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06:59:33 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't forget to mention that justin is deprecated, and so people won't be able to watch live on it *sniff*
06:59:47 PM_Jot_ ustream still has bsp, but I guess the main stream isn't there either
07:00:42 PMU-Al I have no audio or video at
07:01:03 PM_Jot_ U-AL, it should be working there, it just is at least a minute behind
07:01:13 PMRobbieF it is behind yes; we have delay now
07:01:16 PMU-Al I'll reload
07:02:04 PM_Jot_ Congratulations TheChrista and TheBoy, saĆ½ing 'yes' is a big deal. Oh my, now I said the word 'yes' too. I hope nobody will hold me to it.
07:02:33 PMU-Al ok now at
07:03:03 PM_Jot_ It loads from youtube, which has an annoying delay, but at least it works somewhat
07:03:20 PM_Jot_ Nice RobbieF, thought I would get the intro, with the nice music again :)
07:03:27 PMU-Al ok thanks _Jot
07:04:47 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, watching with a mobile device doesn't work on my device, probably because it is too outdated, I get a message about the video-rental being expired.
07:05:08 PM_Jot_ The radio doesn't have a delay by the way, the video does, so it's weird
07:06:00 PM_Jot_ Thanks for the pictures Heather, it's really nice to see them.
07:06:13 PMU-Al froze
07:06:46 PMG_dog1985_ i got to stay
07:06:50 PM_Jot_ Unfortunatly that happens sometimes U-Al
07:07:02 PM_Jot_ good for you G-Dog1985, it's always nice to be able to watch. Hope everything else is going well.
07:07:21 PMgpop7 hello everyone.
07:07:27 PM_Jot_ hi gpop7
07:07:54 PM_Jot_ TheChrista makes amazing graphicals
07:07:55 PMG_dog1985_ yep _Jot_
07:08:20 PMGuest_hArry mobile its working better than time warner's to love it
07:08:22 PM_Jot_ Sorry that we're responding so slow, TheChrista, blame RobbieF for making youtube have delay, or something
07:08:27 PMgpop7 hey jot
07:08:45 PMG_dog1985_ lol jot
07:09:05 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_
07:09:18 PM_Jot_ I don't want nasty copies of files in The Netherlands! I want fresh new files from RobbieF's server!
07:09:28 PM_Jot_ hey Dennis_Kelley
07:10:38 PM_Jot_
07:13:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, make sure you pronounce the P's or Potential Problematic Possibilities Proceed Perhaps
07:18:04 PM_Jot_ I think my DNS just disappeared, so if I disappear, I'll try to come back :)
07:18:57 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks for the warning!
07:19:11 PMDennis_Kelley :)
07:19:22 PM_Jot_ Making websites is great, but it would be even more wonderful if RobbieF was faster :P
07:24:48 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, my website had no increase at all, after using all tips, the content of it was: Hello, World!
07:26:23 PM_Jot_
07:30:24 PM_Jot_ That gun isn't dangerous at all, since it doesn't actually contain any active parts that make the gun work, so it is dangerous in that if you see it, you don't know if it works or not, just as with a real gun you can't see if it has bullets or not
07:34:25 PMKwock_Jibbles insects are scary
07:35:05 PMG_dog1985_ stargate?
07:35:06 PMDreamer__ good to hear canadians say repatriate correctly
07:35:07 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, you just were testing if RobbieF knew how to say that word, and was still paying attention. Good job
07:37:17 PMRobbieF :-D
07:37:44 PMSovereign Netflix still using silverlight?
07:37:55 PMG_dog1985_ yes Sovereign
07:38:04 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I have a question. What was the question I was supposed to ask tonight? Thanks
07:38:15 PMSovereign will silverlight ever die
07:38:19 PMG_dog1985_ sadly it does
07:38:31 PMKwock_Jibbles I heard they were switching over to html5
07:38:32 PMG_dog1985_ i hope
07:38:40 PM_Jot_ Silverlight is no longer supported by microsoft, so it should be dead (at least to the best of my knowledge)
07:39:04 PMG_dog1985_ htlm5 be better it will work on linux
07:39:14 PMKwock_Jibbles oh yeah... cross platform
07:39:54 PMG_dog1985_ if they get dmca to wotk throu
07:40:04 PMBobK54 I stil have a VIC20 cassette deck in my basement! along with a dead VIC20
07:40:06 PM_Jot_ RobbieF's camera runs out of space cause Robbie's head is too big?
07:40:19 PM_Jot_ BobK54, you can probably find the service manual online now, and fix it
07:40:56 PMKwock_Jibbles that's what they're working on
07:41:15 PMBobK54 Jot, I might look for that. I had lots of fun with that computer.
07:41:19 PMBobK54 Thanks
07:41:57 PMinvinciblemutant samba i guess
07:42:27 PMKwock_Jibbles robbie and christa have awefully large cold sores near their mouths
07:43:18 PMTheChrista haha, yes kwock_jibbles, these mic's always make it look like there's a rather odd growth on our faces
07:43:30 PMTheChrista but you get to hear us all swell it's a fair exchange
07:43:42 PMKwock_Jibbles reminds me of spinal tap
07:45:15 PMinvinciblemutant i have a problem on shhfs when mouting my 2TB drive, it does not give you the right drive size, hence when i backup big files to the drive, it always complains i havent got enough space
07:45:25 PMinvinciblemutant anyone here knows the solution
07:45:26 PMinvinciblemutant ?
07:45:47 PMG_dog1985_ RobbieF: sshfs in fstab ?
07:46:27 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: you can find it out from /etc/mtab when you have done it in command line
07:46:50 PMG_dog1985_ ah okay
07:48:37 PMinvinciblemutant for my problem, it happens to almost all versions
07:48:37 PMinvinciblemutant of ubuntu
07:49:13 PM_Jot_ say RobbieF, where's the iglo's mate, eh?
07:51:46 PMsprintcowboy TheChrista @RobbieF How do you make a group and how do you assign users to the same group? thru the cli since there is no gui.
07:52:09 PMinvinciblemutant hi there
07:52:12 PMinvinciblemutant i have a question up there...:P
07:52:24 PM_Jot_ what operatingsystem, sprintcowboy?
07:52:31 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ - He's a Funny!
07:52:37 PMTheChrista sorry invinciblemutant, I thought it was answered by another fine folk in the chatroom
07:52:44 PMTheChrista I'll forward it on....
07:52:57 PMsprintcowboy linuxmint
07:52:58 PMinvinciblemutant TheChrista: thanks...
07:53:38 PMrobgor RobbieF I tried installing evolution in point linux through synaptic and also via apt-get in terminal, it installed fine no errors. The issue was when I ran it, seemed to launch but never loaded
07:54:12 PMrobgor robbief also did install the non-free programs in point linux
07:54:12 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: that looks dodgy...
07:57:10 PMG_dog1985_ invinciblemutant: have u try rsync to sent over it
07:57:26 PMinvinciblemutant the 2Tb is my own drive
07:58:11 PMsprintcowboy no
07:58:24 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: you mean i can mount the drive on my machine?
07:58:39 PMsprintcowboy two users on same pc
07:58:54 PMinvinciblemutant i wish something that i can mount on my local machine
07:59:44 PM_Jot_ sprintcowboy, you can try sudo gedit /etc/group
08:00:03 PM_Jot_ if sudo groupadd doesn't work, at least that was with an older version
08:00:28 PM_Jot_ Congratulations again to TheChrista and TheBrad
08:00:38 PMG_dog1985_ invinciblemutant: sshsf [email protected]:/wereu /media/wereu want it
08:00:40 PMTheChrista Thanks Jot!
08:00:55 PM_Jot_ at leas,t I'm assuming that's the guy :) As far as I know, TheChrist hasn't said yes to me :)
08:01:04 PMinvinciblemutant that is what i normally do
08:01:29 PMinvinciblemutant normally not to root, as i have the same username remotelly
08:01:32 PMTheChrista haha....yes Jot...Brad is the only poor chap that I've been able to sucker into asking me to marry him
08:01:33 PMG_dog1985_ then rsyce -raP file to sshfs file
08:02:00 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, I would have, if only you lived in an igloo! But alas, eh?
08:02:27 PMinvinciblemutant TheChrista: do you know igloo's people share wife?
08:02:29 PMinvinciblemutant lol;...
08:03:00 PMinvinciblemutant TheChrista: hopefully brad does not do that...
08:03:00 PMG_dog1985_ invinciblemutant: [email protected]:/media/usb0/GregStuff/Media/Movies.Tv.Seasons/Tv.Seasons/ 976760000 744955144 231804856 77%
08:03:16 PMG_dog1985_ that how i do it
08:03:20 PMTheChrista haha, he had best not do that!
08:03:25 PMTheChrista I am the only woman in our igloo
08:03:26 PMG_dog1985_ that a 1tb drive
08:03:42 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, you're the only woman? Oh, I thought TheBrad was there too. My mistake :P
08:03:49 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: you have 700mb?
08:04:19 PMG_dog1985_ nope
08:04:35 PMG_dog1985_ Used Available Use%
08:04:45 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, disadvantage of cutting streams and going only to youtube: Hangouts doesn't work on youtube, because the main stream cuts out after the title
08:05:06 PMTheChrista haha, ohhhh! Low blow Jot!
08:05:11 PMgpop7 goodnight everyone
08:05:13 PMTheChrista haha, I'm also amused; however
08:05:25 PM_Jot_ sorry TheChrista, not sure what is wrong with me today :)
08:05:45 PMgpop7 good show.
08:06:14 PMG_dog1985_ 1K-blocks= 976760000 used= 744955144 available 231804856 use% 77%
08:06:23 PMrobgor damn mobile network live stream keeps dropping out :( oh well will have to watch it again tonight or tommorrow :)
08:06:24 PMinvinciblemutant congratulations christa... not more hope for other men to be as poor as brad
08:06:26 PMinvinciblemutant :P
08:06:41 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: to be exact, i tried that on pogoplug
08:06:55 PM_Jot_ robgor, my mobile device didn't even allow me to watch, claiming my video rental had expired
08:07:19 PMG_dog1985_ i don't have popoplug
08:07:57 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: i think 100 or 200GB over
08:08:01 PMinvinciblemutant tell me if you can really do that?
08:08:11 PMrobgor yeah jot I have enough bandwidth its just the service, though it doesnt help that the workshop is a converted tin garage, probably not helping
08:08:25 PMTheChrista thanks invinciblemutant
08:08:25 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: transfer a 100-200gb over
08:08:31 PM_Jot_ ah, that Faraday gets in your way
08:08:45 PMrobgor jot should say data left never can have enough bandwidth
08:09:18 PM_Jot_ I just bought myself some more cables, so I can have more data, that works great for me
08:09:23 PMinvinciblemutant TheChrista: any special show for your big day?
08:09:39 PM_Jot_ Of course, in two days I won't be able to afford them, after donations for RobbieF and TheChrista's wedding at\
08:09:46 PM_Jot_ that is
08:09:51 PM_Jot_ silly backslash thingy
08:09:52 PMG_dog1985_ u sure u are in the right drive
08:10:16 PM_Jot_ I would do a df
08:10:18 PMrobgor RobbieF did you see my reply to the steam and evolution question on point linux ?
08:10:35 PMG_dog1985_ that what i did
08:10:44 PMTheChrista oh probably not invinciblemutant. Although Robbie will be there, so perhaps he can get some sneak peak shots for you folks
08:11:10 PM_Jot_ robgor, if you haven't, try emailing [email protected] about it, he does want to do a show about [email protected] and how to make it work and such I think
08:11:17 PMTheChrista haha, oh Jot....I accept candy as is not necessary!
08:11:21 PMKwock_Jibbles
08:11:22 PMinvinciblemutant lol...great...thanks TheChrista
08:11:45 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, I'll email RobbieF that he buys chocolate from from it, and hands that over, or something :)
08:11:59 PMTheChrista Maybe I'll see if Robbie wants to put together a little video or something from the day....then it'll be like all you fine folks were there!
08:12:08 PM_Jot_ By the way, I always do df -h so I can at least read what it says more easily
08:12:28 PMinvinciblemutant TheChrista: did _Jot_ say that you need donation to get married? :P
08:12:48 PMTheChrista I'm not sure how we could stream right from the wedding without having too much equipment. Things are kind of everywhere the day of, so I'm not sure it'd work out too well
08:12:48 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, that would be amazing! But remember, it is your day, so don't be afraid to shut RobbieF and his camera-glasses out :)
08:12:50 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: i cant be wrong...
08:13:01 PMrobgor jot it doesnt matter really if I have to stick with zorinos that is fine so that I can use the programs I want or need, cant really have the machine down and not working for long
08:13:10 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: you need to transfer big files over to realize the problem
08:13:19 PMRobbieF hey gang
08:13:28 PMTheChrista invinciblemutant, I've told Jot that his kind words and wishes were enough! But he insists on donating for the wedding, what a sweet guy
08:13:31 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: to me it seems to be a bug
08:13:32 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, not required I'm sure, but I figure, TheChrista is a poor starving artist, so we could help
08:13:53 PMRobbieF How was the feed quality tonight?
08:14:18 PMG_dog1985_ i use rsync to move files
08:14:21 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, the quality was okay, except that it was slow, and froze for some people, being a minute behind doesn't help with the chat
08:14:22 PMKwock_Jibbles it was choppy for me... but i just built a pfsense box, so it might be just me
08:14:40 PMG_dog1985_ over 500mb
08:15:15 PMrobgor robbief well the audio was good for about the last 5 minutes of the show, ended up switching to that after my video kept dropping out
08:15:25 PMTheChrista true! Art was a bad choice for a career move
08:15:32 PMinvinciblemutant _Jot_: wow, then just marry biologically, it might just cost you a new life, unfortunately, i dont donate any of my life(s)
08:15:39 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: 500GB
08:15:51 PMRobbieF Yeah the delay is tough.
08:16:08 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: even 10GB will give you the message
08:16:19 PMKwock_Jibbles christa was downloading some torrents during the feed
08:16:23 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, but I don't want to marry TheChrista! Well, actually, that isn't completely true, because she is a nice young woman, but TheBrad got her first :)
08:16:36 PMrobgor robbief it might also be my location atm, in a workshop that is in a converted tin garage
08:16:49 PMG_dog1985_ invinciblemutant: u have skype or hangout
08:16:54 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, at least the radio had no delay. Although you might want to delay that, if you want to keep things the same
08:17:27 PMinvinciblemutant _Jot_: true, brad got her first, i guess that you dont want to get her later (second), wish them forever coupled !!!
08:18:02 PMinvinciblemutant brad got her first, and the last....everlasting !!!
08:18:13 PMRobbieF The delay is required for various reasons
08:18:13 PM_Jot_ I want everybody to be happy, including all the presenters and viewers of category5 :)
08:18:25 PMRobbieF essentially, we want to be able to reach more viewers.
08:18:31 PMRobbieF so we'll be encoding live, on the fly.
08:18:33 PMrobgor RobbieF r u doing more episodes on improving websites
08:18:52 PMRobbieF Yes robgor. If you have specific requests, please let us know.
08:19:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I think it may be time to buy an encoding-device-thing that is even faster then :) if possible, of course. Or at least look into it. Sorry, I don't have a billion dollars for it.
08:19:32 PMTheChrista I hope so too invinciblemutant! I don't see any reason why it won't be that way, but planning one wedding is exhausting. 2 would be just ridiculous
08:19:37 PMrobgor yeah actually might for a friends website he wants to revamp it
08:19:48 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: i do...but i am at will be seeing my colleague at the back...
08:20:18 PMrobgor robbieF what was that site that tests the speed of your website called again
08:20:43 PM_Jot_
08:21:30 PMrobgor thanks jot
08:21:33 PM_Jot_ There are more of course, but that was the one RobbieF was using, I think
08:21:34 PMinvinciblemutant TheChrista: That is the reason why all people choose to make each other exhausting having big wedding arrangement... so that their partners will not think of marrying again...
08:21:36 PMG_dog1985_ invinciblemutant: i don't have 10gb file
08:21:55 PMinvinciblemutant generate one..:D
08:22:00 PMinvinciblemutant G_dog1985_: genereate one
08:22:27 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, if you are using 10gb files, then check the filesystem on the drive, especially if it is USB it may be using something like fat32 that doesn't support 10gb files
08:22:27 PMG_dog1985_ with whhat
08:22:40 PMTheChrista haha, that must be it invinciblemutant
08:23:09 PMinvinciblemutant or at least ext2
08:23:09 PMinvinciblemutant _Jot_: sshfs means mounted on sshfs, remote and local on ext4
08:23:13 PM_Jot_ Having a big wedding might make the groom say 'screw it' and disappear into the night though
08:23:31 PMsprintcowboy good nite all
08:24:08 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, first issue that I found when googling for 'sshfs filesize' is an issue with sshfs on windows,
08:24:36 PMTheChrista that is possible Jot. Fortunately, it's a small'ish wedding so I'm not too worried about that
08:24:44 PMinvinciblemutant _Jot_: i dont use windows, the thing happened on mac and linux
08:24:50 PMinvinciblemutant TheChrista: when is your big day


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