more beer to be drunk in case you're not sure you needed some or not
08:59:36 PMRobbieF perfect
09:00:07 PM_Jot_ of course, you still need somebody to buy or make the beer, but that's a whole different problem
09:11:59 PM_Jot_ what video is that RobbieF?
09:15:23 PMrobgor bugga Iam going to miss the live show next week :(
09:16:21 PM_Jot_ robgor, at least you'll be able to watch it later
09:16:38 PM_Jot_ nothing worse than missing something knowing you won't be able to watch it another time
09:17:45 PMrobgor yeah will be at hospital having tests and doubt I will be back in time :(
09:19:23 PM_Jot_ let's hope everything will be okay
09:20:51 PMrobgor yeah its for an eco cardigraph, basically a test to check my heart
09:21:05 PM_Jot_ good news, you do have one and it's working
09:21:33 PMrobgor I have one but not working properly :(
09:22:07 PM_Jot_ then at least you know about that, so hopefully can do something, and hopefully the tests will help
09:23:56 PMrobgor yeah going to have surgery but at this stage not sure when, which makes it worse
09:24:35 PM_Jot_ I'm sure we're all rooting for you, even EricKidd


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