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06:58:54 PM_Jot_ hey RobbieF, I couldn't hear you aren't stressed anymore, get stressed, stuff isn't working!
06:59:12 PM_Jot_ (lets see if he gets fooled by that)
07:00:25 PM_Jot_ SashaD, don't forget to brush all the snow away during the running back and forth
07:01:12 PMrevdjenk SashaD: blame it on the time difference!
07:01:26 PM_Jot_ yeah, the news was stuck in tuesday while it is wednesday
07:01:59 PMDennis_Kelley Merry Christmas Everyone!
07:02:07 PMRobbieF I added a recovery option _Jot_ so she can fix it.
07:02:07 PM_Jot_ you doo Dennis_Kelley
07:02:11 PM_Jot_ too*
07:02:14 PM_Jot_ my typing sucks :)
07:02:23 PMnapa_polarbear HELLO ALL
07:02:28 PMRobbieF Hi all!
07:02:29 PM_Jot_ hi napa_polarbear
07:03:34 PMnapa_polarbear where the Kidd
07:03:54 PM_Jot_ Today the cohosts are SashaD and SashaD
07:04:09 PMSashaD True :)
07:04:36 PMnapa_polarbear no kidd? not seen in long time.
07:04:47 PM_Jot_ he's probably been busy with his music
07:06:43 PMrevdjenk ahhhh
07:06:49 PMMrN_ robbie can you turn off the backround music already
07:06:57 PMDennis_Kelley Happy Birthday _Jot_
07:06:58 PMMrN_ thank you
07:07:01 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
07:07:05 PM_Jot_ yay! Happy holidays:P
07:07:08 PMnapa_polarbear Happy bday jot
07:07:12 PMABQTKY Happy B'day, Jot!!
07:07:18 PMMaineGeek75Mobil Happy birthday
07:07:30 PMalpeck Happy Birthday!!! +_Jot_
07:07:38 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: is main helper and PIA hee hee
07:07:40 PMMrN_ Happy Birthday Jot
07:07:51 PM_Jot_ thank you all very much :) now do as I did and go to http;// and send some money or buy stuff through so RobbieF can buy me a present
07:08:06 PM_Jot_
07:08:11 PM_Jot_ yeah, that works :)
07:08:18 PMMaineGeek75Mobil Lol
07:09:40 PMMaineGeek75Mobil I bought some stuff from b&h photo, clicked the link on cat 5
07:09:55 PM_Jot_ Grat MaineGeek! they have nice things
07:10:11 PMMaineGeek75Mobil So some of those profits should go to them
07:10:20 PMMaineGeek75Mobil Yes they do
07:10:29 PMrevdjenk I'm in a church
07:10:31 PMGarbee Is Robbie solo tonight?
07:10:43 PM_Jot_ No, SashaD and SashaD are the cohosts
07:10:57 PMMaineGeek75Mobil Lol
07:10:59 PMGarbee kk thanks.
07:11:08 PMGarbee (I just joined. and it hasn't been off Robbie since.)
07:11:28 PMrevdjenk so you need wirecast, also, hmmmm
07:11:52 PMSashaD I'm here... I'm here.
07:12:03 PMMaineGeek75Mobil Stinks I'm gonna miss the first 45 minutes of the show...
07:12:20 PMGarbee SashaD: And I thank you for making this show less awkward for Robbie and us IRC people.
07:12:21 PMMaineGeek75Mobil Will have to watch the recorded show
07:12:28 PM_Jot_ don't worry Maine, you can always watch it later
07:12:32 PMABQTKY Do I see the Cat5 '5' on the back of that iPod?
07:12:32 PMGarbee He is good solo, but man it can be odd after so many years of co-hosts.
07:12:33 PMSashaD You will catch the news :)
07:12:53 PMMaineGeek75Mobil Yay
07:12:54 PM_Jot_ I tried catching balloons
07:14:54 PMDennis_Kelley we can see SashaD is on her phone too1
07:14:58 PMDennis_Kelley *too!
07:15:15 PMGarbee SashaD: Slacking at the news station.
07:15:17 PMGarbee :P
07:15:47 PM_Jot_ hey! what happened to the snow?
07:15:58 PM_Jot_ thats not the studio! there is no snow! cheaters! :)
07:16:00 PMDennis_Kelley Looks awesome RobbieF
07:16:01 PMalpeck where is the audience tonight
07:16:16 PMDennis_Kelley closeup of SashaD
07:16:29 PMrevdjenk SashaD:'s walk about
07:16:33 PMalpeck Robbie needs a laugh track ... no audience
07:16:46 PMrevdjenk SashaD: do an on the street interview+
07:17:29 PMrevdjenk yay
07:17:54 PM_Jot_ I'm getting motion sickness :)
07:18:05 PMDennis_Kelley for what it is doing its awesome!
07:18:33 PMSashaD I'm not on the phone.... I'm in the chat room (its my only way to be connected)
07:19:10 PMDJQuad hey peoples :)
07:19:27 PMrevdjenk yay
07:20:04 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: could you switch between rear and front cams on a device?
07:21:49 PMDJQuad short answer is yes :)
07:22:12 PMSashaD Yep!
07:22:13 PMrevdjenk so usable for interview situations on location, too
07:22:22 PMDJQuad yep!
07:23:06 PMrevdjenk if "on location" and streaming then yes
07:23:18 PMGarbee Why is Sasha being left outside? It must be cold with all that snow.
07:23:35 PMrevdjenk hee hee Garbee
07:24:30 PMtic-toc Paint that wall
07:24:41 PMBobK54 Sasha, you're not wearing your coat this week. You looked so toasty last week!
07:25:30 PMDennis_Kelley WOW
07:25:55 PMtic-toc Anything but Robbie's lap
07:26:07 PMrevdjenk nice
07:26:15 PMrevdjenk can't wait for this in android
07:26:35 PMrevdjenk but one needs a windows system to run wirecast, correct?
07:27:51 PMDJQuad it runs on mac too, no?
07:27:58 PMalpeck what about WINE???
07:28:57 PMrevdjenk alpeck: would they be using it with Linux if it was usable on wine?
07:29:48 PMtic-toc wine is hit and miss
07:30:08 PMDJQuad how about mono instead of wine?
07:30:24 PMrevdjenk thanks for this RobbieF, this looks great...
07:30:53 PMTooM This prog is really great, same thing on android
07:35:04 PMtic-toc I bet they're hot about
07:35:04 PMrevdjenk thanks TooM !
07:36:26 PMDJQuad i love wirecast for commercial stuff. i wish their price point was a little lower or had a monthly license. gamers that stream on twitch and youtube use either xsplit (monthly fee) or obs (open source)
07:39:12 PMDJQuad not to mention the infrastructure for many of their legacy systems still run xp. many of sony's servers ran xp as well
07:42:24 PMtic-toc I'm spam
07:42:45 PMalpeck isn't it amazing how the chat room chatter stops when SashaD is on
07:42:51 PMDJQuad they also buy twitter followers. heh
07:43:30 PMDJQuad guess what OS the 3D printer ran
07:44:06 PMtic-toc windows 98 ?
07:44:11 PMDJQuad debian ftw :)
07:44:53 PMrevdjenk debian, which is the basis for Mint and PointOS
07:45:02 PMDJQuad yep
07:46:10 PMtic-toc 007
07:46:17 PMRobbieF Maxwell Smart!
07:46:28 PMtic-toc 99
07:46:44 PMrats_ RobbieF: Beem me up the plans
07:47:30 PMBobK54 Mission Impossible! watch that reel to reel tape burn up spontaniously!
07:48:59 PMtic-toc He's out of plastic
07:49:10 PMDJQuad my grandfather always told me to find a way to sell air or water. he was right, vive is doing just that. lol
07:49:57 PMSashaD This world is amazing and scary
07:51:04 PMDJQuad black is at midnight. lol
07:51:34 PMDJQuad like 0:00:00
07:51:50 PMSashaD When is yellow then?
07:52:42 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD the contest music is still playing
07:52:44 PMMaineGeek75 finally made it in...all i can hear is music in the bg ... almost taking over robbies voice lol
07:53:07 PMalpeck Love UnRaid...that is how I originally found Cat5
07:53:36 PMMaineGeek75 lol
07:53:43 PMMaineGeek75 WOW
07:53:49 PMMaineGeek75 got quiet all of a sudden
07:53:53 PMalpeck love the audience sound track
07:54:07 PMMaineGeek75 its back on again lol
07:54:30 PMSashaD Really?
07:54:44 PMtic-toc its off now
07:54:55 PMSashaD Whew
07:55:00 PMMaineGeek75 :)
07:55:27 PMalpeck I use samba
07:55:29 PMSashaD Alpeck... I'll work on getting your question in :)
07:55:53 PMDJQuad yellow is 255, 255, 0, or 65535. so 6:55 am would be yellow :)
07:56:41 PMSashaD Thank you! It is my favourite colour, good to know
07:57:06 PMDJQuad i'm not up early enough to verify that. lol
07:58:04 PMSashaD It is five minutes before I get up :)
07:58:38 PMtic-toc Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas to everyone..
07:58:39 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF can you update unRAID without redoing the USb Drive
07:58:56 PMDJQuad lol. it should still be very yellow if you check it when you get it :)
07:59:23 PMDJQuad get up*
07:59:45 PMSashaD I'm going to do just that :)
08:00:00 PMSashaD Merry Christmas to all xo
08:00:05 PMMaineGeek75 history | grep 'what you search for'
08:00:34 PMMaineGeek75 Merry Chirstmas
08:00:35 PMrobgor ok guys goto go everyone have a great xmas
08:00:42 PMalpeck Merry Christmas everyone
08:00:52 PMtic-toc Hope I don't get another lump of coal this year
08:00:55 PMBobK54 Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
08:01:09 PMDJQuad merry christmas all! have a great week
08:01:18 PMDennis_Kelley Merry Christmas All1
08:01:20 PMnapa_polarbear bye
08:01:36 PMMaineGeek75 take care everyone...can't wait to watch the re-run :P
08:01:48 PMWhiskey_Zero Robbie and Shashad, thanks for cool program
08:01:50 PMDennis_Kelley night all!
08:01:54 PM_Jot_ thanks SashaD :)
08:02:05 PMDennis_Kelley Happy Birthday _Jot_
08:02:13 PM_Jot_ thanks RobbieF :)
08:02:20 PMSashaD Thank you all for another great night!
08:02:28 PMrevdjenk thank YOU SashaD
08:02:37 PMrevdjenk Merry Christmas
08:03:51 PMrevdjenk if you want a network smartphone cam, check out
08:04:00 PMrevdjenk thanks to tooM for the suggestion
08:04:32 PMrevdjenk this works on android device, and sends vid and/or audio to any device running vlc
08:04:50 PMrevdjenk which can be almost any device!
08:05:31 PMrevdjenk *any device running vlc on your local network
08:09:16 PMrevdjenk _Jot_: we still haven't seen tennesseeFrank for a while, eh?
08:11:43 PMRobbieF Hey gang.
08:11:50 PMRobbieF How was the live quality tonight? Better?
08:12:09 PMRobbieF I bumped up the bitrate as well as the actual dimensions of the video for you.
08:12:13 PM_Jot_ it looked fine
08:12:25 PM_Jot_ now it will be difficult to see difference with 1080p :P
08:12:39 PMRobbieF last week there were some mentions of low bitrates during live show.
08:12:50 PMRobbieF So I increased it.
08:12:57 PMRobbieF Will see how it affects the Internet bill :)
08:13:08 PMMaineGeek75 was better than last week...what little bit i saw
08:13:08 PMrevdjenk I liked it... and I tried the app above... works well
08:13:35 PMrevdjenk ip webcam
08:14:17 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: I was impressed with vid from the ipod
08:14:42 PM_Jot_ I thought it was pretty horrible, not tasty at all
08:15:58 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: _Jot_ have you seen/heard from tenneseefrank at all in past month?
08:16:18 PMrevdjenk I know he was having some health problems...
08:16:50 PMMaineGeek75 ok, well everyone have a great week! Again, Thank you Robbie for putting this on. Have been learning a lot from the show...
08:17:04 PMMaineGeek75 and again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
08:22:09 PM_Jot_ revdjenk, no, nothing


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