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06:58:08 PM_Jot_ hey Abigail
06:58:25 PMratts elmerfishpaw: Old Brooklyne
06:58:26 PMAbigail Hi Jot! :)
06:58:43 PMelmerfishpaw warsaw tavern drew carey
06:58:47 PM_Jot_ Abigail, I stayed up at night just so I'd finish reading the book by today
06:58:58 PMjaepea it is suppose to start snowin tonight
06:59:04 PMratts just down the road
07:00:02 PM_Jot_ hurry up RobbieF! You're going to be late
07:00:08 PMagamotto hehehe
07:00:08 PMelmerfishpaw Here we go!
07:00:16 PMAbigail Ready, set, GO
07:01:48 PMagamotto Ahh... so nice to be home on a Tuesday
07:01:59 PM_Jot_ nice to see you agamotto :)
07:02:01 PMtic-toc Good hockey weather
07:02:46 PMjaepea hi abigail =]
07:02:57 PMtic-toc big family???
07:03:01 PMagamotto It is nice to be here
07:03:11 PMtroy74 hello all
07:03:23 PM_Jot_ so Abigail, who is that guy next to you, is that his first episode or something?
07:03:25 PMtic-toc Also the least watched
07:03:30 PMtic-toc lol
07:03:35 PMrobgor hi all
07:03:37 PMScott_L Hi all
07:03:45 PMDennis_Kelley Hello RobbieF
07:04:03 PMagamotto _Jot_, What is this book you are reading?
07:04:04 PMpyrosrock_eee hey everyone and RobbieF
07:04:13 PM_Jot_ hi pyrosrock_eee
07:04:16 PMThe_Rhino Hey all
07:04:24 PMjaepea hi robbief lol
07:04:27 PMpyrosrock_eee hey Jot
07:04:30 PMchrisreich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:04:32 PM_Jot_ agamotto, I read the novels from Bekah and Abigail
07:04:46 PMrobgor the cloud
07:04:51 PMagamotto I think the feed died
07:04:53 PMKing_Arthur Abigail got the #1 episode in 2012 and is getting a good start on 2013
07:06:20 PMagamotto Did something go boo-boo?
07:06:36 PMdnls ?
07:06:55 PMGarbee RobbieF, It had better use WebRTC!
07:07:23 PMelmerfishpaw Didn't Red/Green build one in '97?
07:07:41 PMjaepea u can abigail is new lol
07:08:07 PMScott_L Do you really want a postcard from Barrie. lol :)
07:08:19 PM_Jot_ Scott_L, sure he does!
07:08:35 PMelmerfishpaw or Cleveland?
07:09:09 PMchrisreich Anywhere but New Jersey.
07:09:24 PMScott_L lol
07:09:28 PM_Jot_ Scott_L, but actually do send it, don't just stuff it in his mailbox, cause he wants the stamp, apparently he doesn't know what canadian stamps look like
07:09:33 PMGarbee RobbieF, I'm handling extra sound effects for folks in the hangout.
07:10:02 PMelmerfishpaw @chrisreich LOL
07:10:08 PMThe_Rhino broadcastees
07:10:09 PMScott_L Okay, will do
07:10:31 PMScott_L It will probably still take 2 business days. lol
07:10:54 PM_Jot_ congratulations Abigail
07:11:06 PMrobgor congrats abigail
07:11:13 PMtroy74 i cant not make a funny face
07:11:39 PMThe_Rhino congrats Abigail!
07:11:47 PMScott_L Congrats!
07:11:59 PMjaepea congrads abigail =]
07:12:03 PMAbigail Thank you everyone! :D
07:12:48 PMelmerfishpaw Gonna need duct tape
07:12:49 PM_Jot_ Abigail, apparently he knows how it is done, so he should do it for free, that sounds even better, right?
07:13:21 PMagamotto Hmmm, AT&T must be hosed tonight
07:14:23 PMchrisreich rustoleum
07:14:41 PMagamotto Yep, has to be AT&T.... Youtube & can't both be bogged down
07:15:14 PMajamison5579 Musilm Backdrop? that sounds a bit off tell me I heard that wrong
07:15:28 PMchrisreich Ed Wood used a shower curtain in Plan 9 From Outer Space.
07:15:39 PMajamison5579 Is he saying Muslim or Musim
07:15:45 PM_Jot_ muslin panel
07:15:46 PMpyrosrock_eee why cant i join on my phone but i can on my laptop tethered to my phone?
07:15:46 PMdnls Windstream is sloooow here, but Youtube is coming through ok.
07:15:47 PMagamotto Muslin.... it is a type of fabric
07:16:07 PMajamison5579 oh it sounds like he is saying Muslim
07:16:29 PMThe_Rhino if it's outdoors it will blow over.
07:17:05 PMelmerfishpaw I think You can fill the pvc with something as needed
07:18:16 PMDennis_Kelley sell it back to the bride and groom to throw
07:18:22 PMtroy74 someone might throw the booth at the bride if it had rice attached to it
07:18:45 PM_Jot_ RobbieF could stand and hold that tarp up all night too, that should be pretty cheap
07:18:55 PMAbigail Haha!
07:19:14 PMDennis_Kelley wait then Robbie would blow over!
07:19:24 PM_Jot_ nah, he looks pretty fat it'll be okay
07:19:47 PMajamison5579 Abigail save yourself some cash have Erik play the wedding and have Robbief take the pictures :) let them volunteer their time back ;)
07:19:49 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ that is not very nice
07:20:15 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, true, but compared to me, almost everybody looks fat, I weigh less than 50kg
07:20:29 PMgpop7 Hello everyone
07:20:34 PM_Jot_ hey gpop7
07:20:37 PMGarbee Zorin OS 5.x
07:20:48 PMtroy74 lol
07:20:53 PMDennis_Kelley you know what your street value is weighing 50k's
07:20:57 PMgpop7 hi jot
07:20:59 PMScott_L Never herd of Zorin
07:21:13 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, not a lot, cause I can't hold up anything, I'll be blown away
07:22:08 PMajamison5579 She will call Robbief to fix it
07:22:18 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, if that happens, make sure to film it, we want to see it
07:23:11 PMtroy74 in my family i would have to explain how a button works
07:23:19 PMDennis_Kelley button - Fail!
07:23:21 PMdnls youtube just died.
07:23:31 PMAbigail Lol troy74!
07:23:35 PM_Jot_ dnls, it's still working for me
07:23:47 PMdnls back now
07:24:17 PMagamotto Ok, that seems to have sorted things...
07:24:41 PMagamotto When in doubt.... reboot the gateway!
07:24:59 PMagamotto Frommage?
07:25:10 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, what's a spacebar, or did you mean the 'any' key?
07:25:30 PMtic-toc using cheese on windows? I'm confused
07:26:02 PMagamotto Apt-get autoclean and autoremove are nice to have around
07:26:13 PMajamison5579 _jot_ I have looked and no where on my machine is there a button called an any key so not sure where all these developers get that they can add the "Press any key to continue" line
07:26:20 PMScott_L Is there not a simple device that works like a keyboard where you can simply map the keys?
07:26:39 PMagamotto ajamison5579, :)
07:26:41 PMinvinciblemutant num keypad
07:26:43 PMGuest18808 ?
07:26:50 PM_Jot_ ajamison5579, I was taught the any key is that big blank key at the bottom, they made it extra big, bigger than any key, or something
07:26:57 PMScott_L Could use a usb gamepad, can get them for as cheap as $10
07:27:03 PMThe_Rhino I think he's saying you can program the button in windows and use it in linux
07:27:16 PMScott_L And may be able to map the keys to keyboard strokes
07:27:46 PMtroy74 pong...good times
07:27:48 PMajamison5579 PONG!
07:27:49 PMDennis_Kelley once it is configured you can use it in Linux?
07:27:52 PMajamison5579 love that game
07:27:57 PMagamotto Isn't this Atari's..... 9th bankruptcy?
07:27:58 PMrobgor atari is still around
07:28:04 PMScott_L Personally, I prefer just to use Linux when I can, but that is not bad
07:28:13 PMtroy74 pong was a staple in my house
07:28:24 PMScott_L I am too young for pong. lol
07:28:25 PM_Jot_ no, atari isn't around anymore, the atari that is called atari now is a different company, that renamed itsself to atari
07:28:32 PMajamison5579 Social Insurance Number? is like the US Social Security Number
07:28:50 PMScott_L Yes
07:28:53 PMagamotto Pong usually was something that happened in our house around 2hrs after dinner ;)
07:29:00 PMGuest_5338 can i introduce you to unemployment
07:29:05 PMScott_L That sounds kind of cool actually
07:29:08 PMtroy74 thats assuring, lets store private data on usb jump drives
07:29:13 PMGoodGuy Why not do it before
07:29:13 PMtic-toc kinda late now
07:30:05 PMGoodGuy Cloud.. Cloud :-)
07:30:16 PMagamotto I think she is having a vowel movement
07:30:23 PMtic-toc Easy for you to say
07:30:31 PM_Jot_ omg RobbieF, that's horrible, you're just as bad as her in saying her
07:30:31 PMratts lol
07:30:37 PMDennis_Kelley Hello GoodGuy
07:30:42 PMGoodGuy Hi Dennis_Kelley
07:30:51 PMajamison5579 Robbief a rock could look Enterprise like to you lol your obsessed
07:31:19 PMGoodGuy Rachael got to her lol
07:31:35 PMtroy74 its ok no pressure,no one is watching you right now or anything :)
07:31:47 PMagamotto snicker
07:31:48 PMThe_Rhino it turned out the be wrong.
07:31:49 PMtic-toc linksys is very insecure...
07:32:08 PMagamotto The Warthog
07:32:25 PMGoodGuy GL is same as the earlier G and GS
07:32:37 PMGuest_hArrY so DD_RT?
07:32:38 PMajamison5579 Poor Abigail will never hear the word Router with a straight face again
07:32:50 PMGoodGuy Newer models use VXWorks.. older Linux
07:33:01 PMagamotto Are you safe if you changed all of the passwords? or does this bang the hardware directly somehow
07:33:04 PMGuest_5338 There is no mute button on BSP
07:33:15 PMrobgor sorry abigail I submitted that story
07:33:27 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I don't have any, never owned any, so there!
07:33:37 PMScott_L Same here
07:33:46 PMScott_L lol
07:33:47 PMGoodGuy I am running on right now
07:33:50 PMKing_Arthur all my linksys 54gl are converted to dd-wrt
07:33:59 PMGoodGuy Mine is also
07:34:03 PMScott_L I have a crapy Cisco Router/modem from Rogers
07:34:11 PMScott_L Need to get a good one to replace it
07:34:15 PMGoodGuy Might still have the flaw
07:34:21 PMagamotto Guess I should be happy mine is an Actiontec then
07:34:27 PMtic-toc Cisco owns linksys
07:34:39 PMdnls I have one but it's flashed with dd-wrt and I use it as a hub to plugin my desktop in the study.
07:34:40 PMScott_L okay
07:35:10 PMpyrosrock_eee never had a lynksus
07:35:33 PMinvincib1emutant is the youtube streaming on html5
07:35:34 PMinvincib1emutant ?
07:35:37 PM_Jot_ or
07:36:04 PMchrisreich I didn't know youtube could go live. Well, I'm going now, I learned something.
07:36:05 PM_Jot_ Abigail, don't worry, you're doing fine
07:36:21 PMrobgor robbieF is it Polish water = vodka
07:36:26 PMtic-toc I never win anything, I think I'm related to Charlie
07:36:42 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ never wins!
07:36:50 PMagamotto acuavit
07:36:52 PM_Jot_ yay! I win again!
07:37:22 PMtic-toc CHEEEEEESE
07:38:25 PMrobgor is abigail related to rachael
07:38:28 PMThe_Rhino the flash is very funny too
07:38:29 PM_Jot_ I wonder if we can build a router out of cheese
07:38:33 PM_Jot_ robgor, yes, they are sisters
07:38:57 PMGarbee I bet the fart sound button in G+ Hangouts would make Abigail laugh...
07:39:00 PMtroy74 cheese burst
07:39:18 PMtic-toc Burst the cheese please
07:39:35 PMtroy74 it bursts after the flash
07:39:36 PM_Jot_ abigail, say CHEESE!
07:39:38 PMajamison5579 robgor no but Robbief is by marraige
07:39:39 PMrobgor so everyone send in cloud and cheese related stories when abigail is co-host
07:39:59 PMScott_L That looked nice
07:40:06 PMtic-toc Who busted cheese??? lol
07:40:12 PMScott_L lol
07:40:42 PMtroy74 could you add a photo printer on site? charg people five bucks lol
07:41:21 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - the photo booths that i have seen will print out the picture for the guest, right on the fly!
07:41:48 PMDennis_Kelley they then put them in a scrap book for the bride and groom
07:41:48 PMGuest_hArrY MORE GIGGLES ...YESSS
07:41:50 PMScott_L Nice profit
07:42:08 PMchrisreich Next we need 3D printers to provide instant sculptures.
07:42:13 PMrobgor RobbieF so we will send in cheese and cloud questions/stories on the 12th march
07:42:40 PMThe_Rhino make cardbaord cutouts of the bride and groom.
07:43:19 PMGoodGuy My first girlfriend bought a purple car, so some truth in that
07:43:21 PMdnls i always get married down at the courthouse.
07:43:21 PMagamotto sounds like a fun, easy project
07:43:27 PMThe_Rhino high tech hopper
07:43:37 PMtroy74 i want to make one
07:43:49 PMGoodGuy I only got married once
07:43:59 PMtroy74 you still have time
07:44:09 PMtic-toc not a kde fan
07:44:20 PMScott_L I only got married once, but hope to get married a second time. :)
07:44:52 PMtic-toc gimme the classic mode
07:45:00 PM_Jot_ Scott_L, I thought it was something you weren't supposed to practice for but do only once?
07:45:05 PMGoodGuy said it right
07:45:28 PMtic-toc Not me
07:45:29 PMajamison5579 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We are loosing Robbief to the UNITY evil
07:45:39 PMGoodGuy Abigail said Quantal right
07:46:00 PM_Jot_ wait, abigail said something right without laughing?
07:46:09 PMGoodGuy yes indeed
07:46:14 PMtroy74 gouda job
07:46:17 PMScott_L Jot_ the second time around is always better I am told. :)
07:46:42 PM_Jot_ next we'll know RobbieF will be showing us how happy he is with Windows 8
07:46:58 PMtic-toc EEeeekkkk
07:47:25 PMtic-toc blasphemy
07:48:06 PMchrisreich Scott_L the second time around was far, far worse in my experience.
07:48:11 PMdnls Unity looking good, Win 8 not so much.
07:48:15 PMAbigail gouda job, lol oh goodness
07:48:18 PMjaepea win 8 with ie even
07:48:35 PMScott_L Damn, do not not want to go through all that again twice more :)
07:48:42 PM_Jot_ Abigail, you can't say Jan-Jaap so I wonder how you'd do saying Gouda
07:48:56 PMAbigail gooodaaaaa
07:49:08 PMagamotto eeeedaaaammmm
07:49:24 PMagamotto hhhaaavarrrrrtttiiii
07:49:34 PMAbigail mm havarti
07:49:48 PMThe_Rhino provalone
07:50:25 PMchrisreich kludj?! LOL
07:50:42 PMThe_Rhino feed back delay
07:50:52 PMinvincib1emutant hi dudes
07:51:03 PMGuest_hArrY 3times will make a nice dubstep
07:51:12 PM_Jot_ hey invincib1emutant
07:51:16 PMScott_L chrisreich I was hoping to make less mistakes the 2nd time around
07:51:38 PMinvincib1emutant i have a big problem here...
07:52:02 PMinvincib1emutant been given a vmware system (vmdk and vmx)
07:52:03 PMagamotto 10ft? Really?
07:52:03 PMchrisreich same here Scott_L but I got hoodwinked. She was a great girlfriend, but had no concept of what being a wife meant. At. All.
07:52:11 PMinvincib1emutant but cant open in linux
07:52:28 PMinvincib1emutant it just complain about invalid OS
07:52:45 PMGoodGuy I would ask what was the diff, but it probably would take more time
07:52:46 PMinvincib1emutant it runs on windows based vmplayer
07:53:08 PMinvincib1emutant i just wonder can vbox import vmware systems
07:53:22 PMGoodGuy yes.. disks anyway
07:53:26 PMinvincib1emutant tried import appliance from vbox, it does not recognize vmx files
07:53:58 PMdnls i bet every bride in Canada gets gets cold feet, lol...
07:54:05 PMScott_L chrisreich OMG. Now you are scaring me as I could see my gf possibly being like that.
07:54:07 PMAbigail ba dum dum cchhhh
07:54:33 PMGoodGuy Canadian girls all seem to be classy.. not that I saw most of them
07:54:57 PMinvincib1emutant clamav
07:55:02 PM_Jot_ abigail, don't forget to breathe
07:55:04 PMinvincib1emutant by default i think
07:55:07 PMdnls No
07:55:34 PMinvincib1emutant clamav is default on ubuntu
07:55:43 PMratts does chkrootkit work
07:55:51 PMAbigail lol Jot
07:56:05 PMGoodGuy Or Linux security holes
07:56:22 PMtic-toc yes
07:56:22 PMratts I dont care about Window users or viruses
07:56:33 PMinvincib1emutant anyone please help on vmware disk problem?
07:56:35 PMinvincib1emutant any idea guys?
07:56:36 PMGoodGuy Getting married it easy.. staying married - not so much
07:56:38 PMGuest_5338 clam av? It never seemed to be doing anything
07:57:04 PMThe_Rhino Good night all! Thanks Robbie F an d Abigail!
07:57:06 PMinvincib1emutant it does update itself on my ubuntu systems
07:57:08 PM_Jot_ invincib1emutant, isn't vmware player available for linux? that's free at least
07:57:09 PMchrisreich GoodGuy I think you're right. Canadian ladies are awesome. Carly Foulkes comes to mind.
07:57:10 PMagamotto Everyone prepares for the wedding day, not the years
07:57:28 PMGoodGuy
07:57:30 PMinvincib1emutant i found that it works on vmplayer windows, but not linux
07:58:00 PMGoodGuy Kary Osmond former host of Best Recipes Ever is pretty awesome also
07:58:46 PMGoodGuy Check that web page invincib1emutant
07:59:19 PMinvincib1emutant just wonder why it is not embeded in vbox
07:59:20 PMinvincib1emutant .lol
07:59:21 PMkamome Hey, everybody! Just jumped on, so don't know if it has been mentiones yet ...
07:59:24 PMinvincib1emutant thansk GoodGuy
07:59:35 PMGoodGuy I have imported a vmware appliance in VirtualBox.... been awhile.. may have been OwnCloud
07:59:38 PMDennis_Kelley did we have to submit an entry to win this?
07:59:40 PMdnls bb messenger
07:59:51 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, yes, and 72 people did that
07:59:54 PMinvincib1emutant r u sure to send worldwide RobbieF
07:59:55 PMinvincib1emutant ?
08:00:00 PMGoodGuy Another prebuilt system also, but cant recall what it was
08:00:06 PMkamome ... but I am acutally able to watch the youtube live stream with gnash (without proprietary flash). Thank you, team!
08:00:25 PMchrisreich wrong
08:00:25 PMdnls 8 o'clock!
08:00:27 PMDennis_Kelley congrats
08:00:37 PMkamome Just that it is too damn late over here in Germany ;)
08:00:38 PMinvincib1emutant congrats...
08:00:46 PMGoodGuy Doesnt Youtube use HTML5?
08:00:50 PMchrisreich you picked the wrong ticket, Abigail
08:01:14 PMGuest_5804 Hey Abby you need to leave right after the show, weather tis NASTY whiteouts, cant see the road etc around the city. .Not sure how the highway is.
08:01:16 PMchrisreich good night all.
08:01:22 PMagamotto It is moving most stuff to HTML5 yes... but think about how many Flash vids there are to convert
08:01:26 PM_Jot_ abigail, don't let him get to you, at least you laughing is more entertaining than his many speech-mistakes
08:01:31 PMtic-toc nite
08:01:36 PMgpop7 congrat g segal
08:01:46 PMRobbieF :)
08:01:53 PMkamome youtube in general does - but live is still on flash
08:02:01 PMgpop7 i know robbie meant gpop
08:02:10 PMtroy74 great show, see you next time
08:02:16 PMinvincib1emutant great show
08:02:30 PMGarbee RobbieF, I found a G+ extension to add lower thirds for people!
08:02:34 PMrobgor great show RobbieF and Abigail
08:02:36 PMGarbee They need to make it themselves vs the host doing it.
08:02:41 PMkamome see you everybody - now perhaps even live :)
08:02:48 PMgpop7 Good night everyone. great show. See you next week.
08:02:49 PMGoodGuy bye kamome
08:02:54 PMAbigail Have a great night everyone ! :D
08:02:54 PMratts Thanks for the great show
08:02:56 PMGoodGuy night gpop7
08:02:59 PMkamome bye
08:03:16 PMinvincib1emutant another milestone for cat5
08:03:21 PMgpop7 night good guy
08:03:27 PMagamotto What to make for dinner?
08:03:46 PMScott_L Thank you for the show
08:03:49 PM_Jot_ I had lasagna
08:04:04 PMgpop7 Have a great week.
08:04:15 PMGoodGuy I used solution 2 when using the prebuild VMWare image invincib1emutant
08:04:41 PMagamotto Oddly enough, warm oatmeal sounds good for some reason
08:04:44 PMinvincib1emutant GoodGuy: I am glad to learn from your experience
08:04:54 PM_Jot_ abigail is smart, taking off her microphone so people can't hear much of her
08:04:59 PMinvincib1emutant solution 2?
08:05:01 PMAbigail haha
08:05:21 PMinvincib1emutant Abigail: have you lose weight since last show?
08:05:23 PMGoodGuy Thank you invincib1emutant .. always nice to be able to return help since I received so much
08:05:56 PMDennis_Kelley Great show RobbieF and Abigail
08:06:03 PMRobbieF Thanks Dennis_Kelley
08:06:04 PMinvincib1emutant GoodGuy: sorry. i need to recall your solutions...what is 1 and 2
08:06:08 PMRobbieF Thanks all!
08:06:15 PMAbigail Thank yah, Dennis_Kelley!
08:06:23 PMGoodGuy She is getting married.. every lady loses weight for that day... just guys that arent as dedicated many times
08:06:25 PMinvincib1emutant RobbieF: thansk for show...enjoyed
08:06:37 PMRobbieF cheers
08:06:39 PMGoodGuy It was import the disk into a new system
08:07:01 PMGoodGuy Goto File > Virtual Disk Manager
08:07:01 PMGoodGuy Click Add. Locate and select the copied .vmdk file. Click OK.
08:07:01 PMGoodGuy Create a New VM as usual using the added vmdk file
08:07:20 PMGoodGuy Boot the VM
08:07:49 PMagamotto Sounds easy enough
08:08:25 PMGoodGuy I remember a couple prebuilt systems used VMWare images
08:08:32 PM_Jot_ it should be, except there's many versions of vmware, all slightly different, so it doesn't always work
08:08:46 PMGoodGuy Might have been Turnkey Appliances
08:09:28 PMGoodGuy I played with OwnCloud awhile back and they created one using SUSE Studio iirc
08:09:29 PM_Jot_ Abigail, don't forget, a husband isn't a horse, even if it starts with the same letter
08:09:31 PMinvincib1emutant GoodGuy: i did try using existing vmdk in vbox, but it say loading as error
08:10:06 PMGoodGuy Hmmm is there another VMWare disk format?
08:10:12 PMAbigail Oh Jot lol
08:10:38 PMinvincib1emutant GoodGuy: there are some file extensions in the folder
08:10:40 PMagamotto chuckle
08:10:43 PMinvincib1emutant .vmx and vmdk
08:10:56 PMGoodGuy
08:11:01 PMinvincib1emutant vmplayer users .vmx as the system config
08:11:05 PM_Jot_ I figure since there's a few different types of Apollo around I should clear up that confusion at least
08:11:21 PMinvincib1emutant .vmx has references to all the vmdk files
08:11:23 PMGoodGuy shows ovf file
08:11:56 PMrobgor hey guys how do I make a image of a running win7 system so that I can use it in virtualbox ?
08:13:30 PM_Jot_ is what google says
08:14:02 PMGoodGuy I believe Paragon has a program to do that... hold on
08:14:46 PMGoodGuy Paragon Virtualization Manager 12 Professional
08:15:12 PMinvincib1emutant is paragon
08:15:22 PMGoodGuy That one is payware, but I had an earlier free version.. never tried any of them
08:15:30 PMagamotto I think i am going to wander off and make dinner. I will see you lot next week!
08:15:32 PMinvincib1emutant ok...
08:15:42 PM_Jot_ have a nice dinner agamotto
08:16:01 PMinvincib1emutant i still prefer vbox as it is free...
08:16:09 PMinvincib1emutant it runs on all platforms
08:16:11 PMinvincib1emutant including mac
08:16:11 PMGoodGuy
08:16:14 PMagamotto Simple, warm, yep... sounds good
08:16:19 PMinvincib1emutant i have 3 kids of machines here
08:17:06 PMGoodGuy I was reading the VBox help.. says it fully supports vmdk format used by VMWare
08:17:35 PMGoodGuy Probably a dumb question, but you are using a current VBox arent you?
08:18:36 PMrobgor yeah current version
08:18:47 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Abigail is writing with her left hand, is she broken? Humans are supposed to use their right hand to write right, that's why it is called right? is she an alien?
08:18:57 PMRobbieF I think she's crazy.
08:19:05 PMRobbieF I just noticed too, _Jot_!
08:19:06 PMRobbieF ;)
08:19:13 PMGoodGuy My wife is left-handed also
08:19:30 PMGoodGuy brbias
08:19:32 PM_Jot_ makes me wonder about Bekah and Rachel as well, better check them
08:19:37 PMAbigail South paw!
08:19:42 PMinvincib1emutant GoodGuy: i read about the vmware support too
08:20:03 PMAbigail After tonight's episode, can't you tell that I'm crazy? haha
08:20:08 PMRobbieF True.
08:20:39 PMinvincib1emutant GoodGuy: check update menu says latest version
08:21:07 PMrobgor thanks for that goodguy, does that paragon create an image from a running system which you can then drop into virtualbox or does it convert it to a virtualbox format, do you know?
08:21:31 PMinvincib1emutant Abigail: it is better to see one smiling and laughing than stressed out and depressed
08:21:41 PMinvincib1emutant it is a new way for news reporting perhaps
08:22:00 PMinvincib1emutant Abigail: your news reporting may make a big hit to gangnam style
08:22:32 PM_Jot_ it's not just abigail though, I suspect RobbieF keeps poking the co-hosts in the ribs or something to make them laugh
08:22:38 PMinvincib1emutant GoodGuy: thanks for sharing...i have to go now...someone is giving me a life, he is probably waiting outside
08:22:48 PMinvincib1emutant GoodGuy: thanks again...
08:22:52 PMinvincib1emutant cya guys...
08:22:54 PMinvincib1emutant bye...
08:23:04 PM_Jot_ good luck invincib1emutant
08:23:53 PMGoodGuy bye invincib1emutant
08:24:37 PMGoodGuy I thought you look really nice.. as is friendly


Does Not Include Lurkers