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06:58:06 PMsparklyballs logged in to the other one
07:01:47 PMdreamweaver909 Robbie wants one!!! lol
07:03:20 PMsparklyballs stick them on a rocket
07:03:29 PMdreamweaver909 QSL card it has my address on it
07:04:05 PMlyndon i got one i just have to send it =)
07:04:08 PMagamotto Hallo all
07:04:32 PMsparklyballs i'm in postcard central
07:04:43 PMDJQuad i like when i login and forget to say hi. so 15 minutes later, hi everyone :)
07:04:53 PMlyndon i had to buy a post card at a fireworks store =/
07:05:18 PMWhiskey_Zero Hi DJ
07:05:25 PMlyndon hahaha
07:05:35 PMdreamweaver909 I used a QSL card...can't just go to the store when I want....
07:05:49 PMsparklyballs shoot a choc bar into the upper atmosphere
07:05:53 PMlyndon yeah they had EVERYTHING
07:06:15 PMlyndon M100s =)
07:06:37 PMsedona I use QSL cards
07:06:51 PMagamotto Ahhh, 24c no rain for a few days... I can put up with a little haze from the wildfires
07:07:08 PMERIKALALONDE Hey Everyone ! :)
07:07:23 PMRobbieF
07:07:25 PMERIKALALONDE Loving the countdown to free E BOOKS !! YES
07:07:28 PMlyndon hey Erika
07:07:59 PMERIKALALONDE Hey LYndon, great to see everyone in the chatroom
07:08:36 PMsparklyballs emby, one of the devs is a regular in the unraid forum
07:09:39 PMsparklyballs it's multi platform (emby) and it can handle multiroom setups for kodi.
07:10:58 PMagamotto Ahh, but does it record telly?
07:12:35 PMsparklyballs i don't know whether emby handles tv
07:12:57 PMagamotto Hmmm
07:13:50 PMdreamweaver909 put music on them
07:14:02 PMdreamweaver909 wb erika
07:14:38 PMsparklyballs i'm thinking of sending a postcard in, if only because it's funny when robbie goes crimson saying my username.
07:15:00 PMdreamweaver909 lol
07:15:07 PMlyndon Im finally getting better internet. yay!!
07:15:23 PMdreamweaver909 good on you lyndon
07:15:35 PMlyndon =)
07:15:45 PMERIKALALONDE hahahah i think you should send a post card :)
07:15:45 PMdreamweaver909 that's great, man
07:16:02 PMERIKALALONDE good for you lyndon ! :)
07:16:03 PMSashaD Erika!!!!! :):)
07:16:12 PMlyndon i will
07:16:16 PMDJQuad how much better lyndon? don't make me jealous. lol
07:16:27 PMagamotto lyndon: Leaving the US, are you :)
07:16:35 PMERIKALALONDE Dont be better than me now !
07:16:50 PMlyndon oh. you wont be jealous... only 12 down and 3 up
07:17:25 PMlyndon but i was getting 0.2 down and like.. nothing up
07:17:33 PMagamotto Roughly 4x faster than what I can get around here.
07:17:41 PMlyndon =)
07:18:04 PMlyndon i got exede satellite internet
07:18:15 PMlyndon the installer just left
07:18:25 PMdreamweaver909 the bat file..for the bat computer
07:18:25 PMagamotto lyndon: You will have to let us know how it works out. What are you paying per month?
07:18:58 PMlyndon hmmm... let me check
07:19:10 PMcalhydro Since UNRAID Keys are USB Drive Specific how do upgrade 4.7 Unraid Server (USB) Key to build a new Unraid 6 Server?
07:19:10 PMcalhydro How do upgrade the files on the USB and Maintain your Key?
07:21:16 PMlyndon 49.99/month for 10gb/month
07:21:30 PMagamotto For the US, that isn't too bad.
07:21:41 PMSashaD That's a great deal Lyndon
07:21:57 PMsparklyballs i'm still trying to get mythtv working, lol.
07:22:09 PMagamotto sparklyballs: What are you having troubles with
07:22:12 PMlyndon yeah i had to settle with dsl for a while cuz i couldnt get cable
07:22:45 PMsparklyballs getting iptv input i created to show in kodi
07:23:09 PMagamotto I only have DSL because AT&T rated higher than our cable outlet, which is usually the worst provider listed by Consumer Reports.
07:23:56 PMDJQuad comcast is rated so much worse than at&t :)
07:24:23 PMagamotto sparklyballs: kodi should be pointing to /lib/var/mythtv/videos if memory serves
07:24:53 PMagamotto DJQuad: Mediacom is rated BELOW Comcast...
07:24:54 PMsparklyballs i have kodi and mythtv working with livetv using a docker of mythtv i created.
07:25:53 PMagamotto sparklyballs: Neat. I just figure that if I need MythTV to be the backend, then Kodi/EMBY/etc... don't make sense for me.
07:26:11 PMdreamweaver909 1.21 Gigawatts!!!!!!!!
07:27:24 PMagamotto sparklyballs: If it is recordings, then it might be under /lib/var/mythtv/recordings
07:27:39 PMagamotto Brownouts!
07:27:40 PMDJQuad comcast gave me a defective modem and they said i had to drive 40 minutes away to get a replacement. i told them not only am i not doing that for nearly $200/mo for your services, send someone to replace it and bring me lobster for putting up with it
07:28:04 PMalpeck I use UPS to keep my adsl internet going so I can keep my voip service and cordless phones going
07:28:09 PMlyndon ok now im really back
07:28:14 PMsparklyballs it's not the folder mappings i'm having issues with as iv'e passed the whole /var/lib/mythtv folder out to local storage
07:28:23 PMagamotto sparklyballs: ahhh
07:28:35 PMDJQuad i didn't get the lobster but i did get a new modem. lol
07:28:55 PMagamotto Squirrels getting fried by a transformer
07:29:17 PMlyndon ha
07:29:35 PMlyndon good eat'n
07:29:43 PMdreamweaver909 they mess with ham radio reception too
07:30:07 PMdreamweaver909 Hams follow it quite closely
07:30:13 PMsparklyballs the guide i'm reading for iptv is add a new card , type ip recorder, i've created a new input connection and source, it says it won't find any channels on the scan... apparently it's supposed to show up as a different channel group in kodi
07:30:46 PMagamotto sparklyballs: When you scan, are you using broadcast?
07:30:58 PMsparklyballs broadcast ?
07:31:21 PMagamotto sparklyballs: Where are the channels coming from, OTA, Digital Cable, etc
07:31:42 PMsparklyballs the m3u link that robbie sent me earlier
07:32:20 PMJoeInNH Hello everyone
07:32:26 PMagamotto sparklyballs: Ok, just to clarify, what is the device that is the 'tuner?'
07:33:24 PMagamotto We could eliminate some of this by not giving ipv4 addresses to printers...
07:33:28 PMsparklyballs that erin is a mean chick
07:33:42 PMDJQuad or get with it and transition to ipv6
07:33:52 PMagamotto DJQuad: nah, that would make sense
07:33:54 PMdreamweaver909 is a good site for space weather...
07:35:05 PMagamotto 4 bn?
07:35:40 PMsparklyballs but not with a selfie stick at disney
07:35:42 PMdreamweaver909 lol
07:36:29 PMagamotto I can't imagine this working well for people who are darker than a latte.
07:36:29 PMdreamweaver909 blink if you are alive
07:36:53 PMJoeInNH Nothing will beat a hand over cash...
07:37:09 PMJoeInNH Sasha: Like an Identical twin..
07:37:10 PMagamotto Retinal scan + DNA sample
07:37:11 PMsparklyballs oh yeah, sure the weeping angels will get me if i blink
07:37:12 PMalpeck cash is king
07:37:37 PMdreamweaver909 boats have faces?
07:37:46 PMsparklyballs a face that launched a thousand boats
07:38:01 PMagamotto I would think that the size of your lobes would prove you are a hu-man
07:38:07 PMDJQuad ipv4 allows 4,294,967,296 ips. ipv6 allows 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 .. yes i obviously had to look it up :)
07:38:13 PMalpeck if I get mugged I only lose my cash. if I get hacked I could lose everything
07:38:15 PMJoeInNH Wait...China has consumer protection???
07:38:16 PMlyndon yes they will sparklyballs
07:38:28 PMagamotto JoeInNH: Condoms.
07:39:12 PMDJQuad based on the population i don't think they have condoms there
07:39:24 PMJoeInNH You can get rid of some of them on a rooted phone or in developer mode...
07:39:25 PMalpeck there are other drawbacks...if I get mugged I could also lose my life.
07:39:40 PMsparklyballs they have condoms, but the instructions are not in chinese
07:39:48 PMagamotto DJQuad: They have them, but they use them on fingers, not the appropriate appendage ;)
07:39:50 PMDJQuad lol
07:40:25 PMsparklyballs hacking team gets hacked, i loved this story when i read it.
07:40:30 PMERIKALALONDE Great Job with the news sasha !!!
07:40:47 PMagamotto 'hacked team' hahahhahaha
07:41:00 PMJoeInNH Government are inheritly unintelligent
07:41:09 PMJoeInNH Governments
07:41:11 PMalpeck hack the hackers....hahah
07:41:34 PMDJQuad the hackers literally used internal passwords like 123456 not thinking THEY would ever be hacked
07:41:47 PMJoeInNH Governments use old computers...The NY subway I think still use OS-2 warp
07:41:49 PMsparklyballs or god, lol.
07:41:51 PMagamotto Wow, that was asking for it.
07:43:22 PMagamotto Wow, sounds like the service will shut down soon by that standard...
07:43:54 PMJoeInNH Those type of laws tend to be abused. It is used to squash dissenting oppinions
07:44:12 PMsparklyballs as long as it doesn't become a way of shuttting down criticism
07:44:15 PMagamotto So now I have to be protected from mean words? Whatever happened to just /ignoring people who you don't want to hear from?
07:45:06 PMagamotto Sob! Someone thinks I am fat... wha!!!!!!!
07:45:22 PMJoeInNH In a lot of places in America, we have "hate speech" laws that are used to squash religious and political differences.
07:45:26 PMagamotto Oh wait, I can just unfriend them!
07:45:38 PMJoeInNH Robbie: Faux-annonimity
07:45:44 PMDJQuad it's gone too far. people who honestly give criticism or disagree with an opinion are now considered bullies and trolls
07:45:59 PMsparklyballs ^^^
07:46:06 PMJoeInNH DJQuad, you got that right.
07:46:27 PMsparklyballs celebrities mainly scream troll if someone doesn't like their latest crap output
07:47:08 PMdreamweaver909 lite????
07:47:19 PMagamotto She doesn't grok Spock.
07:47:22 PMlyndon now ....a light saber???
07:47:27 PMsparklyballs secret star wars fan... lite is obvious
07:47:46 PMsparklyballs i want a tribble
07:47:52 PMlyndon lol
07:48:11 PMdreamweaver909 lol love how Sahs says that
07:48:12 PMJoeInNH I want to give tribbles to the political parties...
07:48:23 PMsparklyballs tribble troll
07:48:26 PMdreamweaver909 Sasha*
07:48:31 PMagamotto JoeInNH: Nah, Ceti eels
07:48:41 PMsparklyballs hee hee
07:48:42 PMdreamweaver909 lol
07:48:45 PMDJQuad lol
07:50:04 PMlyndon wow. that was quick Sasha
07:50:04 PMagamotto obscene, or just cheeky?
07:50:04 PMDJQuad she teleported
07:50:04 PMdreamweaver909 lol
07:50:04 PMsparklyballs freeze up
07:50:04 PMJoeInNH stream not found....
07:50:04 PMdreamweaver909 it was from Sasha saying your
07:50:04 PMlyndon nothing is happening
07:50:04 PMagamotto Ok, not just me then
07:50:04 PMERIKALALONDE no my feed !!!
07:50:04 PMABQTKY What a place for the video to freeze. Tsk, tsk, tsk to both of you in Barrie
07:50:04 PMERIKALALONDE its happening to me too
07:50:04 PMsparklyballs i crashed cat5
07:50:05 PMDJQuad web site froze :( dunno about roku
07:50:05 PMDennis_Kelley must have got censored
07:50:10 PMJoeInNH The camera must be Windows 10
07:50:13 PMWhiskey_Zero Stream drop out here
07:50:18 PMsparklyballs don't say sparklyballs again.....
07:50:26 PMERIKALALONDE hahahah ^
07:50:32 PMRobbieF
07:50:36 PMDJQuad refresh
07:50:47 PMagamotto I imagine it has something to do with Unity?
07:50:55 PMERIKALALONDE We are back :)
07:51:45 PMagamotto Samba si, samba samba, si!
07:51:57 PMsparklyballs stale handles nfs
07:52:18 PMJoeInNH Robbie...that's L.T.
07:52:54 PMsparklyballs samba is more polite ??
07:52:57 PMDennis_Kelley how come the stream freezes at my questions
07:53:02 PMDJQuad just don't overcomplicate things. put all media on a drive and put plex on it :)
07:53:11 PMJoeInNH Is it Canadian as compared to Bostonian?
07:54:04 PMagamotto New episode of Buy It/Try it?
07:54:04 PMspiceJax 8 people Sad
07:54:07 PMlyndon OR go to the Tip Jar
07:54:18 PMdreamweaver909 I have an ST TOS insignia
07:54:30 PMagamotto spiceJax: not really, as it is the newest form of donating
07:54:37 PMJoeInNH Never heard that before...Cat's pjs
07:55:08 PMDJQuad canadian term i think :P
07:55:12 PMspiceJax How many are watching right now? more than 8 I bet
07:55:22 PMagamotto No... old from the 1910's
07:55:34 PMsparklyballs i bet i get mythtv iptv showing up when the broadcast finishes, lol
07:55:40 PMsparklyballs fitbit again ?
07:56:00 PMlyndon soon CAT5 will have more seasons than Dr. Who
07:56:20 PMagamotto ? They still have a long way to go to beat that record
07:56:33 PMJoeInNH Lyndon...not yet if you count the original seasons...
07:56:39 PMdreamweaver909 lol
07:56:48 PMlyndon oh.... right. sorry
07:57:10 PMDJQuad sasha's fitbit has been telling her to run around the studio for the last hour
07:57:12 PMsparklyballs 342423424234 steps , beat that
07:57:25 PMlyndon wow
07:57:41 PMagamotto Powerwalking instructor?
07:57:43 PMsparklyballs totally not made up number at all in any way
07:57:56 PMagamotto hahahahah
07:58:48 PMlyndon Robbie maybe you should switch to light beer (chuckles)
07:58:51 PMsparklyballs constantly looking at the watch every 5 minutes burnt 200 calories
07:59:05 PMDennis_Kelley sparklyballs funny!
07:59:22 PMdreamweaver909 Hmmm I'm really not able to get out and walk....being legally blind, sorry Sasha.
07:59:29 PMBluenoseguy I think I can live without knowing exactly how many steps I've taken in my day. AND can find better ways then investing in the latest and the greatest.
07:59:39 PMJoeInNH Watching a hamster with fitbit on a wheel...priceless
07:59:47 PMagamotto Wow... we had 16cm of rain last night?
07:59:54 PMBluenoseguy For everything else, there's visa.
07:59:57 PMlyndon Tip Jar!!
08:00:20 PMBluenoseguy Solar jackets... I'm there
08:00:30 PMDJQuad no treadmill dreamweaver? my step-mom uses it and she's legally blind
08:00:33 PMJoeInNH Solar powered flashlights...
08:00:35 PMlyndon Robbies birthday fund
08:00:38 PMvoodoosandman Great Show>
08:00:49 PMERIKALALONDE have a great night everyone! Great show
08:00:54 PMWhiskey_Zero Robbie & Sasha, thanks for another neat program! See y'all next Tuesday.
08:00:55 PMdreamweaver909 I'm going to enjoy those stickers!!!!!!!!!!
08:01:02 PMJoeInNH Great show
08:01:09 PMERIKALALONDE See you next tuesday !
08:01:09 PMsparklyballs funny show
08:01:10 PMBluenoseguy Hi/Bye Saha... Robbie...
08:01:10 PMagamotto Hmmm, suggestions on what to make for dinner?
08:01:15 PMJoeInNH Hi Erika
08:01:18 PMdreamweaver909 I have issues with my balance DJ
08:01:23 PMJoeInNH did not notice you there
08:01:27 PMDJQuad great show as always. take care everyone!
08:01:39 PMdreamweaver909 but i'd like to get one to try and lose some weight also
08:02:07 PMagamotto dreamweaver909: I find that walking instead of watching the news has done wonders for me
08:02:10 PMJoeInNH agamotto: Spaghetti...
08:02:21 PMERIKALALONDE Hi JoelnH have a great night and to everyone else
08:02:24 PMDJQuad dreamweaver grab the bars as you walk. they help with balance. that's what mom does
08:02:38 PMdreamweaver909 I have to use a cane to get around outside
08:02:58 PMdreamweaver909 I don't even drive anymore
08:03:01 PMDennis_Kelley I just finished rebuilding my unRAID server with a new Parity disk1
08:03:02 PMDennis_Kelley !
08:03:06 PMagamotto dreamweaver909: sorry to hear that
08:03:17 PMDJQuad neither does she
08:03:29 PMdreamweaver909 If I could find a cheap tread mill i'd like to get one
08:03:47 PMRobbieF Hope you all had fun! I did!
08:03:51 PMDJQuad keep an eye open on ebay
08:03:57 PMsparklyballs night all.
08:04:02 PMdreamweaver909 it sucks I'll only be 60 in Sept. had caraacts then retinal detachments
08:04:07 PMagamotto RobbieF: yes, the usual nice get away from 'life.'
08:04:23 PMlyndon gnight sparklyballs
08:04:32 PMJoeInNH RobbieF: Sure did
08:05:03 PMagamotto hmmm, spaghetti...
08:05:13 PMlyndon we shoul have a chatroom get together in the mid week sometime
08:05:25 PMRobbieF we do! Every day!
08:05:30 PMRobbieF stop in any time
08:05:35 PMdreamweaver909 hmmm
08:05:40 PMagamotto I do have some farfalle... asiago, parmesan, a little left over pesto....
08:06:03 PMagamotto Ok, not spaghetti, but pasta salad sounds like a winner
08:06:27 PMdreamweaver909 voilas garlic chicken is what I had they are good
08:06:47 PMlyndon everyday??
08:06:51 PMagamotto I am off to make dinner!
08:07:00 PMagamotto See you lot next week!
08:07:07 PMSashaD dreamweaver909, don't count yourself out quite yet... I bet you could still find a way to crush the competition!
08:07:20 PMdreamweaver909 I dunno about that
08:07:26 PMlyndon i log in every now and then but nobody seems to be there
08:07:42 PMSashaD :) I am sorry that I didn't get more time in the chatroom.... it's harder to stay active when I am co host
08:07:54 PMlyndon =)
08:08:03 PMlyndon thats ok SashaD
08:08:26 PMSashaD I will see you all next week :)
08:08:29 PMlyndon I'll be sending that postcard to yall very soon
08:08:40 PMlyndon bye everyone
08:08:42 PMDennis_Kelley bye SashaD
08:08:42 PMdreamweaver909 ok see you Sasha
08:08:52 PMDennis_Kelley bye lyndon
08:08:58 PMlyndon bye SashaD
08:09:12 PMlyndon bye Dennis_Kelley
08:11:29 PMdreamweaver909 bye all
08:17:16 PMDennis_Kelley Catch ya all next week or during the week in the chat!
08:19:02 PMJoeInNH night people
08:25:23 PMRobbieF have a great night everyone


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