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06:58:02 PMajamison5579 wel at the christa to you we all look like a bunch of binary digits that when interpreted by the OS is outputed as alpanumeric charecters which make up the text on your screen
06:58:11 PMagamotto I'll have you know that _Jot_ bathes regularly... it's not as if he is Parisian or something... :)
06:58:12 PMTheChrista oh ya! Now I remember
06:58:13 PMajamison5579 in other words you can not see us
06:58:17 PM_Jot_ You can also go to the category 5photobooth at and then Interact, and then Photobooth to see what we look like
06:58:30 PMrevdjenk agamotto: hee hee
06:58:36 PM_Jot_ actually, I never bathe... no bath tub. But I take showers
06:58:49 PMMastermindzh Bathing is awesome though
06:58:51 PMMastermindzh so relaxing!
06:58:54 PMrevdjenk or the g+ hangout... chris morris and I are in there, right now
06:59:23 PMajamison5579 Hangouts are so confusing to me the camera changes way to frequently
06:59:26 PM_Jot_ hi hang out people :)
06:59:30 PMjaepea_1969 i got space for 19" but dont need all for chat
06:59:37 PMrevdjenk hey _Jot_ !
06:59:51 PMMastermindzh I got space for 3x27" ! Lucky me :D
06:59:52 PMajamison5579 Jaepea_1969 15" is plenty big for what you want it for
06:59:59 PM_Jot_ Just wait untill I go type a lot! Then you need lots of space and really need that 19'' because really, who has time to read itall
07:00:21 PMMastermindzh Robbie does, he's like a machine
07:00:27 PMjaepea_1969 ok cool =]
07:00:35 PMChrisReich People of Earth, Greetings.
07:00:39 PM_Jot_ hi ChrisReich
07:00:47 PMpyrosrock hey all good to see yall
07:00:48 PMMastermindzh Hey chris
07:00:55 PMrevdjenk on the money!
07:01:00 PMMastermindzh OMG it's starting!
07:01:15 PMMastermindzh I got no sound O.o
07:01:23 PMjaepea_1969 hi chrid
07:01:35 PMagamotto Ok, so you do in fact, in some way - wash, lavage, douche...
07:01:44 PM_Jot_ weird, no sound on justin
07:01:59 PMMastermindzh IKR :P
07:02:00 PMajamison5579 sound would be nice Mr. Robbief
07:02:01 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, no sound on justin, sound on youtube is working
07:02:06 PMjaepea_1969 no snd either
07:02:07 PMajamison5579 :)
07:02:15 PMMastermindzh No sound means no robby :'(
07:02:44 PMchipsbit we can't hear you.....
07:02:47 PMajamison5579 Robbief thechrista sound on JTV is no more
07:02:50 PMMastermindzh Youtube has sound guys!
07:02:51 PMDennis_Kelley i have sound on youtube not justin
07:02:58 PMCarley I can't hear either
07:03:03 PMMastermindzh Youtube does have sound, I'm watching on youtube now as well :D
07:03:11 PMrevdjenk we can hear on the g+ hangout
07:03:17 PMlinuxdude531 I have no sound either and I cant read lips
07:03:19 PMU-Al No sound at
07:03:29 PMMastermindzh Just go to youtube all :)
07:03:31 PMajamison5579 I am watching the Silent Movie edition of Cat 5 I suppose
07:03:33 PMMastermindzh
07:03:39 PMpyrosrock @RobbieF only sound on youtube,
07:03:39 PMRobbieF
07:03:43 PMRobbieF really?
07:03:53 PMDennis_Kelley image is horrible on youtube
07:03:56 PM_Jot_ yes RobbieF, and the BSP isn't working either today
07:04:02 PMGWG RobbieF: Only 1 person is listening.
07:04:02 PMU-Al yes no audio at
07:04:02 PMGWG Me
07:04:12 PMChrisReich I have no audio. Have to reboot.
07:04:15 PMrevdjenk audio on G+
07:04:19 PM_Jot_ only on youtube RobbieF
07:04:21 PMagamotto Hmmm, so much for that
07:04:23 PMagamotto heehehehe
07:04:34 PMajamison5579 Curse you Sound gods
07:04:42 PMchipsbit how is your sign language????
07:04:59 PMGoodGuy No sound here
07:05:11 PMpoifox was the lack of sound on justing TV already reported?
07:05:18 PMChrisReich reboot cancelled. waiting for a fix from the Great White North.
07:05:19 PMpoifox RobbieF, no sound on Justin TV
07:05:20 PMRobbieF Guys? is there sound?
07:05:20 PMajamison5579 it was
07:05:20 PMGoodGuy I played a MP3 and heard that
07:05:23 PM_Jot_ sound is working on youtube, go to and then click on the live hangout with 'now live'
07:05:30 PM_Jot_ it may also work if you go directly to
07:05:33 PMrevdjenk g+ hangout has audio
07:05:37 PMGoodGuy I am using Ustream
07:05:38 PMChrisReich no sound from live.cat5
07:05:41 PMajamison5579 there is sound on youtube but not Jtv or ustream Robbief
07:06:07 PMagamotto Och, the dreaded re-boot
07:06:34 PMagamotto so, who is the attractive bearded bloke?
07:06:36 PMajamison5579 G+ uses youtube so thats why it has sound
07:06:40 PM_Jot_ TheChrista learned how to read just this week, so she'll do just fine RobbieF :)
07:06:51 PMMastermindzh Sorry robbie, we hacked your sound! we need no masterclass tonight :D! LOL
07:07:23 PMDrumstick Okkkk....smoke 'em if you got 'em.
07:07:32 PMDrumstick If you know where that came from you are old like me.
07:07:35 PMMastermindzh I don't got them O.o
07:07:42 PMDennis_Kelley did the show go dead
07:07:49 PMajamison5579 He is trying to fix the sound
07:07:56 PMagamotto I am just happy to be getting over my cold... it is nice to be vertical for more than a few hours at a time
07:07:56 PMMastermindzh They are rebooting because there was no sound
07:07:57 PMajamison5579 on Jtv and Usteam
07:08:05 PMDennis_Kelley ok sorry i could not hear! JK
07:08:26 PMfrtr sorry if this has been addressed
07:08:37 PMfrtr Did everything crash
07:08:43 PMMastermindzh Nope
07:08:47 PMagamotto No worries, we run into these things every once in awhile
07:08:48 PMGoodGuy Rebooting trying to fix sound
07:08:50 PMajamison5579 The precending has been Robbief's interpretation of Category 5 the Silent Movie
07:08:53 PMMastermindzh He's trying to fix sound on :D
07:08:55 PM_Jot_ frtr, the sound didn't work so they are restarting theshow and trying to fix it
07:09:03 PMDrumstick TheChrista: Your secret admirer says he is lovin' the Librarian look today.... I told him I would tell you :)
07:09:05 PMfrtr ok I have got bolloxed array again
07:09:13 PMTheChrista ...maybe....we've been hacked
07:09:15 PMjaepea_1969 what is thagout addy
07:09:24 PMDennis_Kelley yes
07:09:24 PMTheChrista how horribly inconvenient would that be! and ironic
07:09:34 PM_Jot_ jaepea_1969 for the hangout,
07:09:36 PMrevdjenk yes, on G+ hangout
07:09:36 PMDrumstick yes to both
07:09:43 PM_Jot_ if you just want to watch,
07:09:45 PMDennis_Kelley who is in the hangout?
07:09:56 PMajamison5579 no sound on JTV
07:10:02 PM_Jot_ we can hear you on youtube RobbieF
07:10:04 PMajamison5579 still
07:10:14 PMGuest_6578 I have you in stero both youtube and your website
07:10:20 PM_Jot_ justin has no sound
07:10:22 PMagamotto So far, so good through YouTube at least
07:10:24 PMDrumstick No sound here
07:10:25 PMjaepea_1969 no snd
07:10:25 PMMastermindzh No sound in justin :)
07:10:29 PMGoodGuy last weeks show on the Youtube link posted
07:10:30 PMMastermindzh Youtube is fine though
07:10:45 PM_Jot_ no sound on ustrream either
07:10:48 PMfrtr does eveyone here see robby on the backstagepass \
07:10:54 PMMastermindzh None on ustream either robbie
07:10:59 PM_Jot_ backstagepass isn't working either
07:10:59 PMDennis_Kelley yes
07:11:05 PMDennis_Kelley youtube!
07:11:07 PMfrtr ok Thankees
07:11:07 PM_Jot_ no sound RobbieF except youtube
07:11:10 PMajamison5579 Oh curse you Live streaming gods
07:11:12 PMagamotto I wonder what the North Koreans have against our little soiree
07:11:34 PMrevdjenk agamotto: ah, nork is striking back against anon!
07:11:39 PMfrtr I like Robby he is so calm and cool in a crisis
07:11:46 PMChrisReich still no sound on
07:11:54 PM_Jot_ that's just his outside, inside he's freaking out
07:11:56 PMMastermindzh Hurry robbie! only 3 hours and 50minutes till I have to get up and go to school D:
07:12:03 PMajamison5579 frtr only on the surface inside he is raging
07:12:05 PMajamison5579 trust us
07:12:21 PMagamotto Sadly, this is still more entertaining than much of what is on the telly!
07:12:35 PMrevdjenk pyrosrock: there is another ozzie in the hangout
07:12:42 PM_Jot_ there is some sound on justin or ustream
07:12:44 PMajamison5579 Yeah sound
07:12:45 PMGoodGuy I hear it on Ustream
07:12:46 PMMastermindzh got sound!
07:12:47 PMchipsbit there you are
07:12:48 PMagamotto Let's pull a Tim Robbins, and film dead!
07:12:49 PMDennis_Kelley i can hear no video on google+
07:12:50 PMajamison5579 I can hear its a mirracle
07:12:54 PMajamison5579 I am not deaf
07:12:54 PMMastermindzh Thanks robbie!
07:12:56 PMChrisReich SOUND at last!!!
07:12:57 PMfrtr I could tell on the episode where the equiptment crashed about 3-4 times I think his head was getting red
07:13:00 PMfrtr yes
07:13:02 PMMastermindzh You just woke my parents with your deep low voice :P
07:13:03 PMU-Al audio is working
07:13:03 PMDrumstick Got it here.
07:13:06 PMrd_blair yes
07:13:11 PMGoodGuy Yes I hear on Ustream
07:13:34 PMagamotto Ok, UStream and YouTube appear GO
07:13:38 PMajamison5579 Ustream = dated they need to update their tech
07:13:44 PMDennis_Kelley ok I got i am happy
07:13:50 PM_Jot_ youtube is working too
07:14:04 PMrevdjenk blame TheChrista !
07:14:05 PMGoodGuy sound wasnt workon on Justin before either
07:14:07 PMGoodGuy Go
07:14:27 PMDennis_Kelley lag a bit but I am on a livecd
07:14:30 PMBetaman fine
07:14:30 PMMastermindzh No problem robbie, we love the show to much!
07:14:37 PMajamison5579 who is heather?
07:14:42 PMGoodGuy went dead on Ustream
07:14:47 PMGoodGuy video and sound
07:14:50 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, you need to put some more gas on the cd, to make it go faster or something
07:14:51 PMagamotto eek
07:14:52 PMrevdjenk ajamison5579: producer
07:14:56 PMDennis_Kelley to
07:15:04 PMMastermindzh back on though
07:15:04 PMDennis_Kelley started over
07:15:17 PMagamotto Do we need to move over to Verizon?
07:15:18 PMagamotto eheheeheh
07:15:26 PMGoodGuy started from the begin... lead in promo
07:15:44 PM_Jot_ Welcome to the amazing real show... What you saw before was just a rehearsal, the script called for it!
07:16:01 PMajamison5579 Goodguy that is so he can cut the episode easier when he goes to upload to youtuve
07:16:05 PMagamotto 'Real' reality tv... here on the net!
07:16:06 PMajamison5579 youtube
07:17:01 PMrevdjenk TheChrista: hack
07:17:11 PMMastermindzh Hackrista :D
07:17:18 PM_Jot_ I already am wearing a stocking on my head so people won't recognize me!
07:17:27 PMDennis_Kelley is TheChrista's hack name 'TheHack'
07:17:33 PMDennis_Kelley *HAcker
07:17:35 PMagamotto RobbieF, Just get your Missy Elliot on!
07:18:10 PMagamotto Hmmm, th3Chr1s4M4c?
07:18:29 PMagamotto Oh, bugger
07:19:27 PMagamotto New episode title - "How to livestream during a DDoS."
07:20:19 PMroadrat Thanks, noticed that, had hell with loking up what was wrong on my computer.
07:21:34 PMDennis_Kelley ME ME!!
07:22:12 PMrevdjenk wierd al ?
07:22:41 PMgpop7 hello everyone
07:22:46 PMroadrat hi
07:22:48 PMrevdjenk th3Chr15ta
07:23:04 PM_Jot_ hi gpop7
07:23:15 PMalpeck hi all
07:23:25 PMBetaman hey folks
07:23:26 PMrevdjenk TheChrista: = th3Chr15ta her hacker 133t name
07:23:36 PMgpop7 hello jot
07:23:37 PMrevdjenk ahhhh
07:24:01 PMrevdjenk hook line and sinker
07:24:22 PM_Jot_ oh geez, I'm already fooled! I thought RobbieF would really dosomething
07:24:30 PMagamotto Go for it! I want to see you hack my Twitter account
07:24:30 PMrevdjenk hee hee
07:24:53 PMrevdjenk I don't tweet, so I'm safe?
07:25:24 PM_Jot_ as long as you don't respond to emails saying click here for twitter, revdjenk
07:25:29 PMagamotto "Blessed be the pessimist, for she hath backups."
07:25:34 PMinvinciblemutant how to go to gplus hangout?
07:25:37 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: hee hee
07:25:39 PM_Jot_ and never click on emails you didn't ask for, and so on
07:25:55 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, to join, to only watch
07:26:09 PMagamotto Encrypted email helps as well
07:26:12 PMpyrosrock _Jot_ or a web advertisment
07:26:38 PM_Jot_ pyrosrock, yep, or an instant message from friends, or in IRC chatrooms like this etc
07:26:45 PMrevdjenk hee hee RobbieF
07:27:55 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: I don't respond to email invites... I go to the original site, to be safe
07:27:58 PMinvinciblemutant christa, you should bring your own glasses
07:28:01 PMinvinciblemutant :P
07:28:20 PMTheChrista these ARE my glasses
07:28:26 PMrevdjenk burn it with fire!
07:28:40 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, we aren't wearing them, so we couldn't tell!
07:28:52 PMTheChrista ....well, Brad used them for halloween....but they're legit
07:29:07 PM_Jot_ that's TheBrad for you :)
07:29:44 PMTheChrista haha, I like it, nice one Jot
07:30:03 PMrevdjenk h a c k e r loosely
07:30:52 PMMastermindzh No more ubuntu I see! :D
07:30:56 PMMastermindzh Awesomeness!
07:31:05 PMrevdjenk Mastermindzh: pointlinux
07:31:06 PMinvinciblemutant tq
07:31:21 PMroadrat why not linux mint ?
07:31:27 PMMastermindzh Ja I know, I caught the interview with the creator
07:31:42 PMMastermindzh because Robbie (and alot of people, like me for example) like gnome2 :D
07:31:43 PMrevdjenk Mastermindzh: yay!
07:32:19 PMrevdjenk Mastermindzh: using cinnamon with mint
07:32:39 PMrevdjenk I may check gnome3's new classic under 3.8
07:32:42 PMagamotto Mint 13 w/Cinnamon here
07:32:50 PMroadrat everybody has their own taste, nothing wrong with that.
07:33:06 PMrevdjenk roadrat: but agamotto and I have excellent taste
07:33:10 PMrevdjenk hee hee
07:33:12 PMMastermindzh Pointlinux gnome2 since last week / zorin os with gnome2 since like forever :D
07:33:20 PMagamotto I might consider something like Unity on phone/phablet
07:33:30 PMrats_ Mastermindzh: is that really Gnome2 or a clone
07:33:30 PMroadrat For you it works.
07:33:40 PMMastermindzh Both clones rats
07:33:45 PMMastermindzh Pointlinux uses mate
07:33:49 PMroadrat yep
07:33:50 PMMastermindzh and Idk what zorin uses
07:33:59 PMrevdjenk agamotto: yes, the ubuntu phone demo looked very nice... love the gestures and speed to access items
07:34:33 PMMastermindzh I won't be getting an ubuntu phone
07:34:36 PMMastermindzh I really
07:34:37 PMMastermindzh REALLY
07:34:39 PMagamotto I just want the ability to encrypt my portable devices
07:34:41 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, crosseyed? Maybe you need glasses
07:34:46 PMMastermindzh hate unity :D
07:34:56 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: hee hee
07:35:00 PMTheChrista bahaha, or maybe it's the glasses that are making me cross-eyed!
07:35:01 PMMastermindzh agamotto, carry a vault :D
07:35:15 PMroadrat Unity sukcs. sorry.
07:35:16 PMRusty9090 I flashed the ubuntu demo with a custom kernel to my device... it was sooo slow =P
07:35:24 PMrevdjenk follow the green TheChrista !
07:35:27 PM_Jot_ social interaction? Sounds interesting, tell us more about this.
07:35:34 PMagamotto Nah, I just find it easier to not do anything useful with my mobile, besides texting
07:35:43 PMMastermindzh Yeah me too :P
07:35:50 PMMastermindzh well, e-mailing as well
07:35:54 PMinvinciblemutant big glasses
07:36:05 PMMastermindzh but I can always reset my passwords through my server if needed LOL
07:36:09 PMrevdjenk agamotto: my mobile is a tracfone!
07:36:17 PMMastermindzh galaxy note 2 here
07:36:18 PMagamotto revdjenk, same here lg840
07:36:46 PMrevdjenk agamotto: lg500 looks more like old blackberry
07:37:45 PMagamotto My sole complaint is that it won't SYNC with my car... so I have let both tracfone and Ford know that this will prevent my future purchases with either company if it not fixed soon.
07:38:02 PM_Jot_ ha! there's a typing error, TheChrista's password is really christaspasswrd because she is a hacker, or something
07:38:04 PMMastermindzh You go girl!
07:38:46 PMrevdjenk agamotto: is there a way to connect tracfone with google voice/chat?
07:39:16 PMU-Al Would an add-on like Ghostery, which notifies on redirects, have prevented this kind of scam?
07:39:17 PMagamotto revdjenk, I have no idea. The few java apps I tried to install on it won't work
07:39:49 PMagamotto TACO might
07:39:58 PMagamotto HTTPS everywhere perhaps
07:40:09 PMrevdjenk yes, would love to use my android tab sms through it!
07:40:53 PM_Jot_ uhoh, all my emails will show up
07:45:40 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, not sure if it works but you should check your [email protected] email
07:46:05 PMagamotto I did get alot of amusement out of updating the firmware in my car
07:47:30 PMagamotto BekahF, how are the kidlets?
07:47:35 PM_Jot_ firmware in cars is always scary, what if it goes wrong :)
07:47:49 PMBekahF agamotto they are doing great :)
07:47:52 PMjaepea_1969 REMEMBER look at browser addy bar if in doUght
07:48:01 PM_Jot_ sleeping I hope BekahF, they need the rest :)
07:48:10 PMagamotto _Jot_, I know, but it worked, and did the firmware in the phone as well, no result
07:48:37 PMagamotto I was thinking that Bekah could use the sleep!
07:48:51 PMBekahF haha yes
07:48:58 PMMastermindzh Well guys imma go now :D
07:49:06 PMMastermindzh It's almost 3 am and I have to get up at 6 :D
07:49:11 PMagamotto ewww
07:49:12 PM_Jot_ I have a bed that I'm not using, I'm sure BekahF could use it
07:49:19 PMMastermindzh Bye!
07:49:51 PMpyrosrock im fairly sure that could happen to a jailbroken iphone RobbieF
07:51:12 PMagamotto I would think it a fair statement that NO mobile can considered to be remotely secure
07:51:33 PM_Jot_ all RobbieF's logins are: IamRobbieF
07:51:42 PMjaepea_1969 i use lastpass
07:51:42 PM_Jot_ his passwords are: Test1234
07:54:01 PM_Jot_ TheChrista is a smart-head!
07:55:33 PMagamotto I am wondering if we are suffering from some .net splits tonight
07:55:44 PMjaepea_1969 but the eu has it for ms
07:56:22 PM_Jot_ not sure, my client hasn't talked about netsplits
07:57:03 PM_Jot_ I like to support Category 5 directly sometimes by going to and using that
07:58:23 PMU-Al Cat5 is omnipresent
07:58:43 PMagamotto Skynet?
07:58:45 PMagamotto ehehheheheh
07:58:51 PMrevdjenk I signed in a few times
07:59:19 PMpyrosrock go have a look at all the acounts you caught! RobbieF
08:00:06 PM_Jot_ That's the address to send snailmail postcards to!
08:01:28 PM_Jot_ whois theawesomechrista, TheChrista? :)
08:02:06 PMU-Al would an add-on that notifies on redirects help prevent the first twitter scam you demonstrated?
08:02:40 PMroadrat_ stept out a while, did something else.
08:03:37 PM_Jot_ U-Al, the real solution is typing an address yourself, and not click unsollicited links, and recognizing a real link, and learning how to recognize a fake link, and if you can do all that, then such a tool could help, but tools are only tools
08:05:13 PMU-Al I realize that but many will search and click. _Jot_
08:05:55 PMroadrat_ there is programs to ceep your passwords safe and you can make a unike password for any sight you visit.
08:07:05 PMagamotto Well, i am off to spend some time with the dog... chat at you lot later
08:07:13 PM_Jot_ have a nice time agamotto
08:07:43 PMU-Al thank you
08:07:51 PM_Jot_ RobbieF can be frightening!
08:09:10 PMU-Al You make it look easy Robbie
08:10:43 PMroadrat_ as he says, be smart when your online.
08:10:44 PM_Jot_ RobbieF,we were supposed to watch???
08:11:10 PMrevdjenk Cute hacker swag!
08:12:18 PMrevdjenk TheChrista: hee hee
08:12:43 PM_Jot_ so what was his address anyway, it's on the tip of my tongue... *stares at RobbieF*
08:14:57 PMDrumstick Thanks Guys!!
08:15:04 PMChrisReich good night all.
08:15:18 PM_Jot_ Funyn, TheChrista, you still look the same and not switched at all
08:15:23 PM_Jot_ Funny even
08:15:33 PMrevdjenk I had to leave the G+ hangout, as the audio went of the attenders was able to mute you, RobbieF
08:16:13 PM_Jot_ I guess it isn't optimal yet revdjenk :)
08:16:13 PMroadrat_ bye all
08:16:21 PM_Jot_ have a nice week roadrat
08:16:56 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: no, not at all...
08:17:10 PM_Jot_ maybe RobbieF was hacked
08:17:21 PMgpop7 night all.
08:17:31 PMrevdjenk it was tech challenging night bye gpop7
08:17:43 PMgpop7 Great show.
08:17:46 PM_Jot_ you're excused RobbieF
08:18:09 PM_Jot_ oh no, we have to listen to TheChrista?!?
08:18:19 PMgpop7 Goodnight Robbief and TheChrista
08:19:47 PMTheChrista Nite nite those who are leaving
08:20:48 PM_Jot_ It was just so long ago you don't remember, TheChrista :)
08:23:04 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, fire-hazard?
08:23:13 PM_Jot_ Good insurance can't hear it and so on
08:23:29 PMRobbieF :)


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