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06:58:02 PMmastermindzh Shirts good folks :)
06:58:06 PMDennis_Kelley I got my Stickers!
06:58:18 PMmastermindzh Me too Dennis_Kelley ! did you put them on anything yet?
06:58:19 PMDave-Maydew Ah, I have the video full screen on one monitor
06:58:30 PMDennis_Kelley no :-(
06:58:33 PMDave-Maydew So is Jockey at fault on Ubuntu?
06:59:02 PMmastermindzh I put it on my laptop and a coffee cup Dennis_Kelley:
06:59:07 PMmastermindzh sounds fine RobbieF :)
06:59:11 PM_Jot_ it's completely your fault for having tasty electrical wires RobbieF
06:59:21 PMrevdjenk so, has anyone heard who bought pear os?
06:59:23 PMmastermindzh Indeed, I'd be chewing on them too if I were that mouse.
06:59:37 PMmastermindzh revdjenk, couldn't care less to be honoust hehe
06:59:50 PMDennis_Kelley mastermindzh: Nice!
06:59:59 PMTennessee_Frank Howdy everyone.
07:00:05 PMIMTech5 Hi Tennessee_Frank!
07:00:06 PMrevdjenk mastermindzh: hee hee...but still interested... openbsd is on the sell block too
07:00:07 PMDave-Maydew Hey Frank
07:00:14 PMrevdjenk Tennessee_Frank: hey!
07:00:14 PMDennis_Kelley I will probably put mine on my Laptop also!
07:00:19 PMTennessee_Frank Looks like I made it in time.
07:00:32 PMDennis_Kelley good to see you Tennessee_Frank
07:00:38 PMDave-Maydew so my friend has gone back to *Cough* Windows 8 at the moment, as he puts it, "The Driver just works!"
07:00:39 PMmastermindzh hey Tennessee_Frank
07:00:46 PMTennessee_Frank So has everyone been keeping warm
07:01:06 PM_Jot_ VLC is working and radio is working to, youtube is way behind
07:01:07 PMmastermindzh very :)
07:01:14 PMrevdjenk Dave-Maydew: ?? which "driver"
07:01:20 PMmastermindzh vlc is fine, little behind though. youtube is .... bad :P
07:01:21 PMTennessee_Frank We've had some Crazy weather here lately. 58*F yesterday and 30*F here today with snow.
07:01:24 PMDennis_Kelley I just figured out a trick I am sure you all know! type in just a couple of letters of someones name and then TAB, fills in the rest!
07:01:41 PMmastermindzh auto-complete is awesome huh Dennis_Kelley :)
07:01:48 PMDennis_Kelley yes mastermindzh
07:01:50 PMTennessee_Frank I like the "Live from Canada, Eh!", LOL
07:02:00 PMmastermindzh Kinda hard with robbie and robgor :)
07:02:02 PMDennis_Kelley funny Tennessee_Frank
07:02:11 PM_Jot_ cue radio on intro
07:02:27 PMrevdjenk hey EricKidd !
07:02:30 PMmastermindzh We are in control ! :D
07:02:37 PMmastermindzh vlc stopped :(
07:02:37 PMTennessee_Frank Been putting a few bucks into my Money Pit, er' I mean Netbook that I picked up.
07:02:40 PMmastermindzh dang you vlc.
07:02:46 PMIMTech5 16F here with snow falling hard...
07:02:53 PM_Jot_ cue VLC on intro
07:02:58 PM_Jot_ youtube hasn't even started yet
07:03:03 PMDennis_Kelley where are you IMTech5
07:03:09 PMmastermindzh yeah youtube is bad today
07:03:10 PMkeckeckec mastermindzh: I have to reload VLC often. ctrl-N, enter, enter
07:03:15 PMmastermindzh vlc just stopped working of me to :)
07:03:18 PMIMTech5 NY
07:03:22 PM_Jot_ if VLC stops, just refresh it
07:03:39 PMIMTech5 Dennis_Kelly: New York
07:03:40 PMTennessee_Frank Got an Acer Aspire One ZG5, had to add RAM then a 32GB SSD then I needed to get a new palm rest because when I pulled it apart a couple of the clips that hold it down broke. Then the left speaker stopped working so I ordered a new pair of internal speakers.
07:03:41 PMsprintcowboy youtube has not started for me
07:03:44 PMmastermindzh tried that as soon as it failed keckeckec :D
07:03:52 PMagamotto I wonder if AT&T and others are throttling it, since nuetrrality is dead now
07:04:11 PMmastermindzh probably
07:04:13 PMTennessee_Frank Also needed a new battery so I got a 9 cell and a standard 3 cell plus I ordered some external USB powered speakers.
07:04:16 PMNELSON_ when is the show starting ?
07:04:25 PM_Jot_ Nelson, it has started, but youtube isn't cooperating
07:04:29 PMTennessee_Frank Dang thing is a little money pit, but it is cute a as a bug.LOL
07:04:33 PMmastermindzh So you got 900 dollars in extras Tennessee_Frank :D?
07:04:36 PM_Jot_ if you use the radio-stream or the VLC-stream, it works
07:04:39 PMNELSON_ where can we watch it
07:04:59 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, yep, $82 dollar Netbook with $200 in extras, LOL
07:04:59 PMagamotto I think we might have made up to -5C here in Moline today.
07:04:59 PM_Jot_ the addresses for those are listed on the main site
07:05:01 PMrevdjenk agamotto: I read one blog (forget where, verge or register) that said that isn't what happened. and FCC hasn't given away authority
07:05:04 PMmastermindzh NELSON_, go to the website and click the VLC expirimental link. Open it with a media player like vlc :D
07:05:17 PMNELSON_ ok
07:05:21 PMGuest_6919 should video be streaming now
07:05:36 PMTennessee_Frank Ok, my weather just updated and it's actuall 16*F here with a wind chill of 4.2*F. burrrr.
07:05:43 PM_Jot_ So that's ?
07:05:45 PMrevdjenk no youtube still
07:05:45 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Category5 Merch Store ? Produc [...] ▶
07:05:54 PMagamotto revdjenk, That would be nice
07:05:57 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, YouTube just says "Starting Soon....."
07:06:12 PMmastermindzh :) the stickers are awesome people!
07:06:13 PMTennessee_Frank Need to go hit the Head before the show starts.
07:06:14 PMDave-Maydew YouTube just started
07:06:15 PMrevdjenk now on
07:06:20 PMTennessee_Frank brb\
07:06:25 PMIMTech5 Youtube is working now.... :)
07:06:27 PMDave-Maydew Can we start the show again??
07:06:33 PM_Jot_ youtube just catched up on the merch
07:06:34 PMkiwitux Not here. :(
07:06:36 PMagamotto 5min delay... wow
07:06:40 PMIMTech5 yes, can we?
07:06:43 PMGuest_6919 what have we missed
07:06:48 PMmastermindzh youtube is up indeed.
07:06:52 PM_Jot_ mark youtube on the merch-store
07:07:06 PMDave-Maydew Hopefully just EricKidd singing
07:07:07 PMmastermindzh but more importanly, the category5 stickers are awesome
07:07:16 PMmastermindzh it's on the very laptop I'm using right now!
07:07:23 PMNELSON_ I'm watching now
07:07:32 PMmastermindzh Cool NELSON_
07:07:51 PMmastermindzh 10% discount at !
07:07:52 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Category5 Technology TV - Free [...] ▶
07:08:01 PMGuest_6919 can you buy from the UK
07:08:07 PMGuest36799 big lag here
07:08:18 PM_Jot_ RobbieF will send them worldwide :)
07:08:22 PMagamotto And yet, somehow, you didn't simply say 'however...'
07:08:22 PMkiwitux And still nothing here.
07:08:32 PMmastermindzh Stickers are awesome! The quality is amazing! and dishwasher safe! (though your laptop won't be if you put it on there)!
07:08:39 PMsprintcowboy Still no youtube just vlc
07:08:44 PMDennis_Kelley I have the show! cool!
07:08:57 PMmastermindzh sprintcowboy, I got youtube, you sure you don't
07:08:58 PMmastermindzh ?
07:09:09 PMTennessee_Frank Ok, I'm back
07:09:16 PMmastermindzh wb Tennessee_Frank
07:09:18 PMDave-Maydew by Amazon Drone?
07:09:22 PM_Jot_ I want to go with the 'RobbieF drives to my door and puts it in my mailbox' shipping, is that possible too?
07:09:32 PMGuest_6919 I want amazon drone
07:09:35 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, So, what is this bit about you watching with one eye?
07:09:36 PMsprintcowboy yes jusy spinning dots
07:09:38 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: hee hee
07:09:42 PMTennessee_Frank Thanks mastermindzh, LOL
07:09:45 PMmastermindzh Stickers arrived in perfect shape!
07:09:45 PMtalky_toaster Ah ha! I'm in!
07:09:52 PMmastermindzh good job talky_toaster
07:09:56 PMsprintcowboy but vlc is working fine
07:09:58 PMDennis_Kelley Don't trust anything from the US!
07:09:59 PMtalky_toaster Shew
07:10:03 PMinvincib1emutant take the drone home and leave the gift behind
07:10:06 PMagamotto 2 weeks?
07:10:13 PMinvincib1emutant :P
07:10:14 PMinvincib1emutant you will be jailed
07:10:14 PM_Jot_ mastermindzh, that's not good, they were supposed to be big and impressive, instead of perfect and worked out and everything
07:10:22 PMrevdjenk I would love to show up as an "audience" one evening... but its probably a 7-8hour drive
07:10:37 PMmastermindzh _Jot_, did you get some stickers yet? :)
07:10:46 PM_Jot_ mastermindzh, no, I didn't order any :)
07:10:58 PMmastermindzh revdjenk, I have to swim longer than that hehe
07:11:02 PMTennessee_Frank Need to find some Accelerated Graphic Drivers for my Acer Aspire One ZG5 to bump up the RAM allocated for video from 8MB to 244MB. Any clue??
07:11:06 PMrevdjenk mastermindzh: hee hee
07:11:09 PMmastermindzh _Jot_, well let me tell you they are favulous!
07:11:27 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, I looked around last week, didn't find anything
07:11:56 PMDave-Maydew Tennessee_Frank I wish you all the luck with the Aspire One ZG5
07:11:58 PMTennessee_Frank I've been looking and other then the one web site where the guy was running Windows 7 and did the upgrade I can't find anything either.
07:12:14 PMmastermindzh My webserver actually has a raid5 array with 6 160gb disks hehe
07:12:16 PMDave-Maydew I was glad to sell my Netbook as the GMA500 was total pants
07:12:17 PMkiwitux Is You Tube streaming, I still have nothing here
07:12:33 PMDave-Maydew YouTube is streaming here in the UK
07:12:35 PMmastermindzh for me it is kiwitux , for sprintcowboy it isn't yet
07:12:38 PM_Jot_ kiwitux, yes, but youtube is not cooperating very well tonight, so no suprise it isn't working
07:12:50 PMTennessee_Frank Dave-Maydew, LOL, yep, they are a real little PITA to do much with. I had to cut one of the posts where the stock SSD screwed down to get the 1.8" ZIF SSD installed but I got it done.
07:13:00 PMagamotto My Mom just received an email from HP stating how she can get a new laptop with Win7 intalled, due to 'popular demand.'
07:13:11 PMmastermindzh embedded GPU's are great for servers :)
07:13:24 PMTennessee_Frank That's twice what my AAO ZG5 has, LOL
07:13:38 PMmastermindzh Yeah I saw that one too agamotto , I don't want to install any form of windows though hehe
07:13:46 PMDave-Maydew How do you change your name in the chatroom?
07:13:53 PMTennessee_Frank Does it have a PCI slot
07:13:53 PMmastermindzh type /nick newnick
07:14:10 PMTennessee_Frank if it has a PCI slot he can upgrade.
07:14:13 PMrevdjenk agamotto:hp has run out of touchscreens? hee hee
07:14:28 PMtalky_toaster type /nick
07:14:29 PMmastermindzh revdjenk, the touch screen models also come with windows 7 now :)
07:14:36 PMrevdjenk mastermindzh: wow!
07:15:01 PMrevdjenk well lenovo has been almost win7-centric mastermindzh agamotto
07:15:04 PMmastermindzh x16 gpu's work in an 8x slot if you cut open the end :)
07:15:04 PMTennessee_Frank Make sure the power supply will handle the upgraded video card.
07:15:29 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you are very old fashioned, they don't even have those in most parts of my country anymore
07:15:42 PMsprintcowboy I have htlm5 turned on on youtube so that is likely the reason no youtube but vlc is working good
07:15:42 PM_Jot_ I mean such stores
07:15:43 PMTennessee_Frank Newegg might have something.
07:15:44 PMGuest_2699 Are you talking about their beards Jot?
07:15:49 PMTennessee_Frank Or Amazon
07:16:02 PMagamotto I think they did it due to the outrage over Win8, or Vista The Sequel as my Dad refers to it
07:16:06 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF is in "Playoff Mode".
07:16:11 PMmastermindzh Any pc loves debian :)
07:16:19 PMmastermindzh or linux for that matter
07:16:35 PMDennis_Kelley neither does _Jot_
07:16:37 PMmastermindzh EricKidd, is "crew" again
07:16:55 PMmastermindzh yeah _Jot_ has been eating mushroom soup again :)
07:17:15 PMmastermindzh he had to after he gave me his chicken though , thanks again _Jot_ hehe
07:17:35 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, I'm running Point Linux, no virus for me thanks. LOL
07:17:40 PMmastermindzh or switch to linux, you don't need to worry about those darn viruses
07:18:29 PMagamotto Speaking of kit, I have to give a plug to the folks at Zvox. They make sound'boxes' and soundbars for tellys
07:18:44 PMTennessee_Frank I'm doing a dual boot on my #1 with Point Linux 2.2 and Ubuntu/GNOME. GNOME 3 isn't too bad once you tweak it a bit.
07:19:00 PMagamotto You know a company is good when it has at least 5 inputs, and includes the cables for each with the 'box'
07:19:06 PMmastermindzh Gnome 3 with extentions is really nice indeed Tennessee_Frank :)
07:19:18 PMNELSON_ Isn't that called Phising Robbie ?
07:19:26 PMmastermindzh it is NELSON_
07:19:28 PMTennessee_Frank Tweak Tools makes GNOME 3 very workable for me. Since I can set it up to do stuff on the desktop
07:19:29 PMagamotto Social engineering?
07:19:34 PMmastermindzh wb Dave-Maydew
07:19:39 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, sounds like me EricKidd
07:19:43 PMinvincib1emutant i second mastermindzh
07:19:48 PMinvincib1emutant gnome3 is fantastic with ext.
07:20:14 PMagamotto Reminds me of the identity theft victim who found the person who stole their identity, killed them.
07:20:30 PMTennessee_Frank Bronco's are going to the Super Bowl, WoooHooo!!!
07:20:42 PMagamotto When they went to court, his/her defense was simple... How can it be murder when I am standing right here?
07:20:48 PMTennessee_Frank Woo, i7, sweet.
07:20:57 PMTennessee_Frank Boo, Hiss, Windows
07:21:11 PMmastermindzh hehe agamotto , that sounds like an incredible court case.
07:21:16 PMagamotto TRIM problems with the SSD?
07:21:27 PMinvincib1emutant no one is new to linux.. it is everywhere...your router, your phone, smart devices
07:21:27 PMTennessee_Frank How much RAM does he have?? I've only got 2GB and I never get into swap.
07:21:39 PMTennessee_Frank Ubuntu is an off shoot of Debian so same diff.
07:21:45 PMagamotto mastermindzh, Actually established some 'new' rights in many states
07:21:51 PMDave-Maydew I've got the GTX 650
07:21:59 PMDave-Maydew no problem with Unity here
07:22:08 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, I'm currently using 300MB swap and I have 4gb on this laptop :)
07:22:20 PMagamotto Unity... oh yeah, the reason I moved to Mint
07:22:24 PMDave-Maydew but you can always install other GUI on top of Ubuntu
07:22:27 PMTennessee_Frank You can get Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu/GNOME, lots of different flavors of Ubuntu.
07:22:38 PMGuest_6919 0 swap here
07:22:46 PMtalky_toaster
07:22:53 PMinvincib1emutant btw, which which interface gives the best performance plus usability?
07:23:03 PMtalky_toaster Checking out now ...
07:23:04 PMmastermindzh On my main system I have 0 swap space too, laptop can't always handle all that I'm throwing at it.
07:23:07 PMDave-Maydew but Kubuntu is just Ubuntu with KDE
07:23:07 PMagamotto XFCE?
07:23:11 PMTennessee_Frank I'm not even sure what my swap partition is set at, IIRC it's 2.1MB but I'd not swear to it.
07:23:12 PMmastermindzh invincib1emutant, XFCE all the way :)
07:23:32 PMDave-Maydew I've got GNOME3 and Unity on the Laptop running Ubuntu 12.04
07:23:43 PMinvincib1emutant mastermindzh: XFCE gives the best performance?
07:23:47 PMinvincib1emutant anyone here vote for XFCE in the room?
07:23:54 PMagamotto I do
07:23:56 PMNELSON_ Do you guys know where I could buy an unlocked Hotspot that works in the United States and Canada
07:23:58 PMTennessee_Frank As much as GNOME 3 and Unity look similar I really like GNOME 3 but didn't care for Unity.
07:24:00 PMinvincib1emutant any other candidates?
07:24:01 PMDave-Maydew XFCE is too basic
07:24:02 PMmastermindzh I got gnome3, cinnamon2, xfce 4 , and kde on manjaro 0.8.8 :)
07:24:04 PMGoodGuy Thank you agamotto
07:24:18 PMagamotto Cinnamon when I want to show off
07:24:22 PMTennessee_Frank You can even make a "Live" USB with UNetbootin to test drive an OS.
07:24:34 PMmastermindzh invincib1emutant, agamotto went for XFCE too :)
07:24:42 PMGoodGuy Try Easy2Boot
07:24:43 PMmastermindzh I think it's a perfect balance between speed and functionaility
07:24:49 PMrevdjenk am I the only Mint-er here?
07:24:57 PMinvincib1emutant 2 votes for XFCE
07:25:02 PMinvincib1emutant I am counting
07:25:06 PMTennessee_Frank MATE and GNOME 3 are my favorite DE's and Debian or Ubuntu for Op Systems
07:25:10 PMmastermindzh I think you are revdjenk :)
07:25:10 PM_Jot_ yeah, nobody else makes any false coins or other money, revdjenk
07:25:12 PMinvincib1emutant revdjenk for Mint
07:25:14 PMinvincib1emutant 2 candidates in the room
07:25:23 PMGoodGuy I am normally Mint 16.. WinXP at the moment
07:25:27 PMrevdjenk hee hee _Jot_
07:25:35 PMinvincib1emutant Easy2Boot? a linux desktop?
07:25:37 PMagamotto I use MInt, but most of the time I am in XFCE, as I don't want too many distractions
07:25:43 PMmastermindzh invincib1emutant, mint is using cinnamon
07:25:48 PMGuest_2699 I eat mints.
07:25:54 PMmastermindzh I use xfce for speed and simplicity.
07:25:57 PMGuest_2699 Not with cinnamon though.
07:26:00 PMGoodGuy
07:26:06 PMrevdjenk mastermindzh: actually mint can use any de...
07:26:16 PMsprintcowboy revdjenk no linuxmint cinnamon here
07:26:17 PMGuest_6919 can you get ubuntu to run in 32bit colour
07:26:21 PMmastermindzh revdjenk, true but it usually rolls with cinnamon :)
07:26:24 PMGoodGuy Take a look at that for creating Multiboot USB Flash Drives
07:26:26 PMtalky_toaster This guy is NEW to linux? Holy smokes!
07:26:30 PMrevdjenk yes, and cinnamon is what i use
07:26:44 PMGoodGuy
07:26:44 PMTennessee_Frank Sounds more like he's "GNU" to Linux, LOL
07:26:57 PMagamotto Noooo, not a leaking bit bucket!!!!!
07:26:58 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, .... good one :)
07:27:00 PMtalky_toaster Oh ... I get it. Cool. GNU to linux :-)
07:27:00 PMrevdjenk hee hee EricKidd
07:27:01 PMGoodGuy also uses that freeware.. windows btw
07:27:10 PMGuest_2699 Honestly, mint, cheese, cinnamon, cookies Does no one feed these techies so the only names they can come up with are food?
07:27:21 PMmastermindzh invincib1emutant why are you looking for a new DE anyways?
07:27:22 PMrevdjenk Tennessee_Frank: oooooohhhhhahhhhhh
07:27:50 PMinvincib1emutant I like gnome3, just that I am loving the right thing
07:27:53 PMTennessee_Frank We have a dishwasher so we don't use Our Sink that much.
07:28:01 PMinvincib1emutant off to the loo..brb
07:28:09 PMagamotto Well, the various scatalogical references to feline reproductive organs aren't socially acceptable now
07:28:10 PMGoodGuy htop also
07:28:11 PMtalky_toaster Great. pidof is new to me. Very nice, people!
07:28:12 PMmastermindzh Yeah I like gnome3 as well, but it won't really run well on this laptop :)
07:28:13 PMrevdjenk bay-tah
07:28:14 PMTennessee_Frank HTop
07:28:25 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, that's a handy tool to check for memory leak.
07:28:42 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF has hair and is still a target!
07:28:44 PM_Jot_ high-top?
07:28:57 PMtrytr some of us have a hairline like that
07:29:03 PMrevdjenk I used to have kworker processes take over my system
07:29:10 PMtalky_toaster I must have some lag ... he's just now talking about htop
07:29:11 PMrevdjenk I used top to observe
07:29:12 PMTennessee_Frank Kedds
07:29:22 PMmastermindzh atop is something else RobbieF :)
07:29:24 PMTennessee_Frank Hyper Top
07:29:28 PMagamotto hyperthreaded top?
07:29:32 PMTennessee_Frank ???
07:29:36 PMrevdjenk hot top
07:29:39 PMDave-Maydew Guest_6919 is it the GTX-780 you have?
07:29:57 PMrevdjenk nice
07:30:23 PMrevdjenk that was a guess, EricKidd
07:30:43 PMEricKidd I liked the guesses! LOL
07:30:44 PMGuest_2699 what about heydiddlydoo Top?
07:30:45 PMTennessee_Frank I picked up a set of Logitech S120 speakers and the show sounds better with real speakers over the laptop speakers I was using.
07:30:59 PM_Jot_ Htop actually menas Hisham top, see
07:31:02 PMtalky_toaster pidof lightdm
07:31:05 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, were you using the netbook speakers all along?
07:31:16 PMmastermindzh talky_toaster, you need to type it in the terminal :)
07:31:28 PMTennessee_Frank You can also run System Monitor and see if the RAM specs keep going up. If they are then you're leaking memory somewhere.
07:31:31 PMtalky_toaster Ha! Wrong terminal
07:31:33 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, I usually listen on a set of corsair sp2500's :D
07:31:45 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, What I recxeived for Christmas was a ZVOX 220 soundbase... very nice. Auto-swtiches between sources
07:31:45 PMTennessee_Frank Laptop speakers on my nc6400
07:31:45 PMrevdjenk the h in htop is from homotopy category
07:31:50 PMtrytr I have it running on my syatem now thankees
07:32:01 PMtalky_toaster The other day I my wife had a chat message from me that said: exit
07:32:13 PMIMTech5 _Jot_ got it!
07:32:24 PMagamotto hahahahaha
07:32:38 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, I don't have a system monitor installed hehe
07:32:39 PMTennessee_Frank Real speakers sound a lot better, that's for sure.
07:32:47 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: is correct!
07:32:52 PMmastermindzh I'm running really light today :)
07:32:57 PMTennessee_Frank My Point Linux install has Sys Mon out of the box.
07:33:16 PMmastermindzh it also has top out of the box hehe
07:33:22 PMagamotto wuzzywhig
07:33:26 PMTennessee_Frank EricKidd sounds right.
07:33:45 PMmastermindzh squarespace is great too
07:33:48 PMtalky_toaster wysiwyg wasnt wysi was he?
07:33:50 PMmastermindzh wordpress is kinda slow :)
07:34:11 PMmastermindzh with z and a k :)
07:34:13 PMTennessee_Frank Composter,
07:34:16 PMrevdjenk eh
07:34:21 PMTennessee_Frank Hoser
07:34:24 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
07:34:32 PMtrytr I love these shows because each on is very unique
07:34:33 PMTennessee_Frank Great White North, eh
07:34:35 PMtalky_toaster I'll have an order of puteen
07:34:40 PMagamotto hehehehehe
07:34:45 PMTennessee_Frank Love Bob and Doug, LOL
07:34:50 PMmastermindzh Geany all the way!
07:34:58 PMagamotto Where's the Molson's, eh?
07:35:10 PMtalky_toaster agamotto: oh yea!
07:35:13 PMrevdjenk still beta = bay-tah
07:35:20 PMTennessee_Frank Moose Head or Labatts Blue
07:35:42 PMagamotto Nah, how do you pronounce it in Yiddish?
07:35:42 PMtalky_toaster Molson's Canadian is my favorite
07:35:50 PMTennessee_Frank England English, Canadian English or American English.
07:35:51 PM_Jot_ Let's do some news anyway :)
07:35:53 PMmastermindzh EricKidd was right RobbieF just admit it :)
07:36:05 PMTennessee_Frank Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,
07:36:31 PM_Jot_ RobbieF never admits right about anything, he even takes lefts all the time to turn right
07:36:37 PMTennessee_Frank Newcastle Brown Ale if we're in that part of the world.
07:36:43 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: hee hee
07:36:44 PMTennessee_Frank ;-)
07:36:46 PMagamotto Why not Guinness, you git?
07:37:02 PMrevdjenk I'm waiting for the javelin lander!
07:37:03 PMinvincib1emutant i m back
07:37:06 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, agreed
07:37:19 PMmastermindzh Why not a good glen moray :)
07:37:24 PMDave-Maydew Talking of KomPozer which is OLD!! I've found this editor -
07:37:25 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> BlueGriffon, The next-generati [...] ▶
07:37:27 PMTennessee_Frank Comet, it makes your teeth turn green, comet it tastes like gasoline, comet, it makes you vomit so get some comet and vomit today. 8-)
07:37:28 PMmastermindzh Instead of all this water with alcohol :)
07:37:54 PMTennessee_Frank HAL 9000
07:37:55 PMtrytr change out the isolinear optical rod should fix the problems
07:37:57 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, you high today hehe?
07:38:08 PMTennessee_Frank Nope, just finally in a good mood,
07:38:18 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, you gotta try out "screelets" it has a little hal9000 gadget :D
07:38:42 PM_Jot_ RobbieF is so wrong today, it's not one off on the keyboard, an error yet again :)
07:38:44 PMmastermindzh screenlets*
07:38:51 PMTennessee_Frank I didn't even bother reinstalling Compiz when I put Point Linux back on my laptops.
07:39:04 PMDave-Maydew The Fridge that sends spam
07:39:13 PMinvincib1emutant what is the point if we cant get temperature generated there? would it run away from orbit with increase temp?
07:39:16 PMDave-Maydew battered SPAM please
07:39:26 PMagamotto Yes, if the world were a little different, we could have launched Voyager 6 already
07:39:28 PMGuest_6919 what os did it use
07:39:32 PMtalky_toaster Dead as a can of Spam
07:39:33 PMTennessee_Frank I love spam, especially with eggs.
07:39:39 PMrevdjenk Dave-Maydew: or "buttered" spam
07:39:40 PMagamotto Made by LG, I bet
07:39:43 PMmastermindzh Just think about that, sorry for the e-mails guys it was my fridge sending the messages :)
07:39:47 PMDave-Maydew Monty Python
07:39:49 PMmastermindzh Spam and egges indeed Tennessee_Frank
07:39:53 PMmastermindzh eggs*
07:40:06 PMagamotto spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam
07:40:09 PMTennessee_Frank LOL,
07:40:15 PMrevdjenk spammity spam, spammity spam
07:40:21 PMinvincib1emutant who asks the owner to keep so much spam in the fridge?
07:40:22 PMTennessee_Frank That would mess up your "day". LOL
07:40:32 PMinvincib1emutant do not stock spam in your fridge
07:40:41 PMagamotto It would only be a shock if you had the bidet wand on 'cold'
07:40:44 PMtrytr oh I am not going to touch that with a ten foot pole that is too easy to double entende
07:40:52 PMGuest_6919 Did it run Windows
07:40:53 PMinvincib1emutant fulll of spam in the fridge, spam eaters !!
07:40:53 PMrevdjenk would that malware infested fridge order 30 gal of milk?
07:40:56 PMmastermindzh spam, now in cans as well:
07:41:04 PMGoodGuy guess it wasn't so smart after all
07:41:19 PMagamotto Smart, but not wise
07:41:30 PMtalky_toaster pocket calling my wife and now the fridge is sending out spoetry (
07:41:30 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Spoetry - Wikipedia, the free [...] ▶
07:41:38 PMagamotto Perhaps they should buy Blackberry
07:41:40 PMrevdjenk yes, blame sales, not poor features...poor management
07:42:02 PMinvincib1emutant in a few years, spam will be sent out from glasses
07:42:08 PMGuest_6919 they need to make more grown up games as kids don't have the money to spend on the games
07:42:09 PMagamotto It is hard to sell a console that no one wants to develop on
07:42:14 PMmastermindzh few years? what about google glass invincib1emutant
07:42:21 PMTennessee_Frank I get NetFlix on my Roku.
07:42:26 PMinvincib1emutant that is not widely use i think
07:42:30 PMinvincib1emutant used
07:42:30 PMmastermindzh I don't get netflix :)
07:42:37 PMGoodGuy Roku is great for streaming
07:42:38 PMmastermindzh not yet :)
07:42:52 PMTennessee_Frank I love my Roku, best investment I ever made.
07:42:53 PMmastermindzh They are probably going to make them $100. Just to gather more data than anyone else.
07:43:02 PMinvincib1emutant i expect that it will be widely used in a few years due to safety regulations...
07:43:02 PMGoodGuy Robbie has a free one month trial mastermindzh
07:43:12 PMinvincib1emutant to me it can be a distraction
07:43:13 PMagamotto I had a DVR long before it was popular
07:43:22 PMinvincib1emutant especially for drivers
07:43:28 PMmastermindzh goodchild, doesn't help if you live in the netherlands. They don't have any good series on our netflix :)
07:43:31 PMTennessee_Frank By the way, I finally got my batteries, Thanks again. Can't wait to use them.
07:43:50 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, you lucky man :)
07:44:00 PMagamotto mastermindzh, Still showing stuff like Poirot?
07:44:14 PMtalky_toaster Downton Abbey
07:44:16 PMmastermindzh agamotto, no idea really, haven't used it in a while
07:44:18 PMDave-Maydew Just to let you know, Guest_6919 is my friend of 29yrs
07:44:21 PMinvincib1emutant do they ask people to search for eco alkaline from the land fill
07:44:35 PMDave-Maydew who has the issue with Nvidia and installing it
07:44:38 PMinvincib1emutant it is as good as normal battery !!!
07:44:41 PMcliff_h Hey @robbie.... How do I get silver light to work in Ubuntu?
07:44:41 PMTennessee_Frank Funny thing, they were shipped from Phoenix, AZ., I use to live out there.
07:44:44 PMrevdjenk hey Guest_6919 how did you last that long?
07:44:54 PMDave-Maydew hahahahaha
07:44:56 PMDave-Maydew thanks
07:45:00 PMrevdjenk hee hee
07:45:00 PMGoodGuy Moonlight maybe cliff_h
07:45:06 PMagamotto cliff_h, You mean Mono?
07:45:08 PMmastermindzh cliff_h, there is no silverlight in linux. silverlight is a microsoft thing. You can try pipelight if you want :)
07:45:11 PMkiwitux Hey finally got You Tube streaming here. :)
07:45:19 PMGoodGuy Or I believe some have it running under WINE
07:45:20 PMDennis_Kelley if you smelt it you dealt it!
07:45:24 PMTennessee_Frank As cold as it is here I could use some Global Warming. Burrrr.
07:45:35 PMtalky_toaster Dennis_Kelley: Good one!
07:45:39 PMTennessee_Frank LOL, Dennis_Kelley
07:46:00 PMagamotto I smelt a lot of things in Skyrim
07:46:08 PMmastermindzh It's nice and busy in the chatroom today :)
07:46:19 PMrevdjenk yes, up to 42!!!
07:46:20 PMcliff_h Fill me in on pipelight, plse, I cannot use Ubuntu to watch SkyNews.
07:46:22 PMTennessee_Frank 42 people, that has to be close to a record.
07:46:24 PMmastermindzh You all should drop in during the week as well :)
07:46:38 PM_Jot_ hey RobbieF
07:46:43 PMagamotto Hmmm... LaLonde... any relation to OUR LaLonde
07:46:45 PMmastermindzh cliff_h,
07:46:46 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Pipelight Using Silverlight in [...] ▶
07:46:56 PMinvincib1emutant eric is squeezing towards RobbieF ?
07:46:59 PMtrytr hi folks hereins
07:47:01 PMrevdjenk hey RobbieF EricKidd
07:47:06 PMDave-Maydew Speaking of someone I ain't said hi to, Scorpio55!!
07:47:08 PMNELSON_ don't forget me
07:47:08 PM_Jot_ you go ahead RobbieF, list all the hundreds of new viewers, and tell them they should go to or or
07:47:09 PMTennessee_Frank 2 hour show,
07:47:09 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Donate to Category5 Technology [...] ▶
07:47:11 PMcliff_h Hi @robbie
07:47:12 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Category5 Technology TV by Cro [...] ▶
07:47:14 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Category5 Merch Store ? Produc [...] ▶
07:47:14 PMGoodGuy
07:47:16 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> how can I install moonlight fo [...] ▶
07:47:18 PMmastermindzh omg he said my name right :)
07:47:21 PMDennis_Kelley Hay RobbieF!
07:47:22 PMinvincib1emutant lol
07:47:25 PMTennessee_Frank Howdy Howdy RobbieF and EricKidd.
07:47:33 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: do your bad canadian accent
07:47:35 PMTennessee_Frank It's all the hair.
07:47:53 PMBob54 logged in too quickly tonight...forgot the K in my nic. :)
07:47:54 PMmastermindzh accent revdjenk ?
07:47:56 PMmastermindzh LO
07:47:57 PMmastermindzh :P
07:47:57 PMrevdjenk whoops... lost youtube
07:47:58 PMkiwitux Hi all, from sunny Christchurch, New Zealand
07:48:08 PMGoodGuy
07:48:09 PMtalky_toaster whoops ... getting some lag here again.
07:48:09 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> How to add Silverlight to Chro [...] ▶
07:48:11 PMtalky_toaster poop
07:48:14 PMScorpio55 Dave-Maydew Hey Dave
07:48:23 PMIMTech5 Youtube acting up now. :(
07:48:27 PMrevdjenk back...
07:48:28 PMDave-Maydew I use Pipelight
07:48:34 PMmastermindzh Yeah youtube is cutting out alot now
07:48:34 PMkiwitux just lost You Tube again
07:48:41 PMtalky_toaster Anyone for toast?
07:48:43 PMagamotto not surprising
07:48:44 PMmastermindzh Me too Dave-Maydew :)
07:48:51 PMtalky_toaster The live stream went dead here
07:48:52 PMrevdjenk gone again
07:48:54 PMGoodGuy
07:48:55 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Pipelight: Use Silverlight In [...] ▶
07:48:56 PMsprintcowboy youtube gone here too
07:48:58 PMagamotto I have the Polander all-fruit
07:48:59 PMDave-Maydew YouTube has gone again
07:49:03 PMinvincib1emutant here too
07:49:11 PMGoodGuy That looks like it covers Pipelight
07:49:13 PMinvincib1emutant complete stop
07:49:14 PMrevdjenk refresh back
07:49:19 PMTennessee_Frank YouTube is stuck at Timberland and Racash
07:49:21 PMinvincib1emutant it is now back
07:49:22 PM_Jot_ Toaster, no, we don't want toast, bagels, or any other bread-products
07:49:26 PMtalky_toaster live stream came back ... talking about 'no 9 2 five bloger...."
07:49:29 PMtrytr thought maybe it was my DSL I have issues with it now
07:49:31 PMmastermindzh no9to5blogger247 is a great nick lols
07:49:33 PMrevdjenk Tennessee_Frank: you are correct
07:49:43 PMIMTech5 Here we go again...
07:49:44 PMTennessee_Frank and it's stopped again
07:49:51 PMagamotto No, even AT&T can't make it this bad
07:49:52 PMinvincib1emutant here too
07:49:52 PMtalky_toaster Stopped here also ..
07:49:57 PMrevdjenk is it feb 2 yet?
07:50:03 PMmastermindzh agamotto, google can apparantly
07:50:07 PMagamotto revdjenk, por qua?
07:50:14 PMNELSON_ hi robbie
07:50:26 PMrevdjenk agamotto: have you seen the movie? groundhog day?
07:50:31 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
07:50:32 PMtalky_toaster Hello from Fort Worth, Texas.
07:50:34 PMagamotto revdjenk, ahhhh
07:50:42 PMinvincib1emutant poor performance today
07:50:52 PMinvincib1emutant either my network here or youtube
07:50:58 PMTennessee_Frank Must be all the snow and bad weather.
07:50:58 PMagamotto youtube
07:51:00 PMmastermindzh Hello from the netherlands :)
07:51:00 PMGoodGuy stream is dead :-(
07:51:06 PMtalky_toaster more than youtube ... the live stream is going crazy
07:51:10 PMmastermindzh yeah youtube is just repeating stuff now hehe
07:51:11 PMTennessee_Frank T-Bird
07:51:17 PM_Jot_ VLC is still working, just have to reload it sometimes
07:51:26 PM_Jot_ radio is excellent
07:51:39 PMmastermindzh vlc isn't bad indeed.
07:51:45 PMTennessee_Frank Video killed the radio star.
07:51:46 PMmastermindzh it's been running for 30mins or so now.
07:51:49 PMNELSON_ don't forget about me
07:52:03 PMTennessee_Frank Wonder how behind we are now?
07:52:05 PMmastermindzh Registering also gives you chatroom captions on past episodes!
07:52:10 PMrevdjenk vlc is reporting that it can't find the codex to run it.. mastermindzh
07:52:10 PMagamotto Kill your television
07:52:30 PMmastermindzh Tennessee_Frank, listen to the radio that one is usally pretty up to speed
07:52:57 PMTennessee_Frank Not sure where I'd find the channel. Guess I could look around on Clementine for it.
07:52:58 PMmastermindzh revdjenk, I think it was gstreamer you need for the vlc stream
07:53:10 PMrevdjenk ahhhh
07:53:19 PMTennessee_Frank everyone said what???
07:53:26 PMGoodGuy The radio links are listed on the Cat5 web page
07:53:27 PMTennessee_Frank What day IS coldest??
07:53:37 PMGoodGuy
07:53:38 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Category5 Technology TV - Free [...] ▶
07:53:41 PMtalky_toaster Tennesee_Frank ... that's exactly where it stopped for me as well.
07:53:54 PMmastermindzh Well I'm going to leave now. Thanks for the show RobbieF and EricKidd
07:53:56 PMTennessee_Frank Tell us, TELL US, what day is coldest.
07:53:57 PMmastermindzh Cya chatroom1
07:54:06 PMTennessee_Frank C ya mastermindzh
07:54:17 PMcliff_h Thank you for the links for Ubuntu/silverlight, Goodguy
07:54:43 PMTennessee_Frank At least the chat room is real time
07:54:55 PMrevdjenk I've lost every connection now
07:55:02 PMinvincib1emutant the steaming experience sucks today
07:55:07 PMtalky_toaster The cold up there must be slowing the internet down.
07:55:10 PMcliff_h I think I am getting buffer over run..... Screen stops, then starts...
07:55:35 PMinvincib1emutant at least everyone says that, it is not my network then
07:55:40 PMNELSON_ youtube is terrible tonight
07:55:41 PMsprintcowboy same here cliff_h
07:55:48 PMGoodGuy bad here also
07:55:55 PMNELSON_ now listening to the radio
07:55:59 PMkiwitux It's so cold the light in the fibre is freezing. :(
07:56:03 PMTennessee_Frank Ok we're at trucking companies now, are we caught up.
07:56:39 PMTennessee_Frank and now it's gone again.
07:56:41 PMcliff_h Try Schnieder, Hunt trucking Co's
07:56:48 PMGoodGuy stream is unwatchable tonight
07:56:54 PMinvincib1emutant Tennessee_Frank: i am experiencing the same
07:57:03 PMrevdjenk refresh, again
07:57:06 PMGoodGuy Central Transport
07:57:08 PMcliff_h Those 2 will hire just about anyone... LOL
07:57:11 PMTennessee_Frank Has to be a YouTube thing.
07:57:14 PMIMTech5 I switched to VLC.... working ok....
07:57:27 PMGoodGuy McKinley Transport in Canada
07:57:27 PMrevdjenk oh boy, EricKidd
07:57:29 PMkiwitux Given the streaming problems, I trust Robbie can get a refund from You Tube.
07:58:00 PMrevdjenk need to go to 8:30 to give us the full hour
07:58:14 PMrevdjenk freeze
07:58:20 PMTennessee_Frank I've been asking for a 2 hour show for a while now.
07:58:22 PMinvincib1emutant revdjenk: same here
07:58:35 PMagamotto Now, now... you can't expect things to be perfect 24/7
07:58:37 PMTennessee_Frank I just get warmed up good and the show is over.:-(
07:58:38 PMinvincib1emutant Robbie paid youtube?
07:58:42 PMrevdjenk justin b with a blackberry in a truck for 12 hourse
07:58:57 PMinvincib1emutant is it not free?
07:59:34 PMkiwitux Now getting picture but no sound.
07:59:36 PMTennessee_Frank I'll rewatch the show tomorrow on my Roku. Just like to know what's going on so I can stay current in chat room.
07:59:59 PMTennessee_Frank If there wasn't alcohol involved then it wasn't any fun.
08:00:05 PMGuest_3226 can you get this show on PLEX
08:00:22 PMGoodGuy many truckers go a million miles without an accident.... experienced drivers though
08:00:25 PMGoodGuy UPS
08:00:26 PMcliff_h Alcahole or drugs are a NO-NO in commercial driving of any kind.
08:00:27 PMtalky_toaster Yea ... if you don't come home with a traffic cone and a policeman's hat ... it wasn't a good night.
08:00:43 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
08:00:52 PM_Jot_ for shirts and stickers and stuff?
08:00:55 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Category5 Merch Store ? Produc [...] ▶
08:01:09 PMDave-Maydew but with those distro's that look like Windows XP..... many users may expect Windows software to work on it too!!
08:01:14 PM_Jot_ stupid esc key
08:01:24 PMDave-Maydew Hence why I don't push that style of distro
08:01:45 PMcliff_h Go to a truck stop ... There are pamphlets for drivers.... They have adds for drivers.
08:01:46 PMRobbieF Thanks all
08:01:54 PMIMTech5 Thanks @RobbieF and EricKidd for the show!
08:02:06 PMTennessee_Frank Actually End of Life for XP in April should "temp" then to move to something else. LOL
08:02:17 PMcliff_h Good show for what I got of it...
08:02:19 PMIMTech5 Good nite everyone! See you all next week.
08:02:25 PMagamotto To each thier own, just don't expect me to be tech support for it.
08:02:30 PMTennessee_Frank Q4-OS
08:02:43 PM_Jot_ poor feed
08:02:48 PMTennessee_Frank UNetbootin to make a "Live" USB
08:02:59 PMTennessee_Frank KDE desktop
08:03:14 PMDave-Maydew I'm not a fan of the KDE GUI
08:03:14 PMinvincib1emutant i hate KDE
08:03:19 PMTennessee_Frank Had the little KDE cog gear deal
08:03:21 PMagamotto It won't do most of those users any good, unless it runs 'their' 15 yr old programs that they refuse to move on from
08:03:27 PMTennessee_Frank KDE is just way to complicated for me.
08:03:28 PMinvincib1emutant just hate it, inconsistency everywhere in KDE
08:03:35 PMDave-Maydew KDE reminds me too much of Windows
08:03:37 PMtrytr ta
08:03:49 PMrevdjenk just like that
08:03:53 PMtalky_toaster Gxis la revido!
08:04:05 PMagamotto It took me three years to get my mother to move away from WinXP
08:04:06 PMinvincib1emutant you stuck on the sticker on your Tee?
08:04:09 PMrevdjenk bye great answers RobbieF EricKidd
08:04:15 PMTennessee_Frank Hopefully YouTube won't be so buggy next week.
08:04:24 PMinvincib1emutant EricKidd: is the logo on your shirt a sticker?
08:04:26 PMrevdjenk talky_toaster: and reminds me too much of reactos
08:04:47 PMcliff_h Have a good one everyon..... Stay safe & well.
08:04:48 PMEricKidd No...logo is silkscreen
08:04:49 PMDave-Maydew Anyway, I must go and sleep, but I shall be around next week
08:04:50 PMScorpio55 Dave-Maydew Q4OS runs TDE Trinity Desktop Environment
08:05:00 PMrevdjenk bye Dave-Maydew
08:05:11 PMrevdjenk bye in absentia mastermindzh
08:05:14 PMkiwitux Bye all. Hope You Tube streaming gets sorted.
08:05:15 PMDave-Maydew still not a fan of look a like distro's
08:05:30 PMtalky_toaster Dave-Maydew: same here
08:05:40 PMsprintcowboy Bye all
08:05:45 PMDave-Maydew and as my 72yr old friend has said, he's loving Ubuntu!!
08:05:50 PMinvincib1emutant the performance on youtube sucks today
08:05:53 PMTennessee_Frank I finally got my buddy John in AZ to try another Linux Distro. I turned him on to Point Linux and he was looking at Elementary but it was buggy so I told him to try Ubuntu/GNOME
08:06:10 PMDave-Maydew it's all in the mind set and how you sell linux to others
08:06:13 PMTennessee_Frank He has a little hard drive in his desktop dual booted with Point Linux and Ubuntu/GNOME now.
08:06:28 PMScorpio55 Dave-Maydew runs in 128mb ram on P333mhz cpu and 3gb hdd space
08:06:30 PMtalky_toaster Is the live show channeled through youtube? If so, then yeah. It sucked.
08:06:50 PMtalky_toaster Not the show !
08:06:50 PMtalky_toaster !!
08:06:57 PMDave-Maydew Scorpio55, nice footprint
08:07:06 PMtalky_toaster Shew ... I gotta get outta here.
08:07:08 PMinvincib1emutant i can see the youtube logo down at the bottom
08:07:12 PMDave-Maydew but nah, wasn't a fan of Zorin OS either
08:07:24 PMinvincib1emutant then it must be youtube
08:07:28 PMagamotto I have trouble getting people to give up their proprietary hardware... for those folks, I just simply tell them to call the maker/company, as I don't provide unpaid tech support anymore.
08:07:32 PM_Jot_ it definatly was youtube today
08:07:48 PMTennessee_Frank People like to stick with what they know even if what they know sucks.
08:07:50 PMagamotto I meant software, not hardware
08:07:58 PMinvincib1emutant or RobbieF's connection ?
08:08:01 PMDave-Maydew You can keep Proprietary hardware in Linux
08:08:37 PMTennessee_Frank I'd never run Windows. Didn't like Win98, went to Mac OS-X and then moved to Linux when my iMac died but I'd not go back to Windows on a bet.
08:08:43 PMDave-Maydew If Linux is to survive the boundaries of Open Source and Proprietary have to live together
08:08:50 PMagamotto No, I wouldn't be surprised if something like 'pipe' owners flexing their stuff a bit
08:09:04 PMinvincib1emutant Tennessee_Frank: you didnt say that you wont go back to mac
08:09:10 PMinvincib1emutant i am on my macbook
08:09:21 PMDave-Maydew On that note, and before Richard Stallman comes in the room
08:09:22 PMinvincib1emutant i kinda of loving it
08:09:25 PMDave-Maydew I'm off to bed
08:09:39 PMinvincib1emutant good night and sleep tight Dave-Maydew
08:09:40 PMDave-Maydew I use Proprietary drivers
08:09:41 PMTennessee_Frank I like Apply ok but it's just so expensive. No reason to run it for virus proof OS when Linux works just as well and it's free.
08:09:50 PMDave-Maydew goodnight all!!
08:09:50 PMScorpio55 Dave=Maydew 73
08:09:58 PMagamotto Hmm, I think a grilled-cheese sandwich and some soup
08:10:04 PMDave-Maydew 73 VBX!!
08:10:09 PMTennessee_Frank I think if I did buy another Apple computer I'd look up some Linux for it.
08:10:17 PMDave-Maydew will call you tomorrow if I remember
08:10:24 PMTennessee_Frank C ya' Dave-Maydew
08:10:32 PMDave-Maydew night Frank
08:10:36 PMinvincib1emutant it is really expensive, no doubt,...i am owning it because it got half the price from a friend who were getting rid of it as unwanted gift
08:10:41 PMScorpio55 Dave-maydew OK da dit da
08:10:44 PMagamotto I just can't get past Apple's need to make 30% or more from evcerything they touch
08:11:16 PMinvincib1emutant i like the OS, the only thing i dont like is its compatibility with other systems
08:11:18 PMTennessee_Frank I've seen some older Mac Books on EvilBay going for pretty cheap. Of course they're the 800MHz PPC stuff with 256MB of RAM
08:11:30 PMinvincib1emutant does not mount ntfs and ext well
08:11:30 PMagamotto ewww
08:11:42 PMinvincib1emutant a lot of work mounting these fs
08:11:44 PMagamotto I would rather have an OLPC laptop
08:12:08 PMinvincib1emutant Tennessee_Frank: i have a decent one
08:12:21 PMinvincib1emutant 2012 mac top spec
08:12:34 PMTennessee_Frank Apple builds hardware that lasts forever. My iMac was 11 years old when it died from an EMP.
08:13:06 PMinvincib1emutant Tennessee_Frank: it is so well build to me in terms of hardware
08:13:11 PMagamotto Hmmm,let's see.... gouda, edam, or emmentaler... paprika, some nutmeg, what else...
08:13:13 PMTennessee_Frank Of course my HP/Compaq nc6400 laptops are from 2007 and they're running great.
08:13:14 PMinvincib1emutant very steady
08:13:36 PMrobgor ok just ordered a cat5 tv shirt and some stickers
08:13:42 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, sounds like my Amiga 3000
08:13:48 PMinvincib1emutant The PC would be much better, if we can get hardware from APPLE and OS from opensource
08:13:54 PMTennessee_Frank I need to get some stickers.
08:14:05 PMinvincib1emutant we dont need so many variety..:D
08:14:29 PMagamotto robgor, Any of the tennis players drop dead on the court yet?
08:14:55 PMrobgor not yet but I wouldnt want to be playing in that heat
08:14:59 PMTennessee_Frank Does anyone else think that Sochi sounds like it should be in Japan and not Russia???
08:15:05 PMagamotto agreed
08:15:44 PMagamotto I hope something non-deadly happens, just to see how Putin reacts.
08:15:59 PMinvincib1emutant hi room, i have problem with user switch with gdm
08:16:09 PMinvincib1emutant gdm runs well for gnome-shell
08:16:13 PMinvincib1emutant gnome3
08:16:13 PMagamotto Who will he blame for the next great social ill?
08:16:23 PMTennessee_Frank Obama, LOL
08:16:27 PMinvincib1emutant any of you getting the same problem?
08:16:53 PMinvincib1emutant i may be able to switch to the second user, but unable to switch back
08:16:58 PMinvincib1emutant it looks like a bug
08:17:03 PMagamotto invincib1emutant, I haven't had any troubles, other than the occasional problem with panel not loading with XFCE
08:17:19 PMinvincib1emutant with gdm?
08:17:25 PMinvincib1emutant gnome desktop manager?
08:17:25 PMagamotto yah
08:17:48 PMTennessee_Frank I've not switched users in my Ubuntu/GNOME 3 system so I'd not know if it works or not.
08:17:56 PMinvincib1emutant you mean the gnone-panel in xfce?
08:18:16 PMagamotto I will get a message like "There isn't a running panel, continue yes/no?"
08:18:21 PMinvincib1emutant Tennessee_Frank: give it a go when you have time...:P
08:18:32 PMinvincib1emutant my problem is switching back to the first user
08:18:37 PMinvincib1emutant it seems like a bug in there
08:18:43 PMagamotto hrm... hold a sec
08:19:08 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF EricKidd - Great Show!
08:19:21 PMDennis_Kelley Good Night All!
08:19:26 PMTennessee_Frank Thought this was pretty good.
08:19:27 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> How To Tweak GNOME 3 To Your N [...] ▶
08:19:30 PMinvincib1emutant good night Dennis_Kelley
08:19:31 PMagamotto Ok, I just switched from 'me' to my Mythbox user on this system, no problem going back and forth
08:20:01 PMTennessee_Frank This one is pretty good too.
08:20:02 PMCirrus_Minor Title --> Things To Do After Installing [...] ▶
08:20:02 PMinvincib1emutant smooth in multiple switches
08:20:38 PMinvincib1emutant it could be the consequence of upgrading from the previous version on my system
08:20:50 PMTennessee_Frank I didn't care for GNOME 3 until I found out I could have an active desktop with my Home Folder, Trash and install media on it.
08:21:11 PMagamotto Well, hate to run off, but I need to get dinner started. I may drop in to the chat channel over the next two days... I don't plan on going out in the cold forlong
08:21:27 PMTennessee_Frank Also I now have Applications in the upper left corner so it's not redundant with the hot corner.
08:21:33 PMTennessee_Frank C ya' later.
08:21:54 PMTennessee_Frank I should probably get going too. Got some shows coming on that I'd like to watch.
08:22:09 PMTennessee_Frank Ya'll take care and I'll catch ya' next Tuesday.
08:24:49 PMinvincib1emutant i have to go too....thanks guys for the great show and party
08:25:05 PMinvincib1emutant gonna get back to my work now
08:25:29 PMinvincib1emutant have a good day ahead and good night for those who have taken dinner today
08:25:38 PMinvincib1emutant bye
08:25:48 PMinvincib1emutant thanks RobbieF and EricKidd
08:25:54 PMinvincib1emutant bye
08:43:08 PMrobgor oh well seya guys


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