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06:58:07 PMagamotto Ahhh, yes... this 12 minute commute to the new store is killer...
06:58:31 PM_Jot_ so whats with the hat Melissa?
06:58:43 PMkeckeckec Ray-sha-vick
06:59:23 PMGWG I need to buy food tonight
06:59:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, youtube won't play for me at all, but I hope its just me
06:59:32 PM_Jot_ through
06:59:38 PMShineShadow I have youtube going
06:59:43 PMRobbieF Youtube is indeed up
06:59:45 PMRobbieF all shots are up
06:59:54 PMagamotto GWG, Yes mass quantities can be quite annoying
07:00:14 PMagamotto I am viewing through YouTube currently
07:00:34 PM_Jot_ I have VLC working and radio so not an issue but just wanted to point it out
07:01:21 PMShineShadow haha
07:01:28 PMagamotto Antics or denticks?
07:01:33 PMDennis_Kelley Hello all!
07:01:53 PMIMTech5
07:01:54 PMShineShadow Hey Dennis_Kelly
07:02:11 PMagamotto A Chrome Mentat?
07:02:15 PMDave-Maydew I'm back
07:02:20 PMDave-Maydew and just in time!!
07:02:20 PM_Jot_ agamotto, it helped, thanks
07:02:25 PM_Jot_ hi Dennis_Kelley
07:02:29 PM_Jot_ welcome back Dave-Maydew
07:02:32 PMagamotto Win 8? What for, isn't Unity bad enough?
07:02:42 PMShineShadow Hey Dave_Maydew
07:02:51 PM_Jot_ wow RobbieF, you sound so livelike
07:02:56 PMErikaL Hello , Everyone !
07:03:14 PMShineShadow he's alive even
07:03:24 PMagamotto ErikaL, How are things, sweetie?
07:03:32 PMShineShadow we all know he an android
07:03:53 PMDave-Maydew Hey agamotto
07:03:53 PM_Jot_ he managed to sound just like Erika for a moment
07:04:00 PMDave-Maydew it's been a while
07:04:02 PMShineShadow haha
07:04:09 PMagamotto Nah, he is some sort of Apple/Android hybrid... explains the bald pate
07:04:23 PMShineShadow the top of his head would disappear
07:04:57 PMShineShadow hew GoodGuy
07:05:01 PMagamotto Hmmm, Robbie as an Orion slave merchant...
07:05:08 PMGoodGuy hi ShineShadow
07:05:24 PMErikaL Im doing well , i think i may have invented college super mr noodles :) making it healthy for students lol
07:05:47 PMErikaL Im still getting though with my fall semester
07:05:48 PMagamotto ErikaL, You just toss out the flavor packet, ya?
07:05:50 PMRobbieF Ha - sounds fun agamotto!
07:05:51 PMRobbieF :)
07:05:52 PMRobbieF haha
07:06:02 PMErikaL i add kale and garlic :)
07:06:21 PMErikaL and add veg powdered broth
07:06:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF has a nice recipe about how to make garlic to use easily in cubes without having to cut them up every time too
07:06:56 PMagamotto My new coworkers were quite surprised that I had white tea, and vietnamese soup for lunch today. Most have never seen shitake mushrooms... they have so much to learn
07:07:15 PMGuest_6406 What is this, a cooking show?? - The Albuquerque Turque
07:07:41 PMagamotto Dreary day = great time for soup
07:07:49 PMShineShadow I love shiitake mushrooms
07:07:50 PM_Jot_ Guest, yes, it is studio C for cooking, donate through for studio D for Digital news :)
07:08:08 PMTN_Frank Had a heck of a time getting into chat.
07:08:21 PM_Jot_ hey TN_Frank, nice you made it
07:08:21 PMTN_Frank Not sure why, might have had something to do with having the SSL box checked
07:08:24 PMShineShadow Hi TN_R
07:08:31 PMTN_Frank LOL, just about didn't
07:08:34 PMShineShadow Hi TN_Frank
07:08:43 PMagamotto Just ask to borrow some snow from Toronto's mayor....
07:09:00 PMTN_Frank LOL, I was going to say.
07:09:03 PMDave-Maydew There's nothing like a GOOD P A R T Y
07:09:03 PMGoodGuy I have SSL running.. no problem joining
07:09:05 PM_Jot_ Of course! Hover!
07:09:20 PMTN_Frank "Animal House" is one of my favorite movies. LOL
07:09:34 PM_Jot_ Let me get out my Windows 95 CD, or rather my bought copy of Win95 Plus
07:09:37 PMDave-Maydew Oh my word.... Hover
07:09:39 PMagamotto The whole Elder Scrolls series now
07:09:49 PMTN_Frank I remember "reinstall my op system every 6 months" in Windows 98
07:09:52 PMDave-Maydew Descent was a good game
07:10:00 PMagamotto Forbidden Forest
07:10:01 PMTN_Frank That wasn't a very fun game to play at all.
07:10:41 PMagamotto Can't say I do
07:10:42 PM_Jot_ Go through Hover by going to or download it from MS at
07:11:05 PMBobK54 Liesure Suit Larry anyone? Maybe C64 days....
07:11:15 PMTN_Frank IE or can we run it on something decent like Firefox.??
07:11:23 PMagamotto LSL :)
07:11:25 PMDave-Maydew But it advertises Internet Exploder
07:11:29 PM_Jot_ it works on firefox
07:11:35 PMTN_Frank YOu
07:11:42 PMTN_Frank 'You're welcome.
07:11:55 PMTN_Frank THANK YOU for bringing us such great shows.
07:12:07 PMShineShadow Thats ok Dave-Maydew...we all know ie is crap
07:12:46 PMrats_ Liesure Suit Larry was my first video game - what a hoot
07:13:06 PMTN_Frank MYST was one of my first video games.
07:13:07 PMthiebaude Hello, Everyone
07:13:07 PMagamotto Pong was my first one
07:13:09 PMGoodGuy RobbieF: ErikaL - Any word on when the Roku app will be available?
07:13:15 PMBobK54 @rats. Yep, way too many hours lost on that game.
07:13:41 PMShineShadow Ping was fun and so simple...its was perfect back then
07:13:41 PMTN_Frank Do we need to say our State right now??
07:13:48 PM_Jot_ you mean Pong?
07:13:50 PMShineShadow and still fun today
07:14:00 PMrats_ BobK54: those hours are long gone
07:14:00 PMTN_Frank Does the State of Insanity count.:-/
07:14:02 PMShineShadow yes pong
07:14:04 PMGoodGuy Michigan
07:14:07 PMIMTech5 New York
07:14:11 PMGuest_2877 bill777 north carolina
07:14:13 PMJim_Gregory New York
07:14:14 PMDave-Maydew I've had issues with batteries over the last 2 weeks
07:14:19 PMTN_Frank Tennessee
07:14:20 PMthiebaude north carolina
07:14:22 PMDave-Maydew thanks to Amazon and Royal Mail
07:14:24 PMSanseriff Pennsylvania
07:14:29 PMrats_ Ohio
07:14:31 PMjblake58 Virginia
07:14:36 PMBobK54 Kentucky. formerly Long Island
07:14:51 PMthiebaude formally from virginia
07:15:08 PMkeckeckec California
07:15:10 PMDave-Maydew Oh god, this will please my friend Shane
07:15:12 PMShineShadow Connecticut
07:15:26 PMDave-Maydew and here I am trying to get him to switch totally
07:15:27 PMTN_Frank Will Windows XP stuff run under WINE??
07:15:29 PMGuest_6406 ABQTKY, The Albuquerque turque is in Nuevo Mexico - formerly from Noo Yawk State - yes, NM is an actual state.
07:15:49 PMarlams If I installed Debian 7 on a solid state drive how large should the partition be?
07:16:07 PMGoodGuy Some will TN_Frank .. I use CrossOver to run a couple WinXP programs
07:16:07 PMDave-Maydew TN_Frank, some will, you can check the compatibility on the WineHQ website
07:16:11 PM_Jot_ Don't forget to include your username Guest, because just Guest won't do it on this show :)
07:16:41 PMGoodGuy CrossOver is an advanced version of WINE
07:16:58 PMTN_Frank A buddy of mine has a Buel ECM program that he says he needs XP to run, since I've finally gotten him to install Point Linux on one of his computers I told him he can probably run it under Linux using WINE.
07:17:06 PM_Jot_ oh, and my state is solid, and my province is called Overijssel, where I currently am. None of which is useful in shipping anything anywhere :P
07:17:19 PMGuest_6406 It's ABQTKY, I must have skipped a small step while logging on. 8-(
07:17:40 PM_Jot_ Guest, if you want to try changing it now, try /nick ABQTKY
07:17:43 PMGoodGuy 4.3 is out now
07:17:53 PMGoodGuy RobbieF: 4.3 is out now
07:18:03 PMTN_Frank LOL, "No Thanks",
07:18:13 PMTN_Frank IE sucks big time LOL
07:18:16 PMthiebaude yep
07:18:30 PMABQTKY Wow, how about that!! Thanks, Jot!!
07:18:39 PM_Jot_ you're welcome ABQTKY :0
07:18:40 PM_Jot_ :)
07:19:00 PMbill777 bill777 north carolina
07:19:23 PMthiebaude bill777, where in NC?
07:19:55 PMbill777 was loged in as guest
07:20:03 PMTN_Frank Oh man, lost video feed here.
07:20:32 PMagamotto Much like Calibre
07:20:36 PMGoodGuy That is neat!
07:20:41 PMthiebaude i wonder if you can run netflix in it?
07:20:45 PM_Jot_ I guess I should be more clear, on the website its fine although you do get some viewer points every day for logging in, just for winning in the chatroom it doesn't help cause nobody can check who you are :)
07:20:47 PMTN_Frank Ok, it's back. Wonder what happened???
07:21:06 PMagamotto ISP spooling?
07:21:20 PMthiebaude arg
07:21:23 PM_Jot_ Frank, I had issues with youtube earlier so could be youtube as well, but as long as it came back :)
07:21:27 PMagamotto RAR- Lady Gaga format?
07:21:39 PMGuest_3281 Greetings
07:21:40 PMErikaL Little monsters program :)
07:21:55 PMTN_Frank Yep, it came back after I closed out Firefox then started it back up and clicked on "watch live".
07:22:12 PM_Jot_ RAR is short for Roshal Archive
07:22:57 PMTN_Frank Can you run it under Firefox or just IE??
07:23:10 PMagamotto egg?
07:23:37 PMagamotto Oh, a system image
07:24:16 PMthiebaude cool
07:24:31 PMDave-Maydew 1Gb RAM for Windows 8?
07:24:34 PMGuest_9542 Wow that's slow what are you using
07:24:34 PMagamotto Win 8 in 1Gb of RAM? sounds painful
07:24:40 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, it's windows, so it might actually take that long
07:24:47 PMTN_Frank So you'll have Windows 8 without actually having to buy a copy or install it in a VM??
07:25:00 PMShineShadow something simple from microsoft...i must be in the twilight zone
07:25:05 PM_Jot_ he is installing it in a VM, just a free VM :)
07:25:24 PMDave-Maydew A watched Kettle never boils
07:25:25 PMTN_Frank agamotto, yep, seems like you'd need a min. of 4GB for Windows 8 "bloat ware".
07:25:45 PMTN_Frank Must have been opening a larger file.
07:25:46 PMBobK54 wow, must have used some nitrous
07:25:51 PMagamotto Funny, I just put a kettle on about 30 min ago
07:25:52 PM_Jot_ Microsoft added this service due to the disappearance of technet
07:25:56 PMTN_Frank I get the same thing when I make a Live USB in UNetbootin.
07:26:21 PMthiebaude use the host internet
07:26:22 PMShineShadow ahhhh i see _Jot_
07:26:22 PMGoodGuy Have you seen Easy2Boot TN_Frank ?
07:26:42 PMthiebaude wonder how fast that will be
07:26:49 PMGoodGuy Fantastic freeware
07:26:53 PMTN_Frank Nope, UNetbootin has worked fine for me so far.
07:27:07 PMthiebaude TN_Frank, i have used it in the past, no problems
07:27:21 PMGoodGuy Easy2Boot makes Unetbootin look like a Model T
07:27:24 PMTN_Frank I will write it down and give it a look though, thanks.
07:27:26 PMDave-Maydew It's still as slow
07:27:39 PMGoodGuy Same guy who wrote RMPrepUSB
07:27:54 PMagamotto We just returned two laptops that were donated to us at T4T due to no one being able to adjust to Win 8
07:28:06 PMTN_Frank But it's still WINDOWS.:P
07:28:06 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can't actually get rid of the crazy blocky thing
07:28:21 PMShineShadow 8.1 Creepy...the official name...
07:28:27 PMGoodGuy
07:28:41 PMGoodGuy It sounds hard to use, but it is not
07:29:07 PMTN_Frank Dr.Bill uses a program called "Classic Shell" in Windows 8 to make it look like Windows 7
07:29:13 PMGoodGuy multiboot several ISO's from a dynamic menu system
07:30:04 PMthiebaude classic shell is what i would recommend to windows 8 users who want the start menu
07:30:07 PMIMTech5 Classic Shell runs nice. :)
07:30:12 PMthiebaude yes
07:30:20 PMTN_Frank OR just run Point Linux, LOL
07:30:26 PMShineShadow lol
07:30:26 PMthiebaude well, when i had windows 8
07:30:44 PMDave-Maydew It's taken them a while to catch up! but then that's MS
07:30:47 PMGoodGuy whole web site is full of great info
07:30:47 PMTN_Frank I used Windows 8 for about a week on a new laptop I picked up from WalMart.
07:30:56 PMagamotto In our situation, it was far easier to just fetch two older laptops, install Mint and OpenOffice... total time spent 54min
07:31:00 PMDave-Maydew I soon got shot of it on my Laptop
07:31:01 PMTN_Frank Took it back when it picked up a Trojan and the system got borked.
07:31:04 PMTN_Frank TENNESSEE, LOL
07:31:21 PMTN_Frank "T" is for Texas, "T" for Tennessee.:-D
07:31:52 PMthiebaude the ie11 in the new gui i could not even use
07:31:53 PMDave-Maydew It's pronounced Internet Exploder
07:32:04 PMTN_Frank I was just going to ask if you could use WINE for IE under Linux.
07:32:11 PMagamotto We care about IE users?
07:32:22 PM_Jot_ agamotto, if you want to get paid you do :)
07:32:24 PMgpop7 top of the evening to everyone.
07:32:32 PMGoodGuy There used to be a version of IE for Linux
07:32:32 PMthiebaude hey gpop7
07:32:38 PMagamotto TN_Frank, up to 9, I think so
07:32:39 PMGoodGuy forgot the name
07:32:41 PMthiebaude GoodGuy, i remember that
07:32:53 PMthiebaude was not stable for at all
07:32:54 PMTN_Frank So it'd not be like installing Windows 8 in a Virtual Box then?
07:32:55 PMDave-Maydew Windows Tablets?
07:32:57 PMthiebaude me
07:32:58 PMgpop7 hello thiebaude
07:32:58 PMShineShadow as developers, we have to care about what our clients care about
07:33:19 PMDave-Maydew oh you mean the new coffee table I have
07:33:21 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:33:23 PMkeckeckec When does the W8 preview expire?
07:33:31 PM_Jot_ TN_Frank, it is in a VM, you could see RobbieF running it in sun virtualbox
07:33:40 PM_Jot_ keckeckec, preview versions work for 30 days
07:33:41 PMthiebaude keckeckec, its expired
07:33:41 PMTN_Frank If you're still running XP you're hosed, LOL
07:33:42 PMagamotto Wait for Win9
07:33:44 PMagamotto hehehe
07:34:02 PMGuest_9542 <----- hates Mac
07:34:06 PMTN_Frank _jot_ but not like a full install of an Op System in a Virtual Box though
07:34:28 PM_Jot_ TN_Frank, the preview versions are the same as full installs, just they are pre-installed by MS already
07:34:32 PMagamotto Hmmm, LCARS with a Taelon virtual glass interface...
07:34:38 PMGoodGuy Oracle VirtualBox :-)
07:34:40 PMDave-Maydew <--- hater of all Billy Bob Gates stuff
07:34:53 PMShineShadow handy dandy alright :)
07:34:58 PMTN_Frank _jot_ so it WOULD have the same features as a full install of Win8 then??
07:35:12 PMagamotto OMG
07:35:18 PMIMTech5 Ouch!!!!
07:35:24 PM_Jot_ it gives the same version as if you would take any windows 8 dvd and install without a key, it also gives the preview-version which is the same as the full version
07:35:31 PMGoodGuy lol
07:35:38 PMthiebaude wow, alot of computers still running xp,lol
07:35:39 PMTN_Frank Time to hit E-Bay for a new keyboard,LOL
07:36:08 PMGoodGuy various opinions on puttting keyboards in the dishwasher
07:36:23 PMGoodGuy I tried it with a garagew sale freebie
07:36:26 PMagamotto As long as you put it in a bag of rice afterwards, sure
07:36:39 PMTN_Frank I was born ready, LOL
07:36:47 PMGoodGuy one key caused trouble, but worked otherwise
07:36:56 PMGoodGuy I allowed it to dry a week
07:37:01 PMagamotto Who has the bandwidth for it?
07:37:06 PMDave-Maydew Next step for HDTV..... going outside
07:37:10 PMErikaL GOOD ALWAYS ready !
07:37:12 PMthiebaude or the money for the tv's
07:37:16 PMoaesystemstech But how about having Netflix for Linux
07:37:27 PMTN_Frank Doesn't matter, my Roku won't do 4k anyway, LOL
07:37:39 PMthiebaude oaesystemstech, i am using netflix on ubuntu
07:37:42 PMGoodGuy Youtube will
07:37:57 PMkeckeckec thiebaude: Might not have the speed to do it
07:38:00 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, here in Europe we're actually civilized, it's the amercas that is far behind in speeds
07:38:06 PMDave-Maydew 80mb here
07:38:09 PMShineShadow now I can get that 20 foot screen tv now
07:38:10 PMthiebaude keckeckec, not quit yet, but its getting there
07:38:11 PMagamotto _Jot_, agreed
07:38:24 PMGuest_4506 14mb :(
07:38:24 PMGoodGuy South Korea has the best internet iirc
07:38:34 PMDave-Maydew ADSL2+ is like Dialup now lol
07:38:39 PMthiebaude keckeckec, as far as fps-frames per second
07:38:43 PMTN_Frank Ahh, but someday. They're planning ahead.
07:39:15 PMthiebaude debian
07:39:42 PMagamotto I love XFCE
07:39:50 PMthiebaude i ahve used it before
07:39:52 PMGoodGuy Doesn't Netflix compete directly against Comcast Xfinity On-Demand
07:39:52 PMthiebaude have
07:40:01 PMagamotto And it has... rodents!
07:40:04 PMTN_Frank Not crazy about Gnome 3 from what I've see of it when I've used it. I'm perfectly happy with MATE.
07:40:16 PMthiebaude i stuck with unity
07:40:25 PMthiebaude hidden,lol
07:40:29 PMkeckeckec I'm using KDE, with classic menus. Very happy with it.
07:40:32 PMthiebaude :)
07:40:37 PMTN_Frank Debian is debating over upstart and systemd also.
07:40:39 PMagamotto Which means it should be Vorlon-approved in about a year
07:40:54 PMthiebaude but would love to have gnome 2
07:41:01 PM_Jot_ here the minimumspeed you can get is 4 or 8mbit, and that is currently being upgraded to 40mbit, as minimum so 4/8 being about the max in the americas for most aeras I'd say they are quite far behind
07:41:10 PMjblake58 Robbie, as a newbie to linux from win, which distro do you recomend for learning? I'm running Mint 15 after having issues with ubuntu
07:41:16 PMTN_Frank That's why I like MATE, it's suppose to be a lot like Gnome 2
07:41:17 PMGoodGuy MATE is Gnome updated, isnt it?
07:41:30 PMthiebaude a fork yes
07:41:33 PMthiebaude GoodGuy,
07:41:35 PMagamotto _Jot_, Where do I apply for a visa?
07:41:41 PMDave-Maydew I run Unity
07:41:42 PMGuest_9542 Robbie is old
07:41:43 PMthiebaude a fork of gnome 2
07:41:43 PMTN_Frank jblake58 Point Linux is easy to use and works well
07:41:51 PMGoodGuy I am using Mint 15 also... best distro I have used so far
07:41:52 PM_Jot_ agamotto, you're from the US, you don't need a visa
07:41:59 PMDave-Maydew but Dad uses LXDE
07:42:04 PMagamotto _Jot_, to stay?
07:42:04 PMthiebaude mint is good
07:42:07 PMTN_Frank I'm ecstatic with Point Linux and MATE.
07:42:11 PM_Jot_ agamotto, that's correct
07:42:18 PMTN_Frank Especially being able to use Compiz
07:42:21 PMoaesystemstech Exactly the reason I left windows
07:42:30 PMthiebaude TN_Frank, is point based on ubuntu?
07:42:38 PMthiebaude point linux
07:42:41 PMIMTech5 I recommend Zorin for Windows users
07:42:42 PMoaesystemstech I liked Zorin
07:42:45 PMTN_Frank Point goes back to Debian 7
07:42:48 PMthiebaude zorin was nice
07:43:06 PMjblake58 Thanks to all!
07:43:08 PMIMTech5 Installed it for family member.
07:43:10 PMTN_Frank Ubuntu is based on Debian but one step removed. Point Linux is actual Debian at it's core
07:43:28 PMthiebaude been with ubuntu since 6.06 :)
07:43:32 PMagamotto Gentoo is great if you want to drown in configuring
07:43:50 PMthiebaude agamotto, nah i dont need any aggravation,lol
07:44:07 PMkeckeckec But gentoo is a good learning experience, if that's what you want
07:44:26 PMGoodGuy Defense industry should love this
07:44:37 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, so that is how the keyboard really got smashed, you got angry?
07:44:46 PMGoodGuy Security guard at military checkpoints
07:45:33 PMGuest_9542 They would do nothing
07:45:36 PMoaesystemstech Sort of like 2 Siri's
07:45:53 PMagamotto Nah, they would just fall into a tesseract
07:45:54 PMTN_Frank Mexican Standoff
07:45:55 PMjblake58 cat fight
07:45:57 PMShineShadow Actually _Jot_, the hair dryer got smashed against the laptop and then she tried to hide the evidence under hot glue
07:46:09 PM_Jot_ yeah, no action so no reaction, like a few siris
07:46:12 PMGoodGuy a CRAY computer to win rock, papper and scissors
07:46:20 PMDave-Maydew Blackberry are going Kickstarter
07:46:20 PMoaesystemstech How?
07:46:22 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:46:35 PM_Jot_ ShineShadow, but why did it get smashed :)
07:46:40 PMRobbieF Hey chat room!
07:46:45 PMthiebaude Hey RobbieF
07:46:47 PMagamotto From who? Even Home Depot dumped them
07:46:47 PMthiebaude :)
07:46:50 PM_Jot_ hi RobbieF
07:47:01 PMErikaL Yes i It was smashed because i was late for school
07:47:17 PMShineShadow Oh yes on that you are absolutely correct...anger management needed :)
07:47:35 PMGoodGuy temper - temper ErikaL
07:47:37 PMShineShadow hi RobbieF
07:47:39 PM_Jot_ heh, guys have it easier :) late for school? just don't do the hair and be on time
07:47:41 PMTN_Frank ErikaL and why were you late for school?? Too much partying the night before?;-)
07:47:46 PMthiebaude bye erika hanks for coming in, jk
07:47:53 PMthiebaude thanks
07:48:00 PMDave-Maydew Yo
07:48:04 PMthiebaude hiya
07:48:23 PMDave-Maydew Hangouts
07:48:28 PMTN_Frank TENNESSEE!!!!:)
07:48:33 PM_Jot_ wow a whole episode about TN_Frank today :)
07:48:40 PMthiebaude i'll have to skip the hangout tonight
07:48:45 PMDave-Maydew Google Voice?? is that still going??
07:48:45 PMShineShadow lol
07:48:53 PMTN_Frank It's the Tennessee Frank Show.
07:49:07 PMTN_Frank Thank you, thank you very much.
07:49:19 PMthiebaude lol
07:49:30 PMGuest_9542 Frank where's the beer
07:49:48 PMErikaL Okay so the key board broke from me smashing my hair dryer on it .. i was alwasy late for school , back in high school
07:49:50 PMTN_Frank I noticed that Google Voice still ring through to my cell phone.
07:49:53 PMErikaL the true story
07:49:59 PMthiebaude wow
07:50:11 PMagamotto broken encryption
07:50:11 PMthiebaude hmm,lol
07:50:14 PMShineShadow ahhhh I knew it :)
07:50:18 PMErikaL i would be the kids sprinting for the school bus ..
07:50:21 PMTN_Frank Hangout I can make PC to PC calls and like we were doing last week with Video Chat
07:50:23 PMthiebaude figure that one out,lol
07:50:26 PMErikaL kid *
07:50:49 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, you're always so young to me still, but then, I'm so old :P
07:51:01 PMoaesystemstech Spectator Sport
07:51:07 PMTN_Frank Kind of like the NSA.
07:51:16 PMShineShadow It's ok ErikaL...I've broken a thing or too
07:51:18 PMoaesystemstech True
07:51:18 PMthiebaude phew
07:51:40 PMTN_Frank So if I use Google Voice and make a call and it rings through to my cell phone will it use my minutes from my cell provider?
07:51:43 PMoaesystemstech SneakerNet
07:51:50 PM_Jot_ I think we all break stuff sometimes, I tend to break keyboards through usage, they just wear out
07:51:58 PMErikaL a key board is nothing compared to a college microwave fire ( shhhhhh ) :P
07:51:59 PMTN_Frank TruCrypt
07:52:01 PMShineShadow TrueCrypt is under security audit at the moment
07:52:04 PMagamotto TN_Frank, it can if you set it up that way
07:52:23 PMShineShadow They are checking for NSA backdoors
07:52:41 PMTN_Frank I know when I called my wife to test Google Voice it rang through to my phone and I could hit "1" to allow, which was cool
07:52:48 PMDave-Maydew I was taken back to find that MediBuntu has gone
07:52:57 PMTN_Frank I just wonder if I'm using my Verzion minutes or not when I call like that?
07:53:02 PM_Jot_ problem is there might be backdoors in the encryption-method in the math in ways that you can't know about
07:53:06 PMagamotto Isn't RND under audit over same issues?
07:53:14 PMthiebaude Dave-Maydew, when i started on ubuntu i used that
07:53:20 PMShineShadow
07:53:24 PMTN_Frank Love Gnome Disk Utility
07:53:30 PMTN_Frank Much easier then G-Parted
07:53:44 PM_Jot_ TN_Frank, it'll call your number so if it uses minutes for getting called then it probably would
07:53:51 PMTN_Frank "sudo apt-get install gnome-disk-utility" will work too
07:53:56 PMthiebaude ^^
07:54:18 PMShadArt Have you ever tried Android x86, guys?
07:54:23 PMthiebaude gksudo
07:54:26 PMTN_Frank _jot_ ahh, so Google Voice will actually call me then so I'm still using cell minutes.
07:54:49 PMTN_Frank Under Applications/Accossories
07:55:08 PM_Jot_ TN_Frank, if you set it up that way, of course if you get called through internet then it will make use of your internet and I don't know if it uses your minutes for that because that depends on how you pay internet
07:55:09 PMGoodGuy I did ages ago ShadArt .... Saw it on some show
07:55:28 PMGoodGuy I looked for a few mins and deleted it
07:55:32 PMthiebaude ShadArt, RobbieF was showing us on one show
07:55:38 PMthiebaude and i tried it on the desktop
07:55:39 PMGoodGuy It may be way better now
07:55:53 PMTN_Frank That's why I liked Hangouts because I can call a cell phone or another PC without using my cell phone or minutes
07:56:06 PMShadArt Well... I am not sure how good is the ARM emulation there.
07:56:24 PM_Jot_ voice was the old name for hangouts, or the service they made before it so it doesn't really matter now :)
07:56:25 PMTN_Frank Disk Utility is under Applications/Accessories.
07:58:40 PMthiebaude ext4 been around for awhile now
07:59:31 PM_Jot_ ErikaL, Miro internet not Micro internet :P
07:59:38 PMthiebaude Great show RobbieF thanks
07:59:39 PMTN_Frank You need to do a longer show.
07:59:42 PMShineShadow Thanks for the show RobbieF and ErikaL
07:59:49 PMShadArt Thanks for the show
07:59:56 PMIMTech5 Great show! Thanks!!!
08:00:01 PMthiebaude Bye RobbieF and Everyone :)
08:00:03 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, feel free to send one here and I'll be happy to test it on the show :)
08:00:08 PMTN_Frank I"m watchin' on YouTube right now but I'll re-watch on Roku/Blip tomorrow.
08:00:20 PMjblake58 Great show as usual. Thanks!
08:00:22 PMthiebaude bye guys
08:00:31 PMShineShadow bye thiebaude
08:00:38 PMDave-Maydew Great show!! as always
08:00:39 PMErikaL Bye every One
08:00:42 PMgpop7 goodness look like time flew by
08:00:45 PMthiebaude Bye ErikaL take care
08:00:47 PMShadArt See you, guys.
08:00:50 PMTN_Frank See ya' later ErikaL
08:00:53 PMShineShadow bye ErikaL...thanks
08:00:54 PMthiebaude it went by fast
08:01:01 PMErikaL Its great to be back !
08:01:06 PM_Jot_ for the pledges if you don't want to type
08:01:07 PMthiebaude ErikaL, same here
08:01:08 PMErikaL have a great month !
08:01:10 PMErikaL tee hee
08:01:12 PMthiebaude lol
08:01:17 PMDave-Maydew I'm off to the pit, been under the weather for the last couple of days, no voice till today
08:01:19 PMErikaL awe , thanks for all your support !
08:01:20 PMTN_Frank ErikaL so you don't hang around for the "after party" =-O
08:01:24 PMthiebaude Dave-Maydew, ok tc
08:01:34 PMgpop7 Goodnight everyone. Great show.
08:01:37 PMErikaL Next time ill start the show with brown hair :P
08:01:38 PMthiebaude i'll do the hangout next time
08:01:41 PMDave-Maydew I always do ;-)
08:01:41 PMBobK54 Night all!
08:01:45 PMErikaL lol
08:01:47 PMthiebaude peace out
08:01:48 PMShineShadow bye gpop7
08:01:51 PMgpop7 Have a great week.
08:01:54 PMErikaL peace !
08:02:05 PMShadArt Peace.
08:02:17 PMDave-Maydew Will be back next Tuesday, and will have my friend watching live too
08:02:20 PMShineShadow rakecare ShadArt
08:02:25 PMgpop7 Next week ShineShadow
08:02:25 PMTN_Frank Wow, look at everyone leave. Like Rats leaving a Sinkin' Ship.
08:02:35 PMShineShadow indeed gpop7
08:02:44 PM_Jot_ yeah, and no sound so can't hear them talking about us :)
08:02:53 PMDave-Maydew it's 1am here, and I need my beauty sleep lol
08:03:05 PMTN_Frank LOL, that's why we head to Hangouts and hook up the ol' WebCam.
08:03:16 PMrats_ Great show TY RobbieF & ErikaL
08:03:24 PMShineShadow Dave_Maydew...did you say you got a nexus 7
08:03:30 PMShineShadow or 4 i mean
08:03:32 PMoaesystemstech So does the last one here turn off the lights?
08:03:33 PMDave-Maydew no Nexus 4
08:03:36 PM_Jot_ nexus 4 he said
08:03:46 PMShineShadow are you going to root that?
08:03:48 PMTN_Frank I noticed that Mastermindzh wasn't in Chat tonight. Hope he ok.
08:03:50 PMDave-Maydew Hoping to get the Nexus 7 later
08:04:02 PMDave-Maydew I'm thinking of rooting it yeah
08:04:03 PM_Jot_ the chatroom never goes away oaesystemstech so you can visit during the week too
08:04:15 PMDave-Maydew that was one of the reasons I bought it lol
08:04:21 PMoaesystemstech cool...might need some help somethime
08:04:39 PMTN_Frank Yep, there's generally always someone in the chat room
08:04:47 PM_Jot_ sometimes there aren't a lot of people here so people respond slowly at times but usually there's always people to talk with
08:05:02 PMShineShadow cool. I've been eye-balling the nexus 10 but I've never had an android device before. I prob wont be getting any time soon so if you do, can you send me the link to the resource you used?
08:05:06 PMagamotto I might drop in later... right now, i have a dinner to prepare.
08:05:12 PMTN_Frank "slow" unfortunately is one of my pet peeves. LOL
08:05:28 PMDave-Maydew Anyway, good night all, and chat during the week, either on Twitter, G+ or on here
08:05:34 PMTN_Frank I've been on web forums where you'd post a new topic and it'd be days before anyone would respond.
08:05:44 PMTN_Frank Needless to say, I didn't stay on that forum for long.
08:06:08 PMShineShadow ok...goddnight Dave
08:06:16 PM_Jot_ TN_Frank, so that's why you never responded :)
08:06:33 PMTN_Frank to what _jot_??
08:06:57 PM_Jot_ TN_Frank, I have no idea but maybe somebody did and now is wondering why you didn't respond back :P
08:07:05 PMTN_Frank LOL,
08:07:27 PMTN_Frank Ok, I got it now, my mind isn't as sharp as it use to be. Sometimes takes me a few seconds to get something.
08:08:29 PMRobbieF Hi folks
08:08:33 PMRobbieF hope you enjoyed the show
08:08:42 PM_Jot_ hey RobbieF, it was very informative
08:08:45 PMTN_Frank RobbieF so here's another Google Plus question. If I make a call from Hangouts(my PC) to a buddies Cell Phone will it use his cell minutes
08:08:48 PMShineShadow Hey RobbieF...indeed
08:09:23 PMTN_Frank The show went by way too quickly.
08:09:25 PMRobbieF yes it will TN_Frank
08:09:37 PMRobbieF unless he's on wifi
08:09:57 PMTN_Frank RobbieF so it'd not technically be a "free" call on his end even though it would be on mine.
08:10:25 PMTN_Frank He's on Verzion same as I am. I just hate using Verzion if I can help it.
08:10:47 PMRobbieF Right. But if he installed the app and you called his app over wifi, he'd have it for free
08:11:29 PMTN_Frank He signed up for and has a Google Plus account. So if I call his Google phone number from my PC it'll hook up to his cell phone and be a free call then?
08:12:00 PMRobbieF Yes, but may cost him for data usage
08:12:04 PMRobbieF (it's internet)
08:12:11 PMRobbieF but if he is on wifi, it will be 100% free
08:12:36 PMTN_Frank So he really needs to get speakers and a mic for his desktop computer so I can just call PC to PC then.
08:12:43 PMTN_Frank That for sure would be a free call.
08:13:32 PMTN_Frank There's just so many little "ins" and "outs" of Google Plus, it gets confusing sometimes.
08:13:36 PM_Jot_ thats always the cheapest, if he gets free electricity and internet :P
08:13:57 PMRobbieF and free cheetos.
08:13:58 PMTN_Frank LOL, does anyone get free electricity or internet
08:14:03 PMTN_Frank and free beer
08:14:10 PMRobbieF Mmm... free beer.
08:14:22 PMTN_Frank You never really buy beer, you just rent it.
08:14:38 PM_Jot_ I hear hosts on get free beer from the organizer after the show, you should complain to them if you don't get it RobbieF
08:14:46 PMTN_Frank and by the taste of Some beer it's been rented quite a few times. LOL
08:15:14 PMRobbieF :)
08:15:21 PMRobbieF Yes, I do treat them better than they let on.
08:15:44 PMTN_Frank I pretty much have settled on Natural Ice or Busch Ice for my "general purpose" beer.
08:16:21 PMTN_Frank If funds allow I'll grab an oil can of Fosters
08:17:18 PMShineShadow Löwenbräu was my choice back in the day
08:17:31 PMTN_Frank Lowenbrau dark was some good stuff.
08:17:48 PMShineShadow that too TN_Frank
08:17:51 PMTN_Frank If I were rich I'd just buy Newcastle Brown Ale, that's stuff is da' bomb
08:18:25 PMShineShadow Yes...I prefered the darker richer beers
08:18:39 PMTN_Frank Yienglins(spelling??) Black and Tan is pretty good stuff
08:18:53 PMShineShadow I use past tense because I gave all that up :P
08:19:01 PMTN_Frank Suppose to be the oldest brewer in the U.S.
08:19:12 PMShineShadow Puts a lot of weight on ya
08:19:26 PMTN_Frank LOL, tell me about it. :'(
08:19:34 PMShineShadow haha
08:19:58 PMTN_Frank I don't even drink all that much anymore either. Maybe a couple during Football on a Saturday.
08:20:18 PMShineShadow What college team you fond of?
08:21:02 PMTN_Frank Georgia Bulldogs, Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers, Anyone but the Florida Gators.
08:21:40 PMTN_Frank I know I should like the Tennessee Vols but they're so up and down with the way they play, just can't get behind them
08:21:48 PMGoodGuy Not a Tebow fan huh?
08:22:05 PMTN_Frank Oh, I like Tebow, just not the Gators,
08:22:22 PMGoodGuy Tebow was a Gator :-)
08:22:25 PMTN_Frank I have no logical reason why I don't like them either, just don't
08:22:35 PMTN_Frank Key word "was" LOL
08:22:53 PMShineShadow I feel the same way about some teams...just a gut thing I guess
08:22:53 PMTN_Frank I just wish a decent NFL team would pick him up so he could play.
08:22:57 PMGoodGuy Minus the weapons and other criminal activities lol
08:23:03 PMGoodGuy I do also
08:23:40 PMGoodGuy Maybe God has other purposes in mind for his life path
08:24:24 PMTN_Frank Gene Simmons said he was starting an Arena Football team called the Kiss and he wanted Tebow to play for them.
08:24:48 PMShineShadow Yeah...he did the unthinkable...he fell to one knee and thanked those that got him could he (very sarcastic tone)
08:24:48 PMTN_Frank Who knows, maybe Tebow will go to the CFL for a while.
08:24:54 PMGoodGuy I read a Russians owner wanted him also
08:25:22 PMTN_Frank I noticed a lot of Christians in Football, don't know why they singled out Tebow like they did.
08:25:23 PMGoodGuy They said the CFL was a bad fit since they pass even more than the NFL
08:25:43 PMTN_Frank That's because it's hard to run in 2 feet of snow, LOL
08:26:05 PMShineShadow lol
08:26:29 PMGoodGuy I think he comes across as a such as good guys, it annoys those who want to do their own thing
08:26:47 PMGoodGuy Wider field, longer field and 3 downs
08:26:52 PMShineShadow probably GoodGuy
08:27:17 PMTN_Frank Cam Newton is a pretty decent guy as well. He scored a running TD Sunday then gave the ball to a little kid. That was pure class, he's a great guy.
08:27:32 PMTN_Frank It's good for players to see that it's the fans that make or break them.
08:28:08 PMShineShadow that sounds about right
08:28:24 PMTN_Frank Probably why so many get lost in drugs
08:28:40 PMGoodGuy I thought Cam started out with a somewhat bad rep due to his Dad trying to sell his services
08:28:50 PMTN_Frank it lets them feel good without doing anything positive
08:29:17 PMGoodGuy True... Everyone can do their own thing
08:29:19 PMTN_Frank Nope, that was all on Cam's dad, he didn't have anything to do with it. His dad wasn't really in his life all that much from what I read.
08:29:38 PMShineShadow Things are changing though, we are the underground now and there is a lot of activity below the radar
08:29:43 PMGoodGuy I remember reading a bit on the scandal
08:30:21 PMTN_Frank Yep, I followed it pretty closely because I was watching him play at Auburn and being an Auburn fan and all.
08:30:22 PMGoodGuy I didn't follow it in detail though
08:30:33 PMTN_Frank Ended up that Cam knew nothing about it and it all fell back on his dad.
08:31:15 PMGoodGuy If you aren't close to the situation, it would look like he used Dad as a front man
08:31:57 PMTN_Frank Yep, at first look some could make that assumption but the NCAA really dug into it and found that he didn't even know what his dad had done.
08:32:04 PMShineShadow If I may change the subject for just a second...sorry...does anyone code in c++ here?
08:32:09 PMGoodGuy After he went into the NFL, they talked about his bad sideline attitude when things didn't go as he hoped
08:32:32 PMGoodGuy not me
08:32:35 PMGoodGuy brb
08:32:46 PMTN_Frank I think he's just really hard on himself, he wants to really play at the next level and when he doesn't do well he tends to beat himself up over it.
08:33:21 PMShineShadow ok..thnks...this station will now resume with it's original broadcast :)
08:33:28 PMTN_Frank Peyton Manning is the same way. Some people think that he whines a lot but he just is really competitive and wants to do well.
08:33:50 PMShineShadow and wants to keep his 99 million dollar contract
08:34:03 PMTN_Frank Yah, what was that "C++" stuff, you'd think we were in a computer chat room or something. =-O
08:34:16 PMShineShadow haha
08:34:27 PMGoodGuy night all - gotta run
08:34:33 PMTN_Frank I think it's funny that Manning went from one horse team to another horse team.
08:34:38 PMTN_Frank C ya'
08:34:44 PMShineShadow take care GoodGuy see you next time
08:34:47 PMTN_Frank Colts to Broncos
08:35:12 PMShineShadow yeah... How much is his contract there now?
08:35:20 PMShineShadow any idea?
08:35:35 PMTN_Frank I need to get off of here as well. Some kind of Robin Robbert CMA deal tonight that I wanted to see.
08:35:47 PMShineShadow OK
08:35:47 PMTN_Frank Nope, no idea how much he's making.
08:36:01 PMTN_Frank Anyway, I'll catch ya'll later. Have a good one.
08:36:09 PMShineShadow See ya next time TN_Frank...take care :)
08:38:46 PMShineShadow Hey RobbieF...if your still you code in C++ by any chance?
08:42:20 PM_Jot_ he's mostly webdevelopment so php most of the time at least
08:42:58 PMRobbieF ^^ _jot_ is correct. Mostly PHP, jQuery, bash, HTML, XML.
08:44:34 PMShineShadow ok...those are my primaries as well...ventured off the beaten path a little for fun.
08:47:08 PMShineShadow Having a problem linking to a lib...thanks anyway
08:47:20 PMRobbieF :)
08:48:53 PMRobbieF well folks... time for me to head home :)
08:48:56 PMRobbieF been a long day
08:48:57 PMShineShadow Take care RobbieF and _Jot_
08:49:02 PMRobbieF looking forward to some time with Bekah.
08:49:07 PMRobbieF Have a nice night and thanks for joining us!
08:49:14 PM_Jot_ drive safely RobbieF :P
08:49:17 PMRobbieF _Jot_ get well soon--was great seeing you.
08:49:29 PM_Jot_ especially going up the stairs and everything, there's really high traffic there
08:49:40 PM_Jot_ don't stop on any bots :)
08:50:10 PM_Jot_ don't step I mean but same thing :)
08:53:10 PMRobbieF :)
08:53:16 PMRobbieF k I'll watch out :)
08:53:18 PMRobbieF have fun!


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