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06:58:03 PMkyoshininja How was it?
06:58:10 PMTheChrista Excellento. We'll fix it up Jot
06:58:13 PMTennessee_Frank Ahh, oh well, I think they'll reair it on Sunday IIRC
06:58:37 PMTennessee_Frank It was pretty good. There were a couple walk ons that did really well and made it to the end of the course
06:58:38 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, what is worse though, is no stream at all except radio, so no video anywhere yet
06:58:52 PM_Jot_ a lot better RobbieFG
06:58:57 PM_Jot_ so good job so far on the audio :)
06:59:18 PM_Jot_ Roku stream is online
06:59:31 PMTennessee_Frank Bret Stehpeno(not sure about spelling) will try to make it into the show in Dallas.
06:59:48 PMTennessee_Frank Hey, there we go, Roku is up, kind of.
06:59:53 PMMrNaturopathy Winamp? I havnt used Winamp in at least 4 years... I thought it was discontinued... LOL
07:00:09 PMagamotto Hallo, all
07:00:12 PM_Jot_ they discontinued it, but it was bought by a Belgian company
07:00:16 PMTennessee_Frank Howdy
07:00:18 PMkyoshininja Hi agamotto
07:00:23 PMalket common :D
07:00:37 PMFortWayner hi all
07:00:39 PM_Jot_ howdy agamotto
07:00:42 PM_Jot_ hi FortWayner
07:00:58 PMMrNaturopathy Roku Up Wo Hooooooo!
07:00:59 PMTennessee_Frank I guess popey isn't in the room tonight.
07:00:59 PMagamotto Ahhh, it is so nice to get in from the humidity today... my shorts may take awhile to dry out
07:01:42 PM_Jot_ big smiles everyone :)
07:01:45 PMagamotto Oooo, we are to have a video?
07:01:54 PMTennessee_Frank Switched my Manjaro install over to Testing.
07:01:57 PMRobbieF \o
07:01:59 PMTennessee_Frank Seems to be running fine.
07:02:05 PM_Jot_ yeah, the music video that RobbieF asked video for from people
07:02:07 PMTennessee_Frank howdy RobbieF
07:02:20 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Everyone!
07:02:26 PM_Jot_ hi Dennis_Kelley
07:02:28 PMGoodGuy hi Dennis_Kelley
07:02:32 PM_Jot_ hey GoodGuy
07:02:44 PMGoodGuy hi _Jot_
07:02:46 PMTennessee_Frank ChrisLAS actually read my e-mail first thing on Linux Unplugged today. You could have knocked me over with a feather.
07:03:06 PMkyoshininja Tennesee_Frank: sounds like a gutsy's that working out for you?
07:03:06 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, thats not his redneck outfit, that's his DJRobbieF outfit :)
07:03:18 PMGoodGuy What was the email about Tennessee_Frank ?
07:03:47 PMTennessee_Frank Testing is working great. I get updates about every 2 or 3 days instead of a boat load every 3 or so weeks.
07:03:48 PM_Jot_ I bet it was an email about how Category5 is a great show too, and he should watch it as well
07:03:58 PMTennessee_Frank Hey, they got my Pot Head FBI story in, sweet.
07:04:12 PMDave-Maydew Good Evening All
07:04:16 PMRobbieF hi everyone!
07:04:19 PMRobbieF hope you enjoy the show!
07:04:23 PMTennessee_Frank GoodGuy, about how Pure Arch users like to hack on those of us who run Manjaro or other Arch based Distros
07:04:28 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed Hi all :)
07:04:28 PMGoodGuy good evening Dave-Maydew
07:04:47 PM_Jot_ hi FBTV-Gunnar-Swed, don't forget to smile
07:04:51 PMGoodGuy hi FBTV-Gunnar-Swed
07:04:55 PMalket I always liked intro music
07:05:00 PMTennessee_Frank I mean I'd love to do a pure Arch install but I just don't have the skills quite yet but I do want to use pacman and the AUR so I'm Rockin' Manjaro and really lovin' it.
07:05:27 PM_Jot_ yeah, the intro music is great, I still love it after all these years, it's called Cupid's Migration
07:05:35 PMagamotto Oh great - hearing aids that can be hacked
07:05:45 PMGoodGuy I am going to have to try Manjaro... never did anything with Arch
07:05:50 PMTennessee_Frank Preach it Brother RobbieF.
07:07:13 PMTennessee_Frank There IS a difference between a "Geek" and a "Nerd", Geeks are Tech Savy and Nerds aren't
07:07:20 PMFBTV-Gunnar-Swed I think I saw _jot_
07:07:26 PM_Jot_ uhoh
07:07:28 PMkyoshininja Sweet video.....
07:07:35 PMDave-Maydew Hahahahaha
07:07:39 PM_Jot_ yeah, I know I sucked, sorry about that :)
07:07:39 PMDave-Maydew I love it
07:07:49 PMDave-Maydew Because We're NERDY
07:07:58 PMGoodGuy I love it also.. great job
07:08:04 PMRobbieF :) Cheers.
07:08:07 PMTennessee_Frank If RobbieF had Dreds he'd look like the guy from Korn.
07:08:19 PMTheChrista Maybe that's who he used to be
07:08:35 PMTheChrista Or he has a Korn wig in his laundry room when he's with the band
07:08:40 PMTennessee_Frank Weird Al's "White and Nerdy"
07:09:09 PMkyoshininja like it more than Pharrell
07:09:21 PM_Jot_ something I'm learninbg from this video, RobbieF only knows about walking from the left to the right
07:09:27 PMagamotto Minus the lawsuits from Ludacris, hopefully
07:09:47 PMGoodGuy love the black and white skirt
07:09:51 PMalket wow great :D
07:10:02 PMalket Now i wish i sent my video
07:10:03 PMMrNaturopathy Nice Work Robbie...
07:10:04 PMTennessee_Frank That was actually pretty cool RobbieF. Are ya' going to put it on YouTube?
07:10:08 PMBobK54 VERY NICE!!!!
07:10:12 PMGoodGuy Fantastic job... trally catchy
07:10:13 PMDave-Maydew Now I can't stop singing because I'm Nerdy
07:10:14 PMFortWayner nice music video, filmed in Barrie?
07:10:15 PM_Jot_ yes, it'll be on youtube!
07:10:16 PMDennis_Kelley great video
07:10:17 PMpyrosrock RobbieF well that was different
07:10:23 PMBobK54 faux nerdy???
07:10:24 PMDennis_Kelley cant take that away!
07:10:35 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF you can take the glasses off but you're still a Nerd, LOL
07:10:48 PMagamotto Oh no! Spy glasses!
07:10:50 PM_Jot_ RobbieF only takes off the glasses because of the glare :)
07:10:56 PMalket _Jot_: which one where you ?
07:10:57 PM_Jot_ it makes it difficult to see us
07:11:06 PMTennessee_Frank I use to be a Nerd but I learned Tech so now I'm a Geek. LOL
07:11:07 PM_Jot_ the one with the beard and the green shirt
07:11:19 PMDave-Maydew It should be if it's nerdy it's here
07:11:20 PM_Jot_ I'd say the one that can't dance at all :)
07:11:23 PMDennis_Kelley You too RobbieF!
07:11:44 PMDave-Maydew Anyone bought Witcher 2?
07:11:56 PM_Jot_ I've had it for a few years, haven't played it for a while
07:12:03 PMDave-Maydew Badly ported, Windows Wrapped pile of ...
07:12:10 PMTennessee_Frank Here's one of my fav games
07:12:13 PMkyoshininja _Jot_: it was great to see you in the video.
07:12:14 PM_Jot_ its very different from witcher 1, in story, but it isn't too bad of a game
07:12:17 PMagamotto Dave-Maydew, Still too busy playing Skyrim
07:12:17 PMTennessee_Frank
07:12:25 PM_Jot_ thanks people for putting up with me :)
07:12:53 PM_Jot_ the company that makes witcher is one that doesn't get things right straight away, but they do tend to fix things, eventually
07:12:59 PMagamotto _Jot_, I have seen far worse dance moves from people who proclaim that they CAN dance
07:13:03 PMDave-Maydew I can't believe they used eON to wrap it too
07:13:18 PMagamotto eON?
07:13:23 PMTennessee_Frank _jot_ they caught all kinds of flack for Witcher 2 because of the way they ported it to Linux.
07:13:38 PMDave-Maydew yeah the same software they use to port Windows games to Mac
07:13:44 PMagamotto ahhh
07:13:49 PMDave-Maydew and their Mac games are terrible too
07:14:09 PMGoodGuy RobbieF, - TheChrista - How does this game differ from the Trackmania series
07:14:12 PMDave-Maydew it runs less than 20fps on a i7 and a GTX770
07:14:12 PM_Jot_ Here's a link to stunt rally for when you don't want to type:
07:14:24 PMagamotto Fun off-road racing in a Land Rover?
07:15:03 PMTennessee_Frank My wife is hooked on Freecell, LOL
07:15:26 PMDave-Maydew I'm hooked on Euro Truck Simulator
07:15:27 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:15:34 PMDave-Maydew over 260hours
07:15:38 PMalket Im hooked on megaglest
07:15:44 PMTennessee_Frank I like Entanglement, I put a link above
07:15:50 PMBudda_Belly Mine likes that and Spyder Solitare
07:15:52 PMJoeInNH I am still hooked on Angband
07:16:02 PMagamotto Angband.... classic
07:16:07 PMDave-Maydew I have Pain Killer too
07:16:11 PMDave-Maydew and 33 others
07:16:15 PMFortWayner @agamotto, yeah I've bought Skyrim, Witcher 1, Witcher 2, and Papers Please this year; 95% of my time is on Skyrim
07:16:42 PMDave-Maydew I' only play and use Linux here
07:16:50 PM_Jot_ I've bought about 933 games on steam, and a few hundred on other platforms, it adds up with all the bundles etc
07:17:06 PMTennessee_Frank I'm 100% Linux as well.
07:17:08 PMDave-Maydew eek 933
07:17:14 PMGoodGuy Work for a transportation firm... It will cure your interest lol
07:17:30 PMTennessee_Frank Manjaro on my 3 laptops and Point Linux 2.3 on my wife's Netbook
07:17:32 PMagamotto _Jot_, WOW that is a lot of free time
07:17:59 PM_Jot_ I have to keep myself busy all my life, so I figure I need to find some way to do it :)
07:18:05 PMTennessee_Frank I'm finding that pacman is a bit more powerful then apt-get.
07:18:20 PMBudda_Belly I just got my dual boot working yesterday and have been downloading updates so I haven't been able to play Skyrim yet. Getting the Skyrim jonses.
07:18:28 PMagamotto pacman, the game?
07:18:29 PMJoeInNH I have yet to find an RPG that matches the game play of games like Angband
07:18:39 PMTennessee_Frank pacman the package manager.
07:18:43 PMpyrosrock i use linux or mac 95% of the time but there is so few racing games, it is so anoying! racing games are my fave
07:18:46 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
07:19:10 PMTennessee_Frank I use to play RuneScape quite a bit but not since I've moved to Linux.
07:19:44 PMagamotto Budda_Belly, Get ready to take a lot of screenshots, and look around at the beauty
07:19:53 PMTennessee_Frank Wow, that looks pretty cool
07:20:03 PMDave-Maydew I like it
07:20:11 PMTennessee_Frank Way better then the Demo you did last week RobbieF
07:20:13 PMDave-Maydew I also enjoy playing Shadowrun
07:20:15 PMagamotto Batmobile?
07:20:16 PMJoeInNH I like anything I can play without reading the manual
07:20:30 PMJoeInNH life is to short for games with manuals
07:20:38 PM_Jot_ the demo from last week was in a VM, so yeah, that definatly wasn't optimal
07:20:38 PMDave-Maydew hahahaha
07:20:55 PMTennessee_Frank I use to play the heck out of Diablo II/LOD
07:20:58 PM_Jot_ most games you can play without manuals these days, most even tell you what to press, some even the entire game
07:21:00 PMDave-Maydew GTX 600??
07:21:03 PMTennessee_Frank And before that Half Life
07:21:19 PMJoeInNH I never finished Diablo 2
07:21:23 PMDave-Maydew I have all the HF series
07:21:35 PMDave-Maydew HL even
07:21:40 PMJoeInNH But Diablo 2 is based off of Rogue like games
07:21:42 PMMrNaturopathy 4th buffer on roku tonight
07:21:42 PMTennessee_Frank Roku is buffering , wife must be watching a vid on her Netbook
07:21:59 PM_Jot_ for me the roku stream is stable, but it might be bandwidth-related
07:22:00 PMBudda_Belly I still play LOD
07:22:07 PMTennessee_Frank Diablo II is almost a total rip off of Dungeons and Dragons
07:22:15 PMGoodGuy You need QOS running to favor your traffic
07:22:21 PMagamotto LOD?
07:22:28 PMTennessee_Frank That was the good ol' days, just books and a DM and some dice to play a game.
07:22:30 PMkyoshininja Tennessee_Frank: I agree...I'm really enjoying pacman than other package managers.
07:22:37 PMPete__ watching on roku as well
07:22:40 PMTennessee_Frank Lord of Destruction expansion pack for DII
07:22:43 PMDave-Maydew
07:22:47 PMagamotto Ahh
07:22:52 PMDave-Maydew It's on playdeb!!
07:23:01 PMjlim did i miss the show?
07:23:03 PMkyoshininja roku buffered here too, and had to restart the channel
07:23:14 PM_Jot_ the show is on right now jlim
07:23:16 PMagamotto jlim, nope, on-going currently
07:23:17 PMpyrosrock jlim its live now
07:23:21 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF it's on GetDeb also
07:23:25 PMTennessee_Frank I can get my Repos synced and get some awesome speed for downloads by a "sudo pacman-mirrors -g" command
07:23:27 PMDave-Maydew v2.31
07:23:29 PMjlim howmuch did i miss
07:23:30 PMjlim ?
07:23:32 PMagamotto Nice music
07:23:34 PMalket really AAA title
07:23:37 PM_Jot_ about 23 minutes, jlim
07:23:38 PMJoeInNH Doesn't DnD on computers have fixed dungeons--meaning that there is no changings of the dungeon layout and characteristics when you play again?
07:23:41 PMkyoshininja GoodGuy: thanks for the QoS tip. I just saw that option in my new router, but didn't set it yet.
07:23:43 PMTennessee_Frank Also "sudo pacman-optimize && sync"
07:24:02 PMpyrosrock jlim it is 24 min in
07:24:11 PMGoodGuy welcome
07:24:18 PMTennessee_Frank I've only played ADnD with books, never did it on a computer.
07:24:18 PM_Jot_ Crystal Hammer is cryham in here
07:24:47 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, The AD&D games were a decent effort
07:24:50 PMDennis_Kelley cryham great game!
07:25:09 PMcryham thanks
07:25:23 PMGoodGuy #stuntrally
07:25:26 PMTennessee_Frank agamotto, yep, all that fun with a few books, some dice and your imagination.
07:25:28 PMJoeInNH Diablo which is based on Rogue like games. Rogue was create a long time ago (70s or early 80s) and there was so many variables that the game was never the same twice
07:25:42 PMJoeInNH It was a game changer
07:25:43 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, When you can get said people together
07:25:46 PMDave-Maydew I'm going to install it!!
07:25:48 PMkyoshininja Tennessee_Frank: I'll look up those pacman commands...I don't have a speed problem, but I welcome the ability to speed things up a bit/optimize
07:25:48 PMDennis_Kelley Beer!
07:26:00 PMalket cryham: really nice work , i'm very impressed
07:26:03 PMTennessee_Frank agamotto, yep, that was back in my college days, LOL
07:26:13 PMGoodGuy I did not see the music video on Youtube
07:26:14 PMcryham cool
07:26:18 PMTennessee_Frank Smoke em' if ya' got em'.
07:26:25 PMGoodGuy I wanted to show my wife later
07:26:34 PM_Jot_ maybe RobbieF didn't upload it or make it available yet, I'm sure he will later
07:26:41 PMGoodGuy Cool
07:26:45 PMjlim is christa wells on tonight???
07:26:51 PMFortWayner @cryham, great work
07:26:55 PMGoodGuy yes jlim
07:26:58 PM_Jot_ yep, Christa Wells is the cohost tonight
07:26:59 PMcryham thanks
07:27:02 PMkyoshininja Yes, jlim - currently speaking on video
07:27:06 PMjlim awesome
07:27:12 PMagamotto I remember once explaining to my dad that I can play D&D, or I could go chase girls. He wisely let me choose the cheaper option :)
07:27:24 PMTennessee_Frank Weed helps to expand your mind so you can think "out of the box". Steve Jobs smoked weed
07:27:24 PMDave-Maydew I'll stick to my vapor cigarette RobbieF
07:27:28 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you mean like those people from the nerdy video?
07:28:01 PMjlim how much did i miss?
07:28:12 PMTennessee_Frank Jolt Cola, LOL
07:28:19 PM_Jot_ jlim, music video, and part of the interview
07:28:23 PMagamotto The spice must flow... wasn't there a bit about Mentats and Sapho staining the lips, accellerating thought, putting thought into motion, etc...
07:28:30 PMFortWayner @jlim, you missed the music video and racing game demo.
07:28:32 PMGoodGuy They deal with terrorists, so why the problem
07:28:58 PMDave-Maydew I'll buy 3 pairs!!
07:29:02 PMjlim wow
07:29:12 PMjlim $$$$$$$
07:29:15 PMTennessee_Frank agamotto, LOL, The Spice. Dune was a pretty good movie.
07:29:31 PMWhiskey_Zero Sorry, I'm not rushing out to buy one!
07:29:36 PMDave-Maydew DUNE was a great movie
07:29:41 PMagamotto They have a rather wide definition of 'terrorist'
07:29:45 PMDave-Maydew and I remember the game too
07:30:11 PMDave-Maydew I was looking at the good looking one RobbieF.... Female of course lol
07:30:32 PM_Jot_ you mean there is another one Dave-Maydew?
07:30:38 PMnapa_polarbear dune 1 or 2
07:30:41 PMDave-Maydew hahahaha
07:30:52 PMDave-Maydew both nappa
07:31:02 PMDave-Maydew takes me back a few years
07:31:11 PMVoodoosnman With that shirt No doudt Robbie
07:32:14 PMkyoshininja yeah, shirt is a bit loud on roku screen
07:32:24 PMagamotto Ok, found it... it was in the first movie, but not the books: It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
07:32:24 PMagamotto It is by the juice of Sapho that thought acquire speed;
07:32:24 PMagamotto That lips acquire stains; the stains become a warning.
07:32:24 PMagamotto It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
07:32:29 PMJoeInNH they should call it what it is...a legal fee
07:32:30 PMjlim make it like it should have been
07:32:38 PMTennessee_Frank1 Wow, first time IRC kicked me
07:32:39 PM_Jot_ I'd say hold a piece of paper up to the screen to block the shirt, but I think it'd just burn through
07:32:51 PMTennessee_Frank1 I need more Bandwidth
07:32:55 PMVoodoosnman I have tried to adjust the nerdness
07:33:04 PMDave-Maydew The Penguin is marching forward!!
07:33:05 PMagamotto Alternatively, put on your 3d glasses
07:33:21 PMkyoshininja _Jot_ - that is the heat I was feeling coming off my screen.
07:33:36 PMjlim windows8=nsa lol
07:33:50 PMagamotto That is a good start... 1.3 billions lost users and growing!
07:33:58 PMTennessee_Frank1 Mac is still proprietary and EXPENSIVE.
07:33:59 PMJoeInNH Is robbie shirt a color test?
07:34:02 PMjlim they can't afford mac lol
07:34:07 PMVoodoosnman he picnic Bees areswarg
07:34:12 PMDave-Maydew China is one of the big MS players!!
07:34:18 PMDave-Maydew was I mean
07:34:20 PMTennessee_Frank1 China actually has it's own Distro that they use.
07:34:24 PM_Jot_ I'm not sure what that shirt is. I'm not even sure it could be made that way
07:34:53 PMDave-Maydew yeah, speaking of MS Office, a lot of my visually impaired friends have gone Libre Office and Open Office
07:35:00 PMjlim give it a try christa
07:35:05 PMTennessee_Frank1 TheCrista isn't running Linux, Get the rope.
07:35:08 PMagamotto _Jot_, It is a 3D test-pattern shirt from the late 1970's for movies
07:35:09 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, is category5 on netflix? no? then who cares :)
07:35:23 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF I've got Prime
07:35:29 PMJoeInNH Maybe he's color blind? Or Bekah didn't see the shirt...
07:35:33 PMDave-Maydew I'm Amazon
07:35:39 PMGoodGuy I never tried it
07:35:53 PM_Jot_ I don't think TheChrista can run the rope, I don't think it is in her software-repository, since apple doesn't allow that kind of thing
07:35:57 PMGoodGuy We cut the cord... just watch OTA
07:36:02 PMGoodGuy and Roku
07:36:11 PMagamotto I find that I prefer reading over television anymore
07:36:12 PMFortWayner I canceled Netflix after they bribed Comcast/Xfinity with millions of dollars to ensure speed.
07:36:17 PMTennessee_Frank1 TheChrista , You've got to give Linux a try. Once you go Tux all other op systems will suck. LOL
07:36:32 PMGoodGuy It was the other way around FortWayner
07:36:36 PMTennessee_Frank1 trying to get something that'll rhyme with Tux, LOL
07:36:52 PMFortWayner @GoodGuy, it was Netflix paying Comcast.
07:36:59 PMGoodGuy Comcast slowed down their traffic until they paid for the extra bandwidth
07:37:06 PM_Jot_ it is netflix paying comcast, after comcast bribed the government/fcc
07:37:24 PMGoodGuy They paid to avoid shutting down a huge part of the business
07:37:31 PMFortWayner @GoodGuy, ok, but I haven't paid Comcast for years and don't intend to through Netflix.
07:37:44 PMagamotto As much as no one likes to admit it, many of the innovations regarding paying for things on the internet has come from porn.
07:38:10 PMGoodGuy Comcast and ISP's won the Net Neutrality case and slowed down Netflix soon after
07:38:13 PM_Jot_ of course, the internet is for porn. They made a song for that
07:38:17 PMTennessee_Frank1 Star Trek Into Darkness just hit Nexflix. Awesome movie
07:38:44 PMkyoshininja Tennesse_Frank1: really enjoyed that movie.
07:38:49 PMTennessee_Frank1 I just saw that.
07:39:01 PMGoodGuy porn is a billion dollar plus business on the net
07:39:02 PMTennessee_Frank1 What's up with the Frank1
07:39:03 PM_Jot_ If you want to help poor RobbieF with some storage, please buy some stuff from or donate some money through because he does need some more
07:39:08 PMFortWayner I'm more exited about finding Category 5 on my Roku 3 than Netflix, or anything else really.
07:39:15 PMPete__ Anyone with Ubuntu get to actually watch Netflix or Amazon Prime?
07:39:20 PMTennessee_Frank1 Let me go out and come back in
07:39:23 PMkyoshininja Your nic changed?? Tennessee_Frank1?
07:39:46 PMGoodGuy It is called an alternate nickname in some IRC clients
07:39:59 PM_Jot_ Yeah, you can get a roku at and then find Category5 at
07:40:19 PMkyoshininja agamotto: didn't like the movie?
07:40:28 PM_Jot_ Tennessee_Frank1, type /nick Tennessee_Frank
07:40:28 PMTennessee_Frank1 Why am I Frank1 now
07:40:35 PMDave-Maydew My WD MyCloud runs almost the same way
07:40:53 PMagamotto I am just surprised... I found it to be... well, a mess
07:41:02 PMTennessee_Frank Ok
07:41:04 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
07:41:14 PMTennessee_Frank Not fluent in IRC, LOL
07:41:17 PM_Jot_ it should stay like that now, because your client probably remembers the name yo uused last
07:41:20 PM_Jot_ you used*
07:41:23 PMkyoshininja agamotto: Oh...not true to TOS?
07:41:36 PMDave-Maydew Soldering iron
07:41:38 PMTennessee_Frank Thanks _jot_
07:41:45 PMTennessee_Frank :-D
07:41:52 PMagamotto kyoshininja, Not so much that, as a blatant rip-off of the 2nd TOS movie, done badly
07:42:00 PMDave-Maydew a couple of capacitors
07:42:06 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, remember that with unraid5 and unraid 6 you only need to remember which drive is the parity-drive and it'll remember the others, independent of position
07:42:15 PMGoodGuy Too Smart Guys had an old episode where they had a addon case with extra slots etc iirc
07:42:16 PMTennessee_Frank What, no ZedFS??
07:42:33 PMGoodGuy I think it was a FreeNAS episode iirc
07:42:35 PMkyoshininja agamotto: yeah, I see. I was able to suspend expectations, and enjoy the action.
07:42:59 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, don't say anything or you'll jinx it.
07:43:11 PMJoeInNH anyone tried btrfs?
07:43:39 PMDave-Maydew beta or beeta?
07:43:45 PMagamotto kyoshininja, If they hadn't done anything 'Khan,' I could have. The comics that came out shortly after based on the movie filled in a lot of things that would have made the movie easier to swallow
07:43:48 PM_Jot_ or betah :)
07:43:58 PMDave-Maydew hahaha
07:44:01 PMTennessee_Frank Howdy RobbieF
07:44:21 PMkyoshininja joeinNH: I tried, but it didn't last long. I was trying to use snapshots, etc. Unfortunately, I borked the install or something.
07:44:24 PMJoeInNH you mean BayTa
07:44:47 PMDave-Maydew lol
07:44:54 PMTennessee_Frank1 I gave Ubuntu 14.04 a try but didn't have any bluetooth support and I'm not really crazy about the Unity DE
07:44:57 PMpyrosrock RobbieF thanks
07:45:02 PMagamotto kyoshininja, It is like asking someone who grew up reading Xmen to accept the 'new' Days of Future Past story...
07:45:15 PMJoeInNH At least that's the way all the Math geeks pronounce it
07:45:36 PMalket RobbieF: could be permissions
07:45:41 PMkyoshininja I see agamotto. I'll keep my eye out for the comics to get some back story.
07:45:55 PMTennessee_Frank1 Wow, all kinds of IRC problems tonight.
07:46:08 PMagamotto kyoshininja, they fill in how Khan became 'white' and other mysteries
07:46:12 PM_Jot_ this is the rwww robbies world wicked web?
07:46:33 PMJoeInNH Probably the APache directory is not point to where the file is...
07:46:34 PMkyoshininja agamotto: just saw the trailers for it. Didn't read much X-men, though.
07:46:36 PMTennessee_Frank1 agamotto and will he show up later to do what he did that killed Spock?
07:46:48 PMVoodoosnman All of my remaining Windows 7 devices have been having BSOD problems lately. Anyone else have this?
07:47:01 PMkyoshininja agamotto: yes, I was wondering... I remotely remember Ricardo Montalban in TOS
07:47:09 PMagamotto kyoshininja, Then I am sure you will love the movie... but for those of us who grew up reading the stories, it is a slap in the face
07:47:33 PMTennessee_Frank1 Yep, the Original Khan was from India
07:47:41 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank that would be telling
07:47:45 PMJoeInNH VooDoo: I am not having problems with my win7
07:47:55 PMTennessee_Frank1 The Khan in Into Darkness was from where??
07:48:31 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank One of the great unexplained in the movie... the comics fill in a lot of what should have been in the movie
07:48:41 PMTennessee_Frank1 another ping timeout
07:48:52 PMJoeInNH As for XMen, I plan on just enjoying the movie. Marvel changes everything too often for me.
07:48:55 PMTennessee_Frank1 I'm still here, I didn't leave the room. LOL
07:49:13 PMagamotto JoeInNH, One of the reasons I quit reading most of the titles
07:49:50 PMJoeInNH I haven't read any comic book in a couple of years.
07:49:59 PMTennessee_Frank1 As long as it's a nice comment.
07:50:19 PMjlim i ran a web sever with my own domain a long time ago and got hacked, all my hard drives got spun
07:50:29 PMagamotto ouch
07:50:48 PMjlim yeah
07:50:48 PM_Jot_ must be some DJ that spun your drives, maybe even DJRobbie :P
07:51:01 PMPete__ is there a working PPA to ger Openshot updated? All I get is 404 error. Have been told the server is busy - I can never get thru
07:51:04 PMagamotto Stuxnet?
07:51:46 PMGoodGuy What was that song.. I'll be right here waiting for you
07:51:47 PM_Jot_ Pete__ you mean ?
07:52:00 PMJoeInNH 349 or 348?
07:52:02 PMagamotto GoodGuy, Richard Marx?
07:52:04 PMTennessee_Frank I think my wife is using all my bandwidth watching movies on Facebook.
07:52:08 PMGoodGuy Thats it
07:52:12 PMJoeInNH I thought this is 348
07:52:25 PMTennessee_Frank Roku keeps buffering and I keep getting kicked from IRC
07:52:28 PMTennessee_Frank Comic Sans
07:52:30 PM_Jot_ this is 349, the shwnumber was wrong for a few days at the 'next show'
07:52:31 PMkyoshininja Yay! Graphic Designer Girl!
07:52:32 PMTennessee_Frank COMIC SANS
07:52:34 PMJoeInNH TF, you can fix that. :D
07:52:43 PMjlim i got a question,,,, is christa married ? lol
07:52:59 PMTennessee_Frank Why, you looking for a wife jlim??
07:53:00 PMGoodGuy yes jlim
07:53:02 PM_Jot_ jlim, yes, she is, or has a boyfriend at least
07:53:15 PMjlim lol
07:53:22 PMTennessee_Frank Remember, she doesn't use Linux, that should be a Deal Breaker, LOL
07:53:37 PMjlim Tennessee_Frank: lol
07:53:43 PMhayba_hayba ? google web fonts ... hmmmm
07:53:45 PMJoeInNH She uses the Commies of the computer world
07:54:15 PM_Jot_ hey ErikasDAD, nice work on the video
07:54:24 PMTennessee_Frank LOL
07:54:30 PMTennessee_Frank Go a head, make my day
07:54:37 PMTennessee_Frank VERY
07:54:43 PMPete__ just checking to see what i use
07:55:02 PMjlim chuck norris here actually jlim is my alias
07:55:03 PMTennessee_Frank sudo pacman -Syu
07:55:03 PMjlim lol
07:55:07 PMTennessee_Frank and you
07:55:13 PMTennessee_Frank and you're done
07:55:16 PMPete__ have ppa.launchpad.....trustytar
07:55:33 PMPete__ can't copy and paste darn it
07:55:43 PMagamotto ...and thus endeth the lesson
07:55:47 PMDave-Maydew Oh by the way guys, I got another 2 friends onto Linux Mint!!
07:55:49 PMJoeInNH Nice way to put it.
07:55:53 PMDave-Maydew and they LOVE IT!!
07:55:55 PMTennessee_Frank Part of the reason I moved my Manjaro install to Testing from Stable so I get updates sooner.
07:56:01 PMhayba_hayba Dave-Maydew: Good job!
07:56:06 PMjlim Tennessee_Frank: you get arch installed?
07:56:13 PMJoeInNH Heartbeat was a programmer being lazy
07:56:16 PMGoodGuy New Mint 17 should be out fairly soon.. LTS
07:56:31 PMDave-Maydew I only have to show people Ubuntu or Mint and it just happens
07:56:37 PMTennessee_Frank jlim, nope, and Antergos wouldn't give me bluetooth and on laptop didn't get wifi so I'm back to Manjaro
07:56:45 PMBobK54 this is why I love semi-rolling releases like PCLinuxOS. I'm ALWAYS up to date
07:57:00 PMagamotto GoodGuy, Yes another three years or more of stability!
07:57:06 PMhayba_hayba BobK54: Yeap ... Debian Testing :-)
07:57:07 PMTennessee_Frank It was uber simple to move Manjaro from Stable to Testing
07:57:31 PMTennessee_Frank sudo gedit /ect/pacman-mirrors.conf
07:57:34 PMGoodGuy I have Mint 16 and PCLinuxOS installed on one drive and a couple other distros I switch up on a diff drive
07:57:40 PMkyoshininja Tennesee_Frank: I had the testing KDE, but updating gave an error, and so I sudo pacman -Syyuu to downgrade the packages and make everything consistent, and got the apps I wanted to work.
07:57:55 PMalket RobbieF: extended the show for 1 hour , its the best episode ever
07:57:57 PMagamotto Debian unstable.... hahaahahaha
07:58:12 PMDave-Maydew I point newbies to Mint now
07:58:14 PMunstable_branch Debian SID
07:58:17 PMTennessee_Frank That opens your config file and you just replace Stable with Testing then do a sudo pacman-mirrors -g to update your mirrors and sudo pacman -Syyu to redo all of your packages and Bob's your Uncle
07:58:20 PM_Jot_ TheChrista, will the video be on youtube?
07:58:22 PMagamotto I know a Vorlon who would take that as an insult
07:58:34 PMjlim awh
07:58:35 PMJoeInNH which video
07:58:47 PMGoodGuy I like PinguyOS 14.04.... I used to to use PinguyOS, but the newer versions gave my trouble
07:58:51 PMTennessee_Frank pacman is uber easy to use over apt-get IMHO.
07:58:58 PMTennessee_Frank and much more powerful.
07:58:59 PMGoodGuy This one had been pretty good
07:58:59 PMjlim i asked lol
07:59:01 PM_Jot_ JoeInNH, the music video, of course :)
07:59:09 PMGoodGuy me
07:59:13 PMagamotto Tennessee_Frank, Must be those power dits
07:59:13 PMpyrosrock i setup a computer that had crashed in win to test the hardare with point linux and everyone that seese it loves the wobbly windows and the flame effect when closing a window
07:59:28 PMJoeInNH cool, I want to see that. I missed the first few minutes tonoight
07:59:31 PMTennessee_Frank Manjaro as in Mt. Kilimanjaro
07:59:31 PMGoodGuy We want the Music Video!
07:59:40 PMJoeInNH Normally I am in an AI class tonight
07:59:46 PMTennessee_Frank Uninstall glamor-egl then do the updates
07:59:50 PMTennessee_Frank then reinstall xorg
07:59:52 PMBobK54 link to the video! Now please! :)
07:59:55 PMTennessee_Frank I had that same problem
08:00:14 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, uninstall glamor-egl then do the updates
08:00:26 PMTennessee_Frank then reinstall xorg after your updates RobbieF
08:00:57 PMTennessee_Frank We have 2 or 3 threads going over at the Manjaro forums
08:01:00 PMkyoshininja Thanks Tennessee_Frank (just taking notes). I will definitely try out testing.
08:01:13 PMDave-Maydew Great show again RobbieF
08:01:14 PMPete__ I tried the ppa from the site you provided Jot but it still gives me the 404 - the originat
08:01:37 PMJoeInNH yeah. Great show
08:01:40 PMunstable_branch Wha-hoo! Great Show!
08:01:58 PMWhiskey_Zero Robbief, thanks for another great show
08:02:00 PMBobK54 great show! we want the video!!!!
08:02:02 PMTennessee_Frank RobbieF, yep, I lost my desktop and had to log in and install from the bash prompt then it worked great
08:02:04 PMpyrosrock thanks
08:02:04 PMjlim bye christa
08:02:09 PMDennis_Kelley anyone know what the error [FAILe: plymouth ... failed! is
08:02:10 PMkyoshininja WoooHoooo! thanks for the mention RobbieF!!
08:02:12 PMFortWayner nice show, goodbye all
08:02:18 PMDennis_Kelley i get it when i boot
08:02:26 PMTennessee_Frank Now when I do updates I just reinstall after the updates so I keep my desktop
08:02:44 PMunstable_branch Dennis_Kelley: may be the framebuffer graphics thingy
08:02:46 PMJoeInNH do you backup the settings file
08:02:50 PM_Jot_ PEte__ if you browse the files manually, they exist and are not 404, so it sounds like something is up with your connection, or your package-manager is faulty
08:02:50 PMPete__ am using trusty main
08:02:57 PMDave-Maydew Live Long and Prosper the Linux Way!!
08:03:01 PMagamotto You should be backing up /home
08:03:09 PMunstable_branch ... the graphical boot thingy
08:03:16 PMagamotto GRUB
08:03:24 PMkyoshininja What was that url that RobbieF said you can get a discount for purchasing a roku device (did anyone get that)?
08:03:27 PMjlim good show
08:03:31 PMTennessee_Frank And to be totally honest, I just sort of fell into the fix.
08:03:46 PMDennis_Kelley unstable_branch i got it after trying to move my home folder to a new drive
08:03:52 PMagamotto
08:04:04 PMkyoshininja Thanks agamotto
08:04:20 PM_Jot_ Pete__ it only has from 9.10 to 12.10 so I don't see anything about trusty main, try using the latest one available
08:04:23 PMPete__ i get the error for it when trying to update so maybe the package manager'
08:04:24 PMagamotto I may be wrong, but I think that was it
08:04:25 PMTennessee_Frank Also, from what I've read on the Manjaro Forums Stable is suppose to have been fixed and not have this issue
08:04:47 PMJoeInNH bye everyone.
08:04:56 PMPete__ will give it a try - thank you Jot
08:04:57 PMGoodGuy bye JoeInNH
08:05:06 PMDave-Maydew bye Joe
08:05:06 PMTennessee_Frank First time I tried to do an update in Manjaro my mirrors weren't sync'ed and I got a ton of errors
08:05:11 PMkyoshininja agamotto: nope..but don't worry, I'll check it out and find it if it's in the cat5 shop
08:05:14 PM_Jot_ Pete__ newer versions are available at apparently
08:05:16 PMagamotto ok
08:05:20 PMTennessee_Frank Now first thing I do is a "sudo pacman-mirrors -g"
08:05:34 PMTennessee_Frank That gets all the mirrors sync'ed and ready to go
08:05:55 PMPete__ Jot thanks will check those out'
08:06:46 PMPete__ have a good nite all
08:06:50 PMPete__ quit
08:06:55 PMPete__ exit
08:07:09 PMunstable_branch Chowmein
08:07:41 PMPete__ leave
08:07:43 PMkyoshininja Tennesee_Frank: I also got a few of those key signature errors, and manually updated the keyring, etc just so I can update. Should have sync'd the mirrors at the time.
08:08:12 PM_Jot_ Pete_ try closing the window :)
08:08:20 PM_Jot_ or try /exit
08:08:35 PMagamotto Well, I am off to go feed myself... for some reason, cereal sounds good
08:08:44 PM_Jot_ cereal sounds nice
08:08:46 PMkyoshininja bye agamotto
08:10:16 PMBudda_Belly Bye all
08:10:45 PMkyoshininja gotta go...bye
08:11:53 PMalket and back to us standards
08:12:27 PM_Jot_ ah, which standard is that?
08:12:33 PMalket "standards"
08:12:40 PMalket or maybe "regulars"
08:12:51 PMalket I dont know the right word
08:13:02 PM_Jot_ yeah, regulars probably. Cause I wouldn't call us standard :)
08:13:18 PMRobbieF how much fun was that?!
08:13:28 PM_Jot_ people want to know where they can watch the music video
08:13:34 PMalket good that you got it , i don't make this mistakes in my language
08:13:43 PMalket RobbieF: it was the best episode
08:14:04 PMalket ok , the best after episode "you on vacation showing water and stuff" :p
08:14:18 PM_Jot_ that water-stuff is scary
08:14:39 PMalket your jokes very funny
08:15:23 PMRobbieF glad you enjoyed yourself alket!
08:15:36 PMRobbieF _Jot_ the music video is on Roku under Special Features -> Extras
08:15:54 PM_Jot_ people who don't have Roku want to see it too :)
08:15:59 PMalket is roku something country specific ?
08:16:10 PMRobbieF yes.
08:16:13 PM_Jot_ Roku officially only does business in English speaking countries
08:16:13 PMRobbieF
08:16:50 PMalket so if i get one , can I run it ?
08:16:55 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, so just saying, make sure you get it on youtube fastly sometime
08:17:08 PMDave-Maydew RobbieF is the music video on YouTube yet?
08:17:10 PM_Jot_ alket, you will be able to use it for certain channels, but many will be blocked to you or not visible at all
08:17:42 PMalket ugh, I HATE COUNTRY SPECIFICS
08:18:08 PM_Jot_ welcome to the world of the copyright-maffia
08:18:12 PMalket wow that episode was on 2010, time flies fast
08:18:37 PMDave-Maydew Yeah it'll soon be Xmas 2014
08:18:38 PMalket _Jot_: my country isn't even listed on UN
08:18:39 PMDave-Maydew :-)
08:18:50 PM_Jot_ Dave-Maydew, the show is currently available at
08:18:54 PMalket so talk about country specific
08:19:56 PM_Jot_ alket, I'm sure you can still use the roku for category5 becuase RobbieF will tell them to make it work if it doesn't :)
08:20:12 PM_Jot_ and he is the developer so if it is something he did, he'll fix that
08:20:21 PMDave-Maydew Where are you alket?
08:20:31 PMalket Dave-Maydew: Kosovo
08:20:40 PMRobbieF you can use a proxy with roku if you need to, I reckon
08:20:42 PMDave-Maydew ahh, that answers the question
08:20:51 PMRobbieF but category5 is available worldwide, so if you have the device, you can add it.
08:22:55 PMDave-Maydew Europe is changing... especially after the voting
08:23:07 PM_Jot_ heh, not really
08:23:20 PM_Jot_ the people we voted for have no power to change anything
08:23:31 PMDennis_Kelley robbieF what settings do you use in your fstab
08:24:28 PMalket I was really depressed that "separatist" gained more votes
08:24:44 PMRobbieF to what end Dennis_Kelley?
08:24:54 PMDave-Maydew that's not good alket
08:25:10 PMDave-Maydew I was surprised about France!
08:25:11 PMRobbieF I have my tmp folder mounted to memory... I have some cifs shares mounted to various places... I have some s3fs fuse shares...
08:25:24 PMDennis_Kelley UUID= .... ext4 rw,errors=remount-ro 0 1
08:25:36 PMRobbieF what of it?
08:25:45 PMRobbieF and where's your mountpoint?
08:26:10 PMDave-Maydew You beat me to it RobbieF
08:26:26 PMDennis_Kelley thats what my live cd is showing, but my main system i tried to move the Home folder to a new drive
08:26:47 PMRobbieF oh I gotcha
08:27:00 PMRobbieF and then what happened?
08:27:03 PMDennis_Kelley i tool that out sorry - UUID=0454314e-9fe7-49b1-ae9c-8436f1a5d62e / ext4 rw,errors=remount-ro 0 1
08:27:12 PMRobbieF okay, and where's home?
08:27:42 PMDennis_Kelley my system will not boot - i get error - [FAILe: plymouth ... failed!
08:27:47 PMDennis_Kelley system hans
08:27:52 PMDennis_Kelley *hangs
08:28:15 PMRobbieF but what's the line for your /home mount?
08:28:46 PMDennis_Kelley i am trying to mount my drive that has the bad fstab on it, from a liveCd
08:28:50 PMDennis_Kelley hold on
08:29:51 PMDennis_Kelley so i should be able to type - sudo mount ext4 /dev/sda1 /media/old
08:30:01 PMDennis_Kelley to mount my drive
08:30:48 PMDennis_Kelley got it. i forgot thr -t
08:30:51 PMDennis_Kelley *the
08:31:17 PMRobbieF k
08:31:18 PMGoodGuy I love the look RobbieF's wife gave him at the beginning of the music video
08:31:20 PM_Jot_ remember, don't forget the -t
08:31:33 PMRobbieF that was NOT acting, GoodGuy :) hehe
08:31:47 PMGoodGuy I know.. Thats why I loved it
08:32:01 PMRobbieF Hahaha
08:32:09 PMGoodGuy She had that I thought I saw everything look, but guess not!
08:32:49 PMRobbieF :-D
08:33:32 PMDennis_Kelley so do i need a /home in my fstab if it is in my / mount point.
08:33:44 PMGoodGuy My wife makes a few looks similar to that when I play bizarre games with my kitty
08:33:50 PMDennis_Kelley i only need an entry if i have it outside my / mount point
08:33:55 PM_Jot_ you need as many entries as you have drives or partitions you need to mount
08:33:55 PMDennis_Kelley right?
08:34:15 PM_Jot_ or auto-mount, really
08:34:17 PMGoodGuy Cat must love it because she keeps coming back to play more
08:34:32 PMDave-Maydew hahaha
08:34:42 PMDave-Maydew I used to have a cat like that
08:34:59 PMGoodGuy Spoiled kitty has her own chair right next to me
08:35:15 PMRobbieF Dennis_Kelley - no, but I thought you had it on another drive?
08:35:19 PMDave-Maydew mine used to sleep under the bed covers
08:35:25 PM_Jot_ GoodGuy, you mean the cat lets you sit next to her
08:35:35 PMDave-Maydew was terrible when he put his claws out
08:35:36 PMGoodGuy When I go to the refridge to get fresh ice, she wants a cube also
08:36:14 PMGoodGuy That is rare Dave-Maydew .. usually they dont like being under a cover
08:36:28 PMGoodGuy lol I was here first
08:36:36 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ RobbieF - what does the 0 and 1 mean in the fstab entry
08:36:40 PMGoodGuy Or she allowed me to be I suppose
08:36:50 PMDave-Maydew he used to come up and nudge my nose and just go straight under
08:37:23 PMDave-Maydew now Dad has a ninja cockateil
08:37:29 PMDave-Maydew the bird hates me
08:37:50 PMGoodGuy My cat would sleep next yo my face on the pillow... I think she liked the warm breath on her or something
08:38:06 PMGoodGuy to my
08:38:34 PMGoodGuy Never cared for birds.. well other than chicken and turkey :-)
08:38:50 PMDave-Maydew lol
08:39:02 PMDave-Maydew fried or baked
08:39:04 PMDave-Maydew lol
08:39:07 PM_Jot_ Dennis_kelley, it seems ubuntu specific or something, not sure, but google says
08:39:20 PMGoodGuy One day she woke up and the vet said she had a seizure
08:39:30 PMDennis_Kelley ok be right back
08:39:38 PMGoodGuy She looked like she couldn't stand up
08:39:46 PMDennis_Kelley never mind this is working
08:39:46 PMDave-Maydew Oh boy GoodGuy
08:39:57 PMGoodGuy But hasnt happened again
08:40:04 PMDave-Maydew good
08:40:23 PMGoodGuy Cat doesnt take real kindly to the vet lol
08:40:37 PMDave-Maydew hahahaha
08:40:43 PMGoodGuy They had to sedate her just to examine her
08:41:04 PMGoodGuy costs extra but better than scaring her any further
08:41:04 PMDave-Maydew a cat with attitude
08:41:25 PMGoodGuy a female cat with the name Bully gives you the idea
08:41:29 PMDennis_Kelley _Jot_ if i do a reinstall of my distro and point my /home to the other drive and my / one the first drive. will the install overright my /home
08:41:35 PMDave-Maydew lol
08:41:44 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, I think so
08:41:45 PMDave-Maydew my cat was called Headbanger
08:41:57 PMalket I have a high phobia from all animals, my parents got a dog when I was young , never touched it and always run, they had to give it away
08:42:12 PMGoodGuy In her younger days, she annoyed a cat half again her size so she had to sneak just to eat
08:42:15 PMDennis_Kelley so do i move my home after a reinstall?
08:42:23 PM_Jot_ Dennis_Kelley, if the sysem boots, I'd mount both, and move the files over manually, that seems safer
08:42:43 PMGoodGuy My mom said they had 13 cats when I was born
08:42:58 PMDave-Maydew we had 9 when I was younger
08:43:14 PMGoodGuy Never had more than two animals at a time when I was old enough to remember
08:43:47 PMGoodGuy 9 is a pretty good bunch of kities
08:43:52 PMGoodGuy kitties
08:44:18 PMDave-Maydew they were all crazy, but then they lived here :-)
08:44:38 PMGoodGuy I like how smart they are
08:44:38 PMDennis_Kelley its rebooting lets see!
08:45:10 PMDave-Maydew Cats are brainy
08:45:20 PMGoodGuy when I get the laundry basket for my wife and empty it, the cat runs under a coffee table
08:45:25 PMDave-Maydew and they cover their mess
08:45:42 PMGoodGuy I play around and pet her under the basket
08:45:59 PM_Jot_ Generally I tell the operating system to partition like it wants, and then mount stuff I want to copy or move and then do that, so things don't overwrite by accident etc
08:46:06 PMGoodGuy I read that behavior is inbred to cover their waste
08:46:21 PMDave-Maydew thats correct
08:46:31 PMGoodGuy It helps other animals not to locate them and ambush the cat
08:46:32 PMDave-Maydew and to catch mice etc
08:46:38 PMGoodGuy That also
08:47:03 PMDave-Maydew right, it's 1:47am here
08:47:11 PMDave-Maydew I better go and try get some sleep
08:47:18 PM_Jot_ covering stuff also helps to annoy the servants who have to clean up everything after removing stuff from the kitty-litter-box and shoving it outside
08:47:22 PMGoodGuy This cat would leave a mouse alone... she likes flying things like flies or birds
08:47:30 PMGoodGuy lol
08:47:35 PMDave-Maydew hahahaha
08:47:46 PMDave-Maydew Will catch you all during the week
08:47:53 PMGoodGuy New clumping litter is easy to live with
08:47:58 PMGoodGuy Night Dave-Maydew
08:47:59 PM_Jot_ have a good night Dave_Maydew
08:48:02 PMDave-Maydew Tell me about it GG
08:48:09 PMDave-Maydew Night all
08:53:08 PMGoodGuy Night All
08:53:14 PMRobbieF ha
08:53:21 PMRobbieF both left before I could type night
08:53:21 PM_Jot_ hey RobbieF
08:53:24 PMRobbieF hi :)
08:53:27 PMRobbieF just doing images and uploads
08:55:50 PM_Jot_ I'm waiting for my stuff to arrive, which will be in about 8-12 hours or so, and they are shipping one single DIMM in a box larger than my motherboard+processor
08:58:12 PMRobbieF yeah!!!
08:58:17 PMRobbieF can't wait to hear the news!
08:58:40 PMRobbieF Did everyone enjoy the music video?
08:58:50 PM_Jot_ yeah, it was great
08:58:56 PMDennis_Kelley yes!
08:59:21 PM_Jot_ of course I had the radio on so I didn't actually get much of the music, but I sort-of heard it before :)
09:02:17 PMRobbieF oh okay
09:02:23 PMRobbieF you didn't get to hear it?!
09:02:25 PMRobbieF lol
09:02:29 PMRobbieF it's not quite the same without sound.
09:02:52 PM_Jot_ it isn't the same with sound either
09:10:55 PM_Jot_ TheChrista has joined? shouldn't that be left? Not that I want to scare her away
09:11:46 PMRobbieF sorry yeah, Bekah is using the laptop
09:12:09 PM_Jot_ darn, now I can't tell her she looked great and she was very popular
09:12:58 PM_Jot_ you have been so rude today, first you you say oh, I have to go soon, and then leave before anybody can say goodbye, and now this agression
09:12:59 PMRobbieF ha
09:21:15 PMRobbieF _Jot_
09:21:21 PMRobbieF Looking at your email re. preclear - thank you.
09:21:21 PM_Jot_ RobbieF
09:21:25 PMRobbieF The forum does not have a link
09:21:27 PMRobbieF I am logged in
09:21:30 PMRobbieF there is no download
09:21:35 PMRobbieF looks complicated.
09:22:01 PM_Jot_ very first post, after the line Edit: additional version changes are described in the next post. (this post got too big to add additional content)
09:22:17 PM_Jot_ it is an attachment to;topic=2817.0;attach=20382
09:22:24 PMRobbieF thanks
09:23:07 PMRobbieF oh - it's at the BOTTOM of the first post...
09:23:26 PM_Jot_ I hope I didn't write top or something
09:23:46 PM_Jot_ even I had to look for it, and I knew where it was, its really not very clear
09:24:29 PMRobbieF you said "the download link is in the first post."
09:24:42 PMRobbieF and the post says "(The link for the attachment is only visible after you log in as a user of this forum)"
09:24:44 PM_Jot_ yeah, which it is
09:24:48 PMRobbieF so I just assumed it would appear at that place
09:24:50 PMRobbieF at "(The link for the attachment is only visible after you log in as a user of this forum)"


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