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06:58:13 PM_Jot_ VLC is at 6:57:30 now
06:58:20 PMkeckeckec I felt a cold coming on last night, but downed Vit C and all better now.
06:58:25 PM_Jot_ Rob just said thank 26 seconds
06:58:42 PM_Jot_ so no idea how much difference that is :P
06:59:16 PM_Jot_ hey people, you should all join the category 5 tv chatroom
06:59:27 PM_Jot_ RobbieF just said tell my friends, so I did :P
07:00:00 PMagamotto I would, but most of my friends aren't 'cool' enough for our kind of podcast
07:00:10 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF Thanks to your lessons on Synergy, I got 4 computers and one keyboard/mouse setup
07:00:28 PM_Jot_ very useful Dennis_Kelley
07:00:32 PMkeckeckec Synergy is awesome
07:00:34 PMRobbieF Nice Dennis_Kelley!
07:01:07 PMDennis_Kelley yes but I just have to remember which was to move my mouse to the computer I want
07:01:16 PMjaepea hi folks
07:01:27 PM_Jot_ mark radio intro
07:01:31 PMIMTech5 Hi All.... made it...
07:01:39 PM_Jot_ mark youtube
07:01:58 PMDennis_Kelley hello IMTech5
07:02:04 PM_Jot_ hey IMTech5
07:02:12 PMIMTech5 Hi Dennis_Kelly
07:02:13 PM_Jot_ sorry RobbieF, I didn't make it, I only broke it
07:02:18 PMIMTech5 Hey _Jot_
07:02:18 PMGarbee Ok RobbieF I showed up.
07:02:57 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF is in a waving mood!
07:03:10 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I'm cooking cause I'm hungry, sorry the smell iso distracting
07:03:12 PMacessweb hello been out for a while
07:03:47 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD - I called that an egg in the hole as a kid
07:04:15 PM_Jot_ Babies are often late, as far as I know. I suspect sometimes they say earlier so people are actually prepared in time for them
07:05:14 PM_Jot_ so that's for those wondering :)
07:05:27 PMmindlord Been awhile people. Good to be back.
07:05:51 PM_Jot_ oh, and and for social medias if you like that kind of thing and there's a twitter thing too
07:06:01 PMIMTech5 Hi mindlord...
07:06:28 PMagamotto Hmmmm, I might if I had a moblie device, but from what I hear on the news, I should be quite happy I have a stupidphone...
07:07:04 PM_Jot_ don't worry agamotto, they can still track you
07:07:21 PMagamotto I was thinking more about being attacked or shot for my phone
07:08:09 PM_Jot_ oh, that'll happen too, unfortunatly
07:08:44 PMmindlord Stolen dumbphones make great "burners" or so I hear....
07:08:54 PM_Jot_ I like the store! It's at and people can also donate through and through
07:09:33 PMagamotto I was considering moving to an Android phone, but too many problems with bad software and security issues for my tastes
07:09:40 PMpoopy_pants Poop ...maybe I should stop changing my nick all the time?
07:09:52 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed Hello :)
07:09:56 PMDennis_Kelley Hello RobbieF
07:09:56 PMagamotto Having said that, I am a bit concerned about the GnuTLS think
07:09:59 PMagamotto thing, even
07:10:40 PM_Jot_ pants, might want to change those too
07:10:41 PMpoopy_pants Ha!
07:10:45 PMjaepea hi guyhz
07:10:52 PM_Jot_ hey jeapea
07:11:05 PMDennis_Kelley Little bit of a Lag
07:11:43 PM_Jot_ I bet SashaD stores everything in that useful folder on the desktop called 'Recycle Bin'
07:11:46 PMagamotto Nah, I think 1800 - 1900 would be dinner anywhere
07:11:54 PMpoopy_pants ha ha ha ha ha!
07:12:00 PMGWG_ agamotto: It is 7-8 here
07:12:11 PMpoopy_pants Oh, my gosh ... that's great!
07:12:14 PMagamotto point made
07:12:23 PMinvinciblemutant big lag here
07:12:27 PMGWG_ Dinner isn't till 10
07:12:36 PMinvinciblemutant still trying, could be the campus network
07:12:48 PMagamotto I would hate to see my intestines if I waited that long...
07:13:06 PMpoopy_pants agamotto: holy crap!
07:13:07 PMGWG_ Next week, I start working till 10
07:13:16 PMinvinciblemutant intestines spilled out?
07:13:20 PMagamotto I know! Put /home on a USB stick!
07:13:49 PMGWG_ So dinner is at 11
07:14:01 PMagamotto Nah, just thinking that if I had dinner at 2200, I would be up until at least 0200 digesting
07:14:24 PMGWG_ agamotto: I don't have to be at work till 1:30 now
07:15:04 PMagamotto GWG_: Nice... I float between 0900 - 1800, and 1200 - 2100. Very nice for retail
07:15:37 PMGWG_ agamotto: We're expanding our hours, so I'll be doing 1:30-10 except on Mondays when I get to leave early
07:15:52 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can of course also just buy a proper sized SSD, since they aren't that expensive anymore these days :)
07:16:07 PMagamotto _Jot_: good point
07:16:08 PMpoopy_pants Man ... I gotta get me one o' those. Solid state hard drive.
07:16:12 PMGarbee _Jot_: Some people still would fill up a 120GB HDD.
07:16:13 PMGWG_ agamotto: Why a 9 hour day?
07:16:17 PMGarbee HDD/SSD*
07:16:25 PMkeckeckec And do backups
07:16:28 PMagamotto I put one in my mum's laptop... big difference
07:16:29 PMmindlord Jot: I'd rather use that space for installing games.
07:16:33 PMGWG_ agamotto: Is that s standard 40 hour week?
07:16:36 PM_Jot_ I fill up a 256GB drive so yeah, 120GB isn't big these days :)
07:16:40 PMagamotto GWG_: One hour lunch in the middle
07:17:32 PMGWG_ agamotto: Paid or unpaid?
07:18:00 PMpoopy_pants Yea ... I distro hop ... a LOT
07:18:07 PMGarbee Note on distro hopping: Watch the configs.
07:18:16 PMGarbee The ones from different OSes can conflict and cause issues.
07:18:31 PMGarbee So you may need to drop things like .gnome or .config/gnome between distros.
07:18:31 PMagamotto GWG_: unpaid, but worth it. Despite my being overweight, I have very good bloodwork on my physicals due to my insistence on not eating 'fast' food. If it doesn't take at least 30min to prepare and eat, I usually won't touch it
07:18:38 PMpoopy_pants Garbee: you bet ... I was bitten by this a few times.
07:18:50 PMGWG_ agamotto: I get a 30 minute unpaid lunch. That is where 8.5 hours comes from
07:19:22 PMagamotto GWG_: Most of the people at our store do that... surprising number of them take antacids
07:19:29 PMGWG_ agamotto: I don't get a choice
07:19:38 PMGWG_ When I work at home, I make a proper lunch
07:19:55 PMGWG_ On Sunday, I had 0.48 pounds of Hiddenfjord salmon
07:20:04 PMGWG_ Last time, it was 0.52 pounds of Canadian salmon
07:20:04 PMagamotto GWG_: I know - most don't. One of the many reasons I left Lowe's.
07:20:19 PMGWG_ Every time I go to the store, they have a different nationality
07:20:25 PMGWG_ agamotto: Where are you now?
07:20:59 PMpoopy_pants His vmlinuz file has a 'windows' logo on it.
07:21:09 PMagamotto GWG_: Home Depot. There was some pressure for me to 'conform' to the store standard... I just reminded them that if I hear of it again, said managers will be losing their jobs over it.
07:21:33 PMpoopy_pants Ah ... mine does too ... using PointLinux these days.
07:21:53 PMagamotto 1.8Gb... barely swap for many systems these days
07:22:01 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, just do rm -rf / to clean up some space
07:22:08 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - when you install new packages, most time they go into the home folder right
07:22:17 PMGWG_ agamotto: The place has improved since Bob Nardello left
07:22:44 PMpoopy_pants Wow that's a 2T hard drive
07:23:08 PMagamotto GWG_: He was part of why I left back in 2007
07:23:36 PMGWG_ Still harder than I'd like to find an associate sometimes.
07:23:38 PMpoopy_pants What ... no label?
07:23:40 PMGWG_ But it is getting better
07:24:07 PMpoopy_pants Don't need it I guess ... use blkid
07:24:36 PMagamotto GWG_: Sadly, all due to payroll leveraging... of course, if they would just have 2 people in each department every hour the store is open, many problems would simply go away. Oh, and sales might go up as well!
07:24:37 PM_Jot_ SashaD, if you really wanted, you could read that drive in windows too, but it isn't so easy to make windows understand extfs-file-system, so best left alone :)
07:25:03 PMSashaD thanks jot : )
07:25:14 PMtic-toc It is national pancake day here in the states
07:25:17 PMcalhydro Robbie: Regarding EOL for Windows Xp, could you not run it in Linux in a virtual environment? Can you clone a OS running on vitural machine, so it can be restored quickly rather than re-installing it?
07:25:40 PMGarbee calhydro: That is possible.
07:25:57 PMkeckeckec calhydro: YOu can make snapshots of it from the host machine
07:25:59 PMGarbee Virtualbox has something called "Appliances". So you install, update, then make one.
07:26:01 PMinvinciblemutant hi, why not just mount and point the home to the ext drive with usermod?
07:26:12 PMGarbee That way you can easily restore it from that point in time on any system.
07:26:18 PMagamotto I just find it sad/hilarious that the financial industry has know about the issue for at least two years now, but has done nearly nothing to move away from XP.
07:26:35 PMpoopy_pants invinciblemutant: that's what I was thinking.
07:26:38 PM_Jot_ calhydro, the problem is that windows won't become any safer running it in a VM, especially if it has access to other computers in your network, and websites or programs detecting XP won't run anymore
07:27:02 PMGarbee invinciblemutant: You want to make the change in /etc/fstab. That way it is for all users present and future.
07:27:19 PMkeckeckec I'd like to create a firewall in the LInux host to limit XP to only some few web sites
07:27:32 PMGarbee keckeckec: Good luck. ;)
07:27:34 PMinvinciblemutant I think we can do it the current OS mode
07:27:48 PMkeckeckec I think iptables should do that
07:28:18 PMinvinciblemutant just update the fstab, reboot
07:28:30 PMGarbee invinciblemutant: But then you aren't *moving* the data over.
07:28:41 PMGarbee From a live disk, you can do the move and fstab change all in one go.
07:28:42 PMpoopy_pants Oh durn ... lag
07:28:46 PMinvinciblemutant use root
07:28:57 PMinvinciblemutant logoff to root
07:28:57 PMGarbee invinciblemutant: Still won't work. Your user is running.
07:29:06 PMcalhydro Hmm So an attack in the virtual machine Windows Xp OS could effect or could not effect the Linux OS?
07:29:29 PMagamotto It would affect any drive that the XP has access to
07:29:48 PMGarbee You'd need to log out, switch to TTY terminal, login as root (which Ubuntu for instance obscures by automatically generating a root password), then stop the X interface, then do the move and fstab change, then restart all that. :/ Not very good for a one hour show to explain all that.
07:29:53 PMkeckeckec Give XP access to a separate partition as shared between the OSes
07:30:01 PM_Jot_ it also depends if they have access to the network, because traditionally protection is much less in a local network, not as much firewalls etc
07:30:27 PMpoopy_pants knopix
07:30:29 PMTechZoneUK Hi Everyone!
07:30:35 PM_Jot_ hi TechZoneUK
07:30:39 PMkeckeckec Hi TechZoneUK
07:30:51 PMTechZoneUK How you doing?
07:31:04 PMkeckeckec Great TechZoneUK. How are U?
07:31:08 PM_Jot_ watching the show so doing great :)
07:31:41 PMcalhydro Well it looks like my old applications running on Windows Xp will just have to be orphaned. Thx
07:31:55 PMTechZoneUK ahh good good! And yeah I'm not bad thanks guys
07:33:40 PMagamotto Call me weird, but isn't this a good reason to use sensible volume names?
07:33:43 PM_Jot_ calhydro, I'd make a VM out of it, and back that up for safekeeping, just in case, and then look for something else
07:33:51 PMinvinciblemutant cp -R is safer right, RobbieF
07:34:02 PMGarbee agamotto: I don't think Robbie is covering naming the drives tonight.
07:34:10 PMGarbee But yes, that is one good fix for it.
07:34:19 PMagamotto Ah, ok... seems it would save confusion between volumes
07:34:28 PM_Jot_ all those weird media names are made up by the OS, if you mount things normally you wouldn't do it like this
07:34:32 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: just in case there are some high privilege files and folders that your current user fails to read
07:34:46 PMGarbee agamotto: He is trying to make people not be so scared of all this stuff. That means letting them see GGUIDs.
07:34:56 PMagamotto Agreed
07:34:57 PMpoopy_pants redhat suggests that we start using blkid or UUID names in /etc/fstab to mount devices.
07:35:12 PMGarbee poopy_pants: UUID has always been recommended.
07:35:19 PMpoopy_pants Cool
07:35:42 PMGarbee Because the device assignment on the chain can be changed, which would break fstab. UUID won't change no matter where it is on the chain of devices.
07:35:52 PM_Jot_ SashaD< you could also watch this amazing tech show called, it has a lot of stuff like this and explains it pretty well :)
07:35:53 PMagamotto SashaD: It takes time to sink in
07:36:04 PMinvinciblemutant SashaD: that is the point, if you are getting it as a cohost, the episode is good
07:36:04 PMpoopy_pants Yeah ... I've had that happen to me several times at work ... using UUID fixed those issues.
07:36:05 PMinvinciblemutant lol
07:36:08 PMtic-toc using the terminal scares most people
07:36:28 PMpoopy_pants The show is really laggy here ... durn
07:36:47 PMDennis_Kelley dev/sd?? changes
07:36:51 PMagamotto I was thinking more along the lines of 'main drive','second drive.'
07:36:52 PMpoopy_pants yes
07:36:55 PMGarbee Dennis_Kelley: It can.
07:37:01 PMGarbee Plus in a new drive and switch stuff around.
07:37:08 PMinvinciblemutant Dennis_Kelley: yes, they changes, RobbieF is right
07:37:23 PMGarbee Plus/Put
07:37:25 PMpoopy_pants yes ... it's /dev/sd? has changed on me after reboot ... that's why uuid works better
07:37:37 PMGarbee poopy_pants: Not just a reboot.
07:37:47 PMGarbee You actually need to move the device assignment in your chain internally.
07:37:54 PMGarbee i.e. Moving your HDD from SATA1 to SATA3.
07:38:02 PM_Jot_ if you'd really went and did this the manual way, you'd also make mountpoints and could name those sensibly, and then it wouldn't be such a big issue also
07:38:04 PMGarbee That will change the /dev/sd* assignment.
07:38:19 PMpoopy_pants Hmmmm ... I know I didn't physically change anything.
07:38:30 PMGarbee poopy_pants: Then maybe you did some BIOS reconfiguring.
07:38:41 PMGarbee But only one of those two should change /dev/ assignments.
07:38:51 PM_Jot_ sure RobbieF, blame the computer, for everything you do wrong :)
07:39:00 PMGarbee /dev is based on where it is physically on the board.
07:39:12 PMpoopy_pants Well ... UUID is what I use now :-)
07:39:52 PMGarbee sda = SATA 1, sdb = SATA 2, sdc = SATA 3 (if hard drive), PATA goes to something not sd* iirc. cdrom's are cdrom{X} where {X} is a number from 0 to whatever based on how many you have.
07:40:11 PM_Jot_ normally dev-assignments don't change much, but they could change by something as simple as one drive simply spinning up a milisecond faster than another
07:40:30 PMGarbee _Jot_: Nah, that shouldn't affect it.
07:40:42 PMGarbee It is placement on device chain to the mobo, not whether one comes up faster than the other.
07:40:42 PM_Jot_ it shouldn't, but it does :)
07:40:52 PMGarbee Because the BIOS hands that info off to the OS.
07:40:59 PMpoopy_pants Garbee: I think _Jot_ is on to something ... I feel like it's happened to me
07:41:01 PMGarbee _Jot_: Maybe on really old systems. Nothing modern.
07:41:15 PM_Jot_ it's one of the reasons why unraid switched from dev-assignments to serial-numbers of drives to identify them
07:41:27 PMagamotto Back in the days of IDE cables, perhaps
07:42:04 PMpoopy_pants Well ... with UUID I suspect that we can all live happily ever after ;-)
07:42:15 PMinvinciblemutant what is the first number
07:42:18 PM_Jot_ normally drives don't suddenly change their spinning either, but if a lot of drives spin up at the same time, suddenly dev-assignments can be pretty random
07:42:43 PMGarbee Not even just IDE cables should cause it. The BIOS requests info from the drives to see what is where, IDE's were master/slave blocked on the chain. So it would have each spin up to get info before handing off to the OS.
07:43:01 PMpoopy_pants Listening!
07:43:21 PMagamotto Because if you don't, your Files will get STABbed!
07:43:41 PMpoopy_pants Ah ... lag is causing the video to replay over here.
07:43:44 PMTechZoneUK I recently had my 3TB HDD fail on me. Had my whole media collection on... it was less than a year old when it failed!
07:44:00 PMGarbee TechZoneUK: Yea, the bigger the density the more prone to failure.
07:44:14 PMGarbee -R
07:44:22 PM_Jot_ oh darn, RobbieF is gone, now I guess we should listen to SashaD present things now
07:44:26 PMagamotto I barely fill 200Gb
07:44:47 PMIMTech5 _Jot_: LOL!!!
07:44:54 PMpoopy_pants I farted ... thought that you should all be aware of that.
07:44:59 PMpoopy_pants :-)
07:45:04 PMTechZoneUK Yeah Garbee I learnt that the hard way... No way am I ever buying larger drives now!
07:45:24 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, did you tell the OS you moved the home folder yet so it uses it on the other drive?
07:45:35 PMGarbee TechZoneUK: If you are doing RAID stuff, they can be useful if you get the right types. But for a one-drive setup, no, don't get 2TB+
07:45:40 PMDennis_Kelley what was that sudo mv * again?
07:45:45 PMpoopy_pants I saw him edit the /etc/fstab twice ... stupid lag
07:45:46 PMDennis_Kelley command
07:45:49 PMGarbee Honestly, I'll never use over a 500GB.
07:45:49 PMGuest96540 I had lag/dropouts too. Tried VLC it was the same. The mobile site seems to be better.
07:45:50 PMGarbee :/
07:45:58 PMGarbee Just no need for all that storage space on one drive.
07:46:22 PMagamotto Garbee: Video editors, perhaps
07:46:27 PMGarbee Dennis_Kelley: `sudo mv * ../{drive path}`
07:46:28 PMGarbee iirc
07:46:35 PMTechZoneUK Yeah Garbee, If I wereo setup a NAS I would always use the 2TB NAS 24/7 drives, they seem pretty reliable
07:46:40 PMDennis_Kelley RobbbieF - what was the command - sudo mv ???
07:46:43 PMGarbee agamotto: Video editors or rippers, photographers, etc.
07:46:47 PMGarbee Plenty of reasons to have that much space.
07:46:50 PMGarbee Just nothing I do.
07:46:54 PMGuest96540 sudo mv * ..
07:46:56 PMDennis_Kelley thanks Garbee
07:47:02 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you should use your radio voice for the intense stuff
07:47:11 PMtic-toc uh oh
07:47:30 PMtic-toc thats a ssd ?
07:47:33 PMBobK54 drawbot music!!
07:47:35 PMTechZoneUK Whats everyones current OS? Any other linux'ers? aha
07:47:43 PMBobK54 PCLinuxOS
07:47:44 PMGarbee ElementaryOS
07:47:49 PMpoopy_pants PointLinux
07:47:53 PMsanseriff Fedora 20
07:47:57 PMagamotto Mint 15 here
07:48:03 PMTechZoneUK Oh wow! I'm Ubuntu myself
07:48:11 PM_Jot_ I'm using windows 7 on this computer, ubuntu on another, and unraid which is slackware at its basis on my server
07:48:29 PMtic-toc geek touchdown
07:48:29 PMpoopy_pants Sounds for your stylish dangerous life
07:48:42 PMTechZoneUK I installed Manjaro & loved it! But had way to many issues with getting my hardware to work.
07:49:00 PMpoopy_pants chills
07:49:09 PMGarbee TechZoneUK: Give ElementaryOS a try. It is based on Ubuntu LTS and has a very nice DE (custom built thing.)
07:49:17 PMagamotto Hmmm, what was the cracker software on the C64 that played 'Yo ho ho" while taking out DRM?
07:49:39 PMtic-toc holy cow - theres a worm in that apple
07:50:01 PMpoopy_pants What's worse than finding a worm in an apple?
07:50:07 PMTechZoneUK @Garbee: I've used it. I think its a really nice OS! Its very fast but I'm not a huge fan of the Launcher in the top right
07:50:12 PMagamotto I have yet to find a compelling reason to own a tablet
07:50:36 PMGarbee TechZoneUK: Ah. Yea, I set most of my stuff up on the dock that I need regularly. Then hide all the UI stuff. :D
07:50:44 PM_Jot_ probably something called kracker jax, or something like that
07:50:46 PMGarbee I really only ever have Chrome and a terminal open for vim.
07:50:46 PMpoopy_pants agamotto: I really like mine! Motorola Xoom with Android
07:51:10 PMmindlord I suggest install that Scratch derivative on there for the kids so they can learn basic programming.
07:51:18 PMagamotto poopy_pants: What about the security holes, and need for anti-virus and such?
07:51:18 PMBobK54 my wifes Xoom has been running strong for about 2 years now
07:51:30 PMTechZoneUK @Garbee: its a shame, the overall OS is awesome! But, Ubuntu seems to be doing me well atm...
07:51:37 PMrobgor I have a galaxy note 10.1 tablet :)
07:51:51 PMpoopy_pants agamotto: I have nothing ... I don't worry about it.
07:51:59 PMmindlord I have an Asus Transformer TF300T wish I'm ashamed to say is very expensive. It's a great piece of hardware, but Android on a tablet still feels empty to me.
07:52:54 PMGarbee SashaD: Chinese isn't letters. It is a symbolic language afaik. Which is why it is so hard to learn to us. Could be wrong though, I'm no language expert.
07:53:01 PMpoopy_pants Same with my chromebook ... I don't worry about it :-)
07:53:35 PMagamotto Garbee: Pictograms based on sound/syllables
07:53:40 PMTechZoneUK Is @popey Alan?
07:53:43 PMinvinciblemutant every letter is a word with strokes
07:54:16 PMmindlord "Pocket Code" is the scratch-a-like for Android.
07:54:23 PM_Jot_ the alphabet in my country also has more than 26 letters, and there are others. But its difficult to determine if it is still like that or not
07:54:46 PMagamotto _Jot_: Around 44 still?
07:55:43 PM_Jot_ not sure, but one letter is 'ij' which is basically the same as y, and can be used interchangibly sometimes, so I'm not sure if it really counts or not, but it was at a time at least
07:56:52 PMagamotto How about military members who are being spied on while trying to have 'some' kind of intimacy with their spouses back home?
07:57:53 PMkyoshininja gitmo invitation for them
07:57:58 PM_Jot_ everybody is spied on, why should they be excluded :)
07:58:01 PMtic-toc probably all of them
07:58:14 PMRavenLords hello everyone
07:58:28 PMRavenLords what did i miss
07:58:28 PMagamotto Stallone... ahahahahahahah
07:58:34 PMkyoshininja Hi RavenLords
07:58:43 PM_Jot_ lots of stuff RavenLords, almost a whole episode :)
07:58:48 PMpoopy_pants RavenLords gloves from world of warcraft is here!
07:59:02 PMRavenLords lol
07:59:31 PMpoopy_pants +650 critical strike!
07:59:54 PM_Jot_ Don't forget to go to and buy lots of stuff! and go to and donate, and as well
08:00:13 PMIMTech5 Thanks @RobbieF and @SashaD! Enjoyed the show!
08:00:14 PMmindlord G'night guys
08:00:26 PMBobK54 night all !!
08:00:30 PMmaggie gnight everyone
08:00:41 PMacessweb until all the more
08:00:45 PMIMTech5 Nite, nite!!!
08:00:46 PMkyoshininja Huntington Beach!
08:00:52 PM_Jot_ SashaD is always nice too though
08:00:57 PMpoopy_pants Say ... you skipped right over me in Fort Worth
08:00:59 PMBobK54 good show, I'll have to review it later, too many freezes for continuity tonight. love the internets....
08:01:00 PMmaggie northern ireland uk
08:01:35 PM_Jot_ it's all that geek-talk that made people pass out and made it go extra fast RobbieF :)
08:01:42 PMpoopy_pants BobK54 ... I was thinking the same ... that's cool through I'll need something to list to tomorrow night.
08:02:18 PMrobgor great show once again guys
08:02:40 PMagamotto hahahahah
08:03:13 PM_Jot_ oh no! my radio cut out just before RobbieF said... .well.. I won't repeat it cause it's a secret
08:03:41 PMkyoshininja gotta go...have a great night all....
08:04:00 PM_Jot_ geez! just after I send a rocket after mister pants he changes his name, now the rocket won't be able to find where to crash and explode
08:04:14 PMtalky_toaster BOOM!
08:05:01 PMtalky_toaster talky_toaster walks across the channel and sits on the sofa.
08:05:21 PMtalky_toaster Anyone for toast?
08:05:53 PM_Jot_ No. No toast. Not burned toast, not hot toast, not cold toast, not toast. Nobody wants toast. Nobody ever wants toast.
08:06:05 PMtalky_toaster How about a crumpette?
08:06:21 PM_Jot_ No toast, no crumpets, no bagels, no bread-products of any kind!
08:06:30 PMSashaD I feel like Ive missed out on all the best food talk in the chat room.... darn show distracting me lol
08:06:41 PMtalky_toaster OK ... I just have one question then.
08:06:46 PMtalky_toaster Would you like a bagal
08:06:47 PMGWG_ Hi, SashaD
08:06:52 PMGWG_ Did I miss Bagel Talk?
08:06:56 PMSashaD Hi GWG
08:07:11 PM_Jot_ Now that is exactly why the toaster was broken, and in the trash
08:07:15 PMagamotto Well, I am off to make something for dinner... I might just do some soup
08:08:04 PM_Jot_ SashaD, you can always go back and read the chatlogs, they are with the shownotes of every episode. Well, recent ones, old ones didn't have them stored
08:08:15 PMSashaD Soup is yummy... soup and bagels :)
08:08:15 PMagamotto .... spmething about Robin of Loxley, in the land of Bag-El....
08:08:53 PMRobbieF Hiya all!
08:08:59 PM_Jot_ hey RobbieF
08:09:01 PMagamotto Chat with you all later!
08:09:07 PM_Jot_ you too agamotto
08:09:16 PMGWG_ I'm a Jewish New Yorker. I know my bagels
08:09:17 PMtalky_toaster What's the point of buying a toaster with artificial intelligence if you don't like toast? 
08:09:28 PMSashaD I wish I could just take you all with me as an ongoing commentary day to day
08:09:33 PM_Jot_ I heated up some baked potato-meal during the show, cause I was so hungry
08:09:38 PMSashaD best randomness ever
08:09:42 PMRobbieF I'll tell you what, talky_toaster... awesomeness.
08:09:45 PMRobbieF And pop tarts
08:09:57 PM_Jot_ SashaD, get a smart-phone, and you can stayed logged in the chatroom every day and all day :)
08:10:29 PMGWG_ _Jot_: It kills your battery though
08:10:36 PM_Jot_ or get me one of those phone-devices with a barrie-phonenumber and you could call all day for free and not stop talking :)
08:10:39 PMtalky_toaster This is going to be about waffles, isn't it?
08:11:15 PMtalky_toaster The question is this: Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite... would you like a toasted teacake?
08:11:28 PM_Jot_ somebody get a hammer
08:12:51 PMtalky_toaster
08:13:06 PMtalky_toaster Early morning toast and light conversation.
08:13:08 PMRobbieF Mmm, waffles
08:13:09 PMSashaD they frown upon talking on cell phones while working, or I'd be all in :)
08:13:10 PMGWG_ _Jot_: Look at CallCentric
08:13:15 PMRobbieF with pure canadian maple syrup
08:13:15 PMGWG_ YOu can get a Barrie number
08:16:54 PM_Jot_ SashaD, geez, next they'll want you to be productive while working I bet
08:18:57 PMSashaD I know, eh!
08:19:10 PMtalky_toaster Right ... time to see what's new on sourcefed .... c'ya!
08:24:00 PMGWG_ RobbieF: How does that compare to Vermont?
08:24:14 PMRobbieF how does what?


Does Not Include Lurkers