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06:58:09 PMDave-Maydew Watching you on the Tablet
06:58:17 PMDave-Maydew and all is good
06:58:18 PMrevdjenk so, it is photo booth planning for a little wedding? eh, Abigail
06:58:20 PMAbigail Hello everybody! People and non-people
06:58:47 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: people or non?
06:58:54 PMPAULr lol
06:59:22 PMjaepea hi all
06:59:23 PM__New_Clay__ Hi All
06:59:40 PMrevdjenk hey clay
06:59:44 PMPAULr hello
06:59:49 PMDave-Maydew Hey Jot
06:59:54 PMDave-Maydew it's been a while
07:00:14 PM_Jot_ hi Dave-Maydew, it has been, we've missed you, RobbieF was even worried about you
07:00:24 PMDave-Maydew has he??
07:00:34 PM_Jot_ me too of course, but RobbieF asked about you last week or the week before that
07:00:55 PMDave-Maydew I'm fine, found I can watch on G+
07:01:17 PM_Jot_ yeah, including funny banter :)
07:01:26 PMDave-Maydew Yeah
07:01:38 PM_Jot_ 12th of march 2013
07:01:44 PMrevdjenk how many days, Abigail ?
07:01:50 PMDave-Maydew He almost forgot what day it was
07:02:09 PMrevdjenk yay
07:02:10 PMAbigail 73!
07:02:13 PM_Jot_ no snotty Robbie this week, yay
07:02:16 PMDave-Maydew and I'm into my 2nd week of no smoking!!
07:02:26 PMGoodGuy Congrats Dave-Maydew
07:02:27 PMDave-Maydew I am back!!
07:02:29 PM_Jot_ we only have to deal with snooty Robbie now
07:02:43 PMrevdjenk yay Dave-Maydew ! one of my church members just quit Sunday, too
07:02:49 PM__New_Clay__ Good for yu...Dave...keep it up!
07:03:06 PMDave-Maydew I shall now
07:03:24 PMDave-Maydew on the 7" Arnova 7G3
07:03:38 PMDave-Maydew Powered by Allwinner A10
07:03:41 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: non-snotty or snooty?
07:03:42 PMchrisreich DRINK!!!
07:03:47 PMjaepea hi robbief ang abigail
07:03:54 PM_Jot_ I'm having dinner! I'm not drinking
07:04:17 PMDave-Maydew drinking plenty of coffee
07:04:19 PMDave-Maydew :-)
07:04:27 PMrevdjenk I have been using Linux since 2001, and still learn things from RobbieF
07:04:40 PM_Jot_ I'm watching using this amazing invention that I found, using light and refraction and some interpretation, it is someting that has to do with me, or with I, so I call it 'eye'
07:05:16 PM_Jot_ Only catch with joining, you may have to put up with RobbieF and Eric Kidd.... Which is great!
07:05:30 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: hee hee
07:05:52 PMjaepea =[ not rich cant go
07:06:06 PM_Jot_ all those inappropiate laughs are the joy of excitement escaping from Abigail
07:06:15 PMrats_ hi all
07:06:17 PMchrisreich I understand jaepea, I'm "between fortunes" myself.
07:06:20 PM_Jot_ hi rats_
07:06:33 PMrevdjenk I get G+, gmail and calendar notifications!
07:06:43 PM_Jot_ there is always the fortune of the category5 community
07:06:46 PMDave-Maydew Thats better watching on the 32" TV now
07:07:09 PMrats_ hi jot
07:07:13 PMDave-Maydew and through the Surround
07:07:15 PM_Jot_ Abigail, clips of very interesting things, like hours and hours just of Abigail laughing
07:07:17 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: your feed looks a little grainy and faded tonight
07:07:28 PMGoodGuy Is this The Meat on YouTube?
07:07:48 PMrats_ Hi Abigal
07:07:49 PMjaepea abigail = giggles =]
07:07:54 PM_Jot_ revdjenk, are you watching on youtube? that one is very low quality untill the high resolution one is uploaded
07:08:07 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: justintv
07:08:08 PMAbigail Giggle monstah!
07:08:17 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF or anyone else, is there a reason Ubuntu 12.04.2 hasn't upgraded my Kernel to 3.5??
07:08:24 PMAbigail Hi rats_!
07:08:32 PMjaepea lol
07:09:03 PM_Jot_ revdjenk, the lights and such are a bit different today because the backstage has a lot more stuff in it
07:09:12 PMrevdjenk pay the minister, and make your own! yay
07:09:13 PMwizardofoz Abby is the most purtiest lady of purty ladies on the show.
07:09:15 PM_Jot_ so the lights are in a different position and set up differently
07:09:22 PMrevdjenk -J
07:09:31 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: AHHH makes sense
07:09:53 PMDave-Maydew HD Cam, Zotac Z-Box and a LCD monitor with a MDF box!! PRICELESS
07:09:55 PMchrisreich Dave-Maydew - Ubuntu 12.04.x will not give you a newer kernel than originally "came with" 12.04 on day one. That's part of the plan for stability.
07:10:05 PMDave-Maydew oh and Linux <
07:10:06 PMrevdjenk I can do your wedding Abigail !
07:10:13 PMrevdjenk *officiate
07:10:20 PM_Jot_ I'd rent the category5 photobooth, but only if it comes with a brown curtain
07:11:20 PMchrisreich Dave-Maydew if you want a newer kernel than what is in Ubuntu 12.04, you'll need to choose a newer distribution. Understanding that newer is not necessarily better in all circumstances.
07:12:03 PMrevdjenk no green screen background?
07:12:11 PMDave-Maydew Hi Chris, no the downloaded version of 12.04.2 comes with 3.5 but my 2 PC's upgraded to 12.04.2 and kept 3.2
07:12:18 PMDave-Maydew it's a strange one
07:13:01 PMrevdjenk will you do audio, too?
07:13:10 PMchrisreich what kernel was in 12.04 Dave?
07:13:36 PM_Jot_ RobbieF is very cheap too, so that is good?
07:13:46 PMrevdjenk people could leave their blessings...
07:13:53 PMrevdjenk or sing a song
07:14:14 PMDave-Maydew in 12.04.1 it's 3.2
07:14:17 PM_Jot_ Don't forget all the drunken people later on the night that say stuff nobody can understand
07:14:20 PMrevdjenk a few
07:14:55 PMDave-Maydew and 12.04.2 should be 3.5 but that's only available from a fresh install of 12.04.2
07:15:13 PMDave-Maydew upgrade from 12.04.1 it keeps 3.2
07:15:20 PM_Jot_ wow, brown curtains! and they looked ironed!
07:16:16 PMrevdjenk and you can use the curtains later
07:16:19 PMchrisreich Then disregard what I've said about it. Clearly I no longer know what I'm talking about. They did not send me a copy of the memo with the new information. For the record, I'm not being snarky. Clearly things have changed and I've not kept up.
07:16:56 PMrevdjenk curtain rod size
07:16:58 PMDave-Maydew not to worry
07:17:10 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you could also do something with showercurtain-rings-thingies that you use to hang shower curtains if you needed to hang something like this
07:17:15 PMDave-Maydew I'm not worried though, 3.2 is running smooth
07:17:16 PMchrisreich I was describing the world as I understood it. You've given me new information.
07:17:37 PMDave-Maydew I'm also about to install 12.04 onto a Apple Power G3
07:17:43 PMGoodGuy White PVC is used in plumbing also... I used it to build a garden structure
07:18:00 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: they could borrow your brick wall!
07:18:40 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I see 'Home', I think that must be your home
07:19:08 PMrevdjenk eco batteries, get all the supporters
07:20:47 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you should switch to centimeters and stuff, much easier to calculate
07:21:29 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: half of 10 feet doesn't take rocket science
07:21:33 PMRobbieF Hahaha
07:21:36 PMRobbieF Yeah really
07:21:43 PMRobbieF although 13 was the correct count :) +1 for Robbie!
07:21:48 PMAbigail I got confuseedd! :'( haha
07:22:36 PM_Jot_ 'uhoh, I drilled in the counter'
07:22:42 PMAbigail Haha
07:22:49 PMRobbieF Now they know how the hole got there!
07:22:54 PMrevdjenk what great assistance! I'd shop there, if I wasn't 1200 miles (700km) away
07:23:03 PM_Jot_ 'That'll be 30.95 for the pipe, and 1922.95 for the counter'
07:23:20 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:24:03 PM_Jot_ poor RobbieF, they left him in the store and he couldn't find his way home again
07:24:11 PMrevdjenk for the next 73 days
07:25:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you might want to call somebody for the poltergeists
07:25:45 PMrevdjenk cheese!
07:25:48 PMDave-Maydew who ya gonna call??
07:26:03 PMrevdjenk warp!
07:26:20 PMGoodGuy Cheese works well on pasta dishes also :-)
07:26:21 PMjaepea cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
07:26:23 PMtic-toc CHEEEEEEZEEEE
07:26:35 PMrevdjenk hey KyleP
07:26:40 PMrevdjenk hey Kyle
07:26:43 PM_Jot_ by the way, last episode (with the photo booth part 1) was episode 279
07:26:51 PMrevdjenk oh correct, burst
07:26:56 PM_Jot_ so if you want to see the cheese, check episode 279
07:27:44 PM_Jot_
07:28:02 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: you are just a bundle of info!
07:28:13 PM_Jot_ nah, I just type what I hear!
07:29:28 PMrevdjenk a 4-5000K light source, maybe a flood would be good
07:30:03 PM_Jot_ http:// needs windows to set up, but works without windows and such
07:30:20 PMchrisreich dude, close your legs up. Please.
07:30:29 PMrevdjenk that was longer than a second in between
07:30:57 PM_Jot_ RobbieF probably set the timer wrong, or there was some delay because of the recording of the show at the same time
07:31:22 PMrevdjenk never would have remembered cheese for that...
07:31:41 PMrevdjenk booooo
07:31:51 PMDave-Maydew Nooooo
07:31:57 PMtic-toc Blasphemer
07:32:07 PMrevdjenk tic-toc: hee hee
07:32:12 PMjaepea cheese and wine =]
07:32:31 PMDave-Maydew Stilton??
07:32:33 PMDave-Maydew ;-)
07:32:36 PMrevdjenk wow!
07:32:56 PMrevdjenk compared to $1000 for a rented booth, yes
07:32:58 PM_Jot_
07:33:12 PMDave-Maydew OMG! I've not seen that Desktop in a while
07:33:53 PMrevdjenk in three...
07:33:55 PMrevdjenk two
07:33:56 PMrevdjenk one
07:34:08 PMDave-Maydew Blue Screen
07:34:17 PMrevdjenk white screen of wedding
07:35:08 PMDave-Maydew what happens if the Laptop BSOD's during the event?
07:35:51 PMchrisreich "In case of BSOD, drop kick offending device into the nearest large body of water."
07:36:02 PM_Jot_ Don't pay any attention to the voice behind the curtain
07:36:27 PMDave-Maydew Please wait while Windows crashes and reloads
07:37:01 PMrevdjenk nice touch
07:37:21 PM_Jot_ uploading pictures to the internet is dangerous, because it might get you banned if somebody does something 'funny'
07:37:27 PMrevdjenk you may want to check them BEFORE you inflict them onto the internets
07:37:31 PMDave-Maydew Ah, Twitter I live on that Social Network
07:37:52 PM_Jot_ 'To take a picture, hit RobbieF on the head'
07:38:06 PMrevdjenk don't pay attention to the RobbieF behind the curtain
07:38:10 PM_Jot_ aka 'To take a picture, hit the shiny button'
07:39:03 PMrevdjenk move kyle
07:39:28 PMDave-Maydew Please wait, Photoshopping photo's
07:40:02 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, isn't it dangerous to leave the button with Kyle? Think of all the pictures
07:40:08 PMrats_ Abigal
07:40:51 PMrevdjenk 50w cfl cool white flood would do the trick
07:41:08 PMDave-Maydew or if you want a tan
07:41:16 PMDave-Maydew 2x1kw bulbs
07:41:21 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, cheese is open source I assume? So you could program such effects in yourself if you needed to (and share it with others)
07:41:31 PMrevdjenk I meant 50w equivelent
07:42:25 PMrevdjenk use cron to setup the audio instructions
07:43:23 PMtic-toc Hang some cheese on it
07:43:30 PM_Jot_ Abigail, seems RobbieF already is spending your money and you're not even marrying him, are you sure you want to marry still?
07:43:49 PMGoodGuy Maybe they could setup a Paypal account in case Cat5 viewers would like to help finance the photo booth as a wedding gift sort of thing
07:44:03 PMtic-toc "1 billion dollars"
07:44:15 PMrevdjenk beeeeeellion
07:44:36 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, already done,
07:44:48 PMGoodGuy Cool _Jot_
07:44:50 PMrevdjenk yes, the sparkbooth actually looks impressive
07:44:52 PMPAULr yay, looks good
07:45:32 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, and if you want it to be for the wedding, send an email to [email protected] with info about your donation and that it is for that, I think, how is that RobbieF?
07:45:46 PMrevdjenk use it for puppet shows later, just shorten the upright pieces
07:46:26 PMGoodGuy The Wedding Booth may be the best episode ever.. Neat to solve the problem
07:46:32 PMtic-toc Or her old man can use it for a dog house later
07:46:35 PM_Jot_ Abigail, cheese!
07:48:05 PMrevdjenk tic-toc: hee hee
07:50:06 PMtic-toc gubuntu
07:50:15 PMchrisreich DRINK!!!
07:50:43 PMrevdjenk ubuntu is making a lot of strange moves, lately
07:51:42 PMrevdjenk but you need the iphone?
07:51:54 PMrevdjenk yes, the old parlor trick
07:52:24 PMrevdjenk on half the screen
07:52:53 PMtic-toc 2pac in 3D, the bullet holes look real
07:52:56 PMrevdjenk obi-wan we need your help
07:54:50 PM_Jot_ I'm going to buy one of those nettalks just so the category5 presenters can call me up for free and complain to me about me :)
07:55:10 PMrevdjenk mint, too
07:56:03 PMtic-toc 12.04 is more stable...12.10 buggy for me
07:56:07 PM_Jot_ wow, RobbieF is going to buy a 52 inch tv for everybody so we can see the show better?
07:56:16 PM_Jot_ hmmm I think I heard something wrong
07:56:30 PMDave-Maydew those effects don't work on my ATI Radeon 3200HD
07:56:46 PMAspidZent night ppl!!!...
07:56:53 PMrevdjenk oh, I can do that in chromium
07:57:01 PMAbigail But I want a 60" TV
07:57:03 PMrevdjenk just not on the desktop
07:57:13 PMAbigail Just kidding.... 56" will do.
07:57:24 PM_Jot_ hi Aspidzent, unfortunatly you missed the time-change, and most of the show live, but there is still after-show after it, and you can download it of course
07:57:53 PMAspidZent yeah... got it... was two days ago, wasn't it???
07:57:59 PMAspidZent ahead one hour???
07:58:19 PM_Jot_ AspidZent, could be, it was this week, but not sure exactly when in Canada, I didn't check
07:58:23 PMGoodGuy Spring Forward - Fall Back
07:58:26 PMAspidZent is RobbieF still here???
07:58:41 PMAspidZent I wanted to get in touch with him...
07:58:41 PM_Jot_ yep, show is still going on too
07:59:00 PM_Jot_ you can always email [email protected] too, that will go to RobbieF as well
07:59:17 PMDave-Maydew It's great for me
07:59:24 PMDave-Maydew Partialy sighted
07:59:24 PMAspidZent I've been emailing with him... but my schedule is bonkers right now...
07:59:32 PMrevdjenk cinnamon desktop will not work with compiz. :(
07:59:56 PMrevdjenk nice episode!
07:59:59 PM_Jot_ How many pictures has Kyle taken during the show?
08:00:08 PMPAULr good show, thanks :)
08:00:11 PM__New_Clay__ thanks and congrats on the wedding!
08:00:19 PMAbigail Thank you!
08:00:19 PMDave-Maydew Cheers Robbie
08:00:23 PMGoodGuy Great Show
08:00:29 PMAspidZent I stayed at home today due to sickness and I wanted to ask him about the streaming software he uses...
08:00:33 PMDave-Maydew It's nice to be back :-)
08:00:48 PMrevdjenk yay Dave-Maydew
08:00:54 PMAspidZent was it wirecast???
08:00:55 PMrevdjenk bye
08:01:07 PM_Jot_ yes, that's right AspidZent
08:01:19 PM_Jot_
08:01:35 PMPAULr bye
08:01:51 PMAspidZent well...
08:01:55 PMrevdjenk to the aftershow
08:02:11 PMrevdjenk do we need to goto g+ ?
08:02:17 PMRobbieF Yes, or Youtube
08:02:20 PMRobbieF g+ you can talk
08:02:22 PMRobbieF youtube you can't
08:02:24 PM_Jot_
08:02:43 PM_Jot_ then click on the Live hangout
08:03:17 PMDave-Maydew Mrs Maydew got worried why we can still see you RobbieF
08:04:03 PMDave-Maydew Yup
08:04:05 PMDave-Maydew ;-)
08:04:23 PMDave-Maydew I'll have to dig out my microphone
08:04:42 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: very nice episode
08:05:17 PMRobbieF Thanks revdjenk. Nice to see you, and appreciated your great feedback!
08:05:18 PMrevdjenk i just don't have my cam on
08:05:33 PMrevdjenk thanks, I HAVE done a few weddings
08:05:45 PM_Jot_ we can hear you RobbieF. Unfortunatly? I'm not sure
08:05:52 PMDave-Maydew I be off to bed
08:06:06 PM_Jot_ have a good night Dave-Maydew
08:06:07 PMDave-Maydew it's past midnight and Debby has to be up at 6am
08:06:31 PMDave-Maydew I shall, and I will return
08:06:37 PM_Jot_ great!
08:07:00 PMDave-Maydew Goodnight all
08:07:33 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I hope you remembered to put a label or number or something on the pipes, so they are identifiable
08:08:27 PM_Jot_ also did you see the way Kyle folded the curtains? No weird creases there that need ironing
08:10:45 PMGoodGuy My wife color coded a tent frame to make it easier to reassemble
08:11:17 PM_Jot_ yeah, that's one way too
08:11:54 PM_Jot_ Abigail, the ironing stuff is from earlier seasons when RobbieF had a brown curtain that had weird folds in them that wouldn't go away with ironing
08:14:59 PM_Jot_ He's making them uneven? how odd
08:15:56 PMrevdjenk bye all.... next week
08:16:06 PM_Jot_ have a great week revdjenk
08:16:13 PMrevdjenk thanks _Jot_
08:20:35 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I would have put some more bags around the entire length of the pipe, just in case it gets dirty or something
08:23:17 PMRobbieF hahaha
08:23:25 PMRobbieF Please note: Abigail carried it out... very light.
08:23:29 PMAspidZent RobbieF, hi..
08:23:44 PMAspidZent are you staying there a little bit longer???
08:24:12 PMAspidZent I wanted to enable and test that thing we talked about...
08:24:15 PM_Jot_ the curtains looked heavier
08:24:19 PMRobbieF Hey Aspidzent
08:24:23 PMRobbieF great to see you again!
08:24:28 PMAspidZent indeed...
08:24:28 PMRobbieF like a ghost from the past :)
08:24:40 PMAspidZent a lot has changed on the show...
08:24:51 PMAspidZent all for the better I might add...
08:24:59 PMRobbieF nice AspidZent! I might not have the right software yet...


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