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06:58:10 PMsr_wences By the way you all, after the show you should search for Sr. Wences on youtube... the dude was a brilliant ventriloquist. I loved him when I was a kid.
06:58:30 PMsprintcowboy Howdy all
06:58:42 PM_Jot_ hey sprintcowboy
06:58:51 PMIMTech5 Hi sprintcowboy!
06:58:55 PMBobK54 I remember Sr. Wences from the Ed Sullivan Show!
06:59:02 PMsr_wences Thats him!
06:59:03 PMTennessee_Frank Howdy, howdy.
06:59:05 PM_Jot_ yeah, I remember it from there too
06:59:11 PM_Jot_ not from watching it live though
06:59:19 PMBobK54 no, on TV
06:59:22 PMDennis_Kelley here we go!
06:59:22 PM_Jot_ youtube still has lots of time to go :)
06:59:29 PMTennessee_Frank I remember Topo GiGi O
06:59:31 PMIMTech5 Hey Tennessee_Frank.
06:59:36 PMTennessee_Frank Howdy
06:59:44 PM_Jot_ quiet on the set :)
06:59:51 PMsr_wences OK, everybody quiet down... the show's about to start...
07:00:03 PMABQTKY Sr. Wences - 'so rrright?
07:00:04 PMBobK54 timing...gotta make tea
07:00:16 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF stop point at us!
07:00:19 PMsr_wences s' okay...
07:00:27 PMTennessee_Frank Found out something pretty cool about Gnome 3 today.
07:00:56 PMTennessee_Frank You can go into Tweak Tools and set it up so you'll have your home folder and trash on the desktop
07:01:16 PMTennessee_Frank You can also create folders on the desktop too.
07:01:24 PM_Jot_ MARK radio (just helping Robbie)
07:01:51 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF So you in "Play Off" mode there pard, LOL
07:02:02 PM_Jot_ MARK youtube/VLC (just helping Robbie)
07:02:08 PMtic-toc Has the show started? I have no video
07:02:30 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, it's up and running the intro right now
07:02:32 PM_Jot_ tic-toc, yep, youtube VLC and radio are working
07:03:10 PMBobK54 I'd like to try VLC, that helped the lag time when I used to listen to TLLTS. Not sure how to do it though.
07:03:18 PM_Jot_ one water coming up for bill
07:03:29 PMTennessee_Frank I just hit the Live Feed on the Cat5 web site and watch on YouTube
07:04:07 PMtic-toc I've done both no video...Hmmm
07:04:17 PM_Jot_ tic-toc, it might be your internet
07:04:38 PMpyrosrock_mobile Or computer
07:04:47 PMtic-toc Not the internet Im watching twit too
07:05:02 PM_Jot_ might not have enough bandwidth if you're doing it at the same time
07:05:35 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you really shouldn't use 1234 as your password!
07:05:36 PMtic-toc Not a bandwidth problem either
07:05:37 PMGuest369 I
07:06:03 PMTennessee_Frank So how do we know if our Facebook or Google+ account was hacked??
07:06:21 PMGoodGuy good question Tennessee_Frank
07:06:41 PMGuest369 Hi
07:06:57 PM_Jot_ Frank, with those its not a question if the information is out there or not, so it would be if messages appear not from you. But that doesn't say anything either since they do that already from their policies and license you gave them
07:07:06 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, You can Brute Force ANY password
07:07:56 PMTennessee_Frank Phishing Scams
07:08:06 PMTennessee_Frank WireShark
07:08:21 PMTennessee_Frank Scan the packages and find all kinds of stuff
07:08:35 PM_Jot_ ohhh like christmas
07:08:45 PMJaePea hi all
07:08:47 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_, LOL
07:08:50 PMtic-toc The video only works directly from youtube. Category5 links don't work
07:08:52 PM_Jot_ hi JaePea
07:09:24 PM_Jot_ tic-toc, glad you're at least able to watch
07:09:34 PMkiwitux Hi all from sunny Christchurch New Zealand
07:09:47 PMtic-toc Yep
07:09:49 PM_Jot_ hi kiwitux
07:10:02 PMtic-toc But those links need fixed
07:10:11 PMTennessee_Frank As a Linux user do we even have an Active Virus scan like AVG??? Clam is just a passive scan that I have to do after I'm on the web
07:10:12 PMGoodGuy Hi kiwitux from freezing cold Michigan
07:10:17 PMDennis_Kelley Hello JaePea
07:10:22 PMJaePea what i miss
07:10:27 PM_Jot_ tic-toc, it's working for others but a server near you might be not working well
07:10:39 PMTennessee_Frank kiwitux, love the alias. :)
07:11:09 PMkiwitux The youtube feed here just stopped and I had to refresh browser on television.
07:11:11 PMtic-toc It's a new problem, it has been working
07:11:28 PMtic-toc for me anyways
07:11:46 PMJaePea does eset work on linux???
07:12:01 PM_Jot_ JaePea, they do have a linux version apparently
07:13:09 PMGoodGuy calculating the hash sums is costly
07:13:10 PMTennessee_Frank I run ClamTK after I'm on the web and I always find Phishing Banks or infected Web Sites but they don't really do anything to me since I'm running Linux.
07:13:24 PMGoodGuy Try sha1sum on an iso file
07:14:40 PM_Jot_ Frank, they still take up storage space etc, so in a way they still cost you something
07:14:54 PMGoodGuy why wouldn't anti-virus comapnies create them and then protect against them
07:15:30 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, they could, but theres so many people doing it already, they don't need to make more
07:15:40 PMGoodGuy Like the mob sending a goon to intimidate a store owner and offering protection
07:15:51 PMTennessee_Frank I get e-mail all the time from "Amazon" or other sites saying "Your Order has shipped" when I've not ordered anything.
07:16:09 PMTennessee_Frank I NEVER click anything in the e-mail, I look up Amazon and call them to find out what's going on.
07:16:13 PMkiwitux I like the emails I receive from banks and companies that I don't have accounts with suggesting that I log on and update my creditials! :-)
07:16:29 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy: I had a clothing store manager freak out after being approached like that... he burned the store down!
07:16:29 PMtic-toc Do anti-virus companies allow back doors for the NSA
07:16:49 PMGoodGuy That's taking it seriously lol
07:16:56 PMTennessee_Frank I even had a "Hotel" e-mail me that my reservations were confirmed, LOL. Called them up and they said they knew about the scam
07:16:57 PM_Jot_ Frank, exactly, so they take up storage space from your email which affects your internet-account, and is theft of resources, and they take your time and energy, so they have damaged you, since you say they don't do anything :)
07:17:03 PMGoodGuy NSA takes what they want
07:17:43 PMTennessee_Frank What I mean is that they don't do anything as far as rewriting files or anything like the Trojan did on the Windows 8 laptop that I had for a week.
07:18:14 PMrevdjenk best practices... run linux
07:18:21 PMtic-toc I know linux kernel is NSA compliant
07:18:42 PMTennessee_Frank I run Firefox and use NoScript and Self Destructing Cookies to help cut down on web sites being able to do anything or track me with cookies.
07:19:10 PMkiwitux The mantra. If it looks suspect then it is suspect and just delete it.
07:19:13 PMGoodGuy a show on using NoScript would be helpful
07:19:14 PMrevdjenk Tennessee_Frank: I just don't connect to the internets at all...
07:19:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF 'removable device' = the executive part of the id-10-t error
07:19:34 PMTennessee_Frank revdjenk, soooooo how are ya' connected to us here then. LOL
07:19:37 PM_Jot_ e.g. the user
07:19:41 PMrevdjenk Tennessee_Frank: hee hee
07:19:49 PMGoodGuy Space Station got a virus that way
07:20:19 PMTennessee_Frank I still want to learn how to set up a server so I can tunnel into it with SSH if I'm out and about and need to use "free" wifi.
07:20:40 PMTennessee_Frank I watched a video on Hak5 but it was all totally over my head.
07:21:08 PMTennessee_Frank "Bury your own Dead" BYOD
07:21:09 PMGoodGuy look for a VPN service Tennessee_Frank ... they use that as a selling point
07:21:45 PMTennessee_Frank Problem is I've been unemployed for almost 4 years and have ZERO funds to spend on something like that.
07:22:30 PMGoodGuy then you have time to study the HAK5 series.... just takes time and effort to learn like anything
07:22:47 PM_Jot_ SSH isn't secure in a situation which involves free wifi anyway
07:22:52 PMGoodGuy Other SSH info also
07:23:20 PMTennessee_Frank So you can't tunnel through SSH to a server at home and be secure. wow.
07:24:11 PM_Jot_ problem is that as soon as you transfer any identification to the server, or password, to identify its really you, it can be sniffed and used to break the encryption
07:24:16 PMTennessee_Frank I guess the safe thing to do if you're out and about and want to use the free internet/wifi is to just boot to a Live USB and take it from there.
07:24:25 PMkiwitux Tennessee_Frank: I'm doing the same research and have the Hak5 episodes downloaded for review. And review.
07:24:48 PMrobgor yeah norton is terrible a friend of mine a few years ago had to upgrade his video card when updating norton :(
07:25:07 PMTennessee_Frank kiwitux, yep, sometimes they really talk over your head. I guess I've done that when I talk firearms or cars/trucks, LOL.
07:25:44 PMTennessee_Frank When you know something you just take it for granted that others know it too
07:25:57 PM_Jot_ Frank, did you email Robbie about it? that might help
07:26:16 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_, not yet, may be a good idea for a show though.
07:26:24 PM_Jot_ hi drawbot! oh its gone already
07:26:30 PMajamison5579 woot
07:26:35 PMrevdjenk wepreciate that
07:26:38 PMGoodGuy what is the punishment for coding a virus.... if not much to deter them, wont end soon
07:26:53 PMtic-toc Can I buy beer with that gift card? lol
07:27:13 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, unfortuantly it has no priority for police etc
07:27:17 PMDennis_Kelley I have a skip very so often! Hope it does not matter!
07:27:20 PM_Jot_ congratulations thiebaude
07:27:20 PMajamison5579 my name is not showing up
07:27:23 PMajamison5579 :(
07:27:30 PMGoodGuy I know, hence no end in sight
07:27:32 PMTennessee_Frank I've already won something, don't think I'd win again
07:27:38 PMGarbee ajamison5579, Not all names may show up.
07:27:43 PM_Jot_ hasn't even been hack-tivated?
07:27:44 PMrevdjenk woohoo
07:27:55 PMTennessee_Frank Congrats pard
07:28:53 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, Still not gotten the batteries yet. Is shipping THAT SLOW from Canada, ????
07:28:54 PMDreamer__ this is not live then
07:29:11 PMrevdjenk anyone know why I can't chromecast or use my blu-ray player to get cat5 on the tv?
07:29:16 PM_Jot_ Frank, not sure how it is there, but here customs can hold stuff for 1 month
07:29:33 PMrevdjenk smile....!
07:29:56 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ I'm pretty sure they were shipped Post and not Fed-Ex or UPS.
07:30:01 PM_Jot_ Frank, and also shipping-companies have new rules about batteries for some countries
07:30:08 PMTennessee_Frank Although I did give both addresses.
07:30:23 PM_Jot_ omg, RobbieF dropped my businesscards! now they are worthless on ebay cause of damage
07:30:34 PMrevdjenk The Christa Wells
07:30:49 PMIMTech5 _Jot_: LOL!!!
07:30:53 PM_Jot_ but they are amazing, that's why I wanted them :)
07:31:05 PMTennessee_Frank Not just ANY Christa Wells but THE Christa wells.:-D
07:31:20 PM_Jot_ yeah, and they are amazing on both sides, really special
07:31:26 PMrevdjenk Tennessee_Frank: like THE Ohio State
07:31:29 PMrobgor anywhere thechrista
07:31:40 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, I was just going to say that revdjenk
07:32:09 PMTennessee_Frank Can you believe that THE Ohio St. U lost to MI so Auburn gets to go to the BCS Bowl, VERY Sweet.
07:32:15 PMTennessee_Frank WAR EAGLES
07:32:33 PMTennessee_Frank noose
07:32:36 PMrobgor woohoo Iam famous this week lol
07:32:41 PMTennessee_Frank Da Noose
07:32:42 PMrevdjenk they beat Michigan...
07:32:50 PM_Jot_ apparently those people weren't running eset stuff
07:32:58 PMTennessee_Frank Michigan beat Ohio by 10 points.
07:32:59 PMGoodGuy lost to MI State, not MI...big difference here in Michigan
07:33:09 PMrevdjenk yes, GoodGuy
07:33:16 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, one of those teams in MI, LOL
07:33:26 PMGoodGuy Michigan State and Michigan are bitter rivals
07:33:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF always uses 1234 as a password
07:33:38 PMTennessee_Frank Either way AUBURN is going to the BCS Bowl and that's sweet in my book
07:33:47 PMajamison5579 so they expect people to remember 90 different passwords
07:33:49 PMajamison5579 lol
07:33:53 PMrevdjenk tOSU and UoM are bitterer
07:34:03 PMkiwitux password manager?
07:34:10 PMGoodGuy no use a password manager to enter them
07:34:10 PMrevdjenk lastpass
07:34:17 PMrevdjenk keeppass
07:34:30 PMtic-toc OSU lost to that "Better" team in Mi....
07:34:33 PMajamison5579 that would defeat the purpose of more then one password
07:34:38 PMBobK54 love lastpass!
07:34:42 PM_Jot_ I use keepass 2
07:34:42 PMajamison5579 if someone hacks or gets the password for the manager
07:34:46 PMJaePea i used lastpass
07:34:54 PMkiwitux Password -
07:35:03 PMGoodGuy can't argue that point... win beats a loss
07:35:07 PMrevdjenk lastpass here, but probably switching to keepass for mobile
07:35:12 PMTennessee_Frank I use the same password for forums but different ones for banking, e-mail and google plus
07:36:13 PMkiwitux I completely forgot my banking password and just let SWMBO deal with the dollars.
07:36:22 PMGoodGuy DuckDuckGo and others like them claim to keep no logs or for a very short time
07:36:24 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, maybe 'the fifth category' oh wait, that's too confusing
07:36:33 PMTennessee_Frank SHIELD is on tonight, LOL
07:37:00 PMTennessee_Frank I use Startpage for my search engine.
07:37:41 PMTennessee_Frank TheChrista, you don't need to talk, just sit there and look pretty.:)
07:38:11 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, get a windable one, no batteries :)
07:38:21 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF that's why I'm hesitant in getting a smart phone.
07:38:33 PMkiwitux Time to learn android programming so I can code my own flashlight app.
07:38:57 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, speaking of Eco Alkalines.8-)
07:39:03 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I'm sure you'll find a way to put it in sideways, and break everything
07:39:33 PMTennessee_Frank Just install it with the symbol up, how hard is that. geeze.
07:39:35 PMkiwitux Seam always to the bottom.
07:39:44 PMDennis_Kelley Ok RobbieF you are now being silly!
07:39:59 PMrevdjenk my phone has its connection upside down
07:40:11 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, why not try wireless, that is a wire you can plug in any way you want
07:40:14 PMIMTech5 Tennessee_Frank: I agree.
07:40:16 PMRobbieF I know, right?
07:40:16 PMTennessee_Frank A EMP killed my iMac.
07:40:17 PMRobbieF :)
07:40:37 PM_Jot_ Frank, which way is up?
07:40:53 PMTennessee_Frank Depends on weather you're North or South of the Equator.
07:40:59 PM_Jot_ Frank, so you got some good news
07:41:17 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ I did???
07:41:23 PM_Jot_ yeah, a dead iMac
07:42:05 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ it was kind of a blessing in disguise since it got me off of my butt and learning about Tech again and also got me into Linux.
07:42:09 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, you do it better than RobbieF would so good job :)
07:42:39 PMrevdjenk a whole hour
07:42:46 PMTennessee_Frank Hey, there's a job for me, Co-Host of Category5.
07:42:51 PM_Jot_ Frank, yeah, and hopefully you had backups
07:43:15 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_, nope, lost all my pics and videos of family.:'(
07:43:39 PM_Jot_ that sucks
07:43:45 PMrevdjenk viewer questions....
07:43:56 PMrevdjenk can this be chromecast+
07:43:57 PM_Jot_ viewer questions are awesome :)
07:44:02 PMTennessee_Frank knock knock knock RobbieF, knock knock knock RobbieF knock knock knock RobbieF.
07:44:28 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, so did the Batteries ship yet pard.????
07:44:44 PMrevdjenk eh
07:45:01 PMTennessee_Frank Canada, where the Simple Folk live.:-D
07:45:03 PM_Jot_ Frank, if they haven't, they will, don't worry
07:45:46 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ I know but I just was wondering.
07:45:57 PM_Jot_ If you want to help make the show better (thanks!), go to
07:46:17 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF needs to hook up with ChrisLAS over at Jupiter Broadcasting and see how they do it.
07:46:43 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, Amazon screwed them blue.
07:47:01 PMGoodGuy Chris just said finances are bad because Amazon stopped paying them
07:47:07 PMTennessee_Frank They lost about 3 months of funding
07:47:24 PM_Jot_ is a useful link:)
07:48:03 PMTennessee_Frank Poor guys were freezing to death in Chris' garage last show.=-O
07:48:14 PMGoodGuy They wanted an ad for each Amazon iteem rather than one passthru link to Amazon
07:48:25 PMGoodGuy item
07:48:27 PMTennessee_Frank Raman noodle for the week kids.
07:49:17 PM_Jot_ Even on episode 1 RobbieF has no hair, so no reason to watch :P
07:49:19 PMTennessee_Frank Download using BitTorrent so you can help spread the bandwidth
07:49:21 PMrobgor TheChrista RobbieF where is the cheapest place to download cat5tv episodes?
07:49:46 PMGoodGuy BitTorrent depends on numerous users
07:49:57 PMTennessee_Frank What kind of bus speed would that have
07:50:05 PM_Jot_ robgor, to download for viewers, or cheapest for Robbie?
07:50:09 PMTennessee_Frank A V8 Pinto maybe.
07:50:22 PMrobgor cheapest for robbief
07:50:30 PMGoodGuy RobbieF is doing it automatically iirc
07:50:31 PMTennessee_Frank Would a P4 be SATA, IDE is what I'm thinking
07:51:33 PMGuest74933 There are IDE ssds
07:51:43 PMTennessee_Frank Very few though
07:51:46 PMTennessee_Frank Most are SATA
07:51:51 PM_Jot_ there are converters too
07:52:18 PMGoodGuy I have SATA cards that fit in PC's that only had IDE
07:52:38 PMGoodGuy System had other problems, so I never got to use it
07:52:43 PMkiwitux Converters will not realy help with through put. Also adds component risk.
07:52:44 PM_Jot_
07:52:50 PMTennessee_Frank I'd kind of like an SSD for my laptop but I've only got a 533MHz bus speed so it's more for boot time then anything else.
07:53:11 PMGoodGuy BUS speed is still slow..... I just wanted to use larger SATA drives
07:53:25 PMGoodGuy IDE are hard to find and lower capacity
07:53:34 PM_Jot_ yeah, converts don't always help, but they can be useful in systems where you can't add sata-cards, because you can't get them for an older computer, or everything is full already
07:53:40 PMTennessee_Frank You can get SATA drives pretty cheap now since SSD's are replacing everything.
07:53:47 PMGuest74933
07:53:55 PMtic-toc ssd's will vastly improve even older pc's
07:54:11 PMTennessee_Frank All Righty then
07:54:18 PMGuest74933 I'd only do it if I was replacing a broken drive in a computer that was otherwise in excellent shape
07:54:18 PMGoodGuy I bought an unopened Hightpoint SATA card from two old ladies..... no idea why they had it lol
07:54:32 PMGoodGuy Highpoint
07:54:37 PMTennessee_Frank Ohhh, 28*F here now. cold.
07:54:46 PMGuest74933 Compact Flash + adapter may be cheaper
07:54:53 PM_Jot_ Frank, if only you had some batteries to put in a virtual fire
07:55:03 PMGoodGuy Compact Flash is sllllowwww
07:55:06 PM_Jot_ as in, to power such a virtual-fire-display
07:55:25 PMGoodGuy only the real expensive cards support DMA
07:55:26 PMJaePea lm 16
07:55:43 PMGoodGuy I tried that on a FreeNAS box
07:56:02 PMTennessee_Frank Compiz is da bomb
07:56:39 PMJVSCC What distro do you use these days, Robie?
07:56:50 PMDennis_Kelley Hi
07:57:06 PMtic-toc I'm really happy with elementary.. Not one single problem
07:57:12 PMrevdjenk JVSCC: he just said... point linux
07:57:15 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks
07:57:22 PMTennessee_Frank I'm using Point Linux as well, love it. Of course I like Gnome 3 a bit more now that I found Tweak Tools and have my home folder and trash on the desktop.
07:57:38 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - I was reading the Teamviewer 9 docs and they showed how to use i386 dependencies on a 64-bit system
07:57:40 PMTennessee_Frank Ubuntu/Gnome is my second fav. Point Linux is still #1
07:57:40 PMrevdjenk using mint since 2008
07:57:52 PMDennis_Kelley Yes
07:58:26 PMDennis_Kelley Read dir?
07:58:34 PMGoodGuy PinguyOS won a best distro for new users in Linux Format Magazine
07:58:41 PM_Jot_ sorry RobbieF, no fun allowed, not enough time in the show!
07:59:02 PMGoodGuy I didnt buy the issue, but looked at it quickly in thr bookstore
07:59:05 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF you need to do a longer show. Please, Please, Please.
07:59:09 PMDennis_Kelley YEs!!
07:59:22 PMJaePea robbief i used package to dl screenlerts all works
07:59:22 PMDennis_Kelley Exactly TheChrista
07:59:40 PMtic-toc yum
07:59:46 PMrevdjenk hungry now
07:59:57 PMkiwitux I use to have an arduino with PIR trigger the flashing lights on the last christmas tree.
08:00:05 PMGoodGuy Raspberry Pi web site is amazing... hard to believe how cool some projects are
08:00:22 PMrobgor well apple started the stupid naming in the first place
08:00:22 PMDennis_Kelley Learn how to finish my Project. Run on the Raspberry Pi!
08:00:35 PMJVSCC Vox box?
08:00:42 PMrevdjenk see ya RobbieF and TheChrista
08:00:45 PMjblake58 Great Show! Christa you look very nice tonight! Thanks Guys!
08:00:46 PMGoodGuy I think MicroCenter has Raspberry Pi's for sale
08:00:54 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, stop washing my autographed businesscards! sheesh!
08:01:01 PMRobbieF Why thanks jblake58,
08:01:01 PMIMTech5 Great show as always, RobbieF and Christa!
08:01:03 PMRobbieF Oh, that was for christa.
08:01:05 PMIMTech5 Later all...
08:01:07 PMTheChrista Thanks folks! It was wonderous to "see" you all again!
08:01:07 PMRobbieF I can show you my shoulder too
08:01:08 PMkiwitux See ya all. Have a great evening, day
08:01:14 PMrobgor great show guys
08:01:17 PMGoodGuy Might be out due to Christmas.... I rarely go there due to long lines
08:01:18 PM_Jot_ always nice to see you RobbieF and TheChrista
08:01:30 PMTennessee_Frank Good show but man the time sure goes by fast.
08:01:35 PMBobK54 night all! great show as usual
08:01:46 PMrevdjenk see you all next week....
08:01:48 PMgpop7 goodnight all. got here late.
08:02:02 PM_Jot_ night gpop7
08:02:12 PMgpop7 Have a great week.
08:02:17 PM_Jot_ Frank, yeah, time goes fast when you're having fun
08:02:28 PM_Jot_ you too gpop7
08:02:34 PMsr_wences bye!
08:02:44 PMTennessee_Frank ChrisLAS has me spoiled, they normally do a 2 to 2.5 hour show live then they edit it down to the hour they need .
08:03:00 PMTennessee_Frank I just get warmed up here and it's over.:-(
08:03:02 PMgpop7 nite jot
08:03:25 PM_Jot_ Frank, and don't worry about the batteries, not sure if they are shipped yet but RobbieF can keep a close eye on it this time
08:04:32 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ OK, I was just wondering since the e-mail I got asking for my phone number was about 3 weeks ago IIRC. Just wanted to make sure they didn't get lost or returned in the Post.
08:04:51 PMTennessee_Frank Since I don't have a mail box at my home address anything that gets shipped Post to my home will get returned.
08:05:58 PM_Jot_ yeah, they ask for phonenumbers now, delivery-companies don't actually deliver themselves anymore, but hire people for that, and its so everybody in the process can contact you if they need, without having to go through all the layers of companies to get to the one having your number
08:06:06 PMsprintcowboy til next time
08:06:10 PM_Jot_ so they ask for it and print it on the package, in case there is an issue
08:06:14 PM_Jot_ see you next time sprintcowboy
08:07:07 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ so if it's coming via a delivery company then things should be ok then.
08:08:40 PMTennessee_Frank So, what shall we talk about for the "After Party".
08:08:43 PM_Jot_ Frank, yep, and LEI who sponsored it with the batteries, has a Lionel Lalonde working for them, which is a name that should be familiar to you
08:09:14 PM_Jot_ so if something happens, there are short communication-links
08:09:21 PMTennessee_Frank Lalonde sounds familiar but the Lionel part doesn't.
08:09:40 PMShemkar RobbieF I have an issue with ubuntu when/what is the best way to talk to you about it
08:09:47 PMTennessee_Frank Where have I heard of Lalonde before,
08:10:21 PM_Jot_ Lalonde is from Erika Lalonde, one of the co-hosts :)
08:10:24 PMTennessee_Frank Shemkar, you can always bring it up in the chat room. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks in here most of the time.
08:10:28 PMGoodGuy Erica Lalonde cohost
08:10:37 PM_Jot_ and Lionel is her father
08:10:41 PMTennessee_Frank Ahh, ok, that's it Erika, :-D
08:11:14 PMTennessee_Frank I knew I'd heard of that last name somewhere. It sucks to get old, LOL
08:11:19 PMShemkar lol ok. I had a HD video card go bad, and since then I can't see grub, or the ubuntu screen when it boots up
08:11:21 PMGoodGuy Amish Mafia Christmas special tonight at 10 pm EST lol
08:11:49 PMTennessee_Frank Is there any on board graphics Shemkar??
08:11:52 PMGoodGuy Santa was having a real rough time in the preview video lol
08:11:53 PM_Jot_ Shemkar, you can also email if RobbieF isn't here for some reason and nobody knows
08:12:03 PMShemkar ok thanks
08:12:57 PMShemkar rofl figures.. that was my emial computer. Guess I'll have to setup email on this computer until I get it fixed
08:13:15 PMTheChrista Phew! Thanks for joining us guys!
08:13:20 PM_Jot_ many providers also offer webmail, so you might get away with that
08:13:27 PM_Jot_ thank you for being there as well TheChrista
08:13:29 PMTennessee_Frank If it's a desktop without any on board graphics and the video card is bad then you won't see anything since there's no video card to broadcast anything to the screen]
08:13:34 PMShemkar eeeww web mail?
08:13:46 PMShemkar I hate web email
08:13:57 PMGoodGuy try switching ISP's and say that Shemkar
08:14:13 PM_Jot_ Shemkar, yeah, I don't like it much myself, but in an emergency or something it helps not having to set up something on a failing computer etc
08:14:20 PMGoodGuy web mail usually isn't tied to your ISP
08:14:22 PMrobgor TheChrista how long untill you are back?
08:14:32 PMTennessee_Frank I love my HushMail. No matter where I"m at or what computer I'm on I can always get to my e-mail.
08:14:57 PMGoodGuy Is Hushmail a forwarding service?
08:15:17 PMTennessee_Frank Not that I know of, it's Web based e-mail.
08:15:48 PMGoodGuy neat.... I just pulled up theit website
08:15:50 PMTennessee_Frank You can also set up a key word and encrypt your mail so that the person on the other end needs that key word to unencrypt it. Pretty sweet.
08:15:59 PMShemkar but with the gov saying after a week or so its considered abaned email and the goc can read it... I don't let email sitting on the internet, I'd rather havfe it on my computer
08:16:06 PMTennessee_Frank I've been using it for a few years now
08:16:33 PMGoodGuy I use Mailinator now and then
08:16:38 PMTheChrista I'm not sure robgor, I'll have to see what the schedule looks like for the new yar
08:16:39 PMTheChrista year
08:16:41 PMTennessee_Frank I always delete stuff as I read it, even on Google Plus, I don't let anything just sit, not even in "trash".
08:16:57 PM_Jot_ Shemkar, all email is transferred unencrypted and so on, so everybody can read it who happens to be on the line and sees the packages with it
08:17:02 PMGoodGuy Basically you make up an email address and it sends it to your real email address
08:17:38 PMrobgor TheChrista ok thanks for signing the poster also
08:17:41 PMTheChrista I'm swamped prior to Christmas, so I won't be back in till January probably....but that's not too far away!
08:18:10 PMGoodGuy Mailinator is the disposable email
08:18:11 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, there is an episode on the 31st that isn't pencilled in yet on the website, and january not either
08:18:22 PMGoodGuy MailNull is the one I was thinking of
08:18:27 PMTennessee_Frank Frontier switched to Yahoo mail a while back and my old iMac didn't have a modern enough Op System to let me get my mail so I used my grandson's laptop to forward my mail to my HushMail account.
08:18:56 PMrobgor hey guys how do you private chat
08:19:09 PMTennessee_Frank Of course now it's a non-issue so I could get my Yahoo mail if I wanted but I just keep it forwarded to my Hushmail and now I also have gmail so I'm good for e-mail
08:19:10 PM_Jot_ robgor, you can /msg username message
08:19:26 PMTennessee_Frank Just click the name of the person you want to chat with robgor
08:20:03 PM_Jot_ yeah, everybody has the email-forwarding stuff now, and the email popping-stuff also
08:20:25 PM_Jot_ means you have to be careful so you don't set up a delivery-loop :)
08:20:57 PMGoodGuy type /query nickname
08:21:08 PMGoodGuy It works in an IRC client
08:21:10 PM_Jot_ say yahoo to hushmail to google and yahoo popping from google
08:21:11 PMTennessee_Frank I e-mailed a copy of my Resume' to myself so I could put it into my "saved mail" folder. That way I can get to it from anywhere.
08:21:29 PMGoodGuy not sure about web based chat since I never use it
08:22:05 PMTennessee_Frank I've used it but Pidgin works just as well if not better. of course that just my opinion, no hard proof.
08:22:22 PM_Jot_ webchat works, but its slow
08:22:46 PM_Jot_ welcome back robgor, the x in the corner is not a good one for private chat :P
08:22:55 PMGoodGuy lol _Jot_
08:23:10 PMrobgor lol
08:23:59 PMTennessee_Frank 27*F, dropped another degree.
08:24:02 PMGoodGuy It was a common IRC joke to tell a person to press Alt+F4 or whatever key closes the app on Windows
08:24:05 PMTennessee_Frank Going to be a cold one tonight.
08:24:24 PMGoodGuy Most ppl fell for it at one time or another
08:24:41 PMTennessee_Frank Hopefully only once though.
08:24:48 PMGoodGuy It already is a cold one here
08:24:51 PM_Jot_ yeah, that does nothing, instead you should use the secret 3 key salute of ctrl+alt=del
08:24:59 PMTennessee_Frank what temp do ya' have GoodGuy
08:25:24 PMGoodGuy I havent looked since I dont leave the house very often
08:25:46 PMTennessee_Frank I have my weather set up with the clock function in my dock in Point Linux so I can find out what the temp is easily.
08:25:49 PMGoodGuy went to the eye doc last night and it was a bit nippy to put it mildly
08:26:37 PMGoodGuy 22 degrees but windy
08:26:41 PMTennessee_Frank I'm finally use to my new glasses. I can actually see my computer screen without reading glasses but I still need to put on my 2nd pair of reading glasses for reading books.
08:26:42 PM_Jot_ here it's about 27 or 28 too in f :) tomorrow they expect it to be about 44 at most but since its so cold where I am, I doubt we'll get that
08:27:04 PMGoodGuy 8 mph wind, so the wind chill feels colder
08:27:13 PMTennessee_Frank clam here so no wind chill
08:27:33 PMrobgor only suppose to be 17 C today which isnt good considering it is summer here
08:27:35 PM_Jot_ I''m glad I'm warm inside
08:27:54 PMTennessee_Frank So it's come down to this. We're taking about the weather on in a Linux chat room. LOL
08:27:56 PM_Jot_ robgor, at least it means no fires and such
08:28:15 PMrobgor yeah buts its cold and raining
08:28:21 PMGoodGuy My friend in FL went to visit relatives in upstate NY... she wanted to see snow and I bet she did but it comes with cold temps
08:28:30 PMTennessee_Frank robgor can you translate that into F for us
08:28:37 PMGoodGuy She whines when it reaches the 50's in FL
08:28:43 PMrobgor not as cold as you get
08:28:50 PM_Jot_ 17c is about 62f
08:28:54 PMTennessee_Frank We've had rain for the last week, damp, cold, overcast, ucky weather
08:29:08 PMTennessee_Frank Ahh, heck, 62 is T shirt weather
08:29:17 PMTennessee_Frank I'd love 62
08:29:29 PMrobgor TNFrank thats around 62
08:30:03 PMTennessee_Frank Of course this time of year if it hits the mid 50's it T shirt weather since we're all use to it being a lot colder.
08:30:18 PMrobgor T Shirt weather you are crazy TNFrank
08:30:36 PMTennessee_Frank The weather here isn't any where near as bad as it was when I lived in Michigan or Indiana.
08:30:37 PM_Jot_ I think you answered your own question robgor :P
08:30:41 PMTheChrista It's t-shirt weather here -15
08:30:46 PMTheChrista downright balmy!
08:31:09 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, you don't even need a whole t-shirt, youc an easily have one with holes and such
08:31:10 PMTennessee_Frank TheChrista, one of those warm blooded Canadian girls ahh.
08:31:29 PMGoodGuy when I was a teenager, I was stupid enough to go ice fishing in a dress shirt with no coat on.. it was one of those warm days, but still dumb
08:31:47 PMTennessee_Frank Easy now _jot_, this isn't one of THOSE kind of chat rooms. :-D
08:32:00 PMrobgor though it doesnt really get below 10C very often during the day here
08:32:37 PM_Jot_ Frank, I just noticed her shoulder sticking out today, and besides that, I'm glad my clothes have holes. It's very hard putting in my head and arms and legs if there aren't any holes in my clothes
08:32:49 PMTennessee_Frank Family I have in Arizona totally freeze to death in 50*F weather.
08:33:21 PMGoodGuy If I was young and single, I would go to Canada looking for a nice girlfriend
08:33:39 PMGoodGuy They seem nice
08:33:42 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ I was going to say that TheChrista looked especially cute tonight but then I didn't want to come across as one of those Creepy Old Guys. LOL
08:33:52 PMTheChrista Of course Jot!
08:34:16 PMrobgor GoodGuy you would get pleanty of time to snuggle up in the winter :)
08:34:30 PMGoodGuy Inside maybe
08:34:36 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, I heard something about a present, I have no idea what it was since I didn't hear anything after that but I hope you like it
08:34:56 PMTheChrista's amusing to me as I'm from western Canada and now that I'm in Ontario, everyone complains about how cold -15 is. I grew up in -30 to -40 winters. It just all depends on what you're used to I reckon
08:35:08 PMRobbieF Sorry about that _Jot_
08:35:11 PMTennessee_Frank You'd actually want a big, stalky girl so she can push your car out of the ditch when you run off the road because of all the snow.
08:35:14 PMRobbieF was busy before and after show tonight
08:35:38 PMGoodGuy Heck I wake up a 5:45 am to watch chef Kary Osmond.. she is Canadian, but her show plays on a USA network now
08:35:42 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't worry :) I just didn't want to seem rude in expressing something like that :)
08:36:03 PMGoodGuy She has episodes at 3 pm also
08:36:14 PMTennessee_Frank TheChrista, yep, I had a buddy that I worked with that not put on a light jacket until it got down to around 25*F. Other then that he'd just ware a T-Shirt
08:36:24 PMGoodGuy plus the new host is on CBC at 3 pm
08:36:56 PMGoodGuy If I already saw Kary's episode for the 5th time, I watch the CBC new host
08:37:22 PMGoodGuy Now my wife is hooked watching her also
08:37:28 PMTennessee_Frank GoodGuy you need to pick up a Linux based DVR so you can record the show and watch it later.
08:37:28 PMrobgor -30 or -40 dont think I could put up with that temperature. I think my Polish DNA is lacking the gene to put up with cold weather LOL
08:37:38 PM_Jot_ I don't like cookingshows often 'add a cup of flour' sure, what kind of cup?
08:37:49 PMGoodGuy I know... I have been wanting to do that
08:38:36 PMGoodGuy Actually I bought a Google Chromecast and cast episodes from the Living Well Network Best Recipes Ever site
08:39:07 PMTennessee_Frank I saw something about using an Android device as a "Chromecast", forget where.
08:39:20 PMGoodGuy She has such a nice friendly personality, it makes the show fun to watch
08:39:39 PMTennessee_Frank I think we get LWN as a Local Channel here in Tennessee out of Knoxville.
08:39:41 PMGoodGuy I dl'ed that episode also
08:39:55 PMGoodGuy Forgot which show in Miro
08:40:23 PM_Jot_ made me check what we'd get but no robbief-cooking-show for christmas :)
08:40:24 PMTennessee_Frank Is she the Red haired lady that's kind of cute that always has a friend that plays guitar with her??
08:40:45 PMTennessee_Frank She does a lot of vegetarian stuff.
08:40:58 PMTheChrista I believe it's good preparation for the end of the world Tennessee Frank when Canada freezes over. I'll be walking around with a light spring jacket....everyone else will be frozen solid!
08:41:26 PM_Jot_ newsflash: TheChrista is secretly medusa
08:41:29 PMTennessee_Frank TheChrista, LOL. Getting use to it now so ya' won't have to then. Smart idea.
08:41:51 PMGoodGuy no
08:41:56 PMGoodGuy hold on
08:42:12 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ , LOL. man, if I wasn't a nice guy I could say so many things off of what you just said
08:42:30 PMGoodGuy
08:42:35 PMTheChrista It's all about survival Tennessee_Frank. -30 will feel steamy.....I'll need shorts
08:42:43 PMGoodGuy That has her episodes
08:42:43 PM_Jot_ I remember if people looked a medusa they became stone, so they froze solid
08:42:52 PMTennessee_Frank Nope, that's not the same lady
08:43:11 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ yep, Rock Hard, LOL;-)
08:44:19 PMTennessee_Frank And that's how the entire conversation ended up in the gutter. LOL8-) It's all jot's falut.
08:44:34 PMTheChrista I thought my hair was very "non-medusa'ish" today thought Jot.
08:44:45 PMTennessee_Frank fault , remember I said I can't spell.
08:44:47 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, you looked great
08:45:04 PM_Jot_ no BSP so can't check, but I'm sure still do
08:45:27 PMTennessee_Frank Medusa was actually a very beautiful lady that ticked off the god Zeus IIRC so he made her ugly to punish her.
08:45:35 PMTheChrista haha, thanks Jot.
08:46:16 PMTennessee_Frank I bet we could find a Wiki on her if we wanted to look one up.
08:46:46 PM_Jot_ there is a wiki about Christa Wells? wow. I know she's on the category5 website though
08:47:08 PMTennessee_Frank and there it is.
08:47:23 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, no, on Medusa
08:47:55 PMTennessee_Frank Of course that makes me wonder, IS there a Wiki on Christa???
08:48:43 PM_Jot_ there is
08:48:56 PMTennessee_Frank There's another Christa Wells that's a singer, go figure.
08:49:20 PMTennessee_Frank
08:49:23 PMTheChrista There is no Wiki on this Christa
08:49:26 PM_Jot_ yeah, and there's which is very helpful if you want businesscards or anything else
08:49:35 PMTheChrista That Christa Wells....she's taking over google!
08:50:03 PMTheChrista It's very inconvenient having a performer with the same name promote herself online....same spelling and all
08:50:13 PMTheChrista Thanks Jot!
08:50:24 PMTennessee_Frank I know, I have that problem too....................................................................NOT!!!, LOL
08:50:45 PMTennessee_Frank No one wants to name there kid "Darrell" anymore.:'(
08:51:43 PM_Jot_ I'd consider that name for my child if I lived in an English speaking nation
08:52:04 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ ok, crazy question, so where do you live then.
08:52:04 PM_Jot_ of course thats an empty saying since I won't ever have that happen
08:52:14 PM_Jot_ I live in The Netherlands
08:52:32 PMTennessee_Frank Ahh, that means you're pards with Mastermindzh then
08:52:40 PMTheChrista Well folks! I have to head home and squeeze in some work before bedtime
08:52:48 PMTheChrista It was a blast being on the show and chatting with you guys again
08:52:58 PMTennessee_Frank C ya' later TheChrista, have a good one.
08:52:58 PMGoodGuy Night everyone
08:52:58 PM_Jot_ have a good time TheChrista, and see you again soon hopefully :)
08:53:03 PMTheChrista I'll make sure not to leave it so long between visits.
08:53:05 PMGoodGuy Night TheChrista
08:53:05 PM_Jot_ night GoodGuy
08:53:16 PMGoodGuy Thank you _Jot_
08:53:19 PMTennessee_Frank C ya' GoodGuy
08:53:30 PMrobgor seya thechrista
08:53:42 PM_Jot_ Frank, the netherlands is one of the most crowded countries in the world, so I can pretty much guarantee I won't know mastermindzh :)
08:54:06 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, that's why everyone went a viking(verb) to look for new lands.
08:54:50 PM_Jot_ yeah, and its a bit cheating since theres lots of places more busy like big cities etc :) but still
08:54:59 PM_Jot_ time to find other planets and so on really
08:55:19 PMTennessee_Frank They're sending seeds to the moon to see if they can get them to grow.
08:55:51 PMTennessee_Frank They need to teraform Mars, that'd be cool. Like in that movie, Total Recall
08:56:16 PM_Jot_ they do grow properly in space even without gravity etc so they could grow on the moon except for the dust-problem
08:56:24 PM_Jot_ and no nutrients etc
08:57:08 PMTennessee_Frank I wonder if Mars soils would support plant life.
08:57:54 PMTennessee_Frank Oh well, I'm going to get off of here and see what's on the tube. I'll talk to ya'll later. Take care everyone.
08:57:57 PM_Jot_ have to find a plant that doesn't depend on sun so much then :)
08:58:14 PM_Jot_ have a nice time Frank, and don't worry, your batteries will be recharged soon :P
08:58:38 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, I'm not going to worry _jot_. I know where you live, well, kind of.
09:03:29 PMrobgor omg whats this world coming to when this happens -
09:05:01 PM_Jot_ the world is a weird place indeed


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