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06:58:03 PMTennessee_Frank Which I had a job to ditch
06:58:04 PM_Jot_ yesterday was Sasha Dirmeitis' birthday, agamotto wasn't on the calender :)
06:58:12 PMagamotto Actually, I had to leave early to avoid overtime
06:58:17 PMTennessee_Frank I saw that on Google+ _jot_
06:59:25 PMTennessee_Frank Howdy keckeckec
06:59:42 PMagamotto My birthday has a built-in reminder: Earth Day
06:59:56 PMDennis_Kelley Sorry guys but i went and got a new laptop.:-(
07:00:01 PMkeckeckec Happy B-Day, agamotto
07:00:30 PMTennessee_Frank Dennis_Kelley don't tell me it has Windows 8 on it.:-X
07:00:41 PMagamotto Yes, another year of outliving my enemies
07:00:41 PMDennis_Kelley for now yes
07:00:46 PM_Jot_ so happy earth-day agamotto, and happy birthday :)
07:01:15 PMTennessee_Frank April is almost gone
07:02:01 PM_Jot_ newsflash: RobbieF is old
07:02:34 PMDennis_Kelley Tennessee_Frank: I am working on atleast Dual Booting with Linux
07:02:39 PMagamotto Nah, by Okinawan standards, I am not yet an adult at 44.
07:02:59 PM_Jot_ oh, you're just a baby
07:03:05 PMTennessee_Frank Dennis_Kelley, have you ever given Manjaro a look? It's Arch based so you get all the Arch User Repository goodness with it.
07:03:11 PMagamotto Dennis_Kelley, Consider yourself forgiven than
07:03:17 PMBudda_Belly I'm 60 and have way more hair than he does
07:03:56 PMTennessee_Frank IAIB, LIB MR Ducks.
07:03:59 PMBudda_Belly Not counting the beard
07:04:03 PM_Jot_ Here is a clickylink: and if you just want to fork over money, go to
07:04:07 PMDennis_Kelley agamotto Thanks
07:04:14 PMkyoshininja Hi all....
07:04:20 PMagamotto Has Robbie embraced T25?
07:04:24 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF do you have them in 3xl
07:04:56 PM_Jot_ sizes only seem to go to XL right now
07:05:04 PMTennessee_Frank :'(
07:05:30 PMTennessee_Frank I'm a big guy, got to have a 3xl or it just won't fit right. :)
07:05:36 PM_Jot_ However, according to RobbieF: 'we can do larger sizes, but they cost more so if you want > xl just include a $10 monetary donation and a note to say larger size (or more... $10 will just cover the extra)'
07:06:09 PMagamotto lacrima y lamenta... por qua, por qua, dio mio?
07:06:45 PMTennessee_Frank Cool
07:07:05 PMTennessee_Frank WalMart hits me for more money too go get a larger size, LOL
07:07:06 PMagamotto And to not have hundreds sitting around gathering moths
07:07:22 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - Hillary's mic is very hard to here. sound is low. compared to yours
07:07:40 PMiamboriskarloff Hillary's mic is very quiet.
07:07:42 PMagamotto Hmmm, mine does 720p
07:07:53 PM_Jot_ for RobbieF's blog
07:07:56 PMGoodGuy I was thinking that also Dennis_Kelley
07:08:23 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF: Thanks! better
07:08:26 PMGoodGuy Better!
07:08:44 PMDennis_Kelley We are hear for you!
07:08:49 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
07:08:56 PM_Jot_ didn't we do this question a long time ago?
07:09:34 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ seems like it.
07:09:35 PM_Jot_ I remember it went down to hdmi and RobbieF saying you shouldn't use that because it would be difficult to change
07:09:48 PMagamotto Hmm..Robbie I sense the opportunity for a podcasting book!
07:10:25 PMagamotto Image stabilization is a must for me due to my arthritis at times
07:11:35 PMTennessee_Frank You can put some small sand bags on the tripod legs to make it more stable.
07:12:21 PMGoodGuy video froze
07:12:24 PMagamotto You can use an 'active' HDMI cable to ~25ft/5m, Monoprice and BlueJeansCable would be a good source
07:12:25 PMTennessee_Frank yep
07:12:36 PM_Jot_ VLC is still active
07:12:40 PM_Jot_ just youtube
07:12:45 PMTennessee_Frank Bummer
07:12:48 PMagamotto youtube crapping out again
07:12:51 PMGoodGuy youtube isn't :-(
07:13:02 PMagamotto Hmm, ok... AT&T then
07:13:10 PMagamotto At last for me
07:13:12 PMTennessee_Frank I'll be glad when I get the second Roku and hook it up to the TV here in the Computer room
07:13:16 PMagamotto least, even
07:13:55 PMSovereign__ Robbie you are a true geek
07:13:59 PMBudda_Belly I've seen that necklace on Hillary quite often. I can't tell what it is, a bird?
07:14:08 PMGoodGuy where is the VLC link.. dont see it on the web page
07:14:13 PM_Jot_ its just youtube that is having issues, so if you can use the VLC stream, or even the radio, those are fine
07:14:32 PMTennessee_Frank What's the link for VLC
07:14:49 PMGoodGuy Used to be on the home page
07:14:50 PM_Jot_ Since RobbieF removed it, VLC-link is
07:15:00 PMGoodGuy not seeing it topday
07:15:01 PM_Jot_ open that with VLC, and it'll play
07:15:22 PM_Jot_ refreshing youtube may work too
07:15:24 PMagamotto SDI cable?
07:15:30 PMTennessee_Frank Ok, and how do I do this in VLC?
07:15:40 PMGuest_4986 technical problems
07:15:49 PM_Jot_ in VLC, go Media, and then open network stream
07:15:53 PMTennessee_Frank Ok, open network stream
07:15:56 PMGoodGuy VLC didnt play for me
07:16:04 PM_Jot_ yes, youtube was having issues, refreshing it may work
07:16:20 PM_Jot_ after refreshing youtube works for me again
07:16:46 PMGoodGuy here also _Jot_
07:17:16 PMagamotto Burn him, burn him, he is unclean!!!!
07:17:51 PMGoodGuy Take a look at Sandboxie
07:17:56 PMagamotto Wow, youtube just jumped ahead quite a bit
07:18:07 PMTennessee_Frank Ok, YouTube is back up. Need to learn how to use VLC.
07:18:19 PM_Jot_ yep, it did :) and my VLC stream just failed. But I hope that is just me
07:18:35 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, VLC is very good at playing stuff that nothing else will
07:19:00 PM_Jot_ okay, just me, restarting VLC worked.
07:19:06 PMTennessee_Frank agamotto, I've used VLC for over a year on every Linux Distro I've used and Yep, it's Da' Bomb/
07:19:09 PMlanceman Hello everyone
07:19:14 PM_Jot_ hey lanceman
07:20:09 PMagamotto Robbie, I have local televisions stations that could teach things about audio and video
07:20:12 PMkyoshininja Hi Lanceman
07:20:40 PMTennessee_Frank Sounds like a Dick Tracy villian, Cube Face
07:20:51 PMagamotto insert 'you' into that sentence
07:21:03 PMBudda_Belly What ate those 700+ Thai women doing?
07:21:17 PMagamotto The macarena?
07:21:26 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you didn't get $5, the show did :)
07:21:28 PMBudda_Belly are
07:21:37 PMTennessee_Frank LOL,
07:21:38 PMBudda_Belly not ate
07:22:14 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF you'll just blow it on Beer, LOL
07:22:53 PMDennis_Kelley easy $5.00 earned!
07:23:12 PMTennessee_Frank Desktop Widgets
07:23:17 PMagamotto No, these days it would be some neufchatal cheese
07:23:59 PMTennessee_Frank Nailed it.LOL
07:24:05 PMlanceman Is Roku buffering for anyone else?
07:24:28 PMkyoshininja lanceman: yes...I've had a few buffer screens
07:24:46 PMTennessee_Frank I'm lovin' my Xfce Desktop in Manjaro.
07:24:48 PMlanceman Just did it again
07:24:59 PM_Jot_ internet seems failing tonight
07:25:03 PMBudda_Belly My ROKU keeps buffering. Anybody else?
07:25:10 PMDennis_Kelley it did what on your screen - defecated?
07:25:12 PMkyoshininja yes, lanceman...I see it too.
07:25:15 PM_Jot_ try refreshing the stream, if you can do that on Roku
07:25:24 PMTennessee_Frank Budda_Belly, what kind of interweb connection do you have??
07:25:31 PMlanceman Yes Budda Belly me too
07:25:35 PMBudda_Belly Cable
07:25:49 PMTennessee_Frank Wow, you should have good through put then.
07:25:54 PMTennessee_Frank Xfce Ubuntu
07:26:08 PMBudda_Belly Don't know what. It is my som's
07:26:23 PMBudda_Belly son's
07:26:24 PMlanceman My Roku comes over Time Warner here in NY
07:26:27 PMSovereign__ tails
07:26:39 PMTennessee_Frank Everyone should have a patch for Heartbleed by now.
07:26:51 PMBudda_Belly It usually is fine
07:26:53 PMTennessee_Frank Check your web sites on Last Pass web site
07:26:53 PMrevdjenk halo!
07:26:56 PMagamotto I don't bank online
07:27:16 PMTennessee_Frank On Manjaro I'm running OpenSSL 1.0.1g which is the latest and safe version.
07:27:33 PMTennessee_Frank There's also patches for older versions of OpenSSL
07:27:35 PMSovereign__ or a live cd
07:27:40 PMlanceman Most major banks in the US don't use OpenSSL some smaller ones might.
07:27:49 PMrevdjenk sorry I'm late!
07:28:04 PMTennessee_Frank Live CD wouldn't help, it's on the server side of things, not the client side
07:28:13 PMBudda_Belly I've been out of work for two years so I don't bank at all
07:28:28 PMlanceman BIg buffer this time
07:28:38 PMBudda_Belly Me too
07:28:50 PMTennessee_Frank WireShark
07:28:50 PMagamotto What is the Canadian equivalent to credit unions?
07:28:50 PMrevdjenk not good Budda_Belly
07:29:03 PMDennis_Kelley I just got my New Windows 8 laptop to boot to a DVD - you know what I am close to doing!!
07:29:18 PMrevdjenk Dennis_Kelley: yay
07:29:24 PMlanceman This buffering is really annoying
07:29:36 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, install linux on it?
07:29:38 PMkyoshininja Weirdness: buffering on Roku, and then went back in time 20 seconds.
07:29:44 PMrevdjenk Dennis_Kelley: fedora 4?
07:29:55 PM_Jot_ yeah, it seems VLC won't load at all for me, which is the same stream as Roku
07:29:59 PMTennessee_Frank Fake Bank=Fank
07:30:03 PMSovereign__ Arch?
07:30:10 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ that is the next step
07:30:13 PMTennessee_Frank Manjaro is Arch based and AWESOME
07:30:31 PMrevdjenk Dennis_Kelley: lindows?
07:30:34 PMTennessee_Frank Easy to install, Xfce is light weight but I have it set up to look like MATE.
07:30:48 PMDennis_Kelley I like Pointlinux - so i am going to try that on live cd first
07:31:17 PMTennessee_Frank Point Linux was nice but Debian Stable didn't have all the packages that I need to run like Gqrx
07:31:21 PMBudda_Belly I,v been trying that today
07:31:29 PMSovereign__ frank you installed mate?
07:31:50 PMTennessee_Frank Not in Manjaro, I'm running Xfce but I have it set up so it basically looks like MATE.
07:31:54 PMrevdjenk Royal Buffer Confiscate?
07:31:59 PMTennessee_Frank I did run MATE on my Point LInux installs
07:32:14 PMTennessee_Frank I'm actually very happy with Xfce.
07:32:30 PMrevdjenk I like my mint w/cinnamon
07:32:40 PMagamotto It would be neat to buy your bank's website out from under them
07:32:46 PMTennessee_Frank Cinnamon looks nice but I've seen it brake stuff quite a bit.
07:32:49 PMSovereign__ how do you get xfce to look like mate
07:32:53 PMTennessee_Frank I guess 2.2 will be better though.
07:32:53 PMkyoshininja I recently tried Manjaro Openbox (lighter resource wise on older machines). Feels nice.
07:33:05 PMrevdjenk Tennessee_Frank: never experienced that
07:33:06 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, With Mint it holds up well
07:33:13 PMTennessee_Frank I tried a Distro with OpenBox and wow, couldn't get use to it being so sparce.
07:33:50 PMTennessee_Frank Mint and Cinnamon work well together but I've moved from Debain/Ubuntu over to Manjaro/Arch.
07:34:28 PMTennessee_Frank Manjaro is kind of like the "Ubuntu" of the Arch World, LOL
07:34:33 PMrevdjenk I'm almost tempted to try either manjaro or elementary
07:34:49 PMTennessee_Frank They are based on Arch but have their own repos like Ubuntu is based on Debian but has their own repos
07:34:51 PMkyoshininja Tennessee_Frank: I have done the same.
07:35:22 PMTennessee_Frank Manjaro is uber simple to install and you can make Xfce look pretty good with just a few tweaks.
07:35:38 PMagamotto Which is why 'reply all' should be in a menu, not a button.
07:36:28 PMTennessee_Frank
07:36:49 PMSovereign__ Tennessee_Frank do you get applications places system
07:36:49 PMrevdjenk wow! first time I've seen Hillary on the BIG screen. Didn't realize her eyes were so blue!
07:36:51 PMTennessee_Frank Wow, smokin' slow
07:37:06 PMrevdjenk must have been the trip to Cuba?
07:37:33 PMinvinciblemutant hi
07:38:00 PM_Jot_ hey invinciblemutant
07:38:37 PMlanceman HI invinciblemutant
07:38:43 PMTennessee_Frank You get a menu that you can make an icon, text or an icon and text.
07:38:54 PMTennessee_Frank I just like the icon, takes up less room in the panel
07:39:15 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF say that three times fast.
07:39:32 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF aren't ya' glad I went with Tennesse_Frank.
07:39:41 PMTennessee_Frank much easier to say
07:40:04 PMagamotto Mahalo to you to
07:40:05 PMinvinciblemutant just woke up...
07:40:07 PMinvinciblemutant :)
07:40:09 PM_Jot_ he has big issues with the underscore though
07:40:16 PMTennessee_Frank 20 minutes, sure we have time???
07:40:18 PMrevdjenk hee hee invinciblemutant
07:40:35 PMrevdjenk Stella!
07:40:44 PMBudda_Belly 307& 313
07:40:48 PMTennessee_Frank Won't find as much in a .rpm as he would a .deb or from the AUR.
07:40:52 PMagamotto Flavio- is he flavulous?
07:41:01 PMTennessee_Frank Debian or Arch would be better choice IMHO
07:41:57 PMTennessee_Frank Wow, 32GB of RAM, =-O
07:42:00 PMinvinciblemutant did RobbieF just added a rule that the contest requires an email with the subject "contest"
07:43:16 PMagamotto Two of my friends just called to tell me that their satellite tv is out... they want to come over and watch Agents of SHIELD tonight
07:43:24 PMagamotto OTA rules!
07:43:27 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, up to 4GB 32bit
07:43:51 PMlanceman Whoa Roku just froze!!
07:43:55 PMrevdjenk PRO cessor? Prah cessor?
07:44:00 PMTennessee_Frank I'm even running a 32bit OS on my NC4400 which is a 64bit processor but I only have 2GB of RAM so it's not a huge deal.
07:44:01 PMGoodGuy Or Two future cord cutters thanks to agamotto
07:44:14 PMagamotto Hopefully
07:44:35 PMGoodGuy PRO cessor... I watch Kary Osmond every day.. it's an Ontario thing
07:44:44 PMTennessee_Frank Can't use WINE??
07:45:57 PMrevdjenk linux host is safer
07:46:54 PMinvinciblemutant edition or addition?
07:47:07 PMTennessee_Frank Never really did the VM thing. Just installed on Metal and off to the races.
07:47:15 PMagamotto additions
07:47:17 PMinvinciblemutant guest edition vs guest addition?
07:47:26 PMTennessee_Frank That's why I like having 3 laptops even if they're older ones.
07:47:38 PMGoodGuy They have virtualization software closer to the Bare Metal
07:47:39 PMrevdjenk maybe, kyoshininja, you were on inc.. internet ninja communication
07:47:49 PMGoodGuy ProxMox - Docker
07:47:56 PMGoodGuy KVM
07:48:03 PMTennessee_Frank I have a main one, my #1, then I have a #2 that's to test and play around on and then my "little" travel one that's called Jr for a back up machine.
07:48:04 PMrevdjenk invinciblemutant: edition
07:48:29 PMGoodGuy Plus VM's have a snapshot feature
07:48:36 PMGoodGuy undo a screwup in secs
07:48:36 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, A good way to balance things
07:48:49 PMinvinciblemutant 3 year old? that isnt too old
07:49:02 PMTennessee_Frank agamotto, yep, I had to explain to my wife why I needed 3 laptops, LOL
07:49:10 PMinvinciblemutant i have a 5-6 year laptop still running ubuntu pretty well
07:49:16 PMTennessee_Frank Primary, Back up and play/testing
07:49:44 PMTennessee_Frank My #1 and #1 are NC6400's, my Jr. is a NC4400
07:49:56 PMinvinciblemutant that is possible after a new upgrades, SSD and RAM
07:50:08 PMagamotto I would think >3GB would be the starting point
07:50:12 PMinvinciblemutant to give good user experience
07:50:30 PMTennessee_Frank I put a 32GB SSD in my #1 and in Jr. My #2 is still on an HDD since I install and play around with it so much.
07:50:51 PMagamotto My current main box is 5 years old, doing fine
07:51:04 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF can you show the screen shot that I sent you of my Desktop of my Manjaro install?
07:51:13 PMagamotto My Mythbox that I am using now is almost 6 years old now
07:51:18 PMTennessee_Frank All of mine are from 2007
07:51:24 PMTennessee_Frank 7 year old boxes
07:51:33 PMTennessee_Frank but they run great with Linux
07:52:02 PMGoodGuy Take a look at Easy2Boot / RMPrepUSB
07:52:10 PMTennessee_Frank I have two HDD's for my #2, an 80GB and a 120GB
07:52:16 PMGoodGuy Freeware... it can boot from USB drives
07:52:16 PM_Jot_ vlc/roku seem operational again
07:52:19 PMagamotto It has to load from cd, decompress, and then run
07:52:20 PMTennessee_Frank EBay has small ones for $20 bucks
07:52:55 PMrevdjenk watching on chromecast
07:53:10 PMagamotto coolies
07:53:22 PM_Jot_ By the way, for those that don't have one, you can pick up a roku at and the channel store for category5 is at
07:53:22 PMGoodGuy how are you doing that revdjenk ?
07:53:49 PMTennessee_Frank Pull the CMOS battery and let it set for half an hour.
07:54:00 PMTennessee_Frank That'll clear all the passwords
07:54:11 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy: through youtube, then click on the chromecast icon in the lower right corner of the youtube window
07:54:30 PMGoodGuy Slick revdjenk ... never thought of that
07:54:43 PMTennessee_Frank I had to do that with the NC4400 I bought. Total PITA but it cleared the Power On Password.
07:54:49 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - does sudo su work?
07:54:54 PMagamotto That,or just short the jumper on the motherboard
07:55:05 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: you can do that with just "sudo passwd" i think
07:55:17 PMagamotto invinciblemutant, correct
07:55:17 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, You have UpDates to do, LOL
07:55:19 PMSovereign__ laptop batteries are soldered mostly
07:55:39 PMTennessee_Frank Moved from $ to #
07:55:58 PMTennessee_Frank Ok, didn't totally understand the question,
07:56:01 PMrevdjenk danger, danger will robinson!!
07:56:01 PMTennessee_Frank Now I got it.
07:56:36 PMTennessee_Frank Kali Linux makes you long in as root. First thing I do is create an Admin account and log out and back in as User instead of root.
07:56:58 PMrevdjenk Tennessee_Frank: really!?
07:57:29 PMTennessee_Frank Yep, I was running Kali Linux for a while and every time I did an install I logged in as "root" and had to create a user account.
07:57:38 PMrevdjenk cat 5 is number 6 correct _Jot_
07:57:52 PMTennessee_Frank Doesn't even give you an option to create a user account on install.
07:57:59 PM_Jot_ the first season of category5 was 320x240 so that really isn't the current state of the show :)
07:58:20 PMalket pointlinux just made me nostalgic about gnome 2 and clearlooks
07:58:21 PMrevdjenk grown hair
07:59:14 PMGoodGuy Makululinux is MATE 1.8.. Point Linux is MATE 1.4.2 iirc
07:59:22 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF - I did! after the first few shows, i went back to #1
07:59:34 PM_Jot_ Funny RobbieF. doesn't exist so it redirects to
07:59:42 PMGoodGuy I have been playing with it a bit
07:59:52 PMkyoshininja_ Tennessee_Frank: when you created the user account, did Kali have a script/tool, or did you have to do it with CLI commands and setting groups, etc?
08:00:40 PMTennessee_Frank You go into the settings manager to Users and create an account, like you would any other Debian Distro then you can log out and back in as a Admin/User so you won't bork anything.
08:00:50 PMGoodGuy Kali was Backtrack linux.. built for pentesters, hackers etc
08:01:05 PMTennessee_Frank I guess you could go in Terminal and do an "adduser "X" sudo" and have it work as well
08:01:06 PM_Jot_ Clicking the ads on the website is great, not because it makes RobbieF rich, but because it'll make the show a bit less expesive for him
08:01:13 PMTennessee_Frank but I never did it that way
08:01:14 PMrevdjenk four
08:01:14 PMBudda_Belly Dennis_Kelly I've been watching them in reverse order. I've watched back to episode 232
08:01:22 PMrevdjenk oh...
08:01:39 PMrevdjenk bye Hillary and RobbieF and _Jot_
08:01:47 PMTennessee_Frank GoodGuy, Kali has my Gqrx support installed out of the box so I could play with my SDR dongle.
08:01:51 PM_Jot_ have a great time revdjenk
08:01:55 PMTennessee_Frank It is kind of a large install though,
08:02:08 PMTennessee_Frank around 13GB IIRC.
08:02:14 PMGoodGuy what is Gqrx? SDR I recognize
08:02:23 PMrevdjenk buh bye _Jot_
08:02:26 PMTennessee_Frank My Manjaro install is around 6GB and has Gqrx in the AUR
08:02:38 PMTennessee_Frank Gqrx is a program so you can get radio in your Linux.
08:02:44 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_: what is the website for the batteries
08:02:45 PMagamotto Interesting
08:02:47 PMGoodGuy ahhh neat
08:02:52 PMTennessee_Frank Kind of like SDR# or Quisk
08:03:05 PMTennessee_Frank But Gqrx actually worked for me, the others didn't
08:03:06 PMGoodGuy I bought the SDR dongle, but never touched it yet
08:03:09 PMagamotto Bypassing the NSA?
08:03:46 PMGoodGuy Another tech toy to get to when I am up to it
08:03:46 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, you have updates to install. :-D
08:03:50 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, it's
08:04:13 PMTennessee_Frank Hak5 Shop has the SDR dongles for $20 bucks, most fun I've had for $20 bucks.
08:04:32 PMagamotto Hmmm, its a good think for Jake and Karen that I tape Agents of SHIELD.. they are running late
08:04:35 PMGoodGuy That's where I bought mine as well
08:05:11 PM_Jot_ maybe they got stuck eating that birthday-cake
08:05:15 PMTennessee_Frank I know a lot of folks thing "Big deal, you get radio on your computer" but you can get from 24MHz to 1766MHz so I can get CB, aircraft, FM radio and all kinds of other stuff.
08:05:22 PMGoodGuy sounds like a nice OTA antenna is a good gift for Jake and Karen
08:05:36 PMagamotto _Jot_, Hmmm, that would explain thinga... but where did they get it?
08:05:50 PM_Jot_ agamotto, from your refrigerator?
08:06:02 PMTennessee_Frank Oh well, hate to type and run but I'm going to go see what's on the TV. I'll see you guys later. Take care.
08:06:08 PMGoodGuy Its a big deal since it is done in software instead of buying ten unique radios
08:06:14 PM_Jot_ have a nice time Tennessee_Frank
08:06:15 PMagamotto _Jot_, Sure, but they would be eating it before they got here.... TARDIS?
08:06:32 PMBudda_Belly I guess no remoting into my computer tonight.
08:06:36 PM_Jot_ agamotto, maybe they snuck in the back door, saw the cake, took it, and ran off with it
08:06:54 PMagamotto Nah, because it was there when I came in the door around 1745
08:07:12 PM_Jot_ seems there was no time Budda_Belly, but you can email RobbieF at to make sure he gets it, as a reminder
08:07:27 PMagamotto Unless there was a second cake i didn't know about!
08:07:41 PM_Jot_ I hear they bake a lot of cakes every day, so maybe there was
08:08:00 PMGoodGuy RobbieF has a telephone number for Cat5... not sure if it is only used during the show
08:08:41 PMagamotto I would assume so... the poor guy has to have time for Bekah and the kidlets
08:08:56 PMGoodGuy 1-254-522-8588
08:09:01 PM_Jot_ yeah, I think otherwise he has it on an answering-machine
08:09:32 PMGoodGuy Maybe you can email him and if he has time make arrangements to call
08:09:51 PMagamotto Well, I think I am going to get some things ready for our viewing party
08:10:14 PMGoodGuy night agamotto
08:10:30 PM_Jot_ have a nice time agamotto
08:21:30 PMBudda_Belly So long everybody. Time to get some dinner.
08:22:29 PMRobbieF Hope everyone enjoyed the show :)
08:22:47 PM_Jot_ I hope so too, with first youtube not working, and then VLC
08:22:52 PMRobbieF gah
08:22:56 PMRobbieF stupid internets
08:23:31 PMRobbieF It's like, the 3rd time this month that I broke the interweb!
08:23:46 PM_Jot_ well, fix it!
08:23:55 PM_Jot_ otherwise I'll have to get that guy from involved again
08:24:46 PMRobbieF :)
08:29:03 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed I missed the show :-(
08:31:44 PMRobbieF oh no!
08:31:47 PMGoodGuy RobbieF - Have you taken a look at Makululinux Mate Edition yet?
08:31:52 PMRobbieF well, I'm about 60% done uploading it
08:32:00 PMRobbieF I makululullululu?
08:32:08 PMGoodGuy lol
08:32:16 PMRobbieF is this real life?
08:32:25 PMGoodGuy Yes serious
08:32:26 PMRobbieF I'm picturing the trolololo guy singing about Linux.
08:32:40 PM_Jot_ sorry, he's dead, he won't sing much anymore
08:32:48 PMGoodGuy It is another South African based distro
08:32:50 PMRobbieF So no... haven't heard of it GoodGuy ;)
08:32:55 PMRobbieF Nice
08:32:58 PMGoodGuy Last one did ok :-0)
08:33:06 PMRobbieF We've heard that some South African distros tend to "do alright" :)
08:33:07 PMRobbieF hehe
08:33:22 PMGoodGuy It uses the latest version of Mate 1.8
08:33:29 PMRobbieF no compiz then?
08:33:38 PMGoodGuy Yes fully loaded
08:33:41 PMRobbieF Ooooh
08:33:45 PMRobbieF :)
08:33:47 PMRobbieF sounds great then
08:33:48 PMRobbieF :)
08:33:51 PMGoodGuy Compiz - Docky etc
08:33:55 PMRobbieF email me a link k?
08:33:57 PMRobbieF will have a boo
08:34:06 PMGoodGuy Many options out of the box
08:34:48 PMGoodGuy He just released it, so he is working on it
08:35:15 PMGoodGuy Neat wallpaper changer - Variety
08:35:50 PMGoodGuy
08:36:40 PMRobbieF please please email me? :)
08:36:43 PMRobbieF I'll miss it here
08:36:45 PMRobbieF SO busy atm
08:36:49 PMRobbieF gotta do all the post show stuff
08:36:50 PMGoodGuy sure
08:36:54 PMRobbieF thanks :)
08:38:22 PMGoodGuy Debian based like Point Linux
08:38:32 PMRobbieF lovely!
08:39:19 PMGoodGuy The installer is a bit different, but I didn't have any problem using it
08:40:03 PMGoodGuy Reviewers seemed to complain... I use my own boot manager, so I like more control
08:40:31 PMGoodGuy Love Virtualbox since I learned it here
08:41:16 PMGoodGuy I usually install a distro first in VBox just to get a look at the installer w/o risking a real machine
08:43:59 PMGoodGuy night
08:43:59 PMDennis_Kelley I managed to get Point Linux installed on my Laptop, but Grub does not see my Windows now. I would like to try and keep windows for a little while. Anyone have any guides or help on how to get Grub to see my windows partition?
08:44:37 PM_Jot_ I'd say make sure the partition is actually still there first
08:44:53 PMGoodGuy take a look at /etc/default/grub
08:45:00 PMDennis_Kelley is see it in gparted
08:45:15 PMGoodGuy see if it has the OS prober lines
08:45:19 PMGoodGuy hold on
08:45:43 PMGoodGuy I purposely add that because I use my own boot loader to start
08:46:26 PMGoodGuy # Enables/disables the os-prober check of other partitions for operating systems,
08:46:26 PMGoodGuy # including Windows, Linux
08:46:26 PMGoodGuy GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER="true"
08:46:57 PMGoodGuy That last line stops grub2 from seeing other OSes
08:47:42 PMGoodGuy I hate my Grub2 menu cluttered with all my OSes when the initial bootloader does that chore
08:47:59 PMDennis_Kelley no GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER="true", but i do have a GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID
08:48:18 PMGoodGuy Thats not a problem
08:48:23 PMDennis_Kelley ok
08:48:37 PMDennis_Kelley so no GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER="true"
08:49:15 PMRobbieF kyoshininja -- nice to see you
08:49:31 PMRobbieF Been a long time
08:49:44 PMkyoshininja Thanks, RobbieF: great to see the show, today. just had problems with the web chat service
08:49:53 PMDennis_Kelley GoodGuy any suggestions?
08:50:06 PMGoodGuy looking
08:50:14 PMGoodGuy phone
08:50:21 PMGoodGuy bbiab
08:50:42 PMRobbieF Well, I'm glad to see you
08:50:46 PMkyoshininja currently trying empathy for IRC, using a debian ppc install on an old Powerbook G4
08:50:52 PMRobbieF always nice to see someone who hasn't been around in a while.
08:50:57 PMRobbieF Hope all is well
08:51:08 PMalket good night
08:51:11 PMRobbieF that's cool. How's it running?
08:51:12 PMRobbieF night alket
08:51:15 PMRobbieF thanks for being here!
08:51:17 PMRobbieF great to see you.
08:51:17 PMkyoshininja I've been in on the last few and on Roku.
08:51:23 PMRobbieF In chat?
08:51:24 PMalket thank you too RobbieF
08:51:39 PMkyoshininja Just been hard to participate live when traveling (for work).
08:51:49 PMRobbieF ah
08:51:57 PMRobbieF How long has it been?
08:52:16 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF just sent you a picture in email
08:52:21 PMRobbieF thanks
08:52:26 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: debian on the powerbook is nice. Stable and fairly responsive although not the fastest due to old hardware.
08:52:53 PMRobbieF cool
08:52:54 PMRobbieF yeah
08:52:56 PMRobbieF but hey
08:53:00 PMRobbieF breathes new life into it!
08:53:47 PMkyoshininja Certainly. I love the keyboard, and since Apple went to intel right after i got it, I couldn't just recycle/give it away.
08:54:19 PMkyoshininja definitely has a new life. very useable for general computing.
08:54:23 PM_Jot_ they switched just to make sure you couldn't get anything useful out of it
08:54:59 PMkyoshininja _jot_: I know. So frustrating....and they stopped updates/support for PPC OS X
08:55:51 PMkyoshininja The only thing is that the battery is not what it used to be. But at least the system is kept updated.
08:56:32 PM_Jot_ and at least its still good for some things
08:56:37 PMinvinciblemutant i am back
08:56:54 PM_Jot_ I have an older powerPC mac too, but it is really slow
08:57:12 PMkyoshininja _Jot_: I also put GCompris on it for the kids.
08:57:14 PMinvinciblemutant _Jot_: you are an old mac user
08:57:16 PM_Jot_ ah, RobbieF figured out the radio was still on,after an hour :)
08:57:51 PMkyoshininja is your powerPC one of those dual G5 type rigs?
08:57:54 PMRobbieF hi invinciblemutant
08:58:00 PMRobbieF haha _Jot_
08:58:03 PM_Jot_ invinciblemutant, not really, I didn't buy it new :)
08:58:09 PMRobbieF well, you couldn't hear the dubstep I have cranked, because the compressor was off
08:58:14 PMRobbieF your loss
08:58:32 PM_Jot_ well, yeah, you didn't have the microphone on
08:58:39 PMRobbieF I can turn it back on
08:58:41 PMRobbieF if you wish
08:59:05 PM_Jot_ nah, don't want to keep you from family :)
08:59:13 PMRobbieF it is on
08:59:19 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: turn it off when you want to fart..:P
08:59:43 PMRobbieF I'll keep that in mind
08:59:44 PMRobbieF :)
08:59:47 PMRobbieF mics aren't plugged in
08:59:51 PMRobbieF but music is blaring
09:00:17 PM_Jot_ wow, theres actually music playing too
09:00:42 PMinvinciblemutant Can the audio equipment filter off farting sound as noise?
09:00:57 PMinvinciblemutant just good the equipment is
09:01:09 PMkyoshininja _Jot_: I went the debian route on the PPC because it appeared to be a quick solution and worked well. I had thought about trying gentoo to see if I can get full use of the CPU features and maybe faster performance. Never tried. Have you?
09:01:13 PM_Jot_ I guess its time for RobbieF to make that beansoup he always wanted to make
09:01:42 PMRobbieF haha invinciblemutant
09:02:21 PMRobbieF Dennis_Kelley - wow man, looking good, you two!
09:02:30 PM_Jot_ kyoshininja, no, I have original mac CDs that I bought seperatly, for system 8 and 9 I think, even those are slow, sometimes I run 7, but mostly its just for older mac stuff, mine even seems slower than the classic macs
09:02:31 PMRobbieF have a nice time at the dinner?
09:03:15 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF yes it was a Last night on the Titanic dinner. 11 course meal
09:03:17 PMkyoshininja Got ya _Jot_.
09:03:36 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: In and toner for dummies logo on the web, what is it?
09:04:44 PMRobbieF I'm sorry, WHHAAAT? 11 courses? What's that? Like, 4 deserts?
09:04:53 PM_Jot_ kyoshininja, lately I haven't even turned it on, cause it requires setting up a network with BNC cables, the cables we use now are newer than that :)
09:05:11 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant - a new sponsor you'll be seeing... they take recycled cartridges and do a GREAT job of re-conditioning them
09:05:17 PMRobbieF so you get GREAT cartridges for cheap!
09:05:32 PMinvinciblemutant worldwide?
09:05:36 PMRobbieF dennis_kelley that sounds amazing
09:05:43 PMDennis_Kelley mostly, but the portions were small. in like meals of today, there is only one 'item' per plate
09:05:45 PMkyoshininja _Jot_: Wow... yeah, using category 5 cables???
09:05:56 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant I will find out for you... they JUST signed on in a furnishing deal, so I don't have all the details just yet
09:05:57 PMinvinciblemutant the for dummies is a trademark
09:06:13 PMinvinciblemutant interesting...
09:06:15 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF it was alot of fun
09:06:23 PMRobbieF dennis_kelley - DUDE. Seriously? Listen to yourself? "Yeah, I had 11 suppers... but they were small suppers."
09:06:24 PMRobbieF lol
09:06:29 PMinvinciblemutant this is what the general audience like most
09:06:33 PMRobbieF a bit of a taste of everything eh?
09:06:51 PM_Jot_ kyoshininja, no RJ45 connector in sight, and I do have all the cables and software and such required, its just a pain to set up, linking up old computers to the new networks :)
09:07:21 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF no there was a soup
09:07:24 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: 11 course desserts...a spoon each course, you can only have 11 spoons
09:07:28 PMDennis_Kelley then there was a veggie
09:07:31 PMinvinciblemutant :P
09:07:41 PMDennis_Kelley then lamb
09:07:45 PMDennis_Kelley then steak
09:07:56 PM_Jot_ a veggie, like one pea?
09:08:03 PMinvinciblemutant Dennis_Kelley: wow !!! food crisis
09:08:06 PMkyoshininja _Jot_: amazing....maybe repurpose the machine for hobbying activities.
09:08:18 PMDennis_Kelley then pattie (know i did not spell it right)
09:08:19 PMinvinciblemutant they all went to waist or waste?
09:08:33 PM_Jot_ kyoshininja, thats what everything in my house is for, including myself pretty much :)
09:08:39 PMDennis_Kelley alot of stuff
09:08:52 PMkyoshininja _Jot_: LOL..
09:09:07 PMkyoshininja _Jot_: me too.
09:09:41 PMinvinciblemutant unlike one will get a spoon of steak
09:10:19 PMkyoshininja Well, gotta go. Have a great night everyone.
09:10:34 PMRobbieF you too!
09:10:37 PM_Jot_ have a nice time kyoshininja
09:10:53 PMRobbieF comments are up for tonight's ep if anyone would like
09:11:01 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: if that has ink for dummies is available in Malaysia at good price, that would be great
09:11:04 PMRobbieF
09:11:15 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant I will investigate it for you bro
09:12:05 PMinvinciblemutant the site is very slow
09:13:08 PMRobbieF any better now?
09:13:27 PMinvinciblemutant
09:13:37 PMRobbieF oh you mean, their site?
09:13:47 PMinvinciblemutant it takes ages to load that page
09:13:49 PMinvinciblemutant yea...
09:13:51 PMRobbieF ah
09:13:54 PMRobbieF I'll let 'em know
09:14:06 PMRobbieF yeah; slow!
09:14:07 PMinvinciblemutant im sorry, should have mentioned their site
09:14:18 PMRobbieF or perhaps down
09:14:21 PMRobbieF spinning wheels
09:14:43 PMinvinciblemutant yea, wheels are spinning fast, but not going anywhere
09:15:30 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: any chance for you to get hold of a google glass?
09:15:38 PMDennis_Kelley well everyone i am out! catch ya later!
09:15:49 PMRobbieF invinciblemutant no... it doesn't really interest me...
09:15:53 PMinvinciblemutant online demo in an ep would attract lots of audience
09:15:53 PMRobbieF I mean, it's cool in a way
09:16:01 PMRobbieF but way too... yeah...
09:16:06 PM_Jot_ he has a category5-glass though! (quick RobbieF, put a sticker on a glass)
09:16:28 PMRobbieF I'm not going to *waste* that kind of money when we could much better use a new camera
09:16:29 PMRobbieF or two
09:16:40 PMRobbieF if we had money to burn, sure... for kicks.. but it's a waste of $$
09:16:42 PMinvinciblemutant he will drink with the glass...
09:16:43 PMRobbieF a gimmick
09:17:35 PMRobbieF You might notice, I don't tend to "go with the flow" of other tech guys
09:18:08 PMinvinciblemutant or you mean you are not in the mainstream
09:18:13 PMRobbieF kinda
09:18:22 PMRobbieF Same reason we don't report the same news as everyone else...
09:18:26 PMinvinciblemutant not trendy
09:18:27 PMinvinciblemutant :)
09:18:30 PMRobbieF if that's what you want, there are a bunch of others doing it.
09:18:39 PMRobbieF so why waste our resources on stuff that's already out there
09:18:46 PMRobbieF we are a niche show in a way
09:18:50 PMinvinciblemutant you have a point there though
09:19:18 PMRobbieF I'd rather be unique
09:19:27 PMinvinciblemutant well there are tonnes of linux shows and videos too..;)
09:19:29 PMRobbieF We're going to be reviewing an audio recorder, for example...
09:19:33 PMRobbieF something you won't see on other shows
09:19:37 PMRobbieF yep
09:19:40 PMinvinciblemutant you are unique in a way
09:19:43 PMRobbieF but we are a personality driven show
09:20:01 PMRobbieF It's as much about the people and interaction as it is about the products
09:20:46 PMinvinciblemutant do it differently, put the google glass on your webcam
09:20:48 PMinvinciblemutant :P
09:20:55 PMinvinciblemutant we see it not you...:P
09:21:03 PMinvinciblemutant lol
09:21:19 PMinvinciblemutant it is still not available world wide i think
09:21:24 PMinvinciblemutant limited to the US now
09:21:33 PMRobbieF hehe
09:22:36 PMRobbieF well boyz... time for me to go watch the 3/3 episode of SG-A Season 4!
09:22:49 PM_Jot_ but, everybody has different eyes! then how would you knowwhat prescription to get
09:22:56 PM_Jot_ you know, for the google glasses
09:23:10 PM_Jot_ have a nice time RobbieF
09:23:18 PMinvinciblemutant RobbieF: have a nice time
09:23:25 PMinvinciblemutant _Jot_: it is not a full glass
09:23:54 PMinvinciblemutant it is a slide at the top right corner
09:23:56 PM_Jot_ I know what it is, but it wouldn't be funny otherwise
09:24:06 PMinvinciblemutant lol...


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