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06:58:04 PMRobbieF Bahahah, nice
06:58:12 PMkyoshininja Cool. Then as it's said in New York: "then everything"
06:58:38 PM_Jot_ 47 viewers on the statuspage
06:59:48 PM_Jot_ hello agamotto
07:00:06 PMDennis_Kelley Hello agamotto _Jot_
07:00:20 PM_Jot_ hey Dennis_Kelley
07:00:23 PMagamotto How are things this evening?
07:00:32 PMTennessee_Frank Just noticed, RobbieF has a tie on.
07:00:50 PM_Jot_ yep! it's a special celebration
07:00:52 PMDennis_Kelley I am tired today!
07:01:04 PMagamotto Yes, I no longer have to support XP!!!!!!
07:01:06 PMtic-toc Who's the dressed up guy?
07:01:07 PM_Jot_ lots of people are tired of XP, even microsoft
07:01:07 PMTennessee_Frank Now if they'll just kill off the other Windows Op Systems the world would be a much better place,
07:01:25 PM_Jot_ no idea tic-toc! But that is Kelsey Jensen with him
07:01:28 PMDennis_Kelley There is a flicker on the feed today!
07:01:39 PMTennessee_Frank Line Ex,
07:01:42 PM_Jot_ yep, there is a slight flicker in the camera, unfortunatly it couldn't be helped
07:01:43 PMagamotto I am tired of people who expect me to fix it w/o payment
07:01:46 PMkyoshininja Yes, I see the flicker too.
07:01:48 PMTennessee_Frank Lyn X
07:02:11 PMagamotto Mazda's brake fluid drawing in the spiders again?
07:02:18 PMTennessee_Frank Film must not be in the camera right.
07:02:21 PMtic-toc kick it
07:02:30 PMagamotto I have seen far worse on local tv
07:02:37 PM_Jot_ maybe its that new microphone
07:02:41 PMkyoshininja Flicker is fairly minor...
07:02:44 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed It's flickers all way to Sweden to :-/
07:02:51 PMTennessee_Frank It's the tie, that's what's doing it, the dang tie. LOL
07:03:21 PMkyoshininja no flicker during intro video.... must be the tie
07:03:37 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, it'd the tie.
07:03:49 PMagamotto Screen flicker - all because no one paid C= for a simple flicker-fixer that works down to 15Hz
07:04:03 PM_Jot_ Here, you don't even have to type, just click:
07:04:25 PM_Jot_ and if you just want to donate, and don't want to do it through the shop, go to
07:04:39 PMagamotto Perhaps the camera thinks it is a barcode or QR code?
07:05:04 PMBobK54 you're being SCANNED
07:05:40 PMagamotto Did Geordi mess with phasing again?
07:05:54 PM_Jot_ I don't see spock anywhere tonight, he must be up to no good
07:06:11 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed All of them, nice:-D
07:06:25 PMferr I'm dumb but how do you watch thru roku
07:06:43 PM_Jot_ for the roku channel
07:06:45 PMtic-toc Spock and Scotty are working on the flicker
07:06:55 PMDennis_Kelley Robbief - I am in the Chat room!
07:07:13 PM_Jot_ and if you don't have a roku yet but want one, go to
07:07:18 PMagamotto Ignorant, not dumb.. ignorance can be cured with knowledge. I imagine you would search for Category 5 channel
07:07:21 PMBobK54 all the devices
07:07:50 PMagamotto How about a SuperPet?
07:07:53 PMtic-toc Its good till the next update
07:07:54 PMDennis_Kelley I can TRS80
07:07:59 PMBobK54 Timex Sinclair ZX81 was my first
07:08:13 PMTennessee_Frank I gave up on Windows after Windows 98. Switched to an iMac in 2001
07:08:16 PMkyoshininja commodore pet, vic 20, 64
07:08:52 PM_Jot_ CONNECT 9600
07:08:54 PMagamotto Oddly, XP is one of the things that made me go linux...
07:09:21 PMTennessee_Frank FSK, LOL
07:09:24 PMDennis_Kelley WOW 56K
07:09:26 PMagamotto V.92 handshakes
07:09:30 PMtic-toc you've got mail
07:09:44 PMferr thankeess
07:10:02 PMTennessee_Frank Lynn X
07:10:17 PMtic-toc Lie nux
07:10:19 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF Thank YOu
07:10:23 PMkyoshininja Thanks RobbieF....
07:10:26 PMagamotto ReactOS?
07:10:55 PMTennessee_Frank SolydX is decent, panel is on the bottom of the screen just like XP
07:11:02 PM_Jot_ my laptop with XP is running fine, but then it won't connect to internet, I won't let it
07:11:15 PMagamotto Which is why it runs well :)
07:11:28 PMTennessee_Frank Hackers will have a field day, LOL
07:11:37 PMagamotto I wonder who has the golden nail for the coffin?
07:11:57 PMVoodoosandman My wife says sorry her microwave was causing the flicker.
07:12:00 PM_Jot_ I haven't turned my laptop on today though, I didn't want it to have a bad day :)
07:12:15 PM_Jot_ Voodoosandman, its still there, she must be cooking a lot :)
07:12:23 PMagamotto _Jot_, turn it's clock back?
07:12:41 PMTennessee_Frank Point Linux 2.3 will run on XP machines, SolydX will run.
07:12:43 PMVoodoosandman Its a big microwave.
07:12:47 PM_Jot_ no need to turn the clock back, XP keeps working, just its a really bad idea to connect it to public internet
07:12:52 PMTennessee_Frank eats up RAM and Drive Space
07:13:25 PMagamotto I suppose you could buy a new machine from HP with Win7 on it
07:13:33 PMTennessee_Frank If it's an older 32 bit machine you can only run 4GB of RAM, may not be enough for newer Windows Op System
07:13:47 PMkeckeckec KelseyJ: Linux like, Linda
07:14:13 PM_Jot_ that's Linda and Linux with an L, not with a J, like Jot
07:14:14 PMiamboriskarloff I had to upgrade my old pentium D 2.5GB ram to win8 to run the apps I need. I hat the win8 interface, but the PC actually runs much better than XP.
07:14:21 PMtic-toc I put naked pictures of me in every folder on my XP machine... Go ahead and hack it... That'll teach em'
07:14:23 PMagamotto Use the 'old' computer strictly for games?
07:14:39 PMagamotto tic-toc, hahaahahahaha
07:14:44 PMTennessee_Frank Mint isn't the best version of Linux to run, you have to nuke and pave over the older versions to get it updated to the newer versions.
07:14:49 PMccsdguru wow tic toc
07:15:06 PMTennessee_Frank Point Linux I just did a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and went from 2.2 to 2.3
07:15:12 PMTennessee_Frank xfce
07:15:13 PM_Jot_ KelseyJ, and watching category 5?
07:15:16 PMGuest_4149swl-br hello
07:15:18 PMVoodoosandman They should have let the Windows OS die away with th W2K clock scare. I like Artist X Distro.
07:15:21 PM_Jot_ hi Guest_4149
07:15:30 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, that's an xfce desktop
07:15:53 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, True, but if you stick to LTS, nuking every few years can help clean out the cruft
07:15:55 PMTennessee_Frank LiberOffice
07:16:41 PMTennessee_Frank agamotto, I did so much Distro Hoppin' I can install an op system in my sleep now. Sometimes I'll just nuke and pave over for fun, LOL
07:17:04 PM_Jot_ in your sleep? ha! try installing XP in your sleep
07:17:07 PMTennessee_Frank Ding, Ding, Ding.
07:17:24 PMTennessee_Frank You can even go Point Linux 3.0b1 and have Debian Testing.
07:17:26 PMagamotto RobbieF, What made you choose Point over Zorin?
07:17:29 PMDennis_Kelley I Like Pointlinux alot!
07:17:54 PMVoodoosandman It's like when wife said,"Let's get married again" I said Fine. Who are you choosing this time?
07:18:05 PMGuest_4149swl-br antergos is great
07:18:09 PMTennessee_Frank I like my Kali Linux 1.0.6 install, looks a lot like Point Linux, same Debian Stable and I have SDR stuff pre-installed.
07:18:13 PMGoodGuy hi ya agamotto
07:18:16 PMtalky_toaster BOOM! I'm in!
07:18:27 PMDennis_Kelley Hello GoodGuy
07:18:40 PMGoodGuy Hello Dennis_Kelley
07:18:40 PM_Jot_ RobbieF had some issues with zorin and drivers, when he upgraded, something he wanted wouldn't work, I don't remember exactly what it was
07:18:49 PMagamotto Ahhh
07:19:32 PMccsdguru wasnt it sound cards or dsl/s
07:19:35 PMGuest_4149swl-br rolling releases is my choice
07:19:42 PMVoodoosandman Like all Sadists, I will just upgrade to Windows8.
07:19:49 PMTennessee_Frank You can move it to the bottom if you want. Just make sure and move the lower panel to the side first.
07:20:03 PM_Jot_ Voodoosandman, I thought that was for masochists
07:20:03 PMDennis_Kelley GoodGuy how you doing?
07:20:05 PMGoodGuy That's just what they wanted you to do
07:20:35 PMccsdguru Windows are for Capitalists
07:20:36 PMGuest_1661 Hi guys
07:20:37 PMccsdguru lol
07:20:41 PMGoodGuy Pretty good, just got in the door in time for part of the show
07:20:43 PM_Jot_ hi Guest_1661
07:20:48 PMGoodGuy Hi Guest_1661
07:21:14 PMTennessee_Frank Ubuntu with an xfce desktop
07:21:37 PMVoodoosandman >>>Jot .>>>It's like when wife said,"Let's get married again" I said Fine. Who are you choosing this time?
07:21:43 PM_Jot_ Microsoft has support too! (much laughter ensues)
07:21:45 PMagamotto I thought it was pronounced shooboontoo
07:21:49 PMTennessee_Frank :-D
07:21:50 PMGoodGuy The new Roku channel is well done
07:21:52 PMtic-toc Do they sell bras too?
07:22:11 PMGoodGuy I found it a few days ago and it updated this morni9ng iirc
07:22:43 PMagamotto I wonder if Mythbuntu will do something major toward the end of April
07:22:47 PMTennessee_Frank Nice thing about Linux is you can always do a "sudo apt-get install "X" and get software easily.
07:22:53 PMTennessee_Frank if it's Debian
07:23:16 PMGoodGuy I thought they always released at the same time as Ubuntu
07:23:23 PMtalky_toaster Dejah Thoris bras
07:23:24 PMVoodoosandman A Myth is a Female Moth?
07:23:27 PMTennessee_Frank Try to set the clock to 12hr time in xfce, SolydX is the only Distro with xfce that I've found that makes it easy.
07:23:33 PMagamotto GoodGuy, usually
07:23:42 PMDennis_Kelley I put Peppermint Linux on my WYSE Thin Client
07:23:52 PMSovereign_ Why not just move the panel to the bottom for windows users
07:23:58 PMnakedcook Hi guys
07:24:02 PMTennessee_Frank yep, easy to do.
07:24:09 PMGoodGuy Search for strtime Tennessee_Frank ... they show the string values you can customize
07:24:11 PMDennis_Kelley hello nakedcook
07:24:13 PM_Jot_ Tenessee_Frank, most people in the world have discovered days have 24 hours, so they use that :)
07:24:17 PMtalky_toaster It's the cook and s/he's naked!
07:24:19 PMagamotto Abiword will do for 80% of people
07:24:48 PMTennessee_Frank GoodGuy, yep, ended up having to do that. Much easier for em' to just put a check box for 12 or 24 hr time in the pref for the clock. LOL
07:25:04 PMtic-toc I use PlayonLinux and use MS office
07:25:05 PMtalky_toaster agamotto: I actually like Abiword better than libre office word.
07:25:29 PMagamotto I mostly use LibreOffice for conversions
07:25:32 PMGoodGuy Nice thing about Linux is the free software is AND, not OR.. you can have it all without paying your last dollar
07:25:35 PMTennessee_Frank I like Synaptic Software Center for doing installs and searches.
07:26:25 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, don't wait untill the end of the month, your XP is vulnerable!
07:26:29 PMtic-toc 14.04
07:26:48 PMkyoshininja agamotto: I don't know if Abiword handles comments well, but when collaborating and tracking changes, editing comments, I was able to interact with Win Word users without problems (had to install true type fonts, etc) to have it present accurately at first.
07:26:49 PMagamotto 26/4, if memory serves
07:26:52 PMTennessee_Frank Unity eats up RAM though.
07:26:55 PMtic-toc 18th
07:26:59 PMTennessee_Frank May not be the best for older hardware.
07:27:18 PMTennessee_Frank IT also looks a lot like GNOME 3 IMHO
07:27:19 PMagamotto Ahh, before my birthday then
07:27:52 PMVoodoosandman Tails on a thumb drive.
07:28:01 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, amazon for Roku? Or the category5 store?
07:28:15 PMTennessee_Frank 14.04 won't have Amazon sync anymore.
07:28:18 PMnakedcook Robbie we need to chat about virus software for linux
07:29:33 PMtalky_toaster Hmmm ... kinda like that search feature in ubuntu ... not seen it work until now.
07:29:48 PMGoodGuy Thats what I run as my main Linux OS
07:29:58 PMTennessee_Frank MATE or Cinnamon
07:30:06 PMagamotto menus are easy to figure out
07:30:11 PMGoodGuy Cinnamon here
07:30:26 PMtic-toc I never had any luck with mint....It always breaks for some reason
07:30:34 PMagamotto tic-toc, sorry to hear that
07:30:38 PMGoodGuy Been great for me
07:30:51 PMTennessee_Frank When I first came over from my iMac I liked Unity but as I got more use to drop down menus I started to really like MATE or GNOME 3 Classic Shell.
07:30:52 PMGoodGuy No issues that I can recall
07:30:55 PMtalky_toaster I like linuxmint ... but I keep going back to debian
07:31:04 PM_Jot_ lol, my VLC stream cut out for a bit, I hope roku is still working :)
07:31:32 PMkyoshininja was running manjaro and antergo, but went back to mint recently
07:31:36 PMTennessee_Frank MATE seems to be a happy medium between light weight and functionality.
07:31:39 PMagamotto MATE version should be ok
07:32:51 PMtalky_toaster I always move the task bar to the top
07:32:59 PMTennessee_Frank 99% of the time the person will be in their browser not on the Desktop. So you can install Chromium or Firefox and have at it.
07:33:04 PMtalky_toaster task bar ... panel ...
07:33:22 PMTennessee_Frank I like my panel at the top also. Makes it easier to see the clock and stuff.
07:33:37 PMDennis_Kelley hello invinciblemutant
07:33:40 PMinvinciblemutant hello
07:33:44 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF are you going to do SolydX.
07:33:47 PMTennessee_Frank Zorin
07:34:00 PMTennessee_Frank Windows XP, Windows 7 or Gnome 2
07:34:04 PMDennis_Kelley unity you have to know the name of what you are looking for, that is what i found
07:34:05 PMinvinciblemutant they slow because RobbieF has many vboxes
07:34:25 PMtalky_toaster I used zorin for a while ... Gnome2 look
07:34:28 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, show the "Look Changer"
07:34:33 PM_Jot_ Somebody shows Apple OS/X. KelseyJ 'Oh, looks just like windows' :)
07:34:52 PMinvinciblemutant show apple alike version
07:35:18 PMTennessee_Frank Zorin has Compiz pre-installed
07:35:42 PMTennessee_Frank Sunset
07:35:45 PMGoodGuy I had a problem with Zorin.. The menu search did not work properly
07:36:14 PMTennessee_Frank I tried Zorin on my daughter's old Dell but compiz wouldn't let it run. Didn't have enough "umph".
07:36:19 PM_Jot_ fortunatly there are a lot of distributions to choose from, so you don't have to pick one and thats it, like windows
07:36:47 PMferr I love this chat romm you can read the chats easily
07:36:53 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, You need to give SolydX a look.
07:37:26 PMVoodoosandman Well lost video could be the microware. The way she cooks, it would be more humane to set it on "Stun"
07:37:28 PMTennessee_Frank YouTube is having to reload.
07:37:29 PM_Jot_ ferr, and you can even watch it while watching the show later, if you are a member on the website (which is free) you can turn on the subtitles in the options, and have the chat along with the episode
07:37:30 PMagamotto Win8 is one of the ways i managed to get our local Toys4Tots chapter to move away.
07:37:31 PMtalky_toaster Hmmmm just checking out solydx screenshots.
07:37:55 PMkyoshininja I like to check out to see what the trending linux distro's are, and see reviews or dowload.
07:38:09 PMGoodGuy I installed SolydX, but had a few issues.. dont remember what though... I switched to Makulu 5.0 XFCE
07:38:21 PMTennessee_Frank SolydX is the first xfce DE that I actually liked. Couldn't run Kino on it, Disk Utility looked odd so I dumped it and went back to Kali. All in all though it was decent enough.
07:38:40 PMtalky_toaster Holy cow ... I'm going to have to give SolydX a go!
07:38:43 PMGoodGuy Had a couple problems, but got help in the forum quickly
07:39:09 PMagamotto Yes, thankfully in most Linux forii, the first answer isn't
07:39:11 PMagamotto rt
07:39:18 PMTennessee_Frank One cool thing I was looking forward to was that Debian Testing was going to get Gqrx so I could use my SDR dongle to play with radio
07:39:35 PMagamotto That was supposed to be RTFM
07:39:57 PMtic-toc lol
07:40:07 PMkyoshininja check out for top 100 popular distributions of linux.
07:40:09 PMVoodoosandman Ultimate Edition 2.6.3 The compize is stunning I run it on my Monster Dell XPS 1730
07:40:10 PMagamotto Chromebook... hrm
07:40:12 PMU-AL That's ok Robbie can't say Beta. lol
07:40:21 PMTennessee_Frank talky_toaster, SolydX isn't bad at all but had a couple issues. They also have a KDE version, SolydK and they have Home(Debian Testing) and Business(Debian Stable) versions
07:40:25 PMGoodGuy Make her write Linux 100 times while saying it correctly lol
07:40:32 PMTennessee_Frank Zee or Zed, LOL
07:40:46 PM_Jot_ I wonder if she knows copy/paste, she'd be finished quickly :)
07:40:47 PMtalky_toaster K ... I'm downloading SolydX now
07:41:05 PMferr butterbeans I nmay lose dsl connection folks
07:41:05 PMtalky_toaster ChromBook
07:41:06 PMTennessee_Frank Distro Watch is my "go to" when I feel like playing around with some Live USB's of something new.
07:41:13 PMBobK54 the 303 is ARM based though
07:41:16 PMtic-toc Someone go get a chalkboard and have her write it 100 times after the show...
07:41:19 PMtalky_toaster Pretty useless without a network connection.
07:41:39 PM_Jot_ maybe she can write on the wall :)
07:41:42 PMBobK54 nope. I use mine all the time off line
07:41:49 PMGoodGuy Take a look at Easy2boot and RMPrepUSB ... great multi-boot USB
07:41:55 PMTennessee_Frank I'd have to say that SolydX is my #3 fav. Kali Linux 1.0.6 is my #1, Point Linux 2.3 is my #2
07:42:02 PMagamotto SCADA to be fixed? That would be nice
07:42:06 PMtalky_toaster BobK54: I took mine on a cruise ... I couldn't even change the background image without a network connection.,
07:42:25 PMtalky_toaster I still use it ... but not as an offline box.
07:42:33 PMBobK54 wow. now I havent tried that but I do work on docs I save locally. no problem there
07:43:08 PMTennessee_Frank Lots of Bank Machines are running XP, suppose to be pretty bad.
07:43:10 PMagamotto Script-kiddie
07:43:17 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
07:43:25 PMagamotto Skynet?
07:43:42 PMTennessee_Frank Google is Skynet
07:43:49 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you could mess with power and cause interference in cameras and such, so screens would act odd
07:44:20 PMGoodGuy They may have done that during the East coast blackout a few years ago
07:44:21 PMagamotto hehehehe
07:44:58 PM_Jot_ fire is cool! as long as it is in designated areas
07:45:13 PMagamotto The spiders seem to like the taste of the brake fluid in the cars
07:45:26 PMkyoshininja are they Radioactive spiders?
07:45:58 PMBobK54 hmmm. mazda 6's used to be built in flat rock michigan
07:46:04 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, he got a low reward for it too, really ridicilous
07:46:11 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
07:46:21 PMTennessee_Frank Kid has Mad Kung Fu,
07:46:28 PMkyoshininja how many spiders does it take to crack a gas tank?
07:46:45 PMBobK54 that kid copied stallman!
07:46:57 PMagamotto kyoshininja, it isn't the tank, but the fuel filter, if memory serves
07:47:02 PMTennessee_Frank How much Crack does it take to fill the gas tank in my Fiat Spider?
07:47:15 PMDennis_Kelley if anyone would do it,it would be RobbieF's kids!
07:47:28 PMtic-toc The kid is blacklisted
07:47:33 PM_Jot_ Don't forget you can get that roku 2 at
07:47:33 PMkyoshininja thanksm agamotto...
07:47:42 PMSovereign_ Phowabout a few dollar MS
07:47:44 PMTennessee_Frank I have a Roku XD, best money I ever spent
07:48:05 PMinvinciblemutant rock cool
07:48:08 PMagamotto The first time they had spider problems, they were eating ito the brake lines for the fluid
07:48:10 PMTennessee_Frank Wife and I have been watching "Devious Maids" on LifeTime channel on Roku.
07:48:13 PM_Jot_ RobbieF is old, so he has old tvs
07:48:20 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - Do you need a wireless router to use the headphone jack?
07:48:22 PMTennessee_Frank two more eps to go in season 1 and we're done.
07:48:44 PM_Jot_ Googuy, the headphone jack is build into the remote, so I assume you don't need a wireless router
07:48:46 PMTennessee_Frank I need to get another Roku for the TV in my computer room
07:48:47 PMkyoshininja GoodGuy: No, the remote is radio based.
07:49:02 PMTennessee_Frank Roku is basically AWESOME
07:49:10 PMagamotto Composite???? ick
07:49:15 PMGoodGuy Thanks! I have been trying to find the answer to that for awhile
07:49:17 PMTennessee_Frank Fox News, tons of tech channels
07:49:41 PMTennessee_Frank Think ChromeCast only better
07:49:43 PMkyoshininja it works great out of the box GoodGuy. Use that feature all the time.
07:49:49 PMGoodGuy Roku support connected to Manila Phil and the tech didn't know
07:50:18 PMGoodGuy I have a Roku 2 XS, but I want a Roku 3 for that and Youtube app
07:50:34 PMTennessee_Frank Jupiter Broadcasting is a great channel
07:50:39 PMTennessee_Frank Linux Action Show
07:50:52 PMDennis_Kelley man I need that now! it has Chello Concerts
07:50:56 PMTennessee_Frank Most sports are not free though.
07:51:09 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, so I cut the cable, but now my tv won't turn on. Did you mean cut the powercable, or the antenna-cable?
07:51:10 PMGoodGuy I have those as channels as well
07:51:21 PMGoodGuy lol _Jot_
07:51:29 PMTennessee_Frank :-/
07:51:40 PMkyoshininja Tennessee_Frank: I agree. Great content in Linux Action Show, etc
07:51:50 PMGoodGuy Plus more Private channels
07:52:19 PMTennessee_Frank Just couldn't afford DirectTV anymore so a guy at a local TV store mentioned Roku. We picked one up and WOW, totally love it.
07:52:45 PMTennessee_Frank Nowhere.TV is a private channel
07:52:47 PM_Jot_ you'll love it even more now that category5 is on it I bet :)
07:52:48 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, how fast is your connection?
07:52:53 PMVoodoosandman Maybe Microsoft can still a new Window OS from my washing machine, Just copywrite the low suds feature,
07:53:05 PMTennessee_Frank We have DSL, my download speed is around 700k
07:53:13 PM_Jot_ Voodoosandman, they do have an OS for that, windows CE or whatever they call it now
07:53:13 PMastro_pensil Voodoosandman: Ha!
07:53:14 PMTennessee_Frank not really all that fast but it works fine.
07:53:18 PMagamotto Ok, sounds reasonable then
07:53:49 PMTennessee_Frank Most times when you're coming back into a show it'll sparkle a bit until it loads but you get use to it, LOL
07:54:08 PMTennessee_Frank Roku also has a Forum
07:54:21 PMastro_pensil I like that : 'sparkle a bit' :-)
07:54:34 PMTennessee_Frank It's a digital kind of thing. LOL
07:55:16 PMTennessee_Frank "JOBS" was a pretty good movie about Steve Jobs
07:55:33 PMTennessee_Frank Been watching "Burn Notice" too
07:55:52 PMGoodGuy I watch that using an OTA antenna Tennessee_Frank
07:56:26 PM_Jot_ Theres some category5 special feautures too, like the server-build that hasn't been seen for years. Don't forget the washers, RobbieF!
07:56:31 PMVoodoosandman We used to give him wedgies at Homestead High. Woz is cool.
07:56:32 PMTennessee_Frank I'd not watched Burn Notice at all but got bored one day and started at Ep 1, Season 1 and been watching in order up to Season 4
07:56:32 PMGoodGuy Ion TV channel
07:56:52 PMTennessee_Frank Finally got Breaking Bad last 8 eps so I got to finish that.
07:57:02 PMGoodGuy has several shopping subchannels... HSN, QVC and Shop
07:57:06 PMTennessee_Frank Waiting for Son's of Anarchy to update
07:57:22 PM_Jot_ KelseyJ, you looked very young in that episode, must have been a while ago :P
07:57:29 PMagamotto Shopping channels? cik
07:57:33 PMTennessee_Frank I love it that Roku has History, A&E and Lifetime channel now
07:57:43 PMGoodGuy I tried the Live TV, but it buffered a min or so
07:58:18 PMTennessee_Frank I have a digital converter for "local" stuff(60 miles East from Knoxville) and my Roku for all the "cool" shows.
07:58:28 PMTennessee_Frank Vikings on History channel is uber cool
07:58:34 PMGoodGuy We cut the cord and my wife liked shopping channels once in awhile
07:58:50 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - any plans for a XBMC channel?
07:58:53 PM_Jot_ Don't forget to add :)
07:58:56 PMagamotto Ok, just surprised that anyone would stream it
07:59:01 PMTennessee_Frank GoodGuy, Roku has a few shopping channels tool
07:59:04 PMTennessee_Frank too
07:59:13 PMGoodGuy I saw
07:59:27 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, give Dr. Bill a look
07:59:45 PMastro_pensil Does it require a cat5/6 connection?
07:59:50 PMastro_pensil Or can I use it wireless?
07:59:56 PMGoodGuy Ion TV is 31.1 AND 31.4 31.5 31.6 were shopping
07:59:56 PMTennessee_Frank Roku is WiFi
07:59:56 PMagamotto both
08:00:04 PMastro_pensil OK ... cool!
08:00:13 PMGoodGuy It has both wired and wireless astro_pensil
08:00:21 PMVoodoosandman Almond-Roku woud attract more.
08:00:24 PMGoodGuy I used wired
08:00:33 PMferr nighty night
08:00:36 PMkyoshininja roku is easy to travel with and install on friend's tv when needed.
08:00:37 PMastro_pensil My TV is in a place where only wifi can get to it.
08:00:52 PM_Jot_ there's also some feautures of stuff at if you want to check it it
08:00:53 PMTennessee_Frank My router is in my computer room and the Roku is at the other end of the house in the family room.
08:00:54 PMGoodGuy It was wireless N iirc
08:01:15 PMastro_pensil Tennessee_Frank: thanks! I think I'll buy one then :-)
08:01:17 PMTennessee_Frank Sounds Amish
08:01:37 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, no 'wee too low' ?
08:01:38 PMTennessee_Frank astro_pensil it'll be the best money you've ever spend on entertainment.
08:01:39 PMkyoshininja I think you will enjoy it astro_pensil
08:01:53 PMGoodGuy same here.. I ran a 50 ft Cat 6 cable from the back of the house to the living room and installed a switch for multiple connected devices
08:01:55 PMastro_pensil Looking at Roku3
08:01:56 PMagamotto We just moved everything in the house to wireless N... nice difference
08:02:12 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, got ya' rated at a 5
08:02:13 PMGoodGuy WD Live TV, Roku
08:02:36 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - any plans for a XBMC channel?
08:02:59 PMBobK54 flickery goodness.
08:03:00 PM_Jot_ wait, we were supposed to have fun? why didn't anybody tell me. Fortunatly I did, but oh my
08:03:03 PMTennessee_Frank Yep
08:03:05 PMastro_pensil Ahh ... the flickery goodness ... I thought it was my problem.
08:03:06 PMRobbieF Woh that flew by
08:03:16 PMBobK54 night all
08:03:21 PMKelseyJ that elt faster than last time
08:03:22 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed Fun :)
08:03:23 PMDennis_Kelley Yes we did!
08:03:26 PMGoodGuy Night BobK54
08:03:27 PM_Jot_ normally there is no flicker, but there was a camera issue that turned up too late to fix
08:03:27 PMRobbieF Hope you all had a great time!
08:03:30 PMVoodoosandman As soon as my kids find out XP is dead, were going back to pencils and family talks.
08:03:31 PMRobbieF seeya bobk54
08:03:40 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed Bye :-[
08:03:46 PM_Jot_ night BoBK54
08:04:06 PMkyoshininja Thanks RobbieF. Great to see you onRoku
08:04:19 PMTennessee_Frank Roku really is about one of the best deals going for entertainment.
08:04:34 PMRobbieF nice kyoshininja. How was the performance on Roku, live?
08:04:36 PMGoodGuy Best streaming option easily
08:04:42 PMRobbieF Tennessee_Frank it's AWESOME :)
08:04:52 PMastro_pensil I sometimes find myself whistling the theme music to cat5tv
08:04:53 PMRobbieF we've been looking for a worthy platform, as you know from all the reviews :)
08:04:56 PMGoodGuy It buffered a min or so when I tried it RobbieF
08:05:00 PMRobbieF astro_pensil - nice one!
08:05:01 PMTennessee_Frank Now I can watch the show again on my Roku tomorrow RobbieF
08:05:08 PMGoodGuy Otherwise worked fine
08:05:23 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: performance was mostly great. however, I did have occasional "loading" bars show up as if it was buffering.
08:05:27 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, check out Jupiter Broadcasting and Dr.Bill Baily, they're both pretty decent
08:05:38 PMGoodGuy I did think the text on screen was a little blurry, but it may be my eyesight
08:05:54 PM_Jot_ text looked great to me, just the flicker
08:06:04 PMTennessee_Frank Most of the time the loading bars happen where you'd get a commercial anyway so I don't even notice them all that much.
08:06:23 PMagamotto One of our local stations has audio that is so bad, I no longer record shows from it
08:06:24 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - what resolution is the Roku Live stream?
08:06:32 PMTennessee_Frank Also, sometimes you will get a commercial on your Roku to help pay for content.
08:06:45 PMTennessee_Frank Like I said, it's Free, cool TV so I don't mind
08:06:46 PMsym_farmer K ... I'll see if I can free up $100 bucks and get one of them Roku thingys'
08:06:49 PMVoodoosandman Buffering. I had time enough for Four no make tat Three scoth and soda,
08:07:05 PMTennessee_Frank We saved $78 a month by dropping DirectTV
08:07:08 PM_Jot_ I don't think you get ads with category5 on roku, but I think there is a premium option for if you do want to pay
08:07:16 PMGoodGuy I wish they wouldn't repeat the same commercial so often
08:07:17 PMsym_farmer Voodoosandman: I'm sipping on a 'red chair' ale
08:07:23 PMkyoshininja roku resolution appeared to be pretty good. I don't know for sure what it was set to, though.
08:07:43 PM_Jot_ I don't know the precise resolution, but RobbieF normally broadcasts in 720[
08:07:45 PM_Jot_ 720p
08:07:56 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_, nope, no adds on Category5 but other shows will have them. Sometimes it's just to advertise another show on that channel, like on the History channel
08:07:59 PMagamotto I am pondering about whether to have mac&cheese or cereal for dinner
08:08:06 PMVoodoosandman It's the Pot I live in Mendocino Ca.
08:08:36 PMVoodoosandman If you don't act like a pot head they think you Cop.
08:08:46 PMGoodGuy We saved $86 by dropping Comcast... they raised internet some, so it ended up less than $86 but still worthwhile
08:08:49 PMTennessee_Frank IIRC my Roku XD is 720p but then I have an older analog TV so it doesn't really matter.
08:09:33 PM_Jot_ in that case, you can watch the first episodes that were in 320x200, and not even see a difference much :)
08:09:35 PMsym_farmer Aaand ... I'm outta here. C'ya
08:09:53 PMGoodGuy The Roku 2 XS can do 1080p, but that doesn't mean the brodcast was in that resolution or used high quality cameras
08:10:06 PMagamotto GoodGuy, I cut Mediacom out when the raised the rate to over $80/month, while complaining they couldn't afford the TV guide channel anymore
08:10:09 PM_Jot_ yeah, its very difficult to get a good quality
08:10:33 PMGoodGuy Now they can't with less money :-)
08:10:40 PMagamotto Yet, somehow they can afford 5 different ESPN channels
08:10:57 PMTennessee_Frank GoodGuy, so I wonder if the Roku2 XD, which replaced the XS does 1080p??. I only thought it was 720p, I'll have to check my box.
08:11:02 PMGoodGuy I think ESPN and the such make they buty a package
08:11:17 PMVoodoosandman You know starting a blog with our online viewing favorite links would be a good idea.
08:11:30 PMGoodGuy I thought they make Roku 1 - 2 and 3 now
08:11:37 PMagamotto yes
08:11:40 PMTennessee_Frank I get clips from ESPN on my Roku which really is good enough to keep track of stuff.
08:11:45 PMagamotto XS and XD are gone
08:12:03 PM_Jot_ 1,2,3and streaming stick :)
08:12:04 PMGoodGuy IIrc XD was a slightly cheaper model than XS
08:12:06 PMTennessee_Frank agamotto, yep, I know. I probably got one of the last XD's
08:12:31 PMagamotto Well, I am off to go stare at my kitchen and figure out what I want to consume
08:12:34 PMTennessee_Frank Ahh, ok, so XD may only be 720p then.
08:12:42 PM_Jot_ enjoy whatever it'll be agamotto
08:12:47 PMTennessee_Frank agmotto, have fun.
08:13:28 PMGoodGuy XS has USB, but I have never tried it... I have an older WD Live TV and that worked great for local content
08:13:31 PM_Jot_ whatever the resolution, its only 2d anyway :)
08:13:34 PMTennessee_Frank Guess I'll go see what's on the TV. NCIS L.A. comes on at 8pm CST.
08:13:34 PMGoodGuy more codecs etc
08:14:05 PMTennessee_Frank C you guys later.
08:14:14 PMGoodGuy Night Tennessee_Frank
08:14:27 PMkyoshininja GoodGuy: I have used the USB and it works great for your own content. Pix are easy, use handbrake to transcode for best roku display.
08:14:42 PMkyoshininja videos (transcoding)
08:15:04 PMGoodGuy The WD Live rarely required any transcoding other than Flash
08:15:32 PMGoodGuy I have the model before they added Netflix
08:15:34 PM_Jot_ doesn't sound very secure
08:16:01 PMGoodGuy very little online sources and a few of those closed up
08:16:38 PMGoodGuy I used to copy all the Rev3 shows and others to a USB Flash Drive
08:16:55 PMGoodGuy and play using the WD Live TV
08:17:12 PMRobbieF I hope the flicker was bearable.
08:17:28 PMGoodGuy but I stopped archiving most shows and just use the Roku for most
08:17:33 PMGoodGuy It was RobbieF
08:17:36 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: yes, it was definitely ok.
08:17:40 PMRobbieF kyoshininja, that's what every Roku user thought, and then I went and added ~350 hours of more video to the platform!
08:17:44 PMVoodoosandman High tide sunset going surfin. No fog 75F........ 73's and 88's........catch you all on the flip-flop..
08:17:45 PMGarbee RobbieF: Here is all the code I need to maintain for the product listing admin page: (aside from a little bit of JS to generate the table.)
08:17:45 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - any plans for a XBMC channel?
08:17:54 PMGarbee But, that JS is going to be made pretty much universal.
08:17:55 PM_Jot_ I'm wondering what the flicker will look like in the files
08:18:09 PMGoodGuy XBMC looks neat
08:18:11 PMABQTKY RobbieF, when you keep rolling the chairs over the cables you have to expect a bit of flicker or static.
08:18:26 PMRobbieF GoodGuy... no plans per se, but now that we have the infrastructure, I would be happy to entertain the idea!
08:18:29 PMGoodGuy Playing with it on the PC and a Raspberry Pi
08:18:32 PMRobbieF It's really just, do I have the time to program it
08:18:36 PMGarbee I have 20k records to make the table, stored in LocalStorage. So the table is generated client-side, and data is searched near-instantly.
08:18:37 PMGoodGuy Neat RobbieF
08:18:38 PMRobbieF which once this dies down, I may
08:19:01 PMGarbee oh, It is a Tuesday!
08:19:04 PMRobbieF ABQTKY the flicker was caused because at the very last minute I realized the roku has copy protection!
08:19:09 PMRobbieF so we couldn't capture it
08:19:17 PMRobbieF so I had to improvize and plug the Roku into the camera input
08:19:23 PM_Jot_ Garbee totally just missed episode 342?
08:19:23 PMRobbieF and the camera had to go into the BSP
08:19:32 PMRobbieF Garbee, Garbee, Garbee
08:19:48 PMRobbieF That code is insanely tiny for what it accomplishes for you. Lovely.
08:19:50 PMGarbee _Jot_: That isn't a big deal. I'll get it in the next few days.
08:20:02 PMGarbee Tonight I worked on the product edit pages more.
08:20:04 PMABQTKY RobbieF, the flicker is probably caused by the special Roku 'chair simulator' module.
08:20:07 PMGarbee Got a lot of nice stuff done.
08:20:28 PMRobbieF hehe
08:20:28 PM_Jot_ I bet the camera ran on XP, so it was dying
08:20:30 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: Ha!....LOL
08:20:49 PMGarbee RobbieF: If you think that is pretty, you'd love how I'm doing some of the form stuff for editing products.
08:21:09 PMGarbee This new system is coming together beautifully so far.
08:21:22 PMGarbee Now is the hard part though, thinking through the best way to handle options and product varients.
08:21:23 PMRobbieF glad to hear it!
08:21:44 PM_Jot_ Garbee, group by SKU?
08:21:48 PMGarbee I have a few ideas, but I need to branch the codebase a few times to actually make a mini-test.
08:22:31 PMGarbee _Jot_: It is a bit more complex then that, especially since the SKU can change. I'll have variant products tied to the primary product directly by ID.
08:23:52 PMGarbee However, I still need a unique way to lookup the variants quickly.
08:24:10 PM_Jot_ I'd say bar-code, but I bet that doesn't work either :P
08:24:16 PMkyoshininja Goodnight all.....
08:24:16 PMGarbee So I'll need to do some kind of combination of things, like parentId_O1_O2 etc.
08:24:24 PM_Jot_ good night kyoshininja
08:24:30 PMGarbee Or hash the stuff together, which I'd rather not do.
08:24:40 PMGarbee Hashing removes legibility from the DB.
08:24:51 PM_Jot_ parent_id is usually a good solution
08:24:57 PM_Jot_ and NULL for the main article


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