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06:58:18 PM_Jot_ I had the ones with caramel, and the ones with Cayenne, I liked both although one of the cayennes was a bit too much, but that could just be me
06:58:36 PMguruofthematrix hey chrisreich, how are you
06:58:45 PMagamotto _Jot_, Not used to spicy?
06:59:03 PMchrisreich Living the dream, guruofthematrix, living the dream. How are you?
06:59:27 PM_Jot_ agamotto, used to spicy, but one had a bit too much, didn't mix with the chocolate well, but the other was fine and the caramel ones where great too, best chocolate I ever had
06:59:47 PMguruofthematrix very well
06:59:50 PMeyemeansit Hello all!
06:59:58 PM_Jot_ hi eyemeansit
07:00:04 PMHillary ohh heyyyy, here we go!
07:00:08 PMagamotto _Jot_, nice... any comparison to Maison du Chocolat?
07:00:10 PMguruofthematrix woo hoo
07:00:27 PM_Jot_ I don't think I ever had that agamotto, but I've had a lot of different kinds
07:00:36 PMT0B33 Awch. Did not realise my ear phones were that loud :(
07:00:38 PMDennis_Kelley sweet
07:00:59 PMagamotto _Jot_, I had truffles from Maison my last swing through eastern France... worth every calorie
07:01:25 PMDennis_Kelley is it starting?
07:01:37 PMJaePea1969 i hate puter crashes
07:01:39 PMguruofthematrix is backstage pass frozen?
07:01:40 PM_Jot_ yes Dennis_Kelley, and it's working on justin and youtube at least
07:01:47 PM_Jot_ BSP is not frozen for me
07:02:35 PM_Jot_ we're sorry to hear it Hillary, I hope you had that registration from apple set up so you can track it, or don't they have that on ipods? Anyway, police here wouldnt even use that as proof so doesn't help
07:02:54 PMagamotto _Jot_, that was what I was just thinking
07:02:57 PMDennis_Kelley got it on Justin
07:03:07 PMrevdjenk ipod uses apple maps? so gps would be more accurate?
07:03:24 PM_Jot_ To donate for Hillary's new good pink MP3 player (so any except ipod) go to
07:03:43 PMguruofthematrix Hillary, did you use prey or find my ipod
07:03:51 PMJaePea1969 hint dont apple lol
07:04:17 PMagamotto Apporpriate punishment... once found, force said offenders to listen to Klingon opera or Gregorian chanting for six months straight.
07:04:23 PMrevdjenk we love ya, Hillary
07:04:43 PMguruofthematrix ferengi opera
07:04:51 PMrevdjenk guruofthematrix: hee hee
07:04:52 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't you need that tape with 'Breathe in.... breathe out.... breathe in... breathe out....' to remember that?
07:04:58 PMguruofthematrix klingon opera is good
07:05:00 PMguruofthematrix lol
07:05:07 PMpyrosrock ahh i cant join the hangout!
07:05:13 PMagamotto RobbieF, You start by placing your left hand over your solar plexus, and placing your right hand in your lap, with middle finger and thumb joined.
07:05:38 PMrevdjenk pyrosrock: I'm in it... RobbieF has audio muted, for some reason!! hee hee
07:05:46 PMGoodGuy Lousy parents who don't wonder how their little angel came up with a lot of money
07:06:02 PM_Jot_ sorry to hear it pyrosrock, apparently it's supposed to work through http;//
07:06:03 PMagamotto Windows 7?
07:06:09 PMrevdjenk agamotto: phhhht
07:06:13 PMajamison5579 that is funny they also said that google was untrustworthy because they gave your information to developers without your knowledge but I say when you buy a full copy of Windows 8 and realize alot of the metro apps have ads in them its the same thing both take advantage of customers without the customer knowing
07:06:49 PMajamison5579 and these are Microsoft apps that come with Windows
07:07:15 PMJaePea1969 coooooooooooooool beans free os
07:08:00 PMeyemeansit new linux distro? Great! Gnome based? ummm...
07:08:03 PMajamison5579 but Robbief will the live stream Blend that is the question
07:08:41 PMT0B33 Finally!!
07:08:50 PM_Jot_ a distro based on Debian with MATE (Gnome 2)
07:08:51 PMrevdjenk pyrosrock: there are two cat5 hangouts... choose the one which is on air
07:08:52 PMT0B33 Unity Uninstall yourself now!
07:09:09 PM_Jot_ Sorry t0b33, there must be unity, I can't do that
07:09:21 PMGoodGuy Mint Debian
07:09:41 PMpyrosrock revdjenk yeah i finaly got on it just didnt come up in the hangouts tab in G+
07:09:55 PMrevdjenk I like Cinnamon.... and the new Gnome 3.8 has a classic which looks/works like gnome2/MATE
07:10:02 PMagamotto That, and the phablet fad
07:10:21 PM_Jot_
07:10:50 PMajamison5579 they are using Plymoth to load it
07:10:53 PMrevdjenk pyrosrock: it is in the stream
07:11:10 PMajamison5579 a Fedora created project :)
07:11:55 PMGoodGuy Torrents also
07:12:15 PMajamison5579 Go download it for free But wait there is More! for a limited time we will throw in a Unity free copy!
07:12:18 PMGoodGuy My wife might like this
07:12:29 PMagamotto So.... it is Mint with XFCE?
07:12:42 PMrevdjenk ajamison5579: hee hee
07:12:57 PM_Jot_ RobbieF maybe you are in the wrong place for your keyboard?
07:13:06 PMguruofthematrix i like xfce sometimes
07:13:40 PMagamotto Why would they ship French keyboards outside of Quebec?
07:13:58 PMguruofthematrix canadians migrate
07:13:59 PMGoodGuy I am d/l'ing it via BitTorrent
07:14:00 PMguruofthematrix lol
07:14:04 PMrevdjenk agamotto: they are hoping to spread the love?
07:14:14 PMajamison5579 agamotto because of the narrow minded Canadian distributors that think everyone in Canada is French Canadian
07:14:25 PMguruofthematrix eh
07:14:39 PMagamotto hrm
07:14:43 PMrevdjenk guruofthematrix: african or european?
07:14:56 PMagamotto laden or unladen?
07:15:09 PMguruofthematrix American
07:15:10 PMguruofthematrix lol
07:15:41 PMguruofthematrix someone needs to buy RobbieF a razor
07:15:49 PMrevdjenk gripped by the husks or hung on a creeper clasped upon dorsal feather
07:16:31 PMT0B33 I have to wait until i am on my old desktop because it is connected through ethernet and no hope in it crashing.
07:16:40 PM_Jot_ I think robbieF is still secretly on wintertime, so no razor near
07:16:49 PMguruofthematrix lol
07:17:14 PMT0B33 That you do pronounce mate as matey ?
07:17:21 PMT0B33 so you*
07:18:27 PMchrisreich T0B33 it's MAH-tay. Named after an Argentinian hot tea-like drink.
07:18:28 PMJaePea1969 i will dl pointlinux tonight
07:18:30 PMguruofthematrix is that Russian with a Brittish accent
07:20:18 PMajamison5579 no i think its just a Russian that is having a hard time with english which is understandable
07:20:20 PMeyemeansit My daughter lived in Moscow for 2 school years, and discovered that the english taught in their schools was always with British spellings and pronunciation...
07:20:22 PMJaePea1969 also dragonos looks good
07:20:47 PMguruofthematrix Easily understandable
07:20:49 PMagamotto British English is the international 'standard' for teaching English
07:20:49 PMajamison5579 I would not dare attempt russian
07:21:03 PMT0B33 Gnome 2 was perfect. It was its own Unique look and feel , different to Mac and Windows and it was adaptable and able to take on any persons needs. So glad this distro exists.
07:21:03 PMguruofthematrix me either, i did spanish
07:21:18 PMguruofthematrix it was, and so friendly
07:23:17 PMguruofthematrix RobbieF are there any limitations?
07:24:29 PMguruofthematrix What about 3d integration
07:24:56 PMpyrosrock GoodGuy i to am downloading the torrent of pointlinux
07:25:32 PMmote morning!
07:25:35 PMmote im late
07:25:39 PMHillary hullo
07:25:41 PMGoodGuy 32-bit or 64-Bit?
07:25:50 PMDennis_Kelley Morning mote
07:25:55 PM_Jot_ hi mote, you're a bit late, but you can still watch the show and on youtube you can watch the beginning later
07:26:00 PMGoodGuy I am getting 64-bit
07:26:09 PMpyrosrock hey mote i almost was late because of change of daylight savings
07:26:14 PMguruofthematrix 64 bit full feature
07:26:15 PMJaePea1969 hi mote
07:26:43 PMagamotto Coolies
07:27:00 PMagamotto Diversity is always welcome
07:27:31 PMmote yeah, I guess I really have to re watch todays episode, my internet connection is a little bit slow... T-T
07:27:32 PMpyrosrock GoodGuy 64bit full feature
07:27:43 PMGoodGuy same here
07:28:06 PM_Jot_ in case you want to have it open now so you can watch that part later,
07:28:08 PMGoodGuy It isn't moving fast... My Deluge isnt tuned
07:28:24 PMagamotto deluge?
07:28:37 PM_Jot_ I'd just tell my friends to watch Category5 if they want to know about it!
07:28:37 PMGoodGuy Bittorrent client
07:28:45 PMguruofthematrix google
07:28:49 PMagamotto aaaahhhhh
07:28:57 PMguruofthematrix i like miro
07:29:06 PMpyrosrock GoodGuy ktorrent
07:29:10 PMguruofthematrix multi use
07:29:14 PM_Jot_ Robbie's password: Test1234 as usual, I bet
07:29:19 PMGoodGuy I sort of like it guruofthematrix
07:29:23 PMrevdjenk or apple where you have little or no adjustments possible to your system!
07:29:32 PMguruofthematrix i is limited
07:29:32 PMT0B33 RobbieF i was expecting you to say compiz haha
07:29:39 PMguruofthematrix me too
07:29:42 PMGoodGuy Clipboard support on my WinXP doesnt work
07:29:49 PMguruofthematrix i want cube
07:29:53 PMguruofthematrix and rotate
07:29:54 PMguruofthematrix lol
07:30:52 PMguruofthematrix i miss that RobbieF
07:30:55 PMrevdjenk blankety blank?
07:31:01 PMeyemeansit I wonder, is it actually Firefox, or is it IceWeasel?
07:31:14 PMguruofthematrix Looked different didn
07:31:18 PMguruofthematrix t it
07:31:59 PMpyrosrock RobbieF can he watch the torrent d/l numbers?
07:32:19 PMpyrosrock Hillary ^
07:32:22 PMguruofthematrix They are growing exponentially as we are watching
07:32:55 PMrevdjenk Does he take bitcoin?
07:33:35 PMeyemeansit Who can afford a bitcoin these days? :)
07:33:42 PMrevdjenk eyemeansit: hee hee
07:34:11 PMpyrosrock eyemeansit i have a bitcoin!
07:34:16 PMagamotto 'bot owners, from what I hear
07:34:44 PMguruofthematrix I heard a NPR report about a guy that put his life savings in bitcoin
07:34:47 PMeyemeansit sold mine for 132 a few days ago... should have held 'em!
07:34:48 PMguruofthematrix crazy
07:35:01 PMeyemeansit USD
07:35:05 PMrevdjenk eyemeansit: wow...almost double that!
07:35:14 PMGoodGuy are you in Australia pyrosrock ?
07:35:23 PMpyrosrock GoodGuy yes
07:35:33 PMGoodGuy I see you as a peer :-)
07:35:49 PMpyrosrock haha nice let me guess it aint fast?
07:36:28 PMGoodGuy yes slow here
07:36:31 PMguruofthematrix looks fast
07:37:19 PMT0B33 RobbieF haha!
07:37:22 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: we all love compiz
07:37:48 PMT0B33 RobbieF Burn Burn Burn Effect!!
07:37:57 PMguruofthematrix I remember when RobbieF did Burn Effect
07:39:39 PMagamotto I prefer 'beaming' my windows in and out.
07:39:57 PMajamison5579 I always liked the blow up effect nothing like closing a window and seeing it explode
07:40:06 PMpyrosrock ^
07:40:47 PMajamison5579 it was not called blow up it had some other name but when you closed the window it turned into squares and flew at the monitor
07:40:56 PMrevdjenk ajamison5579: or burn with fire!
07:41:03 PMguruofthematrix yes
07:41:17 PMrevdjenk ajamison5579: that effect really caught people's eyes...they KNEW it wasn't windows!
07:41:19 PMajamison5579 a rev that likes fire not sure what to make of that ;)
07:41:20 PMagamotto explode?
07:41:21 PM_Jot_ we're all downloading it RobbieF
07:41:33 PMrevdjenk ajamison5579: hee hee
07:41:48 PM_Jot_ we're all torrenting it so we don't hammer his servers
07:42:00 PMT0B33 RobbieF Sweet :)
07:42:11 PMT0B33 Thanks Peter :)
07:42:15 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: not "all" of us... I'm sticking with my Mint
07:42:25 PMrevdjenk Bye Peter!!
07:42:31 PM_Jot_ I didn't say 'use', revdjenk :)
07:42:34 PMguruofthematrix Thanks Peter
07:42:37 PMajamison5579 I have fedora and mint installed
07:42:39 PMeyemeansit Thanks, Peter!
07:42:40 PMguruofthematrix Good Job
07:42:41 PMagamotto neat
07:42:42 PMDennis_Kelley must be everyone downloading distro
07:42:49 PMGoodGuy Thank you for your efforts Peter
07:42:51 PMajamison5579 When i can pull myself away from my games long enough
07:43:24 PMJaePea1969 i will dl pointlinux tonight
07:43:28 PMajamison5579 revdjenk i did see an attempt to make a compiz like program for windows
07:43:34 PMDennis_Kelley I see some distro changing going on at my house!
07:43:34 PMajamison5579 it did not work as well
07:43:52 PMajamison5579 one thing it did do was add multiple virtual desktops to windows
07:44:05 PMrevdjenk ajamison5579: would that work with win8? I can't see that happening...
07:44:20 PMajamison5579 not likely this was a win xp program
07:44:27 PMrevdjenk hee hee
07:44:28 PMguruofthematrix Does anything legacy work with windows 8?
07:44:33 PMajamison5579 some does
07:44:36 PMajamison5579 some does not
07:44:40 PM_Jot_ guruofthematrix, blue screens?
07:44:46 PMguruofthematrix LOL
07:44:49 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: hee hee
07:45:02 PMajamison5579 Robbief makes you wonder what MS would say when confronted about including ads in default windows 8 apps
07:45:14 PMrevdjenk cry, cry MS?
07:45:42 PMguruofthematrix Surface bound
07:45:57 PMrevdjenk deluged de loojed
07:46:04 PMagamotto It leaves them behind Blackberry and ahead of Nokia
07:46:28 PMajamison5579 go to the default news or sports app for windows 8 and at the end of the app (scroll all the way to the right) an banner ad is displayed with no option to disable
07:46:41 PMguruofthematrix Nice
07:46:48 PM_Jot_ ajamison5579, sounds like a job for the hosts-file
07:46:57 PMguruofthematrix is that Kevin Nealon?
07:47:13 PMajamison5579 i smell Photo shop
07:47:31 PMguruofthematrix very disproportionate head
07:47:34 PMrevdjenk abacus?
07:47:41 PMagamotto Linus, methinks
07:47:44 PMeyemeansit Linux Torvalds, I believe...
07:47:50 PMeyemeansit Linus
07:48:10 PMGuest_8506 Hi from Russia, guys. I've also wached Peter's conversation. It was announced on pointlinux website. =)
07:48:12 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, is that chocolate as good as theobrama's from ? thought not
07:48:23 PMagamotto Spaceeba
07:48:40 PMrevdjenk Spaaaaacinux
07:48:41 PM_Jot_ hi Guest, nice of you to come, people from all over the world join :)
07:48:42 PMDreamer__ deluged Hillary as in overwhelmed
07:48:48 PM_Jot_ Hillary,
07:48:58 PMrevdjenk Guest_8506: yes, and welcom!
07:49:03 PMHillary got the meaning...not pronounciation! yo.
07:49:21 PMDreamer__ it sounds french to me Hillary
07:49:23 PM_Jot_ pro-noun-ci-a-tion, I think
07:49:24 PMajamison5579 Linux was technicaly in space allready an android powered phone was sent to space to monitor the earth
07:49:29 PMajamison5579 several years ago
07:49:37 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: hee hee
07:50:16 PM_Jot_ you use google plus, RobbieF
07:50:17 PMmote how about ubuntuone
07:50:21 PMguruofthematrix if big brother wants it, they will get it
07:50:21 PMrevdjenk chris from Linux Action show is big on OwnCloud
07:50:39 PMDennis_Kelley my pogoplug is so slow!
07:50:54 PMajamison5579 my pogoplug is sadly under used
07:51:06 PMagamotto Wasn't Hillary the one who came up with the 'sign' for Pogoplug?
07:51:06 PMpyrosrock my pogoplug dont connect half the time
07:51:20 PMHillary yup...tht wasme
07:51:41 PMajamison5579 Sign for pogoplug?
07:51:45 PMpyrosrock have to reset it every time i need to use it
07:51:51 PMDennis_Kelley so is it encrypting twice?
07:52:04 PM_Jot_ sounds like a bad cable, pyrosrock
07:52:09 PMDennis_Kelley oh i see
07:52:14 PMagamotto ASL sign or gesture for it
07:52:30 PMajamison5579 oh
07:52:39 PMpyrosrock nah it works fine _jot_ but only fo 24h
07:53:02 PM_Jot_ in that case, it sounds like your ISP resets the connection, and it doesn't handle that too well
07:53:10 PMguruofthematrix don't some routers have a 24hr timeout for connections
07:53:14 PMguruofthematrix ttl
07:53:18 PMagamotto DHCP lease reset, I bet
07:53:40 PMguruofthematrix :) agamotto
07:54:00 PM_Jot_ we already know your password RobbieF!
07:54:09 PMrevdjenk Hey Moses
07:54:16 PMpyrosrock it never used to do it when i got it
07:54:26 PMpyrosrock only after 6 months
07:54:38 PMagamotto OLSR?
07:54:51 PMguruofthematrix change in anything?
07:55:01 PMpyrosrock not that i know of
07:55:18 PMPointLinux hey that's Peter from the show :)
07:55:19 PMrevdjenk PointLinux: hey Peter!
07:55:21 PMpyrosrock still have my old 7 year old g router
07:55:37 PM_Jot_ hi PointLinu Peter, we're all downloading and sharing through torrents
07:55:37 PMajamison5579 Compusolve? are they related to Compuserve
07:55:49 PMguruofthematrix Ill buy him one too agamotto
07:56:04 PMPointLinux agamotto LOL
07:56:09 PMGoodGuy I had a router that did that. Cable and Dialup
07:56:20 PMguruofthematrix that router might just be going out, i have had problems like that before
07:56:29 PMguruofthematrix just before it died completely
07:56:55 PMGuest_8506 Russia is not only Vodka, but also bears, balalaika and matreshka. =D
07:57:02 PMagamotto Of course, given the hour, I might be better of offering him a large pot of tea.
07:57:11 PMGuest_8506 lol
07:57:29 PM_Jot_ it's only about 3am or so in Russia
07:57:40 PMagamotto I have made matreska... very intricate for the painting
07:57:42 PMguruofthematrix see its early
07:57:56 PMGuest_8506 yep, it's a time for owl-guys in russia
07:58:16 PMagamotto Which is why i was thinking of offering tea
07:58:20 PMGuest_8506 those who didn't get to sleep yet
07:59:06 PM_Jot_ but you must have an account
07:59:19 PM_Jot_ if you just want to watch the hangout, you can too, through
07:59:37 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: cmon in, the hangouts fine
08:00:15 PM_Jot_ I can already talk back in the chatroom! And I'm already in show 222
08:00:27 PMagamotto Hmm... 3am ... hour of the wolf?
08:00:28 PMrevdjenk I've been hacking since last week, but medicine is helping...
08:00:30 PMPointLinux Thanks for the support folks
08:00:45 PMRobbieF Great job PointLinux!
08:00:51 PMagamotto revdjenk, chuckles
08:00:51 PMRobbieF Was so nice having you on the show
08:00:54 PMGoodGuy Phish for local Ipods
08:01:00 PMeyemeansit Very good show... love hearing about new distros... just wish I could like Gnome.
08:01:26 PMPointLinux Was my part okay?
08:01:32 PMRobbieF Absolutely!
08:01:43 PMeyemeansit YES, Peter!
08:01:44 PMRobbieF we had some feedback happening near the end, but that's fine; nothing any of us could prevent :)
08:01:45 PM_Jot_ Yeah, it was great to see the how and why
08:01:59 PM_Jot_ we always know it's you Hillary
08:02:05 PMagamotto Quite... your English is better than you think.
08:02:08 PMPointLinux @RobbieF yeah
08:02:49 PMPointLinux agamotto, well, I'm a linguist actually, so it could be better :)
08:03:02 PMEightMilesFromTJ Looking forward to playing with PointLinux
08:03:08 PM_Jot_ it's always different if you're being watched PointLinux
08:03:35 PM_Jot_ hi RobbieF, there is sound? Geez, you'll get crazy from the sound of me typing, even though I have no idea how you can hear me seeing as how I have no camera or microphone connected
08:03:39 PMagamotto I am just happy to have some relative quite at home... between the fire clean-up and the construction going on, it has been hard to do much.
08:03:46 PMmote _Jot_, yeah that's right you feel conscious of your gestures and whatever
08:03:50 PMGuest_8506 Yep, Peter's english is better, than ordinary russian english, comradz! :)))
08:04:20 PMagamotto PointLinux, Perhaps, but speaking is difficult until you can think in the language
08:04:22 PMPointLinux Guest_8506, thanks for the support :)
08:05:00 PMagamotto Ahh, but does he drive better than the average Russian? heehehe
08:05:29 PMPointLinux agamotto well, in fact I do think in language, I just had no practice for a long time
08:05:30 PM_Jot_ have a nice evening Heather
08:05:46 PM_Jot_ the show was great RobbieF
08:05:51 PMRobbieF :)
08:05:53 PMRobbieF cheers man
08:05:54 PMHillary peace out, a town down.
08:06:02 PM_Jot_ cool beans, Hillary
08:06:15 PMHillary whoever finds my iPod wins big time.
08:06:21 PMagamotto PointLinux, I can understand that... you would have to drop me somewhere in Japan for a few weeks for it to come back to my mind.
08:06:36 PM_Jot_ Hillary, it's over there *points 360 degrees all around*
08:06:47 PMPointLinux the torrent activity is cool, thank you
08:06:55 PM_Jot_ I had lasagna bolognese, Hillary
08:07:00 PMGuest_8506 not only torrent
08:07:23 PM_Jot_ is it theobrama chocolate, RobbieF?
08:07:30 PMRobbieF :)
08:07:33 PMGuest_8506 i see permanent load impact on channel
08:07:57 PMPointLinux from Russia with Point Linux LOL
08:08:02 PMagamotto RobbieF, As weird as it sounds, the mudras do help when breathing/meditating. Something about using body positions to help 'set' the mind in place.
08:08:55 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF i can not get steam to run on this computer i am on
08:09:10 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, windows? or linux?
08:09:16 PMDennis_Kelley linux
08:09:18 PMagamotto Dennis_Kelley, how recent is you video card?
08:09:22 PMDennis_Kelley zorinos
08:09:31 PMDennis_Kelley older
08:09:36 PMDennis_Kelley nvidia
08:09:49 PM_Jot_ it's only really supported on ubuntu
08:09:51 PMagamotto If it isn't at least 6600 +, that is the most likely culprit
08:09:52 PMDennis_Kelley can't get the experimental drivers to load
08:11:51 PMDennis_Kelley geforce 8400GS
08:12:09 PMagamotto Ohh, that is a fairly recent card... hmmmm
08:12:27 PMDennis_Kelley maybe this new distro will help me
08:12:50 PMagamotto I would have to claim ignorance, as I haven't looked into how Steam uses/hits the drivers
08:13:34 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, a recent release definatly is needed
08:13:46 PMPointLinux By the way, do not neglect the Point Linux forum
08:14:03 PMDennis_Kelley i will have to give a try this weekend
08:14:17 PMagamotto Sounds like a fun project
08:14:43 PMPointLinux Well I tried hard
08:15:00 PM_Jot_ I'm now positive on the ratio for the full dvd-version, so it's going well
08:15:24 PMagamotto I must go folks... dinner is almost done.
08:15:31 PM_Jot_ have a nice dinner agamotto
08:15:38 PMrevdjenk bye agamotto
08:15:40 PMHillary laterrrrrrr
08:15:55 PM_Jot_ lol Hillary was too hungry
08:15:58 PMagamotto Roast chicken stew coming from the crockpot.... yeppers
08:16:15 PMDennis_Kelley Hillary aligator
08:16:35 PMagamotto PointLinux, Dosvidanya, Piotr.
08:16:57 PMPointLinux hope to see you on forum
08:17:02 PM_Jot_ don't forget to tell Hillary to have a great week, RobbieF
08:17:18 PMDennis_Kelley have a great week Hillary
08:18:26 PMDennis_Kelley how does agamotto get (""Hmmm, what does this taste like?' wonders the cat...")
08:19:04 PM_Jot_ it is a message left by the chat-client he uses, Dennis_Kelley
08:19:15 PM_Jot_ so it's a feature of IRC really
08:19:42 PMDennis_Kelley so it goes off when he leaves
08:19:44 PMT0B33 RobbieF will you be doing a full system install of Point Linux for next weeks show?
08:20:01 PM_Jot_ he already did on this show pretty much, T0b33
08:20:18 PMT0B33 _Jot_: it was ina virtual machine?
08:20:30 PMT0B33 I'll be back :P
08:20:38 PM_Jot_ yep, he started from the dvd, and then installed it on a virtual system on its harddisk
08:21:03 PMRobbieF T0b33 it's the same experience
08:21:11 PMRobbieF keep in mind, I installed it on the Demo system. Ubuntu is gone.
08:21:34 PM_Jot_ but... but... I was going to hold a farewell party for it and give it a good send off and everything
08:21:38 PM_Jot_ you are so cruel, RobbieF
08:22:22 PMRobbieF how so?
08:22:29 PM_Jot_ poor Ubuntu
08:22:33 PMRobbieF Is pointlinux still here?
08:22:40 PMRobbieF neah, Ubuntu stopped loving me long ago...
08:22:49 PMPointLinux RobbieF yep
08:23:18 PMDennis_Kelley I know I hate Ubuntu right now on my old hardware
08:23:33 PMRobbieF Everything went great with the install PointLinux -- I'm running your distro on the main demo system now.
08:23:40 PMRobbieF it installed effortlessly.
08:23:43 PMRusty9090 hello from my new PointLinux VM =)
08:23:50 PMRobbieF welcome, Rusty9090.
08:23:52 PM_Jot_ hey Rusty9090
08:23:54 PMRobbieF Lovely, isn't it?
08:24:00 PMRusty9090 I love it
08:24:04 PMRobbieF Peter is doing some wonderful work for the Linux community.
08:24:09 PMRusty9090 just like old times
08:24:12 PMRobbieF Yessir!
08:24:24 PMRobbieF Wonder if a "PerfectPoint" is in order. :)
08:24:25 PMRobbieF hehe
08:24:56 PMRobbieF PointLinux - I am the coder responsible for PerfectBuntu - an old, but very popular script that took Ubuntu and made it "perfect" through special apt magic.
08:25:24 PMRobbieF I stopped its development when Unity came out. Threw in the towel and said "what's the point", and then ironically, the point is Point Linux.
08:25:43 PMPointLinux @RobbieF, thank you! Robbie, your sjow got yet one more fan :)
08:25:55 PMPointLinux @RobbieF show
08:25:59 PMRobbieF Hope you can tune in, even if only the downloads PointLinux
08:26:04 PMRobbieF we have RSS feeds.
08:26:10 PM_Jot_ Don't forget to watch all the shows that he made now:) (Just kidding it would be too much)
08:26:18 PMRobbieF maybe we can collaborate sometime to get a Category5 app into PointLinux...
08:26:26 PMRobbieF haha, all 290 hours hey Jot?
08:26:35 PMPointLinux @RobbieF sure
08:26:36 PMRobbieF It takes a special kind of fan to commit that much time.
08:27:14 PM_Jot_ it's easier if you watch it during the time it is broadcast, it doesn't seem that long then :)
08:27:55 PMRobbieF haha yep
08:28:00 PM_Jot_ 'Sorry darling, I can't go out now, I have to watch Category5 episodes'. 'But that is what you said last week, and you've been doing it all week already'
08:28:02 PMRobbieF you only had to catch up on about 3 episodes :)
08:28:09 PMRobbieF haha
08:28:09 PMRobbieF yes.
08:29:59 PM_Jot_ strange, I'm only uploading with 1MB/second
08:30:19 PMDennis_Kelley i caught up about 2 and half years worth in ab out 6 months
08:30:29 PMDennis_Kelley *about
08:30:30 PMRobbieF Dennis_Kelley, you are an ANIMAL! :)
08:30:45 PMDennis_Kelley I was and still am Baby!
08:30:48 PMRobbieF You must be really good at impersonating my every gesture by now!
08:30:58 PM_Jot_ all 5 of them I'm sure
08:31:17 PMDennis_Kelley except for the hair I got you down good!
08:31:28 PMRobbieF That can be fixed with a razor!
08:31:30 PM_Jot_ that's what the razor is for
08:31:36 PMRobbieF Great minds.
08:31:40 PMdancemat I can't believe I missed the live show :P
08:31:42 PM_Jot_ think alike
08:31:43 PMDennis_Kelley think the same1
08:31:50 PMRobbieF dancemat I can't believe it either!
08:31:55 PMRobbieF it was CRAZY!
08:32:00 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF did you read that I got a Raspberry Pi!
08:32:04 PM_Jot_ no problem dancemat, you can download it later, and it's currently available on youtube, if doesn't get you there, then will
08:32:29 PMdancemat I will download it. Also registered on your site. :)
08:32:58 PMdancemat Thanks for the links Jot :)
08:33:28 PMdancemat In my defence, it is 1:33AM lol
08:33:35 PM_Jot_ If you click youtube, don't forget to select the hangout one
08:33:48 PMdancemat I will :)
08:33:54 PMRobbieF Dennis_kelley I didn't catch that! Congrats!
08:34:00 PM_Jot_ or directly to
08:34:15 PM_Jot_ useful for PointLinux too if he wants to see himself :)
08:37:24 PMPointLinux _Jot_ No I don't ;)
08:37:47 PM_Jot_ I know how you feel, I made a video for the show and RobbieF showed it, and I still haven't watched it years after :)
08:39:10 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - Love it already. going to try and install a media server on it.
08:39:31 PMRobbieF awesome!!
08:39:41 PMRobbieF stick PointLinux on it for even more viewer points :) hehe
08:39:41 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - so on Pogoplug how do I turn off encryption or turn it on?
08:39:52 PMDennis_Kelley Oh I will try
08:39:53 PMRobbieF login at and right click on the hard drive in question
08:40:06 PMRobbieF go to preferences and in security or something... you'll find it!
08:40:11 PMDennis_Kelley not sure if my SD can handle it
08:44:19 PM_Jot_ Category .5: The Pointlinux show :)
08:45:17 PMPointLinux _Jot_ that awful?
08:45:33 PM_Jot_ no, I just put a point in there, so Category point 5
08:45:40 PM_Jot_ instead of just category 5
08:45:46 PM_Jot_ so just saying it's themed
08:46:21 PM_Jot_ anything bad is always RobbieF's fault anyway :)
08:47:26 PMPointLinux _Jot_ Robbie is great! :)
08:47:35 PMDennis_Kelley alright guys I am off to play with my Pi
08:47:40 PM_Jot_ Yes! I think so too! But I like to tease him sometimes
08:47:45 PMDennis_Kelley wait that did not sound right
08:47:50 PM_Jot_ have a nice time Dennis_Kelley, be careful with where you put the electricity
08:47:59 PMDennis_Kelley true say!
08:49:16 PMT0B33 Well , guys i have to head off now. PointLinux i will be giving your distro a play with and might consider installing it on the 12 year old PC that the family use because Debian runs better than ubuntu does. :)
08:49:34 PM_Jot_ have a nice week T0b33
08:49:53 PMT0B33 Thank you _Jot_ , You too. =]
08:51:26 PMRobbieF Dennis_Kelley how many gigs is your sd?
08:52:10 PMRobbieF night T0b33
08:52:15 PMRobbieF enjoy PointLinux!
08:53:12 PMRusty9090 Well, I'm off to catch some Z's, goodnight everyone.
08:53:24 PM_Jot_ have a nice night Rusty9090
08:54:06 PMT0B33 Good night RobbieF and _Jot_ and everyone else!
08:54:09 PMT0B33 Thanks again
08:54:18 PMdancemat I'll probably get a Pi at somepoint
08:54:32 PMRobbieF brb; must change... it's HOT in the studio tonight.
08:54:50 PM_Jot_ and he even turned off the lights already
08:55:09 PM_Jot_ I'm wanting pie right now, but can't get that at 3am
08:55:12 PMdancemat Maybe he didn't want to cook the Pi? :)
08:55:43 PM_Jot_ I'll keep an eye on RobbieF and any pie
08:56:30 PMRobbieF Pie, did someone say Pie?
08:56:31 PMdancemat I really thought the Pi team would have charge 3.1472.... for the Pi?
08:56:34 PMdancemat Don't you think?
08:56:38 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I thought you were going to change?
08:56:45 PM_Jot_ 3.141592653589796
08:56:50 PMRobbieF did
08:56:56 PMdancemat lol
08:57:01 PM_Jot_ but you still look like the same RobbieF, RobbieF
08:57:21 PMdancemat Maybe he cloned himself with Clonezilla?
08:57:29 PM_Jot_ good point
08:59:13 PMdancemat That's what I would clone myself with :)
08:59:44 PM_Jot_ I thought you needed a secret laboratory with that and such though, to use that feature
09:00:50 PMdancemat And a lot of Pi's
09:01:00 PMdancemat I'm working on it :)
09:03:43 PMPointLinux It's nice being with ya people :)
09:03:45 PM_Jot_ you do need to keep eating well
09:04:09 PM_Jot_ yeah, it is nice to talk with people from all over the world :)
09:09:16 PMPointLinux _Jot_ that's what I meant
09:09:40 PMdancemat I would like to stay but have rented some I best go on my ps3 :)
09:09:42 PM_Jot_ it's one of the reasons why I stayed so long :)
09:09:49 PMdancemat But I will do my best to be here next time :)
09:09:58 PM_Jot_ have fun with dance dance whatever, dancemat :)
09:10:19 PMdancemat Thank you, bye everyone :)
09:10:26 PMRobbieF night dancemat
09:10:37 PMdancemat night
09:19:37 PMGWG HI
09:19:44 PM_Jot_ hey GWG
09:19:51 PMGWG Work is over
09:20:00 PMGWG I may now proceed to laundering
09:20:18 PM_Jot_ it is not time for yet?


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