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06:58:12 PMrobgor does anyone know if it has usb or microsd slow or is it like the ipad with no connectors for extra storage
06:58:21 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, aren't you worried that one day Heather will just start poking you with the stick?
06:58:41 PMagamotto Wouldn't that make her a director?
06:59:14 PMSwissAndi :D
06:59:27 PMrobgor becase I cant justify paying an extra $200 for a extra 16gig of storage
06:59:35 PMJaePea hi all
06:59:47 PMSwissAndi hi JaePea
06:59:51 PMscotty73 hello JeaPea
06:59:52 PMLedzep JaePea hi five
06:59:55 PMthiebaude hey JaePea
06:59:57 PMrobgor hey jaepea
07:00:17 PM_Jot_ hi JaePea
07:00:32 PMJaePea hi5 all
07:00:56 PMagamotto I am so glad i stayed in today... fender benders reported all over town
07:01:13 PM_Jot_ I'll try to drive more carefully next time, agamotto
07:01:19 PMSwissAndi hm. drugged driving day?
07:01:23 PMLedzep Scotty beam down......
07:01:43 PMJaePea lol
07:01:46 PMEightMilesFromTJ Hey everyone
07:01:48 PMagamotto Something... you would think Midwesterners would have learned to drive on snow/ice by now
07:01:53 PM_Jot_ of course it is the best, because Hillary is there. But who is that guy next to her?
07:02:04 PMthiebaude not sure,lol
07:02:25 PM_Jot_ hi EightMilesFromTJ
07:02:34 PMrobgor must be cold in canada
07:02:45 PMscotty73 hello EightMilesFromTJ
07:02:52 PMSwissAndi "don't drive while talking on the phone"
07:02:53 PMthiebaude hi EightMilesFromTJ
07:02:54 PMEightMilesFromTJ Hi Jot
07:03:06 PMrobgor welcome hillary
07:03:24 PMtic-toc My ex's can
07:03:33 PMagamotto Selling? what could it be worth?
07:03:44 PMJaePea snow free here =]
07:03:49 PM_Jot_ is not so interesting to be honest, there's only a bald nerd on there
07:04:00 PMLedzep snow's coming here
07:04:29 PM_Jot_ there has been snow here too, which was unexpected for me since I didn't actually look outside for weather the past week or so :)
07:04:57 PMrobgor send some snow over to me sick of the hot weather
07:05:22 PM_Jot_ growing viewership? One chinese person started to watch at a very young age, and he/she is growing?
07:05:29 PMagamotto robgor, call you neighbors to the south
07:05:33 PMSwissAndi -10 celsius here. send hot weather here.
07:05:36 PMJaePea in 40s and raining here
07:05:36 PMtic-toc Do we get a discount on Chinese food now?
07:06:19 PM_Jot_ worldwibeweb?
07:06:19 PMSwissAndi world vibe !
07:06:27 PMscotty73 ^^
07:06:29 PMrobgor swissandi do a trade can give u 10 celsius : lol
07:06:37 PMtic-toc U launry ready now, u pick up
07:06:41 PMSwissAndi hehe robgor
07:06:50 PMnapa_polarbear hello c5
07:06:59 PMT0B33 Hello everyone
07:07:17 PMrobgor though its cooler today only going to be 26c
07:07:28 PMSwissAndi trust your batteries here, here, here and here...
07:07:29 PM_Jot_ hi napa_polarbear, hi T0b33
07:07:32 PMrobgor but humid
07:07:39 PMnapa_polarbear 22.1c here
07:08:02 PMT0B33 Hey _Jot_
07:08:04 PMSwissAndi hi Major
07:08:23 PMLedzep ground contro to major Tom
07:08:46 PMagamotto Major Tom needs some upgraded digs... with scenery!
07:08:59 PMscotty73 wow, my cats would love to play with major tom ^^
07:09:28 PMSwissAndi =^.^=
07:09:39 PMagamotto My phone is cheap in comparison to what I was paying for television
07:09:42 PMtroy74 i tried magic jack..i could not port my number
07:10:01 PMtic-toc try ooma
07:10:20 PMagamotto What free acension with purchase?
07:10:25 PM_Jot_ troy74, it is something very recent, so it's very possible it could not happen then
07:10:26 PMJoeNH I just realised it helps to press play.
07:10:36 PMSwissAndi true
07:10:49 PMtroy74 possibly jot
07:10:54 PM_Jot_ JoeNH, welcome to the show, and good for you, fortunatly you can always download the rest whenever you want to watch that too
07:11:11 PMJoeNH I am in class so I am checking in and out.
07:11:17 PMSwissAndi phone splitter? how cruel...
07:11:42 PMagamotto How bad is your class that you need to watch this while it is going on???
07:11:43 PM_Jot_ I tried to split my phone once, but it wouldn't work again, even after I tried to put it together again
07:12:02 PMSwissAndi :))
07:12:15 PM_Jot_ I\m not so cruel by the way, it didn't work before I did that either
07:12:16 PMrats_ can you make a 911 call with it
07:12:35 PMJoeNH It's ok. Just talking about sax & xml right now
07:12:36 PM_Jot_ good question for RobbieF, rats_
07:13:00 PMT0B33 My mum was going to call and cancel our phone line once. She was so lucky i was there or we would have lost the internet with it lol
07:13:10 PMrobgor RobbieF do they support people in countries outside USA/Canada ie Australia
07:13:11 PMLedzep I'm going to check this out.
07:13:32 PMbetaman hey folks got a question, Can you use virtual box with Ubuntu to install Ubuntu on Nexus 7?
07:14:01 PMLedzep no
07:14:03 PMSwissAndi good question, robgor.
07:14:19 PMagamotto why would you need high-speed? voice shouldn't take anything more than 28-56kbps...
07:14:25 PMLedzep Ubuntu is made for x86 chipsets
07:14:43 PMT0B33 You can install Ubuntu on the Nexus without virtual box or the Ubuntu phone os??
07:14:44 PMagamotto Ledzep, no, there are ARM derivatives now
07:15:17 PMT0B33 For the full on ubuntu desktop your phone or tablet or what ever needs to be rooted
07:15:20 PM_Jot_ betaman, it looks like you have to use ubuntu to install the stuff through USB, so if your USB connection works with the VM, then that should work
07:15:24 PMLedzep not if it was installe in vm
07:15:41 PMrobgor betaman you would need a version that supports that device, though I believe you can get it running on the nexus 7 but not duel boot. I uses android drives etc
07:15:43 PMLedzep vm only runs x86
07:15:48 PMnapa_polarbear kbuntu works good
07:15:59 PMtroy74 10 bucks seems alot to call jot
07:16:13 PMagamotto RobbieF Why would you need high-speed? voice shouldn't take anything more than 28-56kbps...
07:16:14 PMSwissAndi lol@troy74. awww.
07:16:42 PM_Jot_ I hope RobbieF won't tell that my phonenumber spells out 'unreachable' or I'll get calls day and night
07:17:06 PMSwissAndi ignore - repeat - ignore the hotel phone. sounds cool.
07:18:42 PMtroy74 if you have less than stellar wifi do you drop calls?
07:19:22 PM_Jot_ omg, RobbieF keeps people hostage behind the boxes!
07:19:29 PMscotty73 :D
07:20:00 PM_Jot_
07:20:28 PMrobgor RobbieF what about other places around the world
07:20:49 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, somebody asked if you can call 911 with it
07:21:02 PMrobgor can u use in australia
07:21:29 PMLedzep use a vpn
07:21:31 PMrats_ can you activate it with Linux
07:21:56 PMtroy74 can you get local numbers anywhere in canada..with magic jack i could only get a number of somwewhere 400 miles away
07:22:29 PMLedzep pizza
07:22:43 PMrats_ I can call Canada with majic jack
07:22:45 PMrobgor bugga out of luck
07:22:58 PMagamotto RobbieF, What about NetTalk TV?
07:23:07 PMU-Al pizza?
07:23:37 PMtroy74 mm pizza
07:24:09 PMrats_ cool
07:24:20 PM_Jot_ yay, we're going to see RobbieF messing up the simplest thing in the world! I hope Hillary will do it, at least it'll work
07:24:26 PMLedzep U-Al Your so intuive.
07:24:35 PMscotty73 :D
07:24:41 PMLedzep and I can't spell
07:24:49 PMSwissAndi dnot wrory
07:25:02 PM_Jot_ get a nettalk duo, you can talk to us by phone and then you won't need to spell anymore
07:25:05 PMU-Al Ledzep no you cannot
07:25:48 PM_Jot_ you can send a message to RobbieF by typing /msg RobbieF and your message
07:26:10 PM_Jot_ I should say private message :)
07:27:40 PMGuest_8205 how do i signup for all of the give aways
07:28:13 PM_Jot_ I would buy one just to dial RobbieF in the middle of the night and then say 'oh sorry, I didn't know it was the middle of the night, since it is morning here'
07:29:02 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, Major Tom is more handsome than you, switch to it!
07:29:14 PMtic-toc wing dings
07:29:26 PMSwissAndi Clementine? :)
07:29:33 PMagamotto You didn't name them Hugin and Munin?
07:29:44 PM_Jot_ they have kinda long nails and beaks, RobbieF
07:29:54 PMtroy74 pet cow away from a buffet
07:30:03 PMGuest_8205 chicken lefs
07:30:11 PMGuest_8205 legs
07:30:37 PM_Jot_ pet cow? I thought it was a pet horse, so hard to see the difference here in Europe
07:30:53 PMGuest_8205 LOL
07:31:06 PMtroy74 jot-its all protein just pretend it moo's
07:31:12 PMJaePea cat5 is now tech/pet sho w
07:31:19 PMscotty73 ^^
07:31:53 PMagamotto So... your kid racks up $200 in a game, and the solution is to refund you $5?
07:32:15 PMtroy74 sounds about right
07:32:16 PM_Jot_ Sorry Hillary, maybe somebody will donate a little to to make it better
07:32:31 PMJoeNH WebOS the OS that just won't die
07:33:00 PMSwissAndi "we can hear you"
07:33:23 PM_Jot_ agamotto, they will refund the full amount, and they will refund everybody $5 as a minimum, and up to $30 in itunes, and if it is more, they will pay the amount back in real money
07:33:29 PMJaePea webos is cool
07:33:49 PMagamotto Who knew Apple could do something pro-customer?
07:34:00 PMSwissAndi whoo, call from space
07:34:13 PM_Jot_ agamotto, it isn't pro customer, because up to $30 is free for them, and money in the bank
07:34:33 PMtroy74 its a zoo in here tonight
07:34:39 PMagamotto Ahh, of course
07:34:40 PMbetaman thanks guys for your great answers:)
07:35:30 PM_Jot_ feel free to tell us if it worked or not, cause we like to know too betaman :)
07:35:30 PMGuest_8205 do they take the app back
07:35:30 PMT0B33 Oh dear my laptop is out of mojo and i am not in the mood to sit down with a charger all over me , so switching to phone. See you all next week everyone cant do IRC and Cat5 on a phone lol
07:35:36 PMagamotto might start sounding like some Missy Elliot songs
07:36:14 PMJaePea fish birds goats dogs oh my
07:36:17 PM_Jot_ Guest_8205, I am not sure, since it is about in-app purchases, they probably won't bother, since there is that minimum amount too
07:36:22 PMSwissAndi "hawkey doodle" ?
07:38:00 PMtic-toc its smoking
07:38:07 PMSwissAndi flashing? might be the self-destruct mode
07:38:55 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I couldn't read that, darnit, how am I going to actvate it now?
07:38:59 PMGuest_8205 two for one in that case
07:39:20 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, always uses test1234 as a password
07:39:35 PMscotty73 :D
07:39:46 PMagamotto Yeah, sure! 'Read' them...
07:39:46 PMtroy74 has anyone ever read one of those in the history of man
07:39:54 PMSwissAndi :D x-actly
07:40:04 PM_Jot_ troy74, yes, the people who wrote them
07:40:28 PMtroy74 jot-i think it's the same one for everything
07:40:58 PMSwissAndi i wouldn't exactly call them "people2
07:42:50 PM_Jot_ wow RobbieF, you have a phone with buttons instead of a rotary phone, you must have practiced all day with such newfangled technology
07:43:40 PMbetaman Will this be safe for Wifi Hotspots just wondering?
07:43:52 PMtic-toc My activation call was - Is your refrigerator running ?
07:44:08 PM_Jot_ tic-toc, yes, it is, I better go and catch it and shoot it again
07:44:17 PMtic-toc lol
07:45:25 PM_Jot_ we can hear agamotto, RobbieF
07:45:33 PMscotty73 "sing me a song" :D
07:46:11 PMSwissAndi sing a duetto with RobbieF :-) it's a nettalk duo, after all
07:46:41 PMagamotto Nah, I won't inflict my singing on anyone
07:46:46 PMSwissAndi :D
07:46:51 PM_Jot_ so RobbieF, does it work the other way around too? what's your number?
07:46:52 PMscotty73 :D
07:46:59 PMGuest_8205 agamotto want to borrow my 16 Mb connection
07:47:21 PMagamotto That would be nice some days, yes
07:47:58 PM_Jot_ I think I will use that as my ringtone, RobbieF saying 'answer the phone man'
07:48:08 PMscotty73 ^^
07:48:14 PMagamotto I can get faster, but it would involve dealing with our local cable company. I can't justify paying them for anything, given that they are ranked dead last by Consumer Reports
07:48:20 PMAngelique it rang but he can't pick up for some reason
07:48:23 PMtroy74 noringing
07:48:31 PMagamotto ^
07:48:31 PMSwissAndi wrong number?
07:48:33 PMGuest_8205 When i lived in Alabama I had 1 Mb down and though it was smoking
07:48:48 PMagamotto It would be for Alabama! heeheheh
07:48:56 PMtroy74 it rang once
07:49:10 PMtic-toc one ringy dingy - two ringy dingy
07:49:54 PM_Jot_ every OS has an attribute for that in the folder called 'archive', which is intended just for this thing
07:50:19 PMSwissAndi coloring folders... that used to be possible in MacOS
07:50:42 PMpyrosrock is it not a theme ascociated thing
07:51:01 PMtroy74 i got an unavailable name and number
07:51:11 PMagamotto /usr/share/nautilus?
07:53:07 PMGuest_8205 that was cool
07:53:07 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, your head is already amazingly bald, and amazingly red, why not just use a red circle, same thing
07:53:08 PMagamotto Darth Robbie
07:53:09 PMSwissAndi a colored glossy nerdy head folder icon. wow
07:54:10 PMrobgor RobbieF alot of features dont work yet
07:54:15 PMagamotto The answers will come in October, I bet
07:54:49 PMSwissAndi tor
07:54:52 PMscotty73 pretty alpha the whole thing currently
07:54:59 PMGuest_8205 tails
07:55:46 PM_Jot_ troy74, I just did an extensive search, and indeed, even google didn't know your phonenumber, so pretty unavailable indeed
07:55:47 PMrobgor RobbieF watch linuxactionshow they were talking about ubuntu on phone tablets
07:57:38 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, remind me to send you this amazing program that you can't get the sourccode for, but which will give you a virus and so make me lots of money :P
07:57:41 PMagamotto i used to, back in my C64 and Amiga days...
07:58:06 PMnapa_polarbear me me em
07:58:22 PMrobgor ah amiga good old days
07:58:45 PMtroy74 just don't try phoning me
07:58:51 PMrobgor agamotto and robgor are old
07:59:12 PMnapa_polarbear ti 449a
07:59:18 PMagamotto At 42, I have the answer to everything!
07:59:20 PM_Jot_ Don't give one to Hillary, she'll never appear onscreen anymore and dial in to do the show since she can't leave the phone anymore
07:59:20 PMSwissAndi congratz jesus
07:59:46 PMtroy74 congrats
07:59:59 PMtic-toc Jesus doesn't use phones
08:00:04 PMgpop7 congrads jesus
08:00:31 PMSwissAndi tempus fugit. thanks for the fun show!
08:00:51 PMagamotto Oh, drat. I will be at work next week.... tpbhbhbbphb
08:00:52 PMscotty73 was fun to watch the show live :)
08:00:53 PMgpop7 great show. enjoyed it. have a great week.
08:00:57 PMtroy74 apparenty my phone runs on steam
08:01:02 PMGuest_8205 Well there are 24 in a day Robbie
08:01:10 PMrats_ good show
08:01:13 PMagamotto Oh well, a least I can watch the show after
08:01:41 PMtroy74 great show guys
08:01:47 PMbetaman Enjoyed Show
08:02:12 PMagamotto Hmmm, what to have for dinner///
08:02:31 PMpyrosrock what to have for breakfast
08:02:36 PMpyrosrock ??
08:02:40 PMSwissAndi :)
08:02:49 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't forget to charge for double photos or something to the guy :P
08:03:09 PMscotty73 bye bye @ all and have a good night ;) or morning.. or whatever
08:03:25 PMSwissAndi g'night scotty73 :)
08:03:39 PMagamotto Well, I hate to run off... but I need to shave and then have something for dinner. Chat with you lot later
08:03:48 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, he looked great, even with the mike thing, that didn't affect the quality and such
08:03:59 PMSwissAndi happy shavings agamotto
08:05:44 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, soon people from Canada might even get intarnettubes, when the ground has thawed out and they can be build into the ground
08:06:50 PMrobgor RobbieF great show though it would be good to have it longer, perhaps 2 hours ?
08:07:29 PM_Jot_ robgor, that would be great, but it isn't just the 1 or 2 hours but all the work around it too that you don't see, so it isn't really an easy decision
08:08:08 PMrobgor Jot you are right, just wishing on my part
08:08:42 PM_Jot_ me too :) but I do feel guilty for taking him away so much from his family
08:08:54 PM_Jot_ not saying you should, but I feel like that sometimes
08:09:58 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, he really doesn't have to worry much because he has such a good product, and people will want it just from watching the show
08:10:08 PM_Jot_ so not a lot of ads needed
08:10:29 PM_Jot_ have a great week Hillary, we'll miss you :)
08:10:39 PMrobgor yeah its great that we have people like robbie and all the cohosts that are willing to give up time to do the show and help so many people. If only more people were like that it would be a better world
08:11:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, what about youtube?
08:11:59 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I'd call you, to hear you better, but I don't want you to have to use one hand for that all the time :P
08:13:24 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can tell him he can sign up and receive an email whenever the show is available automaticly
08:14:03 PM_Jot_ thanks for being there Nettalk-tv person (sorry I forgot your name)
08:20:58 PM_Jot_ hey RobbieF, welcome back
08:21:18 PM_Jot_ it's a bit surreal listening to the show being played in the studio itsself
08:23:52 PMRobbieF :)
08:24:14 PMRobbieF so hot in the studio :/
08:24:15 PMRobbieF hehe
08:24:18 PMRobbieF want air conditioning
08:24:42 PM_Jot_ maybe you can ask the remote support person (Bekah) to turn down the heat? Oh wait, you did
08:25:07 PMRobbieF :)
08:25:19 PM_Jot_ hmm.. maybe that's why it was so warm, she got so steamed about being treated like that
08:25:26 PMRobbieF hahaha
08:25:46 PM_Jot_ I mean, she must have reached boiling point with so much disrespect :P
08:25:52 PMRobbieF :)
08:26:05 PMRobbieF how did the show look tonight? Been trying to get this little consumer cam to look a bit better... it's not easy.
08:26:33 PM_Jot_ it had a pretty good quality I think, even with the calls going on there was no change on the screen
08:27:08 PM_Jot_ the nettalk-segment was a little bit less of course, but good enough really, it didn't need much more, so that was good too
08:28:06 PM_Jot_ oh, there was this weird segment that I might have imagined, where Hillary became a guy and started talking about phones
08:29:22 PM_Jot_ I figured it was an 'I dream of Jeannie' kind of genie-segment because of the name 'Nelson'
08:32:05 PM_Jot_ but seriously, if you talk with Nelson, you can tell him that even people from other countries want them, cause I want one, even if I don't have that much people to call over there :)
08:32:19 PMpyrosrock RobbieF i have to say that i dont have a clue how it looked as i can only get hangouts to work on my netbook which laggs like a mofo and the hangout quality is ok at best
08:32:49 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, your screen was black so at least your camera wasn't working :)
08:33:49 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ im sure there is equivilant products where you are, yeah with my cammera running it lags even worse so i "muted" it, but on mine it shows my dp
08:34:54 PMrobgor oh well see everyone next week
08:35:48 PMRobbieF haha Jot
08:36:32 PMRobbieF Yes; did you catch my drift there Jot? Apparently, you could buy one through me, have me activate it for you, and ship it to you... then, you could call anywhere in Canada USA (OVERSEAS CALLING) absolutely free!
08:37:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you even have a 'pay RobbieF for this service' service set up already, at
08:37:45 PMRobbieF :)
08:37:53 PMRobbieF Oh that reminds me; does the Tip Jar notification work?
08:39:46 PM_Jot_ should it send an email to the email-address you use, or do you mean the message 'Thank you for supporting Category5 Technology TV. Your support helps keep the show strong by offsetting month-to-month expenses, replacing or repairing hardware when needed, and ultimately growing the show to always better itself. Your support also tells us that we're appreciated, and for that we also thank you. '
08:41:51 PM_Jot_ if you mean the message, then yes, that works
08:42:21 PMRobbieF at the end of the show Jot, it is supposed to say "Would you like to throw something in the tip jar?"
08:42:23 PM_Jot_ ... but don't ask me that too many times, cause then I'll go broke :)
08:43:07 PM_Jot_ I closed it pretty soon after you shut it down, at that time nothing appeared
08:44:38 PM_Jot_ the hangout wasn't online after that, it is now, but not the show yet I think, so haven't seen it yet, but looking at the hangout now
08:46:27 PM_Jot_ by the way, I donated enough for that, so you deserve a chocolate, but only one :)
08:47:04 PMRobbieF :) Why thank you.
08:49:26 PM_Jot_ it didn't show anything with the hangout for episode 284, but I don't expect it should since it's a hangout


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