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06:58:03 PMDave_Maydew I was thinking Mint and did show them, but they wanted the same as Step Dad is running
06:58:05 PMlyndon I havent heard
06:58:22 PMRobbieF 2 minutes!
06:58:24 PMSparklyballs i don't like unity
06:58:42 PMDave_Maydew I don't mind it
06:58:48 PMlyndon I wathed my 7yr old navigat Mint with no problem
06:58:49 PMSparklyballs 2 minutes on the ubuntu phone ?
06:59:03 PMDave_Maydew and the kids actually like Unity
06:59:26 PMlyndon unity makes thing really simple
06:59:56 PMSparklyballs the network shares browsing is easy on unity, compared to mint.
07:00:04 PMlyndon I like kde alot though
07:00:16 PMSparklyballs yeah i like kde too
07:00:18 PMDave_Maydew I have to ask... are there any hams in the room this evening??
07:00:23 PMlyndon another false start
07:00:34 PMSparklyballs bit skitty with the mouse / touchpad though
07:00:46 PMNateUK prefer gnome ... good work horse
07:00:50 PMDave_Maydew The what??
07:01:08 PMSparklyballs bond's donkey
07:01:11 PMRobbieF
07:01:20 PMRobbieF Yay!!!
07:02:09 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Everyone!
07:02:12 PMSparklyballs i didn't see the dress colour, lol.
07:02:15 PMlyndon no hover boards SashaD?
07:02:31 PMSparklyballs i was moving some windows around
07:02:37 PMDave_Maydew Hey Dennis_Kelley.... long time
07:02:44 PMlifeofpi roku bffers sometime
07:02:48 PMSashaD no hover boards tonight :(
07:02:50 PMDJQuad heh i thought you guys were talking about unity the game engine
07:02:57 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew how you been?
07:03:00 PMlyndon Thats ok =)
07:03:36 PMDave_Maydew Dennis_Kelley been busy, but the best thing is I'm going to be a Dad for the first time!!
07:03:54 PMSashaD Dennis Kelly :)..... howdy!
07:03:57 PMDave_Maydew I have 3 Step Kids now, and they're all Linux users hahaha
07:04:05 PMDave_Maydew Hey Hey RobbieF
07:04:20 PMSparklyballs i put edubuntu on an old lappy for my niece
07:04:22 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew A Big Congrats!
07:04:35 PMWhiskey_Zero Hi RobbieF
07:04:38 PMDave_Maydew Thanks RobbieF and Dennis_Kelley
07:04:39 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD Hello!
07:04:43 PMjwmp Hey Robbie
07:05:14 PMlyndon Happy Birthday to Hillary Robbie and Bekah!!!!
07:05:21 PMDave_Maydew Dennis_Kelley it's just been a awesome year for me
07:05:41 PMSparklyballs pygmy donkey
07:05:48 PMDave_Maydew and with the kids going Linux now and the Fiance it's made things better for us all
07:06:08 PMDave_Maydew I'm now running a Plex Media PC that streams movies all over the house
07:06:16 PMDennis_Kelley its shrink wrapped also
07:06:32 PMSparklyballs peta
07:06:32 PMNateUK have you done the plex plus Dave_Maydew ??
07:06:46 PMlifeofpi my kid is still on widows for now
07:06:49 PMlyndon I'm still setting my network for media streaming
07:07:16 PMDJQuad yay! robbie unboxed a piece of paper
07:07:16 PMDave_Maydew lyndon it's so easy
07:07:17 PMSparklyballs predator weapon system
07:07:18 PMlyndon Nice!
07:07:31 PMDave_Maydew Plex just runs DLNA sweet also
07:07:50 PMlyndon I now I'm just starving for the time to do it
07:08:23 PMDJQuad on roku you have to pay for plex right? (no opposed to it, just curious)
07:08:28 PMSparklyballs manufacturers just don't consider internet broadcasters in their packaging, what an oversight.
07:08:29 PMDave_Maydew The boys enjoy streaming on their Xbox's
07:08:32 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF you need an overhead camera shot!
07:08:39 PMDave_Maydew I want one now RobbieF
07:08:52 PMDave_Maydew may have the excuse with the Step kids lol
07:09:06 PMSparklyballs where's blofeld ?
07:09:29 PMlyndon Dave_Maydew =)
07:09:43 PMDJQuad i've been trying the rarflix plex app on roku but all it does is buffer
07:09:58 PMspiceJax Watching at Chick-Fil-a on Free WiFi working good. On my CR-48 ChromeBook
07:10:22 PMSparklyballs that's me done , lefty here.
07:10:49 PMDave_Maydew What OS does it run??
07:10:49 PMDJQuad this is like lego mouse building
07:10:54 PMSashaD I'm sure they will come out with a lefty version :)
07:11:17 PMDave_Maydew oh it's a mouse
07:11:18 PMDJQuad it's a usb mouse dave :)
07:11:20 PMlyndon whoa!!
07:11:25 PMDave_Maydew Doh...
07:11:30 PMDJQuad hehe
07:11:32 PMSashaD its so sleek looking
07:11:48 PMSashaD and I love the colour
07:11:49 PM_Leland_ Try Buy
07:11:50 PMDave_Maydew sorry... half asleep here
07:11:51 PMDave_Maydew lol
07:12:13 PMDreamweaver909 What will they come up with next? lol
07:12:14 PM_Leland_ Break Return it
07:12:29 PMspiceJax I suggested a Over camera a while back. oh well
07:12:41 PMSparklyballs a mouse with a suit of armour
07:12:42 PMSashaD I couldn't use it on my set (green)... but its so insanely awesome
07:13:22 PMlyndon yup
07:13:31 PMlyndon its KIT
07:13:37 PMDJQuad sasha would have an invisible mouse. awesome feature
07:13:37 PMMaineGeek75 looks like the old Knight Rider
07:13:39 PMDave_Maydew I want one of the new Sinclair Spectrum machines
07:13:42 PMMaineGeek75 yes...KIT lol...
07:13:48 PMMaineGeek75 needs to be red
07:14:01 PMSparklyballs and make the swoosh noise that kit did
07:14:04 PMlyndon In Mouse form
07:14:23 PMspiceJax I thought this kind of thing was for Sasha review show?
07:14:24 PMSparklyballs free hoff with every 5 mice
07:14:25 PMDennis_Kelley a mouse-gasm
07:14:25 PMlyndon I knew KIT was a transformer
07:14:33 PMDJQuad looks like boba fett's mouse
07:14:48 PMMaineGeek75 since i missed it, what is this mouse?
07:14:50 PMlyndon lol
07:14:55 PMSparklyballs more like yoda with that greeen
07:15:12 PMSashaD Robbie was so excited about it that it became a category5 thing :) :)
07:15:22 PMlyndon =0
07:15:26 PMlyndon =)
07:16:04 PMDreamweaver909 It has a license to kill?
07:16:07 PMDave_Maydew Does the mouse say "The name Bond???"
07:16:11 PMlyndon fully customizable mouse except for left handed people
07:16:20 PMSparklyballs shake it , don't slide it
07:16:26 PMDave_Maydew lol
07:16:31 PMDJQuad MaineGeek75 modular lego mouse building
07:16:32 PMWhiskey_Zero Shake it, not srirred....
07:16:39 PMbonienl is Q in the show ?
07:17:00 PMSparklyballs boneinl , unraid bonienl ?
07:17:12 PMlyndon if only it was Wireless...
07:17:13 PMDave_Maydew Don't forget Miss Money Penny
07:17:28 PMSparklyballs new miss money penny is pretty
07:17:32 PMDave_Maydew Sasha said Microsoft Word.... Cough Cough
07:17:37 PMbonienl the one and only ...
07:17:58 PMrevdjenk force effects
07:17:59 PMDreamweaver909 feature for the ladies
07:18:14 PMDave_Maydew hahaha
07:18:16 PMSashaD I did not!
07:18:17 PMSparklyballs head shot and vibration in the same sentnce
07:18:19 PMDennis_Kelley it doubles as a vibrator!
07:18:21 PMlyndon holding in a comment
07:18:31 PMspiceJax OK, I will stick with my cordless mice, not a gamer. Is it better for accurate GIMPing?
07:18:37 PMDave_Maydew was it RobbieF that said Microsoft Word??
07:18:41 PMDave_Maydew :-)
07:18:42 PMDJQuad chat is devolving quickly. lol
07:18:48 PMvoodoosandman Parkinons Feature>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
07:18:49 PMlyndon yes
07:19:02 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew yes he did say the bad words!
07:19:04 PMlyndon ITS SO STILL
07:19:20 PMSashaD h
07:19:21 PMDave_Maydew Dennis_Kelley Ooops!!
07:19:41 PMSparklyballs donkey butts
07:19:57 PMNelsonh hi robbie
07:20:06 PMlifeofpi this does work with linux right
07:20:21 PMDJQuad it's usb lifeofpi
07:20:27 PMlyndon OOO God (?)
07:20:36 PMSparklyballs not lefties xmas lists
07:20:37 PMlifeofpi ok
07:20:41 PMlyndon good question
07:20:59 PMSparklyballs is it a communicator too ?
07:21:11 PMlyndon why is Sponge bob on my screen now
07:21:24 PMDave_Maydew I love Spongebob
07:21:40 PMDJQuad a communicator? it doesn't have a mic and speakers. lol
07:22:05 PMDave_Maydew Hello Computer??
07:22:07 PMDave_Maydew :-)
07:22:09 PM_Leland_ Feedback for Parkinson's users
07:22:20 PMSparklyballs does it come with a free adam for installations at home ?
07:22:50 PMDJQuad the vibration is so ya know a piece was fit right
07:22:59 PMRobbieF :)
07:23:39 PMDave_Maydew I was thinking of setting up a VPN here also
07:23:43 PMSparklyballs shields up
07:24:17 PMspiceJax What are 'Viewer Points' for?
07:24:36 PMDave_Maydew What do Points make??
07:25:02 PMSparklyballs prizes, lol.
07:25:09 PMDave_Maydew lol
07:25:29 PMSparklyballs zap it with the laser mouse
07:25:31 PMDave_Maydew So which VPN software can others recommend?
07:25:46 PMDJQuad and open the ports in iptables and such
07:26:18 PMspiceJax UFW Firewall, IPtables
07:26:32 PMlyndon The mouse wire is driving me crazy!
07:26:54 PMDave_Maydew Mouse wire??
07:27:05 PMlyndon its like spaghetti on the desk
07:27:33 PMspiceJax cover it with the chat window lol
07:27:35 PMDave_Maydew I'm going a little overboard here, I'm on my Laptop and using TeamViewer to remote the server on the 42" TV lol
07:27:36 PMMaineGeek75 PETA!!! lol :P
07:27:41 PMDreamweaver909 peta will be calling
07:27:45 PMKelseyJ better? :D
07:27:49 PMlyndon Yay!
07:27:54 PMDJQuad i use ExpressVPN dave
07:27:59 PMlyndon thanks KelseyJ
07:28:02 PMDreamweaver909 cruelty to flies
07:28:05 PMSparklyballs they're already coming about the shribkwrapped donkey
07:28:08 PMDave_Maydew Cheers DJQuad
07:28:10 PMSparklyballs shrink*
07:28:14 PMspiceJax Kill Killl Killl
07:28:14 PMDreamweaver909 ,.lol
07:28:31 PMDave_Maydew I did look at OpenVPN?
07:28:51 PMSparklyballs a lot of firewalls have vpn built in
07:28:51 PMDJQuad openvpn is ok too
07:28:55 PMspiceJax Bug in the machine, maybe it came in the mouse box?
07:29:00 PMlyndon She likes her new pet mouse
07:29:07 PMMaineGeek75 lol spicejax
07:29:17 PMSashaD 12 monkeys style. lol
07:29:52 PMWhiskey_Zero Thanks Robbie, good information!
07:30:31 PMspiceJax Is it just me , or does Robbie Mustache and beard look 'painted on'? lol
07:31:11 PMDJQuad the pen can be configurable to reduce hand shaking sensitivity
07:31:21 PMKelseyJ it looks darker here too XD
07:32:15 PMlyndon Mad skills Heheh
07:32:30 PMDreamweaver909 no sound
07:32:33 PMspiceJax Did he dye it? lol
07:32:56 PMDJQuad i originally learned photoshop, wordpress, and css from lynda
07:33:04 PMSparklyballs the might of the music/entertainment industry
07:33:09 PMDreamweaver909 and frozen
07:33:12 PMspiceJax I'm not going anywhere til 8:00
07:33:38 PMlyndon How can they enforce that law
07:33:42 PMlyndon ??
07:33:58 PMspiceJax Fair Use! WTF
07:34:00 PMDave_Maydew The law here in the UK is soooooo drakonian
07:34:01 PMDJQuad they can't lyndon
07:34:03 PMNateUK they cant ..
07:34:22 PMspiceJax Arrrggggh
07:34:22 PMDreamweaver909 had to reload
07:34:29 PMlyndon I know. why even pass that law
07:34:41 PMDJQuad it's like it's still illegal to rip dvds you own
07:34:43 PMlyndon Andriod All the way!
07:34:50 PMSparklyballs types WTF on my macbook pro
07:35:02 PMlyndon LOL
07:35:09 PMDreamweaver909 I like to get LP albums
07:35:23 PMDave_Maydew What about the MP3's you purchase from Amazon etc??
07:35:31 PMDave_Maydew I don't think they've thought it through
07:35:46 PMlyndon So move to the US or Canada
07:35:51 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF when was your Birthday?
07:35:54 PMGarbee lyndon: Canada.
07:35:56 PMspiceJax And I thought MPAA was a bunch of ......s
07:35:57 PMGarbee US is going too well.
07:36:02 PMDJQuad i'm pretty sure they dropped drm on that dave
07:36:17 PMGarbee Dennis_Kelley: Every day.
07:36:19 PMGarbee :P
07:36:27 PMNateUK its another stupid law
07:36:30 PMlifeofpi I don't use itones
07:36:34 PM_Leland_ Its Britishit
07:36:37 PMDreamweaver909 Driver's license registration, proof of insurance and a receipt for that cd
07:36:38 PMGarbee Dennis_Kelley: It was Friday.
07:36:39 PMGarbee
07:36:51 PMDave_Maydew I'll keep using my MP3's
07:36:52 PMspiceJax This crap will never stop real pirates/theives
07:36:54 PMDave_Maydew :-)
07:37:03 PMGarbee Oh, happy Birthday KelseyJ!
07:37:06 PMlyndon no it wont
07:37:10 PMGarbee Oh wait.
07:37:15 PMGarbee Co-host not birthday entry.
07:37:15 PMspiceJax Music POLICE?
07:37:22 PMGarbee Man, *that* would have been timing.
07:37:27 PMGarbee Well, Happy b-day for whenever it comes up.
07:37:31 PMDJQuad the only thing this kinda crap does is make pirating acceptable for legit owners of media. it never stops the actual pirates
07:37:35 PMspiceJax No they own you!
07:37:50 PMlyndon when i went to iraq there were whole stores full of pirated software movies and music
07:38:03 PMGarbee RobbieF: What have you done? 3 peoples Birthday's within 5 days. Way to make a confusing calendar.
07:38:19 PMSparklyballs long way to go for a one direction cd lyndon.
07:38:24 PMGarbee No.
07:38:26 PMDJQuad legally does ebay still own paypal tho?
07:38:28 PMGarbee You need to use a Paypal CC.
07:38:32 PMGarbee You can't pay with Paypal directly.
07:38:38 PMlyndon yeah I know
07:38:43 PMGarbee Amazon doesn't support it since they want to push their own payment platform.
07:38:49 PMGarbee And have your CC info.
07:39:10 PMDreamweaver909 " a million flight miles"
07:39:11 PMGarbee DJQuad: Legally, not that I recall.
07:39:11 PMlyndon I actually like one direction too =)
07:39:13 PMGarbee iirc they split early.
07:39:41 PMDJQuad amazon isn't affected. they make it easy to get your money in any way possible. lol
07:39:41 PMspiceJax use the cat5 link lol
07:40:11 PMNateUK black .. grey ... white hat
07:40:19 PMSparklyballs not white hoods hopefully
07:40:26 PMGarbee DJQuad: Yea, The spin-off was completed on July 18, 2015
07:40:38 PMGarbee
07:40:41 PMGarbee So *very* fresh off.
07:40:52 PMSparklyballs there was a bug in the mouse box sasha
07:40:53 PMMaineGeek75 maybe the security industry will come down in cost...make it more secure for MORE business ....
07:40:56 PMspiceJax Trying out on my new LG 10.1 tablet working good too
07:40:58 PMDJQuad oh ok Garbee. i wondered if it was a brand split or an actual legal split
07:41:00 PMDreamweaver909 yeah no white hoods especially down south....
07:41:06 PMGarbee DJQuad: *FULL* split.
07:41:18 PMGarbee Ebay is now its own primary company again, not a subsidiary.
07:41:21 PMGarbee Paypal*
07:41:31 PMDJQuad good. ok thanks
07:41:43 PMSparklyballs did they get my postcard
07:41:55 PMSparklyballs give beiber a million one way airmiles
07:42:06 PMNateUK to mars
07:42:47 PMDave_Maydew Anyone interested in Free Courses??
07:42:49 PMDave_Maydew
07:43:01 PMDave_Maydew There's a Linux Admin one on there for FREEE
07:43:17 PMDJQuad bug bounties are indeed the bomb sasha. sometimes it turns gray and black hat hackers into white
07:43:28 PMDave_Maydew Scrap that
07:43:42 PMDave_Maydew the only free ones on there are 3D Modelling...
07:43:45 PMDave_Maydew Shame
07:43:55 PMMaineGeek75 just FYI, the photo center at walmart is working. I had acutally just used it lol. ... Walmart US isn't down lol...
07:44:02 PMlifeofpi cybrary it is free to
07:44:16 PMlyndon Centre..=)
07:44:22 PMMaineGeek75 didn't realize it was the Canada only lol...
07:44:29 PMMaineGeek75 no "Center" :P
07:44:31 PMRobbieF It is USA as well.
07:44:35 PMSparklyballs centre
07:44:36 PMRobbieF but we are in canada :)
07:44:36 PMMaineGeek75 US lol
07:44:49 PMlyndon Yes You Are
07:44:50 PMMaineGeek75 fine.....centre :/
07:45:07 PMGarbee SashaD: If they got CC info, then they could most likely have gotten to images.
07:45:18 PMMaineGeek75 when was it down?
07:45:22 PMGarbee And the website is down, probably means their site was the source of attack.
07:45:26 PMspiceJax Wierd delay on tablet
07:45:29 PMDave_Maydew Have been looking at the Odroid XU4... nice bit of kit
07:45:53 PMSparklyballs they only tell you the tip of the iceberg when things get hacked, then drip feed the real details later
07:46:08 PMGarbee We don't use an inkjet anymore to print from home because cost, maintenance, and we use it way too little to make it worth while.
07:46:14 PMGarbee :D
07:46:17 PMDJQuad the driveby usb negates all of that.
07:46:27 PMbonienl so that is 'colored' or 'coloured' pictures?
07:46:36 PMspiceJax looking at m.cat5 with one eye and web version with the other eye. lol
07:46:44 PMMaineGeek75 need some new background footage for the news :P
07:46:51 PMlyndon Yay SashaD !
07:48:36 PMSparklyballs how about mankini's ?
07:48:44 PMspiceJax explain the points and coupons plz
07:48:46 PMlyndon No
07:48:57 PMrevdjenk SashaD: I see you've graduated to the top chat list!
07:49:02 PMGarbee RobbieF: Did that shirt from Woot come in yet?
07:49:03 PMGarbee :P
07:49:24 PMDennis_Kelley To anyone in Michigan, Maker Fair Detroit next weekend@
07:49:25 PMDennis_Kelley !
07:50:30 PMspiceJax just bookmark the links
07:50:42 PMbonienl not in NL
07:50:49 PMlyndon Done
07:51:04 PMspiceJax affilate links page
07:51:49 PMspiceJax thats it ezy pzy
07:52:03 PMSashaD I did revdjenk? I can't see the list from my little phone screen, but it sure makes me happy :)
07:52:45 PMlyndon
07:53:37 PMMaineGeek75 i use hytraIRC and for a simpleton like me works great
07:53:40 PMspiceJax forums are so 90s
07:53:57 PMSashaD scary to think people's images are at risk... maybe they should have had a bug bounty for that website too!
07:54:00 PMSparklyballs limechat on my APPLE macbook pro
07:54:00 PMspiceJax ras pi
07:54:06 PMDennis_Kelley voodoosandman - I use the arduino!
07:54:55 PMlyndon
07:55:00 PMDJQuad i'd love to see a cat5 subreddit but it's yet another thing to maintain :/
07:55:11 PMvoodoosandman Arduino
07:55:19 PMCee_128d Compiz works just fine in Point Linux 3 and later releases of Mate. It just takes more work to install it.
07:55:44 PMspiceJax mate is the desktop so whats the desktop for the old Plinux?
07:55:48 PMlyndon $23.25 per episode
07:55:48 PMCee_128d About the only part of Compiz that doesn't work in the latest releases is the Fire.
07:56:03 PMGarbee Wayland will be so much better than compiz.
07:56:17 PMMaineGeek75 what is the gadget that you use for cpu info
07:56:29 PMGarbee KelseyJ: Thanks for opening the can of worms.
07:56:39 PMspiceJax Distro hopping...I Desktop hop. lol
07:56:43 PMGarbee Yes, it can do the same stuff.
07:56:44 PMSparklyballs how long has wayland been coming though....
07:56:48 PMGarbee If you build plugins.
07:56:52 PMDJQuad MaineGeek75 i kept asking but i think it's rainmeter
07:57:08 PMGarbee Sparklyballs: It is rolling quick. Should be default in most major OSes with their next version or two.
07:57:11 PMCee_128d And Compiz is NOT dead. It's what makes the Unity DE work, so as long as Canonical uses Unity we will still have Compiz
07:57:25 PMGarbee Slow start due to some management issues, but they seem to have been resolved.
07:57:26 PMspiceJax Wayland Flowers?
07:57:57 PMspiceJax Good zoom
07:58:12 PMMaineGeek75 ty
07:58:28 PMDJQuad i hate that music, means the show is ending. lol
07:58:37 PMSparklyballs means no postcard
07:59:20 PMspiceJax Times up.....
07:59:22 PMSparklyballs can you put the rss links in show nots
07:59:22 PMlyndon exactly
07:59:25 PMSparklyballs notes
07:59:32 PMSparklyballs i'll use that..
07:59:40 PMSashaD we did get your postcard.... my guess is it will be presented next week so it can get the live it deserves
07:59:48 PMSashaD love
07:59:58 PMjwmp love life
07:59:58 PMrevdjenk another "short" hour!
08:00:09 PMWhiskey_Zero Robbie, Kelsey and Sasha, thanks for a great program. Good fun! See y'all next week.
08:00:13 PMjwmp Bye all
08:00:16 PMDJQuad another fastest hour of the week. take care y'all!
08:00:29 PMMaineGeek75 hmm...Rainmeter it seems is only windows...
08:00:41 PMSashaD thank you all so much... this is the highlight of my week :)
08:00:53 PMSparklyballs bye all
08:00:55 PMMaineGeek75 so again, hey Robbie....what is the gadget that you use for cpu info
08:01:11 PMRobbieF screenlets
08:01:17 PMMaineGeek75 ah :) ty
08:01:22 PMCee_128d It tells you how ti install Compiz on Mint Debian, but it works on PL 3.0 with the version of Mate it ships with.
08:01:27 PMspiceJax Maybe add a half an hour 90 show?
08:01:35 PMDJQuad oh i thought it was conky. lol
08:01:38 PMrevdjenk bye all
08:02:08 PMDJQuad
08:02:22 PMDJQuad later all :)
08:02:39 PMMaineGeek75 nice seeing everyone...hrm....reading everyone :P
08:02:55 PMspiceJax that was a whirlwind at the end
08:14:01 PMRobbieF Well hello, _mote_... it's you and me.
08:14:02 PMRobbieF ;)
08:14:26 PM_mote_ hahaha yeah! I wonder if I caused that one
08:14:33 PMRobbieF hehe
08:14:35 PMRobbieF big split!
08:14:44 PMRobbieF I haven't seen one this big since the 90's.
08:14:44 PMRobbieF ;)
08:15:26 PM_mote_ I'm not used to this. I seldom get into irc, so I haven't experienced that much
08:15:31 PMRobbieF ahh
08:15:35 PMRobbieF very old-school
08:15:50 PM_mote_ hmmm. how was the show? I'm late hahaha
08:15:55 PMRobbieF aww
08:15:59 PMRobbieF yeah was a lot of fun!
08:16:49 PM_mote_ I can't get in time. That's around 7am in here.
08:17:02 PM_mote_ were on the opposite side of the world I guess.
08:17:30 PMRobbieF where you at?
08:17:45 PM_mote_ Philippines
08:17:57 PM_mote_ in the pacific. haha


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