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06:58:11 PMRobbieF Didn't you guys read the disclaimer? :) haha
06:58:13 PMDave-Maydew just re started it
06:58:29 PMDave-Maydew it's almost a min out again
06:58:30 PM_Jot_ a disc-laimer? no sorry RobbieF, what was in it?
06:58:32 PMEricKidd A good single malt, Dave-Maydew, is open to interpretation... I love the velvety smooth whisky of the highlands, but also the stinky smokey peaty whiskey from Islay (magnificent)! Aaaah :)
06:58:33 PMMastermindzh You just had way too much 1968 Glendronach :D
06:58:33 PMDave-Maydew and stopped again
06:58:51 PMMastermindzh Eric, what is your favourite whiskey :D?
06:59:19 PMDave-Maydew don't say a good one
06:59:21 PMDave-Maydew lol
06:59:52 PMEricKidd Lagavulan!
06:59:53 PMDave-Maydew I'm going to have to watch the show on the website
06:59:57 PMagamotto Hallo all
07:00:02 PMMastermindzh Hi there agamotto
07:00:36 PMMastermindzh So Eric, favourite whisky :D??? :p
07:00:47 PMMastermindzh Mines "Ardbeg galileo" :D
07:01:40 PMagamotto twisted light?
07:01:49 PMDave-Maydew VLC is 30secs behind here
07:01:54 PMDave-Maydew and pausing
07:02:05 PM_Jot_ Dave-Maydew, it can be your internet or player
07:02:08 PMMastermindzh Robbie told us NOT to discuss it in the chat lols :D
07:02:21 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, Hmmm, I didn't bother trying that one yet, as it said experimental
07:02:28 PMDave-Maydew I used to love Half Life 2
07:02:56 PM_Jot_ I don't trust my batteries... They look at me funny when I try to talk to them about it
07:03:23 PMMastermindzh Well see, that's your problem. You shouldn't be talking to them.
07:03:30 PMMastermindzh You should be TELLING them.
07:03:33 PMDave-Maydew switched to the websit
07:03:45 PMMastermindzh Welcome Jim Gregory!
07:03:50 PMagamotto So, has anyone been thrown off tv yet for using 'cracker,' or 'honky?'
07:03:50 PM_Jot_ hello both of you
07:03:55 PMDave-Maydew I was 25-30secs behind
07:03:57 PMJim_Gregory thanks Mastermindzh
07:04:07 PMJim_Gregory hi Jot
07:04:54 PM_Jot_ Maybe EricKidd can sing the userlist instead of just readinf it
07:04:55 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, That doesn't too bad, compared to some nights
07:05:33 PMMastermindzh NOT HUH ROBBIE!
07:05:35 PMagamotto 'Here we have the Wang wing of the Wong.'
07:05:36 PMMastermindzh Eric was right!
07:05:38 PMMastermindzh :D
07:05:56 PMMastermindzh It's pronounced: "Mastermindzzz"
07:06:40 PMmaj_ trying this in android
07:06:45 PMDave-Maydew Eric needs a whisky
07:06:52 PM_Jot_ uhoh, my sound went and left
07:07:14 PM_Jot_ phew, just me
07:07:24 PM_Jot_ got it back :)
07:07:24 PMMastermindzh Seems like he had too much whisky yesterday lols.
07:07:36 PMagamotto _Jot_, Did you forget to put the magnets back in?
07:07:42 PMDave-Maydew 24hrs early lol
07:07:56 PMDave-Maydew Independence from us brits
07:08:08 PMEricKidd Aw, why ya gotta be like that?
07:08:09 PM_Jot_ agamotto, the magnets that I never got?
07:08:23 PM_Jot_ agamotto, the magnets that EricKidd kept playing with? :)
07:08:38 PMagamotto _Jot_, Did you forget to put the magnets back in the States
07:08:52 PM_Jot_ agamotto, it is possible that I messed the poles up
07:08:59 PM_Jot_ I'm not sure about the states of them
07:09:01 PMagamotto _Jot_, Yes those
07:09:20 PM_Jot_ so I'd say yes, it is definatly possible I messed up the states
07:09:28 PMMastermindzh Blackberry -> ipod..
07:09:38 PMagamotto To think, if not for an accident in some letter-writing, we could be celebrating here in the States on the 2nd of July.
07:09:42 PM_Jot_ Drawbot! yay! I win!
07:09:44 PMDave-Maydew Power the MK-808 off it too
07:11:07 PMagamotto Robbie is just teasing us with it tonight
07:11:07 PM_Jot_ wow, incredible unboxing there
07:11:23 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF what specs?
07:11:42 PMMastermindzh Yes! grab the guitar lols
07:12:08 PMagamotto da duh da duh, bump bump, da duh da duh, bump bump
07:12:25 PM_Jot_ That device definatly needs an extender! It is all the way over there and my tv is over here, it definatly won't work like this
07:14:09 PMMastermindzh Dave it has a quad core 1.8ghz processor and 2gb of ram.
07:14:19 PMDave-Maydew Ouch
07:14:22 PMDave-Maydew I like
07:14:23 PMMastermindzh
07:14:27 PMMastermindzh Here's the spec list.
07:14:40 PMDave-Maydew I WANT ONE
07:14:44 PMDave-Maydew Mali 400>>
07:14:49 PMDave-Maydew or Tegra?
07:14:57 PMMastermindzh Mali 400
07:14:57 PM_Jot_ no way Dave! I'll win it!
07:15:00 PMDave-Maydew nice
07:15:07 PMMastermindzh No Jot you got that all wrong
07:15:09 PMMastermindzh you won today
07:15:09 PMDave-Maydew I like the Mali 400
07:15:12 PMAspidZent I tried xbmc on one of those arm sticks... it runs pretty well...
07:15:13 PMMastermindzh I will win next week hahaha :D
07:15:31 PM_Jot_ that's always good AspidZent
07:15:37 PMDave-Maydew PicBuntu
07:15:38 PMAspidZent even decoding xvid via software...
07:15:43 PMAspidZent not hd though...
07:16:02 PMMastermindzh Robbie, set up a server on it. It works suprisingly well. Be sure to get a GOOD quality ethernet dongle :D
07:16:10 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - EricKidd - How much is the device?
07:16:19 PMagamotto EricKidd, Remind Robbie that "it's got" is both redundant and grammatically incorrect. giggle
07:16:44 PMDave-Maydew hahaha
07:16:47 PM_Jot_ agamotto, but entirely normal for those who used it :)
07:16:48 PMMastermindzh Goodguy, online it's between 45 and 60 dollars
07:17:04 PMGoodGuy Wow thanks Mastermindzh
07:17:13 PMGoodGuy sounds great
07:17:13 PMMastermindzh They are awesome.
07:17:20 PMMastermindzh I got a older version though.
07:17:25 PMMastermindzh an older*
07:17:48 PMDave-Maydew Sweet
07:17:58 PMagamotto Ahhh,but are the keys large enough to be used by adult fingers?
07:18:18 PMBobK54 GV-20 version here. I use it several times a week. Nice. works great with a K400 remote keyboard/pad.
07:18:24 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, be careful where you point that! You don't want to turn the show off
07:18:25 PMDave-Maydew Especially us with fat fingers
07:18:25 PMGoodGuy Hope links will be in the show notes
07:18:36 PMMastermindzh Dave & Goodguy check this out:
07:18:42 PMDave-Maydew EricKidd mentioned W..W...w
07:18:46 PMDave-Maydew no can't say it
07:18:48 PMMastermindzh It's a performance video for the orignal mk802 vs raspberry PI
07:19:05 PM_Jot_
07:19:08 PMMastermindzh The remote looks awesome Robbie. But the MK802IV is even better :D
07:19:11 PMagamotto Interesting, I wonder if the remote is available separately?
07:20:18 PMGoodGuy Thanks Mastermindzh
07:20:19 PM_Jot_ Firing things up? That doesn't sound good, electronics don't do so well i nfire
07:20:29 PMagamotto Hmmm, I may have my new remote/keyboard for my Mythbox...
07:20:41 PMMastermindzh Yeah, I'm gonna get a remote as well lols.
07:20:43 PMGoodGuy FAVI makes a similar remote
07:20:43 PMDennis_Kelley_ Hello!
07:20:48 PMMastermindzh Now we just have to hope our fingers aren't too fat :D
07:20:50 PMDave-Maydew Hey Dennis
07:20:55 PMMastermindzh Hey Dennis
07:20:58 PM_Jot_ hi Dennis_Kelley
07:21:06 PMinvinciblemutant the link isnt working
07:21:10 PMDennis_Kelley_ Hello RobbieF
07:21:20 PMDennis_Kelley_ Everyone else!
07:21:27 PMMastermindzh
07:21:28 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, my link?
07:21:29 PMMastermindzh Should work :D
07:21:47 PMagamotto Might very well make a good HTPC once they find a way to put a couple of tuners in it....
07:21:56 PMDave-Maydew only 720p???
07:22:00 PMinvinciblemutant
07:22:19 PMinvinciblemutant it says it works...yea it does, but in the way we want
07:22:21 PMMastermindzh The old one could only do 720P well, the newer one has a QUAD CORE it should be able to do 1080P :D
07:22:37 PMinvinciblemutant not in the way we want
07:22:47 PMagamotto
07:23:44 PMMastermindzh HDMI is the devil...
07:23:48 PMMastermindzh It's literally good for nothing
07:23:55 PMMastermindzh the only advantage it has is it's size.
07:24:38 PMDennis_Kelley_ there is alot of static on the mic's tonight. or is it just me
07:24:46 PMMastermindzh Nope, static here as well.
07:24:50 PM_Jot_ yeah, it's like they are a bit loose
07:24:53 PMJim_Gregory here as well
07:24:53 PMinvinciblemutant i think the rikomagic site is down
07:24:54 PMGuest_3193 @Robbie your mic has static. Loose connector???
07:25:10 PMsprintcowboy same here
07:25:13 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, check your mike
07:25:13 PMagamotto HDMI might be useful when it joins/merges with Ethernet
07:25:19 PMinvinciblemutant we are looking for wireless nowadays
07:25:25 PMMastermindzh Agamotto, it already has joined with ethernet :)
07:25:31 PMDave-Maydew nowadays the guys behind the counter have no idea
07:25:51 PMDave-Maydew just there to sell a box
07:26:01 PMMastermindzh It's fun to play with though :0
07:26:08 PMagamotto Mastermindzh, There are routers you can plug HDMI w/Ethernet into?
07:26:10 PM_Jot_ HDMI 1.3 or 1.4 or something has 100mbit ethernet support
07:26:34 PMMastermindzh No agamotto
07:26:37 PMMastermindzh You get an adapter
07:26:43 PMMastermindzh You put in ethernet and hdmi
07:26:45 PMMastermindzh and you get hdmi out
07:26:51 PMMastermindzh some samsung tv's work with it
07:26:52 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, What do you expect for under 15 pounds an hour?
07:27:07 PMMastermindzh People that at least KNOW what digital is ...
07:27:07 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, your microphone is not okay
07:27:12 PMinvinciblemutant googlel UK?
07:27:14 PMinvinciblemutant lol
07:27:15 PMagamotto Mastermindzh, interesting
07:27:22 PMDave-Maydew more like ?5 here
07:27:24 PMMastermindzh It's really cool.
07:27:27 PMMastermindzh Useless
07:27:29 PMMastermindzh but cool.
07:27:35 PM_Jot_ I think you fixed it RobbieF
07:27:40 PMDave-Maydew I was refused a job at PC World
07:27:48 PMMastermindzh It's just as bad now jot.
07:28:05 PMMastermindzh I went to a local computer store a couple years ago.
07:28:09 PMMastermindzh Asked for a job
07:28:11 PMDave-Maydew they said I was over qualified
07:28:11 PMMastermindzh and didn't get it
07:28:18 PMDennis_Kelley_ your whole life!
07:28:30 PMMastermindzh They said I was underquilified :D
07:28:43 PMMastermindzh 2 months later I was training their staff :p
07:28:45 PMDave-Maydew So now I go to PC World and show them up
07:28:46 PMDennis_Kelley_ thats not his real name!
07:28:48 PMMastermindzh I went to headquarters :D
07:28:49 PMGuest_3193 @EricKidd Tell Robbie to check his mic. It has intermittent popping static.
07:29:18 PM_Jot_ I think RobbieF's battery is empty, and maybe the microphones too
07:29:27 PMrobgor RobbieF I got a so called call from Microsoft a few weeks ago
07:29:35 PMMastermindzh I think it's a cable not properly attached. it only goes bad when Robbie moves.
07:29:55 PM_Jot_ robgor, you didn't, yo ugot a call from somebody pretending to be Microsoft
07:30:01 PMDave-Maydew My wife had one from the DWP, wanting her bank details!!
07:30:08 PMrobgor yeah I know Jot
07:30:33 PM_Jot_ I get about a dozen of such emails a day, no calls, but then I don't answer phones :)
07:30:45 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF check your mic
07:30:49 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: I think you have created traffic on rikomagic site and brought the site down
07:30:50 PMDave-Maydew it's popping
07:30:51 PMinvinciblemutant :P
07:31:09 PMGoodGuy I used encryption on a home FreeNAS server
07:31:28 PM_Jot_ it'll be time for the news soon, then RobbieF can check his microphone
07:32:18 PMrobgor Yeah I hung up on them straight away
07:32:20 PMMastermindzh Let's hope he does.
07:32:35 PMMastermindzh I encrypt all my data, force of habit really.
07:33:02 PMGoodGuy Maybe it contains financial info
07:33:19 PM_Jot_
07:33:33 PMDave-Maydew or naughty vids
07:33:35 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:33:57 PMMastermindzh Jot is always faster than the stream for me lols
07:33:58 PMGoodGuy That also Dave-Maydew .. keep the kiddies out
07:34:12 PMDave-Maydew yup
07:34:44 PM_Jot_ *sings* RobbieF, check your microphone, fix your microphone, please
07:34:57 PMMastermindzh Now he can check his mic :)
07:35:41 PMDave-Maydew Ahh, Radio Hams have been playing with light wave for years
07:36:21 PMDennis_Kelley_ Where is Chris when you need him!
07:36:30 PMMastermindzh Robbie is right about kilometer though :P
07:36:39 PMDennis_Kelley_ oh you metric people!!
07:36:41 PMMastermindzh Sorry Eric(A)
07:36:49 PM_Jot_ metric is sensible
07:36:50 PMDave-Maydew like Megabit and Megabyte
07:36:52 PMMastermindzh Indeed it is
07:37:12 PMMastermindzh You guys are too stuborn to make the jump to metric.
07:37:21 PMMastermindzh Staying with imperial will only worsen the situation
07:37:59 PM_Jot_ actually, the US has officially switched, just they don't enact it
07:38:11 PM_Jot_ at least, that's what I heard
07:38:28 PM_Jot_ or that was the UK, I'm all confusing myself
07:38:32 PMGoodGuy They already have guys doing that
07:38:32 PM_Jot_ just ignore me :)
07:38:44 PMwreken hello everyone. Its been a long time robbie... I saw your episode start on facebook, so Iam here now to check in !!! Hi
07:38:54 PMGoodGuy They sell exploits to the highest bidders
07:39:08 PM_Jot_ hi wreken
07:39:08 PMMastermindzh The US has not oficially made the jump yet :/
07:39:13 PMMastermindzh there's been petitions though.
07:39:27 PMDave-Maydew makes people want to move to say... Linux
07:39:28 PMDennis_Kelley_ Welcome Wreken!
07:39:56 PMMastermindzh Well 99% of the viruses could be avoided if some people would stay away from technology :p
07:40:06 PMDennis_Kelley_ Right!!
07:40:07 PMwreken thnx
07:40:18 PM_Jot_ Mastermindzh, I heard they even have virusses that work on animals and people now
07:40:21 PMMastermindzh Oi! this flashes, I MUST CLICK IT... :P
07:40:36 PMMastermindzh Doesn't matter to us :) We're cyborgs!
07:40:47 PMMastermindzh Or does that make us twice as vulnerable
07:40:49 PMMastermindzh O.o
07:41:01 PM_Jot_ I don't believe you! Unless you were trying to lure me in a false sense of security with your bad chess play
07:41:32 PMMastermindzh I'm secretly collecting data about the behaviour of people that won a game.
07:41:33 PMDennis_Kelley_ the first object that Humans know of!
07:41:39 PMDave-Maydew Trilithium
07:41:40 PMMastermindzh We will become whole.
07:41:58 PMMastermindzh Assimiliation is imminent!
07:42:25 PMDave-Maydew The solar system could be circular
07:42:36 PMDave-Maydew it may come back like a boomarang
07:42:50 PMMastermindzh Maybe it's never ending :P
07:43:06 PMDave-Maydew here's hoping
07:43:07 PMAspidZent resistance is futile...
07:43:15 PMMastermindzh Indeed it is!
07:43:15 PMMastermindzh :D
07:43:37 PMMastermindzh We are borg.
07:43:44 PMMastermindzh Strength is irrelevant!
07:43:54 PMMastermindzh You will all become one with the Borg.
07:43:55 PMMastermindzh :D
07:44:00 PMGoodGuy MPEG-6 lol
07:44:34 PMBobK54 dont cross the beams!!
07:44:39 PMMastermindzh When a drone is damaged beyond repair, it is discarded, but it's memories continue to exist in the collective consciousness. To use human terms we are immortal.
07:44:49 PMDave-Maydew never cross the streams
07:44:50 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:45:12 PM_Jot_ the size of the inside of a DVD and CD is the same as the size of a Dutch quarter
07:45:13 PMMastermindzh GHOST BUSTERS :D
07:45:38 PMagamotto 12cm?
07:45:46 PMDave-Maydew yup 12cm
07:45:47 PM_Jot_ pah! half life 2. If it was half life 3, then that would be interesting
07:46:11 PMMastermindzh This reminds me of another star trek qoute
07:46:21 PMMastermindzh I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. ~ linux
07:46:48 PMMastermindzh Now linux just needes photoshop and it'll be perfect :D
07:46:50 PMDave-Maydew A Secure Gaming Platform
07:46:58 PMGuest_3193 By the time you burn one disc, it's obsolete.
07:47:12 PMGoodGuy Is Call of Duty, BF3 etc available on Linux?
07:47:21 PMMastermindzh Not yet GoodGuy
07:47:39 PMGoodGuy It needs that to be a gaming platform
07:47:49 PMMastermindzh Call of Duty isn't a game.
07:47:50 PMGoodGuy HL2 is a great start
07:47:53 PMMastermindzh It's an abomination.
07:47:54 PMDave-Maydew Java to a OAP is coffee
07:48:10 PMGoodGuy Super popular though
07:48:27 PMMastermindzh True.
07:48:29 PMagamotto I am simply irritated at how hard it can be under Linux or Windows to make a shiny thing that goes in a blueray or DVD player to be watched while travelling.
07:48:31 PMMastermindzh But to be realistic.
07:48:55 PMGoodGuy Load is to an ISO and loop mount it agamotto
07:49:02 PMDave-Maydew Triple boot!!
07:49:03 PMMastermindzh We should be PUSHING ubuntu. It's not that ubuntu itself is a good distro. But we can't pursuade the general public with 10000000 different distro's.
07:49:06 PMGoodGuy I have similar software in Windows
07:49:16 PMGoodGuy Agreed Mastermindzh
07:49:21 PMagamotto GoodGuy, On the DVD player in a minivan?
07:49:30 PMMastermindzh Therefore I will never admit how bad Ubuntu is.
07:49:32 PMwreken Am I hearing things?? Huh....... Jokes are part of the show......?? Show Changes ...?
07:49:46 PMGoodGuy You said Linux or Windows
07:49:46 PMMastermindzh It's still better than mac or windows :D
07:50:10 PMwreken I like it....!
07:50:16 PMDave-Maydew I moved to total Linux in November 2009
07:50:28 PMMastermindzh I can't move completely sadly.
07:50:29 PMagamotto GoodGuy, Yes, as I have trouble reliably making viewable discs at times with either OS
07:50:32 PMMastermindzh Most of my work is in .net
07:50:45 PMMastermindzh And mono is cool, but it's just not there.
07:50:51 PMMastermindzh Visual studio truly is amazing.
07:50:55 PMGoodGuy I haven't tried viewable ones to be fair
07:51:01 PMDave-Maydew I liked VS.Net
07:51:32 PMGoodGuy I have created magazine DVD's with all past issues and never need to load a real DVD of it
07:51:34 PMDave-Maydew but I just wanted a challenge after 12yrs
07:52:14 PM_Jot_ Dave-Maydew, here you have Call of Duty, BF3 etc, make it work on linux, there's your challenge
07:52:22 PMMastermindzh Thanks Robbie, My dog is cowering under the table now. He's been through war you know lols.
07:52:38 PMDave-Maydew hahahaha _Jot_
07:52:43 PMGoodGuy No I have done that agamotto .. I created an ISO file from a DVD of CBS Jericho show and played it off a thumb drive on a WD Live TV
07:52:51 PMDave-Maydew I don't play games
07:52:55 PMGoodGuy Forgot about that
07:52:59 PMMastermindzh But both COD and BF3 run on direct X, converting it to OpenGL would fundamentally change the game.
07:53:01 PMDave-Maydew well, I do, but only on my Tablet PC
07:53:15 PMagamotto I read something recently that stated the AK-47 was the only gun known to fire better underwater than in air...
07:53:16 PMGoodGuy also a Cheaters DVD kidding with our daughter
07:53:47 PMGuest_6870 how about 2k it was a good os
07:53:58 PMagamotto GoodGuy, My problem is in the other direction... making them reliable to be played on a 'normal' player
07:53:58 PMMastermindzh 2k was good indeed.
07:54:37 PMAspidZent has anyone tried bittorrent sync?!?!?!
07:54:47 PMDave-Maydew not yet
07:55:08 PMMastermindzh Nope, don't really see the point either :p
07:55:08 PMGoodGuy The 'normal" player would need the ability to play from a source other than the actual optical drive
07:55:10 PMDreamer__ I have AspidZent, its good
07:55:37 PMGoodGuy I watched shows on using it AspidZent .. never tried it myself
07:56:15 PMAspidZent Dreamer__, have you tried it over *very* high latency connections???
07:56:58 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - How do you backup offsite?
07:57:09 PMDreamer__ The answer is probably now but how high is very high AspidZent
07:57:10 PMAspidZent I want to replicate large files between my shares at home, the office, and my rural over the air 128kbps connection...
07:57:15 PMDreamer__ The answer is probably no but how high is very high AspidZent
07:58:12 PMGuest_6870 is anyone else hearing static?
07:58:17 PMDennis_Kelley_ yes
07:58:19 PMGoodGuy Yes Guest_6870
07:58:23 PMAspidZent youtube streaming over 360p is impossible... even from my local youtube cache... 5 to 7 jumps from the isp...
07:58:25 PMsprintcowboy yes
07:58:35 PMagamotto Yep, Robbie's mic is shorting or something
07:58:36 PM_Jot_ RobbieF's microphone isn't connected well or the batteries are not full or something
07:58:36 PMGuest_6870 ok it's not my connection
07:58:57 PMagamotto AspidZent, ouch
07:59:00 PMGoodGuy I am watching this on Youtube at 480p
07:59:06 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: EricKidd your mics are making noise
07:59:09 PMinvinciblemutant the mics are loose
07:59:21 PM_Jot_ it's just RobbieFs mike
07:59:31 PM_Jot_ no RobbieF, most of the time you cut out and there's a lot of static
07:59:46 PM_Jot_ do the entire show again RobbieF!
07:59:51 PM_Jot_ cause it was the entire show
07:59:55 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: you have to stay static so that the mic works well
07:59:58 PMMastermindzh Mic's been loose all episode Robbie
08:00:02 PMMastermindzh Eric's mic is fine :D
08:00:06 PMinvinciblemutant better now
08:00:26 PMinvinciblemutant it is now clear
08:00:28 PM_Jot_ we did send messages RobbieF!
08:00:32 PMGoodGuy yes, just with static
08:00:39 PMinvinciblemutant we could, just a lot of noise just now
08:00:39 PMMastermindzh No, we sent alot :)
08:00:41 PMDave-Maydew No
08:00:44 PMrobgor RobbieF ubuntu one has one major downfall you cannot backup the non home or another partition. I tried to use it on my sisters laptop on windows to backup a different partition.
08:00:44 PMMastermindzh Sorry (A)
08:00:44 PMDave-Maydew all show
08:00:51 PMDave-Maydew Yup
08:00:58 PMRobbieF No way! Why did noone PM me?
08:01:00 PMDreamer__ it has been doing it seen i tuned in about 15 mins ago
08:01:08 PM_Jot_ sorry RobbieF, I forgot about that
08:01:09 PMDreamer__ since
08:01:14 PMacessweb ok
08:01:18 PMMastermindzh I forgot as well sorry ;(
08:01:29 PMMastermindzh Loved the show still though!
08:01:31 PM_Jot_ I think most if it can be rescued, you'll just have to experience it
08:01:35 PMDave-Maydew Cheers RobbieF
08:01:36 PMrobgor RobbieF ended up using googledrive which doesnt have a problem with that
08:01:48 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - How do you backup offsite?
08:02:01 PMDave-Maydew beside the stubble scratching the microphone, it was great
08:02:21 PMwreken bye
08:02:24 PM_Jot_ all streams where excellent except the well, you know
08:02:28 PMgpop7 Goodnight all. See you next week. Good show.
08:02:30 PM_Jot_ see you wreken
08:02:35 PM_Jot_ have a nice week gpop7
08:02:37 PMGoodGuy nite gpop7
08:02:38 PMAspidZent great show Robbie...
08:02:39 PMMastermindzh The VLC stream was pretty good for me Jot.
08:03:21 PMDennis_Kelley_ Dave-Maydew you going to be in the Hangout?
08:03:25 PMagamotto Well, I hate to run, but I have to be at work early tomorrow, which means I need to try to be asleep in the next three hours.
08:03:39 PM_Jot_ sleep well agamotto
08:03:39 PMGoodGuy sleep well agamotto
08:03:41 PMAspidZent Mastermindzh, did you watched the entire show??? using the rtsp stream???
08:03:46 PMDave-Maydew See ya Agamotto
08:03:47 PMMastermindzh Yes.
08:03:57 PMAspidZent abny hiccups???
08:04:00 PM_Jot_ I used the rtsp stream as well the entire show, it cut out once for me
08:04:03 PMAspidZent any*???
08:04:18 PMMastermindzh I had one hiccup.
08:04:22 PMMastermindzh Near the beginning
08:04:29 PMAspidZent hmmm...
08:04:30 PMMastermindzh Only for a couple of secs though
08:04:32 PM_Jot_ for me it was in the middle somewhere
08:04:48 PMGuest_6870 i should have tried the nook to watch the show
08:05:14 PMDave-Maydew I'll try my Tablet PC next week with the stream
08:05:22 PMMastermindzh I tried my netbook
08:05:23 PMAspidZent yeah...
08:05:25 PMMastermindzh which DOES NOT
08:05:26 PMMastermindzh like flash
08:05:27 PMMastermindzh :)
08:05:30 PMMastermindzh and all went well.
08:05:40 PMMastermindzh Used elementary OS luna beta 2 and the latest VLC media player :)
08:05:41 PMDave-Maydew Which Netbook is it?
08:05:44 PMDave-Maydew Acer?
08:05:51 PMMastermindzh Asus eee PC 1005PE (old one)
08:05:57 PMMastermindzh It has a 60gb ssd and 2gb of ram ;)
08:06:14 PMMastermindzh Never been able to watch the stream on it
08:06:16 PMAspidZent and intel video chipset, right???
08:06:21 PMMastermindzh Yep :0
08:06:22 PMGuest_6870 Mastermindzh: is that rooted
08:06:31 PMDave-Maydew Yeah I've got a Acer Aspire One ZA3 with the Terrible GMA500
08:06:52 PMMastermindzh Fantastic little laptops.... but the grapics :D the horrible horrible graphics :P
08:07:15 PMDennis_Kelley_ See ya all in the HAngout!
08:07:17 PMMastermindzh I got an asus zenbook in the mail though. :)
08:07:51 PMMastermindzh Well I'm off :)
08:07:54 PMMastermindzh Bye all!
08:10:23 PMRobbieF IT WAS ERIC'S BEARD!
08:11:04 PM_Jot_ darn it!
08:11:20 PM_Jot_ not Erics guitar leaning on a cable balancing all precariously?
08:12:22 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - Can you display a graphic with the Cat5 phone number while saying it in the future
08:12:42 PMGoodGuy Give us a chance to save the info better
08:13:05 PMGoodGuy Or have the cohost post it in the chat room
08:13:15 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, which is useful for the people indeed, but you mean the number listed as title in the chatroom right now?
08:14:11 PMGoodGuy Thanks for the wakeup call :-)
08:17:24 PMAspidZent anyone else used the VLC link???
08:17:59 PM_Jot_ AspidZent, no, since nobody else was here at the time :)
08:18:02 PMDave-Maydew I did for the first 5 mins
08:18:09 PMDave-Maydew but mine kept timing out
08:18:17 PMDave-Maydew and was over a minute behind
08:19:29 PMAspidZent yeah... it depends on latency... continental US and Canada should be fine... anywhere else... not so good...
08:19:35 PMDave-Maydew Anyway, I am off to bed, it's 1:20am and I'm tired after 2 and a half hours of non stop radio operating tonight
08:19:59 PM_Jot_ I'm in Europe and it was fine here :)
08:20:13 PMAspidZent yeah... it depends on the carrier...
08:20:53 PMDave-Maydew Thanks for a great show RobbieF and EricKidd
08:21:00 PMAspidZent indeed...
08:21:02 PMDave-Maydew see you all next week
08:21:09 PM_Jot_ have a great week Dave-Maydew
08:21:26 PMDave-Maydew Will try ;-)
08:21:43 PMAspidZent I'm logging off as well... c ya ppl...
08:22:01 PMDave-Maydew Goodnight
08:22:21 PMRobbieF How was vlc?
08:22:42 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF it was timing out here
08:22:55 PMDave-Maydew but what I saw of it, quality was good
08:23:19 PMDave-Maydew YouTube kept it's sync though
08:23:34 PM_Jot_ vlc was fine, cut out once for me
08:23:36 PMDave-Maydew so, I know it wasn't my Internet connection
08:26:15 PMRobbieF Hmm, wonder why it timed out for dave but not _Jot_
08:27:19 PM_Jot_ it didn't time out except once for Mastermindzh too
08:27:42 PM_Jot_ and for him it cut off near the beginning, for me in the middle somewhere
09:03:26 PMGWG Hi
09:13:16 PM_Jot_ hey GWG


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