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06:58:02 PMRobbieF haha
06:58:26 PMRobbieF looks delicious DJQuad
06:59:30 PMDJQuad i stuffed myself silly. if i fall asleep during the show blame it on a food coma
07:00:24 PMnapa_polarbear hello all:-D
07:00:47 PMDJQuad hey napa and WZ :)
07:00:58 PMkyoshininja hi all
07:01:37 PMDJQuad h'loo kyoshi :)
07:01:39 PMRobbieF ALMOST ready folks :)
07:01:43 PMRobbieF sorry for the delay
07:01:54 PMkeckeckec I can smell it from here ;)
07:02:20 PMRobbieF Mmmmm
07:02:23 PMRobbieF Slow smokin' tonight!
07:02:24 PMWhiskey_Zero Good evening Cat5 people
07:02:45 PMDJQuad no worries. do a 2 hour show and we'll call it even
07:02:51 PMkyoshininja Hi Whiskey_Zero
07:02:51 PMnapa_polarbear u think u can?
07:02:53 PMkeckeckec Sounds delish
07:02:54 PMipadd598 I hope it's the ribs and not the server that's smoking
07:03:11 PMRobbieF Hi Whiskey_Zero
07:03:20 PMRobbieF haha ipadd598
07:03:30 PMABQTKY Tonight's show...'BASH' as in shell? Or 'BBQ' as in, hey I didn't get invited!!
07:03:31 PMRobbieF everything is fine (as far as I can tell right now) from a server standpoint.
07:03:37 PMRobbieF Just behind schedule setting everything up
07:03:43 PMRobbieF (more work than I expected - lol)
07:03:46 PMipadd598 okie dokie
07:04:06 PMRobbieF and if we have any technical glitches I will fix it afterward for the on-demand
07:04:11 PMWhiskey_Zero The bbq sounds pretty good tonight, I'm hungry
07:04:18 PMRobbieF Oh no
07:04:22 PMRobbieF If you're hungry, do not watch
07:04:23 PMRobbieF lol
07:04:31 PMDJQuad whoa i just realized - episode 400?? every hundred is a cool milestone
07:04:39 PMalket-tab Watching on mobile doesnt work
07:05:05 PMRobbieF You just figured that out eh DJQuad?
07:05:10 PMRobbieF What's with the BBQ? LOL
07:05:29 PMDJQuad yes. i'm slow. be quiet. lol
07:05:42 PMalket-tab Can someone send me android link
07:06:57 PMalket-tab Anyone ?
07:07:15 PMDJQuad android link?
07:07:32 PMalket-tab To watch on mobile
07:07:54 PMRobbieF wlil do my best
07:08:04 PMDennis_Kelley
07:08:04 PMkeckeckec Isn't it
07:08:05 PMDJQuad doesn't work?
07:08:17 PMalket-tab No android doesnt click
07:08:18 PMRobbieF yeah I'd try and the link on that page
07:08:29 PMalket-tab Android is unclickable
07:08:51 PMDJQuad load in the browser
07:08:53 PMDennis_Kelley where is Jot when we need him?
07:09:12 PMkeckeckec I was wondering about Jot
07:09:44 PMDJQuad Jot hasn't been here for like 6 weeks :(
07:10:31 PMRobbieF Android Link: rtsp://
07:11:03 PMalket-tab Works thanks
07:11:29 PMRobbieF glad to hear it alket-tab!
07:11:32 PMRobbieF save it :)
07:11:33 PMRobbieF just in case
07:11:35 PMHouduino Robbie gets the Link off the cuff
07:11:53 PMDJQuad where has Eric been? haven't seen him for like a year
07:11:59 PMRobbieF working hard :)
07:12:15 PMDreamweaver909 Had to I'm getting it at the website
07:12:27 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: cool to see some older video snippets in the intro....nice
07:13:53 PMDreamweaver909 No chef hat, Robbie? lol
07:14:10 PMCrash423 Video is not good watching on my Roku!
07:14:37 PMDJQuad yeah it's low quality :(
07:14:41 PMkyoshininja roku is low resolution
07:14:55 PMRobbieF Sorry about the quality folks!! Don't worry, we're recording in 720p!
07:14:59 PMDreamweaver909 so is it at the website
07:15:26 PMRobbieF I will be uploading it after the show
07:15:37 PMDJQuad ok cool
07:16:14 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF tell the kids Hi
07:16:28 PMRobbieF Will do DK
07:16:36 PMalket I watch since episode 40-50 :D
07:16:42 PMRobbieF Unreal
07:17:02 PMalket why Unreal ?
07:17:08 PMDreamweaver909 weather service says a big plume of smoke going across
07:17:13 PMalket i have some photoes to prove it
07:17:19 PMDJQuad i hope robbie didn't inhale too much. holy smoke. (no pun intended)
07:17:20 PMRobbieF Would love to have you send them to us
07:17:21 PMalket also irc questions
07:17:32 PMkeckeckec Love the yard RobbieF. We don't have trees like that here
07:17:40 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF how are you cooking and chatting at same time?
07:17:41 PMalket you don't rember me RobbieF ?
07:17:49 PMRobbieF Ha - yes of course I do.
07:17:56 PMRobbieF It's just hard to believe so much time has flown by
07:18:01 PMDennis_Kelley alket I remember you!
07:18:25 PMalket yeah
07:18:28 PMalket this isn't live ?
07:18:33 PMkyoshininja Dennis_Kelley, he's using his toes..
07:18:39 PMDJQuad he has a touch screen connected to the bbq so he can multitask
07:18:52 PMDennis_Kelley kyoshininja - Jedi mind tricks
07:19:18 PMRobbieF :) Smart BBQ
07:19:27 PMDJQuad lmao
07:19:35 PMalket I remember when we celebrated episode 100 :D
07:19:39 PMkeckeckec BBQ running Linux, no doubt!
07:19:50 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: BBQ IOT (internet of things)
07:20:27 PMalket Carrie usually comes to celebrate
07:20:45 PMfking Yes kettle linux.
07:20:46 PMDreamweaver909 Yes Linux is hot...look at it smoke
07:21:31 PMDJQuad i wanna hack robbie's bbq. 0 day exploit to make more steaks
07:22:06 PMkeckeckec Is there going to be a Talli Does Tech segment?
07:22:10 PMalket lets all click the ad in the left
07:22:13 PMDJQuad Episode 400: Holy Smoke!
07:22:23 PMkyoshininja linux cloud based bbq
07:22:31 PMDreamweaver909 Direct from London, England ...the fog rolls in
07:22:37 PMalket where is _Jot_ ?
07:23:00 PMDJQuad alket - MIA i guess :(
07:23:06 PMalket MIA ?
07:23:39 PMDJQuad missing in action
07:23:49 PMalket ah
07:23:57 PMDJQuad :)
07:24:30 PMDreamweaver909 lol
07:24:35 PMDJQuad i never knew sasha was so short. lol
07:25:15 PMkeckeckec I never knew Adam was that tall
07:25:28 PMkeckeckec And Kelsey too
07:25:36 PMDJQuad lol. maybe that's the thing
07:25:44 PMalket what about us ?
07:25:48 PMalket send un some meat :D
07:26:01 PMkeckeckec KelseyJ: You and Adam rise above the crowd
07:26:16 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: using wood chips for smoky flavor?
07:26:42 PMDJQuad this is the smokey episode
07:26:43 PMRobbieF Applewood and charcoal.
07:27:30 PMDreamweaver909 lol too funny
07:27:33 PMalket lol
07:27:49 PMJoeInNH Seeing as you don't have a keyboard attached to the grill, I think it's prerecorded. :)
07:28:08 PMHouduino They may speak Linux but they don't sound Canadian.
07:28:16 PMDJQuad no cybering during the show!
07:28:18 PMJoeInNH Hi Sasha
07:28:33 PMSashaD I can't stay the hour... But I just wanted to pop in and say hi :)
07:28:42 PMalket hi
07:28:47 PMkeckeckec Hi SashaD, enjoying your interviewing...
07:28:47 PMkyoshininja Hi SashaD
07:28:50 PMHouduino Hi
07:28:52 PMDJQuad h'loooo you :)
07:29:09 PMSashaD I hope you enjoy the show.... And I'll see you next week :) :)
07:29:24 PMkyoshininja See you SashaD. Thanks...
07:29:28 PMDennis_Kelley hi SashaD
07:29:33 PMalket bye
07:29:34 PMDennis_Kelley by SashaD
07:29:39 PMDennis_Kelley *Bye
07:29:40 PMDJQuad i didn't realize you're so short! lol
07:29:56 PMJoeInNH Bye Sasha
07:30:07 PMHouduino Smoking with "micro"chips.
07:30:32 PMDJQuad black screen robbie :(
07:30:38 PMkeckeckec Lost video
07:30:46 PMkeckeckec Still have audio
07:30:51 PMABQTKY Sundown in Barrie?
07:30:53 PMkyoshininja black screen, but still have audio
07:31:17 PMDreamweaver909 Gets really dark in Canada....
07:31:19 PMkeckeckec Video is back
07:31:45 PMABQTKY Just an eclipse, great now!!
07:31:49 PMDJQuad there we go. back to 360p quality ;)
07:31:56 PMDreamweaver909 yep
07:32:15 PMkeckeckec What's the dog's name?
07:32:50 PMnapa_polarbear :-D
07:34:08 PMalket ok these guys are viewers ?
07:34:42 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: you are an inspiration, following your objective to help others.
07:34:54 PMDJQuad no extra smoke effects needed for ambiance
07:35:52 PMDennis_Kelley well you think that I would learn that doing updates right before the show would be bad!
07:36:28 PMDJQuad lol dennis
07:36:28 PMkyoshininja Ha! Good luck with that Dennis_Kelley
07:37:03 PMDennis_Kelley by browser crashed sometime ago. I have been working to get it back.
07:37:26 PMkyoshininja Dennis_Kelly: what are you running?
07:37:29 PMDJQuad that bbq looks like it's going to take off like a rocketship
07:37:38 PMDennis_Kelley was firefox
07:38:07 PMDennis_Kelley installing chrome right now
07:38:20 PMnapa_polarbear wears mr kidd?
07:38:35 PMDJQuad chrome ftw :)
07:39:37 PMGuest_1767 smoke gets in your eyes!
07:39:40 PMkyoshininja Dennis_Kelley: I like chrome on Manjaro Linux, works well, and supports netflix
07:39:58 PMDennis_Kelley kyoshininja i am using linux mint
07:40:11 PMRobbieF keckeckeck our dog is named "Adler"
07:40:23 PMDennis_Kelley is that Bekah?
07:40:27 PMkyoshininja Dennis_Kelley: nice. good choice
07:40:33 PMDennis_Kelley Hi Bekah!
07:40:59 PMDJQuad give becca (sp) a huge hug for allowing him to give up his tuesdays and countless other hours
07:41:05 PMDennis_Kelley Bekah for the Win!
07:41:44 PMDJQuad in murica it's becca. lol
07:41:56 PMDennis_Kelley is the video low quality because the feed is outside?
07:42:43 PMRobbieF Bekah says, and I quote: ":)"
07:42:46 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF from the looks of it you are smoking yourself!
07:43:03 PMRobbieF Yes, video will be 720p once I upload the recording
07:43:08 PMRobbieF sorry for the low quality live feed
07:43:13 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF sweet
07:43:57 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF is that your Slide in the background?
07:44:14 PMkyoshininja RobbieF: I've been using a green machine ceramic bbq
07:44:37 PMcalhydro Camera was downwind
07:45:23 PMalket 400 episodes, not missing one :D
07:45:44 PMDJQuad i tried being a vegetarian once but bacon, steaks, KFC, pork steaks, etc. no way. lol
07:45:45 PMalket I wash i was commited to something like that
07:45:55 PMcalhydro Are You Using Wood Chips for Smoke - What Kind?
07:46:24 PMkyoshininja calhydro: robbie indicated applewood, earlier
07:46:38 PMJoeInNH I like the veg burgers from time to time, BUT bacon sausage gravy & biscuits, etc..
07:47:13 PMDJQuad lol joe
07:47:22 PMJoeInNH The bacon on top of veggie burgers is the best though...
07:47:33 PMJoeInNH The best of both worlds...
07:47:44 PMJoeInNH BACON and veggies
07:47:46 PMcalhydro veg burgers are like near beer what's the point?
07:47:47 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks SashaD
07:47:48 PMDJQuad hehe that's kinda an oxymoron
07:48:34 PMJoeInNH Cal: is "healthy" and tastes good, but it is better with BACON
07:48:38 PMkyoshininja Thanks, SashaD...really nice to hear.
07:49:03 PMDJQuad if you're going with bacon get don't mess with veggie burgers ;)
07:49:03 PMcalhydro Yes don't nobody not like BACON!!
07:49:21 PMJoeInNH I hear Vegans don't like bacon though....
07:49:29 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF is that your Dog?
07:49:40 PMJoeInNH Chocolate covered bacon is the best!
07:50:02 PMDJQuad bacon doughnuts ftw ;)
07:50:19 PMJoeInNH bacon doughnut? Where can I get that....
07:50:31 PMDJQuad google :)
07:50:35 PMalket what about Eric
07:50:41 PMkyoshininja DJQuad, locally they have maple bacon donuts/cronuts
07:51:17 PMkyoshininja JoeInNH: donuttery in huntington beach california has bacon doughnuts
07:51:34 PMJoeInNH :( Too far from NH.
07:51:37 PMDJQuad whoa kyoshininja. send me some. lol
07:52:08 PMkyoshininja JoeInNH: the point is you enjoy the coastal weather and donuts.
07:52:25 PMcalhydro Hey there is place in Michigan called Cops and Donuts sells a Donut Topped Bacon and Carmel.
07:52:25 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone!
07:52:33 PMRobbieF alket yes we miss Eric too.
07:52:33 PMDJQuad bacon doughnuts are such a guilty pleasure. lol
07:52:34 PMDreamweaver909 yw
07:52:40 PMJoeInNH The california beach is nice, but I prefer NH's beach
07:52:44 PMRobbieF Did you see the hangout he attended recently alket?
07:52:55 PMWhiskey_Zero Robbie - congrats on #400. Looks like you guys are having fun! See you next week.
07:53:01 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks RobbieF
07:53:02 PMcalhydro bye got to fix something to eat
07:53:04 PMRobbieF Thank you!
07:53:04 PMalket no, there past month i could't join
07:53:12 PMalket Thanks RobbieF
07:53:21 PMJoeInNH Great job Robbie. I hope everyone enjoyed the BBG
07:53:32 PMRobbieF Alket here you go:
07:53:37 PMJoeInNH Or in Southern US speak: grilling
07:53:52 PMfking Great as always RobbieF Thank You
07:53:53 PMJoeInNH Hi again Sasha
07:54:00 PMalket ah yes, I watched it :D
07:54:17 PMalket have to hit the bed, bye guys
07:54:20 PMDJQuad congrats on 400 robbie. i first discovered you when you guest hosted geek news central and i've been hooked ever since
07:54:25 PMkyoshininja bye alket
07:54:31 PMSashaD Just wanted to thank you all again. :)
07:54:33 PMJoeInNH It's fun to watch Category five, chat, and play Angband
07:54:43 PMWhiskey_Zero Hi Sasha, thanks for all you do.
07:54:46 PMJoeInNH Thank you Sasha
07:54:52 PMJoeInNH and RObbie
07:55:00 PMDJQuad thanks sasha :)
07:55:00 PMJoeInNH and Everybody else
07:55:11 PMkyoshininja Thanks SashaD and RobbieF
07:55:47 PMkyoshininja JoeInNH: enjoy the beach...have a great week everyone.
07:55:56 PMDJQuad are we doing an after-show hangout? :)
07:55:59 PMJoeInNH You too
07:56:00 PMvoodoosandman Sasha, You should come up with your own Cronkite Sign off>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
07:56:12 PMABQTKY Less than a week till Episode 401!!
07:56:32 PMJoeInNH can I get that in secs since the epoch?
07:57:42 PMDJQuad i was hoping for 400 it'd finally start 2 hour episodes ;)
07:59:50 PMDJQuad we all want that robbie ;) are there like technical issues that prevent it?
08:00:35 PMDennis_Kelley probably time restraints at home. since the studio is no longer at his house
08:01:22 PMJoeInNH Don't forget he puts in so many more hours now with the other shows
08:03:15 PMDennis_Kelley Peace everyone! Until next week!
08:03:20 PMDJQuad yeah probably. i was thinking going to to a studio is like going to a gym. might as well put in 2 hours since i'm here instead of 1. weird analogy i know :)
08:04:19 PMDennis_Kelley DJQuad - good one but do you put an additional 8 hours plus at home after you go to the gym?
08:04:35 PMDennis_Kelley work on working out?
08:05:11 PMDJQuad where are you getting the extra 8 hours? :)
08:05:48 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF says he spends an additional 10 hours to work on the show after the hour
08:06:18 PMDennis_Kelley if he did 2 hour show he still would have the extra time to work on it
08:06:31 PMDJQuad right. so 12 hours
08:06:53 PMDennis_Kelley yep
08:07:14 PMDennis_Kelley I am grateful that he does what he can!
08:07:22 PMDJQuad it's all about the content
08:07:22 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF for the Win!
08:07:53 PMDJQuad oh don't get me wrong. i'm so greatful too
08:08:38 PMDennis_Kelley I know you are! we all are1
08:08:50 PMDennis_Kelley ! or we would not be back week after week
08:09:30 PMDennis_Kelley Anyway! I am out!
08:09:38 PMDJQuad i've become such a huge fan.. i just think cranking out more content since he's at the studio is great
08:09:42 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks for chatting DJQuad
08:10:04 PMDJQuad me too dennis. have a great night
08:10:35 PMDennis_Kelley DJQuad remember they just got some of the Kinks out of the new studio. never know what the future has for us!
08:11:04 PMDJQuad i know ;) i want to help him any way i can
08:12:12 PMDennis_Kelley we have to send him more questions and topics. that might lead him in that direction
08:17:01 PMJoeInNH night everyone
08:35:17 PMRobbieF Hi all.
08:35:22 PMRobbieF Just a note that the files look great!
08:35:25 PMRobbieF So the upload will be fantastic.
08:35:31 PMRobbieF Thanks so much and hope you have a great night!!!


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