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06:58:05 PM_Jot_ woops, 269 indeed
06:58:21 PMagamotto Welkommen
06:58:41 PM_Jot_ I hate you RobbieF! I don't live there
06:58:48 PM_Jot_ that's the other side of the country!
06:59:17 PM_Jot_ she was also at the 300th episode
06:59:35 PM_Jot_ no, bio is correct, my typing just sucks :P
07:00:09 PMkeckeckec We're having fun already
07:01:07 PMagamotto New face, but old person?
07:01:11 PM_Jot_ welcome Bailey J Thomspon, or BaileyJ as she's known here :)
07:01:13 PMagamotto New face, but old person/me chuckles
07:01:32 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed It works :)
07:01:35 PMagamotto Nicely done, anonymous _Jot
07:01:46 PM_Jot_ yeah, nobody will know it was me, it's totally anonymous!
07:01:47 PMkyoshininja wow, that's a voice...
07:01:50 PMagamotto Hmmm, we have a Taelon on the cast?
07:02:22 PM_Jot_ I just had to protect my speakers with all that static previously :)
07:02:48 PMagamotto I take it audio has been rough the last few episodes? I am still catching up
07:02:51 PMGoodGuy Was something wrong with her Mic?
07:02:51 PMkyoshininja Bailey should do voiceovers for demon possession movies with that voice...
07:03:07 PMGoodGuy lol kyoshininja
07:03:27 PM_Jot_ no, audio was great, but they had Hillary over as well, and she was forced to use the wireless microphone, which then did the thing it used to do a lot, completely static drowning out everything
07:03:35 PMGoodGuy Is BaileyJ the author on a show in the past or am I mixing things up?
07:03:41 PMIMTech5 Hi All...
07:03:44 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed RobbieF has to trim the mic :)
07:03:55 PMagamotto Hmm, Robbie could teach my local tv stations somethings about audio clarity
07:04:03 PM_Jot_ that's correct GoodGuy! She was at 269 ( )
07:04:06 PMkyoshininja Oh, that's nice...sweet voice now...
07:04:29 PMGoodGuy nice friendly look to match
07:04:41 PMDennis_Kelley I finally got sound
07:04:49 PM_Jot_ Here's a link to the shops so you don't even have to type: and
07:04:50 PMGoodGuy Yeah... I update my Roku every day looking for it
07:05:07 PMagamotto As long as you have a ~5mbit or faster connection
07:05:23 PMGoodGuy We cut the cable a month ago
07:05:35 PMDennis_Kelley Hello GoodGuy
07:05:40 PMagamotto GoodGuy, congrats! I sure don't miss it
07:05:44 PMGoodGuy Roku has a lot of streaming info
07:05:49 PMtalky_toaster BOOM! I'm here!
07:05:56 PMnapa_polarbear hi robbi
07:05:57 PMGoodGuy I thougt that was her!
07:06:01 PMDennis_Kelley welcome talky_toaster
07:06:21 PMIMTech5 Hey talky_toaster
07:06:40 PMagamotto Robbie needs his Gollum juice
07:06:43 PM_Jot_ Baileys Biography is at:
07:07:06 PMDennis_Kelley didn;t she drive to the show?
07:07:44 PMagamotto Wow, and I thought I was eccentric for my fixation on fountain pens...
07:07:49 PMHillaryyyyy Heyooo people!
07:07:50 PMGoodGuy My first girlfriend bought her first car in purple
07:07:51 PM_Jot_ BaileyJ, so do you need a pen that uses purple ink? or a pen that is purple? Or specifically a purple pen that writes with purple ink?
07:08:03 PMBaileyJ ppurple ink
07:08:10 PMHillaryyyyy ROBBIE--> product placement, move your PC pop outta frame!
07:08:39 PMHillaryyyyy haha nice
07:08:45 PMnapa_polarbear my bd on the 3
07:09:07 PMkyoshininja agamotto: fountain pens rule..
07:09:10 PM_Jot_ Hillary, you recognized it, I couldn't even tell wht it was :)
07:09:12 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Hillaryyyyy
07:09:15 PMGoodGuy Does BaileyJ run Linux?
07:09:16 PMtalky_toaster I loose pens all the time ... I got sick of not caring ... so I bough a $20 pen.
07:09:43 PM_Jot_ so you stick with cheap pens, talky_toaster :)
07:09:48 PMHillaryyyyy It's Canadian Jot...President's Choice...which makes no sense bc we have a Prime Minister..
07:09:49 PMGoodGuy now you will care when you lose it :-)
07:09:50 PMagamotto I find that writing with Biro/paste pens is too much like writing in mud.
07:09:51 PMHillaryyyyy LOL!
07:10:32 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, try scissors
07:10:37 PMagamotto wall warts
07:10:46 PMBobK54 I bought one of those recepticle/USB things a while back and put it where we usually plug in our phones to charge. Works really well, only the cord on the counter, and free ports to use too!
07:11:09 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - BaileyJ How many amps does it supply?
07:11:10 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF you mick is cutting out
07:11:24 PMagamotto Ha! Defeated by the security packaging
07:11:39 PMkyoshininja yeah, I'm getting mic drops intermittently, too.
07:11:49 PMDennis_Kelley *microphone
07:11:57 PMBobK54 wow, like that power cut off technology!
07:12:02 PM_Jot_ I had a little when he was busy with the packaging, but otherwise it has been fine
07:12:12 PMBobK54 no vampire current
07:12:26 PMagamotto We have similar units at Home Depot...
07:12:28 PMDennis_Kelley it is cutting out when he was moving side to side
07:12:29 PMGoodGuy I think Belkin has green power strips that shut off
07:12:40 PMGoodGuy iPad needs 2.1 amps iirc
07:12:59 PM_Jot_ it should have 12V for leds, not 5V for USB :)
07:13:43 PMagamotto 20A? sheesh
07:14:22 PMkyoshininja nice graphics, @RobbieF
07:14:55 PM_Jot_ you're not going to get a shock? then what's the point of doing it, where's the fun?
07:15:04 PMagamotto agreed
07:15:15 PMBobK54 I do it live or not at all !! I'm a risk taker.
07:15:37 PMBobK54 (and I'm stupid too....)
07:15:41 PMGoodGuy Might want to use a meter and test it is off
07:15:48 PM_Jot_ here we use coloured cables, because there is no way to see the difference between white, gray and black in the dark
07:15:59 PMGuest_4988 are they available in uk
07:16:20 PMagamotto Guest_4988, similar units, yes
07:16:45 PMagamotto Usual home centre stores should have them
07:16:51 PMGoodGuy worry if you break off too much amd no slack
07:18:45 PMkyoshininja When Robbie turns his head to his right (far right) I sometimes get mic dropping out.
07:19:15 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, but it is AC, there is no right and wrong side, except for the earth-part, which is labelled with a different easy to indicate colour. Oh wait, thats only in the civilized world
07:20:43 PM_Jot_ oh, they are in a lot of different types at
07:20:51 PMGoodGuy We still live in the past... no smartphones or tablets yet
07:21:05 PMBobK54 US price is pretty good.
07:21:10 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, I'm totally anonymous! :P
07:21:27 PMDennis_Kelley I am in the Chat room!
07:21:30 PMGoodGuy Many of the wall warts don't have enough amps for iPads
07:21:43 PMnapa_polarbear hi
07:21:49 PMnapa_polarbear hi
07:21:49 PMBobK54 of course!! THANKS
07:21:57 PMGoodGuy PPl use them for Raspberry Pi power supplies
07:22:08 PMagamotto I am just wondering when induction plates will be common.
07:22:25 PMBobK54 yes agamotto, waiting for induction
07:22:31 PMoldsalt hello everyone
07:22:33 PMDennis_Kelley GoodGuy: those plugs? that is a great idea
07:22:46 PMGoodGuy I like it also
07:23:08 PMGoodGuy Charge my antique Zune v1
07:23:11 PMagamotto I thought the idea was to remove the keyboard from mobile devices?
07:23:22 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, qwerty was invted quite a while ago with type-writers, so they are a few hundred years too late if they want to sue
07:23:47 PMagamotto ~135 years
07:23:56 PMGoodGuy patent lawyers get rich
07:24:44 PMagamotto Perhaps the WTO should do something useful about it
07:25:23 PMtalky_toaster Hijacking DNS
07:25:34 PMGoodGuy certificate will be bad
07:25:37 PM_Jot_ malware-writers have been doing it for years :)
07:25:47 PMGoodGuy Steve Gibson did a show on that iirc
07:25:53 PMagamotto Censoring governments should have their assets frozen
07:25:55 PMGoodGuy It is on his web site
07:26:33 PMGoodGuy They can substitute a false site that looks the same
07:27:06 PM_Jot_ if they wanted,they could do man in the middle too, and then everything would be valid
07:27:23 PMGoodGuy I did something similar when I was a programmer.. I pretended a coworker got an I/O error and lost his entire library
07:28:02 PMagamotto Yet another reason to not use Office
07:28:32 PMoaesystemstech There is a reason to log on as a user and not as the administrator
07:28:40 PMGoodGuy I am safe... I use IE 8 :-)
07:28:52 PM_Jot_ oh no RobbieFs dryer is hacked by criminals! or something
07:29:12 PMagamotto We are using IE 10 or 11 at work... yech
07:29:28 PMgee typical repiar person
07:29:47 PMgee yoss it out and buy a 2000 dollar dryer
07:29:48 PMGoodGuy ATM's are mostly XP
07:29:59 PMinvinciblemutant just popped in
07:30:03 PMGarbee GoodGuy: Please don't bring ATMs into this.
07:30:05 PMGoodGuy anyone who likes money... easy pickings
07:30:08 PMinvinciblemutant who is the cohost
07:30:13 PMGarbee They are specialized applications.
07:30:17 PMGarbee The ATM threat is absolutely bogus.
07:30:24 PMgee more landfill trash piles up
07:30:42 PMGoodGuy Bailey invinciblemutant
07:30:57 PMGarbee ATM's aren't browsing to random websites and clicking random links. Or installing all kinds of software. They are *embedded* systems designed to do a very specific task and nothing else.
07:31:21 PMtalky_toaster All your computer are belong to us
07:31:36 PMinvinciblemutant BaileyJ: stop swivelling on the chair...:P
07:31:37 PM_Jot_ ATMs are connected to the web, these days through permanent connections, so they are a potential risk, just like any other computer
07:31:45 PMGoodGuy MY XP has a bot I think
07:32:06 PMGarbee _Jot_: No, they are connected to an *intranet* which has layers and layers of firewalls and other protection.
07:32:18 PMagamotto Spybot Search & Destroy
07:32:33 PMDennis_Kelley goodone talky_toaster
07:32:35 PMGoodGuy Malwarebytes is showing outbound connections to malicious IP's
07:32:42 PM_Jot_ Garbee, they are supposed to connect to an intranet, but often are not, because it is too expensive. Here they just use whatever is available, which is often consumer lines
07:32:43 PMtalky_toaster agamotto: wow I've not thought of that program in ages
07:32:59 PMagamotto You would think it would just be easier to put a condom on the ethernet port...
07:33:09 PMkyoshininja @RobbieF: be good to your dryer (future overlord)
07:33:26 PMGoodGuy Microsoft has to love that.. sell Win 8.. They stopped selling copies of Win 7 supposedly
07:33:35 PM_Jot_ the dryer has the potential to put your clothes on fire. So yeah, you should be good to it
07:34:06 PMagamotto GoodGuy: Just buy your copy of 7 from HP... they seem to have no trouble getting ahold of it
07:34:17 PMinvinciblemutant BaileyJ: you are doing well
07:35:08 PMoaesystemstech Who watches the watchers?
07:35:52 PMGoodGuy lol
07:36:08 PMGarbee omg, RobbieF appears to be getting hair again...
07:36:11 PM_Jot_ suspended sentence, for making millions of dollars, sounds like a great deal. In other words, crime pays
07:36:24 PMGoodGuy That'll show him
07:36:29 PMinvinciblemutant a wig
07:36:48 PMagamotto Reminds me of a story about the BSA using copywritten images on its website... w/o creators' permission of course.
07:36:52 PMGoodGuy tough sentences like that will deter others
07:37:17 PMGoodGuy suspended
07:37:21 PM_Jot_ in my country, the music used by the copyright-maffia was stolen and not paid for
07:37:43 PMagamotto Only if they wind up suspended from a bridge...
07:39:02 PM_Jot_ So RobbieF, did you get rich suddenly? :)
07:39:06 PMinvinciblemutant suspended for 4 years?
07:39:11 PMGoodGuy suspended sentence means no jail
07:39:11 PMinvinciblemutant what does it mean?
07:39:32 PMagamotto Dowe, Cheatem, & Howe
07:39:32 PM_Jot_ suspended sentence means no jail now, but if you do it again, you'll have to do the sentence
07:39:46 PM_Jot_ we're fine RobbieF
07:40:09 PMtalky_toaster Saluton, sinjoro! Kiel vi fartas?
07:40:14 PMGoodGuy Yes, but got off easy the first attempt... make a ton of money with little risk
07:40:34 PMinvinciblemutant withdraw me too ..:P
07:41:18 PMoldsalt passwordbox is great
07:41:21 PMtalky_toaster QUESTION: Do you participate in [email protected]? There is a Linux team.
07:41:21 PMRavenLords hello everyone
07:41:23 PM_Jot_ you don't want more stickers, invinciblemutant?
07:41:24 PMtic-toc Might as well withdraw my name too, I never win
07:41:41 PMGoodGuy hello RavenLords
07:42:12 PMinvinciblemutant Any viewers were on mh37*, can RobbieF track them down
07:42:26 PM_Jot_ BaileyJ, Megan was on episode 332
07:42:30 PM_Jot_ and RObbieF
07:42:33 PMtalky_toaster He tumbled and spun in the air, swooping and diving in a salute to the the RavenLord!
07:42:39 PM_Jot_ Maeghan I should say
07:43:20 PMagamotto Death Cert, id, and your 'custodian' password, I would imagine
07:43:42 PMDennis_Kelley that is neat? no you would be dead!
07:44:06 PMoaesystemstech But NSA is shorter!
07:44:19 PMinvinciblemutant is it legitimate for a spouse to take over an account after one dies, such as a bank account
07:44:30 PMGarbee What kind of stuff? I wasn't paying attention.
07:44:47 PMGoodGuy Depends on the will
07:44:50 PMGarbee meh, I'll rewatch later and comment on the show page.
07:45:05 PMGoodGuy We have one that covers that and the children etc
07:45:33 PMagamotto You would have a key from 'owner', one from 'custodian' plus death cert to verify expiration... both needed to generate 'magic' key if memory serves
07:45:43 PMGarbee oh, RobbieF if they know what SSH is, the crypto should basically work like that.
07:45:54 PMDennis_Kelley i Like it also!
07:46:18 PMGarbee But, a more detailed explenation for normal people... That would take me some time.
07:46:30 PMGoodGuy I give my wife my master password... nothing to hide
07:46:37 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: is it safe to store my embanking password in passwordbox
07:46:38 PMinvinciblemutant ?
07:46:43 PMinvinciblemutant ebanking
07:47:07 PMinvinciblemutant GoodGuy: because you are a good guy
07:47:08 PMGarbee RobbieF: Well, trade secrets should not revolve around your crypto.
07:47:09 PMkyoshininja grandma's password cookies recipe...
07:47:12 PMagamotto That would be one of the excellent uses for it, yes
07:47:13 PMGoodGuy or they say that to avoid showing it is not that strong
07:47:27 PMGarbee If it isn't publicly viewable for assessment, it isn't trustable crypto.
07:47:30 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, we already know your password is 1234
07:47:38 PMGoodGuy Security thru obscurity does not work
07:47:50 PMagamotto Nah, NKOTB
07:48:02 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: is it a good idea to put all eggs in a single basket
07:48:08 PMtic-toc What if you get hit in the head and get
07:48:20 PM_Jot_ I got amnesia? I don't remember that
07:48:22 PMinvinciblemutant what if the master password is captured a key logger
07:48:30 PMGoodGuy Darren oon HAK5 wrote a small program to store clipboard contents
07:48:47 PMtalky_toaster Darren Kitchen
07:48:49 PMGoodGuy Most pw software uses the clipboard to enter them
07:48:50 PM_Jot_ theres hundreds of programs that can store clipboards
07:48:50 PMDennis_Kelley my password is Password
07:49:19 PMGoodGuy I type slow, so it became Darren lol
07:49:30 PMagamotto 32? 1024... now we are talking
07:49:36 PMinvinciblemutant once the master password is captured by a key logger, all gone !!!
07:49:44 PMagamotto true
07:50:10 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, there's other shows? Thanks for letting me know, have to go watch them. Bye!
07:51:14 PMagamotto You mean there are twits outside of Twitter?
07:51:19 PMGarbee Yea, ATM's are *not* an issue being kept on XP Embedded unless your banks network is *very POORLY* implemented.
07:51:23 PMGoodGuy XYplorer is one
07:51:40 PMGoodGuy Total Commander
07:52:21 PMGarbee RobbieF: This is XP *EMBEDDED* Not true Windows XP you run on the desktop.
07:52:52 PM_Jot_ there are differences, but not that much really
07:53:05 PM_Jot_ depends on what you selected to add to the installation
07:53:30 PMDoggiedriver Steve G. is very knowlegable ...but this is really scary.....he has been saying thios for a couple of weeks now .No one else I've heard is agreeing with him!
07:53:45 PMagamotto Hmmm, use something obscure like AmigaDOS... security through obsolescense.
07:53:47 PM_Jot_ he's been saying it for years I'd say :) and rightly so
07:53:49 PMGarbee they share the same kernel, and a few of the APIs, but other than that they aren't really the same. You can't say something that affects XP will affect XP Embedded, unless they are *kernel* level issues. And even then, the vector of attack for them to be introduced to the system is far smaller than a general desktop.
07:53:51 PMtic-toc Someones going to naughty sites at work
07:54:39 PMtalky_toaster How about Vista then?
07:54:39 PMGoodGuy My wifes pc wont run Win7 +
07:54:43 PMGarbee RobbieF: Unless it isn't connected to a network. As specialized medical equipment is, which runs on XP embedded as well.
07:54:52 PMagamotto I have to admit.. AT&T does a very good job of blocking that sort of thing
07:54:55 PMinvinciblemutant do you think windows 95 or 3.11 viruses still exist?
07:55:10 PMDreamer__ 1) do people still use a modem with a NAT router ??? 2) software firewall on xp is fine
07:55:11 PM_Jot_ of course a limited XP like embedded is more secure by default, but for example, my XP is far behind firewalls, so you can't even port-scan it, and doesn't connect to unknown addresses, so you don't need a limited XP to be secure
07:55:20 PMGoodGuy She runs Ubuntu 10.4 mostly, but boots WinXP for a few special apps
07:55:21 PMgee both my computers will not install windows 8 and they are new computers
07:55:22 PMDreamer__ 1) do people still use a modem without a NAT router ??? 2) software firewall on xp is fine
07:55:22 PM_Jot_ yes, windows 95 and dos etc virusses still work
07:55:30 PM_Jot_ even worse, modern antivirus often doesn't scan for them
07:55:38 PMGarbee --The episode of Security Now that covered the ATM issue.
07:55:39 PMinvinciblemutant can't see it
07:55:41 PMGoodGuy Our Ooma ip phone does fax also
07:55:45 PM_Jot_ oh hey DrawBot
07:55:46 PMGarbee --Text shownotes for it as well.
07:55:50 PMgee which is fine as I am dumping windows completely for Linux
07:55:51 PMkyoshininja video stopped
07:55:58 PMGoodGuy So does Obihai I gave to our daughter
07:56:26 PMDennis_Kelley they work great on beer glasses
07:56:57 PMkyoshininja video came back choppy, and stopped again.
07:57:03 PMDoggiedriver Our last XCP machine will be pulled on Monday
07:57:10 PMGarbee kyoshininja: Working here. Have you refreshed?
07:57:10 PMagamotto Wow... I think I actually put too much garlic on something
07:57:21 PM_Jot_ a bit late, but better late than never Doggiedriver
07:57:37 PM_Jot_ fortunatly most XP computers will run linux just fine
07:57:58 PMGoodGuy not with old AMD chips
07:58:01 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you always have trouble with reading :P
07:58:11 PMagamotto GoodGuy, eh?
07:58:16 PMGoodGuy no PAE support and most kernels use that nowadays
07:58:28 PMagamotto ahhh
07:58:39 PM_Jot_ congratulations gpop7
07:58:41 PMGoodGuy Only an old flash works on the old AMD's
07:58:55 PMDennis_Kelley congrats
07:59:01 PMGoodGuy Yeah gpop7
07:59:03 PMkeckeckec Congrats, gpop7
07:59:06 PMgpop7 That you
07:59:07 PMIMTech5 Congrats gpop7
07:59:15 PMtalky_toaster Congratulations gpop7 I too will be receiving a special Oscar for the film on my teeth.
07:59:15 PMagamotto woo hoo
07:59:19 PMrobgor congrats gpop7
07:59:20 PMrats_ WTG
07:59:28 PMtic-toc men's
07:59:30 PMgpop7 Thanks everyone
08:00:42 PMkyoshininja Tried Garbee....trying again.
08:00:50 PMagamotto Garamond vs Comic Sans...
08:01:03 PMgpop7 And i was late.
08:01:04 PMGarbee kyoshininja: Maybe there is something wrong with Youtube and you... ?
08:01:24 PMGarbee Or it could just be Live buggyness with Youtube. It is still a relatively recent addition.
08:01:48 PMagamotto I would vote for YouTube sillyness
08:01:53 PMDoggiedriver Jot- The rest are Mint 13 LTS
08:01:58 PMkyoshininja Garbee: yes, trying another machine...
08:02:00 PM_Jot_ VLC has chopiness often too, but you can try that
08:04:02 PMGoodGuy Cohost again BaileyJ
08:04:03 PMIMTech5 Good nite all...
08:04:22 PMGoodGuy WinXP dies and Cat5 Roku is born!
08:04:24 PM_Jot_ night IMTech5
08:04:29 PMgpop7 Good night everyone. Have a great week.
08:04:33 PMagamotto Hmmm, should see a new LTS Mint sometime in May I would think
08:04:36 PMIMTech5 Thanks @RobbieF and @BaileyJ!
08:04:37 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - did you code the Roku app
08:04:37 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed Night :)
08:04:38 PM_Jot_ night gpop7
08:04:41 PMDoggiedriver Nite all
08:04:51 PMRobbieF Thank you all!
08:04:57 PMGoodGuy Love Mint
08:04:59 PMRobbieF Yes, I coded it GoodGuy.
08:05:07 PMgpop7 Jot. I should send a email to robbief
08:05:09 PMGoodGuy How did you learn how?
08:05:21 PM_Jot_ I never tried Mint myself, usually stick with Debian
08:05:35 PMGoodGuy They have a Mint Debian also
08:05:58 PMGoodGuy Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE)
08:06:06 PM_Jot_ gpop7, just email [email protected] with your username, email-address, and that you won and such, and RobbieF will walk over all the way to the postoffice and demand to sticker the whole place if they don't send you some :)
08:06:13 PMDoggiedriver LMDE on P$ Laptops just fine
08:06:14 PMagamotto I have a thing about software written by Vorlons... (very inside joke)
08:06:26 PMDoggiedriver P4
08:06:33 PM_Jot_ email-adress, ha! I man snailmail-address obviously. Email will be included automaticly, most of the time :)
08:06:47 PMgpop7 Thank you.
08:07:13 PMrobgor seya guys
08:07:19 PM_Jot_ see you robgor
08:07:22 PMGoodGuy night RobbieF
08:07:25 PMLeland_ Ultimte Edition 2.6 Rocks!
08:07:30 PMagamotto Well, I must away... I need to give a certain pooch a bath before her bedtime
08:07:34 PMGoodGuy meant robgor
08:07:41 PM_Jot_ have a nice time agamotto
08:07:48 PMGoodGuy see you agamotto
08:07:57 PMagamotto I should be here for next week's show
08:08:00 PMgpop7 I understood what you meant. Thanks again.
08:09:10 PMgpop7 See you hopefully next week same time same station. I hope i will not be late.
08:09:35 PM_Jot_ fortunatly you can always watch episodes again so even if you are a bit late, no big deal :)
08:09:38 PMGoodGuy It would have rearranged my face and not for the better
08:10:10 PMGoodGuy Bad skinned knee was all i ended up with besides aches and pains
08:10:21 PMgpop7 I am glad that you did not do that. You were blessed.
08:10:36 PMLeland_ Some time it's better to miss the point.
08:10:47 PMgpop7 And your pride I know
08:10:49 PMGoodGuy I fell last summer also and hit the side of our car
08:10:57 PMGoodGuy lol Leland_
08:11:01 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, maybe next time try to miss the ground when you fall
08:11:11 PMGoodGuy lol _Jot_
08:11:25 PMgpop7 yeah try to fall up
08:11:41 PMgpop7 Not down
08:11:49 PMGoodGuy We had a new driveway installed last fall and need to fill dirt around the edges
08:12:24 PMGoodGuy I was trying to carry a couple packages for my wife and two coats for me
08:12:30 PM_Jot_ if theres enough room put some nice plants and such, soft ones so if you fall, you have a choice between soft foliage and hard concrete
08:12:37 PMGoodGuy wasn't watching where I went
08:12:56 PMLeland_ Try falling slower.
08:12:58 PM_Jot_ at least you were trying to be a good guy :)
08:13:05 PMgpop7 Ok i am off to watch Agents of Sheilds. See you next week.
08:13:14 PM_Jot_ have a nice time gpop7
08:13:22 PMGoodGuy There isn't. my wife asked them to install extra concrete so she could get out of the car easier
08:13:30 PMgpop7 \You too.
08:13:38 PMGoodGuy night gpop7
08:14:01 PMgpop7 Later Goodguy
08:14:57 PMGoodGuy We just missed the all-time record for snowfall this winter by 2.7 inches
08:14:58 PMLeland_ In guys in Canada coud get away with just installing more snow, instead of conrete.
08:15:27 PMGoodGuy Record was set in 1880-1881
08:15:49 PM_Jot_ weather seems to be getting more unpredictable and erratic lately
08:16:00 PMLeland_ Ah vinyl.
08:16:00 PMGoodGuy Most ppl wanted the record after living with that much snow
08:16:48 PMGoodGuy They said global warming was making it warmer in the far north and pushing artic cold down lower
08:16:52 PM_Jot_ I wouldn't be suprised if there were places with more snow than the record, but these records are measured at the same place
08:17:26 PMGoodGuy Local supermarket had t-shirts for sale.... I survived Polar Vortex 2014
08:17:48 PMGoodGuy I am not sure.. probably in Detroit
08:18:02 PMGoodGuy It was more rural in 1880's
08:18:20 PMGoodGuy so less heat from plants, offices and homes
08:18:26 PMGoodGuy brbias
08:18:40 PMDoggiedriver Sunny and 15 C in Campbell river BC (Canada)
08:19:58 PM_Jot_ in my country its about 5-8c but also some extremes to 12c at the south right now, at 2am, which is about average, but on the high side, especially for nighttime
08:20:44 PMRobbieF Hi all!
08:20:51 PM_Jot_ hey RobbieF
08:20:52 PMRobbieF sorry; just had to get some pictures of Bailey for the web site.
08:20:54 PMRobbieF all done
08:21:12 PM_Jot_ she looked fine
08:21:51 PM_Jot_ not sure the colours where right on my screen, very little purple anywhere, but maybe I'll put a purple filter in front of it next time, so I don't anger the Bailey-gods :)
08:21:59 PMGoodGuy hi RobbieF
08:22:13 PMRobbieF Hey GoodGuy. Nice to see you
08:22:23 PMRobbieF it was a very purple pen
08:22:26 PMRobbieF and mine was very pink
08:22:34 PMGoodGuy I bought a Raspberry Pi at Microcenter (locally)... It was only $29.999 (USA)
08:22:45 PMRobbieF nice!
08:22:55 PM_Jot_ very cheap
08:23:10 PMGoodGuy Not sure if it was a sale.. price tag said $39.99, but rang up as $29.99
08:23:26 PMRobbieF How'd the new live page work out?
08:23:30 PMGoodGuy I have not seen them discounted before
08:24:10 PMGoodGuy They have a good selectiobn of Pi addons, Arduino , Bealboard etc
08:24:55 PMDennis_Kelley I am setting my Raspberry pi as a Media Server, should be cool


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